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"the store -where j onr promise to pay
buj e as much and for us little as cash."
for 3'cur choice of airy
Bo3's' Heavy-weight Suit iti the
house which sold up to as high
as j5 and just what terms you
want to make you may make.
for your choice of auj"
Boys' best Worombo Chinchilla
Reefer or Irish Frieze Storm
Coat in the house which sold up
to as high as $5 and credit if
you want it.
515 Seventh Street.
No oilier house dot-s, ever did, or ever
will, bell such staling qualities at uch
low prices as w.u quult.
Chnneellor of tlie Kseueqiiet
dre-ed nih CoiiHtitoeut-.
London, Jan 7 SirMiehael Hicks-Beach,
chancellor oT the exchequer, addressed
his constituents ut Bristol tonight. He
t.aid that the prosperity ot the country in
189C even oxceded that or the preceding
year, the value or the imjiorts showing
nn increase ot 23,000,000. while ca.
jiorts increased in value JC14.00o.O00.
He liad reason to anticipate a fair rev
enue, and declared thai, the surplus would
Je beyond what was generally exiected.
JHe foresaw that li eland would tie a pow
erful claimant on the surplus, and he did
not intend to disiui-s the difficult question
of the financial relations between tliat
.country and Great Britain until Parlia
ment inct lie Cid not wonder that the
InsJi,in face of the report or the financial
roiiiiuisoion, were demanding coiiMdera
tion, but there was no Mibjeci which i en
quired to be approached wiUi a more ju
dicial mind, and winch lv.ib further apart
from sentiment.
Sir Michael deprecated the unworthy
charo tliat Great Britain had plundered
the Irish taxpayer The -whole matter was
one for reason and aiKUinent. lie legreUed
tliat the Jrihhiuen had i-.eiz.cd p.irt of the
blue book m the hubject and had oer
looked five different repit theiein quali
truis the same, besides contrarj lcpoiU, by
twoiuyaletnmishions. Tlie question must
Be dealt with with justice to the Timed
ICmudom, not Jo Ireland or England alone
The Dailv News will tomorrow say it is
reported that the Iiis.li constabulary will
be reduced by 2,000 men, which -will re
sult in the saving to Ireland or .120,000
"Ti'e Daily News, which is a Liberal
orpin, will tomorrow ha that the Liberal
Peer, will meet on Januarj IS Tor the
purpose or electing a leader of the party
in the House of Lordb in succession to the
Earl of Bos-bexy. wli lecently iCMgned
tlie position of leader of the Liberal
iianaseris of VTaMiiiiRton Jockej
Club Announce StaLes.
All uncertainty concerning the spring
meeting heie ifo dialled By the official
announcement or the "Washington Jockey
Club's fcUike. No dales have jet been
.assigned by the association, but the meet
ing "will piob.ibly begin early m April and
continue lor tv weeks The stakes ar
ranged by Secretary Cnckmore are as
The Ailmgtou, purse $1,000, for two-ycai-olds;
half a mile.
The Mount Vernon, purse, $750, for
fillies and geldings two j carts old; half
a mile
The Congiessional, purf-e $800, for two-year-old;
half a mile
The Federal, puise $Si0, for three-year-olds;
mx and one-half furlongb
Washington Handicap, punc $1,200,
Tor three-year olds and uiwardt; one mile.
Virginia. Hurdle nice, purc $GO0, for
Tour eai-tlds and upwards, mile and a
half over six hurdles
There are aso two fcteepletliases and a
hurdle selling l ace on the program.
A condition is made that there must be
fifteen entries each or the race may be
declared off.
Commander and Mrs.. Bootli-Tnelter
Have Started for Tlii City.
New York,. Ian 7 - Commander and Mrs
Booth Tucker, who aie in charge of the
Salvation Army in the United States, left
Tor "Washington, 1 C . tins afternoon
Tomonow morning the -commander and
liis wife will visit the "White House and
explain to President and Mis CleveUnd
the working of the Salvation Army. It
is buid tliat their vihit to the White House
Is at the request of Mrs -Cleveland.
He Simla at a Banquet Given by the
Bryan Onto of Chicago.
Chicago, Jan 7 William J Biyan was
the guest of the Bryan League at a big
banquet given tonight at the Tremont
House In celebration of the annucrsary of
Andiew Jackson's birth. Four hundred
Democrats -who believe in the Chicago
platform assembled in the large dining
linll. With few o-cep1 ions they were resi
dents of Chicago.
Their enthusiasm -when the name of -Mr.
Bryan -was mentioned was unbounded and
a flattering display of admiration followed
ins rising to speak to the toait, "Andrew
Jackson " To a man each banqueter
arose and v. aied anything available, ac
companying the demonstration -with "vocif
erous cheers of Bryn " The late can
didate of his paity was fully at his case
and although tired from his Jong travel
.and day's -work of recemng fuends, he
met all expectations when be spoke.
Mrs-. Warner Created Sensation.
Wilhinantic, Conn , Jan 7 Quite a
fceusation wab caused here thi afternoon
by the action of Miv Kate Warner, for
nicrlj a newspaper con espoudeiit, in horse
Trhipping N. TV French, manager for a
sewing machine company. Mrs Warner
alleges that French has been circulating
stones derogatory to Jicr chai acter. French
denies the woman's charges.
Turned Out to Be True.
Hazlcton, Fa., Jan T. From the priest
tt the Italian Catholic Church in this city
it is learned that Michael Roniani, who
attempted to marry a nmetecn-3 ear-old
girl at Williamsburg, N. r.,but which cere
mony was stopped By las uncle, was a
former lesident of this city. His wife and
three children bttll icside here.
"Veteran Killed Uimoelf.
New "York, Jan. 7. Ludwig Schuster, a
'war veteran, killed himself this afternoon.
Bis -wire died a year ago, and a BUle
grocery, in -which he had invested all his
savings, failed, lie could get no -work
.and flaid that tie wjiS too proud to apply
for a TvarYeteran'spensIon.
Citizens Uiscoss. the Commis
sioners' Sunday Edict.
M'illurd Hall Packed to Hear the
AddreisKCi Hon. Simon Wolf Pre
sided Co in in it tee Appointed to
AVait on the Co mmiiiouerH Sev
eral Prominent Ladie&Inteiested.
The iicwsIkijs were a very large, e.i
thusiastic part or the mass meeting which
-was held m their niteiest last night at
"Willard Hail. They have -voices culti
vated for a special busittivss, which Were 1
used last night with great effect in ni
plaudmg the good and kind things that
-were said abtut them and by them at
this gathering.
The newsboys occupied almost t tic whole
or the gallery, but were scattered here
and there among the audience on the floor.
The action of the Commissioners stirred
public opinion to such a degree that the
hull tvas packed. In the assemblage were
many ladies, who, as the hour of meeting
-was early, brought with them children, who
joined sympjtbetically m the applause for
any sti iking argument in r.ivor of the boys.
The meeting might be dctorlbed literally
as a pioK-tst m black and whit. It was
fotteu up by Mrs- Clara Bell Brown Mr.
"William Allen, manager of the hall, gave
it Tree of charge.
On the ,tngr were Hon Simon Wolf,
Mrs Olive Logan, Mrs M U. Lincoln,
.Mrs M S Lokwood, Mrs. K. S Leonard,
Mr?. Clara Bell Btown, Mr. L M. Saunders
and Miss S iisan Bri.-gs.
Mr Wolf was called to the chair and
made jiennaiient chairman He was not
there, he said, to antagonize anybody or
anything, but simply to appear In protest
against tlus act which cuts olf a part of
the means of livelihood for a latge number
of the joutlis of the aty He believed in
the celling or paperb on Sunday, but would
not countenance their annoying places of
-vorhm, although there were i"good many
people who tolerated the noise of the
churchei. Mr Wolf pledged himself to
aid in tiie revocation of the edict.
Defended by "Women.
Mrs. Logan thought Uiat woman p.ir
ticu'aily should be an advocate of the
newspaper, as it had opened up a new
field foi her m the struggle ftr a liing
Twenty thousand of tlicm were now t-n-gaged
in the business. She was in favor
of the protection or the uewbboysin their
Mrs. Lincoln felt sure that the newsboy
couldn't be suppressed, the present gather
ing being evidence of that fact. She spoke
of the gi eat tx'ii"fit to society of the news
boy guild and didn't think the world could
get along without theiu nor did she bee
how people who could tolerate church
bells from G a. m to 10 a in., could pro
test against the cries of the newbboys.
Their music wasn't half as bad as that of
the coal man.
Mrs. Loekwood expressed her admiration
for the newbbojs. Would alwajb be glad
to hear their cues. These were not as
annoying as the noise of a church to her
and her neighbois, of which complaint has
been made, but to no purpose.
Mrs. Clara Belle Brown read an original
appropriate poem, and made a bhort
speech oT encouragement to the boys by
telling them or instances in which their
fellows, had risen in the world.
Dr. Alexander Kent was greeted -with
much applause when he was called on
He was torry that he alone among the
ministers was at this meeting. He dif
fered f i om the minister;: on a grdtt many
questions, they inuug usually on the wrong
side, lie said.
In this ca'e he believed they were sin
cere, but he could not see that the news-
los were as noisy as the rumbling street
Miss Biiggs made a short addrSb which
pleased the boys.
Will Sabbs, a newsboy, was applaud"d
"when he got up to be heard for bib cause.
He advised the boj s to help out the moe
mentb nota imoingtlHi hutches and v. cut
on to dii-cuss the business from a busi
ness standpoint, and especially th.it feature
of the injunction whuh would cut orr the
Sunday profits, which were larger than
those of beeral d.ijb of the iseek.
Newsboy Appeal.
"William Washington, another newsboy,
also spoke He had ttie local p.ipers
sticking out of his pocket He said tn.it
the newsboy was a working hoy, aud
"you can't keep him down " (Great ap
plause All the education lie has was ob
tained from the newspapers.
SI ort and pointed speeches were made
toward the close of the meeting by Mr L
M Saunders, Dr Webster Grow and Dr.
C B. 1'urvis the latter or whom character
ized the prohibition as an act of Caetarism.
The following resolutions were pieseuted
to the meeting by the chairman and unani
mously passed
.Resolved, That it is detrimental to
the bej,t interests of the community to
prevent the newsboys from crying the sale
of newspapers on Sunday, and we, as
citizens of tlieNation's Capital, lespectfully
protesr against the enforcing or the rule.
"Resolved, That a committee or seven
be appointed to wait upon the Commis
sioner to the effect or having the rule
In accordance with the latter resolution
the following were appointed on the com
mittee Rev. Dr. Kent, L. M. Saunders,
Dr. C B Bui vis. Mrs. Clara Belle Brown,
Mrs. Oiu'c Logan, Mrt AT. D. Lincoln and
Mr. Simon Wolf.
Newsboy SpenliR.
The following original argument of one
of the newsboys cries for itself;
Editor Times: In Defence of the News
boy A little boy, say, who lias no support
except in the way of selling News Papers,
I think, should not be deprived of to
doing, especially on Sunday
A morning paper is published very early
in the morning and a boy who makes a
Business of selling papers has to arise
-verv early, all kinds of weather, -which
is not very pleasant to do. Now after
a boy has arisen and gotten his papers
the next thing to do is to sell them, which
cannot be done very well unless by making
known his presence; making known Juis
presence by the uteof his tongue is a very
great help In the way of belling papers,
and if a boy be deprived of this privilege,
even though he be deprived of It only on
Sunday, he could not do very well, because
there ia three times as much money
in Sunday papers as there is in weekly
I cannot bee -why they should be pro
hibited of giving news to those that desire
it, because of the few that are disturbed
only for a short time by their .presence.
"We may have a few that may have plenty
of money and time to read, while the
newsboy is working to gain a few pennies
for the support of, perhaps, a widowed
mother and himseir.
All our great men .are either from a
newsboy or something ot the sort, and I
hope thatthe newtboy -will not be downed,
and I albo think that every one should be
grateful to the -energy of -a, newsboy.
' . E. G OKD ON, 4581 streetsouthwest .
Sad and Touching Fudlng of a Wlfe'.s
Plea for Merey.
Chicago, Jan. 7. Mrs. Laura Bromley,
of No. 533 West Huron street, whose
husband was threatened? with hi rest by
the American Surety Company, his bonds
men, because a shortage or $34 had been
discovered in his accounts as an employe
or the MetroiKilitan Insurance Company,
Jell dead today in the office of the latter
company at the feet of the official who
had Just yielded to her hysterical plea
for mercy.
T"he biuile with which she listened to
the Joyful words remained in death, which
was due to heart disease. There was
another sorrowful scene when the hus
band, who is partly blind, was conducted
to the corpse of his wife, from another part
or the building where he had been waltng.
Although in Custody the Dauntless
Wanted to Sail Again.
Naturalized American Citizen to Be
Tried by a Civil Court
at Havana.
Jackionvillc, Fla., Jan. 7. Although tl e
steam tug Dauntless is in curtody or an
officer or the revenue cutter Bout well as
a result of her lubt trip, fiom which she
returned Monday night, her owner, W. A"?
Bisbee, this morning applied for clearance
papers for the steamer to go to Nuevitas,
Cuba, with a carj o or arms and ammuni
t'on. W. A. Bisbee, George R. roster, and
Capt. W. Myers called at the costom-house
and made a formal application for the
clearance of the vessel Deputy Collector
O. nopkins, who is In charge of the office
during the absence or Collector Bisbee,
refused to grant the cleaiauee until au
thorised to do so by the Secretary of
the Treasury.
Atthe requestor the owner he telegraphed
the Secretary for permission to ileal the
vessel. Secretary Carhnle replied ordei
ing the collector to refube clearance until
further orders.
Tne officers or the Dauntless stjn ,ieny
th.it they have been to Cuba. All tint can
be gotten from them is that they trans
ferred the men and cargo taken from No
Name Key to another vessel, presumably
the Bermuda.
Nothing has yet been done toward libel
ing the Dauntless Tor violating the naviga
tion lawb by going into foreign waters
without clearing, or violating the neutrality
laws. It is probable that a libel of in
formation -will be tiled in a day or two.
Havana, Jan. 7. Dr. Betancourt, a
dentist of this city and a naturalized
American citizen, who was arrested here
las.tuio!ith as a political biispect, will be
tried by a civil court. The charges which
he will have to answer are that he was
connected with conspirators who formed
groups In the Central Park Tor the spread
of the rebel propaganda, and received
aud distributed rebel letters.
The Spanish resldcnlsarGtutnabacoa held
a torchlight procession latt,.night in honor
ofCoI Fonrdeviela, the military commander
at that place.
A banquet was given later at which com
plimentary and patriotic speeches were
made and toastb given. The proceedings
ended with a ball in the Spanish casino.
Gen Inclan, while reconnoitering in the
Leehugaga Hills, dispersed a rebel party,
killing rourteen of them, including the in
surgent prefect. The troops destroyed 300
huts and pl-mtat ons
Captain General Weyler has refused to
allow a demonstration in his honor that
his admirers had intended to make tonight.
Madrid, Jan. 7 Senor Canovns Del Cas
tillo, prime minister, personally denies
that there is any foundation whatever
for the reports of impending chnngeB in
the Spanish ministry, which have been in
circulation within the last few days. The
Cortes will meet in April, when important
measures will be submitted to Parliament
by the government.
Atlanta, Ga , Jan 7 The Constitution
has a dispatch fiom Key "West which says
that Gen Gomez has begun work of
reprisal against Spanlaids In an attack
uron the central trocha near Moron he cap
tured the Spanish garriton of Iago Avile,
114 men.
They were notified that, according to
the precedent set by their own govern
ment, they should prepare to meet their
fate They were given an opportunity of
writing messages to their friends in Spain
and then, in gioups of twenty-five, they
were shot to death.
Weyler'b announcement or pacification
or Finar del Rio does not stand. He left
over 3,000 insurgents in the province.
He took additional soldiers from the mili
tary cordon to Havana, to demonstiate
that there were no insurgents there, when,
as soon as he removed them, Cuban Gens.
Raoul Arango and Castillo marched into
the province of 1'inar del Rio from navana
with 3,000 more men to remrorce the
3,000 already there.
This all goes to prove how much de
pendence can be placed m the statements
or Weyler as to the attitude of the Cubans.
They arc not arraid of the Spanish and
not one man has surrendered m the prov
ince of Tinar del Rio.
The Spanish have recently established
a military zone around the city of Havana,
inclosing a space of five miles on all sides
for the purpose of cultivating for the
sustenance of the people ot the city, which
shows still further to what ends they are
driven .and how little .sympathy and sup
port they can depend upon from the sur
rounding country; also that they are daily
losmg ground and so hard pressed .arc
they that that is all they- can call their
own, and that has to be maintained by a
military cordon from the attacks of the
Change ot Bill.
A change of bill has been announced at
the Columbia Theater. Tonight and to
morrow night "The Queen's Proctor, or
How to Train a "Wife," will be produced.
It will be preceded 'by the one-act comedi
etta, "Klttie Cllve, Actress." At Satur
day's matinee "The Chili Widow" will be
Banks Consolidated.
Lynchburg, Ta., Jan. 7. The Commercial
Bank -was today merged into the First
National Bank, all the accounts and de
posits of the former being transferred to
the latter. TJie consolidation adds a large
amount of. business to the First National
Bank. Five of the Commercial Bank di
rectors -will .go on the board of the First
Miner Killed.
WHkesbarre, Pa., Jan. 7. Paul Relo, a
minor, "was caught by a fall of coal in the
Boston mine atFittfeton today, and was
instantly killed. The deceased "was an
i Italian, and had been engaged In drilling
a hole "when the fall came.
Gen. Palmer Improved.
Springfield, III., Jan. 7.--Gen. Palmer,,
was much improved tonight. Bis -second
j attack resulted from a too-hasty reappear
ance after Xhc cold which attacked him,
last -week. He took fresh -cold x and his
j old trouble again appearing, he1 was or-
dered to remain indoors for the present.
The Pope Confers ThiH Honor "Upon
Lawrence, Tviass., Jan. 7. dn Saturday
last the city of Lawjeuce gave an official
receptlou in honor of Apostolic Delegate
Archbishop Martinelli, the first distinc
tion of the kind ever accorded. In recogni
tion, the-pope hns sent to -Rev. James T.
.O'Reilly, pastor of St. Mary's Church, the
following blessing:
'Theholy fathar has heard with pleasure
of the public demonstrations in honor of
Mgf. Jdartiuclll, apostolic delegate, and
gratefully bestows -his blessing on the
citizens of Lawrence.
This is said to be the first blessing be
stowed by the pope upon an American
Young New Yorker Attempts Sui
cide at Howard House.
Turned the Ga on in His Boom at
Emergency Hospital in Seri
ous Condition.
Charles H. Chipman, a Jiian apparently
about twenty-eight years old, who said
hlshomc was in New Xork city, attempted
.suicide yesterday morning 4iy turning on
the gas 'in lilt mom atthe Howard Honse,
corner of Pennsylvania avenue and Sixth
street. He was found stretched across the
bed and unconscious about 3 o'clock in
tlie ufternoou and sent to -Cuiergency Hos
pital.,, The .house. f,taff -rcorkd.fox several ,
tiours on him and at a late hour lastnight
the chances for his recovery were aboutr
even -with those against it.
Chlpmuii came to 'the city Wednesday
night and went immediately to the Howard"
House, where lie registeredimderthe name
of E.-LiA'oung.or Phlladchilfia,, Hcmade,,
no acquaintances during the evening ami
letired rather early.
He "gut up -a ud-ate breaktaj.t,yeiU.-rday
morning and was arterward seen about
the lobby of the hctt-r. Sometime later
h6 fetlml to His room, th6ugh no one saw
him enter. It was 2.30 o'clock when one
of the day purtei s detected the cdor of gas
and .started on a tour of investigation He
reached the third floor .-'tid stood berore
Chipmaii's dooi where the smell was
With little diiriculty he gained entiance
to the room, aud there round Chipman
sU etched across the bed, while the gas
was iwuring irom a jet on the wall that
was turned on full. The porter gave the
alarm, and Patrolman Shultz, who was
standing near the corner, was summoned.
He immediately bent for the ambulance ot
Emergency Hospital, and the young man
was quickly removed to that institution.
An investigation or tne room occupied
by the stranger disclosed two notes, neither
or which the hotel people would give out
for publication last night. One of the
notes declared the intention of the writer
to end his life and apologized for any
inconvenience the people at the hotel
might experience by saying that all ex
penses of his funeral would be paid by
friends in New York.
Tne other letter was addressed to a
friend 1n New York, and it is said that
the young man had made the tnp all the
way to Washington for the express purpose
of ending his life These letters', together
with some unimportant papers among his
effect", were the means of disclosing the
real name oftlie rjlnn. His only baggage
was u satchel that contained a small
quantity of clothing, but there was noth
ing about it or the person of Chipman to
reveal his place of residence in New York
or his occupation. '
Pittsburu. Pa., Visited by a Destruc
tive .Fire.
Pittsburg, Pa., Jan 7. Fire started in
the Eden Musee, on Fifth avenue, at 1
o'clock this morning 'and spreud with such
great rapidity tliat the building will be a
total loss. The musee is owned by Harry
Davis.and is ubeftas Ji museum and variety
The building next door, occupied by the
Pittsburg Commercial Gazette, is also
Pittsburg, Jan. 81.15 a. m. The fire
is now under control. The loss to the
theater will be about $10,000. and to the
Commercial Gazette only trifling.
Montgomery, Ala., Jan. 7. A special
to the Advertiser from Athens, Ala., says
Fire last night destroyed five stores and
the greater portion of their contents. The
fire started in the store of Irwin & Pepper,
dry goods, and then spread to the grocery
store of JL A. Smith. The dry goods
store of I. Rosenau was the next building
to go. Then ca me Hendricks Bros.' grocery
store, and from there it passed on to
the drug store of Westmoreland & Co., but
this building was wived.
Irwin & Tepper lose Si 0,000; insurance,
$5,000. R. A. Smith, $2,-100; insurance,
$1,000. Rosenau, $8,000; insurance,
$6,000. Hendricks Bros, $4,000; in
curance, $2,500. The loss on buildings
and stock is estimated at $50,000, with
insurance of $40,000.
Montgomery, Ala., Jan. 7. A special to
the Advertiser, from Huntsville, Ala., says:
The most devastating fire occurred here
this afternoon that has visited the city
for years. .The fire originated in the
Murphy Bloci, and burned out the Southern
Produce Company, two-story house and
stock of goods of Mrs. J. "W. Smith, dwelling
occupied by Mrs. Wesley Brock, cottage of
Jcre llurphy, two-story house of J. Keiss
and his stock of merchandise aud Injured
several other stores anrtresidences. The
loss was not stated and the insurance -wob
Dallas, Tex., Jan. 7. Fire at 1 o'clock
this morning destroyed neaily a dozen
places of business on the north side of the
court-house square at Athens, Tex. The
loss is estimated at $100,000", insurance
not known. The fire is believed to have
been the act of incendiaries.
Bald Victims Sentenced.
Nine victims or the raid made on Louse
alley on Wednesday evening ny Sergt.
Daley and a number of the policemen
of the Fourth precinct, faced Judge Kim
ball yesterday mocning at the police court.
Two ot the jiine will spend the next sixty
days at the workhouse, and the others will
tarry for ninety days.
iLost the Fight.
Atlanta, Ga.) "Jan. 7. The 'State rail
road commission has decided adversely to
the roads in the fertilizer rate case and the
railroads -will probably ask for an injunc
tion to prevent the commissioners from en
forcing the out rte. It is claimed by the
roads tluvt .the redaction in the rate tvIU
lose them $200,j00 in revenue.
i m
.Rational Guard to Be Here,
Harrisburg, Pa.-Jan. 7. It lias been de
cided by the authorities that the national
J .guard shall take part intheinauguratlon ot
Persident-elect MoKinley at Washington.
Adjutant General Stewart says the entire
division -win attends
Frederic Bauman Admitts 'Kill
ing P. P. Arbuckle.
They Claim Ho Is Either Crazy or
Shamming Ho Is Now Confined
in County Jail at Louisville, Ken
tucky, on a Churgo of Forgery.
Kauira His Pal.
.Louisville, Jan. 7. Frederick Eauman,
alias Wilson, confined In the county Jail
on the charge of forgery and obtaining
money under false pretenses, claims to
have been one of the murderers of Frank
P. Arbuckle or Denver, in New York,
November 19. Bauman says that his
futheris G. Edward Bauman, a banker at
Dearborn and .Monroe streets, Chicago.
Bauman said to a reporter today:
"People have been wondering who killed
Arbuckle in .New York. I had a hand in
that affair, and" I do not hesitate to say
"My partner in crime was Dave Ed
munds, an actor, who is now tn Evanstou,
North Chicago. We met Arbuckle In Sul
livan's saloon, down In Harlem.
Flashed His Roll.
"We saw him flash his roll, and when
he left Edmunds and myself concluded we
would follow him and get Ins money. We
had been knocking about New York for
two weeks and we were completely strand
ed. Sullivan's saloon is on Third avenue.
"We rollowed Arbuckle to Eighth avenue,
where he stoo I waiting for a car. We
pounced upon him.
" "Edmunds used a small slungshot and I
cracked niin over the head with the butt
end of a Smitn Sc Wesson revoBer. We
took his money, $325, a diamond ring
and a gold watch. The watch is now
pawned in a shop on Park Row, near the
"World building."
Bauman says Edmunds and himseir left
New York by different trains and met. m
'Chicago- When he arrived here a few days
ago be expected to join Georgia Cayvau'.s
Uaum.in claims to have acted with
Frederick W.ird and ays h sered a term
in PentonvIIle, England, for robbing a com
panion. In conclusion, Bauman said he did not
join Georgia Cayvau's company here be
cause his passion for dress caused him to
forge a check on E- Goldstein & Suns, or
this city.
The police discredit Bauman's story, and
say he is either crazy or shamming.
Chicago, Jan. 7 Nothing is known here
ot Frederick Bauman, alias Wilson, who
eonressed at the Louisville jail today to
the murder or Frank P. Arbuckle in New
York. The name or C Edward Bauman,
who the prisoner claims is his rather, and
is a banker in this city, does not appear
either in the banking or city directories.
Neither Bauman nor Edmunds is known in
the theatrical proression. The four corners
at Monroe and Deaborn are occupied by
the First National, the Chicago National,
Corn Exchange National and Commercial
National Banks, but Bauman is not known
in their directories.
Inquest Begun in the Fatal Shoot
ing nt Otranto, S. C.
Charleston, S. C, Jan 7. The story of
the fatal shooting at Otranto, fifteen miles
from here, jesterday, does not greatly
lesson its horrors. The Inquest began to
day showed that L. F Brown and Stephen
Mazyck were shot in an open boat by John
The two men killed had been on Fop
penhelm's land against his order. Some
words were pabsed and two colored wit
nesses said that Brown raised up m the
boat with his gun as if to shoot. Pop
penheim shot him.
The witness said that as Brown fell
into the river Mazyck moved as if to get
up and reach his gun, and received the
contents of Poppenheim's 6ccond barrel
in his forehead.
The incpiest was adjourned in order to
secure more witnesses. Poppenheim is
in jail and has secured counsel Brown's
gun was taken from the water this after
noon. It "was loaded and both hammers
were at the safetv notch-
Business Mannuer McDonald Again
in the Toils.
"SV. F. McDonald, business manager Tor
the Chicago M unufacturmp Company,
whose office is at 768 Eleventh street
southeast, was arrested last night on a
charge of forgery, preferred by Oliver
Thomas, an employe of the firm.
The charge against Mr. McDonald is an
old one with a new name and has been
preferred twice before. On each occasion
he has been acquitted owing to lack of
evidence, and he is confident of like result
when the case comes up.
McDonald obtained his release lastnight
under real estate bond of $300. The name
of the firm under which he operate.-, ac
cording to hib bill head. Is the Chicago
Mamiructuring Company, but is really an
agency of Weaver Kengla, of this city,
manufacturer of soap.
McDonald seik packages of soap on very
flattering terms, including the gift of a
fine French China tea service.
Thomas was employed to deliver the
goods and make regular weekly collections
from customers. He was required to de
posit $14.50 with his employer as security,
which was to be returned when his con
nection with the firm terminated.
Tilings went smoothly Tor some weeks
until Thomas gave notice that he inteaded
to quit. Be alleges that McDonald re
fused to return the $14.30, claiming that
a notice of seven days, required by the
contract, had not been given. Thomas
thereupon swore out a warrant for Ids
arrcSt, charging him with petty larceny.
The case was tried but as the letter
of the contract had been violated it
was dismissed, and Thomas tried again,
and brought civil action for the recovery
of his money. At the trial a few days
ago McDonald was again acquitted after
offering in evidence a receipt for the
money signed by Thomas.
Thomas, liowever, claims that the signa
ture is a forgery, and states that he has
not received the money, while McDonald is
equally positive in his statement that the
document is valid.
The tangle will be unravelled at the
police court thiB morning. A number ot
-witnesses have been summoned, among
thorn, Judge S- C. Mills and H. Queen
man of Anacostia.
Chemicals Cansed the Fire.-
A small fire, hupposcd to have originated
i in the explosion of chemicals, broke out
shortly after 1 o'clock this morning at
No. 214 Sixth street, adjoining tlie More
at S. B". Bempler, an optician. The room
1 was used as a storeroom and experimental
i shop by Mr. Henipler. Engine No. 2 quickly
extinguished the blaze. The damage to
1 the building will not exceed $20.
A Dyspeptic for 25 Years Cured
Dr. Walker
1411 Penn. Ave. Adj. WIHard's Hotel.
Mr. W. W. LANDERS, an employe of
the Tens on Bureau, and who resides at
Kensington, says: "I have been a tufferer
li om chioulc dyspepsia for twenty-five
years: every thing 1 ate distressed me, and
t oared on my stomach. My foi d came up
in my thioat, and frequently I -vcmitcd-I
oftenthoughtl would die, t he gas.formed
In my stomach and bowels distressed me m
badly. After having tried ahi on all the
cotors in Washington and a gieat manv
patent medicines, J was indeced to call on
Dr. Walkei by ome friends of mine, whom
he had cured, and altl ough it is now but
two months smee he first prescribed Tor
me. I am a well man."
The highest fee charged by Dr. Walker,
whether you have one or more diseases, i,
$3 a month. This includes all medicines.
Office hoars, 10 to 5: Sundays, 10 to 1;
Monday. Wednesda .Thursday and Satur
day evenings, 6 to b.
5-rovsnrTio- itrK-ea
They Elect Officers, and Dispense
Sine Die
Columbus, O., Jan. 7. The Ohio State
Trades Assembly adjourned sine die this
evcnuig. The folio wing officers were
President, T. L. Lewis of Bridgeport;
vice president, S S. Curnaluxn, Akron;
secretary, W B Owen, Cincinnati; treas
urer. S. P Ewing. Columbus; legislative
committee, D P Boyer, Columbus, W H.
Haskliis. Murray City, and Joseph Braun.
Zanesville. The date of the annual con
vention was changed from the first Tues
day in January to the first Tuesday in
December Tlie name -was also changed
to the Ohio Federation of Labor.
New Toi-k Stock Market.
Furnished bv Seymour Bros., Bank
ers nod Brokers, members of "Sew
York Stock Exchange. "Washington
office, Kooiuh 3 and 3a, Sun Build
lng J. A. Breen, manager.
Oo. "ish i."- cios.
Am. Cotton Oil Co. UZ 14lf V ll'
Ain.iUZ!r lUs'linrvOn. 110., !U 110;; IKRI
'Am. Sucar K". C. oni.
Am. Spirit-, Mfg Co ....
At' 111"" 1 jd. & is. I'"
niTicaii fobacco Co..
1! & O
K.ty&tate 0:i . ..
Clii'-niiMlC" a- Ohio
lcfti itm ioiij ;ooi
11!- V2M 125; 12-
H?m ? 14V MJ
; ;r :- tt;
17 17 17 17
iK K'4 "'4 II
17 IS 17 !7j
C O C i S I .. -" m -i 2
Lciftrai ntVir"icey Id IUI KHX 300
CUicjs and .'rtlr'n.
imvj itjvc ixiic lour
7IK ii'A rivi -vk.
75 " 7-i 'HZ T5M
7i?i -ifi yA iU
Ml 111 lit 111
j7'i C7 17 ev
49 49 4SJ 43X
H29 H-'K HO UZi
St 3H 55?i "A
1--27I is.; i s. v&z
Chicago, dur. ifcQ...
uhicai Oa
C .V. & br. i"
con. Ua-i
C. it. i e l
CUi at f M. & O
Dei. & iiuiiaon Ciiial. ...
Oenuiai Kieciri ..... .
Lakes & Mich. South
I.au up oi...
LuuisMite .'-Na.-5i: i!Ie..
ilauliatc in ...
Mo. t'aciSc.
J. . Cent. & Hudson..
M, Ontario A. Wcsu
-sortheru I'acilicpfd
Pacinc .Man . .... ...
'2i 2ii 'JU
2im "-1
2l- :m
i'iiila. A Bcadiu!
Pullman Palace Car Co. Iblii 15J
loXi 153
fcuutiiLTf ltadwj.r. pfd.. 2'vi '
'luun. Cna. Irou i it. it. -' -
Union 1'acilic Uis
L. ix Leatucr ptd M
U eatcru Linou id. Cj.. bi
Wheuiitig J: Like Kna.. IJ
Unlisted securities.
Chicuiro Gram tnruet.
Open. High. Low. Close.
May S2 S. 8 Hi S2K-
July. H ? 7by 77-Ji
July...... . -V 2 --
Mayf.!?....- IS 1 Wi Mi
May 7.S0 '. '- .3j
Jau 3.80 30 f'O 3 83
May 3.95 3.97 " 197
Maj 3.97 4.00 3l9j 4.00
7 !3
Low. Close.
CM 6.9a
G.97 7.W
7.1 a 7.13
7.12 7.20
"Washington StocK incnange.
gaj0 regular call li o'clock m. Central
National Bank. 10 at !'.: "10 at ZG Washing
ton Loan and Tnwt. 1 at 12U. MctropolUaa
Railroad, i at ltM- American Graphoiihone.
2C0 at sj;. Pneumatic Gnu Carriage, 100 at
IS cents. Lanston Monotype. 7 at 0J.
After call Mergonthaler Linotjpc. 10 at
13K- Pncum-mc Gun Carriage. 100 at IS
cents. Columbia Railroad U'i, tl.tOO at 112.
a'sli"' "20-yer Fnnillnz 101
o'i 1302, "J0--car Funding. "gold... 103
7MU3!. "Water rjtock," cuneaoy. 100
Vs 1903. "Water Stick." currency. 110
"Funding." currency. id3'3 107-J 109!"
MetRRo's. 1S2 - 107 112
Met URConv.fTs. IWl 110 Itt
Mpt R K Cert, of Indebtedness.... 1I
helt i: R5's. lir.21 t-a ia
Enkiiiirtnn K It Gs S6 i2
Loluirbn K Rffs. UiU Ill 115
Wash Gas Co. Ser A. us. 190.'-' J7... Ill
Wash Ga- Co. Scr tt. ON. VKH-'-S.... 112
Clics. and Pot Tel 5's lbOMQil 1WJ
Am bee A Tr 5's. F and A. 1S05 .... 100
Am aec & Tr o's. A aud O. lOOi 1M)
Wash Market Co IbtiTs. IWi-l91i.
S7.00trctired annually IOj
Wasn .Market Co unn (Ts. 12-27. ... 10a
Wash Marl.ot Co ext'u l' s. llli- 10a
Maaonir Hall As-ri it'n '-!. 13).. VJ.,
Wash. Lr. Inf. lt 6"3. 1001 90
Hank of Washington M0
Sietronolitan. - -Si 300
Central - - -r
1-aruiordantl Mecuauica' 1-
fcecond ... l-'S
Columbia.. - li
n.iltai - -lb
WestEnu. lVa
1 raders'
Lincoln. IC0
TJat tafo Denoait aud lrust..... 113
Wash Loan iuil Trust.
... 115&
.... 55
Amer aecuritv Trust......
Wasu'sale DjuosU
Capital Traction Co
Metropolitan .....
.. 51
Columbia....... ...............
Washington Gas.. ...
Georgetown Gas
U. a. Electric Light
Potomac - - -
Nat.oual Union... .
People s
Liuctm ......................
Real Estate Title 102. J and J.
Columbia Title
Washington Title-
District Title -
.. 33
ChesapeJiKo anu Potomac.......
American Graphopbnne
American Grannophone pref....
Pneumatic Gun Carriage, .
Mergenslialer Linotype tnew)...
I.anst on iionotype. ....... ..
Washington Market.. ........
Great Falls .cc
Nor. aud "Wash. Steamboat
Lincoln Hall..,..
. 123K
. 12
. lis
Baltimore -"Markets.
Baltimore, Jan. 7. Eloar quiet buUteady,
unchanged receipts, 14,020 barrels; ex-
j ports, 25,864 barrelsj. haleSt 1 23 barrels.
Wheat steady spot, y x-z Diu;Aiay, ay x-4
Our new
prices on
overcoats ought to prove
irresistible with the ther
mometer shooting- down as
it has during the last forty
eight hours,
The best part of this
special sale is the selection
priyilege we give you a
choice from the whole stock
without reserve.
All that were $10 are
All that were $12 are
All that were $15 are
All that were $18 are
All that were $20 are
All that were $25 are
All that were $30 are
now $6.67
now $8.00
now $10.00
now $12.00
now $13.35
now $16.67
Suits separate pants
children's clothing and
everything else is marked
down just the same an
even third less than "early-in-the-season"
Cor. 7th and E Sts. N.
Xo Erancli Store Iu TTasliincton.
The National Safe
Deposit, Savings
and Trust
Of the District of Columbia
Chartered by ..pecial act ot Conjjreba,
Jan., lfeST, and acts or Oct., 18bO, and
.Feb.. 1H92.
Capital, One Million Dollars.
Rents safes inside burglar-proot
vaults at $3 per annum npward.
Securities, jewelrv, silverware,
and valuables ot all kinds in own
er's package, trunk, or case taken
. on deposit at moderate cost. 1
Deposits received from TEN .
CENTS upward, and interest al
lowed en 5 and above.
Loans money on real estate and
collateral .security. Sells firot
clab real estate ana other securities
iu .sums of 500 and upward.
Tins company is a legal depository
for court and trut funds, and acta
a administrator, executor .receiver,
a-siunee. and executes trusts of all
kinds. Wills prepared bv a compe
tent attorney in daily attendance.
THOMAS HYDE. 1 -t Vice Frexidciit.
W.RI LEY DEEBLE,2d Vice President
THOMAS R..TONUS.3U Vice President.
E. FRANCIS RIGGS, Treasurer.
'EORGE HOWARD. Asl Treasurer.
CH ARLES E.NYM AN.A.sst.Set rotary.
Every help ij extended you to start
and maintain an accennt lry the Union
SavinEs Eani, 1222 F Street.
613 Fifteenth St., opp. TJ. S. Treasury,
'Phone 505.
HORSES, -WAGOHS. etc. at lowest
rates and quickest possible time.
Strictly confidential.
Sa-rieaaC call before securing loans else
where. Washington Mortg-ag-e Loan Co.,
610 F Street if. "W.
Intirest on Deposits. g
Yon can open an account with Ihta
S company, cliecc against it at will, and
0 receive interest on our daily balances. 5
9 C. J.BELL. President.
through speculation, where your
money is protected trom absolute loss by
ileal Estate security; we arc Incorporated
and the only parties furnishing such pro
tection. Any sum received from $1 up.
iour money will be operated with a
Tund now amounting to over Forty Thou
lantic ISoihlins. Washington. D. C. open
evenings till a p . m. deS-lmo
i vJ
Member Philadelphia Petroleum and Stoc'i
Stocks, Cotton, Grain, and Provisions.
Local Ofiices Rooms JO. IL U Corcoraa
Building. C!X seventh strcsr. opuo3itn Pateus
aS9 1-2 receipts, 7.3G3 bushels; stock,
270,201 bushels; sales. 4,000 bushel.s
southern whe.it by samplc 93a94; do. on
grade, 88 l-2a03 1-2. Corn steady spot
and montli.2T t-2a273-S:Fehruary,27 3-4
a27 7-S; March, 2S l-ba2S 3-S; April. 29a
29 1-1; steamer mixed, 23 l-2a25 o-S
Tecclptvl33,929 bushels: exports, 178,731
bushcls; stock, 1,632,207 bushels; sales,
139,000 buMicls sonthtrr. white and jel
Iowcorn,23a2S. Oats steady No 2white
western. 21a23 l-2;No.2 mixed. do.,21n22
receiirts, 37,51 S bushels; exports, 18,333
bushels: stock, 1,217,644 bushels. Rye
firmer No. 2 nearby. 42 l-2a43; wctem,
44 sales receipts, 19,423 bushels; exports,
34,233 hushels; stock, 2S0.6G6 bushels.
Ilay steady to firm good to choice timo
thy, $13.50a$14. Gram freights, quiet
but firm steam to Llveriwol per bushel,
3 l-2d. January; 3 l-4d. February; Cork
fox orders per quarter. 3s.4 l-2d.a3s.6d.
January. Sugar unchanged. Butter
steady. Eggs firm fresh. 17. Cheese
firm fancy -New York, 60 pounds, 11;
do.33pounds.il l-4;do. 2pounds.ll 1-2.
"Whisky unchanged

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