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095 7QQ was the TIMES' clrcu
lOj,UD laiion for last week.
The STAR'S circulation JQQ JQ
for last week was . . . lOL, W
Fulr , ,
CoOllT ,
Winds shifting to westerly.
VOi. 2. 2STO. 617.
According to Conservatives He
Has Preserved Peace.
Gas and Electric Values Hcve
Been Effected.
I I . u -"
Breiued from the
' finest malt and Jwps,
and pronounced by
analysis to bo
" Strictly
iftjOth, Band FSts.H.E., City:
Telephone, 1293.
Spanish Troops Surrounded
Large Forces of Kebels.
Cubans Add Two Victories to Their
List Insurgents Threaten to
llurii Vast Sugar Estates.
Sautlago de Cuba, Nov. 14, via Key
West, Nov. 23. News received here to
day from Manzanlllo says that Gen. Gon
zales Munoz Is surrounded by the forces of
the rebel leader. Raw, In Venezuela, be
tween Vcgulta and Bajumo.
The senmers VHIaverlc and Jose Garcia
left here this afternoon for Manzanlllo
with two regiments to aid Gen. Mnnoz, who,
according to public rumor, has been ter
ribly defeated by Rabi.
Col. Sandoval had a bloody engagement
on the Oth in San Joorge, jurisdiction of
Hongolosongo, -with the rebel leader,
Ccbreco. Sandoval had 1,200 soldiers
against 300 Insurgents. Tho troops had,
14 killed and 40 wounded. The rebel9
lost 0 killed and 13 wounded.
On the 11th instant the rebels attacked
the town of Jlguauy, In tills district and
burned It. Tiie garrison, numbering 2C0
men, defended tliemeltes heroically until
the smoke and the flames compelled them
to surrender. About fifty soldiers es
caped to llayamo.
On the 12th instant sixteen of the newly
arrived volunteers from the Argentine
Republic, went to Join the Insurgents.
Largest Hall In Terre Haute Packed
to tile Doors.
Terre Haute, Ind., Nov. 23. The weather
tonight could hardly have been worse for
the home reception of Eugene V. Debs
from his completed sentence at Woodstock
There was a large parade of labor men
tonight. Mr. Debs spoke at tbe armory,
the largest hall In the city, and It was
He was plainly moved by the heartiness1
of the welcome he received, and It was
evident that, he was popular as ever with
the lalior unions. IIU speech was In lino
with his Chicago address of last night.
Taken From the. Itulns.
Chicago, Nov. 23. The body of Thomas
3. Prendergast, the fourth and last of the
firemen killed In Ihe Woolen Exchange fire
of ye.terday, was taken from the ruins
of the building tonight. He was crushed
Id a terrible manner.
Bodies "Washed Ashore.
London, Nov. 3. A dispatch to Lloyds
from Cnruona, Spain, says that nine bodies
tave been washed ashore at Cape Flnia
tcrrr, and it Is feared that a large vessel
as been wreoked.
Dr. Mary Gordon, Spiritual Mother.
Now at B29 13th st. nw., cur. F, tells you
til thlcr.8 and prescribes a proper remedy
tor your troubles. Always at home.
Chew Mint Julep Gum.
Story of a Diver Who Found Fi lends
Standing Upright ut the Bottom of
the Golden Horn Discussion of tho
l'nrtltlon of Turki-y In Which
America Muy Got Something.
London, Nov. 2J. TI.e temporary lull In
the Turkish crisis gives the conservative
press occasion to publish nulla in eulogies
on lard Salisbury as the saviour of the
Jieace of Europe.
He alone, it is claimed, has preserved the
continuity of concerted action by the
pnwers-r he is the greatest living llgure In
diplomacy, and he extorts the admiration
of foreign statesmen, etc.
There is no doubt that the Frinio Minis
ter's reputation has been'enhaiiced by the
tact with which he has manipulated the
diplomatic tangle in the east, but the Con
servative Jubilations are premature and
likely to be turned Into ridicule by coming
developments in Constautlnoplc. -
The latent and best advices received on
the cuntliicia concur with those rcceltcd
In London, that the Turkish revolutionary
party is making headway against the
Sultan, whose promised reforms are held
in derision..
Hatches of suspects are daily deiorlcd
from Constantinople and secretly executed
or Imprisoned in some of tho Sultan's
oubliettes In Asia Minor. His own order
that all the princes must reside within the
Ylldiz Kiusk under his direct supervision
Is sufficient to Indicate how volcaEic the
position continues.
The Westminster Gazette publishes a
letter from Constantinople regarding the
secret executions, and tho writer tells a
grim story. Divers who are employed in
driving piles for a new pier outside the
Golden Horn, on reaching bottom, were
surprised to find a nuiulier of bodies stand
lug upright around the place that had
been designated for the driving of the
One of Ihe divers identified them as the
bodies of students, some of whom had
been known to him personally
All had heavy leads tied to their feet,
causing them to stand erect, the corpses
thus being given a weirdl life-like ap
pearance. They numbered between forty
aud fifty.
Apart from the conservative bljff it Is
generally recognized that the potters must
prepare to deal early with a radical solu
tion of the Turkish problm. In discussing
the partition of Turkey the English press
of Ixitli parties does not shrink from claim
ing a fat 6hare of the spoils for Great
The St James Gazette holds that Egjpt
and Arabia, with hat part of Persia
Joining the Fritlsti-li.rtian system through
Ecluchistau ought to be British. The as
sent of the Shah of Persia to the schenio
does not matter Bouthern Persia, the
paper says, is ripe to fall at the first
The Spectator speaks on similar lines.
The Westminster Gazette, advocating more
mode3t British rights, suggestR that the
United States may have a finger In the pic.
It recalls Richard Cobden's fancy, pub
lished In n pamphlet In 1683, and entitled
"England, Ireland and America," in which
he pictured the Pashaliks transformed into
free states controlled by Americans and
transformed into n center of beneficlcnt
religion and prosperous civilization.
Cobden's letters show that an American
ized Turkey haunted his mind. While
admitting, that this is an Illusion, the
Westminster Gazette Kiys that it Is not
a hopelessly erratic one. Robert College,
It adds, is not the least powerful of tbe
agencies iu Asia Minor. If the American
people intervened, it asks, what might not
The government proposes to ask for an
Increase ot2,000,000 unbecoming budget
on the vote for ship building. This will
false tbe navy estimate to 22,000,000,
nearly half of which will bedevoted to ship
The desertion of the richest Liberals
from the party is causing a depletion of
the party purse. The executive of the
National Liberal Federation designs to
levy an assessment of a shilling a head
upon the member" of the party, and It is
calculated that this will produce 100,000
yearly, but Jt can be said that unless the
executive Is reformed the rank and file
will not subscribe.
The settlement on the Paris bourse,
which liegins on Monday, Is awaited with
anxiety at the stock exchange here. Dur
ing the week the break In the markets
here was chiefly due to large Paris selling.
A great French operator who was re
cently worth millions got embarrassed -and
threw hh stocks on the market, think
ing he could liquidate his account without
help. After disposing of large lots the
market became alarmed and the operator
could lind no buyers.
The Rothschilds then took over his
Kaffir ncd foreign securities, thus avert-
ng a failure and having the markets gen
erally. Despite the readiness of strung
Paris firms to assist weaker houses some
failures arc expected.
It Is likely that the trouble In the ship
building yards on the Clyde and at Belfast
will result In the sending of some prospec
tive contracts partly to the United States
and iurtly to Germany.
The report current early in the week
that Capu McCIure will come to England
as the agent of the Chinese government
and with authority to enter Into contracts
for the construction of ironclads, gunboats
and torpedo boats is repeated.
The orders, it is said, will extend ovor
years, and it Is understood that they are
the largest ever given by any power at
one time.
As Jepan Is certain to spend Vn ship
building a large portion of the 14,000,000
indemnity now lying In the Bank of Eng
land, the English firms expect a full tide
of prosperity, barring strikes.
The latest feature of the labor dispute
is a proposed coalition of the Tyne ship
builders with those of the Clyde and Bel
fast. The dispute docs not promise an
early settlement. "
The betrothal of Trlnccss Maud or Wales
to Prince Karl, second son of the crown
prince of DcfT"iark. has given rise to
stories concerning her qualities
She is the prettiest member of the fam-
lly'of the Prince of Wales and is small of
stature. Prince Karl Is tho tallest of a
tall race.
SmlrmUh in Crete.
A thensNov. 23. Adlspatch received here
from Crete reports that a skirmish took
place at Kambos on November 20, between
tiie escort accompanying the commission
charged with the Institution of reforms
aud a body of imperial troops. Six soldiers
were tilled and ten wounded.
Thrown From HI Home and Killed.
Central City, W. Va., Nov. -23. Marlon
Sullivan, a well-known farmer living nea'f
Burlington, p.. Just across tbe river, was
thrown from bis horse last night and
Instantly killed.
Treasury Offers to Pay
Freight Both Ways.
It Is a Temporary Expedient nnd Will
Not B n Fcrmnnent Institution.
Especial Provision Al-o Made Ho
Kardlnir Lightweight Coins How
the 1'lrtii Wns Devised.
The administration yesterday decided
upon a plan to replenish the gold reserve,
vthlch It Is confidently expected will have
the effect of deferring for some time ut
least Ihe Issue of bonds for the purpose of
strengthening the gold reserve.
The following Urcular was sent to sub
treasury officers:
Sir: Departmental instructions of July
9 and August 23. 1S95, i-fjuiriug jou to
reject and place n distinguishing mark on
all gold coins presented to your office for
deposit, which are found to be below the
least current weight, are hereby so modi
fied as to instruct jou, vthen requested,
to uncut all suth coins at valuation in
porportinu to their actual weight, such
valuation to lie determined by deducting
from the nominal value 4 cents for each
grain. Troy, found below the standard
weight on each piece.
All lightweight pieces thus received by
you are to be held la the cash of your office
separate from full weight coins, and each bag
of such coiusto be plainly marked with the
amount of the face and actual values of
contents. If the depositor should prefer
to have the pieces that are found to be
below the least current weight returned to
him. you will, before returning them
stamp each piece with the distinguishing
mark referred to in department letter.
Acting Secretary.
United Stales Treasurer Morgan fol
lowed this circular with Instructions to
the sub-treasury officers to receive from
batiks and others United States gold coin
in exchange for paper currency Deposits
are required to be made In sums or multi
plies of $500, and the express charges on
the gold coin and the paper currency re
turned therefor will be borncby the Treasury
Except in special cases the Treasury has
never before paid express charges both
trajs on gold deposited In exchange for
paper ard on the paper The banks have
for years endeavored to induce the Treasury
to do this, and the fact that It has at last
done so is evidence that Secretary Carlisle
has determined, as the President has here
tofore announced would be done, to ex
haust all the means In his power to main
tain the gold reserve.
It is uot, understood that this "new de
parture will be permanent. It is looked
upon as a temporary expedient to obtain
gold. The expense to banks and others
has always been large In securing new
currency In cases of redemption and in
paying express charges on the returned
currency when gold was deposited for It.
Under this new temporary arrangement
the Treasury pays the charges heretofore
borne by the bankers.
The rate paid by the government under
Its contract with the express companies,
however, is less than the rates charged
Individual shippers. The government rate
in all territory east of the Pacific slope
is GO cents a thousand dullars for gold and
20 cents a thousand dollars for paper.
It will bo the aim of the Treasury to
keep sub-treasufies supplied with all de
nominations of currency, so that depositors
may receive what they desire promptly.
They will not have to wait until the
certlftialc of the gold deposit is trans
ferred to Washington.
Treasury officials explain that confining
shipments to $3011 or multiples thereof. Is
to keep within the terms of the contract
with the express companies.
This restriction does not apply to local
deposits of gold In a sub-treasury city
where any sum may be deposited and
currency received for tbe same.
Ohio Confrressnirn Wns Merely Suf
fering Fro a. Indigestion.
Middletown, O., Nov. 23. Dr. Reed, who
is attending Congressman Paul J. Sorg,
when seen this morning by a Post re
porter, stated that the Congressman was
suffering from a slight, attack or in
digestion. Mr". Sorg telephoned his phy
sician that he was sitting up, and he has
given it out that he will be on the street,
What Evcrylwdy Says About Brandy.
That the Wines and Brandy of the Specr.
N. J. Wiuo Co., Passaic, N. J., are leading
all others iu public favor. Their Wines are
unexcelled for delicacy of flavor, and are
pronounced by tbe most capable judges to
be tbe very best in the market. For pure
grape Brandy their Old Climax, vintage
of 1876, is admittedly the best to be had'
aud more reliable, than French" Brandies.
Druggists sell It
Chew Mint Julep Gum.
Dispute About a Board Bill Ends in
a Probable Murder.
Ttvo Men, Ono bfJWhoni Saved tile
Other's Life on tho Battlefield,
Become Bitter Enemies.
Charleston, W. Va., Nov. 23. At 3 o'e lock
this afternoon John K. Dletz walked Into
the law office of C. W. Hall and said to E.
Bancroft, who was sitting there: "Do I
owe you auythlng?'
Baiurofl rose to his feet and replied that
be thought not. Without another word
Dietz fired five shots at him, four of them
taking effect, and It is believed he will
die from bis injuries.
Bancroft has been here about two months
as general agent of the California Sherbet
Company, of Los Angeles, and engaged
Dletz as local agent. Bancroft nnd his
wire have been boarding with Diet, and
a dispute arose, each claiming that the
other was Iu his debt.
Tbcy were soldiers together In tbe
Second Virginia Regiment, und tbe story is
Dietz saved Bancrofty-lifc wtcn be had
been eourt-martlaledina sentenced tri be
6hot. This was thirty ;carsngu, and the
two men never met fllmr that time nclll
about two months ago when they received
each other with open arms.
Dietz denies this story ami ckilms that
Bancroft's true name Is Castle. It is also
said that he is best kno.wnas"lleU" Morgan,
who came from Zanesvllle, O., traveled
with tho llarnum circus as a lion tamer,
and has since led a varied career.
After tbe shooting Dletz surrendered
himself to the officers, saying he had
killed a man ami his carcass was In Cy
IlaU'a office. Bancroft was taken to the
hospital, where he tviUIn all probability die.
Masked Men Compel II I in to Open the
Office Safe.
Troy, Ala., Nov. 23'. At midnight last
night as B. F. Parrott. express ami rail
road agent at Searight. was leaving his
office he was seized by masked men. Tbey
carried him into the swamp and cut his
clothes off him, after which they took
him to the depot ,nnd compelled him to
unlock the safe. frpnTvvhlch they took ono
package of money amounting to 5500.
They got other mor-ci and express or
ders, but how much ds not known. The
railroad authorities were notified and
Train Master Johnson went to the scene,
with a pack of dogs, but from some cause
the dogs could not strike the trail. No
clew as yet to the perpretrators.
Maryland Alumni' of University of
Vlrjrlnlrt Will Contribute.
Baltimore, Md., Nov. 23. A meeting of
tbe alumni of the University of Virginia
was held at the Hotel Rennert tonight for
tho purpose of collecting funds to aid in
the restoration of the university build
ings recently destroyed by rire.
An organization was crrected, with Col.
Charles Marshall as chairman and Rev.
Edward H. Ingle, secretary.
A committee- was appointed to visit
former students and friends of the univer
sity, now residents of Maryland, to solicit
Letter to President Cleveland on tho
Armenian Troubles.
Worcester, Mass., Nov. 23. Dr. Smith,
president of the American Board of Foreign
Missions, and Hagor Bogglgian. a promi
nent Armenian, have been In consultation
with Senator Hoar today in regard to the
Armenian troubles.
As a resultot the conference ScnatorHoar
has written n dispatch to President Cleve
land. The dispatch will be forwarded to
night and given to tbe press Monday.
Wall Falls in of a School "Where Mc
Klnley Wns a Student.
Toungstown, Ohio, Nov. 23 The south
wall of the Poland Seminary, at Poland,
Ohio, fell today, injuring Axle Reed,
Margaret Reed, Maggie Simons ancTLlzzie
There were thirty-eight pupils and five
teachers in the building at the time of the
accident. Those injured will probably
The building is one of the oldest in the
State, where, at one time, Governor Mc
Klnley was a student.
'Returned to Israel Church.
Tho Virginia annual conference of the
C. M. E. Church has Just closed its session.
The Rev. H. Seb Doyle, M. A., Ph. D., who
so acceptably filled the unexpired term of
tho late pastor, Rev-. Br. Wallace, has been
returned to the Israel Metropolitan Church
for the ensuing conference year. He begins
the no w year's work. wit S good courage, and
will preach at.lt o'clock Sunday morning.
While absent he attended tho exposition at
Atlanta, and sneak's in glowing terms of
tho exhibit,, aud thinks the negro depart
ment quite creditable. He delivered an
address at the congress Of the C. M. E.
Church, from theX'subjcct. "Civilization's
Jtejected Corlicr-stonej"' which won np-
iituuuiia iruui iiicl ciicire couirress anu
called forth specialfincntiou from the
press of AtlautaVyJf" J
Diplomacy Doing Its Best to Ad
just the Turkish Situation.
Russia Opposed to Armed Interven
tion, But Austria sWould Consent.
England's Proposals fur Immediate
Action Ili'Jected Aimrchy nt Work ,
in Turkey Finance- in Frnnce.
(Special to The Tunc.
(Copyrighted by James Gordon Bennett.)
Paris. Nov. 23. The past wetk may
be said to have been one of wailing. No
event has Ik-cii visible Iu the affairs of
Eastern Europe, which, ho"wcver, is by
no means the runic thing as sjying that
nothing has happened.
Never has there been n more frequent
Interchange of nolcs among the chancel
leries. The proces;or transforming tho
sltuatlou-liy..dl:lomatie; means is stilli
lsili.- on - v - " ' - " ' " f
-:- '- ' -5 , - -y
All Europe Is united as regards the neces
sity of Insisting upon tho adoption or re
forms by Turkey, but Russia is opposed
to armed intervention, uu matter what
happens, while Austria would consent to
armed lutervenl'on IT It proved necessary.
England was anxious for immediate in
tervention, but the English proposal was
rejected by the triple alliauce and by Francv
and Russia. Diplomats believe In the de
sirability of coming to an understanding
without delay, becauso there Is always
the possibility of fresh massacres taking
Fremh consular reports ay that Gr,000
Armenians have been massacred daring the
last- six mouths, bat that the number of
Turks massacred by Armenians Is at least
50,000. Turkey's present condition is
bordering upon decomposition through the
forces of anarchy that are at work within
her borders.
The internal situation iu Trance is im
proved. The ministry, which has been
greatly strengthencdf.by Arton's arrest,
has successfully tackled the hostile ma
jority In the ihamber, and has compelled
them to vote for it In spite of their con
victious. The Imposition of a progressive
aud successive duty Is very possible. The
ministry, finding itself still In existence,
has resolved tucontinuc its work or puri
fication, and further arrests are siwken of.
In well informed circles it is affirmed
that" the government is in possession of
evidences bbowing that Cornelius Herz has
not been at Bournemouth for the last eleven
mouths. It is Impossible to verify this
news, but the government will certainly
take steps to discover tbe truth.
The financial situation Is still viry bad.
Notwithstanding the Intervention of high
banking influences, the decline in prices
continues. The unauthorized part or the
exchauge, which in Paris Is culled the
"Coulisse," is seriously threatered, and
it is said that thirty or rorty railures wiir
take place at the end of the month For
a long time to come the Paris Bourse will
remain in an unstable condition.
A fine art drama entitled "Capitaine
Florcal," by Morcau, Sardou's collaborator
In "Madame Sans Gene," has been produced
at the Theater Comlque. The action of
the piece takes place In Italy in 1T9G, and
deals with the conspiracy of patriotic
Italians against Bonaparte. The author
has skillfully availed himself of Bonaparte's
Jealousy of Josephine by making use of
an episode described in the recently pub
lished "Memoirs" of Gen. ThibaulL
The play, though devoid of literary merit,
had a great popular sucoess, which shows
that patriotic sentiment nnd the memories
of past victories hold an important place
in the Parisian mind.
Ttac Most Opportune. Moment Is at
Hand. Grasp It.
Tbe question Is often asked, how are we
able to offer such great values? Simply this
way: We have agents throughout the
country who buy suits, overcoats, and
pants from leading tailors which aro
either misfit or uncalled for, at a great
sacrifice. Therefore we are able to sell
them at less than one-halt the original
ordered price. Tor today and tomorrow
we are offering a number of Inducements,
such as fluo suits and overcoats of choice
and fashionable colorings and cut in any
style shown by the fashion plate, at the
following prices: S0 custom-made suits
or overcoats at SS: $25 custom-made suits
or overcoats at $10; $30 custom-made
sultsor overcoats at $12; $35 custom-made
sultsor overcoats at $15; $-10 custom-made
suits or overcoats at $18; pants made to
order for $4 and $5 and $2.50. Come and
see these wouderfal bargains. The like
have never been offereJ before. Misfit
Clothing Parlors, 407 Seventh street north
west. Chew Mint Julep Gum.
Taken From Jail, Riddled With
Bullets, and His Throat Cut.
Betrayed Ills Assistant Two Years
Ago, But a Chnrjrf Wus Not Miido
Agnln-t Him Until Recently.
Mount Vernon, Ga., Nov. 23. L. W. Per
due was this morning taken from Jail by a
mob, carried to the woods, where his throat
was cat from ear to car, and his body
riddled with bullets.
At a late hour tonight his body was still
lying In the woods. The victlmorthemob's
rage was about fift-ono years of age, a
school teacher, a graduate of Yale College,
aud until his arrest about six weeks ago
was regarded as a highly respected citizen.
He was a married man an.1 leaves a wife,
two sons and ttvo daughters-
About six weeks ago he tvas arrested
on a warrant sworn out by a Mr. Grady,
whose daughter. Miss Mattie Grady, it
was alleged he had ruided. The girl'tvas
bis pupil and assistant In the school. The
alleged crime was committed nearly two
years ago.- The child of the girl, it is said,
died nearlya" year agoT-- -
The girl made the charge against Perdue!
only about six weeks ago and Perdue had'
been In Jail awaiting trial. He was In
dicted last week.
Armenlnns of Some Villages Have
Surrended Their Arm-.
Lordon, Nov. 23. The representative
of the United Press in Constantinople tel
egraphs under yesterday's,date that it is
orrtclally announced that the Armenians
inliabitirg the villages near Adana have
surrendered their arms and kissed the
hatids of the governor in tukeu of their
submission to the authority of the gov
ernment. The government has offered a reward
for information leading to the detection
of persons distributing or exposing In pub
lic places placards or posters mcnaclrg
Armenians. The government adds in an
nouncing this that aU Turks must respect
aud love their compatriots.
An additional commission comprised of
three members has been appointed to ex
pedite the peace reforms In Armenia and
have begun their Ittli'gs-
United States Minister Terrell asked the
porte for a permit toallowtheUnlted States
cruiser Marhkhead to come to Constanti
nople, but the request was refused on the
grojnd that only powers signatory to tbe
treaty of Paris can expect such permits.
Constantinople. Nov. 23. The report cir
culated by tho Router Telegram Company
that the Sultan had Issued firmans allow
ing the powers to have two gunboats or
guardshlps at Constantinople Is untrue.
The Sultan has not yet grant ed such firmans.
In an interview yesterday Tewflk Pasha,
minister of foreign affairs, declared tliat
order was being restored everywhere in the
provinces on thcapproach of troops. Erze
roum and Adora were paciTio throughout.
The reform commission was actively labor
ing, and had already formulated a list of the
new officials.
Sir Philip Currle, the English ambassa
dor, arrived here today.
Ho Was Conductor of tho Famous
Aquta Creek Robbed Train.
(Special to The Times.)
nichmoud, Va., Nov. 23. Capt. Merritt
A. Blrdsong, one of the oldest conductors
in Virginia, lies at his residence In
this city in an unconscious condition and
is not expected to live twenty-four hours.
Capt. Blrdsong became famous by being
the ouly conductor in Virginia who was
ever held up by train robbers, ne was
the hero of the Aqula-Creck train robbery
vvheu Morganfleld and Searcey, who are
now- serving terms In the penitentiary, ter
rorized the crew and passengers on that
memorable morning and committed the
most dariug robbery ever known In this
State. """
Capt. Birdsong was in charge of the
train that brought Morganfleld from Freder
icksburg, and also of the train upon which
Searcey was afterwards brought to the
penitentiary. He has been sick for over a
month and has suffered Intensely from
Holding of the Secret Consistory Post
poned Until Next Friday.
Rome, Nov. 23. The Pope is suffering
from an attack of catarrh. The holding
of the secret consistory, which was fixed
for November 25, has been postponed until
November 20.
The next public consistory will be held on
December 2, Instead of November 2a, the
date originally fixed.
Suffered From Want of Food.
St. Johns, N. F., Nov. 23. The steamer
Grand Lakcbnsarrived herefrom Labrador
bringing the fishing crew who were aban
doned there last month. The crew. In their
open boats, tried to reach Southern harbor,
where they believed food was obtainable,
but were driven to sea by a gale that
lasted two days. The boat containing their
provisions was swamped and they suf
fered frightful misery from want of food
and from exposure.
Since tho Investigation by the Board
of Trade Committee und The. Times
Crusadu There Has Been a De
cided Decrease Quotations That
Show for Tb.euiselve.sj.
People who arc interested in the local
stock market aro beginning to ask th
question, whatisthematterwiUi the stocks
of the gaslight and electric light companies?
It is the fact that their stock values have
fallen considerably during the past two
.. A iiecullar circumstance coiuu-cted with
the do wuward tendency is that st ocks began
to shift in price tbe time that the Board of
Trade began to make public its investiga
tions into the jiossibllity of lower prices
for illumlnants and to recommend that
Congress Should use icrolc remedies, if
the companies did not bring tLeir prices
within a reasonable proportion to the cost
of the manufacture of gas and electrlo
These suggestions were made at least by
the special committee of the Board of
Trade, of which Mr. J. H. Ralston was
The report madeat that timeto the Board
of Trade, and as subsequently modified by
the obtaining of information not fiirnisked
by the Washington Gaslight Company,
showed that the cost of manufacturing gas
was about sixty cents per thousand feet,
the price to the consumer lx-ing in somt
cases $1.25, and in others Sl.no. the ad
vantage IMng in ravor of the payer wbo bad
the ready cash to meet his bills.
These facts were so patent, and the prices
were evidently so much In the nature of con
fiscations, that one of the bolde-t supporter
of the monopoly said publicly that per
haps a good jHjIlcy for the monopoly
would be to lower the price of gas befor
the companies were obliged to do so by
The answer to the question now being
asked as to the causes of the decline In
prices probably can be found In what cm
been above stated.
Of course! hequotationssbowthee facts:
On the 1st of October, at the time of the
active work of the special committee,
the valuation of the Washington Gaslight
Company at the bid value of its stok. was
$4,700,0 J, tLat is that j-17 was old for
Stock whose par value was $20 Th
valuation of the company, according to
the latcs-t bid quotations. Is $4X.".0,000,
which shows a fall in valut-s or SI'O.000.
On the 1st of October, the bid value of
the Georgetown Gas Company stock was
$282,000, the pa rvalue of the shares being
$23. At the preM-nt time the bid valua
tion of this company's stock is $270,000,
showing a fall of $12,000.
ID the early partot October the uM valua
otjlheCnItcd States, Electric Company's
Stock was Sl,6S7,50o", or,41oD-'per share
on stock of the par value of $100.
At the present time the bid value of the.
same stock is S1.01S.OO0. showing a re
duction In round numbers of S.1D.00O.
The aggregate -of. these drchnes shows
a shrinkage of more than $joo,000.
It is jKissible that this state of affairs
can be explained by the men -ii the Inside,
bat it is rather remarkable that at a
season of the year when business should
be booming with these corporations, there
should be a thrinkngc in stock values. It
has been suggested that there have been
sundry dividends declared but that can
scarcely be true of all of the companiei
at the same time.
It is about time now for the cheap gas
companies to apin-ar and let the people
know what is in store for them or what
Congress will be asked to do for them.
One thing appears to lie certain and that
Is that all of these things did not occur
some years ago when The Times was not
keeping tab on the business c-orporations
In which the people were so vitally Inter
ested as these light and heat companies.
Capt. Sonford, Ascd Seventy-three,
Sent to the Ioorhoiie.
St. Louis, Nov. 2.1. Capt. Alfred San
ford, aged seventy-three, was tinlay sent
to the city poor house. In bis youth be was
tbe friend and playmate of Gen. U. S.
Grant, and when the latter became Presi
dent he made his old-time friend surveyor
or the port ot New Orleans.
Capt. Snn ford earned his title by brave
service with the river fleet that cut its
way past Vleksbnrg In l$C:t.
Capt. SaiiTord's father was a major
In the war of 1812 and left his son a small
fortune, which has not sufriced for his old
It Explodes, Kills One, nnd Fatally
Injures Others.
Ligonler, Ta., Nov. 23. By the explosion
of a boiler at Marks Brothers" saw mill
last night, John Clarke, the engineer, was
Instantly killed.
Aaron Marks and Martin Campbell wer
ratally.lniured and several others su
talncd painful bruises.
Boy Fired Into a Train.
Salem, O., Nov. 23. A passenger train
on the Salem railroad was fired Into this
arternoon by a youth. The shot passed
through the baggage car and barely missed
one or tbe trainmen. Tbe train was stopped
and altera lively chase the boy was caught
and brought to Salem. He refuses to give
his name or to state the reason for bis
-eckless action.
To Compel ChcnperTelephoiiecrv Ice.
Detroit, Mich., Nov, 2J A local attor
ney this afternoon filed a petition in the
Wayne circuit court for a mandamus to
compel the Michigan Telephone Company,
which is the corporate name ot the State
branch or the Belt Company, to compel
it to furnish telephone service at a more
reasonable rate than is now exacted and
to rerrain from Imposing certain restric
tions upon its clients.
LambertsviHc, N. J., Nov. 23. Wilson
Bray, a prominent citizen, the patentee
of the first refrigerator to carry meats
across the ocean, and also the originator
of the railroad refrigerator, died here to
day. New York, Nov 23. Maurice Frederick
Hendrick de Hass. the noted tuinter of
6ca pictures, died today at his new home
in this city Mr. de Hass was born In
Rotterdam Iu 1832.
Deniaen, Texas, 23. Joel Tipton, aged
ninety-one years, diedyesterdayiuMontague,
county.- Tipton accomiianied Washington
Irving on his travels troni Fort Gibson
through the Indian Territory. To the day
ot his death ho wore a buckskin hunting
shirt and leather breeches.
Get a ticket; gold aud silver watches
given away. Reduced priuos on butter.
Eggs at cost until December 1. Gibbons,
Butter Dealer, N. L. Market, Gth and K
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