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rarker, Bridget Ca
jt) Clothlars. 315 7tb St.
"Special Prices" for
That special purchase of a big- New York manu
facturers stock (who afterward failed) has given us a
big-advantage over all our competitors. We are thus
enabled tosell the finest class of Boys'-Clothing- at
Two-Thirds Regular Prices !
Wc may not have the largest stock in "Washington,
as wedo not allow old stock to accumulate, but we have
the "slickest" and "choicest" stock the market affords!
Boys' $8 ReeFers $5.
VTe a'so aerurfid tho balanco of a
iromlnent New York manufacturer's
stock of HojV MU"otrumrtf' Xavr lUua
thin- Mlln Kror at a bis loss to Mm
Umler no other circumstances could
the; be sold for le-js lhau 3
Our price, $5.
Other f;ooJkrMiahto Chinchilla
era. Worth J 130 and L
For S3 and $4.
S7.S7.50 and S10 Suits
Bought a manufacturer's balance'of' "Long Pants"
Suits for boys from 14 to Ji) yearsiand ..equally suit
able for "small men" up to 35-inch chest measure
These are strictly all-woof suits, in black and navy
blue cheviots and fancy mixtures, in single and double
breasted sacks suits which sell everywhere at $7,
S7.50 and S10.
Your Choice, $5 a Suit!
- -
Clothiers, 315 7th St.
Causes Deafness
f. ir. nAVinsox,
r.07 W. FranUln St..
one of the largest
hardware dealert in
Eallimorci Have had
catarrh for 25 years;
deaf for 14 years To-
. tla.v my bearing Ispcr-
r. rent.
VS ?Ct ' HElMEIl,5C9and&71
K uayst. craeormo
larf. furniture dealers In Eatilmoro I
hnv- tndi'.irfor30yi.in Ironldscarcely
n - - nsr bt'lnc.s Today my hcaringls
th lt
i UNKUX HALL. 1810 Hnrkst I was
a 'iai I i no Id not I ear a telephone rii'g.
7 hail offensive discharges from c.ir. To
fnv riiv tn aring is restored and health the
Tin- above nsed only
Dr- Gas. M. Fishsr's Catarrh Cure
Tin- onlv preparation ml earth that willcurc
cn'arrli in all Its form.
For ur her information ai,d testimonials
apnl io .At. red B. Gnwler, general agent,
013 loth st nw.
Price 50 cts. by all Druggists
For further Information ?pply to Alfred
B Gawlcr. General Arcnt. G1.I ISth st uw
Oissy Fitzgerald One of the Most
Ardent Cyclers in the Profession.
Lillian Husell Keeps Dow n Her Avoir
dupois With "Ulklne" MoIIle
Fuller'. Nightly Spin.
The members of the tlieatrlcal profession
have always been prominent lit all recrea
tions, ami when these partook in any way
of athletics, there is no pursuit which fur
nishes more enthusiastic followers, Many
of these so-called recreations are merely
fads or crazes, which die out shortly on
account of the utter wortblcssnes of. theh;
alms, orotherobjectlonahlc features equally
condemnatory. And again, something else
will crop ont to occupy the leisure hours
of the Thespian and he will plunge into it
with the "whole heart and soul" enthu
siasm so characteristic of the profession.
Never in recent years has any sport so
exclusively occupied thcir.attention as that
of bicycling. From the ranks It has drawn
Its devotees by the thousands, and there Is
no company, stock or road, that has not a
goomy number in its ranks who "bike."
The sport in Itself has so much to commend
It as a healthful and fascinating pastime.
mac me terriDiy incongruous variety of
costumes can be overlooked In view of the
evident good that Is derived.
It is an Indisputable fact that many
professional folk resort to eccentricity
to gain notoriety, and in no field is there
the opportunity for lavlh display of color
and design so great as on the wheel.
Many have been the striking costumes
that have greeted theeyesofWashlngtonlans
on pleasant afternoons as the disciples
of Tbespis glided along the smooth avenues
on their way to the out-of-town resorts
for a few hours' recreation before their
evening's work. Many a back ward glance
has been cast at some trim figure as the
rider sped by on her metal steed. Many
an exclamation or ;'I saw her at tho
National last night, she plays in so and so."
Cissy Fitigcruld, she of the Inimitable
wink. Is- one of the greatest enthusiasts in
the profession, and almost every afternoon
during the week "The Foundling" played
here, a sniall crowd would gather in front
of the Arlington to see Cissy start on her
daily spin. She was alwajs atUred in a
natty, tlght-flUlng suit of bine, wiUi large
sleeves, and shoes laced high, just meeUng
the bottom of a pleated skirt. Wit h City's
English complexion; nnd light curly hair
surmounting this ensttune, she. made a pic
ture that n as extremely good to look upon,
and It is a hundred to one bet that Cissy
knew It.
Lillian Russell Is another stage favorite
who lias taken to "Uking." but the ralr
prlmadonna waslonueaeedln her adoption
of the wheel by other reasons than a mere
desire for pleasurable exercise and recrea
tion. Through an her marriages and divorces,
the fair Lillian has kept two things.
&s$ if
Coya Scotch Cheviot Citsslraoro Suits.
Good value at J3l0 and $i
For $2.50 and $3.
ChlMreu'sNarr B!ue Chinchilla Keef
ors, stllor collar, hand-joraelr trlintusj
sizes 3 toTyears. Fully worth J-L
Bays tine ileiTy Morm Ulsters. Our
$7 quilltle will be sold tomorrow
For $5.
other Storm Uljtera for boys for less
money -" r r
the name of Kuseell and a constantly in-
cre.islng avordupois. Her physician posi
Uvely ordered her to take some form of
exerclei and- gthHl strong exercise at
tint. So t-he took up the wheel anil she
ha become so proficient that she now
covers fifteen allien every day and is so
much benefited by it that she Is able to
wiar costumes that were thrown aside
vears ago as too nmall.
During the week she played here. Miss
Kussell was determined to make the most
of the opportunity offered by the smooth
pavements and uncrowiled streets, and her
striking costume of red waist, bloomers, and
tan lcgglt.ii, became a familiar eight about
theelty. Sotlcsirous was she of improving
eery moment of the short week that sho
een rode from her hotel to the theater
nightly, and almost any afternoon could be
setn spinning along the Conduit road iu the
direction ot Cabin John's, with Walter
Jones, a f.tithful attendant, at her side.
A few weeks ago .Miss Kussell was pre--scnted
wltti a gold and silver mounted
wheel by a wellknonn bicjele manurac
turer. nd now. Walter Jones makes his
entrance as the tramp in "1402," on
the wheel -which' Ihe fair Lillian first
owucd and v. hich she kindly handed over
to him.
.Mi-s llullle ruller. who takes the lead
ing part in "A Twentieth Century Girl,"
i another actress who is demoted to the
wheel, and who made the most of her
Washington engagement. Eicry evening
after the performance she used to take a
spin down th Avenuelookiiig very sweet
and charming In tier raUier mannish cus
tnme. Miss Tuller set her sister members
of the profession au example In early ris
ins that some of them would find It diffi
cult to follow.
Etry morning she was up and off for a
spin in th country Lefore 8 o'clock, and
would nturn in time for breakfast with
the less energetic members of the company,
who had rriuaincd.it (he hotel.
Almost everyone who drove or rode
atuiil tlie KLrrountliTig country last sum
mer, must hae met the members of the
comedy company out for a Sunday run.
They fnrnicda jolly party, with Blanche
WnUh to lead the way, and Charlie Bow
ser and his wife in, the van, and Percy
Winter with Miss Panders following, while
poor old Joe Wheelock toiled up the hills
in the rear, and called faintly for the
others to "hold up a bit, can't you?"
Charlie Cte and Fred Bond never ven
tured on the '"bike."' It was whispered
that Charlie, never could tear himself
away from that Jolly set at the club
until about the time the others were get
Urg ready to start, and Fred well, lie has
a wife-and two children and no insurance
Ho Will Confirm a Lnrgo Class at St.
Ifary'a This Morning.
Cardinal Gibbons arrived In tills city yes
terday from Baltimore at 4:30 o'clock.
The mission of his eminence to the city at
this time is to officiate at the ceremony
of confirmation, which will take place
Oils" morning" at SfMary's Church, Fifth
street, near II northwest.
There arc 1C0 candidates for confirma
Uon and Uie ceremony wUI take place after
the 11 o'clockblgh mass. Cardinal Gibbons
will be assisted by Mgr. Schroder and Revs.
Drs. Ferries and Fitzgerald, of the Cathollo
At the hlghjmass at 11 o'clock Cardinal
Gibbons will preach a sermon on the gospel
of the day. ,
At Uie early mass Mgr. Schroder will
officiate as celebrant, with Rev. Dr.
Pcrris as deacon and Rev. Dr. Fitzgerald
as sub-deacon.
i and more a "-year can be
,made by.any energetic boy
, without interfering; with
.school studies. The Times'
.circulation department is
r,eady to.furnish particulars
','how tj do it," any week
day between S and 6 p. m.
I . -a
For Once They Make a Winning
on Saturday.
AtakliiK tliu Hookies. Look Very Palo.
Jersey at a False I'rlco Jockey
Aslmru Put TJi a Good Ktdu on
Tuncrrcl Old Fiigln Winn Ilia
Eighth Consecutive ltuco.
It was like a summer's day at the Island
track yesterday. The bookies stood up
on their blocks In their shirt sleeves and
appeared to be very comfortable while tho
crowd in the ring simply sweltered. This
same crowd that a few days since was
kicking liecause of the cold waa earnestly
wishing for a snow storm er blizzard to
come their way.
Before the day's sport had closed, how
ever, the bookies look a turn at sweltering.
It was not the weather that bad a. willing
effect uHin them, but the five whining
f.-norltea that ate big chunks out of their
bark rolls. Jersey, who -was at the false
price of six to one, was the only long shot
to come o their rescue.
The I)ite stable continued to i keep up
the good work qdd when they Jialanbed
up account they had added two more vic
tories, to tUir credit, with Tuncred and
Fagln. TVe latter's tfctpry made his
eighth consecutive win. In the absence of
Ellis, Jockey Asburn piloted the stable's
entries and heoequltted himself in masterly
The first winner was Earn. He was
Installed favorite in. tlie two-year old race
at thirteen to ten. Prince Ananias made
the running to the quarter, where the favor
ite went out and leading the reit of the way
won handily by a length from Mlllon II.
Itrunston looked to be t hruwnlu thcceconJ
race and was backed from his opening price
of teen to ten down to two to fHe. Ue
ran a great race, coming from nowhere
out ot the back stretch and snatching the
verdict from Finn water by three p.irt3 of a
The third rsce furnished a good belting
contest withBerwya havliiglhe call at 2 to
I. When It came to racing he was not
inside of the money. Jersey, at 0 to 1.
winnlngfiniiewbat hamlilj from Marguerite
II, with Bobolink third. The favorite
was fourth.
ilamraie was hammered from T to a in
the fourth event down to even mone and
rewanlcd his backers by landing their
n.nney In a prettily rttu race by an open
length from Dillon J., who was a head
btfore Frank It. Harf, third,
Tancreil was the mos' fancied of" a very
good lot in the fifth race Walcott tried
tomaH'.i runawayKtor of it anil round
ing the turn into the stretch, was two
lengths to the good. Aetium sat down
and riding with hand and heel secured the
tnlkt by a short neck. Walcott brat
Andrews by eight length for the place.
The c losing race went to Fagln. A s good
as 4 to t could be had against him at
times, hut Arthur Worley juruncd on Uils
hard, anil 2 to 5 was the best seen lu the
ring when the horses went to the post.
Grand Prix he'd command to the hah mile
where old r.'igln wmt Ihruugh Uie field
as if they were tied and won In a gallop
by four lengths from Solitaire, with Grand
Prix third.
Hfstilt. nt Alexnnder Island.
Weather clear and warm. Track fast
-r-i First rice Four and one-half f urlonga
'IO ollinc. Purse, 10J. Time, Oil.
Iml Uorte i-Wt St U St- Jin. J'cfj Bt
CS3 Earn, 105 la Hi 1 I.'cca 13-10
CSS Milton II . HK... 3 S 5H, Ji' Hotcher 6
6tS Ilnilds Off, J03... 2 2)4 3 Si OloVniaa
Eib Li Petite. I0i.... 5 4 4 4 L'hrm'n 10
131 I"oce Au'ni'a, 101 1 Bit a 6 A Jlo'ro 12
C Iriahll-.'PJ T 8 6 6 Xeary 13
;0i Uailay.IOi 8 7 7 7 &iI'rt'j3J
Mart gaotl Won handnr-
n7 -oeoud race feren furloaca. SfcUInz.
' Pirso.llOO. Time. 1,33)1
IntL Ilo'se Ur. St U fat Fin. JckV BL
GJ7 Bronston, 107.. 2
3 3' IV, AnJrV-s
433 F nnwater, 1117 I
5J4 Coir. 107 3
rattle, 107.. . 4
713 Elci tro, liO.... 5
7CG Windral". JOT. B
fill Urosan, 107.... S
7uS Nobby, 107.. 7
4 1A42V 'm,'nr-3
3 4 -hi 3h Nelson 10
i 4 Jt. Klnff sa
Sheeian 30
Taylor 60
Banter 100
Alford IS
Irene, ill... .. a
9 9
Mart eed. Won drlrins.
71 o Ihlrd race. Oao-half mile Purse, 3100
-to Time, 01 H
ni IloraeAWL St. Ji St. Fin. J'Uc'r Et
C3 Jersey, 115 7 s 1 lcj Neary C
CJJ SlarzuVe 1L, 1J3 1 in :- 23 Washb'a 8
TOi Bobodnk. 115. ..4 4 4 3h Dorsey 5
711 Ferayn, 115 . 5 6 b 4 A Mcore 2
313 So lingo, 103 3 5 5 3 Hare 15
714 K.-:i!e,Jr,::7 2 2a SKli C Crowa i-i
6S3 (lleilESra, IU...11 in 10 1 Carter 10
7H Jlsik-man, 113-i 9 8 fi 8 Fiuer 80
Oas-oage, 103 .. 9 7 7 9 Alford 53
C03 Treanna, 100.... 6 9 9 11 Cowman )
1W (.ov. Flfar. US. 10 11 11 II It liicg 50'
Stars fair Won handily
-71 n rourth race six ami one-hilf fur-
-L-Icnsa. Selllnc Turae, 100 Tlmo, I-4V4.
led. Uorse .t V t. M t,' bt Fia. J'ck'y nt
712 llairmle, luo.. 8 4 :ti IV LTnch 1
"TO Dllltn J , 103.. 1 2C ly, 2u tlay 71
511 F. It liarf, 107 3
6 5 y Waahb'ruO
Sh 4 4 Lohrni'n li
5 6 3 Alford G
lb. '.Uia elson 60
8 7 7 Garris'n 23
7 8 8 smith 50
9 9 9 l!rokinsC3
707 Ills Grace, 105. 5
497 Remorse, 102. 2
715 Dr llol'h. 1G61 4
5 tllz'b.th. lOSJd 7
701 ITImm, IBS.-. 6
E3t Cadet. 117.... 9
Marc good. Won handily.
rnn Fifth race. Sir ami one-fourth furlongs
'u belling. Purse, Jl.0. liin-.l.JO
Ind. Horse Jk Wt
f7!3) Tancrcti. 107.
st H M. Flo. J-cfy nt
:' .y l n
Asbura 2
I71i) Walcott, 112.. 4
713 Andrews. 110. 1
714 Austin, 103,.... 3
71J Pope, 108 3
713 Drizzle, 101.... 6
708 Jlofawlc S3.... 7
701 F. Fuller 101.. S
547 J Weber, 93.. 8
3 4 St
4 3n 4
IU !
6 e
7 T 7
3 8 8
9 9 9
10 10 10
Paraoas 5
V. 'sab'n3-2
Ncary 4
Ntsleoa 113
Fletch'r 30
Bain CU
i-b,eU'o 103
J. Illoss CO
7U7JV. ltece, U3..JQ
btart good. Won drlTlng.
791 Siith raca. Sir and a half furlonga.
l-,i. Purse, $100. Time, IiU.
Ina. UorsoJt wt St.
(711) Fagln, 109 2
lit Solitaire, 1141 4
(619) Or'ndlTIi, 1091
703 JllnnioS.93... 8
(176) Connors, IU .. 5
703 Tim FlTnn. 16. a
W St Fin. J-ck'r Bt.
8- IV 1 4 Aatmrn 3-3
2'. sv roster 5
1V4.JIH36 Neary t
4 4 4 .It.n'wnlOO
8 3 5 Alfo-rd IE
3 6 1 Baxter 103
Start good. on galloping.
-Jicicra io at. jisapn series.
Down tlio Lino.
Bronston ran a grand race. "He was
ten lengths out-of it on tliebackstretch.
Charlie Diamond, from New York, was
on the block handling the dnsp in good
style. " '
Gascogne was very prominent In all the
breaks in the third race..
Jockeys Coudrier and Ellis, who are
at the Emergency Hospital, are doing
well. They will be about in a few days.
Walcott did not have his usual position
Fred Foster made his first appearance
In the saddle at the track In a -year.
Sends the Fields at rimlico -Away In
Poor Order.
Baltimore, Nov. 23rTue twelfth day
of the running meeting at PJmIlc,o was very
successful. The air was balmy and the
races well contested. More thpn 0,000
persons were on the grand stand. '
Starter Fitzpatrlck' had on 'off day,
most of the send-offs were very ragged.
Illume, the second choice' in the last? race,
was left standing at the post. Sfmms and
Reiff each rode two -winners. The track
was fast and the best time of the meeting
was made.
Previous to the races fourteen -yearlings
and eight brood mares, the property of the
Morris Stablo, "and B. W." Wdldcn.'were
sold at auction. 'The yearlings' brought
fairly good prices, tbe-top notch being 5323,
for a bay colt by Iriip. LovegoId- The
sale realized S3, 000. "Summaries: X
. First race Five furlongs: Bessie Abbott;
105, O'Learyv .20 to.l, won; Medlca, 1063
Curtis. 7 to C, second: -Arline, 105, Keiff,
3 to 1, third. Time, 1:03. Llllle Mills.
Millie 1, Mildred U. Princess Margaret.
Miss Edith and Columbia K., also tan.
Second race One miler Mack -Briggs.
112, Eetff, 1 to 8, won: Deftfcder, lit,.
Garrlgan, S to.l,.iecoodi.liilyUke. US,
Tell Your
about the9a prices. Make
him come and took Into these
bargains. Suits, Pants or Over
ooats tho largest, finest stock
In town and save money
enough to buy you a no w gown.
Overcoats, $7.50.
... i.ji,., ona piics of them
way up In Uie thousands.
A magniricenl assortment.
Kernes s. Casslinerea, Chev-
lots. VicnnnSj Serges, Mon-
tagnacs. Heavers, and Wur-
teds- Prices start at 187.60.
Then go up as you please.
Grund values for that
money. Our word for It,
their equal can't be had un-
der 510. no matter where
tWi w.tt Til nfr lu Inn mtinK
fit KUi'l"" V ire H'U 41JUV.11
to ask for them If "dressl-
rcss." style, wear, and fit
be considered. The IS pants
in other stores aren't better
values. Another superb line
at $2.78.
For the Boys.
We've the greatest line of
Suita anil Overcoats in town
greatest In size greatest
in alue. One-rourth and
one-hair lower than anybody
else Is the wa we've priced
Victor E. Adier's
927-9 7th St.
Cor. Mass. Ave. Open Till 7 F.M.
Coyle. 100 to 1, third. Time. 1144 3-4.
Tnlrd met Five furlongs- Helen Nichols,
107, llelff.3 to 1. woii;Toiii Harding. 107,
Murptiy, 2 to l.ieconu; Ameer. 110. films,
4 to I , third. Time,. 1,02. Illusion, Sir
rocco and Midnight nl:o ran.
Fourth race The l'lnillco handicap. Oae
mile nnd a iiumter- Maurice, 108. Suns,
3 to .1. won; Integrity, t'2. Keefe. 10 to 1,
ec-cor.d;Augutta lirIle,103,O'Leary,3 to 1,
third. Time. 2:12. Chauiie alio ran.
Firth race Six furlongs. Septuor. 103,
Sliiims, 2 to 5, won; Flfleltl. 94. Clifford,
li to l.fcecond; Whlppany, lOO.Healv, 12to
1. third. Time. 1 1(1 1-1 Halla.fiingT.,
riit-iter, Toiuoka, Old Saugus and Maple
Frlnce also ruu-
blxth rare Onemlli" McKce, 90,0'Don
nell, SMI, won; Intermission. 84, lilrsch.
Ito 1, second; Mnrsh.i'l, HO.Sinnns, 2 1-2
t I, third. Time, l:-M 1-4. Fannie II.,
George lllxon. Cniswiclc Imp- liazieton,
Loetnnvar, Cuckoo .ind Illume alM ran.
The programme lor Monday is as roliuws-
rirt li.ice Five furlongs. Jia,le Omacs,
Belle Washington, lus each: Metllca. Ar
llue. Prince. Margaret. Millie L, LUlie
Mills. Miss Edith, 'ihe Kite and Columbia
K, 103 each.
feecond Itacc Five lurtongs. Illume, Il
lusion, Kinjlet, Turtulfe. Cnli-wick, Uun
away, Kerry Oo.v nnd Midnight, 110
each; Pontlnir. Too linen Juhnaou. Hnl
ttHi, Lady McCann, Itimn. Addle, Little
Jim, Oily Gamin, Fatal, Franciscan and
Handsome, 10" each.
Third ILice Threeiiuarters of a mile,
uiltlmore bun handicap. Wlahard. 115;
Heptuor, 114, Vi.llev, '1 OOr Forget. 107;
Defender. 103; Beau Ideal, 1112; Maple
l'rlnce, 90. . .
Tonrth R.ice rln.. tWlto tlnnrl I 1 n.
ritmn, First Light and McKce. 102 each.'
Filth Race Kivc-Jigtiths of a mile. Old
Age. 109: Heresy, Maple Prince nnd
Devola, 103 each; H"rrle, Irvana, 100
each; Emotional. Itutiurlal, Forum, Pre
mier nnd Roval Hill. 07 inch: Helen H.H..
97, Decameron, Flticld, Pnnllcatnent. 94
each, Shakespeare II 109.
Sixth Race One and ouc-jKteenth miles.
The Swain. 10't: Marshall and EcIlfHe. 108:
CandeUlira. 102, Sunup, 9J, Phoebus and
bue Eiltle, 90 each.
TiMiiyV. nmrlt, at r. AhiipIi.
First race Four-jcar-olds and up; sell
lug. Tour and oue-halC furlong.
Ind Horse. Wt- led. Horse. Wt.
I05 T"lo':, 105 H 35 Nemo 105
333 T Uallant.lUG'710 Becktou 105
'"IS. Qucen....I0r, 57-3 Lucille 105
720 rpP 105 2171 T.Gardner...l03
t2! Pluladel. ...10.-.' fl:tetiorelU . 105
'.0., Red Cross... 103 03 1 Courtney 105
Second race Threc-jUrr-old sand up sell
ing, sis and oiic-qudrter-rurlongs-InoV
. Horse. wt. Intl. Hore. Wt.
tj35 Lum'nun...ll2 035 Dr.JohnsonlOS
r,M It.Iiomet..i;109 (03r,)Slv.i on
t.3G Harry M 109 v17 Jarley 97
"721 Sollulre ....107 (01 IHJ. Mdler.... 91
(.33)Uart 107N710)I)orc;ssL.. 94
7M lkilmordi....l()i 713H.l'lrd 91
Third race Two- car-olds, selling; five
Ind Horre. Wt. Ind. Horse. Wt.
598 Hallie Gay..l0.i 'OSS S. Wil!iani.98
(.2Cat.Lawr.lI.102 I2G L. Waton.95
(r.2(i)ls,sterous . 99 7I1 Svengall 95
B2t orastniere .. ut(31 (Arabella 95
Pembrook.. 98 02(3 Cadiz 95
rourth race Three-year-olds and up: sell
ing, one mile.
Ind Horse. Wt. Ind. Horse. Wt.
G361Trihute 109 '720 J.Weber 95
(i47)(ialtatiu 10G G32.Westover 95
(131 CloWS 104715 Equity -10L
(Kit. Giorljna....l01
l'lftli race All ages; selling; one-half
Ind. Horse. Wt. Ind. Horse. Wt.
023 11. Warren.119 r.99 Martel 10i
- -ArUHery ...112 028 Joe Mack..107
(GlOlMasher 112 '591 Annie T. 101
nSOSextus 109 Wajna'da ..104
714 FrankD 109 718 Treanna 90
718 Glengara....l09
Sixth race Four-vcar-citds and up; sell
lug; seven furlongs.
Ind. Hort-e. Wt. Ind. Horse. Wt.
030 Eddie M 10H 7 m Remorse . 105
604 I'.Klanuth.lOS U30 Irish Pat 105
632 I'.de Leon..l05 (530 Warlike 105
(G30)FoXg!oe....l08 G32 Mole 105
G30 Hdret 108 G28 Geo.Hakes...l05
032 C. JU6tlce...I08
Refers to A Iexandef Island series.
MIns Hurley's Hemnlm, Howover,
Will lie Examined; on Monday.
The body of Miss Annlo Hurley, who
died suddenly on Sunday at No. 416 K
street northwest, was not exhumed yes
terday, as ordered by Coroner Hammett,
but will be taken from, the grave on Mon
day and subjected to an autopsy at the
morgue on the same day.
As slated in "previous issues of The
Times, Miss Ilurley was engaged to be
married to Dr. King, who attended her
during her fatal Illness. Ho returned a
certificate of death rrcm congestive chills.
Certain statements were made to the
coroner, which he investigated. IIo In
terviewed several of the -women who were
close to Miss Hurley, and from their
statements'lt seemed clear that the young
woman died from congestion.
After interment tho suggestion of foul
play was made with slicli persistence that
District Attorney Bfrney and Coroner Ilam
mett decided that exhumation and an
autopsy would be proper. Undertaker
Wright was sent to Mount Olivet Cem
etery equipped with tttn necessary permit
from the health offlcer.rbut Sexton Mc
ITenry, it Is said, refused to allow the
graye to be opened ,urtll the fee, S5,
usual In such cases.i had. been Paid. The
undertaker's deputy jdld ., not have that
amount or money wiiji Idm, and returned
without the body. ,.f
By some It Is thought that the body
will be too. much deepmposed to be suc
cessfully operated., on,, but the coroner
holds.an opposite ,vletf. ftluiugb the body
was in bad contjltkjniwhcri U was burled
on Tuesday, It is riojjjirobable that It has
deteriorated to any .considerable degree
since burial. '"r
-at t je
, ' '.I1 rr
Lecture on jTheoiopnj-.
A lecture, purporting, to show the theo
sophical basis of "Bunion Brotherhood,"
will be delivered tonjghtj.at 8 p. rn., by
Hr. George M. Coffin, at Metzerotf s (small)
nail. These lecturer 1 are free and the
iiubllo invited. x,.- , ,
Doings in Amateur Circles in
Gymnasium and Afield.
Orients' Claim for Clniniploiwhlp Con
tott Ih a Good One New Atliletlo
Itules Coin in bin Curniwil Institute
CytiinastM W. A. C. Averages A.
Trani Henullt.
Before another issue of The Sunday
Times the several local games or football
arranged for Thanksgiving Day will hare
been plajcd. From the result of each
some sort of conclusion may be arrived at
as to Khich team has the right to expect
the honor of playing ror the local champion
ship nllh the present champion tenm the
Columbia Athletics.
In order to correct an error which seems
to prevail it is proper to state that (he
Columbian College game arranged Tor next
Thursday will not be one for the ciiaiupiou
It krems to be the general impression
that, the Orient Athletic Club team is the
one team that is entitled to play Uie
ColumbU Athletics for the championship,
because of its excellent showing against
the Galluudet team last Saturday with the
score 0 to 0.
The Gallaudet College team is consid
ered one of the heaviest and strongest
teams here, and probably the best the col
lege has ever had.
To prevent tuch a team as that from
scoring is Indeed a lure feat, and the
Orients deserve credit Tor their work.
The G.illjudctg have the proud distinc
tion of plajing the University of Virginia
one of the closest games the latter has
plajed this bcason, the score standing
18 to G in favor of the Virginians, and
a week thereafter defeated the strung
Baltimore City College team by a score
of 22 to 0. All this goes to show that the
Orients put up a strong game against a
strong team.
It should be conceded that inasmuch as
the GjIInutletK cannot play the Columbias
the Orients, for their excellent showing
against them, should be considered as the
team entitled lt play the present champions
for the title anil the trophy.
Not only would it nuke an interesting
contest, but it would draw out a very
kirge attendance, as it would virtually
be the envteru section of the city against
the ncstern and northwestern.
Why not get to wort at once, Messrs.
Managers, and arrange the championship
game, giving due consideration to the
claim of the Orient team.
At the annual meeting of the Amateur
Athletic Union, held in New York city last
week, Important changes in the athletic
rules were made, and henceforth the rela
tions of amaliMra to proreulonaU will bo
most strictly guarded. The legislation was
probably the must radical ever enacted by
the A. A. U.
Among the resolutions adopted were the
following most important ones:
That no amateur can race for a parse as
a testuuouial without becoming iaeliglhle:
that no a.uateur'bascball team can play
against a professional team or maintain
a professloual battery; that no football
team can have a professional coach play
with It; that Ihe maintenance of train
ing tablet by cltbs Mnotud be abolished,
and that training and traveling expenses
should not be allowed; also that an ath
lete who has no visible means of support Is
not an amateur.
Uickok, the Yale hammer and weight
thrower, who won suspended for compet
ing In unregistered games, was decided to
be IM ineligible.
Stage, the great' Western sprinter, was
declared to be a professional because be bad
officiated as a National Baseball League
umpire, and tnnuot In future compete In
amateur events.
Thestepatake.i by the A. A. U. are worthy
of commendation and will do much to
purify amateur atlileth: sports. Into which
in many directions professionalism, was
making strong inroads.
Tirst oue rocm and then another of the
Columbia Athletic- clubhouse was taken in
hand by the carpenters during the past
week and preparation for the caraivaL
whlth begins December 4, goes rapidly
All plans have been well laid and are
rapidly being pjt into execution.
Many 'things are being done and more
will be done which the management does
not care to publish, so that the novelties
will be all the greater a surprise to the
many visitors at the opening and succeed
ing nights.
Sam Ireland Is fast perfecting the details
of the living pictures, which he will present
and he promises they shall be the crowning
event, the very cap-stone of the amusement
features ot the carnival.
In point of decoration and mercantile ex
hibits, the affair will surpass anything of
the kind ever attempted here.
Several storerooms are already rilled
with local and out-of-town donations.
The conimg week, will be one of bustle
in the big club-house.
As 1 et no concerted effort has been made
to awaken the echoes in the bowling alleys
and more than likely they will be alio wed to
slumber until after the carnival, when the
club cliampionshlir contest in nine and ten
pins will he taken up.
The football team, from present pros
pects, will play with, the Columbian Uni
versity team on Thanksgiving day.
The changes In the team have been bene
ficial, and It isnowpkiylnga-stronggame.
Clarke and Hooker especially distinguish
ing themselves by their excellent work.
Underwood at center and Walsh and
AVIsner at the t-nds, are playing a good
The "Hasbcenola" gymnasium team Is
drawing large audiences to witness its
work, and so attractive has It proven Itself
that a number of recruits have enlisted.
After the carnival, regular class nights will
be held, under the direction of Lieut. Nolan
and a professional leader, with musical
accompaniment, and these classes will be
made a feature of the gymnasium work.
In addition to those mentioned last Sun
day, the following havo been at work In
the gym. daring the weekr Alex. Grant,
Frank Smith, Will Dove, Alex. Shaw, Dr.
King, Sullivan, and Dr. Ward. For the ben
efit ot the new gymnasts tho trapeze has
been lowered a number of feet, and may the
memories of John Crossley 's excellent work
thereon be ever Before the "Ilasbeenolas."
Active practice Is being taken In all
lines by the athletes of Carroll Institute
for the Indoor championships to be held
Without any practice, P. J. Daly' "put"
the lG-pound shot a distance of 33 feet
during the past week. He will undoubt
edly surprise his competitors when he
gets in shape In their Hi;e.
J. G. Beckley and Downey arc again at
work in the gymnasium.
Paul Hughes andT. J. Daly will as'st
Prof. Joyce in the pyramid work in ircp
aration by'the Junior classes for the ccmlng
Foutz is a new member of the gym who
promises well in the pole vaults he cleared
9 feet 5 indies last week.
The Monday and Thursday evening class
drills for men haveanaggrcgatctitlcndnncc
ot twenty-eight.
In its next league game the Institute
basketball team will play in lis lew uni
forms, yellow and white, the C. I. colors.
The team has arranged to" give a hop on
the evening of December 16, the proceeds
of which are to go toward paying for
their new inlforms. "
On account of an entertainment at tho
Institute on Saturday next, the basketball
game sclfednlarf to 'be played there then
with the Corcoran Cadets will take place,
on next Friday evenlnglnsteadr
New members are constantly being
added to the. -roll of the Washington Ath
letic Club, and that organization lsnow
on the highway to greater success.
- The basketball team Is making rapid lm-
For Stylish
4 Winter Dressing
We are showing most excellent patterns and
cloths in Suits and Overcoats.
Are, as we have already claimed in our announce
ments, worth S15, judging by the standard set by
the custom, tailors.
Are here for "your inspection worth inspecting,
too and prices range from $10 up to $45 and
we feel the utmost confidence in our claims.
'THE Warn
910 and 912 R St. IN.W.
provement In Its playing and gaining many
friends by Its clean work; """
The team wilt give a hop and enter
talnment for its benef if&H DefcCrtiber 2, and
upon this occasion it wMnaveJwo games
ut basketball as an attractionthe first
between the Potomac, WheeJmpa.and Mil- I
itary cvcllsts and the second between the
Infantry and the home teanwt
In addition there will be other attrac
tions, musical and otherwlsei's.11 to con
clude with a hop".
During the recent contesta"forplaces
on the ten pin team to playln he league
Series, some very strongTiowIlng marked
the work. The four highesUw.er,SchIes3
inger, 168 1-S; W. S. Polley, 16G I5-1G;
W. G. Kidd. 161 15-16; R. Story, 150 3-16.
Others who bowled well, having averages
from 147 down, were Akers, F. II. Litch
field, George Martin, Charles Fuller, J.
Grimsley, James Cruppen and E.'Tllx'ttn.
The team as selected willmake a strong
bid for the championship.
Nearly every man In the WashlngtonLlght
Infantry Corps is anxious to play basket
ball and innumerable teams will probably
result from the fever.
Practice of the game has taken the
place of practice in gymnastics and acro
batics- It is promiseu, uowever, tiiuv reg
ular class work will be taken up again
next month, when Henry Lee will lead
the classes in the regular drills.
Among the promising players of basket
ball are Taylor of Company D, Robinson.
Company C; Jacobs of Company D, who,
though a light man. Is doing good work
on the ends; likewise with Harry Leach.
McCatiiran nnd Robinson, substitutes,
played in a game last week, and did some
excellent passing and blocking.
Royce Hough, forrnerly-of C. A. C, end
now a member of the infantry, is playing
his old position on the latter team, and is
materially strengthening the team work.
Company B will give a hop at the armory
on Thanksgiving eve. It is proposed to
Introduce a few athletic features before
the dance begins. Admission will be by
card only.
Company A wiIiglvconeofltsb!g"Smok
cra," wltb athletic and musical reatures,
on Monday evening, December 2.
With the football season at Georgetown
College scarcely over, the executive com
mittee Is already making preparations
for next season's baseball work. Improve
ments on the field have already begun.
During the post week the .diamond was
thoroughly cleaned and rolled tight, and
It will be in excellent shape next spring
for light rolling.
The candidates for theteam are numerous
and of excellent quality. They will all
take up a course of Indoor exercise and
training Immediately after-tthe Christmas
The team promises to be as strong as
last season's mighty team, a remurkable
promise to make, many will say, but from
the present outlook It will come to. pass.
Capt. Dick Uarley, who will remain at
the college until he graduates, wilkinf use
plenty of life into his team and he will
carefully coach all the players, giving each
the benefit of his thorough knowledge of
the game. Ills selection was a master
stroke, as be is a most competent and
capable leader and captain.
Manager of Baseball O'Brien has already
opened correspondence with other colleges,
negotiating for dates.
Work is going rapidly forward on the
gymnasium, which will be ready after the
holidays. It will be of .great, benefit to
the field and track men as well as the
baseball plavers.
Tatart, McLaughlin and Douglas will
enter the bicycle road race to be run
on the conduit road on Thanksgiving Day.
The four class football tean'i are"taking
dally practice and will wxirk harclJgr the
honor of winning the Saks &. Company cnp.
The second series was begun-on Wednes
day and '93 won easily from '99, by a
score of 18 to 0.
Ninety-seven and '99 will play on next
Wednesday, and as the last game between
these two went to '07 by a score of G
to 0, on exciting and interesting contest
is assured. O.P.SCHMIDT.
Massachusetts' Armor rn 'Needed to'
Complete tlio Ship.
Secretary nerbert, after a conference
with the board of bureau chiefs yesterday,
decided to have the turret of the battle-ship
'A-Love of a Wheel'
v fetidly YMSr&L
Th Men's Stor
ot WashlDcton.
Gunners a lot to in
terest you who are
going gunning Thanksgiv
ing. Closing out a few
high-class, second-hand guns
left for repairs and never
called for, at a THIRD or
FOURTH of real value
that ought to be interesting.
Largest and finest stock
of new guns in the City.
All kinds of ammunition.
"Dupont & Cie's famous
smokeless powder, put up at
the factory and guaranteed.
The gameis-half " bagged "
when you start with a good
gun and good ammunition.
Both at
1013 Pennsylvania Avenue.
'Headquarters for Gunners."
might bend the
steel of a "CO
xact, were you
strong e n o u r h
you might tie
knots with it
but break it you
CAN'T. The
metal is as tough as steel is
If you lesrn In Columbia; FlelJ you'll
havs som. style about yjur riding.
Guarante. tickets tl
District Cycle Co., tfSJcS"
'nn1Ia- 452 Pa. Ave.
Physicians recommend
National Capital Brewing Ca'a ''Muncli
ener" fcecaua It la brewod eicluslTelj
from, malt and hops. Buttled only bj
750 to 754 Tenth St. S. E.
A trial vQl conrlnca you of Its medicinal
Massachusetts shipped to the Cramps ship
yards and placed on the vessel.
It was first Intended to have these plate j
shipped to the Indian Head proving ground
and mounted on a turret representing those
of the battle-ship nnd tested. The change,
-was made to facilitate work on the ship.
The test, which is Intended to demons tra te
what a turret can stand under fire, will be
made later. This change In the programme
was made at the request of Mr. Charles
The electric telegraph was foretold by
Galileo, who told how conversations could
be held by magnetic needles.
( iyO
- vj.a!!r 1
,jv-j. -lituip X-"-.-i,i & jrfiw(A
Ca- v-- v .

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