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-Kf-' it &?& "J&gZ?" ft-c(3S?u,S?-f" " si
QQ-, for Sterling
70C SHvei Match
Box, as ll.itF-
. rated. Tlicy luro
go'd-platc lmiiisr and
sue incicr) di-tnil iiko
those so'd ten SI '0 at
tins jc.leri Koto
that tho mK '.Ster
1 i n g .Silver" are
M.iniiK) l on each box.
uhlih is guaranteed
5 1(X0 11. .0, Initials
disrated free of
cliirg .hut leave ordei
touiorio-.vto iubtiro de
li very bclorc Christ
mas. PTOC for Stirling Sl'vcr Hair Brush.
O"-' Dcsicii as illustrated. Also six
others more .! orate. Nolo
that the bristlfs ur Sot in collidoid not ood.
Identical brushes sell for 3.7. and $1.-3 at the
for fancy
box con
taining half dozen Men's
Rlth Initial,
in itjlo as ill us
trated. All initials
now here but for
how lo'is?
Society Looks Forward to a Gay
Close of the Year.
Last AVeek Was Prolific of Hot h nnd
Tltat to Come "Will J-ual It Sev
eral Xotable 1-iitertaininents. I-nst
JChjlit Two AVcldinirs of Interest
Soon to Occur.
The comlnB week will ".how a grc.it
falling off In formal entertainments but
the one to follow will be unusually gay
and the year -will go out to the music of
manj djnees.
The Mi'-ses Roach will give a tea on
ilondaj to introduce lli-s Katie Roach,
the daughter of the Senator from .Vorth
The Branlinn Minister and ilmc. Men
donca avIII give a diplomatic dinner .Mon
day evening.
Mrs. Gordon McKay will give a tea
Wednesday afternoon.
Miss Edes a tea Triday afternoon. Mrs.
Boardtnan, a dance Friday evening.
The Guatemalan Minister and Mtne. Lazo
Arriaga entertained a distinguished com
pany at a diplomatic dinner last evening
at the legafon on Eighteenth street.
The appointments were In orchid pink,
the table lemg covered with a pineapple
cloth of finest texture, exquisitely em
broidered and laid over pink silk Hand
some vases of crystal and silver were
grouped In the center, holding pink or
chids and a garland of the same delicate
flowers further adorned the table, which
was lighted bj candles under pink hud
Ilver shades.
Sixteen covers were laid and the guests
were the Uritish Ambassador and Lady
rauncefolc. the Trench Ambassador and
Mme. r-atenotrc, the Chilean Minister and
Mme. Gana. the Argentine Minister and
Mme. Garcia Merou, Senator and Mrs.
Sherman, Lieut, and Mrs Clover, Mr.
and Mrs. Thurber, Mrs. Julian James, and
Assistant Secretary of State Adee.
Gen. and Mrs. Draper entertained at
one of the handsomest dinners of the
season last eening, in honor of the
Massachusetts delegation in Congress, with
a few additional guests.
The service used was entirely of gold
and the pink candles were in gold can
delabra under pink and gold shades. A
plateau of bridesmaid roses rested on an
oblong mirror in the center of the table
and separate sprays of xose3 were scat
tered gracefully about the board. The
name cards were In water colors, each
having a sketch of a dainty twentieth cen
tury girl above the name of the guests, who
were: Senator Lodge, Don. George Ly
man of Boston, Representatives Simpkins,
Wright, Giliett. Knox, McCall, and Moody
of Massachusetts, Speaker Reed, Represen
tatives Dalzell of Pennsylvania, Dingley
of Maine, Cannon of Illinois, and Uender
aon of Iowa.
Mrs. Draper was the only lady present,
and wore a very handsome gown of
heavy -white silk, embroidered in true love
knots or gold spangles, with exquisite
pearl ornaments.
Lieut, and Mrs. William h. Emory pre
sented their only daughter. Miss Blanche
If it's to be a present of a Mackintosh, Umbrella, Bath
Robe, Smoking Jacket, or Scarf, you will gladly read of ad
ditions to stock at the Palais Royal. We have secured best
goods at surprisingly little prices, on sale tomorrow at 8 a.m.
VgF $-2 aa instead of $5.00 for the Mackin
m&jz ePJ,UU toshes, as illustrated. New as
sortment of Wool Blanket Robes from $4.48 to $16 'each, and
Smoking or House Jackets from $4.50 to $15 and note that 10
per cent discount is allowed. 100 dozen Scarfs of best silks in
all shapes, secured to distribute at 39c, instead of 50c each.
1,000 boxes, each containing six pairs 25c quality half hose, at
only $1 per box. A bargain table near G street entrance,
on which are to be broken lots of fine Neckwear, Suspenders,
and Mufflers, at only 25c for choice. Rare bargains for earlv
ggi u l 'jtftj
Kf f"r this
JvV coinlnna
tion pock
et book aud card case
Another stlo with
straps is also 00
cents. Both well
made of Rood leather
$1.50 pa,rforw-ir-
r an tod 10
karat gold
Blccvo buttons. Tho illus
tration is one of twenty
styles. $2.50 at tho jewelers.
7Rr for Pockct knives conslderab"y lar"----''
cr than the illustration. Tim ,...?
S-eilni-r" is on eaoh and mo u
ciiiraiitecfi a-'-ifxvi n i... i,AA .
.Most jewc ers ask 50c but aouio claim ihem
lvorxli oc.
Emory, atnc small but elegant tea at
their reMGcnce ou Rhode Island aenue
yesterday afternoon. The debutante is
one of the' mo-t acccmpHMiea of the m
fcon'.s buds She has lived abroad for iii'ich
more than half her life, and promises to
be very popular In diplomatic circles
Mrs Emory was agisted in receiving bv
a number of the season's debutantes,
among them Hiss G.tna, daughter of the
Chilean minister; Miss Sartorls, the Misses
Irene and Louise Sheridan, and Miss
Elizabeth Davis.
The guests were from among the promi
nent members of official and resident
Mrs Sowers gave a very handsome run
ner to young people at her home on New
York avenue last eening, complimentary
to her debutante daughter. Miss Nellie K
Sowers. Owing to her continued indlsposl
tion Mrs Sowers was unable to attend,
and Mrs Joseph E Washington presided.
The guests wore Miss Letitia Stevenson,
Miss Jane Tuller, Miss Mattingly, Miss
Burroughs and Miss Sowers, Mr. Wash
ington, Mr. John Wilkins, Mr. Charles
McKenny, Dr Ashford, Lieut. Kephard and
Mr Dodge, of Boston
The engagement Is announced of -Miss
Louie White of rennsjlvama and .Mi.
William Stockbndge of this city, the wed
ding to occur at St. Thomas' Church on
the evening of January 20.
Miss Wliite was a debutante of last season,
having been presented to socielv by her
aunt, Mrs. William A. Stone, of Q street
with whom she spent tho greater part of
the winter.
The wedding will occur at Miss White's
home, on Q street, her parents now re
siding in Washington.
Miss Martha Hichborn has Invitations
out for a luncheon complimentary to Miss
Baker, to occur December 31.
Mme. Bahkmctieff, the wife of the
charge d'affaires of Russia at the court
of Greece, who has been visiting her
mother. Mre, Deale, for the past six weeks,
will return to Athens early next month
During her visit she has been the recipi-nt
of much attention from her Washington
friends, but until recently has declined
all formal invitations.
Mrs. Sartons gave one of the haud
sotnest luncheons of the season in her
honor on Tuesday, the other guesttbeing
Mrs. Grant, Mrs. Sheridan, Mrs. Auden
ned, Mrs. Hearst. Mrs Dent, Mrs. Rodgers,
Mrs Draper, Mrs. John Davis, Mrs. William
Emory, Mrs. Richardson Clover, Mrs. Julian
James, Mrs. Sharp, Mrs. Heath and Miss
On Wednesday afternoon this same dis
tinguished visitor was the guest of honor
ata very handsome tea given by her cousin,
Mrs George Bloomer, of 1717 Massachu
setts avenue The spacious home of the
popular hostess wm thronged from 5 until
7. with the most distinguished members of
Washington's official and resident society.
Last evening Mine. Bahkmctieff was the
guestof honor at n. ini- iiinnn. i.
General and Mrs. Draper.
Madame de Rcngifo, wife of the cnarge
d'arrairs of Colombia, has issued invita
tions to a 5 o'clock tea for Thursday,
January 7, at her home, 1728 I street.'
Mrs. Carlisle, Mrs. Harmon, and Miss
Morton received Informally on Wednesday
afternoon, though" the public Cabinet re
ceptions will not begin until January.
Mrs. Francis, wife of the new Secretary
or the Interior, was at home for the first
time on Wednesday afternoon, and greeted
a large number of distinguished visitors.
Mrs. Francis received her quests in
formally and was assisted by her neice,
Mis, Boyd, of St. 'Louis, who will remain
through the greater part of the winter. A
g5 hi
-.. 1 A L
1 rices.
to $2.r0 a pa'r for Silk Suspenders
suitablj boxed. The llnest made
aro here but without tho fancy
K1 PJM?"'S Fa,,cy Ni"ht Shirt in box
i Whether to give ouu of thebe as ajol.o
or In all seriousness ulll denend on
who is the gl cr and who tlic leciiiiouL
9Rr t SI for 1SD7 Calendars Everyman
zj mi, need one. Givo him one of
in nnn nf
tli'o bcautio ai
hiin of i our thouglufulnoj
tli'o bcautio and d.nlv r..ii.ii.,i
52.75 .r SPnn s,,k Umbrellas, with
43. Milieu iiara-on framos Ti-ht
lolling on stiel rods Iinnoited
hindleuitli ctnr intrci ....... i-. . '.'iu"
initials W!H be eugPaVed frVc of charge.0"
S3.Q8 "'" h1Y hlm a s"' Umbrolla-be-
'PJ,yn u? fho in er has clod out
the balance of his Xma tun
to us and no share tho advantage gained with
I dainty tea table was In the drawing-room
, V Cl "L "" auy visitors pre
sided in turn.
There were seven prominent debutantes
last week, each of whom made her bow
at an afternoon tea and found herself
welcomed by a large circle of friends and
the recipient of enough bouquets to decor
ate half a house.
Miss Baker, daughter or Mr. and Mrs:
John A. Baker, who is one of the liand
Komest of the season's buds, Miss Maude
Laurens McCahill, daughter of Mrs. Ed
ward McCnlilll, of Georgetown, and Miss
Ljnch, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John
Ljnch, or nillyer place, were all pre
sented on Tuesday; Miss Wikon and Miss
Gana on Thursday, the firt at the residence
of her pnrcnts. Iostmater General and
Mrs. Wilson, and the Second at the Chilean
Each of thoeoffleialbuds was welcomed
y a large and distinguished comp my.
Miss George Ivan Swope, daughter of
Dr. and Mrs. J. A. Swope, made her riit
appearance as a full-fledged voting Iady
at a handsome tea at the family residence
on N street.
Miss Edlnc Francis Tisdel was presented
at a very delightrul tea ac her parents'
rcMdence, on Thirteenth and O streets
also on Thursday afternoon. '
Miss Blanch Emory closed the week's
list on Saturday at a small but very inter
esting tea at her home on Seventeenth
street and Rhode Island avenue.
While many choice budB continue to
bloom at the rate of three a day and the
ever-convenient afternoon tea is the most
popular entertainment of the month, the
return of Congress and the reopening of
the diplomatic homes has brought society
in its fuller sense into regular working
The Spanish minister. Mm Britich n
J bassador, and the Guatemalan minister
"a"- -"-" in mm umeu the Secretary of
State and Mrs. Olney, thus opening the
omciai season a run fortnight in advance
of its usual date.
Saturday has come to be regarded as a
lavonic day for entertaining the Secre
tary of State and it is probable that Mr.
and Mrs. Olney will be engaged on that
day until the end of the season.
There has been no official entertaining
in the Cabinet circle as yet, unless the
tea by Mrs Wilson on Thursday afternoon
might be so regarded. That entertain
ment was to present Miss Wilson, the
ldcst daughter of the family to socicty
and was, with the tea given by the Chilian
Minister and Mme. Gana on the sameafter
noon, the most interesting event of the
Miss Mary Helen Howe, late of the Grau
Metropolitan Onor.a rmnnnnr ... ii j
the Christmas holldajs with her parents
.-u .mm. nans. a. iiowe.or University
Heights. MI.ss Tfrnx-n wai .-.-..,. . r
Tork immediately after New Year's Day
U) fulfill a concert engagement in that citv
on January 5.
Mrs. Samuel Polkinhorn and Miss Polkln
horn haveissuedcardsfor Monday evening,
December 28, from 6 to 9 o'clock.
The debutantps are likely to occupy the
center ot the social stage for several weeks
to come, but diplomatic and state dinners,
the Whits House and Cabinet recept'ons,
and one or two notable weddings promise
to be the really Important events of Janu
ary. The wedding day of Miss Louise Bona
parte and Count de Moltke-Huitfield has
been again set, and it is expected the mar
riage will occur on Tuesday, December
29, at St. Paul's Church, with Cardinal
Gibbons to officiate. Owing to the recent
death of the father of the groom-cUct,"
which occurred In Paris, the wedding will
be celebrated very quietly, and the invi-
(Hi Tills tetter.
Office of the
fi onus ch jr.ixui'A or tin rye co.,
t Ao.Jd Broadtcay.
- New 21H Dec -iSi8q6.
Mr.-r -A. LINERr' Washing-
Dcir Sir 2Hur telegram to
expr-esh ses today -less jvper
cento-ccci-ved. After -considcrino
the matter, tahn-r into-account
ih: lateness oft ihe season," we
concluded toMccept your offer.
AVc enclose 'b.ll crfammbcrs zvh ch
iv 'C. have shipped Wishing you
a. s ood trade aijd a happy Nczv
2ea?;zvc remain 'yo rs,very truly,
Florence Toilet Sets
Half Usual Prices.
The original Inttor and tho goods shall
bo on bargain tabic toinoirow to light ofG
troel untmiiLo.
Regular prices, Si to$3.50set
Tomorrow's prices; " 50c to
$ 1 .50 set.
l!acli sot consists of ftrufth. Comb and
Mirror, each a -work of art not leas than
an article of necessity, suitably "boxed for
presentation. ,
Ik Surprise
of the
Season. ."
HIW,."J. 7T14 .m
Dresden Lamp
isArt Globe,
' .&
rations to the1 church have been limited
to one hundred, while less than thirty
guests have been invlted-to the breakfast.
There will bo no bridesmaids and i lie
bride will be escorted hWe altar by her
uncle, Mr. CharlsTJonapaVte, of Maltlmore.
Messrs Charles McCaalcy, Frank Andrews,
Walter Van Rennselaei Berry and Richard
Wallach, all of this tlly, will serve as
A Strange fatality lintf seemed to attach
itseir to the most interesting love affairs
of the present season'. 1
The breaking off of, the Belknap-May
match, owing to a difTerence of faith
and family opposition! Just whin a bril
liant wedding was supposed to be at hand,
the postj onement of Miss Bonaparte's mar
riage, which was to have taken place with
much pomp and splendor, on December 10,
and the sad termination of the engage
ment of the Countess Estherhazy and Mr.
A rthurDickeiis-Kcrr, whose sudden death, a
few -weeks ago, "was a si ock to tcciity.
With Fiieh precedences as these, what
wonder that Mrs Frederick deCourcy Maj,
late of Washington and New York, de
clined to await the coming of her piesent
and crossed the ocean herself to meet him
in Taris, where they were married last
Mrs May was one of the many charm
ing widows or Washington, and very rich
in her 6wn right, having been a Miss
Coleman of California, and a granddaughter
of the millionaire O'Brian, of that State.
She still owns a handromc home-in this
city, which is now leased to Attorney
General Harmon, and is one of the most
exquisitely furnished homes m Washington.
The Count d'Andigne is said to be a
well-preserved bachelor of fifty odd years,
without debts, and Xhe rossessor of one
of the oldest names and titles or Ptance.
Mr, and Mrs. Thomas J. Lamb, ot Michi
gan City, N. D., will spend the winter in
this city at No. 231 North Capital street.
Mr. aDd Mrs. Tred B. Young, of Rhode
Island avenue, will leave Tuesday to spend
the holidays with Mr. Young's parents
In Wneellng, W. Va.
Miss Lora Mcintosh and Miss Marie Bel
lington, ot Chicago, who ha-e been visit
ing Miss Mary Hill.ot E street, northeast,
left 3 estcrday for their homes in the West.
The engagement is announced of Miss
Sarah Alexander to Mr. Gus Eichberg.
Miss Alexander will be at home this even
ing, from 7 to 10 o'clock.
There has been a noticeable falling oft
in weddings in the last two weeks, and
the indications are that there will be
few of these happy events to chronicle
in the weeks to come.
Wednesday continues to be the favorite
day, showing that the majority of brides
hold to the old rhmc.
Several interesting weddings occurred on
Wednesday, the handsomest being that ot
Miss Maud Tracy and Mr. John Parsons
Wade, at St. Andrew's Church at 8 o' lock.
This was a military wedding ot much
distinction, the groom,rbest man, and
eight ushers all being, officers or the
United States Army, and wearing full
dress uniform. (
The eight attendants of the bride wore
exceedingly modish govns in white -or-gandks
oer white pr yellow silk, with
sashes . of tsatin ribbon to match,
four being in jellow and four in white
Each bridesmaid wore a floral boa
made or jellow and white carnations, and
the maid,ot honor, the. young .sister., of
the bride, carried a bouquet of lilies of
the Valley and yellow orchids.
A. large and fashionable assembly wit
nessed the ceremony,f and were seated
by the following ushers;, Capt. Michler,.
Why not furs, especially when $2.79 will buy a
mink or wool seal collarette, like in the illustration.
It is a handsome, silk-lined neckpiece, worth, twice
the price asked. The muff is $1.48 instead of $2.50
and other furs proportionately cheap, only because
winter weather hasn't come before Christmas and
the furrier got scared. ' He didn't think of chilly
March winds but we did, and so will you. You'll
find that we are also distributing cloth jackets, capes,
wrappers and warm skirts at less than the cost of
the materials. This third floor is .crowded with such
practical presents for women and children.
2gc for tho fila
gree Silver Co
logne Bottle as illus
trated, and only 23c for
equal attractive Ink
stands, match holders,
CanalesticUs, Calendars,
Toothpick Holder', Pin
Trajs, Vaseline Hold
era, Card Cases and
other siUer-pIated arti
cles. -n for im-
lv p o rted
II i c q ue
Dolls a-illustrated
The latent,
but preaiest bar
gain ot the ho i
ddy season. A
late importation
too late for
1 robtable sale.
We paid and ask
half their north.
r3 each for
JJt dupli
cites of
thoso French
Bisque Dolls
dr sscd i n sULb
and patins tboe
that have sold so
well at iH cents.
Lieuts Cralge and Parker, of the Fifth
Cavalry: Lieut Guign.ird. of the Fourth
Artillery, and Lieut. Callan, of the Firth
Tho bride, who is a tall and distin
guished looking blonde, entered on the
arm of her father, her gown being an
especially handsome one of white moire
with high bodice trimmed in duchess lace.
Her tulle veil was fastened with pearl orna
ments, and instead of the usual bridal
bouquet she carried an Ivory hound prayer.
Iwok from which the marriage service
was read.
The groom and his best man, Lieut.
Joseph P. Tracy, of the First Artillery,
met the bnde at the chancel rail. The
bridesmaids also entered through the vestrj"
and met the ushers as they passed up the
aisle in advance of the bride, forming
themselves into a picturesque group in the
large chancel. The maids were Misses
Elmeda Tracy, a sister of the bride;
Miss Frances Porter of Towanda, Pa.;
Miss Gertrude Sheldon of New York, Miss
Eginton of Kentucky, and the following
Washingiomans- Misses May Kathn, Jen
nie Hunt, Rittenhouse and Frost.
Dr. J. II. Perry, rector of St. Andrew's,
performed the marriage ceremony.
A reception followed at the home of the
bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Burr Ridg
way Tracy, of 1508 Q street, where the
same attractive color scheme of white and
yellow prevailed. An orchestra of stringed
instruments played in a palm-screened
alcove in the hall. Among the guests were
the father of the groom, Col. James F.
Wade, U. S. A.; the General of the Army
and Mrs. Miles, Col. and Mrs. Sumner of
Fort Myer, Col. Stanley ot the Soldiers
Home, Col. and Mrs Babcock, Capt. and
Mrs. Fuger, Col. Wilson, Capt. and Mrs.
Howe, Capt. and Mrs. Rittenhouse, and
Mrs. Catlin, Miss Miles, the Misses Cham
berlain, Miss Coleman, Lieut. Gilmore,
the Misses Hunt, and Miss Reisinger.
Lieut, and Mrs. Wade left at midnight
for an extensive honeymoon trip, after
which they will resident Fort Sara Hous
ton, Tex.
A quiet but very pretty wedding took
place Wednesday at the home or Mr. and
Mrs. James R. Cook, No. 1921 G street
northwest. The contracting iarties were
Daisj Violet Cook and Daniel E. Garges.
The ceremony was performed by Rev. Fa
ther Bart of St. Matthew's Church. Prompt
ly at noon the bridal couple entered the
drawing-room, where, amid palms and
most fra giant flowers, the ceremony took
place. The bride was stylishly gowned In
dark green cloth, trimmed with ermine.
Only the Immediate families and a few
intimate friends witnessed the ceremony
and were present at the breakfast. Among
them were Secretary and Miss Morton,
Prof, and Mrs. Willis Moore, Mr. nnd Mrs.
C. W. Vickery, Mr. and Mrs. George W.
Carr, Prof, and Mrs. E. F. Andrews,
Dr. J. A. McLean and Mr. James P.
Another interesting wedding of Wednes
day was that of Miss Agnes -Carolan
Bryant, daughter of Mr. Carolan O'Brian
Bryant ot Montgomery county, Md., which
occurred at the Clihrch ot the Epiphany at
8 p. m. The groom was Mr. Frederick
Bolton Simpson of New York.
The bride's attendants were the Misses
Mary and Jennie Stone, Miss Ethel Nor
ns, and her sister, Miss Amy Bryant.
The first three wore effective gowns tj.
white organdie over white silk, while rl(e
last named young lady, who acted as
maid or honor, wore pale blue organdie
over silk ot the same shade. Five-year-old
Florence Stone, as the flower girl,
walked immediately preceding the bride,
who entered on the arm of her father.
. The groom and bis best man, Mr. Charles
Gregg, or Philadelphia, Joined the wed
ding party at the chancel gate and Dr.
Randolph McKim, rector ot the Epiphany,
read the marriage service, The bride's
gown was a handsome and becoming one
$1.98 for Laaies'
Silk Um
brellas, with handles making
them took worth. !5l
Initials frc. And only
S .3 for c'o'h finbh
, . Mackint03h with 21-Inch
rcilitarj cape. Guar
anteed water proof.
-. for this Quadruple
J vC Silver Plato Mnrir.l
I'ot, with Klaas interior. Sold
for SI at tho jewelers. For
-ale hero in jewelry depart
ment, near G street entrance.
C QQ for Carlsbad China Tea Sets of
P" ?t? C6 pieces with decorat om. as
illustrated. SB 50 is the usual
price for such sets. Basement.
ot white satin, elaborately trimmed in
pearl paEsemeutene and Duchess lace.
The ushers who seated the guests were
Mr. John E Jones, Mr. Hany Conway
and Mr. William E Stone.
There was no reception, buC the bride's
family nnd the wedding party drove to
the Hotel Raliegh, where a wedding
supper was served. Later in the even
ing Mr. and Mrs Slmpon departed on a
wedding trip of several weeks, after which
they will reside in Cuba, N. Y The
bride's going-nway gown was of green
cloth, with stylish hat to match.
The Woman's National Press Associa
tion met in open session, at the Riggs
House. Friday evening. An inaugural
committee to welcome pen women vin
Washington on the 4th of March was
appointed, and consists of Mrs. Hannah
B. Sperry, Mrs Mary M North, Mrs.
Ellen S. Cromwell, Mrs Mary S Lock
wood, and Mrs. Mary Gist.
After the Tontine business was trans
acted, the president, Mrs. Sperry, in her
Inimitable way, introduced to those present
Mrs. Olive Logan, a member of the as
sociation, who has lived abroad for many
years. Mrs. Logan, in an interesting ad
dress, told of her isit to the Tioneer
Club, of London. She alto talked of the
manners and customs of the French peo
ple, and of the Journalistic field across the
ocean, as rcganls women and their com
ing to the rront in the world of letters.
Mrs. Colby gave an excellent talk on
her visit to Denver during the late flec
tion. Others were heard rrom as called
upon, and the paragraphs covered a wide
range of subjects.
There were present- Mrs. H. B. Sperry,
Mrs. M. S. Lockwood, Mrs. E. S. Crom
well. Mrs. M. S. Gist, Mrs. Mary M.
North, Mrs. A. M. Hamilton, Mrs C. D.
Short, Mrs. P. M. Stocking, Mrs. C. B.
Colby, Mrs. Clinton Smith, Mrs. B A.
Lockwood, Mrs. J. W. Turner, Miss S. G.
Ulckey, Miss Harrison, Mrs. Elinor Wright,
Miss C. L. Ransom, Mrs. Mustin, Mrs
Olive Logan, Miss Lilian Pike, and a
number of visitors.
Mr. and Mrs. John N. Pistel ot 1015
K street northwest, entertained a number
or little friends in honor of the sixth birth
day anniversary ot their son, Clarence
Kerr Pistel, last Thurmlay afternoon.
The rooms were prettily dec-orated, the
bright green and red or holly pndominat
ing. The presents from his friends were
numerous. After games and dancing, re--freshments
were served. One of the de
lightrul reatnres ot the afternoon was the
fancy dancing by Ruby and Enna King.
Each guest was presented with a beauti
ful souvenir, a china slipper filled with
choice candies. Among those present
were Misses Edith Langley, "Dlith Tur
ton, Bessie Orchard, Ruby and Enna King,
Frances Holmes, Bessie Winchell and Bertha
Coleman, Masters Eugene Wilson. Ira and
Elmer Ttirton, Eddie and Willie Langley
and Eugene Curtis.
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Samstag will leave
tomorrow for New York, to attend the
marriage nf their son, Mr. Henry Samstag.
to Miss Belle Siegel next Tuesday.
Mrs. Edwin McCahill and Miss McCahill
of 3312 K street northwest, will be at
home Tuesdays in January.
Mr. Fcrd nerrmann, president ot the
Maj flower Social Club, was tendered a
Instead of $1 for Fan a? illustrated,
and for other of silk lace, ani
gauze, plain and painted.
Ss1 A.L fo.r th!s yinne'ette Wrappei
i r ! with velvet ami nmd fTin.mi,,.
All sizes. Regular pitrons wll
teSli onrfavorite SI-9S wrapper, reduce!
11th Sts.
surprise party by the members ot the
organization on Wednesday evening, ac
his residence, No. 1000 I street south
east. Mr. Herrmann was presented with roe3
and carnations, in honor of his twenty
ftrst birthday, the bouquet being tied with
navy blue and white ribbons, the colors
of the club.
Dancing was enjoyed in the large dining-room,
to the strains ot an orchestra
stationed in the library. At midnight re
freshments were served.
Among those present were Mr. and Mrs.
John Schlotterbeck, Mrs. Alice Ewmg,
Mr. and Mrs. J F Herrmann, Mr. and
Mrs Charles F. Herrmann, Misses Emraa
and Mary Schneider, Miss Ella Wright of
Baltimore. Miss Katie Bishop. Miss Gertie
Stincel. Miss Emma Herzog. Miss Amelia
uemorecht. Miss Rosa Diltz. Miss Lottie
Goebel. Miss Clara Williams, Miss Cera
Jarboe, Miss Annie Schmidtmnnn. Miss
Rosa Waldorf, Miss Frances Stiefel. Mr,
Louis Schaum, Mr A. Schlotterbeck. Mr
J Frank Button. Mr. Theo. Plitt. Mr"
Otto Botch. Mr. T. Walter, Mr. Almon
Ewmg, Mr John Horner. Mr- S H. Keyser.
Mr J. Donnelly, Mr Leo Scncnkel, Mr!
Fred Ilelhig. Mr Joseph Ryan. Mr- John
Kaiser. Mr Otto Mibel and Mr- James
On next Saturday Mis Connne Parker
will leave arter the- performance at Daly.
New York, for a f'.jmg visit home, and
will be very pleased to receive her friends
informally on Sunday evening, at her
residence. No. TO M street northwest.
Thoe lYho AVill Entertain
During the holidays should consult F.
Freund. the caterer, 815 10th st- He
personally looks after all the details of
every supper or luncheon, no matter it it
be simple or elaborate- Rich fruit cake at
prices in keeping with the times. It
Guard yoer little ones against tne pre-
val'tng ep demie of IHPHTILEUIA by
using ASjUPIOS. Excellent in sore
thront, bronchitis, etc.
Washington Homeopathic Pharmacy,
1C07 H Strest It W.
Tel. Ifira. No branches
J. WXUXiX.tVjyi LEE.
832 Pa. Ave. 2J . TV:
Flrnt claw Htrvloe. 'Phone. 1383-
Peana- ave. and 2d so. so.
Terms reasonable. Chapel for funerals.
Telephono 76 1-3. oc2-3m.em
JOnNSON On Thursdav, December 17,
1S9G, at 1.30 o'clock i. m., at Winthrop
Heights, D. C, Rev Horace E Johnson,
aged sixty-four years-
Ilis funeral will take place Sunday at
11 o'clocfc a. m. it
.MILLER On Thursday. December 17,
lh'.HS, at l.io p m.. Juliana Miller, aged
nrtj-nlne years.
Funeral rrom her late residence. No. S20
Sixth street northwest, on Saturdav. De
cember 1, at U o'clock a. in. Requiem
mass at St. Mary's Church at J 30. kela
m es and friends are respectfully invirl to
attend. Jt
Jersey City. N. J., by the Rev. Henry C
Cronln, Theresa A. Burke and Thomas M.
Fields. it

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