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Changeable March weather einpliu
KtzeKthe uetd o a I.IGIIT-WKIUHT
OVKHCOAT. Our 2sKW line is now
ready.. A choice line it is, too.
Contains all the latest ideas of
the best inaljers and marked much
less than same grades are sold
for elsewheie.
A good nil-wool, fctylihh, and
sensible Covert Cloth Top Coat
ns low as $7.50 one yon need not
be ashamed of ni:d which we'll
guarantee. Otheis at $10, $12.50,
$15, and up to $25. All thoroughly
and perfect fitting.
Splendid chance to secure a
bargain in Heavy-weight Cloth
ing. All ZUixed-color Winter Suits
and all "Winter-weight Overcoats
and Ulsters are HALF 3?KICE
Just for a few days.
Biggest values you ever dreamed
of in Children's Suits. Some that
were $8.50, $1.00, and $4.50 are
now $1.00 and $1.50.
Rooioeon&Gsiery G
Clothes, Hats, Furnishings, ShoBS,
12th and F Sts.
JOHNSTONS, 729 7(h St.
The larpe Cc bundles dry Kindling
"Wood, 3c. a bundle.
E reymrv J& 5K3
baOf WE II Ig
Try a cup of Levcrinpt'R delicious
CoiTee, served ivlt.li trcMi cream.
The fnccial price for tcday, 15 1--C
per package. "We iviil giind it lor
you, or pulverize it, M jtm dcMre.
Prpminm c-Tlidicaiitifiiland
fremiUITliJ U8eful nrciiiiuins
jriven for the wrappers of Levoriiig's
Coffee are on exhibition in our
-windows. Bee lliexu-
Tr a cup of "Wilbur's magnifi
cent Breakr.-ist Cocoa f i ec. 2Cc per
package today.
Arbuckle's, I5c
Arbuckle's package Coffee, frcMj
from the natter, 15 1-lic package.
Star EV23Ek, 7c
Baby EViilk, 9c
Those are the licM-known brands
of Condemned Milk en this market,
and every can guaranteed to the
putc hater.
"We have 1G0 large decoiatcd
china nigar bowls, ivoith 40c each.
These -will be given to eacli pur
chaser of 2 pounds ot Java and
iloclia, at 3Cc xer pound tcday.
Star Soap,
Borax Soap,
Tills is the greatest oap haigain
in the world each of the soaps
named are the bef-t 5c cakes.
"We have Just received 40 beauti
ful porcelain clocks, which will be
given free on taie piemimn card.
Chinaware Free-
The 100-pIece dinner sets, C0
plece tea sets, 10-picce toilet sets
are leinp given eveiy daj free on
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New premium enrdsare beingglven
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M. Dyrenforth & Co.,
621 Penna. Ave. N. W.
I Electric Power 1
For Printing Plants. -
W If you wai't more printing buM-
W neBs'you must be able to make w
lowi-rbids. To make lower bids you 0
roust reduce expeiiie., and to re- M
& duce expenses you must substitute Q
0 elccinciiy loi neam p.wer. Jt is
ra not only cheaper, but better. Ask
B us questions.
I U. S. Electric Lighting Go.
"K; l-lth si nw 'I'hone. 77
The Julius Lansbuugh
Furniture & Carpet Co.,
permanently located at
1226 F st. nw.,
Than any others sold irf "Washington.
The circulation of Tho Times for
the week ended March 5, 1807,
wus us follows:
Saturday, February 27.... 31,050
Sunday, February 28 24,050
Monday, March 1 85,010
Tuchday, March 2 3S),1S5
"Wednesday, March 3 44,50
Thursday, March 4 75,138
Friday, March 5 00,100
Total copies printed.... 312,813
Less damaged copies, copies
unsold in office and copies
returned from news
stands and branch offices. 10,140
Total. 200,703
I hereby certify that the above
is n correct statement of circula
tion for tho week ended March 5,
1807. WILLIAM P. LliKCn,
Maunder of Circulation.
Advertisers are cordially invited
to visit om press und mailing rooms
nt all times and verify the above
Itis doing pretty well to have one good
idea in each advertisement. The almanac
tells us that there are 305 days in the
year, and the most scientific, advertiser
issues Ills store news almost every morning
or evening. There is probably no dan
ger, then, tiiat lie will not have plenty of
chunce during the twelvemonth to exploit
Ills good suggestions not nil of them, of
cour.se, because his advertising is going to
continue year after year, but many oC
them. Let the announcements, then, be
as fine and strong as possible. Have them
convincing, And one thought is usually
enough at a time, especially If it is a
good one.
Citv Brevities
James Harley, for carrying concealed
weapons, was yebterdaysentencedtoninety
days in Jail.
Two privates were appointed on the
police force yesterday, to fill vacancies.
They were Joseph Shipley and James E.
Herman Beyer, the German who on the
24th or January last, appropriated goods
to the value of $23 from I.e Colnfe A. de
Goetzcn, was sentenced by Judge Miller
yesterdaj to sixty days iu jail.
Hugo "Westphnll, of Yorktown, Texas,
was round dead in bed at the Hartmau
Surgical Institute, Columbus, 0., yester
day. He had committed suicide by cutting
his throat with a razor, and was a victim
of melancholia.
The will of the late Mrs. Catharine M.
Kennedy, bearing date ot October 17,
1S87, was filed for probate yehterday.
Sallle J. Kennedy and Annie Ilirdwcll,
daughtcis. are the chief beneficiaries and
the former is named executrix.
The Rev. H. It. Naylor, pastor of Mc
Kendree M. E. Church, and Mrs. .Naylor
will be tendered a reception by the con
gregation of that church after prayer ser
vice this evening. The address oT wel
come will be made by Mr. 0. A. LaUiam.
On the charireof vagrancy Judge Kinihalll
yesterday morning sentenced John liiley
to ISO days, Mamie Thompson to ninety
days, and Richard Coleman to sixty days
in Jail. Ernest Oudeu, charged with dis
orderly conduct, was seut down for Thirty
A tailors' union was organized In-steven-ing
at American Federation of Labor head
quarters, by Mr. E.-S. Christoferson. organ
izer for the Journeymen Tailcrs' National
Union. The meeting was nddresf-ed by
Mr. Frank Morrison, secretary or the
American Federation of Labor, on the
benefits of organization.
The Commissioners yesterday promoted
Private .Howard "W. "Weight of the fire
department to assistant foreman, vice
John A. llerriuian, who was killed by
a railroad engine, March 3. The sum of
$75 was also taken from the firemen's
relief fund and given to Mrs. Addle M.
Merriman to defray his funeral expenses.
For morbid conditions take BEECH
Mavcr Pottit.
Reliable Outtlttcrs.
PD want to impress
upon our readers
the fact of the
newness and excellence
and style of our STOCK
LADLES will find
just what they want
in handsome cloth cos
tumes, spring1 styles,
from $5.50 up, and sep
arate skirts as low as
MEN'S all-wool suits
cost from 5.50, and
fine top coats from $10
as low as 98c.
We lay special stress
on the cut and finish of
our goods. Eqnal to
custom made, at half
the price.
Mayer & Pettit,
415-4-17 7th St.
You cannot possibly
get into trouble.
it semis impossible for many people
to believe that thefurnilure instalment
plan can be made to help the pur
chaser and protect Jiis interests at
every point. We do it, and take
pleasure in. doing it, because our vol
ume of business is so large. Wc our
selves pay on the instalment plan
Why shouldn't ice also give credit to
our customers and never worry them
as our icholesalers never icorry us.
513 Seventh Street N. W.
::: :::: :.:::: :::::;
Four Greatest
Shoe Values
in Washington.
We are getting ready for spring new
goods are piling in on us every day. We are
getting crowded for space, and mus't have
room. Our prices and our values are getting
a national reputation, even our announce
ments are copied in other cities. These
four values are among the greatest we
have ever offered.
Conie for them with confidence
quality and sty
lish laco or
button pntont
tips, o jrcra
fcliancs at
MEN'S U 03
Pator.t Leather
Shoes very
f a s h 1 o n a h 1 o
styler-.the great
est bar;aiii of
tho year.
.::::: :::
Official Declaration its to AH
Them to He I.ssnel.
CoiiKldiiruhlc uncertainty as to the status
of positions la the civil jervice still ex
ists, eveiuimjiiKpersonsln office. Whether
a given pluce is under civil service rules
or lielonps to the excepted list is often a
very nice question. Even the men who
ordinarily detenaine such a matter some
times disagree, and then it is necessary to
refer the matter to some law officer,
usually the Attorney General. There ire
a number of decisions from lilm on ques
tions of this kind.
One, for instance, Is In regard to em
ployes In the Bopartmoiit of Justice. It
settles the poMtion or deputies under the
United States marshal for this District. IC
holds that the office deputies are under the
rules, while field deputies are excepted.
Asaln, among the assistants to the At
torney General, those who appear In court
are excepted, while, those who do not arc
protected by the rule requiring a com
petitive examination, to precede the ap
pointment in order to determine the fit
ness of applicants.
The reason for the uncertainty lies in
the rapidity with which the rules were
extended last summer by President Cleve
land. The list of appointments was so
changed that some 6ort of revision he
came necessary. The newspapers have
published statements as to what positions
arc open to candidates without examina
tion, but these have all had some errors,
Including positive statements aoout posi
tions not passed upon. To furnish correct
and full information the Civil Service Com
mission is now preparing a, publication
Avhich will give the exact status of every
place in the service up to date.
This book is now in the - press, and
will be out the latter part of this week.
It will enable Congressmen to tell Just
what places are open and who are now
filling them. It Is prepared iu answer to
a resolution -Congrc8s.
The Residence of F. H. Atwell
Mobbed by n Lodger.
E. B. Atwell reported to Inspector
Tlolllnberger yesterday that a white youth,
about eighteen years of age, came to his
residence, No. 471 Missouri avenue,
Tuesday night, and rented a room. Yes
terday morning the young man played
sneak thief. He went through the rooms
occupied by the family and stole a lot of
jewelry, valued at $28, consisting of ear
rings, rings, tcarf pin, and a bracelet.
He then decamped and the police are look
ing for him.
Burglars entered the stable of Dr. Thomas
Miller, No. 1G16 Seventh street north
west, yesterday afternoon, by prying off
the lock, and got away with a costly set
ot silver-mounted harness and a clock.
A lady's Columbia bicycle was stolen"
from Thomas J. Fisher & Co., No. 132-1
F street northwest.
A dark overcoat and a pair of shoes were
stolen from William Oden, of No. 1333
Tenth street northwest, and four buggy
wheels from the barn of John Blundon, ou
the New Cut Itoad, in the county.
Beth T. Fcrley, residing at No. 1610
Seventh street northwest, reports stolen
from his valise, a small plush case, con
taining a lady's breastpin, and a pair of
Wills Filed for Probate.
The will of the late Mrs. Hanna Fletcher
was filed for probate yesterday. Tiie en
tire estate is left to Mrs. Martha V.
Johnson, a daughter, and she is named
executrix. The paper bears date of Octo
ber 31, 1873.
Tho will of the late Charles Miller,
formerly of the Army, was filed for
probate yesterday. His three children are
given $300 each. . The widow, Mrs. Sarah
E. Miller, is given the residue of the
estate, and named executrix. The paper
bears date of June 10, 1892.
"The will of the late Mary M. Frick
was filed for probate yesterday. It bears
date of May 21, 1891, and names Mary
E. Wadsworth, a daughter, executrix. All
of the property of the deceased, save a
few personal effects, is left to Maggie
B., and Marie L. "Wadsworth, grandchil
dren. For ltecelving Stolen Rings.
Detective Henry Lacey arrested Ida
Lylcs, a fashionably attired young colored
woman late yesterday afternoon, by order
of Acting District Attorney Davis. She is
charged with receiving from Hattie
Wheeler, also colored, two rings valued
at $250, which were stolen by the -latter
from the residence of Assistant Secretary of
"War Joseph B. Doe, about one month ago.
Hattie "Wheeler was convicted of the theft
In the criminal court yesterday. Ida Lyles
was a witness In the case and acknowl
edged that she received the rings and
afterwards threw them Into a sewer; hence
her arrest. The jewels were wedding
presents to Mrs. Doe and therefore highly
S3.U0 "Columbia But
ton JJoots patent
tins noodle and
opera toes very
extra quality.
YOUTHS' l'atont
.Leather Shoes
very handsome and
stylish dross shoes,
tho. c h o a p e f t
youths' shoes in tl.o
:: ::::::::
Mrs. Bcrtlin Hueb.su m Sues to He
cover $4,500.
The rather unusual experience of a wife
bringing suit for an accounting against
her husband was brought to light yester
day, in a bill riled in equity by Mrs.
Bertha RueLsamv Her husband, the de
fendant, Is John E. Ituehsani of No. C25
F street. The name of Melltta, Benkert,
as "her next friend,". Is found in the
caption of the bill, though the name is
not mentioned in the body or the puper.
The Kuclsams were married July 1,
1890, iu Philadelphia. Mrs. Ruebsam
had been a music teacher and was pos
sessed or considerable means. She loaned
her husband $-t,50ii November 1, 1890,
she buys. He gave, his promissory note
with interest payable hfini-annually. After
two years, the wifcxsiys, her nusbaml
ceased to pay the interest regularly and
from November 1,-1892, had not paid
more than $527' She did not ask him
ror the principal while the interest wits
being paid.
Mrs. Ituebsam asserts that her hr.t-bnnd
now answers her demands for money with
contempt and harsh treatment. The loan
she made to him exhausted her resources,
and she has again sought employment as
a music teacher. On several occasions
her husband has struck her, she says,
when she asked him for money. As the
money came from her separate estate,
Mrs. Ituebsain says she has a right to it.
Mr. Ituebsam is possessed of considerable
real estate, and she asks to 'recover on
Ezra Craft Interested In the Pro
tection of Dumb AnimalH.
Ezra Ciaft, ot Detroit, Mich., represent
ing the American Humane Education So
ciety for the Prevention of Cruelty to
Animals, is making a thorough canvass
among the business men of Washington
in the endeavor to raise a fund which will
defray the expenses of a fiee distribution
of the organ of the society, "Our Dumb
Animals," published at Boston, among
the public school pupils and the poor chil
dren of the city.
Mr. Ciaft has already obtuiucd substan
tial encouragement rrom leading citizens
and has excellent credentials from promi
nent educators, clergymen and men in
other professions. It is thought that he
will succeed in obtaining at least 2,000
subscribers inthiscity Tor the contemplated
free distribution. Mr. Logan Carlisle, Major
Moore, United States Treasurer Morgan
and many others arc among the list of
subscribers to Mr. Craft's fund.
Antoniodel VJIlnr, American Citizen,'
Imprisoned Since Sept. 5.
The State Department has received a
cablegram from Consul McGnn at Cien
fuego, announcing that Antonio Suarez
del Viliar had been liberated from prison
He Is a native Cuban, who hnd been
naturalized as a citizen of the United
States. He was arrested at Cienfuegos
September 5, 1890, and thrown into prison
upon the charge of having- purchased and
concealed arms and. ammunition for the
insurgents. The case was sent to the civil
jurisdiction December 23, 189G, where it
has lingered until j'estcrday, when the
order for tho prisoner's release was is
sued. , Marrlnge Incenses.
Licenses to marry have been issued as
John Luthy and MargaretDavis, of Brook
lyn. Hlllery 'Warren and Mary Lee.
Henry Thornton and Hattie "West.
York Pailen and Emma E. "Williams.
"William Keller and Mamie Johnson, of
Otto R. Torney and Elizabeth E. Fowler.
Thomas T. Adams and Mildred L. Lips
comb, both of Halifax county, Va.
"West Tinsley and Rose Tyler. ,
Joshua Willard Scott and Mary Morris
Good Templars' Meeting.
The regular meeting of Good "Will Lodge,
No. 7, 1. 0. G. T., was held Tuesday even
ing at Potomac Hall, corner of Eleventh
street and Maryland avenue southwest,
Chief Templar McCann in the chair. The
entertainment committee made its re
port, which showed the lodge in a pros
perous, condition. The meeting was then
turned'over to the chairman of the good of
the order committee, Miss Ollie Leesnit
zer. The following piogram was rendered
Singing ot "America" by the lodge: reci
tation, Miss Adams: remarks, Mr. Harry
Speaks, of Star of Hope Lodge: piano solo,
Miss Katie Shaughnessy; remarks, Mr.
Richard Campbell: recitations, Messrs.
Dows and Cornwall.
Tho last days ot the greatest slaughter wale of Clothing
ever known In the history of the world. Nothing like it ever
Keen. Fine Clothing almoKt given uwuy. 110 cents In cush
will Uo the duty oX u dollur.
Men's and Boys'
Men's Overcoats, fine blue
Kersey; "Wilson & Davis' price, rr 7C
$2U; our price 4t).l0
Men's Overcoats; all sizes;
"Wilson tt Davis' price, $12.G0; (f . nfl
our price J).UU
Medium Welehr. Overcoats;
"Wilson & Davis' price, $10.50; (TO It
our price ; 4U.D
Men's Overcoats; "Wilson & fro nfl
Davis' price, $8.50; our price.. 4.UU
Overcoats; Wilson & Davis' rr t rn
price, $5; our price 4l.ull
Overcoats; Wilson & Davis' C J n rn
price, $30; our price $1U.0U
Boys' Overcoats: Wilson &
Davis' price, $3, $1 and $5: (T on
our I'nce .' X. ,l
Corner 9th and E Sts. N. VV.
MS Ileglnnlr.glu Tho Times tomorrow U
"The Be
art of
A thrilling story, timely and truthful. Itis u fitting )
title in The Times' remnrltable series. SSSi
The Times; one cent everywhere. w
Its fiction nlone is worth the price. SW
Despite the pressure brought to bear on
the market last week by the thousands of
strangers Ted here, the stands are as plenti
fully supplied this morning as though there
had been no special demand. The heavy
rains havedamagedthefishingbanks along
the Potomnc, but Golden & Co. say that
despite that bit of had luck native fish
will be 1 lentiful nnd cheap enough to sup
ply the demand during Lent. The coming
or spring is evidenced in the flower market
by roots of blooming Jonquils nnd tulir.s
that make gorgeous splashes of color
among the stands.
FLOWERS Hyacinths, 50c. per dozen;
carnations, 25c. to 35c. per dozen; Golden
Gate roses, 50c. to $1 per dozen; La France
roses, same; President Carnot roses, same;
Kaiser Augusta Victoria roses, same; Ma
dame Chatanay (newt, $1 per dozen.
Palms sell all the way from 50c. to $10,
and maidenhair ferns range from 25c. to
$2.50; violets, lc. each; asparagus sprays,
$1 per' dozen; lilies of the valley, $1 per
dozen sprays; Faster lilies, from $1.50 to
$2 per dozen; mignonette, 50c. per dozen
FISH Boiling rock, 25c. to 30c. per
pound; bluck bass, 20c. to 25c. per pound;
pan size, 12 l-2c. per pound; new salmon,
2oc. to 30c. per pound; halibut, 20c. per
pound; fresh cod, 10c. to 12 1-2c. per
pound; sheep.head, 15c. per pound; large
roe shad, $1.20 each: large buck shad,
55c. each: Florida roe, GOc. each; Florida
buck, 35c. each.
GAME Quail, $3.00 per dozen; winter
quail, $2.50 per dozen; pheasants, $1.50
per pair; western pheasants, $1.25 per
pair; canvasback ducks, $3.50 per pair;
redhead, $1.25 per pair; mallard, $1.25
per pair; small ducks, 73c. per pair.
FRTTIT Florida oranges, 40c. to 50c
per dozen; Jamaica oianges, 25c. to 45c
per dozen: Malaga grapes, 20c. per pound;
Tokay grapes, 15c. to 20c. per pound;
Concord grapes, 12c. per basket: Catawba
grapes, 15c. per basket; pineapples, 15c.
to 25c each; Japanese persimmons, 5c.
to 10c. each; pomegranates, 10c. each;
bananas, 10c. to 20c. per dozen; apples,
30c. to 40c. per peck; shattucks, 10c each;
three for 25c; California, 40c. quarter
peck; Florida strawberries, GOc. per box.
VEGETABLES Parsnips, 25c. per peck;
spinach, 20c. per peck: Eastern Shore
sweet potatoes,' 30c. per peck; radishes,
3 bunches for 10c: cymbllnc, 5c each:
hot-hou&e tomatoes, 35c per pound: south
ern tomatoes, 25c. per pound: chicory. 5c.
to 10c. per head; water cress. 5c. per
bunch; mint, 5c per bunch; cauliflower,
10c. to 25c per head: new cauliflower,
20c to 40c. per head: salsify, 5c. per
bunch; Savoy cabbage, 5c. per head; new
cabbage, 15c to 25c. per head; Irish
potatoes, 20c per peck; snap beans, 20c.
per quarter peck: southern cucumbers, 5c
each: hothouse cucumbers, 10c. to 20c
each: Spanish onions, 5c to 10c. each;
eggplants, 10c. to l."c. each: pumpkins. 5c.
to 15c. each: green peppers, 25c. to 50c.
per dozen; celery, 5c to 10c. per bunch;
cranberries, Sc. per quart; squash. 2c. per
pound; new beets, 5c to 10c per bunch;
old beets. 10c. quarter peck; Rutabaga
turnips, Canadian, 5c to 10c. each; new
potatoes, 20c. to 25r per quarter peck.
butter, 30c. to 35cper pound; buttcrine,
15c. to 25c. per pound; nearby eggs, ISc.
per dozen; Western eggs, l".c. per dozen:
cream cheese, ISc to 20c. per pound;
Xeufchntel cheeses, 5c each; pineapple
cheese, 05c. to 75c each; Edam cheeses,
S5c each: Sweltzcr cheese, 20c to 25c
per pound.
20c. per quart; German mustard,
15c. per quart; pickled onions, 15c. per
pint; celery, relish, 10c. per pint; olives,
15c. per pint; horseradish, 10c. per pint;
honey, 25c. per pound; jellies, 10c. per
pound; preserves, 16c. per pound.
MEATS Sirloin steak, 15c. to 18c. per
pound; porterhouse, 20c. to 25c. pr-r pound;
round, 12 l-2c. per pound; prime rib roast.
15c. to 18c per pound; chuck roast, 10c
to 12 l-2c. per pound; soup beef, 6c to Sc
per pound; lamb, 15c. to ISc per pound;
corned beef, 6c to 12 l-2o. per pound;
sausage, 10c. to 12 l-2c per pound, both
green nnd smoked; breakfast bacon, 10c.
to 12 l-2c. per pound; sweet pickled pork.
lMen's, Boys', and Children's Suits
300 Suits, beautirul plaids,
latest designs; suitable for
now and early spring. Worth
5-12 per suit; our price per
100 AH wool Gray and Brown
Mixed Cheviots. Good value
at S10; our price
Men's Prince Albert Suits,
all sizes; made or Clay Wors
ted: Wilson & Davis' price,
2; our price
Men's Finest Quality Clay
Worsted Satin-lined Suits;
Wilson & Davis' price $25.00;
500 pairs of Men's Panta;all
Children's Heavy Corduroy
Itnee Pants; all sizes
Men's English Corduroy
300 Pairs Men's Pants, Cas
simeres. Cheviots, Tweeds and
Worsted; Wilson&Davis'price
52.50:our price
One lot of Men's Fine Chev
iot Pants; Wilson it Davis'
price 52. 5U; our price
Jfoung Men's Suits, made of
fine casairnere; all sizes
1.0UU pairs or Children's
Unee Pants; Wilson & Davis'
price 50c; our price
5,000 pairs or Jtnee Pants;
value 25c; our price
the Queen Witch"
333333333333 E333H33333:33ES
I Cornrnonsense I
Thebignessorour business
makesblgbjyersorus. The
bigger the buying the
cheaper the selling. Don't
you see how it is we tell
Only complete houserur
nisherslu town.
Gash or Credit
i House & Herrmann,
Liberal rurnishers,
I Corner Tth and I Street.
Never a piece missing
Never a piece bioken
Never a piece delayed
Is there anything else to first
class laundering?
Cor. Sixtli anil C Streets.
For Cooking and Heating
142-iNew VorkAve.
Sc. to lie per pound; Western do., Sc.
per pound; ham, 10c. to 12 l-2c. perpound;
pig tails, Sc. per pound; lug brains, 10c.
per plate; boiled ham, 40c. perpound;IIam
burg steak, 12 l-2c .per pound.
Special Committee lluving This Mat
ter In Charge Discusses Plans.
The special committee, representing the
Associated Charities. Central .Relief Com
mittee, and the Board of Trade, or which
Gen. Sternberg is chairman, met yesterday
afternoon in the office of the chairman, in
the State, War, and Navy Building. The
committee is charged with the investigar
tlon of the sanitary conditions of the
dwellings of the poor of Washington, with
a view to deising plans for the better
housing of this class of residents, es
pecially in alleys and narrow streets. The
members or the committee have made a.
personal inspection or the condition ot
the people in these localities, and are
thoroughly acquainted with the situation.
Several plans were discussed at the
meeting yesterday, but as nothing definite
was decided on, no report was given out.
Gen. Sternberg said it was probable the
committee would hold several sessions
before a full report would be made. The
conclusions arrived at so Tar, however,
will be submitted to the meeting of the
Central Relief Committee tomorrow after
noon. TIirXK IT IS A FAKE.
Dotectlves Don't Ilelieve George
n. Young "Was Assaulted.
The detectives who have been assigned
to work on the case of George H. Young,
the Virginia merchant, who claims to
have been sandbagged and robbed in the
Capitol Park on Monday night, arc in
clined to doubt the correctness of his
When examined by a physician it was
found that Mr. Young had been burned
slightly over the lert eye wjth acid and
had a small lump on his head. There
are circumstances connected with the case
which have c.used the police to regard
It as a "rake."
Porsin Prohibits Fxports.
The Department of State Is officially
advised of the issuance of two decrees by
the Persian government, one prohibiting
from March 11, 1S97, the exportation of
rice, wheat, barley, and other cereals,
and the other prohibiting the exportation
of sheep nnd goat skins from the di&tilct
of Meshed.
The Bosy Corner
8th and Mirket Spaca
. Kann.Sons&O
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I Start Right !
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5VTilta for their " Bool on Morphine HUt. culled (res.

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