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Jesse Benton's Encounters With
Desperadoes in the West
Twenty-one Bullets i'Jred at Ulin nt
Short KanKe His Experience in
Quieting Towns.
(From the New York Sun.)
Sheriff Jesse Benton, of Ouray, Col., was
in Denver a few days ago. and it was
thought that lie had come to secure assist
anceln case the striking miners attempted
to make trouble for the Missourians Ini
jwrted by the managers of the Yirginlus
mine, to take the places of the men who had
quit work. But Sheriff Bentou soon set
that matter straight.
"There will be no trouble in our county,"
said he in his quiet, easy way, "for I told
the lioysl didn't want nof uss, and theyknow
I mean what I say. One day 1 got a tele
phone ruessng-! from the foreman up at the
mine tiiat the men had gone out, and he
wanted me to bring up all the deputies I
could gather to prevent trouble. I saddled
up my horse, took a couple of deputies
along for company, and went up to the
mining camp away up on the side or Mount
Bncffivs. The miners had gone to their
lodging houses, and were quiet enough when
I arrived. Next morning the foreman sent
word to the lodging houses for the miners
toline-upinfrontof theoffico.as he wanted
to make them a speech. The men came
down, and I stood alonsidc while the talk
was going on. The foreman told the men
that lie had received word from the owners
of the property in Denver to tell the men to
go back to work again, and that all would
be lovely, or as many as wanted to quit
might call for their time.
"Their grievance was that the two shift
bosses had cussed them too much and they
liad struck to obtain the discharge of those
two men. After the speech they asked for
fifteen minutes to discuss the matter, which
was granted. Then they sent up from ttie
lodging houses a committee of three, who
reported that everybody would go out on
strike, and that they would hit the trail
for Ouray shortly; but they wanted to take
the two sliif t bosses along with them. Then
I spoke up. I told the committee to tell the
nt the office and for them to come and get
the nun. But I suggested that all who came
would not get away again; and so they
t dropped the idea of taking the shift bosses
along. They went down to Ouray and or
ganized a union, and then mostof them got
out of the camp. They had lived too long
in Ouray, anyway, and had enjoj-ed regu
lar pay days for too many years. 1 think
a change will do them good."
No one, to look at Sheriff Benton and hear
him talk -with a slight drawlt would im
agine liim to be a man of extraordinary
couragei but lie has a reputation for nerve
md accuracy in the use of firearms and
iy few men in the West.
""I don't find any difference in my shoot
ing," said he, in response to a question. "I
SH-SUcurnitt5' sf raight yet. though there
ire not so many occasions now to exercise
my skill as when I first came "West. Game
Is not so plentiful, and there are not so
many bad men ready to display their nerve.
In the early days, before a man could be
recognized as a desperado, he had to be
retty quick with his gun and almost a
lead shot. I Lave had twenty-one bullets
tired at me at very close range by bad men
In my time, but I don't carry a single lead
nark to show. Or course, that is not all
ilie bullets that have been fired at me, but
Ul the rest came at long range and don't
Kunt. Many a bad man wanted to pick me
)ff, but I never gave them more show than
iras absolutely necessary. Singulurly
"jnough. too. I have always had plenty of
witnesses to my shooting scrapes eome
Jimes as many as several hundred at a
time and I never shot a man except I was
Justified in killing him.
"My father trained all his Loi-s to handle
guns In our home in Chenango county, N. Y.
Wewerotaughthow toloadandhow to fire,
brother along until he was certain that
ve knew how to do it. .After one of us
boys could bring down a squirrel every
Jime we aimed at one, then -vve were per
mitted to shoot ata mark and go italone.
I came to Colorado in l60 and was in the
mines until the war bi oke out, when I came
to Denver and enlistsl with the Colorado
volunteers. I didn't go to the front, but
was put to work to recruit men to fill up
Ihc regiment that was forming to march
ngainstthe Indians out on the plains. Re
cruitscamc in too slowly to suit the colonel,
and martial law was declared f o as to get
more soldiers. I went out on the street
with six deputies, armed witli twelve
runs, and whenever we met a man walking
W flong, no matter who lie was, we swore
nini ri;-ii iin,i;aiuiuiiia un uiiu inuuu iiiiii
Jail into line. As soon as the six guns
liad been distributed to the new recruits
we marched them to headquarters, got
ilx more guns, and went out again. In a
short time we had enough men to fill the
jegimint, and there was ro more difficulty
In keeping the ranks filled after that.
"After the war I held a post on the Dcn
rer police force, and had plenty of fighting
lcrnpes with though citizens. "When the
JCansas Pacific Railroad was building "West
It was pretty difficult to find a quiet town
Blong t he road. So many men had a preju
dice against dying in bed that it kept the
peace officers busy trying to please them.
One day a message came from the town of
Kit Carson asking for a man to take the
place or town marshal, which had been sud
denly made vacant, and I took the job.
After I had been there but a short time I
discovered that the leader of the trouble
was the county judge, and very soon I had
liim quiet in jail. Then I found that the
justice of the peace was the next man I
needed. Heliveda short way out of town,
nnd, armed with a warrant, I "Went there
alone to arrest him. He was eating break
fast when I called, but I told him not to
)iurry,as I could wait, and I sat down.
"When he had finished his meal he got up
and went to a small stand, but before he
could get out his gun, I had the drop on
him, and suggested that if he wanted his
gun, to go along and I would carry it for
liim. lie consented to that arrangement
and went to jail without any fuss. Of
course, I had to do some shooting, just to
prove that I meant business; but quiet was
toon restored.
"I followed along the Union racifictoall
the tough towns and kept things quiet for
the people who wanted to sleep nights. I
had a mob to handle one day at Piedmont
who wanted to lyncha man,but when they
aw that I was not in the game they took
me at my word and did not try to argue
the matter long. It seems that a wagon
toaster or a freightingtrain gotintoa quar
rel with a tlc-ehopper over a game of cards,
and the wagonmasterstruck hlscompanion
in the game across the side of the head
with a six-shootcrr cutting a small vein,
-which bled so profusely that a rumor
spread abroad that the tie-chopper was
dead. There were about 200 men from
the tie camp in town that day, and they
started out to lynch the wagon master.
'Conic on, Benton,' they called to me, nob
mowing tli a I was a deputy United
States marshal. 1 iiunted about in the
crowd until I found a man wiio knew the
wagon master by sight, and we set out
to find the man first. Pretty .soon wc had
liim with his two six-shooters, and I sent
my companion off to notify the crowd that
I had the victim. They came on the run,
whooping and hollering and carrying a
rope to lynch him with. I had taken my
prisoner down to an open space and had
him stand alongside me. I told him to lie
quiet, but that when he heard my tix
shooter crack he was to grasp the two
guns T had stuck in my belt and begin
to shoot, too. 1 halted the crowd and
told them that I was a deputy marshal
and proposed to prevent the lynching.
The crowd howled in anger and began to
intimate that they woiild lynch me with
the wagoV master." I btepped forward
and suggested that some of the crowd
would not witness the hanging if they
undertook to defy me. "Well, they took
me at my word, and the lynching did not
"Afterward they sent for me to take
charge of Silver Cliff when that town was
a lively mining camp. One day the miners
to the number of a hundred or more gotout
into the main street and began to shoot ut
eacii other. I walked up the center of the
street with two big six-shooters and drove
the fighters back to the sidewalks, and
told them that when I started shootingsome
of them would lose-intorest in worldly af
fairs. It seems like boasting to mention
thisincident, but I guess you can get plenty
of proof if jou want it. Among the bad men
In Silver Cliff when I came was Riley
Fisher, of Texas, and he did not like to have
me interfering with his privileges of run
ning the town whenever lie saw fit. lie
sent word that he would get me whenever
lie ran across my tracks. Wo had a discus
sion over the matter one day on the btreet
as to who should stay, and both of us
stayed, but he got out of breath firt-t and
never recovered. When it was over I found
nine bullet holes in my overcoat. He was
sociable enough, you see. My first shot
struck an inch too high .above the heart, and
that disturbed his aim, or 1 would have
died with him.
"While I was in Silver Cliff tlie railroad
war for the possession of the Royal
Gorge broke out, and a lot of deputy
sheriffs and guard8 from Dodge City
were imported to make the right for the
railroads contesting for the light or way
through the canon of the Arkansas. They
were a mighty tough crow d, and the Canon
Citv police could do nothing with them.
Barrett, who was town marshal, wrote
for me to come down and help him. My
terms were accepted by the town council,
and I set to work to clean out the towu
of about as tough a class of citizens as
I ever ran across. Things were lively Tor
a few days, but I was lucky and managed
to get the town back to its accustomed
peaceful order. Express men used to fol
low ne arouud to get a. job of hauliug
men to the hospital and morgue, but that
only lasted a "week or two.
"Just when I was ready Tor another
Job I received a telegram to come to
Las Tegas, N. M., which was the end of
the railroad then, and be marshal at that
place. After a conference "with the au
thorities I agreed to give them an op
portunity to sleep nights if they would
pay me $350 a month. My price was
readily accepted, and I began by ap
pointing one of the toughest men there as
chicr deputy. He objected strongly, but
1 convinced him that if he wanted to en
joy life he would have to wear a star, and
then he consented.
"There had been a number or stages rrotn
Santa Fe held up Just outside of town, and
I thought the gang must be living in Vegas.
When the town authorities saw what I had
done they weresickenough,forthey thought
I had sold out to the gang. In a few days
another stage washeldup.themail.sstolen,
and the passengersrobbed. I took my chief
deputyonatourout ortown.toaquletspot
tosearch Tor the robbers. Whcnnoone was
around to disturb us we had a sociable time.
Ipulledoutmy gun andaskedfor the names
of the robbers. When ray deputy saw that he
musteither give up the names or fill a lonely
grave,heconressed. We then went back to
town and arrested six or the gang and sent
them to Santa Fe Tor safe-keeping.
"I had to resign in a rew weeks, Tor the
White River Ute war broke out. and as I was
a member or the Colorado militia, I reltlt
my duty to return. The Las Vegas people
wanted to keep me, but when they saw I
would not stay, they asked me to name a
suitable successor. The man I named was
brave enough but unlucky, ror lie was shot
within a week."
Not Cold at the Pole.
A person who has never been in the polar
regions has no Idea what cold is. When it
is 10 or 15 degrees above zero wc rancy
It is pretty chilly, anil IT our houses are not
70 degrees warm wc Taney we are freezing
to death. Think, then, of living where the
temperature of the house goes down to 35
degrees below zero, even when a roaring
fire Is burning! In such a case men have to
be bundled in furs until they lose all sem
blance to human beings. Dr. Moss, who
went on a polar expedition in 1875, tells
of the curious effect, or the cold on a wax
candle. At 35 degrees below zero the name
had all it could do to keep warm. It was
so cold the flams could not melt the wax,
but had to cut itself down, leaving a sort
of skeleton of the candle standing. There
was heat enough, however, to melt odd
shaped holes in the wall of the candle,
making a beautiful lacclikc cylinder of
white, through whose chinks the yellow
light streamed out.
Frightened Twice In His Life.
"Yes," said the retired army officer, "I
can recall two occasions when I was ter
ribly frightened." "Oh," exclaimed the
romantic young lady, "do tell me about
thein. I suppose it happened -when you
were fighting the Indians?" "No," lie re
plied. "One time was when I was mar
ried, and the other time was when we had
our baby christened." Cleveland Leader.
Would Call Mamma.
"If you kiss meagainl will call mamma."
"Well, I don't mind; she is stUTa youn
looking woman." Town Topics.
Knows a Thing or Two.
"Are you acquainted with any society
people?" "Oh, yes, I know a thing or
two." Life.
$1.25 To Baltimore nnd He- 91.25
turn vin Pennsylvania Railroad.
Tickets will be sold Saturday and Sun
aay, January 30 and 31 , and will be valid
for return passage until Monday, Feb. 1.
Good on any train. ja26-5tem
Catarrh, and Colds Relieved In 10
to 00 Minutes. One short purr or the
breath through the Blower, supplied with
each bottle of Dr. Agnew's Catarrhal
Powder diffuses this Powder over the
surface of the nasal passages. Pain
less and delightful to use. It relieves
Instantly, and permanently cures Catarrh,
Hay Fever, Colds, Headache. Sore Thioat,
Tonsihtis and Deafness. 50 cents.
Sold by F. S. Williams & Co., .Ninth and
F streets, and Edmonds & Williams, Third
and Pennsylvania avenue.
WANTED A party intending opening a
first-class toardlng house on H tt., bet.
Gth and 7th. nw., wants a few boarders;
loam and board f20 per month; A No. 1
table. Address II., this office. ja2t-3t-em
FIRST-CLASS board. STS: room anil
board, $18 and $20. 323 E. Cap. st.Ja30-3t
WANTED Two vounir cenileuien. eood
board, nice room, nw.; 520. Address
MILTON, this office. it
WANTED Good canvassers ror Wil
liams' ink sets and subscription books.
911 G st. nw. ja28-3t
utt aAbii on account oi naru times
I will sacrifice an 18-pound' .Rambler
Rover, In first-class condition. Address
GOOD THING, this Offic. It
AVANTT5b -Six boys ' who " "can f fdo a
bicycle; references required. Call 1517
10th si. nw., 10 a. m It
WANTED -Uoodbarber for Saturday at
803 D st. nw. "
WANTED Two custom vestmnkers. Ap
ply TailuringlJepartmcnt, SAKS & COlt
WANTED Agents for a good paying
business; no triilers. 1312 G st. nw. It
WANTED A boy accustomed to gen
eral housewoik: home more object Ulan
wns-es. Call 120B K. st. nw. "-i-
Wlk'Tl'n T?vnnrlinrnil mnn In meat
and provision store. Apply, with refer-
ence, 1108 1-lth st. Ja3Jh3t
WANTED Apprentice boy in rirst
class printing office; permanent for the
right one. Address BUY, this office. It
WANTED White buruer tor Satuitlay.
4.13 12th st. nw. It
WA N TE I A wide-awake man for ci t y
salesman; also one for Baltimore. 437
7th st. nw., Room 3. Jn28-3t
AN'liiD -Men oi neat, np-jcaiaiice as
Outside .salesmen; good salary and per
manent position. Address Box Of. lhls
Office. jaiie-dc
WANTED Agents for good paying busl
jss. G27 1) St. nw. ja28-3t
h'avhm.mi nn i..... ..win tn TTTii tiin !i,
naMi.wyu ii t. iiiun iv iiiii itiv. .uu-
est and hottest novelty on earth; 100 per
cent profit; indispensable to every smok
er: sample by mail, picpnid, for 15 cents.
GEO. V. WHITE. 240 South 0th St.. Phila
delphia, Pa. ja27-4t
WANTED A good, strong, capable girl
for geneial housework; must stay nights.
31 0 Delaware nve. ne. jn30-3fc
WAM'KD-Woman to do general house
work; prompt pay;mustbe wollreconiiiiend
ed and go home nights; call at once.
314 A st. sc. It
WANTED Young woman for general
housework; two in family. 614 13th st.
nw. it
WA-NTED Competent colored cook; also
a chambermaid; small family.- G14 13th
st. nw. It
W A NTED Godd white cook; no oth er
work; small family. 614 13th st. nw. It
WANTED Cook for two in fnmiiv. Call
for 3 days, 1702 1-2 10th st. nw. item
WANTED Neat, reliable colored cook;
must inve good refs. Apply 2942 1 3th st.
tcni -
WANTED A girl stenographer at $1 a
day. Box 101, this office. ja28-3tcm
WANTED Four white, three colored
c'lnmiiernialds and general houseworker.
441 G bt. ja28-3t
WANTED Ladles to iniiouuce an ar
ticle ror a I hilnddphlu house; good salary
and permanent i osition. Box 95, this of
fice. Ja28-3t
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to cook and do general housework, in fam
lly of three. 802 R. I. ave. ja28-3t
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two children; wuges, $6. Applv 1730
ith si. nw. jn28-3t
WANTED Colored girls, German girls,
and American girls: also butlers. Call at
once. 1717 11th st. nw. ja30-3t
"A VISIT to a Virginia Insane Hospital,"
described by Pastor E. Hez Swcm, holiday
night; free pews; Second Baptist Church
Auditorium, 4th st. and Va. ave. se. It
v-N l till .ients to ttil j. .tj.icialty to
typewriters; sells at highi; good chance ror
coiipetcnt man. Address B. & W., this
orrice. Ja27-3t-em
WANTED At City Intelligence Orfice,
rooks, general houseworkers, waiters,
drivers, laundresses, nurses, chambermaids,
bov; places furnished till suited. Estab
lished 1885. SHACKELFORD'S. 427
11th st. nw. ja3U-7t
WANTED A position or any kind by a
thorough gentleman; well recommended and
well educated, especially in Italian pud
French. HEV. ALEX. M. RICH. 226 In
diana ave. n w. jaao-3t
WANTED Position bv a grocery and
meat clerk; 6 years' experience. 2012 Oth
BV.. II w. JUJU-Ol
...111 i. ALI i UILIUH '11 lillll-1 UO I 1.111114111,
elevator man or porter; refs. 1310 Oth
st. nw. Ja30-3t
1 . TV ll."l 1 rktlt.n.k f.i linti.l 1.. I . 11....1 tt
WANTED By a respectable colored man.
place as driver or waiter. Call 1505
K st. nw. ju30-3t
WANTED Competent, experienced sten
ographer and typewriter desires perma
nent position-pity refs. STENOGHA I'HER
C. this orfice. Jn29-3t
WANTED Young man, German, wishes
employment. A. F. R., this office.
WANTED By honest, hober young man,
with experience, position in grocery; un
derstands liorseo; Miburhnn place not ob
jected to; best refs. HUSTLER, this or
lice. jii27-3tem
WANTED Pension clerk desires engage
ment: sober; competent; long experience.
PENSIONS, this office. ja25-7t
WAiTTEiJBy experienced colored glrlT
place as chambermaid. 1634 10th st,
nw. - it
WAiM'IiD By a colored woman, a piacu
tocoakina restaurantor acafeora board
ing house; best or refs. 11132 Waverly
Terrace nw., bet. 14th and 15th, T and U
sts. it
WANTED loung lady wishes employ
ment as secretary to lady or orfice work;
understands typewriting ana .stenography:
moderate salary. Address Miss KEEDY,
sua a st. nw. ja3()-3t
WAN 'PPM I'l.'lPK In .In iri.nornl limit..
work, by colored girl. 307 II st. sw.
WANTED Dy colored woman place as
general houseworker or chambermaid. Call
12U Pierce st. nw. It
WANTED Situation by -white girl as
chambermaid and waitress; good home an
object. Address 3241 Prospect ave.
WANTED By middle-aged white wo
man, situation; excellent cook and house
keeper. ADVERTISER, this Office.
WANTED By a respectable woman, a
room where she can in- service pay Tor
something more than board, and have a
specified time or the ,week ror collecting
a claim in legal qualifications of citizen
ship, by authority of the State laws in tho
State of New York. Address L. F., this
orrice. ja2H-3fc
WANTED By colored girl, place to do
chamber work. 1316 9th st. jiw.
WANTED Place as nursery governess,
infant or sick nure, by experienced lady;
best rers. ABILITY, this office.
WANTED Ludy or refinement wishes a
"kind home in exchange for sei vices as gov
erness, companion, public or private secie
lary or managing iiousekeeper; reH-, and
experience. Audiess L. S., this orrice.
V. AN'iLD A medium size platlorm
scale; in good condition; must be cheap
for cash. IbOl Xi st. nw. It, em
LET me give you a very low estimate
on weather strips for your windows and
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13th st. nw. .1a29-3t
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room, 494 Lu. ave. 'Phone, 797 ja28-3t
nuwiwi, guuuriug and biioucuik w.
H. U. SIMMONS, 618 K St. nw. no3-tf
! iuu wuiiiiirsL-ciassrurnace, latrooe.
stove and range work uone go io v. H u
SIMMONS. 618 K St. nw. Eoo-ti
WANTED Dressmaking; cheap and per
fect satisfaction guaranteed in fitting and
prices. At Z'S7 K st ne hc23-tf
COAL, COICE, WOOD Buy it atthe"
dump, 3d and K sts. se.: save 40c. per ton;
send postal. GODFREY. ja30-3t
FOR bALK l iso. 7 portanie range, with
water back; 1 latrooe stove in good condl
l on; also 25 folding chairs, 325 7th st.
i'OK bALE Cheap, a nice s taie lose
wood piano. CloDt-tnw. Ja29-3t.em
FOR bAL,E Extra riue mule Collie dog;
sablecolor, wiFiwlnleiuarklng. SCHM1 D'S
BIRD St6rE. 71212th st. nw. Ja29-3t
uvk iAL,jbi Horse sieign, nearly new
S1,3-.1?0. : very cucaP- Apply 1501 H st. ne.
FOR SALE Oyster house and dining
room and oyster bar and all the contents
cm be bought cheap. 431 4s st. sw .
l"f)lt SAl.K A mm tnnrti. r v,i..,o m,.
BL-igim jl.ouu jjuunua, scwiiu anti gentle
443 I fit, nw. ja2fa-3t '
OK ,SAL,iiUn? BeC or Encyclopedia
Bntannica or 25 vols.: new. Can ki.p h,.
jti sou (Hi su ne.
FOR SALE Thoroughbred bull terrier
puppies, three months old. Call 3417 n Rh
"W- ja26-6t
uk SALE Oit Hiltis Horses, waconB
miggies, carriages, harness and sleighs at
panic prices; also 3 coupe rockaways 2
coupes, 2 broughams, 1 tandem, lot sleighs,
belonging to other panics, that we are or
dered to sell at once; no reasonable offer
rerused. 927 D Bt. uw. 'Phone 261.
1215 and 1222 MadlsOn'stiuv, f h,.
4 rms .' -f . .? $2,600
323 t'rosnect ave nw, r h y,500
345 and 353 22d st nw. b h, 6 rms. 2,400
21 50 and 2152 D stnw, b h. 6 rms. 2,400
303 and 305 O st alley nw, b h,
4 rms 2,200
3121' Cs st uw. r h, 4 tms 1,500
2113 and 2115 D stnw. b h. 5 rms. 1,500
4 alley; bet 1 2th and 13tlr and T "
and U sts, bh, 4 rms 1,000
2735 Q stnw, fh, 5this...-.5 1,000
9 alley, bet N Cap and 1st, and O
and P' sts, bh, 4 rms . ... 800
101 11th stno, b.h.lSrooms. ,.,... $14,000
1736 and 1742 F st nw, b h, 10
rooms , . 10,500
1S33 and 1839 Corcoran st, b h,
9 rooms , , 8,500
i5.ii l'-itnst n w. n n, a rms b.siuir
2321 and 2323 7thsCITw,bh 6,000
824 13ttfstne, bh.O rms 3,000
506 F st no. b ii, G, rms 2,700
48 amino Myrtle st ne, b h. Guns.. 2,000
82 and 84 Dofrecs st, b h,7 rms.... 3,250
Whitney closeVr h,'8 nils '...;. " 3,000
Kalorama Heights l.$G,b'0o
ni isjdeo M st, near llth .i,ror,
Autrey Heights .. 600
Lots in .square 877. sc ... ,f,..l., 1,500
Mass aVe.betlstaiuf 2dne 2,500
3d st, bet K and L stsne 950
Lot U. square 596 $6 00
Dei ave. bet Band Cstssw '..:'...: '2 00"
Cor Oth and H sts sw 125
713 12th st nw.-ll- nns.i $50-50
220 1 stnw, 12 rms 40 00
805 6thi8jtiiw, 9 rms .., 27 00
1004 Fla ave nw, 6 rms 23 50
621 C ht sw, 0 rms. - 15 30
2261 Cleveland ave nw, 0 rms.... 14 00
SOS and 810 N U ave nw, 0 rms.. 12 50
3410 Rstnw.G rms.. 12 50
216 14th st sw, 4 nils .. 8 33
408 6 1-2 st sw, 5 rms 8 30
313 S C ave se, 4 rms 7 00
1210 Blagden'sulleynw, -Inns .. .. 0 30
80 G st ne, 5 rms 7 00
l251emptiranceavcuw,4rms.. .. 6 00
1145 23d stnw, 3 rms 6 00
Stranddwg, 3 27525th stnw, Gnus. .$20 00
Strand dwg, 1410 3d stnw, 4 rms.. 14 00
Stable, rear 495 C stsw 10 00
Stable, rear 508 12th stnw 9 00
1114 G stnw, 3d-.-tory front rm and
hallrm 20 00
The al.ove Is only a portion or the prop
erty on nil books. For Tull list coll at or
rice for bulletin issued on the 1st and 15th.
Ur. 1' and bill sts. n. w. c.epiiono 1104.
t'2G to Go'O 9tll lie.
OiTlcors.G, Ksl
new. Gr. S2.1 00
530 ripruqo nw.tirlS 50
343, 47 and 30 F st
ne, Or 10.50
l03 l-'tlnnvnr.. 30.00
1701 Fla av.ir.. 10 30
Knoiiis. niS'Jth nw.
COO -Mil. 5r SIS 50
: t.st,B'kPil,Br.. 12.00
I01l13thso,or.. 8, .O
new range, latiobe, bath, gas, hix rooms;
halls; back building: large yard; parking;
arranged lor T 0 lamihes; HOUSE Ol'EN.
144 Q St. nw. $30. Ja30-3t
FOR RENT 72 M st. nw., modern, bay
window, brick; paitly lurnlshcd; electric
bells, speaking tubes, cabinet mantels,
furnace; ?30 per mo, , Key, 1 1 N. Y.
ave. nw. ja30-3t
FOR RENT-No. OlO 15th st. ne.. 6
rooms and cellar; pressed -brick iront; bay
window; a. m. I.; $15.50. F. J. DIEU
DONNE. Ohio Bank bldg. Ja30-3t
FOR KEN.T 143 D , se,, neat G-ropm
and bath, 'b. v. b'rlck, in good oTder;
good yard; $1S.50. 416 N. J. ave. se.
ja30-3t , j
FOR RENT Ilouse: 330 .1st st, ne., six
rooms and bath. Apply tit '230 1st. st. ne.
FOR RENT A S30 frame, 10 rooms,
closets, bath; No. 1513 Kingman place,
between Iowa Circle and 14th St.; key at
1502, opposite. Ju27-7t
FOR RENT Cabinet residence: Tur. or
unrur.; or for sale; beautiful location and
cheap rent. Address CABINET, this or
rice. ja24-7t
F'JR RENT Seven-ioom frame cottage
in Brookluud; two blocks from cars; mod
ern improvements; terms low. .Inquire L
S. HOLLIDGE, cure Saks & Co. tf .
FOR RENT 503 II st. nw , a largo 2d
story front room; toutliern exposure; bath
on same floor; suitable for 2 gentlemen;
light and heat; refb. required. ja30-3t
FOR TtENT Furnished, third rioor rront
room, with heat and gas; also hall room.
811 9th st. nw. It
FOR RENT Neatly rur. lt-floor back
room, at S6 per mo. 722 lOtn st. :iw.
lOlt RENT A nicely fur. nont room; 2d
story: private Tamil.: convenient to all
cars-; heat and gas; $7 per month. Call at
2029 1-2 Oth st. nw. Ja30-3t
FOR RENT Large fur. loom; 2d lloor.
221 D st. nw. Ja30-3t
FOR RENT Large and pleasant front
and back rooms; oil 1st, "d, and 3d floors;
with first-class table board; for $20, up.
jSo. 2136 Pa. ave. nw. ja30-3t
FOR RENT Pleasant furnished rooms;
southern exposure; bay window; heat, gas,
and bath; near cars. 201 D st. nw.
FOR RENT Three rooms: second rioor;
rurnished or unrurnished; housekeeping.
100 Mass. ave. ne. ja30-ut
1-0 it RENT At 40b 2d st. mv 3 iutn.
rms , 1st and 2d f oors; heat, gas and I am:
mii.'iii. ci.." i n t'i'K ;uiu up. JH-U-Jl.ei
FOR RENT Fur. ronms for nenlleiiien:
$1 and s1.25 per week. 17 E st. nw
.bOit REM 2- lur. rooms with ucatand
pps ior -rentleman or light housekeeping.
308 K nw. .Ja2-3t
FOR RENT 143 D st. se., neat 6-room
and bath, b. tt. brick, in iood order, with
good yard, S18.50. 416 N. J. ave. se.
FOR RENT Desirable rooms for light
housekeeping; references: 2d and 3d floors.
THE HARRISON, 3d and Gsts.nw. ja29-3t
FOR RENT Second floor; three unfur
nished rooms; heat in, two; two closets:
bath; hot wuter; south front; one-half
block from cable cars; light housekeeping.
OWNER. G29 T st. nw. ja20-3t
FOR RENT For houscKCcniug, 4 rooms;
one floor; mod. imp.; excellent neighbor
hood: refs. OWNER, 1115 S st. nw.
FOR RENT 2 rooms on second floor;
heat and gas; $10. 422 1st. st. ne.
FOR RENT Desk room;- $8; basement.
911 G st. nw. Ju28-3t
FOR RENT Three large unfurnished
rooms; bay window, bath, furnace heat;
high and hcalthfuli .excellent neighbor
U.oJ: twenu-no minutes .irom Tie.isury;
$12.50. 3042-13tlpst:nw. " ja28-3t
EOR RENT Lighthousokeeping, 2 unfur
nished back parlors; heat and gas: $8.
1114 llth st. jiw,,,; . ju28-3t
FOR RENT Furnished nnd Unrurnished
rooms, -with excellent table board. 803
Oth st. nw. J ja27-3tem
FOR RENT 2 or 3 'unrur. rooms, suitable
ror light housekeeplngjlheat and gas. 1612
8th st. nw. " !- ja27-3t-ein
IOR RENT 3 largeirinrur. rooms on 2d
rioor. with bath and luJat' 2 Tor S10, ov 3
for- S13. 735 1st nw.ttj i jn27-3t-em
FOR. TIP, NT1 Trnrrl: rn SH frnnh
room; and one back" ope parlor room,
with side room. 10141.0th st. nw.
ja27-7t -fy
FOR -RENT Wantedra party to-take
charge or furnished house, or to take
part or rurnished bofise-withorwith-out
board; entire liberty given; we have
no children; rent cheaKf 6ousooompletely
equipped. Address PRIVATE PARTI",
tins ofnee. .l;i ... ja27-uv
FOR RENT A large, 2d-story, front
room; nicely furnished; suitable for two
persons; private family; good home cook
ing: house heated by furnace. 513 2d
st. no. ja2G,28,30
money: wanted and to loan.
money to Loaxs we give tins oranch
of our business special atterition. 5 per
cent money alwaysonhandrorsecurity that
justifies that rate. HERRON & RAMEY,
Ohio National Bunk Building. jaG-lmo
"" muu l.uuu uorrowtrs iviio oesire
from $50 to $10,000 each on stocks, bonds,
trusts, loar. association certificates, ware
house receipts and lire or tontinepolicles
lu old-lineicompanles; no delay: no'chattel
mortgages taken. YERKES & BAKER. 40
to 4b Metzerott Bldg.. 1110 F st. nw.
t-l. , nn.- 1 lfll . . .
MONEY TO LOAN t.anrn .nnii nt -.n..,1
5 - per cent on D. C. real estate; $250.
5500, 5750. etc., at 6 per cent; all trans
actions conducted with economical con
tJderatiou for borrowers. WM. H. SAUN
DERS & C0..1407-F it nw. mr8
FOR RENT All pejr&Jjs desiring first-
ciassTooms or Doara;na-,Ye-your money and
lime by culling at Roonrl 5 . Loan and Trust
Blllldilli:. Cor. 9tll linrilWiKts InfVTrnmtinn
, (Issued January 15, 1897.)
late or Washington, D. C. No. 7G05, Doc.
23. Application having been made to the
Supreme Courtrof the District or Columbia,
liqlding orphans' court, for letters of ad
ministration on bald estate, by James A.
lltiover, a creditor, this, is to give notice to
all concerned to appear in said court on
FRIDAY, tiic 12th day of February, A. D.
1897, at 10 o'clock a. in., to show caube
way such application should not be granted.
Attest: J. NOTA McGILL,
Register of Wills, D. C.
W. E. POULTON, Jr., Proctor for Ap
plicant. jal6-law-3t
D.C.,Jaiuiary29,lb7 Sealedmoyosalbwill
be received atthis orilce until 2 o'clock p.
sm. on the 26TH DAY OF FEBRUARY,
1897, and opened Immediately thereafter
for ail the labor and materials and llxing
in place complete a boiler plant, low pres
sure steam heating and ventilating ap
paratus, l.otand cold water supply sjstein,
filtering plant, etc., lor the 1'i.ited Mutes
Tostoffice building at Washington, D. C,
in accordance with the drawings and
specifications, copies or which may be
had atthis of lice or the office of the super
intendent at Washington, D. U. Each bid
must be accompanied by a certified check
for a sum not less than 2 per cent ol the
amount of the proposal. 1 he right is re
served to reject any and all bids and to
viiuut umnof inioiiiiaiit many bldir
It lie deemed In the interest or the povern
mentto do so. All proposals received arter
the time stated "will be returned to the
Supervising Architect. Ja30-6t-cod
January 22, 1897. Seuled proposals, en
dorsed "Proposals for Supplies ror the
Navy Yard, Washington. D. 0., to be
opened February 6, 1897," will be re
ceived at the Bureau or Supplies and Ac
counts, Navy Department, Washington, D.
0., until 12 o'clock noon, FEBRUARY 6,
1897, and publicly opened immediately
thereafter, to ruriilsli at the Navy Yard,
Washington, D. C, a quantity or bteelforg
ings, nickel hteel rorglngs, and steel cast
ings. The articles must conrorni to the
Navy standard and pass the usual naval
inspection. Blank proposals will be fur
nished upon application to the Navy Yard,
Washington, D. C. The attention or manu
facturers and dealers is invited. Tie bids,
all other things being equal, decided by
lot. The Department reserves the right to
waive defects or to reject any or all bids
not deemed advantageous to the govern
Pay master General.U. S.N.
Born clairvoyant and scientific palmist.
Tells your name, occupation, and just what
you want to know; also tells about busi
ness deals, love arruirs, family troubles,
friends and enemies, reunites the separ
ated, brings quarrels nil right, removes
spells, causes good luck, etc. Fee, 25, 50c
and i$l. Hours, 9 to 9 daily, except
Sunuay. Hours Sunday, 2 to 4. Parlors,
925 H st. nw. Sutihfaction guaranteed.
ja22-2m o
"WONDERFUL power of fcecond sight
alo magnetic healer, helps all in trouble
or illness. 607 F ht. nw. lt.em
PAINTING lest ons, by competentteacher,
35 cents a lesion, or three letsons Tor $1;
Miccial attention to beginners; houis made
to suit pupil. 431 4th St. ne- ja27-3t-em
Expert Spt'clnli.st lu the cure of aU
rorms or private diseases. Consultation
rrco. Hours, 9 to 12, 2 to 5. Tues.,
Thurs. and Sat. evenings, 7 to 8. No.
U- F nw. (Closed Sundays.)
MME. FRANclb removes spells, evil in
fluences, reunites separated, "-ive luck to
all; 25 and 50c; hours 9 to 9. 302 East
Cap. st. ja26-7t-ein
QUITE a crowd attended "Bogan's Al
ley ' last week, and then had money enough
left to buy one of our fine custom-made
suits, overcoats, little worn, at very low
riirures; give us a call. JUSTH'S OLO
STAND, 619 D St. nw. ja26-7t
NO CHARGE Tor consultation. II. D.
GOitDON, lawyer, 918F, Room 2. ja25-6t
TUB "3-D AYS' ' CURE is sold at Evans'
drug store, 938 F st. nw.; SI. jal7-14t
PROF. CLAY. Medium, tells ousiness,
love arrairs, losses, etc., cradle to grave.
Tor 50c; reunite.sseparated husbands, wives,
.sweethearts or friends: causes speedy mar
riages; removes spells; bad luck; all trouble.
lOtolOdally. 4891ist.sw. jal3-lmo-em
Scientific palmist and card reader; know
vour fate and fortune: open daily. German
bpoken. 25e and 50c. 02U li st. nw.
No. G19 Pa. Ave. N. AV., " n.hiii;-'on, JD. C.
Specialist in chronic and private diseases,
piles. Stricture, Hydrocele, Gout, Catarrh.
Dyspepsia, Blood Poisiou cured, Vitality re
stored. Consultation free and confidential to
hoth sexes. Daily, u to 12, 3 to 6.
OUR greatest medium and spiritual moth
er, DR. aiAUx uuujjuis, tens you an
no, tr
DR. TAYLOR, 900 F st. nw., makes
rull sets of teeth for $5; satisfaction guar
anteed; teeth extracted without pain; gold
rilling, $1 ; amalgam. 50c; extracting free
when plates are made. jelS-tt
LADIES needing confidential treatment,
.,. o.i.l t?ir.. r..rnif tn all t,'n. -. n'n nrxm.
a oiuc; tin! auii i.ii.i. in mi uuiiiau o iuiu
plaints and irregularities. Gold medal
awarded for the science of obstetrics from
the University of Munich, Bavaria. Strict
ly confidential. MRS. DR. RENNER, No.
8 Seventh st. ne., near E. Cap. st., Wash
inston. D. U.
TO A MAN of business ability, and who
has or can control rrom $l,50u to S2.500
that, he can iuvest in stock, a position pay
ing S1.000 the rirst year as secretary and
treasurer or a corporation: will be open
on or about Feb. 1, 1897. Thecompanyis
doing a prorituble business and will stand
the closest investigation. Addressin confi
dence, TREASURER, this office.
WANTED Partner in the printing busi
ness, with S400 or S500: this will pay you
to investigate. Box XX, this pftice. It
FOR SALE Grocery, meat and provi
sion store on Ta. ave. nw; daily sales, S45
to ?50; first-class stand for right party;
reason for selling, other business; reason
able. Address E. R., owner, this office.
WANTED A partner, lady or gent,
with S5uo to invest in a "Cinematograph"
to give entertainments in opera houses;
S300 a week clear prorits guaranteed. Ad
dress D. 11., this office. ja29-3t
FOR SALE Decidedly the best located
dining-room in Washington Tor inauguration;
tremendous capacity; good reasons for sell-ins-,
must ad uutck. only fc3oo cash re
quired. Address T. T. T., this of rice.
FOR b ALE Saloon; H st. ne.; excellent
cabinet Tixtures, cash register, etc.; 6
rooms; bath; 5 years' lease: 35: average
daily sales aoout $15. BUSINESS EX
CHANGE, 918 F st. nw. ja28-3t
WILL give new city house under rental
and some cash lor any good paying busi
ness. BUSINESS EXCHANGE, 918 F st.
nw. ja28-3t
i'UK SALE Steam yacht; 5u reet long;
speed, 10 miles an hour; 82,000; terms
easy: or would exchange for real estate.
FOR SALE S700; corner grocery 6
rooms and stable; rent, S25; lease can bo
obtained; stock and fixtures will inven
tory anoul. ptice asked. BUSINESS EX
CI1ANGE. 918 F St. nw. ja28-3C
FOR SALE First-class saloon, doing
good business; rent reasonable, and long
lease. Address C. B. L., this office.
FOR T2XCHANGE 60-acres ranch, Los
Angeles Co., Cal.; ror city or country
property; deiightrul climate; plenty water;
perfect title; unlnicumbered. 210 3d st.
nw. Ja28-3t
FOR SALE 4200 will buy a nice stock
of grocenesand fixtures: good house: cheap
rent Cor. 1st and V st. nw. ja 7-7 1
FOR SALE A bargain; one-quarter acre,
6-room brick house; out kitchen, pure water,
electric railroad; St. Asaph, Va.; small pay
ment cash, balance long time. PALMER,
1106 Mnoison ave,, Baltimore, Md.
WANTED All persons having family
hotels or respectable private homes with
rooms for rent kindly call at Room 15.
Loan and TrustBuilding., jalG-lrn-em
Prom Station, 13th St. & Pa. Ave.
4'exandria. 6:40, 7:05, 7:35, ex.;
-i-28:30 e-'. 9:00, 0:50, l10:05, ex;
11:00. ll;4n n. tn i---ii-i' ax 12:30.
lO'.UO. 'lin" -I't-rM n" t
Daily, wo express Sundays,
ror Mount Vernon, Riverside and way
stations, -6:40, 10:05 a. ni., 12:05, 2:05,
4:15 p. m.
Daily, extra Sunday at 11 a. m.
lor Arlington, hourly from 8 a. m. to
8 P- n- jaG-tr.em
Tmnli nr Waslilntrton.
Daily (except Sunday), at 10 a. in., return
ing reach the city at 2:30 p. in. FARE,
ROUND TRIP. 50c Admission to grounds
LU. Tickets, with Mount Vernon admission
coupon, ror sale at wharr and nt hotels.
VViu also make river landings as rar as
Olyinont, stopping Tor freight and passen
gers both ways. For charters, etc., apply
at offices or steamer JUacalc6ter.
L. L. BLAKE, Captaln.
FOR RENT No pews ror rent. All Tree.
"A Visit to a Virginia Insane Hospital,"
described Sonday night. Second JJaptist
Church Auditorium, 4th st. and Va ave. se.
andsave money. CI1AS.S. WILLIS, 708
10th St. nw. ja30-3t
FOR SALE One ot the nicest standard
cans in city; lighted; 2 tine horses, blank
ets, harness, license, etc.; no reasonable
offer rerused: party retiring rrom business.
Call Tor No. 271, B. Sc. Q. hack stand, after
2 p. m. . ja29-3t
FOR SALE Second-hand McDowell
portable oven; equal to a brick oven; this
is a bargain. Address 500, this office.
ANOTHER rise in the Elgin butter mar
ket this week, but 1 will continue to sell
the very best Elgin, fresh from the churn,
ror 28c, or 4 pounds Tor $1 ror this week
at any rate. B. B. 1'OONGS, 76 and 77
O-st. market, and 69 Riggs market. Postal
orders promptly rilled Ja29-3t
WAX CANDLES Tor Candlemas Day at
II. C. LANCASTER'S, 612 9th st. nw.
HAYS, cheapest printer in Washington,
122 1 M st. ne.: neatly prints A. 000 h nd-cut
briatol business cards for -!. Ja23-lmo
THE "3-Days' " Cure is sold at EvanB'
drug store, 938 F st. nw., 51. jal7-14t
FOR THE best lunches and delicious
coffee go to the Pure Dairy Lunch, 935
D st. nw. jal4-tr
JUST NOTICE We pay the highest price
Tor gents' cast-off clothing, and we guar
antee to sell you cheaper than any one in
our line. SAUL BROS., 925 D St. nw.
HERE'S A TIP For thirty days I will
bind your magazines In cloth for 50a, just
to advertise my work; business cards. 75c.
per 1.000. G. E. WILLIAMS. 615 7th st
nw. delM-tr,em
WANTED Furnituro movea; largest 4
liorse loau in tut-city, $"",iu; l-norse load?,
51.25: pianos. S2; experienced handlers.
st. nw. 'Phone. 1566. nol7-tf
LOST Blown from window, a pair of
heavy portieres. Reward if returned to
1900 R St. nw It
LOST Bunch or keys wi;h n-'sn-e and
former address on rlnir. Finder pltase re
turn to RODNEY M. JONES, Room 3, 918
F st. n w. It
STRAYED away from 2414 15th st- ex
tended, a red buffalo cow and cair. Lib
eral reward. It
LOST Pocketbook containing sum or
money and return ticket to New York.
Finder will be liberally rewarded by re
turning to 1217 Conn. ave. It
LOST rfc'o--. terrier: one winte eie.
Return to DR. FRENCH, 714 12th st. nw ,
ror owner. Reward. -a2S-3t
LOST Sword pin. set with red, white,
and blue stones. Reward ir returned to
917 Pu. ave. ja28-3t,era
FOR HIRE Full dress suits. SI only.
.ii I., us.. t.,it;.. 110 itiisj.-11'v t:"4-tf
FOR HIKE To drummers ana business
men, horse and buggy or Dayton. SI. 50 and
;: per day. Apply to the REX STA BLES,
rear 615 a st. nw.; telephone call. 109
VVA-VrKl l'( yi iVI J KJiTAJU'S.
wanted For cash, all kinds of" old
United States postage and department
stamps; collections also bought. H. F
DUNKHORST. HI05 7tti Kt. nw S0-tf
FOR SALE $700 cash, Tor 6-room frame
house and lot, 12x100; water and sewer:
northeast; former price $1,000. JOHN F.
DONOHOE. 30S E.Capitolst. ja27-3tem
GERMAN lessons, 35c; rapid, practical
method: university graduate from Switzer
land. 607 F st. It
J. O. RUSSELL, teacher or guitar;tcrms
reduced. 731 llth st nw. ja25-14t
Should be read daily, by all interested,
as changes may occur at any time.
Foceis-n mails Tor the week ending Jan
uary 30, 1897. close promptly at this
office as follows:
Transatlantic Mails.
steamers sailing from New York on Tues
days, Thursdays and Saturdays take print
ed matter, etc Tor Germain, and sneciallv
addressed printed matter, etc., Tor other
parts or Europe.
Wh.te Star steamers sailing rrom New
York on Wednesdays take speciallv ad
dressed printed matter, etc., Tor Europe.
American, Cunard and French Line steam
ers sailing Trom New York take printed
matter, etc., ror all countries for which
they arc advertised to carry mail.
Mails for Sontli and Central Anier
icn, "West Indies, Etc.
SATURDAY (a) At 12:05 p. m., for
Newfoundland, per steamer from Halifax.
SUNDAY, (31st) At 3:50 a. m. for
Nassau, N. P.. per s. s. from Miami, Fla.
Mads for Newfoundland, by rail to
Halifax and fienc' via steamer, close here
dally at 12:05 p. m.(d).
Mails for Miquelon, by rail to Boston and
th i" ia sicamer, close here dally at
3:20 p. m.(a).
Mausfor Ciiba (exceptthose forSantlago
de Cuba, which will be forwarded to New
York up to and Including the 10:55 p. m.
close Friday,) close here dally at 3:00 p.
m., for forwarding via steamers sailing
.Mondays and Thursdays from Port Tampa,
Mails for Mexico, overland (exceptthose
for campeche, Chiapas. Tabasco and Yu
catan, which will be forwarded to New
York up to the 10:55 p. m. close Friday,
arterthe Wednesday overland close) close
nere daily at 7:10 a. m.(dl.
Transpacific Mails.
Malls for China. Japan, and nawali, per
s. s. Gaelic, rrom San Francisco, close
here daily, up to 6:30 p. in., January 27.(d)
Mails for Cliina and Japan, per s. a.
Victoria, Trom Tncoma, close here daily,
up to 6:30 p. ra., January 30.(d)
Mails for Australia "(except those for
West Australia, wlilch are forwarded via
Europe), New Zealand, Hawaii, Fiji, and
Samoan Islands, per s. s. Monowai, from
San Francisco, close here daily up to
G:30 p, m., January 31. (d)
Mails for Australia, except West Aus
tralia, Hawaii and Fiji Islands (specially
addressed only), per s. s. Warrlmoo,
train Vancouver, arter 6:30 p. m., Jan
uary 31, close here up to February 1.
6:30 p. m.(d)
Malls ror Hawaii, per s. s. Australia,
rrom San Francisco, close here dally up to
6:30 p. in., February 17.(d)
Transpacific malls are forwarded to the
port of sailing daily, and the schedule
of closing is arranged on the presumption
of their uninterrupted overland transit.
(a)Reglstered mail closes at 10 a. m.
same day.
(b)Reglstered mall closes at 1 p. m.
same day.
(c)Reglstered mall closes at 6 p. m
same day.
(d)Reglstercd mall closes at 0 p. m
previous day.
(e)Registered mall closes at 1 p. m.
Tuesdays and Saturdays.
(f)Reglstered mall closes at 1 n. m.
previous day.
JAMES V. WILLETT. Postmaster.
A:15j 1:45, '2:05, ex.; 2:40, "3:30, 4:00
x" 4:15, ex.; 4:45, 5:00, 5:20, ex.;
in 'n6:05, ex'; 6:20, 7:00, 8:00, 9:00,
In Erfect dimuu.y ih. 1807.
T:53iJM- week y8- FITTSBURG EX
i"Ktaa fanor and Dining Curs. Harris
burg to Pittsburg
Pullman Sleeping, Dining, amoking and
Observa-ioa Cars. Harrisburc to Chicago,
Clucinnau, inuiauapolls, St. Louis, Ciet
land n.ia Toledo. Ruffct Parlor Car t
1050 A. M. FAST LINE Pullman Buf fe!
1 arlor tar to Harrisburg. Buffet Partoi
o ?rT, H?p-lsburg to PKtaours..
Lxpress Pullman Buffet Parlor Car
to Harrisburg. Sleeping and Dining
tare Harrisburg to St. Louis, Cincinnati
antl Ciiiiuo.
Si?.? yeel'lns- Car to Pittsburg, Chicago
i -52 Ju-.sburS -o Cleveland. Dining;
- ri? K to Chicago.
i uilman bleeping Cars Washington to
.. . ,s anu Harrisburg to St- Louis
Car -"OUUiVU,e Via "-mciuiiaui. Dining
10 -hT, -- rACIFIC EXPRES3-P0U-7-so
? ? CL;I)ln,s Car to I'ltwourg.
tVVn.i'-J!'r ; Cauan.iaigua. Rochen
day NlaKara Falls doily, except Sua-
'S'-i- M,-Jjr Elmlra and Reno vo dally.
P L ""anisport Sunday--, 3:40
7:nr; M- , WllllamsTKKt. Rochester.
Knf,,? , and,NIa?-ara Falls dally. excep
l nn-'S?5'.011 Bridge, via Buffalo. fa
tir ftf01" ErI?- Canandaigua, Roche
Si. BurraI. and Niagara Folia dally,
bleeping Car Washington to Elmlra.
j. unauelpnm.New lorK.uud tlio
.. Eut.
i-1111?-,11" I'arlor Cars, with Dm
i itirtSZ Zoni Baltimore Regular at 7:00
Car? f -S- 00- y-00- l5-00 (Bining
mtarnia -V.?0 -fnin Car rrora Wu
loftm i-ViH" 2.45. 3.15. 4.20, 6:50,
lDintn"Al 1.1-25-1 M- n Bandar. 7.0(1
cr &-.&?.' 8"00' 00 x100 (Blnlng
??,?" AV"m,nRton A-M.. 12.15. 3.lf
PifiV K5?-10-0S and 11.35 P M. Fo
i imadeliihla only. Fast Express. 7.50 A.
wwi-"1?8- Exnress. 12.15 P. M.
? i5a.3' -"01 and 5.40 P. M. dally.
4o, , lon- "Without cluinge. 7 so A. ii.
k eec:,da-'3 anl 3-15 P M. dadv
Hr-,JLlanff0 -- t11 Beiaware River
L-JH i,$0' a"-rali route). 3.15 d -- -jaily.
inW' e -5' 7.00. 7.50. 8.0U. u.00;
iHVL'- .lu-CO. ll.oo. and li.su a. m..
t?,a. ;.4r. l 3e- c--i. t-is. G.sn: 7.10.
7iU'c' ,10-40' 11-16. ana 11.35 p. m.
" y? M.Unda- 700' -00. 9.00. 9.05. 10.50;
h ;W a. m 1-, 3A5.3.40;
(-74i 1,.P,.Ued)- 4-:,, G-4- 6.15. 6.50.
t-J.U I,u". 10.40. and 11.35 p. m-
t or Pope's Creek Line. 7 50 n. m. and 4.33
p. m. dally, except Sunday.
tor Annapolis. 7.00. y.oo A. M.. 12.15
and 4. 'M p. M..datly, except Sunday.
Sundays, 0.00 A. M- and 4.20 P. M.
Atlantic Coast Line "Florida Suecial"
4Sr.rJiF,csouv'l,e aml ta- Augustine.
iV4P,p- M- "week days. Express for
ilorida and points on Atlantic Coast
Line, 4.30 A. M.. 3.46 P. M. daily;
Richmond only, iu.57 A. M. week-dava;
Atlanta Special, via Richmond and Sea
board Air Line. 8.40 P. M. daily. Ac
commodation for Quantico. 7.4o A. M.
daily, and 4.25 P. M. week-davs
Ticket offices, corner Filtceuth and (i
Etrects, and at the station. Sixth and B
streets, where orders can be iclt lor c leck
lng or laggage to destination rrom hotel3
and residences.
8. M PREVOST. General Mann-rer.
J.R. WOOD, General Passenger Agent
1 Schedule In effect January 24, 1S97.
.Leave Washington Trom s.auon. c-irner of
New Jersey avenue and C street.
For t'hif is;., ami nrti' .. et, V-.-stiouled
Limited trains, 10:00, 11:45 a. ni . 8:05
p. m.
Express. 11:45 a. m. VesUbuled Limited
8:40 p. m., express 11:25 p. ni.
For Pittsburg and Cleveland, express
daily, 10:00 a. ni. and 3:50 p. ni.
x or Winchester and way stations. 10 a.
na., ?5:30 p. m. 1
For New Orleans, Memphis, Birmingham.
Chattanooga. Knoxville. Bnstol and
Soanoke. 9.00 p. m. daily; Sleepinjr Car
For Luray.3:40 p. in. daily.
For Baltimore, week days, 5.00. 6.30,
X7.05, X7.10, xS.00, 8.30, xO.30. XlO.00.
3.20, X4.30, 4.35. x5.05, x5 10, x5.3(K
X6.20. 6.30, XS.00, S 15. x0.20. 11. 15
sll.50 p. m..and X12.01 night. Sundays,
Z7.05, X7.10, 8-30, xO.OO a. m., xl:05.
12.40, 1.00, X3.0O, .1.20, 4.35, X0.1..0.
.5.10, 6.30, xS.00. X9.20, 11.15, xll.50.
p. tn., X12.01 night.
For Annapolis, 7T10 and S.30 a. m.. 1 2:10
and 4.30 p. in.; Sundays, 830 a. in.. 4.35
-p in.
For Frederick, week davs, 7"35. 11.13
a. m., 4.30, 5.30 p.m. Sundays, 1:15 p.m.
For Hagerstown, J10.00 a. m, and :5.39
"?. ZD.
For Boyd and way points, week days.
7.35 a. m., 4.30, 5.30. 7.05 p. m. Sim
days, 1.15. 7.05 p. m.
For Gaithersburg and wav points, week
days, 7.35. 9.00 a. m.. 12.50, 3.15. 4.30.
4.33, 5.30, 7.05, 11.40 p. m. Sundays,
9.00 a. m., 1.15,4.33, 705, 10:15 p. in.
For Washington Junction and way points.
7.35 a. m.. 4.30. E.30 p. m. week da-a.
1.15 p. m. Sundays.
All trains illuminated with Pint-sch light.
For Philadelphia. New York. EOvSton.and
the East, week days, S.00, ( 10.00 a. m.
DlningCar), 12.00, (12.40 Dining Can. 3.0M
(5.05 Dming Car), (12.01 night. Sleeplai
Caropeu at 10.00 o clock). Sundays, (9.C0
a. m. Dining Car), (12.40 Dining Car), 3.00
(5.05 DiuuigCarj. 12.01 night; sleeping car
open ten o'clocs. Additional trains for
Philadelphia, week days, 7.05 a. m., daily.
8.00 p. m.
BuffetParlor Cara on all day trains.
For Atlantic City. 10.0O a. 111.. 12.00
noon, and 12.40 p. m. week days, 12.40
Id. 111. Sundays.
' For Cape May, 12 noon.
tExcept Sunday. --.Express trains.
1 Buj-gage tailed for and checked from
hotels and residences by Union Transfer
Co. on orders left at ticket offices, 619
Pennsylvania nvenue nw., New York
avenue and Fiffeenth street, and at deooJ.
Gen. Manager. Gen. Pass. Age
(Piedmont Air Line.)
(Schedule in effect January IS. 1S97.1
All trains arrive and leave Pennsylvania
Passenger Station.
8 a. tn. Daily. local for Danville. Char
lotte and way .stations, connects at Manas
sas for Strashurg, Harrisonburg, and
wav stations, dally, except Sunday, t.cd
at Lvnchburg with the Norfolk and West
ern daily, and with the Chesapeake and
Ohib. daily, Tor the Natural Rrtilge, and
11:15 a. m. Daily. the UNITED STATES
FAST MAIL, carries Pullman Burret
Sleeix-rs. New York and Washington to
Jacksonvflle. uniting at Salisbury with
Pullman Sleeper for Asheville and Hot
Springs, Is. C, Knoxville and Chattanoogajr
Tenn and at Charlotte with Pullmans
Sleeper for Augusta; Pullman Buffet Sleep-
er New York to New Orleans, connecting
at Atlanta for Birmingham and Mem
lihi'?. Soli'l tram Was'-n-tnn to New
Orleans without change. Sunsetpersonally
conducted tourist excursion throu-n sleeper
on this train every Saturday to San Fran
cisco, without change.
4-01 p. m Local for Front Royal. Stra3-
burg and Harrisonburg, dally, except Sun
day. 4.51 p. ra- Dally, local for Charlottes
ville 6-20 n. m. Dally, except Sunday, N'EW
Vestibuled Sleeping Cars. Dining Cars,
Observation and Compartment Cars. New
y.ork to Jacksonville and St. Augusune.
Aiso Pullman bleeping Car New lark to
Aiimista witn coiiiiuwhu" im """.
lTU''Ii i-nmnnSPf
sleepers, dining cars and day coachea.
i,..iif....n cionnra New York to Nash-
vlllp. Tenn.. via Ashev'ule, KnoxvilI
nnd Chattanooga; New York to Tampa,
vH Charlotte, "Columbia, Savannah and
Jacksonville, and New York to Mcm
liilis via Jbirmim-n-.m, New lork to New
Orleans, via Atlanta and Montgomery.
Vestibuled day coach Washington to At
lanta. BoutliernRailwaydininscar.Greena
tooro to Montgomery.
DIVISION leave Washington 9:l a. in.
aany ann 4:45 p. ni. dally, except Snn
day, and 6:25 p. va. Sunday only for
Round mil: 4 12 p. in- oaUv-.e-cci-nt Sun
day, for Lecsburg, and 6:25 p. in. dally for
iierndon. Returning, arrive at Nasiilng
ton 8:6 a. in. and 3:00 p. ni. dally, rrom
Round Hill and 7:"G a. in. daily, except
Sunday, rrom iierndon. and b:34 a. ru
daily except Sunday, rrom Lcesbnrg.
Through trains rrom the South arrive at
Washington 6:42 a, in., 2:20 p. m., and
9:40 p 111. dailv, and 9.45 a. ni. dully ex
cept Monday." Harrisonburg. 12:40 p.
m., and 9:40 p. m. dahy, except Sunday,
and 8:30 a. m.. dally, from Charlottesville.
Tickets, sleeping car reservation, and in
formation rurnished at offices, 511 and
1300 Pennsylvania avenae and at Pennsyl
vania Railroad Passenger Statlou.
V. M. UlUSKT", uen. bnpt.
J. Al. OULJt'.Uraflic Alanagei.
W. A. XUKJi, Uen. Jeas8.-ABeni-.
1m S. Brown. Uen. Ag-t. Pass. Ucp

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