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,!-- -ta'tT-&FlPK,JJ-V "?- n"33!c-?$i-S&' Swy s94fe-S,rwtiVi,;i:: ",r-""
Thousands Have Been Cured
by the World-renowned
v 2?o distinction wliellier rich
fc or poor. Every diy vvltnosses
new and complete cures.
Trilling cost attending foN
treatment All medicines
necehsary furnished frto of
cost. It's Iruo. It' Generous.
It's Nob'e. Ai-k any one who
lias ever tiled it-
Dr. "Walker's maxim Is Do unto Uiesick
Be you would have the doctors -do by you
ir -iou were prostrate wit:i tome dreadjul
malady and without the n cans or paying
high fees. AH who surrer from divorcers
or Uie lira in and nervoas r.ysuin, diseases
or the skin nud blood, consumption, ca
tarrh, asthma, n alarm., rheumatism, dys
t...nvi.n. female troubles, an.i all cliroiiic
5r loii'z-slaudiusrdlseasesnud sexual weak
nesbes are welcome, every i c, u.
h...l.t.. nf llr W.iIllT'h well lti.own SI
t.iriiim. 1411 FenusvUanla neuue. with
out expense beyond tlie nominal assess
meat of
$5 a
all medicines included. Isn't that about
Uie wav tlie Golden Kule reads? Advice
end coienillntion free either at office or by
mail. Office hours Monday, Wednesday.
Thursday and Saturday, 10 to 5 and 7 to
5; Tuesdiy and F"ndav, 10 to 5; Sunday,
10 to 12. All int er lews and correspou
aence sacredly couridenlial.
vw ts s. e r t c- "- s ;: iliS
kSSS5Tissa w! We s v s -a x o s s s so s
The Boston g
1233 New York Avenue,
I "Washington, D. C ,
i Tor the scientific treatment and cure
J of
Nervous, Mental,
Special Diseases.
Chronic I All DISEASES of a g
Blood Privately, Safely and g
Diseases Permanently Cured, g
Rapialy curedand f all viror restored.
This distressing: affliction, which
renders life a tardea and marriage
Impossible, is the penalty paid by the
victim of improper indulgence. The
most chaste mast acknowledge that
the passions are the treat magnet by
which the whole world is afracted.
Destroy them, and what is left to
snch unfortunate? The -world is no
longer interesting to him and re
mors: and disappointment are his
mnctaTit mmnanlnns. Consult US at
once, and you will find the sympathy j
and relief that yon positively re- $
nuire. g
By a vrise coarse of treatment, g
adapted to your age, sex and physical ffl
condition, the tone of yocr system fl
can be raised, the tendency to impure ?
thoughts removed, and the strength &
and vigor of health restored to the 6'
debilitated organs. gf
Persons so afflicted would save Q)
themselves days of suffering and '
nights of weary, waking agony by y
caUing on us.
If You Are Afflicted
"With anj chronic, lincerins disease or
ailment, no matter who lias failed to
cure jou, consult u at once. Our 30
jears cvirit'iice and brilliant recoid
of cures, ejlectcd in appaieutli hope
Brace Up and Call on Us.
less cascs.entitl s us to your confidence.
Yonns or miUdIe-.2cd men suffer
ing from the eu ct- ot their own fol
lie. -wees or i ice -o-. or men contem
platinj; marriage who ire conscious of
anr impediment or di-qiia incition, or
those who fcl their touthlul vigor and
power Uecl miiR should
"We lnv e been the wears of restoring
thou&ai da of such untortunates to
Health, Strength and Usefulness.
CtJKFS S m all cisesundei taken
GUAiiAvrrt d ixicmiient.
OfliccHour 'ifri 3 6 o 6 Sunda, j?
10 to '2. All interview s and col e- &3
6pondi'nee -aciedlj couhdentiaU Con- g
sultanon ficc.uul united.
1233 Nu rk Ave.
' The talk of the town
V v-"--,-'-"-9 o
J the new and wonderful Australian c
Dry-Air " treatment of Asthma, c
, Bronchitis, Catarrh, Hay Fever, etc.
' At all druggists. t oo. or at office Consul- c
' tuon free, bend iaxrre pamphlet c
! R. T. BOOTH, I
JLS. a3 East aoth Street. New York. JUL.
I III HfflrttflTamfcaih riirftrru-Vr77i-'T'i i m
How to Attain It."
A "Wonderful New
Medical Book,writtcn
for Men Only. One
copy may be had free
on application.
Sligo Heights!
Oily Six Miles frm tte'Canital,
Cn an elevation 400 Tcet above the City
of Washington, situated amidst graaj
"WcwU sell you
Which is High, Dry, anil Level,
Size, 30x150,
At $70.00.
T. is price w ill soon be advanced, ow-
ing Jo tho many important hiiprove-
U2ci.ts Romg 011
IvOUrii, 614 FST.N.W.
War Claims Policy Bitterly At
tacked in the House.
Leaders Arraigned by Members of
TLielr Own l'nrty for Staving Off
Payment of Claims J ustly Due Loyal
Citizens of tUo Soutli IfolltiCH Crept
in und Made It a Field Day.
There was an old-fashioned field day in
Hie House of Representatives yesterday
with radical variation.
It was private bill day under the rules,
when bills to nay claims arising out of
I the war, -winch in the past aflordcd op-
IrfirlllIlitv ,,. .,.... fnr lMl,iP b.ittio.s
.-.j .... --..-..- .. .. 0
of the Rebellion over again, were under
The content, however, was waged largely
by Republican members, who advocated the
payment of the bills leporled by the Com
mittee on War Claims and those who
lavored postponing, .jiul home cl the Mate
ments were startling in their Litterness.
Mr. Mahou or Pennsylvania, chairman of
the committee, was asked by Mr. Dingley
if the committee wassatisliedof the Justice
and correctness of a claim for the pay
ment of which a I ill bad been reported.
Replying, Mr. Mahon reviewed the action
or Congress on tlics-e claims, their refeience
to the court of claims for cxamitiatir n and
finding of facts, and passionately declared
that Congress either ought to pay the
claims recommended bj the courtcrabohsh
the court, so that the people might know
what to expect.
He declared that the government was a
great robber or its private citizens, and
asserted that he would rather, have a
pauper owe him $1,000 than to be a
creditor or the United States for that
Mr. Walker was almost violent in his
denunciation of the policy which pre
scribed the payment or these claims. Dra
matically he declared that no robber born
on the Rhine ever equalled the govern
ment or the United States iu its robbery
or honest creditors.
He attacked the leaders or the House,
charging them with purposely preventing
the consideration or bills for the paj
ment of just claims, asserting that ex
traordinary rulings or the chair, in com
mittee of the whole, were resorted to to
aid in carrying out that policy.
Messrs. McCall and Evans appealed to
the Iloue to pay the claims or lojal men
from the feouth, and Mr. McRay charged
that to enter upon the pavment of them
would compel the next administration to
issue bonds rrom beginning to tjose.
Messrs. Dockerj and Grosveuor made
political speeches 111 connection with their
common position to the pavment or the
claims, the former asserting that Re
publican legislation in the past, and the
latter that Democratic administration was
responsible for the present condition of
the Treasury The net result of the
dnv's discussion was the rejection or
one bill and the passage or another.
At 4 50 o'clock the House took a recess
until 8 o'clock, the evening session to
be ror the consideration or private pen
sion 'bills.
Equity Court, No. 1 Justice Cox "Wind
sor s. bigournej ; -ale to I) H. Hazen finally
nitifted Llnun, ooUiaboro Coinp.inj v
Dunn; pajinentoi uii.es in tweutj uaj-. le
tiuired. tJrownint, vs Wise, pro comedo
vs. Joseph D i v, gruiitea and relcreno'
lo auniior ordered bcotte As feootte,
iavo.ee rantni, decree to uetirawn. Brouk
nifc, V HiooKiiig.sale uccroo.i, Dtlt and
DenU tnisices, t) sell. Hick vs Uick.
sale finally ratilied. Alrred Richards
lirick Lompanj s Aolte, pro couiivo vi
defendant .oito. grained. , Murphj Vs
Ljncn, John 11 Aim pnj . executor, substi
tuted as complainant. American buret j
Compaiij s. oiiuiu, itde 011 ucieuaants r'-turnatiiL-
April J.", 1 5Hj. rallied. ilotoii v s
Boston, tcsiimotij before Hutlcdge Wilson,
examiner, or .ere 1 t.iken. Hoicouib va
l'ot, auuitoi s report coiirirmed.
Lquitv Lourt, .Vo 2 justice IlJgner
l'olianhoru vs. Clark, on hearing
Circuit Coi.ri, is. 1 justice Cradlej -
Kavauagii 1C Keimeuj vt,.jcorgf s tsiisoj;
vennci ior p aiiiiiii lur o'.io. Hoiniissen vs
Distiii 1 oftoiuiiuiiJ. J utigniiin in certiorari.
CamplK'U s. District or Columbia; tio.
CrjbialltlassCompanj b.AugeilMii,juug
nieiit bj ueiauiu Miuraj vs. lirogan;
p.aiuiirf called and sun dismissed at tier
costs. Uromiej Manuracluring Company vs.
Uinsijjru, jiiuiic.!t oj uci.iiid. Clark vs
District 01 CmuiiiiJi 1, juuguieiii 111 certiorari.
Jo-rpii a. D lriueit vs. John W Dudlej, on
trial, jurj respited till Monday.
Citiuit Court, No. 2 Justice Mc Comas
Inoni'uii vs. District 01 Common, juog
nieiii in certiorari. Uauiuuk vs. Wilson;
time foi giving sec urn j loi costs exti'iiatii
until peiiuiiigmotion ie disposed ol 0'Lcar
b Avashingioii and tieuigelown Raiavaj
Comptnj; verdict for planum lor ,711
Mcuuiggan vs Howling, vensict ror de
fendant. Deck vs. District or Columbia;
judgment in certiorari. C.idwell s. Dis
trict ol Columbia, do. Nobie vs. District
or Columbia, do. King vs. District of
Columbia; do. Shea vs. District ot Co
lumbia, do.
Court or Appeals, Chief Justice Alveji
Justices Morris and hhepard Urle "W
Starek. admitted to practice. Slack
s l'ernne it al .reassigned for Moudaj,
iiay o, itiu. rewmaii vs. uaker; ap
p liec .ihiwcii to uie additional .iiithori
tles "Warner Valley Stock Cotnpauv vs
Smith, secreuirj, etc.; assigned lor he.tr
ing Monday, April L7, lb9C. to follow
No o"G Harpei as Cuiiningh.t'ii; argu
ment continued bj Mr. J J. Waters wr
appellant, -Mr. John Rtdout for oppelh e,
and concluded by .Mr. J J Waters tor U.e
appellant. Chapman -vs United bt.ites;
writ of error to Liiited Stales Sttpieme
Court allowed, opinion by Mr. Cbler Jus
tice AIm-v. Chapmui vs United btates:
appellant .idnniteo to bul on giving loud
in the Mint or $5,000. Adams as Wasu
nigtonand Georgetown Railroad Companv;
.rguniWit commenced by Mr. G M femi'ii
lor appellant and continued by Mr. J S
Flannerv Tor appellee. "Wall vs Alitkie
wioz el al.; motion to dismiss appeal, suN
mttted by Mr. C A. Brandenburg for ap
pellee and counsel allowed to file reasons
for motion.
flenl Estate Transfers.
Ann D. Adams to Philip Melcher, part
lots 27 and 28, in American Security and
Trust Company ct al.sub. block 27, Jsher
wood. Sl.loO.
James B. Archer et ux. to Andrew
Archer, lot D, square D02 in Calkin's tub.,
510. m
American Security and Trust Com pan v to
Walter Varis, lots 15, 11, 13, and north
half ol 12. 111 Noerr'ssub., Oak Lawn, $10.
David Currier et u:.. to Thomas E. Wag
gam in. east iiart of lot 21, block 8, Cleve
land Park, $10.
Citv Investment Company to Orin J
Taylor, lots t5, OG.and 67, in Taylor's sub.
square 778. S2,S18.o0.
Marv H. Dovvnev etvir. Hugh F. to A.E
L. Letkic lots I) and E, square 1110, in
Kelly's sub., S10.
William C. Grinder et ux. to Abraham
D. Ha7cn, iwrt original lot 12, square 193,
John E. Uerrell ct ux. to Matthew F.
Ruppert, lot 22, block 9, of Todd and
Brown s sub. Mount Pleasant and Pleasant
Plains. 510.
Edith A. Johnson et vir. A. B to Morris
Keim. lot 20, square 836, in Koim's sub.,
subject lo trust il .000, $10.
William WT. Leibert et ux. to John
O'Neill, lot 267, and west half of lot 208,
square 67 1. in Leibert's et al. Mib., $3,000.
A. E L. Leckie to Hugh F. Downey, lots
D and E, square 1110 in Kelly's sub., $10.
Hosea B. Moult on et ux to John II.
Arcades, parts lots 9 and 11, square 877,
$1,500 Made to correct lib. 1609, fol.
Jeremiah O'Connell et ux to Mjpgie C.
Koob, an undivided one-third interest 'n
north one-half of. lot 29, square. G24, in
McGulre's sub., 000.
Jeremiah O'Connell et ux and Magpie C.
Koop ct vi r. John W to Johanna O'Con
nell, an nndividcdonc-thirdinterestinnorUi
one-hair ol lot 29, square- 024, in Mc
Gutre's sub., $10.
Alexander K. Phillips to Mary H. WTarner.
west one-half of lot 16, square 289, $10.
Elizabeth M. Power to Benjamin P.David
el ux. to Stephen B. Pnest, lot 7, block
42, $10; subject to trust $5,316.66.
Calvih Payne to Benjamin P. Connick.
lols 23, 24, 25". 26 and 27, square 1021,
in Phillips' sub., $2,800.
Gertrude Raah to Anna AL C. "Weiss, part
lot 2, square C16, $1,000.
David D. Stone and James E. Padgett
trustees, to the District Investment Com-
Ipany, part containing b Mres, Friendship,
$10; subject to trust $6. 0.
kOSSIBl:Y cooler todaybut certainly too warm
for winter underwear
Spring Weights are here Light Weights Me
rino and Natural Wool at 48c and 75c about a
quarter" better than the price would indicate.
Seventh and D,
Interest Paid
Upon Deposits.
on daily balances subject to check.
Those who have accounts open that
usually have balances to their credit
should consider the advantage of
such halluces
It Is credited on jour pass book,
added to the principal and made
subject to vour check.
JOHN A.8WOPK Vice President
JOHN R. CARMODY .. ..Treasurer
ANDREW PARKER .. ..Secretary
Loan & Trust Co.
Iiicol poruted.
613 Fifteenth St.. op. TJ. S. Treasury,
Gather all your valutbles toRethet and
store them nut of harm's way in the huig-
lat-pioof v.iults in our lirc-pioof warc-
house. Modest chaigos
'Phone 4 3 for estimate or wagon.
American Security & Trust Co.
14-05 G Street N. W.
and others whose occupations prevent
them irom making deposits during
regtil.tr banking hours will find it
convenient to visit the
Onion Savings Bank, 1222 F SL H. W.
which Is open EVERY SATURDAY
NIiiHT between the hours of 6 and 8
(Four per cent interest on savings
account. )
Brokers and Dealers
Stochs, Cotton, Grain, Provision.
Lccnl Offices Rooms 10, 11, 12 Corcoran Bull.
Inp U)3 7tU st, opposite Patent Onloei
Offices Philadelphia, Baltimore. Washington.
Chicago Grain and Cotton Market h.
Wheat. Open High. Lor. Close.
May fi6 C7 G5l-J wj-
July 07 LS-J4 10 b7i
Miy WirX Wt 30K-?; 30K
Ju'v iH 5.16 31i 31K
May 107 20K I93f 20- (
July 20ji -Oy.-Jg 2UK-Ji 20
Miy S.57 F.R5 8 57 8.72
July 8.77 9.03 8.77 892
Mav 495 500 4.95 195
July 5.10 5.15 407 5.10
bl'AKE ltlllb
Jin 437 445 4.37 4 42
July 4.55 457 4.52 4.55
" Touon
Open. High Low. C os.
May. -7.71 7.7J 7.08 7.7(1
June 7.7? 7.77 7.72 7.74
Juiy 7 7.1 7.77 7.70 7.73
August '"- 7 75 7.71 7.72
"VVuslilngtou St oek Exclianjje.
hales Krgtd r c ill Mi iropoWtan Uuiiioau
Cs, il.tOO at 12.. I'a.ners and Michaiiics'
Natio. a Bink. 1 at ISi be olid National
l'auk. 0 at 15-5 National Safe Deimsit and
Tiust, m at 12 Vb liat l'-0. Metropoliian Hail
rn.ad, 2 at 1I7U; 7 atllh. Coltni bi.i H ulro.id.
1 at 06: 10 at b4 ashington Gas 2 at
4!. Ailmton 1 lie Insuranco, 1 at Hi
1'copleS 1 ire Insurance, 4 at 5-. American
Li raphoplionc, IOU at b. Liiiston .vlonoty pe, H
at by
GovniiMiEM noNns. bid. ask,
U S. 4's R 103 10'J
u. fc. 4's c ioy 110
U. S. 4 s rJil ... U6?i 11:
V. S. 5-s 1901 .... HJi 1144
nisruicr oi- Columbia bo.nui
o's UO'l-'JU year l'timlin," 101
b's l'U2 ' 30-y o it Funding" gold.... Iui
7's 1901 "W.itoi Stock" euriency.. 110
7'sl9JJ "Watei Stock" cm rency... 112
3t's 1921 "l-uncling" currency.... 1U9 112
d4'6 Kug.2-I0's. 169J-1901
MctURoN 107 109
Met it It Conv G's l'JOl 122 125
Belt R H 5's 1921 79 81
Fckington Railroad. (Ts 101 KBU
Coliin.hia RRCs 1914 113
W ash Gas Co. fct r A. O's.I'HIJ '27. . .. 110 113
V. ash da-, 'o, bcr B. b-s 1901-'20.... 112 lb.
Wash G.isCoConv b's, 1901 120 125
U. S Lleetue milt Conv 5s 1901.125
Clics-1 ca'.e A. Potomac 'lolC's 10'J
Ame-i bee A. 1 rustoS Fand A, I'KO 101 101
Amci hcu A'liu-to'sA nulO.lUOi 101 101
W'.ish.M.uket Co 1st 0", 1932- .011
S OuOictiicdanuuiIly 103
ash .Market Co. imp. OS '912 27.. 10S
Hash Matket Co ext 11 trs l914-'27. I0S
Masonic Hall Assouiati'n j's, C, 1915 105
Wash Light Inf nitrvl, to"-. DJI . 10J
Bank or Washington 2fc3
Bank of Reimblic 250
Metropolitan 2!l3
Central 183
Far 1 era and Mechanics' 1S5
Second 133
Citizens' hi-i
Columbia 12S
tapi.al 116
Wcst Knd , 107
Tndeis' 97
lancoin 1112
Ohio 85
Nat. Sale Deposit and Tiust l0
Wash. Loan and Ti ust 122
Amci. Security Irtist 145
Wash. S ifc Deposit 50
Capital Traction Co 69"4
Metropolitan 118
Columbia 57
I'clvington 1Q
Gcoigetovvn d. Tculoytown
Wash. Gas....
Geoigetown Gas
U.b. iAi.ctnc Light
Get mau-Amci icau
National Union
Columbia .'
Real Estate Title
Columbia Title
Washington Title
District Title
Chesapeake and Potomac
Amci icau G raphophone
Pueu atic Gun Cainage
Mergenthalcr Linotype (new)
Lanston Monotype
"Washington MaiLet.....
Great Falls lee
Nor.d. Wash. Steamboat
Lincoln Hall
123 121
, 11
, 13
Baltimore Markets.
BALTIMORE, April 17. Flour duU, un
and a little too soon for
"on the corner.
"hi U"
corner Ninth and D styU'teJrtortheast, Pas
tor E. B. Bagby will preach at 11 a.
m., subject. "Should (he Women Keep
Silence iu the Chun lies?' and at 7:45 p.
m., subject. "The Spiritual Body." X. P.
S. C. E. at 6-30 pm
corner R north wcstA-I'ieachlng 11 a. in
and 7 30 p. m , by trie (pastor. JtCv. "W. W'.
V.lll AlVtl.lIf. Klinil M .L.M.LA1 O 'ill 1 r.i
Seats free. :
a til
ALLSOULS' CHURCH, corner Fourteenth
and L streets northwest Rev. William II,
j-yon, or Boston. Mass., will preach morn
ing at 11 o'clock, subject: "Divine For
giveness," and eveuingat7. 30 o'clock, sub
ject: "oU-pnenanui am." Muuu.iy-M.ho il
mm Unity btutiy Class at 9-15 a. m ; Young
people's meeting at 0:30 p. in. Ail are
PASTOR E. HEZ SWEM preaches Son
day, 11 a. m aim 7:45 p. 111. Baptism at
nlgut. lhe sucrcbsrul revival continued
next week, ami Pastor-Evangelist John J.
Wicker, or Baltimore, the interesting and
heiprui prcacner, win conduct tne services
About twenty converts have been gain-d
uunng tne pa,t week. Free pews All
eormily nivitcu. btcoud Baptist Church
uuiitonum, rourth street and Virginia
avenue southeast.
METAPHYSICAT. T.pp.titi?c nn.i c
street, tsuiway niaia; JsuOjeei "Survival
or the l ittcst." uiuy weekly lecture Fri
day afternoon. Special orrice uays, Mon
',.' y ""-'uiiestiaj. riiiiay. Public invited
Wuiiam and Mma Vera Hughes.
FOUNDRY M. E. CHURCH, two blocks
dlrecuy cant Irom tne v line-House, corner
Fourteenth ana ti streets north west-Rev.
Dr. uieon A. Brown, pasior. 1 1 a. in. and
7 dO p. in pieaenliig i,y ti,e pastor; 9. .10
a. in , buitdaj-scnooi; dO p. in., Ep worth
League Inursuay, 7 30 p m, prayer
meeting. You are cordially invited to till
tnese services.
11 w .?K,LAXD M" CUDRCII-Kcv. Wil
nam H. cnapinau Suiiuay -school at 10
u.in .preaciiiiigaill 3o a. 111. by tv pastor
Lpwoith League, b 15 p. in ; prcacning it
Wednesday evening.
Maryl.uul avenue and Sitb street north
east. Rev . 1 nomas Chalmers Easton, D.
D, pastor, win preach at 11 a. in., sub
jeet, "1 he New Lire and Baptism of i-ire,"
and at 7 30 p. in., subject. "The Snake,
the Woman and the Apple," the best
music will he rendered, pastors Bible
class for young men, ; jo a. 111., Ssundav
school. 9 3ti n m., Y. P S. C. E. juniors,
,;.,,ii'1,V hKni;,rb' G :J0 ! " Strangers 1 or
dlally invited.
streets northwest. Rev. W. R. fatnckleu
pastor. Sunday school, 9 15 a. m.; preach
ing by the pastor, 1 1 a. 111. and 7 30 p. in ,
Epworth League, o 15 p. m. Tuesday,
consecration. Thursday, church praver
meeting, 7 30 p. m. First quarterly con
ference, Monday evening, 7 30.
Corner Tenth and G streets northwest,
ReV. s, VI .Virmnn. IV ll n-,,1, rn. '.
pastor will j, reach at 11 a. in. and 7-30
p. m., evening sermon next upon the
Early Chun h." mus'c bv quartet and
chorus. led by Dr. Hischorr, organist,
Sunday school. 9 30 a. m.; Christum En
dcavor, 6'30 p m., at 3 p. in, Welch
HILLSDALE C T. V. r,.iiiTT?riiTTo..
J. It. Washington, pastor. Sabbath school,
9 45 a, 111., preaching, li;J0 a. m the.
Mountain Lyceum, 3 30 p.nn., special ser
mon by the pastor at 8 JO p. m , subject,
Searching Among the Tombs," music
by the choir at each service. Tuesday
evening. April 21. htidoii by the twelve-year-old
boy. F"ree seats. Come one, come
THE PEOPLE'S CHURCn-423 G street
northwest. Rev Alex Kent, pastor. Rev
E. L. Re ford, D. D. or Columbus, j ,
one or the ablest and mOt eloquent preach
ers in the countrv, will speak at 1X15,
Bible class at 10 15 All welcome.
SPIRITUALISM-Met7erott Hall, every
Sunday, iyceiim, 10 a. in., lecture 1130
n m and 7 30 p 111 Only two more Sun
days to hear Mr George A. Fuller, prcs
toeiit state Assm iation of Spiritu.tlisis or
iuissacliusetts Mr I tiller is one or the
vcr, bet si taker-, on the spiritual plat
form. Miss Maggie Gaule follows the
evening lecture with her wonuVrful tests
New Jersey avenue and D streets. cov
enant meeting iu the irornmg from 10
to 11. Biplizing beyond the navy yard
bridge, from the church at 2 p. in., con
verts will leave the church at 12. Sun
day School atihe church at 3 p.m. Preach
mg at 7 30, subject, -Is it Right to Ad
inn Sinners in the Cnurcli, When the Saints
Have Their Comn union." Come earlv ii
you want to get standing room.
THEOSOPHY-Mr. George M. Corfm,
president or the Hlavatsky branch or the
Thc'osophical Society, will lecture on
"Heaven, Hell and Resurrection" at 11 a
m., Sunday, 19th inst., at Metzerott Hall
(small). Lnt ranee on F street. Lecture
at 8 p m. on "Some Aspects or Lire."
Regular meeting on Thursday evening for
discussion, sub lect, "The Theosophical
Movement." All free. Public invited.
ASBURY M. E CHURCH, Eleventh and
K streets noitli west Rev. I. L. Thomnn,
pastor. 5 a 111. prayer, and praise service,
a 15 a. in, gr.unng Sunday-school; 11 a.
in., sermon by Rev E. E. Hughes; 2 p. m ,
funeral Mrs. Mary c Hall; Ip m , Epworth
League; 6' 15 p. in, consecration service;
7 15 sermon, Rev. C U. Murray. Polite
ushers. All welcome
comer Seventh and A streets northeast
Rev. J. O. Knott, pastor. Preaching 11
a. m , "The Spirit of Elijah;" preaching
7 15 p. in , "The Intermediate State." Sunday-school,
9 30 a. m ; League, 6 45 p. in.
If the weather is warm the church -will be
coole 1 by fan.
GURLEY MEMORIAL (Presbyterian),
Florida avenue, between Sixth and Seventh
streets northwest r. Russell Verbrvcke,
pastor. Morning service, 11 o'clock Sub
ject "Spring Lessons." Evening service,
7 30 o'clock. Christian Endeavor service,
6:30 o'clock. All are cordially invited to
these services.
Christ, Scientists. Willard Hall. Four
teenth and F streets 11 a. m., Sundav
school; 12 10, subject, "The Prodigal Son;"
Mr. and Mrs. John r. Llnscott, C. S. Ds,
readers. All are welcome.
A northeast, Dr. G. S. Williams Sundav
echool, 9:30; sermons, 11 a. m. and 7:30
p. m.; B Y. P U., 6-30 p. m:; home
like welcome; special attentions to -visitors
aud strangers.
CHURCH, Dr. George V. Leech, pastor,
residence, No. 812 S street northwest-Sunday-school,
9:30 a. m ; divine service,
with preaching, each Lord's day at ll
a. m. and 7-30 p. m.; prayer and social
service, Thursday evening; Epworth League
service, 6;30 p. in , before preaching.
Seats free. Strangers gladly looked after
by the ushers.
changedreceipts. 0,725 barrels; shipm-nts,
15,931 bairels; sales. 1,125 barrels. Win at
firmer spot and month, 72Ja72; May. 72a
724 ; Julv. 72a72l receipt-. 3)7 bushels;
stock, SS.522 bushels; sales. J0.000 bushes
els: shiumeiits. tS -7lvuushSsls : stock. 57".0j
bushels: sales, aS.OOJ liusliels southern white
coin, 35Ja30 ; do. y clloR,.vm7K Oats s.eadv
No. 2 w lute western. CG-uitU; No 2 mied ifo .
21Ja2i receipts, 4,75' bitshcl: stoik, 219.1:8
bushels. Rye dull Nff.2,-40allaicarby ; 42al3
w ostein stock, 61 14i JbitMiels. Hay firm
hho co timothy. S1G 00 bill. Giain freights
casv, (Icnnnd slow; strain to Liverpool per
bushel 2d. June. Corklforbiders per quarter,
2 Gd a2.7$d. Aptil and May. Sugar strong,
unchanged. Butter wtrakTunchangcd. Eggs
steadv, unchanged. ' Cheese steady, un
changed. Whiskcv unVhangctl.
. w'f 21
Sl.25 to Bultlniororund .Return.
The B. & O. R. R.iporpany will sell ex
cursion tickets fromji"VYqshington to Balti
more for all trains of Saturday and Sunday,
April 18 and 19, at.the rate of Sl.25 tor
the round trip, valK for return passage
until following Monday nfcuisive. apl6-4t
. .. .... i..... wiiuiMtl-QLllUUIl w UV . Ill ,
temperance meeting, 3 11. in , addressed
by Mh. Clinton B Smitlif'Epwortli League,
b.JO p. in. All &re ' cordially invited
inglon, D. C., April 10, 1896 Sealed
proposuls will be received at the office of
the elder clerk, Department of Justice,
until 2 o'clock p. m., THURSDAZ, MAY
7, 1896, for supplying the Department or
Justice with the following articles and
services for the fiscal year ending June
30, 1897: Stationery, fuel, ice, miscel
laneous supplies and washing towels.
Blank forms and other Information will he
furnished ny the chief clerk on application.
The Department reserves the right to
waive defects, and to reject any or all
bids or parts of bids.
IN the supreme court of the District
or Columbia, the 8th day of April,
1896. Peter Motcn vs. Susie Moten. No.
17.211. On motionor the plaintirr, by
Mr. Malcolm Hurty, his solicitor, it is
ordered that the defendant. Susie Moten,
cause her appcarauic to be entered herein
on or before the first rule-day occurring
forty days arter this day; otherwise the
cause will be proceeded with as in case
ol default. The ob.et t or tins sniL is to
obtain a divorce. .1 vinculo matrimonii,
rrom tlie defendant on the ground of deser
tion. This order to be published in the
Washington Law Reporter and the Wash
ington Times once a week for three suc
cessive weeks before said rule-day.
By the court. W. S. COX, Justice, etc.
True copy, test:
(Seal.) JOHN R. YOUNG, Clerk,
etc. apll-law3w
Filed April 11. 1896 J. R. lotmg. eicri:.
trict of Columbia On the 1 1 th day of April,
1896 James F Glenn vs. Mary E. Glean
No. 17157, equity docket 4(. On motion of
the plaintirr, by Mr. William B. Reilly.
his solicitor (attorney), It is ordered that
the defendant Mary L. Glenn, cause her ap
pearance to be entered herein on or before
the rirst rule day occurring forty day s after
this day; otherwise the cause will be pro
ceeded with as iu case or default. The ob
ject or this suit is to procure an absolute
divorce rrom the bonds or matrimony with
the derendunt, Mary E. Glenn, on the
grounds or desertion.; Provided, a copy
or th's order be published in the Washing
ton Law Reporter and The Washington
Times once a week for three successive
weeks before said rule day. By the court.
W.8. COX, Justice, etc.
True copy. Test:
J. R. YOUNG, Clerk, etc.
By M. A. CLANCY. Assistant Clerk.
Issued April 6. 1896.
District of Columbia. No. 7192. Doc.
Application having been made to the
supreme court of the District or Columbia,
holding orphans' court, for probate of
a last will aud testament and for letters
testamentary on said estate, by Airred
Pope, this is to givenotive to nil concerned
to appe.ir in said court on Friday, the 1st
day or May, A. D. 1896, al 10 o'tlock-a.
m., to show cause why such application
should not be granted.
W. S. COX, Justice.
Attest J. NOTA McGILL.
Register of Wills, D. C.
Proctors for Applicant.
WANTED-T11 borrow $200 for one
year, iineral interest for the accommo
dation MONEY, this office apl7-3ttin
-WANTED-Money to patent and push
Olcyt e ror interest in same. Box 2S.
this office. npl7-3t
MONEY lo loan ,n lar5?e or small
amounts on approved collateral. We
take Stocks, Bonds, Trusts, Building and
Loin Association Shares, Syndicate Cer
tificates. Life Insurance Policies in old
due companies. Wareliousa Receipts, etc.
jr you wish to reserve your bank credit;
tr you deem it unwise or unprofitable to
ask a friend to indorse; if you have no bank
account; ir in a hurry, call on us. No de
lay YERKES &. BAKER. 40 to 46 Met
ero'tt Building, 1110 F St.
MONEY TO LOAN-Large sums
at 5 and 0 12 per cent on D. C- reai
estate; $250, $500, $750, etc., at 6 per
cent all tt:ans.ictioi-s conducted with eco
nomical consideration for liorrowera. WM
H. SAUNDEKS&CO ,1407 Fjst. n w mr8
MONliiY t 'oan at 5 and 6 per ceut on
District orColumbia realty; no delay if
eecurltv Is satisfactory.
WALTER II. ACKER. 704 14th nw.
jv31 tr
Summer Law Lectures
.Tniv 1 to Sent. 1. 1896. F'or students and
-nracUt toners. 27rh year. For catalogue,
apa-l.U-eod R C MINOR. Secretary.
dale, D. C.-Rev. C. C. Mason, pastor.
se.lay School at 9.30. Preacniug at 11.
General services at night. Tne church or
ganued a club or thirty seven members,
which will be known as the Silver Lear
Club. All are invited.
and a hair streer, between C aud D. Sev
vices w ith sermons bv Rev. B Sunderland,
D. D., at 11a. in. and 7 30 p m ; Sunday
School at 9 30 a. m.; Junior Christian En
deavor at 3 30 p. m.; Senior Christian En
deavor at 6 15 p. m.
Itol street". -Rev J- K- Fout, pastor The
church will be formally reopened at 11a
m. by Bishop E. B. Kephart, D.D LL. D
who will preach also at b p.m.: Sundty
School at 9 30 a. in.; Christian Endeavor
service, 6 30 p. 111. Seats free. All wel
Ninth treet,bet sveeiici ami u. strcetsiiorea
west. Rev. Joseph T.Kelly. pastor. Preach
paratory lecture Thursday at 7.30 p. in
isveryoouy welcome.
and a-hair and C streets. Rev. Hugh John
ston, I). D., pastor. 11a. in , the pastor;
7 35 p m.. Rev. J. E Gilbert, D. D., sec
relarv or American Society of Religious
Education; 9 30 a. m., Sunday School;
3 00 p. m., Chinese School; 6.30 p. in.,
Epworth League. Thursday 7:45, prayer
teesh and L streets northwest. Services
at 11 a.m. anil 7.30 p.m.; Sunday School,
9 45 n.tn.; Young People's Christian Union,
6 3o.m. Rev-A.E Rogers, D.D.. pastor.
Morning, preaching by tne pastor, subject,
"Why Are You a Universalist?" Evening,
pre chuu by Uie Rev. Thomas E.Fottertou.
of SomerviUe.Mass.
WAUGH M. E. CHURCH, Third and 1
streets northeast. Rev. E. Olm Eldride,
pastor, at 11 a. in. and 7 30 p. m., subject
ior morning, "Applied Christianity," for
evening. "The Tunes We Live in;" 9.15
a. in., biinday School; 6-30 p. in., Epworth
League. Thursday 7.J0p. m., pray er 11 ect
ing. Seats Tree.
M northwest, Rev. S. J.-Smith, pastor
11 a. in , Advening Doctrine," 8 p. m..
"Why I Believe the Bible to Be the Word
of uod;" Sunday-school, 9.30; C. E , 7
p. m. Come.
THE BRETHREN Preaching on
Sunday, 11 a. in, by the pastor,
AV. M. Lyon, at 316 Pennsylvania avenue
southeast; Btole scnool at b:5; at 7 p. m..
Young Peoples Meeting, at beacon Ligni
Mission, 356 Pennsylvania avenue; preach
nig at 8 p. m , same place. Every body
cordially invited to attend all of these
servire-5. Seats free.
RYLAND M. E. CHURCH 9:15 a. ni .
Sunday schoo'; 11 a. m , by pastor, Rev.
S. M. Hartsock, D. D., "Family Religion;"
6-30 p. m , Y. P. S C. E.; 7:oo p.
in., '"lhe Dignity of Humanity." Wel
BYTERIAN CHURCH, corner Fourteenth
and R streets northwest, pastor, Rev. G.
B. Patch, D. D. Church services, 11 a.
m. and 7:30 p. m.; Rev. J. E. Rankin,
D. D., president of Howard University,
and formerly pastor of the First Congre
ga'eonal Churcn or this city, will supply
the pulpit at the morning service; Rcj-.
Adolos Alien, late co-pastor of the First
Presbyterian Church, will preach In the
evening, theme, "God's Attitude Toward
Us;" mass meeting of the Aim-Division
League, 3 p. m ; Sabbath-school. 9:30
a. m.; Y. P. S C. E., 6-30 p. m:; mid
week prayer meeting, Ihursday, 7:30 p. m.
southwest. Rev. A. M. Hilbker in charge
Sunday school, 9 30; morning prayer, 11;
men's Bible class, 630; evening prayer
and holy commuuion, 7:30. Scats free at
all serv ices.
SECULA R LEAGUEAt 3 p. m., Ty pho
graphical Hall, U street, address by its
president on "Natural Religion," follow d
Dy discussion. All invited.
CHURCH, Fourth and B streets southeast.
Rev. George N. Luccock, D- D., pastor
Treadling by the pastor at 11 a.m. and
7-30 p. in.; morning subject, "The Watch
man at God's Treasury;" evening subject,
"Where the Church undthe World May
Meet und Agree." Sabbath School, 9.3
a. ra.; Y. P. S C. E., 6:30 p. in: Praver
' meeting Thursday at 7:30 p. in.
CHURCH-Pastor, F. D. Power. 11 a. m
and 7:30 n. m.; Sunday school, 9:30 a. m.r
ing by Rev. Henry ti. sawyer, 01 rsostou,
Mass, at 11 a. m., and by the pastor at 7-30
p. m.; Sabbath school at 9 30 a.m.; Y P
S. C. E- at 6 30 p. m. Bible reading by
xti. ri. P.Viles Tuesday at"2 30n.m Pre
1 C. E., 6:30 p. m. All welcome.
Ladies' . . s85
Shopping Center.
This most popular ladies' sJwpping-mart
gains favor day by day. The sLrictly worthfiil
values the known and appreciated qualities
the ultra-newness and yirst-ness" of style and
the moderateness of prices tend to gain 7iew
and retain the old patrons of CLARK S. Today
is simply ''Ladies' Day."
Our Skirts are all right none more
$1.98 instead of $3.50.
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$1.50 Laundered WaLsts, 98c.
$2.50 Laundered WaLsts, $1.89.
75c Iiaundered "Waists, 50c.
$1.00 R. & G., "W. B. and S. C.
Corsets, 73c.
75c R. & G., "W. B. and S. C.
Corsets, 50c.
$1.50 R. & G., W. B. and S. C.
Corsets, 98c.
Q-fe.&qfc.'fefe.-fe-'fe'' ''"&fe'--&''i
ami mist c.iiieous supplits. Aavy De
partment, Washington, u. c, April IO.
io'ao. ae-aieu proposal, in oupncuie, Uu
dressed to tne ceeretary or tne Navy, and
indorsed "I'roio-ai ior stationery and mis
cellaneous suppius, win be received at
tins uiiuriiiioii until '- o e.oek p. in., on
TliUltoOAY", May 7, ldU6, ior luriusiniitc
eutusiauonery and supplies lormtisavy !.
partuiem, mending tic r.aui ODservdiory
aud the nj orographic omee, 111 Washmj,
ton, iiur.ng 1 tic iise.11 year tuning June 3u,
lh97. Biank tonus 01 propoais.g.ving tne
neeess.irv imormatiou, i.iut luiussiio on
application ioinisuep..ru:Hiiu 'tut Het.ari
inent reserves the iigut to waive oeiects.
and to reject any oriuibtu. (. oniracis will
be a warned omy to niahuiatuircrs or or
W.HcaOoO, .icting becretary ortneNavy.
apl 1 ,18.2bmay2
Xr 'x xtx.&'Z.'-''xi Commerce Commis
sion vv'asiii.ifcion, D. C, April 11,
189b. fitaiea luuposais, will be received
at this oifiee until i o'cack p. m., IHLiib
DAY, MAY 7, 1896, at vvnieii lime and
place they will be opened In the presence
01 aieiiKiiug burners, ior lurnisumg tne
following classes or supplies uunng tne
fiscal year enamg June &l), lht7. Sta
tioaery, itc and such miscellaneous articles
ae may be oruered. Bids are also invited
ior the purchase of waste paper irom the
commission and lor washing towels. Bitts
will beconaiuerea cm eaen item separately,
the rifetiL is reserveu to reject any and
all bios, to waive technical uefects and
to accept any part of any bid and reject
the other part. Buiuks ror proposals, vv ith
specifications or tne requirements to be
met in respect to each article. And also the
estimated quantities prooabiy to be re
quired ot each, will be funu-stied on appu
calton to tlie secretary. irsionsibitj se
curity will be required for tne faithful
performance or tne contracts. By the
commission, EDW. A. MObLLEY, fcttre
tary. apl I,l8,25-ma2.3.6
vva&Ui.su iOWELfe Navy Depart
ment. Washington, D. C, April 10, 1&U6.
Sealed ptoi-usals, encureil "I'ropo.-'als
for ice." and addressed to Jhe Setretary
or the N y. will be ieeiveu until 2 o clock
p. 111., THURSDAY, May 7. 1896, to sup
ply the Navy Department and its -various
Bureau na Omcvs in W atnngton (not in
cluding the Navy Yard. Navy I'ay Office,
Naval Hospital, or Naval Observatory)
with lceuuriug the fiscal year ending June
30. 1S97. lhe ice to be supplied must
be tlie best quality of uortliera ice. or ice
equal thereto, solid, clear, and free rrom
snow or ointr impurities, and must be
delivered daily in such quantities as may
be required at the oftices designated.
Also, at the same time and place, sealed
firoposals. endorsed "Proposals for wasti
ng to wels." and addiesed to the Fecrctary
or the Navy, will be received rrom arties
regularly engaged in such business, for
washing the towels of the Navy- Depart
ment, and its various BureausandOfficest in
cluding Naval Observatory) lu Washington,
durinirthefisc.tl year ending June 30. 1&97.
llieoejkirtiiie.it rcerve& the. right to re.ett
any or all bats and to waive detects in
proposals. in ease or a tie in the bids
the proposals to be a cepted will Ik decided
upon by lot The bidder whose pro
posals is accepted will be required to enter
into contract ard give bond, with two
or more satisfactory sureties, in the
penal sum of $200 with the contract for
ice, and 30 for tin contract for washing
towels, for the faithful nil till men t or ttc
contracts. Bids must be made in dupli
cate upon forms which will be supplied
upon application to this department. W.
McADOO, Acting Secretary of the Navy,
apl 2-lS-25-may2
10 r, Washington, D C, Apnl 11, IVJO.
Sealed proposals will be received at this
Department until 2 o'clock p. m., THURS
DAY, May 7, 1896. forturnisning thefollow
ingclasses or supplies, etc.. during the lical
year enenng June 30, 1897, lo-wit. (1)
for ruel and ice, (2) lor furniture, photo
graphic and other miscellaneous supplies;
t3)iorstalioneryior ineDepartmeiiioiUie
Interior, its several Bureaus and Ornces,
and the Civil Service Commission. At the
same lime and place proposals will be re
ceivcdforsuch meats, provisions, groceries,
dry goods, shoes, drugs, paints, hardware,
fuel, ice, lumber, etc., as may be required
by tne Government Hospital ior the insane
near Washington, D. C, dunng the fiscal
year above indicated. Also for such fuel,
lumber, ham ware, drugs, chemicals,
laboratory apparatus, engraving and other
supplies as may be required by the U. 8.
Geological Survey and the Howard Univer
sity, respectively, during the game period.
At the same time ami place proposals will
also be received for the washing of towels
for the Department, its bureaus, and the
Civil Service Commission fortheyear ending
June 30, lfc97, as well as for the purchase
during thatpenod of the waste paper orthe
Department or the Interior. Btus must be
made 011 government blanks. AH bids
(except those forpurchase or waste paper)
accepted and contracts awarded subject 10
an appropriation by Congress to meet the
expense. Forms of proposals, schedules
or items, specifications and instructions
will be funuhed to bidders on application
to the Clucr Clerk or tl e Department; re
quests for blanks should specilically desig
nate the class or classes of supplies upon
whichtt is proposed tobid. Allmepropcsals
will be opened at the time and place above
stated, and bidders arc invited to be present
at such opening.
HOKE SMITH. Secretary,
ap 11 12 IS 19 25 26 my2 and 6
Commission of t- is.ii and Fisheries. Wash
ington. D. C, April 11, 1896 Sealed pro
posals will be received bv the undersigned
at this commission until THURSDAY, the
7thdayor May. Is9l,,at 2 o cIock p.m.. it
which time and pl.ice they will be opened in
the presence or attending bidder-, ror rur
nishing such coal and ice as ni iv be or
dered during tlie fiscal year ending June
30. 1897. Bids nre also mv ited for wash
ing towels. The right is reserved to reject
any and all bids, to waive technical de
fects, and to accept any part of any bid
and reject the other part. Blanks Tor pro
posils. with specifications or the require
ments to be met In respectto each article,
and also the estimated qu intitien probably
to be required or each, will be rurmshed on
application to the disbursing agent. J. J.
BUICE, Commissioner.
apll. 12, 18,1 9.25,26 ,my2,6
age and ror Washing ToweLs War De
partment, Supply Division, Washington,
D. C, April 11, 1896. Sealed proposals.
In duplicate, subject to usual conditions,
will be received here until 2 o'clock p. ni..
THURSDAY, MAY 7, 1S96, at which time
they will be opencJ, ror furnishing Ice. Fuel
and Forage and for Washing Towels, for
the War Department, its bureaux and
otfiees, during fiscal year ending June
30. 1897. Blank forms of proposals, show
ing items and estimated quantity of Ice.
fuel and forage required, and also esti
mated immLer of towels to be washed, will
be rurmsl.ed on application. The ice. fuel
(toal and wood), ami forage to bo delivered
at the War Department, bureaux or orrice.
in Washington, for which required, in such
quantities and at such tunes as the con
venience or the department may require.
Proposals for washing towels should -state
price pordo7en. Proposalsniustbeon blank
forms furnished by the- department, and
securely inclosed in sealed envelopes In
dorsed on outside. "Proposals for let."
"Proposals for Fuel," "Proposals for
Forage," "Proposals for Washing ToweN."
respectively, and addressed lo R. J. WHIT
TON, Cineror Supply Division.
v'a&, 'SSS.$SZS&,-rt&
a ne gem creations or tneea-von.
SI. 98 for S3 00 Waists.
$3.98 for $6.00 WaLsta.
$5.00 for $8 00 Waists.
$6.98 for $10.00 WaLsts.
75c for $1.25 Capes.
$1.00 for $1 75 Capes.
$3.98 for $6 00 Silk Capes.
$3.98 for $0 00 Velvet Capes.
$5.00 Tan Covert Suiw, $2.98.
$6.00 Mixed Covert Suits, $3.98.
$b.00 Blue and Black Serge Suits,
$1g Mixed Serge Suits, $9.98.
One lot of $1.25 Children's Reef
ers, 89c.
$1.75 Reefers, $1 25.
$2.25 Reefers, $1.73.
734736 7th st.
the rfi!o-rtiu-ndent of tlie State. War.
and Navy Department Building. Sealed
proposals In elliptic ate. indorsed "Pro
posals Tor Fuel." will be received at this
ofiit. until 2 p in on THURSDAY, May
7, 1896. to supplv the Stau. War, and.
Navy Dr,ar:ent Building with fuel
c'urrig the lic.l yrar cutting June 30.
1897. as follows 5.0C0 tons of extra
hard white ash furnace coal. 25 tons of
waiteasi. mov t !, ICO tonls of lnckprv"
wood, loO cords- of cak wcod. and SO
cords or sjiruet pine wood. All cal to
be of b-st qua!it, frte from dust or im
purities, aaci in-ptitcd by a pereoii who
sl-all be rtr gnatcl by the SupertHndent.
and to be- weighed upon the government
stale m thi-irr yard. Ail wood to be
of the best qu.i'itv ami instcted by a
person who shad he rttctgnavI by the
Superintendent. The hickory and oat
wood to bt savd into tfcrtre pieces
and measured after it is sawed and
oeiiver 1 1 lhe '! and went to be de
livered at the State, War. and Navy Build
ing . n! stored in the vaults by the party
or parties to whom the contract tr con
tracts ii a l awarded at such time and
in stt i q .11.. Hits as the t otivenienee ol
the op ii- tn.'v require Reserving the
right to orcur a much more or as raurli
lew of -i!u . .. or wo 1 as may be re
quire'" u th o.nitrs t price, also the rlsjht
to r jt-ot an . r alt Imis, or to . eept any
! rtt .'I of p. Nil lhi siK-ssfi.l b7er
to forrish 'load in the sum or $5,000 as a
guaraife of it1- l.utefui pen nuance ol
the ntr... t 0 W. BAIRD. Chief En
gineer, U. S. N., Superintendent.
ITEMb Office or the bHH rmeiident of
theState. War. and Navy Bmiding. Sealed
proposals in doph'-au. itulon--u "Propo
sals for Miste-ianeou-, Hubs." will be
received at this ofiue until 2 p m on
THl'RsiUV.ilav 7. 1896. for umHsKng
this ollite. during the fiscal year ending
Jun,e 30, 1897, with soap, brushs.sponges,
paints, .l iiiwt-u, crash, u.11. -t raws,
etc., etc . achtcmus forms or proposals-,,
and all utcfcss,,ry information can he ob
tained upon aj p ii-..ix to t. W HAIRD.
Chief Engin-er I' S N.. Supenntendent.
OFFlCj; DEl'AlrtMKNT l'osf.Ktee- Dc
partint 1 1. Wa l 'g'.n. D. C. Maren 25.
1S9K. S', i'c 1 projH.Ts will to reeerveias
this Dejar.iit m uitilThi:rsj',i, Ute-eeafcb
day or Mav, I ",, aj 2 o'eitttc p. nr.. at
which ttiix a-' pu -the wtil . ..petted in
the pr -. ihi f bt'Wers or ffieir .wmj.n?e(i
agent-, oi .ittrt.e-c, fordotng tiieaece-stry
painting in : t- lt jk -t inent. an t forfur3i.h
mg siu:. rw!, Wftd, ice. carMM. ctwirs.
cotton eiot.t tror map notinting soap.
cloet pap r, tlusters, torn brooms, and
fo-agf, as Kiy to oruered chirmg the fiscal
year Ik ginning Joly 1, 196, and endmjr
June 30, IS97. Bttls are a!o invited for
the ihirtlkist- of the waste iaper from the
Department, ami old jute from the Mnil
Equipment Division, as well as for washing;
toweN Planks for proposals, with spcci-ricat.011-
givnn detailed stateinfr nr the
req.ur. liieo.-- t l met in respect to eacu
arti Ii. an l 1K0 the etunateI quantity
probably it, to- n quire 1 of each, rtoct givmg
full in.-.'-ia t.,jc is to the ntann, r .f I n.tmg
an ' 'h P'bf ..a., t'jto obsrvt tj f-Mider-.
will rn t 1 on applKdtit.1, ., the Ihs-
bursti... -r,v .inl Shjk rinieol, m. pogj
office ii .:,!- iK"j, W.iMhiftgt'tn. . r. The
Po-ttiM' - G wral reserves tin right to re
ject .nij or .til ht'tx. to w.sivt tef.cat rte-reci-.
.nil.. tft iKanyivirtofany l!and
reject the other iwrr. WM. L WIIJJON.
Positiii-'-r 'ttthTij. ait-j-iiw-ic
Departni-m, isire.nx of Eq i!i.it. Was-h-mgtotl,
I), t .. April I I. 1C9. Seulctt pro
licals. in . i tt. attdri-etl )ie ciwef
of the Burva . of Cq npment.Xavv Depart
ment, Wa-limi.ii. D.C.. will to rereivwlac
this Bureau iui.i 2 o'clock p. ni.. on THURS
DAY, MAI 7. ftjt;. ana puMitlv opened
lininediatv'iy tl.it-irier, for tne si.ppty 0f
the following ar'icks Coal, provender
au.lite, to In ilellveusl ar fieLnued Spates
Naval ub-ervatory, toorgctown Heights.
Washington, D. C. m aceordame wit sne
specif leal uiiw, wloen. with blank form of
propos.M-. and ins'ructions to hub'. -s. W1n
be supp'ifd upon application to this Bureau.
The Bureau reserves, trie right to waive in
formalities and will reject any or all bids
not coti-i.'.ercd advantageous to tht tivern
nieut. i;esponsihleecurity will bereqtiired
for the faithful jh rformance of the con
tracts. F.E ( HADWICK.CiuefoCBaru.
Material, 1 te. Ofrice of the PutiUc
Printer, Washington. D.C.April 1 1. 1&96.
Sealed propo os will be reteive t at this
oWice until 2 o'clock p. m.. MAY 7. 1836.
for furnishing stationery-, fuel. ite. hard
ware. pluTin 11 g and elecnc -upplM-i. lum
ber, etc.. for the use of the Government
Printing Orfite. during tic riscnl vear
ending Jim. aO. lsj7. Seal!! pn.posuis
wul ,iis , n received at the same time for
furnishing material for the use of jt,e Gov
ernment Printing Orrice dunnc the fiscal
year ending June 30. 1897. The nsbt to
reject any ami all bids and to waive derects
is reserved. Detailed schedules ,r u)t,
stationery, fuel, ice and materia, required,
accompanied by blank proposals, and giv in"
the regulations with which bidders nuis"t
comply, may be obtained by addressing
this ofrice. TH. E. BENEDICT. Public
Pnnter. apll.l8.25,mv2
PROPOSALS-U. S. Department of
Agriculture, office of tne se.rtiarj.
Washington, D C, April 6. lbbb ataieU
proposals, in duplicate, subject to tne usual
CO.Mttion.-t. v, ill be reteived bv the toetre
tary of Agriculture unlit IWo P.M..
THLR.S.DAY. MAY 7. 1896. ior Dm.
ing the U. b. Department of Agriculture
ana its. several Ijmih tnjc, rtun.tg iiu- risenJ
year ending June t. 1897. Ifce 1 oil. wing
supplies Stationery, uuimcttiiig supplies,
printer s u at-rial. an t e.st pth . s .tto.r
atory supplir-, lumber .uvi pa. k:n,; loxes,
ruel, painter 3 p.at- rial, planito r iat
ria!,ice. forage, carstMts.cara tai;s,andJtg
rings, btom in, i.nisnes. ett., rittr i,Ks,
cleaning carpels -(n.t w ism.ig lowt t. t"ki
graplt and hardware supplies, flags, :n
strument sujipltes. majKS, map framv, and
purch.iseof . ,iste-p.tper Fm inrorinatHiu,
with sihe tu'es.iiM biank.s, t.ui to obtained
upon upplicau m lo the department or the;
Weather Bureau. Persons applying stomal
speury tliecl is.-,ofariieiesupci wh,et ilrtry
desire to submit In I. Bids iiinst be se-'ti
and atldresteil to the aetretary or Agri
culture, in atcorda'iie with iitstrnetioHs.
apll,12r18,19,25.26.Mqy 25'
and miscellaneous supplies. vVar De
partment, supply Divison. Washington. D.
C, April 11. s.e!t. Sealed priqiosals. fn
duplicate, sui.jeei to usual coiutn os. will
he received here until 2 o'clock p. ro..
TiIURJl'A'V . MAY 7. !8!l. at wKnib
time they wdi i.c opened, for furnishing
stat ik ry and in s, eiiaeemrs supplies, (con
sisting ir brooms, brushes, soaps, towels,
etc) for the War I tpartment and its
bureaus at.d offhs during nsc;ii vear end
ing June 3t, ls'.i7. Iilan.v rornj.i or dkj
poals siiovv,ng HentH u.ti cstnnatett mian
titics of stationery aS misccllaner.HS suu
pt es requial w ill be rurnroTicu on appU
cation. l'ropasals must he on blank- forms
Mrni-sbed by the- I epartmeiit and set urolv '
Inclosed in scaled envelopes n!cncu on
o'rtside or cnvelopi's, Prop.s,aK ior Sta
tionery ," .md PruiitMaLs for Mtsi-clhini'titts
Supplies," resiK'etively. and addresed to
R. J. HITFoN, t h f. r r si 1 1. v I son.
apll 18 25 26ma2tj

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