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T,Uri.,c.4iw.i-rl'' Calo
muiii.3givuig uiv
Silver Plated Ware,
Cutlery, and Cut Glass.
To enable you to dress 3'our Thanksgiving table
as it should be dressed, we shall inaugurate the
coming week a special sale of best quadruple-plated
Tableware, Cutlery, aiifl Brilliant Cut Glass. As is
plainly evident, the following items are considerably
below regular prices :
A handsome quadruple-plated-Silver Tea Set of five
pieces, the cream pitcher and spoon holder being
gold lined, buch a set
iu America under $18.
Boat Sliver Quadruple-plated
Caudle Mlcts, EuzlU i de
sign, buru'sied and re
pousse finish; 9 Inches lieu. 10 nn
13 value tipocial price..
Best Quadrupl-plated Silver
Hafctns Utah's, prrcelaln
Un;d, with handles. CO rn
Talue. Special prlco OuiUU
Best iuadrilple-piated Sllrer
Chocolate I'ots Valuo S3.5U. O "JC
bpecial price . Zi Iu
f 11
Best Quadruple-plated Silver
Butter Dishes, handsomely
oncrnved. flSO valuo. bpo-ffT Cfl
clal price 4-JU
Be. (Jutvlruple-platod silver
Cku Baet3. hantlaomuly
chnsed. ft. 50 value I?ieclal (T O 7C
price $Z. lO
Mr tr -"
Jewelers, Seventh and D Streets.
Oppenheimer's, 51-4- Ninth Street INorthAAest.
Mondays Oreat Bale
J J 9 Handsome Scotch
Plaid Waist, lined all
through, made in the
latest style, extra
large sleeves; sold al
ways at $2.25. For.
Monday only, $1.19.
$3.98 Ladies' Boucle
Coat, half satin lined,
largest kind of sleeves,
ripple back, double
breasted,ttailor made;
sell always at $8.
For Monday only,
J2.0I Children's Long
Coats, large coach
man cape made of
very pretty mixture
the very latest crea
tions made to sell at
$5.00. For Monday
only $2.01.
7 1p
OPPENHEIMER, 514 9th Street N. W.
cannot.be equaled PJU C
Special price. . . ulUaU
Full Iz3 Quadruplo-pl.itod
Siler Ice Pitchers, hand
somely engr.ooiL J7 50
Talue. Special price
New and attractive "odd"
ob aped, (Quadruple-plated
Mlver Ilrfraj 'iraya i3.W
Value. Special price. .....
Et6t Quadruple-platnd Silver
Berry Pisties with elas
bowls. (150 value. Special
$3.00 0
Table Cutlery Cut.
Special prices for Rog
ers Bros.' "A No. 1"
1847 plated Spoons,
Knives, and Forks,
Tea Spoons, 92cj31aU doz.
Dessert spoons. il.TO half doz.
atJ.Spoant.l.l hilfdoz.
Dessert Forks. 41 7U bait doz.
Table. Ferks.sl.9J lair doz.
buporb stock of high-grado Carving
Pearl-handle Knives
We have just imported
direcjt a, niagnificentline
ui .rcun-iiunum xvnives,
which we can sell at
about t,wo-thirds their i
regular prices. i
I'earl Fruit Knives, M 50 half doz. (
IVarl Dessert'KnUes. 5 half doz.
Pearl Table Knives, 7 ba f doz.
Nothing ludicates creator tib'o re- t
Cnement than.ut Olnas Oulj 'flrst '
quality" Cut Olnsi, iu new And original
cjumus ox pxooodtng brilliancy, at ex
trcinelr low prices.
Cut Glass Indivlltial Salts with smill I
- Btertlog allverspooii. Svco.alprlco.50c
j-.laDoraio cut uia3 saurrrs si wi
Cut (ilaas Vinocars and Ci!a $lSO 1
Cut (Unas Ca ratio i 92 50
ut GIa Full Mze Water r.tcl.er3..J3.00
Cut Ulacs iie Uecaulcrs, with han
dles $3.00,
Superb o-i nth Cut Ulass Konbon Dishes
Worth is . . $103
0-Icch Cut Glass Bonis, orth f JOL.ST.tO i
- - . mr
39C Ladies' Tea
lined to the
' 'made in the
style, strap
shoulder, full
3roke, watteau
o ve r
- "- back, made to sell for
$1.25. Monday only
39c. One to a cus
tomer. $5.69
Boucle Cloth
Jacket, all wool, four
button effects full
ripple back, largest
kind of sleeves, in
blue, black and brown,
half satin lined; sell
everywhere at $10.
For Monday only
$8.98 Beautiful Astrakhan
Cloth Jackets, double
breasted, four button,
satin lined through
out, full ripple back,
-- largest kind of sleeves
--- - made. A handsome
- garment made to sel-
for $16.50. For Mon
day only $8.98.
5q For a Full, Double
Blanket, in mouse
color, 10-4 size, ex
tra heavy, always sell
at $1.50. For Monday
3(j A pair for Children's
extra heavy Ribbed
Hose, guaranteed fast
and stainless black,
worth 12c a pair.
For Monday only 3c.
69c Fr a fuU dress pat
tern of 8 yards of
handsome Mixed
' v Scotch' Suitings, full
36-inches Avide. You
will find them attrac
tively draped in one
of our large show
windows, worth 25c
"yard. For Monday
8 j'ards 69c.
Cloak Sale
Such wonderful prices and val
ues have never been seen before.
The store was crowded all day,
and every ladj' was delighted.
Mandolin sleeves. 2-button effect, lined
throughout, box reefer front, ripple buck,
extra quality cloth .. ..... .. .. ..SO. 98
$15 I"L,USI1 CAl'KS, $O.OH.
Very handsome, fullBweep. Capes. 'lk
lined throughout; 20 inch $9.98
Seal Plus.li Capes, Cloth Cnpcs, Eudles'
and Misses' Jackets, Boucles, Chevrons.
Kerseys, Beavers, Diagonals, etc.; plain
and fancy effects. Muck and colors; braid.
6atin, Jet. and fur trimmed; the latest lx
styles, full sleeves, ripple back. etc. Oood
valuu at $8.G0, $0, and $TD. at..$G.9S
Very stylish rough effects, 4-button
stjlts, ripple backs; box shaped. These
t;oods .. .-. -- -. ..SG.OS
CAl'i:S AT $4.1)3.
Very ttjlish Tailor-made Jackets and
Capes. Jackets are all In fu(l 4-lmtton if
fects;boxshnpcs;extraqaality.. ..$4.98
S5 AND $0.50 TH1MMED
HATS, ?3.09.
A ben'ttirul eelectlon of exquisitely
trimmed Hats In the most modish stupes;
trimmed withilo'vvers.Iacc.aigretica.
lelvct.&c $3.69
II ATS, 91.08.
A table full or Dainty Hats, must fashion
ably trimmed. This lot includes Velvet
Toques, In black and brown. Uarc.ilns In
deed in this lot $1.88
40e, 50o AND 09o KELT
HATS, 25e.
In all colors and black 2Gc
Children's Department.
One lot of Children's Eiderdown Coals,
with pointed collars, trimmed with braid,
with square ret era ur sboulder. In tan,
brown, cardinal. Ktgulnr price. 52.00.
Special $1.49
Very stjllsh. whlto Lamb's Wool Coat,
with -wide, square collar, trimmed villa
double row of white Angora fur. Regular
price $5.00. Special $4,SG
25 dozen Ladles' Hcay Iilbtx-d Vests,
fleeced lined, with silk croucheting around
neck and down front, llegular price, &0c.
BHcl.il 39c
ranU to match.
100 dozen Ladles' India llnon Aprons,
fine lact around bottom, tucks aliove.
Eegular price. 18c. Special. .12 l-2c
Large sized Nurse Aprons, with deep
hem, tucks aboic, wide strings. ItegtUar
price, DOc. Special 35c
812 and 814 7th St. N. W.
715 Market Space.
preoedented Values.
38C or a pairof hand
some Nottingham lace
curtains, taped edge,
full 2j4 yards long,
pretty patterns, worth
75c pair. Monday only
5lc Ready - made Pillow
Cases, made of a good
bleached cotton. For
"Monday only 53c.
j 5c Ladies' Muslin Draw
ers, made full and
tucked, worth 29c
pair. For Monday
only 15c.
3lc Beautiful styles in
Ecru Curtain Scrim,
usually sold at 10c yd.
Monday only 3c.
58C Handsome full width
Embroidered Skirting
Flannel. An attrac
tiveline to select from.
Worth $r.ooyd. Mon
day 58c.
9c Stamped Duck Bureau
Scarfs. Very pretty
designs. Worth 39c
For Monday only 9c.
fC Gents' Linen Finished
v Handkerchiefs. Good
49C Gentlemen's All Wool
Natural or Camels'
Hair Shirts or Draw
ers. Worth $1.00
each. Monday 49c.
9C For 24 Sheets of Ruled
Writing Paper, 25 Best
Envelopes, one dozen
good Lead Pencils, and
bottle of Muscilage.
This combination
worth 25c. Monday
only 9c.
7?Q A yard Handsome
Double Width Scotch
Plaid Suiting. Pretty
bright colors. Worth
19c. yd. For Monday
Thanksgiving Dinners of tho Presi
dent's and 'Cabinet Families.
NuniiTotm Wedainips Announced for
tliu Coming JJ'eeU Alrn. Harrison
ilowflllDodKu'tt Toil.
The interest of tho coming week will
center largely 1" lhe JestiWtles celebrating
ThanksUinK Day. which is one of -the
holidays, treated with most regard by
WasliiiiKlonlans. In the morning society
attcnils service almost cu m.ise to ex
press plons ffratltwyi for favors received
and Incidentally prjyror more. attirnlilcn
It Rives itself t oJd fashioned, homely
tnjoyrornt. withta IWkcy and cranberry
accompaniment. X
The rr-sident a'hd Mrs. Cleveland ex
pect lo spend Thursday at Wooclley. where
they will probatoy renin In until ConnrtK
re-assembles. With a few friends and their
children they will clijoy the monster Khnde
Island turkey, vhltyi usually presides oer
the other cwjd Hilars on such occasions.
As the Vice rrc-jklent and Mrs. Btecn
son will remain nt their establishment at
Bloonilngton mitlUthe 2&U1 their turkey
will l.e carved nt lelr Western home. Off
their arrival theywlllgo to the Norm.indie.
Not much KentralVntertalnlnir will be
done at the Cabinet homes, iulet family
affairs being the rule, lhe Secretary of
nuiie nun airs, uiney win nave a limited
tmmber of friends to share a linieiil
New England dinner.
Secretarj and Mrs Lamont and family
will prolialdy spend the day, itccomp.iiifed
by their taughters, at the home of Mrs.
LamoulVj father. In New York.
Secretary and Mr Hoke Smith nud
their children and Posinianer General and
Mrs. Wilson. wlUi their family, will each
form n family gathering nt table that day
Secretary nnd Mrs Cnrlis will ini.-ri.iln
a few guestx. Secretary and Miss Slorton
are wavering in decision between stnjing
quietly at home or accepting one of numer-oasluvll.-ilionstodlnner
Secretary Herbert
win miss me presence or his lovely ilaugh
ter. but will have the added i,Ip.,i.,!- ,,f
a wither grandchild to b grateful for as
ins Household gainers about II.e Imanl
Attorney General and Mrs Harmon, wlUi
their daughters, will dine at their hoiae
here, their first Thankeglvlag as memliers
of the Cabinet circle.
The Club L.iUllla.gne Its first dancing
reception Thursday evening at Tvno-
graphlcal Hall. Tho Laetltla Is a lew
org.iulzallnn, numbering about fifty ni m
liers, with club colors of black and old
gold. -
The members who had chargp of the
evening's programme, which would
have reflected credit upon .1 vilemn as
sociation, were: SIri C. H. Ulitrlcli. prcM
deiit; Mr. II. Dolan, Mr. IV. K. Ijckwood,
Mr. W. Murphy. Miss Ik llokman. Miss n.
Leesnltztr. Mlss..I. ,I)odd. Mr. J. Carroll.
and Mr. T. Dolan.
Tlie general members are: Miss Aggie
Solin, Mis Mary Goodacre. Miss C. Mc
Hcnry, Miss K. iloultou, .MIm M. Carr,
Miss l). lluckley. Miss K. Solan, Miss E. Hor
ton. MIs8.Uovvlcr. Mlssll.ltldgway,.Mr.C.
r. Murphy. Mr. C. Myers. Mr. L.. l-ergnun.
Mr. M. McN'amara, Miss E. 1 okman.
Miss C. Gomlncre, Miss M. I.cisiiltzer, Mis
L. Colliir. Mr. J. Icllew, Mr. Vf. Illckle,
Mr. It. Wood. Mr. it. Bchoiidnu. Mis L.
Schondau, II. Itandall, Mr. lieckcr, H.
Rldgwny, It. Davis. L. Collier. C. I!olgers.
It. Uokmm, I. Klley, M. Leesnltrcr, E. Dok
niaii, E. Leesintter, M. Riley, S. PowliT,
L. Fauuce, J. Dorel. C. Ktickell. C. Ilurke.
E. Oraily. Messrs. ,W. K. Lockwood. n. J.
Doolan, .Tulm Carrol, J. I'eckcr, C. liutler,
C. P. Murphy, C. T. IScrkcley. Wlllfani
Illckle, C. Meyers, Prof. H. Lydick, J. J.
Ilelliw. L. H. Hergmann, W. C. Kidgeley,
jr.; It. E. Schorield, William Murphy. C.
Solan. H. Dolin. J. L. Maguire, Mr. Mc
Namara, and T. W. lsirtholomae.
The parlors of Mrs. M. M. Metcalf,
secretary of the ExceWnr Llterarv Club.
Jt No. 1U21 Marlon. btrevt, were crowded
Thursday eVehlng ,bv; an' alidieuce thor
oughly urfpreclatlve'j-f theClrfght things
provided at us monthly TDtcrtaininents by
Ihat progresslve"tircanizatlon. The pro
gramme wasopeqedliy'Miss GiTtrmle Mct
cair with a piaio iUf charmingly ren
dered. Dr. W. AiCtoirut led his hearers
through a delightful European trip, ami
Mrs. Pokter of Capitol Hill gave a spir
ited sketch or thereoTly settlement of Vir
ginia. Entertaining fWitntlous were given
by Mrs. Mary Hayward and Mr. itinggold
Patten, and Mr. J. L MiCreery read an
original paper of rare merit. Among those
present were: Dr. and Mrs. W A.CroIfutt.
Mrs. and Miss Story, Mrs. II Naylor. Mrs.
Snxton, Miss Mafy t. Uennet, Mrs. Pearl
Edson. Mrs. Gejtrnde E. Metcalf. Mr
and Mrs. C.A. Metcalf. Mrs. L. A. Graham.
Br. Ella S. Marble, Jlrs. Dora T. Voor
hres, Mr. and Mrs.aStory, Mrs. Ancek
Chicago: Mrs. Mary Ilajward, Mr. Gold
win Patten. Mr. J.'L. McCreery, Miss
Flora McCreerj-, Mr.aI Mrs. a. A. llacon,
Mr. and .Mrs. M. C., Edson, Miss Ella Fra
zler. Mrs. Alma Lyons, Mr. and Mrs.
Foster, Mr. nnd Mrs. Degroot, Mr. and
Mrs. 8. K. Hall, Mr. W. S. Heath. Mr. and
Miss Bhidy. Miss ElSlc'Kltcrlcb, Mrs. N. II.
The progressive cuhre party given by
Miss Virginia Hurst on Friday evening, at
her home. No. 1315 M street northwect,
was ono of the most enjoyable entertain
ments of the .season, the first of a de
lightful series for the approaching gay
Among the guests were Mr. and Mrs.
Henry Berry, Mr. and Mrs. B. W. E.
Pcques, Miss Elizabeth Winter, Mr. and
Mrs. John Capers, Dr. - G. Morrts, Miss A.
Humphrey, Mr. Pere-y Mctzger. Miss Viola
Stlnson. Mrs. Hurst, Mr. nnd Mrs. Millard
Mctzger, Mia Smith, Mr. Fraiker. Miss
Cora Harrington, Mr. Cnrrldcn, Mr. Walter
Capers, Miss Collins, Mr. and Mrs. Findlay
Harris and Miss Helen Malcolm.
The prizes distributed we-rc exquisite
and appropriate. The lady's first prize,
a gold bonbon spoon, was won by Mrs.
John Cnjiers, Mr. Capers being fortunate
enough to seesire the gentleman's booby
nrize. The lady's booby prize was be
stowed on tho fortunate loser. Miss Viola
Stlnson. Tho gentleman's first prize was
a delicately chased sliver hut brush, cap
tured by Mr. CurrWeu.
klr. S. 8. llowland has returned to the
city, bringing his horses. Including a num
ber of prize winners, and a string of hunters.
Mr. and Airs. James C. Bangs celebrated
their golden wedding last night at their
residence. No. 1855 Ninth street northwest.
The parlors were artistically decorated
with palms, cut flowers and roe-slmded
lights, and the presence of the children of
the house with their families about them
added an Ideal beauty to the scene.
Among the guests present were Mrs.
Virginia Johnston of Philadelphia, a sis
ter of Mr. Bangs, and Mr. Charles W.
Pettlt of this city, who attended tho mar
riage of tho couple at the old Foundry
Church fifty years ago yesterday.
Among other old and valued friends who
were present at toe opening of Uiereccption.
which was from 7 to 10, were Col. and
Mrs. Davis. Mr. and Mrs. Bryant, Mrs.
Markwood. Mrs. Dalton. Mrs. Iteed, Miss
Clokey. Miss Levis, Mrs. Keudig. and
Mr. W. T. Bangs and his son. James
Cannon Bangs. Jr., ot Denver, Col., who
arrived during the day.
A pleasant surprise party was tendered
Mr. James D. Wright at bis residence. No.
G42 Eighth street northeast, Friday even
ing. Music, both vocal and instrumental,
was enjoyed, attc'r wlilch a collation was
served. Among those 'present were Misses
Georgie MeCauley. Katie Dyke, Carrie
Bradburn. Lula Ungcbarb,, Lillic Fritch,
Carrie Oothrell. Susie Morrison, Nellie
Scaggs and Sallitr Xing. Messrs. Harry
Manders. James Tnrranton. Vernon Brown,
William A. Ries. William Fey. Will Seott,
Myron Baker. William1 Fletcher, C. Greer,
G. Echnltz. Clarence- Roe, Ernest Hoover,
narry Burns. MarkiCooley, John Hol
land. W. Elcholz; Mrs. Steven Clements
and son. Miss Susie1 Jacobs, and Mr. and
Mrs. W. II. "Wrighf. j
"5Ir. and Sirs. Eustace, Boreham. of Rome,
JJ. V., were the r?cent guests of Mr, nnd
Mrs. Charlea Bouldtns;, of Capitol Hill.
Miss Edith Winers,."of Sooth Washington,
left yesterday for a two weeks' visit to
relatives in Elkton, Md.
311 and 3:0 7 th st
"Record breaking"
sale of an
stock of
Fancy Feathers,
Birds, Wings,
Ostrich Feathers,
and Felt Hats
At 33c on a Dollar!
This will b Hi greatest sal of Mil
linery over inaugurated In Washington
or In any other city. We bought an Im
porter's nnck. manufacturer's complete
Mock ot ili'so goods tho very newest,
brightest end most fashionable ailllin
ery iutioiluceil Ibis season. It would
almost require a week to sort and mark
this stock. Instead or doing this wear
going to dlil'Jo It In Immense lots anil
'ot you take your pick. ,.
At Absurd Prices
la order to pre rent tho crowds Jam
m'ng at niiy ono part of ill storr, ire
Lftvo spread. Uie atoct thru ujb out tha
nrt floor.
irds, Feathers,
Wings, etc.
Every fashionable color and shape la
llllsls. Mercury Tiings. Paradise Alt
reitc9. Conue leather , Hunches of
UullK Fancy Feathers.
Lr.tl Worth" up to 25c. for Uu
1 ot 2-Worth up to Vie, for I I G
!At3 Worth up to Tic, for IvJC
lorl Wcrth up to fl, for ZSC
Hat Ornaments.
Inmense assortment of Hat Orna
ments, la a gl cat variety of uttrnctlve
shapes, iu cut steel, cut steel with
rhinestone, cut s'eol with pearls, rh'.ne
sloties with pearls and Jet ornaments
the most t ashlouablo ornaments shown
this season.
Lot! Worth op to c, for... 1 OC
Lots-Worth uptoTje, for ZdG
Lot S-Worih up to SJc, for... 4 1 C
Xot t Worth up to SI 23, for 0 Jo
I5c Jetted Ostrich Tlpi and I
.Ugrettcs I HO
M.- lionches Mack Ojtrlch "I Qf
Tlps(3)for 13b
50c Real Ostrich Short Qlp
Plumes Hit
t3 Large Handsome Ostrich CI (J
Plumes 4 I itD
Felt Hats.
Blscest purchiso of Felt ITata ever
consumrRftted by any ono Arm In Wash
75c, 98c and SI.26
Felt Hats
For !6c each
TLeso embrace every fashionable
shape and color shown tuis season.
SI.48 and $1.98 Felt
For 89c each
Theso are fine French Fur Felt Hats
of best quality, embracing all the fash
ionable shapes. In black and all colon.
S2, S2.50 and S3
Chenille Hats
For 9lc each
Thcso fashionable Chenille Hat'
with f olt and velvet crowa, In all colors.
48c Bunches of
Roses 27c.
This is but one Illustration of the
Flower Show: 1.000 bunches of silk and
Velvet Shaded Roses, 6 in a hunch, every
fashionable shade. Never sold under
Choice, 27c Bunch.
Jl Silk Velvet for. dbfjYD
S9cill-sltt 5-inch Ribbon fon ZluTD
Bon Mar
Double Stores,
314-316 7th St.
Purveyors to, tho. Imperial
ManitfaGlnrers' sale of Bohemian Glassware
and Old 1ienna and Royal DUx
Porcelains. .
Opens Monday, November 25.
The Austrian store will open Monday,
tloii of genuine Iloliriulau Glassware.
beautiful tints burned In. Also many
l'oret'iuini, comprising Clocks, Vases,
and Statue rigures.
This being a direct Importation from
we Iieiiic trie sole manufacturers and c
we guarantee to the public the genuine
- uiuti 01 true art win rum among uiesc
mas. New Year and Wedding cilfts.
Opens Monday morning, .November 5.
The Austrian Store, 1203 F stt N. w.
16 oz. to the Pound and Goods
Guaranteed as Represented.
What more can we -say? Our prices? You can't find
lower anywhere. Our goods are always fresh, because
they don't have time to get stale.
Main Market, I306 1312 32d st nw. Telephone, 34-7.
Branch Markets 1718 14th St. nw.; 2026 I4th St. nw.; 8 h
and Msts. n. w.;3057 M St. nw.; 21st and K sts. nw.; 215
Indiana ave. nw.; 5th and I sts. nw.; tth and I sts. nw.;
20th st. and Pa. ave.
A Aery pretty wedding took place Tues
day evening. Miss Itosalie liurdette ot this
city being married to Mr. George MUsklllof
Dayeiille, Va. The ceremony loot piace
at the borne of the bride's sister, Mrs.
Maggie Johnson. No. 23t8 I street north-
nest. Iter. Mr. Polaskl officiating. i
The bride was gowned IU TVhlte. organdie, j
trimmed with white satin, and carried a
bouquet of v bite rdoes." Among those pres
ent were the Immediate family ot. tbo.
bride, Mis Maude liurdette. MLss MlsskUl.
sister of the groom, and-other iwmbers of '
his family. A handsome collation was
served later and the young couple received
the congratulations ot many friends.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Mlsikilt have lettfor llays
ville, n here they will spc-ixl the winter. The
flits were numerous and handsome.
Mrs. M. E. Emerson, of Massachusetts
avenue, chaperoned a puny of young people
Friday evening on a bus party to Poplar
Groe, the home of her brother, Mr. F".
Emerson, on the Itock Crock road. The
wagon, a capaciou'3 vehicle nested with
rugs and draw, lighted with swinging
bu!l'h-.ve lantern, anil flnnLftt liv .nt-
riders with vociferous whips ond horns,
was loaded wltti happy youths and maid,
who made the old country high road
musical with their Jiyous laughter and
song. The guests'found the "ideal Mary
land supper, waffles and fried chlcken,
a waiting their arrival, and nt its tonclu
lon, devoted the rest of the evening to
music, dancing, and games.
Those present were: Misses Julia-'nnd
Kitty Emerson, Mlr Bertie Stell, Miss
Mamie Grayl.il, Miss Ilattle While, Mr.
John Oraybll, Mr. Kalph Ptell. Mr. Uff
rence Wilson. Mr. Artie Emerson, Mrs-Enit-rson,
Mrs. StelL, and Mr. and Mrs. E.
II. Miller, -of l'rince George's.
A surprise masquerade was given to Mr.
Arthur Perkins of X6. 475T street, oriTbilrs
day evening. Among those present masked
were Mr. Crabbe, as clcrwn; Mrs. Crabbe,
as tamDourine girl; Mrs. Clark-son, town
gossip; Mr. Clarkson, Chinaman; UissFooser
Topsy; Miss Connell.Topsy; MlsK. Holmes,
summer girl; Miss X. Holmes, lolly; Miss
Uerrlne, dancing girl; Mrs. Staley, folly;
Miss llernctt. Aunt Dinah; Mr. Perkins, new
woman; Mr. Gessford. hod carrier;. .Mr.
Bennett, soldier boy; Mr. C. Betts. dude;
A. B"tts, Broadway swell; hits Wuniberiyr
Mr. T. Perkins, darkey.
Among those notruasketT"wcre Dr. Mars"
tella, Mr. Tyler, Mr. Gillette. Mr. and Mrsv
G. rerklns, Mrs. Crabbe, Mrs. Mead, Mrs.
Reeves, Miss Perkins.
The Loue was tastefully decorated with
flags. Dancing was the feature of the
evening and supper was served at a ijte
The engagement ot Miss Florence Mayer
to Mr. bejmour Blondheim is announced.
At home this evening from 4 to 10, at No.
'611 Seventh street southwest. -
Miss Daisy Gorman and Mr. Richard
Jolmon will te married Wednesday nest
at noon at the home of the bride's pa
rents. Senator and Mrs. Gorman. Mr.
Perry Johnson, brother ot the groom, will
be best man. the bride having no attend
ance. Only relatives will be present.
On their return from n wedding tour
Mr. and Mrs. Johnson will go immediately
to their handsome home, No. 1022 P street
northw est.
The Central High School Mandolin and
Guitar Club, under the direction of Mr.
M. C. Hoppin, bids fair to surpass this
season the excellencies of former years.
The Banjo and Guitar Club, under the
leadership of Mr. Barringer. is extrcmely
succctul this year. New recruits have
replaced members who went out with the
old year, admission to the organization
being much sought after.
Miss Annie Elizabeth Eotts and Mr.
Charles W. Gibson will be married at
Grace M. E. Church, corner Ninth and S
streets northwest, at 8 o'clock Thursday
evening, the 28th. Utlicrs: Miasrs. Fred
Duvali, Terry Mcdford. Irving Haskins
and William Leech. Miss Mollie Eotts,
sister of the bride, will be maid of honor
and Mr. George S. Gibson, brother or the
groom, best man.
Invitations have been Issued for a tea
by Mrs. Harrison Howell Dodge. Thursday,
December 5, from 4 to 7 o'clock, at her
residence. No. 1645 K street. The occa
sion will bo the introduction to society ot
tho MMes Dodge,, whose presence In
society this winter will add greatly lo the
charm of the gay affairs anticipated.
Cards have been Issued by Mrs. Martha
Scott, for the marriage of her daughter.
Eva Alice, to Mr. Louis P. Krcy, "the
ceremony to occur Thursday afternoon at
St. Paul's Lutheran Church, Rev. Dr.
Domer, officiating. A reception will be
held at the future home of Mr. and Mrs.
Krey. No. 917 Sixth street northwest, at
8 o'clock.
Miss Minnie Rclnhardt, daughter of the
late Dr. Julius Relnhardt ot Philadelphia,
and Mr. Frank McClelland of this tity,
will bo married Thursday next at 8
o'clock at the Church of Our Father,
corner of Thirteenth and L streets north
west. MIsiMary E. McCcney, who returned to
her homo at tho Bhorebam not long since,
after a visit to Atlanta, will entertain nt a
tea December 17, iu compliment to tho
Misses Dodge. Tho Ladles' Club, on I
Btreet, will be the scene of the pleasant
Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Smith, ot No. 907 T
street northwest, have Issued cards an
nouncing the marriage of iheir daughter
Mollie R. to Dr. William G. Scliafhlrt
Wednesday. November 27, at 8 o'clock at
Calvary Baptist Church.
It Is understood that Senator John TV.
Daniel, will lease the residence of thelato
Alexlndria, and will brine nil family to
reside there this winter.
Mrs. Eoardman will entertain at dinner
December 3.
Miss Bertha Gibson, daughter of 11 r.
George Gibson of No. 1434 Rhode IsLind
and Royal Courts of Austria,
November 25, showing n splendid collcc
nll hand cut and enameled iu real gold and
rare pieces of Old Vienna and Koyal Dux
Chosolate and After-dinner Coffee Cups
our factories in Vienna and Bohemia.. nnd
onduct'ng this sale under our own auspices,
ne.s of the gcodi and their true value.
articles many cnoiee ami artistic cjnnst
The sale will positively close January 10.
nw.; 13th st. and N. Y. ave. nw.
332 To. Ave. . W.
Firut-clai her v loo. Tliuue. 1385.
GARDNER-At Chicago. III., Wednes
day rooming. November 20, 1895, at
5 JO o'clock; Mrs. Clara P. Gardner, neo
Funeral will take place from her parents'
residence. No. 41 E street northwest, Mon
day morning. November 25. at 8.30
o'clock. Requiem mass at St. Aloyslua
Church, at to o'clock a. id. It
WALL On Triday, November 22, 1H95.
at 7:20 p. m., James A. Wall, beloved
husband of Emily F. Wall, in his forty-fifth
Funeral from bis late residence, 329 L,
street northeast, Monday, November 23,
at 2 p. m.
LEWIS On Saturday. November 23. at
8' 15 p. m., Mrs. Busan Augusta Lewis,
widow of the late Albert-H. Lewis, aged
sixty years and ten days.
Notice of funeral hereafter.
YOUNG At the residence of his son.
Dr. E. It. Young, on Friday evening. No
vember 22. 189 5. Thomas Youug, In
hLs seventy-fourth year.
Funeral services from C29 T street on
Monday. November 25, at 3 p. m. it
IJELS Notice Is hereby given of tho
death of Benjamin Llels Jt Washington Asy
lum Hospitalon November 23. 1893. Rela
tives or rrtends will call at R. F. Harvey's
Sons. 928 Pennsylvania avenue northwest,
audmakcarrangemcntsforhls burial witbin
thlrty-slx hours. it
MAC ALLISTER On Saturday, the 23d
instant, at 10 a.m., John F. Mac A Ulster.
M. D.
Funeral from bis late residence. No.
120J II strret northeast, at 2 o'clock p.m.,
Monday, ttie 25th instant. Members of
Myron M. Parker Lodge. No. 27, F. A. A.
M., and Union Lodge. No. 22, K. of I'.,
are requested to attend.
COWING On Saturday, November 23,
1895, at 7:30 a. m., Rodolpu S. Cowing, of
Indiana, a clerk in office of the register
of the Treasury, and a member of Ben J.
B- Frencli Lodge, No- 15. F. A. A. M.
Funeral services at Lee's undertaking
establishment, 332 Pennsylvania avenue
northwest, 3 p. m.. Sunday. November 2t
His friends are invited to attend.
In fond remembrance of John T. Ilagan.
who died one year ago todav. Gone, tmt
not forgotten. BY HIS BROTHER.
Dvclng. Clcanins and Dry Cleaning.
ftX l'-'tli street NortbwsiC
Works, IJUUiaM I Street Northern.
I Badly
S We ask this repeatedly, bee
n weasK inisrcpea
Ltedlr, because sericna
a diseases ouen lollov
n . a ,
nvyt umiiigaiunenis. rj
iivouareweatann Z
Generally eahausted, 2
nervous, have no 2
appetite and can't S
work, begin at once ST
taking the most re- S
liable strengthening J
Rmtni'q Irnn RiIIm. ?"
. "".W.. I,
Benefit conies from S
the v ery first dose. 5
Q Constipation. Impure Blood. S
Malaria. Nervous Ailmchts, 13
women's complaints. 0
S Gel only the genuine it has crossed red S
12 lines on the wrapper. O
avenue, will be married to Mr. James G.
Hudson of Alexandria November 27 at
Ascension Cburcb.
Among the young artists who have re
cently entered the Corcoran Art Gallery as
a student is Miss Fannie L. Moore ot Fall
Church, Va.
The members of the Alibi Club have sent
out cards for a D o'clock tea to be given
at their charming home. No. 160G I street
northwest, November 23.
"Wcddlnc: HclUnt Trnvillali.
The first marriage solemnized in ths
Baptist Church at Travillali, Md., was that
of Miss Emma May Clagett, or Quince
Orchard, and Mr. Joseph E. Gllliss, of
Travillali, which took place Thursday
evening in the presence of an audience that
crowded the church.
After the ceremony a reception was
held at tho home of the groom.
Among those present were: Mr. nnd Mrs.
John S. Gilllss, parents of the groom; the
Misses Gilllss, Mr. Foyer, Mr. J. Will
Garrett, Miss Gertrude Gllliss, Mr. Mack
Walters, Messrs. John. Harry, nnd Morris
Gllliss, Mr. nnd Mrs. Magruder Ricketts.
or Rockville, Md.; Mrs. R. J. Harding, Mrs.
Theodoro Miller, Miss Vlrgie Ricketts. or
Washington; Mrs. John T. Davis, or Ten
leytown, D. C; Mr. and Mrs. Edgar
Thompson, MlMes Edith and Bessie Thomp
son, of Darnestown. Md.; Mr. and Mrs.
Raphael Jarboe, Mrs. Hatten Waters.
Miss Mattte Hughes. Miss Mollie Thrift.
Miss Aggie Thrift, Mr. IVulter Magruder,
and Mr. Peter Thrift.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Gllliss will resido la
Travll'iah, Md., whero they will receive
their friends after December 1.
1 We wish to ocnaalnt our sisny friends
if thatwohsvo reopened onr stare-under
now manacement, and that we- ors pre
) pared to civo more entire, satisfaction
) than ever. Wo hav kept only the
(i choicest part of oar forirer stoe&aad
cava added to it many new dealfns.
Wall papeis, frescoes and window
) shadC3 in perfoctlon.
g the Horaee J. LONG Cosipanj.
5 24 I3th .St., bet. F, and r.
osy5sf RRa s
jSLK-Ztl?jrt Zr- y--
sA-V - -

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