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In Effect November 15, 1S0G.
7.CO A- M. week-daya. PITTSBURG
EXJ'ItiiSS -J'arlor ana Dining Cars, Har
risburg to Pittsburg.
ITED Bultmau Sleeping, Dining. Smok
ing ana Observation Cars. Hamsburg to
Chicago, Cincinnati, Indianapolis, St.
Louis, Clevelanu and Toledo. Burret Far
lor Car to Harrisburg. ..
lO.SO A. ai- FAST LINE-ruUman
Buffet P.irlor Oar to Harrisburg. Buffet
Parlor Car, Harrisburg to Pittsburg.
LOUIS EXPRUSS-Pullmnii litiffet Par
lor Car to Harrisburg. Sleeping and
Dining Cars Harrisburg to Sl. Louis, Un
clnnaU. Louisville and Chicago.
Pullman Sleeping Car to Pittsburg, Chi
cago, and Uarribburg to Cleveland. Din
ing Car to Chicago.
PRESS. Pullimin Sleeping Cars Wash
ington U Pittsburg and Harrisburg to bt.
Louis and Cincinnati. Dining Car.
10.40 F. 3il. PACIFIC EXPRESS.
x-uuiiivn Sleeping Car to Pittsburg.
7.50 A. 3M. for Kane, C.-uandalgua,
Rochester, and Niagara Falls dally, ex
cept Sunday.
10.50 A. Sl.Jbr Elmlra and Renovo
dally, except Knndnv. For Lock Haven
vrcck days and JVilliamsport Sundays,
3.40 P.M.
T.XO i. Jltf. for Willlamsp.irt. Roches
ter, Buffalo, and Niagara Falls daily.
exceptSat urday, with SleepingCar 'Wash
ington to Suspension .Bridge vir. Puffalo.
10:40 F. M for Eric. Canandalgua,
Rochester. Buffalo, and Niagara Falls
daily. Sleeping Car Washington to El
mlra. i-oK Piiir.A-nKT.pniA. new york
ITED," daiiv, all Parlor Cars, with Din
ing Car from Baltimore. Regular atT.OO
(Dining Car), 8.00, 9-00, 1 0.00 (Dining
Car), and 11.00 (Dining Car from Wil
mington) A M., 12.45, 3.15. 4.20. 6,50.
10.00 and 11.35 P. M. On Sunday. 7.00
(Dining Car), 8.00, 9.00, 11.00 (Dining
Car from Wilmington) A. M., 12.15,3.15.
4 20, G-50, 10.00 and 11.35 P. M. For
Philadelphia onlv. Fast Express, 7.50 A.
M. -week-days. Express. 12.15 P. M.
week-days. 2.01 and 5.40 P. M. dally.
For Boston, without change. 7 50 A. M.
week-days, and 3.15 F. M. dally.
For Atlantic CiCy (vfa Delaware River
Bridge, all-rail route!. 3:15 p. m. dally.
For Baltimore. G.25, 7.00. 7.50. H.O0. 9.00,
10.00, 10.50, 11.00 and 11.50 a. m.,
12.16. 12 45. 2.01. 3.15. 3 10 (4 00 lim
ited, 4.20, 4.36, 5.40, 6.15, 0.50, 7. 10.
10.00, 10.40, 11.15, and 11 35' p in.
On Sunday. 7.00. S.00, 9.00. 9.05. 10.50.
11.00 a. :n.. 12.15. 1.15. 201, 3.15, 3.40;
(4.00 limited!. 4.20. 5.40. 6.15. 6.50,
7.10, 10.00. 10.40 and 11.35 p. in.
For Pope's Creek Line. 7.50 a. m. and 4.3Q
p.m. daiiy. except Sunday.
For Annnpolis, 7.00. 9.00 A. M.. 32.15
and 4.20 P. M. dailv. except Sunday.
Sundays. 9.00 A. M. and 4.20 P. M.
Atlantic Coast Line Express. 4.30 A. M..
S.46 P. M. dailv; Richmond only, 10.57
A M- week days; Atlanta Special, via
Richmond and Seaboard Air Line, 8.4U
P. M i.-ulv Aconmnmdn'ioii for Quan
tlco, 7.45 A. M- daily, and 4.25 P. M.
week days.
Ticket offices, corner Fifteenth and G
streets, and at the station. Sixth and B
streets, where orders can be left for check
ing of baggage to destination from hotels
and residences.
T. R. WOOD. General Passenger Agent
S. M- PREVOST. General Manager.
Schedule n effeci December 7. 1F96.
Leave Washington from station corner of
New Jersey avenue and O street.
For Chicago and Northwest. Vestibuled
Limited trains, 10.00 a. m., 8.05 p. m.
Fcr Cincinnati, St. Louis and Indianapolis,
Testibuled Limited, 3.40 p. in.; express,
11.30 p m.
For Pittsburg and Cleveland, express
fially. 10:00 a. m. and 8:50 p. in.
For Winchester and way stations, 10 a.
in. 1&.30 p. m.
For New Orleans, Memphis, Birmingham,
Chattanooga, Kiioxville, Bristol aud
iioanoKc, y iu p. in. uauy; bleeping uars
i-or Luray, 3.40 p. m. dally.
For Baltimore, week days, 5.00, 6.30,
X7.05.x7. 10, x.00, fci.30, X9 30.X10.00.
Xl2.00.a. in.. X12.05. 12.10, Xl2.30,x3.00.
S.25, X4.313, 4.40, X5.05, X5.15, Xo.30.
X0.20. O.30, X.00, S.15. X9.20, 11.15.
Xll.50p. m. and X12.01 night- Sundays,
X7.05. X7.10, h.30, X9.00 a. m.,xl2,05,
X12.35. 1.00, X3.00. 3.25. 440, X5.05.
X5.15. 6 30, xf.CO, X9.20, 11.15, xll.50
p. m., xl.01 night.
ForAmiapolis,7.10and8.30a. m., 12.10
and 4-30 p. in, Sundays, 8.30 a. m., 4.40
p. m.
For Frederick, week days, 7.35 a. m.,
12.00 noon, 4:30, 5.30 p. in. Sundays,
1:15 p. m.
For Uagerstown, 110:00 a. in. and t5:30
p. m.
For Boyu and way points, week days,
7.35 a. in., 4.30, 5.30, 7.05 p. in. Sun
days, 1.15, 7.05 p. m.
For Gaithersburg and way points, weet
days, 7.35. 9.00 a. m.. 12.50. 3.15,4:30,
4.33, 5.30, 7.05, 11.40 n. ml Sundays,
9.00 a. m, 1.15, 4.50, 7 05, 10.15 p. in.
For Washington Junction and way points,
7.35 a. in.. 4.30, 5.30 p. m. "week days.
1.15 p. m. Sundays.
For Cape May, 10 a. m., 12 noon.
All trains illuminated with rmusch light.
For Philadelphia. New Vork. Boston, and
the East, week days, s.oo. (10.00 a. m.
DlnlngCarJ. 12.00. (12.35 Dining Car), 3.00.
(5.05 Dining Car), (12.01 night; Sleeping
open ten o'clock. Additional trains ror
Philadelphia, week days, 7.05 a. in., dally.
S.OO p. m. .
Burret l'arlor Cars on all day trains.
For Atlantic City, 10-00 a. m., 12.00
noon, and 12-35 p. m. week days. 12.35
p. m. Sundays.
tExcept Sunday. "Daily. xExpress
Baggage called for and checked from
Hotels and residences by Union Transfer
Co- on orders left at ticket offices, 619
Pennsylvania avenue n- w., New York
avenue anil Fifteenth street, and at depot
Gen- Manager. Gen. Pass. Agt.
(Piedmont Air Line.)
(Schedule In effect December 1 . 1 896.)
All trains arrive and leave Pennsylvania
Passenger Station.
b a. in. Dally, local for Danville. Char
lotte and "wav btations, connects at Manas
sas for Strasburg, Harrisonburg and
Way stations, daily, except Sunday, and
nt Lynchburg with the Norfolk and Wett
crn dailv, and with the Chesapeake and
Ohio, daily, for the Nutuial Bridge, and
11:15 a.m. Daily.the UNITED STATES
FAST MAlL.carricKpullman BurfetSlecp
ers. New oik and Washington to Jackson
ville, uniting at Salisbury with Pullman
Sleeper for Abbeville and Hot Springs, N.
C. Knoxville and Chattanooga. Tenn., and
at Charlotte with Pullman Sleeper for
Augusta; Pullman Buffet Sleeper. Washing
ton to Galveston, Tex-; via Montgomery,
Xcw Orleans and Houston, and Pullman
Sleeper, New York to Atlanta. Solid train
Washington to New Orleans without
change- Sunset personally conducted tour
ist exoim-ion through sleeper on this train
every Saturday to San Francisco, without
4-01 P -m. Local for Front Royal, Stras
rmfg and Harrisonburg, daily, except Sun-
4T51 P- m. -Dally, local for Charlottes
ville 10:43 p. m.-Dally, WASHINGTON AND
ITED composed of Pullman Vestibuled
sleepers dining cars and day conches.
Pullman Sleepers New lork to Asheville
and Hot Springs, N. C; New York to
Tamna via Charlotte, Columbia. Savannah
and Jacksonville, and New l'ork to Mem
ntns via Birmingham. New York to New
Orloans.via AtlantaandMontgomery. Ves
tibuled lav coach Washington to Atlanta,
Southern Railway dining car, Greensboro
"DIVISION leave Washington 9 01 a. m.
dailv and 4 45 p. in. daily except Sun
riiv and 6 25 p. in.., Sunday only, for
Round Htlk 4 32 p. m, daily, except Sun
dav for Leesburg, and 0 25 p. m. daily for
iVeriiclon Returning, arrive at WaslUng
ton S-26 a. in. and 3:00 p. m daily, from
Round Hill, and 7:00 a. m. daily, except
Kmidav from Herndon, ami K.34 a. m.
dailv except Sunday, from Leesburg.
Through trains rrom the Soutli arrive at
Washmgion0:42 a.in.,2:2n p.in ami 9:40
n in. dailv. Manassas division: 12:40 p. ru.
dailv, except Sunday, aud 8:30 a.m., daily,
rroni Charlottesvtllo.
Tickets, sleeping car reservation and In
formation furnished at offices, 511 and
1300 Pcimsvivanla avenue and at Pennsyl
vania Railroad Passenger Station.
W. it. (zKKISM, Gen. Snpt.
d. M. Ci' llf, Traffic Manager.
V. A. Tt Itli Gen. J'ass. Agent.
L.S. Brown, Gen., Ar. 1'nss. Uept.
WANTED-Fm cash, all kinds of old
United States postage and department
t&rnpa. Collections also bought. H. F.
DUNKHOItST 1005 7th st. nw. seO-tf
Walter B. Williams & Co., Aucts.
By Order of the Old Reliable
Silver Plate Co.
PLATED WAKE, great variety of styles;
in unique designs; 1,000 dozen ol the Ub.V
useful articles sultuti.c lor presents.
Salesroom, Corner 10th and I) streets,
Faeiug Pa. uve. nw.'
SA LBS I) AIL , 11 A. M., 3 and 7:30 P. M.
This being tlieir 25tlf annual sale should
he a-sjiii guarantee as to the quality of
goods sold. j. p. HALL, Manager Tuun
ton Sliver Plate Company.
Should be read dailv by all interested as
changes nmv occur at any time.
Foreign mails for the week ending De
rvnibfi -"O close promptly at this ofiice as
Trans-Atlantic Matin.
MONUAV b)At 9:20 p. m., for Europe,
.r s. s. Lahn, from New York, via fcouth-
tiiitrTi ri tit! UrTii(ii.
TULSD A Y-(lAt 9:20 p.m.. Tor Lurope,
pei s s. Paris," from New ork, via bouih
ampton. (c,At 10:55 p. m., ror Europe,
per s. s. Germanic," rrom New ork, via
yueensiown. (c)At 10:55 p. in., for Bel
gium illrcct, per s. s. lriesland, from New
vork. via Antwerp. Letters must be di
lected "per Friesland;"
FR1DA1' (b)At 0 p. in., for France,
Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Tur
Kev, Egvpt, and British India, pur s. s.
La Gascogne, rrom New York, via navre.
Letters for other parts of Europe must bo
directed "per La Gascogne." (b)At 9:20
p. 111., ror Europe, per s. s. Etruria, from
.New York, via Queenbtown. (c)At 10:55
p. in., ror Netherlands direct, per s. s.
Werkcndam, rrom New York, via Rotter
dam. Betters must be directed "per Werk
cndam." (c)At 10:55 p. m.,for Scotland
direct, per s. s. Anchoria, from New York,
via Glasgow. Letters must be directed
"per Anchoria."' (c)At 10:55 p. in., for
Nor wav direct, per s. s. Norge, rrom New
York. " Letters nu&t be directed "per
"muted matter, etc. German steamers
sailing from New York on Tuesdays, Thurs
days, and Saturdays take printed matter,
etc., for Germany, and specially addressed
printed matter, etc. Tor other parts of
White Star steamers sailing from New
York on Wednesdays take specially ad
dressed printed matter, etc.. for Europe.
American, Cunard. and French line
steamers sailing rrom New York, lake
printed matter, etc, ror all countries for
which they are advertised to carry mail.
"Mails for South ami Central Amer
ica, West Indies, Etc.
SUNDAY d) At 10:55 p. in., for Cen
tral America (except Costa Rica), and
Soutli Pneinc ports, pers. s. Vaielicia.from
.New York, via Colon. Betters for Guate
mala, must be directed "per Valencia."
(d)At 10:55 p. in., for Newfoundland, per
s. s. Portia, rrom New York. (d)At 10:55
p. in., for Barbados direct, andNortli Brazil,
via Para and Manaos, per s. s. Gregory,
rrom New York.
MONDAY a At 3:20 p. m., for Ja
maica, per steamer rrom Boston. (c)At
10:05 p. m., for Belize, Puerto Cortex, and
Guatemala, per steamer from New Or
leans. (c)At 10:55 p. in., for Gonaives,
Petit Goave. and POrtAu Prince, per s. s.
Alps, from New York. Letters for Belize,
Puerto Cortez, and Guatemala must bo
directed "per Alps." (c'At 10:55 p. in.,
ror Cape Haiti, Aux-Cayes, Jacmel, and
Santa Martha, per s. s. Hoihtciii.froni New
York. (c)At 10:55 p. in., lor La Plata
countries direct, per s. s. Bellaura, from
New York.
TUESDAY (d)At 6:25 a. in., for Port
Antonio, per steamer from Baltimore.
(eiAt 10:55 p. in., for Costa Rica, per
steamer from New Orleans. c)At 10:55
p. in., for Venezuela and uuracao, also
Savamlla and Carthagena, via Curacao,
per s. s. Philadelphia, from New Y'ork.
FRIDAY (c)At 10:55 p.m.. for Jamaica,
Sa vanilla, and Carthagena, per s. s,
Alene, rrom New York. Letters for Costa
Rica must be directed "per Alene." (cjAt
10:55 p. 111 ., for Campeclie, Chipas, Tabasco,
and Yucatan, per s. s. City ot Washington.
irom now York. Letters ror oilier parts ot
Mfxleoinust be directed" 'per City of Wash
ington." SATURDAY (rt)At 12:05 p. in., for
St. Pierre-Mitpielon, per steamer from
North Sydnev.
Mails Tut Newfoundland, by rail to Hal
t:i and tlieuce bv steamer, close here
daily at 12:05 p. ni.(d)
Mails lor Miquelon, by rail to BoMon
and thence by steamer, close here dally at
3:2ii p. in.(a)
Malls for Cuba close here daily at
I p. 111. lor forwarding by steamers "sail
ing Mondays and Thursdays from Port
Tampa, Fla.(e)
Mails ror Mexico, overland (except those
ror Campeclie, Chiapas. Tabasco and Yu
catan, which are forwarded to New York
ror dispatch by steamer sailing on Sat
unlar artcr the Wednesday overland clos
ing!, close here daily at 7:ld a. m.(d)
Trans-Pacific Mulls.
Mails Tor China and Japan, per s. s.
Belgic, rrom San Francisco, close here
dally up to 6:30 p. 111.. December 23. (di
Mails Tor Hawaii, per s. s. Australia,
rrom San Francisco, close here daily up
to 030 p. in., December 23,(d)
Mails ror the Society islands, per ship
Tropic Bird, rrom San Francisco, close
here daily up to 6:30 p. in., December
Mails for China and Japan, spcclally.nd
dressed only, per s. s. Empress of India,
rrom Vancouver, close here daily up to
0:30 p. 111., December 2B.(d)
Mails Tor Australia (except those for
West Australia, which are forwarded via
Europe), Hawaii and Fiji Islands (speciallv
auuresseu omyj, per s. s. Miowera, rrom
Vancouver, close here dailv up to 0:30
p. m.. January l.d)
Mails ror Australia (except West Aus
tralia), Aew 'Zealand, Hawaii, Fiji and
Saihoan islands, per s. s. Mariposa, from
San Francisco, close here daily up to 6:30
p. in., January 2.(d)
Mails for China and Japan, per s. s.
Tncuma, rrom Tacoma, close here dailv up
to 0:;i0 p. in., January tt.(d)
Trans-Paciric mails are rorwarded to
the port or sailing daily, and the schedule
or closing is arranged on the presumption
r their uninterrupted overland transit.
(a)Registered mail closes at 10:00 a. m.
same day.
b (Registered mail closes at 1:00 p. m.
same day.
tcilteglstered mail closes at 6:00 p. m.
same day.
(d)Registercd mail closes at 6:00 p. m.
previous day.
(e)Registered mail closes at 1:00 p. m.
Tuesdays and Saturdays.
JAMBS P. WILLETT, Postmaster.
WANTED-Tlie loan of SI 00 for six
months; good interest will be paid, and
giltedge security given. Address SE-
unuiTi.tliiKofficn. delfe-3t-em
loan on improved propertv; prompt at
tention given to applications. TIMES
BEAL ESTATE BUttEAU. 10th and Pa.
ave. nw.
WE Trant 1.000 borrowers, -wno doslw
from S50 to $10,000 each on stocks
bonds, trusts, loan association certificates'
warehouse receipts and life or tontine poll-'
eles in old-line companies;no delay; no chat
tel mortgages taken. YERICES & BAKER.
40 to 46 Metzerott Bldg.. 1110 F st. nw
MONEY TO LOAN-Large sums
at 5 and C 12 per cent on D. C. real
estate; $250. $500. $750. etc.. at 6 per
cent: all transactions conducted with eco
nomical consideration for borrowers. WM.
H.SAUNDERS&CO.. 1407 Fst-nw. mrS
will receive pupils ou mandolin, guitar,
theory and composition. Studios 934 F
st., Booms 6 and 8, and 1203 T st.nw.
Royal University or Copenhagen, will
receive pupils on piano, organ, theory and
composltiou; studio. Droop's Music 8 lore.
Apply Droop's or Ellis' Music Houses, 925
end 937 Pennsylvania ave. ee28-tf
FOR HIBE-At 927 D st. nw., horses,
carriages, buggies, and wagons; all
fitvles; S1.G0 and $2 per day. nol9-tf
FORHIRE To drummers and business
men, horse and buggy or Dayton, 51.50
nnd $2 per day. Apply to the BEX STA
BLES, rear of 015 E bt. nw.: telephone call,
109 myio-tf
W ANTED-Fnrnlsbcdhousca.We hav
many applications for furnished nouB&j
m all locations of the city. THE TIMES
WALL PAPER-It you want 3 our
rtomsiiupered cneap, all the rapei will
cost you is 10c; that pays Tor the papei
and hanging. C. C. SILENCE, 730 art st.
ne. uc20-7t
petition defied
printer on earth, tom
FARK., 920 F.
FOR SALE Fox terrier pups, ninie
and female, well marked and bred; ages
4 and (1 months. 3225 O st. del9-.it
HERE'S A TIP" For thirty days I
will bind your magazines in cloth for
50c, just to advertise my work; business
cards 75o. per 1,000. G. L. WILLI AMb,
615 7th st. nw. del8-tf,cm
now open at o. 319 i-'a. ave. nw. hx
tra line s.iu.e wan bay ruiiiuu vuseliue
ror be; greatest hair cut in tne city for
lUc; shampoo, iuc; open from 7:30 a. m.
to a:3u p.m. del8-.st
H". C. LANCASTER books, station
ery, ntiii uiuuiie goons. 01- Utll hi.
"I SEE you know how to bake beans
here. I've hunted all over Washington
and this is the only place where I could
get beans fit to eat." (A Bostoniau at
BROWN'S, 1113 G st.) del5-7t,em
S . J2i. Ss:.fci.i.!JJLi. leacner 01 piano,
organ ami singing at siglit; particular
attention to beginners, as well us to those
further advanced; terms, $10 per term.
lUlO U st. nw. - del5-7t
WALL papers furnished and rooms
papered at my usual popular price.
CHARLES N. EVANS. 222 13lh St. BW.
THANKSGIVING could have been
better enjoyed in nicely papered rooms;
still there is lime jet to have them doue up
by Christmas, ir you hurry. F. G. NOLTU,
810 9th st. nw. uo!8-tf
load In the city, S2.50; 1-horse
loads, 1.25; pianos, S2; experienced hand-,
4 1-2 st. nw. 'Phone 1560. nol7-tf
JCS. guttering, and spouting. V.
IMMONS, 618 K st. nw. no3-tf
IF you want ftrsc-cluss rurnaco, latrooe,
stove, and rango work done, go to W. II.
O. SIMMONS, 618 K Bt. PW. no3-tf
buslcesi: S2.50 per 1.000 up. SfcUU-
LER. printer, 816 F st.
extracted tree. NATIONAL
1828 I st,. 11 w. Teeth filled, plates made.
und all kinds of crowa aud bridge work at
mall charge to cover cost of muterlal. No
charge, for examination. Infirmary open
from 10 a. in. to 0 p. m. aulo-tf
ITOll SALE-Baby carriage; silk and
late parasol, with large Angora robe.
Address BARUA1N, this office. It
FOR SAIjE Bicycle, camera, and
homing pigeons; very cheap lor eiiMi.
DOMINO, this ofilce. 1 1
l'OAt SjA.XjE Why pay 25 cents ror
a bushel or coal when you can get
rive bushels ror SI, delivered and earned
in rree or charge'.' Just as cheap as to buy
by the ton. W. FUBL ASSOCIATION, 633
F si. nw., 401 New Jersey ave. nw., tilb
K. st. sw. CX'2U-3t
FOR S A.T.E ?200 will buy handsome
concert parlor grand piano. Apply
803 oth st. nw. it
FOR SALE-Splendid phaeton, ?35;
cost uou; nave sold horse; am going
South bv order ot doctor, bo must sell.
1027 15th st. nw. 16
corn luriushed in any and all rorma
on bhoit notice ror church fairs, bazaars,
and other places, either wholesale or re
MERRAS Proprietors, 32 U s.t. ne., Dis
trict or Columbia. del'.)-3t,em
FOR MA5L.E Thoroughbred fox ter
rier puppies. 1335 lutn st. uw.
FOR SALE Am remodeling; will sell
all the showcases, counters, and llx
turesin the drug store at N. Cap. and It
sts. cheap for cash. del'J-3t,eiu
FOR SA-XiE Beautirul thoroughbred
lox terrier, female, 5 mouths old, for
510. Call evening. 14ti2 N st. nw. It.em
FOR JbVXjli: aii invaiia'fi rutting chair
in perrect order; nearly new. Apply
lolb R. 1. ave. deiv-ot
FOR 5VJL.E Fixtures of a paying
cigar .More; ?75; established trade;
good location; u suap. C. X-, this office,
FOR SALE-Cheap; violin in good
condition; eas-e, chin, and shoulder
rc,st. Call at Ofrice or Lincoln .Hotel.
FOR.SALE -100.0UU reet second
hand seairold plank; 2x0 and 2x10;
Virginia pine; 10 to 20 feet long. Ad-die.-s
PLaNK, this office. del0-2c
FOR SAJUE-Uraphopiioue and exhi
bition outfit; cost S7o; just the thing
ror a Christmas present: price, S55. Ad
dress "BRAND NEW," this office, del 0-31.
FOR SAXE-Dayton: hand-made; m
lirst-cliiss repair. Call HYLANDb
STABLE, in rear 1325 7tn bt. uw.
UANDiES-Tnc best quality, freh
made; cream bou-bons and chocolate
ror which vou pay 20c, :soc, 4oc, obc perm.,
wo sell for 15c; fancy mixed, 2 lbs. for
25c; tafry, all kinds ol flavor; walnut and
fruit tafrv, only costs 10c per lb. 317
Pa. ave. nw. del9-3t
FOR SALE-45 ror an old Stradiva
ri us model violin; a great bargain, b-3
Lst. nw. del8-3t-cni
FOK SVAjE Full leulner top phaeton;
Ai eouiution. Bear 459 C st., after
4 p. in. del8-3t
FOR SALE-Fine sorrel horse", sold
lor want ol' use: price, $35. Inquire
at WHITE BROS., 300 Center Market, or
alter 2 o'clock, 800 P st.nw. ielS-3t
FOR SALE-Did you hear it drop",
well, it rell with a dull thud; the
Elgin butter market, and I give you the
benefit; four pounds for $1; best butter;
riesh from the churn. Call on R. B.
YOUNG'S STANDS. 76 aud 77 O St.
Market, and 69 Biggs'- Market. del8-7t
FOR SALE A highly polished solid
oak fancy partition; very cheap. 349
Pa. ave. nw. del 8-7 1
FOR SALE A first-class ladies' tailor
inganddiessmaking business; good loca
tion; cheap rent. Address C. L. this office.
FOR SALE Cheap, an oil route. In
quire 1 it 14 3d st. ne. del.r-7t-ein
FOR SALE-A lot or tine shot guns,
guitars, banjos, mandolins, violins,
and accordeons; will be closed out at hair
or the original price; nothing better l'or a
holiday present. JULIUS COHEN, 1104
7th st. nw. del2-tf
WANTED-A 32-calibre repeating
nrie; state make, condition. .See. Ad
dress C. L. SMITH, Oakton, Va. It
Box 18 -d, this office.
watch charm.
WANTED-Everybody to know that
we are sole agents for Orientallne,
Extract Veloutiue, Eau F'ortifiante, cos
metics of known reliability and low prices.
J. ROCIION, 912 14th' st. nw.
WANTEDrnc light side-bar, leath e-
top buggy in good condition.
J. A. T.,
this office.
WANTED Suits made from $3.50 up,
by an expert dressmaker; perfect fit?
and first-class Work guaranteed; also chil
dren's dresses; very cheap. Call or ad
dress 232 F st. nw., 2d floor. del8-3t
WANTED Small box of first-class,
carpenter's tools; second-hand and in
good order. Address TOOLS, this office.
$v j.v Aii)-AU iioei-vy-ioving people
and those who are in sympathy with
Cuba to send thoeir address to W. A. C.,
442 P 6t. nw. cTel7-3t-em
W ANTED To buy an uprigiit piano;
must be in good condition. Address,
with ruil particulars, 1C. A. E., this orrice.
WANTED-1,000 stoves,! urniture.car
pets, etc. S. J. NOTES, 4 1-2 st. and
Maine ave. sw. de7-14t,em
ROOFING, guttering, and spouting, W.
H. G. SIMMONS. 618 K Bt. nw. no3-ti
IF J'au want first-class Turnace, latrobe.
stove, ana rungo worK uoi
O. SIMMONS. 018 K St. nw.
BlOVe, illlU lilllK" IVUI&UUUB, goio w. 11,
WANTED-Dressmaking: cheap and
perfect satisfaction guaranteed Id fit.
ting and prices At 227 st ne.
FOR SALE-Several tracts of land,
from 1 acre to 10 acres; on electricroads,
near Washington; very cheap, and on the
easiest kind of time; also small tracts with
nouses; alsofarms on and near the Potomac
River, within 30 miles of Washington, at
$3 per acre; now is the time to buy; call or
send for my list aud map or county prop
erty; also suburban places for rent; offices
will be open during Christmas holidays.
JAMES E. CLEMENT, 1321 F St. nw.
FOR SACiS-5U.75, a child's bicvele;
In good repair. 142 A st. ne. -It
FOR SALE-Lady's wneel; nearlv
new; lamp and tools. 511 3d st. nw.
MRS. M. M. O'CONNOR, expert
manicure. 1216 U.st. uw. del7-7t
3ia o st nw, ml,
12r S50.I3
-t8Iiiw.ini. 10r. S10.'0
aiii Mil uve sw.
niLUrs 2-.00
lli&Tnv, Urs... -0-;0
40illth se, Cr... R?.30
4UJ Wariior Bt
nw, Ors W-00
CO? Lincoln st
11 w. Or H.CO
J0,N J .;vo uw,
E CrJ 12-tO
C Seott avo uw,
: (iC 12.25
CfilOOth stnw. Or 11.00
Ilarltord st. S
f BrookiamLOri 10.00
?ZZ Hayes ct.
, mv. 5rs 0.C0
2"J8lltli nw. .r. 8.W
413 Bland alley
nw. irs S.0
J17 Reeves st 11
w.lrs S.00
UUIagdcn alley
nw, 4r ".80
7,01iicuurs ct 11
e, it.., 7.3'J
lOSRovor'a alloy
tiw,-l r3....... 7.3"
2Q.8 Columbia
Torracomv. -Ir 7.1
!2il 1st sw, 5r. C.UI
S3) I j stsw. 3r.. o.O'J
i)22 Liberty st
S.3 rs... f.OO
llearlOwO Wthat
nw.ar 3.0O
07 O st nw, mi,
SNlFst nw, ml,
Or .".
2.J1I1 Ttll Btllff. m
33. W
i.Cr. li-.CO
1116 8tlnw. Or., lii.au
10183d nw, jr... 15.C0
SOP no Or ia.00
320 Nmv, 5r li5J
aKiMlh 8w. Or.. 12.00
1511 Mnw.Or....
131)1 Fristoo
court nw. 5r
2J Gliek's alloy
nw, -ir
Ca..st, Ivy City,
7i Ost nw. Or..
110 Corcoran st,
Ivv City, 5 vs..
727 Wallach sr,
nw. Jr.
1221 Cur I In'
allov sw i r?.
1 6'ortioit ave
ne, .r
2310. rear 2313
"tli st nw, ir..
Rear 1.27 Mori is
st nw, 3r
-017 Seat'nstno
12i jn owl ton's
cuuri sw, Hrs..
8. CO
21 j AM st nw, 2rs JU.OO 139 Oth st uw, lr SG.00
31 1-313 G st uw, storo apd rtwg S.&O
Rear 31!) C st nw 810.00 Hear 215 -i'A nw. S3.C0
Bet 4th and 5th, KaiulLsisnw 18.00.
Sco the ualancoof list In Star.
A. S. CAY WOOD. K1 'JthSt. N. W.
FOR RENT-Only $15.2 5, cosy 2-story
brick, 0 rooms and enameled bath,
bay; concrete side yard; all in. 1.; in excel
lent repair; near 3 car lines. No. 1250
Florida ave. uw. House open. Iters, re-
quired. deli)-3tem
FOR RE NT -SI 6. 30; cosy rive-room
frame; large yard; water and sewer;
110!) D st. no. Also 6-room, cellar, large
yard; stable and wagon shed; SI 1.30.
For keys apply toSlU Md. ave. ne. Item
FOR RENT 601 4th st. nw., 7 room
house, opposite Pension Office: m. i.
Key 614 3d st. nw. de!9-3t
i'oit KENT 444 Q f;l- nw- hi'UbCOpen
for fiispectfon; six rooms; bath; latrobe.
large yard front and back; gas; perfect
condition; .arranged for two ramUies.
$18.50. delS-3t
if Ojl-C .tt.nJ.iS-X' -Aiw t-ioiiu iiiiuse, wioic
or iart; very cheap. 1201 4th nw.,
cor. or n. delO-it
FOR rent Seven-room frame cot
tage in Brooklund; two blocks from
cars; modern improvements; terms low. In
quire I. S. HOLLIDGE, care Saks & Co. tf
the names.
"dates, facts. She
11U8 no card humbug.
She tells you
everv hope, rear and wish of life,
nothing is omitted, everything Is told.
She gives a written guarantee to reunite
frienas, cause speedy marriage, break evil
influences, give luck, stop drinking in
30 days, or return monev. She has hun
dreds of letters testifying to her wonder
ful work. Satisfaction guaranteed. La
dies onlv, ree 50 cents. Letters with
stamp answered, orficc 016 H st. nw.,
near 7 th st. ' It
Card Reader and Scientilic Palmist,
tells your life from cradle to grave, and
Just what you want to know; also tells
about business duals, law suits, love af-.
fairs, courtship, marriage, lost or stolen
property, family troubles, friends and
enemies, reunites separated husbands and
wives, sweethearts, etc., brings troubles
and quarrels nil right, causes 6peedy
marriages -with the one you love, removes,
spells, causes good luck, cures drunkenness'
and other faults: satisfaction guaranteed;
price 25c. and 50c.;Jndura 0 a. m. to 0 p.
in , dally. 925 H st. nw. no22-lmo
JDST arrived in this city; visit Madame
Lorno and have your lortune told;
you will be surprised! 50c. 2106 1 st.nw.
delO-eod-lm. . jr g"v as-
LADIES we will sell you an make
01 machine from S20 to SCO, cash or
Installments: also some secoud-hand ma
chine?, warranted In 'perfect order, fmm
$5 to $20, on easy installments; we repair
all makes from 50c. un: send a postal
nnd will give you estimate, or will mail
you circulars, eic. u uis n if. terms .a
SEWING MACHINE CO., 334 Penn. ave
se. nolO-Soui.v-tr
Jyi.,i.s. fKANCiS. Wasliiugioii'sohl
estuud most popular medium, will give
life from cradle to grave. Sittings, 9 Jo
'.). Cards, SJOe. Trauce, 50c. 302 East
Capitol st. de!C-7t
YOU want a suit or clothes and overcoat
ror Christmas, there are lots or others
the same way, audit keeps us busy fitting
them in our tine custom-made ones, slight
ly worn, at burprising figures. JUSTIPS
OLD STAND. 619 D St. nw. del5-tr
love affair.-,, losses, etc., cradle tograve,
for 50c.;reuniteNsepa rated husbands, wives,
sweethearts or friends: causes speedy marriage.-,;
removes spells; bad luck: all trouble;
10 to 10 dally. 48911st. sw. de!2-lmo
No. 619 Pa. Ave, N.W., Washington, D. C.
Specialist in chronic and prlvato diseasoj.
Piles, Stricture, Hydrocele, Gout. Catarrh,
Dyspepsia, Blood Poison cured, Vitality ro
itoreu. Consultation free and coutideutlal to
Loth teicj. Dally. 1) to 12. 3 to (j.
M"M"Fi. THEO. palmist and card
reader, can ue consulted on business and
love affairs; wives and mothers come und
see mu when lu trouble; communications
strictly confidential; German spoken; open
daily; prices 25c. and 50c. 929 H st. uw.
DIVORCE What are the grounds for
divorce, why for a husband not to
purchase a sewing machine for his wife;
when they can be had from $20 to $60
cash or installments; such as the Standard,!
Singer, White, Domestic, Household, New
Home, Maywood, Paragon, etc.; good
second-hand machiues from $5 to $20,
cash or installments. THE ENTERPBISE
SEWING MACHINE CO., 334 Penn. ave
se. Repairs from 50c. up nol0-es-tf
OUR greatest medium and spiritual moth
er, DI.. MARY GORDON, tells you all
thlngs and preterites a proper remedy for
vour xrouuies; consult; cms girteu lady
before it is too late
Now at 529 13lh
St. nw.
Dr. Leatherman,
Specialist la all forms or private diseases
Hydrocele, Varicocele and Stricture cured.
Consultation free. Every day, 9 to 12, 2
to 5; Tues., Thurs.,and Saturday evenings,
7 to 8. 602 F st. nw. Closed Sunday
DR. TAYLOR. 900 F st. nw.. makes
full sets of teeth for S5; satisfaction
'guaranteed; teeth extracted without pain;
ree when plates are made. Jol8-tf
LADIES Deeding- 'confidential treat
ineot, a sure' and) safe icllet in all
woman complaints ancirrcgularltles. Gold
medal awarded for the science of obstet
rics from the University of Munich, Ba
varia. Strictly confidential. MRS. DR.
RENNER. No. 8 Seventh st. ne... near .
Cap, at.. Washington, j)T 0.
LOST A brown simhlei; answers to the
name or "Nep."aj, Liberal reward if
returned to 1723 R.d. ave. nw. It
LOsT- wiuie
tne Second .National
Bank, a fox tertler pup: white, with
hall-brown fac:
alH6'!Jsi)oi on the neck.
("lease reti
("lease return to A.j.SELLHAUSEiV 510
D st. se., and
1 receive reward. It
LOST Thursday
ring; small set.
st. nw.
evening, a gold ear
JKcward at 1201 4th
MISLAID or lost. rrom the editorial
orrice or tins paper, 'an old hymn book
called the "Lyre," with one leaf off;
any one that has the same please re
turn to this office. deO-tfem
FOR' SALE 7 oct. Chickering square
piano; S45 cash or ?50 on time: 15
Oth st. se. del9-7t
FOR SALE A nearly new Peak& Son
Grand Opera upright Piano in excellent
condition; cost 350: will sell Tor $150.
At 209 lst st.nw. . de!9-3t
FOR SALE A squareplano, Bradbury,
' price moderate. Address PIANO, tills
office. de!8-3t
FREE SAMPLE or P.50 pacKed
liarrel New lurk state apples at slore,
824 9th nw. del7-7t
FOR RENT 2 "stablcsin alley between
F and G, 3d and 4th sts. nw. de!9-3t
for kent npus:
"frri t i.'.jn l'leaKantrcoms; with heat
aiKlgas; with or without board; tran--J
sients accommodated, l&ia utn si. nw
FOK KENT Three handsomely fur
nished r 0111s; second floor; excellent
board. 1307 N st. ; dt-20-3t
FOR RENT Newly Tarnished? room;
3d ficor, stove heat; 810; hall loom,
$5; caterer Jn house; meals served out.
723 11 tli st, nw. de20-3t
FOR RENT Lieganr, newly furnished
rooms; with bath; for married couple.or
gentlemen; private fanjlly: neighborhowl
first-class: aisfi stable ir desired; excellent
table board nearby. 020 M st.nw-de20-3t
jl -st ii.jcJXN'i i.igiitnousekeepmg, three
pleasant unrurnislicd rooms wltn heat,
gas mid bath; rent very reasonable; rers.
410 B st. nw. - It
FOR RENT 5 a month, two irom.
rooms to right party. 1134 7th St.,
Jeweler. It
FOR RENT A Turntsised attic room,
$4 per month. 722 Oth st. uw.
FOR RENT One large parlor, hot
and cold water: also chamber and
Office. 1017 14th fit. dc20-3t
FOR KENT I'leasant large rooms,
wttli good table board; private fam
ily. 1220 in st. nw. t!e20-3t
FOR RENT istthcr three, lour or live
unfurnished rooms for light housekeep
ing; a. ill. 1. 135 F St. nw. de20-3t
FOR RENT Second story rront room,
lurnishcii, with best table board; $6Jo
per week. 02!) Othst. nw. dc20-3t
FOR RENT Liurge irom. room
gantly rur.; d rioor. 444 11 nw.
FOR RENT 3 communicating unrur.
rooms; 10. adults onlv; light houfeekeeii
Ing; private bath. Apply owmr, fcii4 O
st. nw. del!(-3t-em
A'"OK KENT Fur., nice room, tsi iloor.
elegant new house: SiO; with heat and
gas; small rront, 2d rioor, south, $5; rerv
ex. owner, 221 E st. nw. delli-3t-cin
FOR RENT iianasome rooms, rur. or
unrur., with rirst-clahs board, in re
fined ramlly. 1112 10th st. nw.
FOR RENT 3 nice rooms on 2d floor.
140 Oth st. nw. dell-3tem
front second story
Utn st. nw., one
room, nicely rur-tlell)-3t
K RENT Mcely rur., 3 rooms and
parlor; wiin piano, heat, and gas. 427
t. nw. . deli)-3t
u st
FOR RENT Small comrortably lur.
2d-story back room, S6.G0; unrur..
S4.50. nG 6th st. nw. del9-2t
FOR RENT 1715 N st.nw., without
board, a cozy room, 2d floor: suitable
for gentleman; $1 4 per month. de!0-3t
FOR RENT 529 13th st. nw., three
rooms ror light housekeeping, fur
nished or unfurnished. del9-3t
FOR RENT 830 12th st., fur. and un
tur. rooms; corner liou&e; parlor for doc
tor. delU-yt
FOR RENT 3 nice unfurnished rooms,
second floor; heat, light, water: Sll.
193!) DthKt.nw. del.)-3t
FOR RENT To a lady, by family of
two, pretty room in nice, attractive
house; use or parlor and kitchen: electric
cars at corner. WEST WASHINGTON,
this office. del i-3t
FOR RENT-Furinsheu rront rooms for
gentlemen; neat; gas auu uatn. 04- E
st.nw. dei8-3t
FOR RENT Large, desirable, 2d-story
fronc room; with or without board;
reasonable. 928 New York ave.
FOR RENT ItelO K St., a flat .t 3
desirable rooms, fiiruibhcd or unfur
nished, S16; to adults, caterer, or light
HuusekeciuuK, if preferred; referents.
FOR RENT Three nice large anrur
mshed rooms on 2d floor: si1m 1 fur
nished room on same floor. 943 F St. sw.
FOR WiPT-lhree unfuril bed rooms
at 1219 7th st. r.yr., for $9 a month,
inquire at 1134 7th st. nw. delh-3t
FOR RENT 400 N. J. ave. se.. 3 new
ly furnished rooms; a. m. i. de!8-3t
FOR RENT 2d story front room to
gentleman; terms reasonable. 604 M
st. nw. del7-3tem
FOR RENT 2u t lour: a rooms, 2 clos
ets: hot water in bath; heatio 2 rooms;
hair block from cars; south front: light
housekeeping. Owner, 029 T st. uw.
FOR RENT 3 unrur. rooms at 1219
-. tli st. nw. Inquire at 1134 Ttll st. nw.
FOR KENT Small rront room and
board to gentleman; S4.75 per week:
420 3d nw. del7-3t-em
FOR RENT Large, bright, warm rooms
and board, $25 per month ror one. 737
13th st. nw. del7-3t,em
FORRENT-312B st. ne., rooms; one
a ballroom; 3d story Iront; southern
exposure: rent reasonable. del7-3tem
FOR RENT-HI"- N. X. ave., 2 front
rooms, 2d and 3d floors; board ir de
sired. del7-3tem
FOR RENT Three unlur. rooms; all
conveniences. Address 425 9th st. nw.
FOR RENT K)'31 i. J. ave. nw., for
light housekeeping, thiee nicelv fur.
rooms, S16: heat and gas: refs. del7-4t,em
FOR RENT 1014 lotn st.nw.., nicely
fur. rront rooms, rrom 8 to $12.
FOR RENT -Nicely rur. heated rooms
and first-ciass board; 815 a month.
416 H st. ne. del5-7t-em
WANTED-2d-story, front room; with
imaru: married couple; nw. Address
Box 127, this office. . It
OR Riiih'i wt.oiiit.atiu boatu, second
and third flcors. At 922 N. Y. ave. It
ROOMS and board, $5 a week: bestac
commodauons; couvenieutlocat.lon. 617
H st. nw. delS-3t
FIRST-CLASS German boarding
iioube: rme luruiolsed rooms; all con
veniences; near the Capitol and New Li
brary. 2 IS 3d st. se. del4-7tei
Apply nt Dili Fifteentli St., 31c
Ilierou squnre; mot desirable part
of tlio city; second and tBlrd floors,
(single or en suite; table aud nil up
poiiitmonts first cluss. uo"2G-tf
WANTED-Accommodations for in
auguration I'.OTels.boaruing-houses.aiid
private families; with or without board;
state location, capacity and rates. Cor.
Sec. Suite 1, 567 W. Madison st., Chicago.
WANTED-UJ' 1st or January, 3 or
4 unfurnished communicating rooms,
with heat aud gas; nw.; by couple without
children; state lowest terms. Address
A. s., this office. de20-3t
FOR SALE-An exceptional chance,
datrv lunch and dining room, on Pa.
ave., between Capitol and Treasury: will
fcii low; nave other business. A. F. L.,
tins orrice. it
WILL sell my grocery, meat and pro
vision store; good reason for selling.
Call 1020 G st. se. del9-3t
FOR SALE A poultry plant, in ex
cellent running order", excellent oppor
tunity for man and wife or single man.
Address P0LLTKY PLANT, this office.
FOR SALE-One or the best located
flour and reed stores in nw.; cheap rent,
long lease, and well stocked; doing good
business; will sell cheap; owner has other
business to attend to. Address F. A. B.,
thisoft'ice. del8-3t,em
FOR SALE-Barber shop; two chairs,
and doing a first-class business; rent
very cheap. Inquire 64 U st. nw.
WANTED-Partner with $500 in es
tablished business; cabinet maker or
stairbuilder preferred. Address MANU-
FACTURER.tliisofflce. dcl8-3t,em
x jciiii U11.J . .iti v.uiie.i ill. cljiiir aiol'e ill
nw. in regard to situation is requested
to call again. del 1 -3t-em
FOR SALE Pil.-ately, Virginia cafe;
good reasons; government job.' 913
ii nw. del 8-3 1
SNAP-.$1UU will buy cigar, confection
ery, stationery and lancy grocery; come
aud see. 418 11th st. sw. del7-3tem
FOR SALE-Good paying business.
Apply to stand 350, Northern Liberty
Market. del 5-7 1
LADIES desiring to make investments
or speculate without publicity; where
there is protection from absolute Joss; can
secure the-address or n lady broker by ad
dressing P. O. Box, 472. de!0-30t
PARTIES naving lnriuence in the
dirrcrcnt departments can secure an
income or at least 50 per month, with
out interfering with their present duties.
Particulars given ooly at a personal Inter
view. 59 Atlantic Building. Office
open until 8 p.m. dcO-l mo
Jots jt-itJLiMTxNCi. newspaper and
book composition at lowest cash rates:
new material. ROBT. F. SIMMS, Job
Printer, 305 7th st. sw. no26-tf
FOR SALE Good driving horse and
and light runabout wagon for business;
price $35: would hire with driver for
delivery. 512 10th st. nw. It
WANTED-Colored experienced res
taurant waiters at once. DICK'S
HOT-ML AOEN'OY., 613 7th. de20-3t
A FEW dollars win start you In a
paying mall order business. BUSI
NESS UUIDE CO., 36 East Fourth st. Cin
cinnati, Ohio. It
wnite boy atiout 16 for
generai work;
610 Uth nw.
Call Sunday, 10 to 4.
WANTED-Place ror two butlers, one
Swedish and one Uerman. 631 F st.
nw., Boom 4. It-crn
WANTED Party witn small capital
ana services to travel with reliable
theatrical combination: established eigh
teen years: no experience required. Ad
dress THEATER, this office. de!9-3t
WANTED Do jou wantlS-O per mo'
van you sen sunscription nooKsi 11
SfeFRANK C. LARIMOitK, 4J7 7th st.n
dela-1 mo-cm.
WANTED- Manthatunuersiaiidsspllc-
ng or wire cables. B. PKINCE, this
ornce. delb-3t
WANTED Assistant pliotognriili
printer and toner. CLIXEDINST, 1 207
F st. del8-3t
WANTED-lt) white hotel chamber
maids and 0 scrubbers at once. DICK'S
HOTEL AUENC Y , 013 7th. de20-3t
"WANTED -At once, nice white girl,
ia to 10 years old, to nurse; good
home. JCoom 2, 033 F st. nw. de20-3t
"WANTED Two cooks,uurse,chamber-
inaidH, general houseworkers; good
homes. 441 O st. de20-3t
WANTED-Uerman gtrl ror general
house work: $8 per month and home.
Call 1715 .N ht. nw. it
WANTED A white woman ror gen
eral housework, at 635 A st.ne. Call
between 6 and 8 p.m. de20-3t
w A.syz-&a a young ntuy stenograpner
and typewriter in orfice to work rrom
V to y p. 111. ; state salary expected. Ad
dress Lock Box 1U5 City Foitotfice. It
restaurant. Call
610 yth nw.
cook for
10 to 4.
-. , rj .j tt yutiiig girl to cook,
wash aim ironrstuy at night. Inquire
at 46 T st. nw. de20-3t
WANTBO-oue Swedish girl and one
American girl. 631 F st- nw.. Room 4.
WANTED Houseworker. white, for
uiuiiwy-; cook, wash and Iron; second
girt Kepi. Address M. KIRK, 01c, OaK
oaie, Md. lt-em
W A-l'iraiMJ auie.siaaie.s at M. KOBN-i-R'S
st. nw. lt-em
WANTED goou wnite scrur girls.
Call at 714 11th nw.; hours from 4 to
7 p.m. lt-em
WAN'i'l!iD--i settled white woman ror
general housework; good refs. Apply
1710 Pa. ave. nw. lt-em
WANTED-hwki wnue girl to help
in kitchen and store; must be industri
ous and or good character; to stay with
family. THE FAIR, 1712 14th st. nw.
WANTED- A good tiny girt for gen
eral housework in ramily or three; must
stay at mghr Apply Tip. 3 F st. nw. lt-em
W .M.1VA -fcJJJ - place by settled
woman, as first-class cook. refs.
7th st. sw. delb-St-em
WANTED Lady agents and can
vassers; soaps. 479 Missouri ave.
WANTED-Singing and dancing sou
urette lor farce comedy; also other use
rul peoiiie; season opens Dec 30; rehearsals
commence 23d. Address F'ARCE, this of
rice; lt
WANTED-'f'-'lial'le i-ervants lur-
niMieu Tree. Send postal CAPITAL
BUREAU, 441 G ht. (lC20-3t
WANTED At City Intelligence Of
rice. co k, general houseworkers. wait
ers, drivers, laundresses, nurses, chamber
maids. boVs.; places furnished till suited.
Established IS85. SIIACKLEF0RD"S.427
11 tli st. nw. x del9-7t
WANTED-eD.inil Avomen outof em
ployment and willing to work can learn
or a permanent situation at good wages
writing at once to
P. V. H., llox 28
Augusta, Maine.
WANTED-Menanil women outor em
ployment and willing to work can learn
ora permanuntsttuatiou at good wages, by
writing at once to P. V. H.. Box 283,
Augusta. Maine. delO-tu,Uia,su-17t
WAO'ii!ij -several ueuioiiaintiur ol
pure re odfjoods: those having had .me
experience in this work in first-class
grocerv stores preferred. Address by let
ter onlv. J. C. Pl'LE, Nat-ocal Hotel,
del 8-3 1
WANTED-UJ' experienced young col
ored man, place as coachman and all
round man: good references. Please call
or address 1456 Q st. nw. de20-3t
WANTED-UJ' a young man rrom
countrvgood penman, quick atrigures.
10 vears'experience behind the counter,
situation in mercantile or business orrice;
rercreuces. Address W. IS. 11., this of
fice. It
WANTED--1 place 10 attend rurnace
and rront of house, or to wait on table
morning and evening, by young colored
htudent. Please address tl. C, tnis office.
WANTED-Bv a younp man, a place;
uuuerotauds housework and dm ing:
city ref.: willing
12th sl. nw.
do anything. 1903
WAN .ED A" experienced meat cut
ter,, wishes place in meat market or
store; refs. 813 D st. sw. del9-3t
WANTED-fJ young man 19, imme
diate wortc: experienced balesmau and
hotelman; good appearance. T. Y. B., this
ottice. de!7-3t.em
WANTED-U)' young man or mercan
tile experience, a situation or any kind;
wages no object. V. B., this office.
WANTED By reliable woman, place
at general housework; city references.
170 1-2 10th st.nw. de2i-3t
WANTED-Uy colored woman, place
as cook or to do general housework.
1310 4th st. nw. It
WAN TED Employment during day
by Howard University student. Ad
dress Box 1 . M. L., this office. de20-3t
WANTED-UJ' a while woman, a
place as cook, or housework; no wash
ing. Address E. B., this office. de!9-3t-em
WANTED-A ,aili" ut r employment
desires copvin ior a cenaior or .ueiu
bei of Congress; will be satisfied with mod
erate remuneration. Address A. A. E.,
this office. It, em
WANTED-Educated widow would
leach music, English branches, or
sew one-half lime in return ror board
and room, other hair; rers. Mrs. IS., 1719
13th st. nw. lt-em
WANTED1 position is. desired a&
Housekeeper, companion or amanu
ensis by cultured lauy. Address Mrs.
i3.-in.n.n, uiib oiiiev.
WANTED-A capable "white woman
wants wnrK as companion 10 uivaiiu, or
will supervise the management or a house.
BEFINED, this office. de!9-3t
WANTED By a settled, experienced
woman care of an invalid, child, or
infant; would assist housework; sew;
moderate wages; refs. MRS. G., 1719
13th st. nw. del9-3t
w a NTED By experienced dressmaner,
work by day or week. DRESSMAKER,
1135 14th st.nw. del7-3t,em
WANTED By a middle-aged man and
wire, no children, wire toook;man
understands gardening: small wages ex
pected Tor winter. 1240 Del. ve. sw.
WANTED-" boarders at 3145 P
st.; pleasant rooms and excellent table
noard; Metropolitan cars pass the door.
Terms, S4 per week. de20-3t
Tftr ANTED-A lady's second-hand bi
cycle; must be In good condition, aim
cheap. E. L., this office. de!9-3t
WE can rent your Bat; send us full de
scription. Addrcsa TUJE3 REAL ES
FOR RENT 12 acres;
fruit; near Boundary,
8 rooms: $7;
Call 26 I st.
MRS. M. LEWIS, massage. 518
9th st. nw.", 2d floor front. de!9-2t
ALL SOULS CHURCH, corner 14th and
L sts. nw. Rev. John C. Kimball of Hart
ford, Conn., will preach morning at 11
o'clock, subject: "Look Up." and evening
at 7:30 o'clock, subject: "Ecce Infans. Be
notu me Buoy:" aunuay-sciKHrf and unity
study class at 0:45 a. m. Young- People's
meeting at 6:30 p. m. All are Invited.
Secular League.
Sunday, lion. IRland C. Kirk will aidres.s
the Secular League in Typograhpical Hall,
G st., opposite the Pension Office. Sub
ject: "The FunctionoCKeasonin .Religion."
.tree to all. it.em
L sts. nw. Services at 11 a. ru. and 7:30
p. ru.; Sunday-school, 0:45 a. m.; i'ounff
People's Union, 0:30 p. ni. Bev. A. G.
Rogers, D. D., pastor. A. m.. A Ques
tion That Never Grows Old. If . Sian
Die Shall He Live Again?" P. m., a con
tinuation of the new series of iliustrattd
sermons, "The Way or the Cross, a Pl
gnmage rrom Bethlehem to Calvary tit ae
Earthly Footsteps or the Man of ua!i.; ."
ihe illustrated hymn. Saved by ii
Grace," will be sung arter the sermo All
CHURCH. Madison avenue, between, tour
teenth and Fifteenth streets northwest.
Kev.L. H.Jackson.pastor. Sundjiv-gph'M)!.
0:30 a. m.. Mrs. S. C. Brooks, sovx-riniend-cnt;
preaching, 1,1 a.m. and 7.30 p. m
Subject, 11 a. m.: "An Ex'rt sion froni
Earth to Heaven." Seats rree r.nd vaare
thrice welcome. Come. Prnyjr meeting;
Thursday evening, 8 o'clock- It.em
Spirit nalLttM.
SPIRITUALISM Masonic Hall, every
Sunday, corner Mnth and F streets. Ly
ceum. iu a. in.; lecture, n:ar a. in. and
7:30 p. m. Our pastor Tor December. Mns
Adaltne M. Glading or Pennsylvania, the
emiiit-ni trancepeal:eraml medium. Spirit;
communications rollow each lecture. It
SP1RITUALISMA meeting will be held
at Wonn's Hall, 721 Oth street northwest
Sunday evening, bj- Mrs.Zoller, assisted by
anoliier medium, who will give automat
ically written spirit messages. It.em
Freak of a "Woinun Somnambulist
"Who Hid Her Treasured Watcli.
Sl Louis Ji public
The detectives of this city have been
searching the pawnshops for the last two
weeks for a valuable gold watch, and this
will be the first intimation they have ha.l
that the timepiece has been recovered. The
watch belongstoa young womantn Cabanne
and is a costly one, but it is prized espe -tally
because it was presented to her by ber
mother as a reward for some particular
thing done or lert undone, but tlmt han
nothing to do with the story.
One day about two weeks ago the young
woman startled her family by announcing
that she had lost her watch. She thonghs
at first that it had dropped out of its usual
place of concealment, but later on, when
her family had questioned her and coached
hera little, she concluded that she h! been
robbed. Then she wentto police headquar
ters and told her story. Some of the things
she told she knew to be facts; other parts
she really believed, although they were
purely imaginary. Anyway, the pellce
agreed that she had been robbed atui pt
ceeded to lovk for the watch, and the thwrre:
who stole it.
For nearly a week the young WMtiii
mourned the loss of her watch, going eneh
day to the four courts to inquireir therewas
any news of her jewel. There n ne,
but, as is customary with detectives, tey
hada clew, and promised to navethe:hievei
and their booty lu a few days. Othr evening
lost week she went to her dresser thr a
freshly laundered robe-de-nult. From the
top drawer of the dresser she took tne
garment tenderly, admiring the Iae with
which the bosom was embelished ami men
tally commenting on the poor maaer in
which It had been ironed. As she en
folded the filmy thing she noticed an
unusual weightiness about It, and on
investigating she found that something,
hard and heavy was concealed ia one uf
the wristbands. Further investigation re
vealed the lost watch.
So great was thejoy of the young woman
at recovering her lost treasure that s6e
ru-hed downstairs- to acquaint her sister
with her find. The sister at the time xvas.
entertaining a young man, but the young
woman, in her joy ever finding the watch,
rushed into the parlor before she realized
that she was not in a presentable condition
for the company of men. When the con
sternation of the party had in a manner
subsided they sought an explanation c
the curious hiding ot the watch. The only
solution at all plausible was that the young
woman, who.whena child, had been kn-owii
as a somnambulist", and suffered a reiani
of her old malady and while asleep had
hidden the watch so well that it cmkl ut
be found, except by accident.
Itj may be modesty, or it iway be simply
a disincli nation to admit that she is a sleep
walker, anyway the young woman has re
fused to make known u the police that
her watch has been found, and now she is
dreading being called upon to identify
some one as a thief of somethingthatnever
was stolen, for it is reasonably certain thus
if the police do not take the tip from thi-j
they will follow up this watch case umif
someone is arrested.
Well Paid Choir Sincrers.
The highest paid clioir singers in the
world are two American ladies. Miss Clem
entina De Yere, at the Paxton Church in
New York, who receives $4,500 a year,
and Miss Dutton, at a Baptist church itrthe
same city, who receives $3,000 for her
services. The men in the choir of West
minster Abbey receive salaries ranging frwra
$400 to $500. There are about 230,000
singers in the choirs ot various p!a-:t"
of religious "worship throughout the United
Kingdom. Babbi Wolfers, the JewMt
musical historian, says that during divine
service at the ancient temple of Jerusalem
a full choir consisted of 24,000 men, tfi
videdinto three great bands and separa'd
from one another upon vast platforms. The"
clioir of the great Mormon Temple, at Sale
Lake City, is the largest in the w0rbl,nm
bering 250 trained voices. Chicago
A Terrible Punishment.
There is no death penalty in Feigtem.
but few criminals would cheose the pun
ishment Substituted for it that is, if tkey
r bad a choice. The condemned1 mail' m
placed in a dungeon so constructed ttr.fc
from the moment he enters it he wHt
never hear the sound of human vnf'MS-xtic
I see a human being. His food is pnsx-fl in
! through a sliding panel in the door
j cell. Not one prisoner has ever
f fct."i
prisoner has ever tru
known to survive this punishment n-twv
than three years. The authorities huve
striven in vain to prolong their lives bv
varving their food as much as possible, hue
thoe who are moderately or lightly iinur-
ished gradually waste away, while thi.;
who are fed generously go mad and die
raving maniacs. Chicago Chronicle.
Nautical Terms.
The words "starboard" and "larboard;'
as used lu the nautical vocabulary.are frin
the Italian words questa borda, meaning
"this side." and quella boarda, "that
side." Abbreviated these two phrases, ap
pear as sta borda and la boarda. and by
corruption of languages were soon rendered
"starboard" and "larboard" bv. the
English sailors. These two wonls sound
so much alike that many errors nceuried,
causing serious accidents; so years ng,an
order of the British admirality iHscoi.timu'd
the use ot "larboard" and substituted
"port." Chicago Chronicle.
This Is Ghastly.,
"You are doing rigid well today," sard
the match.
"Oh, yes," answered the natural gas, "It
is a cold day when I get turned down at
headquarters." Indianapolis Journal.
All He Could Do.
With the Hrst pull the bell rope parted
The sexton was In despair. Thcnalmp-
f py thought struck him, and he wrung, hlr
hands. lndiannpous Journai-
Merely Sumjcstion. -"Ihavea
suggestion fortlieiniprovemenlj
of the Chicago River.-'
"What is it:"
"Pave it-" Chicago Record.
".. w-.
c-. --S" A AVgg JS;8y&i5frgft,'"-T-?iVi& A&Of.-J-fl gftr&jf!Hn r- fe&r.-gg-ffftt sv
': J'&jipHny-W-f jU.. -

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