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;&& ' -?fcMr"-,"-v "MJ
V'-rpJs',w-:' s" ""6arTS- . "
twf" ,-k j-'"ric"-
srr.cr.t. soncEs.
flee of me itnthitale Co-operative 80-
cietv fif the District or Columbia, is moved
to' 707 T sr nw. 2d floor front-- I 8.
BMEKY. Scetctiry. no24-3t
FAl'fiRB ANGERS-Special meet
ing WEDNESDAY NIGHT at Harris'
Hall, .111 aim' l Ms. nw.; all members are
requested lu be present- E- F- COOK,
fUmm-lal scirelary. It
ALL MF..11BEKS or Mount Yen
Council, N.i. 10. Jr. O. IT. A. M..
Mount Vernon
II. A. JI.. are
rpnnnsie.1 lo meet nt 3d st. mid Pa. ave. sp
oil si'NHAY. November 21, 1S95. nt 6-
p. in., to co in a body to Andrew Jackson
Council, No. n. i 1-- ami i sts. sw.. fbr
the parioe or .-iltc-nding a. sermon to be
delivered lv the Her. Jlr. Skelllnger, nt
the Sixth Proshwerlan L'hurih, 0th unil C
sts. sw., at 7 30 t in- Members of sister
co.iiiiilsiirec.irillaliv Invited to-atteuit. By
order or tile couik.II, B. JI. MARTIN, Sec
retary i. -
mASOrC-Wiishingtnii Centennial
lHlgf. No. 14. 1. A. A. Jr., will hold
a nH-ii.il cuiiiiiiiiiiicatioii .Monday. Np-veniiiv-r
23. nt 2.30 p. ru.. to attend the
funeral or our late brother. Thomas Young.
Mcinli-rs or ..inter loilgis are fraternally
invited, lly order of Hie W.J1. EJIMKTT
C ELM 0 It B. Sis. tiry. lt-em
CALL "I I'- Cannon's. 305 10th st
n.. lor Uu-pure Wilson Whisky.
110I8 (it-cm
WANTED- X bright liny, fifteen or
simcui vcrsuragc, ror woricinoirics--,
must virile souil legible Itiiiil; one wltb
a litlIclii.-ln-6-cxpcricnceprcferred. Ad-
dn-ss M. 1'-. I til- office..- It
WANTED-SIi'" lo solicit insurance
for rJjluiiiore Jtulual Aid Society;
salary, S". per week, rive times, and 13 per
cout. tvlliMtuiii. Appiy ihirn rtoor, bus
Fa. ave. :iw.. Ifivvei-u 0 ami 11 a.m. It
SPECIAL inducements to salesmen
ro uo naiiilli Curi-lmas novelties.
Auiilv Ho.mii r.4, Le Droit Building, corner
8tli la'nrt F M -. n iv. nov24-2t
WANTED -Pre-sliovs at ouiv. D.VV-
nu., in.- t'rmler, 807 Olh st. nw. It
WANTED-Collectors who tau handle
in-i.iliiiicui .Ufo'inl. Apply luiom 54,
Le Droit b .lining, corner 8ui and F Ms.
WANTED-'l stour. young; white
622 K" Nt. nw. It
WANTED-Ewir '"an lnat wants to
make Hie easiest, quickest and most
monev in In- ureal home, wail name.r. O.
Bos. 322. B.iiuiiJIav. It
WANTED-Cabinet maker also up-nolsii-r,
at JfA Y'S rvvr liirniture store;
rerenniv. Cor. 1 lib audit st.nc. It
to m rk i r I ho oiliest sick and. death
cnnipnnv in Vaslihigw,u; ci.od pay. Ap
ply lu 1' T. ETAKB,t;i-7 P-st. nw- It
WANTSD-TwoNiv.i whocari-eitype
itOILl. .". Vi.tLLACK. 1107Est.nw. It
WANTED-IJrlpln. ecerrretlc man to
go io fwirmlk. or Itichinond: cue well-
aitiiiaiutcii llii-re prorerrnl: kk d pay. Cjll
Miimlii, K. F.isToSESTllELT, Baltic bids-
"W A.NT1S.D lixperieni eJ bundle wrap-
iK-r. M i.i'LDKMJlIRii. '.187111 -t.nw.
WANTED Young white wan uxlunch
ruom. must come "ivellrccommended and
Uioroiighh i.nderft.iiid tlie business. Call
at SiiperfiiWmU-nt's office, JIcUHl Ituild
inc. aft-r 7 p. m. It-em
WAN'lED-A colored boy. Call 1324
lltn nw y-"1
WANTED Agents to sell the Home
m uli.il .r-. and llrooders. Call at 007
Oih -i im . anil sec the machines in oin-ra-ttun.
no23 5t
WANTED- i-anersto lanc-ilunrs at
io,-- liy.gi st. nw. in.21 -:it,eru
IlELfM tyiTill-FKMALK.
"WANTED Tweotv ladies to learn
Jime. M'a-hliigton "drc-'5 cutting Sys
tran; the latr-t a-'l besUKi-.d ixi-itioiisaftcr
learning: lame- lhlng dressmaking ap
plv nt llu -. iiihiL 'i'l 1 12tn st. nw. no24-.lt
WANTED oung lady ramlliar with
gvmnastii:s; giMul looking- and well-
forinisi; to xhil.li SwnlKli Exrrcl-er;good
salary- .i.dr SWEDISH EXEUCIwEK,
till- office." It
WANTED Expcnenctsl seam-tress to
-c ior.ir.--niaker. CaI12107Kst.nw.
WANTEB--' llrKt-ctii ladies' lia.tr-ilrc-sor.
male or female. Dr. J.
KT.11.M1".. 704 14th sr. no2.i-.it
"WANTED A white girl, between 12
and 1 "i tears, who wants agooil home.
QUI atci!' ,!,h st. lie. no23 2t
WANTED.-Orrice work of any kind;
i cwnt.euanduiiineograpli workdone
at lowest rates. Address IXTELICE, this
office. , nolO-tf
WANTED -A dozen good canvassers.
Appl alter 11 Room 63 Ohio National
Bank. ltr
ilT-UATltl.V 1VA.NTED-11ALB.
WANTED By a man of experience a
position in dryjrnods-orgeiits' furnish
ing store Aili-r -- KXI'EKItlNCE. this of.
flee. lt
WANTED bj a youcg colored man
.i place .is waller or liellinan, either
privaio or hotel; oue ears' experience In
ruuiilu- electric cli-vator; can give best
or city r ference Address It A. W., this
ofrice co23-3c
WANTED-Situation as grocery clerk
and meal cutler. Addre-sSITlTATION'
421 L st nw. no22-lt
WAKTED-Ton? man will pay cash
bonus lor position as collector or
other employment, rcf-i.aurt bond. l'.S.J.,
this orric. no22-3t
WaNTED-H? good confectioner, pas
trj itiok i.d ice cream maker posi
tion as first or second baud or lo drive
wagon: best refs. Address C0NFEC
TIONElt, lilts office. no22-2t
WANTED- Frecl Tree! Free! Me
uianics of any kind rurnished by us;
also tve have a few men suitable for
driving a team or something similar;
best or rers. nirnishi-d. WORKINGJIEN'S
Tel.. 2(jU. 600 13tb st. nw. JI.D. 8IIENK.
clerk. tf
WANTBD-A place as cook and laun
riress. 1028 N. II. arc. lt
WANTED-By settled child's nurse;
lov.iuie; experienced; rets. "BELLE,"'
this ofrice. It
WANTED-German girl wants place
to do general housework in private
famll-. Address 702 Fla. ave. nw. It
WANTED-Bf a first-class laundry
worker a place; best refs.; or work in
house. Apply 1770 T st It
WANTED-Fashionable dressmaker,
laic Willi B. Altman & Co.. N. Y-,
desires fir-t-rlass work; terms reasonable.
M is3 MAl'l lON'ALD. 12 Mass. ave. nw. It
WANTED-An American woman, re-
spcttuite and trustworthy, in need of
work, would take position as housekeeper.
chamber work; willing to do any kind of
work. Address STRANGER, tills office.
WANTED-Situation, by neat young
girl; housework or. nurse; rc-rs. C. G.-ti.,
61fj7tii st ne- It-cm
WANTED-Bf joung. ladj, position
stenographer, typewriter, and docket
clerk. MISS MA U Y COLE, 323 East 23d
St.. Haltlmore. Mil. no23-2t
"WANTED Br widow, mendtng, darn
ing, or copying to be done at home.
1111 1 Bt.nw-. no23-2t
WANTED-Two plainly fur. rooms;
connecting: light housekeeping; man
and wife: within t or 7' squares of Ceuter
Jlarket PALS1EH. this office. n,i21-2t
WANTED-Three roonwrorlightliouse-
keejiiug on sreoiid-flnor; with a. m. I.;
In nw.. for about 510 nermonth: references
exchanged. Address CABKTUL, this office-
WANTED-HyDro. 1. one unf umlslied
rront ruum, 2d floor. Meat, gas, bath;
refs. exchanged; state location and lowest
terms. Address JUR. p thl s off Ice. It-em
S74.SO paid for $5 State Department
sumps; same proportion paid for all
pllier department stamps UBed or unused.
in any ouantityr also for collections or
,u tiiAj (jui.iii.i, . .iisu lor
D. S. and foreign stamps.
FUCHB. 359 1-2 Pn. ave.
v. t: iiotii-
TV ANTED- Department stamps; will
b-iy all kiudsand any quantltvaud pay
the highest c-ish prices obtainable. 11. F.
DUNKII0RST, 1005 7th st mt.
BOAKDING-015 Sixth st trtr.: table
i board ! per week. no22 6t
ONE Dollar per day. The Templar. 207
Pn. aenue nw. Warm rooms and
excellent board. $4 to $6 per week-no21-Gt
WA.NTED House of about 7 rooms;
all hi. i.; within easy reach H. H.
Ilcmpler, optician, 6th and Pa. ave. Ad
dress Box 20, this office. no21-3t
WAN1ED Uoraes to
winter, pries 16 rar8"
per month. Addrosi
Burnt Mills, Md,
"WANTED- to- buy huckster license:
cheap. Address D. Z. X., tills office.
WANTED-To buy Rrocery storo rnr
cash. Ainiress P. H... tliiB office. 1C
WANTED-Three months, taulpboanL
and 51 5-, jneschancirrora good piano.
Address Box 1 t X. tins office.
WANTED-Horso, names? and top
w.iKOu.musCbfclieap. AddressIIORSB,
this office. It
"WANTED Lady havlnir a bright,
emuiiy lioiue would take child to board;
throHphly understands Imttle babies. Ad
ilrras H. C. X.. this office It
WANTED-To hire bytheUiiya slDBle
liorbo funiiiun1; Just thu wagon; statu
price anil -where, it can be seen- Address
.MOVING, this office. It
"WANTED-To correspond with a pen
ami ink artist who is not busy. Ad-
dresg I'irOTOURAI'lIElt. Station K. 1 1
WANTED-To buy a lreth milk cow
on the installment plan; good security
and. weekly paj nicnts- Aildress COW. this
WANTED-To buyforcasli, good-pay
lug cigar or meat and provllon store.
uAPti, mis ouice. nov-a-.t-em
WANTED Horse and buggy, to keep
lu country for Its use; light driving". II.,
this office. It-cm
WAJMTE1V "Iris to neceir-upportlng:
OjarrlcU ladies to lessen dressmaking
M'.lsby learning-to cut by Jlerchant TalL.r
Square: particulars at school, 718 12IU
ft- sel4-tf
WantedTry Rubber Roof Paint.
AE6 chsres only for p&Intlnr: work rusraatatl
-AX-XtUBbEK KUUF PALVU CO. Ilia ata aw
FOR SALE Dairy and milk route.
Address DAfRY. this office. no24-Jt
FOR SALE Bicycle; '95 Syracuse, 22
lbs.; 7 months' guarantit-; good as new;
$60; must be- sold. W. H. HEN8HAW,
Crown Lunch ItoonvClO 11th St. htv. it
FOR SALE Owner leaving town will
disposeor his Bradbury square piano at
a sacririce. A bargain. Address It.. thi
office rj24-tt
FOR SALE-Cut under iiarcel deliver'
wagon, J5; also lurge covered wagon,
525. Rear 4.42 U st. nw. It
SlOO will buy a tine hone, buggj, har
ness, lap robe, horse blanket, etc. For
full particulars address H. M-.UiIh office. It
TWENTY horses to be sold without
reserve; contractor selling out; driving:
and saddlers- among lucm. In rear of
D23 D st. nw. It
FOR SALE-One large walnut upright
bookcase, price $25, cost $U0; also
one large oak revoUing bK)Lcasc, price
$10, cost $20. Room 30, Le Droit build
ing. It
FOR SALE OR RENT Pianos; clos
ing out or renting stock- of fine up
rights. Cnllbeforenoonat40810thsMiw.
FOR SALE-Hot-air Septan rurnace.
In good condition, with 115 ft. cellar
pipe and eight registers. Apply 3213 M
st. nw. no23-3t
GIVTNG-TP housekeeping The follow
ingarticics for sale: Parlor carpet, $19;
folding iherry liedstead, French plale mir
ror, beveled, $25. i-ust $100: dining-room
matting, 55; refrigerator. $8. cost $30;
couch, $3. and one for $9; dinlng-table,
one-leaf, walnut, $5, cost $15. 020 F et.
nw. " nov22-3t
FOR SALE Bicycle lu good condi
tion, :-J5. WALFORD'S, 477 Pa. ave.
nw. no22-:it
FOR SALE Grocery store on the
corner of ermont aemie and V sts.
dw.; no reasonable offer refused. no22-3t
FOR SALE A good bland In market;
clieap jf sold at once. SAMUEL, this
office. no22-Jt
$1 down and $1 "neek for any
organ lu stock. Greatly reduced
prices. Organs from $25 up. Beit
standard masrs.
F. G. SMITH. 1223 IM. lire. nw.
FOR SALE A Email steam
llercaciiofr enpl
nglnc and boiler: can be
seen at Killer's boat house. oc8-tf-em
FOR SALE- Best make or incubators,
brooders and fresh green bone; call
and see the Incubators lo working order.
Schmld'a Bird and Pet Animal Stores, 713
12thstnw.and 1221 Pa. ave.
LADIES, don't forget to send me that
imst.il about repairing your furniture,'
finest of work. II. O. KALE, 3003 M st.
nw. It
HAVE jour carpets cleaned to look
like new for the holidays bv the OHIO
DAWSON, the Printer, 807 0th Bt.
nw., wauls second-hand electric motor,
cheap. It
LACE Curtains laundered at 35c. a
pair; mall orders promptly attended
to. No. 25 F st nw. no2 l-3r
'LACE CURTAINS laundered from
.toe. up. Tenth Street Laundry. 724
10th St. nw. no23 2tem
ST. "VITUS 'DANCE-The medicine
formerly made by Mrs. Little, dec-eased,
for the cure of St. Vitus' dance, can be
had at 315 G st. so. It
CANCERS cured without the knire;
ample reierencps Sanitarium, 1320
FASHIONABLE dressmaker, late
or Philadelphia and New York, desires
first-class work; terms reasonable. JIRS.
HARRINGTON, 428 II 8t. nw. nol0-7t
HATS trimmed or retrimmcd, Parisian
btyle, CO cents. G23 E st nw. Upstairs.
JTTST RECEIVED Fine lot young On
liau parrcta, guaranteed lo talk: also
mnnkcrs. canaries, mocking- birds, gold
fish. dogs, and fan.-y plgeuns. SCHMII)'8.
712 I2th st nw:. branch 1221 lit ave.
GUNS. Rules. Revolvers, loading tools,
hunters' outfits, watches. Jewelry,
guitars, violins, banjos, mandolins, at about
one-hair Tegular dealers' prices at PAWN
SHOP. No. 1009 E st nw. ocl-6mo
LOANS made on approved collateral
sucli as stocks, bonds, certificates of
deposit, Building and- Loan Association de
posits, land sjndicaie. certificate-, and
old line lire Insurance policies. YERKES
& BAKER, 40 to 46 Metzerott bldg. no24-tt
T. TC. FULTON'S loan oinee. 1218
Pa. ave. nw. Established In 1870.
Manoy loaned on -watches, diamonds. Jew
elry, silverware, elc. Special bargains la
watches. Jewelry, and silverware. au20-6fa
MONEY lo loan on bonds, stocks, trusts,
loan association certificates, and old
tine lire lcsurancepnllctes; no delay
40 lo 46 Metzerott Bldg
MONEY to loan nt 5 ana o per cent,
on District of Columbia realty: no delay
tr security Is saturactory.
WALTER II ACKER. 704 14Lh nw.
lWONE"V TO LOAN In large sums,
or as low- as 1.000, at 5 nud 6 pet
rent on D. C. real estate: also 5250, $500,
S7B0. etc.. at 6 per cent WM. H. SAUN
HERB A CO.. 1407 F it nw
MONEY TO LOAN-All rlasses of
real estate loans made wltb jiromptnesi
st rurent rates THE JIcLACHLEX KEA-L
ner Kith, and G streets rnr. mB-tf
WANTED The loan or 58,000 on nrst
class iiisidi) proper tyr no agenti. 703
10th Bt. sol2 tf
FOR SALE On very easy terms,
from 1 to o miles from "Washington;
20 acres adjoining Arlington Heights, on
Mt. Vernon-Electric railroad; also several
tracts containing from 1 acre to 100 acres;
improved null unimproved; also 34 acres
to be sold at auction near Arlington on
December 4. " The attention of government
employes, mccliauics. Investors, specula
tors, and business men generally, in called
to my large list of suburban and farm
property. Call Tor my map of country;
25 miles around the District, and large
list of property for saler free to ail callers:
also building lots for $1 per week. Now
Is the time to buy: property shown free
or charge. JAMES E. CLEMENTS,
no9-lm 1321 F sr. nw.
FOR RENT $22; in suburb; 9 rooms
and bath, a m.i.;concrcteceIlar;porches,
large lot, stable, etc., one and one-half
squares from cars. Address OWNER, this
office, halt hour to District buildings.
FQRJRENT Suburban, atBrookland,
D. C7, 2 blocks from cars, 7-room frame;
cellar, balh and attic; latrobe. range; hot
and cold water, lnquiru I. S. HOLLIDGE,
care Saks Co. nol6-lwk
FOR KENT Three rooms on second
floor. llCO Otb St. mv. It
T Nlcelr furnished mom.
ardv $4.B0 pet week. 427 ti
St. nw
FOR RENT In corner bouse mn(T
centrat location. 4 rooms-on 1st flour,
foe housekeeping-,- 333 per" montor also 2.
rooms on 2d floor and I on 3d rioon heat
and gas. 32 Uraatl'lacerno.cor. lOtlLst.
FOR RENT A large, well-fur. front
room in house having all modern con
veniences: wltit private- familrr to slmrte
gent; rent moderate;, refs- Apply, at 018 I
FOR RENT Two furnished rooms in
corner-uouse to gentlemen onlv.-Ap-plyI80L-0tlu.t.nw.
FOR RENT-itunfiirnlsliedrooms. with
(,-ns, uatu, and range; JH per inontli;
can be secD on Sundays. No. IS Itlt st
FOR RENT 203- A sn- se-, twii de
sirnblu furnished rooms; tbe entire
seconif floor; light housekeeping; gas and
luat. no24-3t
FOR RENT 2or J unfurnished rooms:
light Iiouivkeeptng-. 2U0 C El. lnv.
no2 l-3t
FOR RENT Iur.and unf ur.roonsfor
light housekeeping. Oil O st. nw.
FOR RENT Rarechance: fur. ortinfur.
rooms; fiart or house; very cheap. Ad
dress F. R. A., this office. It
isa.9 Utli su nw. I'leasant fur.
uiifur. rooms; terms reasonable.
FOR RENT 808 lOtlt St. mr., en
tire first floor; 'hot 'and cold water.
FOR RENT Large third-story front
room; nicely furnished; closets; new
house; tine location; cars; references. 441
JIaag.ave.nw. no24-:it
FOR RENT Thn-c large rroncmotns:
furnished or unfurnished. 444 II st
nw. no21-3t
FOR RENT 1730 tl st. nit, two
oicel furnished rooms, second floor,
including heat and gas, for $10. Call
after I p. ill- ,lt
FOR RENT Large, sunny, furnished
front room, near Capitol, cars, hcrilfcs.
314 A st. ne. It
FOR RENT UGM st. nw..four suites
unfur. rooms; heat: gas; lurgrr rnomBf
high ceilings; lovely double bouse; near
three- car lines: terms moderate 1C
FOR RENT 10J1 New Jersey nve.,
for light housekeeping, three nicely
furnished rooms: splendid locality; reft, ex
changed. It
FOR RENT 35 K. St. ne., 2 or 4
rooms, wltll bath on floor; rent very
low. . It
FOR RENT "d story, fur.. 1 per week
for geutkinan. 1003 O st. nw.
FOR RENT Filrni-heil for housekeep-
1 iH-auilful 1st floor roms, $22.50
iui.i lutnst.nw-. no-4-it
FOR RENT lu Georgetown, on F st
car line, liriglit, cheerful and nicely fur.
room lu refined, quiet home; small, strictly
private rnmily; twnrd if desired. Address
JIODERATE, Times ofnee. It
FOR RENT Fur. or unfur.. one large
2 sUiry front room: heat and gas; unrur.
or partly fur., with or without use of dining-room
and kitchen; desirable location,
not-half square from 14th st cable cars.
Iuqulreat 151)0 Kingman Place nw It
FOR RENT Neatly fur rooms with
good board. $20 per mo. Table board
$15 permo. 0.1011 st.nw. no2 t-3t
FOR RENT H2 E st. nw., home-like
fur. front parlor bcd-roum; must be
seen to be appreciated; large organ and
handsome folding, bed; $10; reduced from
51G. . It
FOR RENT Two rooms, second floor
oueon tblrd;fur. or unfur.; noobjeitlon
to light housekeeping. 2503 JI st. nw.
uov23 2.
FOR RENT 125Mass.ave.nw.,brIght,
sunny rooms for lighthouse-keeping.
FOR RENT Unrnrnisheil, 1311 11th
su nw., several lovely rooms; rented
singly or en suite. no22-5t
FOR RENT Three furnished rooms.
all f runt; single or rn suite. 633 N. J.
ave. nw., cor. G. Price, $5 and SO per
month each. no22-3t
FOR RENT Rooms, handsomely fur
nished, ulto board; threo on second
floor and two on third. Call at 721 11th
St. nw. no22-4t
FOR RENT Furnbdied second story
back room. 55. 1137 9th st.nw. no22-3t
FOR KENT-111 Wear. End FLtls. 2620
h.stmv ; 2d floor; 5 rooms; bath, range,
gas meter, coal. vault, storage room; rers.
required; rent $16. nol0-7tem
FOR RENT 2d floor fur. room to
lady, with board: a. m. L object, com
pany; also large hall room; terms reason
able. No. 010 1st ne. no20-7t
FOR RENT A suite of 1 unrurnished
rooms on 1st floor; modem conveniences;
also basement suitable f or catereror of flee;
ueatandgas;rent moderate. 4225th stnw.
FOR RENT-Two large comniuiilcat
iug front- rooms, first floor, suitable
for orrice or Onlal parlors, etc.; low rent
to sullabla tenant. 476 Pa. ave. nw.
FOR RENT Elegant suite of 2 rooms
on 2d floor; priate bath: suitable for
iiicmorr oi congress. a-i l-iiu sr. nw.
Board next door. no21-7t,em
FOR RENT Board ana llooms Two
nicely furnished rront roonisr comer
house: near cars and herdics; gentlemen pre
ferred; terms reasonable; refs. 2000 F st
nw. nol8-7t-em
FOR RENT Parlors, suitable for Con
gressmen; single or en suite; also other
desirable rooms; bouthern exposure. 1233
N. Y. ne. nw. It-cm
FOR RENT Several pleasant rooms
with good board, tuty be Lad on reason
able terms at 1225 N street northwest
FOR RENT One furnished room, -with
heat and gas; $7; gentleman preferred.
912 L nw.
FOR RENT At 91 1 Sth nw., entire
1st floor; convenient to Patent and Pen-
slonofflcesandOtlist.carllnes. no23-Jt-cni
FOR RENT 1118 Va. ave. sw., com
municating rooms, with board; suit
able for gentleman and wife, or several
gentlemen; near Engraving Bureau, Smith
soni.in. and JIuseums;refs. no23-2t-em
FOR RENT A nicely furnished front
room; heat, gas, bath; private family;
very cheap. 3208 Q St. nw. no23-2t
FOR RENT 1206 K at. nw.. elegantly
furnished rooms. - no23-3t
FOR RENT A flat of :t large rooms;
all mud. imps.; on 2d floor. Address
1012 10th st. nw. no2I-7t,em
ana su,
623Est.nw. noIS-6t
PIANO, Organ, Vocal XIuslc and theory
taught by J. F. GERMUILLER, 611
l stnw.; terms moaeraie. not i -ini
larauiontliuntlljanuary. Twonlghta
a week, from 8 to 9. EATON, BURNETT
DUULING Business College, 12th and
F sts. nw. Ladles' Class from 3 to 4 p.m.
WmODAUGHSIS Classes, 1328
1 st. nw neginuiug November Short
hand, dictation and typewriting, Mrs.
Baldwin, of Business High Schoul; book
keeping, etc.
Sigut singing classes (note chain system).
Studio 11 1 8 New York avenue.
Two lessons weekly. 520 per season.
Mount Vernon Seminary
Twenty-first year opens TUESDAY, Oc
tober first Large and attractive build
ings, thoroughly equipped with every re
quisite of a refined home and a progres
sive school.
Applications for admission or pupils' to
the day schoolmay be madeaf terSeptember
fif leetith, between the hours of ten and out
o'clock each morning.
Fe27-3mo. Prlr.clpaL
WANTED-100 young people to Join
shorthand dictation classes, which are
now being formed at Wood's Commercial
College. 311 and 401 East Capitol st. at
the- low rate of $1.00 per month. Send
for catalogue containing pictures of 84
graduates. ocl9-lmo
acting, elocution, dancing. 1324 12th
st oclQ-
FOR SALE Splendid opportunity for
a builder or architect We have
an elegant lor, 25x74, on good business
street; splendid location for a store and
flat that wo can sell at a great
bargain. Price 50.500. See It BAKER
& LAMPTON. 1301 F st nw. no24-3t
WANTED-To exchange forhouse or
lot in Wastiingtoiua place in country 2
miles from city, near Baflstou, Va.; nearly
ncwhouse.and.2 1-10 acres land; film neigh
borhood. Address- 615 6th st. nw.
H. O. KTAI.E. artistic furntturcniak-cr
ami. repairer; antlnues a. specialty.
30OJ- Jt St. nw.
T"WO ladled fanilllac wltn. wort lu
VDvernment. departnientH, can seenro
positioii by applying- at Room.S VLo Omit
running, fltn and F u. luv. nov24-2t
AST studrats. and others should si-o
portrait lu .window or 604 10th st,
near Wood-wafd; Lotlirop's. no21-3t
w.;8 a. m.to
fc" " ."... !
MASSAGE, vapor, medicated ami
pUtu buttis. by Mrs. M. LCWI8. 7020th
st. nw. r nov24-7t
3T0E. RAPHAEL, Clairvoyant
and- Astrotogist; gies names and lucky
dates; tells bow to retain husband or
rnendn7 business men anil ladles' adviser in
psvehie power; has no peer; come to thcright
place-for honest dealing; cut this out; ltr Is
good for 23. Cents on Monday, Wednesday
and- Friday. 013 E st. nw.; 2d floor. It
PROF. CLAY is theoldcst established
advertising clairvoyant; consult him. on
business, marriage, love, lost or si oicn prop
erty; tells who arc your enemies; how to
avoid them and overcome all troubles;
brings stpnrated together and causes
speedy marriage- witli one jou love; by
proper advice removes evil Influences
and spells; sittings GO cents; no charges
for silting unless satisfied; l-ours 10 to 9;
open Sunday. 489Hst.,bet. 4 l-2and6th
sts. itr. no24-lm-tf,me
LADIES we will sell you any make
in machine frum $20 to $00. cash or
Installments; also some second-hand ma
chines, warranted in perfect order, from
53- to- $20, n easy Installments; we repair
all makes from 00c. up; send a postal
and will give you estimate, or will mall
you circulars, etc. THE ENTERPRISE
SEWING J1ACIIINE CO., ,1.11 Penn. ave.
Re. nolO-Sonly-tf
DIVORCE What are the grounds Tor
divorce, why Tor a husband not to
purchase a sewing machine lor Ids wife;
when they can be had from $20 to S00
cash or Installments, such as the Standard,.
Singer,. White, Domestic, Household. New
Hume. Maywoud, Paragon, etc.; good
second-hand machines from $0 to $20,
cash or Installments. THE ENTERPRISE
SEWING jrACHINE CO., 334 Penn. are
se. Repairs from 50c. up. nolO-es-tf
and card readings, by Halee, the KINO
of, clairvoyants and card readers, his
first appearance this side of the Atlantic,
who has very few equals, and can be con
sulted on alt affairs of lire; tells you your
friends and enemies, and glea you advice
regarding anything- you want to know.
Gives you good luck 'REE 01' CHARGE,
and none in trouhlo will lw- turned away
without being helped ami made happy.
Come one; come all, and bring your friends
u nil tell them of HALEE and his wonder
ful powers. I charge jou for my time
Rates: 15 minutes costs 25 cents; In
tint time you can gel a card reading. 25
minutes costs E0 cents; in that time you can
have a good clairvoyant sitting. I am
not here altogether to make money, but
here to be strictly honest In my business,
and to do'good to the people who call
on meat 800 11 street northwest Hours,
9 a. m. to J p. m., dally, except Sunday.
Ijidy liiatteiuiance. no23-'t
jrito.'. TRUE, permanently Ioiated
at 7 1 1 1 su sw., can be consulted dally
on all tha affairs of life; those In trouble
don't delay; have the fault removed; get
help; It ran be doner unites the separated,
and never Is known to fall; gives luck,
removes all pain by magnetism; cures
spells; finds treasures; lucky numbers- and
dates. Will itune to our house and dress
rooms for luck and good business. Fee. $1
Always at home. nov23-2t
CHEAP Printing. Business cards. SI
per 300., WILLIAMS, bookbinder;
HEUON. printer, 613-15 7lh st nw.
PROFESSIONAL masEage. Parties
snrfenmr with ctirnnfcrheumatlsm and
nero-n ailments speedily cured by JIME.
COLFORD.l210Fst.nw. Hours. 10 a.m.
to 0 p. m. Sundays. 2 to 0 p. m. It
MONEY due Jladame Daird. If Mrs.
L. J. ValPsque-r Haird will write to
"ATTORNEYS,,- this orrice, she will learn
of money due her Haste. no22-3r
IF" you sang tenor Tor $50 a minute yoa
would be "hot cturr;'lt will comprn--ale
you to see,those splendid suits and
overcoats, "almost new." we are selling
for a song. JUSTH'S OLD STAND. 610 D
el. nw. nol9-7t
FIRST-CLASS tnectunica can be
secured at Opo 13th st. nw. Taper
hacgers, painters, bridge and structural
Iron workers;, iarpenters, lathers, plaster
ers.aii llaborlng-rm-ur.fanyklml. WOKK
LABOR. 600 13th sunw. Telephone. 260.
M D. SHENK. Clerk. E05-tf
DHESSMAKING-830 G st nw.;
late stjies; low prices; cut, fit and
stitch seams of waist or skirt, 75 cents.
HOLDERS of Kasser Jllnlng and Mill.
ing stock in this city may find It to
their advantage to communicate with JNO.
C. LEATIIEK.MAN. 608 F st. nw. lt-em
CHRISTMAS will soon be here,
nhen you will want to givesome presents
to friends or relations. Nothing is so
acceptable as Jewelry. George I). Horning,
Room 8. Central Building, sells the finest
quality of watches and dlamontlR on weekly
or monthly payments. One dollar a wivk
wlll buy you a hamieonie watch, and vou
will neer feel the expense. Order one
atoiiceandyou wlllbegla 1 when Christmas
comes. ,
IHME. BROOKE tellsall the events
of life: all business confidential; ladies
and gentlemen, 50 rents each; Iiour3 9 a.
til. to 9 p in. 603 New York ave. nw.,
near 6th st. nor.-1-lt
DR. TAYLOR. 906 F st.nw.. makes
fui. sets of teeth for SB; satisfaction
guaranteed; teeth extracted without rxils;
cold filling. $1; amalgam, SOc. ee4-tf
aiJVlE. ESTEbLE t'-Hs all events of
life; gives advice til domestic troubles;
strictly confidential: and ot-aU all krnda
or sores, the latter for ladles unlyMiours.
8 a. rn. to 10 p. m. 013 10th -t nw.
PROF. CLAY ism.-inii-rr-i.-ir,iisriprt
advertising clairvoyant; consult him on
business, marriage, love, lostorstolen prop
erty; tells who are vonr enemies', how to
avoid them and overcome all troubles;
brings separated tog-thcr and cause
ppecdy marriage with one you love: by
proper advice removes evil Influences
and spdld: sittings bo renix; en charges
for sitting unless satisfied, hours, 10 lo 9;
open Suuday. 4KU II st.. Let 4 1-2 and 6th
sts. sw. oc24-tf.i-m
LADIES needing conridentiat .treat
ment A sare and sure relief In all
female trouble, constipation. Irregulari
ties, tumor, cnnc-T. opium habit, flsnila,
etc Separate mums for putlents hefors
and during confjnemeiit. and find Imroes
for Infants if required Strictly crn-f iden
UaL J1R8. DR. UE.NNEK. 16 Fourth st
ne.. neiirE- Capital st . Wasninztna. D C.
.T.T.-WAL"KTETtSN.'-04 lOthst
nw.. carpet lining, feltsflrr hrtck and
rlav.asbestos. paints, brush-1 lime.c-ement
t wo and three-ply roofln--maprtal.a3r2I-tf
PROFESSIONAL massage Parties
suilerlug u itu chronic rheumatism and
nervous ailments speedily enrol bv Mme.
Colford, 1210 F. st nw. Hours. 10 a. tu.
to 8 p. in.; Sundays. 2 to 6 p. m.
FOR SALE New 6 room rramenouse,
1611 Galo (G) st ne., with range and
latrobe; hot and cold water-- bath, closets,
etc.; price only $1,450. Seo It. In
qulre 609 3rd st ne. It
FOR SALE 6 room
1928 N ill j nve.
brick houso at
FOR S ALE"-Musc be sold; nice-7 room
house, u. mJi., near 14th st cars, on
good street. 4Lot 19 1-2x05 to alley;
rented to a good tenant Price for a. few
days, 55,500.;' BAKER & LAMPTON, 1301
K st nw. ' 1 no24-3t
FOR SALE A nice two-nry brick
bouse, very TCheap; also a first-class
care; price verylow. Address REQUIER,
this olflce. It
FOR SAEE-Home seekers are Invited
to inspect' Kit". 1011 D street southeast;
new six-room .hrlcfc, cellar and all the
latest improvements'- larger roorasr sldo
light; very cozy and attractive;, price
reasonable; terms easy; balance 5 per
cent. W. B WRIGHT, owner, 619 E st.
nw. no24-2t
FOR SALE Niee 7-room house, north
sldeot Kst..bct. lstandN.Cap.sts.nw.;
first class In every part leu la rj a bargain;
tem-stositit. Apply 29 Rst.nvv. lt-em
FOR SALE Cheap, two 4-room brick
houses in Uongiass alley, west side of
4th st. nvvri. between Washington, aud H
sts.: also 1128 3d St. nw. Apply owner,
92G Tst. nw. It-cm
FOR SALE A bnr-rain 307 Elm st,
Le Droit Park. 7-roi.m. brick, with bath
and fine cellar; terms to -.nil. Address or
call on owner. 927 E st. ne. nn23-3t
FOR SALE. On JIass. ave.:. elegant
residence, just completed;, frontage
of 25 feet; 10 rcomsr double-parlorr beau
tiful dining room (25 by 17i; butler's
pantry, 2 rjnc bath rooms and servant's
closetrhcaled by latest hot-water t,ystem.
with Thcmastadt attachment-. all or 'atest
Improvement; a benutirul house. Terras
easy. J0HNB. WIGHT, I410Gst.
FOR. SALE" A few- hnases" at a: Dar-
gam at Lakeland. Md.:on line of new
electric- railroad to Ealtlmnrc; nicely lo-
-".--.,-. -.- jois; jiuiuieii mm iron irees; I
good water, etc. Enquire or NEWMAN &
sfl- t.t .. .. ..... . . .. I
bON, 611 7th bt. uvv,
lA-t.-3.-Ot I
I3JtJIst ar. nw.
m tiara: im. M
vu4j.rtnw.or..... u-zu
ITBlPnTr, m L13r B7 TO
lOio- Suptttor BIT.
Sin C nw, m.L15r to 13.
r....i uo
IialOUi.nw.mU.'JrBOSO'SOOaa. nir. Or.... IS CO
i7usi.mr.nn.lilt. HTSCoKSla A Great
6M K inr. mt I3r S(roo
BT-nwi4r.... ....tic 00
SiMurnir.ral.I3r; Bit 00
Iteotrarnw; ta
tI. t IS 00
MSI 33d nw.mUur SS SO
410 Uu ar nwv
ml. 9r.. .., SO 50
2504 7Urnw.tr 14 SB
.STOaknir.mUr 13 M
wuDttisr nw, t
TiM 10 th oa, 5r . IS SO
iawI.mLOr...'. TO S3
311 I3tn tw. Sr .... 13 00
Sltstn-ro-if,llr; -0lr;;a) Nsw.Sr W30
IIIHTit nw.Hr -!154!4nw. latfl,Sr 1350
m.1 . sj so'ais Fla. aro-no, Sr 13 30
Slldnw, mt.7r.. SOTtSfflSnw.-i-. ...12 13
ttlO Columbia- at, J2f 03 Stb nw, Sr VI UO
nw, ml, 8r 23. 31 "1 1 Sheridan stnw
513 2auB,-nl,8r ai 51) 5r. ....... IS 00
170tri-nr,rnt,7r'K"S0 Urootlaad, tr... IS 00
10a tlh stnw, mi, 611 Callan no,
7r.. 22 CO 6r..... U 50
415 1st 80. ml, 7r 21 SO1! ScrttiT. nw.5r 11 00
2141 F st nw, ml,6r 20 5u 1313 Frlstoe ct nw.
lOW B ne, ml, Tr.. 20 at 5r ...... 10 30
KOIFlaarnw.nil,Gr20 30 1313Cstaw,3r. 1330
I4S0Tnw.mr,Sr:. 20 3a,lRjai2thno.5r. .. 1U 30
Ml 414 st sw, str 11723 Hayes' Courr
lwl. Sr 20 ool nw.Cr 10 00
1213 6th nw, mi, Sr IS 00 Hartford it, touih
203 K at nw, ml,7r 14 40 Ilrookland, 6r... 10 00
lliur.ne, mi, 6r.. lS3010jOI5thno.br.... 10 00
1121 G Btne.mi.Sr 13 U0 411 DIandal nw.Cr 9 SO
10254th be, ml, Sr. 18 00'l0'25tn no, 5r..... 8 50
910 Sth nw. storo I SOI 4tj aw. otoro
ana ilweninc.Sr 130 50 1 and dwellTe, Sr. SM 00
Roar 319 C nw:...10 00 I Rear 910 9th nw.. $4 00
nolG-3t A a. CAY WOOD, 033 Sth st nw.
n i
'kill lik-J:'
. i.i'.'-'R,-.
Sftlfi'-KS' rsls.JSrSA
This 14-rnom house, at N". E. cor. Capi
tol grounds, with all ni. 1., for rent; only
330. suitable for Senator or member.
DODGE A SONS. 70O 9th st. 1 1
FOR RENT C1C 3d St. nw.,
pressed briclr, bay window front; 11
rooms: in. 1.; yard and stable. iCor. 4th
anil F sts. nw., 9-room brick, house; in. L;
key 614 Sir sr. nw. no24-3tr
FOR RENT 1503 U st nw.. 7 rooms
aud bath, a m. I., In splendid condi
tion; convenient to cars and herdics Price
530 per month. For keys call on BAKER
i LAMPTON, 1301 Fst nw. no2 l-3t
FOR RENT 1 131 N. J. ave. nw., 7
rooms and bath; bav window, press
brick front: nice condition; all modern
improvements, only S24, if taken at rnce
LATIMER A NESBIT. 1321 G st. no24-7t
FOR RENT Two new houses; well
located; northwest; containing 6 rooms,
bath, pantry, and (ellar; handsomely pa
pered; cabinet mantels, etc.; onlv $20-10
per month If occupied at once. OWNER,
1009 E st. nw. It
FOR RENT Completely rurnlsheil 9-
rooni house; occupied by member for
two years: right party, 673; immediate
possession. Address If. L. B., this office.
FOR RENT 7 room brick house, 1 120
tn m. nw.; modern improvements, per-
icci. oroer; large yani.
FOR RENT Brick. bay window.newly
painted and papered; all mod. Imps.;
1825 12th stlur; $20.81 per month. 937
25th st. nw., can be let to respectable col
ored tenant: $15.30 per month. MIDDLE
TON A DU BOIS. 631 Ffr". nw. It
FOR RENT Six-roinicottageatDcan-vvood.D.C.;Iowren'.
29 R at nw. lt-em
FOR RENT-??"; 9 rooms and bath.
No. 702 F st ne. EDWARD GRAVES,
474Csr.nw. no23-7tem
FOR RENT 64 and 66 K 6t. nw.; 6
rooms, bath, cellar and all m. 1.; rent,
$30. 73 S st mv, 6 rooms, bath, cellar
and all m. 1.; rent, $22.50. 1712 1st. st
nw., 6 rooms, bath and all m. r.; newly pa
pered; rent. $20.. Apply to WM. J. HOLT-
ia.v, cor. isi ana it sis. nw. noj-.tem
FOR RENT 75 L st nw., two-story
brick; u rooms and bath; m. I.: In good
condition, $17.30. Apply within or to
A. GIRON'AKD. 115 loth st. ne- no23-3t
FOR RENT 1238 Duncan et. ne., 7
rooms, all mod. imps.; nearly new;
S13.30. JOHN W. MORiaS, 614 F st
FOR RENT 2022 K st nw , pressed
brick; bay window front; 6 rooms and
bath: all mod. Imp : large yardsand closets;
reduced rent Key 2020 Kst
FOR-RENT New, excellent condition,
o-room; large parlor; a. m I.: cellar,
furnace, stationary washtubs, drying flat,
back alley: cars pass door. 006 11th st
se.. $22; key at 000 nol9-7t-em
CHCKCII. corner First and 11 streets south
west The pastor. Rev. II. Seb Doyle, has
Just returned from the annual conference
and the Atlanta Exposition. Ho will fill
the pulpit at 11 a.m., subject, "Who Is
on the Lord's side;" at7:30 p. rn.. Rev. G. G.
Jones.of uie Front Royalstation.ts expected
to preach' Sunday-school at 0:30 a. m., L.
A. Cornish, superintendent All members
and friends are earnestly requested to
attend the services at 1 1 o'clock, as It is
the beginntng-of the new conference year.
Strangers invited. Seats free.
REV. DR. JIcLEAN, from Boston, will
lecture free on Sunday in the hall at 707
G street northwest. Subjects, at 10:30
a. ni., "Phrenology and Infidelity;" at
3.30 p. ru., "Hypnotism and Crime;" at
7"30 p. nt, "Immortality of the BouL"
"Dr. JIcLean Is a finished scholar."
London Times.
All are welcome.
LOST-Xov. 19, gold baseball medal. F.
aCHAFFER, Bureau of Eugraving and
Printing. Return to 713 3d St. nw. and
receive reward. It
LOST White, black and tan ceagle
hound; tag, 4,617; answers to name of
"Nip." Liberal reward If returned to 242
Sth st tie. It
LOST or stolen, on the 15th, a dachs
hund, black and tan; reward given to
person bringing the same. 1731 T st.
STRAYED Fridayaftcrnoon.abrlndle
bulldog; answers tu name of lllsmarck;
had on collar with tag 2062. Reward If
returned to 226 F st ne. no23-2t
HAVE $500 to $1,000 to invest as
u partner m any uusincss. J. J. J.,
A. SINGLE young man, capable of
keeping books, v Ith $2.00, can hear of
a splendid business opportunity in taking
place of a retiring partner. Address C. O.
D., this office. no24-2t
WANTED To buy coal yard; cheap
lor casn; state full particulars. CLIP,
this office. It
A HOME PLACE Los Angeles roon
ty. Cal7, two a"nd one-half acres, tear
ing oranges, lemons, peaches, apricots,
figs, walnuts, prunes, pears- and -mall
fruits; hedges, vines and flowers; house,
8 rooms; large barn; chkiken and dry
house; piped waler slock over all; photo
graph of place anI owner, at Architect's
Orrice. U. S. Capitol. no23-7t
FOR RENT Possession December 15,
a fine stable. 23x80 feet"- two apart-
r mencj; every convenience; five stalls, with
plenty or room lor more; adjacent to auu
Eleventh St. se.. where apply;, can rent
connected eight-room dwelling on front
street If desired nol8-7t
FOR SALE 7-room store and dwell
ing; cellar; lot 98- feet to" alley; good
location: only $1,230; easy terms. G.
J. BOND. 631 F St. lt-em
WANTED-A6or Ornuinmodernfuu:
convenient to- 14rh st. car line. Ad-
tfress-lIODEKN FLAT, this office solO-tt
its. lie
Several "Women Wltb Largo Families
AVcre Aided by the Police.
When tha cold wave struct the city a
tfevy days ago. the applications for aid"
increased perceptibly, and continued for a
day or so. but with the advent of the warm
days the appeals-have fallen off, but there
arc still some destitute people In the city
whom the- cold nights cause- Intense But
Chief Clerk Sylvester, of the Police De
partment, yesterday had about twelve
applications- for aid.
One of the cases was that of a. woman
and her two- children, who cad come to
Washington seeking employment and had
been unable to find" It. She works around
at what she can find and sends the chil
dren tu sihool. This-morning she made
application to the police for a pair of shoes
fur her lr, lu order that be can attend
srtio.il. The woman Is of a very good
family aud Ls very earnest la her endeavors
to get work.
Tne Home for Friendless GlrU. a Meridian
Hill institution, was another applicant for
help. They wanted fueL This place Is for
homeless and friendless colored girls and
they are taught a trade of some-kind.
The vvlfi- of an ex-policeman was another
applicant Tor help. Her husband Is sick
and unable to work, and she had nothing
to eat and her elgutchildren were suffer
ing the pangs of hanger. Mr. Sylvester
gladly aided the woman.
A woman of genteel appearance, and who
had formerly been an craplove or the gov
ernment", was compelled to aslt assistance,
she wiut unable to find employment, and
was suffering forlhe necessities of life.
She was given tne desired aid.
A case of an lmposter was irrvestleated
by Mr. Sylvester the other night. The wo
man had written to hirastatlng-thatshcwas
in need and that she had nothing; to eat or
burn in the bouse.
During- the-course of. the Invcstlgatlon.it
developed that on the- night the policeman
was sent down by Mr. Sylvester to are" the
woman, the woman had gone to the theater.
The children- were all well clothed and the
house was warm. The husband of the
woman Is a partner In a storo and supports
his family in fine style. Mr. Sylvester is
unable to account for the call for assistance-
from the woman, unless It was forged
by a maliciously Inclined person.
First Gift for the-President's Tbnnk
Clvliur Dinner Hecelvcd Today.
The Issuance of the annual Thanksgiving
proclamation has been the signal every year
for the receipt at the White House of prize
turkeys to grace the- Thanksgiving table
of the Presidential family.
Tills year will probably be no exception.
In the number of fowls received, and the
first one was delivered at the White House
It is a big wild turkey and came from
Henry Harrison, a gentleman whose fish
preservenearLecsburg. Va., has been visited
several times by Mr. Cleveland. A leading
citizen of Rhode Island for many years has
sent a large Timnksgivtng turkey to the
White House without regard to the politics
of the occupant. He basnot yet been heard
from this year.
Death of a Treasury- Clerk.
Jlr R. S. Cowing, for many years
a clerk: in the Registers Office. Treasury
Department, died yesterday morning at
an early hour, with consumption. Funeral
w ill be- held from Lee's. The remains will
be cremated at Baltimore Monday.
In Effect Nov ember 17. 1895.
ITED. Pullman Sleeping, Dining, Smok
ing, and Observation Cars, Harrlsburg
to Chicago, Cincinnati, Indianapolis, St
Louis, Cleveland, and Toledo. Buffet
r'arlor Car to llarrtsburg.
3.0.30.A. 3H. FAST
FA STLLVE. Pullman
f U 1 VS-111 w 1n
lor and Dining Cars, Harrlsburg to
Harris burg
EXPREhfcL Pullman Buffet Parlor Car
to Harrlsburg. Sleeping and Dining Cars
narrtsburg to St. Louis, Cincinnati, Louis
ville, and Chicago.
Puihnau Sleeping Car lo Chicago, and
Harrlsburg to Cleveland. Dining Car to
PRESS. Pullman Sleeping and Dining
Cars to SU Louis, and Sleeping Car
Harrisburg to Cincinnati.
io.40 p. ar. pacific express.
Pullman Sleeping Car to Pittsburg.
T.GO A. M. 'or Kane. Canandaigua,
Rochester, aud Niagara Falls dally, ex
cept Sunday.
-X0.30 A. 3L for Eliulra and Renova,
daily, except Sunday. For Williainsport
dally, 3 40 p. in.
T.XO P. M.forWlH!ainport,Rocbester.
Buffalo, and Niagara Tails daily, ex
cept Saturday, with Sleeping Car Wash
ington lo Suspension Bridge, via. Buf
falo. 10.40 P. 3T. for Erie. Canandaigua,
Rochester, Buffalo, and Niagara Falls
daily, bleeping Car Washington to El
For I'lilIiidelplila.NevY "York, nnd the
ITED," dally, all Parlor Cars, with Din
ing Car from Baltimore. Regular nt 7.05
(Dining Car), 7.20. 0.00, 10.00 (Dining
Car), and 11.00 (Dining Car Trora Wil
mington) a. ra.. 12.45, 3.15, 4.20, 0.40.
10.00, anil 11.35 p. m. On Sunday. 7.05
(Dining Car). 7.20, 9.00, 11.00 (Dining
Car from Wilmington) a.m.. 12.15, 3.15.
4.20, 0.40. 10.00, and 11.33 p. m. For
Philadelphia only. Fast Express 7.50 a.
m.weck-davs. Express. 12.1 5 week-days.
2.01 and 5.40 p. m. daily. For Boston
without change. 7.50 a- m. week-days,
and 3.15 p. m. daily. .
For Raltlmore. 0.25. 7.03, 7.20. 7.50. 0.00,
10.00, 10.30, 11.00, and 11.50 a. m.,
12.15, 12.45. 2.01,3.15, 3.40 (4.00 Lim
ited). 4.20, 4.36. 5.10, 6.05, 6.40, 7.10,
10.00, 10.10, JJ.15, and 11.35 p. m.
On Sunday, 7.05. 7.20, 9.00, 9.05. 10.30,
11.00 a.m., 12.15. 1.15,,3.40
(4.00 Limited). 4.20. 5.40. 6.05, 6.40,
7.10, 10.00, 10.40fard 11.35 p.m.
Tor Pope's Creek Line. 7.20 a. m. a nd 4 .36
p. ra. dally, except Sunday.
For Annapolis. 7.20, 9.00 a. ra., 12.15 and
4.20 p. m. daily, except Sunday. Sun
days, 9.00 a. m. nnd 4.20 p. m.
Atlantic Coast Line. Express for Rich
mond, Jacksonville, and Tampa, 4.30
a. m., 3.46 p. m. daily. Richmond and
Atlanta. 8.40 p. ra. dally. Richmond
only, 10.57 ru m. week-days.
Accommodation for Quantico, 7.43 a. m.
daily, and 4.25 p. m. wiek-days.
For Alexandria. 4.30. 6.35, 7.45, 8.40,
9.45, 10.57. 11.50 n. m.. 12.50, 1.40,
3.20. 4.25. 5.00. 5.37,6.15,8.02. 10.10,
nnd 11.30 p.m. On Sunday nl 4.30, 7.45,
9.15 a. in., 2.4C, 6.15. 8.02, and 10.10
p. m.
Leave Alexandria for Washington. C.05,
6.13,7.05,8.00, 10.28 a.m.,
1.00, 2.15, 3.00, 3.23. 5.00, 5.30, 6.13,
7.00. 7.20. 9.10. 10.52 and 11.08 p. m.
On Sundny al 6.43. 9.10. 10.28 a. ra..
2.15, 0.30, 7.00, 7.20, 9.10, and 10.52
p. ra.
Ticket offices, corner Firteenth and G
streets and at the station. Sixth and B
streets, where orders can be lert for the
checking of baggage lo destination from
hotels and residences.
B. M. PREV03T, J. R. WOOD,
Gen. Manager. Gen. Passenger A gent.
If so, sign this coupon and sand it to
THE TIMES, where it will be added to a
monster petition to be presented to Congress.
Name. ..... '.
Address ,
You are paying twice what you should.
When You Can Obtain Ex
pertTreatmentand Medi
cine Furnished
FOR $5.00 A MONTH,
Successfully treats' asthma, catarrh, bron
chitis, piles, neuralgia, nervous diseases,
chronic diseasesr private diseases, dis
eases of women., and all diseases or the
ear, eye, nose; tbniat,skin nerves. lungss
stomach, heart, kidneys, liver, bladuir.
bowels, and blood. Young, mlddlt-aged,
or obi men suffering frum thu results nt
follies: or vices successfully restored tu
health, Stricture, varicocele, or losses
quickly cured. Dr. Walker wishes it dis
tinctly understood that every person tak
ing treatmrnt under bis generous offer of
$3 A MONTH, and medicines furnished,
will receive the best care, attention and
skllL Cures guaranteed or money re
funded. He can be consulted from 10 a. ra. to 5
p. m. every day; Sunday from 10 to 12 a.
m., and Wednesday and Saturday even
ings from 7 to 8. His well-known sani
tarium Is No. 1411 Pennsylvania avenue,
next to WlUard's Hotel.
Hl Annnal Report to the Pre-sldent
Is About Completed.
Secretary Herbert has about completed
his annnal report to the President Ht
did much of the worlr. at his home, whert
he summoned bureau chiefs in consultation
He has gathered a mass of material in the
shape of tabular statements, showing va
rlous expenditures and the needs of tai
The Secretary will probably increase
the estimates over those of last year,
especially in view of the condition" or the
machinery of warships and the construction
plants at navy yards.
There has been for a namber of years a
false economy in allotments for this pur
pose, and the estimates have been ma
terially reduced both In Congressional
committees and on the floor of Congnax.
This has seriously handicapped the serv
ice, and there has been u rapid accumu
lation of repairs which cannot be under
taken until larger sums are available:
Some of the vessels will require a good
deal of overhauling, and tho equipment
of navy yard shops must be Improved.
Tbe Secretary win make some recom
mendations regarding the increase of the
navy. He has not definitely decided to
what extent he will suggest the Increase,
but it Is understood that he will follow
last year's plan and recommend addi
tional btttlesblps and torpedo boats.
He is likely 'to renew his recommenda
tions In behalf, ot the line of the navy,
although this Is likely to receive more
extensive consideration In a special com
munication to a special naval committee
of Congress. He will ast for appropria
tions for additional dry-dock facilities
and substantial allotments for the construc
tion, ordnance and engineering plants as
tho Brooklyn navy yard.
Equity Court, No. 1. Chief Justice Bing
ham Dutcher vs. Taylor; time to take tes
timony limited to ten daTS. Nauck vs.
Nauck; Catharine M. S. Nauck appointed
guardian ad litem. Rogers vs. Saddler;
sale ratified and cause referred to au
ditor. In re Alice Washington; decree
granting change or name granted, llryan
vs. May; P. Hanson Hiss Manufacturing
Company made party complainant Flags
vs. Flagg; Charles H. Tunwr appointed
guardian ad litem. Cost vs. Cost; leave tc
withdraw demurrer from riles granted.
Orbliss vs. Burn; "Warren Brothers allowed
to intervene.
Equity Court. No. 2, Justice nagner In
matter Thomas F. Perkins, Catharine t
Conway, and Susannah Ham, atlrgrd Ic
natlcs; writs of Inquisition ordered to
issue. Jlyers vs. Jlyers; motion for ali
mony pending suit overruled. Sherwood
vs. Sherwood; divorce absolute grantee.
Brooke vs. Brooke; do. Tond vs. Pond; de
fendant ordered to pay alimony b Novem
ber 30. Virginia State Insurance Coiiipanv
vs. Jameson and others; bill dismissed as to
defendant noward, and decree ot inter
pleader. Cronin vs. Waters; decree di
recting defendant to pay to complainant
Circuit Court No. 1, Justice Bradley
Deis .Manufacturing Company vs.Keng-ley;
Judgment by default. First National Bank:
vs. Pierce; do. Walter vs- Slater; do. In
matter or Walden vs. Lochren; petition dis
missed at relator's costs. Bashor & Co.
vs. Buc-D: plaintiffs motion to Le allowed
to amend declaration overruled. Read vs.
Sevcrios; motion to vacatejudgment grant
ed. National Cigarette and Tobacco Com
Sany vs. Burkart; judgment for plaintiff
y consent.
Circuit Court, No. 2, Justice JlcCnmas
Coffin vs. Mattox and others; demurrer to
5, 6. 8, 10 and 14 pleas susta.ned. Qulnn
vs. Richmond and Danville Railway Com
pany; motion for new trial overruled and
judgment on verdict. Citizens' Eant ot
"Chlckasha vs. Shelly: mot Ion for security of
costs granted and 52(1 deposited in lieu
of bond in thirty days required. Burton
vs. Williams; motion to strike out supple
mental pleas dismissed.
Criminal Court No. 1, Justice Cole John
Wilson vs. BaltLmore and Ohio Railroad;
motion for new trial overrulid. ard Judg
ment on record. StateorMarjland.useAc,
vs. F. M. Jcnes et al.; urderid on stet cal
endar. Fnlted States w. John Harris alias
Patsy Harris; murder; motions for re w trial;
arrest of Judgment and to cornet the Judg
ment overruled.
Criminal Court No. 2 Justice C-x
James D. Vernay. perjury; defendant ar
raigned: plea not guilty. Edward, alias
Chinese. Lauer, larceny from the person;
do. Frank Daly and Jolin George, biiuse
breaking; do. Lettle Brown, assa'ilt to
kill; do. John Robinson. larceny; de
fendant arraigned; sentenced to Albany
firteen years. Daniel II. Ferry, gamics
table; on hearing.
Probate Court Justice Hagrer Proceed
ings in estates have been i-ned as fol
lows James E. Young; withdrawal ot
caveat by Thomas E. Yotirg riled. Ar.n.v
JI. JIaulsbv; citation on appeal i-sueil by
John R. Young filed. Wtilinni T Okie;
inventory or money. 53SS.05. debts due,
$119. filed. Thomas JI. Fields, cuardian;
summons issued for William 11 Da on as A
witness before auditor.
Ileal E-tato Transfers.
Deeds of transfers filed fur record yes
terday: Sidney W. Flagg to Clark K. Talton,
lot S in subdivision of tract ku-iwn ai
"The .Vidow's Mite." $12,375 Wilbara
E. Knldenbach to James E. Innptun. lot
28, Uaker, Norris & Lampton's subdi
vision, Roseilale anl Isaerwo.xl, $10.
Jonathan S. Pp.ut et n-c and triers to
Burton Jlocaree, lot 14. square t-S2. $10.
Albert U. Hlnes ct ux to Jlary E. Ruye,
lot 177. Walker's subdivision of lots,
square 801, $10. Henry W. Hunt, Jr- to
Samuel L. rtilllips, lot-IS, square 1033,
MO. Charles F. Ileujamin and Without H.
Duncanson, trustees. lot I. ulllvlion
square 515, $.1,100. David JI. Lea to
Rarbara Jl. Clark, parts or lots 13 and 14,
Shanaban's subdivision, square 773. $10.
Newton A. Colbert to Barbara Jl. Clark,
same as foregoing last mentioned, $10,
quit claim.
vfaaiiin, pH&Bii. sz-j-frJ'Z& -SfcsaSr
a;g.-).a&--V;ig;. -.-ft '&&&!-? 3--J && o?a--si3-g---i ..- -'
.H5ft&- -.was

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