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The TIMES' cir
culation lasb we3k
VOL,. IU. IsTO. 1,077
There can be no energy, netlvo
or latent, in u bigness -whosa
proprietor or manager doesn't
praetlee the best itietliods of ad
vertising. No trnele can come ta
111 in except through publicity. Wliat,
then, is the most effective kind
foi the money?
Secretary Olney Said To Be Con
sidering This Step.
Publication of Lee's Caulegium
Place- the State Depart ment In
an J2mb.irra-h.lng Position Try
ing: to DNeover Who Is ItexpmiV
ble for Its Becoming Public.
Tlie acutost phase of the strained rela
titiiis between Secretarj of State Olnej
and Ctiusul General Lee is that Mr Olnej
Is considering the advisabilltj of rccilling
orr representative at Havana It is the
talk that Mr Olnej has thought this, ad
visible for son e tunc, and that the dis
pilch of Gen Lee, published from the
New York Herald in The Times jesterdaj
morning, lias produced a tension between
the two officers which maj at am time
be followed bj the comae intimated from
Mr Glue j.
lli- publication of this dispatch calling
foi a ship in Cuban waters violentlj startle 1
Mr Olnej and the whole State Hep irtment
j otirday morning 1 lie Secretarj waslrri
' tan 1 all da j bj reflecting on tlie fact that
oil'- of the depaitmcnt secret4- had gotten
out, and cspecia'lv as it, being to all in
tents and purposes offici il, contradicted
jElafc-menU- gnun out bv tlie department
- Mr. Olnej s office was besieged all da j by
the press, but he wasstrictlj in ecluion,
although his private secretarj informed
nliiiiquirersforveriricotion or denial of tlie
authcnticitj or the dispatch that the
Eecrotary would not talk on tlie subject
Theiiuportantnews.however, came out 111 it
Mr. Olnej had told a caller that Gen Lee
bad given hi mi greatdeal of trouble, andes
peciallj as to the peniussnn of the publi
cation of important news.
"Why don't jou recall him, then""' was
"I think I wiU," replied Mr Olnev,
quieklv, and, later in the conversation, he
ie credited with having said that the onlj
thing that would deter him from taking
that step was tlie shortness of his own
(Olnej 's) term of office, but that lie had
a 'good mind to recall hint auvhow "
Itisprettj well know a about tlie Depart
ment of State that Mr Olnej lost no tin e
yesterdaj morning trying to discover who
was responsible for the leakage of state
Kocrets He is said to have bent and re
ceived nun j messages fiom Ilavana, from
which point It is presumed that Mr Lee's
warlike dispatch emanated
The investigation had proceeded so ar
last night that the rumor was that Mr
Olnej had requested Gen Lee to dispense
with the services of his private secretarj,
Mr Ralph Bonel, who is the bpecial
correspondent, at Hav ana, of the New York
Herald This rumor was referred to some
of the State Department official", as a
fact Thej would not denj It, nor w ould
tin j admit its truth, if it be a fact
Both of these items of news, so eloselj
related to each other, have undoubteuij
caused a great stir at the department It
was known, of course, that so soon as
Gen Lee's dispatch was made public,
cither one of two things must happen
Gen Lee's rcfpiest was to be honored or
he was to be rebuked.
It is certain that no order was Issued
yesterday dispatching a vessel to Cuba,
but, on the contrary, from the few bits
oT news that hav e come out, the Secretarj
is engaged in trying to justifj the depart
ment, and that means the ignoring of Gen
It is said that Gen. Lee's dispatch has
been criticised for its alleged obscuntj
In ore sentence thej make out that he
wanted a warship immediatelj', and in
another place thej construe him to simplj
d sire to know how nianj warships could
be sent to Cuba if there were an emer
gency. In cither case the publication of
the dispatch put the Stile Department in
on embarrassing position so far as the
Spanish legation is concerned, and theac
embarrassments have been avoided with
punctilious care heietoforc bj Mr Olnej
and those who stand for strict neiitrahtj.
Instructions Snid to Have Been
Sent General Lee.
Ilavana, Teb 26 It is understood here
that Secretarj Olnej, as further evi
dence of his and President Cleveland's
friendship for Spain, has instructed Cousul
General Lee to act with caution in his
dealings with the Spanish authorities, and
to spaie no effort to avert further friction
with them
Bj Spaniards here this is taken to
mean thut Gen Lee, to meet the ap
probation of his superiors in office, must not
"be as persistent as he has been hereto
fore in pressing for a iccognition of rights
of American citizens
It is rumored that the reason wi.- Gen
Lee still holds his post in that he has
been induced to do so bj private intinii
tions from a high Republican that he will
be supported bj the incoming Republican
administration in upholding American
rights and honor.
Spanish Government Will Malie a
Thorough Investigation.
Official cablegrams from Madrid ie
eclved at the Spanish legation regarding
the death of Ruiz show that the govern
ment is aroused to most energetic action,
ami that orders have gone forward to Caba
to have a most thorough Investigation into
the affair.
This is regardless of the question of
Euiz'6 nationality, for Trlietiiei he Is an
American or not the tov eminent luir,
determined that if a ciime 1 as been coai
mittid tl oe guiltv shall he punished In
the meantime, no efforts aie being spared
to determine whether Rute was an mer
icaii citizen or not, and under both the
State Department and the legation authoii
tics the recoids are being searched
So far it can onlj be found that Ruiz,
then a dental student, took out his first
papers declaring Intention, in Philadelphl i,
December 10, 1S77 This was near the
close of the last levolution He soon grad
tiatcd as a dentist and returned to Guana
bacoa in 18S0, where he practiced ever
It cannot be learned that he ever re
turned to the United States, nor does it
appeal that he lived here long enough to
acquire naturalization However, the
Madrid government will push the Invcbtl
gatiou of his death just .is forciblj as
possible, and if Gen Lee's charges are
correct, that the doctor was killed or
driven to suicide bj his jailors, the se
verest punishment of inilitaij law will
be executed on those responsible
ne Will Sail for the United States
Today .
Havana, Feb 20 Julio Sanguillj, the
Americin citizen who was tw ice sentenced
to Imprisonment for lire on the charge of
being a rebel, which ch irgc was never
proved agunst him, was released this
afternoon, the queen regent having par
doned him, much to the chagrin of those
who were instrumental in bringing about
his convictions He at once left the
Cabanas fortrcsb where he had been con
fined awaiting the result of his appeal
against in:, sentence, and started for liib
He was naturallj hlghlj elated to be at
libertj agun after being confined for over
two j ears, and he was so anxious to get
to his fannlj that he did not have lime
to talk about his experiences He will
leave tomorrow for the United Suites
with his fa mil;., traveling bj waj of
Tampa It Is reported that he has promised
never to return to Cuba
The Republican National Chair man
Leaver Cleveland for Washington.
Cleveland, Ohio, Feb 26 -Chairman M
A Hauna was a busv nun this morning
He wasdeeplv engrossed up to noon set
tling up the affairs of tlie headquarters
He was in a jovous n ood, and the jovial
smile which became evident after Bush
iieh's declaration to apjoint him as Slier
man's successor btill plnvcd about his fea
turcs Shoitlj after 12 o'clock he bade
good bv to the corps of political clerks in
his office, 'ocked his desk and hunled to
the Union Club, where he took luncheon
His enniuge, containing his wife, two
daughters, Mabel and Ruth, with a maid,
drew up at the club about 1 10 p in Mi
Ilanna stepped inside and the partj was
whirled awav to the Union Derot, wheie
at 1 10 p in thej departed foi Washing
Before leaving Mi Ilanna said "I do
not 1 now how long I w ill r main In ash
ington Italli'opends upon future develop
nients I maj not be back for sevcial
months "
It is considered probable that Gov Bush
noil v ill forwaid the papers appointing
Mr Ilanna as Senator Sherman's succes
sor in time to allow him to take his seat
when Mi. McKinlej's Cabinet appointees
are continued.
Glad To Hear the Sound Money Peo
ple Will Agitate.
Monetniy Discussion of Prime Im-
poitance firm for Kufoi cement
of Atneiican Rights Ju Cubi.
New York, Feb 26 Mr William J Bryan
aiTividfiom New Haven, Conn , ufcwmln
uus before noon todaj Shoitlj after ins
amval All Brvan received a number of
newspaper men in his quarters at the liar
Mr Br j an said that ho h id watched the
trust inquiry in this citv with a great
deal of interest He thought thej had
maniged to bring out a good deal of in
formation, despite the difficulties s irround
ing the work He thought, too, he said,
tint the feeling against trusts throughout
the countrj was growing
"When the fact was recalled that the
EOiitit1 monej people weie organi7lng to
agitate the monej question he taid "1
am glad to hear it "We can't have too
much discussion I thould think tlej'd be
afraid, tl ough, that anj agitation of the
monej question would threaten the busi
ness interests of the countrj "
Concerning the extent to which the gov
ernmtnt should no in protecting Americans
In Cuba Mr. Br an said
"Itisu't a questioa or extent In a matter
of dutj like that there is onlv one course
aud that is to go ahead and do it "
Mr Bij in did not have a 1 irge audiene e
in Carnegie Hall tonight to heai his lecture
on "Monev'1 But tlie audience was en
thusiastlc, and itapplauded w henev er It got
a chance A number of ladies were pre
ent, and enrgetlcallv applauded Mi Brj
an's sentiments After paving a feeling
eulogv to the menioij of the late William
P St John, Mr Brjan talkid upon the
monej question
Its Woilt of Gathering Its fuvalii
ablo Data Closed
The "Venezuelan commission held j estcr
daj what was piobablj the last session
of this tribunal lcsterdaj'sn'cet.ng was
In the nature of a winding up of the af
falis of the commission, and a closing
up of its business affaus
During Us existence it has heard and
collected much valuable tcstimonj and.
prepared a gieat manj exhaustive repoits,
wlicn are now being printed The work
of the commission has not been lost,
as the result of its labors will be to greatlv
simplify the work of the aibitration tri
bunal when it meets .A 11 the data, maps,
testJmonv, and reports will be placed at
the disposal of tlie arbitrators as soon
as they are leady to receive it
Mantels, Any Size, SI 00 Apiece.
Ubbcv & Co , Gth tt. and N. Y. ave.
Morgan Discussed tlis Case of
George Washington Aguirre.
Spolce of the President as "Dow n
on JTIis Hunker i" Fraying Spain
to Itelcnse Sanguillj, and a.s a
"Sluggard Sleeping and Saoriug
While Auiei leans Siffered."
Ihc Senate again fought over the Cuban
question jestcrdav The debate began
over the Sangullly resolution, but that
hav ing been sent to the calendar, tw o other
resolutions as to v ictims or Spanish cruelty
were offered-one by Mr Morgan, in the
case of George Washington Aguirre. and
one bj Mi Call In relation to the huichle.
or mifrder, or Dr Ric.udo Ruiz Senator
Morgin was bitter m his denunciation of
President Cleveland, w ho lie described, con
temptuouslj. as having been' down on his
hunkers" prajing Spam to release San
guillj, also as ' a sluggard sleeping and
snoiing while A merle ms suffered "
Mr Frje started the ball rolling after
Mr I'asco, the presiding officer, laid be
fore the Senate the Sanguillj resolution
Ih'saidalelegiauihad been received show
ing that Sanguillj and his attornej have
both acknowledged that the judgment was
just, that the punishment was just, that
thev hive withdrawn the appeal, that the
queen regent has signed the pardon, aad
that Sanguillv Is free
"While I regard that as unforturate In
man j respects," said Mi Frje, ' it seems
to me that it leaves this joint resolution
without anj neeissitj for further cont-id
erition I do not believe, and I never will
Lelieve in wasting powder simplj for the
purpose of making a noise I do not be
lieve that anv one will doubt mj friend
ship for Cuba Ev erj p ilsatlon of mj heart
is with the patriots who are fighting for
libertv, and it is in utter detestation of the
brutahtu s of Spain Bat. holding as I do
that condition of mind, I do not believe
that there Is anj further nccessltj for con
siderlng this resolution, and 1 hope that
the Senate will pioceed to the consideration
of the Indian appropriation bill "
Mr Morgan I rise to ask unanimous
consent foi a resolution w iilch I will now
read "Resolved, That the President is
requested to communic ite to the Senate
such Inform ition is has been furnibheu to,
or obt lined bj, the Executive or the De
p irtment of State, relating to tlie arrest
and imprisonment or George Washington
Aguirre, a louth of nineteen, a citizen of
the United Slates, w ho, in order to obtain
the benefit of a general amnestj proclaimed
bj tlie captain general of Cuba, surren
dcred to the Spanish authorities about
the 1th of Julj, 189G "
There," said Mr Morgan, ''is an asso
ciate i of names and dates that have a
great I old upon the American people It
eenib that this j outh suriendered on Julj
J, and that lifs name is George Washington
Agulnc He surrendered under a piocla
mat'oa of ammstj Doubtless he is one
or those American bojs of Cuban origin
wl o went to Cuba to take a hand in the
scrimmage "
Mr Morgan went en and read a letter
fio n Ethan Allen, of New lork, stating
the facts In the case A hen he pronounced
the w liter's name he said "There is
another name connected histoncallj with
the United States, and I supi o-e I can
venture to assume here that this boj,
w Lose name is George Washington .guirre.
Is a citlze n of the Unite.i States because
Ethan Allen has said he Is "
Mr Hoar ( joe ularlv ) Is he the Ethan
Allen of the Revolution''
Mr Piatt, of Connecticut He is the
president of the Cuban junta In New
Mr Morgan He Is the grandson of the
Pthan Allen of the Revolution, and he
is vcrj apt, therefore, to be the presi
dent of tlie Cuban junta I ask the adop
tlon of the resolution
Mr Graj, of Delaware I ask the Sena
tor Trom Alabama to modirj the resoh.
tlon so as not to make the Senate rc
ponsiblc for its allegation of facts of
which the Senate can know nothing If
the Senator puts in his resolution the
word "alleged" I will not object to it
Mr Morgan modified the resolution in
that waj, with the sarcastic leinark that
the Senate had got to a iolnt where it
was not willing to take anv rcsponsiliilitj,
and, as so modified, it was agreed to
Mr. White of California made some
humorous remarks upon the substitution of
George Washington Aguirre for Hon Julio
(which name he pronounced Huho) Sau
guillj (Laughter)
Mr Call of Floiida made a long state
ment as to the detention and supposed sui
cide of Dr Ricaido Ruiz in Cuba, and
asked unanimous consent to offer a icsole
tion requesting the President to furnish
copies of all correspondence in the case
Mr White objected
Mr Hale sulunitud to Senators the ab
solute necessity of devoting the remaining
six dajs of the session exclusivelj to the
appropriation bills
Mr Morgan, in his bitterest and severest
tones, told Mr Hale that he ought to start
out on a regular tour of It cturlng. If he
could find a lot of school children for his
audience (Laughter) He the a turned his
attention to thu Senator from Massachusetts
(Mr Hoar), and to his declaration jestcr
dav that Sanguillj 'b naturalization papers
were fraudulent When Mr Hoar attempted
to explain he was stopped imperativ el j by
Mr Morgan, who said that he was not ask
ing him for Information Ke was stating
his position from the Record Ihe same
angrj manner was showa to Mr Hale when
he some time afterw ards tried to break in
with a remark "I object to interruption,"
Mr Morgan exclaimed, "and I call the
Senator to order."
Vnother attempted remark bj Mr Hale
and another angrj declaration accompanied
with pounding of his desk, "I call that
Senatoi to onler "
The Piesiding Officer The Senator from
Alabama declines to jield
And if that w as too polite an intimation,
Mr Morgan exclaimed "I call him to order
He must not interrupt me And I do not
intend that he shall '
Then he went on to quote from Consul
General Lee's report on the Sanguillj case
and to comment upon it.
Mr Hoar again made aa effort to break
in, but was stopped with the angrj ex
picssion "lieplj in your own time I
call the Senator to order He maj trj
this with other Senators but not with me
It will be no joke if it is lereated The
Senator maj shelter himself under the
supposed dignity of his prestige and posi
tion here, but he cannot do that with me "
No further attempt of the kind was made
The BetBoaidss$l 00 Per 100 Feet.
Ttbbey & Co. Gth. st. and N. Y. ave.
bv Mr Hoar, and Mr. Morgan wenton with
his speech
When he quoted Cohsul General Lee's
statement as to SanguUlj's being a biave
soldier, as to his having served in the last
war in Cuba, from ,1807 to 1877, and as to
his having been wounded several times, he
exclaimed, ' Glorious record of this lover
of libertj, glorious example for us and
our children' Yes, for us who have forgot
ten how our liberties were won Sanguillj
sets us an example which I hope Hie joung
er men of the countfj can follow. Yet I
knowHar among thti elders who have got
to be either of the class or defenders of the
class called 'business interests' are n anj
w ho hav e-forgotten the last instincts of pa
triotism, and are now just ab corroded as
were the Tories and Whigs in the dajb
of the Revolution "
Eerj American cltlen, Mr. Morgan said,
who held naturalisation papers and bore
a Sp inish name v. ho had been arrested
in Cuba and few escaped had been dis
t rmnnutcd against bj the Spanish authori
With pointed emphasis Mr Morgan bald
the friends of Cuba when thej Ivgin to
discuss this question knew that Spain had
not onlj apologists, but dirt ct advocitcs,
on the floor of the Senate, but that made
it t one the Icfs peiemptoi j the obligation
for them to do their dutj Rcferilng to
th cabled dispatch that pardon lad been
extended to Sanguillj , he af-ked what had
brought that about Answering, he taid
it was because the Queen of Spun lor
whom he had a great respect could not
btaud the exj osure If she could have
sustained bj anj law of hum.initv or
otherwise tie action of her ediicers in
Cuba, wo ild she Hot have felt it her
elutj to stand bj thcni?
"But," said Mr Morgan with bitter
sarcasm, "think whatjoj this usult must
bringto that statesman in tho White-House,
wl o for two jeais has been elow n on his
'hunkers' piajing for Sanguillj 's r base,
and now finds it brought about bj other
'I ho Hesolutlon on the Appointment
of DIstilct Attorneys
The ."ct of Congress authorizing the
bupreine court to rill the offite of district
attornej under circumstances will be a
law todaj "bv limitation" If the President
dlel not veto It jesterdav and will transmit
it to Congress todn'. It maj nlbo be that
the President signed it jesterdaj and will
let that fact be known todav
In anj event, President Clev el md has
had the bill for ntarlj the full term of
the ten dajs, as It was passed on the
10th hist,, and had he so desired, the
office could lune bfcen filled temponinlj
bj the supreme court nevrlj ten dajs ago
without prejudice to the cause of Mr
Ilenrj Davis, whom he named for the
1 1 ice of district attornej A member
of tho Uar sild j estordaj' that there was
still another thing Mr Cleveland could
have- done had he an eje to the" dispatch
of bushifss In theorfice of IMstrict at
tornej .
He could hav e dlrecfejd the Attornev Gen
eral to take charge prihe office, w-hlelfrs
occasionallj tlone, arfll aotablj in cabes
where thu Attornej 'General is elircctol
to assume charge of a rase in the hands
of a district attornev Had, therefore, the
President signed tile bill at once, or maele
provision mr the dispatch of the business
of the office, there would have been no
congestion of affeilrs there anil other re
rorted einbairasMiients relating to prison
ers and processes
There are a great manv w ho regaid thy
attitude of the President in this whole
nutter as an effort to make the suggestion
to the Senate that thej must accept Mr
Da-vis or count on nothing that he could
do to keep the business of the office In
its usual order As the President has
not had his hands full of other embarrass
Ing hills, the Impression Is common that,
with lespect to this one, he was piajing
Is Receiver for the Gallego Mills
Cemipnny of Klchmouel.
Richmond, Va .Feb 2G ChirlesL lodd,
president and principal owner of and re
celver for the Gallego MillsCompanj, late
this evening made a peisonal assignment
lor the benefit of creditors, naming Samuel
Regester as trustee Ihc liabilities are
put at $130,000 It is stated tint if a
satisfactoij reorganization of the mills
eompanv can bo effected, Mr lodd will
paj out
Piotest Against Timber Reservation
Omaha, Neb .Teb' 26 Ihe Commercial
Club, at a special meeting todaj, passed
resolutions, which were immediatelj tele
grapheil to Washington, deprecating the
recent proclamation of President Cleve
land bj which 21,000,000 acres of lanels
in the oithwest are added to the forest
Augusta Southern Leased or Sold
Augusta, Ga , Feb 2G It Is reported
that the South Carolina and Georgia Rail
road has leased or purchased the Augusta
Southern, from here to Sandersville, Ga ,
where it will connect w-ith roads for points
south anil southw est 'i his consolidation
v ould open up - aluable territor j m Georgia
to Charleston
Canadian Girls Stopped at Line
Detroit, Mich , Feb 26 Immigration
Inspector McCloganlasl night turned back
to Winelsor three Canadian girls who were
on their waj from Montreal to Chicago,
on the ground that the wereviolating the
labor contiact law. A rigid examination
disclosed the fact that the girls were under
contract before thej left Montreal
Con Doyle Downs Baitley
Elmira, N Y , Feb 26 -Fifteen hundred
people saw Con Dojle, of Chicago, knock
out Fiank BartIej,of Bmghamton, tonight
before the Queen City Athletic Club
Bartlej was counted out at the end of the
third Tound The-men were matched to
fight fifteen rounds at 145 pounds
Alchoholism Caused Death.
William J Ryan was found dead jes
terday on a pile of boaiels in the iear
of en M street saloon, kept by Martin
Curtin Ryan was thlrtj eight jeais of
age, and liveel with his uncle, at No
209 D street northeast He was a plnte
pnnter by trade vmil it is said, had been
drinking heavily before his death Coroner
Ilrmmett gave a certificate of death fiom
Coining After Lavlgno.
Lontlon, Feb 26 The Sportsman to
morrow will say that Eddie Connolly,
the pugilist, will sail for New York on the
steamer St Taul It adds that he will
accept Lavigne'a challeuge
joist Straight, Ilrlght, Kiln-ailed.
Libbej & Co , Gth st and New York a-e
Will Not Enter Cabinet as Sec
retary of Interior.
He Is Willing to Assume the At
torney Geneinlshlp, But Won't
Tnlte Any thing EIoEmplieStat3
Not Likely Now to Bo itepresenteel
In the Cabinet.
New York, Feb 2G Ihe Evening Sun
It was announced In the city today that
Col John J McCook has rositlvelj tie
cllneel to enter the Cabinet of President
McKinlej as Secretarj or the Interior.
The announcement is also made that
while Gen Stewart L Woodrord la still
a candidate for a Cabinet place, with the
Indorsement of the regular Republican
organization, the chances are that New
York will not be represented in the Cabi
When Major McKinlej first asked Col
McCook to become a member of his Cabi
net no particular portfolio was mentioned
A friend or Col McCook said odaj that
he expected that he woulel be asked to
serve as Attornej General, and this place
he would ha-ve accepted But within a
day oi two the colonel receiveel a letter
asking him to accept the post of Secretarj
or the Intel lor lhls.it Is understood, he
promptly and positivelj declined
Mr McKinlej Regrets Whitelavv
Helel'rf Inability to Seive.
Canton, O , Feb 2t Cabinet specula
tion seems to have come to a 1 alt It ib
assume d that Col J J Metcok has been
given an opi ortunitj to acceit a portfolio
but no assurance that he w ill Lea member
of the Cabinet has been jcceiv eel heie.
In the talk atoutNew 1'orkupi ointments
that have appeared In the newi-papers it
seems -to have escaped general notice
that Hon. Whitelavv Rcid cf the Tribune
has alwajs, been a great favonte of the
President-elect for some suitable and
co isplcuous recognition Mr Relel's se
lcct'o l far a place in the Cabinet, or. a
foreigu embassj , has been until recentlj
under Majoi McKinlej's conideraiicn
The relat ons between the two gentlemen
have lo'ig been Intimate, but Mr Reid
and his friends think it would be impin
dent for him to ilsk the coniineinent of
official work until his health is abso
lutely rcsto'cd, and hence have advised
against that course
Major McKinlej within the last fort
night reluctantlj gave up the idea of ap
pointing. Mr. Held, and thereupon w rote
him a letter, expressive both of his re
garel and appreciation, and of the deep
regret that for the present, at least, he
could not have the advantnge of his as
sociation anil co operation in the affairs of
Major McKinlej Is Improving rnpidlj in
health He took a long walk totlaj, and
did a considerable amount of work Ihe
onlv caller w ho saw him w as an old
friend, e Congressman John Little, of
Xenia, this State.
Aithur Itoselle and Paul Ynneler
vooit Exchange Compliment-.
St Louis, Mo. Teb 26 -There is war
brewing between Arthur Roselle, of the
Missouri Reform Press Association, and
ex-President Paul Vanderv oort, of Omaha,
of the National Rerorm Press Associa
tlon Yesterday Mr Roselle made a state
ment in regard to Vanderv oort's charge,
in w hlch h characterized the latter as a
wilful and malicious liar. Roselle said
'I have been expecting a challenge'irom
Vanderv oort, but so far he has swallowed
mj opprobrious epithets in bilence If it
is a case of a duel, he will flml me
read "
B & O. Rood to Renew Its Track
Along Its 1 ntlre Length.
New Tork, Feb 26 The puifh.ase of
DS 000 tons of eighty -pound steel rails
bj the receivers of the Baltimore and
Ohio Railroad Companj at a cost of
at out $1,000,000, Is confirmed bj the
officers of the company.
It, is said that these rails will Le placed
on the track as scon as possible, and tint
bj fall the tracks between Baltimore and
the Ohio River will practlcallv Le entirelj
relaid with new steel rails and new oak
tie As fast as the old rail is taken up
it will be relaid on the less important
branches, or used in extending side tracks
Flic nt Wilmington, N. C.
Wilmington, N C , Feb 2G Tonight at
9 40 o'clock, before Polvogit's fire could
be gotten out, fire broke out In the naval
store j ards of S. P McNalr and Caleler
Bros , on Water street, atxiut four blocks
awaj from the other fire Loss about
Si,o'oO, which covers builellngs and con
The buggv of the chief of the fire depart
ment ran over a joung white man, Fitz
liugh Lee Gibson, of Columbia, S C , seri
ouslj if not fatallj injuring him
Communication Restoi eel.
New York, Feb 26 The Western Union
Telegraph Companj s central cable office
todaj announced that It is aelvised by
the Hav ana, Cuba, office that telegraphic
ctimiuunication w ith Pinar del Rio Is re
stored Delo-vv Zero in Northwest.
St Paul, Minn , Feb 26 From all sec
tions of tlie Northvv est come l eports of cold
w eather, thermometers show mgbclow zeio
Change of Stations
The following naval orders were issued
jesterdaj Commander E W Watson is
ordered to command the Na- il Station at
New Lonelon, Conn , March 11, on being
reliei ed at the Washington j ard by Com
mander G W Pigmon, ordered there for
ordnance instruction
4 50 Pei Ton.
is all right for Pea coal, but Chestnut No.
2, at $5 per ton, which I handle exclu
sive! j , Is worth moi e than the difference
In price J Maury Dove, 21st and I, 1626
M, 1206 n nw , and 13th and 1) sw.
fe23 5t
Ivy Institute Business College, SthandK.
Nons better. 525 a j eai. day or night.
Pearl Bryan's Murelereis Neetl
Have No Hope of Reprieve.
Louisville, Kj, Teh. 2G Col George
Washington, attornej for Alonzo Availing,
Scott Jackson's accomplice, said today
thatJackson willgo to the scaffold without
conlessing, trusting that something maj
occur to s ive his life. Assistant Secretarj
of State Guff j said.
"Gov Rrad'ej has been notifietl that
Mrs Jackson is coming to Frankfort to
intercede for her son, but a few days since
the governor told Private Secretary Rob
erts that he would not s eher, nor deviate
fiom his rule to onlj consider applications
for executive clemency bj- letter Gov.
Bradley boheves the men have had a fair
tn il, are guiltj , and he will not commute
the sentence of either, even though one
or the other makes a full confess'on."
California Judge Says He Is In Mr.
McKinley'ri Bands.
SanFmncbco.Feb 27 Judge McKenna
has left for Washington He expects to
arrive on the afterncon of March 3, and
uroi tlie feillowing daj will enter upon
the duties of his office.
"I am in Ma.or McKinlej's hands," he
said, "and am readj to do mj part with
either the Intenor Department or the At
tornej Generalship, as may suit his cca
venlence If the f election is lclt to me,
I owever,! shall take tl e. latter cfl ce.
Congress Not Likely to Act on His
Senator Hill's Final But Unsuc
cessful Effort to Force a Vote
oil Dis Confii matiou.
Senator Hill started in bravely yesterday
imorning to force a vote on the Davis
nomination during the elav. He was firat
defeated in an effort to secure unanimous
consent for an executive ses-ion at 3
o'clock, being compelled to yield to
Frye's objection His next move was an
announcement tl at he would at 3 o'clock
move for an executive session Davis'
more active freinds were on hand at 1
o'c'ock, prepared to do everj thing possible
to help pull the would be Ditnct at
torney through But when 3 o'clock ar
rived Senator Morgan was m the midst
of a formidable speech on our relations
with Spain It was onlj a few minutes
before 3 when the Senator from AUbunm
had very tartlj resented interruptions
from Senators Frje and Hoar Thus it
happened that ev en t! e doughty Senator
from New York was not eager to rush
in and ,get some of tjieg,iuie moditiue. He
was on1&li?afe"t for nerarly hair an hour
to make the motion, but finally sur
rendered At o 43 p m Senator Cockrell moveel
an executive session, and the proposition
carried It took the enate just tea
minutes to decide that it coulel do nothing,
or that It did not desire to do anj thing
and the secret aesion came to an abrupt
1 here now remain but four workingdavs
of this Congress and it seems improbable
that action can be had on the outstanding
nominations for Tederal office Mr
Davis, will, therefore, probablj fall of
confirm itlonand with him a large numbei
of others, including United States thstrlct
Judges Wolcott, of Delaware, and Clark,
of North Carolina "
Pi ell miliary Woik for the Great
Event Almost Completed.
The inaugural committees are approach
ing thecompktianof their work The com
mittee on public order, consisting of about
one hundred citizens, has been ineluctcd In
a bod j into the service of the police de
partment and will assist in preserv ng
order during the ceremonies.
The subcommittee on hospitals ami am
bulances maele a rerort to the committee
on public onler last night stating where
the ambulances will be stationel and the
arrangements that have been made for the
care of anv persons who might happen to
be injured.
After the busine-s of the evening was
oer Chairman John B Wight was pre
sented with a hand-ome baton bj the
members of the committee The com
mittee on decorations also met last night
anel wound up its business A resolution
of thanks and appreciation of the services
of Chairman Wine was adopted
Accidentally Killed by . Fr lend.
Long Island Cit j , Feb 26 Mrs- Anpie
Marian Brennau, thirtj jcar- old, was ae
ctdentallj shot and klled bj Mrs John
Delanej , or No 74 Greeu Point avenue, m
the latter's home, at 1 30 o'clock ths
afternoon Mrs Delanej pointed a re
volver at the Brennau woman m plaj-, the
revolver exploded, anel the bullet loelged in
Mrs Brennan'b forehead An ambulance
was summoned and she was taken to St.
John's Hospital, w heie bhe eked.
Useu the Bank'-. Mouey.
Louisville, Ky , Feb 26 Starling B
Edmunds, of this city , was arrested in
St Louis this morning on an indictment
charging him with consphing to misap
propriate the funds of the Geirnan Na
t'oual Bank of this city. Edmunds was a
bighoriowci from the bank through Pics
Idcnt McKnight.
The Texas Had No Difficulty.
New Orleans. La , Feb 26 -The batth -ship
Texas left Galveston Wetlneselaj for
this citj and mada a quick anel uneventful
run to the Passes, arriv ing fiere last nigh"
She had no difflcultv m getting through
She left there c.irlj this morning, and ar
rive el here at 3 1 5 p m She w as accorde el
a noisy welcome by all the craft la the
For an night-Hour Law.
Columbus, Ohio, Feb 2G Samuel Gcm
peis, preslelent of the American Federation
Of Labor, has levied an assessmert of 1
cent per member, as authorized bv the
national convention in Cincinnati iec'ntlj,
to conduct an agitation in favor of the
eight hour law.
Death'; of u Day.
Judge Juelson n. Cook. t promineu' hi.si
ness nia'i, at Susqueranu, Pa.
Rev . Father Union, ex superior general
of the Jesuits, in Canada, at Montreal, aged
seventj-four jears.
Condition Critical Since Foreign
Ships Left Canea.
Armed Mussulman-., Influmed by
tho Governors Stories, Parade
the Streets and Shunt for Blooel.
Tsii.ail Breabs the Armistice and
Attacksj the Christians
Canea, Feb 2G. Most of the foreign
warships that were lying m the harbor
here have left and gone to Suda Bay,
where there Is a better anchorage. It 13
likely, however, that their presence here
will again be required, as the situation
has become more critical than ever be
fore, and it would not be surprising If a
conflict should occur.
In one respeet the Interposition of the
rowers h.to had a bad efftet, m that it
has leel the Moslems to believe that
Ejrope is back of them in their combat
with the Christians. As a result, there
are this afternoon 3,000 moslems, fight
ing men, beside the Turkish soldiers, all
heavily armed. paratUn Ihe streets of the
city and elernandlng the blosel of the
"Christian dogs," who have dared to
question the rights of the Turks to rule
The combiatd forces that have been
larded by the several powers number only
800 men, and it is Lthevcd that without
the aid of the warships they would prove
of no avail In preservingorderin the city.
The popular passion has been added to
bj Ismail Pasha, the acting governor, who
has circulated false stories to the effect
that the Greek troops are mutilating Mos
lem children The governor knows these
stones to be ur-trce, and apparently hi
onlj object is to create ameng the Moslem
decrer hatred of the Christians and to
further excite the desire for revenge He
is carrying matters wrtb a high hand,
and it is hktlj that the powers will have
to intern-re to check his ardor in hehalr
of the Turks
Accompanied by an armed boelv or
Turks, he left Candia toelaj anel occupieel
stratepc pos.tions m the vicinrty of the
city, Trom which hi attacked the Christians,
causing serious los.ses to them
The commanders of the .varsWps re
maining in the harbor protested. to the
but the protest was unheeded.
The admirals eommaneliHg the foreign
fleets have been notified of Ismail's ac
tion, and there is much speculation as to
the course thej will pursue
She Stif fei ed a Strufce of T'aralysls
Mrs Frances Medbtiry we Md yes
terday at. her to no, Gten Eebo, the
immediate Caue tf her death bIag a
stioke of paraljsls, which she sttffeml
01 Thursday.
Mrs West was the wife of Mr Golel
smith Bernard Wost,caier edl onal writer
of The Times, and the daughter r the
k.te Jacob IIow,of Rochester, N Y
The news of this event will be received
with great resret, not only here but in
New York. RotheHtr, anel Loudon, Eng
land, where the aecompb-sheei lady hart
many friends Mrs West was endowed
w itt many intellectual ami personal graces
and powers, by which she bael made and
retained a lare number of appreciative
The funeral serv leca will be held taduv,
the interment to be made at 3 p n., at
Bcachment, Md.
Brlelge Weirkers in Convention.
Buffalo. N Y , Feb 26 -The National
Association of Britlge aael Structural Iron
Workers finisheel their convention here
this evening Officers for the ensuing
verr were electeel as follows Presulenr,
E J Ryan, Btston; first v ice president,
John Brailj-, New York; secouel vice-president,
Josenh Carey, Buffalo, secretarj and
treasurer, W E Barrv, .New York, ex
ecative boarel, I) F Mclntyre, Buffalo;
Samuel Parke, New York; Hush Ros,
Clevel.uiel; Eelward J lijan, Boston, and
John Eeler, Milwaukee
Suicide if a Septnngenarlau.
Chattanooga. Tenn , Feb 27 Frederics:
Chatten, an old bachelor, seventy y ears of
age, IivSnn in Dayton, Tenn .hascoiiraitteei
suicide there, anel even in the manner of
his death he v.a; consistent -with a pecu
liarly eccentric life With a knife he
severed the artery in rhe calf or his leg;
?nd. putting his foot in a basis, resignedly
hied to death. Chatten was highly con
nected. The New- York Hei-aldV benutl
fullj illustrateel inaugural supplement,
is-siieel Mindav, Februarv b, will contain
a striking article by John Russell Young;
an artiele on "How Presidents Are Maele;"
breezv sketches and bright pictures of the
new members of the next Congress plans
of the inauguration, deta'ls of the great
ball, etc. This hanelsomc number, with
out extra tot, with next SuneJaj's Heralel.
Ordei from your dealer in advance I)cn t
miss it. it
A National Bank. Tellei Sentenceel.
rhilatlelphia. Feb 2B.-Henry M Kline
former teller of the Farmers National
Bank at Lebanon. Pa , who several days
ago pleadeel guilty to the embezzlement of
about SlO.OOO of the bank's funels, was
todaj sentenceel by Judge Butler In the
United States district court to five years
The Indiana at Juckseinville
Jacksonville, FI 1 ,Feb 26 It Is rerorteel
tonight thaf the cruiser Inehma is at the
bar She willgo South in the morning,
it is said. ner elestiuatiou is unknown
but her presence here has arousetl much
comruent on aecountof the Cuban situation.
Six-Day Bicycle Race.
Chlc3go,Fe,).2G AtmrtlnighS ttiescort -
11 the bicjdc rate stexid. Schiner. 1,567;
Miller, 1.54U Ashinger, 1,518; Lawson,
1,-197; nannant, 1,305; Stewart, 1,250,
Hanson, 1,155.
The Greatest Auction Sale of th
Season .
At Sloan's, 1 107 G street, today, at 10
a. m , will lie sold a large ciuantity of
furniture, china, valuah'e pictures, and
general household furniture, for storage
charges. Sa'e on first auel econel floors.
Dealers and buyers for Che ItU of March,
should attcnel It
Blind-, Any si.de, ?X a Pair
Libbey & Co., 6th st. and N. Y. ave.

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