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times mnixrsa
Eouthwert Corker rE-t-KsvLVAXt.-. Avs-
eleplone Editorial Rooms, m.
Business office, sir.
.Trice- Mornire or Evening Edition. One Cent
Sunday Edition Thrc Csnts
If untidy. I y. Carrier
Morning and Sunday TJUrtr-flve Cent
Ev-ffllBgU........................Tlilrtr CstU
Evening andv Firrr Cbiti
Sunday I
BV Milt. roSTAGE l'BEPAlD.
fornlng. BTenlnjt and fcaatuy.... 80o
Morning nd SniMutr ........... 85o
Evening and Snadny S5o
A reference to the state
ment below will show that
the circulation sworn to is a
bona fide one.
It is easily possible for a
. newspaper with an elastic
conscience to swell its Iegit
imate circulation enor
mously, in order to deceive
advertisers, by sending out
thousands of papers to
news stands, which are re
turnable, and which are in
fact returned, but neverthe
less are included in what
purports to be an honest
statement of circulation.
Intelligent advertisers,
however, judge by results,
and bogus circulation don't
give them.
The family circulation of
. The Times is many thou
sands in excess of any other
Washington paper and is
believed to be fully two
times that of its afternoon
Tbe circulation ot TheTlraes for the week
reded June 12, 1890, was as fallows-
buturdny, June 0 45,051
bandar, Juua 7 U4.9SO
Monday, June 8 44,820
Tuesday, June D 44,230
-Wednesday. June 10.. .. .. .. 44,414
Tlmrxdijy.Jiine 11 44,820
IrlduJ.June 12 44,507
Total Copies Printed .. .. 20J.837
Left damaged roplcs, copies
loft over, unsold. In office, ,
.from uuh mauds and
branch office 20,011
Net 2G7.820
I solemnly swear that tbeaboveisneorrect
ttatement of the circulation of The Wash
ington Times ror the week ended June 12,
1896, and lliat every copy was delivered
ar tnailed for a valuable consideration.
Buperintendeut of Circulation.
Subscribed and sworn to before me tills
I3lh day of June, A. D. 1896.
Notary TuMlc.
Twelve Hours Ago.
It yon nuns any noma la tbo morning
edition look In the list below. Wliut
yon'ro looking; for wus probably
printed lu yeaturduy evening-" edition,
and us "llio Times never repeats
you'll Imi u to tuko both editions to
get ull tho uu.va ns quick u It nsp-pcu-
Olhcr ire-Presidential Uinoiuates Prac
cally out.
ilcKlnley Managers Want Him on tbe
Malno !.iietiun and czar Pcacelully
Tasscd llie Day.
KepuiuicanH will uo iu tlie Polls on This
Money Platform.
eoiii.il & r lirmcrralsMn) Make Him
Their Candidate.
into an Eievatcr Shaft on Eleventh
Downed Tliera In Yesterday's
Contest .
iHitfi i' Kiliiuit at the Manual Train
Ins School.
Said lliit Wheel Was a llcrse Sent from
IMudieMcr (nsol.i1. the famous Half
Kick, I on the Island.
Corrers Jury txoneraiwi 11 & O. Iljil
Counel , inemplate Action In the Court
of Appeals
MiwGnrniau Will Marry Mr. Lambert on
the 24th Instant.
8o n to Ke ltsued by the Agricultural
cr Marine Monsters Cost a Pretty
Se'r-trvKK"nrt el-ederatit.nofLabor
Is Going to EnRland.
jt r.'m n Explains Why He Assaulted
His Wife.
Pror. bltr" case Acitatins East Wash
ington Citizens.
Wonldn't Take llio Ilislt.
"Eicurc me, sir," said the man In the
row behind, "bat would jou rnind asking
jour wife to remove her hat? I assure
yon that I cannot see a tbinRontbestaKe."
Td like to olillite you, sir, but It is
Impossible." said the man addressed. "We
lic out of town and we must set borne to
niKhl." "Wnat has that cot to do -with it?"
"What lias that pot to do wlthit?" Why,
oor train cops t went minutes after the end
toputthath.iton." Oddsand Ends.
TVlien Poured on tbe Flrn.
Mrs. Wallace I wonder If gasoline will
remove crccn paint?
Mr. Wallace Dunno. ShouM tblnlc It J
onsht to; I have known It to remove al
green hired girl in two seconds Exchange.
lrmwr -err-? a wn "a wdttdt .Tr a t -ixt a reDT..n2V
jwj jywi fgf ip Jr ifi r ,- ? fj L
No" matter how desperate the efforts, or hoir freely
Republican camptugn Bews are distributed; McEnley
defeated as surely and certainly as -the allied arie of
Europe conquered Napoleon. Piatt. Quayr Lodge andotkers
of the corporation money-bag syndicate iug his poUtical
. . ..' - . .. . .
grave when they insisted on forcing the fight on the financial
question, and the adoption of a gold plank at St. Louis has
insured a Republican funeral next November, at which the
Napoleon of the tariff will appear as the deadest kind of a
Presidential candidate. .
m, ,. . ... ,,,,,, . , . , . , . . .
ine dirge is written in the following tabulated statement
-.,,.,. , ., , , , . . r , 0. ."'
of the electoral vote, and, even were all the doubtful States
recorded for McEnley in the electoral college, they could do
no more than throw the election in the House ot Represent-
atives, where the silver candidate would be sent to the White
. .
House with hallelujahs of rejoicing by white-metal uongresa-
Democratic silver electoral vote:
Washington 4
A'abam 11
Arkansas .8
Elorlda 4
Georgia ,. 13
Indians..... IS
Kentucky IS
Louisiana 8
Mississippi 0
Missouri 17
North Carolina 1L
fouth Carolina B
Texas 15
Colorado , 4
Idaho , 3
Gold Republican electoral vote:
Connecticut..... 6
Mains fl
Massachusetts 15
Maryland 8
Minnesota 9
New Hampshire 4
New Jersey io
Wisconsin 13
Tennessee r 12
Illinois..., 34
Total Gold aOD
Total Silver : 235
Doubt.ul 65
Total .-... . : 450
NecMBsry to cho'ce 226
In submitting this forecast of the result of the coming
election it is confidently believed that the Cleveland-Whitney
faction of the Democratic party will not be able to buy up the
Chicago convention and that its free-silver candidates will
be indorsed by the Populist element of the country. Suck- ar
combination would be natural under the circumstances, inas
much as the November polls present an exceedingly favor
able opportunity for the silverites to capture both the execu
tive and legislative branches of government. It will be a
political contest between the South and West combined
against the East, and it will also involve the country hi' ft
financial and commercial war that will take years to settle. "
Whether or not this great political flghtia tobe regretted
remains to be seen. The growing, grasping infiueacV of
corporations over legislative
and made them eager to accomplish, the political downfall of
these legalized commercial vampires. The experience "of the
Cleveland administration has also convinced many thatHe
golditss are not in politics for fun, and it would not be'
astonishing to see the "sound money" ticket buried under
an avalanche of popular disapproval, so strong is the aversion
of the common people to the
the money-baron influence.
Summed up in a few words,
political battle between the people and the corporations and
syndicates, and it will result in
ticket. This means the defeat of McKinley and the Eepub
lican party.
Closing the Schools.
For three months teachers and pupils opportunities. AS .the Case now stands.
f ft.. mm!a .Ti.nt. w4ti hav n k. fmm .several tJmosand cfalldreix can set onlv s
V. .U uu. 0ut.wd n.. mmr ....u. -av ,
work. They are able to look back upon a
period of useful achievement and forward
to a resumption of tbelr labors after a
season of recreation. Retrospect and pros
pect show some highly flattering pictures,
but also a few that are not so pleasant to
contemplate. Foremost among the former
Is tbe general excellence of oar public
schools. Few cities can make as good an
exhibit In this respect as Washington; suit
lets, if indeed any, surpass It. The gradu
ates of tbe Washington schools fill honora
ble positions In all walks of life, both in
this city and elsewhere, and the good train
ing they have obtained gives warrant for
tbe assumption that their successors will
be equally well equipped.
The drawbacks must be laid at the door
nf Congress, which has failed all along to
make the necessary appropriations for ac
commodations sufficient for all the chil
dren In tbe District and for certain acces
sories, such as manual training schools,
which would give the children still larger
The People and
Some theater managers profess to have
discovered tbe real cause of tbe bad financial
results of the last season. Tbey charge it
all to tbe bicycle. Tbey declare that tbe
"bike" exercises such fascination over its
devotees that they use it to the exclusion of
all indoor entertainment until very late In
the fall, take it up, orout, again very early
in the spring, and do not even entirely
abandon it In the winter when tbe condition
of tbe streets Is such as to admit ot it. If
only the men were concerned, themanjgers
say. It would not be so bad, perhaps, but
tbe women are Just as enthusiastic
"wheelers" as their brothers and beaux and
husbands, and thus it comes that even good
attractions have only "a beggarly array
ot empty benches" as tbelr reward. Thus
the disgruntled and disgusted managers.
Perhaps there Is a modicum or truth In
tbelr Indictment of the wheel, but the chief
cause of the managers diminished revenues
lstbe man jgers themselves. Tbereasonwhy
audiences have not been. larger is two
fold; a majority of the attractions, sc-called,
bavsnotbeensucb as to commend themselves
GeorgeVWbewl Whatcan be tbe matter?
Telegram says "Come home Immediately."'
George (rushing into his suburban home
one hour later) Tell me quick, my dear,
wbat is It! . j
Ynu og wife- The baby said ' Mamma."
Brooklyn - Iif
tj l f M Tiriini -" ty fi HfirLiViT
Wy omlng.
West Virginia .. O
California S
Michigan 14
Nebraska 8
Booth Dakota.. ......... ..... -4
North Dakota . .a
Kana&a ............10
Arizona ....-.-3
Total 225
Now York 28
Pennsylvania 3-
Rhode Island. 4
Vermont - 4
Delaware 3
Ohio 33
Total 180
electoral vote:
I Oregon 4
Total 65
affairs has incensed the.
gold-blooded manipulators of
the next campaign will be a
the overthrow of the goldite
- -. .
nan aay-s tuition ail the year unuuau.oe-
! cause there are not enough schoolrooms to.
accommodate all for a whole day. This, ot
coarse, retards progress, ror. though
great deal Is accomplished even with lim
ited facilities, a. great deal more cook! bsv.
done If every child could be taught six:
bouts a day-instead, of three. The scanti
ness of accommodations Is felt most se
verely in the Mower grades, where that
largest possible allowances for accessions
should be made, bat the higher grades, of
course, also suffer from the same short,
The most urgent representations to- Coo
grrss on tills subject have been: productive
ot merely partial results. When Congress,
meets again every teacher and the parent
or every child should constitute themselves
committees to impress upon tbe individual
members tbe necessity of a far more liberal
policy In regard to the public scbuotsthso
has hitherto been pursued. This, sort of
propagandlsm Is highly commendable and:
will prove eminently twsfol.
the Theaters. -
to the public approbation, and again, when
there was anything of real merit the prices
were at once raised up to such figures as to
deter all save those wltn wen nilcd parses.
In fact, itjs a question If tbe general run
of prices at tbe leading theaters in large
dHcs arc not too high for the great ma
jority ot the people who, under ether cir
cumstances, would be the best patrons.
Tew managers will contradict tbe asser
tion that If they bad to depend upon the
wealthy cfci sscs their receipts would be very
materially decreased. It fs tbe people of
moderate incomes who most frequent these
places of amusements
Here is a point which theatrical managers
will do well to consider, ir they stop pay
ing absurdly high prices to a. few great
singers, or to an exceptionally talented
actress;, they cju find their reckoning.
lt them engage well balanced companies;
pot upon -tbe stage a good order of plays
and not screw, prices up to the highest notch
and they wiliand larger and better pleased
audiences, and a very material improve
ment in the, condition or the box office.
A 'lair Agreement. "
"Look here. Ball Bearings, ITe- prej
osition to make."' '
Wbat Is liv Koopopsr' k
"Too stop talking about your bicycle
and 111 cot say another word bct -
szuart baby." Truth. "
Vtt,jr f
. -
jT1JJal '5f a mT VJew
; Letter earner. ocar Hngtiiey, iio e-
roureiarranserleB.ofr fifteen days wiilch-he
wjiupena accapa May.
tSSSJSTS $$&?&
T' w?;?Ar28i00; .
Mr. Durand ShactlcfonHeft tUe dtr'ast
eveai;to attend tn cognnenceniaat ex-
e-cisesnf Washington and Leo University
!llls Q,,na mater.
' Walter Etter and Henry C. Grimes were
'arrested yesterday by uicycie couccmao
I Kobertsou forv'o'JthiR the police regula-
uions ia regard to wheelmen,
:lgwtftt$'ul la
Mr. Poui. d. Miiiuoiiand and a party ot
; eight others, from EeadIagvPa.rajatthc
National uoter. They Tjd Basic city
: jrsterday. returning to this city last night.
Judge McConias wilt Join. his. wife and
daurfater' at their Maryland home at the
end f till mouth. On July-, the three
:wlirsall for Europe. They will returs.
, early lu Septcmbar.
William E. Clayton reported he Officer
PurLs yesterday tint unknown persons bad
entered li's vacint bouse. NO. 813 Eleienth
street northwest. 'and cut tbe-copper lining
If rum the.batb.tub.
Sergt. Johnson, of police headquarters.
,wtro baa. been ill amis, home on -F street
for; several days, was said to be somewbut
worse last; night.. His condition, however,
is not regarded serious.
Secretary Unite Smit t has Issued atf order
disbarring Ud ward Gritu. of New Orleans,
La., from practice before the Interior de
partment. He was' charged with filing
raise-affidavits In pension cases.
The District Commissioners did not ap
nolnt the trustees for tho free library yes
terday, as anticipated. Tbe mutter was
before the. board, but consideration was
I interrupted and the matter wentoter.
uc-Kresldent Stei enson returned to
Washington yesterday from bis Suutbern
trip. He will-go to Boston today to-be
present at the dedication of the monument
to John. lloyle.O'Beilly.but does notexpect
to make an address.
James Anderson, a messenger tooy. was.
knocKed down by a hone while riding a
hteycle on Pennsylvania avenue yesterday
and quite badly injured. The boy was
attended by Dr. Coe and later sent to
Iris home, No. 11 14 Trinidad avenue north
east. Thornton Myers, cu'ored, dislocated his
shoulder while unloading a cual barge at tbe
foot of. Twenty-second- ttreet yesterday-
afternoon. Tbe Injury was-dressedbr Dr.
McCJratli at Emergency Hospital, and tbe
man" was sent to his borne. No. 1823. Sixth
street northwest.
AbeBael, colored; livlneatNo. 7 Meridian.
HU1. was. hit 6a the head with a brick by
Yinstoa Uetdaha colored, ot the corner
I of ,Vtr Hiiiip3lrKe avenna and R streets.
uijiui new,) jc5cruay mieruuua. suei
was tatenjtortje CRildren's Hospital by
Officer Brown, uiul bad. the wound dressed.
Alhert Rooinsin and Lake Scott are two.
I nrdre-yearpldycotored Dors,, who bare
been annoying Mr. u. l.Aisop. or No. -u
Tenth. street, by. stealing small artlcles
from. Ak store. XVaterday Mr. Alsop cap.
tared the youngsters- wrta-a pocket full or
duuglinuts. and took them to No. 4 police
station-, where tbey were charged, with
petty larceny. . f
About y.m 51
rday afternoon a slight
dropplng-of. or Japanese
the rcsidui
curtain, occurred- at
:.'Stoddart.No. 1922
norUtsrest. .Policemen.
Browii ai
tHt he assistance of
LhiAe in thefhouse jmd succeeded in ex--
ttJlTBjUliirir'S5yjrMuesf;HnCTiit tha b!I nf
ftamk&t'ttalaiSirg&i abous S2Cf, fully
X J ...
CodtedertteVeteraiiaMcet and Plan
J tlio Trlpt.
A mewing: ot the Confederate 'Veterans.'
Awoclatiorr of Wasbicgron was: beld last
Ievennig at tbein headquarters, to perfect
Iinal xraos;eniDls for tbe trip, to Rich'
mono, Ti, wberetlieCOnfedetate veterans:
reunion win be held June- 30 to'July 2
A pleasant feature of themeetiug was tbe
vtstt- nf Mli Virginia. Payne. dauRnter of:
Qeo. William. Payne,, wbo has Ixvn chosem
sponsor tor the-association- Miss Payne
was accompanied: ujraer maids of honor.
tweTrein number; nirot whom were given
The j-oung ladies, who are charming types.
of. Southern beauty, are.
-iMis-w. .Annie- U 'Briscoe. Matt Iff Tyler.
Gkjvimi Htordbir. Ellia Peacbey, Helen.
tCIarke,TWllnia:Goodwin, JnliA. Hunter..
I Josephine--JlKrnc-k Annie Beth, Lindsay
Corftnl. JCbarlotte- Nelson, and Birdie.
Cpotrtbearrtvafof the ladles a recess waff
rtnfen'and. an Informal. receDtlom held, lrr
tuooor orthe fajr Visitors.
. a.U&,,UaUaiaWa-UWVU.&M lata. t. UCT;.. .UCCUl
asancscottof bon,ortoMis8 Payne and. hcr
""'' jn-n-Hjrrj:Hcti,MajorH.L.Blscae,
Capt.WHlljmA.a-itlon;Mr.W.D Peachey,
Dr.W. P. rounBMaJar McDowell Curring
ton. Dr. D. C. Gordon.
Tbe committee on airnngemenpr reported
that nit plans rortj.etrtp-.5ad been perfected
and there was every reason to look forward
to a very enjoyable and satisfactory trip:
From what could, be learned: it Is probable
that nearly 200 members, of" the assodaUon.
will visitRlcbraond during the encampment.
CUtneae CooK Attarneyn Ma to An
other "(lave- in. tbe Cane.
Judge Hagner,. at the request of At
torney Edwin Forrest; yesterday directed,
tbe warden of the Jail to show cause- wUjr
a writ of habeas corpus- should not be
Issued la the case of Chan Gun, the Chinese
cook, wbom.it Is asked, to have deported.
Mr. Forrest has appealed tho case. from,
the decision ot Deputy Collector of In
ternal Rc-renuc Matthews to SecrctaryCar
llste and; desires the release of bis client;
while the Secretary considers the matter
Judge Hagner will hear the petition this
California Democratic Nominations:
Sacramento!, ciaL June 18- The "Demo
cratic State ponareution this morning nominated-
Wllttaru T. Jeter for lieutenant gov
ernor and: instructed the delegates to the
Xalional Coareutioa at Chicago-tp vote as
a unit on the silver question. A. resolution
was adopted Instructing the delegates"- to
Chicago to place Jn nomination for tbe Pres
idency Hon Stephen M. White, or Califor
nia, should. faVorable opportunity arise.
The convention ,neii adjourned sine die-.
Lost on jthe Drommoni Castle.
London, June 18. It is learned that
among'the fltsfcclass passengers on board
the Drummpnd Castle was a young
American named Hughes; who boarded the
ship at Durban.) "Catar. His-place of resi
dence In Americji is not known.
A ei.ur)mhiR: Dny'a SalL
Colonial .BeaUi never presented'a more
inviting itppeamnee than now, and. tbe
Washington patronage will this season
Mifiw na nlr.iurR nf nprfpct transi-orm
tlon facilities to and from thischarrnirg
resort on the Jane Mbseley: Tbe trips oC
tbe Moueley have, acthis early stage, be
come popular bevonct expectations, ane
every one who bn thus far taken- advantage-
ot the Mofieley's superior qual
ities a an excursion steamer, are en
thusiastic in their praise. A modern ex
cursion iKiat must nece-asTily afford com
fort andest as-welt pleasure; th ap
poinnnents must be perfect as tohnrricane
decks, luxurious saloon and. commodious
dancing: hall-; the pabllc will no longer
accept n"-liarg" 'rr the pulse ot an ex
cursion boat.'- The Jane Mospfey U-not
an excuse, neither Is it a "hasvheen,"
but anTrp to-riatf model of perfection,
palatial In appointments- and exceptional
ia mACf, equipped wlih the-latest Improved
twin-screw engines-and. snoplled with boil
na'Seroad ttEnone. Aall-rtt.-sall on the
j.-oiomav wittrr-iiarEv.rai.Hnfr at-u. exKii-
SMcJfcMarfvy.TI-e-.' (Has are- made from-
ate woror.Bixai street, dally, except
Meady,ma a. m., -aiKf9atsrdarsacap.nl.
i75a!"''4k? "."
sr atari.:'
ee-K no
jBoiler of a ftiojr f Ieaawe Teaael
l FVn1vfml
Two s?eraona Are MlHaloe and. Many
"Were Injared- by the-
, Meunj.
,' Ctlca, N. r.,June 18. Tbeboilcrsof too
pleasure steamer 1100. Titus H beard ex
ploded while the boat was carrying nssiien-
jgers-from. LittleFoils to the liicyclc rates
fe ivi ajiiiu)s rn, ihic uiui; wehb 01
the dty, at 2 o'clock this ufterooon.
Eighteen persons were on board at the
time; Teu-ot the passengers, nine menund
one young woman, were cither insUn'ly
! killed or died, tam after, the; were ULca
rrom ine wrccic
Two arcprobiibly-fatally injured and four:
are suffering' from severe injuries: Two
na&senirers .in mimine-. TlnvpznTmdnn nrv
curred just as-tbe engineer, shut off steam
attne Taylor Parle landing.
The aeaa arc
QEOBOE WHITE, aged fifty-two years.
I. supenntendentof tbeHbn.TitusShearitMls.
tHAULus- wuiiMuxu, aged. uuny-nve
1 years.
' CUARLES BRADFOHD, aged twnty-
I eight.
THOMAS HALL, aged-thirty.
WILLIAM SYMOXDB.agrdthirtyflvo.
ELON WALKEBr.aced tbirty-flve.
MISS ANNA GOLD EN, agrd seventeen.
VAN BOBEN TOrJNU, engineer of tbe
Titus Sbeard.
WILLIAM WOEMUTH. aged thirty.
Missing: Two unknown persons, sunrxised
' to be In the canal'.
The-Injured are:
George Denman, aged twenty-eight, probably-result,
fj tally.
living- Stroup, arms and legs injured,
severe-cut in the back, and badly scalded:
'will recover.
Mrs. Irving Stroup, aged twenty-three.
compound fracture rlgntkneepun ontHeft
auu.iuvL-r juv iruciureii unu ycniuiy lur
ternally injured: condltlcn is serious.
George Saler, arm broken and suffered
considerable rem shock 7
Rboda, Warren, aged sixteen, scalded
bailly about tbe face and limbs.
All the. dead and injured are from little
Falls, and as far as known the list is com
A. M.
E. Conference Held nn Inter
esting; Night Si-MHlon.
Only two sessions ot tbe slxty-dghtb
assembly oftbe Philadelphia and Baltimore
Conference or the A- M. E. Church, which,
convened on Wednesday at tbe Metro
politan Wesley Church, were beld yes
terday. . The proceeding of the morning session
wre given In detail In yesterday's Evening:
Times. The afternoon session was occupied
with bearing the reports orthcpresldlng
, elders, which treated mainly of the spiritual
ana temporal improvement orine church.
During tbe afternoon Jobn C. Bauer,
editor or the Church Quarterly Review,,
and Re-r. C. Georga BUtle,. presiding cider
ot New Tort conference, arrived and were
grwn a beany greeting when tiey ap-
ipeared in tbo halt
in the evening the Rev. J.H. Hector
preached an "interesting sermon on the-
i subject, "The Devil Dressed In White."
iThe speaker used plain English andt.aid
suiur- verjr uu uuok3 buuui, peupie ia
g-neral- and. preachers In particular, but:
the truth or wbat he said was so evident
that no one could take offense.
ProC Bn rr tnser SacceedH Prof! Thorn
ton, tt Faculty Chairman.
Charlottesville, Ta Juno 18. As-a re
sult of the prctracted sessions of the boa rd.
ot visiter, of the University of Virginia,
Just officially Rlvsn out. Prut: Paul B Ear
linger succeeds Prof. William M. Therm an
as chairman of. lie faculty.
Frofs. L H. Gilmcre or the law depart
meiil, and James. M. Garnet of the
lj school of English language, retire from the
'i faculty-. The- classe-r formerly taught by
Eror. uiimore are turned over to other pro
cessors. In the law-department. Gurnet fs
L school will be merged Into that ot modern.
language (--and will be known as tbe schxol
ot English. French and Spanish will be
taught by Prof". Harrison.
Ferkinson-will teach German and Italian.
Robert Robertson of Charlottesville has
been elected; superintendent" or grounds
antLbultdlngs, vice Prof: Echols, resigned.
TVont Down so qnlctly Thnt Boats
Could Sot Bo-Lowered. .
Brest; Jumr 18. It was rumored, here to
day.desplte the statements that the steamer
Drummnnd Castle filled, and sank so
quickly that there was do time to swing:
our and lower trway tbe boats, tbat one.
and probably more- boars filled with pas
sengers succeeded kn getttngawtry from tbe
foundering steamer.
The truth of tbe report could" not be de
termined., but strenuous efforts arc being
made, to trace the boats, ir so be It tbey got
All the fishermen nC lie de Molene and:
Ushan are, out in their boats searching,
for suvivors of the: disaster and for tns
bodles or victims; They bare already
found ten. corpse. Among the drowned
picked up by tbe fishermen was a yonns
mother, in whose arms was locked, in. am
embrace that even death bad not un
loosened,, the body ot ber little babe.
Tried to Shoot His Dmnliven. Bro tner-la-Iiw.
There has been bad blood bstweenCharles
Dorsey and Clinton J&DanicIs for over a.
year. Botli men are colored, and: live at
No. 141 Twenty-eighth street northwest.
Wheat McDoniels married Dorsey's sister
the-young: mam did. not like ir.
McDoniels- came home drunk last nigliC
and Dorsey rocked him out. The brother
la la w tried to klclc in. the door and Dorsey
threatened tot kilL him- MoDaniels con
tinued: to pound on the: door until Dorsey
got a pistol ani started' for him.
He fired one-shot, bne bis aim was bad.
andt no damage resulted. Policeman. Con
nor heard the shot. and. captured Dorsey
after a lively chase. He was locked, up
at No. 7 police station charged with as
sault with- inrent to kill and carrying con
cealed waipcns;
Henry .Owens Fumes. Away at the
Emergency HosjilruP
Henry Owens, cr.lored. eighty-two years
old, died at Emergency Hospital shortly
after 8 o'clock: last night. The man was
brought to the hospital two weeks ago
suffering frpm the effects of a-talU
Owncs drove an- ash cart and was standing-
near the rear ot his vehicle- when the
borse starting suddenly, threw him to
thegrnund. No boner were broken, but
the man was too old to withstand, the
shock and finally socumbed.to exhaustion.
Steamer- Trnltnlav Ban Aground".
Anihcrstburg. Ont June ItiLr-TLe large
steamer-.Wallula,bounddown,ran aground
at Lime Kiln crossing; at neon today. She
is almost across the channel,-but does not
block it. Wreckers are- coming from De
troit; The vessel is. out about: six inches
forward. - .
Ne.arth& famous brfdge
oftfcatHame, is certaJalyat
the terminus o one o the
prettiest: drives -feavikg
Washington te rats, rear
CoetraeeVl' from-First Page .
distinct that Ka jor MeKlolcy and those in.
the room were -enabled to hear, seated
'at a -rttitance Qf.600 rullcs from the con-'
jventlon hall, the shoatlng and tumult that
occompanicu ine presentation of bis uame.
It was un unprecedented experience fb
the history on noUtlcal eonventlonc unit
j Major McKinley is tbe first Presidential
candidate not Id attendance upon tbe
uuutcuuuu wnu uearu. me noise aocom
paoybig hi own nomination. The- re
markable achievement, ot.tbis annibilottng
time and distance was the theme of con
versatlou. Major McKinley referring to it
several times.
The good nature and patience of the
delegates manifested In the report of the
proceedings was complimented by the
candidate and his friends, it being the ex
pressed opinion ihattheSC Lou la convention
would compare mos tfnvorably In this
respect with that of any or lu pred
ecessors, and- esnedallv so In view of the
fact of the radical differences, that hadf
U been generated In tbe preliminary canvasses.
At 4 SO the votes by States began com
ing over tbe telephone and: Major MiKin-
hley donnlDC Ms glasses, amidst' a silence
broken only by the licking- of the telegraph
1 Instrument, began scoring tbe vote by States
as fast as it was- called. He poled the mer
lest trifle as the first figures were named,
'those from Alabama, but there was not a
tremor in bis voice as he spoko of the con
test In Florida, when tbe vote of that State
was cballengad.
f Major McKinley Is understood to be well
j satisfied with tbe declarations In the plat
form The Cuban plank Is said to cave re-
p ceived bis approval and to be in- close har
mony with his vlcws.and wishes In regard
kto that subject.
When it was announced that Foraker bad
taU-n the platform to present McKinley's
name there was a chorus of "Good" from
tbe ladles, wbo appeared much more ex
cited than the gentlemen. Major McKinley
uenerallv occuoied a revolvine- chair In
I. front ot his closed roll desk, but from time
totimc moved about,noterjctlylna nervous
monneivbut as if anxious to see tbatevery
tbing went on all right.
He was. solicitous, that all the news re-
' ceived should be distributed, among those
at the porch. and as fast as tbe telegraphic
bulletin were. banded him lie directed that
tbey be sent outside for tbelr information.
He received two or three parties or
visttnrs wno called to pay their re-pects
and he introduced them to bur guests
about the house. It was a trylcg-position,
but he bore himself through It all with
dignity and serenity. A flash- orthe eye
'.under tbe overhanging brows alone told
of the emotion within.
The situation was relieved somewhat by
numerous features of tbe bulletins, espe
cially those which described the scene In
tbe convention durirg Senator Foraker's
speech, that "The indications point to Me
Kinley's nomination on tbe (list ballot;"
and that Marie Hanna and. Biuhnellaret-m-1
bracing; and Grosvenor is fanning Hanna's
bead. The latter play amused the ladles.
AtO 19 the iiote of Ohio was announced
1 nominating McKinley. The- figures were
given at 467 t-U.. and McKinley astedr"Is
that by that bulletin?" and being assured
that It was; lie said:
"All right."" and swallowed a big lump
In Ins throat.
Several of those preeent congratulated
tlie candidate, and in tbe confus'on tbe
bulletins or votes were lost: Mr. Saxtca
called up central, giving instructions to
'continue repeating the .ote by States.
"That's light. Sam," said bis uncle, "yon.
keep on with the bulletins."" But in a
moment that was found to beiraco-vible.
Like the crop or dragon's teeth, people,
by the thousands- seemed to spring; from,
the ground, and. in less than two minutes
tlie-spaclous yard" was-filled to the-fences,
and the street leading-to the square was
fillul with hurrying multitudes, wbo did
nor wait fDr the orders for the formation
of a. procession, as. arranged by tbe com-
' mlttce.
Tlie crowd" threw- themselves" Into the
house, and before Major MeKinley could
get out of the room they were- uron him
with their tumultuous and1 affectionate
congratulations- Among the first were
a number or boys; school children., and
these Major McKinley greeted with extra
Also quite a sprinkling of laborers, old
friends, wrung bis hand with a hearty
"God bless you," deeply touching. A.
few minutes It was evident the throng
would choke- up tbe entrance and the
new candidate- took, his- place- on the
porch, where he could be seen by tbe
crowd. Before: leaving the house, how
ever; Major McKinley found his way to
his wire and: mother and received, the
sweetest of ail the affectionate greetings;
His appearance waa the signal for great
applause, which, continued tor a minute
or two. The committee in charge orthe
proposed demonstrations, or some orthese
at least. made their way to the porch, and
Mr. F. E. Case spoke the congratulations
or tbe candldatesfeUow-citizens.
Mr. Cass formerly a lawyer but- several
years ago engaged, in manufacturing, and
waa president of the Harvard Dental Chair
and. Supply Company, Is at the bead
or one- otthe lendlncconcerna of Canton.
He saidr "Major McKinley, your neigh
bors and townsmen wish tobe first to con
gratulate you upon your nomination to the
highest office within the gift o the
people. None know better than these
nclgnbors here assembled, how: well this
honor Is merited.
"They were tlie first to witness tbe be
ginning of your public career1, they saw
you quit, your academic studies with the
ardor or -.out!, and tlie bravery or years
beyond your number, to devote your ser
vices to your country. The courage and.
ability you then, displayed, a promise ot
what followed In later years, won for you.
that nnlt and. title' by which we havnr
so long and familiarly addressed" you.
"A f ew-otyourvetcran comrades who have
again formed. Inline and Joined tlie citizens
of Canton, take tbis.opportiin.ti-to make
pronounced their high regard for yoi-u
"The- ability and fidelity with wblch
yon have-- dlschanred- great; public trusts,
and therecogaltlon by your countrymen of
long and nsefuU service to the State and
nation. are exceedingly gratifytng-to Can
ton and Stark county. Bat.wecomeb-ryon
as neighbors,, without distinction of party,
Uearirg. in mind tbat whi'e you nave acted
in a broader-fie'd, you have not lostslgbt
of the duties amlobtlgUlons f tbe citizen,
and with all your many cares and re-(jon-dbllitie-vyriu
have always round time
and opportunity to- lend your valued" as
sistance to all that makes forgood In your
community. We all unite In extending: to
youi our hearty congratulations and: good
MnJ. McKinley,. who -bad appeared, with
bis-wife on the verandaresponded.
"My friends and fellow-citizens: I am
greatly honored by this demonstration.
Its nan partisan character forbids-political
discussion, and. I appear only to make
grateful acknowledgment of your address
and congratulations, t am. not Indifferent
to. the pleasure which yon exhibit nt the
news Just received, from, tbe Repnbllcan
national convention. For days your in
terest has Iieen centered upon St. Louis,
and yo at presence In such, vast .numbers
testifies to your personal good will as
well as your gratiflcatloirwltll the work
done there.
"Sour cordlat assurances- are- all the
more appreciated, by ma because' they
come from my fejlowcitizcns. men of all
parlies, my neighbors, my former con
stituents, and, -my-j old comrades- with
whom I have lived. almost a Iltetime.and
who naTermnoTectmo' over anaover again
with ImrjoTtans-rjnblitotTusta."'' Tour-warm
words are recltirocated' nmg wtir oe- ions
remembered. ' z" '
"Many nt those' around me have not
always agreed with me. norf-with them,,
touching political questions. But It Is.
pleasant, as I. look. Into your taoo U
recall tbat In all tbe years of the past
there bos, never been a moment, at time
when yon. have withheld, ttnax-me- your
trlennVBhlp,.yoar encouragement, and your
ct-mfldccr Ion have always been most
026-9:18 7th St 706 K St.
the linens,
Soes lou'li be preparlnij: (er tfie "C
E." visiters' and youni frant to renew
Tfiese stocfctaJUnr reductloas- wlU
stock your Beed al Just the rigat Umi.
All-Uncn Hack Tawsls. hemmed: and
tb nscsl lZXc sort, for
Extra slzef and extra -heavy Whits
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12c each.
Cream Damask Doylies
which were sic dozen, for
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Dttossk; the .Resort, for
29c yard.
Salt Salsc-S7 SO and 17 sn-asoccssses.
rntkmarwSil HutnMlw.
generously loyaI and. my heart is full
of gratitude to yon all."
"There Is nothing-- more craUfyinc or
honorable to any man tban to have the re
gard and esteem of bis fellow townsman,
and In this I have been particularly pleas
ed. Never were neighbors more devoted or
unfaltering: In their support tban you have
been, (a me.
"You havealiyays made my cause your
cause, and uiy home among youhasbeenone
of increasing pleasure. This county and
dtyare-verynearand.dearto me. IIcreT
have spent all of my young manhood, and
I have been identified with this magnifi
cent county for nearly a quarter ot a cen
"I have followed its growth with uncon
cealed pride and have noted with satis
faction that it has kept pace witbtbc most
advanced and prosperous communities and
has fallen behind none- I am glad to greet
you here.
'Too hae neverfailed to greet mo with
your best wisbvs and congratulations upon
every occos'on of my nomination to a pub
lic office; commencing twenty years- ago,
when I was first njmed by my party for
Congress. I cannot undertake to estimate
the value of these many friendly demon
strations, so helpful, so stimulating, more
than jou could have anticipated or be
lieved at tlie time.
"your call today is warmly appreciated,
aud I thank you from the bottom of my
heart fcr what you said as expressive or tbe
feelings of those- fur wtom you speak.
Th s last evidence of your esteem makes
me more tban- ever indebted to you, uud
the bappjr memory ot your kindness and
confidence wilt ahjdo with, me forever."
Delegations from Alliance, Masslllon,
Akrou. Warren aud Nllcs also called and
presented addresses to which. Major Mc
Kinley responded briefly and feelingly.
Telegrams ot congratulations came in by
tbe dozen, from air parts of tbe country.
At II o'clock the last visitor had departed
and the household was left to a most
'welcome- rest, after a day of exhausting
suspense, ana iaoor.
He Says the. Silver Bolt Cannot De
feat McKinley.
St: Louis, June 18 Chaunccy M. Depew
said to j leporterof the United Press this
"Since: the time oCGrantMcKlnley Is tbe
tint to receive the nomination, on the first
ballot and be received three-quarters of th
votes. This- result is-at once a distmctlva
and phenomenal expression or tbe popular
will of the-Rcpublican musses.
"Protection and McKinley, America for
Amexicans and. McKinley have become
synonymous-terms. He would be elected by
a majority In. tbe. electoral college without
precedent, except for tbe doubt involved In.
thesilverresult. Tbe secession of the silver
States was dramatic but Its effect m my
Judgment will not be- such as- the emag
sisters believe.
"Scent j millions cr people have a con
stant interest in tbe flnarci.il and indus
trial conditions of tbe country. This In
cludes agriculture, manufactures, capital,
la,bor and governmental and Individual
credits Interest in tbe production and
coinage of silver is large theoretically, but
Infinitely small practically.
"Eight-tenths ot the voters believe la
the gold, standanrin business to prevent a
fatal fluctuation in currency and In labor,
so tbat tbe wages one earns may be paid
In tbe bestrmoi.ey.ln.mi.ney which yields
largest results wh en used to pa y rent, meet
interest on. mortgages, or for the support
and education cX one's family. Therefore
I believe- that for every silver vote here
tofore Repnbllcan which will be- lost, to
McKinley by going; to Democrat or Pop
ulist candidates there will be three Demo
craticgold standard, sound money men who
will voce: tbe Republican ticket.
"As I said in my sreech. today, tbo
erring- sisters- might as well refuse- to
enter the gates of paradise in tbe celestial
city because they saw it was governed
ton Republican: principles and its streets
paved with-gold, as to hope, to dereat the
Republican, ticket1 because the principles
ot Its: platform- is the gold standard of
value la our currency."
Sketch or the. Nominee for the Vice
Prestaencr. Garrett A. Hobart, nominated by the
Republican party for the-Vice-Presidency
ot tbe United States, was bexn at Long.
Dramh, N. J., in 1&44.
He graduated from Rntgers College be
fore be was twenty years eld and studied
law with Socrates Tuttle at Paterson, be
ing admitted to the bar la 1866.
In 18T2 he was elected u member ot the
N"tv Jersey House and was re-elected nni
chosen spea&r. He declined an electicn in
1873. arfd In 1&7T he was elected senator
from Passaic county. He was re-elected to-bis-posltiun.
and served in the office from
tbat time nntil tbe expiration of tbe year
1882; being-president pro tem. cf tbe tody
for the lasttwo years of which he was a
In U8-t he was- nominated by the Re
pnbllcan caucus of the legislature ror United
States Senator but was not elected, as tho
legislature waa Democratic and John R.
McPhersoawascIiosen. In ISSlhebecame
a member of the-Republican national com
mittee. In business life he- has been active and
energetic He- la tbe president or the
Passaic Water Company.the Acquackanonfc
Water Company, the Paterson Railroad.
Company's consolidated lines, the Morris
County Railroad, and the People's Gas
Company. He- Is a director In several
national banka.IncluiIingtheFlrstNationul
Bank of Paterson, and the PatertAn Pj,v
mgs Institute. He Is also on tliedlrectory
boards or the New Tort. Snsquehanna and
Western Railroad, the Lehigh and.Hnilon
River Railroad, the Barbonc Flax. Spinning
Company, tbe Pioneer Silk Company, tbe
Edison Electric Iilnminatlng Company, tl a
American Cotton Oil Company, and some
forty or more additional corporations. With
many or these concerns, he holds the posi
tion of legal advisor.
Mr. Hobart is a resident or Paterson.
where he has 81 beeutlfuLhonie. whiUi Is
the center of tbe social amenities or tha
Thialor Him Entry to Bent.
Senator PugHotAlabama said, last night:
"I am gratlHeit and satisfied-: with- llo
Klnlej's. nomtoation: for- the reason, tbat
standlnrooagold'platrorui be will be easy
to beat. I assume the Cbh-agc nomlcea
rrHtatfnniTn-T a stiver platform."-
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