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fel "i--
k'VVJ1JJ. f
Tlie oil dilation of The "limes for
tlie week nded fici't-iubfr 18, 180U,
n as follows:
viiiuMliu. iK'i ember 1- :iM,')f)0
Miuduv , DecemlM'i 13 U4,00
loiidav, Dec ember 1L... . Ufl.l'SO
JueMlai, Ijecen.ber 15 aS.lM)
i'lm"-it.i.i, Uciemlwi 10.. :J7,SbO
J IiuimI.hI lVtembir 17.. ;i,4(0
Prldaj , JJeceinber 18 :i7,(b()
'lot al copies pilntpd 1:511,370
I.ei- dnmned t opies, coplen
imsoM in offic-o and copies
retuiued unsold fioui
nei htatids and brimeh
oflue av.iai
'lotal 'Jtf.UJJ
1 solemnly unear tbat he above
ii a coi i cc t stateiuent of the circula
tion of 'llli: vVAsIUN'G'lOX II AILS
foi tlie vetlt ended December ls,
lh!)0, and tbat eveiy copv was
mailed or deliveied for a tulunolo
j. avi:hsi i:r aiagiirs
Manager of Circulation.
Subf-e ilbed and suom to befoie mo
ibis lMih daj of Deiombei , A. D.
.Jsotury Public
Convention Hull, Cor. .lh nml . XV.
Real Ice Skating.
Ice Talace Oichestra and Grand Orchestrion
at Eiery Session.
Altcrnooiis it 2. 1 nlngs fit 7 10.
EPCCIAL CjmniencuigXuiainoruins lucre
will bo
Extra Morning Sessions
Children (under 1G cars of age). 15c.
lv rii in A Rift. MnnncerA.
V ediii1ar M ATIN EEC- tturiliij
T.,. ...., DECEHBER 21.
JMI1 M J 1 LI. XMAs AT 2.
Nut "ioika Latest SuCCcsi.
l'.teft fion tlio Aiuli.cii Theater. New
or Citv witb 0 g ' al asr. i leluding
j j. jjum i iNe. j mie ;iin isi olk
r CAULOviisviMin r
Eleciric.il ami M eli i ii tl 1 nc -
VTT 15, 25, 50 and T5c
All bets c mpuued boi. ohice open from
Ds. u to lo i 111.
NOli A ,-ootl sat on first floor for C5
cents So its in io il
Nxt At n ti n tlm Mississippi
.'M at ri llo I wii iim 1lll.sll
AIM Ml I'lliu, 25,30, 7.1c -iml &L0O
v tu ai d feat M it- - iuduUL.KtM.Mcil
Holiday Matinee Christmas Day.
liir 01 AfiO
-fc - cd I 1 I IN 11 Kin in
NLU l Al.'i HU K,
NT r V N 1 I L 1 fit VI I R.
XN Evrv l.v in;; atul atuidav Mitincc.
-Docii Ma'ime i liiiitina l)a.
Infl dm, the Beautiful
fw Vtar's
Attr.ictii ii.
Kcculur Wed an I it Mitmept
Can irj A. ! tit it I'b N 1, riiMim ut(C8,
Tlie 71 iitl Vn mal Kt iew
Mu-i b Ol'ssTWi: KERKEK.
Ch-isima and at. M its. S 00. 7oc V)c, 2"c
"-piCI ll I'lICLh.
Orlie-tra. nn. RE-EKVED.
iKiufttt. nyi,
Jlfain e Iloxes, wwu NO HIGHER.
BALCOM 25c I Slhk
aolimiiu TnnTi;n.
I a Laug'ilns Ei-ode,
Odd iVSiss Podd.
yntviitKS KELLAR.
eA-Miu it e I"u! Phone 4 ii.
hnecial Christ i n- t nction! You Cau't
Airoxl i Mi-s It!
In tlie Musical Ctiimdt.
A whirlwind of lun aid limbic briRlit mu
elc s cciul dancers, uji to date specialties,
elegant costume
N'cw YeaiV A cclv Tlio Sporting Craze
Matinees Dulj (except Monday).
NwoIr,,!5 I &m Devere's Own Show.
Tno cycling
craze, On
t "Vi athinRtOQ. Ci cllns taught on a I-,0JU
31 floor. Competent instructors. Charges
tui&IL Music eerj evcuins. - and I
(treots J Hart iinttaiu. ilr. laLo t ttruos
vv im:-.
Bu jour holiday Ptip
plies from us if ou ould
siuc time, car fare and money.
Fiie car old wliiskv, per qt.. 75c
Shorty aud port, as fine as sill.
per gallon SL50
Pleasant Valley Catawba, per
Ral 75c
This tb the best maJe,
1847 Hth M. N. W.
2rrN-rr pq -e--v e vi r a ; c c v vn
?J MhRCGRAF i 1 call for your -u,t ?,
MhRCGRAF wi 1 call f
press and c can it for 03c
g 031DSI.N.W, g
IDress Suits
Garner & Co.
Coi 7lh mid II t. N. W.
Rev. Dr. Talmage Said It Must
Above All Be Practical.
EuloKl7cd Jltihine-s len "Who Ilao
CotiJ-eeinted Tliclr "Weultli and
"Woili to God Named Many AVlio
Aic Fainotih. tlie AVotld 0er for
ahelr Purll.r and Cliaiity.
Killpiou of the inotitli and not of worKs
wasdiKiisst'd Ijj Ki, Hr T.ilinnc in Ins
(crmuii jesttrdaj uj on Hit' tei.t 'Taitli
Ylitluiufft orhhlhllc. d " Hirsiid.in part
The Roman Caiholic Churtli linn txtu
( lnrpod v. itli putting It o much urcf upon
pi oJ works and not enough upan faith.
1 charge Protestantism with puttiiiK not
cnoiif.li stress uj on good workb ah con
neeted with fcaUation
Giol works will ncer sne a man,
but if a man luvxc noteood workhe has
no real faith and i o gt inline religion Tlu-re
are tho'-e who dtpend iipon tlie fact tlu.t
the aie all riL.ht inside, while tluircen
duct is v rong ouf-lde Their religion, for
themoKp irt, is made up of talk ij,orous
Lilk. fluent talk, boastful talk, perpetual
I licj will entt rtain jou bj the 1 our in
telhmrjou 1 on goodthe are The come
up to Mich a higher life tl at thej ha e i o
patience with ordinal j ChnMIans in the
plain difccrurge ofituUi dutj. As mar as
1 can tell, this cc.c-'ui craft is n.otlj ail
anderj little loniuge 1 orctopmaM,s(aj
sail, niizzentop s.nleerj thing fiom flj
ing jib to ini7tn paukcr, but oiaking
no useful ojat,e.
Ntw, tlie world has got tired of this,
and it wants a religion that will work into
all the circuiitancib of life. We do not
want a new religion, but tin old leligion
applied in all possible directions
"Do you know how the site of the
ancient eitj of Jerusalem was chosen?
There were two brothers, who had adjoin
ing farms The one brother had alargefam
ilj, the other hid no familj The brother
with the large familj said: 'There is my
brother with no familj, he must be loncH
and I will trj to cheer him up, and I
i ill take -ome of the she ii us from in field
in the night time and set them o er on his
farm, and a nothing about it '
"The other brittle r said Mj brother has
a large familj and it is crj difficult for
him to gctnlting.and I wUltakeome oftlie
sheaves from rnj farm in Hie night time
and set them over on his farm and saj
nothing about it '
'bo the work of transference went on
niht after night, and night after night,
but cer morning things "-ucnied to bt
ju-t as the weie, for though sheaves
had been siibitrac'ed from eacli farm,
sheaves had also Ken add d, and the
brothers were perplexed and could not
ta&.r-tand Rut one night tlie brothers
happened to nit et while making this gen-erou-
tniiisftrenee.and the spot w litre thej
met was o sacred that It was theen as
the site of thecitv of Jeniaicm
"If that tradition should prove un
founded, il will neverthela-s stand as a
beautiful allegoij sttting fotth the idea
that wherever a kindlv and generous and
lo.ing act isjperf"rmed, that is the spot
fit for sonioTl'inpIi of commemoration
"I have often sjiokcn to jou about
faith, but this morning I speak to jou
about -works, for "faith without works
is dead ' I think ou will agree with me
in the statement that the great want
of this world is more practical religion.
"We wantipracucal religion to go into
all merchandise It will supervise the
latitlling of Rofads It will not allow a
man to say that a thing was made in
one factory when it was made in another.
It will not allow the inerch int to say
tli.it watch was manufactured in Geneva,
Sw itrerland, w hen it w as manufactured m
'It .vill not allow the merchant to saj
that wine came from Madeira when it
came from California.
"All' inj Inends, if a man hath gotten
his estate w rongfullj and he build a line
of hospitals and universities from here to
Alaska, he cannot atone for it. After
awhile, tins man who has been getting a
'corner' in wheat, dies, and then Satan
gets a 'corner' in hun. He goes into a
greit, long, Black Tridav rherr- is a
'break' in tlie market. According to "Wall
street p irl.ince, he wiped others out, and
now heis himself wiped out N'o collator Us
on -w lilcli to make a spiritual loan Eternal
Rut this practical religion will not only
rcctifj all merchandise. it will ulsorectifj
all mechanism and all toil A time wil
come w hen a man w ill w ork as faithf ull j bj
the Job as lie does bj tlie day You saj"
vv hen a thing is sllchtmglv done, 'Oh, th it
was done by the job'
"You can tell bj the swiftnes-or slov -noss
with which a hackmni drives whether
he is hired bj the hour or by the excursion
If he Is hired bj the hour he drives "crj
slowlv, so as to make as many hours, as
"If he is hired by the ccurs- on he
whips up the horses so as to get around
and get another customer All stvles of
work have to be inspected Ships in
spected, horses inspected, machineVj in
spected Boss to watch the Journejman.
Capit ilit coming dow u unexpectedl y to
watch the boss Conductor of a citj cii
sounding the punch bell to prov e his honesty
as a p. sengtr hands to him a cl pped
nickel All tilings' must be watched and
"I tell you, my friends, the law of
man will never rcctifj these things It
will be the all pervading influence of the
practical religion of Jesis Christ that will
make the change for the better
"We want this practical religion not
onlj to take hold of w liat are called tlie
lower classes, but to take hold of what arc
called the higher classes The trouble is
that people have an idea thej can do all
their religion on Sundij with hjinn book,
and prajer-book, and liturgj , and some of
them sit in churih rolling up thur ejes .is
though the were ready lor translation,
when their Sibh ith is bounded on all sides
bj an Inconsistent life, and while jou are
expecting to come out from under their
arms the wings of an angel, there come out
from their forehead the horns of a be.ist
"There h is got to be a new departuie
in religion I do not saj a new religion
Oh. no, but the old religion brought tti new
appliances In our time we have had the
daguerreotvpe, and the ambrotvpe, and
the pl'otograph; but it is the same ol 1
sun, and these arts are onlj new nppli
ances of tlie old sunlights 3o this glor
ious Gospel is just what we want to pho
tograph the image of God on one soul,
and daguerreotjpe it on another soul
Not a new Gospel, but the old Gospel put
to new work.
"Now jou saj, 'Thnt ib a -verj bcaariful
theorj , but ib it possible to Like one's re
ligion Into all the avocationsnnd busin.jsM.s
of life" Yes, and I will give jou come
specimens Mc dical doctors who took their
religion into eve rjdaj life Dr. JohnAber
cromble, of Aberdeen, the greatest Scot
tish phjsician of his day, his Look en 'Dis
eases of tlie Biain and Spinal Coid.' no
more wonderful than his book on The
rinlctoplij of Moral reelings,' ami often
WM'.'.'. '.'MM MMM MMMMM
$30 ' These are the values reptcscnted in our 0vo- JS
S25, coal-to-mcasmc offerings. This means a J.- l
'r and choice to you of any ova coating m our l. JaC
ffi20 house to your meisuicJor ., tXi g)
' J J
!!;.' !;!! .! !!!! i:!!'.'
kneeling at the bedside of his patients to
commend them to God in prajei Dr. lohn
Brown, of Edinbuigh, immortal as an au
thor, djing under the benediction of the
sickatLdlnbiirgh, mjsclf remembering Jinn
as lui sat in his btudj at Eiiiiburgh talking
to mo al out Christ .mil his hope of Jieav en
And a hcoio of Christian familj phjslrhms
In Washington just as good as the weie
"Lawjers who carried their religion into
their pi of crs'on Lord Call ns, the ijueen's
adviser foi manj jt ur&, the highest legal
authoritj in Girat Uritaii Lord Cairns.
cveij Miinmci in his vacation preach ngas
an evangelist among the i oor of his -"oun-trj.
aohn McLean, Julge of the .Supreme
Court of the United States and president
of the American bunc' ij School Union, ft cl
ing more satisfaction in the latter oflice
than m the formei. And uorcbof Christ! m
lawjers as eminent in the Chinch of God
as thej are e mineiit at the bar
"Merchants who took their religion into
ever daj life Arthur Tnppan, dfridid In
Ins tlaj because he established that sjb
teni bj which we come to find out the
commercial standing ut business men,
starling t'nt entire hjstein, deiieled for it
then, himself, -as I knew tin ti well, in moral
character Al. I never heard Ids eulogy
pronounced 1 pronounce it now. Aud
other merchants just as good William E
Dodge in the iion business, Mock If
Grinncll in the shipping business, Peter
Cooper in tlie glue busine ss Scores of
men, Juat as good as thej were
Farmers who take then religion into
their occupation Whj , this minute their
horses and wagons stand around all the
meeting houses in America i
"Mechanics who took their religion Into
their occupations James Krludlcv , the fa
pious millwright, Nathaniel Uowdllcli, the
famous ship chandler, Eiihu Burritt, the
famous blacksmith, and hundreds nnd
thousands of strong arms which have
in ide the hammer and the saw and the
aiUe and the drill and the ae sound In
the grtnd inarch of our national Indus
"Give our heart to God and then rill
jour lift with good works Consecrate to
him jour store, jour shop, jour banking
house, jour factorj.and jour home. Thej
saj no one will hear it. God will hear It.
That is enough. You hardlj know of anj
one else than Wellington as connected
v. ith the victorv at Vatcrloo, but he ihd
not do the hard fighting. The hard light
ing v.as done bj the Somerset cavalrj and
the It land regiments, and Kemp's infan
trj, and the Scotch Gravs, and the Lire
Guards Who cares, if only the daj was
v, on?
"In the latter part of the last tenturj a
girl in England became a kitchen m lid in
a farm house. She had manj stjles of
v ork and much hard work Time rolled
on, and she married the son of a weaver
of Halifax. 1 hej w ere Industrious, thej
bivedmonej enough after awhile to build
them a home. On the morning of the day
when thej wen1 to enter that home, tlie
joung wife aroe at I o'clock, 'entered
the front doorjaid, knelt down, consecra
ted the place to God, and there made thib
solemn vow 'O Lord, if thou wilt bleoS
me in this place, the poor bliall have a
share of it.'
"Time rolled on and a fortune rolh d In
Children grew up iround them, antl thej
all became affluent, one a member of par
liiment, in a public place declared that
his success cirat' from tint pr.ijer of his
mother in th door j.ird All of them were
affluent Four thousand hands in the
factories lliej built dwelling hou-.es for
laborers at chean rents, and where thev
were invalid and could not paj thej had
the houses for nothing
"One of thtse sons came to this country
admired our parks, went b irk, bought
land, opened a great public park, and
made it a present to the cltj of Halifax,
England Thej endowed an orphanage,
thej endowed two almshouses All Eng
land h is heard of the generositj and the
good -works of the Crosslejs Moral
Consecrite to God jojt small means and
jour humble surroundings, and jou will
ha-ve larger means and grander surround
ings 'Godliness is profitable unto all
tilings, hiving promise of the life tint
now is and of th it w hich is to come '
'Have faith in God by all means, but
remember th it faith without works is
dead' M
C. T. TJ. Apiealfe f e i Total
Abstinence on CIirKtinas..
The Women's ChrIstianTemperaiicei.'nion
hehla meetingatroundrj Methodist Chart h
jesterday afternoon, at which the sub
jects discussed had special reference to
the use of intoxicants during the coming
hohdavs Mrs M B IMalt presided over
the session and led in the devotional ex
ercises. -
The rirst speaker w as non Elijah Morse,
who told of the provisions of the bill now
pending In Congress to amend the license
laws of the District, and also its present
status This bill, which was drawn bj
thc Anti saloon League, will, if adopted,
so change the present law as to make
Illegal sales at retail bv brewers or brew
ers' agents, the emplojment of women or
minors in saloons; provides for the annual
consent of signers, and Immunitj of wit
nesses from prosecution by saloonists.
The bill has been sent bj the Senate com
mittee to the Commissioners for their
suggestions on the matter.
Rev Dr Rogers, of the Church or Our
rather, devoted his attention to the te
ligious phase of temperance reform tnd
insisted upon a unltj of action on the
part of the churches
Mrs I'latt then offered the following
resolution, which was adopted by a unani
mous vote
"Resolved, That we earnestly request
of each one whom this appeal niaj teach
that they refrain from offering intoxi
cants of an j kind to anvone during tie
coining holidivs, especinllj upon New
Year's Daj, thus removing temptation
from the way or manv , and helping to re
lieve our blessed holldav season from
the blight of intoxication "
Rev. Charles L Pate also addressed the
meeting and Mrs Martin describi d the
St Louis convention of the W. C T U.,
after which the announcemint was aiade
of the meeting to be held next Sunday
nt tlie Metropolitan M. B Church, by
Dr. Wilbur Crafts, to promote tempciance
legislation Rev Dr Rogers pronounced
the benediction.
Offlceis, of Potomac Council.
The following officers ha e been elected
bj Potomac Council No 208, N U L
H. Lanmnn, president, E II Welsh, vice
president M Morgan, speaker, T T Roche,
ex nresident, W II Wesstlls, recording
secretarj, J E Be rland, financial secre
tarj, J Held, treasurer, T J Tarks,
chaplain, C. Lanman, uher, W Otto,
sergeant at aims, J B E"van&, d orkt tpcr,
E E Me ore, J. McGiurk, M McCann,
trustees, J. E Borland, R Rogers, P J.
Parks, delegates to cabinet, EH Lanman,
delegate to Immediate Belief Asiociat'on.
Mi'. Jolin Payne "Brought the Queer
i i
Creature Here roni Jamaica.
Its Hatted of Other Animals and
Its Hlood-Stichintr l'xo-
pCUblt .
Everjbodj has htnrd of the mongoose,
that queer little animal wIiofc infusion In
lire seems to be tho extermination or m
beets obnoxious to man the little creature
thatKiplIng has made the principal figure
of one of his jungjc btoncs, the jnoitul
enemv ofeverj snakeiand rat that inlests
the earth a
A s a fact, how m er, the number of pcoplu
in the United States who have seen the
fnnnj little beast can probably be' counted
on the; fingers or t)ic two hands without
using all the fingers
Alt. John 1'ajne, who lor a long time
was an agent tor the fcocittj for the
Prevention or Ciiultv to Annuals of this
citj, can boast of liming in his rooms at
No 7011 G street noithw est the onlj live
moiiLOOhe in the United States, possibly
theonlv oi e ever brought to ihiscountrj
Mr I'ajne rectntlj returned rrom the
island or Jamaica, where he spent mrinj
jears of his cmlj life in the British mili
tarj service, and brought the little strangei
with him Of the introduction or tlicmon
gcose into the island and the marvelous
waj In which thej haveiiiultiphidaud over
run the whole-ountrj, Air I'ajne told an
JnU'rcb.ting btoij to a Times u.au vestur
daj' After an eventful retrospect of a long
and adventurous life, Air I'ajne said
"Even when 1 left Jamaica fiftj jears
ago the island was suf fe ring fi om a si otlrge
of rats They swarmed over the whole
face of the countrj, and as their numbers
increased thej began to distioj the cane
in the rields and In the mills, and to In
Test the sugar houses to such an extent
that thej destrojed mill ons of doll irs'
worth of propcrtj annmllj The colonial
government took cognizance of the
desperate state of affairs, and after trj
ing other remedies, finallj determined to
introduce the mongoose, the animal that
in India and nil over the far East is made
almost a J ouschold pet In order that Its
inborn enmitj tonearlj evirv othertreatiire
that creeps oi swims or flies or ruiib mav
to some extent keep down the plague of
ver.nin that lnr stb thee countries
' Well, thev brought in the mongoose anil
It cleaned out the rats The Piper of
llamclm himself did not make a iha.ier
sweep than did these little grav beggar
in their relentless crusade Not a rat
was left, from the ere it of the RIuc Mount
ains to the margin of the sea.
"But when the rats were gone the
snakes and all the man forum of re ptile
life in the island began to dlmlsh In num
bers; everj thing that laid an egg on the
ground allig Uors sn ike-, terrapins. ground
birds of all kinds, all were exterminate d
as a result of the buej, ceaseless, sleep
less hatred of this, creature. . .
"Then as the tribes of the mongoose
waxed more and fnbre numerous, and their
natural prej decreased as a result of
their inroads, they began to acquir- new
habits and tastes, which1 ,wcre neither
pleasant nor profititlble-to tho-e who had
bi ought them intd the island At the
present time, it is,'nf mooted question in
Jamaica as to which is prefera'ile, the
mongoose or the hnfmals he has exter
minated ' Not .1 chicken, can be raised on the
Island except behind wire screens c'ose
enough to exclude the. slender botlv of this
little Ishmaclite among1 animals And as
his prej got scarcer, his thirst for blood
jou know he only sucks the blood of his
victims began to adtl new items to his
bill of rare Young calves, and domestic
animals of all sorts were subject to his
depredations, and .vithin the last few
jears a new and terrible aspect has been
given the matter bj the discover of ln
bodies of b.ibes in the cradle, dead, with
the murks of the razor like teeth of the
mongoose Jubt over the arteries of thu
"So jou see that Just now the author!
ties are as muth bothered over how to get
rid of the mongoose as thej were over the
rats and snakes in Tormer davs Their
insatiate thirst Tor blood has made them
turn on man himself "
The animal in Mr Pajnc's rooms looks
Innocent enough Ho is an nverage inon
goose, Air Pajne says, being full grown
about two jears old and is about as largo
as a squirrel, with a thick, round, bush
tail, tapering somewhat from the bodj
Graj fur, a soft pink, moist nose that
is forever sniffing the air for some hint
of prej-, heed like eyes that note every
movement made, are the chaiacteristica
of this innocent looking though blood
thirstj little scamp
Unlike anjtluug else In the woild, he
looks like a weasel, a rat, a squirrel
and a dozen other things The dfUion
arj makers call him a monkey, but he
isn't, he is a lemur, a sort of half monkej,
his scientific name is too long and too
hard to spell
The little fellow is feeling quUe at home
now" and is accustoming himself to a -diet
or cooked meat, with a raw egg now and
then. Jusf to remind him that he Is btill
a mongoose.
Mlneib' Strike Ended.
Terre Haute, Ind , Dec 20 The strike
of the bituminous miners of this State,
which began Alav 1, has come to an end
Tlie msn at the tnincswn three counties,
representing 2,000 minors, have voted
to accept the 5 cent reduction rrom GO
cents a ton Some of the tneu in other
fields had gone to work 'at 55 cents and
manj more had been conceded GO cents
Itis understood the operators now piling
GO cents will ask their men to ncc pt
the reduction
Ti action Companies Consolidate.
Newark, N. J , Dec 20 The Union
Traction Cpmpanj .which has secured rights
ofwaj betw ecu this citj and Hackensack,
has Fold out to the Dig Consolidated frac
tion Companj, now operating all the main
hues in Essex, Hudson .mil Union coiuties.
The consideration was equal to $230,000.
The road will be operated in April m-xt.
IAve Pigeon bfiodter AlwrfliPd.
Oskaloosa, la , Pec. 20 George Gohghtlj ,
the crack live pigeon shooter of Iowa,
was murdered in a -saloon brawl lastnight
No arrests have been madev
nml other af
ffcf lohS r 'o'f
nose, t'lroat
and" ear "suci
cessfullv treit
cd NcuralcriV
uucuiuntistn inu in mnnnrr tu ciironic pun
reliev ecLatjnce, 'i hlftij. the only pornnueiit
euro foi rlienuiitis unknown to sciences
Di. aicKAUL -McIAftii;R-Ohicc3, 1105
Xeu York. i e.
a i
Frec'eYiiinii a'lon lilroe consultitinn. from
0 to 12 in ..'to 5 ind Ot57p. in. tauu&iys.JtLi
to -p. m.
Testifies to Or. Young's Ex
traordinary Ability to -Master
Cured of a Lingering Ailmsnt Affe
Many Doctors Had Fai'ed.
hulfeieel for Yea if. itut
ana ueaitj.
.Now 11 ale
"1 have been arrilcted ror vears,"sald
li Untiles L Whitehurst, proprietor of
tlie d.tirv lunch und dining room, No 2dl
t'ennsjlvania avenue, "with an uggra
valed ease or catanh or the head, throat,
bronchial tubes unci stomach When I
went to Dr Young a short time ago 1,
hail but little hope or ever being well
agiin, ror l was a complete wreck. I
had tried manj jihjsicians and scores or
,ad erased lemedics with absolutelj no
relier, and natuiallj had but little ruith
in medicine besides mj cutarrhal ar
riietion I surieied rrom all the well kuov.n
svinptoms or ncrvoub eh mstioii and low
CKdvitahtj. AI first visit to Ur loung s
orriee was Just three months ago, and
todaj l am well and heart. 1 reel it mj
tint to make this state mi nt ror the bene
fit or surrenng iiumaintv."
d reats with remarkable prorici.ncy" Ca
t.urh, Aslliini, llroni hitls. and all dis
eases or the Lje, Lar, Nose, lliroat,
Lungs, h.iilnejs, Uladder, und Stomach.
A never ruiltng euro ror .Stricture, an
cocele, and Hvdrocele No pain No
Cutting or operation No loss or time
bpecinc Ulood 1'olson cured ror lire with
out mercurj or potash
jra-Di . ioung employn no smhstt
tuten. i tit scch eucti jmtie'iit per
honiilij at tils, pilvute ssiinitai luin,
Cor. I2th and F Sts.
Otllcu liourH Dally 10 to 5; every Thun
(I 1 cLiiing, 7 to 8, SuiiUuj, 10 to 13.
Charges Low, Especially to the Poor.
All Medicines Furui&licil Free
i.i.i n it riiuu
Air. KlmlmllV Eloquent Ser
mon at All Souls.1 Cliuicli.
Rev. John C Kimball, or Hartford, Conn ,
preached at All Souls' Church last night
upon the text, "The Child Jesus," I uke,
ii 27.
"The current of human nature seems
reversed at this season of the. jear,"said
he "Pcoplf who spend the rest of the
jtar In getting all thej can now seem
bent on giving awaj all that is in their
power to give.
"It is eertamlv a cjadsomc sit,ht. But
the question Is v. ell asked wh so much
stress should be laiel on the birth of lesus'
Whj is not some later and appareullj more
Important period of his life, as wh. n he
performed some great miracle, tak-n as
an occasion for celebiatiou and i,bser
v ance'
"His entrance into life as a simple child
is the best evidence of his hum mlty AH
Christendom becomes humanitarian at
Christmas tune, if on no other occasion.
The birth or Christ is v.orth of all 'he
honor it lias receivctl No bir'h of a
planet or the inauguration of an empire
can compare with it All births or babies
should be and are honored and the advent
or Jesus should be recogni7cd In a nainer
bejond that of all others"
S lie "Will VWt Uei IlusImndS Rela
tives In Boston.
San Francieo, I'ec JO E cjiieen LU
luokdani of Hawaii and her suite left for
Boston last night on the sunset express, via
New Orleans The roal vis'tor will ar
rive in the Massachusetts metropolis at
2 30 p in on Christmas Daj
"I shall visit uiv husband relatives
while in Boston," she informed a repre
sent itlve of the United Assoct ited I'res-es,
"and mj plans for the future will be an
nounced shortly after mj arrival there I
am not at liberty to state them at present
Regarding the stories that have been cir
culated concerning the object of mv visit,
I have nothing to saj I wish to state,
however, that I highlj appreciate the kind
treatment accorded me in San Francisco"
The ck queen was accompanied onlv bj
her maid and secretarj and Airs El'en
Graham, an intimate friend It is now
understood that Princess Kiaulam will
v isit her aunt in Boston.
Excuse of jtAIiiideiei for Ciittintr
His Victim'- llnent.
Philadelphia, Dec 20 William Wallcn,
aged twentj live jears, and John King
aged twentj one jears, both garbage gath
erers, quarreled about a woman in the
kitchen of the house vv here Wallt u boarded,
2521 De-iiong street, last night
The quarrel was patched up and King fell
asleep In a chair " alien then deliberated
cut the throat of the sleeping man with
a razor, k'lling him almost immediate!
The murderer was ai rested and when
taken to the station house, the police
sergeant said to him
"Well, V alien jou made a prettj clean
job of that "
"Couldn't help It, sport," said Wallen,
it had to be done "
Furnltuie Factories Tnhinir on Aleu
and Woi'ltinjr Longer Hours.
Grand Rapids, Mich., Dec 20 A can
vass of twenty five furniture factories
shows that since the Presidential elec
tion there has been a revival of business in
all lines of furniture making in this citj
and that in fifteen of them there has been
an increase of 1 ,215 men
Reliable reports from thirtv five other
factories, making furniture and furniture
supplies, show revival in special workand
an Increase of emplovcs
Schooner Piorinblj "Vreclcd.
Port Townscnd, "Wash , Dec 20 The
schooner Letitit, Cant Ashlund, winch
arrived from Guavmas vesterdav, reports
hav ing passed through a considerable
quantity of freshl sawed lumber on Sat
urda last twenty miles southwest or Cape
Tlattcrj Two bright! painted skirfs
were observed floiting liiiong the lun'
her, but the sea was too rough to permit a
close examination of them
Tdlnlster r.is,spd AVoi tillers Checks.
Richmond, Ind , Dec 20 Rev J H
Harwell, the Cambridge Citj .Methodist
mmistei. arrested on a charge or passiag
a numl.ei or worthies checks lure, is
terdav waved a preliminary eamiu Uion
and was hound over to court in $1,000
He is believed to be insane The total
amount or Che ,checks orrered b him
is over $1,000
' ' Democrats "Will Not Contest-
LouKville, K , Dec 20 Chairman P.
P Johnston and Hon "William, M. Gobel
of the silver Democratic Slate central
coiiirntlce, and Chairman II. A Somnurs
or the silver Democratic camp Ugn com
mittee, decided esterdav not to contest
tl eclection of the twelve Uclvlnle electors
because of their inability, to raibe funds to
meet the expenses of such a cause.
Lcmueil at the White House
Early Yesterday Morning.
Two II Mildred and Eighty-one Water
fowl Hi ought Down by the Party.
Alajorltj "Were the Result of the
Chief Executive' Prowess Pos
blnl the East Gunning Tiin.
President Cleveland returned early yes
terday morning rrom possibly his last
ducking excursion during his second ad
ministration He brought with him 2U ducks, the
greater number of which he Is said to
have shot.
It was just 8 o'clock when the ''cost
Line special rolled into the Sixth f-trei t
station with the Pullman sleeper 'Coro
net" trailing at the re ir. 'I he ear had
1 eeii set aside for the use or the Presi
dential part, and bore tin distinguished
gunner, and their elegant brace of game
from Georgetown, S C.
The President was up and dn-ed by
the time the train reached Long Bridge,
and when it steamed Into the station
he was thu rirst to alight from the car.
He lottked rugged and health and all
traces of the worr and strain consequent
on the preparation of his annual .n-'Sf-age
as the best momentous work he did before
the excursion were gone
Following him closelj, Air Robert D.
Evans and Dr O'Reili alighted from tie
car. Ihu party was met by Mr. Nich jlas
N. Alain, agent or the Pullmin Car Com
pany, who escorted them to the sixth
street gate.
The President- walked with a firm and
stead- tread and smiled upon the station
attendants as he entere d his carriage He
was driven directly to the White House
and reached there at 8 13 o'clock. Dr.
O'Reillj went to his own home fro'n the
Meanwhile the most interesting proceed
ing to the station attendants vva-the un
loading of the ducks and their transf. r to
the grocery wagon of the Executive Alan
siou kitchen. The wagon is of geii"-ous
proportions, but the great number of t rds,
togethi r with the boxes and gunning para
phernalia, crowded it until its black leather
curtains puffed out like the covering of
an inflated balloon
It was quite the rarest assortment of
birds. itis said, that ha-evi r bet r. brought
to the city The waterfowl were won
derfullv plump and many of tlwtn were
of unusual size
One of the attendants at the stati n
is authoritj for the statement that one
of the ducks was of extraordinary ap
peararce It was a small bird with
peculiar wh'te and blue feathers at tre
tips of the wing- The head a. quae
verinilhon in line, and almost perfect
stars in blue circled the white pin featlu rs
that surrounded the eje-
Tl e station man is nlo authontv for
the statement that the auck is a natu-e
of Cuban waters and is se Mom foend out
side of its native haunts, 'hough It has
ben tpown to come as far north a-
Pimlico Sound. I
When the wagon, the birds and the
gunning p iraphernalia reached the E cu
tive Alansion, it is said the steward
consumed twentj five minutes in countitig
the game
He, too. paused when he reached the
Cuban bird, and it is generally belMcd by
thoKc who were connected wth vjr ''.
land's return that the peciiinrAftVor Is
either a native of Cuban tuarsht-. nr is
the unredet med thirteenth duck-
At the "White Holm: last tvenin;it was
said that the Pre -idem; had returned at
S o'e'ek in the morning Tradition ak.n
bad it that he had brought with him a
large number of ducks, but the guards at
the mansion astrrtd that they caim- nn
after the n tireuient of the morning guaris
ind knew nothing a- to th" actual numb' r
bagged by the Chief Exccuttv e
The President attindcd hurch a little
latter with Airs Cleveland He caused
the duckstobfUistributedamongthe mem
bers of l.is Cabinet ind his personal friends
Secretarj Ihurber eilled to see him and
spent some time telling him of events
that hid occurred during hi-, absence, but
no routine business was taken up, and it
is not believed that the President feels
cillec1 upon to add an v thing to the Cuban
controversj at present.
During the daj Secretary Olnej- made
his appearance at the Executive Alansion
and had a brief consultation with the
President, and while there i- no official
guarantee for the assertion, it is not to
he questioned that their conversation re
ferred almost sol-H to th- latest phase in
the Cuban situation
Receiver Cuts Down lxpense-..
Terre Haute, Ind. Dec. 20 Receiver
Alilott of the Yant'aha Railroad system
has issued orders for a radical reduction
in expenses, and thr fir-t result Is the
aliolition or the po-ipon of general super
intendent, now occupied bj II I. Miller,
son of General Si penntendent Miher of
tlie rcTnnsvlvania system west or Pitts
burg Salaries or officials and clerks
have been reduced from 15 to 33 1 A per
cent, and a number have been let out.
The receiver sajs the tralu service men
will not be afrectcd
Place for A nib issidor ninarel's on.
Wilmington. Del , Dec 20 Thomas E
raard, jr , son of tne amliassndor, has
accepted a position in the department of
the corporation counsel of New York and
will remove to that cit early next vear
.Mr Bavard will he connected with tlie
department of street openings He is a
graduate or Yale, class of '90
Policeman Miot bv Kootpads..
Alton, III , Dec 20 Chief of Police T.
Kuhn and Night Patrolman John Dudde
were probably fatall shot here las' night
bv three colored nun. whom they tried to
arrest. The footpids mule tin ir escape
"What Ilutley, the Great 1'imlKh
Sclenti-st, ftiiisifipictt tlm Host
Stmt in Life.
The great Publish scientist., Huxley, said
the best sart in life is a sound stomach.
"Weak stomachs Tail to digest rood properly,
because the hick the proper quanta or
digestive acids (lactic and hiln..eliliirici
and peptogenic products; the most sensible
reined in all cascsor indigestion, is to lake
after each meal, one or two of btuan'3
Dspepsia 1 ablets, because the supply .n
o pleasant, harmless rorm all the elements
that weak stomachs lack
The regular use of Stuart's Dyspepsia
Tablets will cure every form of stomach
trouble except c nicer of the stomai h
Thev increase flesh, insure pure blood,
strong nerves, a bright eye and clear com
plexion, because all these result only fiom
wholesome rood well digested.
Nearl j all druggists sell ijtuart'i. Dv spep
sia Tablets ac 50 cents full sized package.
Send for free book on Stomach Troubles,
to Stuart Co., Marshall, Mich.
JINGLE! Jlliutt! J1HGLE!
Merry Co the Bells.
Admonishing you to prepare for the greatest
o: an re
Ifowaboutyou Wardrote?
Remember we are
Men's and Boys1 Outfitters,
Anil can render valuable asI tance for
A very small coasiderat on.
Men's Overcoats.
$4.98 S7.50 $10
Men's Suits.
$3.98 $5 $6 $7.50
Boys' Suits.
Coat, Ve-t, Long Panta !1 to 19 jear9.
Short Pants Suits.
5 to la jears
$1.75 $2 $2.50
. Boys' Overcoats.
II to 10 years-
Cape Coats.
$2 $2.50 $3
Boys' Reefers.
3 to b years. Jiii kind.
Ihe horde of fakirs iurestlng thla town
are adroitly soreadin tti?ir nets to en
trap and tii-oare unwary and iinsiisiH( t-
lug victims. They are more active Jusc
oeiore auu during tne hi inlays tnan an
other season Out-or town neoole. who
are here Tor their he Inlay supplies, would
oe wise to vtsicotuj sucn nouses thur have
established reniitations Tcr sciuare dealing-
City people are also liable to be tripped
auu crapped oy ii.ese piausioie, out un
scrupulous .umpires.
niTTFrrrpp Tn mcu II
3 7th St. N.W. ol
Pretty and
Useful Presents.
Rochester Eanqscr Lamps4 I .0 U
R i-H. Barqnet Lamps . 4 1 .03
Fincy Figure Ba querCQ or
Lamps . sPZ.ZO
Onw Column Barqnet () QT
Lamr3 . sPZ.OD
sk to see onr 2Sc Niht Limp,
makes g. d lig ir. vry re r, alt
hi kel and guaranteed to burn all
616 12th St. and 1204 G St.
:w'w5) ")
S Stores, Saloons and g
Cafes Lighted by
g Electricity .
53 are more Invitiag than those g
5k Hchted by ga. tint, have to S?
loik at the i. o-j suce ssfnl g
oftes to prove tin hey are all S
S; liga ed tr e ec ri l'v see na g
S abour siinplylrg the current for
S your place of I usints.
I U.S. Electric Lighting Go.
I'll Hth St. X. V. 'Phone 77.
LET '97 be a
year of prosperity
for you. How ?
Start NOW and de
posit your surplus
earnings in the
1222 F St.
Incorporate I
613 Fifteenth St., opp. TJ. S. Treasury,
'Phone 505.
itirouh speculation, vwiere your
money i protected rrom absolute loos by
Real h.s;ate security, we are Incorporated
ant tlie ontv parties Turnisi mu Mich pro
tection. Any sum received from $1 up.
lour monev will be ope rued with a
Tunc! now amountim. to over Fortv Thou
l. tbTULNT COMPANY, Room 59, At
lantic Ut'iitlm.r, Washington, I). C. open
evenings UII S p.m. de6-lmo
Interest on Deposits.
You cm open an account with thla
com pany, cliecK iamst it at wilL and
receive interest on v our daily balances.
L. J. CELL. President.
Member PhiJadelphii Petroleum and Stoci
Stocks, Cotton, Gram, and Provision's.
I ocat Ortice Rooms 10. U. 12 Corcoran
Ba.ltting. 60a bev en.h streer. opposite Patens
THE most useful present you can
give is a
Childs dOhannon's
919 F Street Northwest.
Give a Pretty
Song Bird for
an Xmas Present.
I have the greatest collectioa of fine
Canaries. Red Birds, Parrots. Parro
quei. Mockinff Birds and the. Hie
ever gathered leather la any store la
the Santa. Prices ranging from $3.50
to J5 oo and up.
Schmiu's ahlhal Emporium,
712 12th St.
- i

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