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: ,-sr'yt t,v
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!- J
Matters of Interest to Organized
Workingmen of the District.
Htage Worker-. As.einblj K of P Hall,
25 Twelftli strcct.
jMhtnot Af-'iiiblj, No GG, K Of L
lieouin e rtiiitiiU' La' or Bureau, No.
S1G EijrliUi Mnt't, 4 o'tloik.
Columtui Typographical Uiuou, No 101
Typographical Temple
Is A JG44, K of L, Plabtererfi Plas
tcrci6' Hall. Foiir-nnd a-lialf fctreeC and
reiuibj Ivanut ai enue.
L A 174fc, K of L, Carpenters and
jiiiners-PoeiL-ty Temple, Fifth and G
Central Labor Union Tjpogni pineal
Temple, P p m
Mos-aic and Emau'-tic Tile Laj-ers As
Eomblv Laliiir Bureau. 31 Eighth stre-t.
L A. 1040. K of L., Bnkert. Drnerb
Buncli's Hall, 31G EijiliUi Mrcet
UU Ottrapherh' Association Monumental
Hall, Second street and PennsjUunla atc
J'oderaUoti of Lalior 1'laHerers' Hall.
Fi.nr-nud-a-li.ilf Mret-t and I'ennsj lvania
Uinlilinp Trades Council Electrical
"Worl.ns' Hall. C0 Eleenlli street
Plate Printer' Assemblj Lalr Bureau,
S1G Eightli street.
Galani7ed Iron and Cornice Workers
737 Pe eutli fetreet.
Carpenteis', Joiners, and Stnirbuilders'
13tnon, No 1 - Labor Bureau. 31o Lishth
L A. 2031, K of L , 1 in and Sheet Iron
Workers PMsUTern' Hall, Four-and-a-half
street and Pennsylvania a'venue.
feline Clerks' Assemblj Bucna Vistti Club
rooms. Sixth street, between G and H
L A 1301, K. of L., Mineral Water
Drivers Cohtello'b Hall, Sixth and G
street 6.
Dihtrict Assembly, No GG, K of L.
f lasterers' Hall, Four-and-a-half fctreetand
PcunsjUania avenue
L l No lJtO.Brotherhoodof Carpenters
Hfill,G27 Massat luiseltsavenue
Fresco Painters -1230 Seventh street.
L. B No. 10, Steatn and Hot Water Fit
ters -K of P. Hall, 425 Twelftli street.
L L. No 5, Plumbers and Gasfitters
Elks Hall, Ninth and Pennsjlvama avenue.
Street Railwav Assembly Labor Bureau,
31GEightli street.
ClRannakers Utuon No. 110 Hall 737
Seventh btreet.
Bakers and Confectioners Unton No. 118
all 827 Seventh street.
The rejruiur weekly meeting of the Fed
eration of Labor was held ab usual on last
Tuesday evening fn the absence of Prebi
dent McIIujr.li and the vice president, Dele
KPte Arthur Keep of the Tailors' Union
was elected temporary chairman. After
ward Vire President .lames Trainor ar
rived and tool; charge of the meeting.
Representatives from sixteen organisa
tions answered to their names at roll call.
The near appro.tch of the end of tlic pres
ent officl.'il term and the holidays always
have a perceptible effect on the attendance
of delegates at the meetings of the Fedeia
tion of Labor ,and It was remarked that the
attendance on last Tuesday evening was no
exception to the rule, though the Inclement
weather also had its effect.
The committee on adjusting the dif
ference between the Horseshocrs' Union
and the Merchants' rareel Delivery Com
pany reported that It was not quite ready
to make final report.
On motion the reading of the report of
the Rea monument committee "was set for
next Tuesday evening. The amount real
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olid oak, with doub'e opening
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mental. Onlv a limited iiauiiv
iclt. w hat there are
SI. 97
Ornamental Toi et Backs,
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traiue. doub'e towel hinders Their
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dered lillmr. Clio ce 01 tlie-e cnoice
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ordinal nj low price. $IiOf
ised bv the commit .ee from the Labor Day
excursion, while of itself will nut be suffi-ci"-itt
t t Luinplish the full intention of the
Federation, "Kill jet form a handsome
nucleus for the fund to erect the piopobtd
Tiioimn the (" ngressioiial work of the
present legislative committee ife practicallj
ended, the committee still is engaged in
securing al liable dala for the preparation
of important labor measures to 1m? prcnenU d
in Congress verj earlv after the hoiidajs.
It is confidently predicted by the committee
and itiedelegatesthattliebillsrecomtncn tied
bj l!ie Federation, and now pending before
Congress, will be fatvablj acted on dur
ing the present session. While the Federa
tion bill substituting daj labor for contract
work ui. all Ilirul government buildings
did not meet with general approval, still
the Federation believes that it was through
the agitation of the question by the Federa
tion that the present bill giving the Com
missioners discretionnrj power In giv
ing out work, islikelv to become a law.
'1 he Federation has als( imu li confidence
in the federation bill prohibiting the ap
pointment of aliens to gov eminent positions,
or their employment on nnj- contract or sub
contract work on an j- buildings of tins
Another incisure now pending before Con
gress, which was introduced at the request
of the Federation, '"The Employers' Lia
bility Act Tor the District of Columbia." is
beingaiiMously watched The new legisla
tive committee will have a busj- time
during the remainder of the session
Not much has lnsen said up to this time
alx)ut the election of officers fofthe in
coming term, though it is generallj be
lieved that there will be but very little
' change in the personnel of the present of
. fleers. One thing seems to be sure and th it
1 is if the present presiding officer, Mr.
James F McIIugh, will only consent to
I become a candidate, there will be no
doubt of his election. Such was the opin
ion or ev erv delegate seen at the meeting
on Tuesday night.
I he oies business before the contiact
committee was the work on the Con
sumers' Brewery, and ab everj thing was
prospering fatorablj' on that job, the com
mute had no further report to make.
The regular session or the District As
sembly or the Knights of Labor was held
on Thursdav evening. Master Workman
W. II. G. Simmons, who had been absent
the past three sessions on account of
illness, was on hand and presided over
the meeting The master workman re
ceived quite an ovation on his appear
ance. The attendance ot delegates was large,
everj- local assembly in this Jurisdiction
being represented. The reports from the
local assemblies showed continual increase
in membership. Delegates from Icono
clast Absemblj' reported that they had
held a meeting on last Sunday at the
Knights of Labor headquaiters. The nexf
meeting would be held on the first Sun
day in Januarj. and a cordial invitation
waR extended to the officers and dele
gates of the District Assembly to be
The Bridge and Structural Iron Workers
reported a well-attended meeting last
Monday, in their hall at the Labor Bureau.
Initiation ceremonlcb had been conferred
and matters of much importance to the
craft considered. A red-letter call bad
been usued for the next meeting, Mondav-,
December 28, when the election of offi
cers would be held.
The delegates from the colored Bottlers'
Assembly reported that their next regular
meeting night falling on Christmas, it
had been decided to have a special on
next Sundnj", which would be held in the
hall. No. 609 F street, at 11 o'clock.
Plasterers' delegates' reported that their
absemblj- had turned out in a body to
attend the funeral ot their late brother,
Columbus Reagan, who died in Alexandria,
Va., and was buried there on Fridaj'.
The deceased brother had been ill for
the past eighteen monthb, and his family
can testify to the valuable benefits that
are to be derived from being connected
with the Plasterera' Assembly,
Gift Desks.
Tins attractive
pattun i'i solid oak
i hi iiiahng.inj'.lliiigh,
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Urass Tables
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sign shown in
mauj a reason
1 a riff v.uieij to
select limn
lut i.uige of
price-. A ei
icnai bai.un
is the lot at
Carpenters reported reinstatements at
their last meeting
Painters read a Jong list of names of
applicants for membership and reinstate
ment, also announced that their election
or officers w ould take place at their
next meeting
Bakers repoited that election of officers
would be held at the next meeting The
delegates also called the attention of
the Bakers.' Drivers' Assemblj to matters
of direct importance to that assembly The
delegates also requested the Driv ers to take
an active interest in the Bakers' Couiuil,
which would be a verj valuable adjunct
to the orgaimations connected with the
craft if proper Inteiest w-as taken.
Carriageinakers reported good meeting
One applicant for membership had be n
rejected The asseinblj' had decided iiiian
imously to stand by the District Assemblj
The delegates also anuounced the death
of one of their members, John Talbert
Two applications for membership had been
received and referred to committee.
Delegates from the Musical Assemblj'
reported crowded meeting last Sunday in
Weller Hall, Eighth and I streets south
east. After transacting the regular busi
ness the .ibsembly had thoroughly dis
cussed the affairs of the order and had
voted unanimously to btand by the District
Assembly. During the meetiug initiation
ceremonies were conferred on four candi
dates, and a number of applications for
membership were received.
Barbers' delegates 1 eported "good meet
ing on Wednesday nigst and election of
Engineers reported name of applicant
for membership, also that nominations
of officers would be had at next inelng.
Butchers" delegates reported that their
last meeting, which was a "red letter
call," was held on last Sundaj af tern ion
in the hall of the Labor Bureau and was
the largest ever held since moving into
their new quarters. The resolutions of
the District Assembly had been read and
indorsee The Butchers' also requested
the delegates to carrj- back and impress
upon their locals the good that would re
sult if they would make inquiries when
purchasing meat if union butchers were
Several other locals reported that election
of orficers would be held at their next
meeting. The committeee appointed to
wait on the general secretary, with refer
ence to publication of resolutions, re
ported that several interviews had been
held with the general bectretary, and the
members of the general executive board.
After hearing the report of the commit
tee, it was decided to continue the com
mittee, and to give it discretionarj- power
as to publishing resolutions.
Thenext meeting occurring on Christmas
Eve, it. was decided to adjourn over till
the 31st.
Announcementwas made Just before clos
ing that the regular meeting of the Work
ingmen'b Library Association would be
held on Saturdaj' evening.
The semi-monthly meeting of the Car
riage and Wagon Makers' Absembly was
held on last Monday evening, in Bunch's
Hall, No. 316 Eighth btreet northwest
Mabter Workman Ryan presided over the
meeting, which was weH attended. Re
ports from state ot trade was made, which
was considered encouraging. Reiiorts were
had from the Federation of Labor and the
District Assembly. The delegates from the
District, reported the stand taken by them,
which was unanimously indorsed.
TJie chairman or the executive committee
made his report, which was indorsed
The chairman stated that he had everj' as
surance that he would have the applica
tions of not less than six new members at
the npxt meeting Under good of the
) order the aijoetion of waking the assembly
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6-piecc Miitc at
of still greatr v. due to the membership
was c.tiefullv considered During the dis
cussion it was slated that while many
benefits had been derived by members out
side of trade privileges, such as being
assisted, In paying rent and other benefits
when out of work, still, it seemed to
be the general opinion of the memliers, that
a permanent beneficial feature should bo
added lo t he-assembly, when bv paving 1
small stated premium, the members ant
their families would be provided for 111
case or sickness or death. 4
The result of fJie debate was tiie appoint
ment of a committee to formulate plans
and to report at a future meeting " It was
also decided to give a concert and ball,
the proceeds of winch were to be se' aside,
as a starter for the proposed beneficial
feature The reports from the ofticers
showed that the membership of the as
semblj was larger atthc present time than
ever known before in the history of the
craft. The financial condition showed
that tho finances were also in a very
healthy condition The election of of fleets
will be held at the next meeting
Tho Barbers' Assembly, No 4032, K of L.
metln the Plasterers' Hall, on last Wednes
day evening. The meeting was called to
order at 8:20 p. m bj' Master Workman
George W. Brown. The meeting was wu'l
attended. The principal feature of the
evening being the election of officers, verj
llttlo routine business was attended to, as
the members were anxious to get down to
the real business of the meeting The
election changed what had seemed to be
the fixed persounel ot the assembly officers
as the following result of the election will
J. E. Williams, M. W.; A. Drew, W. F:;
Henry Saur, F S ; L C- Dailey.jtreasurer;
James Hughes, Judge of the court; G. AV.
Brown, J. A : T. Clark, clerk; Louis
Lar.'Jnot, almoner; J. C. Lee, statistician;
Richard Mozee, I. E ; G w Lewis, 0. E.
Delcgatesto the District Assembly, George
W. Brown, George Fibher; delegates, to
the Federation of Labor, G. W. Brown, M
B. Brown, J. C. Lee, and J. E. Williams.
The principal business of the Engineers'
Assembly, transacted on Friday night, was
the election of officoos for the ensuing
term, which rebiltedks follows: Master
workman, Willlamfj Mothercad: worthy
foreman, J. A. BoweiU-recording secretary,
S. S. Teague. financial secretary, W. J.
Leaman; statistician XJ. A. Holmes; trus
tees, J. J. Brecn, A. M. Lawson, and J. A.
Bowen. -
Delegates to the Federation of Labor,
J. J. Brecn, C. H. and J. W Caldwell,
J. A. Bowen, and C. A. Mann; to District
Assembly, 66, K. of L., A. M. Lawson,
William Motheread, and J. H. Meyer.
-library Association.
Themonthly meetlngprtheWorkmgmen's
Library Association and Labor Bureau was
held Friday evening. President James
Mclver occupied the chair. The principal
business of the evening was the presenta
tion of the manager's annual statement.
The report bhowed that at 'he present
tune the organizations actively -supporting
the association by monthly dues
were as follows: Carriage and Wagon
Makers, Carpenters' Assembly, Carpenters'
Union, No., 1, Federation of Labor, Mosaic
Tile Layers, Plasterers, Painters, Ma
chinists, Paperliangers, Tin and Sheet
Iron Workers, Bridge and Structural Iron
Workers. Among those organizations that
havecontributedduringtlie jenr, but rotat
regular intervals, are: the Bakers, District
Absembly, No. 66, Steam Fitters' Union,
Excelwor Assembly, Stone Cutters, Stone
Masons, Carpenters' Union, No. 190, Plate
Printers, Tailors' Assembly, and the Street
Car Assemblj. In additic at o the organiza
tions subscribing quite a numbei of nusi
nesssmen and individuals have made dona
tions. The financial report of the manaeer
. Dressers,
m iece-
Oik. Will to Ma
Dlo. I$irth and rS
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Diamond Importers, 7th anj d sts.
shows that the total expenses for the
past year have been $989, which nmount
includes the manager's salary, rent ot
hall, coal, wood, ice, stationery; also
monej' paid on debt of furnishing tho
hall. At present the ball is rented at
night to the following organizations:
Iron Workers, Tile Layers, Plate Printers,
Carpenters' Union.No. 1; Butchcrs.Painters,
Street Hallway Assembly, and Socialists'
Association. The combined rental derived
trom those organizations amounts to $300.
The total receipts from all sources was
In the library the report 6hows that
298 volumes have been received durlrig
the year. In the Labor Bureau depart
ment emploj'mcnt has been procured for
a number ot members. The carpenters
heads the list, followed by the painters,
paperhangcrs, bakers, plumbers, brick
layers, barbers, and iron workers. Out
side of the trades sixteen other persons
had been furnished work. The report was
referred to the auditing committee.
The committee on entertainment reported
that all the returns were not in yet: the
net receipts up to this time were $30.
The annual election of officers. It was
announced, would take place on the Tirst
regular meeting in January, which would
give an opportunltj to the new delegates
to take part The treasurer also presented
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her report, which was referred to the
auditing committee.
Firht Expedition to tlio Polnr Regions
Sailed In a Carnvnl in 1631.
Pittsburg Dispatch.
Hov.r far back the storj- of polar explora
tions carries us one requires to dive prett
deep into marine lore to discover. Tie
pioneers who led the way into the frigid
northern zones are men whose verj- names
are wrapped up in obscurity. Take, Toi
example, the voj'age of Capt. Tuont.is
James, undertaken in 1631, in si lit'.lc
caraval of about sixtj--elght tons.
Who, asks si writer in "The Story of the
Sea," if he be not a student of this pecu
liar chapter in the great volume or sea
history, lias ever heard r this worthy of
the daj's of Charles I? Yet "30 years ago
his fame was noised abroad fai ind wide,
and by the king's command the story of
his adventures wus three tunes published
during that troubled reign. And a mar
vclous and romantic narrative it is. to 1
sure, of a dauntless ancient mariner tet
tlng forth from Bristol ciy at the head of
a llttlo band of twenty-two brave .ild
hearties. ti trj and discover the noith
west passage: chanting hymns as thej'sad -d
away, cheered b- a goodlj- conipanj- of
merchant venturers, nud resolved "in God,
and that only bhip, to put the hope of our
future fortunes."
On the Jth of June, 1631, they arrived
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Decorated Toilet Sets
Tins pret'ily do vereil To. et Si1
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Reclining Chairs.
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Cor. Tth and I Streets.
at Greenland, and through bitter, r,ul
weather the staunch little vessel continued
to plow her way. literally hemmed in by
the ice flee, "which," says rapt. James,
"did heave and set. and so beat us that .t
is wondcrrul how the ship could endure one
blow or it." They penetrated Into higher
latitudes than had ever yet been reached,
and the story of their exploits, is full .if
fogand frost; of gigantic icebergs, to which
they used to moor their quaint little fabr'c
for sr.fctj" of f rozen noses and cheeks, and
Tingers blistered by the culd "oa hie as
walnuts;" hardships privations and mis
haps wittu.ut end; and still. in spite of alU
the stout old sailor, animated bi the one
great object of discover', was exploring1
and giving names to harbors, crocks. Inl
ands and capes; alternating between sorrow
and joy. supplications and thanksgiving,
but never lining sight nf the rr.iwl' n which
had brought him and his men into those
distant seas.
Both "Wonderiiij.
Tommy What are you thinking about,
Mrs. Figg I was just wondering whatf
shall get for Christmas presents.
"So was I." Detroit Fee Tns.
A uhtitnte.
"Congress Is in session again.
"Y-c. I'u. si glid. for thins- have been'
awfully dull since the football season
closed." Philadelphia- Xorth American.
'Arc? t". ,
; --S" "-t-iS-. Fisr.T-? .

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