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The Busy Corner,
8th and Market Space.
"Ihisdepartiiientwillplaj a icrj promi
nenr part In tins rebuilding sale Our
often-told values will be but a mere trifle
compared -with these bargains
20 inch All silk Black Jap This is an
excellent cloth and prcttj black not
quite as some, but will gne the near of
39c quality
Rebuilding Price, 23c
27-inch All-silk Double Twill Polka
Si ots Surahs and Foulard, in such colors
as navy, black, garnet, mjrtle and brown
Small, medium and large dots The; are
reallj cheap at 75c.
Rebuilding Price, 39c
27-inch All-Mlk Plain 31ack Water
pi03f India, Blick Japs and China The
best r.&c. goods ever sold
Rebuilding Price, 39c
24-inch All-silk Blacl Brocade Indias
In medium and large deigns The same
patterns nb SI 00 bioides
Rebuilding Price, 49c
Plain Black Satin Di elites Fine Satin
Brocades, Gros Grain Brocade, with
satin figures and a "vanttj of plnin and
fanev Black Hlks " orth from 9c to
SI 25 a yard
Rebuilding Price, 69c
Two numbers in La
dies' Pine Black Hose
which are worth a posi
tion in this sale:
Ladies' Three thread Maco
larn Henudorf Black Hose
our own Importation An iron
oad guarantee with everv pair
The Im st 50a v alue ev er orfered
In all size-,
Rebuilding Price, 05c
Ladies Silk finish Fine Gauge
Beriiisdorf Black Hose, Linen
spliccdheelsand toes the great
eststockingrorweightandwear eer orfered
Rebuilding Price, 25c
300 pieces All silk Fancj Rib
bons, consisting or plaids black
and white stripe, fane, stnpe,
ombre shades, fanc iirocadt s,
and double face colored satms
in y and 12 width Tliese are
2ceptionalK good alues, and
are worth from 39c to 50c. a
Rebuilding Price, 21c.
Ladies' Neckwear.
in all about 1 00 pieces twoand
three of a kind, from one of the
Urgest manufacturers of ladies'
KOodsEast There areFancv Col
lars, yokes. Jabot J ronts.lusilk,
lace, el vet, fancj brocades and
other matcna.s New , nobb
ppring goods, which would be
reallj cheap at l and fel.39 at
ordinarv times
Rebuilding Price, 57c.
Kid Gloves.
The ladies of Washington look
to us Tor bargains in Kid Glov es,
and whenever we advertise such
Uicj know a treat is in storo for
them Weshallpiace on sale dur
ing this rebuilding 142 doen
4-button Colored Dnss Kid
Oloves, in navj tan Mates
Lnglisii tans and modes eer
6l7C were Just purchased, and
are the best 75c. value ever
bought or sold
1 ik- this sale the price will be
O.UiK) xards of iine Oriental and
Venetian Laces, m white, creanvnnd but
ter color, In strips from 4 1-4 to 5 1-2
3 to 5 Inches wide. Worth 12 l-2a
Rebuilding Price, 6c
4 to 7 inches wide. Worth ISc.
Rebuilding Price, 8c
5 to 10 inches wide Worth 35c
Rebuilding Price, I2j4c
fa to 15 inches wide. Worth 75c.
Rebuilding Price, 18c
No Longer a Secret.
11,000 feet
More shopping" space to our pres
eut quarteis.
wmcii comprises over.
Freres Kocchlln'o and Schuer Itotts' mas
tcr efforts We pines on record during this
rebuilding bale
20,000 Yards
Of the finest French Org-indics which oer
left the looms or Trance
The exquisite patternb of so mam differ
ent designs and colorings really baffle de
scription. The cloth Is as sheer ai.d fine as a spi
der'fc, webi and jet contains the stn nj.th
of the heaiest kind of material Tliese
goods were consigned to us direct, from
the foreign mills, in short length, and will
be placed on sale
At 15c a yd
39c a jard cut from the piece, ami not
ner as handsome
GOLD and Silver Ulnseled Sattcens,
printed on excillent qualitj cloth, arc an
other French dea Vines, dots, dashes and
spots of untarnishablc bullion will be one
of the latest fads of the coming season
These goods are guaranteed to wear and
w ash the sam as bleached muslin Also in
remnant length
At 15c a yd
During this Rebuilding Sale
30.000 jards of fine Tinted tappets.
Domesttc Oig!indie, and Arrisa Uoth all
asprettj a a dream the grandest combine
of wash material over centered under one
roof Hundreds of difrcrcnt stjles and ef
fects Goods worth 15 and 25c a jard
put up in dress patterns and sold duiing
this sale
A Q3.-
Cloak Department.
Ladies' riannelctte Waists in
all -sizes and colors Actuallj
worth 39c
Rebuilding Price, 19c.
Ladies" Laundered Fercale
Waists An unlimited arraj of
.tvles in all sizes Actuallj worth
Rebuilding Price, 33c.
Ladles' Laundered Percale
Waists, made of Sea Island clot Ji,
with new shape detachable col
nrs in all sizes Actuallj worth
Rebuilding Price, 4SC
Ladies Laundered Persian
Fercale Waists, with detachable
collars, the swell wasli Waist of
the coming season in all sizes
Actuallj worth 9Sc
Rebuilding Price, 59c.
Ladies' All wool Flannel Waists
In na j black and cardinal, cor
rect stjle and perfect fitting, in
all sizes Actuallj worth 51.25
Rebuilding Price, 69c.
Ladies All-wool Flannel Waists,
black and nav j. handsome braid
trimmiinr. in all sizes Actuallj
worth 91 50.
Rebuilding Price, 79c.
Ladies' Fancy Striped Silk
Waists In all sizes Actuallv
worth S3 50
Rebuilding Price, $1.98.
Ladles' Dark Print Wiappcis,
lined waist, and full skirt Ac
tuallv worth 75c.
Rebuilding Price, 49c.
Lades' Russian Fleeced rian
relette Wrapper, well made and
perfect fitting All sizes. Ac
tuallj worth 98a
Rebuilding Price, 69c.
Ladies' BlaekBnlliantincSkirts.
full sweep and length Actually
worth $1 75.
Rebuilding Price, 98c.
Lidies' Extra Quahtj Black
Brlliiantine Skirts, full width,
and length lined throughout Ac
tuallj worth 52 98.
Rebuilding Price, $1.69
Ladies' Winter Jackets and
Canes marked down to average
halt of former prices
Misses' and Chlldren'n Jackets
and Beefers reduced the same.
20,000 Nottingham Curtain
End i white and ecru, 1, 1 1-1
and 11-2 jard lengths
F01 this Sale, 9c.
10,000 Nottingham Curtain
lmds buter qu.iiltj 1 1-2 and
2-yard lengths
For this Sale, 12c.
5,000 very rincstquilitj Irish
Point Tambour and Swiss Cur
tain Ends, lengths 1 1-2 and 2
For this Sa1e, 49c.
1 00 pieces Fine French Mad
ras, full 50 inches wide, on tint
ed grounds, beautiful floral de
signs For this Sale, 19c. yd.
5,000 yards Trench Tambour
ed Curtain Muslin, double and
single border
For this Sale, 10c.
300 pairs Ecru Irish Point
Curtains, 3 and J 1-2-jard
lengths, odd pairs
For this Sale, 1.25.
500 Roman, Silk-Stripe
Slumber Robes
For this Sale, 50c.
SUM Cocoa Door Mats, fine
coil and red bordeied
For this Sale, 16c
SpeciTl good alue in well
nnde "White, Shpwv cambric
Ldglngs, wide margin, fast
edges, cut out readj for use
10c Kind
Sale Price, 6c.
i2i-2c Kind
Sale Price, 8c.
15c Kind
Sale Price, 10c.
18c Kind
Sale Price, lie.
500 d07en Colored-Bordered
Fringed Napkins, 15 inches
Rebuilding Price, 2c.
100 dozen Hemmed Towels,
si7e 19x13 Special good alue
Rebuilding Puce, r2c.
72-inch Siher Bleached Ta
ble Linen, ery wcightj and su
perior finish
Rebuilding Price, 39c,
Yards of Wamsutta, Fruit, Lonsdale, and
Dwight anchor, yard wide Bleached Mus
Iins.in lengths from 2 to 10 yards; 8, 10,
and 12 l-2c grades
Rebuilding Price,
and flarket Space.
The Event of
200 piecs of light and dark stjles, in
dl-wooi iiovcltv Diess boo Is llieseure
excei diuglj neat and preltj , and represent
one of our strongest cards of this sale
We consider them cheap at 39 to 50c u
This Sale Price, 29c
All-wool, 3C Inch doth More than
fin different colorings Sultul le for
Ladies' or Misses' dresses
This Sale Price, 22c
All wool and silk and wool imported
Plaids, bright and handsome stjles
Worth 50 to 75c a jard
This Sale Price, 39c
5-lnch t w tiled back imported Uroadclc tit,
in black and colors Sold for 85c
This Sale Price, 59c
54 inch extra fine imported Broadcloth,
in all the newest shades Our regular
$1.75 quality.
This Sale Price, $1.25
Light and dark imported fanoj Nov cities
camel's hair, silk mixtures and other
as-sorted weaves made of the finest Aus
traliun wool A perfect gem of stjles
None better at SI 50 a jard
This Sale Price, 49c
19c. double fold, all-wool black tn
cot This sale price, 9 3 1c
29c. Uouble-width Black Mohair
This sale pi he, 19r
29c. Double-width Black rigured
Brlliiantine This sale price, 19c.
29c. Double width All-wool Black
Sergo Thissale price, 1 9c
29c. Double wi lth Itl.iek Brocades
This sale price, 19c
Our finest Imported HI ick Novelties,
10 inches wide Sold from 09 to 89c a
J ard This sale price, 49c
69c. Imported Black Henriettas, j5
inches wide This s.,t price, 47c
50 inch extra qualitj Black Broadcloth
Our G9c kind This sale price, 4c
S-4 Hea-vj Unbleached Sheet
ing. lGc grade
Rebuilding Price, 9c.
10c qualitj Bleached Pillow
Case Muslin.
Rebuilding Price, 5c.
Ilea-, j Bleached Sheeting,
suitable widtli for single cots
10c qualitj
Rebuilding Price, ioc.
9 1 Blenched Sheeting, equal" j
as good as Cohasset, and selling
at 22c
Rebuilding Price, 14!.
Celebrated Berkeley Fine
Cambric, full jard wide, made
b the Lonsdale mills 10c a
Rebuilding Price, 6c.
Genuine English Long Cloth,
12 jard pieces Sold at $1 75
Rebuilding Price, $1.25.
Extra quality Feather proof
licking, one of the best know n
brands 18c grade
Rebuilding Price, I2c.
The genuine Amoskcag and
Lancaster Apron Ginghams,
checks of eerj stjle and color.
Rebuilding Price, 3?6c.
Zephyr Dress Ginghams,
checks, stripes and plaids, the
newest spring effects 12 l-2c
Rebuilding Price, c.
Silk Dress Ginghams, copied
from the genuine Scotch goods
20c. salue.
Rebuilding Price, 8c.
iJ?t-ddrlot "Jr ?ll'vvl'itc "Me Elmtlcs, with
belt, for ladies, misses, children, and
infants Were. 15 and 25c
KebuildingPrice, 3c
One lot of fancj coered dress Steels,
pink, blue, graj, and black, all 10 inch
ere 15c doz
KebuildingPrlce, 3c
imni aTvL i'iPcl,e8 Ptra "lu'tJ Whale
bone Were 15c a doz
RebuildingPrice, 3c.
ftubber Hair Pins, one dozen in a box
RebuildingPrice, 3c
Black Head Steel Shawl and Hat Pins.
4 and b inch length.
Rebuilding Price, 2c. doz
The Party Leaders Allowed Bal
four to Outwit Them.
He Ts Not TVorrledlOver tlfts Pio
posted Investigation Into the Af
fairs of tlie IlritlHh Smith Africa
Company The Govern meiit'H Pol
icy Strongly Opposed
Loudon, Jan 30 Since the Irish mem
bers of the House of Commons withdrew
their amendment to titer addiess In replj
to the queen's speech, w htch "amendment
referred to the, financial relations bctw een
Great Britain and Ireland, it is seen that
thej made a serious tactical erior, which
was equivalent to ullowing Mr Balfour,
the go eminent leadei in the house, to
spike their guns
A prompt and energetic opposition to the
suspension of the financial question might
hae been effects e in earning thetesor
the Irish Unionists, but now it will be
useless to oppose the commission, which
will be supported bj all the Unionists and a
number or Scottish and English Liberals
The qucstion.'insttad of bearing tolelj on
the financial relations between GreutBritalu
and Ireland, will develop inlojm Inquirj
Into the financial relations between the dif
ferent parts of the United Kingdom
The Scotch and Welsh members or the
House Insist that their respective claims
shall be considered, and the English Itad
itals demand an inquirj into the matter
of the taxation or the arlous classes in
the kingdom N"ecrthelcsj the session will
not be barren Tor Ireland ir the govern
ment's proposal to transfer Irish private
hill legislation from Westminster to Dublin
takes the form of a bill The, tenor of the
Irish section or the queen's speech and the
government's dependence upon time ren
ders the appearance of suth a measure
doubtful, but it would undobtedlj pass ir
the government should submit it All the
Irish members are eaer for such a bill,
foreseeing that It would transfer much
power anil the expenditure of much monej
to Dublin '
The amendment made Thursday in the
House of Commons bj Mr. MacLcan to
the motion or Colonial Secretary Cham
berlaln for the reappointment of the com
mission to inquire into the affairs or the
British South Africa Company, is in
dicative of the feeling that prevails in in
fluentlal quarters regarding any InvcstI
gatlon of South African matters. Mr. Mac
Lean's amendment was to the effect
that as the troubles In Soutli Africa had
been pc.rtleablj settled, and as tit; leaders
of the raid into the Transvaal had been
punlsh'd, it was -needless to appiint a
committee to reopen the nmttcr. This
amendment was seconded by Sir John L11I)
boik, ind had the support of other lnflu
entinl members , ,
Although Mr Chamberlain's motion w .is
fmillj adopted, the dtuato. showed that
Mr C Rhodes and the British South Africa
Compmji in which he is the moving spirit,
were not without strong friends in rarlla-1
ment Mr MncLeah Is'ha prop-Iotdr or
the Western Mail, one of the! most innueii
tial newspapers in Wales, and his attempt
to head otf an Investigation of the arrnirs
or the chartered compiny had the support
or other new "pipers throughout the king
There is no denjingthe met that ir the
commission attempts to probe too deeplv
into tie companv's affairs that persons
high in societj and political life will be
hurt, and for th it reason it Is the opinion
or man j percons that the pioposed inves
tigatlon vill prove a farce.
It lias been stated that the compinj,
in its lavish use or monej to attain its
ends, did not overlook the press, and
that its support lij soma of the must in
fhiintial newspapers or London and else
where is duo iolilj to the Tact that these
papers were practlcallj bribed for that
purrose Alanj aristocrats are connected
with the companj, and It will be to their
interest to put everj possible obstacle
in the waj or a thorough investigation
Mr Uliodts, who had come rrom South
Africa to tstirj heroic the" commission,
is in rine fighting mtttlejnnd does not
appear to he the least worried as to the
oatlook, His tostimonj Is ltnkcd forward
to with much interest, as it is gcncrallv
believed that ir he should be pressed too
hard he will make revelations that will
proven great shock to what he has termed
the "unctuous rectitude'" of-some British
One of Mr Chamberlain's objects in In
sistlng upon the inquiry, is to clear him
self or the charge thac he had knowledge
previous to the raid that the attempt was
to be nnde to -violate the teintorj or the
Transvaal, that the plan had his tacit sane
tion.and that he expressed his disapproval
on! j' when the expedition gave promise
or raiiure Columns have heen written
or the storj or the raid, but it is thought
that despite the appointment or a parlia
mentarj commission, the mil historj or
the attqmpt to seize the Transvaal will
not be told Tor manj j ears to come, ir cv er,
unless Mr Rhodes should be baited bejond
Di Nansen, the well known Arctic ex
plorer, and Mrs N'ansen are expected to
arrive in London on Tucsdaj next Dr
N'ansen will be received bv delegates rrom
the Rojal Geographical Society, the Rojal
Societj and other organizations
It is evident that there- will be no com
mutation or the sentence ol eight months'
imprisonment imposed upon Ladj Scott Tor
libelling her son inlaw, Earl Russell
Earl Cadogan and other, of her rnends h n e
sought to obtain her release, but thev hav e
railed to shak.e the home becietarj's de
cision not to set her at libertj Ucr
friends vainlj ofreicd to gnarantce that
she would never again meddle with Earl
Russell, but the home secretary remained
obdurare, and Ladj Scott must paj the
full pcnaltj for her disgraceful charges
United States Ambassador Thomas T
Bajard will give a dinner to the Prince
or Wales at his residence, No 83 Eucton
Square, on March 2 The lord major,
Right Hon George P Faudel Phillips,
and the sheriffs of the city or London will
be present
State of Ohio, Citj ot Toledo, Lucas
Countj, ss
Trank J Cheney makes oath that ho
is the senior partner of the firm of F J
Cheney &. Co , doing business in the Citv
of Toledo, County and 'State aforesaid,
and that said firm will paj' the sum of
everj case of Catarrh that cannot b
cured by the use or Hall's Catarrh Cuie
Sworn to beforc'TnS and subscribed m
mj presence, this -(5th daj,iOr December,
(Seal) Notary Public.
Hall's Catarrh (Jure is tuken internalij
indactsdirectlj on the blood and mucous
surfaces of the Sjsiem Send for testi
monials, free
T J CHENEY & CO , Toledo, O.
Sold by druggists, 75c.
j The Mighty j
j Fallen! !
$3, $4
and $5 Shoes
Words are empty in the face of such a a
figure. The simple statement will do.
Here are about 300 pairs of Men's Winter &
Shoes (ends of various lines), in Patent Jj
Leathers, Black Calf Skin, Winter Tans,
&c., the majority of them being "H., S. &
H.'s" best Shoes. They have been selling
at $3, $4 and $5. All to go at $2 per pair.
Same guarantee as if full price was be- 0
ing paid. 9
&;a'4'e&4&'& 1
A Sixteen-Yoar-OId Hoj Killed by
the Hoynl Troops.
Athens, Jnn 30 As a result of a dis
pute between the students at the univer
sitv and one or the proressors, the students
took possession or the buildings and grounds
three dajs ago and prepared to hold them
bj rorcc or arms The water supply -was
cut orf and the buildings were surrounded
bv troops jestcrdav, and no one vva.s
allowed to enter the grounds.
The students then uttempted to place
before tne king a demand that the offend
ing professor he dismissed, but thej were
praventejd rrom approaching the palace
bj the troop-., who fired a vollej in the
air to intimidate them During the dis
turhance one boj was killed The (stu
dents in the universitj sunendered jes
terdnj arternoou.
capt. .valli:k hlpklma:n"ded.
Secictarj Herberts Censuie Cpon
the Conduct 4 f a Inrine Officer.
Secretarj Herbert has publiclv rcpii
manded Capt Littleton W T. Waller, or
the Marine Corps, on the battleship Indiana,
and informed him he will not be permitted
Tor the next twelve months to appear ns
judge advocate, recorder, 01 couusel be
fore an j Naval court or hoard
"it appears that at an inquirj into the
charge against Lieut -Commander Alll
liono for alleged tv mimical and cip-icious
conduct, Capt Waller criticised the do
partment for reprimanding Lieut Andei
son without -warrant Secretarj Iler
ticrt declares the couit was remiss in not
calling the captain to order.
xor Guarr of negligence.
Comtnandei Hrndford Kvonorntecl
oy the Seeietary of the Nuvy.
The court of inquirj that invcstigitcd
the striking bj the cruiser Montgomerj of
some obstruction ofr Governor's Island,
in New "fork hirbor, has held Commander
It B Bradford not responsible foi the
accident The court found that as there
was plentj or water ror a vessel qf the
Montgomerj 's depth within a few jards
of Governor's Island, and as the cruiser
at the tune she struck was a couple of
hundred mis avvav, the ship must have
collided with an unchartered obstruction
Public libraries spend ast sums of
monej to 111 ike their collections complete
In the Boston Public Librarj is a collection
of w orks relating to Shakespeare which
cost- $50,000.
uRuliiXLll u,
We make you a fair business proposition. And
cash, is far from being- the consideration in. it. Small
weekly payments, which that potent power of the
business world CREDIT has g-iveii such a promi
nent place in merchandising-, rule here.
Any Diamond, Watch or
Piece of Jewelry in the House
on Credit.
We ask less than the lowest cash price asked in
town. We can prove that. We offer any honest per
son credit. Only a small deposit down, the rst in
the easiest weekly payments. No security required.
All transactions confidential. Goods delivered on
first payment. Everything- guaranteed.
It's just like running a bill anywhere and paying
it in the easiest possible manner. No one can afford
to buy Diamonds, Watches and Jewelry elsewhere.
Castufcg's National Jewelry Co.,
1103 Pa. Ave.
Balto. Store,
930 Pa-ftve-
vvriNi-ssi'S Din .vor respond.
The Cave Agnin-t the Alleged
Filibusters Wiii Postponed.
New York, Jan. 3Q When the case of
Gen Carlos Rolofr, who is accused of hav
ing aided and abetted a filibustering ex
pedition to Cuba on the steamship Woodall
in 1805, was called before United State
Commissioner Shields this morning, Unite d
Suites District Attorney MacLane appeared
for the government, bvr when he called
for witnesses hone responded After wait
ing some time for their appearance he
asked for an adjournment until next Satur
dij, which was granted.
The cases of Dr, Joe J Luis and Enuquy
Trujillo, -who are also accused of aiding;
filibustering expeditions, were also ad
jo'irned for the Fame reason.
The Regular fleeting of St. Mnt
hev Henexolent Society.
The regular semi-monthlj meeting of
St Mathew's Council, No 53, was held
inthelr ha'l, coni2r orPcnnsjlvanw, avenue
and Twentieth street There was a large
attendance of members, including some
associates from the Alexandria, St Domin
ies, and Gonzara Councils Deputy Su
preme Chaiuellor Foertsch, assisted bj
Ch mcellors Nolan and McManus, installed
the follow ing orricrs Tor the ensuing term
President, J. J O'Learj, -vice president.
Law rence Vangan; collector, J. W Werner:
treasurer. D Donovan, secretarj, A. P.
Willlr-mson, orator. John A Delanej , chan
cellor, T B Nolan, marshal. J F. Mc
Ginniss guard, M Long: trustees. J Green;
T Purcell, and W J O'Learj.
1 he members of St Mathew's'ouncilhave
taken the initiatorj steps looking to a re
union of the dirrerent councils in this citj,
the object being to give a combined enter
tainment or musicale The committee hav -intr
the matter In charge reports consider
able progress and encouragement
SmolvelessI-ovMler Oi tiered.
The Navj Department has purchased
100,000 pounds of alcoltol, which will
be turned over to the powder manufac
turers who have contracts for manufactur
Ing smokeless-powder for the Navy. The
Dupont Powder Compiny and tl e Cali
fornia Powder Company liav-e been sup
plied with the formula for making smoke
less powcier, onginated at the Newport
Naval station, and it has been determined
to have these firms supplj 100,000 pound
of smokeless powder foe G inch guns.
Fstililishcil ISIS
"Diillir for Dol ar '
Next to Star Office.
108 N. Eutaw St.
SJg'th ht.
Are you preparing
for the Inauguration?
If j ou ..re, we can furnish jou
with a coaiplete supplj- of Bed
wear, Linens, Towels, etc, at
a genuine reduction of 25 per cent
On Monday we shall begin a sale
of Houserurnlshings that will sur
pass anything yet attempted, so
far as LOW PKICE3 are concerned
cOO doica
i&2 or
-r.1 &
V slm-?--pJ3abf good
-VCT,!- I, l."w
''in 5fc JSP
mmwmd 3
m& i ,
150 doa Pillow Cases
made of I tica best cot
lo.i Kegular price ISc SS.
Special !5C
( O i nr Hi i,.H, ul T,l-
loiv Cases, madeor Wamsut-
i i iniisiiu vv orui -"oc- bpe-rt
cial SidisC
500 Sheets, sua 51x90,
madi- or Mohawk sheeting
Regular price 40c Spe- g
500 Sue, ts. si7f. it.'trfin
made or Alexandnashee ting.
ucKular price o0c Spe- QK-k
100 Sheets, extra large
Si7l NIX'W) ?,i?f1. or fr..
h iwk sheeting 5-o'd everj- -f v
where ac 59c Specvil. .. CS?C
400 Sheets, largest size
madi nf T.fii ., In sr mi-iliti-
cotton, size 10x90 Worth -
l5e Special -5?U
200 nalr of 10-4 niank-
ets "Worth TCc a pair 5 -.-.
Special !. .. 02?C
150 nmro r? 11-1 ninnl-
ets I.NguIar price ?15aft7
pair Special 3 I C
150 TIiil rnnif-,rt IV.,-.,,-
gle bed "Vo?th 50c. Spe-Qp
SfldHwirftnifnTfc niniTiAf
Cretonne or battceri, largest
wt- iiiuue- worm ii&u r "7
special J
TCOdoi large-size Tow els, c
20x40 VvorthlOc. Specal.. OC
200 doz pure linen damask
Towels, with bright red bor-
dcr Worth 15& Special.... C
In addition to atove bargains,
VC4- ,ffnr fnr fl,,j c . to Uu. -r,,.-
Ing specials
2.000 vils nf ntnlii inlnr..i
India bilk- in 10 dif ferent cr!- 2 rhl
urs w-orin -ioca j ii Special a .U
5,000 jds or best vard
wide French Percale's, all
new designs, regular price o
12 l-2ca vd Sriciai.... 4C
3.000 jds remnants or
vard-wnU. Iili-.npiifwi rvt,,...
soft finish and siarchliss.' 3.
worm ic i-peclal 041
2,000 vds. remnants of
Canton Flannel worth 6c i-it
a jard Special dUC
Balance of Coats and
Capes Almost Given Aay
:6 and 7
Sii T.rrl,cc'
J-.VI. J
"iXrv andMisoes'
. Tl
All of our'S. SIO, nilSliCoat mus
B" ai
Some Great Skirt
a lot or
fine silk tinished
extra wne.
Wc arc solo agents for the new
P. X- Practical b de Corset
The only Cor
set with a dis
tinctive feature
ly practical. It
lias three advan
tages vlU
1 It wen't break on the hips
2 When bent at the w-aist, the
removable sides can be taken out
and reversed, and the corset made
straight again
3 The removable sides can be
left out while at home and put in
when the wearer desires to look a
litllemorctrlmin goingout Price
S06 7thSt.N.W. SL3;
I Get Ready For 1
I "Inauguration" Crow'ds. g
g The siloone, cifes and stores
? tnat aro lislitcd by plecrricltj-
jfe will gel tho biggest patronage 8
i during, the Inauguration. 5?
g Crowds nro alvvaj a drawn to the
J5 bright, chccrrnl-lonkiutr placo-t
g of tusnfai. Sec as about sap- g
g piling- electric current at once g
U. S. EleetriG LlghUng Go. 1
H 213 Hili St. X. W. 'Phono 7T .
fiks : u
iJ&EvJfcS'' j j
$ IKJf-C Ss
r T SSS Tl KS.-. -.
Dress Suits for hire.
Cor. 7lli and IX SU.JJu W,

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