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-'pp(r -j;f T-
v, - - -
1:oi.mo, Evlmmi, ap Str-mvr )
The Kahhlnqton Times Company,
times iiuildinq.
Ro?nnvv-iOTConEitrBr.Nsvi.vASiA Avzxrs and
Textu btkikx.
Telephone Editorial Hoosis, IM
Serines Oraco" 3J:.
Wee Morning or Evening E4iiioa..One Cent.
Eunuaj LMIIIon. Three Cents.
UcntUj ly Carrlor -
Horning and Sunday. Thlrty-flre Cents.
Ercnlug Thirty Cents.
slornintr, 1
Evening ani- Fjftt Cents.
bund ay, J
The Times' Branch Olfices.
can secure tlielrnuiiplyofMonilngaEd
BvenlngTImesnttho follow lngbruucb
Frank Sinltli-ltti and G Ms. nw.
M. McNulty, 133U Mill xt. iivr
A. b. sicciosUa-, iaiu vtn t. nw.
II. IluCr, 2153 I'll. live. 11 w. -
Joseph Linden, 400 8tb Ht.o. .
J. XV. Jolm-on, 40 II Rt. lie.
IV. F. Mnckiiy, 2l II t. lie.
JUHepli l'etlguat, GOU Tib ht. bit.
AfivTtl.eiiiorii lelt nt any of tlio
above branche will receive tbejuino,;
prompt attention a luougii uruuguv
to the uiuln office.
6ub)crlbcT to-"Tho
eonier a fnvor by promptly repoxtlna
my dtcourtiy of collector ar neg
lect of duty on the imrt of carrier
Couiplulnttf ettUer by mall or In per
son will n-celve prompt nitentlou.
Tbe Morning Edition ibould be dev
Irreretl to nil parts of tboclty by-ftSt)
o'olook a. m., including Sunday. Tbe
Evening EJttlon atiuulil bo In bo
bnud or e.uooribors not lator tbun
630 p. ui.
Rejected manuscripts nre usually'
returned when accompanied by
tnnii). but nny obligation to do so
la xiirn4lv disavowed.
Manuscript" unaccompanied
ouige will not bo returned.
AdtertlMirx Will Do IVell to Profit
by tin- Kxperlenco ol Other.
F.xiierluientlng In advertising has proved
very costly to thousands of merchants
throughout tlio United Stales.
Tlie most prospcroJs merchant In Wash
ington are those who advertise In Tlie
TBaes Its morning and evening editions
afford merchants such an opportunity as is
presented by no oilier medium In tills city.
The Timet tarries no business of mer
chants who advertise merely because they
slivnys have. Merchants who use Tlie
Tlnieb do so because they have carefully
estimated its value and have realized
the bmefits to be derived from therr-cx-penditcrcs.
The limes asks for business on merit
only. Its clrtulitlon is fully 23 per cent
greater than that of any other paper
published in Washington, and affects more
trade than all others combined.
The Times is the pnpir of the people
people who read advertisements and who
tpend their money In V. asulngtun.
Tlie circulation of Tbe Time for
tlio weeV ending November 17 vvnKasp
follow: ,.
Momliiy, Xot. 1 1 3.V-248
Tuesday, Nov. 12 35,1)05
TTediierfIii-,N"o.13 34.H58
Thursday, Nov. 14 :I4,1J15
Friday. Nov. 15 :i4,K7;ir
Saturday, Sm. IC 35,030
Sunday, Nov. 17 23,47.0
Totnl 233,700
I holetii nly Mw-ear tbat tbe nbovo Is
a correct Matcment of tlie dally cir
culation of THK WASHINGTON
TIMES for the weekendluj:Noeinber
17, lSD5,nnd tlial all tbi' copies were
actually wld tr iiiiilltnl for u alunbio
consideration and dclU cred to lwua
Udw imrcliaMrrt or NiilivcriberH; abco,
tlint iioni of tbciu wero returned or
remain In tlio office undelivered.
J. Mllro.S" YOUNG , CiiKlilor.
Subscribed and Nworn to before too
ihlH 18tb dnj- of Novemlr, A. I).
Notary Public.
worted no niarLed Injustice to local men.
These condiitons arc now changed. The
" WoTk tn bl- done can be advantageously ac
complished by local labor, even thotifjli Its
.completion rrouJd be somewhat Uelajcd.
Uowevcr, lit the main question be de
cided. Say what you think and say it with
a ballot In a Times bond bill ballot box.
Do jou think District taxpajcrs ehouM
go Into debt for city sewerage anJ street
liflirovcrncnts?ircs,nr No?
Do jou thlnU imtrlct taxpajcrs should
go ln(o,dc.!it for"street extension and im
provements outside the city proper? Yes,
or No?
Tlie commission merchants on Louisiana
avenue, between Ninth and Tenth fctreels,
appear to havegood ground for their pro
test against the order directing the removal
of their goodsfrom the sidewalk. There does
rot siem to b any reason for requiring
them to do something which will not merely
Interfere sirlously with their convenience,
bnl make It almost Impossible for thm to
transact their business prorcrly, if at all.
In fact, a large proportion of the goods they
handle Is of "a kli.d that compliance with
the Commissioners' order would Involve
griat pecuniary loss.
Enforcement of the order, which, though
-there be ulaw on the subject, rests largely
within thcdlscrition of the Commissioners,
might bejirstiflitl. If there had been a great
deal of 'complaint about obstruction of the
sidewalks or of bad odors Troin the wares
exposed, or for any other good and suf
ficient cause. But the sidewalks or that
partner Louisiana avenue are probably
wider than any other In the city, and more
than one-hair or them Is left free for
pedestrians. Tlieproduceexposedforsaleis
. I niM ..,..1 fmfh ..ui fmt frrttn i1lcnrpf.llil(
Times" vfHTp""" "'"' """ " -- " "
odors. in no wise can uie occupancy ui a
portion orthe sidewalks next to the stores
Vr the" rocrcH.lfitc be.regarded as a public
nuisance or even as an obstruction In the
proper sense of that word.
When the sidewalks or Louisiana avenue
were only 'about one half the width they
arc at present they were thus occupied by
the commission merchants and no one
thought of entering complaint on that ac
coun tor of attempting to interfere with their
business. They have there built up their
trade and if now they are to be compelled
to make so radical a change as that consej
quent upon the enforcement or tills order,
the majority or them will suffer such
losses as will force thim out of business.
One of them, who has rollowed this busi
ness for forty years, bo slated to the
The Commissioners have done wisely to
suspend the enforcement of the order. It
should remain suspended until Congress has
the opportunity to repeal whatever statute
is Ju the way.
It Is evident, Irom the news columns of
The Times this morning, that the warfare
waged bv this newspaper against tbe Il
luminating monopolies of thiscity has
not been without effect.
The creation in Mnllrarnt which shall
finally orystnllize into legislation is, or
course, the poiut towards w hlch Tlie Times
is striving But It is interesting to know
that the value of the slocks of the Wash
ington Gaslight Company, the George
tow u Gas Company and the United Stales
Electric Lighting Company show a total
shrlukage of more than $200,000 during
the past fty days.
When investors begin to suspect tliat in
the near future the present plundering of
tne people Bj" these corporations must be
modified or cease, then the vitality or re
form in this direction receives real recognition
It may seem strange, to one who has
not studied the question, that the labor
logmen of the District and the conserv ative
basic-ess element, do not want to sec
$7,600,000, or $12,000,000, or $10,OuC,
000, or whatever the bond schemers finally
propose, devoted in a lump sum and
within a comparatively short time, to any
lmprovcmentsln the District. Jlicy object,
first, to the enormous Interest entailed
by such proceduru and, second, to lhe
bringing In of thousands or foreign day
laborers who spend little moDey here or
else spend it In such a way as to largely
contribute to disorder and lawlessness.
Feasible plans nave been presented
whereby an annual sum could be raised
lutflclent to maintain work on a sewerage.
system and street improvements within
the dry. The ralslngof tills money would
not entail any burden, of usury, in fact it
seed not be larger than the annual inter
est payments.
Under this plan the taxpayers would
lave a principal of seven or ten millions
of Collars and local laboring men. who pay
7ent or taxes and who buy goods here,
would be given continuous employment
for years to come.
There -would seem to be no reason in
municipal englneerlncnndflnanclerlnB why
such a plan or one similar to It is nut en
tirely feasible. Tho Times will have more
to Bay on this subject after tbe people Lave
bad their say on the main question at Issue,
viz., tlie spending of money for tb.c Im
provement of taxpayers city property or
the Improvement of sparsely-populated
speculators property.
The foregoing statement or tlie evils In
cident to an influx of foreign cheap labor
may seem overdrawn to some, but its force, J
trill be recognized by those old citizens
rruo remember the condition of the city
lader the Shepherd administration, good
is It was. At tbat time it was impera
tively necessary that Improvements be
made, and bemade quickly. Tbcperccntage
f tbe unemployed population was then
framnaraUvely small and the employment
jf onuiile contractors and their fangs I
'ThflnoTe the record of recent thefts and
robberies in. the District Is Investigated
and reference had to the available police
force, the more one marvels that the ex
hibit or misdeeds is so limited. For all
jjrqctica.1 purppses whole sections of tho
city are given up to the burglar and high
wayman to work his own sweet "will,
whde in others bis vocation Is only senil
occasioually interfered with. The police
are not to blame, for the cannot accom
plish thr- Impossible. Ev en the most clastic
of our "cops" Iinds It difficult to spread
himself all over several square miles of
According to the latest statistical inTor
mtitiou gathered by Tbe Tbues there are
just 3GG policemen available for active
patrol duty. Or these 183 are on duty at
night and 5)2 In the day time. It appears
therefore that tho av erage patrolling force
at night Is two and one-hair men to one
square mile, and in the day one and one
third men to the square mile. In other
words, after dark an area bounded by
Pennsylvania avenue on tlie south, I street
on the north, First slreit on the -ast, and
Thirteenth btroct on the west is patrolled
by'two or three policimen.
Figures tell, saj s a popular adage These
figures certainly do tell a story Uiat car
ries conviction. It is a physical inipossi--bility
for tlie men to ilther properly guard
property or to assist citizens who may fall
into the clutches or thugs. It is anything
but a pleasant ?act to contemplate that a
city as large as 'Washington, the Capital of
the nation, should e almost helpless In the
matter of keeping the criminal element in
cheek. What makes the matter worse is
tliat the prevailing condition Is due to
nothing but Congressional niggardliness.
The revenues of the District are ample
to -warrant a police force large
enough for tnemost efficient service which
tlie ingenuity of the authorities can devise.
It is liot enough that the Commbaioners
ask for 200 additional policemen for the
next fiscal year. They ought to be sup
plied at once, and even then there nvlll be
barely enough to go around.
"ClQcago should get an sdeC;Uate fire de
partment to protect her "fire-proof" sky
scrapers. A high war robber, who Tilled his -vocation
near "Wilmington, has been sentenced
to three years imprisonment, two hours In
the pillory, forty lashes at the whipping
post, and In addition was fined $300. Del
aware's laws have rather an ultramarine
A fiddler was recently lynched out "West
for 5 1 ealing a lnjjfc. It was a pathetic ex
ecution on one string.
It is doubtful whetl.iT Senator Sherman's
book will have as large a sale as Trilby.
We arc waiting to bear what Messrs.
Bltla and Wiggins liave lo say about the
new cornet.
Willie the are. engaged In calling Abdul
Uamld bad names, why not eiiC it all Ly
calling him down?
Lost, strayedur stolen abllzzard. rtnder
will kindly takeltto tlie W"eathcr.Bareau ice
box. Tho aresent temperature would spoil
A 'fefv,
jt fi
& l) m W
Sir5 Ik & IPm' n&p
S3 -. Mr ifsrmh
-rz? , if ;if ws. -Jt
vrS v . . 5- IS-fiCi
r rt LfV s- j" wj
BtiCh&SJn rinr.7,rrfaQ&
"hj.r-nSftA.i '?u-wr.-YS .v mkq". w -xt vr.
t -U f 11 r r If Ar u v v y "
reVe taken
4 , .- ,
-- 'if UsfrJl V -
ZLfrfWvrY (,
k 4 -.
4 -. rr- 1
w .f J
st . .f
Matters in onr
Own hands
l Broken entirely away from the old standard or values
and prices and
Inaugurated a Special Schedule '
that offers - ---
Better Suits
at lower prices than-have ever been quoted.
$10 Value Suits
Plain Black and Blue All Wool
Cheviot Sults.cut single and
double breasted, with atail-or-like
finish for .
$12.50 Value Suits
Plain Black and Blue Cheviots-fancy
Cheviots, Cassimeres and Do
mestic Worsteds-cut in all styles sn
made by our own tailors-and guar- V II 1
anteed all wool and all right . . kpiv
$15 Value Suits
Genuine Clay Fabrics, neat
fancy Cheviots and
Tweeds, and plain Chev
iotsSingle and Double
Breasted Sacks and 3 and
4-button Cutaways. Any
other store In town wouia
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IngsforSlo. Our Price
$ 1 0 Value Overcoats
Blue Kerseys some Cassi
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linings in these Coats cost in
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scostm r r
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way styljas. We've no hesitation in
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a purchase
$12.50 Value Overcoats
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chillas, Cheviots, etc. Per
fectly made in every detail
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low the knees Single and Double
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the house Monday for . . .
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Ulsters. Sizes 5 to 9 years. Mo
ock- Trj
nday Cj)D
Pa. Ave, and 7th St. "Saks Corner."
Juxtlce Fuller Announces Tliat tho
New Orleans Appeal Is Dismissed.
The famons Mj-ra Clark Gaines case. It
is Jueliered. Tvas linaHy ended in the Su
preme Court of the United States yester
day, when Chief Justice Fuller announced
that the appeal of the city of Sew Orleani
from tbe Judgment or the circuit court of
the "United Slates for the Eastern district
or Xculsiana, in rarer of the United States
ex rel "W. TV. "Whitney, had Toeen dismissed
lor failure to print-lhe record.
Myra ClaTk Gaines, then Mrs. TV. TV.
Whitney not the W. TV. "Whitney Just
named), instituted the first suit for the re
covery or the property Tocoueatbed her by
the will of her rather, Daniel Clark, In
the circuit court of the United States Jor
the district of Loulslanaln 1S36, and rive
years later it had reached tbe Supreme
Court of the United States. Trom that
date. 1841. until yesterday, In one form
or another, the controversy has had a
place on the calendar of the court
In the history of the case all the prom
inent attorneys in Louisiana were enesed
either on one side or the -other. Tor Mrs.
Gaines the attorneys of national promi
nence who appeared in the Supreme Court
of the United Blatcs within tbe last thirty
vears were Jeremiah S. Black, or Penn
sylvania; John A. Campbell, an ez-Jus-ticc
of the-Supreme Court, and Thomas J.
Bemmes. of Louisiana.
He-Id mi n ClmrRe of Lnrceny.
Charlei IVllllanis, alias Price, colorrd.
nged thirty. lsheldntStattonNo. 3, wanted
for larceny InlbeEigbth precinct, lie was
arrested last night and wlUterr- - i
ins Monday morning-
Clinrles EdsrardB, Colored Trensury
-WBtclimaii, Arretted.
Charles Edwards, colored, a watchman
In the Treasury, was arrested on Thurs
day eight by a deputy United States mar
shal and taken to Jail on the charge of
having stolen old revenue stamps from
public documen ts anl then having destmyed
tbe documents In an cffnrt to conceal his
He was taken hefore a United States
commishner and held in $500 hail.
He stole tbestamps r,ir sale to stamp col
lectors and confessed to having realized
$250 from their sale.
City Engineer KI1K Himself.
Boston, Nov- 23. City Engineer Horace
L. Eaton -of Homerville. cominitted suldde
this morning, lie was under Jnvcstigatiun
by n speiial committee of the board of
- ' i m m
Grape and Bark Bittern for 3Ialaria
Every one knows the value of the grape
as a lusiious. and healthful fruit. Aunt
Batbacl's Malarial Bitters is the ultimate
of the Grape Juice; lu its properties mildly:
diuretic, sudorific and tonic. More than
seven-etebthsis the pure Juheof tbesrapc,
siniplyinadcbltterUy Peru vlan Bark. Chamo
mile riowersjlBnake Koot, Ac- and will
cure Malaria Fever If used as directed.
Vlne- for tlie Commnnhm Tnble.
Bpeer'siiurenuented grape JuicepresiTved
alHOlutely pure as-it runs Iroin the pres
without cooking of tbe addition of spirits
or any ulistnnre ia'any furru wbatcver. It
Is preserved by preiipilatliig and extratt
lnstho feniient or-yeast rrtaciiial by fcml-
Absconded Alubuma Judge Tried for
.Murder In Colombia.
Montgomery, Ala- Nov. 23. Last Febru
ary rrank C. Eandolph, who, for many
years, held the office of firobateudgc of
Montgomery county, disappeared, leaving
,n6hortageif snnie $10.000, and it wassup
losed that he had gone to South America.
Several weeks ago rumors reached here
that Eandolph had murdered a wealthy
merchant In the United States of Colombia
Two or three months ago he shot and
killed, near Call, an aged German mer
chant, named Charles Simmons.
The consul said his conviction was
.practically certain. Since life lncar
cerjtion the man bad stated he was from
Montgomery, that bin family lived here,
and he gave the name of his married
daughter here. Jt Is considered here
tliat tliere is no c,ucfctlon as to Itaodolpli's
Took tlie TVroujr Delicatewe.
New l'ork.Nov. 23. Eugene Stabl,tven-ty-five
years old, a, dcllcatefcscu store
keeperof 873 Columbus avenue, at n o'clock
this morning attempted suicide by taking
3 large quantity oX Faris green. He was
taken to Manhattan Hospital. SUbl has
beendnnUug heavilyoriate.
Hubbard Brotlit'i-H Convicted.
Jacksonville, n.i.. Nov. 23. Joseph and
Hubert Hubbard, b-othera, were convicted
in the circuit court today of killing William
Lines, n voung Englishman. Joseph Hub
bard vva3founJ guilty of murder in thefirst
degree and Hubert of man Jaughtcr. Lines
was killed last Christmas
FOR EUROPE and tbe Orient this
winter. Mrs. M. A. CKO&bLEl' will
conduct her tenth select European party
through Spain. Greece. Turkey, Island of
the Mediterranean. Aia Mluor, ttvria. Fal
csttne. the Nile to the rirst cataract. Italy.
Switzerland, Fraru-e, and Eneland. leav
ing New York JAMJAHY 8. 186. by ex
press steamer AOKMANX1A. First tlass
throuchuut. For Itineraries, address Mrs.
H. A. CItOSLEY. 7SG Futnam ave.. Brook
lyn. N. T.
Columbian 'Varsity
Colombia Athletic Club.
Capitol Park,
North Capitol and G streets- 2 r re
Admission 50 cents. Itcscrroa scats 25
cents extra.
Overlook Inn.
Beautifully Situated on East Wash
ington Heights.
Coaches connect at ZiO, id. 52). 5.W. 6 OX
tJK.'ilO.'-ZO, 80, S.S), DiHl, 10.-0J, 11M naUliS)
p. m. with V Bt cars ntith and E..Vf. nt-u.iva.1
with cabls cars atsthst. anil Terms, aio. Far.
round trip, a ctoUiu - .- .
Norfolrtand Washing
ton Steamboat Co.
Erory day la thsyaarf or Fortress Mi
rro. Norfolk, Portsmouth, and art points
otitti and boutlrweet by the powerful
new iron palaco steamer Newport
Neire.- "Norlolt aid "iVaihtuirtoB.
leiLVUVg dally oa tb iclloirlug khoUul
cvUhhonal. ScrtLbouni
Lv.AVasu'iou 7 no pm t Finwuo'h 5 50 pr
JLvAIox'd'ia 7-30 pm i.v.Norfolk , CIO pra
4.t.Ft.Monr'e6aOamj,Tj-tJlouToe7.CO pm
Ar-Norfolk . 7 JO am ArAlex'drla 00 am
ArFoneniTi 8 Ol' ornlAr '.Vnii,ctonr,'30 nui
POblTION and the re-oni a; Kortrem
Monroe, Virginia Beach and Florida will"
find this a very attractive mute. II
break the monotony of nn all-rail rida.
Tickets on sale at 613, blu. 1421
Pennsylvania avenue, B ft O. ticket
etfke. comer Fifteenth street and fievr
lork avenue, and ou board sieaoiers,'
where Unie-tabic. map. etc-, can alia
b" had.
thun raa
London, Nov. 23 Tbe trial of Ih.
officers of the British vessel Why Not
tor deserting the ship while on fire, leav
ing t hepassengers to their fate, has resulted
in tbe conviction -of Cnpt. IVJlliam Wil
kinson and Mate Arthur Wilkinson.

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