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S' Don't Let THIS
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Sr-.V Vm. v
Gotham Is Agog With theories as
to Vandarbilt- Wilson fiuptials.
Attaok of Rheumattnm Tlionght to
Uuve Ilt-eu buiiplclonHly Inoinwr-
tone Gosulp of Sjoclety.
Gotham Is agog with theories as to why
the wedding was postponed. There are as
many reasons as there are tongues to voice
them, each of which-ls believed, more or
less, except the one officially given. So
ciety shrugs its shoulders at the rheumatic
rcs.i; and reads the Doctor's bulletin -with
a grin.
Every scrap of detail concerning the ier
soaal doings of the WiUon-Vnnderbllt
folks has been discussed uo, Jabbered
over-on the streetsjn the clubs and every
other habitable siiot. fiom Uyjiloirj to bar
rooms, until cow that lLo h.tch has really
come the natives are apparently satisfied,
and mighty is tbelr slogan: 'JilsmUlah I
told you sol''
llovrever, the affair Is a tremendous
verification or the maxim that poiton Tor
one is rnmit for another, for the flowers
that adorned tbe Wilson house weredouated
by (be bride-elect to the city hospitals
to delight the sufferers who are not only
HI but poor.
It was a kindly act, to forget her own
trouble long enough to think oftbe troubles
of others, bat society can't find time at
itus immeiuate moment to credit Miss
Wilson for anything, except, of course,
her age.
It Is said now that young Vanderbllt is
"doing very well." He is subject to
rheumatism; that was one reason his rather,
who dearly loves blm, opposed his mar
riage. The dampness of the climate at
Newport induced the first attack of the
disease in Its inflammatory form last
September. The Vanderbllt family were
then at the "Breakers," their spleDdH
honse at Newport.
So solicitous was Cornelius Tanderbilt
for bis son, o intense was his anxiety,
that a couch wasplacedintbeyoungman's
room, and there the father slept nntil the
object of his care was on the way to re
covery. Death had taken Cornelius Tan
dertiilt's eldest son, William H. He would
not lose another.
Another story is that Cornelius Vandei
titlt and R. T. Wilson, the parties, met
Wednesday; that Cornelius Tanderbilt
soiemuly assured K. T. Wilson that tbe
moment his son married he would cnt him
off; that he would not give him one single
rjennv: thnf. therefore. CrtmAlinm Vniulan.
I bilt. Jr., would be practically a beggar.
Then came the acute attack ot rheuma
tism. St. Patrick's Church was brilliantly Illu
minated and artistically decorated last
evening In honor of the marriage of Miss
Elinore Blandfcrd and Br. Charles Kneller
Promptly at 8 o'clock a procession ot
acolytes entered the sanctuary, followed
by Dr. Stafford, tbe celebrant; Rev. Father
Gloyd, paster of 8t Patrick's, and Bev.
Father McGee.
Mr. John .Porter Lawrence, the organist
of the occasion, changed his theme to the
march from "Lohengrin," and the wedding
party entered tbe church.
It was beaded by tbe six ushers, who
were Br. Marbory, Mr. Stepben B. Carain,
Mr. George Uaslan, Mr. William B. Bland
ford, Mr. Joseph Casain and Mr. P. J. Kel
eber. Preceding the bride came the maid of
honor. Miss Blandme'B. BlJndford, a sister
of the bnde. She was charmingly gowned
In lemon yellow chiffon over taffeta or tbe
samcsbJdc. Baiuty trillings of Valenciennes
lace and a bolero Jacket of yellow brcche
silk, with red rosebuds In Dresden efrect
added to thecharmof a toiletwbose crowning
touch wasabuncbof Iongstemmed American
Tbe bride, who entered the church leaning
upon the arm of bet'father, Mr. Bweet T.
Blandford, is a graceful blonde of modest,
winning manner. She was most becomingly
gowned in white taffeta, en train, with soft
frills ot 'white chiffon, forming Vandyke
points upon the sleeves and shoulders. Tbe
bigb neck was finished with a stock collar
of shirred chiffon, on which butterfly bows
of tbe chiffon were daintily placed, and a
shower bouquet of white sweet peas andV
green orchids added to the pure effect of a
gown exquisite in its shimmering whiteness.
The tulle veil was. caught to tbe hair with, a
diamond pin.
The groom and bis best rnan,Mr. Samuel
S. Koones, awaited the "bride at the altar,
where she was given away by ber father.
After the services Dr. and Mrs. Koones
left for a wedding trip to tbe seashore
and they will probably begin housekeeping
In the fan. The bride was the recipient
ot many elegant gifts that included enough
silver, cut glass, china, and bric-a-brac
to equip' the daintiest of homes.
Mrs. H. M. Kelly, who has been so 111,
Is now much better.
Mr. John Thornton Wood, of East Capitol
street, who has been quite ill for tbe
past three weeks", Is rapidly improving.
Mrs. Clara Taylor Ware, of Georgetown,
accompanied by her daughter, Miss Effte
Ware, are visiting relatives in. Bockville,
Miss Sarah A. Lipscomb is going to '
Plains," Fauquier County, Va.
Mrs. Butcher will give a mnsicale for her
pupils this evening, at 8 o'clock, at the
Universalis! Church, corner of Fourteenth
and L streets.
Mrs. Anna M. Thomas will spend tbe
summer at Chevy Chase.
An enjoyable dance was given at the
Potomac Club House last evening by tbe
-.P-4 - " Pure and Sure'
(feveland 5
Baking Ppwdek
Every ingredient used in making ClevdancTs bak
ing powder is plainly printed on the label, information
' not given by makers of other powders.
Redpebck&i'-SeadbHgandAbes8. OeidandBatiagPMderCoV.T.
IB- ft ft- " v wl
young ladies under, the chnperonage of
Mrs. Talk, complimentary to their men
friend. Anions those present were toe
Jf"8.?- tne Miwa Evans, Miss Bstl.
Miss Dalrymple, Him Smith. 'Wm Mc-
uowan, muss ciiue, Miss Pecaock, and Mils
Griffith, Messrs. Ball, Baldwin, King,
Btcxldard; johnsoa. Tan Hoke. Talk. Wheas
ley, Brttt, Holt-rook; Cason and 8tede.
At tlie reception givei to tbe Epworth
i-eague on vvcanosaay evening by Mr.
Pate' at the parsonage of Kortfi Cipitol-
j. u. -iirai, me nostess was assisted In
receiving her guests by tbe members of
ner ouuaay aciuol class. Ml S3 Heba Flslier.
Miss Bnsle Lain. Miss Nellie Buerwood,
Miss Nora Ererliart and Misi Olive Greene.
After a program of music bad been ren
dered and refreshments served, tbe large
number of guests present necessitated an
adjournment from the parsonage parlor to
ui- icuuie room or tne churcn where the
remainoer nt a most en.'orsble evening
was spent in social conversation.
Emmanuel P. E. Church, Anacostla. was
the scene of a pretty wedding on Tncsday
'venhig. the ctmtractlnc couple being MIm
Minnie L. Jackson and Mr. Genrim V.
Baxter. Bev. W. G. Davcnnort nerfnrme1
the ceremony, and the wedding marches
were played by Mrs. R. A. Pyles. Tbe
church was tastefully decorated and the
wedding was witnessed by a large number
of friends.
Wednesday arternonn at 3 o'clock a
quiet marriage ceremony was performed
at Trinity Parish Hall by the pastor of
Trinity P. E. Church ot this city. Rev. A.
M. Rich, tbe contracting parties being
Mr. Harry J. Builtn of Allegheny City, Pa.,
and Miss Opal Louise norton of this tlty.
Among those present were Miss Fendwlck.
Miss Carrie Krownley, Miss Eountz and
:r. C. B. Bailey.
Miss Florence Edith Bowman and Tror.
II. M. Johnson were married Wednesday
noon at the residence of tbe bride's parents
In Anacostla. The ceremony was per
formed by Rev. George Bowman, father
of the bride. nisted tiv Rit. II. T. Steven
son and Rev. Richanl B. Cook.
Miss Ilettle Diver played the inarch from
"Lohengrin" as Ihe bride entered the
room on the arm of her mother, who giro
her away. After an extended tour North
Pror. and Mrs. Johnson will return to Ana
costla, their future home-
Miss Stella Morrison and ber cousin,
Mi Kate V. Brown, of O street, will
leave this evening to spend tbelr vacation
in the mountains of Virginia.
Epwortti Leuiroera "Who TTiH Co to
tbe IIurrlxbarK Convention.
A meeting held recently at Foundry
Church, of the delegates and visitors to
the fltth annual convention ot tbe fourth
General Conference District Epwortb
League, perfected the details ot tbe trip
to Ilarrisburg, and the plans for the special
The train wiU leave tills city at 12
o'clock noon, Thursday, June 28. HarrlJ
burg will be reached about 6 o'clock.
On tbe return trip the train will leav-
ilarrlsburgat 7.30 Monday mornlng.reach
lng Gettysburg at B:30. A stop of six and
one-half boors will be made, as recently
stated in The Times.toenable tbe delegates
to visit the famous battlefield. Leaving
Gettysburg at 4 o'clock, Baltimore will be
readied at 6:30 and Washington at 8
An elaborate badge has been prepared
for the use ot the delegates from the
National Capital. At previous conventions
the badges worn by the representatives from
this city have been the most conspicuous,
on account of their beauty and design.
The one for this year will not be inferior
to previous ones, although it is stated
the design will not be made panic until
the day the party leaves for the convention.
The list of delegates Includes President
F. E. Taster, of tbe District League, and
Mrs. Tasker: Secretary F. T. Israel. Vice
President Mrs. M. M. Mitchell. Vice-President
Mrs. II. U- -Moolton. Hun. H. B. Moul
ton. Bev. If. B. Leech, superintendent
Junior work for the Fourth General Con
ference District: Eev. B. M. Moore. O. E
Armstrong. E. S. LaFetra, B. L. Middle
ton. Eev. Charles L. Pate, Pror. C. If.
Laoey Sites. .T. U. Stahl. A. A. Hancock.
Miss Byrde Bohb. Bev. W. G. Cassard, H.
O. Hiuc. Miss B. . Walter, George King,
Charles Linger. J. B. Haas, Miss Amy L.
May. Mrs. E. J. Harper, Miss Ida Gilbert.
Miss Emma Wenner. Miss H.M.8raitb,F.B.
Llltcll. Miss Anna Crandall. Mrs. A. V.J
Allen. W. H. Kerr, Miss Ella Stlnemetz;
Rev. W. II. Richardson. O. Z. Coiison, Miss
EstcIIc Crump. District superintendent
Junior League: Mrs. D. C. Smitlicon. Miss
Ida O'Ncil. Miss Hattie Qointer, E. W.
Williams.-Rev. W. R. Stridden, Miss Grace
Dowling. Mrs. J. O. Shuckcn, Mr. S. A.
Terry, and a number of others, including
the delegates from the Washington Con
ference in this city.
Marriage. Licenses.
Licenses to marry have been i ned as
j John Warder. 21: Lillie Adams. 18:
both of Prince George's county. Md.
William Miles, 24; Sadie Tebbs, 21; col
ored. Samuel R. Hhipman. 37; Alice 3telly. 24.
William S vices, 28, of Baltimore; Mary
A. Barrett, 31.
Charles K. Koones, 30; Eteanora Rand
ford, 28.
Hiram H.Van Meter. 21; Ella E. Thorn,
22; both of Ravens wood, W. Va.
George H. Turner, 42; Sarah Gross, 45;
Wanhlngtonlano In Jfew Tork.
(Special to The Times.)
New York, June 18, 1896.- Grand Union,
H. Alvord: Grand, C. J.Jewell. S. M. Ryan;
Everett. C. E. Foster. A. B. Smith; Astor,
A. S. Dunham, F. L. Frshblock, W. D.
Hidge; Marlborough, E. W. Ayres; Union
Square, C. J. Bryan: Albert, T. B. and E.
Browng: Gllsey..G. W. Lenvery: Imperial,
W. C. Lewis; Nelberland, H. M. Johnson.
Redaction In Hate to Bay nidge.
Tbe rate to Bay Ridge, tbe beautiful
excursion resort on the Chesapeake Bay.
lias been reduced this season to SO cents
for adults, except for evening train a
rate ot 75 cents will be charged, with
rebate of 25 cents after coupon is Ktumped
by ticket agent at Bay Bidge. Half rate
for children between the ages of S and 12.
years. Trains leave B. & O. depot, week"
da va 0:15 a. m. and 4:28 p. m. Sundays.
9:35 a. in.. 1:30 and 3:16 p. to.
JelG- w,r,s-tr
It you desire an immediate tenant for
your house that has been vacant for months
place it with The Times Real Estate
hit s? mwawjAtacr.
ii u . .
1 r'l 9"e
r r
I Milliseijf Freeze-Out.
- T. clots ot ou"mtire
-'stock of, ladies'. Missoe' -
- and Children's Hsu, an -
- tbs.httesf shsps. al col- -
- on were K, 11.75. Ji.W sod -
- II your choice, .
' a
, si.
. a
Skirt Freeze-Out
M.50 Linen Duek Skirts.
ILoO Linen Stripe Skirts,
At, 85c.
King's Palace,
81 2-81 4 7th St-
b 715 Market Space-
CIilcdKo Channel the- UltlnnitoOatlot
of tbe Greut Laken.
Popular Science iloiilhiv.
rears ago the terrestrial movements
raited the Johnson ba rricr to tbe Erie basin
so high that the' waters of that lake
reached not merely tbe level ot Lake
Michigan, but the'point of turning all tbe
water oftbe upper lakes into the Mississippi
drainage by way of Chicago.
But the falls were then cutting through
tbe ridge, and when this was accomplished,
before the change: or drainage was com
pleted, the surface of Lake Erie was low
ered by many feet, and thus tbe falls were
rr-establisbcd for some time longer.
Slowly, year by year, one sees the
cataract wearing back and tajrjrestlnc the
time when the river will Le turned into a
series of rapids, but unotber silent cause Is
gp T7 jnimiiiniininiiittitiiiimniMiinnmuiinininummmiiiiu
0KBf ' y Li
55ait;gr7gtgg W
at work, and one not easily seen namely,
tbe cfrects of tbe changing of the level
of the earth's crnst.
From computations Is was found that for
the first 24,000 years ot the life ot the
river only tbe Eric waters flowed by way
of the Niagara River, and for only 8,000
years ha vu all the waters of the opper lakes
been feeding the falls.
If the terrestrial movements continue as
at present, and there appears no reason to
doubt it, for tbe continent was .formerly
'"! uiKuvnininnow.Uieninaooutb.utiO
years the rim of the Eric basin promises to
ie raised so high that all the waters of the
upper lakes will flow-out by way or the
Chicago canaL Thus, the duration of
Niagara, Falls will have continued about
37,000 years.
m m m
How to Become a Chef.
The making of a.man coo In France is a
lengthy and tedlous'process. Accordingtoa
celebrated French chef, a young man, when
hedectdestOnursn(n?Mllin.irvf-nrAr soiw.
his nominal instructor, to whom be pays
a sumequlvulent to if sovereign.
Tbe aspirant fcVflrift assigned to the veg
etable cook, who I ea'ches h un ho w to prepa re
the raw material's. When he has mastered
tbislie is inUiatecfintb tbe mystery ot cook-
me virm. inis thoroughly learned, be
stuAies the meth'ods of cutting up raw
meats, or preparing fish , and henr to stuff,
dress, 'and lard game' and poultry. When
he has mastered "It all be is placed before
the range, whereV'he receives instruction
la the various processes of broiling, frying
roauing and bakfa
On graduating 'from this department he
passes under th3 -control of tbe second
cook, who reveals' td' him the mysteries ot
sauces and soups." " The Interest of this
functionary, in but pupil It is necessary-to
accelerate with liberal and requenttips.
The student Is tben'pnrln charge of tho
pastry cook, to whpm he serves n long- ap
prenticeship in all that pertalosto the con
coction of sweets! pastries, ices, and the
like. This completes his culinary educa
tion, and he Is prepared to assume the
role of a competent cbeC Pittsburg Dis
patch. Slie Dad Been There.
Mrs. Nosvo Reesb She called me a
barmaid, and I new at her and milled
ber hair. mmi
VaC Toptofty-Ohnow; drfeadfull Still
even that didn't Justify yon la fighting
' Mrs. Koaro Reesb Tea, but It yoo bad
ever been a barmsld von would nfKfemxnd
tow mad Htdene.-rCifps.
GettnlM me eavstry to Hw'dtnsr taa
sBamerr- Crinsty-tlte Ust oC country
ObAHML'a 3
$4 Sill Waists.
Ladies' Silk, Waists- 1
just loreljr with fall
front, aaT large biskop
slee ves lined, and
whaleboned. Worth
i 4
I 734-738 7th St. N.W.
amos cmaccrns tomatoes.
Created a Paolo on Board a St. Jotin'a
Blver Steamboat.
"Congressman Amos J. Cummlngs prob
ably was a very brave soldier daring; tbe
war," said a Florida man yesterday, "bat
I saw him badly frightened down la oar
State several year ago. Perhaps I may
add that all tbe other members ot the party
were frightened also. Wo were making a
trip up the St. John's Blver in an old
side-wheeler that bad seen much service,
and as wc sat on deck one of the members
of the party told stories of tbe life on a
Mississippi boat in the days when tbey
raced for all they were worth and nut
infrequently blew up.
" 'This doesn't look like a very safe
cxatu' he added, 'and I'm glad we are
going slow.'
'Suddenly there was a smothered explo
sion between decks and Jhen a series of
the wildest negro yells that I ever beard.
Every man Jumped for the companion way.
We were met by the negro cook, who
had lost no time in getting up; on deck.
He was a sight to terrify anyone. His
head seemed to be covered with blood and
he yelled at the top ot bis voice:
" 'Jump! for he lub of Uawd, Jump! I'm
killed -ami de boiler's busted!' Someone
grabbed thecookbeforehs could Jumpover
hoard and another directed attention to tbe
fact that the engines were rurmlngnll right.
Then theexpianution ottbeexokMioncarae
out In Installments. It was simple. Cum
mlngs had brought do wnsome canned toma
toes and thecoozdldn't kno whaw tohandle
them. Without opening the can he had
placed it on the range. When the tomatoes
began to boil the can burst and the contents
Dew over the cook's bead. Perhaps Cum
mlngs has forgotten tbelnddcnt, hut I know
that be was frightened, and so was tbe
She Had Hlai There).
- Pctie Pusualong Sfou know tne proverb.
ma'am. "She that givetb to the pour an
onfortunlt Icndeth to the Lord."
Mrs. 8harpley Sou are a lover of
proverbs. I see--
Petic Yes, ma'am. I wuz brought op
on 'em.
Mrs. Sharplcy Then, perhaps, you are
familiar witb the old saw?
Pctle What old saw. ma'am?
Mrs.SharpIcy Tbe one behind tbe wood
bouse dour.
But he was gone. Cleveland Plain Dealer.
"Well Authenticated.
Elsie The report you beard about Edith's
engagement must be true. I heard It rrom
a number ot persons.
Rath From wbom7
Elsie Well, Miss Brown, Miss Jopcs and
Miss Robinson.
Kuth-Oh! I told them. Brooklyn Life.
m 1
Slow- to Learn.
nden Tbe count does not understand
ungusa very weiu
Fanny Apparently not. I have bad tossy
"no" to hlra three times. I'uck.
Doer Park and Berkeley Special.
Commencing Monday. June 15, the B.
A. O. B. R. will place in service a special
fast express train for the accommudaUca
of those desiring to visit the Summer Re
sorts along the main line uf the road.
The. train nil! be eouh-iped'wltb first-class
coaches and Buffet Parlor Car. and will
run on the following schedule-. Leave
Baltimore 11:40 a. m., Washington 1235
p. ro.; arrive MarUnsburg 30 p. m- Han
cock 3:0T p. m.. Berkley Springs 3:35,
Cumberland 430 pm.. Keyser5:l2 p.m..
Piedmont 5:25 p. m Deer Park B:1C p. m
Mountain Lake Park G:18 p. m., Oakland
622 p.m.. Grafton 8:00 p. m.
Painless deatiistry eifocted under the Fra
OTrAasesthsUaw really painless. Extraction
always bee when plate is mads by mr. The
meat skillful work at ""Mwim chirr-.
Kzamlaatioa fresv
Z. P. FKAZEByD. D. 8
IMF Street IT. W..
Accident on the South Fairfax.
Street Lisa at' Alexandria.
lawreBco TTasblnffton Appointed
Stamp Depaty Ca'e Dlnpoaed. of
by tbe Corporation Court.
Traffic on the electric line on South
Fairfax street was suspended last nignt
on account pr an accident to the line,
which occurred shortly before 6 o'clock
jesterday evening.
The trolley pole of a car became en-
tagied with tbe wire near the corner of
Fairfax and Prince streets, which
resulted in the entire line for more tbaa a
square being torn down, carrying witb it
three of tbe large gay poles. Fortunately
tbe poles fell In the carriage- wuy, and no
vehicles were passing at the time.
. One or the poles struck an electde
cor, damaging It somewhat. These poles
arc about twenty-me feet falgb,and twelve
Inches in diameter. An examination by a
Times reporter revealed the fact that
the three poles pulled down have rotted
at the base.
Mr. Calvin McDaniel, an old and well
known citizen, died at bis home on Upper
King street, yesterday morning. The de
ceased was a printer by- trade," and was,
when a young. msD. employed oo the
Southern Churchman, and subsequently pa
the "Virginia Sentinel. He served through
the Mexican war, and was sixty-seven
years of age at tbe time ot bis death.
He leaves a widow, formerly Miss-Bailie
xates. principal or Lee school.
George Williams and John Carter, both
colored, arrested for trespassing on the
cars of tbe Southern Railway Company,
were sent- to the gang for ninety days, by
Mayor Thompson yesterday, and David
Brown, for drunk and disorderly conduct,
was fined $5.
The remains of tbe late George Washing
ton were yesterday buried in Christ Church
Cemetery. The funeral services were con
ducted by Rev. Father McCarty. of St.
Mary's Catholic Church. The pallbearers
were Messrs. G. K. Pickett. B. F. Knox.
S. L. Monroe, W. H. Smith, J. E- Johnston
and W. P. Vincent.
The property at the northwest corner
of King and Lee streets, offered for sale
yesterday, was bought iu by the trustees
for $3,800.
Mr. Lawrence Washington was yesterday
appointed to the position of stamp deputy
for this city, by Cant. w. il.Kowic. united
Suites internal revenue collector for this
district, to fill tbe vacancy caused by
the death of the late George Washington.
Mr. Lawrence Washington is a son of the
late Cd. John Augustine Washington, who
formerly owned the Mount Vernon estate
and who was killed in battle at Cheat
In the corporation court yesterday the
Jury in the case or Larry Bright, charged
with housebreaking, brought In a verdict
of guilty and fixed the term of Imprison
ment at three months in jail.
The motion for a new trial In the case
or Cornelius Smith, convicted of malicious
cutting, was withdrawn. The case of
John Nelson, indicted for breaking into
the old courthouse, and stealing a lot of
gambling paraphernalia, which had been
captured from his place and stored there,
was continued until Monday. Mr John H.
Green, one or the counsel In the case,
stated that Mr. Edmund Burke, who was
asxociate-1 with him, was detained at-his
home in Washington on account of sickness.
Commonwealth's Attorney Marbiry recalled
the fact that this case bad several times
been postponed at the request of counsel
for defense, and insisted that the trial be
prnceedeiwiUi, whereupon Mr. Green with
drew from the case, which was then con
tinued. The pupils of St. Mary's colored school
wilt give an operetta -at Lyceum Hall to
night. A -valuable watch and a tox of cigs
were stolen frrm tbe store of Mr. C. R.
Davis, corner Duke and Henry streets.
Wednesday nlgbt.
The services at tbe Union Mission tent on
forth Washington, street last night were
conducted by Ber. A. O. Harrison, assisted
by a company cf prominent mission workers
from the Union ITlmion or Washington.
There was a large attendance.
Mr.S.C.Eoushisseriouslylllat his borne
on Duke .street.
A marriage license has teen issued by
Mr. John B. Beach, clerk, ot the corpora Una
court, to Ices Tuuber of Russia and Dora
Tlnkelstein ot Turkey. Tbe parties reside
in Washington. The ceremony wilLbe.per
formed in the Jewish synagogue in this
city on 8onday next by Rabbi Stem.
Button and Other Political Insignia
Are Mock In Demand.
Troy Times.
Tbe coming of Presidential year may
have a depressing effect on some branches
ot business, bat Is a great blessing to raanu
facturersanddeuler3 In novelties. Tbemano
facture and sale of campaign buttons has
become a great industry and bas been
built ap In recent years.
Campaign badges have been in use for
years, but It was a comparatively short
time ago that the neat little button
to be attached to the lapel of tbe coat was
produced. A button such as is today sold
at a profit for ten -cents would have cost
double that to produce ten years ago. But
improved facilities have reduced the cost of
manufacture so that tbe business Is really
E rendurinBlheprcliraiuary ski rniUh thou
sands of buttons have been sold, and as
soou as tbe conventions are held and the
recnlarcamDaicnopens the sales wlllercatlr
increa"". But tuc manufacturers are con
stantly looking for something that will be
a novelty. Fortunes were made from tbe
bandanna and flag handkerchiefs or eight
years ago, and it some lucky man can
succeed in producing something that will
strike tbe popular taste with equal force
this year he will be able to retire on bis
fortune by election day.
Among tbe latest novelties exhibited for
sale Js a rcrar-ln-hand necktie which, when
tbe wearer pulls a string, opensand reveals
the portrait ot bis favorite candidate. Tub
"IUJ "-UIVU WU9 UUllll JIUIMU1C iuui,auuic I
thing more popular will be brought out be- I
iuic lutr luiupaigu uet-urnes jjuc
Spring Datle.
Max Delia, I swear to heaven that you
are tbe first woman I ever kissed.
Delia (with a sigh) That's the trouble
with this miserable season ot year. One
ha.i to break in so much new material, and
for some other summer girrs benefit, likely
as not. Truth.
has been ne I by Millions of Mothers
for their Children while Teething for
over fifty yrsrik. It sooth's the child,
softens the gums, allay-t ail rain, cures
wind col e. sod is the bat remedr for
TwcntyBv- cents a bottle.
Wholesale Agents for
ft',fci',' - y - - fc - 's - ,k - sv - aj - - a - - L
We make a specialty of Cooked Prepared i
t Meats, etc. t
Emrich Beef Company's 12 Reliable Markets. 4
A breezy, cool, rest
ing place . . .
Jce Qream Soda, most delicious,
all flavors for one day,
todaj only 5"'
Also 25c Chocolate,
today only
Summer Suits and Skirts.
Largest -line of Summer Suit?
and Skirts in the city.
We Will Sell
Tow Linen, Linen Duck
Pique Skirts, well
worth $2, for .
Bon Marche,
314-316 Seventh Street.
B. E. Yoang.
Wonderful Values.
63c Gents Unlauodered Shirts. 3Bc.
iSc Gents' Itezli-ree Shirts. 45c.
49c Gents' Oattag Shirts, 23c
S9e Oeuts' Litis Half Hose. 13 o.
S. E. -5TOTJ3STC3-,
803-B04 7th, bat. II and L
I Here's a Bargain.
A o cases 01 Scotch Lawns, nei
signs. Warranted fist colors.
4 808 7th St.. Bat. H and I.
1924-1926 Ponn. Ava.
3'-V.'-V-'-sV 3
. A
That "really when you stop
to think about it the best
way to buy Furniture is on
credit You. can select any-thing-you
need at Grogan's
and pay lor it as you can
spare the money." That's
the whole thing in a nutshell!
Your credit is good no
notes no interest. Our
credit prices are the cash
prices elsewhere.
Matting tacked down free.
Carpet made and laid free.
8 1 9-82 1 -823 7th St N. W.
sxnrxx-c n sxai sn.
3-3C t 5,. shirting Priats.
34 C f fc UaKeaehed Cottoo.
t for Se Bleached Cotton.
Wz C for 6e Fancy L-iwbs.
4 A C for 8c Grass Linen.
5C f0r 8c jojij, rjngn.
5C fOT Sc Whits Goods Open Work.
OC-for ioc fine Black Lawn.
"C toe 12c fins Black Sstteen.
I OCfor 23c Grenadine.
Sample Shirt Waists
half price.
at less than
804-906 Seventh St. 1
CQLOOM Is an expert at watch
D pairing. -K8Pa. av-e.
Choice ard reliable
plants and Cnt
Floirers at popular
Stnder's, 936 F St. N.W.
jm Trt. Ave. S TV.
Flrnt-oIasJi service. 'PUouo 1383.
THOiIAS James Thomas, beloved hu
hand of Helen Thomas, departed thii life
Thursday. June 18. 1600, in the firty
ninth year of hfs age.
Funeral will Uke place from the Nine
teenth Street Baptist Church. Sundjy. Jum
21, at 3 p. m.
(New Bedford paper .please copv.l
DTEK On "Wednesday. June 17, 160G,
at 7:30 p. m.. EIUaL-etb A., widow of th
late Elijah IJycr.
Funeral rrom tho residence of her son-in-law.
AVIlh.'im A. DIx. 3403 Jf -itreel
northwest. Friday, June 19. at 2.30 p. in.
Relatives and friends invited.
, " It-em
- - , - L - - - aJ - - k - - a a
S 32C. a yard. S
ass''sss'ssE'siM '
"te. 'rfS- - -TrM"r vn -y7-av'f -ii1f'j--&-

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