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IT...-. r.,r.-n -rT rfWW W W1W . W w r r
The Busy Corner,
8th and Market Space.
, ..;; . 0
Johnstons, 729 7th St
i-ast ureat uav a
S. Kann, Sons
& Co.
The Lady Managers of the New
Episcopal Hospital.
Of Our Now Famous
January: Shoe Sale !
a-ffl35L -
III KEjg&Sft "jS?
Ill RV55JV'2ff
and Ulsters, every Reefer and every pair of Trousers
not one reserved and all at ONK-HAIF of regular
marked prices.
Men's Winter Overcoats, too, are half price.
Men's Suits, Men's and Boys' Shoes, Hats and Fur
nishings ONE-THIRD OFF.
Robinson,Chery & Co.-
Twelfth and F Streets N, W.
1 What's i
I cut off i
our regular prices of Hou6e
furnibliingb drops into your
pot-Vctis. "We're bhearing
right and left. You can't
judge of value by figures
now. Ours are worth more
than they are marked.
"Your Credit
is Good."
House & Herrmann, J
J Liberal Furnishers, f
Com or SevciUIi and 1 Streets.
COMFORTING prices here for cold
weather clothing: these prices
prove our purpose to clear all win
ter goods quickly.
Men's Block and Blue Cheviot Suits.
never soldfor less than8 S2.75
Men's Cassimere Suits, never sold for
lesthau10 51.03
Fine Heavy Chinchilla titorm Uls
tcre, worth SU. for $3.50
Men's Overcoats. Blue and Black JCer
teys, never sold for less thin SSS. .53.73
All-wool Kersey Overcoats, worth any
wncroSir, for 4.00
H. Friedlander & Bro.
Cor. 9th and E Streets N. W.
Regular mailed prices
for your choice of any
Winter Suit or Overcoat
in our entire stock.
Your size is here NOW
may not be if you
M Itairiifnrfli & fn
j 621 Pennsylvania Ave. N. W., g
B Under Metropolitan Hotel. Q
e .-&. -bfefe & -Qfe"'
fTW -4 T This is the prlco wo v
" VI I -4 quote for a fine Eng- f
$ DleL3 j's diagonal Cut- $
away Coat and Vest,
F and a 'J rousers from W
9 a choice of stylish materials to your C
S rucatsuie S
s New Era Tailors, 2
906 F ST. I
The Jtjieus Lansburgh
Furniture & Carpet Co.,
permanently located at
1226 F st. nw.,
Owrs arc not wines and liquo r
vfdou hi their qu a lily their p u r
tly and their cheapness are always
assured at P.ckord's, s. zv, cor.
yth and La. Ave.
Morning and Sunday
36c Per Month.
Besfinuincf this morning: all
clothing- in "our Children's Depart
ment (second floor) is offered for a
few days at
Dvery Short Pants Suit, includ
ing Two-piece Suits, Suits with
vests Sailor -and Blouse Suits
and Reefer Suits, all Overcoats
The circulation of. Tlio Times for
the week ended January 22, 1807,
wnt as follows:
Saturday, Janunry 10 30,700
Sunday, Jauuary 17 24,150
Monday, January 18 515,530
Tuesday, January 10 35,580
"Wednesday, January 20 35,480
Thursday, January 21 35,400
Friday, Junuary 22 35,400
Total copies printed 238,402
Less damaged copies, copies
unsold in office and copies
returned from ncv
fctauds and brunch officea. 12,810
Total 225.58G
I hereby certify that the above
Is a correct Htntement of circula
tion for the week ended January 22,
Manager of Circulation.
Advertisers are cordially invited
to visit our press and uialliug rooms
at all times and verify tlio above
The Times has a regjnlar and per
manent Family Circulation much
greater than any other paper, morn
ing or evening, published In Wash
ington. As a Xewsand Advertising
Medium it has no competitor.
If patrons of The Times, whether
In the city or suburbs, who do not
get a prompt and regular delivery
will notify the office, the Irregu
larities will huvo Immediate atten
tion. Telcphono Xo. 337.
Advertisers !
The Times Ad-Writing Bureau
has been reorganized, and effi
cient service will bo given to all
patron., as heretofore.
City Brevities
The twelfth annual banquet of the Fire
Underwriters' Association will be held at
Masonic Temple this evening at 7:30.
A permit was issued to Laura V. Hester
for the construction of a dwelling at No.
829 First street northeast, the cost of the
improvement being $2,500.
Davidson & Davidson obtained a permit
yesterday for the repair of the dwelling
at No. 1472 Park street, Mount Pleas
ant, recently damaged by fire, the esti
mated cost of the work being ?615.
The powerful steamer Newport News
reached her wharf in this city yesterday
one hour and twenty minutes late. The
captain said she had to plow her way from
salt water through three Inches of ice.
Night Detective Clerk Robert Burns is
looking for the owner of a slate-colored
carrier pigeon, which flew into his house
in an exhausted condition. Mr. Burns re
sides at No. 421 Ninth street southwest.
A. change in the police regulations touch
ing the placing of obstructions on the pub
lic streets has been ordered by the Com
miF&ioners, which makes jt obligatory upon
the party who causes the obstruction to
have a lighted lamp on the same each night
it may be retained.
The first clause of section 5 of article
10 of the police regulations has been
amended by the Commissioners so as to
provide that "all vehicles moving upon
the streets shall keep upon the right side
thereof, and in stopping at the curb shall
keep it upon the right side." This rule is
Fast Trains a Fad.
Fast freight trains running on passenger
schedule and arrivingat destination on time
Ecem to be a fad with railroads thatisprov
lngproritable. Tlie last two in the field are
No?. 97 and 98, on thcBaltimorc and Ohio
Southwesteninnd Baltimore and Ohio, from
St. Louis to New York and vice versa. The
cast-Lound train is schedulrd at SO hours
from St. Louis to New Fork, 75 hours to
Philadelphia and 70 LourB to Baltimore.
The wcst-Lound time is even faster, be
ingCOhoursfroni New rork, BGfromriiHa
delhia and 50 fiom Baltimore. Arrange
raentshavo been made bytheBaltimoreand
and Ohfo Southwestern to load cars at St.
Louis direct for the Eastern cities.
Heart Uisease Helleved In 30 Min
utes. Dr. Agnew's Cure for the Heart
gives perfect relier in all cases of Organic
or SynipatlieticUeartDiseasein 30 minutes,
and speedily effects a cure. It is' a peerless
remedy for Palpitation, Shortness of Breath,
Smothering Spells, Pain In Left Side and
all symptoms of a Diseased Heart. Oue
dose convinces.
Sold by F. S. Williams & Co., Ninth and
F-Etrcets.vaud Edmonds & "Williams, Third
and Pennsylvania avenue
Twelvo Committees Will Bo Formed,
One for Each Month, to 'Audit
the Accounts of the Institution
and Talce Complete Charge of,,All
Its Business Affairs.
The Initial meeting of the board of lady
managers for the "Episcopal Eye, Ear,
and Throat Hospital" was held in St.
John's Parish Hall at 2:30 o'clock yes
terday afternoon. The board is composed
of one or more ladies selected from the,
congregation of each of the Episcopal
churches in the District of Columbia by
the board of governors of the hospital."
Owing to the fact that many members
were unable to be present, by reason of
sickness, the board did not oiganlzc yes
terday, as was at first intended. Instead,
those present listened to several addresses
regarding the field to be covered by the
new institution, and tlie duties of the
board of Indy governors.
After a prayer by Rev. 1): . Randolph Mc
Klm, or Epiphany Church, Mrs. I. C. Hel
ton and. Mrs. SuMc Johnston were elected
to Ml the posts, respectively, of chairman
andsccretaiy for the meeting. Mr. "William
1). Baldwin, first vice president of the
board or governors, explained that the or
ganization of the board was necessarily
postponed until tlie next meeting. In clos
ing, lie introduced Rev. Dr. Aspinwall, of
St. Thomas' Church.
Dr. Aspinwall congratulated the mem
bers upon the work which they have been
doing In their respective churches in behalf
of tlie new hospital. This inhtitution, lie
said, would be a lasting monument to the
members of the Episcopal Church in "Wash-"
ington, Tor it would meet a want which has
long been felt in tills city.
Dr. 0. 1'. Belt, secretary of the board of
governors, explained what the duties of
the lady managers would consist. The
I oard, which will be composed of about
seventy-five members, will be divided into
twelve committees, one for each month of
the year. Each committee, during the
month to width it Is aFslgned, will assume
full charge of tlie running expenses of the
hospital. It will receive and audit the
bills and draw the necef-sary n.oncy from
the treasury to defraj them. A member
will be expected to contribute nothing to
the hospital except a part of her time and
attenton during the month In which her
committee acts.
At the close of Dr Belt's address a com
mittee counting of Mrs. Mary E. Smoot,"
illss Fanny Gibbs and Miss Fredcrica L.
Rodgers was appointed to confer with a
similar committee from the board of man
agers to draw up a set of rules for the
government oi the board of lady managers.
The meeting thereupon adjourned until
Friday, Ferbuary l'J, at 4:15 p. ra.
Those present were Mrs. Susie Johnston,
Mrs. James T. Mills, Mrs. P. M. Prescott,
Mrs. H. II. Carter, Mrs. S. II. James, Mrs.
May F. Smoot, Mrs. Charles E. Buck, Ilss
Minnie A. Mason, Mrs. "Waiter "Wheatley,
Mrs. Frank Smith, Mrs. F. M. Alexander,
Mrs. J. J. M. Sellman, Mrs. Randolph
Coyle, Mlsb Alice Sawyer and Miss BT'C.
The Great Reformer's Anniversary
to Be Celebrated Here.
The celebration of the 400th annlvcrsary
of the birth of Phillip Melancthon, the"
scholar of tlie German reformation, is to
assume more than local importance in
this city. The Lutherans of Washington
are to have a two-day observance, begin
ning on the 15th of Tebruary, and lasting
until the evening of the following day.
On the 15th the services will be held in
the Memorial Lutheran Church, in Luther
Place, in front of which the Luther statue
Atthismcetingthc ITon. Knutc Nelson, of
Minnesota, in which Stale there are a
large number of Scandinavian Lutherans,
will preside and make the introductory
address. The principal address of the
occasion will be delivered by Hon. George
L. "Wellington, of Maryland, and he will
be followed by the Rev. Dr J. II. "W. Stuck
cnberg, now of Boston, but formerly pastor
or the American Lutheran Chapel, in
The celebration of this Melancthon an
niversary will be general throughout tlie
country, among Lutherans, elaborate plans
having been made in New York, where
the speakers will be Pror. E. J. Wolf,
D. D., of Gettysburg, Pa., and E. Agustus
Miller, of Philadelphia. Celebrations are
to be held in Pittsburg, Chicago, Buffalo,
and Minneapolis,
The Woman Was Admitted to Provi
dence Hospital for Treatment.
Sanitary Officer Frank received a mes
sage Thursday afternoon that a woman in
a house south of Pennsylvania avenue, ot
No. 301 Thirteen-and-a-half street, was
ill of sore tin oat and asked that some
thing be done for her relief. The case was
at once reported to the health office and
an investigation made.
The case proves to be a clearly defined
one of diphtheria, and yesterday morning
the proprietress called at Dr. Woodward's
office with the information that her ap
plication for the admission of the woman
to the hospital had been refused until f)ie
could produce some authority to vouch for
the aumibsion. She begged to have tlie
patient removed at once. She had taken
the woman In through kindness, she said,
not knowing that she had a contagious dis
ease. Dr. Woodward telephoned to Providence
Hospital and received a response that the
sick woman wouldDe admitted there, and
she was removed to that institution as foon
as practicable.
The houc from which the woman was
removed was ordered to be closed at once,
and will be disinfected this morning.
Restraining Order Granted.
The application of George Moxley for a
restraining order to prevent Arthur L.
Thompson, a coal dealer, from leasing an
advertising privilege to Rife & Houck, a
Baltimore firm, wasacted upon yesterday by
Judge Cox. Mr. Thompson in his answer
alleged that the Moxley people hail not
kept their agreement. The court granted a
permanent injunction. Mr. Moxley will
continue to use Mr. Thompson's fence for
the posting of advertising signs for i nother
The Traction Company Sued.
George W. Lash yesterday filed suit
against the Capital Traction Company, for
$15,000. The plaintiff charges that he
was a passenger on a Seventh street cable
car, August 20 last, and when attempting
to got orf the car was thrown into tlie
street and badly hruised and injured. Mr.
Lash ia represented by Attorneys Barrett
and Niles. S
This has boon a, harvest month for economical shoe
buyors. "Wo had to use desperate measures to decrease
our unusually large winter stock of Shoes. "Wo have
' succeeded at a great loss to ourselves but yet wo havo
made thereby mauynew, friends and customers, -who are
now convinced that no better or handsomer Shoes than
ours can bo found-anywhere In Washington.
Don't fall to attend the last day of this January sale.
Such qualities as the following will not again be offered
at suoh prices as these for many a day:
Our famous Misses'
"Daisy" fiueKId and Tatent
Leather Dress Snoes, $2.50
qualities, at ......v.$1.65
Heel, best grade, box-calf
Shoes, S2 qualities, at ,$1,35
Bbj'g' Satin Calf Shoes, -dressy
and very durable, on
two liandsomostyles;S1.5U -
qualities $1.20
, Ladles' Finest Vicl Kid,
hand-sewed welt or turn-
sole Boots, 10 styles, and $3
qualities at ,$2,35
fine Dongola Boots, laced
or button,-SI .75 qualities,
at $1.15
Ladies' good
Black loth
COc Overcaltcrs.
Ladies'. Misses'
and Hoys' 5Cc good
quality Rubbers. ,
a wn. HAHN & CO5
Reliable Shoe Houses,
030 and 032
rth St.; 1014 and
The Commissioners Amend the
Medical Society's Bill.
Absolute Provision Ajiwlnst Sale of
Adulterated Articles DrniiH to
' Be Claused by the United State
-I'hnrtnncopela (Penalties Prc-
bcribed for Violations of the Law.
The 'Commissioners yesterday returned to
Congress, with suggested amendments, the
bill prepared by the Medical Society of the
District, and introduced on the 6th instant
by Mr. McConnick, of the llouse or Rep
resentatives. The measure provides ab
solutely that ncadulierated foods or drugs
shall be so!d-or exchanged within District
territory, the term ""drug" including all
medicines for external or internal use,
antiseptics, disinfectants and 'Cosmetics;
and "food" embracing confectionery, con
diments and all articles of food and drink.
Purchaser of both- food and drugs are
protected by an amendment against those
who would sell an inferior grade of either,
the third Aectioa being changed ho as to
provide tlia" where there-are two or more
qualities of the same article on sale, the
best shall bu furnished unless by agreement
an inferior grade is accepted, by the
buyer, who must be notified at the time
Of tlie purchase of the inferior quality of
the article to be delivered.
The District courts are directed by the
bill to construe tlds provision, and all
others, liberally, "so as to prevent the
misohicf intended to be guarded against."
Drugs shall bo considered as adulterated
when they are not of the strengtht quality
and purity laid down in the United States
Pharmacopeia, or when sold under other
than a recognized name, cither in the
pharmacopeia, or some other standard work.
Patent medicines come under the ban
when their compounds lack any of the
Ingredients advertised or printed on the
bottles, wrappers or labels.
Imitation food must be sold under its
proper name, and there must bono device
employed to obscure its quality in order to
deceive the purchaser. All-foods arc to
be considered as adulterated it combined
with any substance calculated to reduceits
strength or quality.
The provisions of the act will apply to
cofrec that has been sweated, to lard that
has cotton oil in it, to tea that has been
dyed, to sugars with glucose as a chief
Ingredient, and to adulterations in wines,
fruit juices, bread, olive oil and other
Samples of foods and drugs arc to be
"Women in the
far East are edu
cated to a life
of pure sensual
ity. Wrong, of
course, but the
- other-extreme is
nearly as bad.
away on the
idea that any
thing connected
with the repro
duction of the
lruman species
is of necessity
bad and degrad
ing has had, in
civilized coun
tries, the effect
ot keeping wo
men in ignor
ance and of de-
modesty that has been prolific of weakness
and disease: Four out of every five women
in America are 3iot perfect women in the
sense of being perfectly healthy. They are
not perfectly equipped for the performance
of the duties of wifehood and motherhood.
Their training has made them feel that it is
better to suffer in silence than to tell of
their trouble and be cured.
The doctors are: much to blame for this,
because when treating the diseases pecu
liarly feminine they invariably insist on ex
amination and local treatment That these
things.are generally .absolutely unnecessary
has been proven by the wonderful success
of Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription. It is
a positive specific for all forms of female
weakness and disease: It purifies, strength
ens and regulates the organs distinctively
feminine, restoring them to a state of per
fecthcalth, and in so doing cures four-fifths
of all the illness of women, for almost all
womanly illnesses spring from this one
Any woman'who wants to know just how
to use the "Favorite Prescription," and just
what tnethods'will be surely successful in
her case, majr have the desired information,
free of cost if 6he will write to Dr. R. V.
Pierce, chief consulting physician of the
.Invalids' Hotel and Surgical Institute,
Buffalo, N. Y.
Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets are the only known
curcfor constipation, biliousness, heart-burn, and
attendant ills. There are many temporary re
liefs from these, troubles, but only one cure. The
"Pellets" do not gripe or cause any other un
pleasantness.. -Druggists sell them 35 cents.
0 lfK
Men's fine Hinul-mnde
Box Calf, genuine Cor
dovan Jind Kangaroo
Shoes. Si qualities, at. .$2.65
Men'sFlexible, G oodyear
Sewed Shoes, with best
Oak-tanned soles. S2.50
qualities $1.85
Men's Genuine, Cork
Sole, Laced and Gaiters
Common Sense Shape.
S2.50qualttieF,nG $1.65
Ladles' Hand-sewed, fin
est French, Cloth.Top, Kid
and Box Calf Boots. $2.50
qualities, at $1.65
Ladles' Genuine Don
gola Button Boots, with
Kid or Patent Tips. Sf.50
qualities, at 87c
Men's mid Ladies'
$1 and 51.23 "Marvel"
Pure Gum Rubbers.
1010 ra. nve.; 233 Pa. ave. S:
1 HSE5SBB223
collected, under the operation of the law,
and examined by the health office, and
the seller of the goods under inspection is
entitled to he present when the analysis
shall be made.
Tlie penalty prescribed for each vitia
tion varies from a fine or from $5 to $100,
and the prosecution of offenders must be
in the police court. "Where prosecutions are
had, based upon an analysis of a sample
found to be adulterated, the defendantmay
have a private analysis made or the same
sample, Tor his own protection, and deal
ers in canned goods are exempted from the
penalty If they show that the packages are
in the same condition they were at the
time they were purchased or the wholesale
dealer or jobber, and that they were bought
'in good faith as pure and sold innocently.
The Engineer Conimihsion Has Com
pleted Pints for Second Section.
The. Engineer Commissioner has com
pleted the plats or the second section
of street extensions under the highway act
and they arc ready for submission to the
commission, consisting of Secretary La
mont, Secretary Francis, and the chief
or Engineers of tlie Army. Nothing can
be done toward perrecting the system,
however, until after the United States
Supreme Court shall have passed upon the
case now pending, involving the constitu
tionality ot the act. It is believed by
the District officials that the act will
be sustained, In which event the second
section will be submitted at once.
Tlie engineer Commissioner has nearly
completed the third section plans, also,
and has made considerable progress in
the fourth and last section. He devotes
one hour each day, and orten more time,
to the study or the details, and will be so
far advanced as to be able to place the
plates of all three of the sections before
the commission very soon arter the court
renders a decision, should it be favor
able. In case or an adverse ruling by the
court, the matter will be greatly delayed,
as the proceedings will have to be insti
tuted anew, and tlie work done over
from the beginning.
Suicide "While Temporarily Insane.
Chattanooga, Tcnn., Jan. 29. "William S.
Porter, captain of truck company No. 1,
shot himself through the head this morn
ing while laboring under temporary mental
aberration. His trouble was due to a
blow on the head received ten years since,
as a lesult of which at Intervals of many
months he fell u victim to fits of brooding
melancholy, when he believed he was" going
The strongest rortressin European Jlussia
Is Cronstadt. It is the Russian naval depot
or the Baltic Sea.
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Low Prices
Cut Lower!
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mu wen rimsnuu. reuueeu J) j 7Q
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Kersey Overcoats, equal
In every respect to cus
tom made, reduced to...
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finely tailored, various
patterns. Keduced to..
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viceable garments. Ke
duced to
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Levering, 15jc
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ltaisins Currants, etc.
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nificent bargain leader we will give
to each purchaser of oue pound ot
50-cent Tea or throe pounds ot 30
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lwunds or Best Granulated Sugar,
PERMIT US to remind vou or our
extensive Fresh and Smoked ateat
department, containing every kind
ot Fresh Heats, Kugar-curedSu oked
Shoulders, Salt i-i-u of-all kinds
Fresh Fruits and Vegi tables.
Our Egg sale at just a little over
hair their pucetaunot help bring
ing us thousands or customers for
them 16 1-2 cents per dozen, sav
ing you ten cents on everv dozen
the market price will be lilgher yet
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weather 5 dozen the limit to one
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cents on every pound
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Best ic
Butterine 1
Today the best 25-cent Butterine
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Nutmegs, Mustard, Ginger, Cavenne
Pepper, Black Pepper, Celery "Seed,
Mace, etc. All or these, both whole
and ground quarter or pound quan
tities. Johnstons, T 29 7th St
All Day . .
The entire day devoted ta
marking- down our immense
stock prior to our
which begins
February 1,
We have leased the ad
joining building-, No. 311
8th street, and shall erect
a four-story building 24x114,
which will give us 11.000
feet more shopping space.
The prices which will pre-
vail throughout the entire
store will be Startling---
Arrange your dimes and!
dollars for this grand sav
ing event.
Sth and Market Space.
J Emphatic I
BeJroom Suites,
Parlor Suites,
Dining Room
Easy Chairs,
Banquet Lamps,
Etc., etc.
We sell is at your
service CASH or
prices are pecu
liar to thl3 season
ot the yearVEKY
-LOWV We'll be
happy to maka
terms as easy as
you desire.
Tho entiro family "wash" we will
gladlv tsKe aad guarantee perfect
satislaction. even to the s i alleat de
tail. Onr modern michinery aad ex
pert help make a successful laundry
assured Our wagons call regularly
and deliver promptly.
Corner Ctli and C Sts.
I Get Ready For I
"Inauguration" Crowds. I
g The saloon?, cafes and stores H
" that are lighted by electricity o
g wdl get tho biggest patronage 52
g during the Inauguration. W
g Crowds arc- always drawn to the S?
S brisht. checrf nl-looting place S
g of business See us about sup-
jg plying electric current at once, jg
1 U. S. Electric Lighting Go. 1
g 213 Hth St. X. W. 'Phono 77. S
Corcoran Building.
Boom 116.
Imtrvetions to a limited class tvery morning.
Dress Suitsar hire.
Cor. 7th nml II St X. TV.
LL Things Work Together
roruooa. &a no
Men's Overcoats, H-.O
Seventh Street and
Mass. Ayc N. "V7.
J W1 1

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