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The Weather Today, Q
tjll Mlj wk Hw TIMES' clrcv-
Fair; increasing' cloudiness.
Probably showers at night.
fci ,wiv liiiw mr last whs.
"TiM STAR'S circilafifu -11 m b
South to southwesterly winds.
fw v- w W W -
ftf last wtik was
VOL. HI. XO. 826.
. v t.ii2rr
KijxjyjkM. fejKg
He Receives the ReturningCaii
ton Delegation at His Home.
Home of the Candidate Snrrounded
by Cheering Thousand! Women
Join In the Celebration Now York
ilcKlulej League There Miller
1'romlweH the Mute.
Canton, Ohio, June 19. Shortly after
noon preparations began making for tbc
reception ( tbe returning Cantonese, and
tbe neighboring bouses began filling up
with residents ot tbe city. Market street,
on which tbe McKluley residence stands,
is tbesite of numerous handsome residences
surrounded liy widepreudli.g green la ns.
These, wllb tlie gay decorations, -Allien
were not confined to the bouses alone, but
cohered the grounds as weil, made a
brilliant and attractive scene, belgntened
by tbe brigbt dresses of scores of Canton's
beautiful women and girls.
'Hi McKinley bouse was a busy pUce
In aquiet waj. A stream of callers, mostly
residents ot tbe surrounding country, de
manded tbe major's frequent presence on
the porcb for a handshake-. The Intervals
lie spent In conversation with a few flieuds
In tbe library, vnrled by frequent lsits
to tbe parlor, where Mrs. McKinley and
a parly ot lady friends spent tbe da) .
Incidents more or less interesting were
Dot wanting, as forinslar.ee tbe arrival of
J. W. bmitu, a colored man, or Obio, wbo
Insisted upon seeing tbe major to present
in person an application lor a position. lie
1 ailed to see him, however.
There -was jn unexpected delay in the ar
rival of tbe ir.nu and it wrfi. alter 0 o'clock
when the music of tbe baud announced the
approach of the delegation As they came
up one street, a delete tion from Trumbull
street, and tbe simultaneouslj entered the
yard, front and rear, completel) filling It.
ot these counties are all around me here
today and, my fellow citizens, I will only
add that I thank each and even one ot
you from the bottom of my heart for these,
manifestations of friendship, your de
votion and your loyalty,
Canton could not help but make a good
impression at St. Louis, Stark county could
not help but make a gcor Impression at 8fc
Louis, and Mahoning county couItLnot, for
they all senttheirbestmen. I am surprised
thatany of them should have been honored
with any title below a colonel (laughter!;
and as yon seem to have brought back what
you went for. those whom jou left behind
want me to say that they are glad to see
you home again."
While this neighborhood rcceptioti and
reunion was In prtgress the front yard had
been Invaded by the victorious host of the
McKinley League of New Ytrk, Including
the seventeen McKinley delegates from lint
State. Their train jvrw held at the station
Tor the call to be made, and as time wis
precious, McKinlev hurried through Uio
house, and on the frout porch faced the two
hundred eager-faced New Yorkers, who
split the air with yells ns he came through
tbe door.
Iowa's Candidate floss to Chioago
for a Conference.
He Will Ope-n HeadciuurtorH July 1.
let,H of Kepubllcuu. Bolters.
Chicago, June 19. Ex-Gov. Horace Uo'cs,
wbo Is the free silver candidate of tbe
Ion a IJcmocracj Tor first place on tbe
Presidential tictet. arrived In Chicago
ihis morning from his home in Waterloo.
He spent most of the day in his n oin
at the Palmer House attending to private
business and disclaimed any political mis
sion, but bis coming was purposely timed
so that be could bold a conference relative
to tbe promot'on of his candidacy from
this center with Charles A. Walsh of
Ottumwa. secretary of tbe State com
mittee. Judge Van Waggnen. who will tie
the dclegate-at-large in place of Mr.
Uulcs; 8. A. Brewster of Crcston, J. S.
tmb :,& y m m sssssr .ttm&sfsmammb
Mississippi James J. Hill.
Missouri R. C. Kerens.
Montana Charles B. Leonard.
Nebraska John M. Thurston.
Nevada C. H. Sproule.
New Hampshire Person C. Cheney.
New Jersey
New York Frederick B. Glbbs.
North Carolina James E. Hoyd.
North llakota W. H. Robinson.
Ohlo-C. L. Kurtz.
Oregon George A. Steel.
Pennsylvania -M. S. Quay.
Rhode Island Charles R. Drayton
South Carolina--K. A. Webster.
South Dakota A. B. Klttredge.
Tennessee -W. B. Brownlow.
Texas-John Grant.
Utah G. G. Salisbury.
Vermont-G. T. Chllds.
Virginia George E. Bowden.
Washington-P. C. Sullivan.
West Virginia N. B. Scott.
Wisconsin Henry C. Payne.
Wyomllng Willis Vanileventer.
Arizona W. M. Griffith.
New Mexico Solomon Lune.
Oklahoma Henry E. Asp.
Indian Territory L. E. liennetv.
Gen. Gomez Wins a Splendid
Victory at Najasa.
E9V. Joseph Speoat of Alexandria
Hotly Pursued to Kentucky.
Girl It, Lena Turner, 10, and They
Decamped From Hlelmioud
rollco Notified.
Insurgent Cavalry Made a Sodden At
tack on the Troops Even the Of
ficial itelwrtH Admit u Se-rlous En
Cusenient Timely Arrival of Helu
forcementH Prevented Utter Itont-
Muruhv of Dubuuuc and S. R. Davis, wbo
All that time the adjoining s'rters were . iR ln rh.ir.-e of the Uoiea literary bureau of
jammed, fully ten tboumu peiplo Iving ( t,c iowa delegation to the national con
willau sight of the house. Maj ir lie-
JCmlej received tbe triumphans pilgrims
under tLe tree? in the side jard and re
ceived from tLem such a tribute as seldom
falls to the lot of man. It was a memo
rable bccne. Standing bare-beaded Just
at tbe corner of the house, Mrs. McKinley
sitting in a window behind him, from which
she could see and heir.aH that occurred,
v. as tbc friend and neighbor or the excited
aud enthusiastic throng, the center of
interest of a whole nation, pale but out
wardly composed, save for a glUteuing of
tbc eje that would not be repressed,
listening first to the cheers of the assembled
thousands, and then to expressions of re
gard, respect, esteem aud affection which
Upon Which This Caesar Feeds.
Iowa's choice declined to speak on the
political situation for publication, plead
ing be had no ttmc to spire from his per
sonal affairs. He returned home on the
mldnigat train.
Secretary Walsh admitted to the United
Press reporter that the Governor came
here partly to confer with his campaign
managers and to see that his literary
bureau is put In working order and to
arrarge for the formal opening of the
Iowa headquarters at the Palmer Hou-e
the first ot July.
Mesr. Brewster, Walsh, Van Waggnen
and Murplij, all of whom are delrgites
to the convention, will return home this
must have been sweeter far to bis ears ! week and be here again at the opening ot
tl an (ven tbe announcement of the fact beidquartcrs.
which was the occasluu for the demonstra
When quiet had been restored Congress
mm It. w Tajlor, of the Eighteenth dis
trict, first addressed the Major.
He was followed bi Judge Baldwin of
Canton aud then by Judge Day, who on
behalf of tbe ladies of Richnond, Iud ,
where the delegates, took dinner this
morning, and held tbe rirst McKinley
meeting in that State, presented a box of
roes to the major for his wife.
AsMaJorMcKinlcj mounted thedry goods
box, serving as a rostrum for the first time,
it waspl.ilnlj seen that he wasdeeply moved
aud the renewed hurrahs from thousandsof
throats which greeted his appearance was
not calcul itcd to compose him But, sum
moning that wonderful mastery over his
emotions which has marked him at all
periods In his career, he was able to so far
control himself as to be able to speak. He
"My fellow citizens- How can I make
fitting response to the splendid tribute which
has been paid by three of my oldest and
earliest friends? I thiuk I might be ex
cused by raerel saying that I amlnadequate
tothetaskan lean only cxpressmygratltude
from a full and overflowing heart.
'I have had a good many touching In
cidents In my life. Yesterday Immediate
ly after the nomination I was surrounded
by my neighbors and fellaw citizens who
did not go to St. Louis, and friends from
Missill nan1 Alliance. and thencamenmre
of them from the city of Akron last night. ,
vvitn an thesj tokens I was dceplj and
profouudly Impressed, but somehow the
words spoken by these gentlemen, sur
rounded as I am by their associates who
Journeyed to St. Louis, somehow they
have touched me deeply and have sounded
the depths of my heart more profoundly
than anjthlng that has gone before.
"In this audience today are represent-"
ntlves from all of the counties which, for
years, constituted my Congressional dis
trict and with which I have been associated
nil my life. A large body of my fellow
citizens are here from Trumbull county,
the place of my birth.
"A large u umber are here from Mahoning
county, the place where I spent all of my
boyhood; the county where I received my
education, and from which I enlisted ln
the war for the prefer ation of the Union,
way back In 1861. (Loud cheering).
"And thennround me nrethc latter rriends
for from Mahoning county I came to
Stark, nearly thlrtv years ago. You have
all been my friends ever since. And the
good people ur Trumbull county, and the
good people ot Mahonlng.and those of that
old Mahoulng Valley, and the Western
Reserve, which was so long represented In
the national House by Giddtngs and Wade,
nd the immortal Garfield, tbe good people
(secretary Walsh said his idea was the
conventioa would name a ticket without
regard to the free silver Republicans' bolt,
and none ot the delegites would commit
himself as to Teller belrg on tbe ticket.
J. It. Howlett Thrown From a Boggy
and Injured.
A spirited horse belonging to Charles L.
Beatt) of 1213 Pennsylvania avenue, and
bitched to a light buggy, ran away shortly
after G o'clock last evening. William
Borbeek, Mr. Beatt 's clerk, and Mr. J.
R. Howlett were iu the buggy when the
animal started on Seventh sucet, above
G street.
Tbe buggy struck the sldewalk.at tt-e
northeast corner of the Interior Deparl
uicut building, throning both men out and
injuring Mr. Howlett quite badly. Tbe
buggy was ov cr turned, one wheel wrenched
off aud tbc gearing was aroCeu. The
horse continued his mad flight down G
street, still keeping to the sidewalk. When
opposite Eighth street the horse crossed
tbe street but wheeled again and went
down to Ninth street, where tbe over
turned buggy collided with a street car.
Tbe collision threw the buggy upon its
three wheels and the horse kept on down
Ninth street, scattering pedestrians and
bicycle riders right and left. Several
ladies on bicycles had the narrowest es
capes possible.
At the southeast corner of Ninth and E
streets the horse aud buggy, a tree, u
hilchlugpost and a post supporting theawn
iug became tangled up, aud wLen the
animal freed himself the harness was only
In straps aud thee were dragging about
the horse's heels.
Hundreds of Distinguished Men
Send Congratulations'.
Many Political Clubi ln All Tartu of
the- Country Deluge the Ilepuhll
can Candidate With Congrutnlutory
Telegranis AH Night Colebrutluu
of low unpeople.
New National Committee Met
for Organization.
Henry "Wurd Beecher'u Son Arrested.
New York, June 19. The Jury, ln the
trial of Henry Barton Beccher, son of the
late Henry Ward Beecher, who has been
on trial for forgery in the criminal branch
of thesupreme court, thlsaftcrnoon brought
iu a verdict of acquittal. Beecher was ac
cordingly discharged.
Tampa, Fla., June 19. The Democrats
of the First Congressional district met in
convention here today and renominated
non. S. M. Sparkman for Congress. The
financial question was not mentioned.
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12fh and F Streets,
Canton, O., June 19. Canton ivasnwakc
briiailanu earl tnisuiorniug.iiutvvlttstaud
ing the fact that a targe- proiiortionof. me
population did not cease celebrating the
nomination or McKiuIe) untilnearlydawn.
During the night a mass of tc egrams
had accumulated at the home of Major
McKInle, cov eriugalargeUeSKaud rau nmg
Into the hundreds in uutubers.
immediate! ancr breakfast the Major
addressed himself to the iierusal of ttie;e,
aud while thus engaged received u u em
ber of the committee in charge-of tbe prep
arations lor the local demonstration on tile
-to instant, ln connection with the Tippe
canoe Club of Cleveland, and which will
be reallj the opening of the capagln.
Among the dispatches received was the
following from tbe Vice Presidential nom
"St. Lou Is, June 18.
"Hon. William McKinley, Canton
"Accept my-henrty congratulations and
those of the New Jersey delegation.
Speaker Reed telegraphed from Wash
ington: "Hon. William McKinley, Canton:
"I wish you a Lapp and prosperous ad
ministration happy for joursclf and pros
perous for the country.
Senator Allison's w.ib as follows-
"Duajque, la, June 18.
"Hon. William McKinley:
"Accept my sinccreand hearty congratula
tions upon your nomination.
The following arc sample messages:
John Wnnamaker, from Quarantine, New
York Harbor Just received good news en
From clubs came the following.
German Lincoln Club of Baltimore pre
dictcdMcKinley'selectionandpIedged Mary
land's vote to that end.
McKinley Club, Covington, Ind Success
will surely follow.
McKinley Club, Davenport, la. Your elec-
uuu is assurcu.
Home Market Club, Boston Predict a
glorious victory for protection and sound
money under your leadership.
McKlnlej League, Sacramento, Cal. 1 ill
give jou a rousing majority.
Major Strong, New York New York will
ratify jour nomination by giving jou the
largest majority ever received by a
Presidential candidate. ,
Other clubs sending messages were the
Blaine Club, ot the Twenty fifth Assembly
District, New York Cltj; Young Men's Re
publican Association, of Jersey City; Buf
falo RepubllcanClub; Ohio Club, Cleveland;
Citizens McKinley League, Thlrtv seventh
Ward, Philadelphia; The First McKinley
and Hobart campaign club, ot Baltimore;
McKinley League, Slate of New York; Re
publican League, ot Florida; Italian
Benevolence Society, pledging 1,000 Ital
ian votes ln Cincinnati; McKinley League,
Thirty fifth Assembly District, New York;
New Brighton Republican Club. New York:
McKinley Club," Homestead, Pa; Marlon
second Assembly District of New York,
Charles K. Lexow, president; Unconditional
Republican Clnb, Albany, N. Y.; McKinley
Club. Springfield. III.: Renubliran rinh
Modella, Minn ; Union League Club, San
Francisco; Lenox Republican Club, of New
iorK, iucivmiey liuo, ana union League
Club, ot Philadelphia.
Cablegrams came from Scligman at Paris
and E. Studebaker, London. The former
said: "I believe that under your admin
istration, solid prosperity will reign through
out the length and breadth of our country."
'Messages also came from ;x-3eautor
Dolph, of Oregon; Hon. George S. Bnchel
lor. Saratoga, (Promising 200,000 majority
in New York); John Addison Porter. Hart
ford Post; Lieut. Gov. Halle, of Massa
chusetts; Ralph Peters, Cincinnati; Mayor
Warwick, Philadelphia; James tf.'Tytier,
ex postmaster general; Samuel T Randall,
son of the famous Pennsylvania protec
tion Democrat; Scott Swectland, chairman
Wasblngton8tatecommlttee;P.D Armour,
Chlcagti; James P. Phillips, Jr., Fltxhburr,
Congratulations were recclv.jd from
Horace Disston, Philadelphia: Albert Dag
gett, Brooklyn; Judge John H. Biker. In
dianapolis; Warren P. Lclund, New York;
B. B. Mahaney, Buffalo; Walker Evans,
Louisville, Ky.; ex-Congressman Nathan '
Franks, St." Louts; John Gowdy, c'rUrman
Continued on Fourth Page.
EllMworth ll.inkK htrapk Aged Mrs
Lncey and Got Locked Up.
Ellsworth Banks, co'ored. was arrested
yesterday afternoon by Policeman Owens
for an assault upon Mrs. Elizabeth Lace,
an eldcrl white woman, who resides at
No. 2015 Clghth street northv.est. Banks
Is emplojed In the capacity of a huckster
by Mrs. Laceys son, George.
Tfle negro was at work yesterday in the
stable at, the rear of the above number, I
wncn airs., Late, wno is a do 11 seventy six
ears (if age, had an occasion to go out
Into the jard. Banks Immediately accused
the v. Oman of coming out to keep a watch i ,, , ,
on him. He clutched the old ladj's.irms -"cMnley Manage:
iiuu iwisieu Liini. rue-ay. ceizinga nricji
he made ready to. hurl it nt bis victim, when
another colored man wl o happened to be
in the place Knocked It from his hand.
Banks made a wild rush for Mrs. Lacey,
but she escaped b running Into the houe.
Policeman Owens placed Banks under ar
rest. i-'Y-
Talks of His Kegrfcta on Leaving
the Eepub'ioan Party.
TTh8 Greatly Alfectea by the. Kind
'Vordmif !enutnr Lor? TV1II Do
Missionary 'Work-lor Jvjlver.
St. Louis. June 19. Senator Teller of
Colorado feels the need ot a rest after
his exacting duties ot the past fortnight.
In putsuance of this ourpose be will
leave tomorrow for Fulton, 111., near
which place bis aged mother is residing.
There be will spend a week or more.
He will make the trip by water to avoid
tbc fatigue of railway travel.
Ills his lnlentlono participate actively
ln the .campaign arter tbe Chicago con
vention shall have made its nommations
and the issues between tbe two parties
are fairly Joined.--It is doubtful it he
will come East.
He believes that tbe great middle-west
offers a promising field for missionary
work, and it is in that region tnntjie'will
tie most generally employed. Ills with
drawal from the Republican party, with
which he has been Identified for more than
a third of a century, is, he says, the most
serious step he has ever taken." He realizes
full its resjionsiblntyj and yet be docs not
see how he could have acted dirfereutly,
holding financial views so diametrically
opposed to those which the party has
adopted. ,
And yet the sundering of thce political
ties was not withcut its compensations
Its compc nsa tlnns were found In t he fla tter
ing personal tributes .which were paid to
him by his former Republican associates
at the meeting on Wednesday last of the
committee on resolutions. Lsreclauy grati
fying were the remarks of fcenatcr Lodge
of Massithusetts. Speaking with a United
Press reporter .this 'morning, Mr. Teller
"While my relations with Lodge- have
alvvajs been pleasanU'they have. not been
intimate. A hen I finished in speech ln
tbc committee roomannouncing mj in
tended withdrawal from the convention
and Lodge arose to replj, I antlcliiatcd a
severe criticism from him and others
"To mynrprise Lodge spoke with great
feeling and in a manner so friendly to my
self that I was greatly affected bylt.
You know bowfwell Lodge can talk?
Well, I never heard him talk more elo
quently, for no One possesses tbe faculty
ot saying pleasant things better than he.
There wire others who followed In a
similar srain, and I can't begin to express
how deeily I wai touched by all that he
said." (7
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Nominated for
Cliiilrnmii by Inynu of WIncoiihIii.
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tion Inu Brief Nie-ech Mtuiley tVn
Made Te-mporur.v ecetllry.
Judged by their Associates-
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Times are pleased with
the compajiy tthey are
in. They know it is a
- benefit to tje -jwith the
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pany- t .
St. Louis, June 10. The Republican
National committee met this morning at
the Southern Hctcl for the purpose of
breretary Manlcy, ot the old committee,
ca'led tbe new one to order, and -Powell
Clayton, of Arkansas, presided.
On motion of Mr! bcott, of West Virginia,
the few vacancies found to exist in the
committee were filled with the exception
of tbe Territory of Alaska and the District
of Columbia, which, owing to tbe diffi
culty in making a selection, were left to
the executive committee.
The numbers ot the committee having
been sounded on the suiijeet. It was de
termined to elect the chairman at this
nicetlrg Instead ot leaving it open until
the meetirg that whl probably be held In
New York two or three weeks hence.
Mr. Mark lrinna was nominated for
chairman on the motion ot Mr. Pajne of
Wisconsin, seconded bj Pennsylvania, Ohio
onu :cvv xork. lie was elected by the
unanimous vote of the committee. Mr.
Ilaun.i accepted the nomination in a short
speech that was received with applause.
Mr. Hannu said:
"I certainly appreciate tbe compliment
and the confidence which goes with it, in
offering me this position, which, under
ordinary -circumstances, I should be com
pelled to decline, but under the present
condition ot affairs, my loyalty and my
love tor our candidate Induces me to go one
step farther and see the consummation
of this great victory for the Republican
j uc task which I have had before me
iu the present campaign was arduous, but
its conduct was ln accordance with strict
business lntegrit), honor and fair dealing.
I wish to Bay further to this committee that
if Major McKinley is elected President
of tbe United States be will be elected
owing no man a promise that will em
barrass his administration. What be owes
be owes only to his country, and what he
will do will be for tbe welfare ot tU
Republican party.
If a pure lite, patriotic motives and a
firm determination to do his duty will
make his administration a success, tbe
United States will have occasion to thank
God for the-nomination made in ester
da 's convention." (Applause.)
Mr. Manley was made temporary sec
retary and James F. Barke, or Pituburg,
temporary assistant secretary. Col. S w ords,
ot Iowa.tlic 8erge3nt-at arms of the old
committee, was kept In that position
temporarily. It was agreed that Chair
man Hanna should have full authority to
select all the officers of the committee,
including the -treasurer, which office was
not even filled temporarily: At tbe in
stance ot Senator Thurston, of Nebraska,
the following resolution was unanimously
agreed to.
"Resolved, That the chairman ot this
committee is hereby authorized and cm
powered, after consultation with the candi
dates for President and Vice President, to
appoint an executive committee of nine
nembers, who may or may not be members
ot this coniihlttee, and that the chairman
ot this committee shall be chairman ex
offldo of the said executive committee."
Mr. W. H. Andrews acted as proxy for
Senator Quay, who early this morning lef
for the East. No successor wcta elected- to
take the place of Mr. Hobart, of New
Jersey, who was the nominee for the
second place on tbe ticket. The committee
adjourned subject to the call of tbe chair
man, and It is understood that tbe next
meeting will be held In New York City
ln about two or three weeks.
The following Is tbc full list of the mem
bership of tbe committee:
Alabama William Youngblood.
Arkansas Powell Clayton.
California John D. Spreckels.
Colorado J. F. Banders.-
Connecticut Samuel Fessendcn.
Delaware James H. Wilson.
Florida John G. Long.
Georgia Judson W. Lyons. "
Idaho George F. Snoop.
Illinois T. N. Jamleson.
Indiana W. T. Durbln.
Iowa A. B. Cummlngs.
Kansas Cyrus Leland, Jr.
Kentucky JohrrW."Yerkes.
Louisiana A." L. Wlmberly.
Maine Joseph H. .Manley.
Maryland George L. Wellington.
Massachusetts UeorKe H. Lyman.
Michigan-George L. Malu.
Minnesota L. F. Hubbard.
(Special to Tbe Times.)
Louisville, Kj., June 19.-Rev. Joseph
Spectit, a young Episcopal minister from
Alexandria, Va., and Miss Lena Turner,
daughter of one of the wealthiest citizens
of Madison county, eloped from Richmond
yesterday morning. The wires have been
kept hot with messages to the police in
different cities, but so far without result.
Miss Tu rner is not much over sixteen and
her sister, Mrs. W R. Loke, and Ambrose
Dudlcj-, Congressman McCreary s private
secretary, followed her to Lexington.
Mr- Specht saw Mrs Loke first and he
and Miss Turner managed to slip by un
noticed and took a train presumably for
this city, but after It had gone a few
miles they got off.
It Is supposed that they took a buggy
at. Nlcholasvlllc tonight and drove north
with the Intention of crossing the river
ln the morning and getting married In Ohio,
as they left the train n-ar there.
Police met the train on Its arrival In
Louisville late tonight, having a tele
graphic order of arrest. Miss Turner will
come Into possession of a large fo tune
when she attains her majority.
The Mr. Specht referred to ln the aliove
dispatch Is a student at tbe Tbeolcgical
Seminary near Alexandria, and a son of
Joeph miecht, the owner of the famous
Gunston Hall. He has not yet compl-ted
his studies.
Verdict AKulnstChlcuCJGuKConipanv.
Chicago, June 10 Donabue&IIenneterry
were awarded a verdict for $60,000 dam
ages against the Eccnomlo Gas Company in
Judge Dunn's court this morning by a Jury.
The firm had sued the gas company for
576,000 damage's, which they allege they
hod sustained through an explosion of gas
which occurred at ttelr building on Dear
liorn street three .years ago, and wLlch
partially wrecked the building.
. . .
Ohio Cluukmuhers Algrf.
Columbus. O., June 10. The Uoldthwait
Cl'.nk Manufacturing, doing business under
the name nt the Parisian Cloak Company,
made an alignment today to E.B Jcwctt.
The assets are placed at $50,000 and tbe
liabilities about the same.
" Hemurkables But, Trne.
Wc have laid aslde'for today twenty five
fine custom made suits made by leadui?.
merchant toilers, which we will sell at
$G. nore of which were made to order for
less than $20. It will do ycu good to see
them Misfit Clothing Parlors, 407 Seventh
street northwest-
Havana, June 17 via Tampa, Fla., June
19. The event of the Week has been
Gomez's splendid victory at Najasa, Puerto
The details received so far are meager,
the best report received here up to the
present being Varelns" correspondence,
published ln La Discussion, the best in
formed independent paper in Hav ana.
He Bays that Gen. Jumlocr Castellai.os
left Puerto Friucipe on the 8th with
2,114 men, 342 horses, five mounted
pieces of artillery and a section for same.
On the 9th they encamped at u cat tie
ranch named Saratoga, after exchanging
random shuts with rebel skirmishers.
About 4 o'clock p. in., the attack com
menced by a charge of 1 ,000 rebel cavalry
men, with machetes, which the Spaniards
admit was made with great deciion.
From that raoniintuntll the morning cf
the 11th tbe Insurgents continued hamm
ing tbe troops, killlngaiid wounding many.
The story or Gen. Castcllanos, wbo com
manded tbe Bpes ords. Is that tbaCubra
charges were repelled either by artillery
flreorby forming t he famous hollow squ.ir-s,
which the Spaniards couoldcr unbreakable.
Varela also states that the Spanish troops
fired 50,000 cartridges and 30 shells, and
tlie rebels 23,000 shots. Naturally ha
figures the rebel losses from 400 to S00,
and tlie Spaniards at 35, of which only
four were killed and tbe rest wounded,
more or less, including two officers, but
he candidly confesses he has not been able
to obtain information of the number ot
horses or pack mules killed or wounded.
From other reliable sources although in
complete and lacking Important details
It Is known tlmtGemez has only 1,00 men.
It was known In the crty that Gomez was
encamped at Najasa with that number of
men. ln tbe first charge the Spaniards ad
imttbatthere wasonly one thousand. Then
the Spaniards Increased it to 5.0C0.
Gen. Castellar.os' fcrces amounted to 3.
tOO men. according to this version, which
is about accurate -fcr no Spanish generJI,
even less Castellano. who is an old war
rior and knews Gomez's way of fighting
would march at tl e head of l'.COO men to
attack such a fcrmidable opponent.
Gomez knowing of his rival's appro ich
placed bis men in convenient positions,
dividing his forces in small groups of 300
men each. As soon as the Spaniards were
comfortably encamped In the ranch, pre
paring for next day's attack on Gomez's
stronghold at Najaa. the Cuban chief sud
denly made his appearance, attacking tbeir .
positions simultaneously on all sides.
Taken unawares and completely sur
rounded, all they could do was to defend
thcmse'ljes from the continued charges,
which, with marvelous military precision,
were kept up night and day. without af
fording the Spaniards a moment's rest. .
Thanks to Gen. Godoyes' timely arrival
with ,-00 men. Castcllanos wassaved from
complete disaster, as undoubtedly he could
never have extricated himself from the
trap In which Gomez bad him.
The actual losses on both sides have not
been ascertained yet- It is only known
that the Spaniards brought with them J
wounded from the field of action, and
w hcthcr tbey left any behind Is not known.
Report has it that the total Spanish loss In
killed, wounded and missing was over
OjiGe Upop a fipie
many thousand years ago no matter just when before
the year" of McKinley and Mark Hanna was ever more
than dreamed of, a certain great man no matter who
told the astonished Greeks, Romans and barbarians of
his circumscribed world: "And that age shall seethe
most marvelous of all Times."
He was doubtless thinking of
The Big Sunday Times
it will be better, if not bigger than ever; it will also, to quote our
prehistoric friend and presager, be tbe most "marvelous" of all
newspapers in the variety and real usefulness of its versatile con
tents. It will be, as it ever has been, essentially a journal-for the
people of Washington and the District qf Columbia.
Uncle Sam's Watch Dojjs;
"Famous Seventeenth Page r"
Being this week a more than ever dis
tinctive treatment of a striking sub
ject. This time it's "EARLY MORN
lavishly and humorously illustrated.
Echoes of War's Alarms ;
Interesting original letters written by
noted Confederates.
Keeps House for the
Supreme Court ;
Sketch of a Washington woman who
holds an unique position.
Bicycle's Growth In
A strikingly Illustrated full page fea
ture, giving facts which are surprising
even In these times when all ths world
is known to be awheel.
Conducting a Presidential
Campaign ;
How it makes work far the railway mall
Stories cf the government customs of
Pilgrim Fathers of
Free Cuba;
Thrilling stories or the doughty filibus
ters. Yachting for Fun;
Being fascinating information for lovert
of white-winged locomotion.
Hugo Trap for Elephants;
Dcscrlnlng a kind of sport as is " sport
on a large scale.
Fishing for Ganiey Salmon;
Will make you wild to go to the woodX
Two Women's Pages;
Broader than fashion plates, though th
fas'jloQ3 a-e far from b.lug ncgleoted
Juvenile Page;
Good literary diet for the youngsters.
Humor Page;
A number ot good, hearty laughs for thi
whole household.
Literature, Art, Labor, Religion and every other subject ua
derthe sun.
by the world'sbest newsgatherers.
nor your gold only
We want neither your silver
You can't oay less; in Washington.
w 1
yv . jsn
..-: m. xir"
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-S '4 :'
Slrt ,. ,.
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