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v-r- - ,' '$JZ?Xt&p 5J&!tt?i
Wash- B Williams,
Our Clearance Sale
So talk Is necessary except to tell yon tUat
twill last but one week. Tno pr.ces hero
quoted ire argument enough for well posted
Parlor Furniture.
rcOG-pteco Brocatelle rarlor Sul'.e,
maiiOKany-finiah frames reiuu
10 C-ploco Tapestry suite, ruaucg-
anv.F.ni&b. frnmos .
J40 5-pleco Overstuffed Urocatello
Bedroom Furniture.
IG.W Solid Oak Chiffonier
19 Chiffonier, ning mirror
ft3 Wardrobe Box Couch
1 11 Wordroba Box Couch
China Closets from JN up.
Solid Oak Tnlile
JlabOEauy.flnlsh 'lalilr.
Hlnl's-eyo Moplo Tab'e .
Jlahocauy-llul-h Table
Curly Birch 1 able
Brass and Ouyx Table.
CO lloiibI"-dor Bookcase -
fl5 I.irso Double-door Quartered
i1.iV UooVcase. mirror Ion.
ladles' llesks from U-S up.
Kensington Art Squares.
In an ndlcos variety of patterns and col-
Ji,x1 yards. ,
8xVfc yards.
3xt yirds.
Stxl yards.
3x5 yards.
i5 yards.
Snryrna Rugs.
Ssl myrua Slats at ..
JPiEC. locLrs
21x11 incies
rWiid Inch's
36x72 in, lies
Worth For
.. 1101 J-ir.
.. 5 00 3.00
.. ftOO "4 Oil
.. 7.00 5
.. 8.03 6.M
.. 10.00 8 CO
Worth For
.. fa75 J1.30
.. 1 00 1 Si
.. 1W 1 60
.. 273 aoo
.. 4.00 2.73
.. 40 01 8173
Special Drive for Monday
and Tuesikvy.
Worth For
St S-pIcee 1'arlor Suites, up-
ho stered In brocatelle.
JJii.O'J tliOO
Wash, B. Williams,
7th and D. Sts. N. W.
bTOLL's -eia"
Our very full Hue of
Children's Shoes for -winter
wear is only waiting: for you
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PJ Shoes.
out of sorts
Twill regulito tlio liter, clear the
blc-od and giro tone to the entire
system Never fails.
tl box mats 3 quarts of medicine.
Eudi-lont for A1) dayb treatment
All Druggists.
Absolutely Painless Dentistry.
II LISG a tooth, as
wo do It, Is practi
cally putting
sound tooth lu
place of a defoctlTO
oue All our dental
work Is performed
In a manner calcu
lated to give tho
utmost satisfac
tion. Our painless
methods are tho
most efficient
most reliable.
ralnlcs extrac
l(i - i
w SiW
ti '
tion, CO cents.
1217 Perm. Ava. N. W.
. long day's search will net rovcal bettor,
prompter, or moro capable printers than wo
are. Nothing too small, nothing too largo for
ns to print
McGILL &. WALLACE, Printers.
HOT Efclrect N.W. 'llione HI!.
s mu riuuivi,
1606 MSLN.W.
First-class catering for balls, parlies and pri
vate families.
Meal. IS and S3c
Families supplied with sa't Titer oystrrs ly
the quart or gallon.
Ice cream wholesalo and retail.
JOHN TEilK, Troprletor.
You will want to be well dressed. Call
and see our SIS aud SZO tx-v.tch aad
Englt'li Suitings, made to order for T I f
for flvo Jays onlyt piJ
H. FELZMAH,Thoeoro7?hn,-,Vr5.or-
". ,?& K?rri
i Ad3 1
First Service Held in the Beauti
fully Renovated Church.
Jiimieiiij CoiiKre-jintlon ffus I'rchent
to C.-lebrnto tlio Event Splendid
Musical Servtc-o Ilendered by the
Augmented Choir Dr. CrcvuV Ai
prnprlntc ami Eloiiont bertnou.
The reopening of Calvary Baptist Church,
comer of 11 atid KiKhtli nrwts, jcstcnlay
inoriiinK, jftt-r liawiiB liven vIomiI for in uiy
inoiitlis undiTKoing ri'lialrs nnrt improve
ments was un event wtw to nu riiueniwreu
liy the niitiibcrs of the rn.ierreatlon nml
marks a i.cw tpoch lu the history or that
Since its rnlargriiiriit and r novation It
Is otic of the laiR.'sl and li.uidsoinet re
llclous wlifices iu the clly. The servkvs
jesleiday inoriiins -were efiex tally InlCr
fstiinr and were atti'mli1.! bv the largest
consretation that tver nswnilileil In that
church Not oiJy were the 'icious
auditorliini and jraileries erovrde.1, liut also
the allies and ll.e ui'iier and lover lobbies.
Tlundreilsnf nersons ent.ivvay.alKiiidoiiItiS
"all hope of training admittance to even the
upper louiiy.
Aside from theexei Uetit senium prcaclie.1
lv ltev. Samml II. (iieen, the pastor, nil
efijojalile featB- of the tcrvlco was the
di'llchtful coiiRusatioii.il and choral sins-lux-
Evcrvoueuppc.iredtolM.' Imbued with
the liwplrntlon of the hour and the day.
The Calvarv choir of twentj five voices was
assisted by the First ItiptM Chureh (piar
telte, coiti(il of Mrs. Thomas ('. Xoyes,
soprano; Miss Simon, contrallo; Mr. Firry
Turpln, tuior, and Mr. W. I). Hoover, bis.
In the pulpit with the pastor were Kev.
Dr. Illiss and Kev. Ir. CiiatnlKT.
llev. Ir. Urcen's Fcnium was a masterly
effort, floiiurnt and IokIc.iI, an appeal and
an exhort.Uion to his Hearers to ever keep
ndraminx toward the hlvine. lletook his
text rrotu Kx.xlus siv; 15- "and the
Lord said unto Moses, nhirefore cry.st
tliou unto me." He divided his subject
into three heads, Divine authority, Divine
purpose and Divine movement.
On this latter lie.ul he dwelt Willi (,-reut
force, ntakl us itapplicnbleto the proKrcsblvc
luovtiueiit of the church.
Tiii:iK liorr.s kualized.
Aflir lone and pitient nallins, he said,
todav we enter this beautifully riuovateil
edifice of worship, but not without sacri
fice Even now it Is not licauiiful In
Itself, but only beautiful In tl.e pur-to
for wl.lt li It tslnttnilctl. The fc-re.it Eeirct
and triumph or our lmlivlduil lives is 1"
the discovirj or flod's iiurpos.- and it is
when wedHcov er this t hat we are supreim ly
bappv. .
The memories of the past app.al to us
todav.and when I look down on jour earn
est, hopeful, hnpii fnevs, it brings ill) fond
recollccti'iiis or tliote of us who have gone,
those who always marched forward iD
God's work In all these cars we have
Increased and advanced, but remember
that nothing we may have tutoiiiplished
in the material should be an excuse or in
nnv w.i influince us ! t us march on
anil not for a single day or hour halt
At the offcrtorv the "Ave Maria" was
bwc" tlvand touchingIyungb Mrs Thomas
C Nojci and at the close of the ervin-'
"Mv Mi.pherd" was eicx'lieutly rendered
by Mr. W. D lloovir.
iiissibx or Tin: cniriicn.
Ilev. Dr. ICi'nt Define-, Itn Sliorteoni-
lnip.iiiul tin Ilellalomif tliol'utnre.
ltev. Alcxat'dcr Kenl, paEtor of tho
ripples' Church, 12:1 11 street northwest,
spoke very eloquently yesterday morning
on "What is the ctiursh rorj" He said In
"Kvcrvthlns that Is miit give reason
for being, or Ivcunli nt togo. Thechurth
is no exception. The people arc not
satisfied witli the reasons It has offered in
ll.e past, ami they are beginning to query
w hither it hasn't had lis day. Multitudes
have brul.eti Willi It altogether, and look
upon It now as a thing outgrown. They
have no use for it, because it performs r.o
use for them. Perhaps this Is their
fault and not the fiiult of the churches,
but there Is n grooving nutnlicr of the
common people, ami especially of the wage
working people. In whom this feeling has
l,c-omc ver strong.
"The alleged ground for It Is that tho
church, as an iiMilullon. Is otdcrtd and
managed b the pro-pcrous classes, and
Hint it altitude lomird TV.-ige-workIi'g
,...i,. niifn not one i.t indifference. Is
patronizing and offensive, also that elf
respecling people, no matter how poor they
may be, do not take klidly to such treat
ment. "Man's life culminates in the enjoyment
which comes from the activll of those
lowers through which lie holds commun
ion with Ids brothers and his God. The
supreme object of the tlmrcli Is to secure
the development of tlu-e powers. All
that is below them should be made trlb
ut.irv to them, and so the whole life
of nian, body, soul and spirit, becomes an
instrum-nt through which the life of Ood
small make a song "f harmony accord
ant with the music of the split res.
"Would that we could Maud for this
thought In a way to win for It a wider hear-In-
and a larger acceptance.. It Is the mes
sage of Uic future. One das ut will grow
up, who shall so proclaim it. as not to
speak to empty chairs or irresi)onho
"Tliev will be born without the poison
of the old training in their blood and the
motive's, vvniel v se.m to many so Inad
equate and even worthless, w ill press upon
them with a force more liotcnt than the
fear of burning hell or than hope of any
golden heaven."
Ilev. Dr. J. .1. Mnlr I'rmrhes on tho
Instruction-, of tin Will".
Kev. Dr. J. J. Mnlr, pastor of K Street
liapttst Church, deli u rod the firbt or a
series of Bernions last night, on "The Model
Prayer." His subject was, "Our Father,'
the te-vt taken from M..lthc w vl; !: "After
this manner, therefore, pray je."
Dr. Muir said, lu part:
"That le don't know low to pray, Is
often forced upon us. Because of ignorance
e very frequently neetl some one to guide
u. Jesus gave prayer to guard against
suiierstllious repetition. There Is n di
vided opinion alKiut the prayer, some re-K-at
It again and again, while others have
discarded it entirely.
"We call It the Lord's prayer. This is
not proper, Tor the Lord's prayer Is given
ii. o c.v.miI wntli chanter of John.
"Its simplicity Is such that it can readily
lie understood by nn infant, and Its pro
fundlty Is mcli that .1 philosopher may in
terest himself In It. It has two divisions
divine and human. You notice that It is:
His name. His kingdom, and HIS ill. then
It conies to our day, our bread and bur
"AnoMicr thing Is the form address,
'Our Father.' Jesus, In using tluit name
gave it a larger place In our vocabulary.
It gives ns the conception that we are
talking to father."
The sc-rli'S eoniprise-s seven sermons, one
of which will lie preached each Sunday
evening. The siibj'-ots lire: "His Name,"
"His Kingdom," "His Will," "His Provi
dence," "Uls rorgivcnesV and "His De
Rodemptorl-t I'reieher nt St. Viinl's.
There, was a large attendance at tl e late
mass at St. Paul's Church yesterday. The
Rev. Father McXeirney, the celebrated
preacher of the Kedemplorisl order of Balti
more, preached the sermon, which was
of a very instructive nature, his subject
being, "Catholic Church Doctrine." The
music was of a high order, the choir being
under tl-e direction of Miss Burns.
WiixliliiKtonliiiis in New York.
(Special to The Times.)
New York, Nov. 17. Mrs. Harry Wells
and Mis Helen Calhoun, Grand Hotel, were
here (doing) the horse show; Mrs. L-Mc-Cahlll.
with Mrs. F. L. McCormlck of Eliza
beth, N. J-, dined together at the Plaza
Saturddy; Mr. and Mrs. Montgomery Blair,
Cambridge Hotel, visited tho horse show.
Eighteenth Annual Convention of
the Columbia Association.
Its ATeelliiKH Ht'Kln Today ut tlio
QuiiMiHtowii Clnirrli With Muny
MIiiNHth In Attendiince.
The eighteenth mutual meeting of the
Columbia Association of Baptist Churches
will begin tonight at tho Qiiccnttown Bap
tist Church, llrookland, 1). C.
The opening session will bo culled to
order at 7-:t0 o'clock by the ltev. C. C.
Mcador, 1). 1)., an Invocation hjmti will
follow, and ltev. W. 8. O. Thomas will
read the scripture, ltev. P. II. llreene,
D. 1)., will preach the annual sermon,
atfer which ,i pirtljl report or tho com
mittee ou order of exercise and current
aiibonnceim nts will bell card.
Tomorrow morning's session will, after
routine business is trutisaitcd, bo devoted
to the enrollment of delegates and an elee.
Hon or offi. ers. In the arternoou mo
convention will offer u prayer for the
District; the executivo lioanl and the
treasurer will submit their reports, anil
ih. r.-tii.-iliul.T i,r ihu session will be de
voted to missionaries who will deliver slmrt
Mi-sions will be prayed for at the ev.n
ln,r tension. The committee on missions
w ill read Its re-port, and the lial nit e of the
evening will b" spent In addresses of a fif
teen minute limit by npresentatlvesof the
Missionary Fnion, the Home Mission 1 oard,
the Southern L'aptlst Convention, the Home
Mission Society, the Torelgn Mission Lo.ird
and Hie Southern Ilapti't Convention.
JVeilnesday morning's session will be ile
volecLlo teuiper.iuceaud llibletrnctaffalrs.
In the arternoou ilnr.itlon.il features will
tie discussed, followed by aildres.es by rep
rcscntatlves of the Columlilm 1'nlverslty,
MarjLuid Seuilnury and other college-s
UoJtine business will be transacted and
a rtport ou hiimiay-stiioois. i iu.- "s.
S H. Greene, will be reail in mo cvvuuik
session. ,
Thursdas morning's work will Include
the auditing of the tn aun r's report, the
iioinIii.itIe.il or a new executive board,
pastors, and a place for next inrcting,
the reading of the obituary report, and the
disposal of inistvllaneous business.
Standing .onimttle.-s will be announced
at the afternoon session, and reports of
the Baptist Home and treasurer will lie
acted upon.
Chairman P ll.Bristow will r. port ui"i
the joung people's work in the evening
Sin Friiiie'Nco l'ri-iu'lier Fllle.1 tho
Vnciint l'ulplt.
Uev. Leslie X. Sprague, pistor or the
Second Unitarian Church, S.iu Francisco,
filled thopiilpit at All Souls' Church, curner
of Fourteenth and L streets, jestcr.lay
and the services liotli iimrning and evinlng
were attended by large cougregalions.
Uev. Dr. Sprague Is an eloquent, logical
n.,.inri.iitnrntatlrpsoiaktr. whose nnguage
carries with it the force of the convictions
which prompts It.
His text lJst evening was taken rrom
Mitthew, xxvl.r,7. "He hath tpoVcn
blasphemy: wliat, therefore, need wrh.lve
of witnesses," and his sublet. "Classes
and kinds of Atheists and Atheism."
There arc people, even today, he said, who
would undertake to say where God is
and where lie Is not. Some contend that
He is rar away and that He only remained
on earth long enough to make the world
ami linn relumed to a world e.f His own.
Others co'itmd that He Isappinnt In all
the forces of nature but Is not a part and
parcel of the soul of man, while there are
others who maintain the re-verse.
Thelsls teach that God Is the essence
of love, beauty, justice, intellect, force,
energy, and righteousness, but religion
tenches that God is that He Is the em
lKKllmcnl of all that moves and has being
and that has or ever will lie.
Kev. Dr. Sprague will remain In the
city for some time, and will preach at AH
Souls' Church again on it-xt Sunday. His
subjects will bo: -Morning, "Prayer with
out words;" evening, "Jeus the way to
tjxi)i:n w. c. t. u. AU.sriciis:
of Kvnnmcllcul Mi'i-tlnip
Aii-.plelou-.l3 He-run.
The first of a series of evangelistic meet
ings of the Women's Christian TeiaiK-rance
Union was held ieslerilay afternoon atKy
laiul M. K. Church, corner Tenth and D
-tre-its soutInvit, and was well attended.
Mrs. M. V.. Hartsoi-k, th'sup.Tintc-uilont of
the District Christian Temperance Union,
pre-slded, and after a few- preliminary
remarks, lntroduof.1 lliesiie.ikers, Mr. David
II. Harwell of Znneszille, O., and Dr. J. T.
SK-iici! of Harrinian, Teiin.
Mr. Burtvell delivered a iiry Interesting
dlscoarse, 6-aklng forcibly of the evil
effects of the saloon and Its surroundings,
citing many tad instances of destitution
wrought by lutein pora nee.
He e.ild that "The saloon Is the founda
tion of all evil, tlioelevil's way to man, and
man's way to ttie devil, and the right side
Is the outside."
Dr. Spence, president of the American
Tcmpe-rance University of Harrimnn, Tenn.,
made a Tew coikJinlltu remarks on the urn
Iterance cause, and siwke brie-fly of the
gooel lnlhie-nce of Ilio university on the
neighboring country unil throughout the
Southern States. These evangelistic meet
ings will lie held ilaily at the Woman's
Christian TemiKr.ince Union headquarters.
010 F street northwest.
In Clllilaud Hurt With n Millie
Thrown liy Jo-epU Hurley,
rretty little Delia Gilllland, of Xo.
70S" Xorth Cipllol strcs-t. Is wearing steril
ized bandages on her flossy head, becau-e
of a g isIi inflicted on her temple by Jos, ph
II Hurley, a horse-sl.oer, who lives at Xo.
1 Massachusetts avenue northeast, aim
runs a blacksmith shop at Xo. 11 G street
It was not with a malle-Ious spirit that
Hurley struck the little girl, but 11 was
Saturday aud he had looked through the
Iwttom of too niaiiv glasses. He smashed
the windows of hlsshopand he threw horse
shoes and hammers into the street.
A throng of the children of the neigh
borhood gathered In the street near the
smithy to see the run. Oftcu they had to
dodge the Hying iron and the whizzing mis
siles. Little Delia was there, and Just as
she was laughing loudest at some antic
of the drunken nun, a score of children
shouted "Lookout, Delia!" and a piece
of iron hit Ler on tho temple, making an
ugly wound, which at first was thought
to be quite serious.
Mrs. Hurley upon learning what had
happened hastened to the Gilllland rcsl
denceand orfercdhersympa thy. inilserv Ices.
She brough In Dr. Mcrriam who took six
stitches In the cut and said that the skull
was not Injured. The mishap might have
been fatal. "When Tho Times called last
night. Delia raised up In her coiich and
said. "I'm all right; he didn't mean to elo
Low HiitfH to Baltimore) on Account
of the riinlico Ilnces.
The Pennsylvania Railroad will sell, on
aex-ount of the Pimllco races, Xovemlier 10,
23 and 28. for any regulir train, up to ami
including 12:1." noon, and returning, good
on any regular train on date of Issue, ex
cursion tickets to Baltimore at rate or
$1.25, Including admission coupon. In
addition, excursion tickets will lie sold
dallv, except Sunday, during the period of
the faces, Washington to Baltimore and re
turn, good for six days, at rate of $2, in
chiding admission coupon.
Beecham's pills for consti
pation 10 and 25. Get the
book at your druggist's and
tjo.by it.
Aaacal Ml, 1 nor tb&n CffllttB texts.
Opening of the Celebration of
the Presbyterian Church.
IntereMliii; ltev lew otllio Hlxtoryof
the C'lmreli In tho DNtrlet of Co
lumhlit Many l'athetlo Tiiwiikos
mid ItfforeneeK Tluit Cniixed 'JVarn
to Coine Dr, ThoiiipMiii Tonight.
The opennig event of the celebration of
the ccnte-nulal of the beginning nt Pres
lijtcrHiiism In the clly or Washington was
marked primarily by a large concourse
of the citleus of Washington yesterday
morning nt the First Presbyterian Church.
The objevt and scope of this celebration
has been given so fully in The Times that
.. ,- , ..... ........ ... ... ......... .... it, ......
1 lb IS Itoi JH-eess.ir 11. n.t iiiiiil ...-..-
' ubjects. It Is pleasing to note, however,
! that the great crowd present jesterday,
! and tlio fact it at nearly all oe nominations
i were rrpr-"entcd, are a happy augury for
the tyiitiuiilng sue cess or the undertaking.
Nothing could be simpler or ct moro
Imposing than the opening scone. Oil the
platform were ltev. Dr. Bjron hunderland,
pastor or the church Mnee lSZkl, and the
ltev. Adnlos Allen, copastor, who has
dlrcvteel the arrangements for the cc-u-tenuljl.
Around the front of the stage
were jardinieres fllle'd with white and
vellow clirjsauihe-miiuis. Grouped around
the stage were the elders ami deacons of
Ihe church, and near them representatives
of matiyof theciiurchcs.
Kev. Dr. T.ilinago and family occu
pied seals niimiig the general audience.
Tlio special souvenir progrninmt s which
we-ro distributes! contained a history of
Presbyterim Chureh architecture for
one hundred years, nnd also the mimes of
all the pastors or this church from 10!
down to date. The first outside pago
presented a picture or therhiirch as It now
is. Another page holds two specimens
of the antique, one being tho little
wooden building used as a shop by the
carpenters and builders who were work
ing on the White House In lT'JB. and tho
other the church or 1812, whleh looks
Tor all the world like a backwoods school
house'. Another cut gives the appearance
of the First PrcsbjterUn Church In ISIS,
at which time the pre-seut Sunday-school
room was the auditorium, a story ami tho
present bell tow r hav lug been erected later.
The rollowing list or the pastors wuu
their terms of servlco will be read with
Interest by the older and present generation:
John Bracken ridge. 1S0U-181S; Ke-iiben
Post, 1&1'.I-1S:17: William McLnln. 1637
1810; Charles Itieh, 18111-1843; William
T. B prole. 1811-1817: Ulisha I alien
tine. 18l7-lfcrl; Bjron Sunderland, 1m3:I;
Samuel Van Vrankcn-Holni.-s, lS&i-Oe-lober.
1893; Adolos Allen, lblt: T. Do
Witt Talnuge, lfc'JS.
Dr Sunderland's sermon was termed a
centennial dlscoarse It was rich aud In-
lere-sliug and told well, and nt times with
great force and pathos M iny of the con
gregation wept at certain passages. The
very appropriate text was Ps.ilui 87.3
Glirious things arc spoken of thee, arity
of God "
"This city," he beiran, "Is the heart of
the world, as It Is with the great capitals
of all uallons Piety and latrlotlsni for-orc-r
liud their seat of government, lioth in
church and state. It Is so with us loduy,
for now we ln-gln to roiiuncmorati-" the
rounding of our city and or that line of
rtliirloua evolution In WAShliigloii from
which wc truce the dcvelbpineui of this old
church back through a hundred years.
Traditions ch-ar and undisputed couples
this church nnd the capital in their found
ing and progress."
Dr. bundrrUnil spoke here of Washlng
tnnas thcTahog.1 of theXarostlans. After
wards came the pioueers, I'inner Ijing
wortli, Trooli and Francis Pope, the latter
of w lioin gave Ids estate the name of Rmcc
und the adjacent creek the name of Tiber
Dr Siirderlaud then drew a charming
picture of the lamlscape from Capitol Hill
in 17'J5 and an equally .lnlmaltil picture
of the ln re-asing life of the capital. He
traced the original Presbyte-rlans of Wash
ington to the churches of M.ik.imie, the
sjnodot which wasorganlzed in 1788. The
local Pre-bjlcrians obtained tho use of
the carp.-nter shop at the White House.
Then they went to a frame building ou F
street, near the corner of Tenth street
In leOll the Covenanters withdrew and
organized the F street church, their
pastor being tl"' Kev. Dr. James Lowrie.
This bfiildlng is now known as Willard's
H.tll. Tlio rest of the congregation suhse
(lueiitly moved to the "Academy Hast,"
neartbeXavv rard.wherethej worshipped
in the Capitol, and later on the church of
loll! was dedicated, the first spadeful of
earth lwlng rcmovcil by John Coyle, one of
tlio first elders. The church organization
w as perfected in 1 61 1, as the Firt Presby
terian Church, with Kev. John Bracke-n-rielge
as pastor. In 127 the present build
ing, enlarged lnrlG, was built, the
dedication sermon being by Kev. Dr.
Gnrde-ncrsprlng of Xcw York. The church
was renovated in lfet'2,thepr sent building
being the result.
Dr. Sunderland next spoke of the genesis
of Pre-lmerian!sn!, nnd its Republicanism
being the basis of the American Protestant
Church. The rirst Presbytery was form
ed In Philadelphia in 1705, the first s-nod
In 1710. He next elaborated the effect tho
slavery question had ou the councils of the
church, until It ended In the secession In
1S.-.7 of the Soutl era from the Northern
Church, the Presbvtcry of the Fob mac ad
hering to the Xorthe rn w nig.
it.. n..tt Riinko of the effect of the local
church on tho growth of the city, Presby
tcriauism has Ix-on charges! llh holding the
most repugnant Mews and yet no church
has been practically more Tree or broad
or liberal. It needs not the pity or charity
of posterity. It has stood for the Bible,
for the divine sovereignty and human ac
countability, for the covenant of grace,
executed by Christ, for the Christian Sali
li'ath, for the parity of the clergy, for the
right and necessity of universal education:
for free Investigation, free speech and
private judgment, individual conscience, the
llbertv of the press, purity In politics and
public morals, reformation of human society
aud evangelization.
The closing part of the sermon was a
graphic contrast of the early with the
present life of the republic and the many
chan-es It and Its national neighbors have
undergone. He referred eomplimentarily to
D r. Talmage and the new era for the church
Ihu': , , , . .
"It seems to mc like a vision let down
from heaven to cheer us as we close the
present century and enter on the vast
career or the years. It is to me persomlly
tbe final sunburst of my evening sky and
I feel like saying with Simon: 'Lord, no,v
lettest thy servant nep ire m -leu-.---, mi .u.o.
..,.. I..,.-,, rtn the- salvation.' "
nna l.n.n een thv salvation.
This evening the subject will be "Prcs
byterianlsm and the Nation," tho speaker
being Rev. Charles L. Thompson, D. !.,
LL. D ot New York.
Splendid rroeruuinio Trpparcd for
Thnt ot Sunday Next.
A grand temperance mass meeting, nndcr
the auspices or the Young Women's branch
ot the W. C. T. U., will be held in tho
First Congregational Church next Sunday
afternoon at 3 o'clock. Mrs. B. D. Ln
retra, president of the Y s, will
preside, and Dr. Blschoff will open the
services with" an organ voluntary.
The r. choir attired in their attractive
costume ot white Oxford caps and gowns
will sing some choice selections. An
original and delightful feature of the meet
ing will be the Installation and Intro
luptinn of the branch officers-elect. .
Rev. S. E. Gilbert, D. D., secretary of the
American Society of Religious Education,
will speak on some suitable topic, and Rev.
B.X. Whitman, president of Columbian Col
Ice will speak on "Christian Culture."
Low fees and scientific methods have
triumphed. His reception rooms are full
evqry day.
This well-known and popular specialist
has mad permanent his offer to treat
all chronic, special nnd nervous diseases
at the uniform rate of
$5 a Month
And all remedies furnished. Ills tremend
ous success as a practitioner has made his
name familiar as u household word. He
quickly relieves and permanently cures
nil c lironic, nervous, and special diseases.
Catarrh, asthma, bronchitis, rheumatism,
dyspepsia, ronstlpatlon, night losses, emis
sions, varicocele, falling power and stric
ture all yield to his scientific methods of
Dr. Walker's office are centrally lo
cated on the second floor of his well known
sanitarium, 1411 Pennsylvania avenue
northwest. Office hours, 10 n. m. to 0
p. m.; Wuhu-sdays and -Saturdays from
7 to 8 p. in.; Sunday, 10 to 12.
The-y Admit Now Memlieris and Give)
to tin' Locke-d-Oiit -Men.
The Bottling House Umployo. I- A.
1331, K. of L.,heldu well attended meeting
nt !0U F street northwest yesterday.
It was decided to hold the meeting or tho
nsvnm'v in tne future ou Wednesday even
ings. The next iiit-vtiuir will lw Wednes
day, Xovemlier 20, at Washington Hall,
i-orucr Third street anil Fennsjlvanki ave
nue southeast. The hour was changed to
7:30 p. m.
An appropriation of ?5 was made for
the loeked-oiit drivers on the Anacostla
Street Railway, tut the members not think
ing that amount sufficient made up a
e-ollectlun of $0, swelling the amount to
Fifteen npplU-ants for memliershlp were
present nml were dJly initiated. Applica
tions were reevlvcd from four others.
Considerable executive business was
transactcrand the meiiiliersepresseil them
selves as highly gratified at tne succvsi
of the organization in tsiimmg up
Washington Musie-al Assembly also met
yesterday and e-ndorsi d tho Iwye-ott on tho
Auai-oMia road und contribitcd 5j to
the locke-d-out men. It was decided to fine
iiii mcmlieror the Assembly who patronized
the road.
I.oinoii limes,' Benefit Proceeds, to
He Devoted to Charity.
The Lemon Rifles ,lt will lie remembered,
have offered the profits of their benefit,
to lw held next Wednesday, to the polios
poor fund. Just at this time when the fund
is In sueh a depleted i-ondltion and so
many calls are being made on It the benefit
is a worthy cliarlty.
ti. M,.n.,.i i!wu drill suuad have of
fered their services for the evening and a
crack drill will conclude the programme.
Among the talent are the following well
known artists. Messrs. Ed. Walsh, Charles
Hall, Charles Skcrrc-tt. Steve Clements, and
Goldwln Patten, MUsrs Mamie Donnelly,
Btaialio Wo.mJ, Merrile Espita.and Grace
Little Miss eauio oe-u iuj ...
lu her spcu. laities. The services or
Miss Jennie Glennen have been sccureii as
accompanist. Mrs. E-puta Daly will ac
umipany her pupils. Misses Wood and
A novel feature of Ihe programme will
lw an exhiblton In "throwing the stlss. by
the joung drum major. Kol.-rt Chambers.
Tbebaton used Is studded with Incandescent
cleurlc lights.
The week In the councils or the -liinior
0-,l,r of Untied AiucThan MrclnM jes I"
this city will be a very busy one surnui
criii.il acVotiimcicsl by the oilier ,x,un
cils. will go ou" o the Del Key Chapel, -where.
to Rev II. II. Kern will pre-ach a spc-U.il
sermon on the principle's of the order Dur
lrur the coming montn It Is understood that
councils win no uisiuuitu fc -, ,
Round Hill and Hamilton
OnSaturdiy night, shortlyaftcr lOo'clock,
as Lieut. James Smith, with the night
detail or police, was marching up King
si reel a colored woman mined Mary '1 homas
got I n the w .15- of the seiuad The lieutenant
railed to her to move, hut she paid no at
tention to him, and as the men brushed by
he-r she struck the lle-iucnant in the back
with a lwskc-t she wjs carrvlng She was
locki-d up and a churge of disorderly con
duct was entered against her name.
John Taylor, living 011 Lower Prince
street, while playing "bandy" or "shin-ii.-v:
wiih n number of joung companions
yestt May morning, was accidentally strucic
on tno nac of tl.e leti hand Willi a "shui
nev " stick liy one of the plaers, and had
several of the small hones In his hand
broken. The services of a physician to
dress the wound were neccssury.
Miss Amanda W Macran, who has be-cn
111 at the Alexandria Infirmary for sme
lime of Brlght's dl-ense, died there yester
day morning. Mie was a school teacher
tv profession and had many friends. Her
bodi will be sent to her home In Fauquier
county for Interment.
Messrs. John RoIhtIsdii, John A. Sinter,
and Robert Walker, tho commissioners nt
the Alexandria county court to condemn
land in the county ror the Washington and
Mount Vernon electrical railway, bavo
given notice that on Dcceuiner 10 inc-y
vvlll proceed to condemn pans of the land
of the estate of Horacu E. Johnston, near
Four-Mile Run.
Gen. Thomas L, Rosser.orWIncheSterwill
lecture on Thurvlay night next, under
the auspices or R. E. Leo Camp or ton
federate Veterans.oiithe"ArmyorNorthern
Virginia, Its ConimaiKlers and Battles.
The lecture will bo for the benefit of the
Soldiers' Home. Richmond, aud will be
Illustrated with a sterooptloon.
Tho Rev. Trank T. Benson, pastor of
tho Methodist Protestant Church, last night
delivered a special sermon to railway
men. Mr. Benson look for his text "Down
Real estate owners report that re-es-ntiy
tliero have been many inquiries for
ii.....i,i, nmnertv from Washington
nirtics, and that several v.u-ant houses In
close i.eIghlrhood to the Pennsjlvanla
Railroad station have been rented to
W.ishingtonlaiis, who will make Alexandria
theirliniiierorthefiiiure. Slniethcgambling
houses in the euiinly have been broken up
the demand for property there has greatly
Increased and the county people are san
guine of a big increase in population cry
Miss Lou Channeey of this city, who has
been visiting relatives in New iork for
somcnionthspast, has returncil home.
The Rev. Mr. Liibkert of Washington
conducted the services, and preached In
the German Luthcrn Church at the services
9 make
e Pure
Gure all Kidney
At all druggists, or by
mail prepaid, forSOc a box.
Send for pamphlet.
Hobb's Medicine Co.,
Chicago, Sa FraodsM. A
Commission Stock Brokers,
National Metropolitan Bank Building;, 613 15th street.
CorrespondontsT J. R. WILLARD & CO-
NOTE We have our own private telegraph wire to New York
and Chicago. Long- Distance 'Phone, 505.
Brokers and Dealers
.. . ,Sf ...
Stot'ks, Cotton, Grain, Provisions.
I ocal Offlces Rooms 10. 11. 11 Corcoran Build
Il.lt 603 7th M, opposite Patent Odco.
Offices Philadelphia, Haltlraor. ashlngtoa.
Dresser Trunk
The Best Trunk Made.
We have the big-gest and best
stock of Harness in town from
S8.00 to $250.00.
Horse Blankets from 75c np.
Surcingles given aw.-ry.
641 Louisiana Ave. ... W.
Is the cheapest of all fuel", for It
Icnltes qulckly-roakrs aroaringtiot
Are and lasts loasest This 19 of
Use best quality. Cc and 6c ImshoL
40 bu. (uncrushed), S2.90
40 bu. (crushed) . S3.70
413 lOtli St.
No Fee Until Cured.
602 F STREET N. W.
rtlease" KIIlNEYai..lBL.VInEKdhOsrs.
"T 1 1 K tt C
I'ltlVATF. diseases quickly and perma
nently cured. Vitality resteired. Consul
riiou free. Hours, '.' to 12 a m. 2 to 6
n in" Tuesday. Thursday and Saturday
OlCllt. T to
Eurrtnrs. 4 to 6.
Do you know that elec
tricity is acheaper, bet
ter, safer, and more re
liable power than
steam? It makes a bet
tcrlight, too better for
stores, better for offices.
It Is as far ahead of pas as the
modem electrlo locomotive Is
ahead of the old stage coach, we
furnish power only. Telephone
us to turn It on.
U. S. Electric L'shtlnsCo..
213 I4tn siroei. rnuno . .
For this week we
give a e pedal dis
count of SO per
ceat off all cam
eras, except the
Pocket Ko taks,
which sell for i
Wo bavo every
kind of Camera
all tho latest Im
proved makes.
Itavo you seen
from Pocket Ko
xrtake a specially of
,,,. nnlarirnmeCtS
dak neaatlres? We
It, and cau safely say ws no iut ot-si wot.
"Vhe Iaternatlonal Annual Is jut out:
It's unusually lull of lutereiting informa-
Thotog riphle Eurplies,
1116 New York Avenue.
Eetablbhed July, 179
It's our buslnosi to
wash we aro t&oroushly
up in our huslne.s, loo
We have had long years
of experience. Wocleaa
Lace Curtains to per
Sixth and C Sts. N.W.
and Heaaiche immediately relieved by
Capitol Catarrh euro. 25 cents.
470472 PcnnsytvanlA avenuo north
west, near Cth street. Business men's
lunch. 12 to 2 o'clock. 2Bc: table d'hota
dinner. 4:30 to 7:30 p.m.. BOe. oc23 3m
. -
irrT i'
,1 1 i
Subscriptions for the 30th lasua .
of stock and first payment thereon
will be received daily from9 a.m. to
4-30 p. m. at the office of the Asso
ciation. Four per cent Interest per
annum lsallowcd. Upoiimaturltyof
shares full earnings are paid.
Pamphlets explaining the object
and advantages of the Association
and other information furnished up
on application at the office
Prcsiitent. Thomas Somerrille.
Vice President. A. .T.Schafhlrt.
2d Vice President. Geo. W. Casllear.
becreuiry, John Joy Edson.
1S35 F Street Northwest.
Stocks, Bonds, Grain, Provisions
and Cotton.
Direct rrirate Wires I Lone blstaa-
to Telephone.
Principal Cities. I il-.
CcrrercmJents of
No. 4-7 New St., New York,
Members of tho New York Stock Exchange
-.inrv. Another small
ol i
ftU. choices
per ceat real
estate notes for sale. As the-e are
scarce, shrewd Investors aoull
apply early.
American Security and Trust
Co., 1405 G St.
c; u nn.ia c-re-iaeufc.
and others whoso occupations prsvec.
them trom making dcposlU durlnf
rgu!ar banking hours will find It co
venlent to visit the
Union Savings Bsnk. 1222 F St. H.W.
which is open EVERY SA1T RUA1
N10HT between the hoursof CundS
tFour per ceat. inUreat oa savliji
accoant.l .
that after cleaning lac
curtains we carefully Iron
the edcs, so that tter
look Juat like ae7 It
Isa't usual, and It cvet
ua money to do It, hut It
makes us totsof frleads.
Everything tb lanndr
ne do In the same art
ful iray. We pay atten
tion to the little details.
Capital Steam Lanniry.
512 Sth St. N W.
Telephone 161S
Corns Flour mreUpH moro Breacl.
niukc whiter ilrntil, inul,o better
llreiid ttiim nnv other Flour innnu.
fnctnrcd. Ilovvnro of liiiltiitlon ot
the Brand "Cere-.."
THC two characteristic fu
tures that have given tho
Ivers & Pond l'lano Its
enviable position In the piano
world are the beauty of its tons
and Its remarkable durability.
Tone quality, the adaptability to
express musical thought, Is the
distinguishing feature between the
artistic and the commercial piano.
The richness, the purity, the In
finite shades of expression In the
Ivers & Poml tone attract and
fascinate musicians the world over.
Combine with this the absolute
evenness of scale, crip, re
sponsive action, and simple ele
gance of design and finish, and
the reasons for the popularity of
the Ivors & Poml Piano are
as plain as day.
0.11 V St.
, N. W..
Straight Rye and Bourbon Whlsklw
Best brands of Imported Wines for fam
ily and med iclnal use. All articles war
ranted puro.
SPANIER'S. 1.107J4rSt N.W
TeIj.B0netl. OQcaHS k'lLU,
Ivers & Fond
I ;'V 55-
.toZSP? ji-a.s--tti!itJjo-. w- -. - -
j --5i. t.'Sjf.-
sSjMs -

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