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THE POST will lie published every Friilny
at $2 per yeuf, payable within three months
from the time of subscribing; $3,50 in ix
months or $3 if payment is delayed until
the expiration or the year.
Advkrtiskmknts v.lll lie chnrscd $1 per
qnnre of 13 lines (of leM) for the Ant insertion,
ml 25 cents for each r.imtlnilt'.nnc. A lihernl
deduction made to those.V.lin advertise by the
year. Persons sending advertisements must
tnark the number nf times they des're them
inserted, or they will he continued until fur
bid and charged accordingly.
Qgj- For announcini; the iliiitirs nf candi
dates for office Turku' Dollars, Cash.
Job Work, snr.h ns PiiiiiphM, Minutes, Cir
tulnrs, Curds, lilanks, Itamlhills, i,c, will he
Ciecuted in a neat and workmanlike manner,
ktshort notice, and on reasonable terms.
A II letters addressed to the proprietor, post
L. ' I ...:o u ).. ..11.....I...I
Ul" Will UV III lllllllll tl .n:in....l lui
" . ' . . .l ...
rersons ni a insiance mmkuhc us inn
or four solvent subscribers, will be entitled to
Bfth copy Eraiis.
No communications inserted unless accorn
panicd by the name of the author.
ftj-uiiice on inn wesisiocti in riiniio ,
next door but one above the Post
a, jriS, ts;- v a &
ATllfcSSlWin ',uJSo' !
" " i . i . 1'r
Prof. Wcbstkk I he I'oston Post, of :
Wednesday, sayf the report from the jail
on the previous evem'titr represented Dr.
Webster as exhibiting signs that he had
begun to realize his true condition. He
tmmm iliannanfl .. n n l-u A fin I till r i 1 1 1 1 S
' , . " . I
topics appropriate to his unhappy situation.
' , ' ', , , ,. ;
The Herald says that his appearance is
. . ... . .
at.-.f .1 J. .!... Ilia lima micl.
Iliai U: UTI'll ll'i'l llilil. ilia iiuir ta iiiwoi-
' J . . ;
V dcituii t II irmiiu:; m iii.wii'k uiuwi-,
' i .
nJ in wiinns. A writer in 1 lie Dee stales
that Prof. Webster has been among the
most strenuous opponeuts of the abolition
of capital punishment.
Rostok, A pan. G.
The Family of the late Dr. Parkman, to
day, voluntarily save to Mr. Litilefield,
the reward of $3,000 offered by them, soon
after Mr. I'ar It man's disappearance.
New-York, April 59 a. tn.
Fears are entertained of another visit
from the cholera, excited by the death of
thirty passengers on board the Siddons dur
ing her passage fiom Liverpool, from some
tlisease resembling that scourge. She flar
ted with 205 steerage passengers.
Dkatii from a Newspaper Attack.
The Cleveland Herald mentions the Death
if Dr. Samuel Strong, of F.lyria, after a
abort illnes, the exiMtiti" cause of which
rose Irom on attack upon his character in
the Courier newspaper, published at that :
Going to Destruction Unawares.
The Forsythe (Ga.) Bee lately contained
the following:
'With sliBine and mortification we have
to record the humiliating (act that the
Southern meeting advertised to come olT
yesterday at this place, turned out to be a
perfect and entire failure. No interest was
manifested by any one, and the whole af
!ir went off by default. When wo take
into consideration the vast interest at stake,
the many incentives which prompt us to a
firm, decided, manifest action upon the all
Important and all engrossing subject that
tl now agitating the Union Irom centre to
circumference, we are overwhelmed with
astonishment at the apathy and indifference
manifested by the good citizens of Monroe
itt relation to the matter. Is it because they
are wanting in patriotism? We hope not.
Is it because they are recreant to their own
interests? But talk will do no good. We
have tried until we are heartily sick of it,
and with but few exceptions, to no effect
F.phraim is joined to his idols let him
"Tub True Lady." O, you foolish
idolaiors at the shrine of beauty! Know
you that hundreds of husbands are made
miserable by handsome wives, and that
thousands are happy in the possession of
homely ones? homely without, beautiful
within. Alas ! what is beauty? It is a
flower that wilts and withers almost as
soon as plucked a transient rainbow a
fleeting meteor a deceitful will of the
wisp suffumigsted moonshine. The kind
of wife you want is one of good morals,
who knows how to mend your trowsers
who can reconcile pealing potatoes with
practical or fashionable piety who can
waltz with a dish, and churn and sing with
kettle who understands broomology,
nd the true science ol mopping can knit
lockings without knitting her brows, and
knit up her husband ravelled sleeve of
care who prefers sewing tares with the
Deedle to sewing tears with her tongue
Such is decidedly a better half. Take her
if you can gel ber, when you can find her
let her be up to ber elbows in the suds
of a wash tub or pickiog geese in a cow
Ths. Unior. Somebody has suggested
lh following as applicable to the times
Among the men, who dire divisions rise
Fei uaion one, and one ao union cries;
Plague on the sex.thal such disputes began.
Washington, April 5.
The attention of the public is now ser'r
ously called to the fact that Congress is
quite inadequate to (he performance of tiieir
ordinary duties, and that the government
itself must prove a total failure, unless thai
branch of it shall be induced 10 perform
their proper functions. Alter four months
of strife upon seciional question', they are
not perceptibly near to any conclusion of it.
There are other very important and piess
ing questions besides those relating to the
territories and slavery. There was never a
Congress, upon which devolved more
mighty and important matters, to say notli-
, - . . . .
ma nl tin. rpirn hir rnnlini. nt lulvlnps.
Every one savs that the territory and
slavery questions can be settled, and it is
' '
'me that they were settled. But still the
uiscussions go on in an uninterrupted strain
and discussions of so vague and general
a character as to have no practical effect or
bearing. Some years ago I heard an emi
nent and experienced member say. "terri-
tory will be the ruin of this country yet."
If Congress really means to abandon all its
. 0 ,. , ,
duties, and do nothing but agitate the slave
ry question, after the manner of the Inst
four months, the government must thereby
undergo a radical change.
There is now a struggle for precedence
in the ordr ol action, between the Calilor-
. . . .
nia and the territorial Bill. The maturity
. .... . . . ,. . ,-
in both Houses seem to be inclined to dis-
. I i
pose of llit Calilornia
Mr. Webster
. , . . .
Imp. an niii nnoil tilt na h!c nnlipv
He will
....... - ...... ... , ... .
next, he jays, agree to act upon the Terri
torial Dills, and according to the principles
which he has already avowed. On the
other hand, Mr. Foote has solemnly assur
ed the Senate, that if the California Bill be
first pressed to a filial passage, the Territo
rial Dills will never pass the House; and
foreseeing this, he also states that the south-
ern members or the House will not permit
the California Bill to pass. For my own
part, and having a very good opportunity
of knowing the disposition of the House, I
must say Ihat the Territorial Bill, in the
form proposed in li e Senate, cannot pass
the House; and that il the California Bill
cannot pass the House, until the three
Territorial Bills pass, that the California
Bill will not pass at all Cor. Char. Cow.
No Doubt! Among oilier arguments
used by the Charleston Mercu-y in favor
of a "dissolution of the Union," is I he co
gent one, that England would would re
joice at the event I This is a beautiful ar-
gument to be used by a man calling him
self an American! We have, however,
but little doubt that England wou'd be de
lighted to acquire a powerful ready made
empire by treason and treachery, which
the whole focre of her arms, backed by the
contraction of on irredeemable national
I debi, lailed to Accomplish. If the truth
was known, England has at this moment
her paid emissaries all over the Union, fan
ning the flames of civil discord and strife.
Her motto in Ireland, India and America
ever has been "divide and conquer." Con
sequently, such arguments as that of the
Mercury, instead of strengthening, must
weaken the cause of those who employ
them. The people cannot help doubting
the propriety of any course which punic
England looks upon not only with com
posure, but approbation, i.or our part
we are determined lo do nothing which by
Ihe remntest possibility can give aid and
comfort lo England, or bring our country
(nek to its slate of colonial vassalage
Jack ion Southron.
Novel Enterprise Another Mope
of Conveyance to California. Conk
siderable of a stir was created in Baltimore
about a week since by the arrival of a herd
or eleven Syrian camels at that port; and
every body was wondering what on earth
was to be done with such number. We
learn from a reliable source, that Messrs
Sands &. Howes, the well known enter
prising circus proprietors, are about to es
lablish an overland line lo California with
them, which is to leave Independence,
Missouri, direct for San Francisco, early
in June. These gentlemen have already
ihiriy-ono camels in this country, and the
brig Catharine, Capt. Gordon, now on her
passage from Algiers to New-Orleans, has
on board twenty-two more, making in all
fifiythree, mosl of which have been selec
ted with care as brood stock. We are told
that a caravan of twenty five or more, will
leave each point once a month, and con
tinue through ths year. Success to this
new enterprise and its projeclers, say we.
If none were lo reprove the vicious, ex
cepting those who sincerely bate vice,
there would be much less censoriousness
in the world. Our Master could love the
criminal while he haled Ihe crime, but we
his disciples, too often love the crime but
bate the criminal. A perfect knowledge
of the depravity of the human heart, with
perfect piiy for the infirmities of it, never
co-existed but in one breast, and never
The following eloquent and patriotic
sentiments were delivered before the Arch
Street Ptesbyterinn Church, Philadelphia,
recently by the Rev. diaries Wadsworth.
in his inaugural sermon :
'Paul's principle as set forth in the text,
applies as well to the Civil, as to the Social,
and the F.clesiasiic. A Christian minister
amid Ihe pitrtizanship of a community'!
politia, is In "know nothing save Christ
Jesus and him crucified." His duties as a
preaehnr are superinduced duties. As
God'a Ambassador he comes to man divest
ed altogether of factitious differences. To
the sovereign and the slnVe to the mighty
man and the menial to the creature fawn
ing on the lool-clolh of a throne and the
freeman standing proudly belore kincs in
the glory of immortal manhoodto all alike,
he comes, hearing the same flaming cre
dentials of God's anger and Gnd's love;
standing in his high place of embassy, he
is not to look that the Holy Ghost will
descend from Heaven to give point to n
lesson of statesmanship, or power to an
axiom of politicnl economy. He is to look
on man ns a spirit whose nationality Is but
a decayins nnrinent, a s.iirit winged for
soaring to that high world, where men of
all kingdoms and peoples are one in Christ.
He is to furiet all minor interests. He is
to forget all human distinction. He is to
"let the deatl bury their dead." He is 10
"know nothing save Christ Jesus and him
Meantime we would not le misunder
stood here. Far be it fiom us to bow be-
fore that most foul, yet favorite infidel cla.
mor, whereby a Christian minister, by the
imposition of Ecclesiastical hands, is held
thereafter divested of all rights as a man
and a citizen; even under the shadow of
the Cross, he will not he may not he
cannot forget his country. Paul, nmiii the
1 surpassing glories of a commonwealth like
j our.f wouu (litve crl(!j wi,, even mole
I ,,a lis iionlan exultaiion, "I am an
Jlnurican citizen." Our beloved land,
with its boundaries the broadest its eov
nmmprnmeni ill freesiiu institutions ihe
noblest the world ever saw, is God's great
gift lo every man who breathes its blest
air, and exults in its sunshine. And woe
be to lhat man, whether Civilian or Ec
clesiaslio, who dare lay down at a foul's
bidding his great birth-right, or prote re
creant to one of its ennobling prerogatives
who dare leave American liberty, as an
unprized thing, to be marred by ihe hand
of unskilful legislation, or wrecked amid
the conflicts of self-seeking ambition who
dares fail in one little of all he can do to
give steadiest strength lo American name
and American nationality. God's pity on
the creeping thing ihat cn listen unmov
ed to the whisper of Disunion that rises
even now Upon the ear! Perish the heart
that throbs not in agonizing desire thai this
glorious sisterhood be never broken! Pal
sied be the right arm that feels not iis
sinews tighten like steel to speed our soar
ing eagle in its flight to the sun! Stricken
be the bosom that bares not itself in full
strength lo roll back Ibis desolating surge
lhat Would sweep all these glad and good
ful and glorious things away as wrecks
upon the billows! Not know my country!
not honor my cnuntr!-not struggle for
my country! Why then I would he a crea
ture without soul, unworthy my ministry
unworthy my manhood.
Nay, nay such political wisdom, I will
know I must know because absolutely
in it, I am to know Christ crucified. For,
my audience, dear as to American Chris
tian must be his country dear, because of
he prayer of its consecration, and the
blood of its baptism dear, because of iis
great breadth and mighty power, and glo
rious fame the home of Ihe free the
hope of the oppressed the beacon lo '.he
nations Ihe cradle of that infant liberty,
which yel, when ite limits shall have
waxed strong, will leap from its swaddling
bands in great manhood, and go forth in a
giant's path, to shake down Ihe despotisms
of a world In rushing Omnipotence! Yet
to his loving heart is il dearest of all, as
the great instrument under God to bear on
lo its consummation his adoiable Gospel.
He sees Christ in American nationality!
Christ, the God ol all Providence, presid
ing aid preserving it as the great spring
in the mechanism of Iriumphing Evan
gel. And to him it seems lhat lo sever this
blessed Union, were to loose the silver
cord ol roan's hope, and lo break the great
wheel at ihe cistern. And every Christian
minister will stand br the Union and
pray for the Union and struggle lor the
Union and preach Christ and bira cruci
fied as the cement of lbs Union, till his
right arm is withered, and bis tongue
dumb in desth!
If you are slandered, hold your peace
about il? Don't blow the flame, and it will
go out ol itself. Don't galvanize the car
cass into life by the electric battery ol pas
The steam ship Cherokee, Captain Wen
dle.rrived this morning at an early hour.
She left Clmgres nt 12 M. on Tuesday, the
2Gili ol March, arrived at Kingston. Jamai
ca, on Thursday, at 7 P. M., and left there
at 1 1 A. M. rn Friday, the i'Jth, thus ma.
king the quickest passsse ever accom
plished from Chaures to New Fork.
The Pacific mail steamer Oregon, Capt.
Patterson, sailed from San Francisco on
the evening of the 1st of March, and ar
rived at Panama on the 20th of that month.
She brought to Panama two hundred and
sixty passengers, and 1 ,342.002 on freight,
principally in gold dusi, end at least
81, "00,000 in the possession of the passengers.-.
She brought one month Inter advices
Irom California, and her mail, under the
charge or Wm. A. Bayley, U. S. M. A.,
is the largest yet brought from California,
consisting of about twenty-six thousand
letters, and a large quantity of newspapers.
Mr. Day ley brings despatches from Hon.
J.T. Van Allen to the Secretary of State,
One of the passengers by the Oregon
has with him a lump of gold weighing
fourteen pounds real value two thousand
seven hundred and eighty eight dollars
hut four thousand dollars has been offered
for it. He intends exhibiting it in the
United States. The fortunate finder of this
lump had toiled without success for seve
ral months, when lie was thus suddenly
and amply rewarded for his exertions.
The quantity of gold dust in possession
f"e miners is very large, and they were
taking advantage of the Improvement in
the weather to I ring it down lo Sao Fran
cisco; and the succeeding steamers, it is
supposed, will each carry away larger
amounts than have heretofore been shlppej
by any one steamer.
It was quite healthy at San Francisco
and Sacramento City, and as the mud was
drying up, business was assuming a very
active appearance. Money still remains
1 scarce;
loans were made at from 10 id 15
per cent, per moRih. Lumber cf all kinds
I tune arrivini ill Inrfm n 11.1 III il IPM. nflll tlfirps
...... q -1 -
had materially declined in consequence.
Guod lumber could be purchased at 85
per 1000 feet, and forced sales were made
at still lower ratts. JV. Y. Com.
Marietta, (Ga.,) April 5.
A shocking and fatal occurrence took
place on Saturday niiihl last, about eight
miles from Powder Springs. Mr. Smith,
the bailiff, in an attempt lo arrest a Mr
Austin, (who bad before been under arrest
in this place, but had made his escape,)
proceeded to his house with ao armed pos
se, and demanded admittance. Austin re
fused, saying he was roughly treated when
he was previously taken, and if they at
tempted to enter the house he would shoot
them. Mr. Smith, handing his pistol lo
another man opened the door, when Aus
tin fired and shot him in the right side.
Austin was immediately shot by one of the
posse, and died almost instantly. Smith
is still living, but il is feared he will not
Explosion and Loss of Life. The
Sussex (N. J.) Register gives the details
of the explosion of the Powder Magazine
at the Andover Mine on Tuesday last, by
which two sons ol Wm. S. Johnson, aged
12 and 14 years, were blown to atoms.
The concussion was sensibly felt at a dis
tance of 10 or 12 miles. In Newton, over
5 miles from Ihe scene, every house was
It is very difficult to draw the dividing
line between the virtues and vices of a man.
If one becomes incensed against another on
af count of certain faults or errors discerni
ble in him, he will be very likely lo con
demn the Whole character1 ol Ihe man. By
so doiiig, he gives place lo the voice of
passion, and not of reason and sound judg
ment, for those who would judge others
must remember lhat there are none without
both good and bad qualities. Il is not per
sonal feeling lhat is required, but a love of
all thai is good, and haired for all that is
bid. j
Army or Emigrants. The Chicago
Democrat learns lhat persons are in lhat
city, from Si. Joseph, Mo., who report
thai there are from 50 lo 00.000 persons al
thai place, and up and down Ihe Missouri
river, awaiting the proper lime to start for
the plains.
A Lover, wishing lo concentrate his
ardor into one burst of passion, exclaimed
'Oh, Angelina Augusta, I feel towards
you just like the burning bush that Moses
saw I'm all afire, but ain't consumed."
Messrs. Paige, Archer and Joy, directors
in the exploded Canal Bank in Albany,
have bad a judgment taken against them
for about $45,000. as sureties for lost funds
of the State deposited there.
Horrible Depravity of a Child. A
girl only thirteen years of age, named Ann
Tinker, was sent to the house of re f age at
Philadelphia, on Friday, for poisoning the
family of Mr. Samuel Gillingham. Mrs.
Gillingham and her (wo children were la
ken dangerously ill alter eating some
mashed potatoes; and finding a paper of
while powder in the girl's pocket, she was
questioned, and finally confessed that she
had desired to till the two children because
they offended her on the previous dat.-
Ball. Sun.
To Train a Horse to the Harness.
You must be very gentle with hitn. You
may commence by throwing a rope over
the back and letting it hang loose on both
sides; then lead him about, caressing him,
until he becomes satisfied that it will not
hurt him) then put on the harness and pull
gently on the traces.
Lieut. Hunter, in a letter to Commodore
Perry, charges that offiier, in substance,
with cowardice. The accusation is made
in the following terms:
'You retreated sir, from "Tobasco,"
under the fire of the enemy, after demand
ing an unconditional surrender; and you
know perfectly well thai When one of Ihe
hmosi ealianl officers of our navy was kil
led, (Chat. W. Morris.) you were retreat
ing with a while flag flying at your fore."
Youth has one delightful time, when
Hope walks like an angel by its side, and
all things have their freshness and their
charm. There appears so much to enjoy,
lhat Ihe only question is, what to enjoy
He that never changed any of his opin
ions, never corrected any of his mistakes
in himself, will not be charitable enough
to excuse what he reckons mistakes in
Leisure is a very pleasant gifment to
look at, qui it is a very bad one to wear.
The ruin ol millions may be traced lo it.
"A stuck up" sort of a genius entered a
shop dot long since, and turning up his
nose at Some apples in ihe window, exclaimed-
"Are these apples fit for a hog lo eat?"
I don't know; try them and see," was
the instant reply of the shopkeeper.
Let go thy hold when a great wheel runs
down hill, lest it break thy neck with fol
lowing it, but the great one that goes up
the hill, lei him draw thee afler.
Is the jay more piecious than the lark,
because his feathers are more beautiful?
Or is the aJder better than the eel, because
his painted sltin contents the eye.
It is estimated, on the principle of past
increase as determined by the censuses,
with Ihe addition of statistics of emigration,
that the population ol the United States in
1851 will reach 26,000,000.
Movements are making in the West
looking to the erection of a monument to
the memory of Robert Fulton, on the
banks of Ihe Ohio rivet.
A California letter states that a young
gentleman in gold specs a recent gradu
ate ef Yale College, has commenced the
woodsawing business and is doing well.
Obtain good seed, prepare your ground
well, sow early, and pay no attention to the
He lhat can please nobody is not so much
to be pitiedi as he that nobody can please.
Madness and tub Color of II aik.
Men with dark hair and eyes are
usually robust arid sanguine, have
strong passions are generally furious
maniacs, ami have tliarked crises
while those with intensely black hair
and eyes are of a nervous tempera
ment, and nrO more subject to melan
cholia! those With brown hair have
less energetic parxoysms, while light
haired of the lymphatic temperament,
altho'th subject to mania and mono
mania, have often agreeable and pleas
ing reveries, and are seldom furious,
but the cases are generally more
chronic, and pass into deniontia; while
red haired lunatics are very treach
erous and dangerous and are never
lo bo trusted. The same also applies
to white haired maniacs, who arc al
most alwavs furious and traitorous.-
Medical Times.
I don't know where that boy gets
his temper,'' said a fond mother a few
dnvs since; "he don't take it from me."
"Why no, my dear, I don't perceive
that you have lost any," was her hus
band's reply.
Ho TO MAKE A CaS!0!I. The
following is an Irishman's description
of making a cannon :
"Take a long hole, and pour
or iron around it-"
Gold is the only metal that is always"
found in the metalic slate, not chemi
cally combined wild other bodies.
Therefore, at the cooling down of the
crust of the globe, its mere weight
would carry it down into crevices
below the surface, precisely as the
metal in a smelting furnace falls
through the slag to the bottom. The
gold found in streams, and alluvium
and diluvium, has been subsequently
thrown out by volcanic action as the
spangle gold of California testifies, and
also the lumps mulled in matrices
The traditions of all South American
gold mines are, that when the water
broke in -the usual mode for nature
to close a mine--"It was at its richest"
mas riuesas iuc nunca. Marvel
lously has nature timed this California
discovery. -The railway of Panama,
the first of numerous railways through
that district, shortening man's transit
to the east the thing talked of and
J desired for ages, is its first result; and
with that railway the reign of law
and order commences in that region
of stagnant lis'lessness and active
tyranny. A new and improving race
is planting progress. When the work
shall be doue and civilization rooted,
probably more gold will be discovered,
if not in the very act of cutting, side
by side with the coal beds we are
now told of for the first time. If gold
and silver can be procured as plenti
fully as copper, we shall be enabled
to use pleasant utensils without risk
of thieves. But assuredly men will
not com it into money, when free rail
way transit over all the earth shall
have made honesty not merely tho
"best policy," but the only "practicable
I.i)Ei'i:.m:.vr Juoi iakv i.x Ke.v
ti'cky. Recently a case was being
tried in one of the county, courts, in
which an old gentleman presided, who
was well Ituowii for his disregard of
the cobwebs and technicalities of the
law, when they stood in the way, or
interfered with his notions of short
justice, and also fur the emphasis and
energetic manner in which he render
cd his decisions. The case was that
of a merchant suing a young man to
recover the price of some cjothing
which he had furnished him. The
debt was fairly proven, when ihe
young man sought to evade payment
iiy pleading non-age. "Confound you
Jesse Hawkins," said the Judge,
'you good-for-nothing sneak, you I
will you stand thar and plead the
babv act, and cheat the man out of
his money, after you've been cavort
lug about the country with his goods?
It's unconstitutional, and I won't stand
it. I'll not give tlieso big lawyers a
chance to help you; and if you don't
pay over the amount, my son Tom
that shall lick you quicker nor a stieak
of greased lightniii,' before ycu leave
the court room." The counsel for
the defendant remonstrated, against
this treatment of his client; but a
suggestion from the Judge, that he
would be the next victim of his son
Tom, unless he was "mighty kearful,"
quieted him, and the young man actu
ally paid over the amount iu contro
A Toixh op South Carolina..
The St. Louis Organ tells, that a fine,
likely, fashionable dressed slave, who
had been through the wars with Gen
eral Worth, was sent to the police
olfice by his master, for being drunk
According to custom, Lieut. Cozzens
asked his name, upon which tho dusky
exquisite, with all the airs of a fop of
uppur-tendotn, handed out his wallet,
and, with a courteous bow, presented
his card.
"Well," exclaimed the Lieutenant,
with intense astonishment, "you are
some, and no mistake for a darkey.'4
The first family African smiled.
"It's the way we always do, sir, in
South Carolina."
When a dog howls opposite a house
nt midnight, some one in that house
will soon die.
If an infant, before it is christened,
is fed out of a raven's skull, it will ever
after be able to understand what the
ravens say. or the raven's languages
If t child, whose parents are un
known, is fed wi'li a raven's skull,
when it comes to maturity it vill bo
acquainted with everything concern
inc them.
If you find a pod with nine peas irt
it, and put it behind the door the first
person that comes in will be the name
of vour hiMband.
X crowing hen and a whistling
woman arc not fit to be kept about a
When moving into a new house, let
the first thingi you bring into it be
little coal and salt.

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