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the MOBJsrura times. Friday, November c, i89(l
New National Theater
of tlic rcijnlng travesty.
Miss PtiiEadelpfii
With Willie Collier and 101) Others.
A New P'ay.
A Great Casf.
Maurice rarrvraorc,
V. J. lMo)ne.
C I-csl e Allen.
llenrv Bag,;e,
A. Smiley.
Edward Coleman,
J V. VViiodersCn,
Ja-. H. S'liith.
II J. Hol.iilay,
Edith Crapp,
Eva Vincent,
A ice Gordon.
A Production Magnilicriit In Every Detail.
f ats nnil IIiixpm Now on .ile.
Sat. Mat e.... SCHOOL I OR -sCANDAI.
seats now on sai.i;.
All Week of Mumbi
Nii. SI.
Tim Cs clonic Hit,
Dan Daly
Marie Dressier,
Clias.lar by,
Anuio ItucMev,
Cbas. Khke.
Jliclianl Carle.
Jo. Green-feliler.
Nicholas hurnliam,
Marie Gorpt
Jeie Cirli-Ie,
Ia Petite Atle'alde.
Fiencsat8. Usual Wert. an-1 t. Mat a. at
Week Ctuiiliiencins; Nor 2.
Wednesday MATIN'KEs'sHliirday at ",
Return of EvervbooVs Favorite,
Tlie inaeterwork of the renowned playwright
"Huge are legal raiment when worn for vir
tue's sake.'
A Superb Cast. 40 Jubilee Singers 40
SCALE OF PRICES-7 50. 2 and :5c.
NOTE A Rood reserv ed seat ok lirat ftoor,2jc
Tho next attriction.
Clias. A. Itlaiiej'i. "A llAGC K.EClll'.CK."
In J.J. McNally F-irce.
Tho Three
& 50,78 and SI.
ra:i 2sovr on Silc
Itivcs themanagemont intieli pleasure
to announce thattudr new and IiaihUuilc
Jlreproot t'.ieater is completed, and that
they hae liecn foriuna.o in iiavinsrhe
f ur'd Mr H flrau's Mi!roiolitan Kiik
lis.li Grand Opera Cnmpauv fur He tiiIus
and i.c maiinee only, to ltein ncxtIon
Ua eein. The repertoiv for thl rn
sapeiiici.t will becinv.ith Ml 'irotreT
nn 1I10 inaujrural in..t. with rjroriue n
Jannschoutky as l.eonora. rajneCIarkc
as Manr co. lizzie Macnichol as Azucrna,
William Mettiis as tliu Count di l.una.
IMwiu KnUht a I'crrando and Mary
IIcloii Howe as Iiilz. These iill be aided
Ly au elfctno New Vorl orchestra ami
clioru-, with the celebrated Adolnu Neun
durlf as musical director.
ALU THIS WKi;K. 3Iatlncett Daily.
The Great THC WOPf H
Scenic Production, J VT VJtLU
(Little!. Version.)
3A Special Midnight rerforniaucc will
begnen election night, vhon full and com
plete leturiib wnl be received by direct wuo
to the sta-c. Door- open at II p. m. I'er
formancc at 11:31. Uic cles checUod 1 ree.
I'ltlCK- Keninz,10,0. .V) audoic; .Matineet.
baleoni. 15c; entire hrt flour resencd. 13c
Star Specialty Company.
The most coaiplete Vaudeille Organization
in existence.
Next WceU Morris' 30 .b Cenlury Yfitim.
Nov , at 7 .'10 p. m., by M. O'lIAN
I.ON. 1325 7ih st nw, to Ins friends
mid to settle wager between Charles
Lavandcr and Howard Clarkson, of a
wheelbarrow ride as to who would win
gold or silver Everybody invited. It
rnuiMMA mum.
Tito cycllnj
craze, una
cl Trathinpton. Cycling taubt on a 1J.0J3
It. fioor. Competent instructors. CUarsoa
inia.II. Muhio eery vreuine. 'JX and 1
tree li. J. Hart lirittalu, iler. Tak Ftre
1817 Hth St. N. W.
Low Priced
Fuel . . .
is in great demand. There
is no reason ubyjou shoulilu't
save on your fuel as well as ou
any other commodity. Burn
Coke and you'll be surpried
how much jou will save ilia
6c Bit., Uncrushcd Coke.
8c Bu., Crushed Coke.
Delivered Quick.
Washington Gaslight
GX33330S EeS3QSaS030S8e0
Dsalh List Increased by Three
El:ction Day.
Nine McCoys unci a Number of Ilut
iields Ilnvc Lost Their Lives Since
the Trouble Begun Yeurs Ago.
Peace Wus Ouee Declared, but Did
Nut Last Long.
Diuefield, W. V.I., Nov. 5,-Capt. Hat
field, who killed three men at Matewnn
on cietuon u.iy, is one or lUu leaders in
the lIatfieid.An.Coy leud.. Ills record
Tor bloody deeds is a loug one.
Eignt ejrs ago Ilatuuid is said to have
alienated tuc nflcclions ot Jnlm Euthcr-
ford's wife. A grudge ti.is existed be
tween them since. .ALout ;i e.ir ago
.. u.ioni siloc a cousin oi iialllciu. 'lhal
made mutters wure.
liauteld went to Matcwan Tucsday'lo
vote, lie was armed no heavily that he
was. .1 veritable walking arsen.il.
Evert Imug was lovely until the dosing
of the polls. Uiitherfordaud Hatfield were
stnndiu,: near one another wlien they sud
denly liegan snooting. The Immediate
cause wa:. not known Rutherford used a
pistol and Hatlield a shotgun.
Aiicrune rou nd Hatfield i,raubed his Win
ihester and tegau manipulating it lit inly
a Hatfield inn. i'ojr or fie shots took
effei-t and Kuthcrford fell, iIjIiik at once.
In Mioollm; at Iiutherrord Hatfield acci
dentally shut and latail wounded Kutlier
ford's hrotl.er in-law, Ileudcrsou Chambers
llntrield fleil with his twele-ear-tJd step
son. They were hotly uuisutd by kutlier
ford's nephew, who emptied Ids pistol
nitluiut noticeable eifect. Hatfield stopped
suddenly, wheeled aljul anil sliot xoiin
Uutherford dead.
'flic Hatrleid tiien took to the mountains,
closely followed by a score of aimed citi
zens. ILc excitement is intense and tLe
wlioie country is tlltrtd with indignation.
I.nrr;e lewards have been c freriil for Hat
flrld Siierlft Keadle, Willi a pse .f
lwenty-fie men, issrourius the mountains
The triple muider brinss to niiiul Willi
intense ivldness the In rribie sbry of mur
der and oulraKe that has UiaraLUrUed the
h iib standinp Hal field-AlcCoy rend, in which
nine members of the JlcCoy family per
rr.UI) I'ATCHEI) Ul'.
In lfciCl tlie feud was patched up by a
luarrtapc between the two fuinine-, I til
last ear It was renewed whin llotert
, McCoy iiiisterioii"Iy disajij eared, inak
IiiRtiie ninth victim of lite Hatfield
avenpers .
The fetid started betWi en Anse Hat
field and Kant'clph McCoy in the early
dajs ever a lawsuit to determine the
ownership of it I air of razor 1 acked hogs.
Air McCoy lost the smt and shortly
after the trial liill" Sta.Uoh, a m phew
or ilnjil Hatfield, anil a sen of a wit
nessin the cam1, was sliot dead
1 wo AlcL'oy boys wete triid for the
iiuirder and aCf,uiUed. The war brAe
u'i and r.iuiil liosliltties ceased for iliu
men Juice Hatfield fill in love with
Ilosamta .McCoy, daughter of Iiamlrlph
McCoy, and carried her off. She bxaiue
Hatfield's mistress
In 18b:: the real trouble tegnn. At an
election In l'ike --Hity a fight occurred
between lailsott H.illielu and TallHjt AIc
Coy. When the smoke ilearcd away Hat
lield was dead Several of the MtCoys,
Including a Uilrieen-jear-old boy, Itan
dolpli McCoy, were arrested.
.Next daj wliile the prisoners were on
the way to" l'ike county jail a gang or Hat
Ilelds, headed by old A use, took tneni ocr
to West Virginia, where they confined
them In a log school-house.
Tlie prisoners were tide witli a rope
until circulation was almost stepped in
their anus and they were constantly re
minded of tlie fate that awaited them.
gang or Hatilelds silently matched
the prisoners over to the Keitluiky side.
The MiCoyo weie tied with rtpes and in
a knelling position bound to some pawpaw
trees on the river's brink,
rroitt the irgiiua side or the river came
tlie oicc of Wall Hatfield;
"All read?"' lie asked.
'yes,'' tliey replied.
Take aim. Eire."
As Wall uttered the command a volley
rang out Talbot anil Fanner McCoy fell
over dead.
Kaiidolph, the thirteen- ear-old lad, was
not injured.
No sliot had been directed at him. He
was simply brought to witness the death
of his brothers.
The Hntficlds afterward changed their
minds and killed the boy, too.
In lt-81 JerfMtCov wa captured by the
Hatftelds anil shot dead in the presence of
his sister.
These outrages led to efforts for the
arrest a nd indictment Tor murder of seitr.il
Tills roucd them to rurthcr vengeance,
resulting in a murder us cold blooded as
that of tlie McCo boys in 86".
On New Year's night. lb-t, the house or
Randolph McCoy, the leader or tlie faction,
was surrounded by a gang of Hatftelds.
In the house, besides Kandolph and his
wire, were ills son Calvin, three daughters,
Allaphore. Addle and Tannic, Cora, or
phaned daughter of Talbot, anil Mclvln,
son of liosanna McCoy.
Jim Vance headed tlie Hatflelds, and
called on the McCoys to surrender or have
tlie hou.sO burned over their head. Tliev
refused and a fire was started against tlie
Allaphore, a daughter twenty years old,
went out to throw a churn of milk on the
fire and was shot dead.
Calvin then ruslied front the house to seek
shelter in tlie woods, and he was shot
through tlie brain.
Jonce Halfield was then shot down by
old ..McCoy, and the latter reached the
woods in safety.
On January ii tlie vigilantes met Cnpt.
Hatfield and old Jim Vance. A rapid ex
change of riflo shots followed and Vance
was killed. Hatfield escaped.
On January !) Jim McCoy killed Sheriff
"Bill" Dempsey.
Since that time the law has in part been
vindicated. Ellas Mount Hatfield was
Xovv Heeotrnized nn a Cause of Serl
oust Disease.
Acid dspepsla, commonly called heart
burn or sour stomach, is a form of indiges
tion resulting front fermentation of the
food. The stomach being too weak to
prompt) digest it the food remains until
fermentation begins, filling the stomach
with gas, and a bitter, sour, burning
Uiste in tlte mouth is orten present. This
couditfon soon becomes chronic and be
ing an every day occurrence is given but
little attention- Because dyspepsia Is
not Immediately fatal, many people do
nothing for tlie trouble...
Within a recent period a remedy has
been discovered prepared solely to cure
dyspepsia aud stomach troubles. It Is
known as Stuart's Dspepsla Tablets
and is now becoming rapidly used and pre
scribed as a radical cure for every form
of 'dspepsla.
Stuart's Djspepsla Tablets have
bevn placed before the public and
are sold by druggists everywhere, at
50 cents per package- It Is prepared by
the Stuart Chemical Co., Marshall, Mich.,
and while It promptly and effectually re
stores u vigorous digestion, at the same
time is perfectly harmless and will not
Injure the most delicate stomach, ut
on the contrary, by giving perfect diges
tion strengthens the stomach, improves
the appetite and makes life worth living.
Send for free book on StornACh Diseases.
m mil
I of $75,000 worth of splendid Clothing1 for Men
I and Boys, inaugurated by this house a few days
I ago, is the sensation of the week. The wonder-
i ful bargains are being snapped up very? quickly
I and we cannot urge you with too much' emphasis
I to be among the early callers today. The mill
I won't grind with the water that has passed ; a
I store cannot do business on the memory of past
greatness ; "a live jackass is greater than a dead
$ lion." The Bible says, "There were giants in
I those days; " they were undoubtedly "some pump-
kins'' in their day and generation, but if they ran
I up against a modern man with a Winchester
rifle, where vould theybe ? Without drawing
invidious comparisons, we wish to remark that
we are MODERN in every way; we are doing
f business in the 1896 style your money's worth
f or your money back and are not trying to grind
f with the water that has passed; and this wonder-
ful sale affords us an opportunity to illustrate to
you the marvels of modern merchandising come
today. I
I 311 Seventh Street N. W. i
Itanged for killing -Miss Allaplioro AlcCoy,
and three other members of the Hatfield
gang were sent tp Jail Tor lire Tor other
Founding of Ills PItthbtirjr Ubrury
Celebrated Art Inhibition.
I'tltsburg, Nov. 5. Mr. and Mrs. Andrew
Carnegie arrived in Pittsburg last evening
and were present today, as special guests or
honor, at lite ceremonies attending round
ers' day at the 1'ittsbjrg Carnegie Ulnar.
Beside the trustees almut three hundred in
vited guests were in attend nice.
'resident l'rew.or tboboard.delheredan
address covering the work done and out
lined that (onteinpl.iied. The chairmen
of the several committees also made brief
addresses, to which Mr. Carnegie hapiU
. .,. b c-sis then made a thorough I nspet
liiin or each department, arter whlrh the
dcnirs were opened to the public Mr. and
Mrs. Carnegie held a reception In the art
g.t Her, where ever body was Welinniecl.
The ilrst annual exhibition In the Pitts
burg Carnegie Art Galleries, which were
open.'d to the public today was excellent.
It is Intern. itloiial In character and has
such a number of contributions by famous
artists as to take on the as-pec: of a liisl
elass loan exhibit.
The exhibit consists of :t00 pictures, the
nchnessor which Is bewildering .l'ortratt
and figure paintings are the feature
'1 here a re two Whistlers, four Alexanders,
three by .Miss Ileaux, two by IiiMiui, a
Iaivcry.a Chart ran, a ml others rroni masters
in Ihejlgiirc and portrait world As ror
the sthiMtls represcntisl, the stamlard lu.s
been set higli.Orchardson.Tndcmn, Watts,
liurnc-Jones, and others ts'lng represented
A number of pictures submitted and ac
cepted by the committee were net hung, as
space could if-t Is- provided Among them
tiresome of the very choicest work". They
w ill be placed, however, about the middle
or the jieriod or exhlrition, at which time
the collection will be rearranged The
attend nice at the exhibit promises to be
large and enthusiastic.
Fhiini'H In ii New- York Teiiemt'iit
Imperil Otlier IJves,.
New Y'nrk, Nov. 5 A fire occurred
shortlv aritr l-.in o'clocic lias afiur
noon in the rhe-story doulde brick riut
r,l West ll'Glh street and gutted the
Mamie Headier, seven ears old, the
daughter of policeman George lteachcr,
was cut oft by the flames and burned to
death, aud her father, in aiiempung to
rescue her, was badly burned about the
face, hands, anil arms. Several other
persons were scorched and slightly burned
either in escaping from the house or in the
Work of rescue.
A policeman and several citizens did
heroic work, risking their lives to save
the tenants of the houses, whose means
of escaiic were cut off by tlie flames, and
whii would have tieeu burned to death
but for the prompt aid given them.
Iheotiglii -r the fin; lis not been d
nilely ascertained.
I J no of Ocean Steamers
Touch nt This. Point.
New York, Nov. Ii. Arrangements are
being completed between the principal rail
wa.vs having their terminal at Norfolk,
Charleston, Savannah and Brunswick, and
William Johnston A Co , limited, or Liver
pool, owners or the Johnston" Line or cargo
steamers, under which regular lines of
boats will be run frum these South Atlantic
jstrts to chier Eurojienn ports.
The object Is nut only lo strengthen the
export trade rrom the South by regular
aud reliable ocean service, but to prevent
in future the irregularities in ocean rates.
The negotiations for this move for dlrei t
Southern exiiort trafrte are the result or
the recent visit or Samuel Spencer, presi
dent or the Southern Railway Company, to
England last summer.
Injuries Proved Futal.
I'utsburg, Pa., Nov. C James Conners,
twenty-one years of age, died this morn
ing fruitt the effects of injuries rccetvtd
last Saturday night in a riot between inein
liera of rival marching clubs. Conners was
struck ou the head with a stone, fracturing
Ins skull. Twenty-two persons were ar-"
rested in connection with the riot, in which
several persons were injured. The stone
thrower is not known.
3Iisslonury Money lo Be liaised.
Rochester, N Y., Nov. 5. TlPe final ses
sion of the executive committee of the
Woman's Foreign Missionary Society was
held this morning. The most mtprotant
Item of business vvai the presentation of the
amoiintb which each brunch of the foclety
will collect and disburse during the coming
year. These amounts aggregate $327,
300.15. The society will meet at Denver
next ear.
LlobartV Cousin Killed.
New York, Nov. 5 A dispatch from
Ilightstown, N. J., states that Garret
A. Van Doren, a cousin of A'ice President
elect Garret A Hoba'rt, died this morning
from injuries received by the explosion ot
cannon, which he was firing to celebrate
the Republican victory. Ho was a vet
eran of tne. civil war, and had resided here
all his life. . . j
Schooner Believed to Be Lost.
Halifax, N. S., Nov. 5. Grave fears arc
entertained for tlie safety of the British'
schooner Iona, which left Apple River,
N. S., October 11, for New Haven, with
a cargo of grindstones, and since which
lime nothing has been heard of the vessel,
or her crew.
BrlsjniulH Release their Prisoner.
London, Nov. 5. A dispatch from Smyrna
says tnat Capt. John Marriott of the
Norfolk Regiment of England, who was
captured by brigands a few days ago while
hunting near Smyrna, has been released.
Th'o brigands demanded 10,000 ransom
for his surrender, but It Is not- stated
whether the money was paid or not.
Christian Scientist Arrested in Niw
York for Larcency.
She Took rroporty IleloiiKlnn; tci u
.Man Whose lleci-ascd Wife She
Hud Under "Treutineiit."
New York, Nov. o Mrs Louise Wntki't!
sott, a Christian scientist, vvas arrested on
an indictment found by the grand jury
charglng her with grand larceny. Mrs.
Walkiiison, who Is about flfi years or
age. Ik the wile or George Watktttson or
iter iiusband is one of the largest manu
facturers or rubber goods in tins country,
and has become widely Known as a Litter
opponent or the Rubber Trust, lie aud his.
wile separated some ears ago because of
religious differences, mud since then Mrs.
Walkiiison has lived In this clt.
For twoortliree years she made her home
with the family r aames W Horton .Mr.
Ilcrtou is u stik n. aiiufao,tuier, doing biisi.
ness at 1'aterson, N J.,'and his wire and
Mrs Wntklusui were old friends .Mrs Hor
ton wus an invalid anil died last spring,
despite Mrs WatkiuScn's attempts to ef
fect a cure by faith.
Mr lloilon li.ttl never slnrtd his wife's
friendly feeling for .Mrs. Watkuison, and
his disiike was suared by his niece. Miss
Grace Horton, wh, was adopted by the
Uortoos. Mrs. Walkiiison went to livewith
Mrs 8. S Roberts, another Christian Scien
tist, last spring, and the Mortons closed
their house aud moved to Until Beath lor
the summer.
When Mrs. Waikiuson moved from the
Ilorloit house she left A number of valuable
articles belonging to iier behind. On August
1, It is alleged, on the plea that she wished
to remove her propert.v , and with Mr. Hor
lou's consent, she secured tlie kes to the
house rroiit ti e dtuugisi, with whom they
had been lert, and vv itlt a woman supposed
to be Mrs. Roterls and a locksmith named
Yco, entered the premises.
Mic told Ycothat she hail lost her keys,
ntid induced him to open several closets anil
trunks. It is alleged that she tuok rroiii
them goods valaed at about S",0oo, among
the unities U-iiig sks. laics, shawls, Jew
tir. bnc a-brac and chitia.
Later in the da a new trunk was de
livered a the house, and taken away tlie
same afternoon. A boy was engaged on
the street co come u the house and
assist the women to carry the bundles lo
Mrs. Roberts' flat A curious reature of
the case is the alleged fact that Mrs. Wat
klr.sou took nothing belonging to herself.
When Horton discoveted his loss, an in
vestigation followed, resulting in the in-
dicttucntof Mrs. Watkinvin, ar.tl her arrest.
Simulants Forei it to Surrender After
Ten Ditys' Flejlitiitj;.
Havana, Nov. 5 Information has been
received lien- tf the capture or the town
of Gualn'.aro, In tlie province of rucrto
Principe, by the rebels, who have" besieged
the plate since October 10, making a num
ber cf c'tccks upon the town and it.?
strnigtiold, Fort Rent, in the meantime.
Tie insurgents had three cannon, which
tl-ey v.iV-X erftctively. Tlie Spanish in the
Course of the righting had eight men killed
and four officers, including a major, and
eighteen privates; Wounded.
Tlie furl nud the town were captured by
the insurgents on October 28.
Gen. Gonzalez Mittioz reports that his
command has had an engagement with
tlie rctiels under Peroco Delgado and
I'eroco Diaz at Manuelito, near Cabanas,
province of Pinal del Rio. The rebi'ls
held strong positions in the hills, hut
were dislodged after several combats. In
which Gen. Iticlau asslted Gen. Gomez.
The troops captured and burned the rebel
camps. They olo captured a quantity of
arms and a number of cattle. The losses
of the rebels are not given, but are be
lievedto have been heavy. The Spaniards
lost two killed, and a captain, a lieutenant
and twent-two privates wounded.
I nthc case of Luis Somelllun, an American
citizen, who is charged with rebellion.
the attorney general today asked that he
be sentenced to life imprisonment in chains.
The representative ofttto American gov
ernment will appeal aglliistsuch sentence.
It Is rumored that Maceo was seriously
Wounded in his last engagement with the
Spanish troops, but tlie rumor finds no
credence among the CfiJJans here.
. .,s
Two Men Kllledjnjd, One Injured at
Atlanta, Ga., Nov." 5 Vtltllam Mann,
white, aud Ate Goss, c'ojored, were kiHcd
this morning by the explosion or a locomo
tive boiler 111 the Southern Railway yards
here. Jim Rodgers, c'ol6rcd,-was seriously
injured. ''ti
Maun was a machinist and Gossn laborer.
The engine had just come In from Chatta
nooga, and was being cleaned up.
It Is supposed tlitttiGoss allowed the
water to get too low -m rc holler and
then turned in cold water.
Looking; for the Poison.
Providence, R. I., Nov. 5. The viscera
of the 'fourth Mrs. Allert II. Post el, of
Wayne county, Pa., known here by her
maiden name or May Kuppingcr, and
as May Wolf, was taken to Philadelphia
tills afternoon. The organs will be de
livered to Pror. John 'Marshall, ot the
University of Pennsylvania, tor toxile
logical anulsls. AU further octlon ni this
case of suspected wife poisoning will de
pend on the result of this laboratory exam
1 nation.
The 8bjck of the New York Clothing House
is large and varied. Make your selections
now. Everything goes at half price.
$1.25 To' Baltimore and He- $1.25
turn Tia Pennsylvania Railroad.
Tickets will be Bold Saturday and Sun
day, November 7 and 8, and will be valid
for return passage until Monday, Novem-
I bcr 9. Good on any train. no4-4t-em
46 7th St-
Red Ticket Day I
Friday, November 6. 5
Hating now disconnected our 8th .
street annex, wo arc compelled to w
sacrillco what h lert oi Dry Goods, f
rnnalbti'ig of Black and Colored Drem
Qoods. VolvotB, l'liisbca. laninc. r
Curtain aud Curlsin Material, all or f
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Black Dreas Gool, very deilrable
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0.10 lot of nihW and ends of Won I
and Wool Mlx-d Dresi Goods, some
good lengths among them,
10 cents a yard.
Oro lot Turkish IS-itli Towels,
large sizes, sold at -10 coots,
20 cents.
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Cloths, large enough tococr a fair
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high as Jilt taku 5 our pick at
98:. a pair.
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Millinery Dep't.
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ISc. a yard.
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Cloak Department.
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triiiitned vii'.h braid jud fur. Slu as
high as H.
1.1. 4B.
I'onr Children's White Eiderdovcu
Coats, s.zo 1 to 3 years, ituld a
ldh as St.
Ono lot I.alles' and Children's
Canton Hantiel Drawers. Cho.ce.
Ono sample lot Ladies' Cotton
Underwear, consisting ot Skirts
Chemise-, Drauelsand Corset Covers,
huh! at high as Si. -'.
One lot or regular siz's W. B. Cor
sets, black and while only, bold at
SI.Oj. To tlosc at
Ono lot Ladies' I uportsd All-wool
.Sweater', very hauusoine. Sold as
high as S.10. Take your choice at
Ono lot of L-idlcs' All-vvool Pant
good sizes, sold as high as
One lo;oi Inrinls' Wool Wrappers.
Soal as high as .'iOc. Choice,
0 416 7th 5t.
Opposition to (iarbaue Crematory in
the Northeast Section.
The cilizens of the Northwest section
or the city who oppose the location of a
garbage crematory In square 63 have be
gun active operations to enforce their
Attorney F. R. guidons called at the
health olflce veslcrday to solicit in
roriualion. lie is empowered to represent
the opposition in the courts and belore
the Commissioners. It isprobabletb.it the
first legal step will be to apply for an
injunction to temporarily restrain the con
struction ol Hie plant, in which case the
courts will be doubtless called upon to
decide whether or not the law will war
lant .in injunction against a nuisance that
is as jet only In contemplation.
It has been held by Attorney Thomas,
counsel for the District, that a nui-ancc
must be shown to actually exist before Its
abatement may be accomplished by legal
measures; but it is stated there Is an
old statute not et repealed which pro
vides ror the anticipation of a nuisance
through a knowledge of the character of
the vvurk to be done.
Supreme Court ot the United States.
Present: The Chief Justice, Mr. Justice
Field, Mr. Justice Harlan, Mr. Justice Gray,
Mr. Justice Brewer, Mr. Justice Brown,
Mr. Justice Shims, Mr Justice White, and
Mr. Justice Pcckhaiu.
No. 148 The Chicago, Kansas and Ne
braska Railway Company, plunitirun er
error, vs. Judsott li. Van Cleave; In error to
the supreme court or the Slate or Kansas;
dismissed with costs pursuant to the tenth
No. 141 TheSavanuah, Florida and West
ern Rnilwav Company, appellant, vs, the
Florida Fruit Exchange; nrgueel bv Mr.
John E. Ilarbrldge for the uppcllant and bv
Mr. U. M. Cooper for the appellee.
No. 404-!'. S. Wight, plaiutlrr in error, vs.
the United fetntes. Argument commenced
by Mr. Hugh L. Bond fur the plaintiff in
Adjourned until today at 12 o'clock.
The day call for Friday, November 6, will
bens follows' Nos. 404. 11.120, I30.b3,
146, 147, 140, 150, 151, 153 and 151.
Eeiultv Coart, No. 1 Justice Cox
Marone' vs. BurKe; exceptions to aiuiltor's
report overruled. Clark vs. Clark; testl
monev heron: S. Herbert Glesy, onlered
taken. Crulkshank vs. Cruiksliank; audl
tot's report tonriimed and distribution di
rected. Dawson vs. Feigan; offer onlered
accepted by trustees. Kelley vs. Kelley;
testimony before Margaret Murray, ex
aminer, onlered taken. Smith vs. Smith:
do. Hopkins vs. Benton; time to file an
swers, extended ten tlays.
Equity Court. No. 2 Justice nagner
Rue vs. Rue; order to let bill of review be
filed. Freewalt vs. Davis; motion for re
straining order overruled. Rest vs. Best;
divorce a v!u mat granted. Pultcs vs.
Pulies: do. Glllis vs. Glllls; order of
reference to examiner. -
Circuit court. No. 1, Justice Bradley
Rock Hill College vs. Elliott; judgment by
default. McCarthy vs. Western Union,
death ot plaintiff suggestedandsultabateel.
Tnw r,. Pennsvlvnnia Railroad Company;
ordered on stet calenilar. Glover vs. B. &
P. Railroad Company; elo. Barber vs Hcis
keli; do. Scheldeniantel vs Corwine; eirder
for publication. Goldsmith vs. Duffy; certi.
fied to circuit court No. 2. Thomas vs.
Duckett; plaintiff called and case dis
missed. Nottingham vs. B. & P. Co.: do.
Weber vs. Capital Traction Company; judg
ment on verdict for defendant.
Circuit court No. 2, Justice McComas
Thompson vs. Pickreli; on trial. Perry vs.
Main; commission ordered to Issue. Mc
Cauey vs. Main: do Wainwright vs. Shea;
cause dlsndsscd by plaintiff.
Criminal-Court No. 1 -Justice Cole Whlt
ford & Corvs. Burtts;order for commission
lo Issue. Abraham C. Luber vs. Clayton M.
Eturich; withdrawal of defendant's coun
sel and rule on defendant to employ new
counsel. William Walsmauii vs. G.G. Corn
well & Son; ordered on stet calendar. WU-
WANTED-28 colored men to cutcortl
vvooei. ju8. L, C. MOOilE, 30ti G st.
"W. ! u-
WANTED-Ucr with two or three
Years.' fvm.rliir,. :it f vm.i.i.rtlrii An-
(- ply 305 7th st. iff. It,
Wanted -White buticr: two m fam-
:;aLso carpenter and upholsterer. 611
13Utst. nvv. It
WANTED-l'iiung man for butcher
ousmess. one imtt has liner some ex
perience in killing small stik; also boy,
10 or 17 years old, both living In the lie.
preferred. 21-1 K st. market, 6th and
K its. It
WANTED -A coloredcountry boy to
work lit grocery. Call at 337 id and U
sts. hw. it
WANTED -Boy of 10 to'learn the up
holstering trade; wages $2 per week
to start; must live with parents, and bu
well recommended. 1)31 W. IC.avell-em
WANTED-2 Colored solicitors, to sell
lots lit it nice subdivision; big money to
hustlers. Ite.oiulU.iUO Fst. uw. iw5-3l-ein
WANTED Upholsterer; wages, 510
per week to commence; permanent place
to right man. 1439 P. St. lt-em
W ANTED -Good barber at 723 fllh
1d.te7 V. TOZZOLO. no5-3t
WANTED-Several experienced dom
ing salesmen, at the NEW YORK
CLOTHING HOUSE, 311 7th St. nw.
WANTED -A white turner "it mi
7tlt t.fe O. Y1TALE. no4-3t .
tv a "W'lMiiii Do vou want 51."
at pernio.;
can jou tell subscription tsuiks? II
see FllAN'K C. LARIMOllE,437 7th St.
tr h
WANTED Send postal; male and fe
male iteip furnished free. Ill G st.
WANTED -WHte cook, chambermaid
and colored butler. 441 G st. It
HELP Willi references furnished frti
by Mrs. MOORE, 300 G st. nw. inseSt
ALL kinds or help furnished free. Call
uraddrcssNA'l ioNAI, EMPLOYMENT
BUREAU. 2121 lllli nvv no-i-rt
WA.NTED-Hoy; white; to clean otriee.
ivoiuait, vvi.ite, general housework. Glo
11th st. nw.. basement. Jic3-4t-eiu
WAKTED-.lt City intelligence Gr
ille, tooks general liou.eworkers. wait
ers, drivers, laundresses, nurses, Iiorters
Jauttors. stablemen, lalsjrers, chamber
maids, iioys; places furnished till suited.
Established lfcHD. SHACKLEFORH'S,
127 11th st nw. no3-7t
ave. ne., apply
o'clock, todavoulv.
cook, at 1211 Mass
between 12 ami 1
WASTED- Young lady, as cashier;
must have uuiitiesiionaole references.
Apply, arter S.30 a in., XEW YORK
CLO'llllNG HOU&E, 311 7tli st. nw it
WANTED -Capable white women e-
pciicuccd 111 all kinds or cooking: care,
economy, good breads. Address 1NHUS-
TRY. this ofrice. Jt
W ANTED -W'ltite nun-e; onetbild. also
chaiiibermuld aud Cook. 614 13th st.
uw. lt
WANTED- White v cgetable cook; S25".
01 1 13th St. uw. It
w a TVHT'F'ri General hcuseworker rir
nntily oi two; good wages. 611 13th
st. nw lt
WANTED 3 whlte"aiKf 4 colortsl gen
eral liouseworkers; aNi 2 chamber
maids, white; 1 dish washer at once. B10
lltli st. nw , basement. It
WANTED-2 white chambermaids, and
laundresses; private families, good
wages; best help in city ruruished: good
situations procured. BKOOKE, 72b lOthst.
11 w. lt
"WANTED Good cook anil general
nouseivorker. must slay at night and
have city refs. lm'.i 1' st. uw lt-em
WANTED Apprentice girl at S12 1 st.
im . at once. It.em
WANTED A neat colored girl to as
sist 111 cooking auti general nouscworic.
RESTAURANT, 410E st. ne. lt-em
WANTED-At 1 U East Capitol sta
good witiie woman for general house
work, must h a good cook and laundress;
neat and trustworthy; no other need apply.
WANTED-Competent and reliable
nurse toeare ror young children; a good
home for the right iiarty. Callat2'J2'a isth
st.: refs. no4-3t-em
WA.NTED-A German woman or girl
ror general housework; ref. Call 17-1
Pa', nv e. 11 w. ,no4 3t-em
WA.NTED-D J'oa need a good servant
tall ..r semi postal. THE LADIES' I
C. EXCHANGE, 631 F St. no3-4tem
WANTED Hv reliable young man,
place to learn baitender or meat bust-
ness. Address L. K.. tlJs ofrice H
WANTED -My experienced grocery
tierk ami meat cutter, a position: rt-rs.
Address L. J., this office. ne-3t
WANTED Era young colored man, a
place as butler or bellman; refs. if re-
qulred. Apply 2214 Uth St. nw. m6-3t
W ANTED By a colored boy willing
to make liliiieit generally iisciui, po
sition aliout house or grocery store. Ad
dress or call at 015 W st. nvv lt-em
WANTED-")' night student, expert
salesman, piaic nt-ninu any counter;
gents ruruisiitng preferred; any saiarv
DAVID, this office. lt-em
WANTED-11' experienced oung etl
oied man, plate as coachman and all
round man: first-class refs. Pleae call
or address 145'J Q st. noo-at
"WANTED Young man wishes em
pio.vmciii 111 hotel or otherwise, prin-
clpally Tor board. 1 18 A St. ne. no4-.Jteni
WANTED-A position n janitor r
s.;.iouor church. AeldressSKXTOX.this
office. no.'t-3t-eni
FIRST CLASS table board at Si 3 G
st. nw.. at 12 per iraiith. no5-3t
WANTED-For cash, all kinds of old
tnilcu elates postago and departmca.
stamps. Collections also bought. II. P.
DUN1CHORST. 100.-7t!i st. nw seu-lf
liam A. Mcloy vs. James T Levy; on trial
Probate Court Justice Hagtier Estate
of lliimpluu li Deumaii; account passed.
Estate of Lbuis JI. rschneider: iuveulones
filed. Estate ot J. Wesley Roteler; do.
Estate or George A. Taior;apprascrs ap
pointed. Estate or Patrick Carpenter;
statement or legal distributes filed. Estate
or Benjamin liewllt; proof or publication.
Estate oi Llo.vd Moxley; petition for pro
late of will riled. Estate of Agnes Fer
guson; will partly proveel. In re Jusephiiie
Rest el al.: petition for appointment of guar
dian riled.
Assignments for Friday, Novemlier 6
United States Supreme Court .Nos.
404, 11 (and 119 and lhO,) S3. 146, 117,
Equity Court, Dlv 1, Judge Cor. -Nos.
11 10 20.
Equity Court. Dlv 2, Judge Hagner.
No assignment.
Criminal Court No. 1, Judge Cole.
Htelzle vs. Scliaffert, Schafrert v s. htelzle".
Ready vs- Button, Moses vs. Diincansoti.
Glassie vs. Knox Kxpiess, Rosctibusch vs.
Lyons, Low vs. Bogle, General l:les!trlc
Co. vs. Lawrence, Hugus vs. Iloyt, Hum
phries vs. Dis.rlct of Columbia.
Criminal Court, No. 2 United States vs.
John Towles and Annie Graimrer, Uniteel
States vs. Charles Caynor, United States
vs. Charlie Reed.
Circuit Court. Dlv. 1 . Judge Bradley
Appeal cases -stony vs. visc,noiraaervs
District or Columbia, Ashley vs. Branshaw,
Aukam vs. Main, WoihIs vs. Jackson.
Golden vs. L: trontaine, Rapley vs. Shehau,
Pflegutg vs, Sclt?, Friday vs. Baltimore
and Potomac: Railway Company, Straus
burger vs. Wes-iott, Aledcalf vs. Spauldtng,
Barbour vs. Burnett.
Circuit Court, Hiv. 2 ludge McComas
Thompson vs. Pickreli; on trial.
Real Estate Trnusfcrs.
Jacob P. Clark ct ux. to George L.
Richards, lots 5 and 6, block 6. lots 6 and
7, block 7, east hair lot 7, block 5, west
hair lot 11. east hair lot 16, and all lots
15, 17, and IS, block 11, White Haven,
Anna M. Cole to Eunice W. Dickey, let
45. square 100, In Wonnley ctal.sttb$10.
David B. Goltwals to Julia F. and llarv
G. Colt, part lot 60, block 13, llolmeail
Maror, subject to trust $3,00o. $10.
William W. McDonald et ux. to Rebecca
F. Webster.lot 26, square 756. In Bticklng
ct al. sub.. sub lect lo trust for S4.00n sin.
Thomas Quill to Mattie R. Slater," lot
, siiuuiu u o, cm.
John S. Rich ct ux to Jacob W Collins
lot 17, square 853, In Atchison's sub, sub
ject to trust for $1,334, No. 512 M street
southeast, $10.
Addle Simpson ct vir Charles W. to James
H . Meriwether, west 22 feet oC lot 23,
square 154. In Clark's sub, subject to
trust for $4,1100, $10.
Joe Williams to John II. Rothort, parts
of lots 2 and 3, squaro GO, $10.
Heiirv Worth to Snlllc Sullivan, north
24 1-2 fect,of original lot 21, square 172,
K.ORHENT 10 Grant Place nw., 2
large rur. rooms and hall room; private
family: gents only; rent reasonable.
FOR HENT-335 C St. nw., double bed
room parlor, 1st floor; also nicely fur
nished 2d and 3d story rooms; convenient
lo hotels and street cars- noO-3t
FOR RENT Two nicely furnl'bed
rooms ou el floor; balti tin same floor.
Call after t p. m., l-iu eth st.nw. auB-at
FOR RENT-Two rooms; en suite; fur
itishec': ver ri;i.n:'ble, private fam
ily. 027 R t. nw.
FOR RENT-Large cumrurtaUe ami
neatl HiriiisheU rooms, with hoard,
ni reasonable terms; gentlemen pri ferrm.
431 Mass. ave. nw. noU-3t.
FOR RENT Large front room, nicely
furnished us sitting and Ijeelroourrlb.
U:t:i13th st. nw. lt
FOR RENT Sunny," steam heated
rooms-in pretty house racing Capitol
Park; witn or without excellent is.arii; at
very reasonable rates. 100 1st st. ne.
FOR RENT Fur. room, withgas;j-ent
a. bol I st. ne. iiub-3t-em
FOR RENT Large unfur. r in; 2 on
2d, S12; 3 on 3d, $10; fur. hall, $1.25
week. No. 17 E au nw- noo-at-em
FOR RENT 4 unfur. rooms "on lit
floor; bath. 10U0 Est.sw.
FORRENT 2roomsinailfl.sir,nnIur..
front room with alcove; large closets:
alsu 1 rur. nsiir, on xz floor; hoi and cold
water: well In-ated. U0U8t.li st.nw. lt-em
FOR RENT Unfurnished" rtom, 2d
floor: cheap. 017 G St. ie. It em
LARGE, nicely furnished rcom for
ivvc persons. Reasonable. 41a G st.
nvv; no5-3t
itirttt iiousekeepiug.
12 per month.
unfur. rocms.
171o loth st. uw-.:
IK C-3t
FOR RENT Two rooms at SI3 G st.;
1 single room; 1 large room on 2d
iloor; wiui all lotiveiiiences; nrsi-ria-H
table lioard. nc5-3t
FOR RENT Furni-hiil or unfurnished,
bright, 2d story front room; gentlemen
preferred; references exchanged; $ per
month. 014 N st. nw. no5-3t
FOR RENT A mcely furnished second
story room, southern exixjsure; respect
able location; suitable lor two getitiem 'ii er
an eidi-rly lady; convenient to three llnw of
cins; terms moderate; references required.
Aildtess !(00 C st. se. n.i0-3t
FOR RENT-Furnihed,!M2 D st. nvv.,
large ami small rooms; most reason ible
rate-: cvntra; location for gentlemen.
iio.r-3t .
FOR RENT 101 1 10th st. nw.; nicely
tur.iisned rooms for geiitlemen.
reasonable. nov4-7tem
FOR RENT 2 rooms; second nr;
heat.li.itli. j5. 33Kst.ne. m4 3t-e'ii
FOR RENT Large, unfurnished, al
cove trout room; second floor; I ath on
same floor Apply lc41 14th st i.w.
Ee.4 3t-cm
FOR RENT "10 E st nvv.. two very
large and handsomely papered, unfur
nished rcoms. suitatle forbthl housekeep
ing or Icslgmg purposes; well lighted and
heated: very central no4-3t-vn
back room.
Comfortably fur. 2dstory,
55. 1126 6th st, nw.
FOR RENT Two front '.oonw, fur
nished or unfurnished, on 2d and 3d
floors: terms reasonable. 810 5th st n.v.
FOR RENT Double parlors, unfur
nished or partly furnished; also other
rooms, with or wttlout Ixiard: desirable
location, terras reasonable. No. 036 Mas.
ave. nw. no4-U
FOR RENT 2 communicating rooms;
heat, gas and bath; rent extremely iniI
erate. 1326 9th st. uw. no4-5t
FOR RENT Nicely fumihed room';
a. in. 1.; light housekeeping; rentreason-
able. 626 I st. nw. no4-3t
FOR RENT-013Gthtt.iiw.;Mr rooms
2d floor; with or without board; een
tral location. no3-3t-em
FOR RENT Nicely furnished rooms;
also tia. I room. 512 E St. nw. no3-7t
FORRENT-FIat or 4 looms, partly
fur.; not water heat, electric lighting,
cte., 2-'U0 1Mb st. nw . I.ght housekeeping:
no children; price $25. no2-7t-em
FOR RENT-Fur. rooms, with or with
out noant; reasonable rates. 616 II nw.
FOR RENT An entire second floor;
unfurnished; 3 newly papered riKims;
light housekeeping; mat, gas, and latli.
$14. 1S52 eth st. nw. noiV7t
FOR RENT Til ree iarge.unrur. rooms
on Nov. 15; suitable ror light house
keeping; lu nw.; ui. I.; cheap. II. T. 11:.
Uiis office. cc30 If
FOR RENT-Booms, nicely furnished.
In a private family; htgn. dry. and quiet;
location; can also rent suite Tor light house
keeping. 20s N. Y.ave. nw. oc-27-14t
ROOM and boarel, $16 per month; con
venient to Government Printing Of
fice. Pension office and Capitol: with
private family. 303 7th st. ne. no6-7t
FOR RENT 2 reoms. furnished, with
heat, ; unfurnished, J6.E0; room and
board, $3 a week. 318 Fla ave. nvv no6-3t
WANTED-A youuglady wishes rexim
and Ixsinl in the ne.; in plivale family;
Protestant preferred; must be reasonable.
Addrpss U M . tils olfice no3-3t-em
FIRST-CLASS table Poard at 041 II
st.; :ilo Inrge beautiful front room to
couple, $.-!. smaller one $40.
up: no cheap boarding house table;
evcolblnc first class; large, sunny front
rooms; special Inducements for two in a
room. S02 11thnw. oc2Ulw-cm
for nine.
FORHIRE- To urummers and business
men. norse and buggy or Dayton, SI. 50
and $2 per day. Apply to the REX STA
BLES, rear of ',15 E st. cw.; telephone call,
100 rnylS-tf
WANTED By lady music teacher,
witn mgtiest refs.. heated room, near
13th and I sts nvv., iii exchange for
lessons. F. D., this office. no6-3t
W"E can rent your flat; send us full dt
seriptinn. Address TIMES REAL. ES
TATE BUREAU. ocl7-lf
FOR RENT A new Lritk static, with
a fl.11 or lltree rooms al ove: in rear of
222 G st nw . all modern Improvements;
will rent separate. lt-em
WANTED-House of 0 rooms, or 4
rooms lor light housekeeping; central;
permanent arrangement desired. C. A If.,
th i s orric3 . lt-em
WE have a number of applicants Tor
houses renting from $20 to $35 per
menlli; send us description of our vacant
house and Jou will be surprised how quick
p will rent It. TIMES REAL ESTATE
uesires work at home or 111 prlv ate ram
iIy.Box 48, this ortice. r.o6-3t
WANTED-All kinds sewing, 25t. a
uay; reierences. uox ai. r.., mis omce.
WANTED -3 colored girls at once.
MUS.iioUUE.SOU G st.nw. It
WANTED -My a respectable colored
ioiitati place as cook, laundress, or
orflce cleaning; good reference. 1132
10th st. nw. no6-3c
WANTED-By white girl, position as
house maid and waitress or nurse ami
sevving;city rt-rs. Call at 1134 7thst.nw.lc
WANTED-By a neat colored girl
rrom Virginia, place as chambermaid or
nurse. Call at 2010 1 st. It
WANTED Rj" resectable colored girl
placeas general huuseworkcr. 1702 1-2
10th st. nw. no6-3t
WANTED- By a colored girl a place to
do nousework; no washing or ironing.
1021 2d St. b. It-cm
W ANTED-Coloreet girl wants general
"housework to do; ref. Aehln's, 1 in Cor-
coran st., ivy city.
WANTED-Smiatiun as iirst-ciass
dressmaker, by ,day or w.-k.or t.. tako
home. Call or address A. MeW ., 31. . th
St. nw. 11-cm
WANTED-!'' yexms German girl,
eTfillent refs. 11.. this eir'co no4-3t
WANTED Piece by white girl as
OV. 171! i:'h s nw no4-3t
Wimn?.D.rcir.w,ng. M&C
SON, No. 1710 13th St. nw nqb.lt ,
a vted-First-class dressmaker ile
W Ar?s ti. g.",ut by day or wee-k. IlRESS
mutr. thisorrice. ito3-.U-em
WANTED -Washing to do at homu
1743 Oifgon ave. nvv
. ..s-.-ur-wa.-: c zsMiJiSrju
.. . .- ,,,
T. ..s-s,

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