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i tiohsks. mc
Lioans made on furniture, l'ianos, Horses,
Wagons, etc., at lowest rates .and quickest
possible time, Strictlv eonlidential. Please,
call before pocurlng loans elsewhere.
BIO F street northwest
WANTED -To loan; $7,000, first trust;
two loans, north west properxv. Address,
"with full description, BOX "135, tliis or
rice. No agents. nihll-3t
Who desire rrom $50 lo $10,000 each
on F.tockn. bcud.s, tiufcts, loan association
certificates, warehoiibo receipts and lifo
or tontine policies in old-line companies;
no delay; im chattel mortgages taken.
4Q lo 4C, MHemu.Blil. 1110 Fut.riw
Lerg Kunfi at 5 and 5 ! per cent on
D. C. real eKtate; S250, $500, ?750, etc.
tttO per iv-i..:.ili;rai;ictlous conducted with
economical tt-uisidsratlon fr borrowers.
mru i-xii7 K kc nw.
WANTED-A young man, white or col
ored; experience in meat cutting. At
1145 lotli st. nw. It
"WANTED!! firsl-clubs white barbers.
JIM'S PLACE, -1011 -1 1-:! St. bw.
"WANTED -White truck .gardeti-r: Finale;
Protestant; biiug reference. 1514 l:ttli
6t. II w. It
WANTED Good salesman; no canvassing;
must give reft, and security; good op
portunity Tor reliable man. Address C H.,
this office lt
WANTED An assistant in the opcr.iling
department of a dental officer must
bavo his own outfit. Address DENTAL
ASSOCIATION, this office: inlU l-3t
WANTED Boy lo work iu Jewelry store;
rets, rciuared. Call 1759 fa. live. nw.
WANTED A good barber. 723 Stb st.se-mhll-3t
WANTED A young man witli some ex
perience in repairing bicycles and ca
pable of acting a clerk in Moie: work for
iow -warfs at first. "VIM, this office.
WANTED Canvassers Tor fall nursery or
ders: weekly salary. BROWN BROS. CO.,
Rochester. N. 1. tu,th,sat-nili9-lm
WANTED White second butler; must un
derstand waning; also colored butler.
G14 l:ith nw. It-em
WANTED Colored hotel waiter; also white
boy for. storeroom. 014 13th nw, lt-em
WANTED - Youth 'for 1 vpesetting; boy to
feed press. 015 F nw. lt-em
WANTED A capable business man famil
iar with the city, to represent a well
known business house. Address S, 20,
this office. mhl0-3t
WANTED i'oung men for house canvass
ing on our latest patent: rrom S5 to S7
per day easily made. Apply J. F. .IUD
lilNS, room 11, B05 7th st. nw, mh0-3t
WANTED A goodhelperin candy Tactory;
one who Knows something ai-out penny
goods. Address CANDY, this orrice.
WANTED--Three good pension clerks. Ad
dress, stat'iigexpcrieuce and wnges.PErs
SIONS. this office. mli8-2t,em
WANTED- An experienced boy to set type.
turn Ii st nw., :id flour. mha-3t-em
WANTED Competent cook; two 'ii f.imily.
Call at Oil 13th st. nw. It
WANTED Colored girl for general house
work. Apply 017 II st- nw. It
WANTED Good rook, foundress, anil gen
eral liouseworker; family of Tour; icfs.
1134 12il st. uw. m'lll-'Jt
WANTED Two or three good Inly pen
sion cierks. Address, tibuing Mgesand
experience, ATTORNEY, this, office.
WAVl'ED Wliitelaundress, $25 per month:
colored woman cook, $14 per month.
1702 1-2 10th st. nw. it
WANTED Fifteen colored girls, cooks,
general hoiiseworkers and chambermaids.
441 G st. mhll-3t
WANTED Competent girl to do general
housework, in small lamily; must be a
good cook, good laundress, and have ref
erences. Apply 1003 16th st. nw. It
WANTED White woman Tor general house
work; must be good cook and laundress;
references. au u. i..ave. mhll-3t
WANTED Two vest hands to work but
tonholcs. Call 031 F St., Room 4. It
WANTED Girl for general housework;
stay nights; bring rer. 1710 DeSales
st, between. L and M. lt-em
VTZNTED-At 122G 15th nw., a steady,
honest girl for housework and plain iron-
ing; wages $7; reference reqntreu. lt-em
WANTED A neat, clean, settled woman;
must be a good cook; to wash, iron and
3o general housework; bring refs. 320
Intl. ave. nw. lt-em
IF you want a reliable washwoman send
to A1KS.L10QRE.300G st.nw. lt-em
.FEMALE housekeepers, clerks and cham
bermaids, while and colored, furnished
Tree by MRS. MOORE, 300 G st. nw.
WANTED -"White woman; cook and gen
crat housework. 11Q4 N. Cap. lt-em
WANTED -At once, 2 ladies and 2 gen
tlemen for one or two months; salary,
SI per day. Address H. H. LEE, this or-fice-
WANTED The services ora wellcducated
lady of good appearance. W. C.
SEVERN'S. 437 7th fat, nw. mhl0-3t
WANTED -White girl about IS, German
preferred, for child's nuise; good home.
Callafter5 p.m., 1920Hst..nw. mhl0-3t
WANTED Colored woman to do washing;
also while laundress. 1020 21st. nw.
mh 10-31
WANTED A neat.competent woman, with
rer., to cook, wash and iron; three in
family: stay at night. MRS. TANNER.cor.
15th st. and Kenesawavc. mhlo-3t
WANTED A tailorcss on coa' s and vests;
also one on pants. E. HORGAN. 806
K -- nw., south side, Mc. Vernon square
WANTED In u private famiiv or three
adults, a sen-ant to cook, wash and iron:
must stay at night. Inquire at ao 1 so!
De- inh0-3t
U ANTED -A white girl ror general house
work and to assist in washing and iron
mg. Apply at ia-J7 14th st. nw. mh9-3t
WANTED A neat, 1 ohte and expeiienced
waitress: one that can ci me -well recom-
aiended. Apply 509 7th st. nw.
tt AN TED Ladies out or emplovmcut to
canvass for a new skin beautiCvlug heal
ing soap; guaiauteed. Call quick. 473
Mo- ave. mh8-3t,em
IVAN TED -Five girls; finishers on fine
pants. Appiy Ai. HORN, 1017 7th nw..
spstatre. mh8-3t-em
LSOT Blue stone amethyst ring. Reward
if returned to 031 F st. nw. it
L2''iT,T-X,,iic0a1' engraved "Awarded to
CARRIE G. SHREVE, 1st honor, Clinton
school, lfeOl." Return to No. 914 L
,. nw.. and icceive leward. mhll-3t
LOST lox terrier gyp; black mark over
eye and put ear; walks lame on right
hind leg. Reward If returned to CALD-
WELL & HUMBLE-S, 407 1 0th stnw.lt
LOST A pocketbook on 9th 6t., between
U and F sts. sw., containing papers o
value to owner, some money, a card with
Mrs. Charles R.Cleaves' nameon it. Return
mid get reward. 013 JF st. sw. tlem
LOST Monday afternoon, between tile"
Cochran and the White House, a lady's
small gold watch: Liberal reward orrered
if relumed to the Cochran. mh9-3t
LOST Sunday evening, about 8 o'clock,
a pair or jiearl Catholic prayer beads,
In St. Dominic's Church or in that neigh
borhood. Reward ir returned to 477 F
t sw. mh0-3t
LOST Red pocketbook in northwest part
or city, Sunday; valuable to owner; con
tained Pennsylvania ticket and small bill.
Leave at 1010 S st. nw; reward.
maS-3tcm . ..
WANTED A few gentlemen to room and
-board, at SIS per month. 232 Jf 6t. nw.
inalo 3tem
ANTED Having large house near L.P
brary, can accommodate 3 or 4 boarders
with rooms ror sia, $20 and $25 per
mouth; prices according to rooms. 224 A
,et- se. rnj, -3t.cm
WANTED By two young men, board in
Al family, adjacent to 450 Pa. ave.
?J". rtcrcnces exchanged. Address H.
40G i'a. ave. mhlj.-3t
WANTED 1,000 men ana -woraeu to at-
ieuu me Burners uau juuruu j." av . -a-R.
Hall, ra. ave., between 14tb and 15th
sts. mdU-7t
WANTED Young men; no experience
needed to begin; only ,8 weeks required
to learn the barber trade complete; con
stant practice; full net or tools free; wages
Suturuuys; position when through: write
EliUE. 315 Gill St. nw. Illh7-7t
HELP of nllkindssslectedby Mrs. MOORE.
Send postal. 300 G st. nw. 1 tern
WANTED - White vegetable cook; also ho
tel chambermaid. ol-H3thnw: It-em
WANTED -Mau and wife: first-class but
ter aim cook; no wasning or iiunui.
good ref. Address 1527 loth st. nw.
WANTED AH persons In need of good
whim; anu coioren cooks, iiiuius, ih-
lers and help in general, apply MISSION
SlMENT OFFICE, 1226 -N St. nw.
WHILE waiting for a government, short
hand, typewriting, or business position,
preparo to rill it. Call at 1333 12th st.
nw. mil 0-7 1
WANTED Good stenographer and type
writer. Address E. R. J., this oifice.
WANTED -One white -waiter for noon,
one dishwasher and one while cook.
1-123 New lrork ave. mli9-3t
WAITED Five active, genteel canvassers;
ladles or gentlemen; salary. P. 0. Box
504. mh9-3t
WANTED For counlry.mnn generally use
tui: wile as cook; two miles rrom city.
.Address COUNTRx, this oflice. stating
wages for each. nih0-3t
WANTED Furnish help free oC charge,
Send through mail or call at 1717 11th
su nw. mii7-7t
WANTED Cooks, general houseworkers,
waiters, driver, porters, chambermaids,
nurses, boys, rami hands, gardeners, laun
dresses, Janitors, watchmen, engineers, rire
mcu: quickest place to get work. SHAC
KLEFORD, 427 llthst.nw. mh5-7f,em
WANTED Position as clerk in office:
underhtanils stenography, typewritingand
bookkeeping; would prefer drumming If
could get with pwd house: small salary
to start with; best references and recom
mendations. Address 1222 13th st.
WANTED Bv colored man, place driving
ror doctor or "private family, or at livery
stable. Address or apply 820 -1 Otli st.
nw. It ,
SITUATION WANTED By an Intelligent
boy of 10, a situation or home kind.
Auuie&s JAW. JOHNSON, -174 F st. sw.
WANTED -By a young colored man, place
a cook, vaiel, or to uo anything, r lease
call at 1 42G D st. nw. mhll-2t
WANTED Young man desires position In
office or in a large store of any kind,
where he can work himself up; wants work,
not money; best of refs. Address G. II. D.,
3002 School St., Mt. Pleasant, city.
WANTED By an expeilenccd young man,
place in giocery store. A. C, Brook
land, D. C. mhlO-3t
WANTED Situation as coachman. Ad
dress 1104: ll st. nw. 1'rlvute only.
WANTED A place as meat cutter and
grocerv clerk; best of references. A
SINGLE MAN, this oBice. inhil-3t
WANTED By young country boy, aged
20, a place to tend to horse or any kind
or housework. Apply at No. 347 F st.
sw. mh0-3t
WANTED Bv experienced white man.
single, place as coachman or stable man:
willing to make himself useiul. COACH
MAN, this office. Refs. nililKH
WANTED By a young man, position earn
ing not less than $05 per month; will
give $10 monthly while retained. Ad
derss W. M., this office. mh9-3t
WANTED By a respectable white man
place In btore or to drive delivery
wagon: best of refs. given. Address N..
this office. mh9-3t
WANTED Position as clerk in grccery
store or meat market by a steady, ex
perienced meat cutter: is a good sales
man: best rer. Address BUTCHER, this
office. mhb-ot-em
WANTED By experience:! white man.
single, place as couchman or stableman;
willing to make himself useful. fOACH-
J MAN, this orrice. mhS-3t-em
WAN'lED By respectable colored girl,
place as chambermaid or 11u1.se; stay at
night or go home. Call for 2 days
317 U st. sw. it
WANTED -Washing and ironing ror fam
ilies, to take home, or hotel washing to do.
lioa 3d st. nw. It
WANTED By two colored girls, a place
as cook, liouseworker, waitress, nurse.
or chambermaid. 110 Virginia ave. sw. It
WANTED Good place for while woman;
good coolc and pastry. Call Room 4,031
F st. nw.- It
WANTED By a white woman, a place
to cook. Address ANXIOUS, this office,
SEND postal, get your servants. THE
031 F st. nw. mhll-3t
WANTED By a refined, educated lady,
a position as useful companion for an
elderly lady, or as governess ror small
children; teaches French and music: good
references. Address R. M., this orrice.
mm l-3t
WANTED By colored giil, place to do
general l.ousewoik. No. 1S19 13th St.
nw. lt-em
WANTED By neat colored girl, place as
seamtress or to sew with dressmaker.
1512 O st. nw. mclil0-3t,em
WANTED Bv a nice colored "girl, placo
to do light housework, or chambermaid.
2238 7th st. nw. .iL1
WANTED Place for general housework
or chambermaid by colored girl. Ad
dress 1015 12th st. nw. lt-em
WANTED Dress-making, plain sewing,
wort: by the day or washing. 2104:
llth st. nw. lt.em
WANTED Dresses to make by an experi
enced dressmaker; reasonable prices. No.
ION st. nw. mal0-3tem
WANTED-By a good respectable girl,
place to assist In general housework:
good reis. from the last employer. 1119
23d st. nw. mh 10-3t,em
WANTED By a colored girl, of good
rers.. situation, as housew-ork, cook, or
chambermaid. 015Pomeroyst.nW. lt.em
WANTED Bv a vountr colored cirl a
iiiui;c iu uu eiivjiiii nuuAcn orK, or COOK
in a private family. Call 500 O st. uw.
WANTED By a colored girl, place to do
general housework. Call or send card,
218 Va. ave. nw. mhl0-3t
WANTED By an experienced cook, a situ
ation; white; settled; one who under
stands her business; private family pre
ferred. 1 113 L st. nw. mh0-3t
WANTED Situation on farm ior man and
wire; German. No. 1309 D st. sw.
-3-i"-TP "QQS -VNJ) HOARD.
WANTED By lady in office, with two
children, 13 and 14 years, 100m and plain
family board: terms moderate. Address
PERMANENT, this ofiice. mhllt-3C
THE TEMPLAR-1 square from Capitol,
20 1 Fa. ave.; excellent board and room
from $4 to $0 per woek. mhl0-3t
WANTED For cash, all kinds of old United
States postage and department stamps;
collections also bought. H. F. DUIiK
HOKST. 10ii5 7th st. nw le9-tf
FOR EXCHANGE-A typewriter for bi
cycle or good buggy. Address S. E. S..
this orrice. mho-3t-em
FOR EXCHANGE-Eclipse bicycle, in good
rejiair, for young, sound horse about
1050 pounds; will pay difference If anv.
C. A. B., this orrice. mh9-3t-em
WILL EXCHANGE a lot, 50x190, in West
End Park, Rockville, for two good cows
fresh: a piano, and some cash; or will sell
on time. Address "T," Hyattsville. lid
FOR HIRE Full dress suits, $1 only.
JULIUS COHEN, 1104 7th st. nw.
WANTED Store in good locality; state
reut, amount it will invoice, and full
particulars. Address BROTHERS, this
ttce. rahl0-3t
1-19 and 12212 Aladtson ut uw. r h.
4 rms $2,600;
323 .I'rospecD ave uw, t h 2,500
a-15 and 353 22d stnw, b h. 0 nna. 2,400
21 50 and-2152 D st nw, b h. 0 rms. 2,400
303 and 305 O st alloy nw, b. b.
4 rms 2,200
3421 n st nw, r ii, 4- nna 1,500
2113 and 2115 D stnw, b h. 5 rms. 1.500
4 alley, bet 1 2th and 13th and T
and U stH.b h. 4rms 3,000
2735 Q stn.w, fh, Drraa 1,000
0 alley, bet N Cay and 1st, ord O
and P ets. bh, 4 rms 800
101 Tlth stno. b h.'l5roorr.B $14,000
1 1 30 and 1742 F st uw, b n, 10
rooms 10.500
1833 and 1839 Corcoran st, b n,
0 rooms , 8,500
1531 lttusc nw. b 11. S rms 8,500
2321 and 2323 7thstnw.br. 0,000
824 :13th stno, bh. 0 rms 3,000
500 F at lie. b li. 0 rms 2,700
48 auduO Alyrtle st no. b h. 0 rms... 2,000
82 and 84 Derreea st. b Ii. 7 rms 3.250
Whitney close, t h, 8 rum 3,000
Kalnrauia Heights $G,000
South side ih'.m si. near lltn 4.501J
Autrey Hoighte .. 600
Lots in square tfn. stj 1,500
Mass ave. Let 1st and 2doe ... 2.500
3d st.bctK audL stsno J.. 060
Lot U. square 500 $0 00
Del avft, bet Baud Cstssw.. 2 00
Cor 0th uud 11 sts aw 1 25-
713 12th at nw. 11 hub $00 50
220 1 stnw. 12 rms 40 00
805 0th stnw, 0 rms 27 00
1004 Fla ave nw. 0 rms 23 50
021 C st sw. 0 rms 15 30
2201 Cleveland ave nw, 0 rms.... 14 00
80B and 810 N H ave nw, 0 rine.. 12 50
3410 R Bi ii-.v. G rms .. .. 12 50
210 14th st s,v. 4 rms 8 33
408 0 1-2 st bw. Ii rms 8 30
313 a O ave so. 4 rms 7 O0
1210 U!agdenaalleyuw,4rms.. .. 0 30
80 G st ne, 5 rmB 7 00
1025Temperanceavenw,4rni3.... 0 00
1140 23d stnw, 3 rms 0 00
Slranddwg, 127525th hmjw, Onus. .$20 00
Strand dwg, 1410 3d stnw , 4 rms.. .14 00
Stable, rear 405 C stsw 10 00
Stuble. rear 008 12th Ft nw 0 00
1 114 G st nw. 3d-story front rm and
linlirm 20 00
The above is only a portion of the prop
erty 011 my books. For full liM ball at of
flcufor bulletin issued on the 1st and 15th.
FOR RENT Cheap The nicest house in
the city, lor $20; 7 rooms and bath;
first-class condition; less than 2 squares
from the Capitol. B. F. SAUL, GOo litb St.
FOR RENT Six-ioom, concrete-cellar,
press-bnek, buy-window front house, ne.;
one block rrom cable cms and herdics:
only $15.20. T. .T. HIEUDONNE. Ohio
Nat. Bank. Bldg., 12lh and G sts.
FORRICNT No. "27 F st. nw., neur Pen
sion building, six rooms, in good order,
modern imp.; stable in roar, to alley: deep
lot: 91 8. 50 per month. Inquire of D.
CoNNELL, 51 -t Second street uw.
FOR RENT -A very desirable house: 1010
0th st. nw.. ', rooms; large yard; con
vifntly located; Tent $18 per month.
FOR RENT A 7-room house.-With store.
at JJel Kay, Va. Apply either at aito
Gth bL sw., or K. KLA1PER, King st.
Alexandria, Va. mhlQ-3t
FOR SALE 132 llth st. se., new 8
100m house; cor. llth and Pa. ave. se.;
only n blocks riom Avenue cars; price le
duced to $3,250 for a few days: terms
easy. Apply to D. B. GOTTWALS, 31 1
llthst.nw. mhlo-St
FOR RENT -$10.30 rent Tor new 0-room
liouse. all in. i.;; concrete st.; papered:
near two car lines: herdics and schools.
1300 Emerson st. ne. mlil0-3t
FOR SALE Look, at this! A 2-story 10
room and bath bay-window brick dwell
ing on the most rashionable street (10th)
in Washington: price reduced to $5,700 If
sold this month. J., care of Letter Car
ner 11'. city. mh9-2t.eni
FOR SALFToR RENT 5-rooiu house, with
store; good location; terms reasonable.
Apply at 822 C at. se. mh9-3t
J?" OK RENT -Beautiful 3-story lOrroom
uud bath bay-window brick: elegantly
rumished, piano, etc; located on 15th
st. nw.: near 3 car lines: rent to good
tenant, $100 per. month. J., care or Let
ter Carrier 12, city. mb9-2t,em
FOR RENT 08 Mass. ave. nw.; $15.30.
FOR KALE -Smith-Premier typewriter:
first-class condition: price $50; great
i'a. ave. nw. iuhll-3t
FOR SALE A '97 Rambler, with guaran
tee; not been rid.iei. 10 -miles; owner
compelled to sacrh'lco. BOX C, this or
FOR SALE 4-chair barber combination
dressing wise; natural cherry; equal to
new; at half its value. Applv at 1310
Pa. ave. nw. JOHN D. TKEGOR. It
FOR SALE-All kinds or household furni
ture, bedroom sets, carpets, rugs, toilet
sets, cooking utensils, etc. 730 3d st. uw.;
liouse rilled with roomers. mhll-3t
FOR SALE Corner rocery, nw.: uiii sell
cheap: dwelling with stable Tor rent: a
good chance. Call at 1235 W stnihlj-3t
FOR SALE Dining and lunch room: pays
elegant proiits: opposite to building that
has made it such for six years: inspection
invited. Address Box 38, this orxice.
FOR SALE Cheap; fox terrier pups; well
bred and marked. 3225 O m. mhll-4t
FOR SALE Cheap; new; one white marble
counter top, 11 reet2 Inches long. I inch
thick. 22 inches wide: in two pieces; also
1 daft, Tennessee top. 13 feet long, 18
inches wide, -1 1-2 inches thick: in two
pieces; will sell separate or together; will
alter to suit. Address MARBLE TOP. this
of Dee. lt-em
FOR SALE Eggs for hatching; brown leg
horn: SI per 13, express paid. A1ILT0N
BK1CK.EKP, Glenndale, McL lt-em
FOR SALE At a sacrifice, a New Home
sewing machine, almost new, and of tiie
latest improvements. Address WIDOW,
this orrice. . lt-em
FOR SALE Fancy Pigeons, pointers, tur
blts, owla, barbs, ruffle shirts, very cheap.
415 7th st. se. mnl0-3tem
FOR SALE -Cheap; a now handmade feed
store wagon l"or one horse. FLTNN &
BLOUNT, 217 7th st. sw. lt-em
FOR SALE A fine scco-nd-hand s-debar
buggy and harness; also, dayton svapon,
a fine business hore and cariiage pole.
1105 llth st. nw. niiiO 3t
FOR SALE Large stock or good, salted
hay, ror $12. 13th and Frankfort sts.,
South Brookland, D. 0 mh9-3t
FOR SALE .Male and remale Irish set
ters, ii months' old; none better; very
dark red; a bargain. Address A. G. WA LL
Langdon, D. C. ma8-3t-em
FOR SALE A good heavy set of brewerv
wagon harness: or will exchange for good
single harness. Call 1120 Park place ne.
FOR SALE Pure, bred JB. F. Rock, S. L.
WyandoUe, and White Leghorn eggs,
$1 per setting. E. A. WARDWELL,
Branchville, Aid. mht-7t
t OK SAL.E Two neany new pool tables'.
Address A. P.. tiiis office. inh0-7t.em
FOR SALE Two grade Ahlerney cows,
rresh. Apply to 724 Sheridan st. nw.
Al. S. PLEASANT. ma0-7t-en.
"TfTTr? HAT .-C ITnpun !.. . ..-I...... T;
hair mattresses, $5; hair mattresses
remade. $2. SAI1TH & J1ACON. Alfrs.,
1223 7th st nw. mhC-lw
FOR SALE The best and most economical
refrigerator is Aloxley's Improved Dry
Air Refrigerator: your Ice lasts longer;
your food is kept pure and fresh. THE J
CO., ractory rear or 214, 216, 218 8tu st.
ne. Je28-tT
FOR SALE Fecd-wateT heater, smoke
stack (20 inches diameter, 70 feethigh),
water-tube boiler (80 horse power), and
two power transmitters: all in first-class
condition: no reasonable offer refused.
Apply to G.C.THOJLPSON, Chief Engineer
Purity Ice Co., Armory place, near 5th
andL bis. nw. fe25-tf
.FOR SALE OR EX.OHANGE-2 nice houses
in nw., ror country property, either in
Aid. or Va. J. Care or letter-carrier 12,
cty. mao-2t-cm
Tor house, paying falrrent: they are in a
nne location and clear. J., care or letter
carrier 12, city. ma0-2t-eni
S3o WILL buy a Rambler, 24-inch frame,
bicycle (new.) MORTON C. STOUT &
CO., 1201 F st. nw. mhll-3fc
FOR SALE High grade '90 wheel: litUe
used. Apply 028 oth st. aw. mch8-3t,em
I'OR RENT Fur.; to gentleman or steady
habits, a cozy south front hall room; large;
newly fur.; in elegant new house; rers. ex.
OWNER, 221E stinw. mh 11-36
FOR RENT Two nicely fur. front rooms;
to gentlemen only; wltnor wicnuit board.
1700 nth. st. nw.j 'corner R st. It
FOR RENT Fine large pnrlorwish a small
Joining room; suitable ror light house
keeping; flue location. 941 M st. nw.
LIG HT HOUSEKEEPI NG-Two large.front
rooms; 2d Boor: furnished complete;
cooking utensils, dishes, stove, bath, lot
and cold water, etc.; terms very rei.son
able. 810 Btti st. sw. .1 1
FOR RENT Furnished rooms: location
splendid; convenient to street cars, Capi
tol, and departments. 312 Ind. ave.
mhl 1-36
FOR RENT Small furnished room, on 2d
rioor: reasonable. ivou 16th st. uw.
FOR RENT One mrge, nicely furnished
front room, to four gentlemen, with board,
at $20 each par month. Address A. L. S.,
this orrice. mhl 1-3 1
FOR RENT -No. 2400 Pa. ave., 2 large
unrurnished, communicating 2d Door
rooms: one has an alcove; bath adjoining;
large porch in rear: suitable Tor light house
keeping: terms reasonable. n'.h 11-36
FOR RENT-825 21st st.; two-room flat;
Will rent single; good location. muil-3t
FOR RENT-Rooms, rurnished or unfur
nished, at 119 i'a. ave. nw. mh 11-36
FOR RENT 1122 Conduit, rooms, porch,
cellur.fltable, water, grazing, e.tc, $10 per
month. Washington ami Great Falls Rail
road. Key at 1848 5th st. nw. mhll-3t
FOR RENT 515 llth st. nw., rurnished,
large room on third rloor: Suitable for
oneor more; two bedslf desired; $7. It
FOR RENT Two unfurnished, second floor;
heal and gas; $0. 03 1C sc. ne. inliii-.ju
FOR RENT Furnished rooms, Tront und
back; gas, heat and bath; board if de
sired. 710 oth st. nw. mhll-36
FOR RENT 511 Oth st. nw., kitchen
and out-building suitable ror laundry
"oik. aiso rooms irom 4 up. mhi0-3t,um
FOR KENT 3 unrur. rooms ou. 2d floor.
appiy 000 js.uup. hl. maiu-at-em
FOR KENT 830 12th st. nw., bright,
iur.room;o winnows, so. inaio-3t-em
1V IU PI. VT l'lu.iK-.int. ........... . l.....l..1lf.i.
boarding; central location; call and see
rooms at 2t4l PaJave. nw. malo-3t-em
FOR KENT 1 newly-rur. front room on
1st floor; suitable for two gentlemen.
Can at wi G st.nw. mal0-3t-cm
FOR SALE A two-chair barber shop in
Georgetown. Apply 928 Oth. st. nw.
FOR REM Large, elegant front rooms;
bay window , newly fur.: one,smnll room,
$1 a week; choice location; very near
Pension Department. 530 3d st. nw.
FOR KENT Two neatly-furnished rront
rooms, on third rioor; suitable Tor genle-
men: home comrorts;couvenlentto all parts
'l Vlliy. lX Ulll HI. UW. lUlllU-.U-t'fM
FOR RENT Newly rumished 2d-.
back 100m, large aud sunny, $12. one
nelson. Sin 7":i llihKi i,w ...i. lil-Hr.
FOR RENT Nice furnished looms, lor light
nuiiM-heepiug. uiu .uissouri ave.
i RENT Newly furnished rooms; alho
trior, suitable, for member of Congress;
near all car lines
218 N. J. ave. nw.
FOR Kent 2 coni. rooms, heat and light;
or 1 rur. room. 025 Acker st. ne.
! OR KENT 3 connecting rooms; 1st floor;
all mod. imps.; $10 per mo. 2442 Bright
wood ave. 11 w. mhlO-3t
IOR RENT A .benutirul bav window
rront parlor on lsl floor; fur. or partly
rur. 507 2d st. 11 w. mhl 0-3 1
I-OR RENT A boa utirul bay-window n.om,
unfurnished, to couple, with hoard. 941
Hst.uw! ijj mhl0-3t
FOR RENT NeatlV furnished rooms, 1st
aud 2d floor, $7-and $10; private fam
ily. 731 llthst.nw, mhlO-36
F'OR RENT Beautifal two-room flat, un
rurnished or completely rumished, for
housekeeping; heat", gas aud bath: use of
parlor. Call 1 04 G st-.' nw. mhl0-3t
Krilf rrvt r:...ii ji.i..i,i. ,i.in. ,.... i r.
per week: one square rrom Pension Of
tlfu. 424 5th st. nw. mhl0-3t
FOR RENT Newly furnished 100ms: guod
lorauiin. ; 1am tu nw. miuo-at
i-OK RENT 224 Ind. ave. nw.. near C
and 3d sts., elegantly rur.. 2d-story front
aud hall rooms, with heat, gas aud bath,
and good table hoard: reduced to $18 a
month; location desirable. mh-36,em
FOR RENT 2 communicating furnished
rooms, complete, Tor houM'keeplng; cook
stove and utensils; cars pass. 013 N. J.
ave. nw. maO-ltem
iOR RENT-$9.40-3-room riat, with
water, to reliable colored tenants: 1043
Oth st. nw. Apply a04 F st. nw. mli9-3t
FOR RENT Largo unfurnished rooms;
heat, gas and bath. 204 G st. nw.
: OR RENT Nicely-furnished rooms. $5 to
$10 per month; heat and gas. 427 G St.
w. mho- ;t
FOR RENT -Furnished or unfurnished
rooms. 1224 o st. nw. mh9-3t
IOR RENT Two-room nat; heat, bath
and gas; $12.50. No. 2122 Ai st. nw.
inn 9-3 1
IOR RENT-Two unfurnished rooms; all
modern Improvements; terms reasonable.
334 a. st. sw. jnh9-3t
FOR RENT 2 rooms on 2d floor; unfur.;
suitable for light housekeeping. 904 12th
St. nw. mli9-3t
FOR RENT Handsome unfurnished rooms;
also kitchen and dining-room; lighthouse
keeping allowed; rers. 710 llth st. nw.
A LAD y. will take house near City Hall
April 1, and would like to arrange with
other lames Tor unfurnished rooms; rers.
given aud required. BUSINESS WOMAN.
mis office. mh0-3t
.rOR. RENT Three unrur. rooms: best lo
cation on Capitol Hill, near Library, with
heat and gas; $15 per month. 224 A st.
se; mhS-3t.em
FOR RENT A large and cheerrul unfur.
room at 519 3d st. nw. Call between 4
and 0 p. m. mh8-3t.em
F'OR RENT One unrur. and one fur. room;
terms reasonable. 807 Oth st. nw.
F'OR RUNT Nieely-furuished rooms for
light housekeeping; three car lines near
by. 120 c st. nw. mh8-5tt
FOR KliNT Nicely rur. Trout uud buck
rooms, completely furnished for light
housekeeping. 317 i'a. ave. nw.: second
floor. mh7-7t
WANTED At once, two furnished rooms
ior ngnc iiouseKeepmg; iu nw., between
5th and 17th. and E and O. Address or
call, R. AI. BEARDEN, 025 I st. nw. It
WANTED Hy young couple, 1 unfurnished
none room, bet. 14th and loth, E and
11 sts.: price, $5. airs. c. L., this office,
WANTED In nw. part or city, convenient
to F' st. herdic line, one unfurnished room,
rent notto exceed $0 per month; will board
m house ir convenient. Address N. B. H.,
Swiss Steam Laundry, 2111-2115 E st.
nw. 16
WANTBD Two nicely fur. rooms; south
front; for elderly gentlemen; with refer
ences. Address E. T.. this office, mill 1436
WANTED Room; fur. or unfur.; conven
iences forllghthoiisekeepiag;price reason
able. W. J., this office. mhll-36
WANTED Three furnished rooms for
ligh6 housekeeplug, at once. GEO. N.
JESSE, House lteiesentatlve8, City.
W ANTED 1 large or 2 small rooms, by
gentleman, often out or the city; one
furnished must liave modern conveni
ences and be convenient to (street cars;
give full particulars, RENO, this office,
mil 10-36
WANTED Three large untarnished rooms,
2d floor, with heat, gas and bath; state
terms. H. ., this office. mh9-3t
WANTED By a young man, a rurnished
room, withou6 board; within ten squares
of 12th and i"; state price and address.
. G., this omce .
WANTED 2 unrurn. rms. witli board in
private family ior self, wife and 2-year
old child: terms $40. Adress LMAIEDIATE,
tills office. mchS-3t,em
WANTED 7 or 8-room house; brick; must
be modern; central location. Address
W. F. L., this orrice. malo-3tem
WANTED To rent, by April 15, a house
with 8 or 10 rooms, rrom 5 to 8 acres:
0 miles rrom city, on or near road with
good travel; Alaryland prererred. Addess,
btatlng termsrD. L. R.. this orfice. mhl0-3t
WANTED To rent; liouse with 0 or 7
rooms, in or out or city, with stable;
state price and location. Address HOUSE,
this orrice. may-3t-eni
Norfolk & Washington
Steamboat Co.
Every day in the year for F"ortrcsa
Monroe. Norfolk, Newport News and
all points South by the .superb, pow-
erful steel palace steamers "New-
port News," "Norfolk" and "Wash-
ingtou," on tho following schedule:
Southbound. Northbound.
Lv. Wasu'gton 7:00 pin Lv. l'ortsm'th. c:iO pm
Lv. Alexandria7SJ0 piu Lv. Norfolk... 0:10 pin
Ar. Ft. AIoiirqe4i:;u aiu Lv. Ft.MonroQ 7: 0 pm
Ar. Norfolk... 7:10 am Ar. Alexand'a ti:W am
Ar. Fortsm'th. 8:00 im Ar. Wash'gton ti: 0 am
Visitors to Chamberlln'B new hotel,
"The Hygeia," and Virginia Beach
will find this the most attractive
route, insuring a comfortable night's
Large and luxurious rooms heated
by steam and fitlcd throughout with
electric lights. Dining room service is
a la carte, and is supplied from the
best that the ma rivets of Washington
and Norrolk afford.
Tickets on sale at U. S. Express
office, 817 Pennsylvanlaavenue;5l3,
019, 1421 Pennsylvania avenue; B.
Sc O. ticket oirice, corner 15th street
and New York avenue, and on board
steaniei s, where time table, map, etc.,
can also be had.
Any other information desired will
be furnished on application to. the un-
dersigned at the company's wharf,
foot "of, 7th st.. Washington, D. C.
Telephone No. 750.
JNO. CALLAHAN, General Manager.
Tomb of Washington.
Daily (except Sunday), at 10 a. m;,
returning reach the city at 2:30
p. m. FARE, ROUND TRIP, 00c.
Admission to grounds, 25c. ELL
G A NT OA FE ON Til Ii STEAMER. Tickets,
with Alount Vernon admission coupon,
for sale at wharr and at hotels. Will
also make river landings as far aB Gly
mont. stopping for Height and passengers
I otlr ways. For charters, etc, apply at
orfices of steamer Mncalester.
L. L. BLAKE. Captain.
FOR SALE A good, well-established gro
cery business; splendid locality Address
GROCER, this office. mhll-3t
WANTED Partner, or will sell as a whole
or exchange for real estate, the best lo
cated and puylng cigar, confectionery,
rrult, lauudry and fancy grocery store in
the ?i w.; sickness cause or selling. FANCY
GROCERY., this office. mhl0-4t-ein
FOR SALE Elegant rurnished room
house: always ruli; location central: cheap
rent. SACRIFICE, this orrice. mhlO-3t
FOR SALE One of the best located cigar
Mores in the city; cheap Tor cash. S.
A . B . this office- mh 10-31
F'OR SALE Cigar Store; good location;
splendid chance to do a nice business; so
arranged that almost hair rent is received
back. BRADSHAW, Room 0, 494 Loui
siana ave. inao-3tem
F'OR SALE Rare chance, rine giocery
store; well stocked; for $350; 111 gocd
location: Including fine horte, 9 ytais old,
wauoa.liarnessand Ice box; all In complete
order; not 50 cents on the dollar; rent or
fctore $1- per month: bad health compels
me to cell. Address Box 21, this oriice.
FOR SALE Cigar store on Pa. ave. nw.;
cneap. Jiuurt-ds L. J. Ii-, this oTlice.
F'OR SALE Cheap, small notion store,
stock, and fixtures. 815 East Capitol
WANTED Partner in old e.-Oablished or
fice business; $300 to $500 required;
lady or gentleman; uo experience necessarv.
ATTOitNEY., Ibis office. mh0-7t
FOR SALE-S175 will buy a respectable
KMrfUllatied t)ismes: u-l- w.. uud
pleasant to manage. ROOM 6, 491 La.
ave. mho-3t
F'OR SALE Pretty dining-room and dwell
ing, rurnished complete, doing splemlld
business; 213 Pa. ave. nw.; reasons for
selling bad health; will sacrifice ir sold
at once: excellent opening Tor Ice craiu.
F'OR SALE Stock and fixtures of cstali
llshcd wholesale and retail oyster house
and lunch room; good route; does good
business: cheap at $150; will bell at once
$45. Address CASH, thisoffice. mh9-3t
F'OR SALE Grocery store, N. J. ave. and
F' st. nw.; will be sold very cheap if sold
this week; only $200. Cor. N. J. ave. and
F St. nw. maS-3tem
F'OR SALE Confectionery, doing good
business; best of reasons for selling. Y.
M., this office. ma8-3tem
LADIES' special Easter offering; suits
from $4 up; waists rrom $2.50 up: work
strictly guaranteed. 407 G st. aw. It
WILL REPAIR your clocks at your resi
dence in exchange ror auv old pieces or
jewelry. CLOCK.MAFUSR, 710 U st. ne.
PA rERBANGING -Cheapest and one or
the best paperhanpers in the city: over
twelve years' experience: Al rers.; drop
postal. CHAS. O. KRAUSE, 1742 Y St.
nw. mhll-3t
HIGHEST cash paid ror household effects
and gents' clothing. Call or send postal,
A. ElZNOR, 1235 llth st.se. mlill-7t
bought; old and new Jewelry, watches,
spoons, dentist gold,
Gold and Silver Refiner, and Buyer ot Old
Gold and Silver. 15 G ST. NW.. OPP.
nw., Washington, D. C. mhll-lmo
MANDOLIN, banjo, guitar taught at pu
pil's residence. R. BRAILSFORD. 722
10th st. nw. mhlO-3t
TRY celebrated .Mexican Toilet Soap; box
IS cakes 35 cents; excellent for com
plexion and shaving: spoclal rate to agents.
MEXICAN SOAP, Room 3, 1213 F' st. nw.
niat-3t-em '
THE PURE DAIR LUNCH, 9351) St. nw.
The best lunches in the city. Coffee a
specialty. inbO-tr.em
NO CHARGE for consultation. H. D.
GORDON, Lawyer, 918 F, Room 2.
WALL PArER ir you want your rooms
papered cheap, all the paer will cost
you is 15c: "that pays ror the paper and
hanging. C. C. SILENCE, 730 3d st.
ne. mh7-7t
1 WONDER who pays the highest prices
for gents' cast-off clothing; diop pos
tal. SAUL BROS.. 923 D st. nw. jalo-3mo
PRINTING Business cards 75c per 1,000;
other printing equaUy as cheap; maga
zines bound ror 50c; miscellaneous books
re-bound; paper ruling, etc j. ci. WIL
LIAMS, 615 7tb st.nw. feG-tf.em
WANTED To buy, rent or exchange for
unencumbered property, a wood yard or
feed store: rent must be low, location good.
Address BOX C, this office. mhll-3t
"WANTED To buy cheap ror cash one-man
skeleton road buggy, with or without
top: also road cart; must be cheap. Ad
dress Box 45, this orrice. it
EXPERIENCED stenographer employed in
the government during the day would
give lessons evening or would coach ad
vanced students. Address EXPERT, this
office. mnll-2t
"WANTED Heavy wor.k horse; must be
cheap for cash; state age, price and
where to be seeu. llORSE, this office,
WANTED Good second-hand side-spring
or rubber tire buggies. Address SIDE
SPRING, this office. mli9-3t,cm
WANTED Wide-seated buggy, not much
used, and cheap; state price. Address
BUGGY., this orrice. ma9-3tem
"WANTED To buy butter route. Ad
dress L. T. Ii., this office. mh9-3t
"WANTED A partnerin dressmaking. Ad
dressMRS. J.H.G.. this office. mh9-3t
WANTED A partner in grocery, meat
and provisiou store; must understand
cutting fresh meats. Call at gi ocery, 1226
28th st. nw. mch8-3t.cm
WANTED To buy cheap for rash, a leather
trunk of good quality. Address BOB.,
this office. mch8-3t,em
WANTED Furniture moved; largest two
horse load in the city, $2.50; oue-horse
loads, $1.25; pianos. $2; experienced
323 4. 1-2 st. nw. 'Phone 1566. nol7-tf
From Station, 13th St. & Pa. Ave.
? ,?innu'rla. 0:40, 7:05, 7:33. ex.j
t t 28;? ex- 9:00. 0:50, ''lOiOo, ex.:
11:00, 11M5 a. ro -12:00. ex.: 12:30,
i:.15,? v"5. 2:0G, ex.: 2:40. '3:30. 4:00
lx: .ir15' cx- :10, -5:00, 5:20. ex.;
5,:40, -0:05, ex.; 0:20, 700. 's-.OO, 'OO,
ip:00, -11:20, 11:56 p. m.
pally. No express Sundays.
For Mount Vernon, Riverside and way
stations, "0:40, 10.05 a. m.. 12:05. 2:05,
4:15 p. m.
Dally, extra Sunday at 11 a.m.
F or Arlington, hourly from 8 a. m. to
V- i- jaO-tf.em
"Without Chance of Oars.
Schedule in effect Februarv 9. 1S07.
4:1 p. m. Tuesdays. Thursdays and Satur
days. Solid vestlbutcd, electric-lighted, steam
heated train, with combmario.i coach parlor
car, dinmgcaraadobservauiin car through
wituuut change. Arrives Richmond 7:45
p. m. Old Point. 9:E0 p. m.
10:57 a. m. dally except Sunday. Par
lor cfr Washington to Kicniuoud and Rich
mond to Old Point. Arrive Richmond 2-45
p. m. Old Point. 0:30 p. m. Transfer at
Tickets ana reservations at offices Penn
sylvania R. R., icth and G sra.. and at sta
tion. Full information at u. & O. ticket
H. w .FULLER, General PassengerAgent
AUCTION SALE or unredeemed pledges.
l will sell by public auction, at 437
llth st. uw., Monday, March 15, at
7:30 o'clock p. m., all goods on which
interest remains unpaid, consisting or
gold, silver and metal watches, chains,
rings, jewelry ot aU kinds, diamonds,
clocks, clothing, books, musical instru
ments, etc. H. R. GRACE. J. "Warren
Johnson, Auctioneer. mhlO-Ot
C .G. SLOAN & C O., Auctioneers, 1407 G st.
By virtue or a deed or trust, duly recorded
in Liber No. 2100, at folio 192, et seq..
one of the Land Records of the District ot
Columbia and at the request of the party
Becured thereby, the undersigned trustees
will sell ut public auction, iu front of the
premises on F'RIDAV, the 12th day of
March, 1S97, at half past four o'clock
p. m., the following described real es
tate, situate in the District or Columbia,
being part of lot forty-eight (48 ), and part
of lot forty-niuQ (49 ), in section eight
(8). in the subdivision or Barry Farm, the
part ot each lot fronting 90 75-100 reet on
Sumner Place, and running bock with
that width lo the rear iiiic 01 loif- lettered
A, B. C and D, in a subdivision of parts of
said lots 48 and 49 , made by Andrew Jack
son, a per plat recorded in Liber No-1099,
tollo 284. of said Land Records, together
with all the improvements, etc.
Terms: One-third cash. Hie balance in
one and two years, with interest rrom
the day or sale, secured by deed of trust on
the property sold, or all cash at the option
or purchaser. A deposit ot $100 required
at lime of sale. Terms to be complied with
in rifteen days. All conveyancing at pur
chaser's cose.
mh2-d&da-em Trustees.
WAR CHE KA, or the Kiowa tribe, from
Anadarko. will be here for a few days
only; consult her at once; this girted
squaw or the wild West has only to see
you to reveal the mystery of the future.
Hours, 10 a. in. to O p. in. Sittings, 50c
and $1. An Indian luck talisman given each
caller. 708 1 1th st. nw. uihll-.1t
MASSAGE, vapor and hot sea salt baths;
lady operators. 7u2 Oth st nw.
DR. REGENIA VALASCO tells all events
of life; cradle to grave; magnetic treat
ment, 007 F st. nw. lt-em
BLF'ORE seeking a government position
you should call and look at the ex
Iiensive. custom-made sits, slightly worn,
at figures that willsurpiise you: wiU pay
you to investigate. JUSTH'S OLD
STAND, 019 D St. nw. mh9-7t
MME. DAVIS, clairvoyantand card reader.
removes spells, evil mriuence, reumteo
the separated: gives luck to all; Tee 50c
243U Sllciw's rir ntf mlil-?-w.-
!439 Snow's row nw.
MME. FRANCIS removes spells, evil influ
ences; reunites separated; gives luck to
all; so and 50c; hours 9 to 9. .302 East
Capito- st.
10U may see Iota or things to surprise
you in Washington; the most surprising
is the elegant custom made gentlemen s
clothing, slightly worn, at figures that
are shocking; will pay you to give us a
visit. JUSTUS OLD STAND, 019 D nw.
Dr, Leatherman,
Expert Specialist In the cure of all rorma of
private diseases. Stricture, Hydrocele, and
Varicocele quickly cured. Diseases or tlie
blood, skin. Madder, kidneys, and syph
ilitic diseases permanently cured. Vital
powers restored.
Consultation free. Both sexes.
Hours, 9 to 12, 2 to 5. Tuesday, Thun
day, and Saturday evenings, 7 to 8. No.
002 f nw.
(Closed Sundays.)
Horn clairvoyant ana sclenUTlo pamilst.
TelLs your mime, occupation, and just what
you want to know: also tcUs about busi
ness deals, love affairs, family troubles,
rnend and enemies, reunites the separ
ated, brings quarrels all right, removes
spells. causH-s good luck, etc Fee, 25. 50c
aud $1. Hours. 9 to 9 daily, except
Sunuay. Hours Sunday. 2 to 4. Parlors.
925 H f.t nw- SaUsru:tiOn guaranteed.
LADIES needing confidential treatment,
a sure and safe relief in all woman's
complaints and Irregularities. Gold medal
awarded for the bcience or obstetrics from
the University of Munich. Bavaria. Strict
ly confideutiuL MRS. DR. RENNER. No.
8 7th st. ncnear East Capitol 8t-, Wash
ington, D. C
DR. TAYLOR, 906 F st. nvr., makes
full seta of teeth for $5; uatlsfaction
guaranteed; tcech extracted without
paiu; gold filling, $l; amalgam. 50c;
extracting free when plates are made;
No. G19 Pa. Ate. N. V.. nhinlon. D. C.
Specialistln chronic und private diseases.
Piles, Stricture, Hydrocele. C-out, Catarrh.
Dyspepsia, Blood Poiston cured. Vitality re
stored. Consultation Tree aud confidential to
both sexes. Daily. 0 to 12, .t to U.
PROF. CLAY. Clairvoyant; greatest For
tune Teller; all events or lire. from cradle
to grave; business, love affairs, losses,
etc, for 50 cents; reunites separated hus
band oc wUe; makes lover or sweetheart
true; causes speeny marriage: removes any
trouble; 10 to 10 daily. .'(S9 U st. sw
OUR greatest medium and spiritual moth
er. DR. MARX GORDON, tells you Oil
things and prescribes a proper remedy for
your troubles; consult this gifted lady be
fore it 13 too lute. Now ut 5si istlx st.nw
no7 tr
Scentinc pulmist and card reader: inow
your rate and fortune; open dallv. Germau
6poken. 25c and 50c. 929 H st.'n w
Jr'OR RENT Stable; roomfor horse, wasron
and feed; rent cheap. Apply.it 904 12th
st. nw. mh0-3t
F'OR SALE On account or storage aud
repairs, 2 daytons, 2 grocerv, 1 coal or
express wagon; also several" carriages,
buggies. coupes, and wagouettes; no reason
able oner refused. 927 D st. nw. 'Phone
201. fel9-tf
B. D. Houclr, 301 10th et. nw.; largo
assortment ot new and second-hand double
and single huruess; 100 sets or govern
ment wagon harness; also a large assort
ment or double, hack and coupe harness
100 government saddles. fel3-lm,cin
GEO. W. LAWRENCE, Director.
VOICE. (Specialty or Beginners.) PIANO.
Studios, 4 and 0, 934 F nw. REASON
ABLE TERMS. Natural Method. Voice
Trial Gratis. Pupils' Recital. March 20.
ILL sell at $8 an acre farm 250 acres,
20 miles rrom Washington, 1 mile rrom
.railroad depot. S. T. OHIO, this orrice.
""n'LiV.i1- wect days- PITTS BURG EX
1 RfcSS Parlor and Dining Cara.Harrw
burg to Pittsburg.
TuUir,? S!Fenlnff Dining. SmoWng and
Mnon. Lara' Harnstmrgrto Clacaga.
, 'nnati. inoianapolis. St. Louts, Cleve-
llSrbur s Kt l,aTUiC Car
10iiriiVi1.1- W.T J-'-NJS-PtUtaiaa mmet
,.I,0r,JrS,r ,to arnabuxg. Bufret Parlor
Va',.lla.rn3UurS to Pittsburg.
V.rML ,,1CAUt A:u ST. LOCI3
tk tKSST l mm1 'itti-t Parlor ar
to Harrisburg- Sleeping Car Washington
i?.n..Louis ana Sleeping and Dining
alJd'wumT1'10 SC- 1-0"13' aanuaS
7'm'nn !' T'TERN EXPRESS-PuU-
ufirr.sn1if,arrt0.P"l'urg. Chlcawv
Car to uuraS? UevtJjiati- S
I'lttah.?;,. ''K Cara Washington t.r
r..,,R anU -Harrisbnrg to St. Louis
and Louisville (via uncmnati). Dinufg
10.",'iUn ;-"- PCIFTC EXPRESS-PuU-t
rua? i!P"BiUir to Pittsburg.
fV.r11 ,i0 Jvane' Cannnuaigua.. lloches
Sunuay.d lasara ia"3 dally? exFept
I ex&nt sI.;nrti.rJ2M5lia .anU novo daily.
"it WUiiamsport Sundays. 3:40
TuVirr-!rrt'n.iro.r. wanwport, Rochester,
kmm? and .A,,2ara. Fails daily, except
to Sa111- ,;ar wLhmgton
II inW1", via Burralo.
tor Burralo'', Datisna. ttochn-
-rv uurraio, and Niagara Faiu tiadr
.hetecar Waslangton to Elmik J'
For FHUadeipnia, New xortc, ana
tno tasr.
t ? hny,au Parlor Cars, with Din
J5? u-rlraui Baltimore- Regular at 7.00
j'i vr, o.uu a.uu, lo.oo tDinms
Car) and 1100 (Dining Car from WlT-
??! 7?ol,'.--J 145. 3.15, 4.20, B. 50,
111 00 and 11.35 P. ii. on aumtay.T Ot"
-?ky; i'PT ton. without, change,
dan W UayS ana 3-15 F ;"-
Fo,r. Atlantic City via Delaware River
Bridge, ail-rail route). 3J5 p. m. daUy
F'or Baltimore. 0.5, 7.00. 7JM.S 00 9 oi
10.00, 10.50. ll.oo and li.50 a u
?'i15 ,1.7,V15' -01- 3.15. 3.40 (4.0O hm
10 00, 10.40. 11.15 and 11.35 p. m.
O?l5m,if-i??,7i(l0"V0.--O20- 905- -SO-11.00
a.m.. lilu.I. lo. XOl. 3.15 3 4i
t4;V. 'tedi 4.20. 5. 40, e.i5, e".5o.
7.10. 1000, li".40 and 11.35 p. m
F or Pope s CreekLine. 7.50 a. m. and 4 30
p. m. daily, except Sunday.
For Annapolis, 7.00. 0.00 a. m , 12 13
and 4 20 p. m. daily, exeept Sunday
Sundays 9.00 a. m. a-d 4.20 p. m
Atlantic Coast Line -Florida Special
?.r.JacksouvlUe and St AiiKus&ne
l"-'1, P- m TTe.et dars. Express for
Florida and points on Atlantic Coast
E ne. 4.30 a. n;-..3.4 p. m. dailv;
Richmond only. 10.u a-m. weet darV
Atlunta Special, via Richmond and Sea
board Air Line, 4.40 p. in. daily Ac
commodation Tor Quaatico. 7.45 a. m.
and 4.25 p. m. week davi. ,
TicKet ortices. cerner iilteenth and O
streets, and at the station. Sixth and B
streets, wuere orders can be left for cue' ic
ing or baggase to destination from hotels
and resiuenees.
S. M PREVOST, General Manager.
J. R. WO;iJ, General i i.-scBge. Agnt
Schedule in effect February 21. 1S97.
Xave "Waahington Trout stauon. eraer ot
New Jeraey avenue and 0 street.
For Chicago and .Nurtuwesi, Vesiieuted
Limited traln3, 10:0O , 11:45 a. ra.. 8:03
p. ra.
For Cincinnati, St Luuisandlndlanapolls.
Express. 11:45 a. ra. VetBuied Limitea
SMO p. m., express 11:25 p. ra.
For Pittsburg and. Cleveland, express
Caily, 10:00 a. m. and S;50 p. ai.
For Toledo and Detroit. 11.25 p. m.
For Winchester and way statiuoa. 10 3.
sa.. :50 p. m.
For New Orleans. Memphis. Btrmlngbam.
Chattanooga. Knoxville, Bristol and
Roanoke, 0:00 p. m. daily; Sleeping- Car
For Luray.3:40 p. m. dally.
For Baltimore, week lays. 5.00, 6.30,
r7.05, X7.10. X8.0O, S.30. x9.30. xl04)0.
xli.00 a.nu.xl2.o5. 12.lyxl2.io.x.J.oO.
3.20. xl.30. 4J5. X5.05. X5.10. x5 .iO.
X6.20. 6.30. XS.OO. 8.15. X&.20. 11.13,
S11.50 p. m.. and X12.01 night Sundaya,
X7.03. X7.10. 80, sO.OO a. tr... xl':o5.
X12.40. l.UU. XS.OO. 3.20. 4.3u, XS.Ool
25.10, GJO. xS.OO. X9.20. 11.15. xll.50.
p. m.. X12.01 night
For Annapolis. 7:10 and S:30 a. m.,12: IO
and 4.30 p. in.; Sundays, Smo a. m..4.33
P- tn.
For Frederick, week dnvs, 735, 1141
a. m.. 4.30 , 5.30 p. m. Sundays. 1:15 p. ra.
For Hagerstown, SIO.OO a. m. and J5.30
p. m.
F"or Boyd and wav points, week days,
T.35 a. m.. 4.30, 5J0. 7.05 p. ra. Sun
days, 1.15. 7.05 p. m.
For GuUheraburg and way points, week
days, 7.35. 9.00 a. ra.. 12.50. 3.15. 4 SO.
4.33. 0.30. 7.05, 11.40 p. m. Sumlar
VJ.uo a. in 1.15. 4u3J. 7 OS. 10.15 p. ji
For Washmgti.u Junction and war points.
7.35 a. m.. 4.30. 5.30 p. ra. week dayj.
1.15 p. m. Sundays.
Eoyal BIuo JLiue for New "York
and Philadelphia.
All trains Dluminatcd with Plntscb light
PorPhiladelnnia.New York. Boston, and
the East, week davs, 8.00. 1 10.00 a. ra.
Dining Car). 12.00. 12.10 DmmgCar , .I.oo
15.05 Dining Car). 12.01 night Sleeping
Car opea at lO.OO-o clock). Sundays. I9.0O
a. m. XHnlng Car ). ( 12.40 Dining Car) .3.00
15.05 Dimugean. 12.01 night; sleeping car
ooen 10 o'clock. Additional trains lot
Philadelphia. week days, 7-05 a. m.. dally.
S.00 p. m.
BuffetParlor Cars on all day trains.
For Atlantic City. lO.Oo a iu.. 12.0O
noon, and 12.40 p. ra. week days, 12.40
p. uu Sundavs.
For Cape Mav, 12 noon.
JExcept Suntlay. xExprcss trains.
Baggiine talleu for and checked from
hotels and residences by Union Transfer
Co. on ordera lert at ticket offices, 619
Pennsylvania avenue nw.. New York
avenue and F'lrteenth street, and at depot
Gen. Manager- Gen. Pas. Act
(Schedule In eKect January IS. 1S&7 )
All trains arrive and leavo Pennsylvania
Passenger Station.
y a. m. Dally. local Tor Danvnte. Char
lotte and way station, connects at Manas
sas for Straaburg. Harrisonburg, and
way .stations, dally, except Sunday, i.nd
at Lynchburg with the Norrolk and West
ern daily, and with the Chesapeake und
Ohio, daily, ror the Natural Brblge and
11:16 a.m Daily. the UNITED STATE3
FAST MAIL, carries Pullman Butrt
Sleepers, New York and Washington to
Jacksonville, uniting at Salisbury with
Pullman Sleeper Tor Asheville and HoS
Springs. N. C, Knoxville and Chattanooga,
Tenn aud at Charlotte with Pulin.an
Sleeper for Augusta; Pullman Buffet Sleep
er New York to New Orleans, cuxmevtiag
ut Atlanta r-r Binrnngnaai and Memphis-
jiii t train WafiisiHn to Ness
Orleans without change. Sunset personally
conducted tourist excursion cnrousai sleeper
on this train every Saturday to San F"ran
Cisco. without change.
4-01 p. m Local tor F'ront Royal, stras-
burg and Harrisonburg, daily, except Sira
Cay. 4.51 p. m- Dally. local tor Charlottca-
6:20 p. m. Dally, except Sunday, NEW
Vesttbuled Sleeping Cars. Dining Cars.
Observation and Compartment Cars. New
Xork to Jacksonville and st Augustine.
Also Pullman sleeping Car .Vw xork ta
Anirusta, witu coiiBciaum uu .mm.
SJK,rr?.I5VlTxllnStoa A -"- 12-15.3. lb.
Philadelphia only.F'ast Express, T.50 A.
m JZ?Z. Uays- Express 12.15 P.
M. week ilavs zitu nri k ,i, ,
1TED. europosed of Pullman Vei;tijuled
gleepers. dining cars and day coaches.
Pullman sleepers New York to Nash
ville. Tenn., via AsheviJe, Knoxville
and Chattanooga; New York to Tampa,
via Charlotte, Columbia. Savan&ah and
jacksonviUe, and New York to Mem
phis, via Birmingham, New Xork to N't w
Orleans, via Atlanta and Montgomery.
Vefctlbuled day coach Washington to At
Janta. SoutliernRaBwaydlnmgcar.Ureeni
boro to Montgomery.
DIVISION leavo Washington a.oi a. in.
cany ana -trio p. m daily, exeept Sun
day, and 6:25 p. ra. Sunday only ror
Round Uill:4:.12. p. 111. U.iiiv.tutonK S..ii
day. tor Leesburg. and 6:25 p. m. daily r-r
Herndon. Returning, arrive at Va&l.;ng
ton s:2fi a. 111. and 3:oo p. m. daily, rrom
Round Bill and 7:00 a. in. ciaUy. except
Sunday, rronx Herndon. and Si54 a. ru
thuiv exct-pt Sunday, Irom I.eestmrg:
Througb trains from the South arrive as
Washington 6:42 a, ra., 2.20 p. m., and
9:40 p 111. daily, and 9:45 a. iu. daily ex
cept Mondav. Harrisonburg. l2-4 p.
tn., and 0:40 p. ra. daily, except Sunday,
And S: 30 a.Jii.. daily, rrom Cbarit.tt-svJUe.
Tickets, Mecping car reservation, and in
formation mrrashed at Qfficea, 511 and
1300 Pennsylvania avenue and.it PennsyJ,
Tunia ltailroad Passenger Station.
V. 11. UFUfilSTi , ben. snpt.
J. Al. Ctix-P, xrarnu MannKer.
vv. A.U'tiiut, Gen. I'ans. Atrens.
X S. 11 r own. Gen. AffU X'ass. xsepu

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