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..-; STUf-----Sr'K;J!!W'5Jew;-T. - cr'Sl$Bmiyt!!&i&r&:'
CALL at T Cannon's. 305 10th St
iivv.. for tbepure Wilson Whisky.
WANTED-First-class meat cutter
at onw. Answer T.. this office. It
WANTED-A mail who understands
shrinking ami seam pressing, on rine
pants, bv . WOLF, ilay Building, corner
7th aiul'i: streets nw.; room 17. nolu-Jt
WANTED-One flrsi-cLiss union house
imtuti-r: i-30 a. m.; nad-for work.
JOHN U. CAMPBELL, 228 l3tfl St. 8W
WANTED-Oyster sbucker; must be a
guod took. Apply at once, O'BRIEN,
107 II st. lie. 11
WA-NTED-Otfice lioy, or girl, under
Hi: errands, learu typesetting; bright
colored girl, wllh bicycle, iirefirn.il. Ad
dress, glv ins detalN, Poslotrice box 104. It
TVANTED-A nian whotlioroughiy un-(lerstaiiiiscareofhorsc..-.:
must come well
recommended ana be willing to make hiiii
selt useful; sleep on premises. tnll at
1200 Pa. ave. lr
WANTED-A first-class wbite barber;
none but steady, sober lueu need ap
ply. ti 13 Penna. are, se. 1 1
WANTED-A wlilte nun, with, but Ut
ile or no apltal, to take charge of
wood and coal surd, or to take siock- In
the tame ar a partner; good opportunity.
sure success. Address
S C Ji. tiiui
reiutrer at
-A first-class colored shoe
once. 738 13tU st- nw.
TV j "JTED-ImnKillately, at 005 1-2 K
M. nw.. several No. 1 advertisement
and kuIii nptiou canvassers for a O. Aj It.
weckiv Journal. ruI8--t
WANTED-A white girl for general
Housework; must understand cooking;
no washing or lronlug. 913 Rhude Island
nve. nol9-2t
WANTED-Working-housekeeper, be
tween .15 and 50, lor widower. 614
WANTED-l-'l"; experienced hotel
cuamt rmaids, white; references. 614
13lh st. nw. It
WANTED-Oernian girl for general
houseworK; two In family. 614 13lh
St. nw. It
WANTED-White nurse, under 30; for
child war old; also clicnibermnld and
seamstress. 614 13th st. nw. It
"WANTED Two ladies to canvass for
a launiin iiovcliy.fellsonsit'hl at pee.
Address S. T..llis otflce. It
WA'NTED-A girl to nurse and to
make lursilf generally useful; German
preferred. At192U a'a. ave. uw. It
WANTED-Orrice work of any kind;
ij I ewriiu-n and mimeograph workoone
at lowest rales. Address JNFELICh. this
orrice. iol9-lf-
WANTED-A neat, tldv, German girl
lor light housework. Call 714 11th
st. nw. nol8-3t,em .
WANTED-Canvassers ror a new and
popular corset. Apply 1412 Uih St. uw.
nol7 rL
WANTED- All kinds of help furnished
tree or tharge. in or out of thecltv. by
MRS. L. C MOOHK, 300 G St. nw. Send
postal. It
"WANTEDYoung lady, fancy dancer
tor ainjiuer perftirmance. Address F
T 11.. No 3 N St. uw !iolll-2t
WANTED-Chambermaids, coachmen.
cooks, nurses, furnished with best of
referenr-e-, by an cniplujuunt bureaa at
818 10th st. uw. It
WANTED-TulmakT located In -Washington,
agents make big pronto sell
lug his biok-,, General agent, K.. this of
fice. iolli-2t
"WANTED Experienced salespeople
for Saturday eM'iiincH, from r 10 11
o'clock; reten nces required. S. J. FISHEL,
1020 l'a. ave. nw. It
WANTEB-A place as second baker In
lion 1 or i.aker; no objiction to low
wagi-s Ar'dres.s BAKER. Ibis office. It
WANTED-Energetic Joung married
nun c-r Birtct Iiabits seeks situation in
nil capacil; is iery handy and of good
addrtxs. rererenees fi rat-class NECKS
blTY, Times office It
WANTED Work or uuy kind by j ouug
man. AiHlress C. 8., this orflce.
tiolli :'t
"WANTED Hv a Germin as baker in
hotel or -it v Address II. I'., this office.
nol9 11
WASTED-Touns man wishes Job as
v.,11 Miun or nnlhtng; lest of refer
enccs .JOHN" PECK. 907 11th St. It
"WANTED Voung man wishes ira-pi-ixiieit
during pirt or the da", an
tlilnp. Vddriss STUDENT, this office,
WANTED Frcel Free! Fn-e! Me
ciiauics 01 an klrd furnlslied by us;
also we n.ire ,1 few men suitable Tor
dniitu a team or something similar;
best iptnb, furniKlu-d. WOKKINOMEN'M
Tel. 260. 600 13111 su nw. M.D. bllENK.
clerk. tf
WANTED-Uy two respodnble and
nileihgeiit eoloretl girls. sltuallonK. title
ns laui'ilres or dav's work, the oilier as
chamlKrm.i!d; work part of tl.e d.iy and
go home, or get.eral housework in small
family Call or addriss 902 N st. nw. It
WANTED A plan-b a Ourg girl 14
wars old. 10 tend to a child and make
lurselr Lsiful around ihc toLsc. Inculrc
1122Slli st 11 w. -lt
WANTED-A oung lady of lefme
ment ano gcod family would assist
with an kind of work or go as companion
for a goo.! home: cn give be-t of city refs
MlhH IUTII HARRISON, Anacostla, 1) a
WANTED-A place for a ouug Gtr
111.111 uiri. itiht arrived, to do gtnernl
houMuvork Adtlres IC. T., this office,
nolo 2t
WANTED Place as cook or general
iiojveuorK 1524 B st. se. It
WANTED By colored girl, a place
.tswaitre-, uurneor todogeneralbirtie-
work in small family. Call at 1910 18th
st uw. It
WANTED-ky a middle aged lidy, as
tiouwki-eper or to wait on invalid hidy
or gentleman: best or references. MRS.
JACK, gei'i-r.tl delivery, city. It
WANTED-liy oung girl, a pcs!
tiou as laundry mangle hand or foldfntr
and presfeeilingin printlugofflce- I'UAN
CES HAUL, 41 Decatur St. ne., bet O
mil 1 aud N.Op. and 1st. lt.tn)
WASTED-Pcwitlon by good Ocrninn
conreclit'ner and cake baker; experi
enced. Can 168 lluntoon court s w. nul8-:it
y ANTED Envelopes to address at
7bc iier 1,000. Audress CIRCULARS,
thi ofrice. nol7-3t
WANTED I want to buy a second
hand puh cart; call bitween 12 and 1
nt basement of s. e. corner of 6th and La.
ave. 11 w. W. AV. G I LES . 1 1
TV ANTED- Would llkeonelienvy tKirse
lokitp ror his board. Address HOUSE,
thW orfice. It
WAHTEB-TW) small children will be
taken lor board, care ami instruction
br ;t former teacher; is well known and
refers lo patrons. Address HOME CARE,
this office. It
WANTED-Modi rate loan; rcai estate
swirui; quick. BOSTON, this oHice.
iolt-2t "
WAHTe3-To teach bool&ecplng: 51
COLLEGE, 8th aud K. It
WAKTED-A grocery wagon in rlrst
cl.iss ciiiKiitioti: platrorm runnlug gear
pnn-rnsl; i!I pay hair cash, balance in
thirl das; oust be clieap. Address by
letter, with price and description, 45S O
si. sw. It
WANTED-J.000 fine varpets and
lugs, to renovate by our new process;
colors n-storcd equal to new. Address
STONE BROS.. 1720 7th st. nw. lt.cm
WANTEO-li'ls to be Eeir-uppurtlng;
married Indies to lessen dressmaking
Wis by lea ruing to tut by Merchant-Tailor
Bouare: particulars at school. 718 12th
rt se!4-tf
WantedTpv Rubber Roof Paint.
Aei! chares only Tor paiatlnz. irork;asraats
Ml.ltbl.ilElt RlXig PA1M' CO, nVil sta nif
LOST Ee glasses. In case, marked
-1'ox;" suitable reward given It re-turni-d
in good condition to 1813 M st. n w.
LOST- White embroidered flannel shawl,
ituii.-us 21. u., irom tne ii
& O. sta-
tiou to the Metropolitan cars;
tum to 1222 I St. no.
picase re-lt-em
LOST Friday night, fob chain with
Intaglio lH-ndant suspended from ring;
suitable reward if returned to 318 E st. ne.
FOR SALE-Horse; Und. gentle; top
wagon, good as new, and harness; bar
gain, if sold immediately, toll at 615 11th
st. ne. It
BO Oi.NT down; beautify Hie home;
It's easy. See personals. lt
FOE SALE Light manufacturing
business eiouig good cash business;
cheap. If sold at once. Address J. T. W.,
this office; lt
FOR SALE-One bay mare, dajlon
wagon and harness, all In good condi
tion. tiply to G3B u st. nw. It
FOR SALE A goodridlng and driving
horse-, b ears old; cheap, 9 to 10 n.ni.,
1:30 lo 2.30 p. in. ltev. A. M. P.1CH, 220
Indiana ave. in. nolU-2t
FOR SALE-Fauey. rosewood piano;
good ua new; price $75. ClMst.sw. It
FOR SALE 2 young mantlffs; 6 mos.
oil: male. 510, female, $5. Address
FRANK DOYLE. Anacostla. no!8-2t
FOE SALE Two No. lnoultr) stands
In ninrkeis, cetnplete oiitllt for tlie busi
ness. Address POULTRY, Uiis olflce.
FOR SALE A good chance Butter
sranci in it gg's market; by ADAMS ft
BRAWNER, 807 B nw. no!7-3t
FOR SALE-An assortment or wire
liuvvcr stunusor all sizes and demands,
cheap: hyacinth, tulip, ai.d crocus bulbs:
pugs, fox terriers, collies, etc. SCHMID'S
li!Hl EMPORIUM. 1221 Pa. ave. nw.
FOR SALE Toliacco, cigar and lunch
room, north S300; will sell In three
dajs for 5100. If anybody wants a bar
gain, calll350 Water st. sw. nol6-4t
FOR SALE-Pony; children can drive
it. Call at 727 3d st. lie. no!4-7tem
51 down and $-1 week for any
organ In stock. Greatly reduced
prices. Organs from $25 up. Best
standard makes.
F. G. SMITH. 1225 Ta. ave. nw.
FOR SALE A -iijuiI steam launch;
ljcre-.ciiuif engine and boiler; can be
seen at Killer's boat bouse. oc8-tf em
FOR SALE-li inaku of liicubaiora.
brooders and fr-sb green none; call
and Bee the incubators In working order,
r-cbmld's bird and Pet Animal titures, 71a
12that.nw.anil 1221Pa.ave.
SO CENTS down; beautify the home;
It's easy, bee personals. It
TO THE PUBLIC-My wire, Mrs. A.
It. Gamer, nas U'H my bed and Imard
and I warn all iktsoiis not to trust bir, as
I will not pav any bill she may contract.
FASHIONABLE dressmaker, lato
or Phliadelplila and New lork desires
first-class work; terms reasonable. JIK8.
HAItlUNGTON, 42fe II si.nw. nol0-7t
MIDGT Hammersly, dressmaker, ro
moed to 1118 lltli st.nw. It-em
raT.Tl hnlr m.i 1 1 resse.s remade for S2:
for two 51.75 each; with new tick,
best (piallty, 54-15 each; work first-class
or no pay. A. CARTER, 1125 20th St.
nw. nol8-.1t
HATS trimmed or retrirumed, Parisian
st le, 50 cents. 623 E St. nw. Upstairs.
LACE CTJRTVINS laundered; 35e.
up. Tentli atreet Laundry. "21 10th
st. n w. nol8-2t
EVA.M. 2Jj 13th st- sw. nol6-7t
JTIST RECEIVE!! Fine lot young On
liau parrots, guarantoed to talk: also
mntikejs. caunties. mocking blrdt. gold
fish. dogs, and fat.r pigeons SCIIIIID'8.
712 12th tt uw.. branch 1221 Pa. ava
nirlO tf
GTJNS. Itilled. KcolverH, loading tools,
hunters' outfits, watches. Jewelry,
guitars. io:ins. baujos. mandolins, nt about
oiii-half rigular dealers' prices at PAWN
feHOP. No. 1U09 E ft. nw. ocl-Rmo
Tf. T4T. FnLTON'S wnn orflce. 1218
Pn ave nw. Established In 1370.
Stocoy loaned on -watches, llnmondg. Jew
elry, silverware, etc. Special bargains ia
watches. Jewelry, and Kllverware, uu20 tira
MONEY to loan on bonrts. stocks, trusts
loau association certirientes, and old
line liro liurance policies; no delay
-0 lo 4611elziTQttIllitg
SfOITBT TO LOAN in large sums,
or us low. as l.Uui, at D and 6 per
rent on D C. real estate: also $2r.O. 5300.
S750. etc.. nt C pr cent WM II SAUN
1IER8 A CO.. 1407 F su nw tf
MONET TO LOAN All classes of
real estate loans m.ul) with promptness
ncr Hull p.nil CI streets nw mS tf
WANTED-T loan or 58.000 on first
uastf nuiuo property: no agents. 708
I Dth st. fll2 tf
MONEY to loan at 6 and o per cent,
on DlHtrlct of Columbia realty: no delay
if securllv !s sattsractory. ts
WALTER U ACKEK. 70 414 Ul ow
In Effect Xociii1ht1", 1805.
ITE1). Pullman bleeping. Dining, Smok
lug. and Observation Cars, Harrisburg
to Chicago, Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Su
Louis, Cleveland, and Toledo, buffet
Parlor Csr lo Harrisburg.
X0.30 A- EL FAST LLVE Pullman
Isuflet, Parlor Car. to Harrisburg. Par
lor aud Dining Cars, Harrisburg to
EXPRESS-I'ulhiian Burrct Parlor Car
to Harrisburg. Sleeping and Wiling Cars
Harrisburg to SL Louis, Cincinnati, Louis
ville, aud Chicago
Pulhiutu Sleeiiing Car lo Chicago, and
Harrisburg lo Cle eland. Dining Car to
FliLS. Puilmau Sleeping and Dining
Cars lo bt. Louis, aud Sleeping Car
HarrMiurg to Cincinnati
Pulhnan Sleeping Car to Pittsburg.
7.50 A DI. tor Kauc. Cananrtugua,
Rocni'iter, and Niagara Falls daily, ex
cept Sunday.
1O.30 A. AX. for Elmlra and Renova,
dally, except hunday. For Wllliamsport
daily, 3 -10 p. 111.
7.XO P. AT. for WUilamsporf, Rochester,
liufr.ilo, and Niagara Falls dally, ex
cept Saturday, with Sleeping Car Wash
ington to Suspension Bridge, via. Buf
falo. 10,40 P AI. for Erie, Canandalgun,
Rochester, Buiralo, and Niagara Falls
daily. Sleeping Car Washington to EI
For l'hlludclphhi. Now York, nnd tho
ITED," dally, all Parlor Cars, with Din
ing Car rrom Baltimore. Itegularat 7.05
(lining Carl, 7.20. 9.00, 10.00 (Dining
Car), and 11.00 (Dining Car from Wil
mington) a. m.. 12.15. :t.lr, 4.20. 6.40,
10.00, and 11.35 p. m. On Sundav. 7.05
mining cari, .i:ii. u.uu, ti.uu (Dining
Car rrom Wilmington) a.m.. 12.1C, 3.15,
A ft n in 1ft nn oh.i t i k n n. n-
Philadelphia only, Past Express 7.50 a.
m. week-days. Express. 12.15 week-tLi -is.
2.01 and 5.40 p. m. daily. For Boston
without change, 7.50 a. m. week-days,
and 3.15 p. 111. dally. .
ForBaltimore, 6.25. 7.05, 7.20. 7.50, 9.00,
10.00, 10.30. 11.00, nnd 11.50 a. in.,
12.15, 12. 15. 2.01, 3.15. 3.40 (4.00 Lim
ited), 4.20. 4.30. 5.40, 6.05. 0.40, 7.10,
10.00, 10.10. .U.lfi. and 11.35 11. m.
On Sunday, 7.05. 7.20, 9 00, 9.05, 10.30,
11.00 n.m., 12.15.,3.40
(4 00 Limited), 4.20. 5.40. 0.05, 6.40,
7.10, 10.00, 10.0-ar.d 11.35 p. m.
For Poiie's Creek Line. 7.20 a. m.and 4.36
p. m. daily, except Sundav.
Tor Annapolis. 7.20. 9.00 a. m., 12.15 nnd
4.20 p. m. dally, except Sunday. Sun
days, 9.00 n. in. and -10 11. m.
Atlantic Coast Line. Express lor Illch
nond, Jacksomille. and Tampa, 4.30
n.ra., 3.10 p. m. dally. Richmond and
Atlanta. 8.10 p. m. daily. KIchmond
only, 10.57 a. m. week-days.
Accommodation ror Quaiilico, 7.45 a.m.
dally, and 4.25 p. m. week-days-Tor
Alexandria. 4.30. C.35, 7.45, 8.40,
9.45. 10.57. 11.50 a. in., 12.50, 1.40,
3.20. 4.25. 5.00, 5.37, 0.15, 8.02. 10.10,
and 11.39 p.m. On Sunday nt 4.30. 7.45.
9.45 a. m., 2.45, 6.10, 8.02, and 10.10
p. m.
Leave Alexandria for Washington. 6.05,
6.13,, 10.28 a.m.,
1.00, 2.15.3X0., 5.30. 6.13,
7.00, 7.20. 9.10, 10.52 and 11.08 p. ml
On Sunday at 6.43. 9.10. 10.28 n. m..
2.15, 5.30, 7.00, 7.20, 9.10, and 10.52
p. m.
Ticket orficcs, corner Fifteenth and O
streets and at the station, fclxth and B
streets, where orders can be left for the
checking of baggage to destination from
hotels and residences.
Gen. Manager. Gen. Passenger Agent.
FOR RENT Three lovely rooms on
third floor; two large and one small.
In nice new home, at 730 3d st.nw.; rooms
Just papered; SIS, In advance. It
P rront room on
aiwui. auiuiuir lor two gems;
gas and bath. 810 0th st. n w.
FOR RENT Nice warm parlor; cabi
net mantel and elegant folding lied;
new house, beautifully papered: suitable
for lady or single gentleman; only $11, in
advance. 736 3dst. nw. Doard, If de
slred. at S15. it
FOR RENT 2 fur. rooms on id floor.
ututuuius, u nun luum lurmsiieu,
If suited, for light housekeeping; prlvato
famll); no children; all modem improve
ments, property belongs to occupants. 2000
L st. nw., near Ave, tars. nol9-.lt
FOR RENT 209 O St. nw., I'd and
3d floors front; fur.; large bay windows;
furnace beat; all modem Implements;
near Capitol; rates reasonable. It
FOR RENT 2 fur. rooms, 2d floor,
single or en suite; heat and light; a. m.
I.; new house;, newly fur.; 58and 515. 626
I st. nw. nol0-2t
FOR RENT Furnished-Can accom
modate 2 persons with room and board:
$40 per month; private family; near Uupont
circle. 1804 Itlggs Place uw. It
FOR RENT 3 rooms, :
1102 7th st. ne.
:d floor; unfur.
FOR RENT Two unfurnished front
rooms, one large and one small, in
third story; beat, gas and bath; &8 per
month, in advance. 1418 0th st. nw. It
FOR RENT Two furnished rooms;
piensaui; cheap; gas, bath; housekeep
ing allowed. 1413 bth st. nw. It
FOR RENT Four beautlrul roons on
lirst floor, furnished for housekeeping;
one square troruDuponiCircle; rent $22. 0.
Callaf(cr2,16131uth8t.nw. . nol9-3t
FORRENT Twoor3unluriilshedfrnnt
rooms, for light housekeeping; also
small turnlshed room fur gentleman. 604
12 tli st. nw. nol9-3t
FOR RENT Fur. parlors; also other
rooms; board. 1014 11th St. nw.
FOR RENT 3 unfur. rooms; 1st floor;
120 A st. ne., near Capitol; private
family; light housekeeping; convenient 10
cars and herdics. nol8-3t
FOR RENT Parlor and back parlor
a iaj
bed-room $7:
modern house,
board $1S.
72 11 st. nw.
FORRENT Hoonmncntandclean.S 12
nuir$u. 623Kst.nw. nolS-Gt
FOR RENT 309 C St. nw., 2 or 3 un
furnished rooms; light housekeeping.
. nol7-3t
FOR RENT 2 rooms on 2d n lor; $7:
also a bedroom on U10 1st floor. 147
California st. ne, no 1 7-3t
FOR RENT 1014 10th st. nw., 3 front
fur, rooms; very reasonable. nol7-7t
FOR RENT Large, unfur. front room,
Ji-fIoor; uo other roomers. 1U12 loth
st- nw. novl7-7t
FOR RENT 616 II 6t. nw., neatly
rur. rooms, with gool board, at 520
per month; table board, 515 per month.
FOR RENT I- urnislied or unfurnished
room, reasonable. 353 Penna. ave.nw.
FOR, RENT 238 North Capitol St.,
Darlor flitur. tinnlcnmtv flit.1- e,.(ia
.ble for ujuemlHT of Congress; also a rint
of 3 or 4 unfurnished rooms; a. m. 1.
Has established
Want and Liner
cent a word as
"Walter J. Boyce, First
H. C. Easterdav, cor. G and N. JTave.
Frank Smith, 4th and G nw.
A. B. McCloskcj, 1312 Seventh nw.
R. W. Dufiy, Ninth and N nw.
F. M. Criswell, Seventh and T nw.
Edmonds & Williams, Third and Pa. nw.
W. G. Roe, Seventh and L nw.
Alt Vernon Pharmacy-, Ninth and N.
Y. ave. nw.
G. A. Bcntley, 14th and Corcoran nw.
Offul & Bluincr, Fourteenth and U nw.
J. Louis Krick, 17th St. and Pa. Ave.
Geo. B. Lockhart, 1344 32d St , Georget'n.
FOR RENT rurnUlml rront parlor
room, rirst floor; heat, gns, hot
and cold water; central location: reason-
able. 613 OUi st. nw. It
FOR RENT Front room, nicely fur
nished; Southern oxjmsure; heat and
gas; F st. cars pass door; suitable for 2
gentlemen; $1.25 per week. 221 D st. nw.
FOR RENT 1 nice rooms; good loca
tion. 460 Rldgest.nw. nola-2t-em
FOR RENT Hoard and Rooms Two
nicely furnished front rooms; corner
house; near cars nnd heidics; gent lemen pre
ferred; terms reasonable; rem. 2000 r st.
nw. nol-7t-em
FORRENT 625Enw.. 2communicat-
lng roams; South front; heat, gas and
bath; unfurnished or partly furnished. It-em
-Thne nicely fur. rooms.
with or without board: heat, gas and
bath; convenient to 3 lines street tars. 430
N. Y. ave.nw. nol0-7t
FOR RENT 2d floor fur. room to
lady, with board; a. m. 1.; object, com
pany; also largo hall room; terms reason
able. No. 615 F st. ne. novl4-7t
FOR RENT Suitable for light house
tien!!iiT or offices: choice of seeral
suites of rooms, rent tery reasonable lo
good tenants. l76Pa.avc.nw. nol7-5t
FOR RENT 26 1 ne., 3 2d-Hoor, large,
newl papered; S13. no!6-3t
FOR RENT A second story front.
cutnroitnbu rurnisneu
Apply at 912 8th st- nw.
cuinfottnbu furnished; heat and light.
FOR RENT Three unfurnished rooms
third floor, with heat, gas and bath;
very central. Apply 610 E st. nw. no!3 tf
FOR RENT 1221 N. Y. nve. nicely
fur. rooniH, southern exposure, with or
without board. ' no!2-7tem
ron sale nousEs.
FOR SA.I.E I have a nice 8-room
house, No. 1030 I st. ne.; bay window,
press brick rront; m. I.: cars pass the door,
that I can tell for 53,000; small cash pay
ment; balance. S2S.00 per month, includ
ing Interest. 8. CARK, 1355 ild. ave. ne.
FOR S.A.IjE A liandsonie residence on
N. 11. ue., near II St., 22 feet frcnt:
8 rooms, and modern Improvements; will
sell for $7,900 IfsoIdprcMous toDccimber
nw., Rial Estate, Insurance and Loan Brok
ers no 17-19-21-23
FOR SAJLE Nice new 6-room brick.
" desirably located on good street: heated
by furnace; a. m. I.: lot 16 3-4x100 to
paved alley; price $2,800 $2,000 nrst
trust, 5 Tear 5 per cent; bal. $250 cash
and noles ot $15 pec month; this is a
good and rare bargain. Call and see BA
KERi LAMPTON, 1301 T st. nw.no!7-3t
FOR SA-XjE Elegant new corner
house; large parking, good street; press
brick, stone trimmings; 6 rooms; a. in. 1.;
price, rew days. $3,200; a great bargain;
terms easy- CallonBAKERa LAMPTON,
1301 F st. nw. nol7-3t
FOR SALE-AI a sacrafice, 4-roora
bnck, nw.. No. 2117 Chester court,
alley between 13th. 14th, V and Wsts.:
rare "chance for smalL investment. Mall
offer to OWNER. 3135th st. sin nul7-4t
FOR SALE-I have houses in tbenortb-
east or uoruiwest flora $2,r.00 to $4,-
000 that I can cell as bargains or trade.
S.CARR, 1365Mary!andavv..jie.- no-13-7t
BO CENTS down;- new credit system;
late curiums, portieres, rugs, table
linen, blankets, quilts, table und piuuo
covers, china dlnneri'snd toilet sets, silver
plated were, bancucr lamps, onyx tables,
clocks, window shouts, albums, etc. Send
postal. Will bring samples. NORTHEABT
CREDITIIOUSE. L310 H st. ne. Open
till 0 p. ru. Mi It
FREDERIC .TRUE, chiropodist:
special ulteatioiitclven to cluU nails,
corns, bunions, caieuses, and all nerve
diseases, uours, jih u. at tr st. sw.
IF you snug tenonf!- SCO a minute you
woald be "hotUltUT;." It -will compen
sate ou to see thajv-splcndld suits and
overcoats, "almost Ijew." wo are selling
for a song. JUSTH'BjQLDBTAND, 619 D
st. nw. i nol8-7t
come- home;
all has been nr-
"WE will htip 0u to help yourselves; ns
we are silling splendid custom-made
stills and ovircoats; slightly worn: at fig
ures thntarcthetalkol thetown. JUSTUS
uuiBTAMi.omu st.nw.
metuanlcs can he
secured at 600 1.1th st.nw. Paner-
- . - -,r- -rn,, --
000 i.iui at. nw.
hangers, painters, brlilge aud structural
iron workers, carpenters, lathers, plaster
ers, andlaborliigiiieuofanvklRd. WORK
LABOR, 000 13th St. nw. Telephone. 260.
M. 1). SHENK. Cltrk. coo-tf
IWCaiE. BIIOOS2 tells nil the events
or life; alt budlneta confidential; ladles
and gentlemen, CO rents each; hours 9 a.
in. to 9 p. in. 603 New Vork ave. nw.,
near 6th st. no5-14t
DR. TAYLOR. 906 F st.nw.. rnakw
ful' sets of tectn for $5; satisfaction
guaranteed; teeth extracted without pain;
gold filling. $1: amalgam. 60c. eel-tf
PROF. CLAY is tlu-niuest established
auiertiaiug clalnoyutit and me
dium, consult him on business, mar
riage, love, lost or stolen prop
erty; tells who are your enemies: how to
noid them and overcome all truuhles;
brings separated together and causes
fpenly marriage with one ynu love: by
proper advice removes ell Influences
and sptlls: sittings 60 cents: no charges
for sitting unless sntufieil. hours, 10 to 9;
open Suuday. 48011st , bet. 4 1-2 and 6th
sts. sw. oc2-l-lf.nn
LADIES needing conridenttal Ireat
menu A sare and sure relief In ail
female trouble, constipation. Irregulari
ties, tumor, cancer, opium t.ahit. ffMiibi.
etc Heparale looms for patients t-for
and during cxinfiuement. and find homes
for Infants If required filrklly tiinflden
tlaL MRS. 1R. RENNEIt. 16 Fourth sL
lie . nea r E Capitol t . Wnsnltu-liiu. It. O.
nw.. carpet lining, relbi. flrr nrlck ana
clay. asbestos, patuts. brush- llme.cemenr,
1 woand inree-uly rnoflng materlnLapr21-tf
BATH-iwI mab--i.igei)y MRS M.LEWIS,
just returned- 702 Ninth St. nw.
. uo 15-7t
2U.A1E. ESTELLE t-iu all evelils of
lire; glcs u-lvlce tu domestic troubles:
strictly confidential: and heals all kinds
of sores, the latter for ladies only: hours.
H a. in. to 10 p. m. Iil.'l lum it. nw.
EVANS. 222 13th st. sw. no!6-7t
PROFESSIONAL massage. Parlies
MUlierltw mm Lliibinc rheumatism and
nen-o-js ail'ui-ius speedily cured by Mme.
Coirord. 1210 F sL nw. Hours. 10 a. hi.
to 0 p. 111.; Suudays, 2 to 6 p. in.
the following Branch
Ads will be received
at the head office:
and N. Y,
M. McNulty, 1336 Fourteenth nw.
H. Hag-e, 2153 Pa. ave. nw.
Daniel D. Mulcahy, N. Cap. and I sts.
J. E. Woodford, Fifth and H ne.
A. P. Geier, 13th and H ne.
J. W. Johnson, 49 H ne. '
W. F. Mack.Tv, 821 H ne.
Hoyle & Co., Fourth and East Capitol.
F. P, Weller, Eighth and I se.
Thomas A. Dobyns, Second and Pa. ave.
Joseph Linden, 406 Eighth se.
Joseph Petig-nat, 609 Seventh sw.
W. W. Hall, jr., 722 4J4 st. sw.
W. D. Brace, 30th and M sts., Georg-et'n.
J. W. Jennings, 1142 Conn. Ave. N. W.
FOR RENT Pretty hnmeilount Pieas
ant; i rooms, bath ard pantry, hoi-and
cold water: large lot; S25.50. Call at
-920 lolu sU, luiidoiirs Miuih Keuies.iw
ave. it
FOR RENT 1431 N. J. ave. nw., "i
rouiiih ai,d bath; b.iv window, press
brick rront; nice cimilitlo't: ::!! modern
improvements; .ml) 521. ir l,ikm at once.
A TLMr.lt A KSrllT. 1321 St. eol7-7t
1331 1 St. 1522 Pierce pi. nw., 8
rootus nnd b., $25. 1621 4th st.nw., 7
rooms and b.. S22..-.0. 1315 4 1-2 st.
sw.. (1 rooms nnd I1.11I1. MO-'!). no!7-6t
4'JJ' - A aw., !) r, 111. 1.. nw...
SOU 4 1 2 sL, 10 r 1., sw....
03t II a' , 0 r., a. in. I., sw....
1213 C st , 9 r., I., sw..
931 1-i F at,. 0 r., w g., sw....
1001 Va ae, 0 r., l aw
HENRY WEX, 501 7lh
...$25 40
... 25 40
... 20T.0
... 1900
.. 16 00
... 15 00
St. sw.
FOR RENT Very pretty place atKcn
singion. lid.; close to steam and elec
tric cars; one acre of ground, lnctard;
asparagus, grapes and oilier fruit: stable
and chicken yard; house iupcred through
out. OEO. F. DAVIS, KeiiMngton, Mel.
iron eekt-
0O4 11 et . o r.. w., g.. sw $15 00
fJ-2 : . Cap. su, 0 r., a. 111. 1 12 60
.!li Mil. ave., 9 r., imp., sw 20 00
945 Liberty St., w. & s., sw 10 50
010 sc, r., 1.. nw 22 50
Five houses In Armory Place at SB.
HENRY WEX. 601 7th St.
FOR RENT Beautiful now buff brick
house; cellar and three stones; fur
pace heat, mantle, gas log, electric lights,
bells, tubes, window shades, etc. No.
1.11b wallach place northwest, betRcen
T and U. 13th and 11th northwest. T. B.
PYLE. 902 F st. nw. nol3-7t
FOR lllllC.
FOR HIRE-Kfi' private carriage and
hure; driver furnished; terms reason-
able. Address Box 395; City P. O. nol9-3t
ron iii:NT-srjiTnujA-.
IBJJENT- Suljurbaiv.it Brookland,
D. C. 2 LloCkX fiviTi! rnis. T-rmirn fr.imi
cellar, baih and attic; Iatrobe, range; hot
and cold waur. Inquire I. S.HOLLIDUE,
care Saks & Co. B0I6-I wk
von hhnt-sta blks
FOR RENT Possession December 13,
a fine stable, 2DsS0 feet, two apart
ments: every convenience: five stalls, wltli
plenty or room for more: adjacent to SCO
ilevenlh st. 5c, where apply;, can rent
connected eight-room dwelling on iront
street If desired. nolS-7t
BOAUD in Baltimore; refs.
10 N. Calhoun st.
WAHTED-A 3 or 0 romnniodernnar:
convenient 11. I4iit t. car line. Ad
dress JJODERN PLAT. Una orrice. elG-tf
taught br J,
n, vocal Music and theory
I st. nw.; terms moderate.
lar a iiionitmntl! January. Twonlghts
a week, from 8 to 0. EAT ON. BURNETT
A BURLING Business College, 12th and
F sts. nw. Ladles' Class from 3 to 4 p.m.
WIMODATJGBSI8 Classes, 1328
I st. nw., beginuiug November Short
hand, dictation
of Business Blgti Bcbuol, book-
keeping, era.
L. BUITII. Slipt.
Bigut Hinging clashes mote chain su-m).
Studio 11 18 New l'orkavenue.
Two lessons weekly. $20 per season.
Mount Vernon Seminary
Twenty lirst ear opens 'HjESDAY, Oc
tober first. Large and ottracuve build
ings, thoroughly equipped with every re
quisite, of a reiiueu bomu aud a proiuts
sle school.
Applications for admission of pupils ts
the day school may be cadeufter September
tllueiilh. bttw eeu the bourn of uu and on
o'clock each morning.
se27-3nio Principal
WANTED-WI) young eopIe to Jout
sboTthand dictation classes, which are
now being rornud at Wood's Commercial
College, all and 401 East Cupitol St.. at
the low rato of $1.U0 per mouth. Send
for catalogue containing pictures of 84
graduates. oclO-lmo
ucuug, elocution, danclug. 1324 12th
et- ocl6-
FOB RENT To responsible caterer, a
dining-room; also two flats aboe; a
good opportunity; Congress meets in a lew
das; Mill lake a partner. 107 Pa. ave. nw.
GROCERY, nieat and provision store;
old stanu; will sell cheap; cor. 10th and
I stg. se.; low rent. nol9-2te
FOR SALE Lease, fixtures and stoik
or Joining of tho "Famous" to be
sold M-parate or in bulk. Apply at store.
80a .Market Space. no!8-2t
HORSES clipped by electric power for
42 A. G.
FOR SALE-On -very uy terms,
rrom 1 to o miles from Washington;
20 acrei adjoining Arlington Heights, on
Mt. Vernon Electric railroad: al'ui several
tracts containing from 1 acre to 100 acres;
lmprocd anil unimproved; also 34 acres
to I sold at nuctlon near Arlington on
Ilecemter 4. The attention of KocrumcuC
employes, mechanics, investors, specula
tors, and business men gcmrally. M called
to my, large list of suburban aul rariu
property. Call Tor rn map of country,
23 miles around the HiMricf, and largo
ItM. of property for nale- fre to all callers;
also building lots for $1 per week. Now
is the time to buy; propertr shown frco
of charge. JAMES E. CLEMENTS,
noO-lm 1321 F st. nw.
Agencies, where
the same rate one
WANTED-A young married couple.
wlmout ciilldren. woultl like to secure
- rooms for Ilghtliousekecplug; bet. Sd
K this oMlce aDa J' S,S" U ' Aatlresi
WANTEB-l'oung lady wants fur
nishcii room :i.ortUwest;dpermo.: with
privileges. Address M. C. thU office
WANTED-Tira or three unfurLbOiwI
rooms, northwest preferred- state
prlce. Address W. H. . this office, it
TV ANTED Three or four unfur.rooms:
heat ami gas; for light hon-.c!.eeping:
S?v-rn-'i,,nt ."' c"r ,,a.":. b'r 'onnc man arid
wire, give terms and location; reft rencea.
Address B. A.Jhis office. lt.eni
WANTED-Kooms for first-class (Sept-
o., irwpe liix-xiiug fccrvices prererred.
" fct- "" not 7-3t
WANTED-U. S. postage stamps
department, official, revenue and col
lections or United States and foreign
?iiU.1,,wll,.,ray.ln n"y Quantity and
will pay Uie highest or your own price
'".aJ' Sc'.rce sta,uI"- c- F-ROTHFUCils;
J59 1-2 Penna. ave. noll-tf
"TT-Yli? ET K- Will buy
the highest, cash iir"r. i.tn.i.T.i.i vi
F. DUNKUORST, 1005 7th st. . nw.
Hiiro Art Exhibit.
Waf-hii'gtonlans hac very seldom hail
a" opportunity to Inspect sucb a fine nnS?
ot beautiful aud rare art ob'ects 1 a r is
o Kio,?,,e-!hr-"tl-0a ,","e art RaV of
u. bloau & Co.'s auitlon rooms. No. 1407
.ftieeM10,n,vcit- ThefamoJs DeManou-
...w. ,....,u ui ttruujic art, coniiirlsn
hundreda r of specimens of royal Worcester
crown derby, Mayence, old Marseilles
imperial sevres, Dresden, and Royal Vienna
porcelains, tugether with a magnificent
elect!ou of Ivory minlatJrcs and wiinire
iiiarqueterie and Buhl furnllu?e. Aniong
the most noted is a pair of Royal Vienna
vases with exquisite panel painting, repre
senting ilasslcal subjects, which are en
hanced by gold araucrqae vorkand scrolls.
-Va exquisite Boule timcplci-e of unique
design, a royal sevrcs vase bv Budlneourt,
rare ivory miniatures, by Morcan.
Boudiu, Launay. Reaee and others. A
pairof old Lowestortvasea with flucinmeo
work and flowers. This iii.ip.nlfl,.nf ,l
lection will be on exhibition all dav nnd
until 9 o'tl.ick this evening, when the first
view by eleitrlc light can be had. The
am tiou sale commences tomorrn w, Wednes
day, November 20, at 11 a. m. and 3 p. in.
and will continue at the same hours on
Thursday. Friday aud Saturday of this
week. The sale is uudcr the direction of
-Messrs. a. uros-suaum & cons, or London,
Paris and New York.
Arretted for I'rofunlry.
John W. Kinsey, a second-hand dealer,
at Twenty-first and K streets northwest.
Is booked nt station No. 3 for profanity
and Indecent exposure. The complain
ants are Sophie and Mary Lewis, colored.
Washington, Nov. 18.
Times Publishing Co.:
Gents: I take great pleasure In inform
ing you of the results of my ad In Sunday's
Times, as I merely gave your paper a test.
I am gratified with the result. Several of
the lots advertised have been entirely closed
out. I think your paper a lirsl-clnss ad
vertising medium. Yours very respectfully,
Importer and dealer In brle-a-brac, 618
14th street northwest.
Democrats Sosm to Favor New
York as the lionvou:ion Uity.
Third Term Tulk Doom Xut Worry
Lender Vllu Look Kindly Upon
tlio .Scheme. ,
There now seems to be a strong proba
bility that the managers of the Uuuocratic
party will return to their first lute and hold
tueir next national contention in New
York city.
The Impression Is gaining that such a
gatneriiig uould servo as a great .object
Iewwii m harmony and brotheny affection
and would materially enhance the lurty's
cnuiicej uf carrymg the State In the next
'lucre will be no auctioning olf to the
hlgutst bidder of the Democratic conten
tion. The city securing the bcmocrutlo
national conentlon will not bo compelled
to ruise a luud to pay off any old otiiiga
tioiu of the Ilcuiocrutlo national commit
tee. All of the bills of tic lost Presidential
campaign contracted by tne tiemocruts were
puiu iritiiiu luinr nays after tho election.
It has never been the practice or the mana
gers ot Democratic campaign, su it is said,
to carry old ilibj oer lor tuar )ears and
ask the succeeding management to onsumc
tuviu at tno begiiuiing ot a new campaign.
They bao euueaured so far as possible
to pay as they go.
Tina boa not beui the rule on the Repub
lican side. If one Is to credit current reiiorU
uiKin this subject. Apparently, It has
niud- no diltereuce to the Republicans
whether they were nuccesslul or not hi the
matter of leawng ouUitundlng obligations.
At the dose of every campaign where a.
President has been elected fora good many
cars, the Repuuiicaiiiiatlonalcominitteehas
adjourned, it Is sluted, uudcr a cloud of
debt. It has grown to be. tho custom on the
national convention assume the outstand
ing obligations of the natidhal conimiitce-
Just what tneilebts ot tho Republican na
tional committee amount to at the present
moment no one setnn to know; possibly
Chairman Carter could not tell blmscu.
definitely, but whatever Uie amount Is the
City which secures the lionorof entertaining
the Republican national convention next
year will be compelled to pay It.
New York has made no effort to get lie
Republican convention up to date New
Yorktrs. as a rule, object to paying fordead
horses. No city In the country, probably,
would be more llbt-ral In its subscriptions for
entertaining the delegates than New York,
but the citizens draw tile Hue on assuming
theotitstaudlngblllsofthccampalgn of 18:92.
As there Is nothing of this kind standing
in the way of the Democratic national con
vention going to New York city, there is
etery reason to believe that the convention
will lie held there. Chairman Harrity. ot
the Democratic national committee.and sev
eral other very prominent members of the
committee, are outspoken in the admcacy
of New York as the place for holding the
next convention. In the West there has ex
isted n certain amount of prejudice a gainst
that city.
It was xufnclent to prevent New York se
curing the World's Fair, but there has Iieen
some change within the past few months
In this regard, and It Is believed that to
day th e majority of the na t iona 1 committee
will vote to send the national convention
Coupled with the suddenly-xpressed de
sire of the leaders to hull the lemiratic
convention In New York, comes the report
that the Tnmmanvltes have dechrol their
preferenci'for Jlr.Cleveland ns the nominee.
This talk Is not confined to tb Democratic
leaders of New York by any means, but Is
quite generally heard among Democrats uf
the anti-Cleveland stripe throughout the
country, and especially here In Washington.
There seems to be a well-deflneil belief that
the scheme Is on foot to force the President
upon the Democratic ticket for a fourth
time, notwithstanding the possibility of his
The movement In behalf of a fourth nomi
nation Is not based npon any particular
desire to honor the President by his ene
mies, but. on the contrary. Is due to the
determination ninong many of them to
convince the country that It was the Presi
dent's policy that wan up for the Jndg
ment of the voters on November 5.
There Is not a Democrat In Washington
who believes that there Is the ghnt of a
possibility of electing Cleveland for a
third term, and for this very reason lho
who bave been most bitterly opposed to
elm In the past seemed to be determined
to place him in nomination once more. In
order that his defeat may bo Just as em
phatic as It can be made.
4 .
Supremo ConrtV Tribute to th" T.nto
.Iti'stle-e' .Tnekson.
At the adjourned meeting of the Ear of
the Supreme Court of tho United States,
held jesterday. Secretary Olney pre
sided, nnd .Mr. James II. AIcKcnney. chief
clerk of the conrr. acted as secretary.
AsUtaut Attorney General Dickinson,
chairman of the committee on resolutions,
appointed at the meeting on October 14
reported resolutions expressing the high es
teem or the Bar or the Supreme Court Tor
the late Associate Justice Howell Edmonds
Jackson, or Tennessee, and their symtiathy
Willi bis bereaved family. The re-olutioas
were accompanied by a long biographical
preamble, which concludes:
"His iXTformnnce of the labors of his of
fice, even when the hand or death resleel
lienvilv upon him, will alwavs remain a
pathetic and Inspiring picture "in the mem
ory of those who saw his heroic efforts."
Speaklns in support of the resolutions.
Secretary Olney proceeded to give an ex
haustive analysts of Justice Jackson's
legal qualifications and of his career on
the bench.
Remarks were also made by Assistant
Attorney General Dickinson, a native of
the same State which gave birth to the
deceased Jurist, who testified from an inti
mate acquaintance to the esteem In which
Justice Jackson wa held bv tin- iumt
-ot Tennessif, nnd extolled tho American
ccnisment, which was so peculiarly mani
fested by him throughout bis career; bv
Hon. W. A. Maury, ex-Asslstaut Allorrej
Gencral. whospokeof him asn great Judge,
"who, like a poet. Is a product of nature;"
and by Mr. Harold G. Underwood, ot Wis
consin. The resolutions were then adopted, and
will be presented to tho Supreme Court of
the United States by Attorney General
Harmon next Monday.
L,ow Hates to Baltimore on Account
of tlie I'liiillco RiicoM.
Tho Pennsylvania Railroad will sell, on
account ot the Plmllco races, November 19,
23 and 28, for any regular train, up to nnd
Unhiding 12:15 noun, and returning, good
on any regular train on date of Issue, ex
cursion tickets to Baltimore at rale of
$1.25, including admission coupon. In
addition, excursion tickets will be sold
daily, except Sunday, during the period of
the races, Washington to Baltimoro and re
turn, good for six days, at rate of $2, In
eluding admission coupon.
and more a year can be
"niade tiy any energetic boy
without interfering- -with
school studies. The Times'
circulation department is
ready to furnish, particulars
"how to do it," any week
day between S and 6 p.m.
I'nliiK in the Hack, 1'nhw hi tbeilug.
.'If(, I'ltilM In tho JollltH,
FuliiM In tlio Head.
Whut Cutisex Them kimI TVhat Care
Palu is a sign or disease. ,
Yoj want to get rid of It.
There are two ways.
Either to cure iLe uisiase, or relieve ths
llie first way Is the better. The caring
I M-,tie3 nle dittas
1 in- 1 mi. iviiv
and the naln. The re-
i lk.-ltll r.nlv 1...1.... .1 .. ..,.. -,. , -
. ...... ,.,j iicijmj uiv 1 tuu. 11 wia lomo
; back again. The disease stays right
tttitiu it m unu tais away your heaiin.
Ycj may not Hel it while the pain Is gone,
but It is tlitre Just the same.
Puiu In the backis kiuney trouble.
Ittau Le cured with Dr. Hobb's Bparaeui
Kidney Pills.
It tan be cured to stay away, and, -with,
proper care, never to come back.
Kidney trouble gives a great deal ot
trouble to doctors.
It is hard to cure. Tfiire ore so many
complications. They are generally so oung
eroi8. Only Dr. Hobb's Sparagus Kidney Tills "
make such a large percentage of cures.
The Asparagus, Irom which Uiey are
made, has such a tea ling, kooiblng, cura
tive action on the kidneys, it is sucb 'a
gentle and healthful ionic that It cures
nearly every case of kidney trouble In whlca
it is used.
Rheumatism is pain in the muscles.
Lo tons, tie, can only relieve the pain.
They can't cure the rheumatism.
Rheumatism Is a complication of kid
ney trouble. It is a prison in the Uood.
Tlie kidneys should have taken It out, but
they didn't.
Hobb's Sparagiw Kidney PUIs will cure
rheumatism. They do It be helping ths
kidneys in their work of purifying the
blood. They do It so thoroughly that It
Is ery seldom the rheumatism ever comes
Uick. 0
Pain In the Joints Is gout. It is caused
by a poison like rheumatism. It can be
cured on the same plan, by curing ths
kidneys, by taking Dr. Hobb's Sparagus
Kidney I'llla.
Palu in the head. This Is a symptom ot
brain trouble, but It Is caused by tha
The brain. In working, nscs np Its sub
stance. The blood Bupplles new sub
stance. But when the blood Is impure
(on account of Ick kldneysj it gives no
nourishment. The brain wears out. As.
It wears. It pains. This 13 its clanger
Headaches, dizziness, neuralgia, etc.;
can be cured with Dr. Hobb's Sparagus
Kidney Pills. They do it by curing tha
kidneys, by renewing the purity of the
People who have suffered from pains
and aibo for years should try Dr. Hobb's
Sparagus Kidney Pills.
Pure blood will end their aches, and
give them a new feeling of life and com
fort. For the blood is the life. "
Bat It must be pure blood.
Dr. Hobb's Sparagus Kidney Pills are
for sale at all druggists for 50 cents per
box. of will l- s. t lo any address, post
paid, on receipt olfprice.
Please write for valuable medical pam
phlet, sent free by Hobb's Medicine Co.,
Chicago or Ban Francisco.
While tho CornetNt Played Ho Passed
Around the llat.
A very clever trick by which some un
known sharper put himself In possession ot
several dollars, was reported to the police
At frequent Intervals an old man with a
cornet appears on the principal streets ot
the city and plays, attracting large crowds.
Saturday night be took his stand opposite
Market space, and very soon an immense
concourse of people lined both sides ot tea
The old man is always alone, and It is
his custom lo play three or four selec
tions and then pasa around his hat. Sat
urday night, after h had rendered hJj
third selection, a man stepped out from be
hind him and went over on the other side
ot Hie stre-et, where the crowd was large
Then, while the strains of "Way Down
Upon de Suwane-e Rlber" were floating over
the assemblage, he made bis way deftly in
and out among the crowd, hat in hand, and
every one supposed he was connected with
tlie cornetist.
Donations came thick and fast, and by ths
time the player finished his rendition ot
the old negro melody and announced his
intention of taking up a collection, thers
wasn't much left in the crowd. When h
passed his own hat around many supposed
he was trying to double up, and the dona
tions he rectiv ed were f ewand small.
He was finally made to understand that
bis collection had been taken by some one
else, and he sadly departed.
Court or appeals. Chief Justice Alvey and
.Tnstli-ps Morris and Shepherd La Flare vs.
Cha: argument by e-ounsel Raymond for
niiiselle-. Mrsuday for appellant. Carty vs.
Kellogg: argument by oiunsc' Barton for
appellant, AV. D. and E. C. Davidson for
apiiellcc. Williams et al. vs. Paull et al.;
appeal to Supreme Court of the United
Slates, prayed by Mr. Maikcy; allowed;
hone!. S40O. Wele-h vs. Scott: continued.
Court adjourned until Wednesday.
Eq-ntv court. No. I, Chief Justice Birg
haiu Braouon vs. Brannun: rule on i-om-plalrnnt
returnable November 25, 1895,
granted. Bally vs. Bronsthover: leave to
file amended and supplemental bill, granted.
In re lunacy ot Arthur Cooper Pltkrel;
decrceot October 29 sustwnded as tocertaiu
lots. Rives vs. Rives; time to take testi
mony limited to twenty-f ivedays. Brown vs.
Pnwn; di-missal of suit ordered. Klrkpat
rii fc vx. Klrkpatrkk; calendaring for No
vember term ordered. Ramsey vs. Fldelltv
BilMiugnnd Loaa Association; withdrawal
or bund and deed ot trust allowed. Little
f ie'd vs. Mauogue; pro confesso vacated and
dTe-idanls allowed to answer. Pearson vs.
Smith; rule returnable November 20.
granted. Christian vs. Sinter; restraining
order returnable November 23, granted.
Probate Court, Justice Hngticr Estate ot
Hciiry Newby; will filed. Estate or Sarah
Jane Johnston: will filed. Estate of Mary
A. Bratt; will filed; Oseeola C. Green, pcti
tiou of executors for leave to seB 3 barton,
biggy trap and buggy harness. Caleb J.
Gibson: will dated November 11. 1S95,
riled, naming James P. Gibson and William
E. Jordan as executors.
Criminal court. No. 1. Justicn rnto
Douglas vs. Alexander; Judctncnt on verdict.
Humphrey vs. Evans; vcrdiit for the plain
tiff for possession ot tho premises and
damages, $150. Wright vs. Lynch &.
Terrell: motion for a new trial filed, nines
vs.Wnruer; Jury sworn und respited. Canss
No. 275, certified to circuit court No. 2 for
Criminal court. No. 2, Justice Cox
United States vs. Osi-ar Warnect; fals
pretenses; sentence, fourteen months in
penitentiary. Bamo vs. same; nolle proa.
United States vs. Walter R. Stewart; petit
lari-euy: sentenced to Jail fur six months.
United States vs. William Fltzbiigh: adul
tery; sentenced to penitentiary for ona
year and a day. United States vs. Margaret
A. McCanna, bigamy. United States vs
William II. Rblue;bigamy: sen tern eel to iieni
tcutlary for eighteen months. United States
vs. James Brown-defendant arraigned, and
plea, "not guilty.''
Itenl Estnto Transfers.
Deeds of transfer were filed ycstcrela
for record as follows:
James F. Scraggs nnd W. D. noover,
trustees, to William I'. Staley. lot 42. II.
and S. sulxllvlsion, square 1013, $10.
Francis II. Smith ct ux. to Martha Sewall,
lot 72. sulidlvbsion of square 3G6, $2,500.
John B. Lord et ax. to Theodore Holm,
strip of land In Brookland, comer of Mil
waukee nnd Fifteenth streets, $25. Fran
cis II. Smith et ux. to Charles V. Mallet,
lots 70 and 71. subdivision of square 366,
$10. Daniel Chones to Ella N. Choues,
lot E, of St. Vincent Orphans' Asylum,
square 211. S10. Augustus Burgdorf
nnd Allen S. Johnston, trustees, to William
11. U. Allen, lot 1 0, B. and J. subdivision ot
square 832. $5. Carl Aucrbach to F.
J. Linger, part of lot 57, Conlon's sub
division, square 621, $10. Mary J.
O'Connor et ux. to John C. Acton, lot
38, Walilson'a subdtvslon of square 640.
$10. E. J. B. O'Neill- to Mary J.
O'Connor, lot SH, WaHron'B sulMllvIslnn
of square G40. $10. George P. Pyles ec
ax. to John W. Hussey. southeast part of
lot 22, section 1, In Barry Farm subdlvslou.
-J-.a.JtAa-swatT3?"tf ; -zz
--s--isnSiSiifcSSs-" ,!--v.aat5fetegtsatit?es" m3&&s.i&-- -a-gjSjy.-'-c-.J '

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