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"Exercls'esof Ihe Colored Nor
mal and High Schools.
How Col. Martin Will Manage
the Democratic Convention. -
e Facts
T" t I -
Shopping done at &,
Clark's with greater j
comfort with better Us
'attention with more S
varied selection. &
Murli"DantrMirde Music ond III;
-" tfn-wtluKxAddresses Were Dellv-
ectd JJT the Graduates Splendid
KtiujH by Youuk Meu and Women.
SserBenint-at-ArniK .Returns From Ilbv
Visit to St. Louis Strict Bulo us
to Admission Even the President
Must lluse a Tlclicl Personal Ac
quaintance Won't -Do.
. n
-omnffMtmer-.Ross Officiated.
!Cn P
75c Tercale Wrapper! for
80c Nary and Mrcr-gray Wrap
, pers.
SI.18 lniulso-ne PerVo "A ran- yffi
Ikci tt ultti embroidered cut- ? Kit x
r lull SS.-
II 5letrarlJo rrrcile Wran- HO.
-- . MH.
r. .n
tw lately ixiWQ it rzpicr..,y i . i u v
br these prices they Wk
arc certainly the clever- &
.mju . w .,- l I 1 1 9Ji
est golten-np garments Vk
you ever saw.
r. adk'c m
wc-ntm w, m
734-7J6 7th St. N.W. $?S
623 E5TM W
Iflffltt HOUR? Qnl?cn
In4 It 6 toJ, pn
rovroFFicE -soticb.
fehould be n-ad dally by all Interested ns.
changes ma occur nt any time
FOREIGN MAILS for Uie week ending
June "0, tloii" promptl at this office as
Trans-Atlantic Malls.
FRIDAY li)At 7 20 p m Tor France
Switzerland Italv, Spain. Portugal. Turkej.
Egspt, and BritUh India, per s. s. 'La, Gas
cognc, from ow York, via Havre. Letters
for other part- of Furope must be directed,
"per La Ga-rogne." tclAt 10 D5 p. m. for
"Netherlands direct, per s R Spaarndam,
from Iew York, via Rotterdam. Letters
must te directed "per Spaarndam." (cMt
10 55 p. m. for GcDoa. per s. s Kaiser Wll
helm 11. from cw York Letters must lie
directed "per Kaiser Wllhelm II." ()Al
10 Slip m for Europe, pers s. 'Campania,
from New York.viaQueenstown.iclAtlO 55
p. in for Scotland direct, per s.s. Fumcsstj,
from New York, via GIjskow. Letters must
be directed "per Furnessia." (c)At 10 55 p.
m. for r.orwav direct, per s s ThinKV.illu,
from Ncth York. Letters must be directed
'per TlunsrvalLi."
SATURDAY Id) At G 25 a. m. for Cape
Colon and Natil, par s.s Ucannia. from
Sew York. Let'ers must be directed "1'er
'PRINTED MATTnU. ETC-Gcrmair-fitcamers
sailing from New York on Tues
days. Tliursdajs and Saturdays take print"
cd matter, etc., for Germany, andsiieoially
addressed printed mitter. etc. for otlicr
paris of Europe. White Star steamers sail
ing from cw York on 'ednesda58 take
opcciill) .iddrced printeit matter, etc
for Europe. Cuuard steamers tailing from
New Yorkon Saturdays lake prmtedmatter.
etc.. for Oreat lintnln and Irennd,and
siiecally addressed printed mitter. etc
for other parts of Europe. American and
French line sfiincrs take printed matter,
etc. for all coui.'ries Tor which they arc
advertised to carry mall.
MulW fur -vintli and Cent nil America,
"Weht. Indlw. Etc.
THURSDAY (d)At6 25a 111 ,ror Nassau,
N r, and BantU-co de Cuba, ier s s
Niagara, rrom New York. (dAt 9 20 a
m , forl'ort Antonio, Januic.l, per steamer
rroni llaltii'iore.
FRIDAY-tdlAt 0 25 a. m. for New
fourdlaii'l. ir s r Cartlnginian, from
ThiHdcliihia (rIAt 10 55 p. 111 , for Hrj7il,
Iicr s a. Hcveliis, from New York, ia.
IVniaiiilmw. Ilahl.i.ai.d Rio Jaiieiro Let
ters for North Urazll and La Tjata
Countries must he directed TerlIeeliii-.'
(c)At 10 55 p. m for La Plata Countries
direct, per s. s Bellaurn. from New York
tc)t 10 sr p. n . for Fortune Island. Ja
m.iiD'. nwl GiCitown. per s. s Athos,
from New York. Letters for Costi Rica
must be directed "per Athos." ic)At
10 55 p. m . for Mexico, per s s. c. Condal,
from New York, via ITogresso and Vert
Cruz. Letters must be directed "tier C.
Condal." (c)At 10 55 p. in , for Central
America (except Costa Rica) and South
Pacific Ports, per s. s Alllanca, from Now
York, 'a Colon. Letters for Gui tenia la
must be directed "per Allianca." (c)t
10 55 p. m . for Canipeche. Chiapas, Ta
li isco, Tuspiin, and Yucatan, per s. s
-Vigilancia, from New York. Letters Tor
those Mexican imrts and for Cuba must
be directed "per Vlcllnnci.1."
SATURDAY (d)Atfi 25a.m .forBrizil,
direct, and Lt Plata countries. ia Per
nambuco, Rio de Janeiro, and Santos, per
s. s. Asiatic Prince, from New York Let
ters for North Urazll must hp directed "Pit
Asiatic Prince." (C)AtlO 05p m.forlllue
fields, per steamer from New Orleans.
(c)At 9 20 p. m . for Barbados direct; nlo
North Brazil, via 1'ara and Manaos. per
s. s. Fluminenso, from New York. Letters
for other jnrts of Brazil must be directed
"per Flumliiense." -
td)Mails for Newfoundland, via New
York, by rail to llalirax, and thence by
pteamer, c'ose at this office daily at
11:35 a. m.
(a)Mails for Miquelon, by rail to Boston,
and thence bv steamer, close at this office
daily at 3 20 p. m.
de Cuba, whlchls forward edvlaNew York.)
close at this orflce dally at 3 00 n m. for
forwarding by steamers Railing Mondays
and Thursdays rrom Port Tampa, Fla.
(d)Mails for Mexico. OTrlnnd, unless
specially nilrtrewrt for ilispatch liy steamer,
close at tills office dailv at 9 50 a. in.
Trans Pacific Mails.
Malls for China and Japan, per s. s.
City of Kio Janeiro, from San tranclsco.
close here daily up to June 18, nt 6 30
Malls for Australia (except those for
"West Australia, -whicli are forwarded via
Europe). New Zealana, Hawaii, Fiji and
bamoaii Islam's, per s. Alameda, from
San Fr.inti-co, close here dally up to June
20. at (i 30 p. m (b)
Malls for Australia, (except West Austra
lia), Hawaii and Fiji Islands (specially ad
dreed only), pers. s. Woni'ra.lnni Yin
coineriloc herei'nlli after .Tunc 20, ,md
up to July 1, at 0 30 p. m. (b)
Malls for Hie ocicl5 islanns, iier ship
Tropic Bird, from San Francisco, close here
dailv up to June 24. ntC 30 p m.
Mails for llavi ail, per s.s. AuFtralia, from
San FrincibCo. close here da!I up to July
B, at 6 30 p m.
Trans P.Kific malls are forwarded to the
port of sailing dully, and the schedule or
closing is arranged on the prcsumptit n of
tbelr uninterrupted overland transit.
(a)Reglstcrcd mall closes at 10 00 a. m.
same da y. .
(b)Registered mall closes at 1.00 p. m.
same da y.
(ORcgistered mall closes at G 00 p. m.
same da y.
(d)Regfstcred mall closes at G 00 p. m.
previous day.
(e)ltrglstired mall closes at 1 00 p. m.
Tuesday and Saturday.
JA MES P. WILLETT.Tostmastcr.
SlliU AltX'a sbJUIEU OAltukN
itn ana a ts. n.ti.
(Washington Jlrevrery).
Most relect family resort li rlty;
S boabds. Concert ercrr evening by (i
most wonderful invention ol the age.
Tlic aunuarccihihieDccmcnt of Uie Colored
( Normal and High schools, Seenib and
Eighth divisions of the cit j 's public schools,
was held lal"ecnlnK at the Academy of
Music "iji! nudlcnce was ery large, but
there was no oercrowdlng, owing to uie
precaution mat tickets were not uued In
excess of the seating caiiaclty of the
1 tie asMMiihiagc Includeda greatisajorlty
of the best elements of tlio colored peopV
of the cli. It as an excellent cnter
taluuiem, "to which they had been III
viteil, the exliib.llon ot tne talents of the
young lievple being n nutter of Just pride
to their race ami of itw-fjct.on to m
school sjotem of the District.
The augc was Quite tastefully deconilcd
Willi paliils-.a-fliir-hindscape was the back
ground., and all orthe available space was
occupW-ij"i!y tiie "many graduates, the prln
cipjIs.Qf tim lwn schools. Dr. 8hadd and
Mrs. TcrreJI, of the trustees, Couimissioner
Hews, I'.e. J. T. Jenifer, the orator of the
cc:ilug.aiidltcv.J Tajloiilnderoon. The
music was by the Marine Band, directed by
.ProX.Ftinelijm- .
The Invocation was by Rev. Mr. Taylor,
after-wbUh-ania jrlectlon by the liand.thc
salutatory was gracefully drtiwred by Mr.
IMlllalll L.smoot, who talked Interesting y
for alKiut t wenty mlmiu-son thelnitructlve
in business." MtSinoofsdellvery was good,
and bis elocution elear and distinct. The
address contained some well put original
"The demand upon young Anirrlca,"
was the theme of Mr. Burrell V. Jefferson,
who also is a gjd (.pea ker. His address was
very thoughtful.
The valcdletory was by Miss Ottle M.
Brooks, whose address was on the forces
H1.1t K3 to make up the perfect ling,
"Nature, circumstance's and man." Thecon
elusion ottliesi'Mker, which wasadiuirably
cvoled, was that the true aim ot all
educalional fortes Is the bulldlcg or an
Intellect ualandiuoralcharacter.Mlss Brooks
spoke so disllne-tly that she was beard
every w herein th house. Her essay was one
of great scholastic merit, and was accord
Irg y haudsomel) applauded, ner fare
wells to teachers and classmates were said
with becoming grace and feeling.
The conferring of 'the degrees was by
Commissioner Ross, and the address of
Rev. Mr. Jenifer was heard throughout
with the attention its merits demanded.
Miss Lucy E. Moten for the Normal and
Mr. Cardozo for the High School super
intended the nioieircnts of the graduates
on tli stage.
The following were the graduates:
Normal School 01ie Virginia Booker,
Utlie Maria Brooks. Ella Martha Champ,
Lucy Antoinette Cromwell, Mary Elizabeth
Cromwell. Ella Elizabeth Cusberd, Harriet
Drew, Nellie Herbert, Ophelia Estelle John
son. Jennie Rosa Lawrence Jones, Caroline
Rctta Lewis. Louise Augusta Lucas, Edith
Tercssa Madden. Florence Augusta Mcin
tosh, Man hllcn Randolph, Hattle Frances
Rcss. Minnie Russell, Julia Sumner Syp ha v,
Rebecca Elizabeth TolIUer, Leila Tody,
Madge Louise AM'liamson, Katie llelene
Wood. Editb Gcneiee Wormley, Ellas
Urown. John Coburn Bruce, William Ber
nard Hartgroic. Samuel Milton, John Con
dlt raj nc. James Luther Pinn, Benjamin
High School Academic course: Bertie
Estelle Beard, Mallei Bland, Mary Eliza
beth Brawner, Dcna Butler, Anna Louise
Campbell, Bertha Elizabeth Cole, Olive
Victoria Contce, Jenetta Frances Garrett,
Sadie Adaline Gaskhis, Annie Beatrice
Howard, Alice Violet Lewis, Lillian Beat
rice Moore. Marietta Ethel Morgan, Vir
ginia Annice Quandcr, Daisy Gross Sim
mons, Blanche Elizabeth bnowden. Ger
trude Eliza "Tibbs, Elizabeth Matilda
Tolcr; Mabel Estelle Turner, Harry Ulys
ses Hell, William Dandrilge Brooks,
Robert Benjamin Greene, Barrell Willis
Jefferson, Charles Edward Minkins, James
Anderson Richardson. Edward Milton
Syphax, Herbert E. Wihon.
btientirioCour-e Ann Elizabeth Charity.
Sarah Alice CM rke. Margaret Janifer, Roa
bclle Sprague.
Business Courre -Lilly Curraj, Sadie V10H
Garr.vin. Ophelia Winston Kenny. Martha
Medley. .ilii-e Ru'scll, George Francis Bar
ker.DanlelWibsterChase, BenJamlnTumcr
Harvey. Leroj .TjcWn, Richard Daniel
Major. Louis Hester Patterscn, James
Reprt. William Elswcrth 8moot, Leon Stan
ley Turrer. Arthur Lc-Is Williams
Frame 1Iouhi Made 11 Lively Blaze
lu X Street.
A double two story frame house situated
on a high embankment on the south side ot
N street, bet weeaT went j thirdandTienti
founh streets northwest, was damjged to
the extent of $600 by fire at midnight last
mgat. The house is owned by Mrs. John
Pnriunger and Mrs. Bridget Flaherty. Only
tne e-ast side was" occupied, Mrs. Sarah
Richardson, with four children, living in
the upstairs apartments, and John Johnson
occupying lUcnpartmeiits down stairs.
How thefire started Lsamystery. Flames
were discoMrcd issuing from under the
eaes of the house, and an alarm was sent
in for the department. The whole upper
part ot the house on the cast side was
burned before the fire could be controlled.
Mrs. Richardson's effects were partially
burned and badly damaged by water.
Johnson's loss is principally by water.
The damage to tbabulldlng Is estimated at
about $600, on which there Is a small In
surance. The furnishings owned by Mr.
Johnson and Mrs. Richardson were un
insured. r
Turner, Autf-Mlver, Will Not Ban.
Brunswick, Ga., June" 17.-Congressman
Turner declines to accept a renomination
at the hands of the convention of the
Eleventh Congressional district at St. Si
mons tomorrow. "Mr. Turner favors the
gold standanl. and a belief that the Dem
ocratic, national convention at Chicago
wHl,declare..fbr free coinage at 16 to 1
induces him to decline renomination. W.
G. Brantley of Way Cross Is apt to be the
nominee ot ti morruW's convention.
Venezuelan Troops In Guiana.
London. June 17. Official reports have
been received at the foreign office of an
incursion into British Guiana by "Vene
zuelan troops.
We want to emphasize about our extract--ing
It ) not only painless, but absolutely
safe. Our extracting experts are dentists of
long experience, and ttio anesthetics we em
ploy are endorsed by thft-ntire medical pro
fession. Extracting, 25c. Wlthas orZoao,
Very best artificial teeth, tS.
Fillings, 7ic up. Gold crowns, fi
U. S. DEmpAI, ASS'X,
Cor. 7 tli, and X Sts.
Chicago, Juno 17. John I. Martin, ter
geant at-anns of the Democratic national
conc!itlon, returned to hi Palmer House
headquarters ihlsmornliigrruiuthcSt. Louis
contention with his mind HllejtHTlth ways
and means to lmproe on the Republican
nrrangements in the- com cntlOn hall there.
lie dUilalmed any Intention of flmllng.
fault vlli bcrge-ant-al-aniui Byrnes' work,
but he Lad this to say:
"Tho tJitot Chairman Ihirrlty, Secretary
Sheerln, Arehltcet Cauda, and mytelt to
St. Loals has afforded us a tragnlfitent
opportunity to arrange the eoncutIon
hall here In the n.ost satisfactory mamicrr
and we wilt gle the oii!e Ihe gramlcst
cmirctiUc.il the eouutry has ever known.
Our ltlt to St. Louis has given us some
excellent l.leas about wlint not to do.
"There- will not In- a thousand aeslstnr.t
sergeants-at-nrms to tread on each other's
toes and block the aisles. I will not
hae oier loo assistants. None will bo
allowed to enter the hall without a ticket
as well as a badge, ta.iitoX there can Joe
no manipulation to getni crowd without
tickets into the hall to'rnake a nolfe.
"The Democratic convention will be an
exclusively ticket one. Not eeu the
President will be allowed to pass tic
doors without a ticket. The ushers and
assistant sergeaut-at arms at St. Louis ur
rngatc to themselves the admitting power
when some one not having a ticket but
acquainted with an usher or assistant
sergeant would try to pass the doorkeepers.
The wholo responsibility for admitting
people will be thrown on the doorkeepers.
If sonic distinguished man entitled to ad
miss'on loses his ticket the fact will bo
reported to me by the ushers and I will
furnish him with a ticket.
"There will not be a bulky lot of tickets
for each session as in St. Louis. We will
have oue ticket for the whole conven
tion with seven coupons attached, one
coupon to be detached for each session
"The fellows who have no tickets, but
who get into the hall, crowd the aisles and
make most of the disturbance will be kept
out of the convention, no matter who they
know, or what their political pull is.
"My ushers will also be trained In the
Coliseum to their duties, so that the con
fusion in seating delegates, which prevailed
in St. Louis, willbeavfilded. Many military
officers will lie among the assistants to
enforce discipline.
"As for the Republican convention, Isa w
no enthusiasm there. The !est I saw was
the Filly parade last night In celebration
ot his defeat. There will be 100 visitors
here to one In St. Louis, and there will be
99 rerccntmorcenthuslasm.
Attempt to Add Fifth Man to tho
Chicago Delegation Makes Trouble.
JacUon, Miss , June 17. The action of
the recent Democratic State contention
in hastily choosing four delegates from the
State at large to the national contention
and then for the sake of harmony hastily
adding a fifth Jo cast the four votes, has
produced an unprecedented muddle and
is attracting great attention.
Secretary Shcrln, or Ihe Democratic
nations: e-ommlttee, has written that he
has only seats for- the- number of delegates
specilled in 'the call for the national con
tention, and inquiring "who the super
fluous fifth man is." Those who know
best say there will be a great lack ot
harmony In the Mississippi delegation.
A special from Carollton, the home of
Senator George, says- The friends of
Senator George rctent the suggestion
contained in several papers or tho State,
that he de-dine to attend the national
contention as one of the four delegates
at large, and thus make room for Colonel
Henry, editor ot the flarion Ledger, who
was added to the delegation, which consists
of Senator George and Walthall, Got ernor
McLaurin, and Senator elect Money, mak
ing five. 1
They point out that Senator George was
named lirst on the delegation and that
Colonel Henry'a name was added in the
Interest of harmony,and that Colonel Ucnry
Is, therefore,- the so-called "fifth wheel."
They say that If Senator George should
fall to go to the contention or even
should die, that his alternite. Hon. William
C. McLean, of Grenada, would succeed him.
The animus of this resentment on the
part ot Senator Geofge's friends lies in the
remembrance of the fierce and relentless
right made on the Senator for re-election
when he was opposed by the sub-treasury
candidate for the United States Senate,
Major Barksdale.
Says Ills Official Acts Have Be-en
Misunderstood and lie Withdraws.
Columbia, S. C, June 17. The greatest
sensation 6t the South Carolina situation
so far this year is contained In a dispatch
from Laurens. S. C, the home of Senator
Irby, which sats:
In a si ort interview with Senator Irby
today t.c was asked this question: "Will
you be at Manning next Monday, Senator?"
to which the Senator said:
"1 shall not attend that orany campaign
meeting as a candidate for the United
States Senate. I had intended up to a
short time ago to ask for the nomination,
at the ensuing primary, but bare concluded
not to enter the contest.
"From advices received-from different
sections of the State I cuoclude that my
motives and official nets, .fur the last
year have been misunderstood by the fac
tion ot which I was a charter member.
It Is apparent from these advices that I
must antagonize those with whom I have
co-operated politically since 1886.
"It seems that the entire machinery ot
the party government has been organized
to humilate, defeat and destroy me. This'
would not have been but for a misunder-
standiugotmy motives in opposingtheequal,
division ot delegates to the constitutional
convention, the defense of the name of
Butler In tnat convention, ray opposition to
the plan ot suffrage as adopted, and the.
uncompromising position taken by me in
opposition to a bolt in the late State
Democratic convention. In addition, It I
were to run with my old friends organized
againstmel couldonly cxpectsnpport from
those heretofore ray political opponents,
which would be distasteful to me, as they
oweraeno favors.
"In arriving at this conclusion Xdesire to
say that I cherish no spleen towards those
who I believe misconstrue my motives and
political course recently, and confidently
anticipate the future to vindicate these posi
tions and policies."
West Virginia Democrats.
(Special to The Times.)
Elntnn, W. Va,, June 17. The Third dis
trict Democratic convention today elected
J. W. 8t. Clair, L. E. Tierney, and James
H. Miller delegates to Chicago; Instructed
for silver at 16 to 1, and to rote against
two thirds rule.
How much do the cHldren's
shoes cost you a year? Arthur
Burt's broad-sole shoes would save
1411F Street.
Next to Branch Post-oBc.
Open Saturdays p. m.
1,500 $10-$12 and SIS Men's Suits-and you may have your choice of them all for $7 50
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t till L X L
Look in our window.
Corner Seventh and E Sts. N. W.
Believed From Duty Sixty Days for
Shooting Will Bright.
ilrs. Dlna FlaHkett, an Old Lady- of
Alexandria, Killed, by Falling
Duwn fetulr.
i (i
A meeting the board of police com
missioners was held last night, u tho
major's rffieeetjUiJ closed doori. There
were present. Cmicilwicrs Liudsey,
Strauss, llrjartt and Tackett. and Mayor
Thompson, exojficjo; member of the board.
The special .jibject of the meeting was
the imestlgatnp -pnd trial of Policeman
James P. Hall, for the shooting of the boy
Will Br l gilt. It wllf bo reuieuiberrd by the
readers of Tlrt Tidies that on the 9th of
May last. Officer. Hall attempted to ar
rest Ilriglit, whom he suspected of theft,
near Keed's vJharr.
Bright ran jind'the orflcer drew his
pistol, and, al lib- claims, attempted to
shoot in the air io,' scare the fuptlv. The
pi'itol a discnarged and the ball entered
Briglit's right 'Ude, inflicting a wound
which came near proviug fatal. Bright
was taken to police headquarter and
subsequently to the Alexandria Infirmary,
siace which time ho has been under medical
care, though ltU expected that he will
be able to be out In a few dajs.
A number of eye -lti efes to the shoot
ing, and :rlso Chief Webster and scleral
brother officers, were elamined.
After considering the evidence, the com
missioners decided to suspend OrficerHall
from the force for sixty days. Policeman
Hall Is considered one of tl.e best officers
on the force, and while it is conceded
that ho made a terious mistake In firing
hlspistolatthe time referred to. the nction
of the commissioners will meet the ap
proval of a majority of the citizens of
The commissioners decided to give each
member ot the police force one week's
holiday during the summer. This will
be carried out by allowing the first two
men off during the week beginning July 1.
An accident occurred at the residence of
Mr. Paul Pullman," on South Washington
street yesterday, resulting in the death
ot Mrs. Dlna Plaskett, mo ther-in-law ot Mr.
Mrs- Plaskett arose early and started to
descend" the stairs, when she slipped and
fell to the bottom, striking the back of ber
head against the steps. She returned to
her room, where she was found se vera I hours
later. Dr. Purvis was immediately sum
moned, and found that life was extinct.
The old lady had a severe cut on her
head, and both arms were badly bruised.
She was seventy-seven years old.
In the rporatlon court yesterday Cor
nelius Bniitb, colored, was sentenced to
one j ear In the penitentiary. Smith was
tried under an indictment for feloniously
catting Alice ltogers, also colored. A
motion for a new trial wilt be argued be
fore Judge Norton atlO o'clock this morn
ing. The case of Buth Carroll, colored. In
dicted for the murder ot ber infant child,
was continued in the corporation court yes
terday until July Z. '
Dr. Drake, surgeon in chief of the South-,
ern Railway, whose headquarters are in
Atlanta , was In the city yesterdayvthe guest
ot Dr. M. VT. O'Brien.
Capt. W. H. Fowle, United States collec
tor of Internal revenue for this district,
was tn the ciy yesterday on business.
Messrs. J. JShipman or Washington and
B. Walton Moore of Fairfax were in the
city yesterday.
At the quarterly conference of tbeMetho
dist Episcopal Church, held in Trinity
Church on Tu.cs.day night, Mr. W. N.
Berkley, who for forty-six years has filled
the position of, racoxding steward, ten
dered his resknatlon, and Mx John S.
Fowler was eteJctc,to till tba vacancy.
Messrs. J. jx uevaagun ana w. a.
Fagett of Washington were, yesterday paid
the f 30 ,reward. offered by the governor
for the capture oft Michael Thomas, who
broke Jail in tbjaoty- while awaiting trial
for a mqrdcrons assault on his. wife, and
was arretted in .Washington by the two
gentlemen nared0i
Thirty-scven(1hBea were added to tbe
membership oj;rtD Xouoc Men's Sodality
Lyceum on Tmesday .night and fifteen ap
plications tot iscsenkha were received.
Henry Jobmjon, colored,, while engaged
In dlggtig Ji wplUie yard of Mr. Crtlly,.
on Kortb. OutaaifaaMtfEee, yesterday, was
quite painftiUyjWBjted by' the earth caring
in on hlro. Fortunately assistance ar
rived In time to save his lire.
The committee on light uf tbe city coun
cil bate ordered a new gas pipe to be
laid on Henry street, between King and
Cameron. About 7.000 feet ot new gas
pipe liave been laid during the past -year.
Samuel Bland, the colored man who was
badly Injured by Jumping from a Washing
ton local train, near this city. Is still at
iheinflrmary, though his condition Is some
what Improved.
Mr William M. Davis, whose serious ill
ness has been reported In The Tiroes, died,
at his home. No. 505 Wolfestreet, Tuesday
night, aged twenty seven. He was a past,
grand ot Foiomac Lodge of Odd Fellows,
chief patriarch or Marley Er.camfment. No.
S, a member of the Odd Fellows' Widows
and Orphans Relief Association of Virginia,
and ot Alexandria Washington Lodge of
Masons. Up to the time of his recent Illness
he was foreman for Mr. J. H. Lane, con
tractor, ot Washington, und had many
friends boih in that city and Alexandria.
His funeral will take place from his late
home Friday evening at 4 o'clock.
Mr. Horace A. Coak!eya well known
yourg citizen, died at the home of his
lather, on Commerce street, yesterday. The
funeral will take place Friday mornirgat
10 o'clock.
whose sudden death was reported In The
Times, will take place at 10 o'clock this
morning from 21 South Patrick street.
The remains of the late Reverdy.T.Daln
gerfield, who committed suicide at hl"-0"v
In this city yesterday, as reported In tbe
Hven'cg limes, m, oc ,.. ..
lli'I. Prime iSeojg. count j, jij , oa
Friday for Interment.
Walter Kcrrick, the young carpenter who
disappeared suddenly from his home in
this city, has been heard from. He Is In
Cumberland, Md , where be went JLst after
leaving this city. In a letter to a friend
in this city, Kcrritk states that he had
trouble with his employer, and determined
to look, for work elsewhere, and had
found It m Cumberland.
Prof, and Mrs Leigh Rcid, of Princeton
University, are the guests of Col. and Mrs.
L. W. Rcid, on Duke street.
Contractor Gleeson of Washington yes
terday took a large force of colored men
from this city to work on a Northern
railroad. ,
Edna, the little daughter of Mr. Lutfccr
Harrison, was badly scalded yesterday by
the overturning of a kettle ot boiling
Officers Ferguson and Smith attempted
yesterday, it Is said, to prove that A. H.
Traver. who runs a grocery at the comer
of Princess and Henry streets, and who
has a malt liquor license, was selling
whisky. As the story goes tbey gave a
colored boy 50 cents and told him to'
bay a pint, of-liquor. The boy went to tbe
store and Informed Mr-Jravers that be had
ben. sent'ltoere by- the policemen. The
proprietor filled the bottle with vinegar
and bent It back to tbe officers.
Sevcuty-flftli Anutveriiary-of H la Com
munion to Be Observed.
Agreeable to official notice already given
if was announced from tbe residence of the
apostolic delegate In this city last night
that on the occasion ot thecclebratlon of tbe
seventy-fifth anniversary ot the first com
munion of Pope Leo Xlll, which occurs
June 21, instant," Cardinal Satolli Invites
all children ot this country to celebrate the
date by receiving communion-
In supporting this Invitation the folio w
ingcablegram, which wasreceised yesterday
from the cardinal's secretary of .state, to
Cardinal Satolli, is made public:
Rome, June 17, 1898.
The Most Eminent Cardinal SatoUl, Wash
ington, D. O.
I hasten to inform your eminence. In
order that you may In the most fitting
manner give notice that on the seven ty
firtb anniversary ot his first communion
tbe holy father deigns to grant a plenary
Indulgence to all the children who, on the
21st of this month; shall make their first
communion, and an Indulgence of seven
years and seven quarantines to all the
faithful who. on that same day. shall
partake of the sacraments, praying for
the Intention of his holiness.
m .
A Unlqaa Fashion. -
A fashion that one may follow If It'Is
desired to give a unique yet useless christen
ing gift, says tbe Kew York Evening Post,
Is to. scud roar godchild a toy ot solid
sterling silver. Tola 'Is' a Dutch fusblon,
md the toys ate banded down from on
generation to another. Some of these Uwr
ton, which ait eartfoUy designed, take
the form of tel sats, ditlrs and iotas. The.
etorf which'. brihK Q new. babr to the
homes or Holland Is a ftwte (object attaa.
modeled in theao dafb
Salaries Failed to Materializa and
tha Vaudeville Peopls Quit.
ilatiasiTlluokler'H Experiment Ended
Very ftudde-nlyiand the Audience
Got Its Money Back.
Tbe curtain at Allen's Grand Opera House
went down last night long before the
regular time. It didn't drop because tbe
ropes that held It were cut, but because
the people who worked fceLind the foct
lighU refused to act unless they were paid
MMre money on their current salary, and
incidentally on their back salary.
Manager GeorgcBuckler has been run ring
a summer show at this Louse for the last
three weeks. He has brought well known
artists on here from New Xorfc, jnd Lis
bill each week has been an Interesting
one. Notwithstanding this fjet, both the
house and the ma nagcrot the company have
lost money.
Tor some reason the people refused to
patronize the shows. ,
As the business continued poor, it was,
of course, impossible to pas- salaries. At
first the artists murmured. Then they
spoke so eery body could hear tLem, and
last night they actually roared.
When this roaring took place tl-cre was
a comparatively gooJ house. That i.
about $00 hJd been taken in at the box
office, and a whole lot ot pecple had
passed into the the iter Sa passes This
class of spectators is known as deadheads
and their presence does not help to pay
salaries. But when tbe perrcrmers heard
that more than half a hundred-dollars was
in the house ttey concluded they wanted
some back salary, and after two numbers
had been presented the rest refused to go
on unless they were given somemoney-
They sent for Manager Buckler and told
him they would play the week out if tbey
were given $10 each, which would be
about an equal division cf the money in
the box ofricc. Mr. "Buckler submitted
this proposition to Mr. Frank Allen, but
the latter refused to hear to It. Under
the contract he was to draw $50 a week
for "personal services," and this he had
not been receiving with that rcguUirity
which pleases managers. So he concluded
not to turn over the sixty strange dollars
that bad wandered Into the box, office, and
as a consequence the performers refused to
perform. " '
He refused to allow the money to be
divided among tha actors, but announced
that he would refund It to thosewba had
purchased tickets. Then began a rush
on the box office.
Illnem of Mr. Vitnderbllt Prevents
His Marriage Today.
New JTork, June 17. Tho Vanderbilt
Wilson wedding will rot take place to-,
morrow. It has been postponed Indefi
nitely Xbaog Mr. Tanderbilt, who- has been,
suffering from a severe attack of in
flammatory rheumatism. Is still confined
to his room, In his father's house. All
orders to florists and caterers have been
At Miss Wilson's home. No. 511 Fifth
avenue, tbe following written statement
was given out today; "Mr. and Mrs. R. T.
Wilson are obliged to postpone the wedding
ot their daughter on account ot the illness
of Mr. Yanderbilt." Similar notices nave-
been sent to all guests.
YanderbUt's condition improved daring
last night, it was said, at the house this
morning. He rested easily all thenlght.and
the pain which confined him to his bed
has subsided almost entirely. Drs. Jane
way and Draper, the family physicians,
said it would be dangerous for tbe lad
to go oat tomorrow.
it- Pretty Idea.
At a luncheon to be given on a piazza
that is the side of an Immense room, the
small tables, each seating six, are to
stand under Japanese -umbrellas' covered
witb flowers and edged with delicate
trailing vines. The idea la a pretty one
for a dinner, when small electric lights
should be concealed among tbe flowers
in such a way as to soften the light very
Parvenu Ton, are right, baroness the
domestics 'of today are bo good. Ton
should have seen, me when I was ascrrant.
Endeavorers Drill in tha Work Now
Before Them.
State Delegations Were Impersonated
' und AHgned to Booms Just as
They 1V11I Be In July.
About 300 or 400 Washingtontans. tried
their hands and faces last night in the
personation of Philadeiphians and otbe
Pcnnsjlvanians. This much is certain.
tUat if the trifle momtior. nr k
Christian Endeavor societies uf th
Keystone btate look thre-e-nrtcs as pretty
as did their Washington proxies they will
do: tbey will undoubtedly do.
-TLe occcaslGii was an experimental meet
ing of ail the committees last night at
CaUary Uaptist Church, which Is to be
tbe hrnrlmmrtrr nf lhr r,P(D,tn ?.......
. - wuimau J.uiicdf
orcrs from rcnnsyhania. Tbe object was
iu iit me cuiDmiiiees.pract.cal lessons
In the handling of the hosts as.they will
rush into the headquarters when the big
affair opens. Tbe whole church was
brilliantly Illuminated and gayly decorated
with Christian Endeavor flags and na
tional banners.
The pseudo-Pennsylvanlans came Into tbe
hall and went all through the movements
of travelers, to the pustofflce, to the
registration tahles. in tin. n.(nman.D
tables, to the tables of information, etc.
aim acquiuea tuercseives quite creditably
for strangers. They were all assigned
comfortable homes and were conducted
there bv the suules nf tho tnrat ommtt.nn
That at least was the play within the play."
-v repeiner rrom xne Tlmespicked up on
one of the tables a card which had been
f.lled by a delegate, which read: "Rose
McOIntr, 2(5 Nebraska streets Des Molne
Io wa." ner assignment card was to "The
Executive Mansion: Will entertain twenty
gnest;l0 rooms; rooms fifty cents, without
breakfast. dlnntcorsuTineT-r TroTn.-ito v,,
desirable. Reported by JI. 8.. Gold Demo-
ai- .ims is oniy a sample assignment
asltwasmadeinthe great C-E. mind last
evening. Miss McGinty Is all right.
An address was made to the committees
and all Interested, by Chairman Smith, of
the big committee of '96. In which he
called attention to the few errors that
were made, which will be remedied before
tho genuine Philadeiphians arrive. It
was an extremely lnteresting"experlcnce"
meeting. Everybody wasln a good humor
and. by the way, the ladles who were felling
badges had before them a pile of money
eighteen inches high. This was not Con
federate money, but the genuine kind they
nse In Pennsylvania.
Filibusters to- Be Tried Monday.
New Torfc, June 17. In the United States
circuit court today. Assistant United States
District Attorney Hinman announced that
he would call John D. Hart, John O'Brien,
Edward Murphy and Emllio Nunez, mr
trial, on Ihe charge or having aided and
abetled a filibustering pxreditlon to Cub-v
ot the steamship Bermuda, on Monday next.
O'Brien was captain of the vessel ond
Mnrphy first mate, and Hart and Nunez
are accused of having participated la
fitting out the expedition.
Mnssncred Sear Tripoli.
Tunis, Jane 17. Rumors are being pe
sislently circulated here that the Marquis
de Mores, who it was recently stated has
starteiLfor the Soudan for the purpose of
renewing friendly relations with certain
Arab chiefs with the Idea of instructing
the British expedition, has been assas
B'nated by Snoussls tribesmen, and that
thirty of his followers havealso been killed.
The scene of the massacre, according to
these reports, is a point thirty miles south,
ol Tripoli.
Massacre Humor- Denied.
"London, June 17. A dispatch received
here from Tunis denies that there is any
truth In the rumors circulated here regard
lug the massacre south of Tripoli of the
Marquis do Mores, and thirty of his fol
lowers. To a Tonng Botanist.
A pretty gift given to a young woman
botanist by -another botanist was Mrs.
Dana's "How to Know the Wild Flow-"
crs," with the black and white Illustra
tions washed transparently with the nat
ural and exact colors of tbe flowers and
. i
- ? - -? '
. . -f AC,--- J-2 Z&sSfm j-ViS-s ?rw. J?it rk ; " 3Z-; . ," ? T. :.. r i J-Fl'JlZim.-' "-TcJ- .rhiterr -. ?TZ- CJ5T-' "- -u -rT jPOiT&t. j- ili". Tw ""T ,1.,vt..Jr?x a . s . rw - 'Tj- f-
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