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I c
Every day some new caller at Dr.
Waller's sanitarium says: "Doctor, my
family plijslcnn tnys jou can't prcscnbd
pure drugs and givo sour services for B
a roonili.- in mufr to settle this question
Drr "Walker mates ttleTd'toKlng offer:
lie will deposit SJ.DOii la any uante in
Washington, on the following cond.tlons:
lie will sul mlt liis prescription files for
tlie past three jears to a committee con
sisting of three drugjrists and three iihjst
cinns. for cvnminnt'on: tlic committee
may select tl e prescription flies rrori any
drug store In the city and ir, after a care
ful examination, it ir cot found that Dr.
Volker elves his patients drugs and medi
cines Hint cost at least 10 per cent more
than the average family physician pre
scribes, he will inrfelt the M,100 to any
cbarlt) tint may he ielected. Dr Walker
Is the originator or low fees, and -will on
tlnuo to make hut one charge of Tf5 a
month and furrlti all medicines. Do not be
deceived inlonayinshlgh fees ur walkers
reputation t a guarantee uiai jou
echo treatment far In ndiancc
reputation 1 a guarantee that you will re
of the
methods employed by the aiera
elhn.ls cmnloved or the average p
dan. bimnl tecaus? he has all the latet
instrument and appliances to treat jou
"with. Jir. waiter hjs on nie nunurtmi -inn
hundreds of atiKgrnnh testimonials testify
ing that he CLres .Asthma. IJroi cliltis, C.i
tarrh. Deafrev!., ItlieunutUm. Ijjini r".
Iieuralgi-i. Dvfpcpsla, Constlpntkn, ilj'a
rla. Heart Dite.ise, ilifeares leciiHir to
women, dieasts cf tic (kin, bladder, mid
bowels. lilted diseases, jnd .ill rrivate dlv
eascs. Corsultntlrn and advice free ind
solicited at Ills well km wn sanitarium.
1411 Pennsvlvanij avenue, adjoining Wil
lard's Hotel. Office lirurx. 10 to 6 c'ji'.
Sundav. 10 to 12: Mriiday. VTeclnp.i'iy,
Thursday and 8aturd.ii evenirgs 7 lo 8
SIS Seventh St.
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off dropping: in for one of
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worsteds and cassiineres and
the maker of them, wJio was
the least bit overstocked,
makes our finest garments
They are all sacks but
there's the single-breasted
and the double-breasted
styles and they're in such
nobby patterns that they'll
please you at once.
Pity there wasn't some
serges in the lot So many
men want them, and they
couldn't wear anything that
is cooler. But we've got the
usual $15 serge suit here for
$10 black or blue and the
color guaranteed true. You
can wear them anywhere,
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This hot spell sets you to
thinking of the thin goods,
and we've got them ready
for 3'ou.
White duck pants, worth
$1.98, for 98c per pair.
color duck
Worth 9Sc.
pants, 49c pair
Men's linen color duck
suits, Worth $3, for $1.98.
Men's fine crash suits,
worth $6.50. for $4.98 each.
We've still some of that
purchase of bicycle suits from
Sylvan B. Bier & Co. left.
$5 .English cotton covert
suits, $2.49.
$10 fine cheviot suits, $5 98.
$12 to $15
suits, $7.98.
Scotch cheviot
$3 English cotton covert
pants, 79c.
Any of the Men's 75c
Straw Hats for 49c today.
And any of these on such
terms of payment which you
wish to set yourself just a
little down.
515 Seventh St.
iOFFlCt HOWS 912 unl
1 CftSTlMTt COSES JWCntftl
FOR pnrc, hard, lasting: Ice
see that you call up 3X2, or
postal will orlng: the pretty
Great Falls Ice Co., 924 Perm. Ave.
Black and Blue QA QQ
Serge Coats.. Oi uO
Garner & Co., utfitters-
N. K. Cor. Tib. and U St. X. W.
for the Invalid
can be adjusted in a
moment vlien one
prsiiion lias become
irksome. Uires un
toltl luxury and case.
Call and see It or
tend postal for illus
trated catalogue.
417 Elevocfj Street NortUvrcst. "
Hitcli Somewhere in Namlig
the Library Officials.
lo linn Wrlttrn the Conimbwlonera
Itrsurdluu tio Merging of tho
Wunhlngton. City Library With the
Sew Institution It Uu a bpleudld
'ucleu.i. "
1 1 looks now as If tlic appointment of the
nine trustees ror tlie propobed free library
lias been lield un by the Commissioners.
It was txpected tliat'tbe names or the"
trustees, whose appointment He Willi the
CoinmlbSioncrs, would liave beeu made
jisttrtiay. in Met, It was understood that
tin: Cunini'DSiont-ra liad already selected
'.lie trustees and tbat tlie announcement
would liac been tlie only remamiuc work.
TIil Commissioners. bowcer, staled jes
Urday tint ti c had not et liatl tirno to
glvcolie matte priiwr consideration.
Congrcs3 g-ic tlie Commissioners the
rlght-to appoint nine trustees, who shall
stlect a librarian, the latter to ehoofc
Ins assistants.- It is a matur of record
that It was bupgtsled at the heirlns on
the bill to autl orixe tbo library that the
jssistanu be selected uftcr cxamlnntlou
as to qualification, but the committee did
nol auopt that jiisettlon. The librarian
will, therefore, be able to select iiis as
sistants without that forraallt).
Tlitre is in tlie air a leport that there i
js;usl tbeleast bit or reeliug in tlievrCM-'ft
siluutlon Browiug out ot the latt that the
V'aahiiiKU'U Tree llbrarj , un institution
wcllcquippid, was hi existence berore the
pasaRcor the act creatine tl.e ce organ
ization. . wncne the uub comes.
womti iae Hoii'e cogiiiAiuco ui iu itiik
In Us consldirutloioi the present scheme.
Such was tlic tact. Ocn. Uriel, nho
appmreu lierore ILe coinraittCLS, and It Is
unOTrsttiDtl-lhat Jite-Klea was that the ex
isting lltirarj should be merged witli the
one pruped.
i Tln-re was another effort made to get
up a free library, beaiicJ by Ur. Nojes,
who, itis eald, bad recehed HUbscrfptiuus
aggregating about three thousand fl e
hundred dollars foT tlie purpose.
AtiOi4atel -with Gen. Orccly arc Judge,
ilngiier. Gen James McCnnnon, Gnrtllncr
Dr. Iloburt Reyburn, Jiiss Jc'pliinc
ClarV, ilr. E Fr.n cis Rlggs, Judge Thayer
and others. The library lias Lten epen for
tiiiiontlis. 'jasabout six or sc en thousand
tolumen. ai'lias supplied between twenty
flvo anil thirty Uiousand pec pie with read-
nig inaitcr since Its tstablishraent.
1 tie value of t tie broks.iiilntt'irnrrnertv
Ts about $G,S00.
li was krown jesicroaj mat me uom-
raisioiers had received a letter irtm Hen.
Greely on this subject on Thursdaj. Gen.
Grccly was called on last night and was
.akel what the letter was about. He said
that ho could not elve its contents in ad
vance "f the Cimmlssioners, but. Inasmuch
as It w js already known to Congress that
the Washington free library hail teen ten
dered, ho would say that such an offer had
lieen made in ILe letter to the Ccmmis
sloncrs. Gen. Greely said that he knew of no
friction; certainly there was none that
could be traced to the organization to
which he belonged. It was simply a
library that had been gotten up In view
pr tlie circumstance that Washington was
exceptional in the fact that it bad no free
llbrarj. His colleagues and be had worked
liard to get up this library and they had
come to the conclusion that It would be
the proper thiug, considering the action
of Congress, to offer their property as an
addition to what would be otherwise pro
Tided. , It was understood from Gen. Greely that
the tnistees of bis library had made no
suggestions as to the appointment ot trus
tees for the new institution.
The Commissioners will probably have no
objection to giving the letter of Gen.
Greely to the public Ifthcre be any
hitch growing out of the fact of any desire
of private citizens to control the appoint
ment of the trustees it will probalily come
out in due time.
HeExpcctsto AcoompIlHliSompLltor
iiry AVork Thin Rummer.
Speaker Heed has followed tlie example
of muny others in both public and private
life, ana lias taken to tlic woods tne pine
woods of Maine.
10e fepcakir, accompanied by bis wife
and ilaugnter, lett yesterday for .New
1'ork. .iuU eipects to go immediately
Hume to lnv ho ne In l'otl'a.id.
Ihe determination for this early de
parture was reiched Thursday ecning
when the labors ot the tot- Louis conven
lion had lieen conemded, Mr. Heed havirg
decided to remain here until arter til n
event because Of the iitperior telegraphic
and telephone facilities arforded ior ob
.tabling information. In all other respects
his prep iraiions rQr l a.ving had been com
pleted, and nothing remained for him to
Oo but attend to some dtpirtment.il busi
ness aid Ind adieu to n few of his most
intimate personal rrknds.
bprnker KeeJ bail Ihorougily braced him
sell for the sliOLk of disappointment, and
the presint curtailment of bis ambitions
had all been discounted, so that tfre cud
brought IK) change in Ills personal de
meanor from what it has been for days
past, or even prior to the climax of his
rresldcntl.il candidacy.
More than two months ago Mr. Heed
Frankly admitted to his closest associates
that heliimself would lie unable to obtain
the nomination ot his party, and each
suc-ceclins day has onb added to the
measure ot his reconciliation to a fate
which be was powerless to avert.
Late Thursday afternoon Mr. Reed, in
addition tojinkirg other i!ts on biwnoss,
went to the Capitol and gave some nddl
lional Instructions regarding the rear
rangement of the portraits of ex Speakers
banging In the House lobby. His third
elfou to communicate with his political
managers in 8t Louts by meins of the
longdistance telephone was succcssfulr
auu ueueiu u iinai conversation wun mem
Just prior to the ballot which designated
Mr. MeKlnlcy as the choice ot the con
vention. IJerore citing dinner Mr Reed took a
cable ear ride to the Nnvy Yard and back,
occupying, as usual, a, front seat on the
grip'Car, and making a farewell inspection
of points of Interest along the rouU.-.
Unless Mr. Keed should change bis mind
en route to New York, he will make no
temporary stop in that city, but will
accompany his wife and daughter direct to
I'orlland. Further than this his plans for
the slimmer have not lieen made, but It is
expected, that he will, confine himself to
excursions Into the pine woods or the
State which has delighted to honor him,
and wlllproliably notheseenntanyofthe
more pretentions and popular resorts. It Is
understood to be the Speaker's intention
to perform a larceamount of literary work
during the Congressional Interim.
DlKtrict Is Left Out.
Tl.c be-i etary of the Interior has certified
to the becretary of tlio.Treasurj the pay
ment f $22,000 to alMbc States and Ter
ritories except Alaska and the District ol
Columbia lor agricultural college purposes.
Seduced Itntoto Richmond vlaPenn-t-jHaula
Tor the reunion of the Confederate Vet
erans at Richmond June 30 to July 2. the
I'cnusylvani i Railroad will sell, June 2D
to July2, round trip tickets between Wash
ington and Rlchmmd at rate of $2C8,
tickets avnilrble for passage en all regular
trains and good to return to July 3.
Je0,2 1,22,24.20,27,28,29,30
If you desire on Immediate tenant for
your house that has been vucaDt for months
place it with The Times Heal Estate
Rentiers extractlnx absolutely
painless and safe. It is applied
t the gums. Don't pot you to
s e-n. Extracting with ZONO.
V. S. UE.WAL Abs'N, 7th and I t.
Miss Josephine Torpckmorton
Testifies in the Will Case.
She Told of Her Frequent Vlstta at
Her Uodfutlier'M Home and JIIh
'KlndueHH mid Affection Court Ad
journ Until Monday Will Met
an Hour Earlier.
Aftora tolld week of expert testimony on"
handwriting the proceedings in Judge Brad
ley's court, where tl.c Holt will trial ts now
on. were pleasantly diversified yesterday
afternoon by the rclntroducUon of tome of
the parties In the case to the witness stand.
Judge Bradley at the dote of the day
again showed his intention of bringing the
trial to a finish by the llrst of July, as he
announced u few days ago must be done.
Before ccurt adjourned he stated that It
would be to meet at 10 o'clock this morn
ing. The practice of ccrductlng Jury trials
on Saturday Is r,eer rescrtedto except la
cases ot extreme necessity. ,.
Upon further cci tlderatlon, however, it
wasleurucd that one member of the Jury is
a Seventh Day Aclveutlst, and it was neces
sary to carry tlie trial over until Monday.
"In that event." announced Judge Brad
ley, "we will meet ntOlnsteadof 10 o'clock
Monday mcrnlng."
Miss Josephine Holt Throckmorton was In
thc'witncM chair when adjournment tiok
place. Her examination wllj be continued
Monday morning and glyAi promise of
being one of the most important bits of
evidence offered In the proceedings.
Thegreaterpnrtof the day was taken up
witli the concluding testimony of Expert
E. B Hay. who devoted his trulned energle
to showing the many characteristics of
handwriting In the will that corresponded
with characteristics that cropped out at
intervalsin the. letters used forcrmparison.
Upon the conclusion of Mr. Hay'sexamlna
Hon Mrs Fannie Ray was recalled to the
vtaud by Mr. Worthlngton. The latter pro
duced a letter written to the witness by
Judge Holt, and which referred to a loan
or $1,000, made by him to Fitch Roy, the
husband of the witness. Mr. Darlington
promptly objected to the Introduction of
the litter, but Judge Bradley overruled
the objection, and Mr. Worthlngton read
the eristic.
It was dated October 24, 1881, and In
closed a draft.on New York for $4,000. It
was stated that the money was'a loan to
Mr. Riy, the husband of the witness, and
which the latter had asked for. On reading
IhelotterMr. Worthlngton showed Mrs Rny
another letter written by Judge Holt to
Mr. Ray. He asked the witness to Identify
it, and intimated that it would throw much
light upon the whole transaction, and Us
relation with the gift of bonds made to
Miss Hyncs.
"I know nothing about this letter," said
Mrs Ray warmly. "If you wish to Inquire
1i my husband's business you should
question him. You can get him here by
next Monday." .-
"Well, I'd like to have him testify,"
responded Mr. Worthlngton.
"We'll ha e something to say about that,
interrupted Mr. Darlington.
"I Imagine the witness has more con
trol o er her husband than you have," added
Mr. Worthlngton, amid much laughter.
After a contnn ersy between the attorneys
o er the admission of the letterlnto evidence
Mr. Worthlngton won the day, and the
letter was read. Preceding the reading Mr.
Worthlngton o'fered a brief letter written
to Mr. Ray atthesamctime the money was
sent to his wife and the note in return for
the loan.
The letter Mr. Worthlngton offered bore
date of January 11. 1886, and waswrltten
to Mr. Ray after Judge Holt had learned
that he had suddenly given up the mercan
tile bnslnoss. He reprimanded in unspar
ing terms the young man, not for any fail
ure he might have experienced, be said,
but for the treatment he bad given the
writer of the letter. i
The memoranda written by Judge noltr
on the back of an envelope found among
his papers and referred to earlier In the
trial were reidby Mr. Worthlngton. These
memoranda werp indicative of bequests In
some will. One was Washington Humane
Society. $ ; another, Washington Hu
mane Society, $1.1,000; Children's Hos
pital, $4,000: Assoclited Charities. $1,500;
Central Mission, $1,500; Emergency Hos
pital, $1 .500.
When this was done Mr. Lee presented!
letter written by Mrs. Ellen B E. Sherman
to Judge Holt, March 20,1873. Mr. Lee
said that in this, letter Mrs. Sherman re
ferred to a dinner she had attended at the
Judge's house during the month before.
Mr. Worthlngton objected and Judge Brad
Icy sustained him.
"Miss Throckmorton, will you please take
the stand again." said Mr. Darlington, as
he gae up hisehilrto Major Buttcrworth
and called tlie remaining beneficiary under
tlie will to tlie witness stand.
Numerous questions concerning the early
life of the witness were asked. The first
thing she remembered was tvr god father
teaching her to call him"bon pere." He
constantly gave her little gifts and when
she was away from Washington she wouU
send him crudely penned notes acknowl
edging tlic receipt of the presents. Judge
Hoit gac Miss Throckmorton her first
finger ring. When she celebrated her
seventh birthday be gave her a small gold
ring containing seven pearls, s
Whenever Miss Josephine cameito Wash
ington with her parents she would stay
at the htJise of her grandmother not far
from Judge Holt's residence. The little
girl was almost constantly at the Judge's
house. She breakfasted there as often us
at her grnudmother's. Her godfather
ever showed her the greatest affection.
Tne relatlous of Miss Throckmorton with
the judge were chronologically told.
"Was there ever any difference in Judge
Holt's treatment of, you?" asked Maj. But
tcrworth. , !
"There was never a particle of differ
ence." '"
"How did he always salute you during
the whole time you knew him?"
"He saluted nic as his own grandchild."
"How did he address you?"
"As Josephine, always."
Miss Throckmorton accompanied her par;
ts to New Orleans In 1S8S. While there
she wrote Judge Holt a letter but received
no reply to it. When she returned to
Washington she met Judge Holt who up'
raided her mildly for not writing to him..
She replied that she had written but the
judge said he never received the letter.
In August, 1887, the witness testified,
her godfather presented her .with a dia
mond ring, she wore It on hex Finger be
fore the jury.
-Tell about the visit to the v judge's
house when you were informed he Was not
at home. , '
""In tlie spring or 1887 I went to the
house and that woman said Judge Holt
was not at homt." said Miss Throckmorton
pointing to Martha Scott, one of Jndgc
Holt's servants who had previously testi
fied. "The very instant she said It my
godfather camo out ot an adjoining dcor.
The servant stammered tliat I misunder
stood her and that she said Judge Holt
had just come In Instead of that he was
"Dirt you go to the ccntcnlal In 1876?"
Yes. sir, with my father and mother.
Bon pere paid all our expenses."
"Did von have any further difficulty In
getting Into your godfather's house?"
"Yes. I went there again in 1887. Ellen
told me that Judge Holt had gone to
Kentucky to stay six months. The next
morning I met bon pere In the market'
and told him of the Incident of the day
before. He told me If I would always
write him before coming to the bouse I.
would be sure to get In. I never had any
dirficnltv after that about getting to
see him."
The witness said the next time she was
in Washington was from January to,
April In 1891. Tears came to theeyes of
the young lady and ber throat filled as die
i e, ft i '.'
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testified that Judge Holt then, ns always,
treated her in the same affectionate man
ner. ?
'Did your godfather ever offer to send
you abroad?"
"Yes. air, he did. I was studying paint
ing." Boh rpere offered to" send me and my
mother to .Parls- where I might- study
painting. He was to pay-our expenses.''
"Why did yoo not go?"
"Becanseit would necessarily have broken
up our horned
The testimony was at this point directed
totbe meeting of the witness with Judge
Holt In T.ebroarj-1 1891 rwUen, as previous
witnesses testified, sue'spent an honrln
conversation with blm.
iliss Throckmorton called to consult with
the judge about"tbe court-martial of her
.father. .Again she was overcome with
emotion' and broke' Jdown several times
during the trying ordeal on the stand.
In her interview -with ber godfather tho
witness laid before him the facts about
the court-martial. She wanted a letter
from him to Vice President Morton, through
whom they expected to carry the matter
before President Harrison.
'Bon pere thought" it was most unjust,"
said the wltuess, "and said he was sorry
his health ws so poor tbnt he could not
go In person to loot after the matter. He
seemed lo think X was worrying for my
own sake more than any one's else and he
said to me: 'My child, you need have no
cure for the futqre;.1 have provided for
you.' 'idd
"Did you know Luke Devlin?"
"Yes, sir; when jOras a little girl."
"Did you ever -hear Judge Holt speak
of him?" ?"
"Yes, sir; in l$76f)I."'neard him on one
occasion refer to. Mr. tlevlln. He said:
Devlin Is a good honest fellow. "
Mr. Wortbington-hegau a cross-examination
of the witness' niat failed to develop
auytblng In the brief time before ad
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Jui'So Miller Gave a Xectnre on the
Beprelienslble Practice.
Judge MllleV delivered several lectures
yesterday on, the crime of carrying deadly
"It Is something frightful," he said,
while Iisteuing to tlie testimony of Police
man Robert E. Doyle, against Benjamin
Henderson, 'colored. The officer found
Henderson at Tenth and T streets, drunk.
When searched at the station house there
was found In one pocket a pair of dice
and In the other a large stone wrapped
In a handkerchief. Lawyers Carring
tnn and Moss represented the defendant.
Lawyer Moss began to eulogize his client,
claiming that he bad always been a peace
ful citizen, never had been In trouble, and
was a hardworking man. He had Jio
intention of carrying concealed weapons,
aud th attorney intimated that as Hen
derson had been with several companions
some one of the others might have put
the weapon In there.
"It Is never the fighting man," said
Judge Miller with sarcasm, "who gets
In trouble with a pisUJ or slug shot. The
righting man carries a pistol and uses
it only when actual necessity demands it;
the fool carries one nnd in less than ten
minutes after he leaves the bouse with It
in his pocket he sbuou somebody. Tho
razor-carrier has always Just put it in
his pocket to have it sharpened, but an
Impulse compels him to wield it before he
reaches his destination."
The Judge imposed a fine of SCO or
six months in Jail.
Catarrh, and Colds Believed in lO
to OO Minutes. One short puft of the
breath through the Blower, supplied with
each bottle of Dr. Ague w's Catarrahl Pow
der, diffuses this Powder over the surface
of the nasal passages. Painless and delight
rul to use. It, relieves instantly and per
manently cures Catarrh, HayFever, Colds.
Headache, Sore Throat. Tonsllltls and
Deafness, 60 cents. Sold by F.S.Williams.
9th and F sts. ; T. E. Ogram, 1 3tb and Perm,
are.; Oilman's Pharmacy, 627 Penn. avo.
Property off ered for sale or rent by Thtv
Times Beal Estate Bureau have the prices
quoted by the owner. .
W K3
This is
Ladies' Day s
at Clark's.
f These self-asserting; values S
0 'will brush away all at-
i tempted competition. Not
f when the season has passed, J
4 buf NOW just when these t
? garments are required we J
5 make such, prices that all X
Z must say "IT PAYS TO S
Ladies' Suits.
Today at S
Charmlne White Mid Corert Jlixcd
Ulazcr suits very mc
mado to sell at ft. and. I
worth it. lUUAio
Ladies' White snd Grass Linen
Blazer Duck butts, made as carefully
and elczantiy as a suit
to cose Iiu. iney aru
good value th world
over for f50 but
tojar'a price tor qnlcx
buyers is our.....
Ladies' Skirts.
Never will
such thorough
value be offered
Ladies' Skirts.
TODAY we will Eire you tl:e pick of
Any ol our eiegant 9
Dre&s SLlrta lo a variety
oi nacies anu colors,
lined tbrouEhont. tM-
Tet bound and extra
wide tody
Another ebole of a most ttylith
Dress Skirt of giaccful
hone and lull widtii.
Tncy are worth $3.93
ana any uuy wno is a
jauge win appreciate
this ere at bargain at....
White Dnck and Colored Dimity
uress Dkirts. maao wun
wide hem extra wide
and fall, and good
ralneforSJL IODAY'3
98c :
Ladies' Silk Waists.
We are al
lowed to be tne
"Waist cen
tre" for the
Wnen we offer Lailisi'
Handsome Silk Waists.
a choice. In Xact. of all
our IM alsts, at.,
$7 Silk Waists $3.89.
This offer holds pooJ for TODAY
ONLY. Ladies mclitatlns a vacation
willstuU truo icoiiomy br attending
this Uav"s le. The rew prices quoted
arc luerelj an index of a hundred
other Mrxains throughout onr store.
Cat prices will ho tho order ot todijs
sale no matter what you waut today
ladies' dir at Clark s wl 1 bo remem
bered as belli? most fruitful to tboe
who would havo their dollars go the
farthest and have the greatest pos
lble purchasing power.
T34-T36 TthSt.,nearH
Ladies' Waists
"done up to perfec
tion by us. AVe handle them
carefully call for them rrU
larly return them, promptly.
!Let us show you HOW WELL
we do the work.
S Sixth snd C Streets H. W.
store comfortable
J by supilylns cleotric fans
K aud substituting clectilc
SS lights for pas. Y ou'll bo the
SS galuer in the end. for folks
will -shop at the coolest
Tt stores. 'Phono ns about the
current and other intonna-
y. U. S. Electric Lighting Co.,
213 Hth St.N. V. 'Phone. 7J.
40-5 lOlli S'rt x. vr.
' ." A.
rrtiNTKns and uookiuxdehs.
Ttolhlng; too laif? or Ion small ior CS to Priut
Did it ever occur to you that It was tlino
to cet your printing done -where Slmlern
Facilities, Modern Type., JlmUrn Work,
Taste and Prices are characteristics?
Call and let us talk It over.
Printers and Publishers, 1107 E St.T. W.
I'rcsiwork for tho Trade.
Stormont & Jackson,
AttiRaiitti!s.mi!it '!
I vTTl. ji
I Saturday Specials.
$1.00 Skirt for 59c -
These Ladles' Mnslln Skirts, with
9-lucn Hamburg Trimmed ruffles,
made of fruit of loom coUon. Regular
price 51.00. Special price
38c. for lace-trimmed skirts
worm 06c
99c. for SOc. embroidered ruffle
39c, for ladies' Ions gowns,
worth 09c.
49c. for ladles' cowus. tvith four
rows of Hamburg insertion, worth
7 Be
9c. for ladies' 15c Corset covers.
19c. for ladles' muslm drawers,
worth 25c
25c for ladies' Hamburg-trimmed
drawers, worth 3Sc
This $1.09 Improved Nursing Corset 2
, for BOc. summer corsets.
, for SCc. Model corsets.
A new lot of Laree Fiimred 13.09
Brllllantlns Skirts, extra wida, lined
and bound, for
69c. for tl duck skirts.
88c for $1.50 duck skirts.
white, navy, tan and umcic
SI.98 ror $4 Bilk luster mohair
S2.98 for balance of our $8
imported crcpott skirts.
SS.98 for brocaded satin skirts,
worth $10.
This elegant f
Buck. Suit, with 1
extra wide
skirts, worth
$2.00, at
Immense Bargains in Waists. 3
That $2,000 purchase of ladles'
waists, which weeruredat40cent3
on a dollar, has brought us manr
a customer. c haw disposed of
a good many, hut still hj e a good
assortment tj ielcct from.
Look at These Prices:
25c for 50c laundered waists.
BBc. for 70c. laundered percale
waists, with large Llshop sleeves.
49c. for 89c. laundered percale
69c. for $1.25 Dresden batiste
waists, handsomest patterns ever
B 9 c. for 1.2 5 grass linen wa Is Is.
Silk "Waists at Less
Than Half Price.
S1.39 for $3 silk waists.
$1.98 for $4 Bilk waists.
S2.98 for $5 silk waiMs.
S3.49 for all ?G, 7 or
silic wauis.
$8 3
$1.38 for a. handsome line of
silk crepe waists, lu blue, pink,
crratn aud black, worth $3.
100 dozen ladies' bleached rib
bed vests, equal to any 15c vests,
for trday only. Sc.
25 dozen ladies" leather belts,
rernIar25c.quality,for ttdaj only,
jiiMinzeu of children's fScribbcd 3
fast black hose, auvsize frim 5 to
8 1-2. for trday only, ec. " 3
ou iiozen ui men s lauuuered per
cale shirts, regular 59c quulltr.
ror tcday only, 39c. -
CO dozen of men's balbriggau
shirts, actual price 39c, for t,djy
only, 21c.
100 boxes of Buttermilk
Soap, for Saturday oiily
1 He a cake
2 S06 Tth St.. Bet. H ant I,
C 1924-1926 Penn. Avo. i
JULY ist.
Gas was the cheapest fuel Itc-
fore, but after July 1 it is to lie
ranch cheaper, so everybody
should cook witn It ;
Wo will quote "special " prices
on all Gas Moves and Range
for a short time.
Gas Appliance Exchange,
U4 new York Ave.
Carpets Cleaned bv modern methods.
lry air does best work. Finest work 7
iruaranteed. and your carpets insured r
while in onr care. g
d (33 Mass. ate. CO-tZt Kst.ii.ir.
V nlRirHynXf5y?
3 tic.
i fl
e -
i J'' . TTL..- ." ..
k. . i
""""- e .. -ts..s

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