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03Wr wwtti.M
Lansburh's Rink
and faster are th Suits and Overcoats that have to be
sacrificed in order that we may obey orders from Bos
ton and close up' at once. The goods are all, new and
fresh, made for tgis winter's trade the best in the city.
Here are a few price pointers:
will be here tills weelTwitli
its attendant festivities. Don't you want sonic new
Parlor Furniture? You want to make a 'good
appearance before your guests. We have made
special prices on all our Parlor Furniture for this
week, and if you want anything, now is your time
to buy. Our prices were low before, now they are
doubly lbw. .--...
1 yfi"' f J
LEWIS B. MOORE, Manager.
92S 7th St.
black goods
at 'most half.
The .11m ix ot Bilk and Black
Gok1s Mllitic has mine. Nothing
in our pist sdhug. or In the sell
lug of others, irar foiupares with
what wo have lnuffcr u tomorrow
morning, cither ill
reu lle'iiee of qualities
variety of styles,
llttienci-s of prices.
Last week c attended a sale in
New York city, the like of which
nns never heforo known. We were
tlie only people In town represented.
The lots of .Silks and Black Goods
were large, and the one aim of the
manufacturers was to find a market
with irstai.t cash behind it licnco
cost was a secondary ci,i.sIderation.
Wo v.erelarge buyers the goodsare
here, and the sale will begin tonior
yard for 50c.
navy blue taffeta.
a yard for 60c
black taffetas.
a yard for 75c
changeable taffetas.
a yard for 50c
satin stripe raye
nine evening shades.
Cfr a yard for $1
satin stripe taffetas.
C- yard 'for 50c
ZcL satin rhadame.
Ave evening shades.
M. Goldenberg,
928 7th St., Near Mass. Av.
Officer Stewart Illttcn and Kicked by
an OfoMreperoiiH Scgriii
Policeman Slcwart.oflheElghtliprcclnct,
had a hard fight with a prisoner List
night. He attempted to arrest a negro for
profanity at the comer ot Fourth and T
streets northwest. The negro was with a
wouiiu, also colored, and the couple had
taken possession of the side walk.
Officer Stewart placed tnc nun under
arrest and started for the box to call the
wagon, but had gone only a few ste-p",
when his prisoner turned ami dealt him a
clinging blow in tlie face. Tney clinched
and for ten minutes the right was terrlfic.
The negro used hands, feet, and teeth, and
at last kicked the plucky officer in tlie
stomach, as they lay sprawling on tho
ja ement and broke away. '
Stewart stsggerrd to li If- fret and gave
chase. He fired two shuts In the air to
frighten the fugitive, but the negro knew
who was chasing him and ;ok his chance.
At the corner nf U and Fifth streets he
ran into the arms of Special Officer KIrby
whom he struck and was in turn struck
wild n billy and knocked down. He was
11 1 en secured and taken to the station, and
rare his name as John V. Johnston, but re
fused his address.
The police say that lie Is known to them
is an ugly and desperate customer, and un
less fearing arrest for some larger crime
would not have made such a resistance.
ilarrlnjro Lleciif.cn.
Licenses to marry have been issued n fol
Frank Lcc Simon of ilontlcello, Tla., and
Mae Schmidt.
John Caltes and Uzzle Theis, both of
Andrew Maeauley and Mary Giles.
James I.. Troutand Mrs. Jane C. Schejde.
Hichard W.itklns and Ik'ttic Hughes.
Frederick Mcyctt and Sellna II. Shadd.
Charles A. Jones and Matilda Adams.
William Talbort and Mary Jones.
Henry Douglass and Elizabeth Diggs.
James MeGowan and Mary Jackson.
Edward C. Curran of Unlteil States Navy,
to Annio M. Sullivan of Washington.
Robert Fox and Nellie I.yles.
John William Henry of Washington and
Frances Hrockenborough Barber of St,
Mary's county, Md.
'William H. Gotlcib and Nellie Chase.
F&ul Bell and Martha Walker.
IS, (13, and SIS Sulla, well innlo. In
ne-Hi patterns, excellent values.
114 and $15 tults. made of stylish,
filglrfly goods, any of them well
vortb the original price. Choice.
H7lid.JISSllll.b.onestall Tvool mil.
' tellals.ln all tlio newest et)Ics,and
eiery, suit a startling bargain.
til) and K2 Suits In desirable pat
lerua, I rlcrt positively les luao
co-t to manufacture. Choleo . ...
2T and $3) lultJ. nno Imiorted and
Domestic rubrics In nil tlio newest
styles, e.pml loeUftloin-mado.soroe
linn throughout with silk. Choice
Pointers for Depositors in The
-Tiniss' Ballot Boxs.
Propo-lim tu Aid the Workliniiiinii by
M&iulhiK Untold -Mlllloiw in a Few
Yciir-. Oittrddii-ljilmr to llctiii flu"
lli'iH-flf Talk About Hepi-nling I lie
lllghwii Act.
Tlie citizens of Washington win proti
ably have the privilege of the billot to
morrow for tlie first time since all things
and all n.cn wore appointed" for the Dis
trict of Columbia bj the higher ikiwcts.
It is expected that The Time' bond bill
ballot boxes will be In position then,
and the next thing to do is to fill them
with ballots, MH-ai, a time, aud onlj one
from eai h voter.
The oiilj returning binrd in this kind of
election will be the gentlemen who have
kindl i-onsenled to net as managers of
election Ac-cording to" the usual method
of lalcdlation, there ought to lie In Wash
ington about 50,000 Qualified voters on
the simple, manhood qualification. Sup
posing that onl 2r,000 residents are
property-holders, that number will at
least have a direi l Interest in the question
to lie tolved bv the b.d'ot.
Ah to women voting, thire Is e-ertalnly
"nothing In the nature of the question"
'submitted to debar them from voting If
they own property, or arc mulcted annually
In any kind of taxation that might be ap
plied to the payment of the Interest on tlie
multiplied millions or lionds about which
the lobbyists are talki-ig so glibly. One
thing Is certain, and that Is that the vote
will lie big enough to make legislators
pause to consider what they will say.
The current benefit of any work, whether
of sewers orflrcet extension, would natu
rally lie to thedaylaliorerson such works.
ThH is llic argument, or at least one of the
arguments, urged In ami out of season by
tlie Commissioners and the Senate aud
House committees who were driving the
bill ill rough Congress. The House com
mittee was so mindful f) of the necessities
of the labor problem In the bond bin issue
that it said:
"Whatever doubt thcro may be as to the
propriety of the government undertaking to
provide for the people as a matter of gen
eral policy, there can be no quest ion in the
opinion of the Commissioners and of this
committee as to tnc vvisuoin oi uoing worn
of such Importance and pressing necessity
as that contemplated by the bill at a time
when the incidental benefit to the uncra
plojcd would be greater than ever before."
It is evident to, the worklngmcn of the
District that If the work Is to be com
menced and rushed, as the bill urges, the
most part of it will be done in a short
time, ami to produce that result the number
of clay laborers in the District will be but
a small proportion of the whole number
employed. On the contrary. It Is argued
that should the work be done other than
in this spasmmllc fashion there- will be
a long period during which local labor
could be employed, and there does not
appear to be any hurry whatever unless
it is proposed that only those now in
office will be entitled to marble monuments
on the completion nf the work.
The advocates of haste have been con
founded by their own arguments as
good reasons why there should be no hate.
When Assessor Trimble's report was used
by the committee It showed that within
the last three years property In the county
had Increased 7i per cent, and In the
jears from 1S94 tp 1894 the Increase In
the assessments was simply marve-Ious,
ami all this without a bond or sewer bill.
The following table from the assessor's
books will show conclusively how salts
factory was the natural growth of values:
Afsi-spment of lands and Improvements in
Ilelalr Heights.. .
Columbia Heights .
Holmeail estate.. .
Kalorama Heights
. 8,840
. 245,014
. 27,733
. 33,40(1
. 41,000
. 240,179
Meridian run ,
Tiittin'A KtirKlivlsion ot
Widow's Mite 4.9G9
Troe'dell's subdivision --
of WIdow'sMite 2.030
Todd and Drown's.... 171,061
Washington Heights,
Corn's subdivision .. C2.000
Whitney Close 5i'ii
Le Droit Tari 253,203
1 22,53
The urgency of legislation is cMuemlj
on behalf of people who liave bought lands
for speculative purposes One of the
owners ot property in the suburbs said to
The Times yesterday that one ot the big
gest schemes jet orcanUed was no at
work In the suburbs, which also me-ant
that it would lie soon nt work with Con
gress He mentioned Drevcl, Morgan &
Co as being interested in this deal.
This suburliau onner probably did not
know, nor do tho J)reeI-Morgau Rjmlii-ate
and other promoters know that there is
in preparation n bill to repeal the hlgh-
,way act, root and branch.
The above will lie good rood roruigi'iin
for the people who are to do the voting
iu The Times botes
And It ITa- Fixed for Immediate
Officer hlewart, of the Eighth precinct,
arrested llob-rl Upshaw late yestcrdav
afternoon for rex Mess driving.
IVh.iw is a young colonii man who
amused himself by driving furiously up
nnd down Fourteenth street, endangering
the lives of pedestrians.
hen scare lied at the station a razor was
found upon him with the blade fntened
back so that it could be used as a knife.
He was loikeil up f.ir fast driving and
carrjlng concealed weapons.
ForiH-Iosmo for $M,Sl)OtOOO.
Seattle, Wash., Nov. 2.1. United State
District Judge Hnnford has signed a dec ree
of foreclosure against the Seattle, Lake
Shore anil Eastern Kallu.iy, In proeredings
Instituted at the Instinoc of the Union
Trust Company, of New York. The claim
against the projierty Is $0,300,000.
Actor Maon Insolvent.
Boston, Nov. 23 John II. Mnson, the
actor, today filed a voluntary petition
in iusolvcnc in the feuffolk county e-ourt.
He gives the amount of his property as
nothing and hi" l ht a" Sci.QOO.
ore Than a Score oi Persons Inler
Tlewen Wlio Were Cured By me
CWoriuiun Treatment tor
Consasipiion Citi
zens Grateful.
It will be remembered that The Times
undertook the responsible and laborious
task or Intenieuitii; persons talc! to have
bee-n cured of consumption by Dr. Shade.
1232 Fourteenth btreet. ot this elty, last
rail, with no thought of brliiKiHB to llsht
to great a dicoery and bleslnjr to hu
manity as it has turned out to be. It will
also be remembered that we -were rc
qucstod to undertake this philanthropic
ork by citizens ot the District. We'satd
in our first report last fall that if lr.
Shade was deceHInu the people and tvas
a quack, it should lie known by the pub
lic; and, on the other hand, It Dr. Shade
was curins the drejd disease, consump
tion. The Times would be glad to publish
the news In Its columns.
We hae. up to the present. Interviewed
tw enty-eicht persons, physicians, fonsress
men, merchants and other citizens of
Washington city, who declare that Dr.
fahade cured them of consumption after
being chen up by their family physicians
and i-peciali-as of the District. We are av
Hbert to give the names and adresses of
a few of the cured: Dr. McKim's daughter.
2B Firth st. se.; Dr. J. C. McConnell. .uu
Thinl st. nw., mlcroseoplst and jiatholo
gist for firteen year-, at the Army .Medical
Muse din; Jlaiorllnimmond'sdaughter.ilrs.
Holland, 001 Ninth ht. ne., whose rather,
brother and sister died ot consumption.
Write to Sirs. Holland. Dr. JleConnell or
to all addre-ses giten; also to W. Hunrord
Brown. 130U S ot. nw., whose fattier,
mother and sisters died ot consumption.
Mr. Drown wis reduced to ninetj-rue
pounds In weight, swollen hands and
reet; cured three years ago and Is still
in good health. He had been sick three
years; wclghX now. 1G! pounds; Hon. Mer
iran R. Wise, ot Pennsylvania; Mrs. Ben
der. 1232 Sixth st. nw., -was treated and
given up by seven Washington physlciaus;
Dr. Patten-ou, 62 B su ne.; Mrs. Wcl
borne, 3308 Sherman ave.; Oeorge N.
Wells. Lanhani. Mil.; Mrs. George Koons,
llagerstown, Md.; Melchor Lcidy.Cearross,
Md.; H. O. Carbaugh. Black's Gap, I'a.;
Dr. If. it. I'liillips, i.ue pnjsician in imie
vue Hospital. New York, was associated
with Drs. Loomts and J.meway. He had
also been Inspector of all hospitals in the
city and rountv otNew Vork for Mx jears.
Dr. Phillip" was cured by Dr. Slide's
chloriilum treatment. . . ,
Dr. P. Brett Morgan, who rills the chair
of pliyi-ical diagnosis and lung diseases
in the Hospital College In San Francisco,
Cal.. sas: "Dr. Shade's ehlorldum treat
ment for constimpllon Is the greatest dis
coery of the century." .
Mnnv ritl7itis of Washington are Hound
ing the praHes of The Washlrgton Tinn-R
forltie grand wortaccnmiHiidied. and now
that it has been established beyond doubt
that so great a percentage of curex of
ntntnmniton hns neer been renortetl in
this or any other country, quite a number
or ptivsieiana oi wasningion nim innmn-ns
of their fainllleN hae placed thenisenes
nnder Dr. Shade's ehlorldum treatment
forconsuinpUon. " W. B.
' Svv
So'M Pollsbod Oat, Brace arm,
never soil for lew than tl.M.
Thankf giving week ,
Another nonilerful Tttuo 4-foot
twlWied onk, Cn)y lln.anod.
Kcpular iZO Tnlua TbanktsU
ioc wetk
;vtkvvvv tvvt
Nearer and Nearer
draws the day on which we must pay the note for $15,885.18
dueBergher Bros., Syracuse, N. Y. December 2d is the date
and we are leaving no stone unturne 1 to raise the amount.
goes the mercury in.the price thermometer OVERCOATS,
feeing absolutely slaughtered qualities cut no figure whatever.
Splendid new goods magnificently made up
and Dnlshed all tho hitee: patterns all s'zos
wonderful prices. '
$iOJTronsr9 iMicrlfKel at..: SI DO
CTOOIrousersMicrihced at..: I. SO
M IrcLei-rs MurillccJ at.i...L 1.75
it 10 Tromers .'.acriaeed at , 2.00
tioJ Trouers hecTiflced at 2 50
STOOTrou'crsSaiTiriccd at , 3.50
A beautiful now stoet of Children's Suits for
winter oar It seems a burniug shame to
have to sacrifice theso flue goods At less thin
wholesslo cost .Ml sizes and eTory stylo made
r.onutiful Suits at II 10 i lteefer Suits at... M00
Double - breasted I Junior JMiltsnt.... Z'J)
Suit 1.69 I lllch-grade Suits
Double broasted I at.... 100
Suit S.C0 I Hlgb-grado bulls
ICooferhuits at... IWl at SCO
New York
311 Seventh
POLIO Sip lltll
Virginia Authorities Will Now
'Attend to the Gentry.
Eddie Ileutli Is the Only Ono nt tlio
Indicted Gang Unaccounted For.
Tlicy Will Ho ArrnlKiietl In Alei
nnd rlu Tomorrow to l'lend ffur
on In KuriifNt.
Delective Baldwin or Virginia last night
arrested Jack Heath, jr., making ihe
fourth member or the gang of gamblers
against which the Slate of Virginia -will
proceed for operating gambllngMolnts in
Virginia In violation and defiance or State
As stated In The Times of yesterday,
lack Heath, sr., Harry Riley and Samuel
DaIs were taken Into custody late Friday
night and during the small hours of Satur
day morning by Baldwin, the great Vir
ginia detective, aided by the detective
corps and the police department of tho
District ot Columbia
Eddie Heath Is the only one ot the In
dicted men now nt large, and it is ex
pected that he will be apprehended before
Monday and be on hand when the court
Jnck Heath, sr., Harry Itlley ami Sam
Pavls were yesterday turned over to De
tective Baldwin and -were taken to Alex
andria. The thre-c gamblers were.irralgr.ed
bc-rore Justice Schlexogt aV the county
courthouse.- Riley and Davis were admitted
to ball in the sum of $B00 each. Mr. Sam
uel H. Lunt becoming surety for their
appearance in court tomorrow. j.L
Heath was not requlreilo give kill, as
be had dune this some time before.
Detective Baldwin c?mc to Washington
jcoterday on the 11:30 train from Alex
andria and at once went in search of the
other men wanted by the Virginia authori
ties. The detective stated that theso ar
rests would not close the war against
gambling in Alexandria county, lit that
the policy Joints, which are doing a heavy
business In and around Rossljn, oTou!d
next have to submit to the Uw and close
Don't forget the Carpets; our stock was
never better. Every kind. Every make.
We have miles and miles of them, and all
the patterns were selected with care and conT
The prices were never cheaper than
they are now, nor the qualities better.
Our Curtains and Draperies, too, make""
an excellent showing.
Lansburh's Rink
Superb Melton. HeaTer, Kery and Hough
and iroom Cloth OTercoat all tlio new ami
moet fashionable cnta an i lengths all tl2ca
and qualities.
I.ecular f" 0 OTercoata must coat.. S 3 75
ItecularflUOTercvitamtmgoat.... 3 OO
KfStilfir 115 Overcoata must go at.... 7bO
Una raw) OTorcoats niuv.go at.... 14 Ou
Grand $30.(Xj Orcrcuats must goal.. IS UO
Finest qualities ot Heavyweight bults la
Ttolbets, Chovlots, Coselmeree, and Worsteds.
Erery size orcry style every make. r
(lOSultselaugbterodat. S5.00'
$11 Suits slaughtered at 6.00
tlSSulta slaughtered at 7 50
117 Suits Slaughtered at 8 50
IS) Suits Slaughtered at. IO.OO
Street N. W.
down Virginia was In earnest in this
fight against crime, and If gambling was
not crushed in Alexandria county it would
be liecause the power of the lawless ele
ment In that county was mightier than the
power ot the grand old commonwealth of
These dens of vice would be raided and
their proprietors and such patrons as might
lie caught there would be arrested and
dealt with aB severely as the law would
permit- It would be useless for this class
to pleadfor mercy. They had been warned
repeatedly, aud now that the law was
closing In on them they must meet the
fate which they have so long defied.
It would be but the question of a tow
days. Detective Baldwin thought, when
Rossljn and Jackson City would be puri
fied by the police. The citizens of those
places would either have to change their
business or leave the State. No trifling
was to be indulged in. The present at
tack on the gamblers was not in the nature
nif a spurt. It was not a spasm of good
ness which had attacked the government
of Virginia.
The Governor had thought tlie matter
over calmly and beriously Tor a long time,
in fact ever since The Times began lis
famous crusade against the lawlessness
if that region ot the State, and he had
reached a conclusion which practically
settled the matter. The gambler must
go. It-made no difference whether they
played poker, faro, keno, crap, or policy.
To play any of these games for money
was a violation f the law aud it was tlie
determination of the law officers of tlie
State to do their doty. After Jackson
City and Rosglyn had been raided awav;
after they had ceased to be; after the
leading industry of that part of Virginia
lud been destroyed, the law would walch
with Its argus eye to see that there should
be no recurrence of the vice. If Ihe gam
blers felt that they were to be let off Willi
tines, and that the prosecution of the
war of reform would then slack up, they
were mightily wrong.
Detective Baldwin intimated that if any
gambling joints were in operation in the
city of Alexandria, they should beware,
liec-ms.' the Governor did not Intend to
split hairs or draw lines between Jackson
City, Rosslyn, Alexandria or any other
place in that part of Virginia where the
anil-gambling law was viokited.
The proprietors of the various poker
rooms and other remits In Alexandria
city, are feeling considerable alarm and
just, now are asking a good many rres
Uons before admitting strangers to their
Mr. Walsh, who was arrested late last
night on a requisition warrant, was re
leased after a personal Interview with tbe
Clothing House,
What ink you
o! Ladies' $B m?j
at $2.98?
Vici Kid winter soles made by
the best house in Boston selected
leather latest shapes Philadelphia
Toes Razor Toes Common Sense
Toes Opera Toes" the newest and
best at
Ladies' Patent Leather Shoes,
Here's a bargain regular shoes
everywhere in town here reduced
special in price special in quality
STOLL'S "810"
Executive Hoard of the Genernl A
fcnilily Hard nt Work.
General Master Workman Sovereign,
Worthy Foreman Bishop and other mem
bers of the executive board of the Knights
of Labor of America are still In tlie city.
They were engaged yesterday In arrang
ing the daily reports of the sessions and
getting them ready for publication. It
is a heavy task dud will take some time,
but will be rushed as rapidly as the nature
of the work will allow.
The reports are belts compiled for dis
tribution among the various assemblies
throughout the country.
Imitation -N'ot Appreciated.
John n. Runisey, colored, aged twenty
five years, who claimed to be a plumber in
the employ of tlie Georgetown Gas Com
pany, got drunk last night and proceeded
to paint the town a fiery red. All went
wll until he Insisted upon having Officer
P.issau go to a drug store and have a bromo
with him. The o f fleer decided that Itiimsey
could sleep off his Jag better In a cell and
accordingly took him to station No. 7 and
locked him up.
fo Co u nterfcltsln Georgetown.
There Is no foundation for the story
printed In an -afternoon paper last i " t
to the effect that a gang of counter
feit rs were "sniiviiig" we 'qiee-r in
Georgetown. The merchants and trades
men there deny that, as staled, tbey have
been made the easy marks of this sup
posed gang.
The only piece of counterfeit money
.known to have been found in George
town lately was a one-dollar bill, discov
ered In deposit at the Farmers and Me
chanics Bank of Georgetown on November
On German 1.1 tern tine.
The Bethel Literary and Historical Asso
ciation will meet on Tuesday evening, at
the Fifteenth Street .Trcsbv tcrUn Church,
near I street northwest. The paper will
be presented by Trof. Sdioeofeldt, of
Columbian UDltersUy, on the "Classical
period ot German literature."
TolKhW Quartered Oak, tatitt
lully inalo aaJ CnlshoJ. TLo
roftilsr iricc fit' Tbanlnslvins
0Uier5wIiU ftwelt fronts an 1 sMea.
Miijtl trouta anJ Corner Cbln&
Closets, iroui SiaWTiiv
KIi?- --
I 5 lly5;, I
7n' WboaM I a wonderful bar
pa n 4 foot pullliel oak, shaped
Frvncti plat- mirror, eoIM cast
bra-- trimmfnes Tbe former
jirlcq ir&s i,ux?). ThanksgiiLDg
prko ..
STOLL'S "3io."
Portf Has Adopted VIKoi-oum Measure-.
Tonttrit tlie IllolerN.
The Turkish legation in tlHsclty received
from the sublime porte the following cable
gram: "Constantinople, Nov. 23. At the requcit
ot the council of the Armenian Church or
Niksar, (Slvas) the authorities arrested six
teen suspicious Armenians.
"Thanks to the means taken by the au
thorltles of Haflfc, the niaraudereahout that
town were arrested and the citizens re
openisl their shops.
"The Inquest concerning the disorders at
Alntal proved that the disorders there took
place In consequence of the murder of thre-e
Mussulmans by Armenian rioters. Perfect
tranquility exists now at Alntal.
"During the afrray at tt.e villages ot
Kotirnallklnla and Koypounar, (Slvas) two
Mussulmans and one Armenian were killed,
anil three Mussulmans and one Armenian
"Under the advice given by tl-e author!
ties, the Armenians who were assembled at
Tchonknierzein, returned to ttwlr villages
and order was restored.
"In the Armenian Church ot Karahlssar
Charki, thirty-nine revolutionary pamphlets
were totiuj."
Supposed Lunatic Drought in From
Clliiln llrldKC.
Two men went to the Seventh precinct
Iiollce station late last night and informed
Lieutenant Swindell that a crazy man was
loose at Chain Bridge and had terrorized
the community since early in thcaltemoon.
They also said that be had pulled bis
whiskers nnd hair out until there was
cone left on bis head anil face. The patrol
wagon. In charge of Officer Fischer, was
sent after him.
When brought Into the station an hr.ur
aad n half later it was seen that big hair
was all gone, that In fact be was perfectly
baMheadeil and had probably been so for
year". He gave his name as Jacob Xnapp,
h German.-flftyflve years okl. ne was
craz drunk that was all.
' &-Z";-
Lrf'-lV'W " - .-, -JW m wv-5A'V-3i3S- S?'fe?.'"
.-&. -wSi "Zt
-r . . w -Jt5r Si?" a iAv

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