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1-2 AS 'r
PtsggDy fS:
2w. SCTS-
Departmental B. B. League
Game Today, 4.45 p. m.
Dist. Com. vs. Fort Myer.
Arim'ftftloti, 13 ami 25c,
Every Evening Matinee Saturday.
Coolest Place Only Laugh iu Town.
Tbe Washington Stock Company.
All the Favorites Tlie Same Old Successes
All the week with
Frederic Bind. Charles Mackay, William
lloag. John Faulla). Ernest Kiton, Georgo
Stevens Ely the Chap an, Mary Sanders,
Acnes Findlat. Itrilta Marti,
bummer prices. 2.5u ".
All this wee.
The Original Nautlca Uurle'sque.
Biiiie Taylor.
Grand Marches. New Living Pictures.
1 0 High Class Specialties 1 0
At the Internationa' Athletic ram.
Commencing at 4:3) o'clock sharp.
The Famous Savannah Prize Drill in eTery
detail Two Biiillant Blcecle Races. 410
yard Handicap Hun. Music by Mt. Pleasant
Field Hand.
Popular prices of admission, 23c, 60c, 73c.
rniMRi! hPMvm
Tbe cycling
craze, una
vvuwuuiu uvaavutua oftheslghts
et Washington. Cycling taught on a 12.0M
It. floor. Competent instructors. Charges
small. Music every evening. 22d and P
Streets. J. Hart Brittaln. Mgr. Take F street
(Jo Sboot the Chute at River View, Sun
day, June 21.
If you do not shoot the chute yourself,
there is just as much fun watching others
"shoot the chute."
Steamer Pentz leaves at 11 a. m., 2il3 and
6 p m., and returning leaves Kivcr view at 1,
6, 7i0 and 8 JO p. in.
lickets, ISc E. S. RANDALL,
Sole Proprietor.
Tbe Inter-State Democratic Association
excursion on Saturday, Jnne tt jelS-st
Up the Chesapeake ft Ohio Canal.
On the Baree MAMIE B.
ON SUNDAY, JUNE 21. 1896.
Befreshments Served. Tickets, 25 Cents.
Barge leaves S.30 A. M. at the loot of 32d St.
Jnnl9 2t.
NOTICE-Owlng to the inclement
niMiner on Tuesday. June 1, tickets
CIATION to Marshall Hall will be honored
on Saturday. June 20, on 2:30, 6 and n-30
p.m. boats. it
Marshall Hall..
Steamer "MACALESTEiV leaves 7th St.
wharf dally (except Sunday) at JO a, m. and
S0 p. ra. Reiuruiug, leaves Marshall II all at
12.4jand 4:Sp. in.
Every Frldny a-id Saturday evening In June
and every .Thursday, Friday and Saturday in
Julv, August and September at 6:0 p. m
landing at Marshall Hall both ways, andleav
lngMarshall llall on return trip atlhWp. m.
Fartirs at "the Hall" can avail themselves of
the Macalester's Indian Head trip without
extra charge.
Steamer "RIVER QUEEN" leaves 7tb and
O bt. wharf daily (Sundays excepted) at 9SI0
a. in. for Indian Head aud all intermediate
landings and at 5:30 p. ni. lor Marshall Hall
only, Returning, lcav es Marshall Hall, at 1:30
and TiTO p. m.
Music by Frof. Schroder's Band,
Dancing Day and Evening.
FARE (Round Trip) 25 Cts.
An excellent Coarse Dinner on arrival
of boats, 50c Good Care on steamers.
L. 1. BL4.KK, Captain.
Every Night
MtVernOn Park,
2 Performances Sunday,
4 and o P. M.
Tie Champion Hlgh-w re Walker of the
World, in the mott dazzling feats on a.wire 80
feet from tbo ground.
Dancing and Boating and all btber arouse
ments. Hotel, Pavilion, Merry-go-round, Ac
No Charge for Admission,
Take Electric Cars at 13i Street and Pa.
Are., 7, 7.30, 8, 8.30 and 9 p. m.
Fare Now hs Cents.
Colonial Beach Excursions.
Palac S frame r
Fastest and Most Elegantly Appointed Ex
cursion Steamer on the Potomac, possessing
Dancing and Concert Music by Flstorio's
Large rebates paid organizations.
Round Trip only 50 Cents
Foot lxili street daily (execot Mondays
find Saturday) at 9 a. m.; Saturdays O p. m.
Offices filtf lennyl ania Ave. and Wharf.
Fattest Excursion steamer on the Potomac
The John Sylvester.
Swllt, Spacious. Clean, Respect. ble.
Bpeclal sal-on for ladles and children, par
lors for family parties. Fare, 30 cents; chll
drcd,25cruLs. LOWhST EXCURSION RATES for soci
eties. Esputa's Orchestra. Unexcelled tab's,
Clyde Dock, foot of 7th st, ts.ii, except
Monday. Ore in. Satnrdavs.
More Peculiarities of Judge
.Holt's Writings Disclosed. )
He TUifurj Sentences with Lower Cnso
Letters und Used Comnms AVIiere
Periods Miould Uuve Been Expert
Iluy Again, un tbe Stand Will of
ISO 5 Produced.
When the twenty third day of the Dolt
will trial In Judge Bradley's court closed
yesterday afternoon the Jury bail been
given a bewildering mass of expert testi
mony over which to cogitate.
There were only three witnesses on tbe
stand during the session rror. Hagan,
who completed the testimony be began the
day before; Edward Sohon, a lawyer, who
said the will was not entirely dissevered
when it first ealue to light, and E. II. Hay,
called to continue bis examination pre
viously I'tgin.
Mr. Worthlrgton's little transparent pho
tographs are probably making a greater
ImprefcMon on the Jury than all the expert
testimony that bas been orfered.
These are uotlilrg more nor less than
photographs of the will, taken in exact
tizc, on sheets of mica as transparent as
panes of gass. The skillful lawyer lujs
these transparencies over the will or
letters in exhibition and calls 'the atten
tion of the Jurors to thestrlkltig -lmilarity
between certain words in tlie epktles and
the sa'ne words in the alleged will.
Some of these words are as mi'cli alike
as a pair of peas in a pod, and Mr. Worth
irgion insists, and one of the experts has
admitted as much, that It is remarkable
that the writer should the second time In
his life write a word so near a fac dmlle of
the eame word written before unless he
had used tracirg paper to bring about the
When Prof. W. E. H.ip.m was on the
stand the attorney made freiinentuteof this
method of carry.ng convict on to the Jurj.
He attempted to show that the Washn-;-ton"
in the letter of February 7. 167:1,
written to Mrs. Throckmorton, was the
"Washington" of the will. The same was
true of the dates "February 7. 1873."
Similarly, he exhibited the words lloll"
"thise." and "the city or."
Prof, llagan's cross-examination was
long-drawn-out, but when he concluded
the expert said he was still of the opinion
that if Judge Holt wrote his own letters, he
wrote the mysterious will.
Edward Sohon. an attorney, succeeded
Prof. Hagan in the witness chair. He
testified that the will wasinouepiccewhen
he gave it a careful examination in the
office of the register of wills shortly after
It first turned up.
E. U. Hay or this city was recalled bj
Mr. Darlington to continue tlie testiirony
he began Tuesday. Prior to his reappear
ance. Mr. Wortlungton asked Mr. Larllug
ton for the will or Miss Hyncs. bearing
date of January 1. 188G, which bad been
previously alluded to. Mr. Darlington stated
that he had no objections to counsel for the
caveators examining the paper, though Miss
Hyncs would naturally regret to see the
will go in evidence.
After carefully looking at the paper with
h's associate. Judge Wilson, Mr. Wortb
lngtonsaid they would inBiston reading It
to the Jury. The matter was allowed to go
over temporarily.
"The signature of Judge Holt v.ir'es sig
nificantly throughout his -writings." said
Mr. Hay. "There is a greater difference
between his aerage signature and th it to
four or five of his letters than there is
between the average signature and that to
tbe will."
Three letters writtenby Luke Devlin were
produced. One of the r-e -was the letter ad
dressed to Miss Thrrckmorton. Mr. Hay
said that upon investigation be found Judge
Holt and Devlin made their "k's" alike.
That was the only letter In which thorewas
a similarity between the writing of testator
and executor.
In one cf the exhibits written by Mr. Dev
lin the witness found nineteen final rind
Initial "t's." Not one of them was ooped,
as was tlie case with the "t's" in fie will.
"Do yon find any proper namesur words
at the head of fentences beginning with a
small letter?"
"Yes; the word Friday in a litter cf
July 26, 1881, begins with a small 't.' "
"Do you find any places wher eapital
letters are used where grammar would re
quire small letters?"
"Yes; in the word "successful' In the
third line or the letter cT February 7. 1873,
It begins with a capital. I find, too, in
a letter or October 9, 1877, that the -nord
'welcome' begins with such a 'w' .'is you
find in 'Washington in the will."
Mr. Hay was asked to tind the Grant
letter or 1870 among those written by
Judge Holt. He did to and called attention
to the ratt that a comma appeared after
the word "Charles" in the name "Charles
B. Throckmorton." In the will of 1848
a comnuiiippeared after"James"ln "Jan.es
J. Holt,'" and repeatedly after "Robert"
In "Robert S. Holt."
"Mr. Hay, hae jou rormed an opinion
as to who wrote the will?"
"It is my ormlon that the hand that
wrote the letterR in exhibition wrote the
will. K Judge Holt wrote them he wrote
this will."
"Tell the reasons tor ybur conclusion."
"A general comparison or the will and
the other papers gives one the Idea that
the same hand penned all. A specific
comparison oT characteristics reveals an
identity In tlie writings. It Is not dlfrt
cult to rorge a signature, hut wben it comes
to making a whole script, carrying out
another's characteristics entirely, it is an
Further reasons for his conclusions were
given by Mr, Hay, whereupon court ad
journed until 10 o'clock this morning.
i m
Troperty ofrered for sale or rent by The
Times Real Estate Bureau hac the prices
quoted by the owners.
Bemarkahle Cnrntlve Properties of
u New Remedy for Indigestion
und Stomach "Weakness.
Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets, a new prepar
ation for tbe cure of d)spepsia and tbe
various forms of indigestion and stomach
trouble, owes its great success as a cure for
these troubles to tbe Tact that It is prepared
for disease aud weakness of tbe stomach
and digestive organs only and lsnot recom
mended or advised for any other disease.
It Is not a cure-all, but for any stomach
trouble It is undoubtedly tbe safest, most
sensible remedy that can be advised with
tbe prospect or a permanent cure. It Is
prepared In tablet form, pleasant to taste,
composed of vegetable and fruit essences,
pure pepsin and Golden Sea), every one of
which act effectively in digesting tbe
food eaten, tltereby resting and invigorat
ing the weak stomach; rest is nature's cure
far any disease, but you cannot rest tbe
stomach unless you put Into it totnetbtag
that will do Its work or assist In the di
gestion of food. That is exactly" what
Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets do,aone grain
of the digestive principle contained In
them will digest 3,000 grains ot meat,
egg, or similar wholesome foods, Tbey will
digest the food wbctber the stomach is in
working order or not, thereby nourishing
tbe body and resting tbe stomach at tbe
same time, and rest and nourishment is
nature's cure for any weakness. In persons
run down in flesh and appetite these
tablets build up the strength aod Increase
flesh, because tbey digest flesh-forming
food wbicb tbe weak: stomach can not do;
tbey Increase tbe now' of gastric J uleeaod
prevent fermentation, acidity and sour
watery risings.
Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablet can be round
at all drug blores at CO cent per package.
. . r. 4"--4-fial2C..
ujv: "rr r-rrr TrvMaTr,Xmi ntr'r-r'MrT-r " ra.rii. .
Doctor Walker
Tbat this noted specialist stands pre
eminently at tbe bead of bis profession 1
no longer a question of doubt. That he has
investigated fanner into tbe mysteries of
life, and penetrated deeper the secrets ordls
easetban others, medical men tbrouchouttbe
world grant- Hlscxpcriencclsllfelong.und
tils record right here In Washington for the
past four years, at 1411 Pennsylvania
aYcnue.adJolningWHlard'snotel.is simply a
Series of Professional
There are thousands in this city today who"
arc praising his name because be has made
tbelr lives happy nod brought sunshine into
tbeirbomes. Dr. walker'smethodsare regu
lar and scientific, and his only charge for
$5u month. He treats with unfailing
succcsB all diseases of the kidneys, eye, ear,
head und brain, throat, heart, stomach, liver,
and bowels. lie cures all private diseases.
He corrects the secret errors of youth and
their terrible effects. His new method of
restoring lost pqwer to weakened organs is
Infallible. Remember there Is but one
chargc.no matterif sou havconcoradozen
diseases, S5 a month und all medicines fur
nished. Dr. Walker can be consulted dally
from 10 a. m. to 5 p.m.; Sundays, IU to
12. Monday. Weihiesdav. Thursday, and
Saturday evenings from 7 to 8.
Equity Court No. 1, Justice Cox.
Dawson vs. Dawson; auditor's report
confirmed and distribution ordered. Clif
lon vs. Clifton; Kate I. Clifton apiwinteil
guardian nd litem. Boswcll vs. Coiielamr;
auditor's report confirmed. 8ulllvan vs
Mace; sale or stock approved. Goddanl
b. Oppeuhelmer; leave to file amended
bill granted. Fnhcy s. Fahey; ordered
calendered at present time. Jackson vs.
Jackson; alimony and counsel feesallowed.
Equity Court No. 2. Justice Uaguer.
Paul s. Hllchlns; testimony befoje M.
Arthur Ingrnham', examiner, ordered thk'n.
Long vs. Ulodet al.; demurrer overruled
with leave to answer. Maxwell as. Wil
mington Dental Manufacturing Co.; order
confirming, sale nisi. Shutter vs. Loar
nianet al.:onlerproconfesf vs. defendants.
Circuit Court No. 2. Justice McComas.
Unitcd States vs Scott, et al.; on trial.
Downcv i Co. vs. Cusick; Judgment ou
publication and Judgment of condemna
tion. Temple vs. Fox; order ror commission
to issue.
Circuit Court No. 1, Justice Bradley.
Estate of Joseph Holt; on trial.
Probate Court. Justice Hagncr. Es
tate of Francis A. Lamb, inventory
filed, Deborah D. Lamb, guardian; an
nual rental of estate filed. Estate of
Chrtsttin Q. 8chncider; will filed. Estate
of Elizabeth Goeptiel; Inventory filed.
Estate of James L. Edwards; petition filed.
Estate or Flizabeth Hall: Inventor) riled.
Mamie E. Normcnt, guardian; receipt nnd
releise riled. Estate or John R. Gullen;
rinding or Jury sustaining will filed. Es
tate or C. O. Schneider: will partly proved
Estate of Fannie 8. Gradwohl; proof of
publication filed. Frank Stewart, guar
dian; final rejiort filed.
Heal EHtutc Transfers.
Walter II. Acker and Charles It. Ncu
m.in. trustees, to Howard S. Njmau. lot IS,
square 97. in Wollnrd's sub, $4,Sui.
George F. Appleby, trustee, to Emily P.
Rider, parts loto 3 and 4, square O.iO, ?GU.
Quit claim.
Mary T. He.iuchauser to William W. Met,
calf, lot "T," square 59G, Iu Metcalf's sub,
$10. Quit claim.
"John J. Uj rue. surlvtng trustee, te
Orlando A. Jones, lot Si;, rcter.it on 10, In
White's sub. southeast corner or lour-nnd-a-hair
and Cstreetn northwest. $12,Ui0.
Lester A. Itarr et ux. to Cecelia Cook, lot
21)2. square "OU. In Howgate's sub, $10.
Subject to trut, $7,000. ,
Job Uarnard and Joseph Tyssuwshl,
trustees, to Llim and Thomas Rtchardsuu
and Caroline Montague, lot "11," Pleasant
Plains. In Wright rt al. cub. fl.ftoo.
Agnus Crawford et ux. to Manchc II.
Meline. lots 43 and 14, square 10, in
Danenbower's sub. alo tnc west ore-half
of lot 1, in Tuttle's sub, Widow's Mite,
Allen C. Clark et ux to David II. H.izcn,
lot 20, square 4UB, in Todd etui sub.. $300.
Joseph J. Darlington and John Altheus
Johnson, trusters, to David H. Huzeu. lot
25. square 4GB, in Todd et nl sub.. $1. COO.
A. M.Green et ux to Charles II. Alleuder,
lot 34, block 4, in Chichester, $600.
A. M..Grcen et ux to Thomas U. Osborne,
lots 4 and 10. block 0. Buena Vista, $800.
Gardiuer G. Hubbard et ux to William A.
Johnson, lor 3, block 1. Eclair Heights,
alo lo' . n.rnrt 10, block 9, additlrn to
Eclair Heights, $10.
Aim Hajes, Henry X- Tierce, William L.
Pierce. Mary 8. Prirter and Rhoda Cochran
to William W. Metrair. lots "D," "K" and
"L" In Mctcairs sub.. $5; quit claim.
N. Read Johnson to Lcsccles Grandy, lot
221. in Manogue's sub, block 27. Long
Meadows, $1,200. ' h
J. Hall Lewis et ux to Edwin Nnuck,
lot 13, square 440, In Stellwagen's sub,
southeast corner Spenth street aud Flor-
.5Sf"SC 5SUhvvc"t' "abject tu trust of
$a.OuO, $5,000.
William W. Mctcair et ux to Marr T.
Bcauchnuser, lot L. iu Metcalfs ub.
square 590, quit claim, $6.
Julius A. Juarriel. trustee, to Mary T.
Beauchauser. lots T aud M in Metcairs
sub, square BOG, $10.
Louis E. McC. mas, trustee, Catherine
Bhupp and Sallie A. Ilawken, to Frank
E. Murray, part Friendship lccrilied by
'"e'esaud bounds, subject tu trust $18,000,
Howard 8. Nyinau tn Albert B. Ruff.
P".1,1 S ,lot 1 ' square 97, in Wollard et al
sub, $10.
Same to Lizzie M.Tbclps, part same kt,
square 97, $10.
Same to Angus Crawlord, part same lot,
square 97, $10.
David II. Stone and R'chard M. Johnson
trusters, to Mnrr I. Coper, lot 10. block
4, Avalon Heights, $600. '
Henry C Stewart, jr.. trustee, to J.A1
"M Duval, p-irt or lot 22. square 5fi0. $10.
Nellie F. 8hed,i to Augustus B. Gray. lot
81. square 72J, In Hanbacks' subdivision.
Oliver T. Thompson, trustee. Manche IT.
Meline and Albert B. Rufr to Angus Craw
ford, lot 68, square 97. in Thompson, trus
SIO subt"visl"n' "JJect to trust $6,5C0,
John A. Wynkoop et ux to William H
luiMfv.s!;:nS2o?uare 4i-ln MatWox et al
ciiviSron:n$4po.G20-in G,ers-trusiee,s -
Thomas E. Wagcaman et ux to William
W. McDonald, part or the unsubdlndecl
portion, Cleveland Park. $10
Chicago tirnln nnd Cotton Ma rkota.
Open. High. Low. Close.
Wheat. '
July .U fiOVX S7VX WW..;
Sept oojj co; 5S isS
July MM 28' TJJi 2ni-S
Sept. 9 2 Si- 2$y,
July ij i:m :7H-; itvj
Sept 18), 1SIJ I7t-3i 17Ji
July ' 7.15 7.23 7.12 1Ai
Sept 7. 7. 7.27 7.a
Jnly 4.""0 4,22 .17 tl7
Sept 1.17 1,37 130 t.33
Spake Ribs i
July 1.S0 aw S.sa 3?5
Sept 4.07 4.07 4,00 4.0Z
Open. High.
7.S7 7.8S
7.37 7.40
B.73 6.75
&73 6.73
Low. Clos.
7.38 7.87
7.25 7.16
6.70 6.70
.& 6.C9
Furnished by Seymour Bros , bank
era and brokers, members of New
York Stock Exchange. 'Wasb.lnjrton
office, 009 Fourteenth street. J. A.
Breen, manager
On. rfbzb. Ijow. Clos.
n w n i3
,521, :9li m, )22j,
m ! MH Hlg
ISS 15V 15" 15
'i'i ten &i a
mi? tnc? hl 71,,
Am. Cotton Oil Co
Am. Bmrar Reflnlnr Co
Canada Southern
Atchison Tod. 4 8. P..
American Tobacco Co.
uaito. & unio
fsiunaAlr. Jtr f"lllfl
- Wi. 1C2 16 lg"
C. C. C. 4 St. lxuls...
Central of New Jersey.
Chicago and Northw'n.,
Chicago. Bur. & Q
Chicago Gas
Cou. Gas
Cm R. L 4 "....... .....
C8t.P.M.4 0ma
Del. Lack. 4 West
Dist. 4 Cattle Feed Co.
uenerai Kloctrlo
Laclede Gas
,-34 S3V S3 83U
107 107 107 1C7
1?4SK ' 1033 103
rav fim m a.
lZ.i - u 7k
5 sg 67J 67K
.72 72 vat 7ii
,1V ,S 43
. 162 1C2 162 162
il m m
,- wi w my UK
.. ji 23g 2JV 33J?
. ei ea W SS
.. IU4 104 lOSJi 103
.. i S8 24 24g
,. s&i 2aO. tsK
tiontsTiue at iMasuvuie,
Mo. i-acinc
National Lead Co....
Pacific Mail.. ...-.
Pbiia 4Rmdinr "
Southern Railway pfd
Regular $1.60 Black Satin Calf Rals.
and ongressi Shoes la opera Afta
aad-globe toes only........ 70w
Regular K Russia Tan BaUaorals ,
fine quality in needle fti A.
and opera shapes only 9 aansK7
Regular 63 and tt.50 Fine Russia Tan
and Vlcl Kid Balmorals in every style
and popular shape 0 alR
Regular 75c Black Dongola Oxfords,
with patent tip opera toe Qp
Regular f 1.25 Blck or Tan Oxfcrds
opera and common sense 7Cp
toes onlr J
Regulartl.25StrapSandals VBp
InVici Kid-all widths-only I Ol
Regular SI.25 Misses' Strap Sandals In
Black and Tan good quail- 7Cn
ty-only Ol
I "810" 7th St.
The Union Savings Bank,
1222 F Street N. W.
On approved District real estate anl
collateral security.
Interest paid on savings depoi'ts.
Open uutll 5 p. iu. on government pay
days and alur.lay evening, from 6 to 8.
J H. SMITH Preslden:
ALV1N M. LOIIIROP... First Vice President
1. O. KI.MUALI Second Vice President
T. A. LAMBERT ....Treasurer and Attorney
Col. F. C. Alnaworth,
I. G. Kimball.
T. A. LamberT,
A. M. Lothrop.
Jackson IL Ralston,
loadnre Saks.
Wilton J. Lainbcr
F. II. Smith,
K. Qnlnrv Smith,
613 Fifteenth St., opp. TJ. S'. TreaBury.
'Phono 505.
Brokers aid pealers.
Stock:, cotton, Grain, Provisions,
Local Offices Rooiual0.J.1.12Corcoran
Building. 60S 7lh' St., opposite Patent
Office. '
Office. Philadelphia, Baltimore. Wash
ton. I
Deposits Earn Interest
You can acposltjou'r savings with this
coinpauv. curcic against them at will.
and at tbe end f each six mouths inti r-
est on your average balances will bo
credited to you. .
-credited to you. ,
AmerlcanSecurity t Trust COj
1405"C Street N."W. ' '
Tennessee Coal 4 Iron .. 15K 3Sfi 34 24
Union Pacifio !i t2 111 7
o.s.L.pM 3 kv. e M
Western Union .....'..... UH 6 so tccj
Wl,..lini.f.,L.Krln 1ftl ln-Vl 03? 10
TTaslilDgton stock Excliungo.
Sales Met. R. R. Ch $1.(0 at I2X Ches. 4
Tel 25 at ITW; 2-5 at C3 i. Mergenthaler Un
oiype, 10 at 130; 10U at 12). Lanston Monotype.
mn. ask.
n. f. v R-
tt f. 4 R- ICS-rl lOSJi
u. a . w
U. K 4 l'J15..... V.C
U. 8. 5-s WOI lliJi
5's IS89 20-year Funding" 102
fa'slVCU "3u-year Finidiii" gold.... 110
T's IU01 "Water Stock" currency.. 110 ......
; 1901 "Water Stocs." currency... 10
'b unding" currency, J.&is.. luHH 111
MetR It ffs...... 100i
MetllKCunvtfs U'JU my, 1 '.
Uclt R It S's 1821 S2 oo
kingtou Railroad. os 95 t-8
Columbia RR Pa 1311 HI 11:?;
Wash Uas Co. Scr A. 'aJIW2-27.... Hi
Wash Uas t:o. Her R ! l'J01-29.... Hi
Wash Gas Co. Conv. os. 1H91 3)1 ......
Chesapeake 4 Potomac 'let 5's.... 100
AmerSec 4 irust.Vs K and A. Iwi l'JJ
AmerKec4Trnsto'8AaudO.ia05 10J
Wash Market Co Ist'b's 1IW111
S7.UUU retired autiujlly 113
U ash M arket Co, liuu. b'a :j-27... IU
V ash iUn et Co ext'n ij. II4-'27. 11J
Masonic Itall Associati'ii ' lJi.. lOd
Wash. Light Infantry 1st 6s. 90
Uank or Waslllngtoiu 7 273
Hank of Rjpublic 2IJ
MetropoliUn -" 2& i(U
Central. 2Su ......
r&rmcrs and Mechanics 11
Second U 138
Citizens' j;1
Culuuibla.. .......................... .3t ......
Capital "J ......
West l-:nd.... - 18 lis
Traders-...., .J HO
l.lucolu - 14 'u7
Nat. Sate Deposit aud Trust. 115 120
..... I ..,. .nrf Trnar HJl 1'"!
iuu, - - . . -------- ---.
Aiuer.Seourity Irust no 115;
W si oare Deposit 60
Capital Traction Cu. 0
Mi-trupolitan 1 110
coiumuia. ..................... - .
Belt -. I
bcatnzion .......................... u.. ......
ueorgeto'wn 4 leuleyioivii f
Wi.sh.Gas " 47
lieureetown Gas..... ....... .... 44 ......
U.S.tilectnoLUht....r. lltf LO-j
Firemen' .....
Frankiiii i"Vi ?S
" 0
fni.fiii.irt i
4;..::...... ou ......
..t. ......... 70 ..
V". .,,....... OU ..a...
h.. .......... eO .
..a..,, . l&Q
.....k........ W ......
.u a
...'1 11 14
aietropousAu. ......
Corcoran. ...... -
Potomac. '
Arlington. ...".'
.National Union....
VY""-" 1 rs' o
R-'ggs t , "
Peoples - "
Uucoln 'H, oHi
Commercial fa ti?i
ltealE.tateTllIe.....lC.J4J.... 103 110
ColnmbiaTltle.. .V4J.... $K
Wasbingtou TiUe.....l,,..'. 3 ..
DUUict Title J.. 7 10
Pennsylvania 38
Chesapeake and Potomac 62 oi
American Grapbophone,.... SK
American Graphophone. pld 10 UJi
PnenuiatlcUuu Carriage .20 .2o
Mergenthaler Llnotyplnewj ...... 127 ieo
Lanston .Mono type 7 '
jmbiagtonMarket...... .......... 13
Great falls loo 120 126
Norfolk and Wash'a Steamboat..
Lincoln Hail............... ....... .... 0
Baltimore Markets.
Baltimore, June 18. riourdull.un changed
receipts, 4,463 barrels; shipments, 10,486
barrels. Wbeatdull-spotand month, 03 1.2
B63 3-4; July and August, 62 3-4a62 7-8;
September, 63a63 1-4 rcceipts,l,?B8bush
elsjshipments.none: stock, 341,465 bushels;
sales, 10,000 busbels-aoutbern wheat by
sample,03u65. Cotnsteady potandmontb,
S3a33 1-4; July, 33 l-4a33 1-2; August,
33 1-4 bid; September, 33 3-4 bid; steamer
mixed,3Li-4a31 1-2 receipts, 17,454bush
els; shipments, 164,672 bushels: stock, 693,
003 bushels ;ales,v2,000 busbala-soutbcrn
white corn,- 84 l-2a343-4; do. yellow do
341-2a3B. Oats quiet-aod steady Now 2.
S2a22 1-2 receipts, 25,669 bushels; ship,,
met, 30,000 bushnels; stock, 440,730 bush
els, Byeinactire No. St 36a87 nearby re
fjcipts, Apixv uiBUaVusiBwu, A9touo ousaei.
w. T4f'
Chevy Chase.
Chevy Chase Lak ana tbe beaattCal
grova bordering IU baaksj la tbe Meal
plaoe to spend a Taw boars each day dur
ing tbe rammer month. Tbe grounds are
kept dean, and perfect order is matataJa
ed. A delightful place to take your chit,
area for a day's outing to roam-la tea
.woods surrounding tbe take shore. Ac
commodations are made for plcnlo parties,
and no better plaoe can be found for tbe
purpose Doncn'a band will play every
evening during tbe summer from 8 until
10 o'clock. Pleasure boat for hire oa to
lake at all times. Take cars of the Capi
tal Traction Company.
On tbe Crest of the AUeghanlea.
CMala liae a. 0. Kl K.)
SeasonOpens June22, 1896
For rates, rooms, and other informatl9a
apply to D. C. JONS, Manager. B. 4 O. Cen
tral Iinildiiic, Baltimore. Md.. up to June linn;
after that date. Dear Park, Md.,
Bay Ridge.
The only Salt Water Bathing Re
sort in the vicinity of Washington.
Excellent Restaurant. Efficient
train service. Low rates.
Trains 'eave B. 4 O. station, week days, 9:15
a. in., 4: 8 p. m.; Sundays, 0SJ.5 a. ni.. I.J0 and
3:15 p. m.
Itotiutl-trip Tickets, 50c.
For the' 4.28 p. m. train 75 cents 'will be
charged and 25 cents refunded upon return of
coupon to agent at Washington station.
Beach, Va,; open June lr, 189u. for
boarders. Terms, $B and $G per week;
$1 per day. Apply to B. D. COOKE.
Should lie read dally by all Interested as
changes may occur at any time:
FOREIGN MAILS tor the week ending
June 20, close promptly at this office as
Truns-Atluntln Mulls.
FRIDAY-llilAt 7.20 p. m. ror France.
Switzerland. lUily, Spain, Portugal. Turkey,
Egypt, and British India, per s. s. La Gas
cogne, from New York, via Havre. Letters
for oilier parts of Europe must be directed
"per La Gasrogne." (e)At 10.55 p. m. for
Netherlands direct, per h. s. Pp.iamdam,
rrom New York, via Rotterd.mi. Letters
must be directed "per Hpajrndam." (c(At
10:55 p. in. lor Genoa, per s. s. Kaiser Wil
helm II. from New York. Letters must he
directed "per Kaiser Wilnelin II." c)At
10.05 p. m. ror Europe, per s. s. 'Campania,
from New York,viaQuCenstown.(c)Atl0 55
p. m. for Heollanil direct, per s. s. Furnessia,
rrom New York, via Glasgow. Letters must
be directed "per Furnessia." IcIAt 10.50 p.
m. for Norway direct, per s. s. Thingvolti.
from New York. Letters must be directed
"per Thingvalla.'
8ATURDAY Id) At 6-25 a. ni. for Cape
Colony and Nat-n, pers.s. Wllcannia. from
New York. Letters must be directed "Per
steamers sailing from New York on Tues
days. Thursdays and Saturdays take print
ed matter, etc.. for Germany, and specially
addressed primed matter, etc., for other
parts or Europe. Whit4 Star steamers sail
ing from New York on Wednesday take
socially addressed printed matter, etc
ror Europe. Cunard steamers sailing from
New York on Saturdays takeprlntedmatter.
etc. for Great Britain and Ireland, and
specially addressed printed matter, etc
ror other part of Europe. American and
French line steamer take printed matter,
etc ror nil countries ror which tbey are
advertised to carry mall.
Mulls for Sontli nnd Cent nil America.
West Indies. Etc.
FRIDAY-(d)At 2B a. m., for New
foundland, per n. . Carthaginian, from
Philadelphia. IclAt 10 BB p. ni., ror Brazil,
Per s. . Ilevellns, from New York, via.
cmamhiico. Bahla.and Rio Janeiro. Let
ters ror North Brazil and La Plata
Countries must bedirectcd-Perllevellus."
(c)At 10 B5 p. m. for La Plata Countries
direct, per s. s. Bellaura, from New York.
(c)At 10S5 p. m . for Fortune Island. Ja
maica, aod iJreytown. per s. s. Athos,
from New York. Letters for Costa Rica,
must be directed "per Athos." c)At
10 55 p. in., ror Mexico, per s. s. C. Comlal,
rrom New York, via I'rogresso and Ven
Cruz. Letters must be directed "per C.
fondal." (c)At 10.55 p. in., for Central
America (except Costa Rica) and South
Paciric Ports, per s. s. Alllanca. rrom 'ew
York, via Colon. Letters for Guatemala
must be directed "per Alllanca." (c)At
10.55 p. mfor Canipoche. Chiapas, Ta
basco, Tuxpam, and Yucatan, per s. s.
Vigllancla, from New York. Letters for
those Mexican porta and for Cuba must
be directed "per Vlcilanrla."
SATURDAY td At 0:25 a. m..for Brazil
direct, and La Plata countries, via Per
nambuco. Rio de Janeiro, and Santos, per
s. s. Asiatic Prince, from New York. Let
ters for North Bra7ll must he dlrecteel "Per
Asiatic Prince." (OAtlO 05p.tn.for Blue
fields, per steamer from New Orleans.
(c)At 9 20 p. in., for Barbados direct; also
North Brazil, via Para and Manaos. per
s. s. Flumlncnse. from New York. Letters
for other parts of Brazil must be directed
"per Fluinlnense."
IdlMails for Newfoundland, via New
York, by rail to Halifax, and thenre by
steamer, close at this orflce dally at
11:35 a. m.
(a)Mails for Mlquelon. by rail to Boston,
and thence bv steamer, close at this office
daily at 3:20 p. m.
de Cuba, whicb Is rorwardeil vlaNew York,)
close at this orflce dally at 3 00 p. m. ror
forwarding by steamers salTlng Mondays
and Thursdays from Port Tampa. Fla.
IdlMails for Mexico, overland, unless
specially addressed for dispatch by steamer,
close at this office dallv at 9:50 a.m.
Tnms-rnclflo Mulls.
Mails for China and Japan, per . s.
City of Rio Janeiro, from San Francisco,
close here daily up to Juno 18, at 6:30
p. m
Mails for Australia (except those for
West Australia, which are forwarded via
Europe). New Zeal.mo, Hawaii, FIJI and
Samoan Islands, per s. s. Alameda, from
San Francisco, cltt-c here daily up to June
20. at 6:30 p. m.(b)
Malls for Australia (except West Austra
lia), Hawaii and Fiji Islands (specially ad
dressed only), per s. s. Adowera, ireni Van
couver clO'P here ilnllv after June 20, and
up to July 1, at 6:30 p. m. (b)
Malls ror the Society Islands, per ship
Tropic Bird, from San Francisco, close here
dally up to Jnne 24. at 6:30 p. m.
Malls for Hawaii, per s.s. Australia, from
San Francisco, close here dally up to July
B, at 6:30 p. m. -
Trans-Pncificmalls are forwarded to the
port or sailing daily, nnd the schedule or
closing Is arranged on the presumption or
tbelr uninterrupted overland transit.
(a)Reglstered mall closes at 10.00 a.m.
same da y.
(b)Reglstered mail closes at 1.00 p. m.
same day.
(e) Registered mall closes at 6.00 p. m.
same day.
(d)Reglstered mall closes at 6.00 p. m.
previous day. .
(e)I(eglstered mall closes at 1.00 p. m.
Tuesday and Saturday.
JA ME8 P. WILLETT. Postmaster.
FOR BENT-8-room brick bouse; l
era Imnrovements: 317 Delaware
ne., near me capieoi; rent, ;-:'. &ey ub
13 C St. ne. Apply at 1704 Oregon ave,
ne. Jel9-6t
KORKENT-Furnlshed bouse, 600
22d st., rrom July 1 to November 1;
$26 per mouth; references required. Jel0-3t
FOR RENT 711 0th st.nw.,'9 rooms;
1137 ytn st. dw., 9 rooms; 53 R St.
nw., 8 rooms; 909 10th st. ae., 6 rooms: oil
tn first-class order; moderate rent, ED
WARD KERN, 29 R st. nw. Jel8-3t
FOR KENT-18 33
Marlon st.. bet.
bin emu jui,
near R st.: 6 rooms:
cellar nod pantry; $25.50. Inquire 324
4 1-2 st. bw. - JelS-6t
1021 TT. A.TK, NW.-Flnc resi-
uenee; ail luuueru ewuvenicncres; terms.
$125- per month.
J. a BPRiao. JR.
1424 N. Y. ave.
FOB BAXE Fair of thoroughbred
colts; four year old; well broken; dam
and sire have a record of 2:30. Apply J.
O. KNIGHT, Hotel Chamberlln. Jel8-3t
- Southern Railway.
I uircuii a Aisv uni;. r
Hcneuuio in errect June 14, ibu.)
11 trains arrive und leave Pennsylvania
passenger station.
8 a. in. Daily, local for Danville connect
at Manassas for Btrasburg, daily, except
Sunday, nnd ut Lynchburg witb tlie Nor
folk and Western, dally, und witb the Ches
apeake. and Ohio, daily, for tbe Natural
Bridge and Clifton Forge. '
1 1 : 1 5 a. in. Dully, the UNITED STATES
FAST MAIL, carrie Pullman Burfct Sleep
ers, New York and Washington to Jackson
ville, uniting at Salisbury with Pullman
Sleeper for Asbeville and Hot Springs, N.
C, Knoxvllle and Chniuinooga. Tcnn., and
at Charlotte with Pullmuu Sleeper for
Augusta, also Pullman Sleeper New York
to New Orleans, via Montgomery, connect
ing at Atlanta with Pullman Sleeper ror
Birmingham, Memphis and St. Louis.
4:01 p. in. Local for Front Royal, Klver
touanu Btrasburg. daily, except Sunday.
4:51 p. in. Daily, loca 1 for Charlottesville.
10:43 p. m. Daily, WASHINGTON AND
ITED, composed ot Pullman veatibaled
sleepers, dining cars and day coaches.
Pullman Sleepers New York tu Asbeville
and Hot Springs, N.C.;NeW York to Tain pa,
via. Charlotte, Columbia, Savannah, aud
Jacksonville, and New York to Memphis
via BirmliighamtNew York tuNew Orleans,
via Atlanta and Montgomery. Vrstibuled
day coach Washington tn Atlanta, Southern
Railway dining cur, Greensboro to Mont
DIVISION leave Washington 9.01 a: m.
dally. 1.00 p.m. and 4:46 p. m. daily, ex
cept Sunday, and 6:25 p. ni. Sunday only;
for Round Hill. 4:32 p. m.: dallv except
Sunday, for Leesburg, and 6.25 p. m.
daily for Herndon. Returning, arrive at
Washington 8-26 a. ra. and 7.00 p. m.
dally. and 3 O0p.ro. dnlly.except Sunday,
from Round Hill, and 7.06 a.m. dally, ex
cept Sunday, from Herndon, nnd 8:34 a.m.
daily, except Sunday, from Leesburg.
Through trains from the South arrive at
Washington 6:42 a.m.. 2.20 p. m. and 9:40
p. m-.. dally, Manassas division: 10.00
a. in., dully, except Sunday, and 8.40 a. in ,
dally, from Charlottesville.
Tickets, sleeping car reservation anil In
formation furnished utoff Ices Ml and 1300
Pennsylvania avenue-, und at Pennsylvania
Railroad Passenger Stutlon
MY. a. GREEN, IJen. snpt.
J. M. CULP, Truffle Miunicer.
W. A. TURK, fieu. I'uhm. Aiic-nt.
A..S.HROWN. Gen. Agent I'ans.Dept
AWNINGS - $2 per window; work and
niaic-ri.it Kiiorai.teed. DIMM1CK.2O10
2d st. r.w.. Le Droit Park. Jel9-3t
NOTICE -'1 his is to lurcrm the public
gei erauv that I have diuo!ed my re
lationship with C. A. Payne ln the ehce
inakliig business, but the same will be cur
ried on by me. 1 arsurc you that the work
done wilt be rf the test material and bv a
sober, reliable and skilled mechanic, ami at
moierate rates. C F. ROBINSON. .'elfKit
FOR SALE-rireworks at wholesale.
SiJWinjiW; Jel9-15t
NOTICE All persons are prohibited
iroiu rrinoving gravel or sand from
square south or 1092. E. C. GATCHEL,
B00Va.aye.se., a g-nt ror same. Julb 3t
RECEIVED or Mrs. Maxwell the sura
oi iitiu luu for funeral ex penses of her
husband. Received payment in lull. THOS.
R .VALLEY. June 15. 18!t;. Jul8-2t-?m
2X regular meals at the CHESAPEAKE
DIMNU ROOMS, for $J-5t. 13J1 T
st. nw. Jul8-3t-cm
SO CENTS DOWN-fice this col
umn. Jel8-3t
"WE are unloading another car or thoc
raucy Florida watermelons, whicb we
are orfering to the trade at our store, 102
9th St. nw. W.S.ANDERSON 4 CO.
BEST 15c. meal in city" at MONK'S.
9J1 E at. nw. Jel7;7t
Cure for cousuiuptlon, pneumonia aud
asthma. Relieves tne pains from the chest,
lungs, sides, and stomach in three days.
Dr. Martin's ability to tell a patient uia
disease without asking a question Is as
well established, as tbat. Sample bottles
lir.rentK. am Ft iw. je!2-2w
G. E. WILLIAMS-Good business
cards, 75u a iiiouuuct; liooks repaired,
magazines iound, 50c 615 7th. je!4-'Jt
HIGHEST cash price paid for funil
lure, clotuiug, etc A. E1ZNAR. 1305
11th St. e. Jel4-7t
M. J. CURRY 4 SONS, contracting
bricklayers; damp walla; cellar and
Stable floors and walks laid In Portland
cement. BUS 13th st. nw.; Jobbing at
tended to. Jel4-7t
TRY elastic roof paint; we stop all leak
free; charge only for painting; five
years- guaranteed. ELASTIC ROOF AND
WALL PALVT CO., 1713 N. J. ave. nw.
IF you want your house papered cheap
and want good work, call or send
postal to CHARLES C. SILENCE. 301 H st,
ne. , Jul3-7t-em
CHEAPEST, best: good work: bus!
cess cards, $1 per 1.000; solicitor
wanted. B. L. HAYS, printer, 1221 M st.
ne. Jul2-lm
FURNITURE and household goods
sio red :75c per ioad;dry, light aud clean;
best location ln tbe city. Call or address
CHARLES BAUM. 314 9tb St. nw.
CHEAPEST. Iiest: good work; busi
ness cardsTSlper 1,000. B. L.IIAYS.
printer, 1221 M sune. Jelo-lra
MARBLE and Monumental work, re
pairing aud setting marble and slate
mantels; also stone stoops; cleaning monu
ments and head stones. Address JAMES
LEER. 119 H st. ne. Je9-lm
have removed to 94 - E st. nw.,
where they will continue to treat chronic
diseases of either sex. Consultation free
DR. H. L. SHERWOOD, dentist.
resuectiully announces that be has
moved his office til431Gst-nw.mv29-ltvi
SEND yur carpets to us to be thoroughly
cleaned bv our patent steam process
ATI work thoroughly done and guaranteed
by us. We allow no moths tn exist
Terms tbo very lowest. A. U. CHASE
BRO.. 619 La- avenue. Uend postai-ap!9-3mos.
JUST notice; we pay the highest prices
for cast-off clothing; drop postal SAUL
BROS. 923 D St. nw. my21-3m
PIANOS moved by cxwrlencrs! men.
4 1-2 st. nw. Tbone 1668. feblBtf
fiO CENTS DOWN-ew credit sys
tem; lace curialrj, rugs, portieres, table
linen, clocks, silveware. lamps, decorated
dinner and toilet sets, snreads, window
shades, carving sets, leaclicr-s Bibles, nl-
......... ..tn DiihI nnaftl Vlll H Im, an-Hnt ...
st. ne.; open till 9 p. ra. my24-lmo
I -WONDER who gives tho highest
jrices Tor cast-ort clothing? SAUL
prices ror casti
BROS. 923 D st. nw.
and charge only lor painting; work rnaraa
FURNITURE movedr largest 2-borse
load m the city, 12.50: experienced
823 4 1-2 st. nw. 'Phone 1BB8. felCdi
FROM; $25 and upward to loan on
stocks, lionds, first and second trusts,
chattels, warehouse recvipts, etc.. at low
est rates. B. L. McKNIGnT, 615 E st.
nw. 1 je!8-7t
WANTED- Second trust Party witb
ample security wants immediately $1 -BOO
on nw. property: valuable locality. Act
flce. JulB-lw.em
WE want one thousand borrowers who
desire from $50 to $10,000 eacb on
stocks, bonds, trusts, loan association
certificates, ware-bouse receipts and life
or tontine policies In old line companies:
no delay: no chattel mortgages taken.
YERKE3 4 BAKER, 40 to 4b MeUerott
Building, 1110 Ft. nw.
MONEY to loan; lowest rates of Inter-
est; no delay If security is satisfactory
Pa. nve. nw. myl6-3mo
MONEY. TO LOAN-Large stub
at 6 and 6 1-2 per cent on li. O. real
(State: $250. $800. $750, eto.. at 6 per
cent; all transactions conducted witb eco
nomical consideration ror borrower. Wll
ST. HAUNDERS4CO..1407Fst.nw. mr8
MONEY to loan at B and 0 per cent on.
District or Columbia realty; no delay u
security Is saMsfactory.
WALTER H. ACKER. 704 14tb nw.
GOOD country board can be had near
Herndon, Va.; plenty orrrult.shndc.nnd
livery; no children taken: for further par
ticulars address ALLEN BRADLEY. Hern
don. Va. Jul7-6t,em
ONE family of four adults can be btind
somely accommodated to October in
ln a beautiful home: excellent tablo.nhd
every borne comfort, at EdgecUffe. 10
minutes from Chevy Cbase cars. Inter
section of Pierce Mill and K tingle
road. ie!7-3t
.'SEWeot 7:35 PaMj-itay 17. 1888.
PITTSBURG EXPRibs.-bufl Sartor
Car, Harrlsburg to Pittsburg.
Sleeping, Dlulng, flmok
log, and Observation Cars Harriaburg to
Chicago, Cincinnati,. Indianapolis, St
Louis. Cleveland, and Toledo. BufiotPax
lor Car to Harrlsburg.
1P30A. M. FAST LINE.-Punmaa
JJulret Farior .Car to Harrlsburg. Par
lor and Dining Can, Harrlsburg to Pitts
burg. fSWRESaVudman Buriet Parlor Our
to Harriaburg. Sleeping and Dlmng Can,
Harrlsburg to St. Louis. CinctnnaU.Loul
TDie, and Chicago.
Puilman 8leeplug Car to Chicago, and
Harrlsburg to Cleveland. Dining Car to
rUOUrZ to Clnelnnntl
XSf;u tl- . 1'ACIFIC EXPRES8.
Puihnan SleepicgCarto Pittsburg.
f,tQ A M. Tor Kane, Canaadalgnav
KocXiesIer. aud Niagara Falls daUy, ex
cept Sunday.
10.30 A.. M. for Elmlra and Renova.
daily, except Sunday. For Lock Havea
week day and Willlamsport Bunaay.
v. -n, u. KU.
TJLO P. M.for Willlamsport. Rochester.
cunaio auu Niagara Fall dally, excep
Saturday, with Bleeping Car Washlns
ton to Suspension Bridge via Buffalo.
10.40 P. M. 'or Erie, Canandalgua,
Rochester. Burralo aud Niacara Falls
dally, Slceplug Car Wnsumgion to E
mlra. For 1'hl'adelpbla, New York aud the
ITEDr' dalfy, all Panor Cars, with
Dining Car from Baltimore. Regular
at 7.00 (Dining Car), 7.20, 0.00, 10 00,
iDlalng Car), and 11.00 (Dlnln" Car from
Wilmington) a. m.. 12.43, 3.1S. 40,
6.40, 10 oo, and 11.35 p.m. On Sunday,
7 00 (Dining Car). 7.20. 9 00, 11.00
(Dining Car from Wilmington) o .m.. 12.18
,8.18. 4 20, 6.40, .10.00. and 11JB p. m.
For Philadelphia only. Fast Express, 7.80
a.m. week day. Express, 12.10 week
days. 24)1 and B.40 p. m. dally. For
Boston without change. 7 50 a. m. week
days, and 3U5 p.m. dally.
Atlantic City (via Delaware River Bridge,
all rail route), 3:15 f, ni. oally; (via
Market 8trcct Ferry), 10.00. 1 1.00 a. m.
end 12 45 p. m. week-days. 11.35 p. ra.
iIji'Iv. nnd 9.0O n. rn SntnrdaT. only.
For Baltimore. 6 25, 7 00, 7 20, 7 60,9.001
10 00, 10 30: 11 00, and 11 CO a.m.
-;o-K AiC on, .QiK Qn I a nil
Limited). 4 20, 4 36. 5 4(5, 60B, 6.401
7.10. 10 00, 10 40, 1115. and 11.31
i. m. un Bunuay, i uu, 7 zu, v uu.
05. 1O10. 11 oo a m. 12 15. 1.15
zui, a xuf iisu i uu AJiniieu), 4.u
6 40. 6 0S. 6.40. 7.10. 10.00, 10.40,
and 11 35 p. m.
For 1'ope's Creek Line. 7 20 a. ra. and 4.3C
S. tn.. dally, except Sunday. Bundaya,
.0B a. m.
For Annapolis. 7.20. 9 00 a. m., 12.11
nnd 4 20 p. m., dally, except Sunday.
Sundays. 9.00 a, m. nnd 4 20 p. m.
Atlantic Coast Line. Express for Rlcb
inond, points on Atlantic Coast Line.
4 30 a. m.. 3.46 p m.. daily. Ricbmoncl
and Atlanta. 8 40 p. m.. dally. Rich)
xnond only, 10.B7 a. m . week days.
Accommodation for Quanttco. 7:45 a.
m., dally, and 4.2S p. m . week days.
For Alexandria, 4.30. 6.35,7 46.8.40,9.45,
10 67. 11.60 A. M., 12 50, 1 40, 3 20,
4 26, 5 00. 6 37, 6.15. 8 02. 10 10. and
11 42 P. M. On Sundays at 4 30, 7 45,
9.45 A. M., 2.43, 6.18, 8.02. and 10.10
P M.
Leave Alexandria for Washington 6 OS,
6.43. 7.06. 8.00. 9.10. 10 15. In 28 A
M , 1.00, 2 16. 3.00. 3.23. 5.00. 6 30.
6.13. 7.00, 7.20. 9.1(5. 10 52. and 1 1.08
P. M. On Sunday at 6 43. 9.10. 10.28
A M 2.15, 6 30, 7 00, 7-20. 9.l0. aod
10 .62 P..M.
Ticket ofnees. corner Fifteenth and J
ctreets, acd at the station. Sixth and B
streets, where orders can be left for the
cbecklng ot baggage to destination from
hotels and residence.
General Manager. Gen. Pass. Agent.'
Schedule in effect June 15, 1S96.
Leave Washington from station cornet
of New Jersey avenue and C street.
For Chicago and Northwest. Vestlbuled
Limited trains 11 JO a. m., 8 05 p. m.
For Cincinnati, St. Louis, and Indianap
olis, Vestlbuled Limited. 3.43 p. m., ex
press, 12.15 night.
For Pittsburg aod Cleveland, express
dally 11-30 a. m. and 8 40 p. m.
For Berkeley Springs, Cumrerland, Dee
Park, Mountain Lake Park. Oakland, and
Grarton, Fast Express, 12.35 p. m.
For Winchester and way stations. b5 .30
p. m.
For Luray Natural Bridge, Roanoke,
Knoxvllle, Chattanooga, Memphis, and
New Orleans, 10.50 p. m. ilaily; sleeping
cars through.
For Luray, 3.45 p. m. dally.
For Baltimore, week days, 3.C0. 6 30,
X7.00, X7.05, X7.10, X7.30. xH.00, 8.30,
X9.30.xl0 00,xl2.00a. m;xl2.05. 12.10.
X12.35, X3.00, 3.25, x4.2f. -1.32, xO.OB,
X5.10.xo J0,5.35,x6.20,6 30.X8.O0.8.1B,
X9.20, 11.15, xll.50, p. m ; and X12 01
night. Sundays. x7.05,x7.10, S.30, X9.00.
xlO.OO.a. m.:xl2.05,xl2 35, 1.00,x3.00.
3.25,4.32. X6.03,X5.10, 6 30.X8.00.X9.20,
11.15, xll.50 p. m., xl 2.01 nignt.
ForAnnapolls,7.10and8 30 a.m.; 12.10
and 4.28 p. ni. Sundays, 8.30 a. m., 4.32.
b4.30.b5.30 p.m.
j:'or liagersiown, dii.ju a. mauu oo.ou
?"-.... on
jr or nuyeiium hu (juuibg. nruiv i.jo w.w
a. m., 4 30, 5 30, 7.05 p. m. Sundays,
9.00a. m.,1. 15, 7.05p.m.
For Gaithersburg and way points, week
days, 7.00, 9.00 a. m., 12 TO. 3.uo. 4 30.
4.33. 5 30, 5.35, 7.05, 11.30, p. in. Sun
days, 9.00 a. m., 1.1B, 5 35. 7.05. 10.25
p. m-
For Wastrlngton Junction and way points,
a9.00 a. n. cl.15 p. m. Express trains
stopping at principal stations only,- b4.30,
b50 p. m.
For May Ridge, week (lays. 9.15 a. m
and 4.28 p. tn. Sundays. 9.35 a. in.. 1.30
and 3.15 p. hi.
From Bay Ridge, week days, 6-15 a. m .
6:50 and 8:10 p. m. Sundays, S.OO and
8:15 p. m.
All trains llliiminnted with 1 intscb light.
For Philadelphia, New York, Boston and
the East, week days 7.0ei, 7.05, 8.00,
(10.00 a. m. Dining Car,) 12 00, 12 35,
3.00, (5.03 Dining Car,) 8 on n- in. (12.01
nlchf. Sleeping Car open at lii.nOo clock,,
Sunday, 7 05 Dinhic Car.) 19.00 a. m.
Dining fcar.) (12.35 Dining Car,) 3.00,
(5.05 Dining Car.) 8.00, (12.01 night.
Sleeping car open for assetigers 10.00
BuKet Parlor Cars on all trains.
For AUanticCity, 10.00a. m., 12.00 noon,
Sundays, 12.35 p. ra.
bExccpt Sunday. aDaily. cSuudayonly.
xExpress train.
Baggage called ror and checked rrom ho
tels aud residence by Union Transfer Com
Pmy, on orders le-rt at ticket offices, 619
ennsylvanla avenue northwest. New York
avenue and Fifteenth street, and at depot.
Gen. Manager. Gen.Pass.Agent.
WasbiQgton, Mount Vernon
$ Alexandria Railway Co.
From Station Thirteen nnd a-Tiaif street
and Pennsylvania avenue.
For Alexandria 6:30. 7, a !. 10. II. 12 a.
nv. 1, 2, 3, 4. 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. II, U p. m. Sun
day, nrst train. 9 a. in., last train 10 p. m.
ForMonnt Vernon 10, 11, 12 a. m, 1,2,3
p. m. Daily except Sunday.
General Manager. Gen. Pass. Agent.
New York Southampton (London-Paris)
Twii..screw U. S. MallStca ushipj.
Sailing every Wedncsdiy.
Sf. Louis. Juc21. 10 am I St. Louis. Jnlyl5,10am
0 bin. Sat "jun 21. 10am
lnl- '
Sul'aul. Jutv 1. warn
Paris. Sat Julv4. 10 am
New Vk.-July 8. 10 am
N. Y.. Julv 23. 10am
Parl. Au . 3. 10.00 am
St.LotiisAu:.l2.1u aa.
NORDLAND Wed.. June 17, 12 noon.
FRIKHI.AND hatnnUy June 21. 12 noon.
KENSINGTON. ...Saturday. Jnly 1, 2 p. m,
WESTEHNLAND..8aturiay. Julys. 12noot
lnteniatlonal Navlsatiua Company.
piers Hand 13, North River. OfliCJ it. Bow.
ling Green, N. Y.
GEO. TV. M0R. Agent.
Id P.uua. Ave.

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