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Parser, Bridget A Co.,
Clothiers, 315 7th et
"JUST like
finding $3.50,
asT expected to
pay $10 for my
Winter Suit,"
was the remark
of a jrentle-
man as we
were wrapping
up one of the
$10 Suits we
had reduced to
patterns, but
quite a number of sizes in
each pattern, yet at the rate
the- arc going a delay will
be dangerous. Six patterns
of regular $10 Suits that
have not sold quite so well
as the other $10 suits. To
hurrj' them along we are
taking oil $5.50.
You little boys and girls
should bear in mind that you
have only about ten days in
which to swell vour sales in
the little "Pony and Cart"
competition. This is the
sweetest little pony of the
three and his name is Henry
of Navarre. You can let
him come into your parlor.
So gentle.
3l5Soventh Street.
a sjtir
AVc arc obliged to move
before the end of the
year, and we intend to
sell all our stock before
wc go. Eve ry thing
goes at cost or below.
Ladles1 Tino Dongola IJut
ton. Iluud-bsweiJ Worth 0 I fir
InJies'flco M.-i Kid, But
ton nml bace, llazor 'toe.
Patent Tl and Heel Fox. (TO Cfl
urlli$3.50 4).DU
Ladles fine. Porgola But
ton and Lace, beautiful T I Cft
styles. Worth SiM 4l.0u
JIUses and Children's
Dotlgola Hiuton, Patent Tip
si?toa Worm JUKI nod fr-
LauW. Hisses' and Cull- nr.
dreu's Buhners ZOu
305 Pa. Ave.
c pnor. him. t
;COLUMBIAS," being
conscientious.' built wheels,
J? i? whose smallest
(WiT Part rcceives due
4 7"-( 'tis not to be won
'::r dered at that they
last longer, run lighter and
look better than airy of the
rest. The-' re built to do so.
Columbia Firld instructors nil! take
you in hand and teach you riding
In a very low lessons 'Guarauteo'
tk-koy, $-00.
Disirict Cycle Co., MiS-
. Hart r.rlttaln,
452 Pa. Ave.
The excellence of Pure
Berkele3r R-c lies in its ab
solute purity and delightful
It is always advisable to
keep some spirits in the
house iu case of sickness
for medicinal purposes notli-
; equals Pure Berkeley
Importer Wiuei nnd Liquors,
bill FM.N. W.
Capture-, tiio G113- Wnlter Handicap
Willi HollCMIIdlld.
London, Nov. 18. The Guy Wnltcr linndl
cap plate, one mile, was run at the War
wick Nove-nibe' meeting today and -was
won by Mr. Foxhall Keene's Uolicmond,
five years old. Mr. C. J. FrFawcctt's
Coranto. three years old, was second, and
Mr. T. L. Camble's Telcsinus, four years,
wn3 third.
rourleen horses ran. The betting was 5
2 against liohemond.
No Armor Specification.
Upon Inquiry at the Navy Department
Jt has been ascertained that published
statements giving the spe-cificallous' Tor
armor for the new battleships are without
authority. No specifications have been
adopted by the Department.
Colored Cjcler-s to Meet.
There will be a meeting of the local
tiranclt of the American Union Cyclers at
the hall No. 10015 It street northwest at
7:30 p. m. this evening. All colored
bicycle riders arc incited to attend, as
this meeting Is for Hie perfection of the
erganlzalion of Ibis association.
ftfSlH r- PV;
llfc- l fr'o'
Ruled Off at St. Asaph for Pull
ing Tubal Cain, Jr.
Took tin- TlorM Back In itio Hace at
tin- Start mid Kept Jllm Then-.
T.onjf Sliots Have- a Good liny Hot
Tliree-Ilor.so Flnb.li In lli l'lftli.
Most Flagrant Case- On Itecortl.
Willi the assistance of a young man hy
the name of Hogan the iKMiklcs gave the
talent a liail 'trouncing at I Ik- Si. Asaph
track joslcrday. This Mr. Hogan had the
mount iu Tubal Cain, Jr., In the opening
race anil he gave .1 masterly exhibition
of how not lo wiu a race' that was nearly
on a par with whip of the work that Jockey
Iteilf has bis-n putting up oil the Flmllco
track at Baltimore.
Tulml C.tln, Jr., Iiml.fi! to have a doublo
iljeil tlr-t mortgage on the '"'iiiug ran
awl the luniks quoted him at it to 5. II
was riitnuretl. Ii"viver, that he was n
the shell" ami his prhv ouli kly went up to
'I lo 1. Jut iM'lori' 1 lie liorv-s went lo the
Irst the talent divM.il that he was m
much ln-ller Iti.ln the lot lie wan meeting
Hint they would take a .Ii.iikv, and ai-
tordlni;!)' playpil him ilovn lo (' to C.
He pot away from the it well in lh'
Hri HUM, lul IIm- ljr put IiIh fi-rt up in
hi imxI: ail gflttos a K'l lirace JeAnS
him iHick in I lie rurk ami keit lilm there.
Ilean a HHit Ut related r.K1 of irtNikul
rxldig. a Hit iHirw wan llKlitlng for lil
luitil during the lit I re trip.
lliiiran'M worlJiirtiM not by any means lie
allnweil to jini-o unnotli-eil, nnd In-fore lio
liaI fairly loinhetl the ground lie win
raletl off. "Ami." remarks! Judge ilar
tln, "there K a Iniy who will not ride at
thl iraek If lie bring!, a petition signed by
1'rekldeiil Clevelaml.
There wax a railing off In the nnmlier of
book that went on. only five doing ImM-ne-.
"An only two favorites, nnd tlioa
ery tame onep, tsUeceeilnl In getting home
first, the lalent ere not lu a cry good
mood when they boarded the train for
Crllerloii, at 8 to 1 Miol. raptured the
oiienlng eenl. lUnik Ilrauly enjiil to
make a runaway r.ue of It, but could not
stand the pace, and the winner look com
mand lu the luckvtretcli and won all the
way. Courtney was second, a neck beforo
Mack Ileauty.
The lKKiks wenl one belter In the next
race, when Psyche. .1 12 to 1 shot, got
out in front atthe lart, and, staingthcre
to the end. won In a hard ilrlu.' by u head
from Heekton, who tves two lengths lu
front of Lmig'.iianki.
The third outider to win was Hlontly's
Victim. He was at lust luilf the prico
that Psyche went to the IKist at. Tliu
finish was a pn-tty one. Cowman bringing
his mount up at Hie last minute and wiu
ulng by a neck from Masher.
Tiio first favorite to vore Avas Carnallte.
lie was well ilueii, being backed from
threes to eight to fhe He broke in fronr.
lo a. good start, and leading all the way
won easily by halt 11 length from Vehet
Uo-e, with Xemo third.
llelle or Fermoy was a hot choice In the
nest race, ilo-lng at -I to ,". f-iva vrn
next in deinaud at threes, with the others
at 8 to 1. TliefliiUh was the liet of the
ilay, Samaritan lasting long enough, to win
In a Lead from Mole, with liuslrus third.
I.umlicrman, Jim Donlen and Alrplant
were all much faiuied for the clo-ing race.
Jerey:ilo recelvislsome support. LuihIht
man rinally closed first ihoice at 1) to S.
Passing the stand he took the lead, and
from there home was uevir headed.
Jersey was second, villi Jim Ilonleu third.
He-nils, at t. A-apli.
Wrather clear. Trft'k heavy
irj First race. Half inllo belling
I co Time
In.U IIr.e A. Wt bt. H St Fin. .T-k'r nt
Sir, Critcriou, 107. ... 4 lutnili Cl.-iro B
iiW Courtii"-, 101 ... .1 3'-J 2y, in A..MoercS-
619 lllack lleallty, 10T 1 4 3 .1', Avery IS
191 jlUcrr. in . .. T B I I P.Uirr'tEO
)3 Tulnl OilnJi ,110 ? 2- 3 .V Hopaa 6-5
S19 We-tover, l'J7 . .. 6 7 7 fi llar'g.'u S
611 Alva,-107 3 5 6 7 Fietch'r 4
btart koc1 Won ma-llly
seond rnee Mi and ono-half furlonsi
Blllup. Purse, r(M. Time, 131.
Iml Ilorso & Wt M. !a St Fia JckV nt,
'But PsreUe, 111! 7 1, lu lu. It KInir 12
necktou, iiu 8 as :.-3 ii.Murpy ."
oW LonfsSank., 110 1 -'!j :,- S iO lluleli'ty G
vj lonneo, iiu...... v t
C71 Andrew I) , 1W. 3 5
671 liar Taj-. 110.... 5 4
IHiJ Mavor II, 110.... 6 6
313 Vagabond, 110.. 4 S
C'JI IJtllo lir.lTO.llg 10 10
611 Migrant, 10.... 2 U 1
fctart good. Won driving.
Ulis S-?
Leer S
tlarrig'n jr
Olaro 4
I.vnch S
likens SO
Homey aj
6- Third rnco Four and onc-ha'f furloncs.
i belling l'ursa tlCO. Tlino, 1SX4
Ind. Hcre .t Wt St.
!i St. Fin. Joci'y nt
'ts "l In Cowman 6
I'. Victim, 1U9. 3
Mautcr, II;.... s
Caroveu, lus.. 8
l.illliute, llrl.. 7
Trchb'rer, W 6
Tanglefoot, 10 o
I- I.icliards,103 9
Tioga.lOJ 1
II of Flef.109 .. 4
A.Mooro 5
Unrrican 2
Neary 8
Ilotchor 5U
Lynch 15
Sueehau 15
al-j 3'.
4 I
li 5
5 G
9 7
a s
Mnrkstoue, 1KM0
10 10 10 Horsey 40
btart good Won driving,
f-Ti Fourth race- Five furlonss. Selling.
u-0 rurse, J10O. Timo, iaii'5.
Ind. Horse .t Wt st "i M Hn. J"ck'y lit
61. Carnnhte. 10o.. 1 ji, IU IU ;ioas"n3-5
folT) VUt'o,lu!P,lO0. 4 1W
! is tills
617 Nelno,lUi J 3
Gib (iorelll, 10i . 5 5
6l Lady .May, 111) . 7 6
69 Zamncraw.Wo. 3 4
615 lil'ck Hank, 107 6 7
Start fair, Atn easily.
3ij 3J3 J.llooro 15
4 4 IlairlBtt'JO
6 5 Mater CO
5 C ltUroirn30
7 7 Moss 2
fin I rifth race. Seven
flirlonca. Sjelllnrr.
I'urse, Jlua ainie, l:3iKs
Ind. lloi..fcVL St.
6ui Samaritan, 97.. 2
617 Note, S3 3
634 liuslrus. 97 1
6U Hl'eofFnry.SSS
617 Mia. U5 4
l St. Fin. J'ck'y lit.
In lnfln (ileasou 6
4 4 su llotcher 8
5 6 3,4 Shoehan S
81 3u I Ellis I-')
Sy "u 5 J. .Muoro 3
(619) Foxglove. 1W... li
6 6 6 btalcun S
Slirtgood. Wondrlvlatf.
f.'yZ idxth race-. Mi and a-quarter furlongs.
"-"' Sclline I'urse, JIUU. 'Unto, 1,---J)ts
Ind. Horso.fc Wt bt. U vt. Fin. J'ck'y lit.
(M6) I.umberm'iT,!12 S 1!-. Use 1IJ4 Dclch'y 0-5
611) Jersey, lax 3 s ij, eATajlor Z
6.b Jim Uonlon,'J7. 3 2 V, 3 4 3 , Fletch'r 5-5
420 Mitrguc-rlle, 101 1 4 4 4 Kills s
61.' Abplant, 1J3 .. I D 5 5 Gleason 3
613 Fidget, ln.... 6 Pulled up. K l!ro"uV0
btart good. Won easily,
llefers to Alexander Island series.
Down tin- Lino.
Jocke-y Hogan was cautioned by the
Judge both in ibcjockej-room and 011 going
to tin.- post.
Jockey Fred Cowman put tip a fine finish
on Blonde's Victim.
Tin- riele that Jockey HIoss put tip on
Black Hawk was the worse se-cn In many a
The foreign book alSt. Asaph refralnisl
from handling the Jllktnii races as It was
getaway day at that place, as they evi
dently wanted lio part 01 tliclastday'sgame.
The t wo-5 ear-old colt llotlvguard has been
sold to K. Connelly ror ?ll)0.
Over fifty horses arrived nt the ovcr-the-rlver
tracks jeslcrtlay, anions Ihem
were the Aboca stable, H. I'lippln, Steve
L'llommcidleu, Clot ersmble, and PojiGray.
Game Postponed.
The game sclicslnkd to tate place at Na
tional Park Wednesday let ween the Orients
nnd Potomacs Pas been nistponed. Duo
notice will bo given when It Is lo lake
place, which will be In the near future.
Woshinston.TCov. 18.
Times Publishing Co.:
Gents: I take great pleasure-In Inform
ing you or the results ot my ad in Sunday's
Times, as I merely gave your paper a test.
I am gratified with the result. Several ot
tbe lota advcrtlsedJiave been entirely closed
ont. I think your paper a rirst-jlass ad-vr-tlslng
medium. Vours very re-spectfully,
toiporter and dealer in brie-a-trac, CIS
Hth street northwest.
Parents are beginning to find
cut that w urn tiuuojtly sidling
cbllilrou's clottil-ig ut cist not
lily advertising to do so.
POSSIBLY you'll never
believe it, possibly you' 11
be wise enough to come
and see for j'ourself that
we arc "selling Child
ren's and Boys' Cloth
ing at cost.
You cm Bin-ays aee tho original In-vu'ee.
Ulsters waiting for you
don't wait too long $10 up
wards. GOOD dressers need
have no fear of our $10
Suits need not pay more,
as far as correct cut and fit
goes all the latest in desir
able goods.
wish we could convince you
once and for all that here
is the home of low prices
shirts neckwear all that
a man needs.
-see our $2.50
to be $3 or
"Tun WutiE Bcildixo."
Tomokii mid I'liooliif, Cause Trouble
ill l'lmlleo.
Haltlmore, I.'ov. 18 The second week
Of the running meeting at I'lmlicu was
U-gun under ery favorable conditions.
The weather was balmy, t'ie track im
proved, and the atlendanre large. The
contests, however, were not ejcitlng.
Favorites won tUret of sixcentslii hollow
fashion. The other three races went
to second choices.
In the last race, Tomoka nnd Phoebus ran
away on a false start, the former going
six furlongs before Midget Kecfe could
pull him up. Phoebus went a quarter of a
mile. Hereafter there will lie six races
daily. Summaries:
Firt nice .lx furlongs. Merry lluke,
1(12, Healy, :1 to 1, won, Fannie 1L, li)2,
Garrigan, 10 to 1, second; lutcgritv, 110,
Clarke, ,0 to fi, third. Time. l:l!t :!-!.
(Second raie Five furlongs- .Mucklirlggs,
111!, lleilf, 1 to 'J, won; Tremargo. 1IIU,
Curtis, 5 to 1, tin, nil; Venlla II, UT, Kecfe,
becondraie 1 ive furlongs- Mucklirlggs,
6 tn . third. Time. 1 uT. 1-4.
Third race One mile- Vim Brunt. 102,
Illll. 2 to 0, won; Hue Kittle, !i, 0'I.cnry,
'2 1-2 to 1, sin lid; .luaiilta, 102, Keefe,
211 tol, third. Time, l:CO.
Fourth race One mile Ivlna, 110,
Murphv, 3 10 r, won; Lcona well. H4.Cong-
11011, 1 1 loicbecomi. itiiic, rtj i-. wi wo
Fifth race rive furlongs Beatrice IV,
!!, Kivfe, S to 1, won, l'rinc-s Margaret,
!, O'Leary, li 10 1, ten nil; Old Age. 103,
Healy, r to 1. third. Time. 1 .01; 3-1.
hlxili race Mile nnd asixtctntli- lillpsfTH
lo I, Lemlruiu, T 10 c, wen; 1'lioebus, DO, I
.viauer.evcu. secono; toinosa. ih. v.lveefe
4 to 1, third. Time.. 1.57 1-2.
I'utrieii lor tomorrow;
First itate Ttv-o-ear-ld maldrns. sK i
iiinongs. .-Msmr, 111; .Miiiired I), I.lllle
-Mills. Msslerella, -Miss F.dllh, 108 each;
Telegram, lOii.
Second Hace One mile. ICerry Onir,
112; I.ady Ailanu. Augusla llelle, La
fayette, Km cnli; Oily Unmmou, loo.
Third Itaie .selling, live furlongs. Helen
Nichols. 11.!; Irish Heel, 111; Sirocco,
Runaway. Tout HardlDg, 107 each; Tin?
sage. 102: Trincula, 101; Tartuffe, OU;
Ponllear, .t.
Fourth Kace Selllrg. one and one-sK-teenlb.
miles. Hiaholus, Chiswk k. Charade,
lir. each: Mielly Tnltie, 112; Wilton,
107; Veiiitiall.FitlcId, 87 each.
Fifth Uace Two-yi-:ir-ild3. five fur
longs. Devola. 10.1; Vorum, 10:1; llrlsk,
lO'.i; Premier, 10H; Ilernardine, 100;
scptuor. 100; Hr. Ashe, Old Age, Meadow
land Itelle. 01 nch.
Sltlh Uace Selling, one mile. Mabel
Glenn, 111): Juanata, 60; Sue Kittle, DO;
Clarence, U0.
.Selection-, nt l'lmlleo.
First race Mildred D, Tilllc MHLs.
Second race Oily Gamin, Augusta Itelle.
Third race Helen Nichols, Irish Keel.
Fourth race Chlswlck, Charade.
Fifth race Premier, Forum.
Sixth race Mabel Glenn, Juanlt.
To-.lii3-V i:iitrie"i at Alexander Island.
First race Four and tme-lialf Turlongs;
Ind. Horse. Wt. Ind. Horse. Wt.
B80 Marlboro 10r. Ht.". Padre 1115
B:i F. lieecriy.ior. i!i2 Mmlerate ..105
fi:i l). John lor, 701 Ked -Jim inn
in 1 i!oirviiie...ior aar. c. justice.ios
020)Pseche ....IOr 'lfili)Crilerlon .105
'DUO S.2uecn....lor. 157 B. Voyage.. 1 US
Second race Four and one-half rurlotigs;
Ind. Horse. Wt. Ind. norse. WI.
C22-r,iirelU Kin V.'in Fr.ink II. ...1115
U21 ll.'s Viellni.lOr. TiOOTartar 105
n0 F. FllllT....105(,l! Toiosa 105
80 Some Morc.105 iiil7 Pope 105
Ol.'l ItedCross....l05 151:1 Kenno 105
8l Tim FI31111.105 002 Parthian ....105
Third race rivc-cizhths of a mile:
Ind. Horse. Wt. Ind. Horse. Wt.
540 Anxiety 105 H I Traleo 100
BUT T. Itrophy..l05 703 Mohawk ....100
057 Q'master ...105 B31 Dr. Faust...l00
700 llradlev 101) 087 )eneraclor..lOO
5lio Delia M 100 700 IVindgale ..100
01-1 Jewsllarp..l00 001 Brogan 100
701 liallmasloe.lOO
Fourth race One mile; selling.
Ind. Horse. Wt. Ind. Horse. Wt.
(Onomis Gracc.llO fi07 Lotion 08
OilllPrather ....10 1 lilil Kddie M 08
(i!it Warpc.-iko..l01 70:1 Hazel 115
205 Gloriauna ..101 King Itene. 80
10 llerorni 101 (OOOUulIet 80
703)VaIkrie .... lis
Fifth race One-halt mile; selling.
Ind. Horse. Wt. Ind. Horse. Wt.
001 T. Hall 100 iMiccane-cr ..100
All Nlght....l0!l 500 Ida May..... 07
Jinn Martel 10!i 008 La Petite.... 07
niiSJolinny 100 702 Kchp'e .1r..ll2
005 Columbus ..ion Oil I La Prentis..lO!i
G24TimDoulen.l07 000 Miss Lllz'th. 07
700 Nobby 101
Sixth race Six and one-lwlf furlongs;
selling. v
Ind. Horse. Wt. Ind. Horse. Wt.
702 Dart 108 700 Tailored ...100
703 Billy Boy....l08 The C0011..IOO
Dr.lIelmuililOS 02.1 liuslrus ... 08
077 Drizzle 101 '000 Minnie S... !18
Olin I. I!ubber...l01 700Electro . 00
530 1'.Klaniath.l01(i;il)Bob Miller. OS
021 MarkstonclOl 701 Dillon J. ...115
Second nice declared oft and first di
vided. Kefers to St. Asaph series.
First race Duke John, Bon Voyage, and
Second race Frank D., Frank Fuller,
nnd Keimc.
Third race Balllnsaloe, Dr. Faust, and
Fourth race Valkyrie, Juliet, and Hazel.
Fiflh race Johuny, Miss JUlzabetb, and
Eclipse Jr.
Sixth race Tancred, The Coon, and Dr.
Close Gaino nt Lexington.
Lexington, Va., Nov. 18. The Washing
ton and Lee University eleven defeated
the Roanoke College eleven of Salem, Va.,
here this afternoon by a score ot C to -1.
Both teams played a fine defensive game.
lliici-Tmck Injunction.
Chicago, Nov. 18. The appellate court
today handed down an opinion In the case
ot the ChWago Tair Grounds Association
(Harlem) In which the intcrlociitorv In
'uncllou obtained by the attorney general
In the circuit court is affirmed. This was
thesuit commenced by theClvic Fodorntion
to prevent gambling at the race track.
Bout Between Young Grifib and
Joe Gans Proved a. Fizzle.
llefereo Culled Hie Fliclit a Druw,
Mueli to tin- lMsguHtilf tlioSpoolu
tors. Other LlM'-Iy'llontu
, rno
Haltlmore, Md., Nov. 18. A clean knock
out, n tin-round Unit thnt-beeamo too
hot and which the pollen stopped, and a
ten -round "fake" with Mho results of
the entertainment given by the Kureka
Athlcliu Club nt Front Hired Theater to
tilght U-fore n crowded house.
Jack: Waril of Newark, &. J put out
Sol English of Haltlmore by a left-hand
Jab on the Juw lu the fifth round of Ihu
first event.
Joe Elliott of Italllmore, et-feather-welght
(liamplon of the oulli, and George
iTurkey Point! Smllli, 122-poiind cham
pion of Marylaml, met for a teii-roimd
Unit. Klllotl had the better of the argu
ment when the police interfered in the
fevenlh round.
The "star" event was a ten-round "gn"
between Voting Orlffo ot Australia and
Joe Gans, colored, of Itiltliuore, feather
weight champion or the Southern .States.
The men appeared lo In- nlr.ihl of hurting
cai luollur throughout the contest, ami not
n hard blow A-ait i.iraK-ii ny citiipr. Neither
man had a mark when Iteferie Mantz
en I Us 1 the in. ill ti a draw tiiulii the hoots
and Jeers of the 2,800 spectators.
Cur rnlK Win from WiiKliinmoii Alh
lelio Clnli by H to -J.
Iu a welliHayed game of basket-tiall
last night lu the gjiiiuashim of the Wash
ington Allil.'llc- Club, Hie Cirroll Institute
learn won from the W A.C.tVaiu byuseoro
of 8 to 2.-
Tlic learns lined up as follows:
A. C.
..e. g. Pull,
..r. f. Akers
c. Mullen...
..r; b. Kines., ...
..1. b. Horai ,
,b. g. Saulvrsun.
c. g.
r. f.
1. r.
r. b.
1. b.
b. g.
tio.ilsmadL for Carroll, by li.ily, l:M.ingan,
2; Hughes, -. For W A.C., by Sauderson
and Mullen, 1 each. Time, three flfteeii
tninute lnuliigs.
linjoialdu Tror.iiuin; 1'ropnted for
l'rldiij- -Nlglit at CalMiry.
The Clirtsllali Kudeavorers will duulitless
lie out In full rorce at the mlislonary mass
nieeting, lo lsj held In Calvary Haptlst
Church, Friday evening of this week. The
leading local workers say that the pro
gramme Is the best whhh has ever been
provided for any nieethn?of the union, nnd
lookforward to a mostprofltableeveiilng.
iJr. llreenc, the pastor of the church, will
welcome tho speakers and luc audience to
the lieaullfiil new edifice, and the president
of the union, Mr. Miles' M; KUoud, will
preside. u
Tho addresses will be of more than usual
interest. Mr. Sherwood Kddy, ot the
Sludcnt Volunteer Moveiiieilt for Foreign
, " . . . ,T ' ' "'
AmcrU-aii Baptist Missionary Union, am
JIr- -l01!" Willis llaer, generpl secretary ol
-Missions; mi8 Klla I). MacLaurin, of tiio
Hie Unilcd Society of CliVbtlan Kndravnr.
Hoston, will lie Hie spcaKers. ill-, Carrie
Kid well Stewart will slug a solo.
The visit or Mr. Haer ly tins city at this
tunc is of peculiar intercit, since tic cotiUt
not alone to mldress the hns-tiug, tut also
to confer with the coiunlitlee or '01 with
reference to Important mntlfrrs conccnilng
the tfliivciitlon to 1 13 heli"! here next July.
The commit Ice will mt-jt 31r. Haer nt
dinner at the Fbl.ltt Friday aficrnoon, and
previous to this time Individual mcmliers
ot the c-oiumlllcc will coiifcr.wjth him about
the special branches Immediately under
their charge. " '
-Mrs.. Margaret A. Colliiis.Mcriiinia-Fi-o-l'is
Trial a Failure-.
Margaret A. CoIlius-McCnmu-Frnst was
put upon triul yesterday morning before
Justice CoxJu Criminal Court, No. 2. The
evidence ot about 01 e dozen witnesses, was
taken, arguments of counsel were heard,
and alniut 3 ?.0 o'clock the Jury came Into
court lo make lis announcement. "
The Judge, having ascertained that there
was 110 prohatulll of an agreement liclug
reached, dismissed the Jury.
The defendant was charged wllli having
marrlisl Hubert Frost while a former hus
band, Charles B. McCaima. wns Hill liv
ing, and with full knowledge or the raet.
She went upon the sland and swore that
neither marriage was legal.
Her two nlhgesl husbands swore to tho
contrary, and Father McAtte, a Cath
olic cl.-rgjmnu, tcstitf.s! positively 10 tho
latter marriage, while Father Mackln. an
other clergyman, gave evidence which,
while not positive, was nevertheless cor
rolwralive or the first husband.
The facts were 110I clearly shown, how
ever, and tliu Jury was unable to agree.
Tho circumstances shown lo have stir
rounded tin: second marriage were such as
to leave a doubt lis to Its binding force.
It was strictly prieale, no license pro
cured, and the parties had been living
logelher prior lo lis consummation. A
child had been born prior, and the pos
session ot the offspring Is said to be the
real lxine of contention.
II If understood that upon the next trial
the evidence ot one or two young Indies
now in Baltimore, who secretly witnessed
the last marriage, will be introduced.
The union vjth McCanna is allegisl lo
have taken plate in 1885; Willi Frost iu
Miilionc-y Will Be Ileturiied to
St. EllzabelliV.
Mrs. Annie Mahoiiey, the Insane woman
who has become conspicuous of late bv
absenting herseir from home, was brought
into police station No. 1 last night by her
huslkind for the purpose of having her
returned to the Government Hospital for
the Insane.
Mahoney is the janitor tit Hie Bobbin's
building and he and his wire occupy a
suite of rooms In the top of the house.
Annie suffers from religious mania, having
served four jears In lhe Salvation Army
lieforo she was first sent lo tl.e asylum
for Insane-. About two months ago she
was discharged from the hospital, cot
as cured, but at the reiiuest of the husband,
who promised to care for her-
She will be returned 'to St. Elizabeth's
Tlic-y Quarreled Over iiTViiliincr and
With All Arretted.
Edmonia Williams, Mary Campbell, LiZ7io
Triplet!, Annie Hall, Annie .Wheeler, and
Mary Wheeler, all colored,- yore arrcsti-el
about 3:30 o'clock esleray.iflernoon, by
Officer Auldridge, and 'landed at No. 2
station, ror participating in a general
fight In rrecdman's alley northwest.
There were nine in the rumpus but only
six were captured. An old tolider, a pen
sioner, happened In the' alley, and each
negress attempted to rob him of his money.
This led to a dispute among Ihem, and a
hot fight ensned. Many people were at
tracted lo the scene by the disorder.
AksocIiiIisI wllli Dr. Simile.
Dr. J. C. Me Council, who, for the past
thirty years, lias been connected with the
Army Medical Museum, and for rifteen
years in the capacity or mlcroscoplst and
bacteriologist, has severed his connection
with that Institution and associated him
self Willi Dr. Kevin B. Shade, "o. 1232
Fourteenth street. Dr. MeConneil has
formed this new alliance for the purpose
ot practicing' Dr. Shade's chlorlduiii treat
ment, which cured hlni ot pulmonary
tuberculosis. Dr. Shade has recently estab
lished brail, li offices in Baltimore, Phila
delphia and. New York.
Midway Show's; Closed.
Atlanta, O.-i., Nov. 18. The e-ity police)
today elosesl four shows on the Midway
be.-ausc they were giviug the coochoe
s'oocbes- dance-. The shows closed were the
Troeadcro, living pictures, lhe beauty
show and the gypsy village.
Yacht Club Will Have a Full In
vestigation of His Charge.
Com ill It too Appointed lo Carry the.
Mutter 'I'll rough, and Ills l.ord-
hIiIii Will Conn.- to America.
New York, Nor 18. TlieNew Vork Tacht
Club, at 0110 of the largest and inot rep
resentative meetings cier held in Its clul
liouse, look action this evening on the
charges which Lord llanraven lias made
over his signature iu the London Field.
A committee, composed or William C.
Whlluey, J Plerpont Morgan and Cii-orge
L. Ittvcs, was iippolntcsl wllli full wcr
lo take micIi action In the name of the
club as they ih-em proper
The club housu was rilled Willi the mol
sulrst.-iiitl.il members or the club. Tho
gentlemen present acled as one mnti in
taking the first step toward Investigat
ing the ugly charge of fraud which has
b-eii made.
While it if proloble that there was no
one present who gave the least particle ot
credit to Lord Duiiravcn's accusation, yet
it was the sentiment ot the mcmliers that
the late challenger should be-slvell every
opiortuulty lo prove his 1 barges.
A lettrr from II. Maltland Kersey, the
American representati ve of Lord Iluuraacn,
was read, slating Hint Lord Dunravcn had
cabled tcHlajvaiinounclng his willingness
to come over and place himself lit the dis-jk-.i1
of any Investigation committee that
might lie appointed.
Comiiiixlore II. M. Ilrown presided .it Iho
meeting, which was held In the famous
model room ot the club. The room was
packed lo siirfocntlon Willi gentlemen ot
Health and distinction, Mr. William C.
Whitney, Mr. J. Plerpont Morgan, -Mr.
Georgo J. llpuld, Mr. C. Oliver Iselln,
ex-Commodore James M. Sniltli, ex Comp
troller Mjers, li. S. Willard and scores ot
other men of national repute, were present.
Tlie urilcle In the Field was not read and
only one s-north was made that by Lewis
Cass Lislyard, who presented the reso
lutions, which were adopted.
A Idler rrom C. Oliver Isclin, placing
his mil of the controversy In tin- hands of
Hie club was read, mid also a letter rrom
Mr. Kersey staling that Dunravcn would
come to America If desired.
A committee was then appointed in which
is vested the authority to take what action
It thinks necessary.
The committee will, iu all probability,
inform Lord Dunravcn of llielr apiiolut
meiit and ask it he desires to be present
at the luijuiry which they will make in
reference to his charges.
ohji:cti:i TO THE roi.i.s.
Alexandria, Ilowevi.-r, Will II1110 a
Now 'IVIe-iiIiono Company.
At a "called meeting of the Alexandria
city council, held last night, Tor the pur
imse of considering an ordinance pillowing
the Home Telephone Comiiany to do busi-iii-hs
in Alexandria, there was considerable
debate, caused by meml.-rs objecting to
Hie unsightly poles which would have to
be ercciesl to carry the wire-, of tl.e com
pany, and an nmeiidmrnt to the bill was
di'feattsl requiring Jhe company to use
Iron imle-s Instead of wooden.
It was rinally decided to allow the new
company to do business and to erect
wooden poles, provided that in eight
ye-arn they lie replaced by metal ones.
During the dilute It was learned that
there were on ten streets or the city
over COO telegraph, telephone, and elec
tric light poles all Sood and there were,
on King street alone, 188. It was tho
general understanding that In the near
future1 an ordinance would be prepared
compelling all such companies to use
iron pub's.
The Fayette street railroad question
did not come up for consideration, as was
thought It would by some.
Judge j. K. JI. Norton of the Alexandria
corporation court, yeslerday granted a
charter of lucorisiratioii to the Heme Tele
phone Companv or Alexandria. Va., which
proiK-scs to establish a d-ii phone exchange
In Mils city lu opposition to the Southern
Bell Telephone company, which has had a
monopoly for Iirtieii vears. The capital
smck of the company is fixed at J25.000.
The officers named In the articles of in
ceirporaiion are, F. B. Hubbell, president;
James Uussell, treasurer; W. J. Atkinson,
se-cretnry and general manager: John K.
Culver. Wm. F. McBurlcy. nnd Lewis Ash
man, directors. They are all from Balti
more city.
Fori y-'lve memliers of Potomac Lodge of
Odd Fellows, of Ibis city, went to Wash
ington last night 011 the 7 o'clock train
lopay a Iraternal visit toMctropohs Lodge.
The Alexnndrians returned home on the
midnight train well pleased with their
visit and the entertainment H.ey received.
John Heath, the Washington saiuhlcr, who
has Ihs 11 lottducifng a gambling houc 011
the Virginia shore of the Potomac opposite
Georegtown, for some jears past, nml w ho
wns Indicted with others by the grand jury
nt the- List term of the coiintv court, came
to Alexandria Jcsterdav and surrecdensl
himself to the county authorities, lie was
released on ball In the sum or ?300 fo- his
apiK-arance on Monday next.
Fairfax county officers came into this
city ye-stcrday morning and npfirtcd lliat
the stable of Mr. Alliert Kane, a farmer
near Fairfax courL house, had been entered
during Sunday night by a l.orsc thief and
two valuable horses were stolen. The
thief, the officer thought, was coming
this way. nnd two parties of (he Alex
andria officers went out in beggies look
ing for Hie thief but railed to find li;m.
The jury which will try John Heath and
the other gamblers at lhe next term of the
Alev.-indni county court, which lupins
on Monday next, has Iri-ii summoned, and
the court officials are preparing for an
CTcivilluglvbusy term. Hawkins, the negro
assailant ot little Sadie Sherer, will al5o
be tried .at this term ot the court.
State Auditor Marye's annual report
shows ihe value of real estate In Alex
andria for the year 1805 to lie (-1, 118,310.
lu 1884 It was 3,8j7,a20.
Iter. J. T. Williams, pastor of the M.
E. Church South, liegan a series or pro
tracted meetings in his church last night
The services were very well attended and
will continue throughout the week.
From the State school fund, which Is now
the l'calindv fund, Alexandria City will
receive $l,2bd ami Alexandria county
5 145.50 towards the support of theschiKils
during tho year. In addition to this the
Feahody fund gives lhe city about 53,000
and the city council adds $13,000 more,
making lhe total school fund about 20,
000. The Clyde line steamer Bcflince, with
a cargo ot sugar for this port rrom Phila
delphia. Is rcnorted aground 111 the river
Muse below Marshall Hall. She weutashore
In a heavy rog oil Sunday night and it
is expected that she will lie floated to
night. Tomorrow night Mr. Harris of Wash
ington will conduct tho service-s at the
Union Mission, on upper King 'strict. Dr.
Carpenter anil Miss Kimball of Washing
ton will conduct the services on the other
nights tills week.
It has beeu found that J. W. Eliert, the
man who Ims liecn missing from ills home
here since Monday last, had the check for
5 he obtained rrom II. Knletskl cashed
at the First National Kink in person, be
fore he left this city ou Monday.
McDonald Struck a Match nnd Canned
11 Fire.
Daniel F. McDonald, a clerk In George E.
Stroble's stove and tin store at 1727
Pennsylvania avenue, caused a small blazo
and received painful bums earls- yesterday
Adjoining the stove store In Ihe rear
Is a dyeing ami cleaning establishment
owned by It. Putsche, when considerable
gasoline is stored. McDonald was lu tho
rear of the store when he struck a match
nud the gasoline, which had leaked through
the partition from the elycing establish
ment, Ignited noil exploited.
The woodwork took fire and McDonald
received very painful burns about the
race and hands. The damage was about
S100. The building is owned by Mrs.
Reed and was insured.
Caused Ills Kmiiloyer'w Arrest.
Charles Taske, an oyster opener, 3 ester
day preferred charges of assault and lat
tery against his employer, Johh Tubin.
Taske claims that there was some dispute
about services or wages and that Tubin
handled him more roughly than was necrs- i
Drugs Medicines Toilet Arti
cles -and Solid Silverware are to be
sacrificed for only two days longer.
Some of our ctittnmers tlo not know
that we are very large dealers In solid
silverware. If jou vant n silver briih
or a comb or a silver call lile, why
pay double conic here.
Solid Silver Umbrella, Tag" 21c
Solid Silver IVnli'-Mers.. 82c
Solid Silver Nail Files BNc
Solid Sliver lintt'inhooks OSc
Solid Silver Moustache Combs in
ncase 40c
Bolld.SIIverPeukuives.3 blades ..Urtc
Syrup of Figs -2Bc
Four for $1.00.
Scott'.! LmuIs.on OXc
Douglass" Emulsion 61c
Halls Cherry Exp-itorant 38c
Viu Marina 83c
Ferrand's Wine of Coca C2c
. Aromatic Elixir Pepsin 43c
Fellows' Hyisjphosphlles 02c
Improvcsl Syrup ot the Ilypophos-
pnltcs 87c
Tar Pure Soap, per cake Qc
Hall's Catarrh Cure Q4c
Jones' Catarrh Cure 67c
Wine of Callisaya and Iron 59c
Lithia Tablets, per lxiitle 18c
Williams' Pink Plll 33c
Iiobl' Asparafeus Pills 34c
Heef. Wine and Iron 49c
English Glycerine, lb. liottle 28c
Witch Hazel, pint bottle 18c
I'aine's Celery Compound GOc
Coca Celery and lievr Compcuud..BOc
Remington ltheumallc Cure 6Tc
Clark's Uunlon Cure 13c
Mertz's Modern Pharmacy,
1 Ith and F Streets.
r 00 t6r V VTVX ifiiri 'sJVvVV
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'A Love of a Wheel" THE RAMBLER.
p VV&-'tb''VGs!Vi Vi
Rough Cheviots nine
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l.nglish rcri?es Gruy
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All tho most desirable weaves up-to-date
in stylo elef nut in appearancs
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styles and designs, C3111- I
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jgj Ten Per Cent Clothing House. Open 'til 7 P. M.
tt Saturday's 'til 1 I P. M.
Coles Sty That llllzalietli Steele Was
Last Seen Willi It.
The police are on the lookout for a col
ored woniannamcdBlizabethSteele.ehurgeir
with kidnaping, or at least with sequester
ing, the fburtecn-nionths-ohl infant, eif Mrs.
Susan Cole, also colored, or US 1-2 M
street southeast.
The child has been missing for two wee-ks
and last night the mother called at police J
ueaoquarlers and left a description of tbe
child and the woman who took it awav.
Mrs. Steele waited on Mrs. Cole when she
wns confined and two weeks ago called to
see the baby.
She said that she would like to take it
to St. Joseph's Catholic Church, where- .1
children's servico was in progress. She
promiseel to bring Iho baby back the next
day, but neither has been se-en sluce by the
parents. They do not know where the
Steele woman lives, but say that nt those
places where she said she had worked, no
one knew her. She is six feet tall, brown
jikin.nnddresscsinloudcolorg. Tlieiulsing
baby is a male and when last seen had 011
a white dress and a yellow cap.
They have no theory why the woman
would want the child.
JTIetoV Charges Heplled to by Sonor
Senor Don Joaquin BeniadoCalvo, charge
d'affaires ot Costa Rica, referring to an
"alleged clainiorone. Marc talNIeto.ngaiiist
lhe government of Costa, Itica," desires
"to state that tho unjust and gratuitous
Imputations made against President Ygle
sias are entirely unrounded."
Tho governnn-nt of Costa Itien, says
Senor Cairo, Is not now nnd has never
given cause ror International ilirriculties
growing out of claims founded upon unjust
acts or the authorities ot the country
against foreigners residing therein, and
the fact that the German, lt.ili.in, Kp.1ni.sl1,
North American, English, Trench, and
other colonics are very numerous nnd or
long standing, all of which prosper and are
satisfied with the treatment they receive
J reP'r, bearing the unquestionable imprint '
rrom ine people, and tne government. Is a
Mertz's Modern Pliarmacv.
Two Koautlful IMU-.ren aw?
to tb t toll J -who MiIIIb iti
IftTfeit numbfli uf wtrds from
Contest ! Me.', i. Pell
on t-ctilblls-sn in our F street
Itubifoam 13c
Itosca nnd Myrrh, recommended by
dentists 18c
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luilHirted Violet Water 63c
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Cooper's Hair Shamiioo 18c
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Bronchial Lozenges, per Isi-c . . ac
Violet Orris, the true odor of this
chaste flower. iackag-. 18c
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Clark's Corn Cure 7"c
U. S. The great disiurts taut re
moves tvphold fe.er genus 21c
Mertz's Plea-ant Worm I.0Z1 nge-s
13e, 2 for 2GC
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25c Combs lOc
Box Seidlltz Powders 18c
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Lb. Boxes IC-Tineil Borax 9c
Queen Anne Tooth Pnwitcr 17c
Cold Cream 17c
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bottle 43c
Compound Talcum Powder. 3 for..2Sc
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Hair Lines
Illac'c Cheviots
lllui Cheviots
l orstads.
In nrv weares shown for tbe Crsl
time tliis season.
Ijing Pant mi its .
Short Pant suits.
...SI 25
of troth, to
Scnor Niclo.
the trumped-up char?' c4
Druggist Veiirison Asks f.ir Il,!il
lutlou of Business Helatloiis.
PaulPenrson hassued his partner, Harry
T. Smith, for a absolution or partni-rslup,
for tin nccountlng between the two and
Tor Hie appointment of a receiver to take
charge or the firm's assets
I'earsou & Smith are druggists and
have been cngage-d In business together
since October 15, lSHI, at the northwest
corner of New Jersey avenue and K street
northwest. The plaintiff alleges that the
busbies, has been reasonably prosperous
and would today be in a flourishing cm
ditlon but for the defendant having over
drawn his accounts to nn amount ag
gregating about 200, which he (Smith)
declares he Is unable to pay, and for the
further fact that the firm Is in debt to
the sum of 5330. It is irniwsMble, he
say, 10 longer continue the business, a
suits Tor debt are liable to be brought
It is further alleged that the defendant
has persistently" left with the plaintifr
the Irksome responsibility of maintaining
the credit ot the firm and or meeting and
conferring wilh creditors, which he ,t
unwilling and unable longer to do. ,
It Hinbraces n Dig; Tract
tfie City
or Diilutli.
Mr. John C. Judge, representing the Stato
of Minnesota, has filed a claim in the In
terior Department in behalf of that State
to two forty-acre tracts of land crubracol
In a section near the ilty of Dulutb and
famous In that country as section 30.
The claim is made under lhe swamp and
overflowed land net, but Ihe elglitv acres
claimed Is very valnable as it is uudc'rlalil
wilh hermatltc. These lands liavcT licrn
In litigation for over ten years.
Commissioner Lampreaux of the General
Land Office Informed Mr. Judge that the
claim would be refcrr.sl In the local land
officials In Minnesota, who would hrnr
the matter.
the State's case and rexder a decision in
..flKJLs J .- s& -SCV-Jg
ACt J.-,

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