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mijmm , jl mJBm
jjsr yfxz'i. -r? M;?ixtJr'cri',r--jc
.sswE-iac--Ss.'' .I"'S?-S5rg
' "
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Judgej Miller Lectures the Acquitted
si Policy Players.
rinln Talk to the Jury Thnt Let
Them Off Ilin llouor I)eHrmlrn
of Convictions.
Tin very terry. Amy. that I have to
send you to ja:l by ourselt anil let thee
accomplices or jours who are much big
ger criminals and consequently much worm
go scot free," said Judge Miller late yes
terday afternoon when tin- police court
jury had been wrestling with ttin-p policy
cases tor about fo lr hours and had returned
three crdicU of "not guilty."
John Itidgley, Sum Blue and Sarah Clin
ley, all colored, had been tried for pro
moting policy. Amy Frazer.a colored run
ner, was arrested last Monday with sev
eral "books" belonging to the urious
defendants, and six. dollars and a half in
She admitted on the stand fiat she had
bcn In the habit of collecting plajs from
"Mousey Itldglej'a shop In the Division,
anil from Sam Blue's and Sarah Chislcj's
David Burrows, who keeps a dairy on
the Tenlejtown road, and mtvcs milk to
It icicle 's luucli-ruom, testified that he
had been in the liahit of leaving his plajs
at Itldgley's luuch-room whence some
body, lie did not know who, collected the,m
und carried them across the river.
All of the defendants, however, swore
that the plays they had given Annie
Ffazcr were their Individual plajs and that
they never wrote policy and did not know
how it was done. Not one of them had
ever seen a bone pencil nor a hlack sheet
in their lives, and didn't know a "cue
row" from the ten commandments.
The Jury Lellevidlhi' defendant in pref
erence to the other witnesses and returned
verdicts or not guilty In every rase.
Judge Miller did not like it at all. Amy
Frazer, the runner, had pleaded guilty and
had been held for a government witness.
She gave her testimony reluctantly nnd
shielded the writers, all she knew how,
but she hcri-elf had pleaded guilty nnd
there waMit.thing tu do lint send-lier down
Beforetloslng the ran-, however, the Judge
delivered his opinion to the Jury.
"It has come to such a pan.," said he,
"that it is neit to irr.pcfsil.le to convkt
any of the iniportnntlaw-breakers who are
conducting thiscrime-lireeiling game. When
1 first came to this bench several Jcar6
ago policy was being run openly and
hundreds of people were implojed bj the
"Hooks, as they called thwn. were made
by the writers in the shops all over the
city nnd sent across the river or taken
by the writers themnlvcs, and when u
man wascaptured there was some evidence
on wlrcli to convict the ptole who em
plojed him.
"But since they have lieen giving jail
sen'ences for promoting the game, the big
fish have all run under the rocks and now
we can only get those poor ignorant
creatines tliat'thcj employ to run the
gauniletforthem. The wrlu rsh.ive stopped
making liooks, and after they collect their
plajs frrin the poor people who are spend
ing their last dime or mckle on this crim
inal swindling scheme, ihey make them up
at this cabalistic form they are using now
anil send them out by some pi or mKguiui d
creature whose capture and conviction
does not matter to them or auone lse.
"I am not saing this to rcllllei.t on our
police officers, n ho are doing the ln'Stthey
can under the circumstances; nor do I wish
In lie hard upon the jury, tthodoiiut under
stand theinner worklngsof this Ini'-lui'ss.
"But I do wih we ro'ild get some compe
tent expert to come here and explain the
workings of the game to the jury so that
they would be nlile to understand and
realize what harm Is being done. These
three people who are being acquitted ure
all old offenders and ougiit to be going down
in the same van with this Amy Frazer.
Thirty days In her case!"
"Yes," added District Attorney Mul
lowney, "I suppose there will tn- twenty
new writers start In business tomorrow as
the result of these three acquittals, and I
can't say that I should blame them."
And the Jury went out thinking.
Jdorjrnn Lewis Wants Ills Contract
with StapleM Itenclnded.
Col. Oreo G. Staples, the former proprietor
of Willard's Hotel, was made the defendant
last evening In a suit filed agninst him by
Mr. Morgan D. Lewis, the present lessee of
the hotel property. The bill was filed by
Attornejs Worthlugton and Vale and other
defendants named arc Henry Wise Garnet!
and John H. Lamer.
Mr. Lewis desires to have rescinded a
contract for the purchase or the furniture
of Willard's Hotel, which he claims was
purchased under certain misrepresentations
on the part of Col. Btnples. Hy the con
tract made between Mr. Lewis and Col
Staples tlie former was to lease the hold
and purchase for $C0,00U the furniture
and provlsliuis of the property. February
23, 18115, a deed or trust was executed By
the plaintiff to Harnett nnd Larncr lo se
cure the p i.vment or the chattels.
Mr. Lewis alleges that the contract for
the purchase of the ninten.il In question at
the figure named was the result of an as
surance of Col. Staple's 'as to the public
patronage of lic hotel.
Mr. Lewis claims that the colonel ex
aggerated this patronage, and represented
that from October, 18S-, to October, 181)2,
inclusive, about $4-2, lso had been made
clear, and that the average a vear was
$54,G82. From October, 1892, to Octotier,
1803, the net profits were given as
$46,20:!. l, and that his worst )ear, from
1893 to 18JM, he realrcd $27,248.04-,
while the gross receipts for the last named
period amounted to $1211,578.87. Mr.
Lewis says Col. Staples showed figures to
support these statements, also certain state
ments as to supplies, which the plaintirf
Bays was greatly exaggerated.
Within the past month Mr. Lewis claims
to have become aware of the fact that
he was losing money and Instituted an
Inquiry, but could get no exact informa
tion as to the former patronage of the
The suit filed asked for an accounting
and an injunction to restrain Col. Staples
from prosecuting a suit filed by the latter
for an attachment for rent alleged to be
due on the lease under the contract men
tioned. Mr. Lewis asks that his. suit be
decided first. Judge Hagncr granted a
rule to show cause by the "nth of this
mouth why a restraining order should not
Iloiine to Jler nauiihter.
Elizabeth A. Miller in a. will dated Oc
tober 25, IfcUB, and filed yesterday for
probate, leaves to her daughter, Lizzie
Miller, a hous? at 420 Eighth street su.it n
cast. together with Its contents. To
William B. Miller and Clarence MIHerlicr
sons, is eivoii S100 each, and should anv
more cash reraiiri it is to be given to her
daughterLUzie. David Nachman Is named
as executor.
Columbia Heights Citizens Settle the
D Street Fight.
Pretddent Dunlop Iksuoh Cards En
titling the Holder to Transfer at
Fourteenth and XJ Streets Citi
zens Are Congratulating Them
selves on the Concession.
There will be great Joy among the ten or
fifteen thousand people on the heights
north of U street this morning, when they
read of the new regulations affecting trans
fers from thu Fourteenth street line to the
11 street line
Incidentally they may all sleep a half
hour longer instead of heretofore rising
at an unholy hour of the morning to make
the trip around the quadrilateral to reach
nearby points on Seventh strict, such as
schools, business offices nnd markets.
The new regulations Kent Inhi effect") i
terclay afternoon after a long agitation
between the Capital TraitionCompany and
the Columbia Heights Citizens' .Associa
tion. Committees and committees tunc
'died on the otticers of the association
In vain for a long time, but a recent refer
ein v or the mutter to the directors had thc
desired result.
Qu the order of President Dunlop, of the
company, personal cards will be Issued to
those who are interested. The card reads:
"This entitles on presentation
oT proper transfer on the U street division
of the C. T. Co. to another tr.insrer. Not
A person can now come from Mt. 1'leas
aut, get a transfer at Fourteenth and U
stre-'ts, proceed to Seventh and U,and there
get another transfer, lfcrfi re this, to reach
points on Seventh streets, it would be
necessary to make the tour or the city.
The first card was issued jesterday after
noon to Mr. M. A. Bellinger, I lie president
or the Columnia Heights Asvul.ttiou
Talking about the cause of congratulation
to the citizens of the heights nnd the north
ern suburbs generally, Mr. Ilnlllnger said;
"We have won our fight. It has been a
long one but we won it in the end. You
see that heretofore the Capital Traction
Company has been a little bit partial to
the people living west of Fourteenth and
U streets. Any person could take the ears
west of Fourteenth street and might ride
to Fourteenth nnd U, transfer to the
Fourteenth street line, go down to Seventh
and Pennsyvlnnia avenue, transfer up
Seventh 6treet to u street, and thence
transfer at Sevi nth and U streets and go
on out the U street and Chevy Chase line
as far as the District line, or the passenger
could start as before and go to Seventh
street, then down Seventh to l'ennsjl
vania avenue, then with l'enns)lvnnla
avenue nnd Fourteenth street to Four
teenth and U streets, and then transfer
out on the Chevy Chase line, and all on
one fare.
"A resident of Columbia Heights could
not come down Fourteenth street to l!
nnd then cross on U street to Seventh
street, and then go down Seventh street
without pa)lng two fares. Nor could we
take the cars on Seventh street and go
north to U street, then transfer to
Fourteenth street, and then trnnsfir out
to Columbia Heights or Mount Pleasant
without paving two fares.
"This we believed to be wrong. It is
true we could get to our destination by
going around by Pennsylvania avenue und
Seventh street, but it took us too long to"
make the trip. Our citizens hare been
smarting under this condition of things
for a )ear or two and our association has
from time to lime referred the subject
to committees to have a dif ferentv sy stiin
of transfers adopted.
"At our meeting held In October the
old committee reported that it could do
nothing with the traction company.
"The committee was discharged, and at
our request it was referred to the ex
ecutive committee.
"We look it up at once with Mr. Dunlop
of the traction company, and with the
result th.it today Mr. Dunlop has had
cards isued, by which the holder can go
from any point In Columbia Heights to
any point on Seventh street, or the re
erse, on one fare, and mav cross at I
street if the passenger dc-ires.
"These cards can be had on application at
the office of the traction company.
"It is only Just to Mr. Dunlop and his
company to say thnt the rule formerly es
tablished was to prevent persons from
riding 'round the circle.' "
Health Officer lnvetiitaten the
Scarlet Fever CnsiM.
Dr. W. C. Fowler, of the health office,
who made an inspection of two dairy
farms in Maryland, as heretofore noted
In The Times, suspected of having occa
sioned several caes of scarlet fever
through the sale in the city of Infected
nulk, has leturned and submitted his
report to Dr. Woodward.
One of the two dairies is that of W. II.
Michael, at Lime Kiln, Md , the other
that of Thomas L Holmes, at Randolph,
Md. While, from the Investigation made,
It cannot bo conclusively shown that the
fever originated there, the permits issued
to each of the parties named will be
revoked, on the grounds that the premises
wcro not cleanly, nor were they otherwise
maintained according to the regulations
prescrllwd by the health department under
the milk law.
Neither farm will be restored to the
permitted list until they arc put in thor
ough order, in all respects conforming
to the requirements.
In discussing the matter yesterday. Dr.
Woodward again referred to the want
of funds for the proper enforcement of
the law. The two cases mentioned, lie
thought, emphasized the need of an ap
prlntion to pay inspectors to visit dairy
farms beyond the District lines.
The conditions found to exist at the two
places visited by Dr. Towler are not
tolerated locally, but there is no protec
tion for District citizens against the
Mar)land and Virginia establishments,
since they cannot be kept under surveil
lance. Dr. Woodward Wants a sufficient force
of Inspectors to enable them to maintain
the same supervision of those outside
who sell milk in the District as Is had of
the local dairies and dealers.
that sour stomach nso Stuart's
Dyspepsia Tablets, because
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sour, ferment and poison the blood.
loss of, appetite take Stuart's
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loss of flesh, use Stuart's Dys
peaia Tablets: tliev Increase
flesh in the only common sense way, that
is, by digesting flesh-forming food, and as
sisting tbewcak stomach in disposing of it.
gas in stomach and bowels,
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headaches, nse Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets;
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palpitation of the heart nse
Stuart's Dvspepsia Tablets, be
cause this symptom in nine out of ten
cases is caused from a. disordered stomach.
impure blood use Stuart's Dys
pepsia Tablets: pure blood can
only result from wholesome food thoroughly
every form of weak dieestion
and stomach trouble, excent
cancer of the stomach, Stuart's Dyspepsia
Tablets is the safest, most' natural, most
successful cure. No patent medicine, but
eoniDosed of digestive acids, papain, bis
muth, Golden Seal and similar valuable
stomach remedies.
For sale by druggUts'nt SOc. for full size
package, 'or by mail from Stnart Co., Alar
ahall, Midi.
Kindly ask your druggist first.
gg Shoe;
As usual today our three houses will be the
center of attraction for shoe buyers who wish to save
moneys The following is a partial list of what we
shall bSer at reduced prices for today only.
Lambs' Wool Soles for Crochet Slip,
pers all sizes for lad ej IA.
and children. Iww
Children's tl.OT All-wool Jer cy Lex
fiusaiiu Ladies' S..O0 Broad CQ,
cloth llMuutenOYergalters. W7l
Men's 81.E0 Veal fair, very durab'.c.
laced and gaiters sizes tORn
to ll-cly... OOC
Wm. Hahn & Co.
" Reliable Shoe Houses,
I Superb Suites
n! f I
Consisting of sofa, divan, armchair, rocker and two side
chairs, mahojjanv finish, upholstered in silk damask or
'silk brocatelle. Regular value, $55.- As a special price
f New York Avenue,
ffffit TTrfvl-P Why ? Because this liti- j$9$
m nan
1 dollar
i duties.
then, are SPECIAL goods brand new
fall and winter stock selling at this
SPECIAL time. Enough said about
REASONS for this sale other than in-'
ferior qualities it's a NECESSITY sale.
New York Clothing House,
311 Seventh Street N. W,
Coramlhsloners Direct Disburse
ments on Stevens School Contract.
The Commissioners yesterday directed
Auditor Petty to'dlsburse so much of the
money due Contractor Cabell on the con
struction of the Stevens school building
as may be'necessary to pay the men who
were emplo)ed under the subcontractor,
W. H. Johnson.
Upon a statement mnde by the auditor
it apiiears that the amounts due Johnson's
employes aggregated about $G4G. Mr.
Cabell consented to the pa yrnent of $647.48,
but Insisted that the remainder, embracing
the several sums due Johnson, and his two
brothers, should be eliminated.
Johnson agreed as to himself, but de
manded that his brothers should be paid, as
they earned the money by day's labor, as
the others did. In"tbts the auditor agrees
with him, and the' distribution will, there
fore. Include the two brothers. Unless Mr.
Cabell relents the subcontractor will lote
the amount due hlnu about $45.
The payments to the laborers are to be
made from a fund withheld from Cabell, un
der the rule, upon the contract price for
construction. He ivrts unable to complete
the building and this District had to take
it off his hands.
Supreme Courtt to Test the? Utah
The Supreme Court ot the United States
has been called upon to determine the con
stitutionality of the law passed by the
Utah legislature, llinltlng to eight hours
a day's work In am Underground mine In
that 'State.
Tho statute provides that except In case
of emergency, where life or property Is at
stake, no one shall work more than eight
hours a day In an underground mine, and
that no one shall employ a man to do so.
Albert F. Holdcn was convicted and
fined by a Justice of the peace In Salt Luke
county for lolatlng the law, In the em
ployment or a miner, who engngedto work
ten hours a day. He sought relief from
the custody ot the sheriff of Salt Lake
county, on the ground that-the law was
unconstitutional in that it was class
ipvisiatinn. and restrained the right of
citizens to contract for labor as they-
chose. . . .
Failing to get reiiei irom cue ciaic
courts, Ilolden appealed to the Supreme
Court ot the United States, by whom
the case has not yet been decided.
i mm
$1.25 to Baltimore and, Be- $1.25
tarn via Pennsylvania Railroad.
Tickets will be sold Saturday and Bun
day, November 21 and 22, and will be valid
for return passage until, Monday; Novem
ber's. Qoodononytraln. no!7-6t,em
"Buy your suit or overcoat at TenntUe's,
709 Bevunth street. Best and cheapest
in the cHyrbeilo Eettlns ajurkey-.ftee.
Ladles' Sp'endlil EoxCalf and Kanga,
rno Heel or Spring Heel OR
Laced and lluttou VlswV
Men's 5150 FInb Calf Gaiters, commnn
cense shapes all sizes I Ck
Ii width ouly 9liUV
Lidies' 13 Fine Vlcl Kid 20th Century
Style hoots nearly all I Oh
sizes A, DorK 9liOO
930 and 932 7th St.,
1914 and 1916 Pa. Ave.
233 Pa. Ave. S. E.
New York Avenue.
bet. 1 3th and 1 4th Sts.
Why ? Because this liti
gation stock, for which
Mr. S. Friedlander was
.appointed trustee, must
be turned into a cash
settlement for the heirs.
We can't afford to hold
"below-cost" and "half
price" sales the year
"round. We can't afford
to-sell POOR clothing at
ANY price. These,
Will Ask the President to Belease
tho Elchelbergrer Brothers.
The friends or William and Albert Eichel
berger, sentenced from a District court a
3 car or two ago for a term of five and
seven years, respectively, for the killing
ot Henry J. Becker, are circulating a petl
tlon.to the President, asking for their par
don. It will be remembered that the t wo Eichel
bergers were alleged to have assaulted
Becker in July, 1894, for some imputation
cast upon their motherand for other causes.
It is claimed In their behalf that the as
sault was not p remeditated, and that no
weapons were used. The claim Is also
made that the provocation was verv great.
Upon the advice of their lawyers the
brothers pleaded guilty to manslaughter,
as there was strong-evidence that Becker
came to his death at their hands, nnd on
this account the extenuating circumstances
were not brought out.
It is said that Albert has been In very
poor health Tor the past year. It is be
lieved by the relatives and friends that
the President will receive with favor a
plea Tor the pardon ot the two, or. If not
that, at least for a reduction of the term
for which they were sentenced.
Orders Issued to Her to Join the
Asiatic Fleet.
Admiral McNair's Asiatic squadron is to
be increased by the addition of the cruiser
Petrel, how repairing at the navy yard,
Marc Island, Cal.
Orders have been Issued to place that
vessel In commission December 16, with
Lieut. Commnnder Edward P. Wood In
command. This officer Is at present at
tact.cd to Admiral Ramsay's staff in the
Bureau of Navigation, having been for the
past two, years in charge of the enlisted
men ot the Navy.
The crew of the Petrel will be obtained
largely from the Adams, which is ex
pected home from Honolulu in a couple of
weeks. The Petrel, on accountof her small
size. Is especially adapted to ascending
the Chinese rivers, where she spent winter
lwfore last frozen at .New Cbwang near
Port Arthur. ,
Overlook Inn and Races.
A plcasantrdrfve by the way of Overlook
Inn lo Bennmg races. Open all the year
round. Dol7-12t
No other honne does ever did or over will
sell such sterling qnnlitiea at such low prices
sjSAKS quotes.
J0HN8T0H'S, 729 ITH.
Granulated Sugar,
Special sale on Best
Granulated Sugar at
4j4 cents.
Today we have decided to
u ako a great sale on all
rnnripnsMl Milks. Elcin
Star Urand Condensed Milk, 7 cents
per can. llaby llrand Condensed
Milk, 0 cents ier can. Imperial
Cream, largest cans, lU cents each.
Eagle Brand Condensed Milk. 15
cents. Every can ot Milk and
Cream guaranteed.
Today we have .1,S00
of those large cakes ot
Sweet Chocolate tne cases
are fi Inches long and 3 wide the
usual value is 10 cents but today
we make them special at cjmiik
each 10 cakes the limit to an)
one purchaser at a time-.
Today 800 large 23-cent
GreenStraw CarpotBrooms
win interest you at i
cents each.
purchasers 1,000 large i0-J,
cent jars ot Strawberry
and ltaspberrv Jam each jar 1
luches tall and vcrv large around
they go Into the spi-clals at "II cents
each. The 25-cent jars will be
special at 10 cents
Today New Vermont Ma- 4Qn
pie bvnio the special lt,
price will bo 1 2 cents rjr
Hie 20-ccnt bottles anil la cents for
tne 40-cent bottles.
Today Almond Cream
Toilet Soap Violet Uut-
ernuiK Toilet smi 1'aim
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Toilet Soap will each bo lold at
7 cents tor the 3-caks trtx usual
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a box.
oar ape-
lal price toilav, IT"; cents a package,
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fast it is really fresh.
it is
Today Table Corn MeaL 1Ep
ground expressly for table XOw
use itcomesliisack-sl'car-ing
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Is only Intended for feeding horses.
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pound for go.nl Roasting and Boil
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worth lO rents xtt'.r noimtl
at Tour usual grocers our iecial
price. 0 H cents. Hre.iVfavUtniwof
Kacon, 9 M cems jcr pound.
Todav the 10-mnt larg
est packages of Best Oats
will tie another special at
7 cents a package.
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per package special. No salt or
yeast required directions on every
Star Soap
will be
special to
day at -Y
cents a cake.
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the best large -t "
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cent Wooden Water Buck- C
ets, without knots, at 7 w
cents per Bucket not more than 2
Buckets to a customer.
Today the 10 cent Sweet
Oregon Prunes will lie
thrown down as a snecial
to half price 5 cent', iiound. Cali
fornia Apricots, 10 cents pound. New
Currants, New Citron, New Dates,
Nw Ralslns.New CaIirorniaFcJcb.es,
all at special cut prices.
Today new Boneless Cod
fish Hnest In the world
wrnnned In oiled tissue
paper, which keeps it fresh and
clean special cut price, 5 cents
worth S cents everywhere.
Today, the Cake De- -g "),-,
nartment snecial
-vumiia c.
Wafers, 12 cents
IVafers. 12 cents Honev
Jumbles, 12 cents Graham Warcrs.
12 cents Butterscotch, 12 cents
Egg Biscuit, 15 cents 0ster Crack
ers, 5. cents Cream Crackers, 5
cents Ginger Snaps, u cents.
Today, the Dry Navy
Beans, for baking the de
licious Baked Beans and
Pork special price for both the
Dry Lima andNavy Beans, 5 cents.
5 pounds Best Franklin Granulated
Bugar given free to each purchaser
of one pound or 00 rent Gunpowder
Green Tea, Oolong Black Tea, Best
Mixed Tea. or with 3-pound pur
chase of 30-ccnt Java and Mocha
Today, the large 25-crnt
Bottles of Bar Harbor
Catsup, holding one quart
and standing
inches tall
to go special at 10 cents.
Candy, large, luscious Gum
Drous. both bright and
red. to go at 5 cents pound. Best
Stick Candyat Scents iiouiid. French
Mixed Candy. 7 cents.
Today, the 20-ccnt Cakes -4 g
of Baking Chocolate for I OC
making the delicious Choco
late drink, 15 cents a cake. The 25
cent cans of Cocoa to go at 19 cents
Today, the 2".-cent Pjt
ent Protector Washboards
will be sold as specials, at
11 cents each. Best Corn Starch will
be 5 cents package, special, and
boxes Ball Blue, 7 cents each.
our Bjiecial Cof-ol
fee sale will be o lKiundsot
Best Gran. Sugar free to
each purchaser of 3 pounds of 30
ccnt Java and Mocha Cor fee.
The Busy Corn?r,
8th and Market Space-
Most interesting department in
our store for the next week is our
Linen Department, in the corner
by the elevator.
AVc are showing an excellent lino of Linens
Table Decorations,
Which wo consider ot unusually gooil raluo.
Linens by yard.
umens in sets.
Nankins bv th riiwn
and Doylies by the piece.
Table Damask
tW-inch Cream H!i,.l..i iimu.
Table Daoiaik. . fascia! lor one
l-lnch Kutl-b eiched""AIl"-"linen
i . ",mai,w' srted patterns.
Special for one week
t!?-!1 rj Cream E'eacued All-'l'lnVn
Table Diina.k". extra weisht and
finish. Special for one week
C6Inch AlMlnen Full-bleached
Tab e Dimatk.ncw detigiu. Special
for one week...................
89-Inch All-linen Fu'I meaebed
Table Damask, satin nnlsh. In as
sorted new patterns. Special for
one week...
Tiinch Full Bleached All-linen
fsatlu DauiasS, in damasse and
brocide effects very elegant. Spe
cial furone week
10-4 Colored Bordered Lunch
Sets 1 dozen Napkins and Corer.
Special this week
10- double row DrawnworkHem
stltchea Lunch Set. full slzs nap
kins, and very exquisite designs,
opcclsl for one week
12-4 Lunch Sets, same make and
finish, with full X size napkins.
Special for one week
8-4 Fringed Table Covers. Special
w. vuv itEvTk
$1.25 and $1.50
,i1,V,FrlDKed TMo Covers. Spe
cial for one week
51.50 and $1.15
U-i Fringed Table Covers. Spe.
"- vnc ncr&
Plain WhftA nnvii cj,q lu.tu"
Special for one week. . T....I
Plain White Doylies. Size 20x20.
Special for one week
A'l-linen Colored Tlnrrlut- Ttnrllix
Spcciil for one week
5c and 7c each
-3 All-linen Dinner Napkins to
match tbe damask. Hy the yard
$1. $1.15, $1.20 and $l.49adoz
3 4 All-linen Dinner Napkins, In
full bleached and cream. Special
for one week
SI.-5I.49, $1.59, $1.75
Damask Towels, full bleacbrd
and SOlt flnlliel wliitA .-tnil .nT-
ored borders. Size 2ix5S one of
tho largest towels on the marker.
21x11 Satlu Damask Towel, knot
ted fringe, in white and colored
borders. Special
15x38 Batln Damask Towels. In
white and colored borders, (special
21x10 All-linen Hemmed Hack 11
Towels. Special I Z-iQ
You'll (Indoor entire line of Linens much,
cheaper tbaa otbers quote tbe fame kind at.
Our assortment Is so complete that we feel
sure to suit everr oae.
O nail treat-In-
for those
who3 lacndry
we do. Our
Antl-pwear batton-
' hole are a btes-t-
in in their way.
Extreme care is
taken with the
s i allege package.
We call regularly,
ile'.irer promptlr.
Try U3 once.
TOLMAH!SaAy. Coriili anil C Sts.
j The Boston manufacturer who con
FJ signed this stock of Salts and Over
coats xo as is in teea ox cash, unr
instructions are to dispose of this A
Clothing at ONCE: .No man can af- H
ford to co elsewhere and t?av resrnlar :
prices wniic xuis sale is in progress.
.. t.. .,... -- n
Salt and
Salts and
$15.00 o
Suits and
i M. Dyrenforth & Co., a
621 Pa. Ave. N. V.
Under Metropolitan Hotel.
-I- JIENTS of the pnbllc we have added anew
feature to oar business viz., a Table d'Hota
Dinner from 4 to 8 o'clock daily at SOc ; witb.
small bottle of wme.Toc
Elegantly appointed rooms on G street sid4
for ladles.
Seventh and G streets n. w.
esoasssosssa csasssssoseesa
npHE BEST $5 Suit
or Overcoat on S
2 top of earth, at S
I H. Friedlander & Bro.
g COH. 9TH and E. g
tssaosssessssora sssasBaasoaa
(Tablets) Cures -Diarrhea, Dysentery anil lt
Summer Complaints. All Drugzista. 11
for an exception
ally good business
suit to your meas
ure nuue w ic
lection and tic
Merchant T
Tap.r3 UOl FSt,'. W.
Dress Suits
Garner & Co.
Cor 7th and H Sta. N.W.
ci-KT.A.TIlSrG' I
Skating Mioes made to your order. 5K
Including attaching skates to C S
shoes it desired. Price WV S
g N. Hess Sons, OSLPa. Ave. I
r J
, . . T, ..
, .j, .w-4rSss.s-, ..,-ii)b:4MS:M&hSM$.
?Ia-Ssft&y aX$j .
.-"-..V & -V C'tTp-s; -' - jfo? Xgaj5 Js&Sfc&ai
TlI ZJCXSZ. i' 5 3i ".,
Sr:33r:5j33 " . A '
ffi-L2Saiws2i(Lfi"l.,e32H!S. ?siVS1TjrSiTi-1r-.sA(-.;w-'
-'rl.s-'?---:!"a;. ?j- . . ..s-1. , ... .
f: MM" -.a.-. -VJj." -i,-.r- "- .-ss. -

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