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Sf3 $
Dallj Dargolns.
We're ..
All odds and ends, to start
the New Year with a clean stock.
"We have a few odd pieces of
Furniture some short pieces of
Carpets a few pairs of Curtains
quite a collection of things.
Wc don't intend to duplicate.
We've put prices on them that
are bound to clear them out in
short order.
You had better see whether
you want aujtiiing-.
Wash. B. Williams
7th and D Sts. N. W.
Absolutely Painless Dentistry.
- There are none of
tneoM tlrao horrors to
fear when we perforin a
dental cponuloti Our
per ret methods of abso
lutely palnlrcsdenllstrx
not only afford Immunity
fioiu pain but are free
from the dance rons after
effects of anicsthotlcs.
All our work Is flatlafwc
torllr done In the most
I rfect manner.
l'atuleu extraction M
1217 Ponn. Av. N. W.
Hear the Aeolian.
We have one room dovoled exclusively
toAeollans. Somebolv hascalled It our.
"Aeolian Parlor." lt'a a Reception Roou,
at all eTents, and wo are ready to "re
ceive" nnyono wLo wants to hear Aeolian
We aro not going to assume that 70a
will bur an Aeolian Just because you drup
In to hear one next time you're going by.
Sanders & Stayman,
Leading Pianos, Organs nod Music.
934 F St. N. W.
Percy S. Foster, Manager,
Baltimore btore, 13 N Charles SL
A great big
dollar's worth.
4 lbs Mictl Candy... .25
3-lbs Frehh Mix'd Nuts .25
3 lbs Fine Layer Rais
ins 25
5 lbs Good Lard 25
Regular prices if ,0u separately.
CHARE'S Snrtv.
1420 7th Si. N. v.
t Your boy
wouU like to possess a BCCK
BOARD e giro one away with erory
child's suit or OTercoaL
Our qualities you will find h If her
our prices loiror than at any store In
f Garner & Co.-, f
c. uor. tin ana i-i sts. N. w. &
Cor. 7th and H Sts. N. W.
Established July, tSTS.
We want your "wash;" we
want to show you tow perfectly
it can be laundered.
Sixth and C St9 N.W.
Goes to the
Source of
and effects a cure by
removinp; the CAUSE
never fails. SI a box
of 200 doses.
AU Druggists.
No Fee Until Cured.
. W.
diseases KIKNEVnudllLADDERdlspascs,
TURE, etc.
PRIVATE diseases quickly and perma
nently cured. Vitality restored. Consul
ration free. Hours, 0 to 12 a m, 2 to 6
p. ru.: Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
tdghu. 'I to 8. Sundays. 4 to S.
Wliaiever fou wont PRINTED
ne can print it moet satisfac
torily. Nothing too largo noth
ing too small for us to print
AloGILL &. WALLACE, Printers.
1107 E street northwest. 'Phone 1532.
More-Time Given the United States
Six Months to Gt't Rebuttal Evidence
""nelatlnjc to tlio Xrnw bnugu Claim
.. jit J1,,rJurlty.rjjf Intention.
Boston, Dec. ao. Judge Colt In the
United States circuit court today gave the
United States unuTMar 31, 180G, In which
to taLe cvidenc-dln .rebuttal In the case of
ttie United Stales vs. the American Bell
Telephone Corripifby and Alexander Orabain
procuring the Dell Company'! patents Is
'raised. Judgci'"Colt refused to limit the
govgrjimentuo.).be; question or fraud raised.
The government has taken a vast amount
of evidence In support of the claim of
Daniel Drnwbaugb and the defendants
liae taken countervailing evidence on the
same Issues. The government uow wishes
to take evidence to rebut defendant's ei
dence, and the court has given time for that
purpose without restricting the govern
ment from talcing evidence on ttie question
of alleged priority of invention, which it
would have done had it granted request
of the defendant!).
From present indications the end of the
cane is notyct la sight, although ithjsbeen
pending fur nearly nino tears. The bill
was first f lied in January, 1 8S7; demurrers
were filed iindeustalaed by the circuit court,
but on appeal the demurrer's n ere overruled
nbd an amended lull was filed In December,
1&S8, after which answers were filed and
other proceedings taken, but it was not until
December, 1S89, ncurly three jcurs after
suit was brought, that evidence for the gov
ernment began to tie taken.
This part of. the case went on for about
two tears, or until January 11, 1892, when
the direct evidence for the government was
in. From that time until Not ember 7 of
ttie present year, the defendants bae been
f imttiiig In their testimony. The got em
inent now comes ,lu and asks for an ex
tcrcionofncarlj six months, which the court
'lias'Ktanfed. "
.At the hearing today counsel for the Bell
company said that if the government was
u6t restricted as requested It would not
only take six months to take the evidence in
rebuttal, but more than tnice six months.
After the etldctice is all in, the case has
still to be heard b the court ond after
that it can be ended for seterul years to
'(.that on appeal, so -that it Is not probable
Corner-wtoiip of the Edifice of St.
Anthony to Be Laid.
The grading, f,.t he grounds for the new
Roman Catholic Church of St. Anthony in
Brookland lb being rap dly completed, and
It is expected that the corniT-stone will
soon be laid.
tllids for the -church will soon be made
public. Hut in a general way it is known
that tlie church will be an attractive frame
edifice,. about eighty-five dr ninety feet in
length. The foundation nill be of brick
ond then' nlll be no basement. Thetotal
cost of tbchurcli will not be more than
This building will be situated at he ex
treme end or the lots, and will only be a
temporary home for the congregation. The
corner lots have been resertcd for the
handsome stone church that the congre
gation hopes to bulid at some future time.
In lurv event- tin -frame building will be
used for a uarocjilal and parish hall.
Rev. 1). crbe'WuIf Is pastor of St. An
thony's, and Is also chaplain of the Sol
diers' Home.
Siiiitii Clous. VIMted the Church of the
Santa Onus paid n tislt to the Sunday
school elilldren at the Cliureli of the Itc
formation at 6 o'clock last evening. A
large nod liejutiful tree was placed in tLe
center of the school room, and eterj little
one in the ccaigre'gation was generously re-iiiembere-d;'
In addition to these gifts Dr. Parsons
gat e a t eautlful remenilirani-e to each child
who has Ijei-n a faithful attendant at Sun
day school. Tuoe receiving prizes were
Bertha Wellner, I.. McNally, Edith, Ethel,
Minnie McLaln, Sam Flatz. William Fry,
George Fry, Wru. Brendcll, and Bettie
LSteffir ,
Dr. l'arsons made a pleasant address to
therfifltiKrn'5ihirtfi' assembled guests. A
bright little literary program was render
ed, and the occasion was a ery pleasant
Se rnty-f lvo l'ut to Work in tlio Gov
ernment l'rlntliig Office.
l'eserday eventj-tive printers were
added to those already at work in the Gov
ernment Printing Office. These apiwint
ments arc all credited to the District, but
uro-only temporary.
Owing to the accumulation of work
caused by Congress working during the hol
iday, it was found necessary to make an
increased It bad to be done Immediately,
and there was no time to wait for printers
to be apportioned from the States.
Saturday alter noon elghtj-nlne persons
between two men or women generally de
velops the fact that one or both are troubled
bv sickness of some kind. One man is all
right except his rheumatism, another has a
"slight touch" of dyspepsia, another has
bilious headaches, and another is too nerv
ous to sleep welL What's to be done about it?
The situation is serious. Little things
have a way offsetting big. Big diseases are
bad things. Sleeplessness brings irritable
nerves, loss of flesh, loss of appetite. Sleep
less people soon get their bodies into such
a condition that disease germs find it easy
to lodge there and propagate. People die
from the aggravation of an aggregation of lit
tle things. The mote promptly a disease or
disorder is met the more quickly it is cured.
Most all sickness starts in the stomach,
liver or lungs. Rheumatism, scrofula, ec
zema, consumption, come about because
Insufficient, impure or impoverished blood
is present The diseased blood finds the
weakest spot inlhe body and a local symp
tom appears. If the impurity is supplanted
with good, rich, red, ncalthy corpuscles,
the disease will have nothing to feed on.
If the proper cleansing medicine is sent to
the seat of the trouble, it will force out the
germs and repair the damage done.
Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery is
a cleansing, purifying medicine, a blood
eniicber, a nerve strengtlieae?. It Is a
efficient (onle, olds digestion, cr&tci
healthy appetite and healthy flesh. It
docs net make people, "fat" It makes
them strong. It makes useful flesh solid
muscle It nill cure anv sickness that
has its source in the digestivs organ, ot i
wrouga uicra ui wc uiooa.
were notified to come to work at the office
this morning. Of that number seventy-five
answered and were In their places soon
after 8 o'clock. The work will last pos
sibly ninety days.
Delightful Time for tbo Sunday-nchool
Teacher and I'upiln.
There was a Inrgc gathering at Rylnnd
M. E. Church last Trlday evening, the oc
casion being the annual Sunday school
Christmas entertainment. The superinten
dent of the school, Mr. II. L. Strang, had
charge of the program, which consisted of
singing and recitations by the primary
class under the direction ot Hiss Lula
Simmons and Mrs. George E. Barber.
One of the Interesting features of the
program was u dialogue rendered by
scholars selected from the school, entitled
"Christmas at the Kerchief." At the clone
of the dialogue Santa Claus entered through
the chimney of the house, causing much
amusement for the children, and especially
when he began to distribute 100 presents
to the little lolks.
Mr. Strang presented each teacher with
a suitable gift, and the entire school was
remembered and made happy bytlio usual
(distribution o'f canity.
Court-MiirUal of tlu Seamen GunuerH
rroceedliiK Sloly.
Nothing new was brought out yesterday
in the proceedings of the court-martial Jn
Testigating the navy yard hazing case.
On the assembling of the court, Mc
Dcrmott, the hostile witness for tbeproecu
tlon, was called and examined.
lie said nothing new, bat was cry defiant
In tone and manner.
William Johnson, colored, one of the
prosecuting witnesses, was next sworn.
His testimony was the same as that given
before the court of Inquiry in the pre
liminary hearing some weeks ago. Dur
ing the examination of the witness Mr.
Field took exception to the maimer of
questioning by Judge Adiocale Ter.'rme,
claiming that many of thequerles were tak
ing too iWde a range mid were Irrelevant
to the subject, as shown In the charge and
specification. His objection was sustained
by the court, who ruled that he should
pertain directly to the specification.
During the afternoon session Johnson,
who was still on the ititnes-s stand, ml
milled that when asked by Lainoul and
Murphy to move from the main mess table
he consented to do so. It was arter this
that complaint of unfair Irtiitnn-nt ha.l
been made by him and others. He said he
considered himseir as good as any olhir
member of the class or any citizen.
It was also brought out tin the cross ex-
Where the
amlualion that the witness was not a
citizen of the United States, butfwas a
subject of Great Britain, nud was born at
Barbados, West Indies.
Senator McMillan Introduces k Mens-un-
for One in the District.
In the Senate j csterday Mr. McMillan In
troduced a bill for the establishment of a
public free library and reading room. The
management of the library is placed In the
hands of nine trustees, who are to be ap
pointed by the District Commissioners.
Mr. Proctor introduced a bill for the
extension of the Columbia street railroad
and Its consolidation, if so desired, with
the Metropolitan.
Mr. Voorhees presented a bill regulating
promotions and dismissals in theEtecutUe
Department. PrefiTcnce lor all positions
paying unde-r $2,000 is gieu to honorably
discharged and ronlmed soldiers or soldiers'
Mr. Burrows presented a bill for tbe re
lief ot Emmaiit, Dunbar & Co., in which
$14,500.22 is asked.
Biological Society Election.
At a meeting held Saturday eening last
the Biological Society elected the follow
ing officers for ISOtir President, Surgeon
General George M. Ster.iberg; let -presidents,
Richard Rathburn, C. D. Walcott,
L. O. Howard, B. E. Fernon; recording
secretary, M. B. Walte; corresponding
secretary. F. A. Lucas; treasurer, F. II.
Enowltoii; members of Uie council, F. W.
True, C. W. Stiles, W. II. Ashmead, F. V.
ColviHe, and C. L. FoHard.
JINs W I Hard mid Local Purity.
Local Whit e Rlbboners hat e received word
that they may soon be f a orcd by a vioit
from the president of the world's and na
tional Woman'sChristlanTempe ranee Union,
Miss Frances E. Willard. If the prorosed
plan is fully matured Miss Willard will
speak In some central church on Sunday
afternoon January 12, on "Purity," or
"A White Life for Two."
Ninety Days Each.
John and Edward Gray were charged in
the police court before Judge Miller yes
terday afternoon with assaulting William
Broadstrcet, and sentenced to ninety days
In jail each.
EdmundN Act Offenders).
Haryey Carter and Bessie Beckett, both
colored, were charged in the police court
before Judge Kimball j csterelay with vio
lating the Edmunds law. Harvey forfeited
collateral, and the woman was dismissed.
Murder nt Cliureli Doors.
Washington, Ind., Dec 30. While attend
ing a country church last night Cass Holt
and William Lamb got Into a fight with
Louis Doane. Lamb shot Boane twice
through the abdomen, inflicting fatal inju
ries. Holt and Lamb escaped. All the par
ties were about seventeen years old.
fiieuBibout Titaipoeiors to Meet.
Gen. Dumont has Issued a call for tbe
annual meeting of supervising Inspectors of
steam vessels to convene In Washington
January 11, 1896. Tbe meeting will con
tinue for tiro weeks or more. ,
Together They Restore a Fat
Pocketbookto Its Owner.
One Jlluxtrntion of the Value of
I'oiiulnrXtjWMpupcr and un
Zlouetit Lud.
Willie Williams, a,oopy boy on The Times
earned $10 in cash and a wealth of good
Tipute jtsterday by returning a pocket
"book containing $67, which be found, to
Its owner.
Willie read It there. After a day of copy
chasing between tlje offices of "The Times
and the United Prisf Willie started for
Ills home in the southwestern part of the
city. He stopped n few minutes to iIay
with some other buys and fn a friendly
bout h is hut as knocked off.
In reaching forar.Jie espied a pecket-
book and pie king it nr stoMed it out of
sight, not taking lftsjonmpaulons into the
secret of his find. sVtten lie was alone, he
was dazzled by the Jjezultii of tuelong green
itcontnlned.IIekeprhlscouuseland watched
the lost mid found column of The Times.
In that department ofHie paper be reail of
the lo6s. Willie ffVsook his regular
duties, braUng thcMrath of the telegraph
iilltors, and cnrriell that stack of bills to
the roan who owned them.
The owner shook Willie with gratitude,
commended his honesty and blessed him
with a ten-dollar note. It in alleged that
Willie turned the money over to his
mother, and returned to the rushing business
of "chasing flimsy." His companions
heard of the affair, ami now Willie i- known
in news circles as "Willie, the Honest."
lie TIiIuLk Cougress Will Adjonru by
Jur I.
, An early adjournment of Corgrcss is
priilicted b Jlr. Dingiey of Maine, the
chilrniin of the HouseWays and Means
Mr. Dlngley sees no i.ecesslty for a long
session. lie docs not agree with other
gentlemen Mhothli.Ir that theonly business
of the House 13 to pass the appropriation
bills end go home, but he docs think that
when the appropriation 1)111-) shall hae
lieeudisposed of, the remaining business can
be settled without unusual delaj.
Mr. Dingh'y thinks 'it not unlikely that
there will be sonic bankruptcy legislation.
Rcpub can Ca'ndi.ute Will
The Paelfli Eallwajs Committee, he 1.C-,
lleics, will hi allpntabilit) formulate some
legislation looking to the adjustment of
the Indebtedness of the Pacific Railways
to the government. There are other mea"
ures, he saes, that the House ought to con
elder before adjourning, but hesees nothing
In the sltuatiou aUpreeut to prolong the
session liejiiuel the 1st of June. He does
not liellcte that Congress will be lu session
when the national Republican contention is
held on tbe ltithof June.
Kndiiivor Committee Holds it Uusy
Mt'otliiir nt Ileiidqiitirte'rK.
The preparations for the great Christian
Endeavor gathering to be held In this city
next J uly go me rrily forward . The " Coin
mlttec ot '90" met at its headquarters list
Messrs. Smith, Tuc key, Church, Leet.Bag
j, Shand, Morgan, Clark, Taylor; and the
newly elected chairman of the usher's com
tulttee, Mr. W. W. Everett, were present.
A letter was read from the West Street
Presbjterian Church offering the use cf
their church buildlngforconvcntloiipurpose
and requesting the assignment of their
cliureli as headquarters of a delegation
of 1,000 members.
The January convention e-.iine in for a
share of attention, and Mr. Church, of
the ball committee, was. authorized to ar
range for a platform to seat 2T,0 persons.
Mr. Etcrett, chairman of the ushers
committee, was authorized to select a
suitable cap as a dlstlnttUe badge for
his committee. Sufficient of these will be
procured to uniform the ushers who will be
designated for service at the January con
vention. The meeting closed with prayer
by Mr. Everett.
DiflMon Reached by Justice Illnghu in
In St. Murk's Contention.
Chlct Justice Bingham, presiding in
Equity Court, No. 1, j csterday rendered
an opinion in the case at issue in St.
Mark's parish of the Frolestant Episcopal
Church in this city, .sustaining the claim
of the complainants end deciding that an
injunction should issue restraining the
defendants from interfering In any wise
with the lawfully chosen board of officers.
Hcalso required anaccountlng to be made
and the restoration of all books, records
and papers to the complainants, and vested
the Torbert lward with full official powers
and privileges.
The board thus established consists of
John P. Torbert, Waller II. Marlowe, Wil
liam R. Hillyer, L. A. Wood, Wlllam T.
Kent, John R. Kcech, Ira II. Johannes,
Frederick R. Wallace, and Robert J.
Walker, three of whom had been declared
by the defendant board to have Tacalcd
their offices by reason ot a refusal to at
tend a meeting of -the rival board.
The chief Justice made an exhaustive
review of the whole case, holding, among
other things, that the qualified voters were
embraced la the list kept by the registrar
of tbe parish, and upon the point of Juris
diction deciding that the case was prop
erly before the equity court. The case will
be appealed.
Ibe contestant were represented by
counsel as follows: For complainants,
Messrs. W. A. Mcloy and II. E. I)al; for
defendants, Messrs. J. WnKer Cooksey and
W. B. Cboate.
Now Movement In Which TJpptr
CIhsbch Are Interested
Mr. Chas. Denby, the United States minis
ter at Peking, has written to Secretary
Olney that a reform 'club has lately been
started among the Censors and Uanlln at
the Chinese capital.
The credit of the Initiation of this move
ment belongs to Rev. Gilbert Reld. In his
capacity of missionary to the upper classes
he has interested eoms ot the literati In
the scheme. Regulations for the govern
ment of the club lia e been printed and dis
tributed and ten. thousand teals Lave been
raised for expenses. Of this sum Chang
Chl-tung gave one-halt.
The plan Includes a dally Ipcr, a read
ing room to be supplied with papers and
books bearing on science, politics and
progress, a library, lecture room, etc.
Mr. Reld lias been invited to assist tbe
club, and has consented to do so. Other
foreigners, sajs Mr. Denby, will no doubt
interest themselves in a movement which
is entirely novel lu China, and promises
good results.
TllomuK VofttV Election.
George IT. Thomas Tost, No. 15, De
partment of the Potomac, G. A. It., has
elected the following officers for 180G:
J. F. Meactiam, jwst commander; E. P.
Beavey, senior Ucc commander; Entricou,
Junior vice commander; W. U. Uonn, chap
lain; Peter Taulkner, officer ot the day;
Andrew iJikel, officer of the guard; II.
F. Olinstead, quartermaster; J. B. Dowd,
adjutant. These, with the following
officers of George II. Thomas Relief Corps,
Department of the Potomac. No. 11,
ele-ctcd December 7, 181)5, to serve the
coining year: Mrs. K. II. Meacham, presi
dent; Mrs. Mary llonn, senior vice presi
dent; Mrs.'Flortnce Howells, Junior vice
president; Mrs. Mary Thatcher, cliaplaln;
Mr. Mary Doiey, conductor; Miss Tillie
Dunham, treasurer; Mrs. Emma C. Utile
John, giard, will lie Installed at Tost Hall,
corner Eighth and I streets northeast, on
the eenlng of Jan'iary 3. The meeting
will be public, and the installation Joint.
Under N'v Officer.
Cnlanthe Lodge No 11, K. of P., last
night cle-cted the following officers for the-
coming jear: Chancellor commander, Har
vey C. Belt; lce chancellor, R. L Slagle;
prelate, J. 8. )uall; master or the work,
Jonas S. liOdgc; keeper of records and
seal, G. W. Hall; master of finance, Jo-
Be N ni2d.
sepb W. Galliher; master of exchequer,
John W. Thompson; master-at-arms, Wil
liam II. Hrickerd; Inner guard, Joseph
Stlckclls; outer guard, James Holmes;
truste-e-s, Thomas E. I.andon, A. T. Cnis
and J. W. Cronip; relief committee, G. J.
L. Foxwcl.l representative to th" grand
lodge, G.J. L Fotwell, J W.Thompson,
T.E.l.aDdon, J W.Cronlennd A.T.CavK
-Martyn College Hun Been Ine'orporHted
to Promote' Both.
A certificate or Incorporation of an in
stitution of learning, to lie known as
Martyu Colle-ge, was filed jesterday with
the recorder or ilcetls, the Incorporators
being E. D. Hay, E. R Edgerly, C. M. R.
Boyts, Lizzie E. Martjn, and Webster
The particular brancbs ot literature
and scleni-e which it Is proposed to te'and
are ontory, expression, -physical culture,
and philosophy.
Thiee professorships are provided for.
MnrcelliiK Riio'h Arreiet Shown a Coin
' plicated dine.
Detective Rhodes last night arrested Mnr
cellus Rae tweut -eight 3 ears old, on two
charges or fake pretenses and one of grand
larceny awl lodged his prisoner at police
station No. 1.
The cae Is n complicated one. Rae scr
cured several sets of books from Fred A.
Thuee of 0J7 F street by representing that
they were ordered by one Martin O'Hare.
No such man could be found, and it Is
charged that Rae kept the books. T.e
other case of false pretenses. It is charged,
was committed on Thuce last jear.
Insane Mnn on Trial.
Edward Murdock, a patient of the Wash
ington Asylum for the Insane, St. Eliza
beth's Insane Asylum, on a parole, was tried
In the police court before Judge Miller
yesterday on a charge of assault preferred
by Annie Howard. The woman wascomlng
across Good Hoiw Hill, near Anacostia.
and Murdock cursed and hooted at her and
tried to catch her. Judge Mil'cr dismissed
the charge, but said that Murdock had
better be returned to the asylum.
Sen York Excursion Rates via Penn
sylvania Railroad.
On December 31 and January 1 the
Pcnnsjlvanla Railroad will sell excursion
tickets to all points on its lines east ot and
Including Pittsburg and Erie and west of
Elizabeth and Sea Girt, at reduced rates,
tickets valid for return until January 7.
189G. Also to Richmond and other points
South on December 29, 30 and 31, and
January 1, good until January 7.
1C Fourth st. re.. Washington, D. O.
BPECI ALT Y All Chronic, Nervous, Blood
and Bkln Diseases, Indigestion, Liver, Kid
ney, Bladder, and Urinary Troubles, riles.
Fistula, Stricture, etc
A NEW METHOD for nermancnt and
eulck cure of all PRIVATE diseases and
Woman Complaints. Vitality restored.
Hours, 9 to 12 s- m; i to 8 p. m.;B(UV
toy. to 7 p. m. . ,
Clossd All Now,yirijDCj!
25 Disjunct
rff if- li-
Ooiog out of tUnial allretr
business gr wing too We tor- as to get
rid of our atocK we wfli slv"'tralglit
discount of a per cent , ,w).. f
A sDlendid chance to KBlenish
your taDio tor .-".sr.ikajix'sw.ictep-
Be rr Bowls.
Punch Bowls.
water ritcnors,'"
Ice Cream Platter and Plates,
Celery Dishes,
-Bouquet Holders.
Jelly Pishes.
life ant Bon-Bon Dishes.
We've some other "Very bnecials."
Pearl llanaled Frult-Knlrea, with sil
ver blades best iaiglisn make our own
importation. . ,
Half doz.forS3.50.
Pearl Handled Dessert Knives, Silver
Half doz. for $5.00.
Honors Bros.' 1817 Tableware alio at
special prices. ""
llanufacturlBC Jewelaru lt
7th and D Streets N. W.
229 Pa. Ave. S. E.
Capitol Hill Outfitter. ,
Equity court No. 1, Chi6f Justice Bing
iiam Dick vsDlck;saleratlfiednisl.Glea son
s National Safe Deposit Savings and Trust
Company; time to take testimony limited
to forty days. Rj an v&Estes; payroe.ntof
fund out of Registry ordered.
Circuit court No. I,. Justice Bradley
Williams s District of Columbia; judgment
in certiorari. Paine vs District of Columbia;
do. Lane et alii District of Columbia; do.
llval Entitle Transfer!.
Albert H. Hlnes et ux to John W. Daniel,
part lot 22, square S, subject to trust,
$1,250, $10. EphrlainB.Kandall.usslgnee.
and John S. Buscbcr et ux. to Cnssius, M.
Park, lot 49, square 060, in Buschervs sub,
$3,150. George H. Corey etux to Alfred
C. Bayles. lots 34 and 35, block 15,
American University Heights, $1,200.
George- II. 1). White and J. Eakin Guelsby,
trustee J. to John D. Croissant, lot 1 1 .square
022. in Croissant's sub, S5.400. Alexander
Wolf, to DaWd Wolf, lot 52. square 482, In
Schneider's sub, $10. Walter R. Wilcox
and Jackson H.Ralstou, trustees, to Charles
N. Moore, lot 22, square 14, of Mullctt et
nl. sub. $10.
Mr. Cram' Tour.
William II. Crane's road tour will end
In a few week, for after his engagement
In Baltirrore he goes to New Vbrk where.
In all likelihood, be will remain until the
end of his season in April. The actor has
found his present tour one of the. most
profitable he ras ever had. During the
four weeks that he was In Chicago he is
said to have been grcctM bycrowded hemes
nightly, and as be had not been seen In
St. Louis, Cincinnati and Cleveland in two
jears he found his return to these cities
productive of large financial results. Not
only did tbe company find the Journey
through Teens profitable, hut in all of the
cities iited the male members of the
company were entertained at the clubs
and showed much attention.
New Turk Stock Market.
Furnished bv Frank Wilson Brown, broker.
No. J335F street
Ore High, haw. Clos.
American Tobacco 77 "8ej 77 77
Atchison. Topeza.. AS.?. 14Vf 144 ' It
Canada Southern 9i 4916 49 48
CKSsfulncy 7S H W 75
C C. C i bt Louli SS X ae M
Chesaiieake & Ohio IMi I5U lSifc 1SI,
(bienroOaa. (41 65i O, c;-
DeL, Lack.4Weern.... ICO 160 160 163
Distiller Cattle KoeJ I6C 16V4: IS 16
.Delaware .E Hudson..... K34. 1C3;4 J.23U l
trie Wi H, lt 1
General Electric. 27 J4 S5i
lew Jersey Central JOJ 101 99 99Ji
Lake shore . 143 143 143 143
LouiSTilIeana .-tasriTille. 41 44?k 43i 43ti
J.OL Lead tiii SSlf S4i UK
Leather 104 "K 102
Leather urf . 61,, 61 Gig KU
K.T. 1.TJ - 2354 U Sf 2411
Missouri 1'aeino "4tt 24lj 244
Manhattan lovated lei-Oj lir.'iS 10i;y IKVi
:eortliwcl W b 17J, 9714
Northern Paelnc Ida.. . l-'Vd 1214 1214 Utj.
New York Central US SS 7C4 OTW
2tew En and.
45tf 45C, 45H 45s
M. u pfd
2. Y. Gasu....
W J4S 147 147
17 27 2s 2616
5? Ml 3 i
65.Cs 6;iJ 6Jl 653$
'i 9li 8'i sft
lleattlug ...........
Koek Island ......
MouLti.ru Dhl....
27ii 27U 16U. 2656
MLfauI tTH
"Vs C64 67H
104 10. s. ICKlu
sugar 102
Tennessee Coat iron... 27$
Texas l'aeldc - 8
Luloa I'aclQc. ........... 4ls
Wabasn preletreJ........ 16
Western union Tel. ...... &L
x-dirldend. U.
29 27 7
Chicago Grain -Market.
vt nsan
brxvM Itisi.
4 8!
4 67
Open. III5I1
.. 7 67 7 S7
.. 7.95 79S
. aoi e.co
.. 8.10 4.16
Low. Close.
762 787
7 91 !.W
7.95 &05
J 00 B 16
January ..
February .
Washington StOJk Evchnnzc.
U. S GovEWiMEXT Bonds, Bid. Asked.
T7. s. 4's. it 1C9'4 1"
U. S. 4's ...O. LUI4
U.S. 4s 192J MVi
U.S. 5's 191 112,
5'a li99 "20-jear Funding''. 191
6's 19J2 "3 -yoar Funding" gold.... ill
78 19J1 "Wntorlstect' currency.... 115
Ts 1903"WaterFtoek"onrrency.... 116
46 s 1924 "Funding" currency..... 110
3U'slteg 2-10's, IVS-1931. ISO
Met ItK Conv 6's 1901 114
MetR Rt 106
Belt RU 5's 19.L SI
Eoklngton It K 6's 1596-1911 !C
Columbia R R t's 1914 112'j
Wash Gas Co,SerA,6'sl9T2-'J7..... 110
WashGasCo,berB,6'sl904-'29. 110
Wash Gas Co Conv 6's, 1901 ISO
U. a Electric Light Conv 5's, 1901.
Chesapeaks & Potomac Tol 5's..
Amerrec&TnaUV, F and 1903 .. 100
Amer Sec & Trust S's, A and 0, 1905. 10OJ,
Wash Market Co 1st 6's 1892-1911
OOO retired annually 108
Op'n. High. Low.
6 tSH S3
SS4-9 'J4 9SW
25is-6 23JC-6 Sfii
M I8-J4 23
16?4 "j6" 16$,
18;t-!0 ! 18JS
3 a 8.S0 8 63
b 9 j V.li 8 93
5 52 5 37 5.32
1.5i S.CJ 5.52
4 35 4 35 4.30
4 57 4.60 4.57
! - sAtVftjf
Jill W
Exceptional Cut Price
Cloak Sale.
f" The overstock must be forctsi. We are goisf;
loatana onr loss now. Just when cold weather
Is about commencing cosrnotcoasldcrtd. W
must unload. These prlcei wilt do it:
S24-.0O Jackets and Capos $11,
18.00 Jacket a anrl Canna a.h
15.00 Jackets and Capes B.2B
iz.uo jackets and t:apos
lO.oo Jackets and Capos
8.00 Jackets and Capes
Dress Skirts.
Same proportionate reductions.
Saoo Skirts
e.OO Skirts
, lOOO Skirts
CLARK'S. 734-736 71H St HI.
Is no new tLlng; It is daily drunk
by thousands, ana all are willing to
acknowledge Its eupeilorlty
If you do not use It, it Is simply
becaus - yon hare not tried it.
Wo use only the finest qualities ot
Teas in this blend.
50c. per tb.
Best Burbank Potatoe-, per bnsbel,
California Peaches, per can,
1 2;sTc.
STAKES-415 4th st a. a , Cor. 34 uvl
Aid. are. u.l, IS 7th st 11 &. l'JJl
?th At. u.w., Coc Washington. ad
Monroe ets Anaccatlx
SilsbytSt: Company
613 I5th at.,Opp. Treasury.
Build a Home.
Individuals owning unincumbered
ground can obtain money of this
Company with which to Build a.
Home. Money to loan In any
amounts at prevailing rates.
American Security and Trust Compaay.
C. J. Bell. Pres.. 1405 G St.
1335 F Street Northwest.
Stocks, Bonds, Grain, Provisions
and Cotton.
Sheet Private Wires Long Disttnoe
to I Telephone,
Principal Cities. I 1414.
Correspondents of
No. 4-7 New St.. New York.
Members ot the New York Stock Kachange.
and others whose occupations prsveis
them from making deposits during
regular banking hours wUltlnd ltco
venlcnt to visit tbs
Union Savings Bank. 1222 FSt.N.W.
whlcn is open EVERY HATI'RIJA?
NIGHT between the hoursot 6and8.
(Four per cent. Interest on savings
account. I
T. J. H0DGEN & CO..
Brokers and Dealers
Stocks, Cotton, Grain, Frovisloni.
Local Offices Rooms 10. 11, 1J Corcoran BulM.
Ing 605 7th "t. opposite Patent Ofaee.
Offices Philadelphia, Baltlmoro, ashingtoo.
Wash Market Co imp 6X191V27 .. 103
Wash -Market Co ell'n6.191l-'2:.. 103
Ma-onlc Hall Assoclat'n 5's. C, VXb 103 ....
Wash Light Infantry 1st 6-s,19.'l.. S9
Bank of Woanlnctoa iso sua
Bankof Ilepablic. '210
Metrocolltan. -2S3 aw
Central - 270
Farmers and Mechanic' ISO
Second. ..........s... .............. Mil
Cltlieus' ISO
Columbia '130
Capital Mil
West End '108
Traders' ............... ..'100
Lincoln '93
safe Drrosrr Asn TF.rsT co a
Nats-ate Deposit and Truss..
t ash Loan and Trust.
Am t-oeurltv and Trust,
A a$U bafo DeiKMlt
Capital Trnctiou Co.
Crdumllaw .......... ..........
. 120
. 117
. "75
. 40
Ge orgotown and Tennalljtown. -
Washington Has. 43)5
Georgetown Gas 46tB
U.S. iloctrlo LIcbt.. -. "113
rviKAci; &Tues
Flroman's "34
l'rantlln IS
Metropolitan V
Corcoran. '5U
Potomac 10
Arlington 13S
German American.... ...... ........ 15o
Natlraal Union, 10
Columbia.... ........... .... ......... HJs
Itiggs 2
Peoples ......... 5.f
I.lnoln 7J5
Comnierolal - - "1
Res! hstato Title "1W1
ColunibK Title -611,
Washington 'title
District Title 8
Pennsylvania 35
Chesapeake and Potomac "41
American Ciaphophono CI4
Pneumatic una carriage SI
Wasblngton Market 'It
Great Falls Ice lit
Lincoln nalL 73
Merganthiler Unotyp& . 5
Lanston Monotype 7! 4
'rtsaio in arag wsctgKDi;-l'
r "Ji',

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