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Spring Shapes
Arc Ready
In our famous "$3-hat-for-$2."
All the new shapes in all
the new brown and pearl
colors are among- them.
The quality is just the
same as you've always paid
$3 for and it's only by
handling thousands of doz
ens each season that we are
able to name this price.
We are fast becoming the
leading hatters.
Our hat. department is
just eighteen months old
and we're doing a business
that man'- an eighteen-year-old
hat store would feel
proud of.
And we're doing all our
hat advertising through
these $2 hats.
That dollar saving makes
people tell their friends
about this hat business
and it continues to grow and
3?or the inaugural ball
full dress suits shirts ties
chest protectors white
Sfloves studs and links.
Just opened new lines of
spring Manhattan colored
bosom shirts "plaid -all-over''
effects in 50c footless
golf hose and uobbr plaid
shirts at $1.00.
Eiseman Bros.,
Corner 7th and E Streets N. W.
Xo Ilraucli Store In AVsisIiinztnn.
Is a Truss made on the
fJ&. iilan of th one below
W .1 with a liravv tel or
ron uami, as yon Know, ir
nave oecn in uiciiauitor
wearing one, inrow
it away. Whv
will you con
a, it? The
Elastic Truss Co.. or
Kew York, furnishes
the ino-t iireciire
trU-S for fhfl Tl1mf nnil
. cure, producing none
oiiue injurious results
ami torturing annoy
ance of other trusses.
You hardly feel it. and
It can bo worn with.
"ae nisht and day,
thereby effecting a
radical and ? erxnaiient
CHre. Thoo interested
in the subject call or
writo and get a fr.se
catalogue to the
Dcpt S,
Iiidy in attendance for
Cxaminati. u Free.
Full Dress
For the Ball.
Full Di-ess Suits,
$20 and $25. All
::: the necessaries that
'go with them
gloves, lies, shields,
Silk flats
For Aides
at $3.75-
- We have everything
. -s- for your proper -wear
::i or the parade. Spe-
a - c t pi tec on )ilk
Hats for Ads in
"" v " the Par dc, $3.75.
Loeb k Hirsli,
910 and 912 F St
JUST IN . . .
4The First Battle"
For Sale at the
Times Counting Room.
Price . . $1.50.
Kothinj too large or too & &
Email for us to print . . 'SS? tjg?
1107 E Street Northwest.
Prcsswork for the trade.
IVforning and Sunday
35c Per Month.
rri i ii"i
The National League President
Gets $1,000 Additional Yearly.
Umpires Want nn IucretiHe In
"Vuge Col. Day Appointed Su
liervlhliiH: Inspector o Umpires.
Fall Meeting "VJll Bo Held In
Bailhuoic, Feb. 27. The remaining frag
ments of work of the baseball magnates
were disponed of this afternoon and they
adjourned until the spiing meeting.
The invitation or Mr. Reach, of Phila
delphia, to hold the regular lall meeting
or theleague.in the Quaker City was unan
imously accepted. Chris Von tier Aim was
recognized by Chahman Soden, and tpoke
at considerable length of the beauties of
St. Louis as a winter result and extended
a warm invitation to the league to hold the
schedule meeting next year in St. I ouis.
"Der Poss" was leceived with rapturous
applause, and almost befoie he had le
sumed his beat it was unanimously de
cided to meet in the Mound City a year
Petitions from a number of umpires ask
ing for additional remuneration were laid
before the meeting. They were rerrred
to President Young, with instructions to
use bis discretion in the matter. It is un
derstood thac the petitioi.s came from the
three oldest and best umpires on the staff.
The contract for live years with Sporting
Lire, expired in January. .Messrs. llynie,
Rogers and Hart were appointed a com
mittee to consider tlte advisability of re
newing the deal, or of selecting another
publication as the official organ. It is
probable that Editor Richler's journal will
continue to be the mouthpiece of the Na
tional League.
The live topic of today, the report of
the committee "To devise means to con
trol umpires," was then taken up. It
proved to be one of the most lively themes
of the meeting. Amendment after amend
ment to the report was offered until Secre
tary Young was compelled to call the game
to catch up.
Alter straightening out matters, the re
port was adopted. Col. John B. Bay's
salary as supervising inspector of umpires
and players, was fixed at 2,000 per an
num. He is to report to President Young
and any. recommendation he may make
will be acted upon by the president.
liffoie a linal adouiii:nent a "vote of
tnanks was tendered Pres.dunt l'oinig for
the faithful and conscientious manner in
which he had presided over the league
affairs, and as a fin titer and more sub
stantial testimonial of the appreciation
In which "Uncle Nick" It held by the
pioprietors of baseball lie was tendered
an increase of calaiy or $1,000 per annum.
The 1 oaid of directors took an inning
after the league adjourned. It was de
cided to have throe suited director' meet
ings during the playing season. The
dates selected for the coining year were
April 12, June 1-i and August 0. The
case or Pitcher W. F. HulchiFon, rer
merly of Ciiicago, and later with the
Minneapolis team, who was drafted by
Yon der Alie "was disposed of by declaring
the claim of St. Louis valid, and "Willie
Bill" will wear the liiown's uniform
during the coming season. The directors
then adjourned to meet in New York
on April 12.
Great Day for the Fields and. the
New Orleans, Fell. 27. Splendid weather
and an attendance of 4,000 people marked
today's sport, the influx ot Mardi-Gras
visitors being very noticeable. The track
was still slow and only one favorite
proved successful during the afternoon.
First race Six furlongs. Old Dominion,
104, Scherrer, 7 to 2, Avon by a length;
Tommy Ruttcr, 103, Hill, 11 to 5, second
by three lengths; Sister Florence, 95,
Combs, 30 to 1, third. Time, 1:20. Lizzie
Mack, Royal Prince, Tricky Jim, Gil
fordham, Moloch, Flora Ballard, and Ida
"Wagner also ran.
Second race One-half of a mile. Oninoor,
103, Caywood, 12 to 5, Avon by three
lengths; Sarmetia, 100, Clay, 0 to 2,
second by a length; Frenchford, 98, T.
Burns, 40 to 1, third. Time, 0:33 3-4.
Floss, Dazzle, Eulalia, and Glcntcrra also
Third race One mile. Oilcan, 87, T.
Burns, 7 to 1, won by threelcngths; Double
Dummy, 9G, A. Barrett, 4 to 1, second by
two lengths; The Plutocrat, 96, Clay, C
to 2, third. Time, 1:49 1-4.. Beau Ideal,
Senator Penrose, Springvale, Loudon,
Play or Pay, and Candy also ran.
Fourth race Six furlongs. Ettarre,105,
A. Barrett, 3 to 1, won, by a length; Miss
Rowett, 105, Scherrer, 5 to 1, second, by
four lengths; Pisa, 102, T. Burii3, 5 to 1,
third. Time, 1:19 1-2. Hanobella.Trixie,
R. Q. Pan, and Tagliona also ran.
Fifth race Six furlongs. Henrica, 101,
Songer, even, won, by a length; Elkin, 104,
Scherrer, 7 to 1 , second, by three lengths;
Martin K., 104, A. Barrett, 10 to I, third.
Time, 1 :19. Earth, Seclbach.andDelavan
also ran.
Sixtli race Seven furlongs. Slrathreel,
92, Combs, 4. to 1, won, by three lengths;
Little Billy, 9G, A. Barrett, 12 to 1,
second, by a length ;F. M. B., 94, Songer,
15 to 1, third. Time, 1:34 1-2. Domingo,
Pitfall, and Amber Glints also ran.
Pitcher IClobedanz, of the Bostons-, has
been ill with the measles.
Esper and Connie Mack will form a bat
tery strong enough for any old league
rrom the Chai tiers Valley up to the Na
tional. A letter from "W. W. Lange, Chicago's
big center-fielder, was received In Chicago
recently. He pir-ks Corbctt for a winner
in the coming fight.
Billy Earle lias signed a Columbus .con
tract. Tom Loftushas an aggregation that
will make some or those Western fellows
swallow dust. Cincinnati Post.
Manager Comiskey, of the St. Paul Club,
has been offered $15,000 for the fran
chise and players- "Commy" did not
consider the orfer at all. Be says he Is
satisfied to take his chances of more
money in the Western League.
Manager Irwin emphatically denies that
the Toronto Club will be a "rarm" for the
Washingtons next season, and declares that
there "will not be a "farmed" player on his
team. He states that lie is opposed to the
iystem and that the experience of the
Pittsburg Club has demonstrated that It
Is impossible for a team, now owned and
controlled as a local institution, to live
in Toronto. Go to, Arthurl We have seen
gold bricks before.
Jimmy Williams, the old-time baseball
official, gave out the following, which
is piobably correct, as lie was secretary
of the American Association in those days:
"The story going the rounds that Gus
him out is wrong. Brown was secured by
the late Horace Fhillips for the Columbus
American Association club in If S3, while
Schmclz did not make his entry Into
Is Sufficient that the Specialist
Cures When the Family
Doctor Fails,
Dr. Young Stands Pre-eminent
His modern Methods of Treat
ment Are a Bcon to the
Because He Cures Consultation is
Free Medhlnes Furnished
Free from His Own
L boratory
t overs full treatment for all diseases of
either sex. Positively no higher fee ac
cepted. No matter what your complaint
may be one or half a uozen dlscascs-$5
covers treatment and medicines Tor a full
month. Dr. Young treats with unfailing
success Catarrh, Asthma, Bronchitis, Rheu
matism, Constipation, Dyspepsia, Sexual
Weakness, Nignt Losses, Diseases ot the
Liver, Kiuney and Uladder. and all affec
tions or the Eye, Ear, Nose Tiiroat and
Lungs. A never-railing cure Tor Stricture,
varicocele and Hydrocele. No cutting, no
operation, no pain, no loss of time. Mild,
painless methods.
Corner 12th ana F Streets.
Orrice hours-Daily, 10 to 5; Monday and
I hursday evening, 7 to 8; Sunday, 10 to 12.
in pckson- ou Djpn
i!V iu itisk inDD
baseball until 184. Brown was brought
riom California originally bj the Phila
delphia club, I think, and after being
released by it played out the season in
Baltimore under Henry Mj ers Hiown wax
captain of the Columbus team in 184."
Manager-Captain Oliver Tebenu of Cleve
land explains how lie gained the plain
and very positive sobriquet of "Pat.'
He says: "When I was a five-year-old
kid, about a half mile from where "we
lived in St. Louis was a place then called,
as it is now, Kerry Patch. My dad
bought me a toy wagon and a shovel.
Now, I had noticed a lot or Hibernians
digging in Kerry Patch, and nothing would
do me but that 1 had to trotoer there
with my wagon and shovel and start to
work. They were a good-natured lot of
men and took to the Joke ot the thing.
You should have seen my mother size
me up when I came home, mud rrom head
to foot. I was also rull or dignity, amW
ordered my supper liko a working man.
Next day I asked ror my dinner In a pall
and the folks humored me. I have been
happy many times iu my life, but never
so much so as when I started to work
with my shovel on my shoulder and draw
ing behind me the little red wugon loaded
with my dinner pall. Every day I
shoveled away and knocking off at noon
to eat my dinner with the workmen.
George, when he'd see me coming home,
wouul say: "Here comes Pat from ids
digging.' Everybody got to calling me
Pat, and Pat I am to this day. It was
wiille I worked at digging that I learned
to speak Irish neil gc Jlbben, faugh a
ballagh, tausha gaumaugh."
Manager Sclimelz stated to The Times
representative at Baltimore Thursday that
had Selbach's hands not been toughened in
the palm by gymnasium work the injury
Inflicted to them by the Are would have
resulted seriously, and in all probability
would have enforced his retirement from
the game Fortunately, however, the skin
wtis thick and callous by reason of practice
on the horizontal bar and rings, and the
"Geiiuan ambassador," as a consequence,
escaped -permanent disability. Sclimelzsays
Stlbach's hands looked like at rare beef
steak for a few flays, but that the burns
had now healed completely, and no appre
hension need be felt for him at all Tho
"Baron'' is due to arrive in Washington in
time to witness the inauguration.
J. Earl Wagner and Gus Schmelz were
chatting in the Rennert Thursday, when
the former mentioned in a tone of fatherly
pride that his boy baby was growing to
be a "great big fellow." Gus followed
with the iemark that he had a seveutcen-year-old
youngster at home (Columbus;
whom ne would no more put on the gloves
with than Corbctt or Fitz. Then Gus
chuckled and smoothed the gray hairs
in his Tan Dyke.
Scrappy Joyce. Jimmy Rodgers, Tommy
Dowd and Jack Doyle were sitting around
tho mahogany at the Renneitin Baltimore
"fanning" at a lively rate as they dis
cussed apolinaris and smoked perfectos.
The conversation turned on "Dad" Clarke,
the comical pitcher of the Giants. Doyle
told this one: "When 1 was captain of
the New Yorks Dad got a jag on one day,
and after losing a game which he at
tempted to pitch President Freedman
called him into the business office of the
Polo G rounds. 'What was the matter with
yon, today, Dad?' inquired Freedman, as
Clarke shambled over the threshold of
the magnate's sanctum. 'Xothin'; only I
had that Tallahassee feeling.' 'Talla
hassee feeling?' questioned Freedman,
'what do you mean by that?' 'Same as
we had on that ship you sent us to Tloridy
on last spring,' replied Dad, 'and say,
it is something awful.' ' Youlook the pa it,'
said Freedman, 'and 1 am going to fine
you $100.' 'Does it go?' anxiously in
quired Dad. 'Yes, sir,' said Freedman,
'and, more, if I see you Taliahasseelng
again I'll double the dose.' However, the
the fine wasn't collected,'' concludedDoyle.
"Freedman laughed so heartily over
Dad's Tallahassee talk that his good
nature forbid the infliction. Tallahassee
was the name of the steamer on which
we went to Floilda for our spring prac
tice, and everyone of us had a horrible
case ot seasickness; hence Dad's witty
In the opinion of J. Earl Wagner and
President "Jim" Hart of the Chicago
club, the three "headiest" pitchers In
the league are Griffith of Chicago, Maul
of Washington and Nichols of Boston.
The pair of magnates agreed in a conver
sation at Baltimore Friday that the above
trio depended almost entirely on brains
to win their games. Said Mr. Hart,
"Neither Griffith nor Maul have speed
enough to break a pane ot glass, and
while Nichols has a good arm, he does
not depend on strength to retire the
batters facing him."
Harry Weldon, the rubicund and robust
sporting editor of the Cincinnati Enquirer,
was in attendance upon the meeting of
the magnates at Baltimore. Harry takes
tho world easy, as his ready smile and
250 pounds ot jolly avoirdupois attests.
Be is the most prodigiously upholstered
member ot baseball's fourth estate, and
every inch of the fat is permeated bygood
fellowship. Be will journey to Carson
this week to remain until the champion
ship fight is pulled off. Barry has wit
nessed and reported every big battle in
the ring since Sullivan defeated Ryan
and is an encyclopedia of pugilistic points.
Be says he has no favorite in the mill at
Carson, but thinks Corbett will win.
Preparations for the Fistic Bat
tle Well Under Way.
Su.spichiii Tliat FltzsinmioiiH and
His FrJeiidM Are Playing to In
fluence the netting Brady tho
Only ilnii Offering Money John
L. Will Bo iu the Press Box.
Carson, Feb. 27. The conclusion of the
week linds preparations for the Corbett
Fitzsiir.mons light well In hand. All
monetary arrangements aie complete and
satisfactory. The' principals have demon
strated that they are lit to battle for their
lives even now. Stuart's mammoth Coli
seum is hair rlnished and the weather has
moderated sufficiently to please every
body An inrusiou or objectionable char
acters is- being carefully guarded agai ist
by the State and municipal authorities-, and
"sure thing" manipulators are weeded out
immediately their presence is detected,
Rcfeiee Silcr has conferred with the men
tc whom his decision will mean glory or
disgrace, and they have agreed to abide by
his interpretation or the rules under which
they will contest. Gov. Sadler and Slieriff
Kinney have been quietly gathciing about
them trusted deputies, who are placed on
the paj-roll as ja6t as their services are
required. The taxpayers are not grumbling
over the additional burden thus placed
upon them, and the householders dispense
latchkeys with a reckless liberality and
unbounded confidence in their guests.
From hair-couipleted plans of the aiena
now on exhibition, 1,200 tickets have al
ready been sotd, and a number of sections
yet remain untouched. These are the ones
which will bp. icserved for special excur
sion parties from the East and elsewhere,
who have already besiKiken accommoda
tion. Ring patrons in distant cities thus
stand an equal show of getting seats with
these who are near the ground.
Visitors are beginning to shed their over
shoes today, tlie sidewalks and street cor
ners having been dried by the warm sun.
The roads are a little deep with mud, but
the sandy loam rapidly absorbs the water
and bicycles are being oiled up ror ser
vice. Corbett was stirring alxjut at daylight
this morning. He set the punching bag
going before breakfast, of which he par
took sparingly,. Three hot games or hand
ball were next on the schedule, after which
Woods and Jerrrtes took their gruel with
the mittens. The Los Angeles wonder is
becoming speedy and he worked some
surprises oiij Jim before the champion
dropped to hissfyh;.
"I'm learning a great deal," purred Jef
fries, after ho 'Jiad stopped a few lefts
with his cheek, "but it's rather discourag
ing to reach outallthe time and findnoth
lng. If I could; only get In just one
punch cverjrjdayjlt would satisfy me, but
cen that i denied me."
Billy Delaney is supremo in the rub-down
room, and Charley White has been in
stalled as adviser extraordinary.
Fltzslmmons ga,v ills cook a few pointers
on broiling beefsteak today The bad
roads prevented him from visiting the city
and he romped about the ranch with
"Ynrum," his pet dog, instead.
Ernest Roeber left his mark on theCornish
man's face yestcMay, and -Bob's thin lips
puffed out like a split watermelon. His
nose is slightly on the bias and black
streaks about the lids of his left eye attest
the sturdy Teuton's hitting power. When
told or the gory encounter in which Fitz
simmons received such hard treatment, his
friends wink and intimate that the Aus
tralian is tampering with herring and
creating a false scent to influence betting
No one doubts Bob's ability to keep away
from so ponderous a boxer as Roeber, and
so tho talent conclude that he is up to
Certainly his work has been very clumsy
thus rnr, possibly Tor the purpose of mis
leading Corbett's rriends, who watch him
daily. More discrimlnatingobservers, how
ever, Incline to the belief that the crafty
Bob Is accustoming himself to receive pun
ishment in order that he may lie able to
stop a few of Corbett's blows preliminary
to landing his own deadly short-arm hooks.
With the exception of Corbett's mana
ger. Brady, nobody is disposed to do any
betting. In all championship battles here
tofore, one mati has entered the ring a
pronounced favorite. On form, Fitzsim
mons should control the long end. On
class Corbett easily leads. Sporting writers
vary their opinions to suit their hearers,
and friends of both heavyweights are not
indulging In any loud talk.
Quarters were reserved today for John
L. Sullivan, who will describe the fight
foran Eastern paper; WyattEarp, who has
a similar engagement, and Pror. Donald
son, Corbett's old sparring partner and
warm Mend. George Green and Dal Haw
kins were about town this moiiiiug be
fore retiring to the solitude of Empire
City, from which they will emerge March
BICYCL1-: snow.
Denlors and Others Arranging
Fine Exhibits.
The nc wRobmson St Chery Company.now
opening for business, is arranging to give
one of the floors or Its building for a big
bicycle show during tho third week ot
March. The bicycle dealers and every
body connected with bicycling in the city
arc evincing great Interest in the show
and are promising to make it a fine af
fair, maybe the best that Washington has
Exhibitors will be given large floor space
and will be allowed to erect booths and
make any kind 6T exhibits they like. Some
of ttiem already planned are remarkably
handsome and Interesting.
Bicycle races have been arranged, and
competitions oflvarious kinds, for which
handsome prizes are being offered. The
affair Is largely uiider the management
of Mr. Pliny Mofan, who is a great friend
of the blcyclistk and bicycle dealers in
Washington. He says that the success of
the arrair is aheady assured. Those who
wish to make exhibits and have not yet
arranged for tliem are requested by Mr.
Moran to communicate with him immedi
ately, as floor spaces will be hard to get
after a little.
The CorbettBettors Are Very Timid
in New York.
New York, Feb. 27. Where are all the
Corbett men? is a Question that uptown
sporting men are asking each other. A
few weeks ago there was talk of millions
of backing for Coibett and nothing for
The men were Fcarcely matched before
Corbett was Installed favorite at odds of
100 to 70. This gradually changed to 100
to 80. At these figures it was claimed that
the betting was very light. The Corbett
men, however, said that there was no
Fitzsimmons money in sight, and for a
while appearances .seemed to bear them
out in their conjecture.
A rude setback has been received by
the Corbett adherents during the last
few days.
At the present moment there Is upward
Yykiw. w
k-5' M.&'i
0- 5 ' jo
(&-!lJ 'FT. BO c?Pi?i Gvvsx?
8 l,n U l : ft K &m VJt
Six Little Tailors,
941 Pa. Ave. N. W.
Open Evenings until 9 o'clock.
of $100,000 or Fitzsimmons money in
sight. This money will be wagered at
odds or 100 to 80 in sums to suit the
't he men who have the Fitzsimmons coin
are men who usually know pretty thorough
ly what they are about. They are shrewd
judges of race horses and righters and
seldom plunge on a race or a fight unless
they are thoioughly posted on the condi
tion ot the horses or pugilists.
Those who have money to wager on the
Cornishman in bigor little sums are Henry
Robertson, A. Pappenheimer and Dick
Roche. They are nearly all members of
the Metropolitan Turt Association, the
Turf, Bohemian or some other prominent
sporting club, and can be found at almost
any hour of the day at one or the big
uptown hotels or their clubs.
To a man they are very much inclined
to doubt the existence of Corbett money
that will be wagered at the prevailing
odds, or at any price.
The consensus of opinion seems to be
that the Corbett men are waiting for odds,
and that Fitzsimmons will enter the ring
at Caraon City on March 17 an odds-on
The latest wager made on the big right
was $3,000 against $4,000. J Kelly, of
Kelly & llllsa, took the odds and the Fitz
simmons end or the argument. The bet
was made with a prominent business man,
who declined to have his name made pub
lic Clmrlle Delmonico recently bet
$1,000 against $800 that Corbett would
These are the only bets of importance
that have been made during the past
lie Ih in Gooii Condition to Meet
Wilson Tomorrow Xlght.
Jack Juth. who will meet Howard Wil
son before the Spa Athletic Club to
morrow night, came over fiom Phila
delphia yesterday afternoon. He is ac
companied by his trainer. "Kid" Cal
lahan, who will also second him in the
ring. Juth is apparently In splendid con
dition, and says he is in much better
form than when he met Pierce at the Spa
on the evening or Janurary 19.
The preliminary will probably be be
tween Callahan and Arthur Jones. Wil
son and Juth are matched for twenty-five
rounds and the program will be started
promptly at 8:30 o'clock.
The Spa clubhouse is commodious and
neat and is splendidly managed by" Mr.
Colllus. The club is located at Ijladens
burg and can be easily reached from the
city. The rights will be started early so
that patrons can return home before
Among the many apparently harmless
practices that should be discouraged is
that of permitting the promiscuous kissing
ot babies. Not only should it be dis
couraged, because the Interchange of
kisses is a very common means of dis
seminating disease germs, and, therefore,
responsible for the spreading of diphtheria,
scarlet rever, and other contagious and in
fectious diseases, but because thebreathof
an adult, however sweet and pure It may
appear, Is really heavily charged with
noxious gases, quite readily apparent to
the acute sensibilities ot the child, and
consequently obnoxious and disagreeable.
Doubtless most of us have at some time
or other observed the struggles ot a child
in Its efforts to escape the disagreeable
ordeal of being kissed and attributed
those eflort8 to timidity, instead ot dis
gust on the part ot the child at receiving
such marks or arrcctlon. If the tempta
tion to caress children In that manner
is too strong to be overcome or resisted,
the kisses should lie showered upon the
check or forehead, but never upon the
E. B. E. Am troubled with sweaty feet.
They seem to sweat as much when cold
as when warm.
Wash in alum water, dry and apply of
this ointment: Burnt alum, 20 grains; tan
nic acid, 30 grains; lanolin, 4 drams, and
benzoinated lard sufficient to make one
E. L. Jennings Am drowsy after meals.
Drowsiness after meals Is a natural con
dition, which If yielded to increases. Needs
no treatment.
Mrs. Omara My little girl, who is seven
years old, has ulcerated tonsils. This is
the third attack
Apply equal parts ot tincture of iron
and glycerine with a camel's-halr brush.
Keep bowels open.
Miss Minnie T. The annoyance can be
overcome by keeping the parts thoroughly
clean, and applying a 5 per cent solution
ot muriate of cocaine.
G. S. R See reply to Q. T. 8.
Q. T. S.-Ara subject to heartburn after
eating. What will stop it?
Take five grains of bicaihonate of soda
in a glass of Tichy water after eating.
Plumber Have pains across the ab
domen, and am constipated. My wrfrts
are weak, allowing my hands to diop for
ward. You have prominent symptoms of lead
poison. Consult a physician in person.
Moderate -I drink from two to four
glasses of beer each day. Do you think that
it Is too much for one who is healthy
and twenty-three years old.
Although the above a mount of beer might
not be diie-ctly injurious, I would not ad
vise you to continue its use.
I. R. J., Va. 1. What is meant by "re
ductioi ot a dislocation." 2 What is
1 To piacc in proper position a part that
Is out of joint. 2 Freckles.
Mr. H. F. 8. You doubtless have
been rending cheap literature until you
have become unduly alarmed. Take exer-
yS0 ?jifj
1 1 ifllPi pHI i Hal I mf
figs mSf&bM pB"
It is built of the best material, by day
labor, has 8 rooms and bath, city water, gas,
sewers; porcelain-lined, roll-rim bath tub;
edge-grain floors, tiled fireplaces; handsome
mantels, and beautifully papered. It is erected
on a terraced lot, with substantial copings,
steps and walks. The lot is 18 feet wide by
100 feet in depth to a 15-foot alley, shaded by
a beautiful grove. The location is near the
Soldiers' Home, in the Petworth sub., on the
Brightwood electric car line. For particulars
apply to
cise regularly, masticate your food well,
and each night take a pill composed of
strychnia, one-twentieth grain, aloes, one
graiti, and extract ot beliadonnia, one
twelfth grain.
C. T. Ennis Which is safer, to sleep on
the side or back?
Sleeping on the back causes nightmare
in gome persons. The right side Is best,
as it permits free action of the heart.
Mrs. II. T. Is there any danger in taking
gas when having teeth extracted? I have
palpitation of the heart.
There is very little danger in taking gas.
You can have your physician accompany
you to the dentist, to administer the gas,
while the latter extracts the tooth-
Miss S . E. Communications for this de
partment are strictly confidential, and
advice will be given upon any subject
pertaining to health.
G.M Gray I have a soft corn that has
been annoying me for some time.
Apply night and morning with a camel's
hair brush the following: Salicylic acid,
twenty grains; extract of Indian hemp,
five grains, and collodion, two drams.
Noah M . P. Please give a prescription
for a good tooth powder.
Take equal parts ot prepared chalk and
pulverized orris root.
X. A. X. Am varicoceled and raptured
on left side. Under proper treatment can
same be cured?- Am thirty years old-
At your age it would doubtless necessi
tate surgical measures to effect a perma
nent cure. For the other symptoms you
speak of consult a physician personally.
O.E. Reed My wife is losing flesh and
color. She is easily exhausted.
Take dcscrtspoonful or iron , quinine, and
strychnine tonic, kept by all druggist."!
Bruce Alexander My son, aged nine
years, has catarrh of the nose. Is not
offensive, but very annoying.
With an atomizer spray nose with this
solution Boracic acid, thirty grains; Ils
terine, tluee drams; tincture ot kino, halt
dram; glycerine, three drams; and distilled
water sufficient to make three ounces.
When he retires lubricate the nasal cavities
with vaseline.
J. C. E. you failed to give symptoms
for which you desire treatment.
Page Am very nervous. TIaveno appe
tite, and do not sleep well. I smoke
eight to ten cigarettes every day
You had better discontinue smoking and
take more exercise in the open air.
Airs. M. B. My daughter is thin and
weak for one of sixteen years. She
coughs considerably.
Ilavc her take cod liver oil and syrup ot
hypophospliltes. Exercise in open air.
Miss Irene Doane When" I dance or ex
ercise freely my heart beats terribly, and
I become short of breath.
You may have heart or lung trouble or be
anemic. You should be examined to ascer
tain true ca-ise.
Milan Ttlvc3 Your case requires surgical
A. S. B., Maryland Bathe your face with
bay rum after shaving.
This department is under the supervision
of a competent physician, and will appear
in each issue of The Sunday Times. Com
munications must be explicit and accom
panied by proper name and address, .as a
guarantee of good faith, and not for pub
lication. Give age and occupation. Com
munications crowded out of this issue wUl
appear in the next. Address "Family Doc
tor," care Times.
Simbaij Ctmes
35c Per Month.
yet to furnish a room
or so and Tent it inaie
giiratio?i times after
wards. The cost here
isn't so much but that
there'll be a goodly prof
it in it, either. As for
payments your con
venie?ice. RUDDEFS...
513 Seventh Street N. W.
G. C. Earle,
Advertising- Matter Prepared,
Tenth and the Avenue
(Old Times Building).
I don't take all the business I
can get in this sense: If a store
and its faculties make aggres
sive, hammer-an d-tong- competi
tion impossible, I don't under
take the advertising.
I want to make the acquaint
ance of only advertising- firms
and individuals, whose store and
stock can stand the light of
truthful advertising advertisers
who want the best work obtain
able, I can help ten years of ex
perience has proved it.
!s 25 per cent worth
1 Saving to you?
irit ts you shonld burn Coke the
cleanest, uio't economical and inex-
pensive Tuel known. livery house-
2S keeper who uses Coke is. delighted
S with it Can we send vou a trial
g order?
1 Coks, UserflsliSu, 40 Bushels 32.90
1 Coke, Crosliad, 40 Eusliels $3,70 1
Washington Gaslight Co.,
0 413 TENTH STKEET X. XV. fj
Or Win. J. Zeb. O.0 20th St. X. W.
g (Phone -mi.) 9
Cabin John, Glen Echo and
We deliver rrcignt ot all descriptions
aiong the Conduit road as far aa Cabin
John Bridge and on the Tenleytown road
at very reasonable rates.
Telephone 263. llutcblns Building.
JINE Photographs at unusu
ally low rates,
B. F. GOTTWALS, 93J Pa. Ave.
Winter Clothing all this wooic at joat 40a
on th ii dollar
311 oventh Street.
Chlcfccstcr'n Ensllih Uisaosa BraaC.
Original ssd Only Genuine.
safc il"J reliable, lsoics uk
DrcUt fcr Ckichaurs ShcUsX DU-i
ounul Bnmd la Ked ul Coii ceraltiax
sauj. icsled viii Mae rifcboo. Tafcn
no other. RefuutLivrmiamtitUw
ttons tad imilaiwnr. AiDrasPst'?K314.
la tirrp ttt pxrttalin. tnUmoal! mat
" KtUcf for ilaille" i Usstr. by return
12 jftli.hr. tjarfmfiftt 7u!atlfnn RumiKl.
Ctlilj xll Lzxl lin t . l.I.H- r.
Ttie Morning ana sunouy- Iluie
Ho Cents Ier ilontn.
w s& oS

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