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Part 2
ages 9 to
Be sure to attend
?n?THTTT??n?T?? m m w m w j mmmra
Mayer Bros. & Co.,
93T-939 F St.
We are Overran I
939 Pa. Ave.
Big; Reductions in Every Department.
Our new department of Children's ready
made Drusses 1h a wonderful success. No
wonder, when we offer a weU-finlslieih
stylish Dress for less than you pay for ma
terial. $2 White
' n V TF every man wo- fi I
f Mi v
m v "3 Hahn's Reliable f
tftt Shoes could form in )))
F every man wo
man and child
who wears
Hahn's Reliable
Shoes could form in
line on Pennsylvania avenue there wouldn't
be standing room for an outsider between the
Capitol and the Treasury. We have gathered
new inspiration from this constantly increase
ing crowd of shoe buyers. The first half of
Hay has brought us wonderful business the
last half shall be busier 5TILL. Fall in line
tomorrow an army of competent salesmen
are here to serve you. Here are a few of this
week's attractions:
Eh FB b
For $1 and $1.28 Values
ladies' Tan and Black Oxford Tics
Of soft and serviceable leather
Wide or sharp toes.
For $2. SO and $3 Values.
Ladies' Dark Tan and Ulack
ici Kid Low Tie: Butto.i
And Juliet-'. Ten style.
"IT a
For $1.00 Yalues.
Ladles" "White Canvas Oxford Tios
"Wiih U'liito Kid trimmings
On the newest Ia-ts.
pa St 91 B
For $3.50 Values.
Men's Gray and White Linon
Hand-sewed Oxf nd Ties
And Laced Hoots.
For $2.00 Values. (For $5 and $6 Values.
Ladies' Grase Linen and
Imported White Linen Ties
Latest and nobbiest sty es.
Men's Best Kangaroo
Wine and Iu. k Tan Coloi
Uussi.i Calf IJest made shoes.
Of niack orUrown
Netting Cam as or
Liy;ht and Daik Giav
80s a Pair
Misses;, and Child,'
White, Ulack or Tan
Kid an j Patent
Lea her. stylish and
Shapely and Good-wearing
Veal Cnlf Laced lor
Men and Hoys-. Splendid
Kill 15oo:s for Ladies
and Gins.
1914 and
Pa. Ave.
rB 233
930 and 932 Ph St. N. W.
City Postoffice Dials the Larg
est in the Countrv.
Illuminated Spaces Will Flash the
Hour Every Five Minutes to
the Sleeping: Cit3r-
TIic four great dials which will adorn
the tower of the new postoffice building
will he the largest ilockr m this rountrv.
Although It will be a long time before
tbe.-e mammoth chronometers will be put
In place, general interest is already being
iii:mifeicd, and there i.s constant inquiry
regarding the fcize aud mode of operation
ot tiii-M' n.KiiNior tiiiic-U'ilors LeiiiM
lias guessed from the great circular spaces
seen on each of the Tour tides of the great
tower that they would be occupied by the
great dials of the clock. Uut at the .same
time a giance upward gives the oberer
not the least idea of the dimensions or i lie
aperture l.-t't in the tower ti be filled by
the dials. The pedestrian on IViinsliniii i
avenue, wliether on business or pleasure
bent, never cares to stop and make even a
mental calculation by winch he could ar
rive at even an approximation of the actual
To those looking up to the dizzy height
Where the great dials are to be placed, only
a poor conception can be formed of the size
of the space which the immense faces of
the great clock will occupy. Distance is de
ceiving, and those who deliberately and
closely view the faces of the tower and de
cide iMheir owiuiund that the diameter of
the great dials would probably be five
feet or a little more, will be surprised to
learn that it will in fact be several times
greater than their greatest stretch of im
agination had judged.
So far, however, very little except
the dimensions of the clocks is known.
Uut just at this time that is hufficicnt to
give an idea of what mammoth machines
they will be. In speaking of the matter,
Supervising Architect Aiken said that, as
yet, no contract for the building of the
clocks iiad been given out, nor had any
specifications been made.
All that is really known in reference to the
clocks at this time, he said, was the prob
.iiie size ami the arrangement of the dials.
By reference to the height and plans of con
stMiinon oi u.e i iwer it will be seen, he
said, that the center of the dials of the
clocks will be -within a few inches of 200
feet from the level of the street. The
lower edge or the circumference of the dials
will have a support in the tower at a dis
tance of J 91 feet and a few inches from the
pavement, and extending upward with a
diameter of fifteen feet, the highest point
The Tower Clock as Seen in the-Daytime.
Boxes aud crates, little and big-, are arriving
here all the time. Our storerooms are full
our stores are-full. We are never at a loss for
something just fresh from the factor to dffer
you. The woman who can't be suited here, can't
be suited anywhere. (
As to prices, the constant stream of buyers
proves conclusively that there's attraction ihere
there's not elsewhere.
Ladies' Suits.
Duck and Piquo Wnsh Suits in
a variety of colors, 5-iard Skirt,
Our Price, $1.89.
Genuine Irish .Homespun Suits,
short cutaway blazers., tf-yd slcirt.
Our Price, $2.98.
Ladies' Skirts.
Another lotot Pique and Duck
Skirts, plain, figured and striped.
Our Price, 73 cents.
Separato White Linon Duck
Skirts, with wide houi, li-yds wide,
tap d on inside.
Our Price, $1.69.
Ladies' Waists.
Fancy Lawn and Pcrcalo Waists
in stripes, ligures, plain and Per
sian ellect.s, broad cull's, and high
collars. Were So cents.
Our Price, 49 cents,
Tan Striped Linen Waists, with
high detachable collars, and largo
sleeves. Worth U9.
Our Price, 98 cents.
"Whitn dotted Swiss, puffed
front Waist, with detachable col
lar, short pointed cuff.-., and largo
bis lop sleeves. Worth C3.PS.
Our Price, $1.98.
Ladies' and Children's Hats.
Thousands of LadieB Misses'
and Children's flats that sold for
from 75c to 1.60.
Our Price, 49 cents.
10 cases of Trimmed S.iilor Ilata,
with leather u.unis and bilk rib
bons, white, blac c and navy.
Worth 75 cents.
Our Price, 44 cents.
150 doz. Modene Shade Hats,
the 2o-cent quality.
Our Price, I2 12 cents.
Short -back Sailoi Hats, in lle
nini brai 1, all coh r-. 'W orth 50e
Our Price, 35 cents.
ISO Ti binned Hats. Worth S7.50
to 510.
Our Price, $4.95.
"White Duck Caps. Worth .25
Our Price, 10 cents.
Trimmed Sailor Hats. Worth
C9 cents.
Our Price, 19 cents.
Lnrce Ulack French Chip Flats
Worth 50 cents.
Our Price, 25 cents
Fine imported Leghorn Flats
Our Price,, 75 cents.
Wo have not forgotten tho old
folks. A full lluo of Ladles' Bou
nds in all the now effects.
Prices 49 cents to $1.50.'
No. 60 all-silk Taffeta- Ribbon,
every shade. Worth id cents.
Our Price, 19c yard.
Thousands or yards of assorted
Ribbons, 4 to 0 inchos wide.
Worth 3'J to 75 cciits
Our Price, 25c yard.
No. 7al!-sllk Satin Hack Velvet
R-bbou. Worth 12 cents.
Our Price, 5c yard.
Thousands of yards of a sorted
ribbons of all kinds and styles, 2
to i inches wide. Worth a) to 39c
Our price, 11 cents 3'ard.
Flower Department.
No matter how bniall the price,
tho quality of any Flower vou get
hero is good. This week'we will
celebrate a grett sale of tingle
bunches. Thousands of bunches
and Ktyles of fine Flowert, onlv
ono of a kind. To clear out.
Our price, 5 cents bunch.
Thousands of bunches of Flow
cm, all otyles. ono of a tind.
W01 til 7oc to 81.50 bunch.
Our price, 49 cents.
50 qartous of .roses. Follaze.
Daisies, '..ousiins and violets.
Wortli 50c to SI a bunch.
Our price, 25 cents.
Ladies' Belt Special.
2Jc Leather Belts lor 19c.
Ladies' Linen Collars.
13c 2 It Linen Collars lor lie.
Limited quantity of -Button
G ace move, sizes Cxi to 7, in
tan, garnet and white worth SI.
Our Price 35 cents.
White Chamois llousquetaire
Gloves, .worth!.
Our Price. 73 cents.
ChtiureVs White Chamois
Glover, -1 button length, worth
Our Price, 50 cents.
Ladies B.l Black and Coloicd
Silk Tatrptta Gloves, perfec.-fit-tiujj,
superior HjfisKJ worth o'Jc.
Our frice, 25 cents.
Wo warrant all Gloves we sell,
and handle only reliable mates.
T Hl SS3JI P ST ntf
S 3xSx$x3 $Sx3SSS SS$$&tSS3SSS3 tj Sxjx3S S3
of the circle will reach a little more than
206 feet above the street below.
These immense dial plates, with eircum-
Tue Now Dial.
ferences measuring more than 45 feet, and
each with an area of more than 1G8 square
feet, will be painted the blackest of black,
and across them will extend two immense
indicators, or hands. Each of these Indi
cators, with the counterbalance, will meas
ure within a iraction of reet a length
greater than the tallest man in the city.
These longarms will bepaiuteathebright
eafc silvery white, so that against the black
background of the dials they can be easily
seen from any part of the city when the
view is unobstructed.
Up in the light tower there will be no
machinery, except possibly a cog wheel
or two to control the movement of the
hands of the clock aud adjust the tims
indicated at uight. Nor is it known
this time what style of machine the clocks
will be. It is very probable, however,
they will be either pneumatic or electrio.
"Whatever they are, the actual motive pow
er which will govern the movements of the
indicators iu the towers will be stationed
on the first floor of the building, and there
be in charge of experts day aud night.
During the night the dials ot the clocks
will be illuminated by two spaces in ths
form of a segment of a circle, having a
horizontal measurement of about three
leef and a perpendicular measure or about
two feet, which will be lighted by eiectric
These illuminated segments will be placed
about five feet apart, one above and the
other below, and equidistant from the
center of the dial. By- means of these the.
time will be shown cverv five minutes, the
hour being indicated by the figures seen
in the top segment and the minutes by
those seen in the lower tegment. Thus, if
the number in the top segment 16 eleven
and in the lower fen. the exact time would
be ten minutes after eleven o'clock. And
so with any other figures that may appear,
the hours will be registered at tiie tup turn
i)-minutes at tlie bottom. ".i
Whether or not there will be a chime at
tachment has not been decided, but even
without such a labor-saving service, which
would relieve people from the necessity of
running the risk of dislocating their necks
in looking up at the clock to learn the time,
the great markers of time will be not only
a great convenience to the people, but
also great ornaments to the magnificent
building in which they will be placed.
Ho Could Find Out.
Swellington (at the soiree) I wonder if
that plain woman over there is really try
ing to flirt with me?
Cooler (politely) 'I can easily find out,
sir, by asking her. She's my wife. Lon
don Tit-Bits.
A Mystery Solved.
"It is n mystery to ir.e how you could
accumulate so large a fortune dealing in
cattle," said the King of Bavaria to Baron
"Ah, your majesty," returned the baron,
"my dealings have been with cattle as
well as iu cattle." Boston Herald.
J- it
from 1 to 4
price 39c,
39c for Children's Indlgo-blue, Fer
cale uresses, trimmed and lined, well worth
49c for Children 'srine Gingham Dresses.
Handsome variety of patterns. Actual value,
69C for large-size Children's Percale
Dresses, trimmed, with ruffle, and extra,
wide skirt. Sizes, 8. 10 ntiil 12 years.
Would be considered cheap at $1.
98c for French Gingham and Lawn
BreHses. Sizes, 8. 10 and 12 years. Can
not be duplicated for less than SI. 50.
These garments must be teeu to be ap
preciated. Great Reductions
in Skirt Prices.
Fine Brilliantine
Skirt, extra
wide, rustic lin
ing and velvet
bound a regular
S: skirt o
offei for Mon
day only
mslW t)l
Don't fail to look
at this wonder
ful bargain.
A few more of those 92 Brilliantine
Skirts, which we ofrer at 98c.
$1.9 S for a Fine Si lk-finished Mo
hair SKiri, ultra full sweep; worth $4.
$2.98 for imported Creponiie Skirts;
actual value, S5.
$5.98 lor Brocaded Silk Skirts; worth
$7,49 for the handsomest Brocaded
Suiin .kirt. with U gores a perfect beauty;
regular price, $10.
Skirts made to order without extra
Cut Prices in Ladies' Waists.
This :0c
49c. for-pur 7c. fiuc Percale Waists,
large Bishop sleeves.
89c. for hmidhcmc Grass linen Waists;
worth $1.50.
$1.98 for thoc Elegant Silk Crepe
W: isi. whirh cannot be matched for $3.
$1.93 for $3 Silk Waists; new designs.
$2.98 for $5 Silk Waists; latest pat
terns. $1.25 Percaleand Laiyi Wrapper for 69c.
Juit received a0 dozen of Perc ilc a d Utrn
V tappers, extra full frleeve and verj- wide
skirt, with separate tis;ht-ntting waist lining;
actual value SI 25. We offer as a special in
ducement to inako yon acquainted wiiU our
popular Wrapper Department at
69 cents.
15c. Large Pillow Cases for 7 4C.
500 Pillow Caasf extra sizes, made of start-h-lcs
bleached muslin; regular price 15c; spe
cial for Monday
71 cents.
501 large sizo ready-made Sheets, mado of
good quality of musliii; actualvalue 5.'c. Wc
oiler for ilondny at
39 cents.
0 pieces Striped Mull in pink, blue, orange
and cream; regular price I2)c,
Only 5c. a yard.
2"i pieces white Dotted Swis?, sold every
where at 15c.; special Monday price
9c. yard.
200 pure silk -26-Inch Umbrellas, every oue
warranted; a.tuai price Si. 50; special Monday
97 cents.
500 Window Shades, with patent rollers, all
the leading colois; sold everywhere at 'Jjc
special Monday price
1 5 cents.
SOGTth St bot. H and J i9-M-i92G Pcnna Ave.
The Insurnnco Adjuster Saved Ills
Company by Getting Drunk.
"I have no patience," observed Charles
Brewster Steele, a well-known insurance
man. yesterda y, " with the people who keep
insisting that there's no such thing as luck.
Chance rules the world and the insurance
business. Have you ever noticed that the
moil ptomising risks arc the first to mulct
a company, whereas the old rookeries that
ought to have burned to cinder twice in
everj twenty-four hours stand out against
the shocks of ill fortune?
"Well, in my business, adjusters who go
about the country looking over the risks as
sumed by various agents of an insurance
company arc presumed to have a soft thing,
and so they have as far as the traveling
money nnd the other extras go. They live
high, but their employers hold them to a
strict accountability, and whenever a loss
occurs Uicy get all the blame.
"Now, there '8 where the majesty of luck
comes in. A certain New York company
sent a fellow I know down to Jacksonville,
Fla., a couple of years ago to look over the
risks there. He got drunk on the traiu, and
had been steadily inebriated for twelve days
when! met him in a Jacksonville hotel. He
explained his mission to me, and I asked
what lie had done. Of course, hehadn't even
been near his agent.
" 'Look here,' said I. 'jou'd better go and
see your man, drunk as you are. Go to the
office, anyway, and cancel something just
to let the home office know you're alive.'
"I didn't see my friend for several days
after that, aud when I did encounter him in
the barroom of the hotel, he "was drunker
than ever. I took him aside and asked bira
if lie bad followed my advice.
" 'Why, yes.' he responded thickly. 'I
went down there and cancelled every
blankety blank risk on the books.'
"I tried to reason vclth him, but4ic "would
not listen. I besoughtlilm it be valued his
place to let me straighten things out, but he
only leered at me and returned to his liquor.
"Well, sir." continued Mr. Steele, with
a deep drawn sigh, "that very night Jack
sonville had one of the greatest fires in
her history, and my drunken friend's com
pany was saved by my drunken friend's
idiocy from a loss of SlfcO.GGO.
"They didn't do a thing to him but give
him a fat Job and present him with a
magnificent gold repeater, in which "was in-
Monday, 98c. Pair. 1
By taking- the manufact
urer's entire balance we are
enabled to place on sale to
morrow at 8 a. m- a beauti
ful line of Ladies' $2 White
Oxfords for 9Sc. pair. These
are of fine ''Basket" canvas,
tipped and trimmed with
fine white kid, French kid
covered heel, and sharp toe.
Regular $2 Oxfords.
Only 400 pairs of these enough for Monday and Tues- ZZ&
day, perhaps! You'll not have another like opportunity "e
ag-ain this year. 2
ff-PM" Jenness Miller " Oxfords, ,4 S2
iAsJ&iz best in the world -. . . 4)-0
939 Pa. Ave.
mmmm m m m m in mmmm
We Will Sell
Fins Glothin
That Will Knock Prices to
Men's line Blue
Serg-e Suits, so well ft
adapted ibr present
wear U
31EX'S Single and
Double Breasted
Sack Suits, in me
dium and lig-ht
weights mixtures ftf j
cheeks and plaids i
g-ood value at $10.50 U '
MEN'S elegrant Clay
"Worsted Dress Suits,
lit to ivear upon any
occasion and per
fect in every detail
MEN'S Tow and
Crash Suits, nothing"
nicer for solid com
fort coolness airi
ness dressiness
and the price is
MEN'S Linen Suits
all sizes, and the
price for an entire
suit (about the cost
of the materials)
MEN'S Serfje Coats $1.50
MEN'S nice thin Office
Coats 25c.
MEN'S Blue Serge,
double breasted
Pn fifi
MEN'S Blue Serge
Coats and Vests,
skel etoii lining, just3 kf)
for present use tpO.OU
MEN'S Duck Pants wortli
$1.25, for 75c.
Children's Wash Suits 37c.
Children's Washable Knee
Pants, in stripes and checks,
2 pairs for 25c.
Children's extra fine Wash
Suits, with lanyard and
whistle aud watch included,
Children's Jersev Sailor
Suits OSc.
Children's Cassimere Suits
in a great variety of pat
terns $1.00.
Children's nice Blue Chev
iot Suits, all wool, extra
quality and finish, $1.50.
NATION SUITS, with extra
pants and cap to match,
Youths' Suits, in fine pat
terns up to date, $2.75.
H. Frledlander & Bro.? k
JQ Corner Ninth and E Streets N. W. &
gH 33ES
The past week has been a busy one Trtlh us. .
Ladies attending" the 2:30 P. M. Daily Sains
have been presented beautiful and valuable
free gifts. Saturday, eight ladles -were the
recipients of Tree gifts.
The Sales will close in a few days
Secure the Greatest Bargains ever offered in
Watches, Clocks, Diamonds, Silverware,- &c,
The chance of a lifetime to get a good gold 'Watch
or anything" else. ALL MUST BE SOLD to give us a
chance to make extensive alterations.
Sales Daily at 10.30 a. m.
-2.30and7.dUp.m. ny A pr yj
g.SS5gSgSggSaS5SS5SggaaS5S! &2&Z2lSgSSg5
scribed the glorious liistory of bis shrewd
ness. "And yet. I suppose some people woulun t
call that dumb luck?"
RearlnR ller Youns in a Trnjt.
In the warehouse or George J. Appokl &
Sons, on "Water street, are several cats
which have passed through a strairge adventuresome
time ago the. old cat became the
mother ot two kiltens, which grew to be
favorites witli everyone in the building.
One day the kittens .were nihsing and all
efforts to find them failed.
Abouta month after their disappearance a
part of the platform in the front or the bultd
ing had to be removed in order to permit
coal to be taken in. There, to the surprise
ot the porter, he saw the mother cat
crouched beside a rotnrap, inside of which
were the two lost kittens, receiving nour
ishment from her through the wires of the
The secret was out. Tiie mischievous kit
tens had crawled into the trap, which had
long been out of use, and it bad "caught"
them. Their plight being seen by their
mother, she sustained them in the manner
which instinct suggested.
.The kittens had grown so large In tiie time
they had been misled that they filled the
narrow precincts of their prison. Baltimoro
Sun. .
$1.25 to Ualtlmoro und .Return.
The B. & O. R. R. Co. will seU excur
alou tickets from Washington to BajUmore.
for all traius or Saturday and Sucday.
May 16th and 17th, at the rate of $1.35
for the round trip. valid for return passage
nnUl following Monday. rayl4-
The Mlnuto' land

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