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- -
r;vi and Tenth steket.
f elcpliouc Editorial Urnimi, HI
' liusincss oillcc. 3J7.
Trice-Mo-mrc r Krcnlns Edition. Ono Cent
Sunday Kdition Tliico Cent
Jfcntbly. 1 y Carrier
Mornins and Sunday Tblrtv-are Cents
Evening Thirty C.ls
Mnrnlns. 1
ETcnlns and.
bunday. I
.Finr Cext3
Monilnc Ilwnlnn mid Sunday.. ..50o
llornllii: n:id .sui.d-iy 3!.a
Evouiun mid Sunday 35c
City Brevities
Henry Dcllz of Denver, Col., is at the St.
E. Y. 1'ierra and J. A. Gutierrez, Cuban
students, are eloiit"B at WlllarU's.
roliivnuii Mconnlck orthoXlutli precinct
Is again on duty, navies been laid up
with a severe Illness.
Tlie Knlsjits or St. John Drum Corps
have luinrmed themselves by the recent
purchase "f new drums and fifes.
The dining halls f teveral cafes arc
already being ilecurated tritli Christian
Endeavor banners and colors in streamers.
Ol. Richard McAllister, n wcll-kjitnvn
peusii'U attorney anJ member or Kit Car
Son Pot. G. A. K.. died yesterday at
Ills home, 210!) F st. nvr.
Mr Seager, private lecretary to Mr.
Olney, has been out or the city for a day
or two. He will return today.
The Treasury gold reserc at the close of
business yesterday stood at 101.023,153.
The day's jvithdrawals were ?4:t(),000.
Bids for the rciMir of WalLn.li S-tlicol
building, as well a-, for the cous.rriK.tion
of the proposed addition, will be opened
within a few dajs.
Tlio Holy Name Catholic Church of
Northeat Waelnngton will sivc a lawn
larty on the ground rear tLo ihurcu dur
ing the coinlns month.
Trank lUwhng.a i (inductor on theClcvy
Cbjse Hallway was taken buddeuly 111
while on duty je-torday.and wjs removed
to Emergency Hospital.
An allotment ot ?3,r.ou from (he appro
priation for nsMisMncn t ami permit work
for use in the current quarter was ap
proved by the Commissioners yesterday.
An aged culored huckster created a laugh
several squares long List evening as he
pased along Delaware avenue calling
"Here's yo lemons, nice sweet lemons."
Allotments for uc in the current quar
ter were made jesterilay as follows:
Relief sewers and replncingobstructcd sew
ers, $1,110.40; main and pipe sewers,
The Secretary of ttie Interior has Issued
an order dlshjrriug My run Silverheels ot
Red House, N. Y.. rrom practice before the
Interior Department for receiving illegal
pension fie.
The Secretary of the Interior called
upon the Treasury jesterday for $13,323,
000 tonipct the quart erlypensiou payments.
Of this amount $400,000 will he expended
in Washington.
William L. ami LeanderG. Wilson, print
ers at Not 313 and 315 Ninth, street,
made an assignment jesterday to David
A. Gourlch. The assets were $1,967.79;
liabilities, $1,909.21.
James Fronlrn.ui, aged twenty-rive, was
arrested by the Third precinct police last
night ror violating the police regulations
by riding his wheel without a lamp. He
was compelled to leave $5 collateral.
The quarterly meeting of the W. C. T. U.
was held jesterday at Metropolitan Bap
tist Church. Sixth and A streets northeast.
President Mrs. Margaret B. Flatt in the
Chair, Mrs. Emma Shelton secrctar-.
An examination of applicants for ap
pointment as assistant inspector of plumb
ing under the District government will be
held atthe rooms of the United States Civil
Service Commislou July 1, beginning at 9
o'clock a. in.
On account of more Important business
requiring the Immediate attention of the
labor leaders the meeting of the Working
man's Library Association an.l Labor
Bureau called for last evening was post
poned until next week.
A contract for the erection of a Echool
building for Wood's Commercial College
has been "awarded to James M. l'ork &
Sou, ami work was begun on Saturday last.
It will be three stories in- height and ar
ranged with tspedal rare for comfort.
Yesterday morning the cast against Cor
poral Arthur G. Hurley, of liattery A.
Fourth Artillerj-, who was charged with
having stolen $79 from Private liobert
II. Laws, also an artilleryman, was dis
missed, there being no evidence tending to
Justify the complalut.
Mrs. Blanche Collins, who took an over
dose of opium, as stated In jesterday's
Times, was much Improved last night.
It was slated at Emergency Hospital that
she had recovered consciousness and was
able to recognize her ton who called to
see her during the daj
The office at the Hlggs House Is under
going a decided change. The little stair
way leading from the office to tte second
floor has been taken out and the counter
moved back several feet. This gives a
freat deal more room, and iTuprovcs Its
ppearance niatenall
Col. Samuel S. Sumner, the newcomraan
dantatFort Myer, reported forduty yester
day. He first visited the War Depart
ment, nfter which he went direct to Fort
Myer, where he was given a cordial recep
tion by hlsfellowofficers.
Cornell Itranson, a colored man twenty
eight years Id, fell In a fltin the alleyway
between Twenty-fourth. Twenty-fifth, M
and N streets northwest at 7:4f) last night.
The Third precinct police were notified and
the man w.is removed to his home in the
precinct patrol wdgon.
Joseph Davis, a colored rewsnoy eleven
years old, reported to theThlrd precinct po
lice at 10 30 List night that lie was waylaid
on K 6treet 1 etween Eighteenth and Nine
teenth streets and was n bbed of to cents.
Davis said his assailant was a colored mas,
'Tery tall and ugly IcoUlng.
Three contractors will do the hauling
of material for the District next year, as
follows: George W. Knox Express Com
pany for Items 1 and 2 of the schedule;
Llttlefield, Alvord & Co.. items 3 to ,18;
Darius Gasklus, Items 19 to 25. and also' the
hauling of brick to the county can" of the
Eastern Branch.
Eobcrt Carter was happy until lie met
James and William Thomas, Id South
Washington last night, and now he wishes
ntrhad kept out'or their path. The trio
are colored, and there is a long-standing
grudge lietween lLm. Hot words led to
better blows and .as the ir.ajcrity ruled,
Kobcrl was later whirled off to Emergency
Hospital lti No. 4 patrol, where the sur
SeoiiB sewed up n bad cut in his scalp.
An Indilent not In the play occurred at
the National Theater last night and nearly
terminated seriously. The curtain was
rung up at the close of the Mcond act In
response to the applause. Mr. John
FindUy stepped to the footlights to receive
some flowers for Miss Chapman, when
the curtain was suddenly lowered. Every
member of the company on the stage
shouted to Mm. The heavy beam just
missed the actor.
J 1 The Leadership of Misguided Men,
For childlike politics, unreasoning argument and unre
stricted tongue service, Horace Boies of Iowa is far and away
the leading exponent of white-metal wisdom. His is the
voice that leads in the great silver symphony, and since his
-andidacy for the Chicago nomination no other sage of the
silverite syndicate wields' as much influence or is looked
upon with so much favor. In a recent interview Mr. Boies
made the statement that in the event of froo silver coinago
not a ponny of our foreign debt would bo repudiated, not
withstanding the pi-edicfcions of financial ozperts to the con
trary. According to the best authority, thero are held
abroad in Amorican securities in the form of negotiable
paper 35,000,000,000, an amount nearly four Limes greater
than our entire monetary system. Should free coinago pre
vail, it is generally conceded that gold would go to a pro
mium of at least 33 1-3 per cent, and as tho vast sum repre
sented by these foreign holdings must bo sent abroad, in
gold, provided they are withdrawn, thero can be no doubt
that investors would lose the exact amount of the gold pre
mium, whatever that might be.
Mr. Boies also says that when silver is remonetized it
will rise in commercial value, while gold will depreciate until
both metals are nearly or quite at a parity. The only cause
for the appreciation of silver would be an increase of its con
sumption to make up for the overproduction that brought
about its depreciation. There are at present about 60,000,000
ounces of silver produced annually in the United States, and
it is safe to presume that this product would be at least
doubled should we have free silver coinage. Only about
9,000,000 ounces ot silver are consumed each year in manu
factures, arts and sciences, which wpuld leave 111,000,000
ounces to be minted and exported, or there could be no great
increase in price. At present, with all our mints running at
full capacity, wo could only mint about 40,000,000 ounces
of silver, and by three or four years of vigorous effort we
might possibly increase that capacity to mint the entire sur
plus not exported or consumed commercially. It will there
fore be seen that several years must elapse before there
would be any great appreciation of silver .from an increased
demand. Naturally there would be no depreciation of gold.
Foreign countries employ it exclusively as their monetary
standard. It would not be displaced as the prime basis of
all our transactions abroad, nor would there be anything to
contract or restrict its commercial use. Even should there
be an inflation of prices through free silver coinage, gold
would be accepted as the real standard of values, as would
be indicated by the premium it would bring, and the silverite
declaration of 16 to 1 also demonstrates conclusively that
even the white metal advocates recognize that fact. There
fore gold would not depreciate, and the assertion of Mr. Boies
that hi two metals would come to a parity is as visionary as
most of his other theories.
As has been stated before in The Times, free silver coin
age would cause a tremendous contraction of our money cir
culation through the withdrawal of gold, and would un
doubtedly create much distress and suffering among the
poorer classes. No one would
of financial policy except the mine owners, who would coin
52 cents' worth of silver and deposit it in the banks to be
loaned as a dollar, and there is
one of these dollars would reach the pockets of the public
without first having exacted its blood money in the shape of
.interest. In the name of humanity, is it worth while to en
rich American silver producers at the expense of public disi
aster, when no one else would be benefited, even after we
had endured a financial panic? There would be no more
money in circulation, nor would it be any easier to obtain,
and for that reason would it not be better to strike at the
root of the evil that causes the present depression rather
than fritter our time away following th9 leadership of such
misguided men as Horace Boies and his silverite confeder
Tresldent Cleveland's abrogation of his
celebrated order, that administration cm
plojes shall not be permitted to take an
active part in politics, and his public re
quest that they rally to the sjpjiort of
"sound money" at the Chicago condi
tion, comes too late to be of service to
the country. Samson-like, he has already
blindly palled dowil the pillars that up
held the administration hosts, and any
effort to assemble his official family at
the Democratic silverite jubilee on the
7th of July will only Increase tlie aversion
and disrespect In which he is held. The ex
perience of President Hamson who se
cured his renomination at the Minneapolis
convention should hate served as a warn
ing against an)- such measure, and while
it is generally believed that Mr. Cle eland
has no desire for the third term scepter,
the call for the gathering of the cuckoo
clan will give reason for popular disap
proval. .
No one now can tell whether or not
President Cleveland had hope of another
election. As a j olitlctil factor or a future
official possibility In any capacity be Is as
dead as the shroud of an Egyptian mummy.
Whatever popularltj' he once enjoyed as a.
The determination of organized labor to
win the fight against the Metropolitan Rail
way without u strike merits commendation
and should secure the co-operation of the
car-ridiDgpubllc. Asls generally known, the
management of the company under Presi
dent Phillips has long been a ncisance to
this community. Its persistant refusal to
obey the mandates of the law jjud pay a
Just debt to the city, and its repeated op
pressions and the unjust treatment of its
employes, have become subjects of general
comment which must necessarily Injure the
patronage of the company.
For that reason organized labor will
find a powerful ally among those who op
pose the methods and unfair management
If twenty or thirty j-ears ago somebody
bad suggested to submit an applicant for
a position on the police force to nn ex
amination showing his mental capacity, tbe
proposition would have been booted and
laughed at. And" jet thero can be no
doubt that the more intelligent a police
officer Is and tlie larger his capacity for
Improving his mind, the more efficient and
useful will he be. For this reason the
examinations by tbe Civil Service Commis
sion of applicants for such places U alto
gether commendable, and the sequel will
prove that tbe'fbrce will bo. all the better
for being thus carefully sifted In Its make
up. The tact that these examinations
be benefited by such a change
no human process by which
Democratic leader has taken wings and
riowu to the mountains of the moon, where
It will remain In hiding to the end of time.
It Is barely iwssibic that the long expected
declination was deferred, trusting that his
"destiny" would triumph over trie silverite
element and cause him to again become
the standard bearer of his party. If that
be true hls"ucstinj-"Uas rank a railure as n
party leader as Mr. Cleveland Is as a poli
tician, audbothmustiiowslnklntaobscurity.
Uis popularity has lied, vanished, gone
where it will neveragalnentbusethepublle.
Meantime, the action of Tresldent Cleve
land in setting aside bis own regulation
against official political proselyting calls
to mind the famous utterance of the Hon.
Tim Campbell, "What Is the civil service
law among friends?" There are numbers
of officials who bilieve In free silver and
who would also like to go to Chicago in
the Interests ot their favorite financial
policy. But the Cleveland propaganda
docs not Include officials of their faith,
and they must remain at home or be
blacklisted for future dismissal. Truly,
the wajs of those in power are often
mysterious, and especially is this true ot
the' monarch of the White House.
ot President Phillips. A strike under the
circumstances might Involve the dismissal
of a number of employes who are now -at
work, and It would be better not to resort
to that manner of obtaining redress until
over j- other means o t reaching the manage
ment of the company have been exhausted.
The opinion prevails that the discharged
cmplojes have been brutally dealt with.
They were dismissed without provocation
and are rightfully entitled to reinstatement.
A little pressure brought to bear upon the
company by well-meaning people will
surely bring about that desirable result,
and with their assistance and Influence
the difficulty can be settled without a
aro quite simple makes It all the better.
A man who Is unable to write a letter
properlj-, spell properly, write legibly and
show some proficiency In arithmetic Is
no more fit for an appointment as a po
liceman than for any other of equal re
sponsibility. The usefulness ot these examinations Is
evident from the fact that of tbe very
large number that have already "gone
through tbe mill" a great many failed
to pass cen the modest test Indicated
above. The merit system "Will be found
to work to advantage la tbe selection ot
policemen just as well as In any other
branch of the public service.
In a short time we must begin our extensive alterations put in our new French plate glass front commence
tin work that is to make this a model clothing store, the model clothing store of Washington not tlie . largest in
size by far but thcleader in giving the greatest values in clothing for the smallest cash expenditure Until the
alterations commence we shall slaughter the "Famous" stock, which we bought at a ridiculous figure, at the rate of
Irincludcs the highest grades of this season's clothing for Men, Boys and Children and the sizes are still far
from being badiy broken. Come and see for yourself. Here- are some sample values:
MEN'S SUITS, WORTH 51 5, NOW 35.00
The stock consists of Fine Light-weight Cheviot Suits Fine Light-weight Oxford Suits Fine Light-weight Serge Suits
Fine Light-weight Cassimere Suits Fine Light-weight Tweed Suits Fine Light-weight Worsted Suits Trousers, in great va
riety In every pattern and style, and a magnificent stock of Children's Clothing.
Tlie-y Will Iniiiifdliitely Opon the Nu
llum!. MettdiiuarUTM.
John W. Echofs, supreme president ot tbe
American Prolecthe Association, arriteU
in Washington j-cstenlay afternoon. Su
preme Secretary W. J. Palmer will Le
here today, accompanied by his family, who
will return in a week to tLcir home at
Uulle, Montana, where they will remain
until late In the rail.
The nupreine l.eailipiarters of the A. P.
A. have been permanently located in Wash
ington, and Miiiday the ofmes will be
opm in the A. P- A. building, at the
Buiitbuest cu-iier or Pennsylvania aienue
and Tweirtu street. The first floor will
be occupied by the supreme officers, the
sccoud Iloor by the l.epubllc. a national
A. P. A. paper, rind tLe third Hour will
be used for the meeting or lodges.
The family of Ur. Kthola will not come
to Washington. They will remain at their
home at Atlai.tu. Georgia, and the u
nri'ine iireHideul will In- in Washington but
one-third of the time. He will te princi- j
- t ... ..... ....!.. .1.. !... . P
pany yvvupicu 111 IOC .Ciuim,; uu.n-a u
his office, which will take bun awuy a
great deal.
When seen by The Times last night at
tbe National HUel. Mr. Echols said:
"I am at prisent making arrangements
for a lecturing tour, and will leave shortly
for Chicago, and continuing west, will
lrciuro in the principal cities. Kr.om
Western Oregon. 1 will gutoSitka, Alaska.
Congressman Union will c.ciompany me
part ot the way."
Speaking of the coining political cam
paign, Mr. KchoN said the American Pro
tectee Association will take no part what
ever lir it. "lis ir.emlers will be allowed
to uie their own discretion as to the proper
candidate to rote for. TLcy are pledged
neither for nor againM. any one.
I.VKtlo Shrinpo 'Mret Imperial Po
tentate Dfngniun.
I There was joy. last night In the hearts
or the host dt'Waihington Mystic Bhriners.
the iiccaslon,lelng the return of Mr. Har
rion Dlnginaiuin.l party from the Imperial
Council of the Anrlent Arable Order Nobles
or Uie Mjstic Shrine at Cleveland, Ohio,
which, on TueiLiy of this week, elected
hiir. Imperial Potentate of North Amcrica.
RcogniilnR- the honor thus paid Mr.
lliugiuHii nm tlinUgn him to the local coun
cil. Almas Temple bad made arrange
ments to accord the returning party a
berittlng welcome.
committee tl.nsisting of Thomas P.
Morgan, W.fS. Knox. 8. B. Hoge, F. X.
lUyinoml. tl Ei Wood, and ex-Aiaistant
IVKlma:er fl.'W Merrill, met the liingman
ilcieg.itton aMJaltlmoro and accompanied
Uieai to this aty. With Mr. Iiing.nan came
the local delegates to the Imperial Coun
cil. Oeorge II. Walker. Andrew Kelley and
Frank H. Thomas, largely through whose
combined efrorf niwl loyal support In the
Imperial Council the recent nonor was
brought to its recipient.
At the Baltimore and Ohio station In
this city a delegation from Almas Temple
numbering nearly HCO. headed by Assist
ant Raban Jes F. Grant, was in wait
ing ..ii the arrival or the expjeted train.
The formal greeting to the returning liohles
having ben extended, the local council
wl"h martial music and a great dSplay
of re.l firemen route, ccorted tl- Imuciliil
Potent-lti with Theolore O lie Moll. Onnd
Hlg.i Priest Roj-al Arch Masons of the Dis
trict or Columbia. In a carruge drawn by
rour white hordes, na. Pennsylvania ave
nue. Fifteenth. F and Tenlti streets to the
National Kirlea' Armory, where the cere
liHiiiieiof the evening to k nlae.2.
The enthusiasm of the Shrmers wased
high as Hon. Simon Woir arose to deliver
an address ot welcome. His words wore
fittingly responded to by Imperial Po
tentate Ulngman amid applause, after
which George II. 'Walker made a graccfil
speech, "which was biot heartily received.
Following this a collation was spread, and
tiie evening was rounded out with mu.,ic
and a general Informal good time.
The honor which 'came to Mr. Ulngman
this week Is the greater inasmuch as this
Is but his tecond jcar as officer of the
Imperial Council. Last jearhe waselected
imperial chief raban. and this jear he
skipped the succeeding office of deputy
imperial potentate to accept the highest
hoi.or in the gift ot the Mj-stlc Shrine, his
Jurisdiction covering all of the United States
and Canada nnd numbering more than .10.
000 noble Shriners.
DlMtrlot Supreme Court'w Summer
Schedule Arranged.
The summer assignment torthejustlccsof
tlie supreme court pt the District of Co
lumbia has been arranged, subject to
Judge Hagner,. will preside until .Tuly
IS. Judge Cole will follow him unt
August 16s Judge Bradley will then take
charge ot tbe courts until September IS,
or probahlj- until October.
Judge McComas will be abroad until
sometime in September. ChicT Justice
Ringhani Is-awny on account of Illness.
On account ofJudge Cox's Intended re
tirement next 'f.Ml It Is improbable that he
will preside over the court during the be
Free AdtertlHlns ot Property
For sale or rent can tie had by consulting
The Times -Real Estate Bureau. Times
"By order pf the President" Head the
Misfit ClolhiHEParlor's advertisement -on
first page. J , .
i easy feet
"1 IS Lj
? ' I
Cents Buys a Dollar's Worth
803, Market Space, (Penna. Ave.)
You Men
why will you pay
a fourth to a third more than we
ask for neckwear and furnishing
at the "exclusive" stores.
Men's 15c Linen Collars,
5c each.
Men's 4-ply Link Cuffs the
aacsort for
15c pair.
Men's Silk 4-in-hand, Teck
and Bow Ties silk or satin
lin.d 25c sort for
21c each.
Golden berg's,
926-928 7th St 706 K St.
O fto cask.
2t (65 on uuUUmeatt.
0 Jlo Sown ani 5S per msata.
g M. A. TaDPaD.1013Pa.Ave. g
Ladles of tile U. V. I,. Gnve Them a
PleuHimt Tlrue.
Auxiliary No. :12. Ladles' Union Veteran
Leg on, tendered a reception to the com
rades of Encampment No. 111. and in con
nection therewith give n very pleasant
entertainment of M.cal music and recita
tions. The attendance was very ..good,
com tiering the threatening weatner. and
those who did attend were splendidly
The program consisted ot a chorus,
"Amend.'' sung bj- tlie entire assembly,
nfter which Mrs. C. W. Ford, the president
of the auvillar-. made a few opportune
remtrks. Mifs Sallle Nicholson then sarg
"The Song That Reached My Heart." ana
was followed bj' Dr. N. P- Barnes, who
also sang a very acceptable selection.
Mrs. Minnie demons Johnson recited "The
Sioux Chiefs Daughter." and tlie enter
tainment was clofeil liv a clionis socg.
"The Bed. White and Blue."
Following the entertainment there was
a reception to the members or the en
campment anil to others who were present.
A very pleasant evening was spent In
social Intercourse and refreshments of
icecream and cake were served.
Intention Is to Get It Heforo tbe
Mipremi' Court.
A motion for a new trial of the Holt will
case, which was decided In favor of the
heiivat-l.iw. will be made toda y or Monday.
If the motion Is overruled tte Jury's find
ings will be certified to the orphan's court,
which will necessarily reject the will. The
attorneys for the repudiated paper willtben
note an appeal, and If thecourtof appeals
rejects tbis the case will go to the Supreme
Court of the United States.
SeeltH No Federal Aid.
Secretary Barnaclo.of the office of Super
intendent of Charities, desires It under
stood that he does not expect government
aid In establishing or maintaining his pro
posed Refuge for Young Men. Uie Idea
being to have It supported wholly by
private contributions. He Is receiving very
generous encouragement, and is confident
the enterprise wilt become a reality m tho
early future.
Presidential FoHtniaBterw
The President yesterday appointed the
following postmasters: Arthur S. Toung.
Union Citj-. Pa.: S. 11. Ford. Owensboro.
Kj:and it. W. Putnam. Paso Robles.CaL
He also reapjiolnted William H. Jordan.
Brocton, Mass., who failed of confirma
tion by the Senate at the last session.
' m
$1.25 to Baltimore and Return.
The B. & O. H. B. Co. will sell excursion
tickets from Washington to Baltimore ror
all trains of Saturday and Sunday. June
27 and 28, at the rate or SI. 23 ror the
round trip, valid for return passage until
following Monday. Ju5-tt
For a pleasant drive and
delightful scenery the Con
duit Road is unexcelled,
and the hospitality of the
Messrs. Bobinger Brothers
is beyond question.
shoes mean easy feet:
mean easy riding
that s pleasure. Famous light
weight "H., S. & H." $3.50
Bicycle Shoes (the "foot com- &A All
fort" kind) now selling at. VlvU
l ?Q 939 Pa. Avehne.
I X tj Shtt Skilled Free,
We are not making a mint of money dur
ing the period of this 50c-on -the -Dollar
Clearance of our entire stock of Summer
Light -Weight Clothing indeed, we lose
heavily. The sacrifice has to be made in or
der not to carry over this season's goods into
next, a practice we have never followed and
never will. The stock is a big one and nearly
all sizes are still here, but delay is the last
H;1 thing you should think
Study this list:
ffo c.:.. c-. nn
t tA .ZUI1L.- illC: llUhV.. TkIL llll
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iivi jiu juii: jrt: uuw.. $a.uu
III' 4l4 J"" "'- 4)0. uu
AH Boys'
and Children's
At Half Price.
New York Clothing House,
311 Seventh St. N. W.
S'''' "W'j
We shall bc on silc for todsy only 100
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that sett evcr whero at Si, for
One apiece
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day the choice ot some
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folks say for
Last day of the Men's and
Women's Bicycle Suit Sale.
All of 'era are in It except the
Crashes Here's the scale.
tiCO Suits Tor S3 00
18.00 Suits for....,. S3. IS
17.00 Suits for. S3.S0
(S.C0 Suits for. S4.S0
a 03 Salts for- .. So.00
JiaOO Suits for- SC.00
12.C0 SulU t or. 87.00
JI5.03 Suits for. '. 80.00
II -.50 Suits for- SltSO
iadie surra.
S73Suits for. 80.75
$1150 Suits for. SS.03
SliOO Suits for-...., SIO.OO
S17.5) Suits for- ... 811.50
SI3.50 Suits for 812.50
Pa. Ave. & 7th St Saks Corner."
Kankakee and UfUCCI 0
Bldinc School Ticket. tl.SO.
FroflclencT guaranteed. -,
Berry ,& Pastorfield,
E 8teet N. W.
of. Come at once.
j $5 Suits are now $7,50
$20 Suits are now JIfl.OO
$25 Suits are now $2.50
Oughtn't this bljr, new, com
plete stock offer you the best
possible advantages ?
Oughtn't our buying-facilities
make it possible for us
to sell lower than everybody
Why shouldn't we be able
to offer you the easiest
Follow up these "leads"
end when you've got to buy
Furniture Carpets Mat
tings Refrigerators Baby
Carriages or anything that
furnishes a house they'll
bring you here, sure, if you
cocbuU your best interests.
If you want to buy a Bi
cycle we're handling a flrst
class wheel that we can sell
at a very low price. Eesides
that, you know
is good." j
Cicycle Furnlshin;r. too.
House & Herrmann,
Liberal House-Furnishers,
N E. Cor. Till and I Sts.
3.-.--'c.-.' . ." .,-y.a
W -. i
9 , r .
jj LEAlilEK
'i SMI
P.4 fcJLlVAt
Just now at STOLL'S if you
want what is really the great
est bargain of tbe seaEon. It
consists of a lot of regular
$5 high-grade Patent French
Calf Me&'s Lace
Shoes in all the
fashionable toes
$2.98 1
and lasts. The quality is ex
cellent, and the lot being
limited, It would be well to
come early.
q stoirs "8i(T til B
7tn H. W.
8 r
t" - J W"' Sa. 9.
Cr4rfii3.-?e5ffiiffe i--&. s
.wtTitfajf-fwa fT.-y--.--c'ty?.'.

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