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Jt.ndeon Furniture, Pianos,Horscs. Wagons.
etc.. at lowest rates and qulckOBt pos
sible time. Strictly confidential. Please
call before securing loans elsewhere
Cl) F street northwest. ,
Who desire Trom $50 to SlO.000 each
on Mocks, bonds, trusts, loan association
certificates, warehouse receipt" aud ilr
or tontine policies in old-line companies;
no dcl.ty; mi chattel mortgages tukea
40 m 4( Mrty-fnuxiuda.. m F ft. nw
Lsrj-; sains at 5 and 5 1-2 per cent on
D. C. real .-state; ?25l, 500, Jk50, etc..
tcuoniiejxl consideration Tor borrowers
mm mii7 F ft- uw.
$500 TO ."0,000 to loan on 1. O. and Md
real estate; also m..xiey to loan on stocks,
bonds, "Insurance policies, etc. Builders
lo-ins made. J., care or Letter Carrier 1 -,
city mab-3teni
r ijklt wanted ualu.
WANTED White barber Comer ad and
It sts. nw. 1 t
WA STED-A bushcinian: call at once. H.
PELZ.MAN, 505 7th st. nw.
AN TEH -Man -without; work can rind a
home at 033 1 st. nw.; nirt understand
waning ;ii table: apply at once. It
"WA NTEU Carpenters, bricklayers and
roofers, to bid on a building. S. S.
1A1H .V SON, 2d and Fl:i. avc. lie. 1 1
WA.'TKIi CanvasMTs rr fall niirci; or
avrd: wcckiv alarv, HKOW.V BROS. CO.,
Rochester. .vY. tii,th,sat-inh9-1 mo
WAM'Eli -Young men rr house canvass
ing on our latest; patent: rrom S5 to $7
per "uy easily made. Apply J. F. JUD
K1NS. rjm 11,-EOS 7th t. nw, mh9-3t
WANTED A poodlielticrin candy factory;
ivlm Knows something ai.out penny
gids. Address CAMIl, this oriice.
WANTED -Two good wood hundlcrs at
-wood factory, in rear oC 1-Q 3d tt. se. It
va xTT!D Three whiiI pension clerks. A tl-
Uiv,UiMiipexperlencc anil wage, PEN
SIONS, this orfice. iiilifr-:tt,ein
WANTED- An experienced boy to set type,
tint; ic s,r. nw.. :td floor. mhaXU-em
WANTED Uov U attend in grocery; about
l-" years old: must be (piiik at figures;
Sl-fU por week anil nodrci: hlveii at noine.
A i lilross It. K.. this offic-. lt-em
WANTED Strong boy to learn trade in
baiierr; miiH work niglits. AddiesBOX
45. 'tnis office. mliS-3t
WA?.T1:d Instructions in M.ortiiand. one
or two evenings ier week, fiom good
Btenugiapher. Addrets PUPIL S.. this
olfice. inli7Jt
WANTED First-class eok Apply33
I! ftt nw. mil 7 -at
WA.n TED Colored cook: private family:
good wages paid. t14 13tii at. mv. It
WA NTED -Competent seamstresn. r.-uniliar
with Wilson .t Giltbb machine. 614
1 3th M . nw. It
WANTED Colored girl as v-Jnmbeniinld
and waitress; wages tl-J. 1717iegon
ave. nw. It
WANTED-Three while hotel cliainber
litaids and two cleaners. 014. 13tli st-
nw. . lt
WANTED -White cook: also chamlir-r-
niHid wlio can tew; private lainily.
U14 Kith st. nw. lt
WANTED German nurse lor young child;
also icrmnii cook- 014 13tli st. nw. it
WANTED A German girl, for ;.-iieral
iiutevvork, wasii a.nd iron. 511 F flt.
nw. 1 1
"ANTED-A taiioress on ciats and vests;
also one on nants. E. H ORGAN'. S06
K -.t. uw., son to ante, Mi. v eruoii Mjuare.
1VANTED A neat, polite and experienced
waitress: one that can come well recom
mended. Apply 300 7th sujiw. mli8-3t
WANTED A woman to cook and do gen
eral (Ktusewi !:: no wasiimg or ironing;
for a laiitilv of tliree; must be a firsl-H.-iss
worker: Willi ref. Address ARMY,
this office- 11
WANTED In a private family or three
adults, a servant to cook, wasli and iron;
must stay at night. Inquire at b0 1 st.
lie. nih'.l-at
WANTED A white girl lor general house
work and to assist in washing and iron
ing. Apply .it 1S27 14th sX. nw. inliU-at
"V4NTliP A neat, ; oiitc and experienced
wait res1--: oae that can tome well recom
mended. Apply 5Ui 7th fct- nw.
WANTED Ladies out of employment to
canvass for a new akin beautifying Heal
ing xoap; guaranteed- Call rpiick, 473
Wo. ave. nilifc'-3t,em
WANTED A first-class ivonian for general
housework in small family; biing refs.
1001' R. I. avc. lt-em
WANTED Firht-class cook, at once. 1 334
lltnuw. lt-em
WANTED -Five girls: mashers on fine
pant;. Appiy Al. HORN, 1017 7lh nw.,
upstairs. inhb-3t-ein
WANTED Chambermaid and waitress.
Call, in basemunt, at 7:30 p. m., 1903 G
st-nw. lt-em
WANTED -Protestant white girl; light
washing ami cooking; housework; Si. 50
-week, room and board. AIRS. II., this of
fice. 1 t-cm
WANTED Ten colored women; general
l caseworkers, chambermaids, and cooks.
441 G st. nihfc'-3t
WANTED Bright, earnest girl to learn
dressmaking, and make herself useful in
in establishment. Address (stating age) L.
1. T., this offiC2
WA NTED A good cook, washerand ironer.
At -51 3 7th St. nw. ma2-7tem
.' EMAI.15.
WA NTED Ten relialile women, four bright
-women, and a man; housework. AlitS.
L. C. AfOOIiE. 300 G st. nw. It
WHILE waiting Tor a government, Kiiort-
haud, typewriting. r,r biMasK liosition,
prepare to rill it. Call at la33 ll'th ht.
nw. mhP-7t '
WANTED 1,000 men ana women to at
tend the Barbers ball Alarch 15 at G. A.
It. Hall, l'a. ave.. between 14th and intti
sts. inh-7t
WANTED Good stenographer and type
writer. Addreis E. It. J., this office.
' mtiP-at
WANTED One white waiter for noon,
one dishwasher and one white cook.
1428 New York ave. inli9-3t
WANTED Five active, genteel canvassers;
laities or gentlemen; salarv. p. o. Box
501. mhD-3t
WANTED For country, man generally use
ful: wile as cook: two miles from city.
Address COUNTRV, this orfice. stating
wages lor each. nih-3t
WANTED A chambermaid who can scrub:
also a boy. 218 4 1-2 st. nw. It
WANTED Furnish help free or charge.
Send through mall or call at 1717 11th
WANTED Alan and wire, white, without
family; ror gardner and laundress. Ad
dress IKK'TOK, ttils office. ina;-3t-eui
WANTED Cooks, general houscworkers,
waiters, drivers, porters, chambermaids,
nurses, iwiys. rami lianas, gardeners, laun
dresses, janitors, watchmea, engineers, rire-hh-ii:
quickest place to get -work. SHAO
KLEKORD, 427 llthst. nw. iuh5-7t,cm
FOR SALE Bicycle, in good condition;
v-iil sell for S14. W. TUORNTON.
1407 F fcL It
.KOR SALE High grade 'DO wheel: little
used. Apply 52t? otli st. nw. n.elib-3t,em
FOR SALE-S115 nickel-plated Warwick
wheel in best condiUon for S00. No. D05
4 1-2 st. sw. mh8-3t
FOR SALE Columbia liicvcle, coinpleLe:
:it Mcccileut tondition: only 515. Ap
ply oio a sc. nw.
GENTLEALVN wants room and hoard:must
- ne central: Northern people preferred;
state terms. CENTRAL, this oriice. It
NINE gentlemen or Indies, in office, can
have rooms, 5 double and 1 single, and
Bo ird, with Hrst-class accommodations; for
Jf-'O each per month; bath on every floor:
references given and requlictl. Address
M NE, this office. j t
WANTED Having large house near Li
brary, can accommodate :t or 4 bonulers
-with rooms Tor 518. Jf20 and 25 per
month; prices according to rooms. 224
t- e. uiht-3t,eui
WANTED A place, as nient cutter aiid
grocery clerk; best or refereneeH. A
SINGLE MAN, thisf office. mli'J-3t
WANTED Bv young "nun rrom country,
oiace as butler: very polite; with rets.
1U-V Corcoran st. It
WANTED By young country boy, aged
20, a place to tend to horse or any kind
of housework. Apply at No. 31V F st.
WANTED By colored man, place to tend
horse. or most any -work. Address
LC01US TYLER. 3-107 ShcrHUinnvc. nw. It
WANTED By a. colored man, general
housework, or hoarding-house, or private
family. Apply 820 10th gt. nw. it
WANTED Position by a young colored
man as bicycle teacher, or going away
with some gentleman, llio I'aiist.nw. it
WANTED -By experienced while man,
.:...!.. ..1 ...... ........I. .. ... I't.ihln ...i...
willing to make hlmseir useful. COACH
AlAN, this office. Kefs. mlilKlt
EXPERIENCED stenographer employed in
the government during tlie uu would
give lesions evening or would coarii ad
vanceu students. Address EXPERT, this
otlice. niliU-ac
WANTED By a young colored man, 19
years old, Jrom the country, a place as
"waiter, housework, or to drive lor a doc
tor; willing to stay at night. Apply or ad
dress GEORGE HOLMES, No. G13 Va.
ave. se. It
WANTED By a young man, position earn
ing not less than 05 per month; will
give S10' monthly -while retained. Ad
derss W. M., tills office. inhiKit
WANTED Uv two youim colored men
places of any kind. S.T., I'lOb 13tlt
st. it
WANTED nv a respectable white man
place- In store or to drive nelivery
Wiiuoii: heht ot rers. given. AUurens N.,
this office. mh0-3t
YOUNG man would like to "nave position
mini 7 a. in. to 3:30 p. in., doing any
kind of light work, such as collector or
clerical Work; am first-class telegrapher
ruul would accept position as such. G. L.
K., this office. lt.em.
WANTED Petition as clerk in grocery
store or meat market by a steady, ex
perienced meat cutter; is a good sales
man; bet rer. Address BUTCHER, this
office. iiiliS-3t-em
WANTED By experienced white man.
- -5iiiiu, ijiiiee na couciiiiiivu or .muuii; mini,
witling to malcu hlmseir useful. C0ACH
A1AN. thlsprfice. inli8-3t-ein
WANTED Situation as pastry cook. A.
i- iv., lllir. oiliuc- iiiiio-i
WANTED By an experienced colored man,
place as coachman or delivery wagon;
good references. Please 'call or address
1450 Q st. nihS-at
WANTED A country youth or 15 wauta
work in orrit-e or store; is Intelligent and
reliable; rers. given and required. It. L..
this onice. mh7-3t
WANTED -A reliable und iuteiligent young
man of "II. experienced bookkeeper, with
knowledge or.steaography and typewriting,
would accept any position of confidence;
will start moderate: giving the hignest of
references. Address NED, this oftice.
WANTED A respectable white country
girl would li-e to sew with a dressmaker
and assist i it hoii.-eworkir desired- Apply to
21 ITU st. nw. It
VA VTPn Xl' fin r.v?wriirr-f.l PArtt n Rilii.
ation; white: settled; one who under- !
m:i nus ner business; private lamiiy pre
lerred. 1113 L St. nw. inhlt-3t
WANTED General housework In small
piivatc faintly. 05 11 si. ne. It
WANTED By a young girl rrom the
country, a position toas.-ist in house
work; can sew: stay at nights. Address T.
J. W.. 1001 33il st. nw. It-em
WANTED By u colored girl, place as cham
bermaid, or to do light iiousework. 0-1
Defrces st. uw. It-em
WANTED- Uy col. girl, who is neat and
clean, place to do general liotisownrk.
lipsj 3d n w. lt-em
WANTED Place ascliambcriiiaid or nurse.
Call 'J12-1 N st. lt-ein
WANTED Situation by colored girl, to do
light houscwt.rk or chambermaid s place.
O'l Defrees st. nw. 1 t-ein
WANTED First-class dressmaker would
go out by the dnv; lit and style guar-
anteed. Al. E., this office. mh-3t
WANTED By a white woman, place as
IiriitkfUfHMwtr ' .nf ml linii-jiwtrvi vwt-
r u rai .i. .j. iK., una umvu
.Ir.i. T T I.' I .... .... inl.C It
WANTED A high8chool graduate wants
clerical woik; uuiiersiaiKis sienograpnv,
r.vpewrttlng and bookkeeping. SHSS K.
A. s., this office. mh7-3t
WANTED First-class families' washing.
Call or address 3407 Sherman ave.
WANTED -Situation ; by threcgiils: general
housework, ciiambermuid, or nurse, city
references. 1702 1-2 10th st. uw.
WANTED Three large unfurnished looms,
2d Boor, with heal, gas and bath; state
terms. H. S., this office- tnlii)-3t
WANTED Permanently by young couple,
lurnisiied room with people who mind
their own business: between. 14th and 10th
and G and E sts. nw.: price SU. Address
AIRS. C. L., this office. It
WANTED By a young man, a furnished
room, without, board; within ten squares
or 12th and F; slate price and address.
O. G-, this office. mhy-3t
WANTED Nice Turn. Hont nil., bet. 4 1-2
to lOtli sts., from Fa. ave. to H st. uw.;
al out S3 per week. AddiessL. G., thisof-
i ice.
WANTED 2 iiiifurn. ims. with toard in
private family ;or self . wife and 2-jear
old child; terms 540. Adiess IA1MEDIATE.
litis office. mcht'-3t,em
WANTED A room: about 54 per month;
will take meals also if acceptable. Box
37, this oriice It
ANTED By young man; room and board;
with private lamilv: terms must tie mod
erate. Address Al. "W., this office.
WANTED By young married couple, two
unfurnished, communicating rooms, for
light housekeeping; on Capitol Hill; by
Alarch 20; with quiet Tamil yof adults: must
lie reasonable. Address QUIET COUPLE,
this office. nih7-3t
nought; old and new Jewelry, watches,
fijKions. dentist gold,
Uold and Silver Refiner, and Buyer of Old
tiol'l and Silver, 815 G ST. NW.. OPP.
PATENT OFFICE. fe-tf.lyr
TRY celebrated Alexlcan Toilet Soap; box
12 cakes 35 cents; excellent for com
plexion and shaving; special rates to agents.
MEXICAN SOAP, Room 3, 1213 F fet. nw.
The best, lunches in the city. Cor fee a
specialty. rnliO-tr.cm
NO" CHARGE for consultation. H. D.
GORDON, Lawyer, 918 F, Room 2.
TO SELL out your business quick go to
BRADSHAW,494Louisianaave. mli7-3t
WALL PAPER It you Avaut your rooms
papered cheap, all the paer will cost
you is 15c: that, pays ror the paper and
hanging. C. C. SILENCE, 730 3d st.
ne. mh7-7t
THE undersigned wisnes to announce to
his frienas and the public that he has
opened for businessat 010 9th st. nw., bet.
V and G sts., with a flue stock of up-to-date
Ladies', Gents' and Children's Shoes
at popular prices. A call wili convince you
that I have the proper goods at lowest
price. E. M. P. HAltRISS, 010 9th it
nw- mcua-7teiu
SHEET MUSIC at half price; Volln.
banjo, mandolin and guitar strings, 5
cents each; 10,000 copies of music 1 1 10
cents caiu; send 2 cent stamp for Com
plete caUilogue, by mail; popular aiaga
zines at cut prices. C. J. .SIMPSON'
1005 G et. Near Palais Royal.j fe22-l4t
I WONDER -wno pays the highest prices
for gents' cant-olf clothing; dion nos-
tal. SAUL BROS.. 923 D st. nw. jal5-3mo
PRINTING Business cards 76a per 1,000'
other printing equnlly as cheap; maea
ziues bound for C0c; miscellaneous books
re-ixiund: paper rulmg, eta u. e Wir.
LIAMS, G15 7th st.nw. feGtrom
"O. B." is safe and sure for ail female
inraim. i au uiiernoon, Airs. JiAILKV
217 D st. nw.
ie-4-Kit, em
. GEO. W. LAWRENCE, Director.
VOICE. (Specialty or Beginners.) PIANO.
Studios, 4 and 0, 934 F nw. BEASON-
,, ,, -i-"""". rtuiurai aictuou. VOlCi
V".i ,"v i-upus itccitai, March 26.
1211) and 1222 Madison ssuw. f h.
4 rm3 $2,000
3223 .Prospect ave nw, r h 2,500
345 aud 353 22d stnw. b h. 0 rms. 2,400
2150 and 2152 D stnw, b h. 0 rms. 2,400
803 and 305 O st alley nw. b h.
4 rms 2,200
3121 n at nw, r h, -i una ;. l.soo
2113 and 2115 D stnw. b h. 5 rms. 1,500
4 alloy, bet !2th and 13th and T
and u sts.bh. 4 rms 1,000
2735i stnw, Th, Drms 1,000
9 alley, bet N Cap and 1st, arU O
andT sts.bh, 4 rms 800
101 nth 8tne. b h. lOrootr.o SI 4.000
1730 and 1742 F BE uw, b n. 10
rooms 10.500
1833 and 1S30 Corcoran st, b'h,'
9 rooms .....j 8.500
laJi l-uuat nw. b h. a rms 8J500
2321 and 2323 7thstnw,bn 0,000
824 13tUst no, bh. 0 rum y.OOO
50G F 8t ne. b h. mis 2,700
48and50 Alyrtlescue. bh. Onus.. 2,000
82 and 84 Defreei st. b h. 7 mm.... 3,250
Whitney close, r h, H ruia 3,000
Ifaloratna Heights 59',w.
Aoiitiisuiuor Ai st. near lltn 4,5H;i
Autrcy Hojghtn .. 600
Lots in square t77. so i'"
Mass avc, bet I stand 2dne ... ,500
3d sc.betK and L stsno J.. 950
7Fer foot.
Lot u. square 590 $6 00
Del avo.bot Baud Cstasw 2 00
Cor tith aud 11 sts sw 125
713 12th stnw. 11 rms $50 50
-'20 1 stnw, 12 rms 40 00
805 Gth stnw. 0 raw 27 00
1004 Fia avo nw. 0 rms 23 50
G21 C st sw. rms 15 30
22G1 Cleveland ave nw, o rms.... 14 00
SOS and 810 N II avo uw, 0 mis.. 12 50
3419 R at nw. G rms 12 50
21G 1-ltli stsw. 4 rms 8 33
408 1-2 si sw. n rms 8 30
313 a c ave se. 4 rms 7 00
1210 U!ugden'salleyuw,4rmB.. .. 0 510
80 G st ne, 5 hub 7 00
I5l25'leniperanceavenw,4rm3.... G 00
1146 23d si nw, 3 rms 00
Slrmiddwg, 127525th stnw, iius..!fZ0 00
Strauddwg, 1410 3d scnw,4rms.. 14 00
Stable, rear 495 C fctfcW 10 00
Stable, rear 508 12th st nw 9 00
1 114 G Gt uv.-, Sd-story front rm und
halirm 20 00
The above is only a poittnn or the prop
ertv on m hooks. For full list call at of
fice for bulletin issued on the 1st and 15th.
FOR SALE OR RENT 5-room house, with
store; good location; terms re;soiiable.
Apply at 822 C st. se. inh9-3t
FOR SALE OR RENT Several country
places; near titv, on electric line; dairy
and garden farm", call for list. JAMES
E. CLEMENT, 1321 F St. nw. l"l8--t
FOR KENT GH Aliiss. ave. li w.; s;io..iO.
U A NT 1C1J- -y ISIMXLAN Ktl u S.
WANTED -To buy butter route. Ad
dress L. T. B., this orfice. mli9-3t
WANTED A partneriu dressmaking. Ad
dress MRS. J. II. v., this office. mli9-3t
WANTED A partner in wocery, ::ieat
and pioOhiou stoie; must unuurMitiid
ci!H,nig flesh meats. Call at g oci-ry, 122G
28th st. nw. mchti-at.em
WANT ED 'io buy cheap for cash, a leather
trunk or good quality. Atldiess HOB.,
this of lice- mcht-3l,em
WANTED 15 000 second-hand bricks at
S2.50 per l.uuo. 729 Waliach fct. nw.
WANTED Young men; no experience
needed to legin;only 8 weeks lequlred
to learn tlie barber trade cmiipii'te; eon-"
stant practice; rullset or tools rree; wages
Satiminvs; posPion when through: write
LEGE. 315 Gilt st. nw. inh7-7t
WANTED Horse, suitable for farm; state
lowest cash price. Address FA KM ER,
this office. mh7-3t
WAN'l E Kcwliigin families; culling and
lilting done satisfactorily. Address
.MISS J., 227 E nej mh7-3t
WANTED Furnit.ire moved; largest two
nurse load in the city, $2.50; otio-horso
loads, 91.25; pianos. S2J experienced
323 4 1-2 St. uw. 'Phono 15GG. nol 7-tf
FOR SALE Cigar store on Pa. ave. nw.
c ,i ahUil L. J. II., tins office.
mhU-at .
WANTED-Lady partner for millinery
business: small capital required. Ad
dress MILLINER, this office. It
FOR SALE Cheap, small notion store.
stock, and fixtures. 815 East Capitol
st. mh-3t
TWO valuable Inventions, now In the
Patent Office, relating to Hie bicycle;
should like to meet energetic party to
manage them In this city. G. M. X.,
this oftice. It
FOR SALE-SI 75 will buy a respectable
.. . ..--v. i :. - .. . ..d
pleasant to manage. ROOM 6, 491 La.
ave. " mhii-ac
FOR SALE Pretty dining-room and dwell
ing, furnished complete, doing (.plendid
business; 213 l'a. ave. nw reasons for
selling bad health; will sacrifice ir sold
at once: excellent opening for ire cream.
FOR SALE Stock and fixtures or estab
lished wholesale and retail oyster house
and lunch room; good route; does good
business; cheap at S150; will sell at once
S45. Address CASH, this office. mh9-3t
GOLD .MINES The stock books of one of
the most promising Gold Mining Compa
nies on the Paciric ciwst will be opened ror
tiie first time ror two days only. This is a
"ground lioor" proposition. Best of lef
erence regarding manager's integrity and
ability. Sample or ore on exhibition and
full description of camp given. Call at
Y'yj'Jlj? Hotcland investigate. lteiu
FOR SALE Grocery store. N. J. ave. and
F st. nw.; will be sold very cheap if sold
this week; only ?200. Cor. N. J. ave. and
F st. nw. maS-atem
FOR SALE Confectionery, doing good
business; best of reasons for selling. Y.
!., this office. maS-3iem
FOR SALE-Stock, fixtures, and lease of
dairy luiicsi and oyster ln.ii.su on Penn.
ave.; half-square rrom new P. O.; must
be sold at once; good reason; rent very
low; cnance for ngiic man to make Cnrtune;
no reasonable orrer refused. Call 1 224
l'a. ave. mh7-2t
FOR SALE Dairy lunch and dining-room;
small capital required: owners are leav
ing city. Addreas II. GM this office.
$500 Grocery, 10th and S nw.; stock,
S400; also hor.ie, wagon, ice box, safe,
desk, etc; monthly sales about ?i.ooo:
rit, $34.00; 2 rooms. BUSINESS
EXCHANGE. 918 F. mll7-3t
STEAM LAUNDRY, 1817 1 4th St. nw., at
one-half cost to fit up; fully equipped:
terms easy. BUSINESS EXCHANGE, Olfri
F St. , inh"-3t
5275 Cigar and news stand in R. it.
depot; daily sales $3 to SI 5. BUSI
NESS EXCHANGE, 918F. mli7-3t
WANTED Partner, In office business:
$300 to S500 required; lady or gentle
man; no experience accessary. AT
TORNEY, this orfice. mhG-7t
LOST Monday afternoon, between the
Cochran and the White -House, a lady's
small gold watch; Liberal reward offered
if returned to the Cochran. . mli9-:it
LOST On the morning or February 27, a
yellow-striped pet cat. "A reward will
be given ir returned to 819 M St. nw. It
LOST Sunday evening, about 8 o'clock,
a pair of pearl Catholic prayer beads,
in 8r, Dominic's Church or, in that neigh
borhood. Reward ir returned to 477 F
st. sw. inh9-3t
LOST Red pocketbook in northwest part
or city, Sunday; valuable to owner; con
tained Pennsylvania ticket and small bill.
Leave at 1G19 S.st. nw; reward.
mu8-3tem --v.
FOUND An overcoat; owner can have
same by paying ror this ad. Call or
address 1522 Rosdale st. ne. It
:WILL EXCHANGE "aTotBOxl 90, in West
End Park, Rockville, Tor two good cows.
fresh; a piano, and some cash; or will sell
on time. Address "T," Hyattsville. Md.
WANTED For cash, all kinds or old United
otaies postage ana department stamps;
kP'v"" www wufcim. ai, j. JJUXWL
ayuo 7tu be. aw ie9-t
FOR RENT-S9.40-3-room flat, with
i.tnui, iu iciiuuic t.uiuiuu bcii.iuba. j-u-xt,
Gth st.nw. Apply 804 F st. n W. mli9-3t
FOR RENT Largo unfurnished rooms;
twiot-. rrti t, mwl Hitll JtA tt tit. n -1
FOR RENT-Niccly-furnista rooms, S5 to
S10 per mouth; heat aud gas. 427 G st.
tiw. mh9-3t
FOR RENT Furnished or unfurnished
rooms. 1224 O st. nw. mh9-3t
FOR RENT Two-room flat; heat, bath
and gas; S12.50. No. 2122 AI st. nw.
FOR RENT Two unfurnished rooms; all
modern Improvements; terms reasonable
334 it st- aw. mh9-3t
FOR RENT 2 rooms on 2d floor; unfur.;
suitable for light housekeeping. 901 12th
st. ii w. - ' ;nli9-3t
FOR RENT On Providence St., bet. 13th
and 14th sts., Brookland, 3 rooms;
S5 per month. J It
FOR RENT A handsJoniely lurnisiied
room, 25x15 feet suitable for two or
tliree gentlemen; within tliree squares or
Capitol. Address A. W. It., this office. It
FOR RENT Hnudsome-uururnishetl rooms;
also kitchen and dltitng-rooni; light house
keeping allowed; refs. 71G llth st. nw.
mh0-3t l
A LADY will take house near city Hall
April 1, and would like to arrange with
oilier lauie.s for unfurnished rooms: refs.
given and required. BUSINESS WOMAN,
tins oil ice. ' mli9-3t
FOR KENT 2 coitununfcnllng rooms ror
$, with heat and" bath. 1424 F bt. ne.
FOR RENT Three 'imrur. rooms: best lo
cation on Capitol Hill, near Library, with
heat and gas; S15 per month. 224 A st.
s e. mh8-3t,em
FOR RENT A large and cheerful unfur.
room at 519 3d st. nw. Call between 4
and o ii. in. mh8-2t,ein
FOR RENT One unrur. and one fur. room;
terms reasonable. 807 Gtli st. nw.
FOR RENT Nicely-furnished rooms for
light housekeeping; tliree car Hues near
by. 120 C st. n w. mh8-5t
FOR RENT 214 A st. se. Three fur
nished looms, together or fceparately; the
enure P(l floor; hall block east, or Library.
FOR RENT 1 large unfurnished room;
nice location. 1000 Gtli st. nw. nih7-3t
FOR REN'l Handsomely rurnished rooms;
southern exposure; with or without board;
terms reasonable. 307 E st. uw. mh7-3t
FOR RENT A prettily rurnished, second
storv room; with or without hoard 1221
New York ave. nw. tnh7-3t
FOR RENT One run'room; suitable for
one or two gentlemen; verv reasonable",
convenient for bicycle 1718 8th st. nw.
FOR KENT 2, 3 or 4 fiir. or unfur. rooms:
all on 2d Hoar- 1235 12th nw. nih7-3t
back parlor; heat and gas; S7 per month.
1114 llth st. nw. mh7-3t
FOR RENT Nice, lnrge front room, fur
nished or unfurnished, at G03 Alas, ave.
ue. mii7-3C
FOR REN'l Newly furnished 2d story
Luck room, large and sunny, $12; one
person, S10. 723 llth nw. nih7-3t
FOR RENT Nicely fur. front and back
..'"no. .(uiii;tt-i. 1U mgilt.-ix 1UI JlUv
. oj.i i it. ue. ii w.. r-ciiuiu
hull RENT Large beautifully rur- room;
2d lloor: also parlor suite; desirable ror
member or Congress. 008 E. Cap. st.
FOR RENT Largo rur. room; 2 double
beds: suitable Tor 4; 81 per week each;
home comfort. 221 D st. nw. mh7-3t
BEFORE seeking a government position
jou should call and look at the ex
pensive, custom-made sjits, slightly worn,
at figures that will surprise you; will pay
you to investigate. JUSTII'S OLD
STAND, 01 9 D sl.jiw. mh9-7t
A1A1E. DAVIS, clairvovantand card render,
removes spells, evil lnriiience. reunites
the separated: gives luck to all: ree 50c.
2439 Snow's row nw. inh9-2w
MAIE. FRANCIS removes spells, evil influ
ences; reunites separated; gives luck to
all; 25 and 00c; hours 9 to 9. 302 East
Capito. st. mh5-7t
YOU muy see lots of things to surprise
you in Washington; the most v.irprisiug
is the elegant custom made gentlemen s
clothing, slightly worn, at figures that
ure shocking; will pay you to give us a
Vi-.it. .ll'STH'S OLD STAND, 019 D nw.
in lt'J-1 w
Dr. Leafherman,
Expert Specialist in the cure of all forms of
private diseases Stricture. Hydrocele, and
varicocele quickly cured. Diseases or the
blood, skin. Madder, kidneys, ind syph
ilitic diseases permanently, cured. Vital
powers restored.
Consultation free. Both sexes.
Hours, 9 to 12, 2 ,to 5. Tuesday, Thurs
day, and Saturday evenings, 7 to 8. No.
002 uw.
(Ciosed Sundays.)
Horn clairvoyant and scientific palmist.
Tells your name, occupation, ami just what
yon want to know: also tells about busi
ness deals, love arrair.i, family troubles,
lriend and enemies. lennites tiie separ
ated, brings quarrels all right, removes
spells, cuusi-s good luck, etc. Fee, 25, 50o
and !?L Hours, 9 to 9 daily, except
Sunday. Hours Sunday, 2 to 4. Parlors,
925 H st nw. Sauufuction guaranteed.
LADIES needing confidential treatment,
a sure and safe relief In all woman's
complaints and irregularities. Gold medal
awarded for the science of owtetrics rrom
tiie University or Aiuuich, Bavaria. Strict
ly confidential. AIRS. DR. RENNER, No.
8 7th st. ne., near Eat Capitol ot, Wash
ington, D. u.
DR. TAYLOR, 90G F St. n-?;., makes
full sets of teeth for S5; uatisfaction
guaranteed; teeth extracted without
pain; gold filling, SI; amalgam, 50c;
extracting free when plates are made.
No. Gin l';. Ave. ?. W., VvaHhington. D. C.
Spuciallstin chronlo and private diseases,
Piles, Stricture, Hydrocele. Oout. Catarrh,
Dyspepsia, Blood Poision cured, Vitality re
stored. Consultation rree und confidential to
tiotli sexes. Daily. U to 1 2. . to G.
PROF. CLAY", Clairvoyant; greatest For
tune Teller; all events of life, from cradle
to grave; business. love affairs, losses,
etc.. Tor 50 cents; reunites noparated hus
band or wire; makes lover or sweetheart
true; causes speedy marriage: removes any
trouble: 10 to 10 dally. 89 11 st. sw.
GYPSY QUEEN Fortune teller; ladies
50c, gentlemen SI (no sign). 137 B st.
se., opposite new Library. miiG-7t,em
OUR greatest medium and spintuul moth
er. UU. MARY UORDUN, tella you ail
tnings and prescribes a proper remedy for
your troubles; consult this girted lady bo
ron: it is too late. Now ut 621' 13th st -nw.
no7 u
Scientific palmist and card reader: know
your rate and fortune; open dailv. German
Bpokcn. 25c and 50c. 929 H st. nw
mh 7-1 mo
Take Eckington and Soldiers' Home liuo
or ears. Direct to the place. Inquire on
premises, nit the mansion. mii4-Gt
FOR RENT Stable; room for horse, wagon
and reed; rent cheap. Apply at 904 12th
sr. nw. i rnii9-3t
tOR SALE On account or stoiage and
repairs, 2 daytons, 2 grocery, 1 coal or
expresa wagon; also several carriages,
buggies, coupes, and wagonettes; no reason
able orrer rerused. 927 D stnw. 'Phone
2G1. rel9-tf
S. D. Houck, 301 10th st. nw.; largo
assortment of new and second-hand double
aud single harness; 100 sets or govern
ment wagon harness; also a large assort
ment or double, hack, and coupe harness:
100 government saddles. fel3-lm,em
FOR HIRE Full dress suits. $1 only.
JULIUS ConEN, 1104 7th st. nw.
Norfolk & yashington
Steamboat Co.
Every day In the year for Fortress
Monroe, Norfolk, Newport News aud
all points South by the buperb, pow-
erful 6teel palace steamers "New-
port News," "Norfolk" and "Wash-
ington," on the following schedule:
Lv. Wasu'gton 7:00 pm
Lv. Alexandria 7:30 pm
Ar. Ft Alonroo 1:10 am
Ar. Norfolk... 7:Uan.
Ar. PortsiM'th!-8:!);j ran
Lv. Portsm'th. .':.0 pm
Lv. Norfolk... C:lOpm
Lv. Ft.Monroo 7: 0 pm
r. Alexand'a USUI am
Vr. WauU'gton 0: 0 am
Visitors to Chamberlln's new hotel,
"Tlie Hygeia." and Virginia Beach
will find Oils the most attractive
route, insuring a comfortable night's
Large and luxurious rooms healed
by steam and fitted throughout with
electric lights, Dining room service is
a la carte, and Is supplied from the
best that the markets or Washington
and Norfolk nrrord.
Tickets on sale at U. S. Expess
orfice, 817 Pennsylvania avenue; 513,
G19, 1421 Pennsylvania avenue; B.
& O. ticket ofiice, corner 15th street
and Now York avenue, and on board
steamers, where time table, map, etc.,
can also be had.
Any other information desired will
be furnished on application to tlie un-
derslgned at the company's wharf,
foot of 7th st.. Washington, D. C.
Telephone No. 750.
JNo. CALLAHAN, General Alanager.
Tomb ot Washington.
Dally (except Sunday), at 10 a. in. and
2 p. m., returning reach the city ut
1.3U and 5 p. m. FARE, ROUND TRIP,
50c. Admission to giounds, 25c ELE
With Mount Vernon admission coupon
for sale at wharr and at hotels. l"
alto make river laudings as far as Gly
mont, stopping for Height and passengers
l.oth ways. For charters, etc., apply at
offices or steamer Alacalester.
L. L. BLAKE, Captain.
or the District of Columbia. No. 7G90.
Doc. 23. Application having been made
o the Supreme Court or tne District ot
Columbia, holding orphans' court. Tor
probate of a lust will and for letters
testamentary on said estate, by Thomas
It. Hellmuth, executor therein named,
this Is to give notice to all concerned to
appear in said court on Friday, tlie 2d
day or April, A. I). 1897, at 10 o'clock
a. m., to show cause why such applica
tion should not be granted.
Issued March 8, 1897.
Attest: J. NOTA JIcGILL,
mli9-lG-23-3t Register of Wills,!). C.
To All Whom It Muy Concern:
The undersigned, mauufncLurersnnd ven
dors of beer sold In bottles, hereby rile
with the clerk oT tlie supreme court of thu
District ot Columbia, a description or
biicli bottles and or the names and marks
thereon, in compliance with section 1188
and 1 189 or tlie revised statutes relating
to the District of Columbia, the said names
aud marks being as follows:
Mrst A green glass beer bottle upon
the side of which is blown the following
circular inscription: National Capital Brew
ing Co., Washiugtou, D. C, within the
inscription appears the Capitol or the
Utiited States, and ut the top aud bottom
respectively or the said Capitol appear the
words "Trade Alark."
Second An amber glass beer bottle, upon
the side or which is blown thu following
circular inscription: National Capital Brew
ing Co., Washington, D. C, within which
Inscription" appears the Capitol of the
United States aud at the top and bottom
respectively ot said Capitol appear the
words "Trade Alark."
All persons are hereby forbidden to fill
nny sucli ".Kittles with any beverage tor
sale oi to traffic in any such bottles so
marked, either by way ot purchase or
Notice Is also herebv given that Cue said
isatloual Capital Brewing Company, ot the
city or Washington, D. C, has, by pur
chase, come into possession or all tlie
chattels formerly owued aud operated bv
the Gerhard Lang's Buffalo, N. Y Park
Brewery Agency iutlicDistrictof Columbia,
mid any sucli boxes, bottles, and other
chattels included in said purchase or
branded with the said Gerhard Lang's
fiutrulo, N. Y., Park Brewery "Trade
Mark."' description of which lias already
been filed with the clerk of tiie supreme
court ot the District or Columbia, are. by
tlie terms or the sale, the property or the
said National Capital Brewing Company.
Bv Albert N. Carry, President.
A true copy, test: J. R.YOUNG. Clerk.
By L. P. WILLIAMS, Assistant Clerk.
fe24,25,26,27, aud mar. 1.2.3, A 9.
C .G. SLO A N& C O.. Auctioneers, 1407 G st.
By virtueora deed or trust, duly recorded
in Liber No. 2100, ut folio 192, el seq..
one of the Land Records of the District or
Columbia, and at the request of the party
secured tlierebv, the undersigned trustees
will sell at ptililic auction, in front of tlie
premises, on FRIDAY, the 12th day of
Match, 1897, at half past four o'clock
p. in., the following describod real es
tate, situate in the District of Columbia,
being part ot lot forty-eight (48 ), and part
of lot forty-nine (49), in section eight
(8), in the subdivision oT Barry Farm, tlie
Sari- of each lot fronting 90 75-100 feet on
umncr Place, and running back with
thai width lorne rear line or loiMcteied
A, B, C-and D, in a subdivision of parts of
sola lots 48 anil 49 , made bv Andrew Jack
son, as ner plat recorded in Liber No. 1G99,
folio 284, ot said Land Records, together
With all tlie improvements, etc.
Terms; One-third cash, lite balaacc in
one and two years, with interest rrom
tlie day or sale, secured by deed of trust on
the property sold, or all cash at the option
of purchaser. A deposit or :?t00 required
at time or sale. Terms to be complied with
in rirteen days. All conveyancing at pur
chaser's cost.
mliS-d&da-cm Trustees.
FOR SALE A fine second-hand sulebar
buggy und harness; also, dayton wap-on,
a flue business horse and caniige pole.
1 105 llth st. nw. mn'J 3t
FOR SALE Large stock or good, stilted
hay, for $1 2. 13th and Frankfort sts.,
South Brookland. D. O. mli9-3t
FOR SALE Alale anil remalc Irish set
ters, 14 months' old: none better: very
dark red: a bargain. Address A. G. WALL,
Langdon, D. C. iuaS-3t-cni
FOR SALE A good heavy set of brewerv
wngon harness: or willexchange for gcod
single harness. Call 1126 Park place ne.
FOR SALE Pure bred B. F. Rock, S. L.
Wyandoite, and White Leghorn, eggs,
$1 per setting. E. A. WARDVELL,
Brancliville, Aid. ir.nfc-7r.
Folt SALE Nearly new Dayion wagon;
cheap. 819 13th st. nw. nihS-2S
FOR SALE Cheap Horse, buggv, har
ness. No. 443 1 M. nw. mhfc'-3t
F'OR SALE-Cheap; one light three spring
wagon; two phaetons In good order 513
K. st. nw. mh7-3t
:'OK SALE Two nearly new pool tables.
Address A. P.. this orfice. mh0-7t.em
FOR SALE Two grade Aldcrncy cows,
fresh. Apply to 724 Sheridan st. nw.
Al. S. PLEASANT. niaG-7t-em
FOR SALE Woven wire springs, 51;
hair mattresses, S5; hair mattresses
remade, $2. SMITH & BACON. Alfrs.,
1223 7th st nw. mhC-lw
FOR SALE Cheap; fox terrier p.ips; welf
bred and marked. 3225 O st. mh3-Gt
FOR SALE Thebestand most economical
refrigerator is Moxiey's Improved Dry
Air Refrigerator: your ice lasts longer;
your food is kept pure and fresh. THE J.
CO., factory rear of 214, 216, 218 8th st
ne. Je2S-tr
I-ok la ALE Feed-water heater, smoke
slack (0 inches diameter, 70 feethigh),
water-tuba. .boiler (80 horse power), and
two power transmitters; all in first-class
condition; no reasonable offer refused.
Apply to G.C. TUOAIPSON, Chief Engineer
Purity Ice Co., Armory place, near 5th
and L sts. nw. fe25-tf
FOR SALE 82,950: a very nice house, 7
rooms and attic; stable to match; grape
aibor; fruit, grapes, roses and lawu; hedge
renceand other improvements; lot G0xl29;
churches and school; G miles from Wash
ington on B. ic O., and new electric road;
Tare G cents; part cash, balance monthly;
must be seen to be appreciated. Address
OWNER, 921 N. Y. ave. mh4-6t
FOR 8 A LB OR EXCHANGE -Several fine
dwellings in nw. and W. E. for lots. .T..
care letter carrier 12, city. inhC-2t-ern
From Station, 13th St. & Fa. Avo.
. ror Alexandria. 0:40, 7;05. 7:33. ex.;
8:00, 8.-30, ex.; 9:00, 9:50, "10:05. ex.;
11:00. 11:45 a. in.. "12:05. ex.: IS 30.
1:15, 1:45. '2:05. ex.; 2:40. "3:30. 4:00
ex.; "4:15, ex.; 4:45, "5:00, 5:20. ex.;
5:40, "0:05. ex.; 6:20, "700. J8.00, S:00,
"10:00, "11:20, 11:56 p. m.
Dally. No express Sundays.
For Mount Vernon, Riverside and way
stations, "0:40, 10.0u a. m., 12:05, 2:0o,
4:15 p. m.
"Dally, extra Sunday at 11 a. in.
For Arliugton, hourly rrom b a. m. to
8 V- m. JaG-tr.era
Without Change ol Cart.
SclK'diile in errect Februarv 9. 1897.
4:21 p. m. Tuesdays. Thursdays and Satur
days. Solid vcsilbuled. clcctrlc-llahtcd. steam
neatedtram, with combination coach parlor
can diiuugcaraud observation cjirUimugh
witnout change. Arrives Richmond 7:45
p. in. Old Point. 0:50 p. ra.
10:G7 a. m. dally except Sunday. Par
lor car Washington to Kiunmond and lilch
mond to Old Point. Arrive Riclimnnll 2-45
p. m. Old Point, 6:30 p. ra. Transfer at
Tickets ana reservations at ofnees Penn
sylvania R. It., loth and G sls,. and at sta
tion. Full Information ut C & O. ticket
H. w .FULLBlt. General PassengerAgent
WILL sell ut $s an acre rami 25i) acres,
2G miles rrom Washington, 1 mile rrom
railroad dejKit. S. T. OHIO, this ofiice.
FOR SALE IGO-acre rami, In Prince
George county. Aid.; 10 miles rrom Wash
ington; 6-rootii house, barn, anddtfier Im
provements; running water: oak rhtl pine
timber; good stock and grain farm; price,
5-13 per acre. Inquire 1231 Md. ave ue
suLlii Fr.UillA. Socxti FLOR
A beautiful, improved, unincumbered 700
acre. Lake Front, Residence Plantation,
on Lake Garfield, G miles from county
scat in South Florida; Oranges, Lemons,
and all descriptions of Semi-Tropical und
other Fruits. In heart of Phosphate,
Vegetable, Pineapple, and Tobacco Region;
now under cultivation, with ail necr-sury
rarmlng implements; Immediate Possession
and Easy Terms. Apply to JOHN HAN
COCK, Attorney-at-Law, 2401 Pa. avc,
Washington, D. C. fe27-10t
Should be read daily by ail niiere.-ied,
as ciianges may occur at any time.
Foreign mail ror the week ending Alarch
13. close promptly at this office, as
Transatlantic !AInll.
MONDAY (b)At 9:20 p.m., lor Europe,
per s. s. Aller", rrom New lork, Ia
Southampton and Bremen. Letters tor
Ireland must be directed "per Aller.'
TLESDA1 (b)At 9:20 p. m.. Tor Eu
rope, per s. 8. St. Louis", rrom New York,
via Southampton. Letters ror Ireland
must be uirecied "per St. Louis." (ciAt
10:55 ii. m., Tor Europe, per s. s. .Ma
jestic", rrom New York, via Queeustown.
(c)At 10:55 p. m., ror Belgium direct,
per s. s. Friesland, from New York, via
Antwerp. Letters must te directed "per
Friesiana. '
FRIDAY (b) At7:20 p.m.. Tor France,
Switzerland, Italy. Spain, Portugal, Tur
key, Egypt and UrttlMi Inula, per s. a. La
Bretage," rrom New York.vla Havre- Let
ters ror other parts or Europe must be ill
reeled "per La Bretagne- '(C) At 10:55
p. ii... ror Netherlands direct, per s. a. Wer
fccndain, Trom New York, via Rotterdam.
Letters mustbedirected "per Werkendam."'
(c) At 1 o:5j p. in., Tor Genoa. pers.s. Fulda,
rrom New York- Letters must be ilireciel
"ler Fulda. ' (c) At 10:55 p. in- for Eu
rope, pars, s. Aurania." rrom New York.vla
yueenstown. (c) At 10:55 p. in., for Nor
way direct, per s. s. Island, rrom New
York. Letters must be diretced "per
steamers sailing rrom New York on Tues
days, Thursdays and Saturdays take print
ed matter, etc. Tor Germany, and specially
addressed printed matter, etc.. for other
parts or Europe.
White Star steamers sailing rrom New
York on Wednesdays take specially ad
dressed printed matter, etc.. ror Europe.
The American, Cunard and French Line
Steamers sailing rrom New York take print
ed matter, etc.. ror all countries for which
they are advertised to carry mail.
Aluil for Soiitli and Central Amer
ica, West Indies, Etc.
St NDAY (d) At 11:35 a. m., for St.
Pierre-AUquclon, per steamer from Halifax.
MONDAY (g)At3:50 a. m., for Nassau,
'N. P.. per steamer rrom Aliami. Fia. (al
At 3:2U p. m., for Jamaica, per steamer
from Boston. (c)At 10:05 p. in., for
Belize, Puerto Cortez. and Guatemala, per
steamer from New Orleans. (cAt 10:55
li- m.. Tor Caoelliuti.Gouaives.PecitGoave.
Cnrthngena. and Santa Alartha, per s- s.
Uolstein. rrom New York.
TUESDAY-ldiAt G:25 a. m., Tor Port
Antonio, per steamer from Baltimore, (ci
At 10:05 p. m., for Costa Rica, per steamer
rrom New Orleans. (c)At 10:55 p. in.. Tor
Central America (except Costa Rica) and
South Pacific Ports, per s. s. Allianca,
from New York, via Colon. Letters Tor
Guatemala must be directed"per Allianca."
(c)At 10:55 p. m.. Tor Santos, per s. s.
Dalmatia, from New York. (c)AtlO:55p.
m.. for "rogresso, per s. s. Panama, from
New York. Letters Tor other parts f
-Mexico must be directed "per Fanama."
WEDNESDAY (OAt 3:50 a, m.. for
Nassau, N. I., per steamer from Miami,
Fia. (c)At 10:55 p. m., for Nassau, N. P.,
and Santiago de Cuba, per s. s. Santiago,
from New York.
THURSDAY (c) At 10:55 p. m. for
Jamaica, Port nu Trinee, Savanllia and
'arthageua, per s. s. Alleghany, rrom New
York. Letters ror Costa Rica must be di
rected "per Alleghany. '
FRIDAY (c) Atl0:55p.m. Tor Bermuda,
per s. s. Trinidad, from New York, (c) At
10:55 p. m. Tor Jeremie, Jacmel and Anx
Caves, per s. s. Alps, rrom New York.
Letters ror Belize. Guatemala and Puerto
Cortex must be directed "per AIis. ' (c)
At 10:55 p. m. Tor Campeehe.Cliiapas. Ta
basco and Yucatan, per s. s. Seneca, from
New York. Letters Tor other parts or .Mex
ico must be directed "per Seneca." (c)
At 10:55 p. in. Tor Haiti. Cuniana and Cnrn
pano, per s. s. Prins Willenvl , from New
York. Letters ror other p'ursar Venezuela.
Curacao, Trinidad, Biitish and Dutch
Guiana must be directed "per Prins Wil
iem l. ' (c) At 10:55 p. m. r0r Grenada,
New York.
SATL'KDAY (0 At3:50a.m. for Nas
sau. N. P.. per steamer Trom Aliama. Fia.
(d) At 11:35 a. m. ror Newfoundland, per
s. s. from Halirax.
Alails Tor Newfoundland, by rail to Hall
rax and thence via steamer, close nere
dailv except Sunday at 12:05 p. m., Sun
day omy ai n:ou u.. in. u
Alails Tor Aliquelon, by rail to Boston
and thence via steamer, close here dailv
at 3:20 p. m. (a)
Alails ror Cuba (except those for Santiago
de Cuba, which will be forwarded to New
York up to the 10:55 p. m. closing Wednes
day) close here daily at 3.00 p. m., for for
warding via steamer sailing .Mondays km!
Thursdays from Port Tampa, Fia. (e)
Mails ror .Mexico, overland (except those
ror Uampeche, Chiapas, Tabasco, and
Yucatan, which witl be forwarded, via
New York, up to the 10:55 p. m. closing
Friday, alter the Wednesday overland
closing; and except those ror P rogresso,
which will be sent via New York, up to the
10:55 p. m. closing Friday, alter the
Alonday overland closing), close here daily
at 7:10 a- m.(d) (
Transpacific flails.
Alails ror China and Japan, per s. s.
Peru, rrom San Francisco, close here
dailv, up to 6:30 p. in., March 17.(d)
Alails ror Uawail, per s. s- Australia,
rrom San Francisco, close here" dally, up
to 6:30 p. m., Alarch I7.(d)
Mails ror China and Japan, specially ad
dressed only, per s. s. Empress or India,
rrom Vancouver, close here dailv, up to
6:30 p. in., March 22.(d)
Alails for China and Japan, per a. s.
Braemer. from Tacoma, cto-ti her daily, up
to 6:30 p. m., March 25.(d)
Alails lor tne Society Inlands, per ship
Tiopic Biid. from Sen Fmnclsco. close
here daily up to 6-SO p. m.. Match 25(d)
Mails for Australia (except thc.-e lor
West Australia, which ate forwarded via
Europe), New Zealand, Hawaii, Fiji and
Samoan Islands, per s. s. AIar:posa, from
San Fmnch-co.cufe heie daily lup to G.30
p. m., Alarch 27.(d)
Ainilsror Australia (except West Austra
lia), Hawaii and Fiji I Mauds (speciuUy
addressed onlyr , per s. s. Warrimco. fiom
Vancouver, close heie daily after Alarch
27, up to 0:30 p. m., April l.(d)
Transpacific naiis aie'iorwnrded to the
ports of sailing daily, and the schedule of
closings Is arranged on the presumption of
their uninterrupted overland transit.
(a)Registeredinailscloseat 10 a. ni.same
day. .
(o)l'egistered malls close at 1 p. ni-ame
( c) Registered mails close at 6 p. m.mme
(d)l'egistered mails close at 6 p. m. pie
vlous day.
(e)l'eglstered' mails close at 1 p. m.
Wednesdays and Saturdays.
(D Registered mails close at 1 p. m. pre
vious day.
(cllteglstered mails close at 1 n. n. nrn.
vious Saturday.
.j-a-uijo i. iYijjjjji.x,iostmaster.
7.50 A. M. week days PITTSBURG EX
PRESS Parlor and Dining Cars, HarrU
burg to Pittsburg.
owrV?lecpmS' Dining, Smoking and
nnrS.0". C?ra' "arrlsburg to Chicago,
incln.n,u,tl'Jn.u,,anal)0,ls. St- Louis. Cleve
Harnsbur?0 u"rfet Parlor Car to
1 Parlor' rWF 1-lKE-Pullman Hurret
cJ fiHtfJ Harrisburg. Biuret Parlor
x )l?i V. arnsburg to FittSburg.
Kxnii' ,W,1A0 N ST. LOUI3
to lSrrtTf?lluaA "urret lar,or Car
toKF-' Sleeping and Dining
piVV'.rl,11 ,bIe.el K Cars Washington to
i f?urs a,nti "arrlsburg to St- Louis
and LoiasvUie (via Cincinnati), utnius
SS WBKCar to Pittsburg.
tr ,t0ZKaae' Canauciticua, Rcclies
Bunday S3- '&& daily, except
1(i"9!,AK i1- r?r '"'ra and Uenovo daUy.
except Sunday. For Lock Haven weelc
days and Wliliamsport Sundays. 3:40
7'u,r;S1- fJF Wliliamsport. Rochester,
Burralp aud Niagara Palls daily, except
Saturday, v:h Sleeping Car Washington
ni..!???I,?.IM5on Br. Burralo.
for i.rV orne Canandaigua, Kochr
ter. Lurrnio. and Niagara Falls dailr.
bleeping car Washington to Eimira.
tor Jffillaaeipnia, Nevr i'orK, ana
me Jtast.
I1ED, dully, ail 1'arlor Caro, with Din
ing Car rrom Baltimore. Regular aC 7-00
(Dining Carl, 8.00, 9.00, lu.MO (Dining
Car), and 11.00 (Dining Car from Wil
mington) A. M.. 12.45, 3.15, 4.20. G.B0,
H-. aml 11-35 P- AI. On Sunday. 7.00
(Dining Car), 8.00. 9.00, 11.00 (Dininfi
CarTrom Wilmington. A.M.. 12.16,3.16.
4.20, G.50, lo.oo and 11.35 P. M For
Philudelpnia only, Fast Express, 7.5U A
Al. week days. Express 12.15 P.
il. week days, 2.ui ana a4u '. M.
dafiy. i'or Boston, without change,
7.o. A. M. weet days, and 3.15 P. M.
for Atlantic City (via Delaware River
Bridge, all-rail route), 3.15 p. m. daily.
For Baltimore, H.25, 7.00. 7.GO, 8. OP, 9.0U.
10.00. 10.5('. H.'OO and" Rll ii
12 15 12.45,2.01, 3.15. 3.4U (4.00 lim-
iieui. -i.u, a.JO, 0.40, B.15, 6.50,7.10.
7.1 n in no in jo an. n 'n ., .-
ior Pope s Creek Llne.7.50 a. in. and 4.3G
p. va. dally, except Sunday.
For Annapolis, 7.00, 9.01) a, m., 12.15
and 4 20 p.m. daily, except Sunday.
Sundays, 9.00 a.m. ad 4.20 p. m.
Atlantic Coast Line "Florida Special
Tor Jacksonville and St. Augustine.
1U.48 p- m. week days. Express for
Florida and points on Atlantic Coast
Line. 4.30 a. ir., 3.1G p. m. dailv;
Richmond only. 10.57 a. m. week days;
Atlanta Special, via Richmond and Sea
board Air Line. 4.40 p. m. dally. Ac
commix'atlon Tor Quantico, 7.45 a. m.
and 4.25 p. m. week days.
Tk-kec oirice-. ct.rner rlfteenth and U
streets, and at the station. Sixth and B
streets, where orders can be lert r.ir check
ing of baggage to destination rrom hotels
and residences.
J- B. HUTCHINSON", General Alanager.
.1 R 'it: tieper.t. 1 M.sxt-ngvr AgeaS.
Schedule in effect February 21, 1S97.
Leave Washington from station, corner or
New Jersey avenue and C street-
For Chu-Jgo ami :ortti vest. vestibuled
Limited trains, 10:00, 11:45 a. m., 8:05
p. m.
For Cincinnati, St. Lfjulsandlndianapolls,
Exnre.ss. 11:45 a m Vestlhnlprt Limited
:40 p. m., express 11:25 p. in.
ror riiLsuurg ana uieveiacu. express
daiiy, 10:00 a. m. and 8:50 p. ni.
For Toledo and Detroit. 11.-5 p. m.
For Winchester and way stations. 10 a.
ci., :5:30 p. m.
t or New Orleans. Memphis. Birmingham,
Chattanooga. Knoxville, Bristol and
Roanoke. 9:00 p. in. dally. Sleeping Car
For Lnray.3:40 p. m. dailv.
For Baltimore, week days, 5.00, 6.30,
X7.05. X7.10, X8-G0. 8.30, xU.30. xlO.00.
3.20. X4.30, 4 35. X5.i;5. Xo.lO, X5.3U,
X6.20. 6.30, X3.00, S. 15, x9.20, 11.15,
X11.50 p. m.. and X12.01 night. Sundays,
S7.05, X7.10, 8.30, X9.00 a. m., xl2:05.
x 12.40. i.oo, xa.i.o. ::.20. 4.35. x5.05;
X5.10, 6.30, xe.f'O, X9.20. 11.15. xll.50,
p. m., 12.01 night.
For Annapolis. 7:10 and S:30 a. ra, 12:10
Sdd 4.30 p. in.; Sundays, 8:30 a.m., 4.33
p. in.
tor I-reiKrick, week days. t:35. 1L43
. m.. 4.30 . 5.30 D. m. Sunilavs. 1:15 n. m
For Hagerstown. JlO.OO a. m. and J5.30
p. m.
For Boyd and war points, week day a,
7.35 a. m., 4.30, 5.30, 7.U5 p. m. Sun
days, 1.15, 7.05 p. m.
For Gaithersburg and war points, week
davs. 7.35. 9.00 a. m.. 12.50, 3.15. 4.30.
4.33, 5.30. 7.05. 11.40 p. ra. Sundays,
9.DO i. in., 1.15, 4.33? 1.05, ia.15 p. m
For Washington Juntttonand wav points,
7.35 n. m.. 4.30. 5.30 p. ra- week dayi
1.15 p. m. Sundays.
Itoyul Blue Line lor Nev Xork
and Philadelphia.
All trains illuminated with Plntscn light.
For Philadelphia. New York, Boston, and
the East, week days, 8.00, ( 10.00 a. m.
DlniugCar). 12.00, 12.40 Dining Car). 3.00
l5.05"Dming Carl, (12.01 night. Sleeping
Car open at 10.00 o clock). Sundays, 19.00
a. m. Dining Car), (12.40 Dining Car), 3.00
(5.05-OiuiiigCar), 12.01 night; sleeping car
open 10 o'clock. Additional trains tot
Philadelphia, week days, 7.03 a. m., dally,
S.00 p. m.
BuffetParlor Cars on all day trains.
For Atlantic City, 10.0U a. m.. 12.0o
noon, and 12.40 p. m. week days, 12.40
p. m. Sundays.
For Cape May, 12 noon.
tExcept Sunday. xExprcss trains.
Baggage called for and checked frora
hotels and residences by Union Transfer
Co. on orders lert at ticket offices. 619
Pennsylvania avenue nw.. New York
avenue and Fifteenth street, and at depot.
Gen. -Manager- Gen. Pass. AgC
(Schedule Inertect January IS, 1S07.
All trains arrive and leavo Pennsylvania
Passenger Station.
8 a m.Daliv, local ror Danville, Char-'lottc-
aud way s.rattoa'. connects at Manas
sas for Strasburg, Harrisonburg, and
wav stations, dally, except Sunday. .r.d
at Lynchburg with the Norfolk and West
ern dally, and with the Chesapeake and
Ohlb dally, for the Natural Bridge und
11-15 a'fm.-Dally. the UNITED STATES
FAST MAIL, carries Pullman BuffeC
Sleepers. New York and Washington to
Jacksonville, uniting at Salisbury wlta
Pullman Sleeper Tor Asheville and Ho8
Borings W. C. Knoxvilla and Chattanooga,
Tenn and at Charlotte with Pullman
Sleeper Tor Augusta; PuUman Buffet Sleep
er New York to New Orleans, connecting
ut Atlanta for Birmingham and Mem
phis Soli l train Washington to New
Orleans without change. SunsecpersonaHy
conducted tourist excursion througn sleeper
on this train every Saturday to San Fran
cisco, without change.
4-01 p. m Local ror Front Royal. Straa-
bufg aud Harrisonburg, dally, except Sun
day. 4.51 p. m- Dally. local ror Charlottea
Yiiie. .. .
6'i) d. m. Dailv. except Sunday, NEW
Vestibuled Sleeping Cars. Dining Cars.
Observation and Comportment Cars. New
York to Jacksonville and St. Augustlno
Aiso Pullman sleeping Car New York to
Augusta with connection, for Alkcn
10-43 P. ru Dally. WASHINGTON AND
1TED. composed ot Pulhnun Veuttbuleti.
sleepers, dining cars and day coaches.
Pullman sleepers New York to Nash
ville. Tenn , via AshevlUe, KnoxvHla
and Chattanooga: New York to Tampa,
vi.i Clt..rti'tie. Columbia, Savannah and
Jacksonville, and New York to Mem
phi. vi i uinaiwshain. New York to New
Orleans, via Atlanta and Montgomery.
Vestibuled day coach Washington to At
lanta. SoiithcruRallwaydlnlngcar, Greens
boro to Montgomery.
DIVISION leave Washington y:ui a. in.
cativ anu 4:45 p. ui. daily, except Son
day", and 6:25 p. m. Sunday only ror
Konml mil. 4 :- v daii.exwpt Sun
day, for Leesburg. and 6:25 p. ra. daily for
Herndoiu Returning, arrive at Washing
ton h:26 a. m. and 3:00 p. ru. dolly, rrom
Round Tlill and 7:06 a. ui. dally, except
Sunday, trom Herndon, and 8:34 a. m.
daily except Sunday, rrom Leeburg.
Throuch trains from the South arrive as
; Washington 6:42 a, ra., 2:20 p. m., and
9:4i p in. dally, and 9:45 a. m. dally ex
r cept Muii'lnr. Harrisonburg. 12:40 p.
i m.. and 9:40 p. m. daily except Sunday,
ondS:30 a. iii., dally, rrom Charlottesville.
Tickets, sleeping car reservation, and in
formation iarnished at offices, oil and
I 1't(Wllwinoi-l..nn.n n..aMr,u .. -. .1 r. .- Tl m. . M lT
tania Railroad Passenger Statloa
V. ii. uttiSEN, uen. supt.
d. Al. ctLf, "iraxiio Alanaser.
v. A. T"i isk, uen. I'asu. Agent.
L. S. Brown, Uen. Act. .Past, ueptj
Murniug iuuI Sunday Times, Gil
uents jt'er iiontli.i.

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