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1? StrwW .e.-f -
- ". e r .
(sso oe 7f- b-t &-&
I Lansliurgh Bro f
- i 1 1 mill imi i ii 1 1 mi ii i 1 1 i i ii a
y Ladies' j
Knitted J
S Skirts. J-
We place on sale to
day 1,000 Ladies Knit
ted Skirts, in white,
plain colors, and com
bination of colors
Some worth 68c-
some worth 7oc some
worth 85c. You can
take your choice for
Stylishly made, new
effects, warm, service
able, and dressy. Sizes
32 to 44, for
and Ladies' Worsted
Mittens. Worth 25c.
420, 422, 424, 426 7th St
S.Kann, Sons&Go.
8th and Market Space.
Special Sale
and Fans
For New Year
S.Kann, Sons&Go.
8th and Market Space.
Fresh Laid Eggs. "
Yon cannot Improve on a nice fresh effg the i
irouoie is is gee irosa ones, no iook alter
that -Our Taney fgd arc pat up In one dozen
patent pocket boxes, and every egc Is guaran
teed fresh. The price la no blghor than others
efik for Inferior qualities.
Square Marble and Glass Mands,
Center JdorKeL
Feel I
Badly 8
To-dfay? I
We att this repeatedly, becsnse striata 2
IseTses oltcn follow trifline ailments.- .
f1ta-c nftn .I1u .-.! . .
.. .l.ii iuiiun uiuuiEaiimnin.' "
u you are weak xn4 2
generally exhausted, E
ncnons, have no 5
appetite and cant S
work, begin at once S
taking the most re- S
liable strengthening 5
medicine, which is S
Brown's Iron Bitters. 5
Benefit comes fraoe.2
the very first doco, 5
. .. . mM
Get cary the genuine it has crossed ted
lines on the wrapper.
s Iron
: Bitters
The Most DellclouB Table Water.
I'er gallon in Demijohns 10a In bottles, ISO
anaka handles the RojalBIus line, ths finest
Stone on oarth. JLS3 par hundred. A Co
lumbian half dollar given In chaugs.
1336 1-5-tU Street N.W.
M2 4JWn
(inraitM aervioe.
1'bone. XSSO.
SvoWs soes
It Wa3 Christrais Night and He
Got Into-the Wrong Boom.
St'crul Teiih. ui.il Dinners Glen Lavt
Uti'ulns (Another Dctmluntu
Mnkivller Bow.
The otleu repeated statement tli.it men
Uo not notice women's dress would have
met with more than tlio U6u.il incredulous
illrtii'g of eyebrows could those v.lio hold
thin belief have, board a conversation anions
certain swell bachelors which lolloired a
i recent colil'ioiu '
"MJi.it Is Hie Huffy stutr to innn of
the girls were wearing last evening!"
queried one.
"oj i.icjn the thin drapery will! tlio
bright, clrcusy looking spangles all over
It?'' answered another.
"No: I mean the roamy goods made up
Into thousands ot frills you could bee the
skirt through. Tl-.j material that rioats
when the girls dance as It the ut) gown
Itself weie In high spirits."
"Why that's 'hjl.e, you Idiots," said a
oang clubman, knocking off the ashes from
his 'cigarette; "didn't Miss look pre
cious last night In tlut 'Airy Fairy Lilian'
rig, made of the tulle with sleet ea like a
dozen little petticoats overlapping each
,other. and a bullcrfl) fixing In her golden
, revived for a short Interval .
"I hat e reaeon to remember the name ot
1 that special of dry goods to my dj lug day,"
.continued the, informant, "for It was the
cause ot scaring mestiff. Iliad been celebrat
ing Xmas a few nights ago, and returning
home late I, instead ot opening as I thought,
the door of my room, opened the door
of -a closet next It.
"By the dim light shining oer a nelgh-
b " IS (r nf r
'cjesj I apparently beheld three headless
society girls strung up to the celling by
horror roused my tter' Frcncli maid, who
rushed Into the hall in alarm and dishabille.
'"Ah," she explained, taking In thesilua
,tion TVlth gallic wit., and chuckling respect
fully, "Zcse are only ze tulle ball gowns
of Mamzelle Sueur. I arrange zem commc
ca, jccii zee tulle not get, what you call
'mushed. "
Then, with a comprehensive glance:
"Zey frighten M'sleu p't ctre; M'sleu
Zhas a leetle too much wine of zee head.
Zcrc- Is no harm of zem, M'sleu, ze robes of
tulle," and she disappeared in tier door
way. The Mexican Minister and Madame
'Ttomero gave a dinner last evening at which
a number of the members ot the Cabinet
and diplomats were present.
' Garlands or smllax twined on the crystal
cliandelier. were gracefully festooned about
the silver centrepiece filled with La France
roses and crjstal vases of ferns were also
twined with smllax and used in decoration.
Those present w ere the Secretary ot State
and Mrs. Olney, the Brazilian Minister and
,.Ime. Mendouca, the Guatemalan Minister
and Mme. Arriagn, the Attorney General
and Mrs. Harmon, the Chilian Minister and
,Mme. Gania, the Postmaster General, the
Venezuelan Minister and Miss Audrade, the
Swiss Minister and Mme. I'ioda, the Co
lumbian Charge and Mine. Rcnglfo, Mme.
Cararalbias, the Costa lUiau Charge and
Mme, Carlo.
Gen. and Mrs. Draper gave an elegant
'dinner last, evening at their hospitable
home, on K street northwest. The long
table glittered with handsome glass mid
'siher was decorated with Bridesmaid
,xusc3 and ferns, .the candelabra were pi ik
shaded, aud corsage bouquets ot roses
'for the ladles set beside those enters wblcli
,were not adorned with a rose boutounicre for
tho gentlemen.
Tho namo cardswere prettily etched
'with dainty figures, and the center piece
ut roses rested on n gold bordered mirror.
Fourteen were at table, including the host
tind hostess plbose present being Secretary
and Mrs. Carlisle, Senator and Mrs. Brice,
Senator and Mrs. Lodge, the Spanish Min
is' Naud MmeDifpuy de Lome, Dr. and
Nrry, Rev. Dr. Mackay-Hmith, and
Mrs- Mdckay-SmltU.
.As v,feauixcv of. social success there is
nothing so powerful as "the gracious wel
come"." 'There Is" a very slangy saying
"to give the glad Jiand" which briefly
and fully expresses a piece of snund advice
to aU uewcoming hostesses at the Capitol,
especially those in official life.
I A firm hand' tins n and stralchtfnrw.inl
glance of cordial! ty f rom the wif o of a public
man has often done for bis rc-elcection what
many 6tumpspecchcs and much money could
not have accomplished.
TC certain women here, wife of a Senator
who places high estimate on the value of
her greeting to her husband's career, and
one would Invent a claspomctcr to regulate
the exact force Rnd finnness ncccssarv to
'be expended on the average individual In
jicrsonallzing a handshake. Such a me
chanical contrivance would bo of untold
"value to the wires" and daughters ot public
men, enabling them, tvlth a little practice, to
compete fairly with each other.
Such an imrntlon would of course de
mand a high price at first, but officeholders
would doubtless be quick to note the aluc
of the contrivance in keeping their "In
fluence" in the field, and a "Sterling"
silver elasp-omctcrrcstlngln nhuge bouquet
-of roses or violets would quickly be
dubbed as a charming and appropriate gift
to the spouse ot an incoming Senator or
Mrs. John J. Anderson entcrtaiaed at a
tea yesterday afternoon, the flower-decked
rooms being most grateful In their cosiness
after the dreary rain and grayness of the
'outer "world.' Those who assisted Mis.
Anderson were Miss Ray, Miss btewart.
Miss Hills, Miss Tormand, and Miss Thomp
son. Cards arc out from Mr.and Mr3. Matthew
McNeley, for the marriage or their daugh
ter, Hatt ie Irene, to Mr. James W. Williams,
nt 8 o'clock Wednesday evening, January
8, at St. Marks' P. E. Church, Third and A
streets southeast.
Cards aro out for a tea, Monday, January
C. C toJT.frorn Senator and Mrs. Quay otNo.
1G12 K. street.
Mrs. nichborn will give a luncheon com
plimentary to Mrs. John W. Tostcr, Satur
day, January 4.
Mr. and Mrs. Loriug Blanchard Mullen
win be at borne to friends on their return
from a wedding trip, at No. 451 G street
At the dinner given Sunday night, In
honor of Colonel "and "Mrs. .Fred. Grant by
Senator and Mrs. Elkins, Mr. and Mrs. J.B.
Henderson, the Mexican Minister, and
Madame Romero, Senator Jones, Mrs. Au
derareld, and Bena tor andUn.Burrows were
among the guests.
Mr. sod Mrs. Thomas Nelson rage ea
tertalncd jeslerday afternoon nt 1 o'clock
to enjoy a "Talk on 'Wagner," by Miss
lturwlck, with Mr. Echnilllng as ac
companist. The social clurni which char
nctcrizes every uffalr gicn by Mr. and
Mrs. Page was thoroughly appreciated by
a number ot guests, who understood fully
the artistic .i!ue of the musical ills
course and instrumental illustration they
Had the prnllegc or cnjojliig.
Tall paluis added to the beauty .of the
home of Mr. and Mrs. I'nge and crimson
roses decorated Hie table, from which, nt
5:30, lea and dainties were served.
Among those present Were: Secretary
Herbert and Miss Herbert, Mr. Janln,
Miss Fuller, Mrs. Draper, Mrs. Montgomery
Blair, the Misses Stevenson, Miss Scott,
Mrs. Joseph Washington, MUs .Tilts, Mr.
and Mrs. Mason llloant, Mr. Walter Dnv
Idge. Mrs. Ju&llce Field, Mrs. Condlt
Smlth, Mrs. Bliicklcy, Miss HIggs, Gen.
and the Misses Card, Mr. Becchcr, Miss
Harlan, Miss Lucy Fjge. Mrs. and Miss
Lockelt, Mr. und Mrs. Barney, Mrs. and
Miss Sheridau.
Mr. James W. Bller, formerly of Wash
lngton, but who left for Bedalla, Mo early
In the summer to engage in the practice of
law, is Islting the city.
Mrs. U. S. Grant gave a dinner last even
ing In honor of Col. aud Mrs. Fred Grant.
The table was beautifully decorated with
white narcissus. La Trance roses and white
chrysanthemums. Four handsome silver
candelabra cont. lining white candles capped
ivltb white and silver shades wercarranged
at right angles from each other.
Diagonally across the table were placed
circular mirrors, upon which were cut
glass bowls, alternating with silver stands
of La France roses. Tall cut glass stands
held white hjaclnths. The artistic cen
terpiece of Farlayensc ferns and La France
roes rested In a huge silver bowl.
The twenty covers were laid for: Col.
and Mrs. Fred Grant, Secretary and Mrs.
Lamont, Senator and Mrs. Sherman, Sen
ator and Mrs. Stewart, Mr. and Mrs.
Whltmore, Judge nod Mrs. Bancroft Davis,
Gen. and Mrs. Miles, Senator and Mrs.
Elkins, Mr. Kurino, Japanese minister;
Gen. Frank Jones, Mrs. Gen. Grant and
Mrs. Sartoris.
One of the prett lest debutantes of the sea
son, is Miss Mabel King, who made her first
bow to society at the tea given for her by
her parents, Prof, and Mrs. Harry King,
of Q street, yesterday afternoon.
Mrs. King was gown edinhandsome black
satin, with blue satin bodice, jet trimmed.
The debutante was gowned in white benga
linonndrtousselalnedesoie.andcarriedher favorite flowers. La France roses.
In the receiving party were Mrs. King,
grandmother of the debutante, who was
gowned in black brocade civet ami lace;
Miss King, In coin-colo"red bengallne, with
Jetted corsage of black vchct; Mrs.
Lamorenx, In black satin brocade;, Mrs.
Weber, In black and red brocade; Miss
Shuler, green velvet; Mrs. Olmsted, In grey
silk and violet velvet; Miss Olmsted, In
white silk and turquoise velvet; Miss
Kafcller, in light blue silk and spangled
chiffon; Miss Goldboroiigb, In pale yellow
brocade; Miss Lida King, who is not yet out
was very sweet and girlish In light blue
chiffon and satin ribbons; Miss Goodwin, in
whito and lilac silk; Miss Lillie King,
gauze over blue silk; Miss Van Ness, a
dainty gown of cream silk, with corsage
bouquet of violets; Miss Young, in blue
efik and hire.
Ilie decorations were ot pink, the tint of '
the La Franco roses being carried out la
shades, candles and flowers.
The tea table had a center piece of La
rranco roses, and the pink capped candela
bra, confections and ices reflected the dainty
shade ot tho roses.
Among tho guests were Col. and Mrs.
Cecil Clay, Miss Clay, Mr. and Mrs. William
Mercer Harris, Jr., Dr. Metzer, Mrs. Cooper,
Mrs. S. E. VcCleiland, Mrs. Rudolph Lee,
Airs. William Cooper, Mr. and Mrs. Judsoo,
D. Lincoln, Misses Wayland, Mr. Charles
Brooks, Commissioner and Mrs. Lochren,
Mr. John Cecil Clay, Mr. and Mrs. Clarke
33. Munroe, Mrs. Scott, Mrs. Mitchell, Mrs.
Oyster, Hiss Oyster, Mrs. S. M. Lomorcux,
Mrs. B. L. Whitman, MissLovcJoy, Commis
sioner Lamoreux.Mrs. William OscarRoome,
Mrs. H. U. Lincoln, Mrs. M. D. Lincoln, Mr.
Balpn Lee, Mrs. Steele, E. A. Clark, D. D.
I, Mr. Edward Cary, Mr. Fred Knpeler,
Sir. and Mrs. Bobext Martin, Mr. George
Anderson and others.
Mrs. Thomas L. Hunt and Mrs. ILitnler
mm wn
! I I Effe 1 1 Art
Ucw Froncli Coat. '
of Massachusetts avenue, gave a pretty
tea jestcnlay ufternoon.
Among tho reevitiug party were Miss
Reedcr, Hagner, und Miss Poor.
The children ot Major Davis gave a danc
ing party j csterday evening, at whlchmany
of the young folks of the Army and Navy
set were present.
Mrs. F. S. Chambers, and Mrs. M. Kauf
mnn, of Fittsburg, Pa'., are the guests of
Mrs. J. W. Green, C14, D street northeast,
during tho holldnjs. ,
The Junior nuchre-CuJ met a few even
ings since nt the Inane pf Dr. Charles A.
Weill. Among thoscyprcscut were Miises
Slullenlnrgcr, Dorsey Nellie lljnlt, Mae
and LotiTricoa, Owens, Carr, and Tullcr,
Messrs. Richardson, Mpran, Shellenbnr
ger, Dorsey, Carr, mid(,Fuller. The prize
winners were Mls Qeyrgla Shellrnbarger,
Miss Lulle Tuller, KrfA, Fuller and Harry
Dorsey, respect hel;f,j Refreshments were
scned after the gamqst
1 '1 g '
The M. E. Churdi South held their
Christmas entertainment a few evenings
ago In the church. Quite an interesting
program was ghen by'lhe Sunday-school
children, after whlcu' Sauta Claus came
with his pack and lfsr(buted some hand
some presents among both the teachers
and scholars. The clrarch was decoralwJ
tastefully and tho customary Christmas
tree was in evidence.
rink and grey, tho colors of Vassar
College, are much In etldcnce m town this
week, owing to the presence here of a
numbcrof her students. Miss Bill, tho
daughter of Representative Hill of Con
necticut, the. editor Pf the class book of
'9G; Miss Richardson, who Is prominently
Identified with the Fhllcltbcan, the dra
matic society of the college, aud who is one
of Its Ice presidents; and Miss Mnderia,
the president of the Wake Robin Club, are
at home for the holidays, and visiting here
are Miss L nermann, the president of Qui
Vive; Miss Scranton, the editor of the
Vassar Miscellany; Miss Ida Krnse, the
editor of tho Vasarlan; Miss Bart, the
president of Chapter Alpha of the rhilelc
thenn Society. All ore members ot the
present senior class and ore billed to take
part in "The Russian Honeymoon," to be
given next Saturday night under the aus
pices of the Washington branch ot the
Vassar Students' Aid Society.
Loyal Women Meet.
The Legion of Loyal Women held a very
Interesting meeting at their hall last even
ing. Arrangements were completed for the
reception to be held at legion headquarters.
No. 410 Tenth street northwest, on New
l'ear's Day Irom 12 to 9 o'clock, when
It is expected to entertain more guests
- 'ii
I . "'---
llumlkorolilef llleed by Sblilattvr tho Healer
- -
Mar ) v
1 & -' '
I m i. i'
This dancing gown is of heavy brocaded slik In white
ground with blue figures. The bodice is built of white chif
fon over blue silk, the shoulder and corsage outlined with
cerise velvet. The sleeves are especially unique.
than on any previous ,ycar. After all de
tails were settled for tho entertainment
and refreshment of visiting friends, and all
decorations were planned, Mrs. H. N. Rose,
as chairman of the committee on good
of the order, announced a most delightful
Hop ot ther "Wong Clnb.
The third annual hop of the Wang Social
Club will be given thi3 evening at Linthlcum
Institute Hall, O street, between Thirty
lirst and Thirty-second streets northwest.
The occasion will be doubly interesting and
enjoyable as the bop. willtnkc the form of a
masquerade ball. Viur prizes for the best
character costnmesll be awarded the
Design For a Fancy Costume.
PIBRETTE. The full knickerbockers aro
ot black satin, reaching to tho knee
and slightly overhanging; over these
fall a skirt of white cashmere, cut In
points; the tunic Is ot the same, cnt In
points, and fastened transversely with.
large gilt buttons; It Is fastened at the
waist with a sash ot cashmere, with a
gold pompon on each end; long sleeves,
finished with gilt buttons; pointed cap.
trimmed with bands ot black satin and
gold pompons; ruffle of muslin round neck.
TVusliliiKtonlntis In NVvr Vork.
(Special to The Times.)
New 1'ork, Dec. 30. S. A. Boyle, 8t.
Cloud; W. II. Forwood, Barrett; A. A.
Frostall, GILicy; C. Hunter, Vcndome; W.
M. Aiken, Mrs. M. Tcnfield. Murray Hill;
J. M. Wilson, A. W. Bryan, Aston J. Chance.
New York: C. L. Drlccs, Coleman: R. B.
f-Kry. Union Square; It. Genhnrdt and wife,
?. ciouu; u. A. iiamiuon, .aioriua; u. u.
Jackson, Nethirland: R. Willet, J. I). Im
perial: s. . spear, aieiropoie; w. r. bmun
and wife, Ashland; I. L. Morris and wife,
Brunswick; F. B. Lord, St. Denis; Miss Ida
Danlclowska arrived In on the S. S.
Saale from Bremen.
Almost Wiped Out.
Florida natives like to make game ot in
quisitive travelers. An English cockney
was talking with a "cracker."
'Tes," said the Floridan, "wo had an
awful fire down In Swamp City last week.
Only seventeen houses left standing;."
"My goodness! How many bouses were
there bcfore7"
"Eighteen." Answers.
An Old I'litco.
Krem, on the Dnnabe, a place of 10.000
goals, has Jest celebrated Its 900th onnlvcr
sary as a city.
Every Piece of Holiday
Goods Must Go
see IOC
Evory article worth double.
3 1 4-3 1 6 7th Street N. W.
Old FttMliiuiiM Hcled nml New OneM
Eoled to Suit Everybody.
The old-fashioned Congress gaiter Is be
ing reUved; the most fashionable shoe
makers are displaying women's and misses
fcboes with patent leather vamps, cloth up
pers, and elastic sides that permit the shod
to be easily slipped on. It Is, however, a.
style of shoe which Is not likely to find
much favor. Slippers are of many styles'
and varlestics, ranging from the very low
opera cut to the high, buckle-trimmed Louis
Heelsare us uaUy of medium height, thongh.
some women still cling to the unmodified
French, heel, despite the arguments so'
constantly made against Its use. Slippers
are trimmed with embroidery in black,
steel and gilt, or with ribbon bows; or Jet,
gilt and iridescent beads.
Gilded slippers arc as much the rage as
the red ones are tabooed! It nas always'
been more or less the custom for slippers
to be known by the name of the leading
prima donna or theatrical favorite ot thd
year. ,
Carriageslioes arc a luxury of the wealthy,
and almost a necessity to those who" do1
mudi driving In the cokl months pr the,
year. They are in shape very much like
the old-fashioned Congress gaiter, only left
loose nt the sides to allow of their being
casilyput on and taken off. Felt.llnedwlth
fnr, or fur lined with quilted ami wadded
silk or satin, are the kinds most in demand,
These shoes are useful not only for driv
ing but, also, as nn outer covering to be
worn over thin shoes to parties, balls and
receptions. For the latter purpose, one
of the women's exchanges shows -a novel
ty; it is a rubber overshoe, to which Is
knitted a long Mack legging; an clastlcband
Is placed at the top to hold It In place, and
the whole forms one of the most useful,
servicable, easily donned and reasonable
in price of over-cot erings. for shoes.
Should ItCMt nu u Cushion for IVedilliii;
Gut-sts to SIkii.
A bridal scrap-book is novel; and-adds1
much to the merriment of.Uieiccaslan, It
Is, or e-oune, bound in white ellum, with
the monogram of the bride aud groom and
the date in slltcr.
There is a space fur the certificate made
out by the officiating clergyman, whtcb is
to be signed by each, and every gjicst
It may Ik- placed In charge of one of the
ushers, and should rest on a cushion of
white, on a table large enough to bold a
massive tlUer Inkstand and penraefc.
One of the prettiest spcctacular-offects
of the affair Is the sight of the bride
signing her new name for the first time.
The book aUo contains spaces for the
photographs of the entire Lridal party, as
wellasforbltsofthegowus worn.
Just before the departure of the happy
couple a maid might carry around a lher
bowl full of rice, so that each guest may
shower the departing bride with the emblem,
of prosperity.
The last detail, although its preparation
may antedate others, is the writing of the
marriage notice for the press.
A ery common mistake to be avoided Is
the order In which the names are placed:
generally that of the groom stands .first,
which is Incorrect, as the bride's name is
merged into that of her husband, and Is"
henceforth Brown Smith instead of Smith
Her Tact nnd HIsl Wlr.,
The Boston Transcript tells a story to
Illustrate a woman's quick tactln an'emer
gency. 1 1 is about a college president, who
is a great gardener, and wears a glass eye.
One day this college president It belns
summer, and lie on his taxation rushed in
from the ganlen nil soiled and spattered,
and without his glass eye. 'ms-wlrwai
seated with a scholar of Importance. She
perceived the external unfitness of her bus
band's condition, and frigidly said fr him;
"John, go at once to the, library and, teU
your master Mrs. wishes to see him."
nc went and scon reappea red, clothed, eyed;
and in his right mind.
This college president, it is plain, is him
self a man of presence of mind. Therearo
plenty of men who, confronted by such a
remark of genius as this, would hate start
ed and faltered out, "But, my dear "and
spoiled it all.
Loie Found a Way."
Mayme Pence and Frank Stanley arc to
be married. Tho engagement was an
nounced recently In Anderson. This puts
to an end a romance in which bloodhounds
and all kinds of stage effects have played
a part. Stanley, during the time he has
been paying attentions to the young lady,
was constantly harassed by his rivals, who
stole his horse and buggy on several occa
sions, necessitating htm to swim the river
going home. They assaulted him, and as
a last resort they cut off ami sto'e Mayme's
golden tresses ono night while sho was
asleep. Two damage suits and half a
dozen oilier litigations have followed. The
hair was never found. Indianapolis Scn-tineL
The finest in the city, guaranteed
fresh and cheap.
Eggs, strictly fresh, per doz 20c
Fresh Bread, per loaf. 4c
Cream Cheese, "per lb 12c
The largest and most reliable stockof Meats,
Vegetables, Fruits, Canned Goods, etc.
Butter is Butter, and that's all.
Emrich's Purity gives more
satisfaction, is cleaner, and
sells at 20c per pound.
17 IS 14th St. n.w.
2026 I4th St. n-w.
13th &N.V,av,ruv,V
5thsli;r. n w.
4th&l Slc.n-W.
A flurry
in Cloaks.
That lost lot ot Coats and Capes ws
bought is by alt odds to biggest values
we ever handled. We ne'er knew such
prices before they are almost Incredi
ble. We will only mentloa one it's
really no use describing them they
have to be SBESN.
$8 and $7 Jackets $4.65.
la Boucles and ATene 4-bntton ef
fects and Fmnsljn stjle large sleeve
largo sieeTos
rippie oacE relret
collars aome half
satin lined sizes a
$5 and $4 Trimmed Hats, $1.48
Ladles' Style Trimmed
Bats In blacks and col
ors trimmed with Cow
ers, velvets, laces, steel,
etc latest shapes......
We've a magnificent line of Gloves,
all the latest saades in 4 and 8 button
King's Palace,
812-814 Seventh St N. W,
715 Market Space.
C losed all day Netr Tear's.
Oppenheimer's. 514 90i I. W.
N account of the In
clemency of the
weather, the Spe
cial Sale for Mon
day, as advertised
in Sunday's Times,
will be continued
In addition, nu
merous other bar
gains. liner's;
514 Ninth St. N.W.
Solid Gold Cases
Best Make
Sl.OO per week.
Cor. Ia. are, and 9th St.
A Woman Gives a Christmas Varty
With Cats for Guests.
Mrs. R. Dorsey Coale, who Is one of th
handsomest women In Baltimore and the
wife of the lieutenant colonel of the Fifth
Regiment, gave a "cat party and Christ
mas tree" last night, to which she Invited
the pets of her friends.
" The special host and hostess were Mrs.
Dorsey Coale's Angora cats. Tiger and
Phoebe Ann, nnd Mrs. George I). Coale's
Tabitha. The last-mentioned was chape
roned by Miss Nellie Howison, Mrs. Dor
sey Coale's sister, who also loves cats.
As a mark of honor to the visitors tho
home cats wore big Elizabethan ruffs of
white paper, tied with bows of blue and
red ribbons. The visitors wore ribbon bows
to set off their glossy fur coats.
After the cats had become acquainted
they were Introduced to the Christmas
"tree, which was illuminated and adorned
with Imitation mice, little Jugs of milk,
baskets of raw beef and boxes ot catnip.
These were distributed among the guests,
who had a gocd time until It was time ta
be bundled up and taken home.
Was It aiince?
" I ale a piece ot pie for sapper last night-"
"How did jou feel when jou awoke this
"I haven't been to sleep yet." Once a
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