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F Street I fctorai-o Warehouse,
Comer Eleventh- I SttnearM.
NITURE is an attraction
that's unusual. Stock's too
big- for us to display it prop
erly " on our Parlor Floors.
We've determined to reduce
it by means of tbe old price
cutting method.
$10 to J20 off the lowest
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Cardinal Gibbons Talks About
the Consignor's Elevation.
It TTIU Take Place In the Baltimore
CathedrulInvltatlousfor the Event
5o Helms Printed Title of Able
Knte Already Transferred to Dr.
Sburettl batolli Golns to Homo.
Iialtlraore, Md , Nov. 23. Cardinal Gib
bons today stated that the consistory at
which the elevation of Mgr. Satolli to the
cardinalate will be officially promulgated
will assemble In Home next Monday. In an
Interview the cardinal said.
"ilgr. SatoIU ha9 arranged to hai.o the
ceremonies incident to his elentlon take,
place In the Cathedral In this city on Sun-"
day, December 15, beginning at 10 30
a. ru I hate understood that his grace,
the Archbishop of St. Louis (Kain), has been
requested and has consented to preach the
sermon on this occasion. The niabs will be
celebrted by Mgr. SatoIU, and I will hao
the honor of conferring the beretta.
"The invitations to the ceremony are
now being printed after a rormula used
upon the occasion of my own elenatlonto
tlie cardinalate, which I furnished to Mgr.
Batolli at hU request. These Invitations
upon these occasions are always extended
personallj by the person whose additional
digntty is the occasion for tbe gathering.
"Thej will doubtless be sent to all the,
prelates of the country with whom from'
time to time Mgr. Batolli has been brought
Into official and personal relations. Just
howjnany of them or what other specially
Incited guests wlllattend theceremony. can
not be definitely known, however, nutil
the acceptances have been received, which
Rill probably be between the 8th and 10th
of December
"Immediately after the announcement Is
made In theconslstory on Monday the mem
ber of the Noble Guard designated by the
holy father to be the bearer of the beretta
and zuchctto, wltlleavc Eome for Washing
ton. No further details or the ceremony will
be arranged until after his arrival. It can
be said, however, that in all essential
particulars the ceremony will be similar to
that upon the occasion of my own eleva
In reference to the changed relations of
Mgr. SatoIU to the Holy See. by reason of
his elevation to the cardinalate. Cardinal
Gibbons said that the monslgnor would
cease to bear his present title of Pope's
ablegate and that this title bad already
been transferred to Dr. Sbarcttl, a member
of Mgr Satoill's household.
Mgr. Satolli would, however, continue
to discharge the duties of the Pope's
official representative in this country until
he would go to Borne next 6uinmer to
complete the ceremony of his Investiture by
receiving tbe red hat at the hands of the
Jloly Father and Is given a church at Rome,
a benefit which every cardinal enjois.
On his accession to the cardinalate he
will become pro-delegate, but In abeyance
of tbe appointment of a successor. Dr.
Ebarettl temporarily holding the title, tbe
monslgnor will continue to discharge the
Mgr. Batolli, for the present at least,
i 111 draw no salary on account of his,
added dignity. Only those cardinals who
reside in Rome and are occupied in the
general government of the church are
paid for their services.
Composed Especially for ?ntolir In
Ntiillatton as Cardinal. ""
One of the features of the ceremony of
the installation of Mgr. Satolli as cardinal
In Ualtimore next month will be a motet
composed expressly for the event by Prof.
Fanclulll, leader of the-UnIted States Ma
rine Uand. The1 motet Is for solos and
quartet with orchestral accompaniment.
The Mass will probably be the same that
was sung at the elevation of Archbishop
Gibbons to the cardinalate Ueetli oven's
Mass In C.
The first pontifical mass to be celebrated
here by Cardinal Satolli will be at St.
Aloyslus' Church on Christmas Day, on
which occasion Prof. Fanciulli's "Messe
Bolenelle," dedicated to the new caniin.il.
will be sung. The choir of this church
has had tbe new Mass In rehearsal for
about two weeks and are enthusiastic over
Its production.
Low Prices
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Silverware we never knew be
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1 225 F Street N. W.
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Qa-ks and
Pa. Ave. and 7th St.
New Outrage in "Le Territoire Con
teste" Between Brazil and Guiana-
Self-Appotnted Governor Burns at tlie
Stake One Evarlste, Whose Crims
Was rilotins a French Gunboat.
Georgetown, Demarara, Nor. 8. One
more the question of the disputed terri
tory Uetw'een firazil and Trench Guiana Is
forced to the front-by the Information that
a pilot named Evarlste, a French subject,
has been burned to death at the stake by
Cabral, the self-appointed ruler of Le Ter
ritoire Conteste, and once more the entire
populace of French Guiana are clamorlDg
that active steps be taken by the national
government at Faris to effectually crush
the open hostility of Cabral and his follow
ers to French subjects at Counanl, Car
sevenne and Mapa.
Critical times are assuredly in store for
the people of French Guiana unless active
military steps aro at once taken to break
up the band of marauders under Vlegaca
bral, for Tvhat, between tho persistent per
secution bf the colonists on tho one band,
and th e apathy of the" French government on
tbe other, their dissatisfaction appears to
have nearly reached tbe exploding point.
Whin tbe news of Cnbral's last tragedy
reached Cayenne, the indifference dis
played by tbe "government at Fans was
loudly and publicly denounced, and this
was only eclipsed by the shouts for ven
geance upon Cabral.
There can be no doubt that the murder
of Evanste Is particular exasperating to
tlie people of lrench Guiana, as the. only
offense the man had committed against
Cabral-was. to pilot the French warship
Bengali to Mapa on the occasion of the ex
pedition being dispatched against Cabral,
with the object, of effecting the release
of Capf. Trajan,-the French agent at
Counanl, who was taken captive by Cabral
after his followers hauled down the French
Lflag. tUilch-floale-d-over the agent's resi
JirrHte -was captured while with a
fishing party in the river and hurriedly
brought before Cabral.
The seir-aDiiointeil. ruler nnbllclr leered
fEiariste for his services to the French
commander and mocklugly suggested that
he should now seek the assistance of the
French autboriiUes to effect bis release,
adding that they would probably be as
successful In that as they had been with
Trajan... .. ,.
Evamto wasthen tied to a trceandburned
alive. The-other members of the fish
party made their escape.
Lnr-e Store of Goods, Evidently the
Gang's Plunder.
Toledo, O , Nov. 23 Henry Talmer and
Frank Green, while bunting in Fulton
county, about fifteen miles northwest of
Wauscon, found what is evidently the
headquarters ot the. train robbers who
Have infested the region near the corners
ot Oljio, Indiana nnd, Michigan for some
lime, their most notable work being the
Ketdallvjlle and fleece's Crossing Jobs
In the middle of an old creek, now dry
and covered with underbrush, they came
upon a rudely constructed cabin, which Is
stored with goods, evidently the plunder
of the gang.
There are indications that some ot the
members of the gang have been living in
Ibe place, but It was tcnantless when
found Lake Shore detectives have been
sent to Wauseon
Wasblnutonlanw in New York.
(Special to The Times.)
New York. Nov. 23. E. J. Tobln is at
the Fifth Avenue.; Mrs, J. Whitney, in com
d'auy with Miss Farlln, Mrs. C. Gorman
and Mrs. Louis Loomis, nnd Mrs. Nellie
Grant bartorls. areat the Fifth Avenue on
a shopping trip: E. Adams. E. L. Bradford,
W. C. Douglass. Sturtcvaut; G. Tort, W.
JI. Jlider.-A.- B. Thornton, Aster: an. L
Hare. Grand; W.J". Ilaz, St., James: Mrs.
Houk. Continental: CM. Johnson. Hoffman;
J. M . Post and wife. St. Denis Hotel.
For Selling Unwholesome Grnpes.
Slmon'ileuBen, white, and Charles Barker.
eph)redJuwErearrestcd last eight by Officer
Carson, ot the Second precinct, on the
e-ejivplalut -f-llre-.neB.tIi Inspector, for
selling unwholesome grapes.
the Hat Sale,
-.1n "-,r
Our 50c Scarfs are
worth 75c.
"Saks' Corner-"
Preparations lJclntr Mndo for u Gnla
Celebration of Manhattan Day.
Atlanta, Ga., Nov. 23 Major Wni. L.
Strong of New York, and party arrived at
0.45 p. m. Troop A was ilrawn up along
the curb opposite the depot, and there was
a big crowd waiting to catch a glimpse of
the Mayor of the Metropolis.
WiUi the mayor were the IJtm. Svth Low
of Columbia College, Gen. Anson G. McCoofc,
Gen. 0. H. T. Collis, Job Hedges., and iDej
mayors son, uracuey strong, uc-ijayor
The. W. Gilroy and a score of well known
New Sorkers were on the train. Mayor
Strong and his party are at the Anigon
The indications point to a rousing time
in honor of Manhattan Day Mondjy. The
jiratoricnl programme has not yet betn
definitely arranged. J. Seaver Page of
the merchants' committee, will probably
be master of ceremonies. The Hon. Scth
Low will be chief orator, and beside Mayor
Strongof New lork,MayorKing of Atlanta,
and President Collier of the Exposition
Company, an address will be made by Mrs.
Joseph Thompson of theBoardof Lady Man
agers. Tho ceremonies will be held In
tbe Auditorium, as the New York State
Building will be too small to accommodate
the crowd.
Today was Brooklyn Day. The visitors
from the city of churches had a most en
joyable time, and most or them will re
main o ir for Manhattan Day.
White "Woman Robled,Murdered nnd
Tin rued by a Negro.
nodges. S. C., Nov. 23. This mornirg
an unoccupied building four miles from
here, in which fodder was stored, was
burned. Afterward the body of a woman
was found in tbe ruins with arms and
legs burned off.
The body is that of Narclssa Bagnall.
a joung while woman, who jesterday
started to Hodges to take the train for
Atlanta. She had S30 when last seen by
her friends.
John Mitchell and Wash Ware, two
negroes, have been arrested, charged with
the murder. One of them took tho woman's
trunk to the station. Ware has made a.
statement that Mitchell ilid the killing,
placed the body in tho old house, and set
fire to the fodder.
Both negroes have been lodged in Jail
at Abbeville. There is talk or lynching
The inquest is in progress.
Families of Persons lynched May
.Recover Two. Thousand Dollars.
Columbia, S. VC, Nov. 23. The consti
tutional convenUon today, gave a third
reading to the articles on "Declaration of
rights and Jurisprudence."
The section relating to lynchlngs was
changed, so as to allow the family of tho
person lynched to recover 2,000 from
the lynchers. . 1 , .
A third member of the convention, Mr. J.
M. Sprott. has died and no afternoon ses
sion w as held out of respect, to his memory.
Harrison Goes to Saratoga..
New Vork, Nov. 23 Ex-Fresident Jlar
rison left this city tills morning on a brief
visit to his daughter, Mrs. MxKee, at
The general left the Fifth Avenue Hotel
at 9 o'clock and was driven to the Grand
Ci'ntral depot, where Le boarded the train
which left at 9 30 o'clock.
In Aid of the Teachers' Annuity nnd
Aid Association.
There is now on exhibition In the win
dow ot Mertz's drug store, corner of F
and Eleventh streets, a ladles' bicycle,
which John P. Murphy has donated to the
bazar In aid or the Teachers' Annuity
and Aid Association.
We wish to call all Indies -atlention to
this wheel. It is an 1896 model of the
Crawford make.- Though the price ls-only
550. It rivals the very hest $100, wheels In
qualities that a wheel should possess
in strength, in lightness and easy running
qualities. It has all the latest Improve
ments and Is as well made as It Is possi
ble for a wheel to be.
John P. Murphy is doing a large trade
in them at his store, 002 F street, as
pjple are Beginning to. find out that
it Is possible to get as good a wheol
from him for SCO as the regular $100
Certain bicycle-manufacturers have built
up a repntation for their wheels and nre,
now trading on It, but we see no reason
fpr paying $50 Just for a name, Vhich
amounts to,nothlng.
Emperor William Flirting With
England on Turkish Question.
German, Austrian urul EnKlLsh Senti
ment Apparently Asreed. in Ui
liolilliiK tin-Solttvii, nod Berlin Novvh
paperH Are Confident the Porto Will
.soon Brlnir Order Out. of Confusion.
Berlin, Nov., 23-Bcfore going to Letz
Ilngen on his hunting trip thuEniperorgave
nil 'iiidlrnc- id Mjle Szogenji Marlch, the
Austrian :unbJi,-idor to Germany, with
n horn- lie hu(ttipni'orged conference, and
upon his retuia from LctzIIngen on Tucsday
IiIh ui.ijesty imilryjilm-iilf, upouverj short
notice, to liimlivlth the Austrian ambassa
dor. ;t
Obviously thittlaHer act of courtesy was
Intended to eiiptiaslze the entente between
Germany and Austria uiou the situation
In the Eattas well as to enable his su.i Jest
to loiirn the latest phase- of the diplomacy
ot Count eioluchoiv ski, the Austrlanmlnhter
of foreign affairs.
The eonfidonte felt In official circles hero
that the SultjnwiU bo succthiful In pre
serving orderiu LJiropean Turkey and carry
ing out th reforms In Armenia is increas
ing. According to the correspondent ot tbe
Hamburg Correspondent In Constantinople,
the Interview s 1 ad w llh the-Sullau by Baron
de Cahee, the Aubtriaii ambassador to
Turki-y, have assisted In creating ciiarer
vie-na of his practical grasp ot thebitl-atlon
In. in have hlthrrto Uen held In oftlcial
circles in Vienna jnd Berlin. Baron de
Calice, siH-.iklng for both Austria and Ger
many, made it clear to the Sultaivlliat the
d( m.iiMs ot the powers could cot lie evaded
and that disorders In ever part of Turkey
mutt positively beVupprrswd .end adminis
trative nrnrius taken up and carried into
effect. Jt
In the- tourfcC of his inlerv lews with the
Ottoman Emperor, Baron de Cilice-, ob
tamed evidence that the Armenian com
mittee In London had renewed tin Ir incite
ment to an uprfisluc in Constantinople, but
that th- Sultan InU becw le av.are of thelr
d ,igns and had been succesiful in defeat
ing them alL -
biinl-iiffid.-il uejvpapers, which have
!.ng l-e-cii slknt in regard to the situation
in the- Fact, have now suddenly followed
the lend r.r Ire cJrnMiomlenz in attack
ing the Armmlnii' committee Tor having
incited agitation .leading to outragis.
Ihe Gazette-, on Iridjj, In an ortlcle
quoting the rm-nt prute-it made by the
Kut&un anibavg-ulor -at Constantinople to
the AriiKiicin patriarch, blames the Ar
menian priests for exciting the pe-ople
by promliieH ofarmed assistance from
fonign countries.
The North German Gazette contends that
(lie ixistence of an independent Armenian
Stale- Is impossible, having neither geo
gripliic nor ithnic unity.
Tlie paper their attacks the London Ar
m. ni in e-ommittce, ae-eu5ing them of em
ploving dishonest forms of agitation in
sensational telegrams and bogus stories
of horroro, designed to work t,pon the
British huin.iulta.riuo sentiment for the
purpose of forcing the British cabinet to
t.i li- nc Hon a galnn the Perte.
Ihe article concludes by as.ertlrg that
the Mcrtleni Inhabitants of the dltnrbcd
villages have suffered nearly as much as
the- Ann mans have Irorn the raids of the
Besides the article from which the fore
going Is quoted, the per1 r makes a display
of a semi-iiiilclal Constantinople dispatch
praising the energv to splendidly dis
played by the Srlttin during the rrislx, prov
ing his great-qiaitJSes a n sovereign which
are now promising' sjwijfv srd excellent
xcsalls. tJ r '
Br. Stoecker's paper. Das Volk. pub
lishes wllhoutconunerl todaytbeaii!,o(U,ce
nient that the ccqleslaUical eourts ere
about to inquire Inlo Stoecker's relations
with Baron Von Ilammersteln, formerly
cl ief editor of the Kre-uz Zcitung, who ab
sconded some time ago tv bile under charges
nof forger and embezzlement.
The inquiry is notlo be made upon the in
itiative of the Emperor, but is rather due
to the representations of high ecclesiastics
who are annoed at Dr. Stoecker's nominal
retention of hl pcjst as court chaplain,
while 1 o vias at the same time concerned
in qucstlonabIenilitlcs, asociated with
his advocac of Christian socialism and
anti-Semitism. ' '
Since he ccaseM to be court chaplain. Dr.
Stoecker has not been seen in court circles
and his di'grace li absolute.
The Inquiry is likely to end In his being
disciplined to an extent Involving his sus
pension from nil clerical functions. Now
that both Stoecker anil Hnmmersteln are
wiped out, the Conservative leaders are
projecting the reconstruction of the party
so that it shall beJTrcfrom anti Semltism.
A committee of the party leaders will
meet on December 2 to consider the situ
ation, and It is understood that their aim
li to effect a reunion with the Moderates,
who. under the lead of Dr. Von Helldorf,
seceded from the Conservatives In 1802,
when Baron Von Hammcrctcin succeeded
In launching the bulk of the Conservative
party upon anti-Semitic nnd agrarian
Hues, resulting in disaster.
The committee has a difficult tank bo
fore it to formulaic, a new programme,
which will reconcile the ultras and the
The Berlin central authorities, acting
conjointly with representatives orthe war
office, have ordered an Inquiry as to what
extent voumr Germans emigrating seek to
evade military service and then in later
years return and ask to bev renaturalized.
The large number of cases of applica
tions for renaturalization In recent years
from Gerrain-Amcricans have instigated
the'government to this inquiry.
Youths under seventeen years of age, to
whom passes for emigration cannot- be
r fused, have goue to America, remained
away a'numberor years. In the meantime
becoming American citizens, and returned.
They have been allowed to become re
naturalized without being required to
perform military service.
The war office now proposes that military
servico'Shallbe enforced la all cases where
It Is apparent that emigration was effected
with a view ot evading military service.
All applicants will ba readily met and
restored to,. Gennadi, Citizenship, but no
matter what their age may be, they will
lie called upon to fulfill military duty in
Grand Te-inperuuee Mass Meeting at
Flrxt Congre-satlonul Church.
The Young Wooien'sJBranch of the W C.
T. U- will hold a graud temperance niass
mcetlug In the lecture hall ot the First
Congregational Church, at 3 o'clock this
Mrs. S. D. La Fclra, president ot the
"Y's," will preside, and Dr. Biscboff will
open the services with an organ voluntary.
Choice selections will be rendered by the
"Y" choir, whleaiWiJIl be costumed in
white oxford caps Tend gowns.
The Rev. B. LU WJiltmnu, president ot
Columbian University ,-wlll speak on "Chris
tian Culture," and. the .Rev. G. E. Gilbert,
D. D., secretary of ,ttte, American Society
of Religious EmJeator, 'will deliver an
address on some suitable topic.
Sues forMLosm of Best.
Mrs. Mary E.'4larc'c,,th(! widow of a
police officer weJtf remembered, has sued
the Olumbla Railway Company for dam
ages In the sum at .$3;000 for sacrifice of
rest and health and for expense Incurred
thereby and loss of herUiome by reason of
she erection of aipownr house by the de
fendant company adjoining ber-residence.
The-i operation of-thev machinery Intro
duced rendered her- home lminhabltable.
Her attorneys arcUai-aon and Slddons.
Most any kind of Overcoat you can possibly
want from the short English Top Coats to the
long "Storm Defiers."
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fit as here. Have deep
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sres&-3ssssagari aisrcawsarggssg
WING to the frequent calls for high-class,
artistic, decorated China and Bric-a-brac
we have added a magnificent collection of
imported Hand-decorated Plates, Placques, Comb
and Brush and Manicure Trays, Vases, Clocks,
and Art Bric-a-brac in Delft, Limoge, Teplitz,
Bonn, and other fare wares. Many of these are
decorated with the portraits of such illustrious
personages as the Empress Josephine, Mine. Du
Barry, the Duke and Duchess of Bourgogue, Louis
XV, and others of equal repute.
Do not confound these with the cheap imitation
wares sold in department stores and crockery es
tablishments. Ours are strictly "art goods," and
yet the prices are surprisingly reasonable. .
We are still selling Ladies' $22 solid 14-karat
Gold Watches for $16.
Jewelers, 91 1 Pa. Ave.
Lnnenliure Teopla Inillgfiiaut ADont
His Course In tho Murder Ois-es.
(Special to The Times.)
Richmond, Vn.. Xov. 23 Sergeant Epps
ot the city of Richmond, was fined $25
today by Judge Orgain of the Lunenburg
county court, for contempt in refusing to
obey the orders of Judge Orgain to send
the prisoners to thatcounty.
Capt.Epps was treated with great courtesy
and the commonwealth's attorney in his
speech expressed regret that he had to
prosecute so-faithful an officer of the com
monwealth, but he wished to set an example
as to the interference with the Judicary
on the part of the executive.
There Is bitter feeling In Lunenburg
against Gov. O'Ferrall.
At tlie Hotels.
Arrivals at the .hotels were not very
brisk last night. Most of the clerks ex
pressed tbe opinion that the big politicians
would eat their Thanksgiving turkey at
Among the' late arrivals were:
AC the Ebbltt House, Congressman J. E.
McCall of Lexington, Tenn., and Col. A.
McCrackln of the United States Navy.
11 Mr. J. P. Shannon and wife are at the
RIggs House. Mr. Sliannon Is the proprietor
of the Carrollton Hotel, Baltimore, and
the Blue Mountain House, Maryland.
Knn.-.ii nebols Defeat Chinese Troops.
London, Nov- 23. A dispatch from
Shanghai states that a.Chlnese army un
der Gen.'Taug Fuh-Slang. which was sent
to subdue the Kansu rebels, has been ut
terly defeated at Hslan. The "rebels are
now.masters of half tbe province of Kansu.
For All-wool Blue and Black Ker
seys cut iu three different lengths.
Have deep silk velvet collars, sewed
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they cost twice as much.
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colors blue black and brown
lined two different wavs half satin
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are $30 in mostsjavery t
other store. The-tail-
ors get $40 with
chances even that you
"" 6'-'- "Oyguuca -a. l
-ri - rrs o rerrr o
silk velvet collars and
half with serge.
JoliiiSmalUvood Arretted undCbarged
"With the Thefts.
Detective Lacy yesterdaV'arrested John
Pmallvvood, alias Joe Johnson, for the
commission of a number of thtfts.
Smallwood, who gave bis occupation as
that ot tv alter, rented a room at So
1210 R street northwest. Other" roomers
In the sime houe missed various articles
ot c'othlug. John Edmunds and' ErWd'
Price complained to the police, and De
tective Lacy recovered the'goods and ar
reted the thief. Smallwood had sold a
$15 suit of clothes to a hod-carrier for
$1 50.
. '
JTurnlture Mnnufncturers Assign.
Richmond, Va Nov.,23, Late Ibis after- J
noon a deed of assignment was filed
in the office ot the clerk of the chancery"!
coure iiy iienry jj. iioimcs, successor to
Savage & Holmes, furniture manufacturers
here. The liabilities, ore placed at.S20,
000. R. L. Montague has been made
Editor Sent to Jnll. '
Huntington, W. Va., Nov. 23. City
Editor rvvvell, of the Times, was today
sent to Jail for ten -days and ifined $30.
for contempt of court by the judge of the
criminal court. ThcTother editors 6r the'
piper wre fined only $50. The case was
caused by articles that appeared "Itj" the
paper reflecting on the .court. v M , .,
Pennsylvania Hnllroad-ro'Baltlnrore-
nnd Return. . , .
Saturday nnd Sunday, November 23 and
24, valid for return pasc&ge nhtll Monday,1
the 25th. Hate $1.23. Good on any train.
Hutz'i Modern Pharmacy,
Cor. :ithand FBU.
Cod' Liver Oil,
Pint Bottle, 50c
Every druggist sells cod liver
oil, but few sell good oiL If
you need cod liver oil you
want the best. We buy it
in original tanks direct from
the fisheries, and it is abso
lutely pure. We sell a bot
tle every half hour in the
day; that is why it is fresh.
The average druggist buys
a gallon of uncertain quality
from the wholesale druggist
and it lasts him a month.
There's a lesson in this.
We sell all kinds of drugs,
piobably more than any 20
drug stores in Washington.
Get a priced catalogue and
3'ou will know where to buy
your drugs in the future.
Mm Pharmacy,
Solid Warranted
Silver GUARANTEED GoW-fiDefl
Ciiatelaine Case,
S3.oo Perl8Et sun
watsnes, TIMEKEEPERS, jssssl
S3 00. 59 00
A. KAHN, 935 F St. H. W.
, Cor. 3fj and E. Cap. Sts.,
Under new management, offers special
attractions to regular and transient
board ars. jn excellent cook and extra
earn In the eeltc Ion of our sroTi&lons
enables U3 to glre you satis!ao:lon.
Mop in and try a me&L ice price will
be only 25c. Conducted by
'Our Is up to tho high-water mar of
riUSriMJ excellence. 'othlne too
U ork large nothlns too small for as to print.
1107 K street northwest. 'Phone 1532.
Action With Ke-ference to Them DT
tho street Itatlwny Assembly.
The Street Railway Assembly held a
largely-attended meeting last evening at
Hunch's Hall, No. 31 1 Eighth street north
west. The special committee having In charge
the Anucostia lockout reported that every
tlung was grolng on as satisfactorily as
could be espected. The 'busses being run
by the assembly were receiving a full share
of the patronage of thepeople of Anacostia,
and on that score there coJld be no com
plaint. There were a great many persons,
however, who not be-ing able to pay two
fares, walk to the nay yard in preference
to tokm-r advantage of a free 'bus ride.
Knowing that these persons are sincere
friends to the locltdout drivers and to
organized labor, to relieve Uiem front em
l)arrasnint and put all on the same foot
ing, the committee advised the taking
out of the coi.tnbutlon bozes, which had
been p'aced in the 'busses.
Th mggestiou was approved by tbe as
sembly and the boxes were ordered to be
taken out of tho 'busses.
To offset this reduction in the funds for
the support of the locked out men the as
sembiy decided to s-cure the service of some
noted labor advocate to deliver a lecture
for th benefit of the Anacostia drivers.
Messrs. 11. Casey, J. R. Reelmond and W.
F. Dement were appointed a committee to
make all necessary arrangements and have
elecided to ask General ilaater Workman
Joeph K. Sovereign, of the Knights of
Labor, to deliver the lectnre
Tlie ball committee reported progress and
will shortly announce the date on which
It will be given.
Subscriptions Comtnjfln to TheTlmea
Help Fund.
Poverty hn. In ninny Instances, laid
itnhand upon thelocked-ont employes
ot the AnucoMl.1 Street Railroad. In
r.onie families affected there Is islok
nesi nnd sufferlus.
The-,o women nnd children are
"worthy obje-ct. of charity and the
relief fund M lined by The Times la
He-low Is the amount received to
date, all of which 1m turned over to
the Street Railway Dnion.
C. G. Conn ?25 OO
Ijumdry Workers, K. of L.. 5 OO
D. A. ntl.K. ofL, 2,500 OO
"P.. V. Lawrence 1 OO
ralnters' I..A. 1748,K.of L. lOOO
EccentrlcEnshieers 5 00
Samuel Solomon 5 00
Carriage and Wniroii3Iaker. 5 00
I'lipeTliansers' Assembly.. .. 5 OO
Phisti-rers' Assembly 25 OO
Operative Stonemasons' Aa-
.oeliitloriNo.-l.Il.M.audl.U. lOOO
Cn-li 1 50
A Woman 50
Tin and Sheet-Iron Workera,
Xo.203l,K.of Ij 500
linkers .Monnmcntal Asicem-'
hly, Z,. A. 2380, K. otL... .. 5 00
,T.AI.JndKe,Ala 1 OO
ji. u. Jiurray, lex 1 OO
Washington Musical Assem
bly. 5 00
JlottlIii'jnou-e,Employes.. .. 1100
linker-.' Drivers, I.A.I04a. 5 00
Inte'rnntlonnl VrlntlncPress-
men's Union 10 00
Local Union, 90, 1.. A 5 00
Clerks' AKsoinbly,L.A.1259. 5 OO
Harbors'AssembIy,No.4032. 5 00
llor-.L"ihoer,Assembl-,"o.i7 11 00
Greek Letter Social.
Alpha Nu Chapter of the Kappa Alpha
Fraternity, located at the Columbian Uni
versity, combined with the Alumni Chapter
of the same order, celebrated Alpha Nu'
first birthday on last evening, in their ele
gantly-furnished rooms at fc08 SeMnteentu
street northwest. A full attendance of th
active chapter was present to Jollify In
the happy e ent. The Alumni Chapter wa
also present In a goodly number..
Mr. FlnncTty Will Speak.
Arrangements will soon be completed
by the United Societies of Washington by
which those Interested In the Irish ques
tion will have the opportunity of listening
to the eminent orator. ex-Congressman
Finnerty of Chicago, who will deliver an
Death of Alfred J. Anderson.
Alfred J. Anderson, colored, who for
.number of years occupied a poslUon of.
trust in the war Department, died Wednes
day at the home "of his- son-in-law In
AenH, O. Air. Anderson was a co-worker
nlth the late Frederick Douglas In tha
duti-'lavtry movement:, lie left man
riebds In this city.
are ringing and
tho ringlet of tha
Dr.ues annas u
'splt-tdlistock. L.'1-iEII, Sia Muth S-roet.
pmrf -,i--;-Jjrs ..
.- ;

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