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$$ $&$& $S $$ 2S$ -i 38$-$ G
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! After the
crowds i
s s
salt gum s
G a
Mr. aud Mrs. Cleveland's Depar
ture From the While House.
Thoy I.oft tbe Mansion by tho Hear
Entrance Mis. Cleveland Was
"Whirled Sti night to tho Depot
and 'look Train for Piincetou.
Her Husbund "Went Ducking.
The departure of the Clev elands fiom
the Whito Bouse w as In ameasurc, pathetic
The ex President aud his vv I re eacii took
their leave rrom the back or bouth en
trance It w us going iu at the Trout door
undout at the back door Mrs Uevelu'id
stopped onlj about fiv e minutcb utter slit
had received the new mistress or the
Executho Mansion Thlb, howeicr, -was
made uccessarj on accouut or the dtluj
or Mrs McKIulej in urihlng Mrs Clee
land's arrangements, made borne duis
aco. I)roI(led for hnr flinnrturi frnm Mio
Cil. Ah 5? IK nnfl Mil. i.rlt ,il .n. ,.1-TJ...)
dent TJiomson, or the PennbjUania raid,
Aas attached to the train She had barelj
time to extend her greetings to Mrs Ale
KInlej, and get to the station, although
she did go to Mrs Lnmont'b home .or
about rie minutes, to baj larewell
Ab Mrs Cle eland p issed from the wind
ing steps at the soutli entiance or the
house where she h id been the' uncrowned
iuecn'' for almost eight ears, having en
tered it as a bride and the pride of the
nation, she ncer looked more bcautirul
In her hund she carried a great buneli of
iolits, which matched the' ilowers or lier
1 at and the bodice or her drc"s She
qtickH entered the carriage, und the
bplritedhorseshurriedlybpeedcd toward the
western'gate, taking her to the train to bear
her toiler new home at Princeton Alt of
the sen ants In the house w ere on the steps
below, where all shook her hind In gr ite
ful remembrance, and in the ejes or her
m lids there w died up tears as i f in gner
The ev-President did not rem tin more
than three minutes in the Blue Parlor
after he had accompanied President Mc
Kinlej back to the White House after the
latter's inauguration He descended the
bainc minding steps with a careful though
rathert unsteady tread His lame leg was
guarded with unusual c ire He used his
talking stick and stepped with both feet
on each step of the stnirw ly, thus de
scending very slowly He was accom
panied by Col lohn M Wilson At the
bottom or the steps stood the carriage,
lUthCapt KobleyU Eatis,latccoinm aider
of the battleship Indian i, waiting, and the
two were hurriedlj dncn to the wharf,
-where they boarded the Maple, a light
house tender, destined Tor the Albemarle
Bound in Isorth Carolina, where a fort
night will bo spent in sport of the field
and btream.
Mr Cleveland's departure from the White
House was not with the air of one w ho
regretted his surrender or power and pi ite,
but more like one who was glad that his
responsibilities had ceased It wustncle
es ago yesterday that he entered the
Mansion, a stranger to the countrj Ho
went out in ISSM, and returned In lo9J
His retirement on March 1. 197, v ill, In
tho opinion or his own paru, be forever
IX President Cleveland left the city
vestcrday at 3 37 p in for the ei lit or
North Carolina Immediate!) ifti 1 ac-
cnmpanjlng President McKmle; riom tho
Capitol to the While. Hou-e, he w is
driven to tho Eighth street wharr, winro
he boirdod tho lighthouse tender Maple,
which steamed down the Potomac Mr.
Cleveland was accompinied bj Dr Wood
and Capt Evans, U. S A , tho latter
having been driven to the w harr with
lilm in one or the White Hou-,e carriages
Dr Wood, w ho al'o accompinied the iurt,,
arrived at the wharf more thin in hour
before the others, and went aboard tho
boat immediately
The ex-President and C-ipt Evans were
expected at tho vvharr at 2 o'clock but
did not arrive until an hour and a hair
later Not a minute was lost then in
getting ready to cut loo-e, although Mr
Cleveland, as he went up the gingpl ink,
lid, "It la no uo to hurrj now '
The ex-President was uueiicumbercd by
baggageoranj kind He was helped from
the carriage by Mato " ilham Mullin In
his hand lie carried a hca gold heided
cane, and with thit he 6te idied hi nseir
as he walked up the gangplank
As Mr Cleveland was hurriedlj nuking
his way up the gangplank he -was isked
wl at was his immediate point or destina
tion Without stopping he said ' North
Carolina and othei places," and passed
on and out or sight An erfort w as mide
to learn from Capt Lamberton ho' ong
and where the trip -would extend, but he
6iidhe was in total ignorance of the plnns
or tho ex-President He Slid, however,
that he thought the trip would be con
tinued Tor a week or ten d lys He was
also or the opinion that the first anchor
the Maple would cast would be somevv hi re
along the coast of North Carolina
It was also stated that lunch had been
prepared Tor the party and w ould be sen ed
as soon as the boat was well under vv ij
Dhner, It was said, would not be tuken
until 0 o'clock in the evening
Having a Hoyal Time at the Tlnnds
of "Washington Friends.
The Unconditional Republican Club, rrom
Albany, N Y , is being rojallj entertained'
by its friends In this city
On Wednesday evening the members or
the club was tendered a banquet at
" illard's Hotel bj Col "Bill" Houghtuling,
ex reading clerk or the House or Repre
sentatUes Politics were cast aside for
the evening, and wit and humor reigned
supreme Col Houghtaling, in his ad
deisa, said that although his politics were
dlametrlcallv opposed tothoseor his guests,
he -wanted the hatchet or partisanship
burled under a mountain or patriotic sent!
mont. A member or the club proposed
tho toast, "Long live our friend, theenemj,
Captain Bill " It was drunk with en
thusiasm Among the guests present w ere
Col Fred B Habn, John W "Wheelock,
Col "Bob" Strong, Gen Chnrles Bradj , or
Philadelphia; Charles Butler, and others
Tho club, comprising fiftj members, ia
stationed at the Builders' Exchange Gart
land's Military Band accompanies it, and
last evening serenades were tendered Gov
Black, Senator Piatt and Congressman
"Which Starts from Thirtj sixth street,
(The blue cable and the F-street electrio
cars going west make direct connection),
Takes visitors along in full view or the!
The old defenses or Washington, and
To the Wonderrul CABIN" JOHN BRIDGE
The largest stone arch in the world
Built by the United States Government
From Georgetown to Cabin John
Characteiistic Multitude Witnesses
tho Svvearing-In Ceiemonj.
The cio wds w eie cnormousiu the v icinity
or the Capitol vestciday morning, they
crushed up against the staud and waved
back in receding degrees of denscness
until they straggled out into groups,
couples, and rinallj were strings or pedes
trians, tangles or human ribbons which
had their beginnings uo one could say
w here y
Big crowds were there, but not so big
asepectcd However, none of those who
stood under the stand reserved Tor tho
privileged thought that there was any
numeiical deficiencies Standing in the
middle or the thiong that blackened the
p'aza, it seemed as if there was nothing
but a sea or upturned races from the steps
or the Capitol to the gold crowned library
palace Everjono pushed and Jostled,
elbowed toward the stand iu a per6lst
cntlv hopeless m inner, but thioughout
kept in good humor.
The beginnings or the crowd assembled
as early as 7 o'clock A hundred or more
were under the shadow of the stand by
eight They looked at each other sheep
IshI j , and pretended not to be tiev e that they
hid giabbed tim rather short!) b j the Tore
lock, but said nothing
It was verj' quiet up to 9 o'clock Then
the clt) below woke up The growing
hum swept up Capitol Hill and stirred the
waiters In the distance might be heard
the rovcllle of stnut-Iunged buglers, the
roll of the assemblj drum, or even the
spirited music or e irlj bandmen Under
the influence or this and the accumulating
numbers, the crowd warmed up as it
grew , and two Im rs berore there was any
hope or seei lg the awaited spectacle the
crevices of the groups of waiters had all
filled up, and the gathering ussumed the
proportions of a multitude
Tho police kept passages clear for the
arrival or diplomats, Senators and their
mends and the Executives, actual and
elect, as thev drove up under the arcade
on the Senate side There was really very
little cheering for Mr Cleveland and Mr
McKlnlev, indeed, they seemed to be
scarcely observed, and the cheering all
went for others
The crowd was rull of the inevitable in
divielualities There was the alwajs with
us gentleman, who, though all the other
thousands guessed the Executive stand
was not ror them, supposed he could run
the gantlet and pick his place He was
run to earth to the accompaniment or
lusty cheers There were the practical
jokers, who cried Heretic comes, "'andthe
irrepressible cranks with their yells and
tigers along with them
Tired orcheenn'.thecrowd good natured
ly took to sinking Thej did it er v nlcel y,
too, much better thun many a trained
chorus which has essajed the same ramil
lar tune3
The Southern contingent sang "Dixie,"
and the Yankees responded with "Hail
Columbia," and from the -volume of both
it ma j be Ptiproaed that each court eouslj
Joined in the chorus or the other
The kodak fiend was in clover, it waB
green giass and new mown hnj to him
He came earlj , elbowed evenbodj about
that he might have a rirst-cln&s roition,
asked ror quiet, and then proceeded to
"snap" everjthing in sight, saving only
two plates, one to "take" the President
elect taking the oath, and the other to
"catch" tho now executivo making hie
speech He will show these pictures to
ills children and his children's children,
and for the pregnant moment he was as
immeasurably happy as only a mortal
with a full grown hobbj can be
The professional photographers had
elevated positions oj poslte the P2ecutlves,
retiring -and elect Representatives of
the blograph, cinematogiaph, kineto
scope and other mov tng picture machines
had positions, and herearter those who
didn't see Mr McKinley take the oath
may look upon the sight and receive all
the impressions but sound Mr McKinlej
is the first President to be Inaugurated
before a moving picture machine
Music lor Marylandeis.
Tho Log Cabin Club, or Baltimore, sere
naded Gov Lowndes and James A Gary
at the Normandie at 7 30 last evening
They were under escort or the Mar) land
Republican Club, or this city, where the
Log Cabin Club was quartered during
their stay here
Inauguration edition of The Times,
twenty-eight pages.including sixteen pages
souvenir extra, ready today Pric, in
wrappers for mailing, Five Cents
They Have Gained Several Im
portant, Victories Lately.
Toxnn Cowboys' Expedition Safely
Landed in Phinr del Rio Peifect
Organization of. tho Iusiiigentb in
That Province Woyler Dally Ex
pected in Havana.
Havana, March 1 Advices received hero
show that the rebels have been displajing
great actlvlt), and In several encounters
sustained with the bpanlsu troops have ob
tainod signal victories Incomplete details
received from Munzanlllo btdte that Geu
Garcia, with 3,000 mm and three pieces of
artillerj, met Gen Key, with 1,300 men
and three pieces of artillerj , at Costamada
A rierce right resulted Garcia, w ith his
superior rorces and better position, easily
routed the Spani irds, inflicting heavy
losses, estimated at GOO, if not over
Another report cornea from Matauzas
or a severe engagement on the IMth or
Februarj Cayo Blllas, Majia Eodrlguez
and Carrillo met Gen Molina's forces and
obtained a complete vietorj Details are
lacking, bnt it is onlj known that seventy
four wounded Spaniards were brought
Into Cuevitas on stretchers Many dead
were lert on the Held
Col Gonzalez, comiuaudlng the rebel
Torces in Remedios discrtct, raided the
rort protecting the estate or Dolores
He rired cannon shots it the garrison The
civ 11 guards fleel and abandoned their arms
and munitions, tiking reruge in the build
ing or the estate Gen Alcjande Rod
riguez, now comn anding the rebels in
Havana province, attacked two cavalry
squadrons belonging in the Pizarro regi
ment nen l'ozorcdoiielo He made a v igor
ous charge, Tew Spaniarels escaped It
is positivel) known that twentj-two were
buried and the rest w ere lert in the fleld
Man) rumors are circulating reareling
Gomez's whereabouts Some state that
he is still in Santa Clara province, ar
ranging tho organization or rebel rorces
Others say that he has returned to Puerto
Principe, in consequence or President
Cisneros' death, to settle anv difficulties
that maj arise on th it account in state
afrairs No doubt exists that 0,000 in
surgents crossed neir Lajas two weeks
ago marching west The) succeeded in
entering Matanzas province, and on its
borders sustained the encounter referred
to above Thlsbodj or men, all cavalry,
were commanded by Maj Rodriguez, re
centlv appointed in command or the three
western provinces, taking Gen Maeeo's
Gen Carillo hasassumeel comm md or the
rorces in Matanzas jirovince
It is rumored thatthe cowbovs' expedi
tion, which lert Dallas, Tex , landed in
Pinar del Rio saTely
Gonzalo Jarrln a prbmincntsugar planter.
commissioned b) Jean Reiz, the ex rebel
leader ot the last war, to explore and re
port on the conditioner theicbelsin Pinar
del Rio, and ir they are willing to accept
Canovas' rerorms,savs that he was held a
prisoner and then' court in irtinled bv
Riviera, but artervvard released Gen RIus
Riviera would hear nothing or the rerorms,
uot even to hear them mentioned Jarrln
describes the organization or, the rebels
in that province aspeiTect 0
Gen Rivera has 5(000 men, well armed,
thoroughh munitioned and equipped, dis
tributed in groups or 100 men or more
throughout the province He personall)
commands 800 men His ranks are con
stant lucre ising from desertions from the
Spanish arm) and the terror stricken
paciricos who are seeking his protection
Since Wejler retiied the bulk or the
Spanish force, Rivera has been able to
move with more freedom, and he is now
reorganizing the piovinco
Mail) rumors are floating about as to
"Wevler's resignation on account of San
guilj's release Some discredit the story,
as they say no general can resign in front
of an enemy, or less criticise the action
of his queen The current belicr is that
lie has been recalled in obedience to tho
clamor or Spanish people, who arc enraged
at his complete failure Wcvler is daily
expected at Havana The transport ves
sel Legazpi has left for Caibanen to bring
hhn to Havana Some indication of his re
turn is shown b the fact that he has lert
Sanctl Spiritus and returned to riacetas
He lias made a new distribution or tho
Spanish forces in that section, in view or
the fact that Gome has returned to Puerto
Principe, ir report Is ti uo
No Supei abundance of Enthusiasm
Eidenced by tho Crowds.
The inauguration -visitor arose early yes
terday ami lookedeagcrl) eastvv ard Ihero,
flooding tho dome of tho Capitol and
coloring the windows with yellow light,
smiled the bun A cool breeze rl fried and
rurried the flags, first brisk enough to
larilj and fitfullj unfurl and show them a
patch of vivid color against the unsullied
blue or the spring skies
Nature never biniled upon a President
more sweetly ' The March sun Tclt like
May" and disused a ealutar), cheering
erfect upon the lsitors promenading the
Avenue Ihe fakirs followed the crowds,
crying their wares, importuning the pass
crs by to purchase the ' onlj orignal Mc
Kinley badge," the "ofricial program," or
some little valueless trinket or ornament
One fellow had some Democratic roosters
rampant, unsold from the last inaugura
Hon He had painted the sign "Dead"
upon them, turned them upside elown and
was barking In a ting bong strain, "Grov er,
Grover, it's all over "
Tho rural visoi was quite a feature
in the crow ds upon the streets He could
usuullj be found urouud the little push
carts, eating the restiv e peanut or indulg
ing iu the luxurj of a real fresh banana
ne usuallv came in pairs or groups and
walked in lelsuiel) wonderment about
the streets, a cheap cigar between his lips
and an "ain't I Just too wicked for any
thing" expression upon his face
The stands and sidewalks began to fill
shortlv berore 10 o'clock and hair an hour
later the north side or the Avenue was
rairly crowded There was no great
crush at anj poiut on the thoroughfare,
with the possible exception or the Seventh
strcctcorncr The stands had greatvacant
gipsinthe tiers or scats The windows
and bilcoules were comrortablv rilled but
not to a capacit j -testing extent There
was undoubtcdlv a great crowd, but not
as many as were expected
The tliroig massed closer against the
ropes as the he.id or the column or the
President's escort appeared upon tho
A-veiiue The decorated go.it accompanj
ing the bluejackets rrom tho flagship
Nt w York caused a little ripple of laugh
ter to pass along the line Outside of this
no applause gree teel the long line of tmops
until the "Black Horse Cavalrj," Presl
dent McKinle) 's pergonal escort, appeared,
and then it was hard to tell whether the
slight demonstration was intended for
the President or the troops
President McKinlej was recelveel cor
diall) but not cnthuiastieall) He was
feebled cheered b) the crowd in the
Lafajette Squaro stand, received some
thing short of an ovation ficm the Treas
ur) officials, nnd was applaud' d and
cheered vhen he pissed the principal re
v lew ing stands These people had paid
their mono) and came from a distance
to see the President, and they cheered
when the) did fee him, but the crowds
on tho sidewalks, those who coulel not
arford to pa) for a reat and stood for
&veral hours in one place waiting for
the paride, showed no cnthus'asm They
would feeblj Join in with the stands as
the President passed and then relapso
into a silent, passive, sightseeing crowd
The kodak fiend was haplj the most
ai'iimg feature about the streets The
methods he used to outwit the police and
get inside of the lines, onlj to be caught
aiid cast out, seemed to please thos on
the sidewalks better than anj part or the
parade Thej would suggest scheme, to
111 in, put an orricer on his track, and then
laugh heartilv to sec him and his machine
chased elown by a big policeman
vrter the procession pissed the crowd
broke through th ropes and filled the
streets for a rew moments The side
walks were cleared surficientlv ror the
oi dinar) traTNc in a short time
I he re were no cries shouted at the Presl
dei't, as is usual upon such an occasion
No one called out 'Howdy, '3111'" or
' Glad to see jou, Mac" The min who
makes humorous comments w j not in
evitlence, and the whole was about the
quietest crowd that ever saw a Presieient
eli'ct elrive to the Capitol to take his oath
or orrico
Recognizee! by President McKinley
From niB Carrince.
Ex Queen Lllluokalani, of Hawaii, with
hor suite, witnessed the inaugural ere
moniesatthe Senate vesterday from a seat
In the diplomatic gallery, tendered her by
Secretarv Oinej and Senator Sherman,
and later viewed the paraele from a van
tag' point on the firth rloor of the Central
National Dank building, corner or Pennsyl
v inia avenue and Market space She was
attended at botli places bj her suite She
was gowned In black satin, with diamond
The party lert the Cairo at 10 30 o'clock,
and in a closed carriage proceeded to the
Cipitol Arriving there, the queen went
to tho Senate galler) and witnessed the
ceremonies incident to the administering
or the oath or orrice to the Incoming Yico
President Thereafter the ex queen and
party went immediatclj to the Central
National Bank building, preceding the head
of the paraele bj onlv a few moments
Manager Sherman, or the Cairo, in which
the ex queen has her ip irtme its, had se
cured for her and party a commodious room
in the northwest coiuer ot the bul'eling,
and here the) maele themselves comfort
able in the wide bow window, from which
an excellent view was had up tho Ave
nue as far as Twelfth strct They were
all somewhat fatigued and hungry from
their long wait at the Capitol, and at
once ordeied sandwiches, coffee and ap
ple pie, the two secretaries further in
dulging in two ror a-quarter cigars
The ei queen was elceplj -flterested in
the migniricent panorama berore her, and
rreel) commented on the vaiious organiza
tions as the) pasvd in review. The iiaval
organizations seemed to especially In
terest her, in ievv or the race that the
"joll) jack tars'' had not been unknown
quantities in her rormer high estate
The profusion of color In the vaiious
ui ifoims pleased her, for, although bhe is
not unfamiliar with milttar) displav, cbo
never witnessed anjthing in the martial
line of such magnificent e and maguilude
as the parade or )esterda)
An interesting incident or the parade
occurred when President McKinlC) parsed
the bank building He had Tor some few
moments berore passing the building been
observed to doff his hat to the cheering
multitudes, and w hen opposite ex Queen
Lil's window, lie raised his cjes to it, and
ati instant later raised his hat and bowed
several times
When the last organization had passed,
the ei. queen and part) left the biulding
and returned directlj to the Cairo
$1 00 Low Hates to Haiti- Sl.GO
moie nnel Return viu Penn
sylvania Railroad.
For the aceommod ition of -i isitors to
"Washingtonon occasion or theinaugu ration,
speci U excursion tickets will be sold March
4, 5 and 6, good to return until March 8,
at rate or SI 60 Gcod on all tiains.
Inauguration edition of The Times,
twentj -eight pagcs.inclueMng sixteen pages
souvenir extra, ready today Price, in
wrappeis for mailing, rive Cents
ME! iyiTiTl
Views of New York Chamuer of
Commerce Thereon.
Pathetic Plea for Legislative Es
tablishment nnd Muintenance of
a Single Gold Standard Admis
sion of Pieseut Unsatisfactory
New York, March 4. At Its meeting
today the Chamber or Commerce had
submitted to It the correspondence be
tween Its piesldent, A. E Orr, and ex
Prcsident Clev eland, relating to the scheme
for banqueting tho latter, which fell
On the subject of the reform of the cur
rency, John Harsen Bhoades, chairman of
the special committee appointed at the last
regular meeting of the chamber to conrer
with the new administration and urge the
consideration or the currencv question at
the contemplated special session of Con
gress, submitted a copv or a letter on the
subject the committee had addressed to
President elect McKinley The letter says
In p irt
"We think wo rcHect the conviction
which obtains with manj who attended
tho sound money convention at Indian
apolis that lavva which would provide
Tor more even distribution ot currency
would disarm the arguments which have
driven inanj Western and Southern voters
into the Tree silver camp, and it is, there
rore, deemed or the utmost importance
that the rirancial question be considered
in the extra session ir no stepb can be
taken to revise our bauking and cur
rency law s until Congress meets in regu
lar session, we rear that nothing will be
accomplished in time to deplete the
ranks ot the Tree silver party of such
voters, who have no real interest in
silver, and no special krve for it, ex
cepting that, in their minds, It would
remedj the scarcity of circulating medium
from which their section surrers, and we
will stand in danger or the lower House
or the Fiftj sixth Congress containing a
majoritj ot Tree silver members
"We desire again to call jour atten
tion to the serious condition ot the mer
cantile and Industrial interests of the
countrj and the need tor sreedy reller.
This committee ieiieve that while lack
ot levenue has done much to imrair the
credit ot the government, the e.ils ex
isting have a decrer root than this, and
that tho long and continued errort to
rorce silver leglation, the constant and
peristent attacks on capital ami corpora
tions all over the countrj, the apparent
desire in manj sections to retrain the
collections of debts, and the existence or
badlj regulated currencj and banking
laws, have all done their rull share in
bringing on the existing condition or
mercantile elepression
"The process or liquidation In the country
is about complete Forced economy has
reduceel the expenditures ot the people
and 'squeezed the water' out of speculative
enterprises The shelv es of the merchants
are carrying reduceel stocks The cost
of llv Ing has decreased, and vv e stand ready
to enter upou a period of marked prosperity
thus the entire countrj waits upon the
action of the government, pleading that
with sufficient revenue we shall aIo have
a sound mouetarj svstem The prosperity
to follow will quiet the disafrected and
disarm the repueliationists
""With It the anxietie of the leaders of
the Republican party w ill be immediately
removed, and let it not be forgotten that
this party owes much or its success in the
late election to the patriotic errorts of
those w ho had formerly beenitsopponents
These men who o voted look with confi
dence to the incoming administration for
the prompt reaeljutment of our currency
Bjstem, through which alone they believe
that contideuce cctt be restored and per
manent prosperity follow.
"For this reasMi anel manj others or
equal Importance, we respectfully urge
upon jou th.it the monetary question shall
receive the serious attention or Congress
at the coming extra session which tho
people of the countrj have been led to
believe will be called by you arter your
inauguration In our Juelgmcnt, the need
or such legislation is imperative, the danger
or delay increasingly great "
Resolutions were unanimously adopted,
urging the Uniteil States Senate to ratiry
at an earlj day the arbitration treaty
between the United States and England.
The resolutions declare that the advancing
civilization of the world, and all business
interests of this countrj, make it wise to
avail ourselves ot this opportunity to try
the experiment or the substitution or law
In place of war between the two countries
who are alike in language and tradition,
and who have the same methods of legal
procedure, the same rules of evidence, the
s ime legal authorities and the same re
spect for legal elccisions
Ttere is no doubt or the Tact that the
greatest rault or the American woman Ii
her predisposition to unnatural activity.
She does not rest enough sometimes does
not rest at all American girls may easily
be detected abroad by their energy and
their lack ot repose, it not by their good
looks and tasteful dressing
"They seem to be always vrraidormisslng
something," said an observant French
woman in discussing them "When they
come here they want to look under the
gravestones, the exterior ot things Isn't
enough for them they want Interiors and
they adore underground passages, they
don't even abhor thestepsthatleael to them.
From thetimethej leave their native shores
they never sitback When thej arelrilng
they sit forward on the edge ot their seats;
they seem to think that in this way they
are propelling tho horses, and that they
will reach their destination quicker."
Tho prescription ror recuperation from
gajety and sightseeing anil athletics is rest
the rest cure in a mild form. You will be
told to make an attempt to let go, as it
were.ot all your muscles. "Play," aR the
children saj ."as if j ou w ere drunk. With
draw jour will, even rrom the tipsot your
ringers, anil let jour arms drop how and
where thej pleise ir you are Tondor swim
ming jou will have round that floating is
matter of keeping air in the lungs. The
bodj isev erj w hercsupporteel bythc water,
and one doesn't hear down on it.
Try to be passive when you lie down.
If you can sw mg a hammock in your room
yqu will find it an excellent Inducem nt to
sleep, its aightlj swaying motion may
inspire drowsiness when everything else
falls Even ir exhaustion comes from
the mind, as it does in nlnetj nine cases
out ot a hundred, remember that the body
is closely related, anel that care in one
direction means good results in the other.
It Is a fact that x cry few women know
bow to take rest, particularly American
women Watch them In doctors' offices
and at any station at train time Out of
twenty there will be perhaps one who,
with a hard day's shopping before her,
will sit quietly with relaxed muscles,
making most of the moment that invites
Their Sale in Washing
ton and Vicinity Has
Reached Enormous
Think of hundreds of boxes ot Hr
Hobbs Sparagus Kidney Pills being sold
In Washington In a single day And thli
of a medicine that was little heard of ia
this v icinity a rew weeks ago No amount
or advertising could produce such mar.
velous sales Those who have used thla
remedy have received such benefit that
they recommend it to their friends, that
together with the open, frank, and honest
manner of its Introduction, is the proper
explanation of Its success
It is vitalij important to good heiith
that the kidnejs should be la perfect order.
Hundreds upon hundreds of the ail
ments that humanity suffers from originate
from the fact that the human purifiers of
the blood are not performing their work
properlj, and, like anything else that Ii '
out or order, should be repaired.
ir jou are a sufrerer from backache,
rheumatism, gout, general muscular weak
ness, neuralgia, headache, nervous ex
haustion, or generally run down, go to
jour druggist's at once, and make tho
best investment you ever made In your
life for Z0 cents Get a box of Dr Hobbs
Sparagus Kidnev Pills from your drug
gist, and in a week's time you wlllhar
undergone a change for tbe better that
will surprise you
Greatly Benefited After 14 Years
of Suffering;
A reporter called on Mr E Coon, ot
No 320 Straight street. Grand Rapids,
Mich, who In reply to hi3 question told
the following regarding Hr Hobbs Spara
gus Kldr-ey Pi'ls
"I have suffered for rourteen year
with kidnev complaint and have been
treated Tor rheumatism by a number of
phjslcians, also taken a large quantity
or patent medicines without improve
ment, in fact, I got worse, getting so bad
that I have been unable to leave tha
house for the past two years I hav
had such dreatlful pains across my back
and In mv right limb I have been un
able to bend my right knee My handi
and feet were swollen to twice their nor
mal size and I was compelled to use sup
port to move around I began to taka
I)r. Hobbs bparagus Kidney Pills six
days ago, and notieeel a marked change
at once, as voa see, the swelling has dis
appeared from my hands and feet and
the pain has left me entirely I walked
six blocks vesterday without much trouble,
a thing I have not been able to do In
two j ears I believe now I will once
again lie a well man and can safely say
that Hr Holbs Sparagus Kidney Pills
are the onlv remedv that has ever given
me satisfaction I heartily recommend
them to all who suffer as I have "
E Coon,
320 Straight Street,
Grand Rapids, Mloh
Xr Hobbs Sparagus Kidney Pills.
038 T St K. T ,
And Corner Connecticut Ave. and S St.
S12 evenlh. Street.
Unrg-dns In ull Departments this week.
Inauguration table supplies can be pur
chased cheaper and more reliable than
anj where in the city at the Reliable Mar
kets of the
Em rich Beef Co.
rest. The other nineteen women will stroll
to the newstand, read a line here and a
line there, wander to the door and look
out, glance at their watches, ask uselesa
questions of this or that man, all tho
time consistently and determinedly dis
turbing the reposeful opportunity that ha
actually been thrust upon them.
"Are Women Human Beins?"
As early as the sixth century the woman
question was a knotty problem, pzzllng
the wise mn of that period. "Are Women
Human Beings0 was the startling Inquiry
proposed b j a bishop at the famous council
of Macon, anj several sessions were do
oted to the consideration or tuelmportant
subject. The point was not considered
jocular or frivolous, and the good father
earnestly and graely undertook, the task
ot assigning to woman her proper place In
creation They flnaUy decided that sha
did not belong to the "world of mutton,
beeves, orgoata,"butwaa, In reality, a hu
man being This decision was made only
after something of a struggle. As It was
not an ecumenical couevMl, the faitnrul
were advised that the decision was nor
binding on them.
Here's the Ijircest IMpe Line.
The hundred mile pipe line or the Natural
Gas Companj of Pittsburg la at present
the longest in the world, but a line is
building in the Caucasus, from Michailove
to Batoum, which Is 214 Russian verst, or
almost 130 miles long It will be finished
within a rew weeks, and its estimated
cost will exceed 5,000.000 rubles ($3,
000,000 )
Ten College Dallies.
Dally newspapers are now published by
students in ten colleges and universities in
the United States Yale. Harvard. Cornell,
Princeton, Brown, Stanford, Tulnne. Unl-
erslty of Pennsylvania, University of Wis
consin and University of Michigan.
"To Florida ami tbe South."
The "Atlantic Coast Line" Is the pop
ular route to Florida, Aiken, Augusta and
other Southern resorts, route of the cele
brated "Xew York and Florlela Special "
Only line running olld trams between
the East ami Flonila For rates, schedules,
information, et. pply at "Florida Head
quarters," G01 Pa ave nw. mhl4t
Inauguration edition ot The Times.
tw entj -eight pages.incluelingsKteen page
BOuvenir extra, ready today Trice, In
wraprcra for mailing, Five Cents.

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