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. J
You men who don't own
top coats are missing lots
of st3rle and comfort.
And a good one costs so
little here $7.50 up.
Eiseman Bros.,
Corner 7th and E Streets N. W.
No IJram.li Storo !n Wiislilnslon.
The Assailauls of Special Officer
Loven Fined.
Suit to Force Division of the Jail
and Old Courthouse Piopeitj.
Council Proceedings.
Alexandria, March 9. In the police court
tins morning Daniel Cnnvnin and D. M.
Curley, alias James. Mahouey, two of the
tramps vtho mails a murderous attack on
Special Oriicer Loven Ia-t night, as le
ported ia The Times, were fined $50, and
in default of pa j incut -were sent to the
chain gang for ninety dajs Mi. Lncn
is siilfering fnim the severe wounds m
flictsil by the men. The hail vv liich entered
the stomach of Crimmins was remocd bj
Dr. Pur; in, and the man will boon recover,
lie lb also suffering from a severe gash m
the head, inflicted by Mr Ioven.
Corporation attorney, to whom the mat
ter w referred, has decided that the roll
ing stock ot the Mt Vernon electric rail
way company is assessable in thib ctiy, and
not in Tairfai. county, as the company
The board of supervisors of Alexan
dria countj- has entered suit in the circuit
court of Richmond against the city council
of Alexandria and Gov O'Ferrall to
Toice a division of the jail and old court
house property in this city, or to Nell the
property and divide the proceeds Com
monwealth's Attorney Johnston and Mr
A V Armstrong represent the countj, I
and Mr S G. Brent will look after the
cltyN interests
The board of supervisors of the countj
met todaj and awarded several contiacts
for improving the roads
Mr Fiank E Anderson h is been elected
vice president of the P.usiness Men's
League, vice Mr Worth Bullish, re
signed. The remains of Mrs R IV Avery, who '
died at the Hotel Bancroft, in wasnington,
have been tuought to this citj , where the
deceaKud resided for many years. The
funeral will take place tomonow after
noon from the lcs'dence of her siter.
Miss Annie K Henderson, No 209 South
Patrick street.
A Might lire occurred todaj- at the resi
dence of Mr W D "Wood, at the corner
of Cameron and Columbus streets
Grand Imminent Connmnder Thomas, of
the Knights Templar of the United States,
andadelegatefrom DeMolay Commandery,
of Washington, will be the guest of Old
Dominion Commander' of this citj, on
Fridaj nlglit.
Mls Katherine Critchcr is painting a
portrait of Col John S Mnsby, who Is
spending a few weeks In this city.
Today is the 117th anniversary of the es
tabllshment of the municipal government
of this city.
A short -ession ot the citj' council was
held tonight. The report of the joint com
mittees on public propei ty and finance,
directing the mayor to lease certain lots
ot ground at "Fishtovvn'' for a term of
five years at $35 per annum, to Messrs.
W. A 8 moot Sc Co , was adopted, with
,hc proviso that the contract terminate on
ninety dajs notice on the part of Messrs
Smoot . Co or the eity council
An ordinance in regard to sewers was
presented and referred to the committee
on streets It provides that none but pub
lic tewers shull be laid in the streets of
the city, and that all private sewers shall
be constructed subject to the approval of
the city engineer It provides that the
sewer tax for private residences shall be
35, and for hotels and public buildings
$75, and directs that the amounts shall
be paid irto the city trcasurj- before per
mits for tapping a sewer is issued
The petition of J T Fannon for per
mission to remove a frame building from
the northwest corner of Duke and Henry
streeu was referred to the committee on
streets, as was also a resolution appro
priating $200 for Improving Alfred stieet,
between Wilkes and Gibbon streets
A communication was received from the
boird of supervisors of the countj", stating
th.it thej were ready to construct the
road leading to this city as Boon as the
city council shall order the work of ex
tending Prince street to the corporate line.
The matter was referred to the committee
on streets
Mr. Stephen Ilendcrfon, engineer at the
rour-Mile Run power house of the electric
roid, was taken ill jesteiday evening and
had to be removed to his home in this
citj' It is understood that Mr Ilender
poa's illness is the result cf injuiles sus
tained recentlj, when he was struck in
the head bj- thednvingiod of the powerful
engine at the rower-house.
Mrs C. P. Snyder has been summoned to
Dayton, Ohio, by the death ot her father,
Mr. Ferdinand Mcchimann, who was n
prominent resident of that city.
The condition of Mr. W. H. Do Vaughn,
who was struck by a ca'de car in Wash
ington n Tew days ago, is critical tonight,
and his death is momentarily expected
Marriage Licenses.
Licenses to inarrj- have been ihsucd, as
Eugene White of Ottawa, 111., and Agnes
George Smith and Rattle Wells.
Alevandcr L. Whalingand Mrs Alice A.
Joseph Lewis and Emma Hartcn.
John Wash and Lottie Brown.
Robert Evans and Gabuella Winslow.
Marshall Garrett ot Baltimore and Anna
Brewer ot Philadelphia.
Nicholas Blasic and Clirence Davis.
Entitled to Appointments.
The Navy Department has sent notice
to about ISO meinbcrsof the new Houmj of
Representatives informing them of their
right to appoint cadets to the Naval
Academy. The candidates are to come
for admission examination on May 15.
President McKinlcy alco will have two
appointments to the-next class.
Elplionzo Youngs Co.
"We don't know of a time before
when fine California canned frnit
Bold for so little as 20 cents a can.
Those which we are selling are
really the 30c sort, and we give
you the choice of Crawrford or
lemon cling peaches, Bartlett
pears, egg or greengage plums, or
apricots. These are put up right
in the orchards of California and
the best granulated sugar is used.
$2.25 dozen cans.
Elphonzo Youngs Co.
"VVlioIonale and Retail Gniccn,
428thSt. Bet. DandE
AUioue, a.
An Army of Office-hunters Con
tinues to Harass Them.
Tlicto "Will Be No Chunuc ot Assist
ant Seeietrtiies for Several Days.
J"lstingiiishcd Caller on rhe Cub
inet Officers 'Ihe Patioimgo of
the Iniotlor Denaitiuuiit.
The department chlcrs arc still receiving
a good dealcSf attention rrom the office
seekers, notwithstanding the notice pub
lished r.ir and wide that the positions to
be given out are few, and the date of
distribution uncertain, if not remote.
The first Cabinet meeting until r rhe new
Administration draw the Secretaries to the
White House j e-.terday. It was a quiet aud
briet sessiou, and upon the letuin of the
Secretaiies to the departments it began to
be hinted through vuuous channels that
appointments must wait.
the a-.siV.niit secretuijshlps, constitut
ing th- cluer patronage, aie epecteil to re
main as now for several dijs, It was
stated -possiblj until April 1.
Among the man j w ho culled upon Secre
tarv Sherman was ex-Congressman fc- I
McXinnev, now United States minister to
Colombia His call was to advice with
Secietarj Sheiman upon afralrs in the
republic. After 11 brief Inteiview he
left to call again.
Mr McKlnnej is now serving gra
tuitouslj, having been in this countrj
on leave for a period longei tl an sirtj
dajs His resignation is on iile rc.idj
for acceptance, and he will not return
to Bogota
Another caller at the State Department
w.is Congressman Hull, chairman ot" the
Committee on Mllltnrj Arf.iirs in the last
Congress He wished to sec Private Sec
retarv Bilvcock only to file some pipeis
Mr Hull -ajs the low a delegation
in both houses of Congress Is u unit Toi
the appointment or Hon E 11 Conger
as rinister to Bni7il He formeilv si'ived
in the same mission Mr Conger's friends
are comment of his sucxess
Dr. Charles W Zaxamb 1 ofClntago was
another caller at the State Hcpariment
The doctor is a Russian bj birth, but
an enthusiastic supnortci of Ids adopted
count rv, nevertheless He is a grand
nephew of Count Pclaski, who was killed
at Savannah while fighting in defense of
the American Republic.
Sccretaij Alger appeared to be wearj
last evening as he greeted The Times rep
resentative He had been kept busj all
daj. He had no news to j,ive out, ex
cept an item or routine, the award of a
contract for dredging in the harbor at
Dululh His cullers were of all class s
of political friends, manj of them calling
to paj respeets
feecrctarv Gage is rapidlj acquit ing a
knowledge ot Ihe business ot his depart
ment, and begins his career bj arriving
at his office early, pajing gieat attention
to details and dispatching business
The members or the Ways and Means
Committee, with Chairman Dingle at
their head, were among Secrctarj Gage's
distinguished callcis yesterday
Tin published statement to the effect
that Secretary Long preteis for his as
sistant secretary a man who has never
held a commission in the Navy, as noted
previously in The limes, has confirmation
in the repetition of the rumor, and it is
causing some dlsippomtment in certain
circles This rule, if adhered to, will
cut out Admiral Walker, who is indorsed
by Senator Allison and others, and also
bars the Indiana candidate, William Henry
Secretaiy Bliss ot the Interior Depart
ment, left Washington yesterday morning
to he gone until Fndav He went to Bos
ton In the afternoon and expects to be in
New York again on Thursday.
"I have made no appo.nlments," he aid
to a Times reporter, "and shall not make
anj' until I return to Washington I
spent two dajs at the department, and I
find 15 Is like a gicat business establish
ment Every place In the department,
chiefs of bureaus and commissioners, is
piotoctcd by civil service, and I cannot
make manj' changes, if I wanted to The
buciness of the department is such that
changes cannot be made verj rnpidlj "
There are more places in the Interior
Department to -visich appointments can be
made vv itl out examination than in anj
o'.lier, except the 1 rcasurv The follow ing
list gives the pilnclpal of these, States
from whUh appointed, and date of ap
pointment Commissioner of Patents, $5,000, John
S. Seymour, Connecticut, March 31, 1S03;
Commissioner or Pensions, $3,000, Dominic
I. Murphy, District ot Columbia, May 28,
1S96; Director of Geological Survey, $5,
000, Charles D. Walcott. New York, June
8, 1891; Commissioner ot Land Office, $5,
000, Silas W. Lamoreux, Wisconsin, March
28, 1893; Comaiissioner of Railroads, $1,
000, Wade Hampton, South Carolina: March
2 1.1S93; First Assistant Sen etiry. $4 ,500,
William II. Sims, Alabama, March 31,
1893; Assistant Secrctarj, $.1,000, John
M Revroids.Pcnnsjlvania.April 10, 1893;
Pension Agent, $4,000; Sidney L Will
son, Districtof Columbia, February 1,181)3;
Commissioner of Indian Affairs, $1,000,
Daniel M Brow nlng.Illlnols, April 17,1893;
Assistant Commissioner of Indiin Affairs,
$3,000, Thomas P. Smith, New York,
January 19, 1895; Assistant Commission
er of Patents, $3,000, Samuel T. Fish
er, Massachusetts, April 13, 1893;
chief examiners Patent Office, $3,000
each; John n Rrickensteln, Pennsvlvama,
since October, 1S94; Arthur I Tiulej,
New Hampshire, since October, 1891;
Tolou W. Stocking, N'ew York, Januarj 9,
1890; First Deputy Commissioner of Pen
sions. $3,000, Naroleon J. T. Dana, New
Hampshire, May 28, 1$9G; Pecond Deputy
Commissioner of Patents, $3,000, Henry
C. Bell, Illinois, March 31, 1893; Com
missioner of Indian Schools. $3,600, W..
D Hnrtman, Indiana, Januarj 11, 1894;
Commissioner of Education, William T.
H irris, Massachusetts, January 3, 1890;
Assistant Commissioner of Land Office,
$3,500. Emory F Best, Georgia, June 13,
The above officers are all located in
Washington There are a number in the
department outside the city, which are
filled without examination
Fostmaster General Gary attended the
Cabinet meeting and received onlv a few
callers No appointment vv n made for the
position of Fourth Assistant Postmaster
General, although Mr. Maxwell's time ex
pired jesterday.
Very many applications arc coming in
tor the postoffices There are about 3,600
postmasters to be appointed by the Presi
dent, and only a few of these are namedat
one time Of the fourth-class offices from
ten to tw enty are appointed in a daj , but
very little will be done in either division
for some days Nevertheless nearlj- four
thousand letters were received at the de
partment jesterday regarding these places
The Attorney General was busy receiving
callers except during the Cabinet meeting
and while attending to routine work. He
has paid little attention to offices.
There Is no place at the Hepartment of
Agriculture to which an appointment '
likely to be made soon, and Secretary Wil
smwillprobablybclebstroubled than some
of his associates;
A Regulation Is Issued Prescribing
Its Design.
Orders Issued from the Army headquar
ters j cfitoitluy contain u piovlsion adopt
ing a flag for the Secretary of War, its
approval being one ot the last acta of
Secrctarj Lament. The new regulation is
in part as follows:
"The flag of the Secretary of War shall
be scarlet bunting, measuiing twelve feet
fly and six feet eight inches hoist, having
upon it an eagle with outstretched wings
On the breast of the caglen United States
shield; in the right talon an olive branch,
with berries, and In the left a bunch of
anows, in the eagle's beak a scroll with
the motto "E PlunbtisUnuni " In the field
of the shield there shall be placed two
rows ot stars, six in the upper and seven
in the lower row, placed cqiiidistantapnrt.
There shall be also placed in each coiner
of the flag a white star, the measure
ment of which shall bo about 9.9 inches
from point to point,"
Colors of silk are also provided The
Secrcfiiy of the Navy has a somewhat
similar fiag, the ground coloi being blue.
Tills was adopted eight jears ago The
President of the United States has had a
special flag for over ten jears
Methodist Ministers Assigned
New Posts of Dntv.
Dr. Lucicn Ciailc Sent to Foundry
Church '1 ho Other Appoint
ments for "Washington.
Baltimore, Match 9. The one hundred
and thirteenth t.esslon of the "Mothci"
co'ifennc or Methodism in Amenca was
brought to a close todaj All doubts were
set it rest as to where each pieacher will
labor this jear by the announcement of
the appointments or Bishop Mallalieu
There were Tew notable changes
The Re,- Ur Lucien Clark was sent to
roumlrj cliuic 1, Washington, w I ere it was
expected President MeKlnlej would wor
ship, but jiut alter the appointments were
aniiouno-'d the repoit gained currency that
the President, hud ccpicssed hib determina
tion of .iLlcudliit? the Metropolitan Church
Ihe treasurer, the Rev. C. ! Guthrie,
repelled that the conference had laised
$88,25.! for the vanoes benevolent causes
or the church
The conference took action on the coin
ing Corlxtt-liisimtnons fight in Nevada
bj adopting a resolution asking Cong-ess
to lorbid the tiausinisslon of 1 ietures and
accounts or prize fights
The conferente declared against Sunday
Ihe babhath reiortalso declared aeainst
running trains to camp meetings, Sunday
newspapers and ' iiiinecesbary deliverj of
mails "
It was ddcdeilto hold the annual session
next March at Waugh Church, Washington.
DC. i
'Ihe appointments for the Washington
district are as follow h
Freckling elder, L B Wilson Brookland
and Langdon, C O Cook; Congress Heights,
supplied bj- J R Cannon, Torestv Hie, W L
Orem; Galthersbuig, W D. Beall; Kensing
ton, R M Moore; Lnnhams, J W Steele,
Lavtouvillc, T J Cross, Leoinrdtown, sup
piled by II E R Reck; Little Falls, to lie
supplied, Montgomery, Wlllmn Harris;
Pinej Grove, supplied by Solomon Carr, St
M.irj's, Henrj Mann, Severn, H C.Smith,
Spenceville, II P West, Tenlejtown nntl
Concord, A E Splelman, Washington, B.C.;
Anaconii.C O Isaac, Douglass Memorial,
J L Walsh; Dumbarton and Georgetown,
J B Stitt; Fifteenth Street. S R Murray,
Fletcher Chapel, W II. Chapman; round rj ,
Luclen Clark, G II Corey; Gorsuch, W H
Richardson; Grace, G V Leech; Hamline,
W R Stricklen, K street Mission, supplied
bj S S Godfrey, McKendree, H R Najlor;
Metropolitan, Hugh Johnston and L. 1
Townend, N'orth Capitol Street, Page .Mil
burn. Rvlnnd. S M Hartsock; St Paul's,
S L Bryant; Trinity. E D Huntley;
Twelfth Street, W G Cassard, Union, Alex
ander Bielnski; Waugh, E O Eldndge; Wes
lej Chapel, J T Helsse, A H Ames, super
intendent Lucj Webb Hajes' Deaconesa
Home and National Training School, mem
ber of N'orth Carolina street quarterly con
Hotel Lobbies Much Umptler Than
a Few Days Ago.
The small-fry politicians about the hotel
lobbies were agog with excitement jes
terdav The President's advice to them
to go home lias evidently been received
In anything but the proper spirit Thej be
lievc a man on the spot Is worth two at
home, and some of them have determined
to camp on Mr McKinlej's trail and not
be removed by anjthing siiortot.it jelone
lliu local politician, who lias been lost
eight ot in the avalanche ot hungry hordes
fron Ohio and other States, appears
blaud anil smiling fiom behind the scenes
The President's advice to go home doesn't
affect him at all , and he now thinks he will
ha.'e the field all to limn elf
Ihree new Democratic Senators, who
have arrived and are eugaged in discuss
ing the situation in the lobby or tlie Metro
politan Hotel, arc Gen E. W. Pettus, of
Alabama, who succeels,Pugh, S. D Enerj,
of Louisitna, vv ho succeeds Blanchard, and
Josapn II. Earle, or South Carolina, who
succeeds Irbj.
Representative Joseph A. Scranton, of
Tennsjlvaniaand R. C McCormick of New
York,-and Mr. Vilas of Wisconsin, who hav c
been stopping atthcShoreham duringthelr
term of office, have returned home. Rep
resentatives R L Henry and Culberson,
of Texas,, have left the Metropolitan for
their homes, and Representatives N. M.
Denny, of Mississippi, John C. Bell ot
Colorado, and J. C. McDcaman orTcnnessee
arenomorctobo found around tlieNational
Mr J. Edward Addicks, the contestant
for the seat or Senator lligglns, arrived
in the city jesterday and is stopping at
the Raleigh- Mr. Addicks sajs his visit
is not in the lutereot of his contest, which
will not come up befoic the Senate for
some time.
C.P. Huntington, the railvvaj magnate,
is at the Nornmndle.
Gen. Stewart L Woodford, ot New
York, who was so prommentlj mentioned
for a position in President McKinlej's
Cabinet, is again at the Arlington.
Miss Morgan, the daughter of Treasurer
Morgan, has left the Normandie for a
brief vist to lier fnends in Bridgeport.
Mr J T Leger, the Hajtian minister,
arrived in the citj- jesterday and is stop
ping at the Arlington He comes to at
tend President McKinlej's reception todaj-.
But Little Busine-s Transacted.
In the absence ot President McHugh the
meeting of the local Federation of Labor
held last evening was presided over by
Mr. J W F. Ma gee, of Caipentcr's Union,
No 1 No business of public interest was
j considered, and after instiucting Secre
tary Maidens to noUfy all delegates to be
1 present at the ne.vt meeting to hear the
rinal repoit of the Labor Day excursion
committee and hearing the anuvuncement
by Mr. Keep, of the Tailor's Union, that
Mr. J. W. Bames would deliver an address
I at the room3 of the Workingmsn's Librarj
on Sunday, March 21, tha meeting ad-
Lexow Committee Not Sure How
T key Can Be Readied.
Overcapitalization One of the Seri
ous Evils That Lead to Complaint
Againsllheso Combinations Only
Satisfactory Solution to Bo Found
iu a General Law.
Albany, N. Y.', March 9 The Lexow
committee met this moinlng and the.mem
beis affixed tholr signatures to the report
or the trust investigating committee The
report is an unusually lengthy o,ne, em
biaeing thirtjfelglip typewritten pages
The testimony taken before the commit
tee, the decisions bf other investigating
committees and of "the United States Su
pieme Court are, commented upon at
length, and much attention is devoted to
the opeiatlon of factors agreements In
biicf, the report sajs:
Trust agreements no longer rorm the
basis of nor are thoj a constituent part or
the aggregations of capital which arc com
monly looked upon now as tiusts. In
discussing this questions of trusts the com
mittee finds that it Is unneeessarj that
absolute monopoly exist in older that
tjic operations of the trust may be se
emed In aiscusBing tiusts the coiu
mltt'c divides combinations and capital
Into three classes Fiist are corpora
tions which operate under public fran
chises; second, legal corporations, which
are pioteeted bj pitcnts and trade-marks,
third, those that depend whollj upon the
use of capital and where monopolies -ist,
not natuiallj or by leal pinnlsMoii,
but by leason of the contiol of competing
companies and the pioduet, in order that
the gMMtest net itsiilts maj- be shown
'Ihe committee does not tpiite agree that
the trusts and monopolies complained of
are a iiatuinl result ot the piogiessive
evolution of the times and while it d(s
not recognue all combinations of capital
as trusts iu the proper viiss, it does i cog
nize that unless the evils complained or
against mammoth combinations or wealth
attempting to control the supplj- anil price
of products, 1l1.1t it will be but a short
time before a continuance of the opera
tion or such combinations will tend to
stirie competition and place the regula
llon or supplj and price of product as well
&s the business or the country in the hands
of a row
To.icinngthe question or ovei-capitaH;-n-tioi
or these modern combinations of
wealth, the committee finos that this Is
one of the serious evils, which lead to the
complaint against trutts. for not being con
tent to earn a fair return on the actual
capital Invested, thej- .seek to wiing
Increased ptolits out of the consumers bj
rcaton of an over-capitalization The
committee condemns the practice or do
mestic capital operating in this State
under the incorporation or another State,
and espeeiallj- New Jersey. The commit
tee succeeded tn securing copies or the
factor-,' agreements in use bj all of the
different co-poiations Investigated, and
finds that their use clinches the sjstem
of monopolj- which has spread over the
countrj , and rendeis such combinations or
wealth permanent, bj making compniticn
impossible It Is 'obvIouK that, as the
Federal courts liav'e placed so narrow a
coistructlon upon tlte limit or their atithor
itv , no rclier toucUng the operation or
factors' agreements can be expected from
that quartet, except thiough the aid of a
constitutional amendment
It seems to us thiit the operation of
trusts, ind cpcciallj- r.ictors agreements,
can he s.UiHfaetorilv- reached onlv by the
exercise of a power or general jurisdic
tion thrnuuhout the United States, and
that anj attempt to prevent the evil by
local legislation will prove abortive or
at least unsufiiclenf:. A review of the
courts decision regurdir-g rnctors' agree
ments leads the committee to the opinion
that the constitutional rreedom or con
tract maj not be 'Interfered with, and
th it thej can be attacked onlv- when it
is shown th.it they attack rights, con
stitutional liberties and the privileges of
the people.
The committee recommends that the law s
bo amended soas to place a limitation upon
the slock ot corporations, especially as re
gards roiclgn corporations operating in
tl is State, and that rorcign con orations
be brought under the jurisdiction ot the
laws of this State which are provided for
the protection of creditors and share
holders of domestic corporations The
committee recommends and is now pre
paring a bill carrying out these sugges
tions and will make provision for the right
ot a citizen to begin a civil action and
secure an injunction against any trust
operating In this State in violation ot these
recommendations, with the final view of
having the Hi ense of a foreign corporation
to do business in this State revoked If It
is found that such foreign corporation is not
ompljmg vv ith all provision of New York
State laws This is a method so drastic
that it will be further considered by the
committee before a bill is finally sub
mitted An important dirriculty seems to be that
or securing the testimony necessarj- to a
1udlci,il ascertainment or a violation or
New York State laws by a so called trust
or foreign corporation The committee is
preparing a bill which will empower the
nttornej- general to Inv estigate a trust on
the complaint"of any citizen of an allege
violation of lnv, which bill will em
power the attorney general to exam
hie witnesses under subpenis to be is
sued on the attnrnej- general's xptrte
application by a lustlce of the supremo
court The examination of witneaca by
the attorney geneial is to be conducted in
the presence ot a court justice, and the
testimony Is "to be filed in the attorney
general's office This law will give im
munity from punishment to witnesses testl
rvlng on subpenas Issued by the attorney
general. The committee is net yet sat
isfied that it can rrame a law restricting
the operation or Tnctors' agreements which
will be constitutional.
Army Orders Issued.
Capt. W. Balnbridge-Hoff , who 1 as been
before the retiring board for several days,
will go upon the retired list on account of
phjsical disabilities incurred 111 the service
This will promote Commander Charles D.
bigRbee, the riaval'hjdroraphcr, to the
gride of captain
Post ChapliinGedrgeWVD unbar has been
placed on the retired list cf the Army. He
was I orn in New York and appointed to
the" service fiom Wisconsin, August 15,
A toird of officers, to ccnslst of Major
James P. Kimball and Charles Richard,
surgeons, and Xapts Rogers Birnie and
Lawrence L Bruff , and fa'dnej R Stuart,
Ordnance Department, is appointed to
nicetat the Army BnUdmg.New York citj,
March 30, to examine lieutenants of the
line, w ith a view io their selection for
tranfei ot the'Ordnance Department.
The following transfers m the Ninth
Infantrj are made. Sef 01 d Lieut. .Arthur
W Yate, to Companj D. Second Lieut.
Thomas r. Dvvjcr, to Coinpanj F.
UU renna Ave. Adj. WiUard's Hotel.
Cures All Forms of Chronic
And Nervous Diseases.
Advice and Consultation Free.
Patients who have for jears been suffer
ing from Catarrh, Rheumatism, Asthma,
Bronchitis, Djspepsiu, Constipation, Kid
Vy' L,,?r a,ld Bladder Troubles, Skin and
Blood Disorders, Varicocele, Lost Vitalltj-,
and various other deep seated and obstinate
diseases of long standing are being cured
daily by Dr. Walker.
Medicines furnished free.
,'R wAl,k:eu realizes that many are dis
couraged, skeptical, or rinanctilly unable
to pa j largo rees for treatmentand another
benefit these that he makes hia ree ot
n TJ',e '"J Jority of patients w ho seek Dr.
talker's aid do not take his treatment be
ciuso the charge is so exceptionally low,
but because thej are satisfied bj the evi
dence berore the world that the treatment
is founded on sounder theory, and attended
w ith better practical results than unj otlier
speclaltj s j stem known.
Every Patient is Given the Host Earnest
Care ani Skillful Attention.
days, 10 to 1 J, Mondaj-.Wednesdav, Thurs
eiaj, and faaturdaj evenings, t to" a.
The World of Business
The rotewcrthy event In Wall stieet jes
terday was the reduction or the dividend
on Manhattan stock fiom a 0 to a 4 rer
cent basis .Manhattan dropped on this ie
ductlon, and the whole market was ur
fected by It, This anil other Influences,
the unfavorable report or the Missouri Pa
cific among them, caused the onlj drop
during the day, and tills was nearlj reiov
ered. There was not much business on
the exchange and no decided movement in
any direction Speculation left ofr firm
Net changes show declines or 1-4 to 1 3-1
per cent, outside or Omaha and Tobacco,
which made rractlonal gains. The total
sales were 115,027 shares.
The bears are still confident that a more
decided dowuward movement will bo de
v eloped immediately, perhaps Tor two or
three points They say this will be only
the natural telug after the ante-inauguration
rise, even It we are to have a McKm
lej' boom later.
The report of MJSMurl Pactficwas a mo-t
disappointing one to those who had been
bulls on the prospects of the rise The
statement shows a deficit for the year of,
$1,251,761, an increase or $671,514 as
compared with the previous year It is ex
pected that thestatemen twill have a btar
ish erfettonthe stock. The story is about
that a rcelverwill have to be appointed
sooner or later
New Jersey Central opened strong yes
terday, but laterfcll to 92 3-8 When the
official announcement of the Lthlgh Val
ley deal was made the stock recovered
over a point Lackawanna, Delaware and
Hudson and Reading were all somewhat
tinner too, in sympathj with the infusion
ot new blood into Lehigh Valley
Tobacco nad another sharp advance jes
terdaj , to 78 1-4. The report was that
there w ould be an earl j- retirement of the
scrip Otlier influences were favorable
to the stock also. It seems reasonablj
certain that the dpciwon in the New Jersej
case will be In favor of the companj".
The New Jersej case against Tobacco has
been very carefully prepared, and If It
fails the effect cannot be otherwise than
Advices from Spnnglleld are that the
bill for the consolidation of the Chicago
gas companies has a large majontj- as
sured in both houses, and that it will go
thiough with comparatively little friction
verv shortly The people who have been
bearing Chicago Gas tor the last two
mouths arc hopeful of soon realizing good
profits on the stock.
The Journal or Commerce, in Its weekly
review ot the drj goods market, says-
Tnc bulk of the bujers during the week
devoted their attention to business in
Jobbing circles The demand for spring
goods showed me increase, but there has
been no material change in the tone ot
the general market. In cotton goods the
demand is rcadilj- met. Both the cotton
and print cloth markets have been dis
appointing again this week. There
has been some falling off In the demand
for woolen and worsted fabnes, chierij
for low grades.
If Mr. Russell Sage was the gentle
man who wished onlv- a 1 per cent div
idend on Manhattan, Mr. Sage has won
The Ekctro-Pneumatic System.
This new method of treating deafness
and uolses In the head is meeting with
unqualified success In various parts ot
the countrj- eminent phjslcians are re
porting many wonderful and permanent
It has prov en to be the most efficient
of all methods of treatment
It Is a combination of electricity and
air, undei presjure, so applied that all
parts of the ear mechanism are acted
upon, the nerve structures are stimulated,
the ear drums made to vibrate, the trans
mitting mechanism made more sensitive
and rendered capable ot receiving and
transmitting counds that were before in
audible. Its application is extremely
soothing and gratifjmg.
Mr. Baker, ot Riggs House news stand,
-When I went to Dr. Jordan I was very
deaf Customers had to ask several times
for what they wanted, which worried me
excecdinglj. Ihere was a continual noise
In my head. It was only a short time be
fore the noises ceased, and my hearing im
proved, until! can hear now as acutely as
and other diseases of the
:Nose,ThroattI.umjs,nud b.r
trented in a. scientific and
thorough manner.
60411th Street N. W.
Opposite Boston House
Office hours- 9 to 12 m,; 2 to 5 and 6
to b p. m.; Sunday, 9 to 12 m.
the fight, and it Mr. Gould was desirous of.
6 per cent, Mr. Gould Is defeated. It
seems very strange to friends ot Mr.
Gould that this should have happened.
The dividend reduction did not artect
the stock more than a slight Traction.
There was a bad drop immediately after
the announcement ot the reduction, but
it was regained later In the day. Thi3
reduction Phows that the management, or
several people in the management, at
least, have become very certain that
the company is not earning more than I
per cent, and probably win not for some
time tocome. The questlonnovviswhether
there will be an early change in the motive
power to electricity, and iu face of the
dividend reduction this seems somewhat
doubtful. To effect the change the com
pany would have to issue six or seven
millions of I per cent bonds. The sharps
In the market are quite gencrallj hears
on Manhattan at this moment, though
the reduction Is commended as the sane
and the honest thing to do.
There can be no question that a great
many ot the general public and several
of the Wajs and Means Committee are
at this time strongly ot the sentiment
that the tariff on sugar should be spe
cific However, the sugar people wlU
make a great argument for a high ad
valorem dutjr, so they give it out. It la
thought also that they reel confident ot
success The sugar schedule of the tanrt
hillvill probably be the most talked ot
in the whole bill. Certainly this will be
the case so rar as the Stock Exchange la
concerned All kinds or stories are sure
to get out, and all kinds or rumors to be
reported as the rock-bottom "of v enty.
Sugar is almost sure to fluctuate up and
dow n on these rumors, the sharps on the
market sny It will be a good stock to
let alone, but also a good one to scalp
It jou are an expert scalper.
JTow "SToru- Stock Market.
Corrected dally by W. B Hlbbs & Co ,
Bankers and Brokers. Members of tha
. x. Stock Exchange. 1121 P street
Op Hli-h r.owr Clos
American Spirits Wn U l' 1Z
Aurerican Spirits prd... 24 M 11 34
Am -lie-- Up iitt- r. MTK IWli lliW; I 53
American Sugar, pfo.. 1WC 10-1 S0p 104Ji
Americit Tolncco.. ... "W "SVi ; ,i
At. insfXi Tin fc K tlS 12 17S IS
A tcli.. Ton JLS K. pfd. 2-1 23 2 2SJJ
Ikiybtatouis QM iT I0A, ox,
Cnesaueako &. Oluu 17f I7 17i 17VJ
l.lnca-o rfur &.U 7fi ". 7U? Tbj;
Cuiiacu ami Vrtn 'u, "'7 U 755 107 K7
UUicac . iji.. , 77J3 77 77
U. to. v St. 77 77Cj 7G 77J
C U. i & 1 (H CSJa 13 GS
Con-oluHto I Gas It l'rf 15lVi 15151
Del . I.aU. & West l"-4 - IMX lJJi i 4'$
Del. A HaiUoa KbV 103JS 10-.'.. USy,
.. ..... .-in ioC T5V ni JlJi
Illinois Central 91- 93- 93$ .,
Lako .shore h 1X l-9i 12;
L. ...i-ivilR. ,-z -iiv.M. W, Vi 4SJ5
Metronolitan Traction.. 107, lor.", 1071 U'7K
Manhattan -V a K9
.lat I'ariut, --5-t -0 -JOsS
JL, IC.i'lpid SC?. 3U-S 3055 30J
National Lead Co -i -1 -I -t
.Novvloroov-Cer. 0! IM'J J-rX 91
Xr V.1,-1 fTf.tifrn.1 L(Ai J74 9l!M tfi'
I Northern F.tcitic." U, UJi U'S 14,.
.s.-rtlioiii l'jcm pro.... -a avs . srji
Onr. JL We-stera Hi U 1 Hi
1'ju.im .Man Gi -A Mi -G,f
tuna. & UcaJin -551 -"Mi --U 2ai-j
boutlieri' lUilwiv pfd.. -'s H 171 27Ji
Jenn. Cia!. Jroi '-7X '-7i -IS, 27s
Union Pacitic Ju '' 7
I., s. Lcatlie-lit( 'Jli - "9 oJ'J
W heeling i L Eno 2 - '- 2
Woitu ii .Jino - -- b-T ' -.x-t &-3i
Chicago Grain und I'ronsion Market
Corrected dailj- by W. B. Ihbbs i Co.,
Hankers and Brokers. Members of the
N. Y. Stock Exchange. 1421 F street.
Opon High- Low.
Maj 747 75? 74?
July. na 72,S 71$
Mav :i- 2I MJf-'
July '-: - a
May I7X I'X- 17K
Julv 1!3 bS tX
May S.25 S.33 1.22
July S.40 3.-13 S.T7
Ma) -10 tl? 4.07
Julj 4. If -i-25 -4.17
Ol-AIiK itms
Vlaj 4-31 .40 4J2
July 4.42 4.47 4.40
New Xork Cotton Market.
Open. Hi;b. Low. CIo.
coo 6.90 aoo too
0.91 tt.97 6.04 G.94
7.00 7.01 U97 7.U1
7.05 7.03 7.05 7.17
Washington Stock olarket.
Sales West End National Bank, 10 at
100 1-2; Pneumatic Gun Carriage, 22 at
75, 28 at 70; Lanston Monotj-pe, 50 at
8 3-8
GOVERWtEVT bovds. Bid. Asked.
V. S. 4'a, U 1"W Q, J lhTJI 1U3
U. i 48. C. 1937 Q, J 112 H"Vi
U. S.4's. 13.25 1J3 i:4
U.S.5s, ISO! Q, F 114 114&
6lSi -J0-yoar t-'uadln-" 131
Cs 1932. "JO-vear Kunillni" go d... 110
7'slWk ''Water Stock," currency. Ill
7'sl90X "Water Stock." currency. Ul$
"Funding," currency. O'.dj's... 103 112
MotRRaX 1S2. lllJi
Met It R Conv. ffa. littl lUVi IIS
Jlot R R Cert, of Indebtedness....-115 130
holt UK 53.1911 SO
LVkiiutoni. KCs SO ICO
Columbian It (Ts. 1UI4 117
Wash Gas Co. Per A. tTs. 190-'-'i7... Ho
Wash Uas Co. Ser B. (Ts. IB01-'2J 114
Chcs. and Pot Tol o's lsjvUlll 1Q0
AmScciTra's, F and A. 1905 .... 100
Am Ssc J: 1'ro's. A and O. 1901.... 100
Wash Market Co Ist?3. 190J-Uli.
?7,00vreUrod annually 133 .......
Wasii Market Coi an "Vs. U-27. ... 10s
Wash Market Co oxfnTs. 114-'27.. 10S
Masonic Hall Aoct it'ii jM. U1I 101
WasluLtlaf 1st Cs. 1931 95 . ..
Bank of Washmgioi: 233 230
HauU or Republic 200 21!)
Metropolitan. 245 310
eutral. 233 275
Parmoraanu Mecnamcj 175 193
Second 133
Citizous 115
Columbia-... .. lid ......
Caulfcu. 12a ISO
WcstEna. 105 110
'traders'.. 92 K
Lincoln. IDi 1U4
Nat Safo Doposit and Irust I1ZJ 115
Wash Loan ml Trust llDyj 123
Aa.or security Tru3t. Ill 113
Wasti bafo Djuosit 50
Capitat Tracttoa Co 52 55
Metropolitan luUK "OK
Columbia.. ol ......
Washington Gas 44!X 45e4
Georgetown Gas 45
U. . caeciric Light S5 8sM
Firoinen's 28
Fran I. lit). iS
Metropolitan fc'J
Corcoran 18 ......
1'otoiuao til ......
Arlington.. lis ......
German-American. hS
.Sat.oiiai Union. luC 14
l oluaiuia 1IK 1
People's. i; u
Lincoln ti.0
Uummorctal -i a,
Roal Instate 'ltlQ....101. J and J. 07 107
Columbia Title 5 0
Wa3iiiutou Title o
District Xrtle 8
I'eunsilvama... 33 50
ChoxapoaLe ana Potoaiac. oS (i2
American Oraplioplioue.. 8i Dj-J
American Graunopliouo prur l It
I'lieuuiviic dun Carriage t3 .80
Mergentlialer Lanotjpa (new) 125 126
Lanstuu Monotype 8 8
astttuton Market 10 ......
Nor. and Wash, bte-amboat 1
Baltimore 3Iaruets.
Baltimore,iIarch9 Flourdull.nnchanged
receipts, 0,831 barrels; exports, 1S.G57
barrels; sales, 125 barrels. Wheatdull and
casj spot, 89 bid; May, 81 l-rla811-2-recelpts,
17,915 bushels; exports, none;
stoCK, 497,270 bushels southern wheat by
TULi music committee on the inaugural
, cj-'rcrnoniesvvillmeetat the headquarters,
l J19 F st nw , this evening at i o'clock.
im?rtSJH,,!??sii requires a fnUattend
ance. CHAIRMAN. it
ALL BILLS against the Inaugural Com
mittee should be presented at th head
quarters. 1119 F at. nw . on or before
Wednesday .March 10. 1867. C.J BELL.
Chairman, Inaugural Committee. mh8-3t
The National Safe
Deposit, Savings
and Trust
Of the Districtof Columbia
Chartered by special act of Congress,
Jan., 1SB7, and acta ot Oct, 1890, and
Feb.. 1892.
Capita!, One Million Dollars.
Loan & Trust Co.
Loans in anj-amount mailc-onap-
proveil real estate or collateral, al
reasonable rates. Interestpald upon
deposits on duuy Dalances subiect
to check.
This companyactsas executor, ao
registrar and in all other fiduciary
Bcces for rent In burglar and flre-
proor vaults Tor safe deposit and
storage of valuable packages.
w0x.tT;,??Jf? Vlce Fresldena
H. b CUMMIGS 2d Vice President
JOH.N It CARMOUY Treasurer
Interest on Deposits.
Boxes rented all sizes. Large bur
glar proof vault. So per annum and
C. J. BELL. President
Commission Stock XJrolccra,
G13 rilteenlh. st., opp. V. s. Treasury,
'l'hnnf 50.1.
W. B. Hibbs & Co.,
Members Ne-v York Stock Excoanja.
1427 F Street
Correspondents ot
No Yorl.
Unequaled Facilities Best Service.
No better time that the present to
deal in stocks provided you get on
the right side or the market
W e ooth buy and sell stocks or all
kinds on smallest margins and glva
our patrons the benefit or our un-
equaled raciuaes.
jss Latest commercial reports from
all over the world.
T. J, Hodgen & Co,,
Rooms 10 and 11. Corcoran Building, loth
and t and b03 7th street nw.
Uunker. ana Brokers,
Buy and Bell rirst class Investment Se
curities Tor ccistomcrs. Orders solicited la
btocks and Bonds.
isew York Correspondents, Messrs.
Members of New York Stock Exchange
Ei.clo-.ive private wire to New York office.
No- 1 335 F Street.
sample, 90a92;doongrade,S4 l-2aS9 1-2.
Corn quiet spotand month, 26 l-2a26 6-8r
April, 2G l-ia2S 7-8; May, 27 l-2a2T 5-8;
steamer mixed, 23a25 1-8 receipts, 169,
645 bu-hels; exports, none: stock, 1,939,
177 bushels; soles, 25,000 bushels south
ern white corn, 26 l-2a26 3-4; do. jellow,
26a26 1 2. Oats firm, demand better No
2 white, 23 l-2a25;No- 2 mixed, 22a23
receipts, 12,035; exports, none; steck,
394,257 bushels Rye easier No 2 near
by. 40; wetern, 10 1-2 sales receipts 2,
033 bushels; exports, none; stock. 72.S22
bushels. Hay steady choice amothj-.
$13.50a$14 Grain freights qntet and
steady, unchanged. Sugar and bulr
steady, unchanged. Eggs weak fre6.
10 1-2. Cheese steady, unclwned.
Whisky unchanged
N'o Monkeying "With Money.
"I asked Gen Thomas." saj-s eneof the
correspondents, ''whether he thought
prosperity was near at hand. I hope so,
and believe it, said fee 'If Itisnt I am not
certain what will happen The people can
not stand the strain much longecand after
therene'vede'spectation caused by theelec
t'on tin, divappolntment will be deep and
bitter. I do not believe that any sacrifice
is too great for the President to make, if
any must be n.ade- to carry througK such,
measurcsas will restore confidence and pros
perity. We want a fair tariff law at once,
and we do not -want any monkeying with
the money question bv Congieas.
Odd Items From Anywhere.
A Teas railroad classed a carload ot
tramps as vegetables, because they wcro
The Rev Irl Hicks, the distinguished Mis
souri weather prophet, does not believe
in the ground hog.
A resolution to cede the Yosemlte Valley
to thelTnite I State3 haibeen overwhelming
ly rejected by the California legislature.
In some European countries there is a
firm belief among the peasantry that a
dream ot walnuts wUl be followed by mis
fortune. More than 10,000 persons are engaged
in the manufacture of explosives In Eng
land. Last year 40 person in the business
were killed and 167 injured by accidents.
Statistics which have been compiled for
the Yale News show- that graduates of
Yule are row presidents ot nineteen uni
versities and colleges m various parts
of the country.
Trimmings" is the term under which
uoryetieg oj Snmaoooc 'saaow auonnjBd"
English ladies run up at the London de
alcoholic drinks are di'gnised in the bills
At utTixtiguor..
Lighted cigarettes "were distributed tha
olu.. 1.1. ..tkontr a lot of monkejs at the
zoo 111 1'arisbv some mischievous urchins.
The animals puffed away at the weed In
evident enjojment until the advent of the
keeper, who put a stop to It.
332 Pa. Ave. NVW.
Firist-class servlco 'Phone, 13S3.

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