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(3!OKM.G, Evn.-.I.G A J
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The Twin Evils.
Tor wcarj years the United Stales lias
Buffered, fnt, fiom the eils or a high
protective tariff, next fiom gold standard
contraction, and now we are to liae hoth
together Will that hnng piospenty?
Let us see.
Uifrh jirotectlon reduced our rev enncs
and killed our mei chant inarn.e. Not a
Mingle ship hearing the flag of this nation
pjhnciI tlnough the Slo Canal last vear
Two thirds of all the tonnage that entered
it was British.
Tinal demonetization of iher and gold
contraction during the CIe eland admin
istration increased our national bonded
deU from $5tT,034,20O in 1S92 to
$Si7,3; i,) 10 at the close of 1890, an in
crease or $202,330,690, or 45 iier cent
of the volume at the close of Harrison's
Evei pi feeding Administration since
the vvui has diminished the national debt
Prom 135 to 1S92 the deci ease amounted
to $241,S1G,S90.
No wonder that even interest allied
with the gold ring are clamoring for cur
rency leform. Verily, President Mc
Kinley will have to carry out his origin il
intention, and -do something" for silver,
or stfvei will do for linn.
Whirlwind lteaier.s.
The esteemed Chicago Tribune, like the
New York Evening Post, did its level best
to fasten upon the country an Adminis
tration certain to attempt the enactment
ot a high protective tariff bill Now it is
illogical enough to find fault -with the
necessary and inoltable results of the
course puiMied by journals and people
who hicrifued their political principles
upon the ensanguined altar of gold
Under these circumstances the Tribune is
weuUv bold enough to declare that the
tariff of 1S90 was a "gross and greedy
blunder." which "must not be repeated
in the enactment of tli new tariff bill."
"We iniiv In allow ed to doubt the efficacy
of such a mandate In shaping the course of
the impending legislation It is to be
reared that Mr McKiuley will regard the
bull oi the Chicago Republican exponent,
not so much m a papal as in a Hibernian
Hih protective tariffs go down hard
with people who think them vicious and
dest nif tive. but fiose w ho have knowingly
und wi'h mahec a forethought wrought to
bring them about are not the ones to
fuss about it.
Mr-. Domini. Anxiety.
A valued correspondent asks us if the
ex-Queen of the Hawaiian Islands is not
allowing considerable anxiety to obtain an
early interview with Mr McKinley, and
he would like to tun e us tell him why thLs
Is thus, and not otherwise He points out
that the ex-queen's Grand ( hamberlam of
the Furnace Room, Mr Palmer, has vis
ifd the "White House at least three tin.es
to usk that ex-Queen Liliuokalani might
have the privilege of paving her respects;
ami notwithstanding tne fact that Mr
Palmer was not encouraged at all, the
ex-queen, or peihaps it was the grand
chambeilnin, was not deteued from writ
ing a polite note to the President to ask
the same favor, which note, bj the way,
teem, to have been lost among the cords
of applications for office that adorn Mr.
Porter's desk and the Mirrounding coun
try and that he promises to put on file.
Our coi respondent tells us further that
Mrs lominis spent a gieat deal of time
last Saturday, or had a great deal of time
spent, to rind out at what church Mr Mc
Kuilev intended to worship the nextduv,
iloubtk'v. desiring to join him
We do not know that these performances
on the part or this duky lady are sus
picious, and hence we should hesitate to
say so If she is trying to prevent any
action favoiable to the annexation of the
Hawaiian Islands to this countrv, she may
well be anxious, and Mr McKinley for
his part may well be very diplomatic, if
not actuallv distant, m his treatment of
her, for while Mi OIncv may have given
her tfcl-ets of admlbslun to a recent im
port.ua show at the Capitol, that does not
nece-.sauly establish her standing at the
other end of the Avenue It may also be
that Mr McKinley has consulted a fortune
teller recently, who has advised him to
foewute of a dark lady who has designs
upon his comfort and is liable to cross
the pathway of liis life at any moment
If foi any of these reasons the President
entertains these suspicions, and if by any
means Mrs Domlnls or her grand chamber
lain has learned about them, there Is
good loason why, if she has any business
of consequence in hand, &he ought to de
lire to see him without delay. Generally
speaking, delays are dangerous Again,
In this particular case, the spell might be
declared off.
A Dubious Prospect.
"We cannot blame those visiting states
men who have held office under previous
Republican Administrations Trom wonder
ing whether the "ex's" after all are going
to have any show whatever under the Mc
Kinley regime. We notice that a goodly
number or the "ex's" are at present fre
quenting Washington. They are to be no
ticed in the hotel lobbies, and they have not
been entirely successful in keeping their
names out of the newspaper.
We believe it used to be held !; - resident
Harrison, as well as by President Cleve
land, that it. person who had once held an
Important office really deserved no fur
ther coosl deration from his party. He had
been lucky, indeed, to secure his position In
the first place. It mav have happened in
either case, of course, that some former
oWiceholder had displayed such excellent
qualifications that his department and his
Government could not get along without
hlii!; and some of the rejected and dejected
applicants, who were themselves good old
"ex's" used to say that Mr Cleveland
was not averse to declaring in effect, by his
own repeated candidacies foi office, that
what wass.i IC3 for the go isew.n not sauce
for the gander, and the same is to be said,
very ill-natuiedly, of course, of Mr Har
rison, who. if we remember curreitlv, was
himself a candidate for office a second
Hut these circumstances j elate to the
past Many of the "ex's" are in town
again, and while the question is not en
tirely new to them, it must confront them
ever "Are we out of it now because we
were in it once befoie?" We don't doubt
that If thej watch the re.il Republican
power closely within the next few days
they w 111 find that some general policy with
regard to the "ex's" will be formulated
Lest It should not be, or lest they should
miss it, let us ay brieflj, in conclusion,
that the chances are against them
It is against the world-wide average of
human experience to enjoy a good thing
alw.ivs-or, indeed, to enjo. it everv four
jcars Most of the "ex's" have done
pretty well to squeeze in the first time
Party obligations to them , were then
fulfilled in most cases, or it can be pie
tended that they were. Moreovei . there
is now, more than ever before probably, a
tremendous pressure for places fiom the
raw recruits In the Republican army .And
again, might not the viittious appointing
officer ask the ex-officeholder, when lie
comes up for appointment again "Have
vou been waiting all thc-e four veurs lor
this thing' Why haven't jou succeeded
in private business? Don't vou know that
the right civic spirit, anvwav, is foi the
office to seek the man?"
Fltzhugh Jlco by All Means!
The downfall of the present Spanish
government and mount chv appears to be
more than Imminent, it is almost at hand,
if any reliance can be placed upon neces
sary deductions from a variety of reports
that are flowing in thick and fast from
Madrid, the Spanish provinces and Ha
vana, added to evidence contained in
many letters received by leading Span
lards resident in the United Mates
The Spanish ministry is hel'ev ed to have
notified Gen Wejler that no mole re en
forcements can be sent to Cuba, and that
the troops he now has, with what aid ma
be derived from Spanish sviiipathi?ers, will
have to fight it out with Gen Gomisr
Marshal Martinez Campos is quoted as
saying that the Cubans are stronger than
ever and cannot be subdaed bv any men
or means within the reach of Sp tin Carlist
and republican risyigs are annost dnilj
expected at home The Spanish finimci.tl
resources will be absohttelv exhausted by
May The end Is at hand
Wc may suppose that these facts und
proxpects are not unknown to the Adiiitu
int ration If true, they ImiKtse an im
mediate and peremptory dutv upon it to
take measures for the protection of Amer
ican citizens within Spanish jurisdiction
on the island We do not know the char
acter of Wejler and his soldieis, if eon
diuons such as the fust intimation of a
situation like that predicted would not
at once lead to a massacre of Americans
in Havana and other points dominated b
Spanish troops We know what their
treatment has been when vet the captain
general and his satellites weic confident of
success What It might be after thev
had been driven to hopeless despair and
madness is not pleasant to contemplate
In direct connection with the foil-going
we are glad to see it stated that Gen
l"it7huph Lee is to be retained and sup
ported In his piesent position We hope
and believe that this Is true It is what
si ould have been expected from thestuidv
Americanism of Pit"-ulent McKinley Gun
Lee has done his duty under Irving and
adverse circumstances like a gallant -ol
dier and gentleman He has been hardly
used, and his efforts to sueco: his fellow
countrymen have been largely frustrated
b the dastardlj department i ol c of our
late foreign sec retary It is v til on that
account to sustain and vindicate hun It
is even more important that a man of his
experience, courage, and fmie should be
on the ground during the closing scene
of the great tragedy which will mark the
expulsion of a frightful tv rannv f rom nearH
its last stronghold in the Western Hemi
The New York Trusts.
The Lcxow trust Investigating com
mittee, of which considerable fun has
been made In various wuvs, has made its
ieport; and it says, substantial! , that com
binations to restrict the sale of the neces
saries of Ufc do exist, and that aggre
gations of capital have been formed in
nearly every instance for the pmpose of
regulating trade, suppressing competition
and controlling prices absolutely. The re
port declares also that the factors' agree
ments between the trusts and their agents
are really the potential circumstance
through which these combinations are en
abled to fulfill their purpose. In other
words, if anti-trust legislation seems too
strong to encounter successfully, there is
always a way to get around it It is by
the means of other combinations less
palpable upon their face, but none the less
It is impossible to predict what will be
the outcome in the form of legislation of
these investigations of Mr Lexow's com
mittee or If there will be any outcome at
all. It has been said that the committee
work was planned and c irrted forward by
Mr. Piatt simply to embarrass some of the
campaign friends of Mr Ilaiina, the sub
scribing trusts, that is to say. Another
theory has been that these investigations
were simply a part of Mr. Piatt's well
known process by which he always made
sure of the support of these Important bus!
ncss concerns in some small political af
fairs of his own which he often desired to
further. The danger always seems to be
that anti-trust legislation is not drawn
carefully enough so that prosecuting of
ficers are able to accomplish anj thing
whatever under it. If trust officers are
able to procure legislation at will, it is
absurd to suppose that they cannot pro
cure legislation In State assemblies as
well as in the National Congress.
The process of formulating anti-trust
legislation in New York will be watched
with great interest, and we sometimes
think if the popular hatred against these
combinations is permitted togounappeased
for three jears, an unielcnting and sue
cessful w.irfare upontiusts in general may
be one of the two chief features of the
Presidential campaign of 1900.
John Hull, the Tric'Ky
Diplomatic gossip In Paris credits "per
fidious Albion'' with the creation of the
present Gi.ieco Turkish situation, and the
insurrection in Crete, In ordei to smash
the concert of Europe, and permit the Brit
ish government to complete its consolida
tion of empire In Africa.
It is claimed there that Loid Salisbury
has grown apprehensive that the same
concert, with the Lion left out, might soon
take a notion to blockade the Dardanelles
against Great Biilain If the armed truco
among the powers could be bioken by in
direction that danger would pass, and then
each of the otheis would have business
enough on its hands not to bother Eng
land in any attack upon the Transvaal.
At least It Is probable enough that the
Transvaal ideais well found' d The farci
cal examination or Cecil Rhodes, and Mr.
Chamberlain's recent dispatch to Presi
dent Ki tiger, indicate that The rest may
be tiue, too
jseveial houis huva passed since The
'Junes quoted from Senor de Lome's late
book, in which he attacked indiscriminate
ly Ameiican men and Amencan women;
and though we threw our columns open
I red foi his reply, Mr. de Lome has not
replied He is still tho Spanish Minister
at this capital His hpnotlc influence
over Mr Olnej, Mr Hale, and others, who
ire old enough to know better, has been
much discussed in the press of the country
It is riiinoiedth.u Hon John Sherman, who
is also old enough to know better, is not
so much influenced by St nor d Lome's
diplomacy If that is true, all the more
reason why this is a good occasion, and
these columns a erj gooil place, for the
Spanish Minister to take It all back. The
tenor of this book was that American men
are mostl corruptible, and that American
women are the same Has Mr de Lome
anvihing to sav about all this'.' He has
another good chance to do it today
The fact is published that Master Garret
Hobart, Jr , has been appointed electnclau
or the White House He applied for the
place tu person the other day, and he was
satisfied with the blandishments of no
private seeretarv, but went directly to
Mr McKinlev himself, who, It appears,
could not resist his arguments Master
Hobart is only twelve years old, but he
oeeius to know one particular thing pretty
well alreudv He was tilled for the post
that he applied for, in other words More
over, he didn't ask for very much He
didn't want to put In a whole new set
of electric bells, nor was he interested In
promoting some particular bystem He
ii ie eel wanted to run In every day or two
to make sure that the present svstem was
kept in complete repair Mi McKinley
appointed him immediately, as a matter
of course, and this business like action, as
we hardly need to add, will win the ap
probation of all our lellow countrv men,
not to mention all of Master Hobart's fel
low schoolbovs Is there not a hint here
which mav be of value to all the other
ofiiceseekers'' Have they all tilted them
selves by a course of special training for
the position which thev seek" And do they
seek them with a gentle and polite per
sistence, going straight to headquarters
because the 1 resident likes them so much
that he likes to see them come in? And is
it not true that niunv of them are asking
for far too much0 Do thev compare them
selves with others who are seeking office,
admitting, as a lesiilt of this comparison,
that their cni.tlific.tt ions don't hold a
cwiulle to those of their hated rivals" And
do thev ever stop to think that a Presi
dent likes to appoint a man to office now
ami then to vv liom he is not under ever
lasting obligations like voting Garry Ho
bart, s.t, who probably didn't do a thing
in the campaign?
Fears are expressed that If the female
applicants for foreign missions and con
sulships were appointed, the governments
to which they were accredited might re
fuse to receive them Exceptions to such a
rule certainly exist One of the ladies who
wants to be a coiisuless is described as
handsome and plump As consul to Tahiti
she would be sure of being persona grata
Gieoan and Cretan news, though brief.
Is important. British and Italian trans
ports loaded with troops have appealed at
Crete The Servian reserves and militia
have been ordered out "for a week's
practice." The powers are trying U la
tere ept re enforcements on their way to
Col Vussos A more confident peace
opinion prevails among London bankers.
Generally, the dispatches last evening were
les wailike, but the calling out of the
Seivlan reseives and continued activity
in Gieek war pieparations t'o not look
so much like olive branches.
The worthy effort or leading Texas cot
ton growers to effect concerted action for a
reduction of the producing area, It is to
be feared, will end as mosfcsuch movements
do All agree to reduce, and each pitchesln
to raise as much ns possible, on the prin
ciple of the greatest good to tlie greatest
number, which is number one. "
News that J. P Morgan & Co. have
gamed control of the Lehigh Valley Rill
load will be highly satisfactory to that
fuin and its associated combine. Of the
annual anthracite coal production of 43,
000,000 tons, more than 32,000,000 tons
now will be controlled by Morgan, the
"Vanderbtlts, the Astors, and by Messrs
Baker, Fahnestock, and Maxwell, who con
stitute what is known m New York as the
'First National Bank crowd." Great ib
Wo may be able, through praver and
arbitration, to avoid war with other
powers, but what is to be done about
the hostilities between the elements and
our Navy? Really, the Piestdent had best
send some boats to Havana while he
has any.
Mr. McKinley Affoctod by the Injury to
Gsnoral Hastings.
The ncl.on of President McKinley, upon
hearing that his friend, Gen Hastings,
washurt yesteiduj afteinoon.hasattracted
universal comment ,ai.d helias been piaised
lor his prompt visit to the injmed man
He went to the hospital to personally see
the extent of the tfid soldier's mjuiies, and
il to impressed Gen Hastings that when
the Piesident gpft, he could not keep back
the tears of giatitude.
The circumstances under which the ac
cident oceiiired are very touching Gen
Hastings had Just bid his old comrade
(who has ben elevated to the highest
olhce in the gift of the people) good-by and
started to walk back to his hotel, when
he was accidentally struck down, and in
side of an hour and half the President was
by his bedside in the Emergency Hospital
Gen. Hastings was an officei in the
Twent-thirtl Ohio Volunteers, Mr. Mc
Kinley's legiment, and is now the senior
officer In command. Gen Hastings at
present resides In the Bermuda Islands,
where he owns several large plantations.
He left home especially to attend the In
auguration, arrived hereon Februaiy 28,
anil has been stopping at the Ebbitt He
has made several calls on the President
and yesterday said farewell at the White
House, pi evious to his depaiture for home
on Saturday. He was accompanied by
his friends. Gen. J L Botsford and wife
or Youngstown, Ohio.
The party turned from Pennsylvania
avenue into Fifteenth street and scrolled
slowlv down the sidewalk. Gen Hastings
is ver tall and walked with a cine oa
account of a stiff right knee, the result
of a bullet wound at the battle of Ope
quon cret k. Thev turned to cross Fif
teenth street directly opposite the Junc
tion of r street. A cable cai was rapidly
approaching and the general warning tho
olhers with a crv, stepped quickly back,
when he v as stiuck by a "-ingle horse de
liver wagon belonging to Golden, Love
& Co , commission merchants, at 920
Louisiana avenue 'I he general turned
in falling and hit the pavement partly
wi'h his light side He was quiekly
lifled to his feet and stood alone while
Gen Botsrortl got the name ami address
of the firm who owned the wagon Gen
Botsrortl returned and Gen Ilnstlngs at
tempted to start across the street He
fullered, turned pale, and would have
fallen it seveial bstanders hail not come
to his aid and supported him
A parsing coupe was hailed, but Gen
Hastings could not be lifted into it
Flnull, the Emergency ambulance was
summoned and thedisibled veteran driven
to that institution
A hasty examination at the hospital
showed that the riglil leg was broken
near the knee The general was made
as comfortable as possible The fracture
was bandaged and. dressed, and a plaster
east put upojrMtby Dr Kerr, Drs Law
rence and Turner- aeslsting him The pu
tlcnt was then teinovcd to a small room
buck of the operating room, and put to
bed !.
As roon aw Gen Hastings was made
comfortable. Gen Botsford lert Ins wire
to look after him, and went to the White
House, and notified the President of the
'I he President was deeply moved bv tho
news, ami sid that he would visit the
general at once Shortly after 2 o'clock
he entered his carriage and drove to tho
south door of'the hospital He was ac
companied by Col Talor, of East Liver
pool, Ohio, and Capt McWillinms He hur
liedly entered' the hospital and asked to
be shown to the injured man's room
His face plainly indicated the anxiety
he felt, and when he saw Gen Hastings
lying upon the bed he grasped his hand
and siiook It warmly
"Whv, general. I am sincerely sorry to
ee vou here-," said the President. but
1 heir rt Is not serious and am glad of
The old soldier murmured his thanks,
and the President continued cheerfully
"By the way, this Is not the first time
I have seen vou wounded Let me see,
the list time was at Winchester, wasn't
"And vou didn't think I'd pull through
that, either "
"That's so," "aid the President "You're
in better shape now than vou were then
What can 1 do for vou, general"''
Nothing, I thank vou, major"
' Shall I not notify your wife, send her
a cablegram about vour condition""
' No, no. I beg ou don't do that She
is not in verv good health, and I do not
wish her to know I am hurt at all "
The President questioned Dr Kerr about
the extent of themnirie ami the ptohuble
results, and then advi--ed with Gen Has
tings as to his future plans The Pres
Iilent remained in the hospital for fully
twentv minute'!, ami before he left said
Now, general, command me, day or
night, and while you are at the hospital
I shall make it my pleasant duty to come
out and see you Good-hy old rellow "
Tears came to the eyes of the old soldier
and trickled down his rugged cheeks when
the President si ook his hand at parting
It was an affecting cene and one that
will long be remembered by th' se who
witnessed It
After the President left. Gen Hastings
was conveyed to the Garfield Hospital
and placed in a private room The hos
pital repoit gives the general's injury as
a fracture of the inner tuberosity of the
right tibia The lnhired joint- was stiff
before theacch'ent, but now can be moved
about The accident is serious, but not,
dangerous to a man with a strong con
stitution Unless something unexpected
should occur, Gen Hastings will be fully
recoveiert in a few weeks.
While Rutherford B Hayes was in the
White House Gen Hastings was a frequent
visitor here His regiment hail been origin
ally commanded by President Hayes, and
as a result of their continued friendship
Gen Hastings was always the guest of
the President during his visits to Washing
ton The friendship was cemented by his
marnageln theWhite House to Miss Emily
Piatt, a niece of Mr. Hayes
Gen Hastings requested that no churge
be preferred against the driver of the
vehicle, as he realized that it was an
unavoidable accident, and said he would
refuse t o prosecute i f charges were brought
The driver Is a yOung man named James
T Flnn.
He regretted the accident deeply Mrs
Eo'sford said that he was not driving
recklessly, nor at tro great a speed, and
was in no way to be blamed Gen
Hastings was re'rorted to t e resting quittly
at Garfield Hospital at midnight last night
Favors the Torrey Bill.
New York, March 10. The hoard of
trade and transportation today adopted
lesolutions favoring the passage of the
Torrey bankruptcy bill at the roi incom
ing special session of Congies. the ap
pointing of committees to investigate
abuses of privileges of American citizens
traveling abroad, and to secure the ap
proval of the pending arbitration treaty
hetween Great Britain and this country.
Wages Heduced at Pittsburg.
Tittsburg, March 1 0 Reductions In
wages of lroin 10 to 20 per cent, affecting
about 800 men, have been announced m
tho KeStone bridge rolling null, Pitts
burg, and at the Standard Manufacturing
Company, in Allegheny The Standard
Manufacturing Compiuy resumed opera
tions in full esterday after au idleness of
about a inontlu
Serious Itcsitilts Are Feared From
tho Spring Tide.
St. Louis, .March 10. The lecent heavy
rains has swollen the small streams in
the northeastern part of Missouri antl
the lowlands aie submerged to a depth
of from one to three reet. The Iors In
live stock and damage to farm buildings
anil crops is very heavy. The .Missouri
River is ilstng at an alarming rate, antl
if the spring ilso comes on top or the
present high watei fear, are entertained
of a disastrous flood.
The .Missouri, Kansas and Texas Rail
road is keeping a large force of men
constantly at work riprappiiig the hank
along the river near St Charles, Mo , antl
every efrort Is being made to prepare for
the expected flood The Mississippi River
at this city registers twenty two feet, which
is six feet below the danger line
Detroit, .Michigan, March 10 A special
to the Journal from Portland, Mich , siis.
Grand River is on the rampage again at
this point The water lose about four reet
last night antl this morning all factories
along the river are closed down, the en
gine looms being under water The heavy
rains of the past forty eight hours havo
added to the volume of water, which was
already large
It is reported that the great body of
heavy ice began moving some miles up
the river last uiglit, but it became jammed
just abo'-t the village The water Is
slowly rising this morning and the loose
ice, which i running under the solid ice.
Is making a dam below the village which
is growing worse hourly The outlook for
serious consequences is much more threat
ening than a few weeks ago
Mr. rai tie's Vtiin Effort to See Tils
Wife Ilefore Her Death.
New York, March 10 -Robert Treat
Pame, the well known Boston millionaire
and philanthropist, passed through this
city this morning on a lust train specially
chartered, en route irom Washington to
Boston, where ins wife, when the train
startetl, la dying The train met him at
Manassas, Vu , and, it is said, accord
ing to the terms of his agreement with
the railioad company, he is to pay a big
bonus tot evei minute chopped otf the
recoi d
Mi Fame's trip was all in vain, for Mrs
Paine died yesterday The Impatient trav
eler receiv ed the telegram w hiie his special
was speeding through Wilmington, Del ,
but he kept on antl reached his home as
speedil as steam could carry him
Unveiled at tho State LTnlverHlty
of Ohio.
Columbus, Ohio, March 10 A bust of
Senator Justin 8 Morrill of Vermont,
author or the bills to create agricultural
colleges b the snh of public kinds, ard
providing for annual appreciations to
support colleges of tills nature, was un
veiled at the Slate University esterday,
with appropriate exercises
The address of the occasion was de
livered by Prof Hunt, who paid un elo
quent tribute to the Vermont statesman.
The bust is a plaster cast, made from
the marble busi to be placed in the Art
Galler at Washington
Wealthy Woumu Will Die Her Step
daughter A nested.
Chicago. March 10 Mrs C Bragg. widow
of Frederick Bragg, was found this morn
ing ling in bed unconscious, with a bul
let I ole through her She cannot recover
Josephine Bragg, her stepdaughter, fn
teen ears old, was arrested this arter
nooii, but claims to know nothing or the"
shooting Mrs Bragg was the owner or
a great deal or property, and was consid
ered a verv vvcalthv woman, her step
daughter being, it is said, the only heir.
Pennsvlvnniii Railroad Changes.
Philadelphia, March 10. -The board or
directors of the Pennslvunla company to
day decided to divide the office of general
freight agent, former! held by William II.
Joce, wlio was recently promoted to the
office of general liaffrc manager, into loeil
and through freight branches Charles A.
Chiple was made the local freight agent
and J B Thaer. Ji . was chosen as tho
through freight agent The appointees
were formerl assistants to Mr Jovce.
Abandoned ut Sea.
London. .March 10 The British steamer
Robert A damson, Capt Woodruff, from
Galveston, February 12, via Norfolk, for
Copenhagen which arrived at Portland
todav . landed the crew or the British
Schooner Mabel, Capt Couch, from Oporto,
January 1C Tor St Johns. N F , which
was abandoned m ;i sinking condition on
March 5.
Famine Fund Growing.
London, March 10 Though the queen
had alreudv contributed the sum or 500
to the India rainme fund, her majestj ,
upon learning that the distress m the
famine stricken countr is hkel to be
vast I more widespread than was at first
expected, has forwarded to theloul major
an additional 500 The frmd has now
reached the sum of 111,000.
Tho An ran la Sighted.
New York, Muich 1 0 The Cunard Line
steamship Auiania. which was three dajs
overdue, w us sighted off Sandy Hook She
was detained bv adverse weather She
maintained her equilibrium to a lemark
able degree dining a violent gale, accom
panied with huiiicane squalls, which she
encountered on March 3
Killed in a Ctilli.sion.
Wickhffc. Ky , March 10. The north
bound Illinois Central St Louis express
collided with a freight train at East Cairo,
Ky . at 1 20 o'clock this morning, killing
Fireman Walter Rogers, colored, and in
juring Telegraph Operator Goodwin Boaz,
who wasmthc station. which was knocked
over into the backwater by the passenger
engine, which left the track
Dismissed the Writ.
New York, March 10 Judge Brown, In
tlfi? United States district court today, dis
missed the writ of habeas corpus in the
case of Mr Iasigt, the Turkish consul gen
eral at Boston, wanted in that city for
embezzlement The writ was taken out to
prevent Iasigi's extradition
JaeUsDii'M Petition for I'm don.
Frankfort, Ky., Match 10. L J Craw
ford, of Newport, attorney for Scott Jack
son, tins morning presented Gov Bindley
his brief and petition for the pardon of his
client ' The papers are a foot thick nnd it
v. ill take the gov crnor t wo days to go over
Canadian 3Iine Sold for .?.',000,000.
Toronto, Ont , Murch 10. A special ca
blegram to a morning paper says that the
famous LeRoi n.ine, of Rossland, B C ,
owned by Senator Turner and others, of
Washington State, has been sold to a svn
dicate or British capitalists for $5,000,000.
Meat Rates. Reduced.
New York, March 10. The hoard of
managers of the Joint Traffic Association
have decided to i educe the rates ou meats
until June 30 by placing them on Lhe basis
of third-class freight
Old Pennsylvania Couple Ilrntnlly
Heaten and Robbed.
Pittsburg, Pa., March 10. A Greensburg
special telegram states that last night a
daring and brutal assault that may result
in the death of two persons was committed
near the mining village of Crabtree, five
miles north of Greensburg. Richard Gra
ham and wire, an aged couple residing
nlone on a farm, weie the victims of the
assault, which had robbery for its object.
Graham is reported to be wealthy Three
masked men forced an entrance to the
house and knocked the aged couple sense
less vv ith an ux Arter that they ransicked
the house and lert It is not yet known
how much money they secured.
When discovered bv a neighbor this
moiinng, Graham and his wife were ling
in a pool of blood, unconscious, on the
floor Mr Graham was et unconscious
at noon today andts In a critical condition
no is about sixty-five years or age; his
wire about rirty rive She may recover.
It is supposed that trumps committed the
Think They Can Elect a Successor
to Blackburn.
Chicago, March 10. A Chronicle special
from Lexington, Ky , says: At a con
ference here yesterday, lietween Senators
Bronson and Goebel, State Central Com
mitteeman Johnston and other leading
Democrats, it was decided th.it the Demo
crats have a chance to elect a United
States Senator, provided a man can be found
upon whom the gold and silver members
of the legislature can combine According
ly, they have telegraphed for Blackburn to
meet them here Saturday Tor the purpose
of discussing the situation.
The belief that Gov Bradley and his
friends will not allow Hunter's election , and
that Hunter will get the Republican cau
cus nomination, has given them renewed
hope Blackburn, it is said, has decided
to withdraw his name, and when the
legislature meets, Saturday, the Demo
crats nny have a new man in the field.
Grnnd Trunk Trains to He Made
Up on This, Side.
Port Huron, Mich .March 10. An impor
tant change in the Grand Trunk's work has
been arranged for Port Huron antl Sarniu.
At present all west bound trains are made
up ou this side and east-bound trains ou
the Canadian side, and all repairing is
done before trams go through the tunnel.
From this date all the work will be done
here and all trains made up on the Ameri
can side, no matter which way they go.
This will necessitate the entire remodeling
of the trackb on this sale of the tunnpl
portal, antl plans or a new yard with Titty
more tracks havebeen drawn This change
will reduce the number oT men employed
about one-half and leave only two or three
at Sarnia
He Wus a Brother of "the Plumed
The funeral services over the remains
of Mr Robert Gillespie Blaine will be held
tomorrow morning at 9 o'clock, at 8t
Feter's Chucrch, corner Second and C
streets southeast. Father James M. O'Brien
will orfrciate and celebrate high mass.
Interment will be at Congressional Ceme
tery. The pallbearers selected are Eeckford
Muckey, William II Landvoight, Harry
Smith. William McKnew, Samuel M Croft,
and Dr Hurry Newman
The deceased wus u brother of the late
James G Blaine He was taken ill a week
ago lust Monday His left side was par
alyzed, and he was unconscious for two
two das before his death.
He died Tuesday night last, the im
mediate cause of death being cerebral
He was about sixty-rive years of age,
and leaves a widow and six children,
Robert G Blame, a voting man of twenty,
being the onl son Or the live daughters
two are married, one being the wife of
Dr. T F Wallen, and the other of Dr
Crosson, both of this city
Mr Blame held a position under the late
Secretuiv Kusk as chief or the quarantine
division, Bureau of Animal Industry of
the Department or Agriculture, but upon
the abolition of the of free by Secretary
Morton during the last administration, he
was appointed to a position m the Con
gressional Librarv, which he held for
some time prior to his d"ath
The first symptoms of paralvsis devel
oped upon his return from a trip abroad
some eurs back, but he suffered no se
rious inconvenience from the effects until
a s'.ort time ago Mr Blame was almost a
liTe-Ioiig resilient ot the city, and had a
large circle of influential friends.
'for major Mckinley."
A California Deniocint Sends. Him
Two Big Oranges.
A small wooden box containing two fine
large oranges was found in a cargo of
California rruit received in this city yes
terday by Mi Joseph Ferrero, the Wash
mgton agent of t! e feo itheru Fruit Ex
change, of the state named The fruit
w us sent by an admirer to President Mc
Kinley The box hud written in pencil upon one
side at the top these words- "From a
Democrat who voted for protection and
sound money, anil beneath that inscrip
tion this: "For .Major McKinley, Wash
ington, D. C . Will the one finding this
box please deliver to the above address,
and oblige D F Connell, Corona, Cal.'
Mr Ferrero will have the box presented
at the White House this morning
Lieut. Kennim Detailed to Teach
the Youth of Nicaragua.
Secretary Alger has selected Lieut. L.
W V Kennon, Sixth I nfuntry, as instructor
or tatties at the Military College or the
Greater Republic or Central America, in
Nicaragua The authority Tor this detail
passed through Congress at the close of
the session and wasapproved by President
Cleveland on March 3.
Lieut Kennon ha recently been on duty
with the Intercontinental Railway Commis
sion antl his selection is to a great ex
tent t! ue to his the rough knowledge or the
Spanish language.
The appointment, which was made at
the solicitation or the Central Amencan
Republic, takes errect Immediately, nnd
Lieut Kennon will probably hold the post
four years.
Army Orders.
Secretary Alger has ordered the follow
ing assignments to regiments of officers
recently promoted Capt- Reuben B. Tur
ner; to the Sixth Infantry, Company I;
Cant, Daniel A. Frederick, to the Seventh
Infantry. Company I: Capt Edgar Hubert,
to the Eighth Infantry, Company C; First
Lieut Frederick S. Wild, to the Sixth In
fantry, Company K: First Lieut William
O. Johnson, to the Seventh Infantry, Com
pany C: First Lieut Jarnes R. Lindsay, to
the Eighth Infantry. Company D; Lieut.
Col. Charles P. Sagan is ordered to con
tinue as chief commissary at San Fran
cisco. Capt. Reuben B Turner. Sixth In
fantry, is relieved from duty in the quar
termasters department at Fort Thomas,
101b, nth and F Sts. N. W.
Two Specials in
Glassware Dept.
Pressed Glass Vaseline 01
Salve Boxes, with heavy nickel
silver tops. Avery clever imita
tion of cut glass, and an extraor
dinary value.
Another 10-barrel lot of the
now famous Table Tumblers,
with the imitation cut-glass bot
tom, at the same low price.
5th floor.
More New
Dinner Sets.
Dinner Ware by the set or in
single pieces can be secured of
us at lower prices than ever be
fore and in qualities which al
ways give satisfaction. Among
late arrivals we quote the fol
lowing: 100-pIece Decorated English Dinner
Sets, each $3.95
Ill-piece Decorated English Dinner
Sets, each $3.95
112-plece Decorated English Dinner
Sets, each $9.00
115-piece Decorated English Dinner
Sets, each $10.00
112-piece English Dinner Sets, filled
pattern, each $12.00
113-piece Decorated English Dinner
Sets, choice designs, each $13.00
5th floor.
More New
Toilet Sets.
Always the newest designs,
always the best quality, always
the largest assortment, always
the lowest prices. 117 styles to
select from.
G-piece Decorated English Toilet SaU,
each $1.50
10-plece Decorated Engll3h Toilet Sets,
each $i 95
12-piece Decorated English Toilet Seta,
with Jar, each $3.50
12 piece Toilet Sets, new shape, new
decoration; with jar. each $5 00
12-piece Antique Toilet Sets, new
decoration; with jar, each $7.50
12-piece Tinted and Decorated Toilet
Sets, with jar, each $3.50
12-piece Stippled and Decorated Toilet
Sets, with jar, each .$9.00
Other stvles and qualities up to $17.50
5th floor.
More Bissell
Carpet Sweepers.
Ve have just received another
large shipment of Carpet Sweep
ers in the various grades, and
shall offer today
3 crates of BisselFs "Pilgrim" Carpet
Sweepers, at the quick selling price.
$1.50 EACH.
This is the reg-ular $2.25 kind,
5th floor.
More New
Japanese Rugs.
We have just purchased a new
line of these unique and tasteful
Rugs, which we offer at very
low prices. They are first qual
ity goods, the designs are new
and the color combinations are
unusually attractive. The fol
lowing sizes are represented:
3x G feet, each S3..30
Gx 9 feet, each S3.QS
SxlO feet, each S5.S5
9x12 Teet, each ST.OO
10x13 1-2 feet, each $3.0
12x15 reet.eacb.. S3.3
4th floor.
For Infants and Children
are conceded by all who know
them to be the most healthful,
practical, and economical in
fants' wear made. They are a
great protection against sudden
changes in the weather. A lady
in the Infants' Department is
demonstrating- Arnold's Knit
Specialties, atfd will take pleas
ure in explaining- their advan
tages. 2d noor.
Woodward & Lofhrop.

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