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155.1 "SV-as' .! ifc.l' UMJH ss, M4BUi JSWfWJ"?
Dally Barsnlui
2,000 Yards Body and
Tapestry Brussels.
Many pretty pattern-). In lengths QCn
frooi 3 !oI0yrJ,icr jarJ JJU
Sleepy Hollow Chair,
Upholstere-d la Corduroy, a perfect
e. sir to rost In. Reduced from (T I ) (1(1
tiico to I Z.UU
Turkish Rocker,
Covered with Krocatolle, splen
didly made and upholstered. I C (1(1
Oneiiml prion, i3i Oel Jeoer. ... IU.UU
Reading Chair,
On"c frame. Upholstered In Silk 7 (1(1
1'liish. Reduced fiom 13W ta. I.UU
Large Turkish Arm Chair
French Cretonne. 1 lie marked in ft fl
prlco is V--0 I .UU
Lace Curtains.
nclUh Nottlnchams, flMiich-3
wide. 3'-; yards lo c: pre-tty
patterns KefU'ar 2 73 value. I 11
Splendid Nottinghams, S. Inches by I fl fl
S) yards Keduced Ironi il.'S to iUU
Wash. B, Williams,
7th and D Sts. N. W.
The paper on which The Wash
in gton Times is. printed is made
C.S,.F,ULKNER, So!o Asent.
Time Bulletin. NcwY ork City
Ceren Klimr miikcm moro llrpnd,
oinkfK wlilter Hrend, niukeH better
Bre-ud tliuii any ntbor Fltitir niuiiu
fncturt-d. Jlemtro of -Imitation of
the- flriuid "Cerew.M
m Original Drawings I
v w t
T lrom willed the photogravures for T
J Abbey's Shakespeare J
v were made, Is now o i exhibition at Y.
I VEnKHorrs gallukies. I
m 1517 1' Street '. V. A
have you
ever used it?
Do eo If you would be eco
nomical iu the .uelycu burn.
GtTPs out mure heat than
coal TU3U much les lasts
louger and coutnlns ueuhcr
dirt nor clinkers.
40 hn. (uncrnshcJ). $2.90.
40 bu (crushed), S3.70
Dclirered to any part ol the ci:y
Washington Gaslight Co.,
413 10th St.,
Or Wm. J. Zen, KG S SL Ulione, 470
Absolutely Painless Dentistry.
There are none of
tbo old time boirors to
fear when w perform a
dental operation Our
per cct methods of abso
lutely painless dentistry
not only afford immunity
from pain but nro freo
f i oin t he dangerous after
effects of amesthetlcs.
All our work is satisfac
torily done in the most
perfect manner.
I'aiuless extraction 59
1217 Perm. Ave. N. W.
A great big
dollar's worth.
4 lbs Mixed Candy .25
3 lbs Fresh Mix'd Nuts .25
3 lbs Fine Layer Rais
ins 25
5 lbs Good Lard 25
Kecular prices If sold separately.
1420 7th St. N. W.
As a Power,
As a Light
electricity Is simply unexcelle 1
It Is reliable. It is inexpensive, it
Is cleau and absolutely free f ro.u
dancer Hundreds of machines
arc run by It thousands of stores
and nouses are lighted by It. A re
you tbinUng of using current
'phone us.
U. S. Electric Lighting Co..
213 14th Street 'Phone 77.
" 10 Forrtb ft. nc. Washington, D. O.
SPECI ALT 1' All Chronic, Nervous, Mood
(i ud skin Diseases. Indigestion, Liver, Kid
ney, llladder, and Urinary Troubles, Plica
Fistula, stricture, etc
A NEW METHOD for ocrmanont and
quiet cure or all PKIVAi'E diseases and
woman Complaints. Vitality restored.
Soars, 9 to 12 a. m; 3 to 8 p. m ;8un
ir, to 7 p. m.
ffS? V 1 3r
Police-Station Inc'dsnt of Holi
day Week.
Jlfxprve mid tlio Sergeant Guyed Ills
Truw-llni: .Hun, Hut IIo Charmed
Tin-Hi aw tlio Vler of lluinllu Did
Ite. Clilldre-ii lie Got a Koom Jfot
With tbej -HexC-ot Vree I-oders.
A tramp entered a police station latu
ljSWdlKlltrrr-' -
There was nothing uncommon about
fh"l; lfK a thing Which tuippcns In eatii
police Htalion in the city many times during
the day and many more times during the
night. There was nothing unusual in the
apiwarance of this tramp, excepting that he
carried under his anil what looked to the
average policeman like a little coffin, lut
one of lhe musical "copjiers" recognized
thai It prolMhly had at some time or other
been u "fiddle box," though no one in th:.t
f-lallon thought that it contained at
that moment unthlng more unusual than
some cheese and bread wrapped in brown
paper and perhaps a piece or sausage and
maybe a few other cold victuals.
As Ilia tramp leaned against the go'den
rail the surrounding policemen began lo
tell of the many queer lunch boxes which
tramps have lieen known to carry. One
veteran blue coat, with a bad scar over
the eye and a few cuts about the face and a
few more memories of scraps lurking In
side his undershirt, tol.l of wbeu he was In
another precinct a holw came in with his
lJiich done up In a dress suit; another po
liceman recalled once that a vng of his ec
mi.ilutanu: carried lunch .In a hat box, and
still another "bobby," Willi a handful of
dislocated knuckes, remembered that one
or the gentry used an old gum boot for his
All these comments were heard by the
Islnnael who" stood agalust the golden
rail. He wore that air of stolid Indiffer
ence which comes lo men who have been
burfeted by Fate, either through fault
of their own or of someone else. The
keen eje, though, might have noticed
an case iu hU pose that seemed like a
hhndow of faded respettabllity. His
head was crowned with a straw hat
whkh had known the suns of summer and
the otlones of winter.
I Tangled and matted masses of tawny
l.a!r escaped through rents In the hat and
straggled out under the brim to find rest
on that part of the man where his collar
ought to have been. His coat was of that
greenish brown that barf led a guiss as to
what its first color was.
His trousers were worse than bagged
at the knees and reached only to his ankles
and dangled oer a pair of reddish rawhide
boots that never in their lives had glistened
Willi a shine. His face was lined with
inre and reddened with dissipation, but
there was a poetic. limpid, fire in his eje
and a musical modulation in his voice as he
said, and as though he had said It often
before: "Lodging."
'What's your name?" asked the desk
sergeant in the regulation tone, as he
reached for the lodgers' book, in which
were registered the names of thousands
of strangers to Washington and to work.
"Karl Vctbitskl."
"What?" said the sergeant,. "Just jou
spell that Eyetalj an .name."
"It is not an Italian name, it Is Ilusiaii,
but my Christian name is .German; my
mother was a Geiman, my lather was ait
'illegal' Hus-ian. I wci tcarednndeducaled
in Germany," Mild Karl, with a soft,
Teutonic accent.
"Iild you ay jcu tfas educated," said
a policeman, who iird Just entered with a
colored crap sl.cotcr In his grasp.
'Jt joa're ducatcd." said another, "why
don't jou go to work."
These remarks were not made In a tcry
sympathetic tone; sctr.clow or another, a
policeman cultivates an unsympathetic
tone, ecn when his breast Is bilmtnl of
sympathy, charity, and goodwill.
The stranger turned round so that his
back rested against the golden rail and
ills face beamed upon the policemen, who
sat around, puffing pipes of n.oic or less
fragrance, playing cribtage, seven-up, and
pinocliel, and tilling stciics, s cmeof which
might light a blush in a maiden's check.
The hobo was undoing the little brass
clasps of his "grub box." In doing this
he showed his hand. They were fine. hands,
somewhat tanned by exposure, but so well
kept that they stocd In stiangc contrast
to the balance of his personal appearance.
The fingers were long, nervous, and soft,
and the muc!es on that hand were wonder
fully developed. Insfcad of pulling out a
piece of cheese or fausage, he lifted up, as
tenderly as a gentle mother would her
new-born babe, an old violin. All the
polish was gone, but it had an artistic
look even In Its aged, unvarnished poverty.
As the vag threw the Instrument into
position, leaned his cheek caressingly on
it, ran those long soft fingers lovingly over
the strings and drew the bow so that the
song of a sorrowing soul seemed lo follow
it, a strange hush fell upon that station-
house, the policemen laid their cards down
as though they,mlght interrupt that music,
poncemen took their pipes from their
mouths, and even the roueh, noisy prisoners
shouting wild and vile epithets In their
grated cells, were quelled as no police
man's club ever did.
The vag was playing the sad, romantic,
dreamy "Traeumerei" of Schumann. The
policemen scarcely breathed. Policemen of
the reserve stole down from their cots
above In their stocking feet nnd peeped
from points of vantage. The tramp hardly
paused, when he proceeded to the throb
bing, ragged little "Romanza." He did
not slop there; he did not seem to see the
police around him; his eyes were half
closed and his features kept time with his
music. Then he plnjed Gottsclialk's
"Marche de Nuit" and told the story of
Flngal, full of weirdness and gloom. When
he took the violin from his cheek the desk
sergeant leaned over to the key rack, and
taking that fitting the best room in the
station, moved off, with the tramp behind
LlRlit-FluKered Gentry Are Recover
ing From the Holidays.
Thefts reported lo the police yesterday
George Ho ward reports stolen from stable
in rear of 1311 Sixth street northwest,
overcoat, light sack coat, pants nnd vest.
K. I). Crainmlns, 1719" I street northwest,
reports stolen from his housc,a gold pencil.
Harry King. No. 728 Seventh street north
west, reports stolen from his bouse a horse
shoe pin set with diamonds.
Beecham s pills for consti
pation io and 25. Get the
book at your druggist's and
go by it.
Asiiulnbsnor thauUmjGObuM-
Economy in Street Lighting Causes
Gomplaint From Police.
New LIkIUh in llloodflold Blow Out
Hourly and Handicap tlio Work
of the Police;
One of the fruitful sources of complaint
in the Fourth police precinct is the naphtha
lamps, which have replaced gas lamps In
various bhaily parts of that prcciLCt and
especially through Uloodflcld. Eveu though
these lamps burned with all their caudle
power, they could not drive away the
shadows from those dark and triiue-jtalned
regions, but these lamps, so the police
say, cannot be depended oil to burn their
E cry now and tlieu one of them explodes,
covering the adjacent street with fire and
filling the citizens with terror. Then they
blow out on the slightest prot ucatiou. Dur
ing, the squall of two or three nights ago,
the police reported nearly every one of
these lamps as being out. It was said
that only those which were shelterecf from
the wind sunived the storm.
Policemen on the beats where these lumps
occur have to spend art of their time each
night In writing on the incidental book of
the stat Ion the location of the iijphtha Mmps
not burning. Thcpallte of those parts think
that it would be in the interest of law and
order If the Commissioners should put elec
tric arc lamps through tlloodtield and its
alleys.ratherthau these dlm,cilow naphtha.
Jets." It has been suggested that the resi
dents along McLean uenue nujl seeml
other reputable streets where these lights
have supplanted gas, will petition that the
gas lamps be reinstated.
Saturday NIkIii tilt- Quietest in Years,.
Sny tin I'olieemeu.
Saturday night was one of those quiet,
too cjulet, Saturday nights, when the trial
board would only wink if every i.ollit ir.au
on the force bhould Le found sleeping on
his pot.
There was not enough activity In police
circles to keep nra the ordinary lollce
inan awake. One bltiec-.Kit suggested with
a yawn that the town had br-n doped, and
another said in tired tones it was sheplng
off its Christmas' spree. The desk ser
gcanl stretched himself and opening his
ejes half way, admitted, "Hint's so."
Usually on Fnlurday nights the town goes
on a tear, but last Saturday night it didn't.
In all lhe nine pclict? precincts and police.!
iieuufimriers. nun me uctecitve ourcuu
thrown In, there' were but tevcnt-.wo
arrests, divided between the precincts as
First, 7. Second, 7; Third, 10; Fourth.
10; Fifth, n; fixth, C: Seventh, G; Eighlh.
0: .Ninth, 11. and Headquarters. ".
The cases were classified as follows:'
:Assault, 7; drunks and disorderlies, IM:
suspicion, 2; larcenies, e; destrojing private
property, r: ags. :i; inKirllaneous, L'5.
It was one of the must orderly Saturday
nights, during holiday times, which the
police deiiartment has known.
The pjbllcation In The Times that Judge
Norton of the Alexandria corporation court
wjs abojtto Legln a war or extermination
upon those barroom keepers who had .
tiol.tlcd IheSund ty law lut i a -i cry salutary
effect, for yesterday It was impossible tt
get anything to drink In this city ror love or
money. Every barroom bark door was
shat up tight. There- was a noticeable
absence of drunken iiipli.'and the police re
port the day as In vlng ten 0110 of I he quiet
est they have seen for many months, and
no arrests were made.
The Alexandria Union Mission, a branch
of the "Washington Un'on MKsiyn. -which was
slarted atxijt eight months ago, has been
very successful and now has a arge r.uin
1t of regular aHendants and he'pers. A
Sundny-schoDl. with nlnul sevenly-fie
children In attendance, has been organ
ized and tonight will have Its Cliristins
celebration. The chi'dren will render an
lull-resting program or singing and recita
tions, after which the Christmas tree will
If stripped by Santa Clans and the chil
dren will lie gien little Christmas pres
ents. Mrs. Kate E. Hopkins, wife of Mr. S.
S. Hopkins, a leading young business man
of this city, died at her home, corner of
Cameron anil Patrick streets, yesterday
morning attcr a long illness. Mrs. Hopkins
was bit about twenty years or age and had
been married but lltt'e over a year. Sin
was the daughter of the late Dr. John r.
Monmouler of Baltimore. She leaves a
little daughter, ten weeks old.
The funeral of Miss Kate Goodrich tool:
pljce from the M. E. Church South yester
day nfternoin and was attended by a
large number of the friends of the young
lady. Rev. Mr. Williams, the pastor, con
ducted tbeservlccs and the interment was In
the Methodist Cemetery.
The Chapter of Mercy of St. Paul's
Episcopal Church, which is kept busy during
the cold weather of Winter aiding the
poor and needy, will on Thursday net
have a donation day. The ladies will be
at the lecture room of the church, corner
Pitt nnd Duke stree-ts, from 11a. m. to
1 p. m., and nil donations or discarded
clothing, etc., will be gratefully received.
This clothing will be mended and given to
the poor.
Mrs. Mary Fleming, residing on Wolfe
street near Royal, died yesterday morning
In the seventy-fifth year or her age
Rev. Htimsey Smithson conducted the
missionary service iu the M. E. Church
last night, and In an interesting sermon
gave a review of the missionary work
done by the church during lhe year.
In comparison with the past year or
two, the Alexandria fire llepartment had
a busy time or it last) ear, the record book
of Engineer Will Wood of lhe Columbia
engine, showing that the department was
In service twenty-seven hours. In 1S91
but nine hours' work was dene. Of the
twenty-seven hours of work last year
leu hours was :it the burning of Hill's
bakery and idne hours at the Jones wood
yard fire, when ten bouses weredeslrojed.
The Sunday school celebration of Grace
Episcopal Church on Saturday night last
was very well attended. Rev. .M. Hall, tue
rector, made a happy address to the chil
dren and each child was preseuted with
candy, toys, etc.
Mr. John D. Hubbard of Richmond is in
the city on a visit to friends.
Messrs. Roy V. Hne!cr and J. Stanley
Neall of the Alexandria Times have ie
turneel from a visit to King IVilliatn county.
Mr. E. C. Hrown is back from n hunting
trip to Front Royal, Clark county.
The Junior Assembly will have their
hop on New Tear's Eve in Schnler's new
hall on Upper King street, nnd not in Odd
Fellows' Hall, as was first intended.
-n . , p 1
Angel for Actor.
The late Ebcn Jordan, of Boston, was not
only the friend in need of Richard Mans
field and the early patron of Nordica, but
also the "discoverer" of the celebrated Jim
Fisk, Jr., who came to the merchant's store
to replenish bis peddler's stock, and made
so good an Impression on the bead of the
house that be was engaged as a clerlc.Flsk
was soon in receipt of tha highest salary
paid by the establishment, and eventually
became a partner. , . . - ,
Measures Which Attract Atten-
"tiorrbrSome Peculiarity. -
a v1ry;" queer 'petitio'n
Weirds, in TelliiiK ?Vliat lie
Wiiiits-VhuiH to Tunnel Niuirnru
' Fulls and Mnke Lurgo Western
-.-VurkH Capital 11 h 1111 Art City.
Congressmen Indulge in some queer ideas,
and ask other people 10 Join them, too.
Some ery queer bills are introduced anil
referred to sultuhle committees during every
session of Congress. Their fate In commit
tee is a foregone conclusion.
One of the Rtrangest petitions presented
during thls session th that of Jeitin It
Moiflion "of "nils city"rho asks 'for an up7
prnpriation otseveatocld thousaud dollars.
He claims It on the 11 bund that he was il
legally deprived of his rrceedom.
. The petition was before the last Congress,
ami Mr. Mabon of Prtaisylianla, had the
temerity to laugh at ftt As a consequence
Mr. Moitllon has it In. for Mr. Malum. In
his revised petition he attacks Mr. Mahou
on every eiccasiun.
Tut. petition. itself is most, accurately
gotten up. Including printed matter which
accompanies it the petition must contain
nearly 40,001) wonli. With the question
of personal liberty In hisuilnd Mr. Moulton
has worked into his story everything-lbs t
might .have a bearing on it.
It contains a voluminous extract rrorn.thc
Declaration of Independences and the Consti
tution of the I'nlteJ States. 'Nearly the
whole of President Ilachanan's'last annual
incssarc.to Gemgressls quoteel asvcllas the
reiort of his Secretary of War.
Many paragraph' are taken from the.
statute bunks and quoted In totn and he
e-vcii liaTn3efted whole cha'pV-rs from Torur
.lar novel, giving credits of course. He
iiwrts speeches of Blaine ntid other noted
men nml finds lii them nnir!hingto-bcar
on his claim.
Ills cuii!cnl!o:i Is based on the r.iet that
while he was confined In Andersmivllle
.hls ii-rni of enlistment expires!. After
that expiration he was stlii confined In
Cunreeli-rjte pnwu.s lfjo elnys. En air Army
cot.r.s martial, on orders of general of
fl'cvrs. that could lie twisted to liear on
lhe subject June been twisted.
In fac-i, the i.ctii'.on, looked at simply
afe a p' ilio'ii". Is eir.e of tVc queerest ever
prcseiiicd in lhe Senate, ll will be rc
ferrcl to many a lime iu trc das to come
Tor ll attracted much itfentlon.
During ,he isl week it bill was intro
duced Iu the House to tegulate the Issu
ance r license for ire sale of li toxicants.
Il has long been a elafni of lemperance
people that the Commissioner of Internal
Reeime should not issue a government
license to a i.crs.u livicg In a town where
such sale was prohibited.
Temperance; .nUoca.vs il.iliiitil Unit Ibis
businesson Ihi'isirlof lhet7oernment was
e-ntlrely wrong, and did more 'to damage
morals lli.ni an.Mhl'ig else-. So the bill,
now before lhe House is lo iemcd this
evil. It rcrb.ds ll.e hsuanccor a license
rrom the general gocvntne."il for the sale
liquor In any Stale-, cMunty, or parish
where theftle' li )rililti!1ti by law.
Jo. these, local option and, prohibition
platvs many elealcrs will bt.ee ire Slate
or'l.i.nl law. Bat It Js lelilnm theyjlanH
rool wl.lt Uii:e .S;tm.vp-ey Ihfnk-ir they
have an internal icvtiiar license they are
all right. --iX
Another member has iurcduccd a bin
to bridge or tunnel the Niagara River at
Niagara rail-). Or course it ..-, to inetr-
porate a company, but e-vtry detail or
such .a.br.ilj:e or tunnel4is prov el. el tcr.
Another bill Introduced was to build an
electric road -through "4r-iliwstoneTarfc.
TI113 also 'eietaiied in what manner the
road sltou'd be built and th lares charged.
Senator Squlrr wants the Washington
National Park cstabllsneil. To do th's he
asks that certain tracts of lands In the
Stat? of Washington, Ik- cbdicated for
this purpose. It takiM in a gr.at tract of
land anil would be one;of the wonders of
that State.
If all the suggestions of Ccngresmen
evere carried out Washington wou'el be
filled with a collection cf t tat nary ntd
paintings. Nearly cwry member has some
bill to olfer iu this direction. Already a
large number have he-en orrcred. Among
them arebillsror the purchase orstatuesof
Salmon F. Chase, Gen. Zach.iry Taylor,
Gen. Ambrose E. tiurnslde, Robert Dale
Owen, Gen. Meade arel Commodore John
Paul Jones, and paintings of Abraham
Lincoln, the United States Capitol and Mrs.
Dolly Madison.
Ke-. Luther Wilson ThIK tho Iteln
tlou of Itum to the Hoiiie.
Rev. Dr. Luther Wllaoo, presiding 'elder
or the M. E. Church. -delivered an address
on "Hounilary Lines" yestenliy alternoon
at Foundry M. E. Church. The alfair was
under the auspices of the Woman's Chris
tian Temperance Union.
Dr. Wilson's address was a very lengthy
eine, consuming more than an hour, but
Its brilliancy was applauded throughout.
He began his remarks by speaking or
lhe Venezuelan boundary line question, il
lustrating the dire .elfrcts or war and
other evlls'which would surely result."
Next he spoke of the boundary bnesof
home, and vividly pictured the encroach
ments that were continually being made
by the liquor traffic.
He said that the rum shop, saloon, cafe,
drinking palace or whatever the place
might be, was always the aggiessor.
He closed his remarksby saying that
he would welcome war iu the" hemes of
ever) body against the demon rum.
Several sweet anil appropriate vocal
selections were rendercel by a duct from
the Wayland Seminary. Mr. Will Cohen
was the organist. The collection was large.
The following appeal was issued arel
promulgated by Mrs. Margaret B. Piatt,
president Woman's Christian Temperance
"Recognizing the magnitude of the evils
which intemperance causes to individuals
and to society, and feeling it to be the
duty of us all to assist as far as possible
in removing temptatiou from the way of
everyone, therefore we most earnestly
request of each and nil whom this appeal
may reach to refrain from offering intoxi
cants to any who may be their guests on
New Tear's Day, and thus nid in removiug
the blight of intoxication from one of our
happiest holidays." ,
President Frances E. Willard will speak
In this city January 12,
Aroli bishop G rosss of Oregon Preached'
the Sermon.
The interior of St. Paul's Catholic Church
presented a beautiful appearance yester
day, tho occasion being the first anni
versary of the dedication of the church.
The high main altar was elaborately set
off with beautiful palms and plants and
flowers, with a heavy background of
Solemn high mass was celebrated by
Rev. Mark Gross, 'with Rev. Joseph A.
Foley as deacon, and Rev. Phillip Sheridan
as subdeacon. Mr. William Bbea acted
asmaster.of ceremonies. Archbishop Gross
was seated on the right of the main altar
and was attended by Rev. James Mackim,
pastor of lhe church.
The choir, composed Oliver fifty voices,
and assisted liy n full orchestra, was
under the direction of Madame J. Esputa
Daly. Miss- Cecilia Murphy sang the
""Adeste Fidcles," and the "Gloria,"
"Credo," "Banetus," nud "Agnus Dei"
were sung wilb Impressive erfect by the
full choir.
The sermon was by Archbishop Gross of
Oregon, who took his text from the Gospel
of Matthew, chapter li, 13 to 18 verse.
Tho archbishop spoke fur fully an Lour.
At the conclusion of the mass the arch
bishop ascended the high altar and pro
nounced the bent-diction.
Archbishop Gross, who has come from
Portlnnd, Ore., to attend the ceremonies'bf
theclcvatlou of Mgr.Satolli to the cardinal
ate, is u guest of Father Mackim. He will
remain In this city fora few weeks.
IlltiTOMtiiii; Exercise-, ut All SouIh'
Church Children' Souvenirs!.
The fifteenth unnHersary exercises of
the Sundaj -school of AH Souls' Church, cor-
Hrre-r or L and Fourteenth streets northwest,
.lielil yesterday afternoon were exceedingly
intere3tlngandlargelyattended. They were
conducted by the superintendent, Mr. Ed
ward Eyuon.
The program consisted of Christinas
carols by the primary and infant classes,
responsive readings, addresses by the
Termer superintendent, Mr. B. R. Bond,
and Rev. Joseph II. Crooker of Helena,
Mont., and congregational singing.
Ex-3uperintendent Bond spoke of the
birth and childhood of Jesus, and empha
sized the point that the season was not to be
looked forward to on account of the pleas
ure of receiving, but rather because, of the
pleasure or giving.
Rev. Dr. Crooker gave a very interesting
account of the religious life of the Crow
An interesting feature of the exerclvre
,were the song cf Eddie Byrnes nnd recita
tions by Margaret Hobbes and Marjorie
Byrnc-3, of the infant class.
The exercises e Iosi-d with the; recessional,
after which the children were assembled
in theSuudas-cchool room, where each was
gieen a souenir box of candy. The box
D8a miniature representation of AH Souls'
Ile'v. Dr. DomerV Addreis-Ht the Y.M.
C. A. Sunday AftiTnoon Se'rvtco.
The regular Sunday afternoon service
of the Y. SI. C. A., held yelerdy nt 4
o'cl-Kk iu the Foundry M. E. Church, was
led by Secretary Harris. The ineellng
was made especially Interesting by the
pre-sencc of the McKendree M. E. Church
choir, which, under the direction of Prof.
Charles II. Chase, icndered several lie-ami-ml
Christmas a lit hems.
The Rev. Samuel Domer. D. D., pastor
of St. Paul's English Lulheran Church,
addre-ssed the Jouug men upon the subject
"What do we owe our Christian mothers?"
Mr. Domer treated his subject from u
prac leal standpoint. It was one that all
his hearers were especially familiar with,
and It needed but a few illustrations to
phe full force to his remarks. His ar
gument was Iiased on the example taught
the world by Mary, the mother of .fesus.
He spoke of the wonderful love and -'rlae-nce
or a mother, and closeel wilh a
he-a'iiirul trlhr te to the Christian muther
hcsMl of our land.
The Rev. Henry M. Couileti, Chaplain of
the- House of Rerrcsentntl-.e-s, will ad-dri-s
the meeting next Sunday atteriiouii.
Dr. Cm.te-r' Sermon 011 tliPUnehiince
uhleiM'w.iifTlilii jim Spiritual.
The thenn- otV-thcRev. Dr. Isaac W.
Canter's sermon at Meunt Vernon Place M.
E. Church. "South, last night, was "New
Ye-ar Reflections." His text was from
IsMub. lll, '", and the subje-ct was. the
"Changeable-news of Earthly Things Con
trnsteil with theUnchangeabli-nc-eof Splrit-
jtal Tlilujs."
The- first part of the scrtnoii was repVte
with statistics of death. Dr, Canter said
that 1 .400,000,000 litiina n leelngs die-dee cry
thlrty ye-ars. and he also iiictureil the break
ing up. hy eleath, of many homes secn
years from now.
He told of the story of the devil and his
several lieutenants boldlug a conference to
elccide which method was the best to en
snare souls, and how Lucifer's exhortccof
pleasure and lust submitted the tiest plan.
The doctor warned his hearers of the pace
that kills aa.1 entreated them to give up all
the so-called pleasures of life.
Next he illLstiated the eIIs of seeking
after riches how man fcrgcts nil ubout
God In his mad light fcr fame and fortune,
and the invariable end of such an unmended
He closed by entreating the sinners and
backsliders among these ptcsent to lead
better lives during the coming 3 car, and
toslgniry tLelr Intentions by coming to the
.Melville Nee-eh'x Plunder Sent Here
From l'ltfrtbiirir.
Detect tees Carter and Gallagher received
yesterday part ot the plunder taken by
Melville Nash, who was arrested about one
week ago at Pittsburg for the theft of
clothing from a Mr. Rice ot Washington.
The men of the home office located Nash
after considerable trouble and he was
brought to Washlugtonlncbargepf a United
States marshal. None of his booty was
brought along, aud it would have been lm
leosslble to secure a conviction under such
The Washington officers wired the ritts
burg police to send on the stuff which it
was thought Nash had. His lodgiogs were
invndeel nnd yesterday a trunkful of his
clothes reached Washington. Mr. Rice
identified an overcoat, coat and iiants and
several minor articles.
Notice" lo Nowstwys.
AH boys having Haines' Washington Store
ncwspaier bags arc re-quested to bring
themto Haines' Hall, comer of Eighth and
Pennsylvania avenue southeast, at 7:30
o'clock this evening, where they will be
entertained and a package put in each news
Father Decelveel by 11 Report of HK
Sou'k De-atll.
Emporia, Kan., Dec. 29. A Mr. Cass,
who resides in Milwaukee, had a son
about eighteen years old, who with another
boy of about the same age, ran away and
went to Reading, Kan. A short time ago
Ills companion wrote home that Cass had
taken a fever at Reading and died. The
father, witli a relative, came on to take
the remains home for burial. They stopped
at Topeka and bought a coffin and other
essential things and then went to Read
ing. Upon Inquiry Mr. Cass was Informed
that the letter wns a hoax and his boy
was not dead, but working on a farm
about five miles from town. Mr.'Cass saw
his son, but the latter refused to go home.
New York Exctinsion Rates via Penn
sylvania Railroad.
On December 31 and January 1 the
Pennsylvania Railroad will sell excursion
tickets to all points on Its lines east of and
including Pittsburg and Erie and west ot
Elizabeth and Sea Girt, at reduced rates,
tickets valid for return until January 7.
1896. Also to Richmond and other points
South-on December 9, 80 and 31, and
January 1, cood until January 7. ...
Events - - ----
call for footl"clGthes:
You canuot vcrrrwell' gfet
through the winter without
attending; some receptions
or balls.
Have you the clothes to
go in?
Our dress suits all have
the stamp of good breeding
on them our tailors know
what is required.
Though we don't deal la nn
inferior class of goods, our
prices are away below tne
621 Pa. Ave.
Under Metropolitan Hotel.
The Time
Is Short Now.
That note must be
We have
175 SUITS,
different styles and diiTer
ent materials worth up to
$12.50. They all go-for
splendid goods Kerseys,
Meltons, Chinchillas, Bea
vers newest styles but we
are out of some sizes iu
these. If we have yours,
you get a bargain. They
are S15 and $18. They go
$5.50 and $7.50
Mew York Clothing House,
31 1 7th St. N.W
One thing
to an evening's
enjoyment at home is a
Pair of
It's such a relief to
take off your shoes and
put your feet into a cosy
pair of slippers. It seems
to rest you all over. For
or over you can get
a pair that will make your
evenings happier.
810" 7th St. N.W.
t Your boy
woull like to possess a CUCE
BOARD. We giro on away with every
child's suit or overcoat.
Our qualities you will find higher
our prices lower than at any store la
Garner & Co
N. E Cor. 7th and H Sts. N. V.
Catering for
Social Events
Of every kind Is what w excel in.
We 1 orsonally superintend tha ar-
rangementof taa minutest details
for serving Wed lng Breakfasts,
Afternoon Teas, Dinners, Itecep-
tloDt, etc.. In the most pleasing
style Estimates promptly fur-
. ulshed. 'Phone orders expedi
tlously flileeL
Caterer and Confectioner,
815 Tenth St N. W.
T-hone, 7SJ.
Telephone!. OIEcelUi i'st O.W
470472 Pennsylvania, avenue north
west, near 6th street. .Business men's
lunch. 12 to 2 o'clock. 2Bc: table d'hote
fllnner- 1-80 to 7-aop. m. 60c oc23-3m
1608 M St. N. W.
Flist-clats catering for balls, parties aaJ piU
Tate families.
Meale, 15 and 35c
Families supplied with salt water oysters by
the quart or causa.
be cream wholesale and retail
JOHH VBN1E, Proprietor.
iLr KJs3
Exceptional Cut Price
Cloak Sale.
The oremocx must bo fore-el We are (ola
to stand our loss now, Ju when cold weather
Is about conimerrclng-cost not considered. We
tanst unload. Theso prices will do it:
$24-00 Jackets and Capes sll. 48
18.00 Jackets and Capes e.4fs
I5.00 Jackets and Capes 8.2S
I2.00 Jackets and Capes 7.48
IO.OO Jackets and Capes 6.4-t
8.00 Jackets and Capes 4.S8
Dress Skirts.
Smo roport!ouate reduction
S3.00 Skirts SI. 98
6.00 Skirts 3.48
IO OO Skirts 6.48
CLARK'S, 734-736 7th SL M. W.
50c Unlaundered Shirts,
made of Androscoggin
cotton, all linen fronts,
re-enforced, perfect fit,
904-906 7th St. N.W.
The Safest
Inralaabla for tbe many com
plaints IncIJental In ertry
familr. Should always t kept
hamlj- Perfectly free from
deleterious dru?a mild la Its
action laetlucta lis effect, fl
a box, conralnloe 0J doses.
AH DrnrgistB.
to do Business wo hare the
latest improved mactinory, the beet
help, and nee the bet material
That'e why our work la always re?-
Sixth and C Sts. N.W.
Silsby& Company
y ii corpora !eJ)
613 15th st.,Opp. Treasury.
Build a Home.
Individuals ownlnc unincumbered
around can obtain money of this
Company with which to Build a
Home. Money to-loan In any
amounts at prevailing rates.
American Security wi Trust Company,
U.J. Bell. Pres.. 1405 Q St.
1S35 F Street Northwest.
Stocks, Bonds, Grain, Provisions
and Cotton.
Direct rrtrate Wires Long- Distance
to Telephone,
Fricclral Cities. 1414.
Correspondents of
No. 47 New St.. Now York,
Members ot the XewYort Stoclc Exchange.
Brokers and Dealers
Stoehs, Cotton, Grain, Provisions.
Turtl llfflima Iffurma 1(1 It 11 rA...n tints
Inc. b05 7th St. opposite 1'atoa. Offlca
ian;ca j. miqueipaiiu nauimore aaaiBCSOO.
end otuers whose orcatatlons prevenl
them from making deposits duMna
regular hanking hours will nod ltcoe
renlent to visit the
Union Savings Bank. 1222 FSt.N.W.
which Is open EVZUi SATUUDA7
NIGHT between the bou rsot ti aud 8.
(Four per cent, interest on savings
No Fee Until Cured.
602 F STREET N. W.
eHsea.-5. KlliNKYamt ULAIiDKKeliw-ascs.
TURE. etc.
PRIVATE diseases quickly and perma
nently cured. Vitality restored. Consul
tation tree. Hours. t.lol2ani,2toO
S. m.: Tuefday, Thursday and Saturday
Ishts. 't to 8. Bundars. 4 to 0.
Whatever yon want MINTED
we can print it most satisfac
torily. Nothing too largo nctn
Inc too small for us to print
McCILL i WALLACE, Printers.
1107 E street northwest. Those 131.
Kg) &:atIitaed July, 1370
1 We're
J .- .
in-S'SlSj33L-' V
egSV-. ,,jSi

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