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Make a difference where
you buy your Hat.
Makes 60c. difference if
it's one of our
Three Dollars" is what
'most all hatters ask for the
same hat.
S Franc & Son,
Till 1711 TA "On the Corner.1
gsssssq ss?r ss
J s- .- 0 3
$ A Bountiful i
J Easter Table J
5 can be -pre nl full 01 all the Rood J
tlunsttoi.it tin fic&lietandiiiot 9
nutritious and at low ebt prices at A
anv ol in llv stores. Xmir tele
)ilion i.itfMgc will got prompt at- 9
A icntion 4
5 Best S. C. Shoulders ... QM c A
K BcstS.C H.ini" lie
m 1'ure Laid 8c. Good Lard.. 6c r
A 3ilv Choice ined Apples for. -lOc A
X GooJ Butler 18c. Best 27c
2 His Full Crrnm Cheese ror.. 25c 9
A Lirge Raisins, per lb 5c A
lBe liuntli Rutins, ier 11) ..T- C
tf Cleaned Currants, per lb. ... 5c p
A 2'10e bottler- Ex. of Vanilla or i
Lemon for , .lOc
m 3 5e bottles Ki. of Vanilla or
A Lemon for... lOc A
3 Sbs. Cracker Dust for.. ..lOc
m Ginger Snap-, per lb 5c 9
5 lbs uiKkwtic.it ior .. . . IOC A
7 lb liomliiv for . . .-DLOc
Breakfast Hoiiuuv, per pkg.. 12c 9
4 lb Choice California Evap- i
orated Pe.ic lies lor 25c
3 lb- California Prunes for.-SOc 9
Preserves, per Jlj 5c
1-2-gal jars Home made Peach 9
m Maiimlade 20c 9
m Large cans Apple Butter .-XOc A
l J. T. D. PYLES,
412 4th St S E ?
9 1904 7th St N W 9
A Sd and Xld Ave N E. A
5 No. 18 7th St. N E.
9 Cor. Washington and Monroe 9
A Sts., Anacosllu 4
Secretary Will Try a Taste of Blue
Water With Bunce.
X.cft l.smt Xiithi for Old Tolnt to Sail
with tin- Squadron of
II -volution.
Secretary llcrberl left Washington last
night for Fort .Monroe, Va , to spend
about .i week tlieie Hit object in visiting
Fort Monroe at ttn time is to inspect
the North AKantn. sipiadron, which lid&
beca i.eid ihere miicv December last.
l'urm uie e.rftarb siaj the bquad
roa m go oin-ide the Virginia capes
for two or thrie das of exerciser at
sea, .md Mr Herbert will have an op
portunity ol Meiug what the officer and
men i the sijuaoroti tune learned Miiee
be a n miiamed t'lein on their cruise lai
Tin battle-tup Indian. i. now in drjdotk
at Port KoaI. h C i- expected to reach
Bampion Kdcids on Thur-da nevt, and
eho wul be iiimii'.!i.'SH-l attached to the
Ecptadrui No timber augmentation is
possible at l hi- time
It it. the intti.tiijii of the Xavj Depirt
nunt io make ilu -(jUadron permanent and
during the coming -ummrr a progr.im of
evolutions will be executed along the
American eo i-t. The causes which oper
ated to keep the -quadron intact are ap
parcntH -Ull.ilnc.
It a- the in tendon of the department at
tin 1 1 ginning of the winter Juct ended to
tend ihi t-quadton on .i cruise to the Aest
Inches and the Vcneuel.ui coast. An
llliienr of the cruin' w.is prejiarcd and
madr public, but -hottn thereafter Prei
dent CI i veland'h Vene7ui Ian message went
to ongress, ihc relations lictween the
United States and Gnat Britain became
somewhat t-t mined for a time and the
crui-ein British West India. md Venezuelan
water- -was abandoned Since that time
the -Giiadron has Ik en Ijing in Hampton
Hoads :ind nollnng as to the intention of
the government respecting it has been
made public.
Tniicd States. Should Not Grant Bc-1-HjlcTPM
HlglitH to Cuba.
The Debiting Soc I'-tv or the senior class,
National Univer-itj Law School, held its
regular bi-weeklj meeting last night, at
thi-college Thc'subjcct forde'iate was,"Hc
BOlveJ, That the raited Slates should grant
belligerent rights to the msurgentsof Cuba."
Messrs Wlllard H Vojles of Indiana,
Joseph II Joclnim. jr . of the District of
Columbli, and Alan XI Johnson of Marj
lan J maimained t he af firmat i e of the ques
tion, -while Xlessrs Arnold V. Graves of
North Carolina, Domingo A. Usina of
Georgia, and F S. Ke Smith upheld the
lhe judges -were Xlessrs Hall, Sanders,
and Menlatt, and they rendered their de
cision In favor of the negative. Mr. C. K.
Allen, of the junior class, officiated as
Correspondent Hulo Held.
James P. Rule Washington correspondent
of Uie Knoxville Journal and private sec
retary to Representative Henry R. Gib
son of Tennessee, was hi Id ror the actioa
of the grand jur in $300 bonds by Judge
Hiller in the police court esterday. The
charge agaln-t XIr Rule was criminal libel,
preferred by Representative Franklin
Bartlett of New York. Representative
Gibson feigned 1ns bond.
Suit for Partition.
Margaret A. Dralej brought -uit against
Klebar.l Brown jc-tcrd ij for the partition
by sale of lot 4 ami parts of lots 100 and
101,-quarc077 Tticpropertj wasformer
ly Uie estate of Daniel Brown.
Washington. B. C. XIarch 27, 1896.
To the "I. C. R." Chemical Company.
Knowing the good results or the"I.C. R.
RbeumaticCure" ofpersons who have used
It, I concluded to send a bottle of it to an
aunt of mine of Camden, N. J., who has
been afflicted with the disease for nearly
fifty cars. About two weeks ago I sent
ber a bottle, and jestcrday I received a
letter from her asking me to send her an
other bottle, for It was the only medicine
In all her affliction that did her any good.
Before laking It hir pains were so great
that it was impossible for her to sleep or
rest at night, and in three days after tak
ing 1he first dose she bpgau to feel a won
derful Chang". She says she can now sleep
and resr at night-
1117 Pa. nve. se-,
Brick Merchant.
Sold by all druggists.
Trade supplied by F. A. Tschiffcly and
E. 6. Leadbeatcr 4 B&ns.
Obstacle in the Way of Eneciing
Senate Bill No. 1417.
DIhcussIoii of tlioMennure Before tlio
Dlwtrlct ConiniisNloucrM, and Stuto
nient of Their Views Previously
He-ported Upon Ad-veinely Sujj-s-tlou
That Bouid Ho Given Powith.
The bill di-eiifescil jcslerdaj hy the com
mittee of the Fcieiutiou or L.ibor, ecin
posed of E. -M. liiahe, J. K. Poller .md
J. J. iiuCanhj, m .m audience wnn the
(.ommi.-sioiicrn, uiiuiiou of whicu wab
in.n.c in 'lhe Lvtinng 'timet ol jesieroaj,
I tl.L IIIH lllllllk-vlt .. itil.llllrOllUCUlI JUIlU-
arj b b biu.itur Lodge.
n jim nic-iii.it i rum ..i. cml terthepasgage
ut ii. c .hi me coiiiiiiicsioucrr) sii.iil have
Mijei vision and comrol or all labor un
piujiuon jiuimc niiiioiiigs.iiulpuiJiic vvoiks
oui on iiciitiii ciiiic iji.irici,.iiitHiCbignaio
an oriicer or oincir uucier whose im
uiccaaie tujiervision and turecUon all labor,
wiieiiRi .-killcci or uubkilleit, shall be icr
jormed. lhe bill al'o provides that labor, skilled
ami unskilled, m u&t be empio j ed b theciaj,
and no work upon .mj of such buildtugb
shall be cone b contract.
'I lie measuie has I ecu before the Com-"1
mi'-ioners ami pae-cd upon. 'Iheir report
was to the eficct th.it the piovisiou nrst
awive cnioli'd was unnecessary, bince the
building iii-pcetor alreadj luib bupervision
oi con-tructioi. of District buildings, and
the -ei-ond biction, roqulrmg l.ibor to he
emplocd bj the daj, wa-contrar to the
organic act under which the government
of lhe )i-trict was established.
This opinion me (. ommi-sione rs adhere
to, as elated m the touitience jesterdaj,
uud the said mrtiicr mat Congress would
have to change the law be! ore a de
parture from the present custom could be
President Host referred tothe papers, how
ever, upon which their original indorsements
were made, and showed that the had all
three agreed that di-e return should be given
the Commis-ioners, and that when, in their
judgment it would be best, labor should be
employed bv ilicdu,.i! recommended 0 uie
rederatiou and embodied in lhe bill.
muulwilcd to Congress and is now beiore
that bod. Commissioner Koss asked the
committee wh the I-ederatum would not
be willing to permit a lair trial to be made
of the act proposed, conferring discre
tionar power- upon the board.
In a general wav Mr.Hlakeobjected tothe
suggestion. He said it is understood that
the Commissioners alreadj have ch-cretiou-arv
powers, but this was met b a reading
of'tlie bet t ion in the organic act, whiih
requires that in all public work, exceeding
$1,000 in cost, a contract must be made,
and not onlj km, but the contract must be
solicited b advertisement in Baltimore,
New Yorkand Philadelphia. uiidlliena ward
ed to the lowest bidder.
The committee has been alreadv before
the beiiaie Committee in advocac ol the
measure, and will doubtless make a further
eitori tor iu volatile consideration.
The nieeling with the Commissioner- vv.ib
sulieilcilaiidexpecledberorethe forwarded
ji report upon the bill, but the communica
tion was mislaid.
Building permits were issued jesttrday
as billows Kufus A. StuttB. for dwelling
No. IIS Kent nek avenue southeast, $2, 10O
S.B Priest, two dwellings, Not 1 lib ami
1423uinnc street. Columbia Heights, $15,
000. Ileal Ed nt Transfers..
William Chamberlain el ux to John AV.
XIoekalK-e.Jot 34, square fc23, in Hannan s
SUi baric-R Dm ha and George J Boncl,
tru-iec-. to WH'iani W .McDonald. lot 2b
mi Bcall el al -ub , block S 1 nnidad. fel,
524. -u'tjiit to trut Sl,20.
Di-inei oi ( oluml.ia to August P Biur
man, p irt -ub lots 51) and 60, square 515;
tax cieeci
jo-eph Enlhoplicret ux to James .M. A.
iolt--weod, lot 127 in Shepherds sub.
uate ", premisis 70 I st. nvv Mi.ifd).
'!" ....''. ., .. i) i . -i , r-r. ... 1. i ,.-
iiav.iiu iioiivv.ii-iifc UIKIIIV..I1..1.1.I
the -outh 16.07 feet of lot 551, block 4.1,
Holmead Manor, $10, subject to trust $3,
Alexander Grant and George 1 Stone
tru-Wi-.to Hi riiert W.Porter.eastouc-iialf
of lot -, blocj. 47.IU Holmead, el al. tub.,
Xll. P. and P. IMs, $100.
Harr b. H. nght et ux, to William C.
Grinder, pari original lot 12, square 193,
ciorelo'i D Harris et ux to James C.
B.rd, lots 31 and 32, square S8, in Kel
lev's -ub , $10. Subject to trust $3,000
"M.in.i O Xloxlev et vir Acnnllu to
William C. cinnder, part original lot 12,
squire 1)93, $10
William J Palmer et ux to William II.
Slovens, lot 6b, in Bond et al., block 5,
LeDroit Park, $10. Subject to trust
Si. nS2.no.
John T Rogersand Edward J. Stellv.agen
trustees to F c.H White, land elescnbeu b
metes and bounds, county, $500.
John T.Rud et ux to Edward A. Tavlor,
lot 90, square 191, in GrofCs sub, $10.
Subject to trust.
John W. Siott et ux to Hcnson Button,
part lot 11, section 4 made to correct
1'bcr 1340,follo 0, Barry farm, $1.
Edward A. Tavlor to Bridget A. Rudy,
lot 90, square 190, in Grofr .s sub., $lo.
Subject to trust
W Mosbv WiihanisandLeoSimmons.truK
tecs, to John F Allwme, part original lot 1,
pqare 984, $150.
At His Son's Ordination.
Rev. b XI. Hartsock has gone tea New
York to a-vist in the ordination service cf
his son, Rev J. Lewis Hurlsock, on Easter
Sunda at Central XI. E. Church, where he
i- stationed.
The full intensity
of living is reached
only by the perfectly
hcjalthy. Sickness
discounts the capac
ity for enjoyment
When a piano is
badly out of tune,
the noises that come
from it are certainly
not musical. They
are not beautiful. If
it is only a little bit
out of tune, you can
play some few things
on it. You can create
a semblance of
music, but you can
not make really beautiful, satisfying-, soul
stirring music, unless every string: is tense
and firm, unless every piece of the whole
instrument is in perfect tune, in perfect
condition, in perfect harmony with every
other piece.
It is the same with a human beinjj. If
his body is all out of order and run-down,
be will not be able to enjoy anything, no
matter how full of enjoyment it may be for
other people. If he is just a little bit out
of order, if he " is not sick, but doesn't feel
just rijtht" he will only dq able to enjoy
things in a half hearted sort of way. The
nearer he is to being perfectly well, the
nearer will his capacity for enjoyment be
perfect To really live, and to take his
part in the work and pleasure of the
world, his body must be in perfect con
dition. If this condition doesp't exist
something is wrong and something ought
to be done. That something nine cases in
ten means the use of Dr. Pierce's Golden
Medical Discovery. It works directly on
the digestive organs, and on the blood and
through these on every tissue of the whole
body. It makes the appetite good, the
digestion perfect and nutrition rapid and
easy. It supplies rich, red blood to all the
tissues and builds up solid, healthful flesh.
It brings perfect health and restores vig
orous, spnngy vitality. It makes every
function iu life a pleasure instead of a drag.
It is an invigorating tonic as well as the
greatest blood-purifier of the age. You can
get it at any drug store. If you care to
know more about it and about your own
physical make-up, send 21 one-cent stamps
to cover cost of mailing only and receive
absolutely free a copy of Dr. Pierce's cele
brated book, "Common Sense Medical Ad
viser" icoS pages, profusely illustrated.
Address'Worlda Dispensary Medical As
sociation, Buffalo, N. Y.
0M f
! xigl
Lifeless Movements and You're
Always Tired.
Poor Circulation Cuimed by Tobacco.
Uonrt Action SorlouHly Affected
uud Blood Nlcotlne-Talnted.
Do j ou feel hurt?
Pains in thelegs
below the knees?
Feet cold day
time, binning at
Many other
pains and 8inp
tonw? They are caused
1) poor circulation because your heart ac
tion is weakened by nicotine, and onr
bloo i Is tobacco-poisoned. Tobacco weak
ens the heart-action, the blood is not pumped
rast enough. Your feel get cold, ache and
burn b turns. No wonder ou feel like
putting them head-high when ousitdovn.
Don't jem know that tobacco weakens all
the nerve-centers, and is the cause or many
a weak, tired, lireless, listless feeling?
There is a guaranteed cure, No-To-Bac,
w hieh has cure.lover 300,000 cases, and will
cute j ou justas it has Senator Ellington and
the Hon. 11. II Pearte, who
Thompson, Ga., Nov. 23.
Dear Sirs After using tobacco nearl
tw entj -seven vears I took two and one
half boxes of our No-To-Bac, which freed
me of the pernicious habit, and have not
tatted tobacco since, neither have I any
detirc for it. 1 h.ul previously tried a
number of antidotes, but without sucoecs.
Some months ago I procured three boxes
for the Hon. C H Ellington, of this place,
late State Senator, and now President of
the Farmert' Slate Alliance of Georgia.
He had used tobacco exces-ively for thirty
eart. He used two boxes of No-To-Bac
and immediately discontinued the use of
tobacco. Your- truly,
R. II. PEARCE, Clerk of Supr Ct.
It all rests with ou why not U No-To-Kic
under absolute guarantee of cure b
jour own druggist? If jou don't like feel
ing well, enjojlng new manhood, Ou can
learn tobacco using over again. Get our
booklet, "Don't Tobacco Spit and Smoke
Your Life Awa," written guarantee and
free sample mailed for the asking. Address
The Sterling Remedy Co., Chicago or New
Detectives Working On a Canadian
Woman's Disappearance.
Alice Maitlncaii "Wrote Home Christ
mas That She Was III and Now
Cannot Bo Located.
The rate of Alice XIarlineau is one of the
problems prist ntcd to the detective office
lastnightand Detectives Horn and eedon
were intrusted with its -oil. Hon.
Alice XIarlineau was last heard from
in Dee-ember, 1S95. Her parents and a
brother live at PIcuuu, Ontario, and ou
chrisiinus morning the received a letter
from their absent ua tighter.
It was postmarked Washington." In
it Alice Mated tint she was ill. ana though
hir phj-ki in did not leur that her malady
would terminate rut. ill, jet her restoration
to health would be long elelaji'd. The in
troduitor line or til- letter was. "XIj
dear father and mother.' This was written
with ink, in a slow and painful hand, as
though each -iroke of the pen caused the
invalid a pang.
A few succeeding linen were written
with pencil, as though the effort to use a
pen had caused the sufferer too great an
effort. Then the remainder of the letter
was written in the hand or a stranger, in
dicating that the -irk woman had given
up the task or writingand had diet 'ted her
mls,ive. At the conclusion of the letter
the invalid had written these words
Your loving daughter, Alice." A little
flower was enclosed.
This was the last information concerning
the daughter which the old people in
Canada received Yesterdav, Watson A
King, the brother reached Washington.
Lite in the dav he consulted Inspector Hol
lmborger and Detectives Horn and Wcedon
were detailed. Ihc trio went to the Na
tional Hotel and the register showed that
.Mr and Mr-. Martineau had entered there
December 12, and had occupied Room No.
2.15 The people .it the hotel recalled the
"Yes, the -woman was 111 here for one
month, and left the hotel on the 24th or
Januarj. She was removed to some hos
pital " "
This ias about the sum of working In
formation whlc h the brother and detectives
gained there. Tliej interviewed the maid
who did the chamber work m No. 235. and
she spoke affect ionatelv ofthe woman who
had been ill there She told or the constant
attention given the patient by the husband,
and or the ma in t imes t he sic k woman w ould
speak of her home and its people.
Then the detectives made a tour of the
hospitals, but no trace could be round. The
people at Providence. Columbia and all the
other probable hospitals were po-ilivc that
no patient answering the deenptton given
had been received.
Here the matter stands. The men of the
Central Bureau will work hard to locate
the missing woman. If she is in "Washing
ton they will find her.
The brother went to the National last
night, registered and was assigned to a
room. Bj some curious fiat or fate the
clerk on dutj gave the newcomer, whom
lie had not seen before, room No. 235. The
brother declined to occup It.
Dnrlnn the Lant Quarter 124 Vessola
Were Built In America.
During the last quarter the total number
of vessels built in the United States
-vvas 124 of 28,170 tons, as com
pared with 128 vessels or 29,336 tons for
the previous quarter.
Of the vessels built during the last
quarter, 65 were sail, and 59 steam. Tho
steel steamers built were 9, of 12,349
tons, of which 2of 7,001 tons, were built on
the Great Lakes. Forty-eight were wooden
sailing vessels of 9,089 tons, were built on
the AtlanticaiuKiUircoastB.and 26 -wooden
steam vessels, of 3,312 tons, were built on
Western rivers.
Eqmti Court, No. 1-Justice Cox-Clark
.. Vi ,-, cnio finnllv ratified. Middle
States Coiiipan vs. Simmons; sale finallv
ratified and receiver directed to pav fund
to complainant. Harris vs Fenilall; ruleoii
' ..fin n t eross bill returnable April 9,
1 Eeniitv snts 17,279, Margaret A. and
William A. Dralev vs Richard P and Katie
Biown lor partition Tor sale of lot 4, east
19 feet of lot 100 and west 6 feet of lot
11 Cabot's sub square 077. premises Nos.
72 and 7 G street northeast, and No. 26
Jackson allev. complainants' solicitor,
Irving Williamson. .
Probate Court- Estate of William H.
Campbell: vouchers showing assignment of
SIS 000 United Slates bonds to widow m
1SP5 tJ. Estator Catherine Work; E.
IT. Thomas, executor, bonded. Estate of
.Margaret Ann Dunning; pi oof of publication
filed. Estate or Mary Burrel; will filed.
Estate oT Celt.i J. Xlount: receipt of dis
tributees' guardian for $6,006.01 filed
Estate or Katharine Dix Bolles; inventory
or debts due deceased, $4,300, filed. Es
tate of Pamela Granger; proof, or publica
tion filed. Petition of Louis' Kurtz, jr.,
to be nnpninfil guardian over Eva and
Louis Kurtz filed.
Circuit Court. No. 2 Justice McComas
Crowley vs. District of Columbia; judg
ment m certiorari.
"Wuliefleld Xlonunient In Place.
A telegram received .by -Col. John M.
Wilson, Corps of Engineers, U. S, A., re
ports that the 6haft or the monument to
mark the birthplace of George Washington,
was placed In position yesterday at'
Wakefield, Westmoreland county, Va.
Continued from First Page.
It -would give them a flag; it would give
them a status In the world.
If they procured a vebbcl and entered
New York Harbor tomorrow with their
lone star Hag they would be' liable to bo
treated as pirates. The Spanish minister
iv ould ImtiKoiuicly claim tiiut this should
be done. But with a recognizee! flag they
could enter as the ships from all countries
do; the could buy munitions of war
opeiilj; thoy could buy supplies of every
kind; men could go openly, it not in armed
expeditions, to Join them; thej could ne
gotiate loans negotiate them nB op'.nly
as the Spaniards could do' now.
The Spanish government uqvy buj- muni
tions Ol war at Hartford and at Philadel
phia, buys supplies, loads -hipa m fact, the
United States Is toelaj the base of opera
tions in a furious war tofcrit-sti those who
are struggling for liberty, aid our gov
ernment has been busied rdr a'year In obey
ing the intimations or ttJe Spanish min
ister that the could in, this port or In
that catch some one trjing.tO; curry arms
or aid to Cuba.
"Is this fairness?" hcaskerl. "Is this
justice"' Is this observing uieulralltj in
this struggle.' Either in 'spirit or in fact
tire we not efficient opprsstjrs of the Cu
bans? Such has not been tlitunollcyof our
government in earlier daj.s. -In 1815 the
Spanish minister, De Oms, when Hie colo
met in South America wercifel niggling just
as the Cubans are now, demanded that our
ports should be closed to the levolution
ists under the flag of BueilOs A res, Car
thagena and the Xlexican Congress, and
Oilier places which he said had 'revolted
against the authority or the king, my mas
ter.' He denounced them as pirates and
b indits and demanded th.it they should be
so treated. President Xtadlton elisregauled
hit haughl demands and recognized the
btlbgerencj or the struggling colonists."
The action taken at that lime w.it not
done by proclamation announcing the rec
ognition oT belligereiic. That was a later
custom. Xludisou and Monroe atlu ill rcc
ognied them in Tact, recognized the Hag
or every colony and or every part of every
colon in Insurrection uud Hags or par
ticular cities. There were two flags
from Buenos A res at one time w hen there
were diverging factions there. Both were
recognized as boon as success was prob
able. Wus not the success or the Cubans
now probable' For a jear thej had baf
fled the armies or Spain.
The Spanish newspaper organs had been
coustantlj claiming that the republic had
no capital, and that IT one were pretended
they would ut oucc captuie It. "But,"
said Xlr. Hltt, "we see publications from
Cisneros, tliepre-ltieiifcor the Cuban republic,
at Cubitus, their capital, which they have
held undisturbed for nearly u ear undis
turbed because thej defied Spanish power
while the dispatches in this morning's pa
pers give accounts, of engagements in the en
virons of Havana. It looks from tin- dis
tance as ir Gen. "Wejler, in Havana, had
more cause to be uneasj than President
Cisneros, in hi- capital at Cubiias."
XIr. llitt said in conclusion "it is'some
times objected that we ought not to en
courage the Cubans to separate govern
ment, as thej would simplv enter upon
anarch and succe-lve revolutions as so
often has happened with other spuni-h-American
colonies. But, in fact Cuba elir
fer- from all the otlu-rs, except Chile, in
that two-ihirds or its population are or
European origin. Chile and Cuba are the
onlj two spots in Spanish America -where
the Spanish nice colonized in the rishion
in winch the Anglo-'-.ioiis colonized, b
transplanting their people and building up
their own race.
"Chile ha- been for firtv cars conspicu
ous in South America for abllltv and en
erg. Her securities were good In Euro
pean markets forty years ago. The other
Spanish-American countries were', in fact,
populations largely Indian in blood, ruled
bj a small proportion or people of the
European race. The million white people
of Cuba, once organi7ed into an mdi"nd
cnt government, will soon settle Into Suit
able conditions and enter upon awcurccr or
"It Is out duty to treat them today with
fairness, to observe a neutrality that is
real. Americans who art1 I'escendnnls of
those who struggled thfous'T .1 contest
agun-t tvrannv like that today in Cuba
-hoiild not he raise to fthe mctnor or
their fatlurs, nor to the. tiuelltions and
spirit of their history.
"We are under no obirg-.illolit to favor
Spain ai.il oppression, as against Cuba
and freedom. Rcinemler how Spain in
vaded and icicel upon S.a.lo Domingo
when the Unlit el Male- w.i-e 'gaged in tie
war of the Rebellion It was disclosed in
the debate- in the Sp ini-li congre-s arter
wnnl Ihattbat occupation orSanloD&mingo
wa- entered upon expros-lv to thwart the
inriueiice of the Lulled Maiesanel prevent
our obtaining a station at M.unana. It was
in this spirit that Spam so carlv recognised
the belligerency or the Confederates, a
mouth before blood was shed in bittle.
"It was done In cooperation with Louis
Napoleon, who. also pur-uing the same
scheme of oppre-sion, took advantage of
our troubles to overthrow the republic of
Xlexico and set up an e inpire there. We
have no debt or gratitude and should be
Influenced b no sentiments but those or
justice and "that enlightened selMntt?t
which is the true guide m the policy of na
tions. "When this vote has been given, as it will
be. overwhelmingly bv this House, concur
ring with the Senate in expressing the will
or the people of the United States, we can
not doubt that the Executive will act and
obey the voice or the nation, and that wc
will speedily hear that the President has
recognized the belligerency of the strug
gling Cubans.
"The waning cause of Spain has been
apparent from week to week for two months
past. It will not be long until we shall
have an end or all the bombastic preten
tions and abominations of Weyler'- s.a
age operations, and the Cubans, having
vindicated their rights with their arms,
will enjoy the liberty thej have earned."
XIr. Hdc asked Xlr. Ihtt to state ir
the President should not take an action
upon the resolutions, whether or not the
would be entirely nugatory, except merely
as an expression orBititiment.
Xlr. Ilitt replied that he could not recog
nize the possibility of such a condition of
afrairs, and therefore declined to express
an opinion.
XIr. Bontellc reviewed the history of the
parlianiciit.tr progress or the re-ol itions.
and expressed the opinion that ,t w j- not
the intention or the movers or the resolution
to commit Congress to an definite and de
cided policy. Congress, he .ul, 'itel the
power to put the resolutions in such i lorni
as to compel the President to act tpon
them, but that had been carefully avoided.
No joint resolution was bcfoic the House,
and none had been.
It was as well-known as aiiUlung pos
sibly could be that the President did not
believe that a st.iie or Lelligeieucy exists
in the Island or Cuba.
Rcrcinng to the matter of public 'enti
menl alleged to I e supporting the resolu
tions. XIr. Bou telle said he did not claim
to speak for the entire American public,
but he had not received, in tic tomce of
lhe eliscusslon, a single letter from a man
or reliable, thoughtful, considerate judg
ment exprc-sing an opinion in favor of the
United States embroiling ltseirni the con
tention m the Island of Cuba, lie said
people knew how this ailcgeil public senti
ment was created, and fostered, especially
b a rorlion 0f the prcs, which lives and
thrives upon sensationalisjn.
He believed he was in Isyntpnth with
men an where tring to 'gntri their free
dom. But it was a strange condition, in
his opinion, when the tacit admission was
made in the Republican part here that
with our constitution and laws we could
not maintain the liberties ol a large pro
nortionof our ownpeonle; when the declara
tion was made in ever contested election
case that over a large area or this e ountry
a portion oTits citizens wpjjcliMiicil their
most precious rights; it, wus 'strange, he
said, that it was deemed toe'duty of the
United States to dash across ithe Gulf of
Xlexico and establish and maintain the
frepilom of the mulatto insiyrgeiitsin Cuba.
There were no facts here, he: said, suffi
cient to juslif v the House ill adapting these
resolutions. He wa8frcc to say that the
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achninittrationhad not received fac ts which
justified the President and his advisers in
recognizing u state of bclligerein v m Cuba.
That belligerent rights had not been
granted to the Cubans, was, in his opinion,
amjilcproof that thePrcsiilent had no ground
upou which to act. while other people's
business had taken possession of this House,
not only collectively, but individually.
XIr. Boutclle closed his speech by quoting
from the documents and wntiiigs of Gen.
Grant. Secretary Hamilton Fisk, and Gen.
Washington losustam his content ion that to
grant belhgeient rights to the Cuban in
surgents, or to interfere with Spain to
secure the independence of the island at this
tune iv ould be unwise and an unrounded
action. Mr. Boutclle spoke nearly an hour
and a half, and held the attention of the
House throughout, and was generously ap
plauded at the close.
XIr. Skinner, Pop., N C, was the last
spca ker of theaftern oon, eloquently pleading
for bringing Cuba under the Stars and
At 5-10 o'clock the House took a re?cess
until 8 o'clock.
Biological Society's Xlpotlni.
Tlw Biological Society will hold Its regu
lar meeting this evening, at 8 o'clock, in
the assetnbl hall or the Cosmos Club. No.
1520 n street northwest. Communications;
V. K. Chesnut, "Pfaff's Recent Investiga
tions on Rhus Poisoning." B. T. Galloway.
"The Action or Copper in PoisoningFungi;"
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Salmon," and Frederick V. Coville. "Bo
tanical Explorations Near the Xlciuean
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and P street. Easter will be observed by
and r street, .taster win oe uu-tm-u ei 1 w,vm ,,, t 1, ,,n ..,, j- --, - - -
the celebration of the holy eommimion at t&!ZSi?pp
n o'clock a. in., ana by a choral prui-e 1
service at 5 o'clock p. m. Sermon in the 1
morning by Rev. I'rof. Joseph II. Apple, t
of Frederick, Md. Part of the morning
services will be anthems; Victory Over I
Denth,'" J. B. Herbert; "Christ, Our Pas-
over," C. T. Steele; "Te Ileum, ' Jackson;
iby the congregation). The evening ser
viv..' will be a sjmi.ii one, entitled, "The
Easter Story," words by Brown, music tay
rillmore, consisting or readings, carols,
anthems, and solo.
HAXILI.NE -M. L. c I1LRCH, Ninth and P
streets northwest toumiuy-sehool, 9 15 u.
m ; picuchmg 11 u. in uiui 7 30 p m. by
lhe pastor. Rev. W R. Strieklen, Kpworlti
League G l." p. m., Tuesii.i, cou&ecru
Uo.i inur-e ay.churuipruvermeeting" a0
p. m ; orficiul bourd meeting Mouduy
evenmg 7 30
Eiguib uuel l fine. isLurtM ust, Kev Adam
Reoeh, pastor Easter service, preaching
bvine pa-tor, L..slcr .eieinetiousaniimusn;
at 11 a m .preaching by thepastorat 7 30
p m.. subject, "True to Our Duuei,. C. E
ail t UU P III.. JS.Hlal-ai.UUU ail. V ou 1.
m.. chorus choir.
B11EU1AN tHURCH, 1-oiirteinth anil R
streets northwest. Rev. Dr. Patch, pastor
Church services 11 a. m. and 7 30 p. m.;
Rev Dr IK.riwcU, pastor Fourth Preo
tenan Church, Boston, Mass., one or the
pioneers m the- aG t. L. convention next
jul, will occupy the pulpit sabbath morn
iug'and deliver a discourse on "Easter."
"1 he cvciiirer ice will consist or an Easter
couct rt unner the au-pices or the hublutn
school, at which XIr. G. A. Prevt-st, super
intendent, will give a t.ilk on "I-lowers-.
Suueiu-:cliool 1 30 a. m.. i" P S. C. L.
6 30 p. m . mid-week pracr meetlug
Thursday 7 30 p. m
corner Four,-eiun an t Lslreas r.ortuwest.
j - Rev Leslie W bprague acting pastor.
New south Liaircii, tJOston. jiast . win
pre-ach morning at Ho clock siin , . "1 he
Eister Fact, and the Ulster Faith;" and
evening at 7 30 o'clock, sub.tct, "Some
He-lps to the Higher Lire ' sunt! i .- School
aud unitv suid.) cia- at 9 45 a m , Youug
Peoples'' Meeting, at 6 30 p m All are
(Colored), Lutheran. The servici-s or me
day will take on the uvual Easter aspect.
Tne s.iind.i v i-etiool ,ic 3 clock, wnl render
l Sllll.ll.nc" JI.UfAWlilJ. ilic- i.Lt:i.m ail aj
o clock, will eiijcn the reading of a papi-r
by the pastor. Rev D E. Wiseman At
7 30 the rite or confirmation will be ad
minlste-rcd by the pastor All are wel
Easter service, Sunday night, 901 F street
northwest. The living Christ. Fridaj
ariernooneonvcrs.iuonaionl. Officeel.iys,
Mon lay, WetiiRs.i.i and Friday. William
and Nina Vera Hughes.
12tti and L sis in aunnze prayer meet
ing anu spi.iKlug ineciiiig. Mineiay-jchoolat
9 o clock. i in .picuciifigat 11 o'clock. by
the pastor, suojeei, " Ine Risen Christ,"
quarterly review by Hit-Sunday-school at
3 o'clock p m . Ciirisuan Eneteavor at 6
o'clock p. m . literary exercise and song
service at 7 o clock p ni., at which time
papers will be read bv Xlist Sarah Elwood,
Miss Besie Xlorris, Xltss Jennie Morris,
XIrs L. B. Allen, Mrs. A. Winston, Mr.
William Kenny. Mr. J. B Dlllard, Mrs. E.
Johnson, duels bv Xliss Mary Bodley, Miss
Bessie Morns, Miss E. Taylor.
will aeldress the bcctiLir League at
3 p. m. Sunday on "The Real 1 nomas
Paine," in Typographic:! I Temple. G street,
opposite the Pension Office. All arc in
vited. RYLAND XI.E.CHURCII 9 15a.m..Sun-
dav-sehool; 11 a. m., preaching by Rev.
L. "a. ,Jlon, D. D . G aO p. m., I. P.S,
C. E.; 7 30 p. m , preaching by Rev. J. E.
Gilbert, D.D. beaisrne. Welcome to all.
street, between C and B Rev.
T. De Wilt ladmuge, 1). D., will preach
morning and evening ail 11 a. m. ami 30
p. m.; Junior C. E. al 3 30 p. m.; Senior
C. E. at G 15 p. m., -pedal program of
Easier musu by qua riet choir. Dr.Gabnel
F. Johnston, director.
corner R tlreet northwest Easter services;
prc.ictiiug at 11 u. iii. unit ". 30 p. m. by
Pastor Rev. W. W. unArselalc; Sunday
school 9 30 a. m., Epwortli League 6 30
p. m. Communion at morning service
special music by the choir. Sc.itsfree. AH
are cordially invited.
street, between L and XI streets northwest,
J. C. .Martin, pastor Suniiay-ochool 9 30a.
m.; Easter sermon 11 a.m. by the pastor,
3 30 p. m., exercises by Sunday-school;
7 30 p. in., sacred concert.
THE PEOPLE fc CHURCH, 423 G street
northwest Rev. Alex. Kent, pastor, will
speakon ".Itsusanill .die n Women." Bible
ciass.it 10 1. Abraham co.itinucd; church
service at 11 15. All welcome.
street, between L and M streets northeast.
Pre.iching at 11 a. m. by Rev. G. w Pow
ell, subject, "The Stone Removed." com
munion at 3 30 p. in , Sunday school,
9 30 a. m.; 730, Sunday school review.
with a special program of Easter music.
Let every tiodv come and spend a pleasant
evening with us. Rev. B. XI. Brown pastor
SPIRITUALISXI, Xrctzcrott Hall, every
Suuday:lceum, 10 a.m.;lccturc 10 30a.m.
and 7 30 p. m. Xlr. George A. Fuller, presi
dent Massachusetts State Association of
Spiritualists, will occupy our platform for
. Vpril. Xlr. Fuller Isan eloquent expounder
6r spiritualism. Spiritualists nun invcs
igalors should not miss this oppt rt unity o
hear Xlr. Fuller.
TASTOR E. HEZ SWEX! tells about the
"Stick-hUst-Folks," boiinuy night 7 45
o'clock. Preaching ut 11 u. m. by the
pustor. Free pews, ah juviieu. i.is-toi-Evungelist
John J.Wicke 1 cgmssreciul
crviccs jprd 12. Second Baptist Church
Auditorium, Fourth street and Virginia
avenue 'outheust.
Ninth. 1 el ween G "no II Mreets northwest.
Rev. Joseph T. Kelly, pastor Pre.iching
by the pai-tor .it 11a. in. and ut 7 30 p.
m.: Sahnulh- chool at 9 30 a. in.; Y.P. S.
C. E. at 6 30 p. m.; Bible reading by XIrs.
II. P. A' lies Tuesday at 2 ?0 p. m.; prayer
meeting Thursday ut 7 SO p. m., at which
Rev. V. D. Collins will speak on India.
Evervloely welcome.
$1.25 to Bultlmoro and JRetnrn.
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Christ, Scientist, Wiliar.l Ji.ui. t anu -v11.1f" at 8 o' ..7. t 1T1 ..i"A.n Vt rt,r.tV
Fourteenth streets. Subject "The lies- ,1 small 1? . S
urection." Mr. and Mrs John F. Smscott, i,,vitW- all fref- take ."r-j ' P C
f k n'c n..niiT.i- All nn. wHeninc "'vueu, an iree, take eieva.or.
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corner Tenth and el st.-.. nw. r.mt s.
ni., and .JO p. ni..iiua by quartet and
chorus led b Dr. Bicchoff, organist; Sun
day -ocl.ojl. o Jo a. in.; Christian En
deavor, 6.30 p. m.
, TfIEOoOPH vn .-usidaymoming, April
., at 11 oci k, Xlr Ue-orge XI. Cofrin,
prctiuent or the Blavutak Branch or the
'Ihcosophical faoeiet, win lecture on "Im
ni.u .tin, on inar-lay rvv.UM-regular
niretmg -will be held for dbcuMn. by
iLtralvfi, subjtet. Vvn.ijoiisim" n sun.
da evening. April 5, Xlr. Xlanan F. Gut
C. E. M fob lUN of the- Wt5,u-m Prfshr-
tenan Cnureli, N U. aver, anl It st. nw.
Suiidat-oChom at 1 p. in., .ospci services.
WVuiie-sduy evening, 7 Jo, an welcome;
lister service , Sunday aiternoon, at 3
o cock, by ihtr mission scholars, assisted
by Xlr. A. B. Guwl-r, vio ini-a, Mr Walter
Xiuito'i, uiriuiiie- an i. Mr. uuiius Holzbere,
cornet; W. I. Simpson, supt.
H. Cuupmuii. p.isior. auuciuy school. 10
a. ni.. preaching ..t 11 jo a. m. by the
pastor, Lpvvi.rih League. G 45 p. m..
prithing at S p. m. by Rev. Wni. Hann.
FOUNDRY M. E. CHURCH, two blocks
directly east from the- White House, cor.
1-iin and G sts. nw. Rev. Dr. Olm A.
Brown, pastor, Easter service-,, 11 a. m.
aim 7 do p. iu., H-rnwii by the pastor; solo,
chorus, and congregational singing, and
r.or.n ib-voraitou, fsuuuuv-ichooi. 9.30 a..
ni., Epworth League. t JO p. m.; prayer
meeting. Ttiursuu, 7 30 p m , you are
most curduilly mviierd.
corner Ninth una D sts ne. Celebration or
fifth anniversary, at 11 a. m.; special
music; sermon by pastor, E. B- Bagby, Y.
P. S. C. E., ut 6 30; evening service.-, at
t .30 p. ni.
ave. and 2d st. .. Itev. W. E. Parson.
D. 1)., iiastor Easter simc". sermon, and
oirerings, at 11 u. in., i-oiiiirmarion and
communion, .it 7 30 p. ni., teats free, and
a tommi we'tunic to all.
C XI. E. CHURCH, HiUsda'e Station
Appointment ror Eatltr aunuay services
Sunrise prayer iiietnag, cuuuucted by Bro.
Frank oung and Pro. John Cook; 9 4&
a. in., fcabbath-athtNii; at 11:30, sharp,
sermon b itie- puswr, -.abject, "The Reiiur-re-cuou
or Jesus Christ; at 1.15 p. ni.,
.iK-r..i cutst nu fiing. louuuctett by Bro.
G. XV. Thomas and Bro. Henry Wilkerson;
at 8 p. ni. the pastor will read a paper
on the origin or tater. after Tvhieh a.
sacred concert will be given by Miss Al
berta A an Bur.n, Xtou te, a grand
Easier concert wm la u.ven. conducted bv
MLss Lula soiomon an XIis Alberta Van
Buren.aiiperso.is..ti n bug mlsconeerr. arcs
requested to bring one raw- egg; the pastor
-will explain wh egt are- used in cele
br.tting Euster; j. B. Washington, D D.,
XIar lana ave. and Gtu u ne. Rev. Thomas
Chalmers Easiou, D. 1).. pastor; will
preach at 11 a. ni., subject, "Easter
lriuuiplis, or Cniiqi.tsit ot me Resurrec
tion," and at 7 30 p. m., subject, "The
Kfsurret. tiOaiof tin HuiiiaiiBoti What-That;
Bo: stialiBe. ih"tvttL.terniUstcvviHbti
rendered; pastor s iiuss i,,r young men.
9-30 a, ni.; Sunday-school, y 30 .a- m.;
Y. P. S. C. E Juniors, meet 3 p. m,;
seniors at 6.30 p. tn., strangers cordially
invited; pastor's residence, it,ts Seventu
st. ne.
GRACE M E. CHURCH, cor 9th and
S sts. nw. Dr. Geo. V. Leech, pastor;
special music, morning .ma evening; 11
a. ni., "The Reality ot the Rising, a suf
ficient Surety;" 7 ) i. in.. Lorei's. Supper
and members receiwd: Sunday -school. 9.30
a. m.; Epworth League. G 30 p. m.; prayer
meeting, Thursday, 7 30 p m.
Circle Rev. Stowell L- Bryant, pastor;
9.30, Sunday-school; Easter service or
song; 11, Easter sermon by pastor; 7,
Epworth League; 7-45, communion servn t.
Dr. A. H. Ames, speetaiEuatermusicduriiig
the day.
WESLEY CHAPEL, corner Fifth and F
streets norihnisi. Rev t buries W. Bald
win, pastor Easter sermon by the pastor
al 11 a.m.. Holv Communion at 7 30 p.m.
At 3 p. m. Xliss Ruth Mane Sites, returned
missioiiairv from China, accompanied by
Miss XIargurclWong,a Chinese-lady of bigs
family, nulai.tires the sutid.i-chool Xns
siouury Sotiel. All ure welcome. Scuta
THE BRETHREN Preachings on Lord".
Day 11 u.m., u 31G Pennsylvania avenue
southeast. Bible stl.oel ut 9 45; Young
People's meeting ut 7 p. m. at Beacon
Light Mission, 355 Pennslvanui. .ivcnue
northwest; preaching ui s.,me place at J:
p. m. Ever i on cordially invited to at
tend nil or iht-i'tervices. Seats free. XV.
XI. Lyon, pastor.
D street southwest, bun ecu Second and
Thirdstreetssw..Re. J. B.Lo.btrt, pastor.
Preaching 11 a. m., by pnetor. subject
"What noes the rcsurri ctiou of Christ
mean to us?" s.ure-1 Ea-sier concert at
7:30 p. m. by the Organ Club; C E. at C
p. m. All cord-all mvited.
teenth and L streets iiuru.wtst. Servitor
at 11 a. in. Mid 7:30 p. m.
Sunday School, 9:45 a. nt..
Young Peoples Union, G.30 p. m. Rev.
A. G. Rogers, D. 1., pastor. A m. Easter
servie e, communion sirvice and reception
of new members; p. in. an illustrated
sermon, subject, "Tne e veins or Easter
week;" music by a double- quartet; the
following illustrated hymns will be sungi
"Near the Cross." "The Ninety and Nine."
and "Abiele With Xle. All seats open to
the public.
WAUGU XI. E. CnURCU, Third and A
streets northeast. Tne- pastor. Rev. L.
Olin Eldnilge, will preach at 11 a. m.;
special music; Eaister orferings; Sunelay
schcol. 9:15 a. m.; Epwortu League. 6:30
p. in.; Sunilay scnoot taster service-. 7:30
p. ni.; reception Tin s lay. 7-30 p in.;
praer meeting Thursday, 730 p. m.
seats free. An cordial, .uvittel.
XIETROPOLITAN M E. CHURCH. Four-ani'.-i-half
aud C streets northwest. Rev.
Hugh Johnston. D I.. pastor 11 a. m.,
"Thepoweror Hisrcsurrtctiou; i:3op.m.,
"The E.ister in our hearts; Easter musio;
morning communion; 9:30 a. m.. Sunelay
scnoo.;3 p-ni-.s-'mie-se-school; G:30 p in.,
Epworth League.
stra'ets northwest. Re v.S. J. Smith. pastor.
Preaching at 11 a. m. by Rev. E. B.
Billy; suniiu siUool, 9:30 a. m.. T. J.
XViIsou. siipermte-nhnr. No night service.
Hear Bro. Hilly.
GURLEY .MEMORIAL. iPresby tenan).
i?i-,r,iii m.eiiue. In tween Sixth and Seventh
atrcels. northwest, J. Russell Verbryeke-,
nastor. Xloming serriceN 11 o'clock, sub
ject, "Au empty tomb lhe citadel cf our
ruith"" evening service, 7:30 o'clock,
subject. "Barriers removed;" special Easter
music: Christian Ewlivor service, 0:30
o'clock. AU are cordially invited to these
1 win i.inr. 111 ii.i .iih..w . -1 r,.. n.t.

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