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VOLUME 3. XU.M.lEll S3.
I 3 Hi i
THE TOST will hi; published every 1'riday
nt $2 per year, payable, within three montlis
from the timi! of eiihscribiiit;; S'V'" '" s'
months or 3 if payment is delayed until
the exiiratiuti of the. your.
Anvr.iiTii::.n:T3 will ho ohnrscd $1 pT
Square f I'i lines (or lcs) fur 'hi? first insertion,
and 2a cents fur cneh cimt'niancn. A I itirrii I
deduction in tit I c; to those, who advertise liy the
year. Permitis smiling advertisements itui't
mark the. number of limes thry desire them
inserted, or they will hp continued until fur
bid nnd charged accord in. ly.
For nuniiiiiicing the names of candi
dates for nlHoe Tiihkk Dot.nii', Cash.
Job Woiik, such hi Pamphlets, Minutes, fir
Cubirs, ("arils, Wanks, Handbills, Ac., will hi'
executed in a npiit. nnd workmanlike manner,
Btdinrt notice, and nn reasonable torre.
All letters nihlre-rcil to the proprietor, post
paid, will be. promptly nttoiidcil to.
Persons nt a distance h'ihIiiil' us the names
of four solvent sulisc.ri'ior4, will bo entitled to
fifth riviy irr;i i.
No Riiiiiiniiiiii'iitinnK inscrtnl unless iiccnm
nnriied hv the iinnir of the niitlior
fVr-Dllicc on the West side r.f the rubli
Square, next door hut one above the 1'osl
Washington, April 17.
In the Senate, today, n row to jk place
between Messrs. fienton and Footc. Hen
Ion said in debate, lliat the South cried
wolf, when there was no danger, and that
the Southern Address wns Ihe commence.
m-nt. Mr. Huder rep'icd, nnd was !ol
lowed by Mr. Finite, who commenced to
make personal remarks on Mr. Denton, m
nn exoilod lone. 'I'lie Vice President did
not interpose, and Ilenton moved hastily,
and in a hostile manner towards Foote.
15 .ill were in the out -r row of seats. Fooie
promptly left his pisitioit, and standing in
(he area fronting the chair, presented pis
tol. Denton was not armed, and called on
the S'liaic to police ihe matter, or all
would hnve to obtain weapon. Foote
slated that he was acting on the defensive,
nnd that he supposed that Denton intended
1o shoot or pi. lb him, and he left the corner
with the view of defending himself without
endangering others. Denton exclaimed
that it was a lying and cowardly pretext
for assassination, and that lie never carried
The Senate was palsied and panic struck.
Investigation into ihe matter appears ridic
ulous, but n Commiitee of seven was oi
dered to inquire into it.
Diehard M. Young, of Illinois, a Demo,
cral, was elected Clerk of the House, in
place ol T. J. Cainjihell, deceased.
More of ritorF.sson Wr.nsTEtx. The
Cambridge Correspondence of the Spring
field republican says of Vt. Webster;
"To all, I learn, he Ftoutly asserts bis
innocence; previous to his arrest, he bad
always had the reputation of being in a
gieal degree a materialist, but ho had till
within a short time nltenJed the service in
the college chapel innre lately, however,
lie had attended the Catholic church, but
only for the purpose ol hearing the music,
for which be bail a great fondness. Indeed,
on the vety week of Ins arrest, be placed
bis name at the head of a subscription list
for a series tif concerts to be given in Cam
bridge." Linr.nw.iTV. It is announced in the
London Watchman, that the income of the
Wesleyan Missionary Society, for the year
ending December 31, 1819, was one hun
dred and eleven thousand pounds sterling
or esno.OCO; nn increase of 7,000 upon
the income of the preceding year.
St. Louis, April 5, IS50.
News of Sin John Franklin. We
are indebted to James Sinclair, Esq., at
present sojourning in this city, for the fol
lowing extract from a letter to him from
A. M'Dermot, dated at Selkirk's Colony,
13th February, ISjO. Mr. M'Dermot
"A packet lias just arrived from M'Kcn
zie's river, which brings news that the
ship that went in search of Captain Frank
lin is wintering in M'Kt-nzie's river. This
packet is sent post haste by the Stale. 11
it thought the Captain t' still alire."
This, we think, is the most accurate and
reliable information that has yet been giv
en to the public, affording a reasonable hope
(hat the unfortunate gentleman, about
whom so much interest has been fell, is
yet alive. The fact that the packet was
'sent post haste by the States," is conclu
sive evidence that she bears important in
telligence, and her arrival will be looked for
with intense anxiety.
Thk Devh.' Fbcit. Potatoes wcte
first introduced at Moscow, by Mr. Row
land, about sixty years ago. At first, the
people would neither plant them ner touch
them, saying thry were the devil's fruit,
given to bim on bis complaining to God
that he had 00 fruii, when he was told to
cearch in the earth for some, which he did,
ad found potatoes.
The farmers' daughters of Massachu
rselies told straw hats and bonnets last year
ci tbt value of gLGJCfttf.
Recent accounts fiom St. Louis, says
thcN. Y. Herald, inlorm us of the arri
val there of four hundred F.nglish Mor
mons, who are preparing to journey west
ward, into the country of the singular peo
ple whose peculiar religion and habits they
have embraced. Some persons may won
der thai the English supply recruits to Ihe
Mormon ranks; but when ii is remembered
lhat the northern and central parts of Great
Driiain, nnd portions of Wales, have al
ways contributed largely to swell the num
bers of converts to any new religious en
thusiasm, nnd that the Mormon rldersf
from this country, are continually visiting
England in sear:h of proselytes, all sur
prise wit1 abate. In fact, we shall begin
to look about nt such a curious process in
coimiizins, and to nsk, where will Mor-
ninnism end? What are to he the political
results-? How fir do the tends nnd
its of the sect square with the political re
ligion of our constitution? The people are
inquisitive already, and it is quite lime
ihat Congress should Interpret ihe whole
matter, nnd give to the Mormons such a
Government as is consistent with Ihe con
slituiion nnd the ultimate welfare of the
country. The Mormons are wide awake,
and Congress should be wide awake nnd
stirring in ibis business. Mormonism is a
reality. Give ts nclion.
The PooTiiErtN Convention I here
were two attempts, in Mississippi, to get
up ihe Convention w hich proposed the
' Nashville Convention. The first was a
failure. The second was not much better,
as only re persons could he found
who wete willing to attend it. Ihe people
of Mississippi, therefore, were evidently
! unprepared for any such movement as this
Nashville Convention. And the prool
multiplies upon us, daily, that the people
in other southern States are not prepared
for this Convention. Virginia, which was
the next &l tic to lake action, through her
Legi-Ut'ire, in regard to this movement
has thin far spoken decidedly ngaint it.
We have before us an account of meetings,
held in some f-iglit or ten counties, and at
tended by men of Loth parties, nt which
resoluiions were passpd strongly condemn
ing the Nashville Convention.
In oirr humble opinion, therefore, the
originators and subsequent friends of Ibis
j movement, arp doing ihe South n deal of
injury in persisting that this Convention
should be held. That the people of the
iSuuiii, without distinction ol party, nre
agreed in sentiment on this slavery ques
tion, at least up to a certain point, is un
deniable. Any attempt tocreate an oppo
site impression, or the pushing ahead of a
project which seems likely to create nn
oi'posiie iic, is extremely dangerous. All
southern men ofnll parties agree that we
have rights under the Constitution. All
agree, pretty well, as to the nature and ex
lent of these rights. AH are determined to
maintain these rights. Dut this going
ahead of the people ibis attempting to
lead them in the dark with out telling them
what is to be done this Nashville Con
vention is a bad business. Maury Intel
ligenrer. St. Louis, April 15.
We were visited by a severe Snow Storm
yesterday, which fell without ceasing for
nine hours. The Snow now measures
eight inches deep on a level. The weath
er to day is cold, hut mild in comparison
with whnt we bare had for the last two
Decent accounts have been received here
from St. Joseph, which represents much
suffering existing nmong the California
emigrants. The diarrha; bad become an
alarming epidemic, and numbers were
dying from its effects. Many of those who
had not been attacked by Ihe disease, or
who had recovered were returning; home.
A License Law, of a very stringent
character Iibs been passed by the Massa
chusetts Legislature, prohibiting the sale
of all spiritotis or fermented liquor in a
less quantity than twenty-eight gallons,
except for mechanical and medicinal pur
poses. The agents for the sale of liquors
are to be appointed by (he lown Corpora
lions, and paid for their services by the
Corporation Treasury. The penally for
infringement of the law is imprisonment
and fine.
An excellent epitaph was gaven many
years ago, in few words, on the lombstone
of an elderly lady "She was always busy;
and always quiet."
Keep it before the People That
if it is mean to dun for a small debt, it nm
a d d sight mranner, to wait to be dun
ned for a small debt. Yes. Si: F.
E E. Selah. Pint Knot.
There is a fellow up Washington street,
so jealous ibat he counts his wife's hair
every day lo see if she has not given away
a memento during hit absence.
Death nv Spontaneous Combustion.
The billowing extraordinary occurrence is
related in the Gazette des Tribunaux: "A
few days ago, in a tavern near the Darriere
de PKioile, a journeyman printer named
Xavier C , well known for his intern
perate habits, while drinking with some
comrades, laid a wager lhat he would eat a
lighted candle. His bet was taken, and
scarcely had he introduced the (laming
candle into his mouth, when he ntterpil a
slight cry, and fell powerless to the ground.
A blueish (lanie wns seen to (lieker about
his lips, and on an attempt being made to
ofler him a-sitance. the hy.-tntiders were
horror struck to lind that he was burning
iniernally. At the pnd of hall an boor, his J
bend, and the upper pirl of his chest wt i I
reduced to cluirco.il. Two medical gpnile- !
men were called, and recognized lhat I
i X.ivier
fallen a victim to spontaneous
combustion. This confl Oration of the
' . r- . . . - .. ....
unman irame is mglitlully rapid in its pro
grpss; bones, skin, and inuscle are all de
voured, consumed, nnd reduced to ashes.
A handful of dust on the spot where the
victim fell is all that remains." l.iv.. Mer
cury. A rierlin paper slates that there is in
Russia a place called Annprdale, where a
most singular customer exists. Every Ipo
I years the awful scenes of the crucifixion
j aro enacted by the villagers. Some are
I dressed to represent soldiers nnd leivo
SOtne as Pharisees, and mnnv men. women
' nnd children sla-d round as the crowd 0f
spectators, while on the threp crosses nre
j miled figures in wax, and at the feet kneel
, women who represent the Marys. The?
. whole scene is gone through with in all its
details, and lasts all day. This very singu
lar performance, which has been l;ppt up
since the middle ages, is announced to take
place again in the monih of June, of this
year, and strangers are invited to witness it.
Dissolve the Union! never!
' Twere e'en a madman's part,
77r snlilrn chain In serrr.
Which girdles VccromN heart,
What.' Faction rear her Altar,
And discord wave her brand,
And hearts from duly falter.
At Party's base demand!
Lord: up .lis Ureednni'i- lemplo
Yon bin.' to overthrow:
And il vour -rm's uplifted,
.7 (e;oii pn.iiipl Ihe hlmc.
Think! e very radiant column
Mas cost n Patriot's blooi.'.
And would yo'i have them shntlprej,
Whore long in pride Ihey stood?
'That flag that honored pennon,
M irrorcd in every sea;
What, would vnu quench one beamingstar,
Nor sink in infamy?
Rend it and e'en its speechless fold,
So mercilessly riven.
fjlie mnrlireil .1'r's .nor, wnuhl cry
For vengatnee lo Ihe leaven !
Dissolve ihe Union ! never
You may not, if yon would,
Go, Tra-tor, go forever,
And bide you where you should!
For he who breathes dissension,
To shake a people's trust.
Should cower back to nothingness,
Or crumble into dust. i
The City nf Clniney, lib., has determined, ,
ihat no licenses lo keep liquor or beer shops
shall be granted in thai city. A bom one.
half of the voles wore pcllcd six hundred,
of which oniy forty five were in favor of
the licenses.
Terhaps full one half of the population
of San Francisco live in lento. "Happy
Valley" and the hills surrounding nre cov
ered with these frail tenements, and as the
occupants pay no rent for the land upon l
which ihey locate their tent, ihey thus, New FritiF.Mic.Il is slated that mar
contrive to live quite economically. Hoard ; riajo has assumed ihe shape of a violent
and lodging can be obtained at 2-j tn
dollars per week.
PrtF.T.nvATio.v or tiie Health. flood
men should be attentive to their health,;
--II il. U.IH.. A.-..l. nnoiil.t. ll.n
II till hi 1 1 1 11 IT mm y n in ji.ii n - jtna-iniv i e-
fit medium of the mind. A man may he
a good performer but what ran be do with
adisordered instrument? The inhabitant
, , 1
I,.... ...n.l n c n o I , . 1 1 I , .Mil gnw I, a CP,
llldl iiuic ..uii i ira ui i. v. - ' :
through a solid window? Keep therefore
the glass clean, and the organ in tune.
More Goi.n. The officers of the .fiiit
inform us lhat ihe little lown of r.irkviilc
a few miles below Weston, on Ihe Missouri
river, has nearly been depopulated within
the past few days, no: less than eighty oat
of one hundred and Gfty of the inhabitants
having started in search of gold high up
the Caw river, in ihe Indian Territory.
Ilecent discoveries have led ihem to be
lieve that gold exists in that country in
considerable quantity, and numbers have
started to search for it, confident of ultimate
success. St. Louis Intelligencer of March
"Al ways be prepared for death." This
was the admonition of a Missouri elder, as
he placed in his son's belt two bowie knives
and a pair ol revolvers.
A New Pahtv. We see some of the
papers are talking about getting up a
'unio.'j party, but we cannot see for the
life of us the occasion for such a movement,
when every reasonable man must allow
that nineiy nine hundredths of the people
of this country are already n union pnrty.
Disunion, though it may he talked of at
Washington, by a few noisy orators nnd
small fry siatsmnii, In- never seriously
entered into the niin lt of a score of sane
persons in the v. hole country. Disunion
can only lie the last desperate struggle and
resort of faction, which can accomplish its
object by no fair mid legal means. None
save political reuenade-i dari hint at such
fc; 'y, and a few crack -bra ined fanatics that
1,'T- .hi praying for.' Our Mrs. Parting
ton, on lt.-;i ri i! ir . lunch sai-l nbrint dis
solving the Union, asked wheiher they
would (Ipfnlve it in alcohol or hot water?
She was told that it must be dissolved in
blond il ever.
'Well,' she replied, with that fixed splr
it rtf rnci.lt... I in. f I... f.... . . I . ..
II v.1 li.-i'l... -n-il III . u lll'lll Mil I'll:'", Ill," V
. ,, . -
shall never have any ol my blood lor that
purpose. I'll spill the last drop first.'
Kisses. There are a great many kind
of kisses in this world. First, there is Ihe
li'i'e pert one of affection; then there is the
i Pre mul lioly one of friendship, and the
clammy one of "good by;" but of nil Ihe
kisses ever invented, give us the long and
t lauahing one ol'vouth and love a kiss lhat
. not nalv adds wings to your heart but Ii I-
j die strings to your suspaaders Ao Duhbs
very justly obsetves, il 'anything v ill make
a '' a I'assvjil, n is playing lips
wit'i ttie girl you ve.
I Tut: PiiriirsT Man in the Woni.o
I The Washington correspondent of the
Journal of Commerce says that gentlemen
from California, now in Washington, sav
. that Col. Fremont is the richest man in Ihe
; world. His gold mine will probably be
; saleable in a few years nt ix millions nn
' ncre. Mr. Wright says also that he knows
! of spnis belonging to the Government,
which are worth six millions of dollars an
acre, niu! will produce from ten to twenty
per cent on that sum,
There's not a heath, however Hide,
II nt bnt'n pe.ni" li' J" Ibnver
To brighten up its solitude,
And scent the i vening hour.
There's not n honit, however cast
Dy griefnnd sorrow down.
Dot haili some memory of ihe pist,
To love nnd call its own.
There are some grumble's who are nl
ways complaining of Ihe light, flashy
superficial, character ol ihe newspapers of
the day. Header, did you ever bear any
of these Jeremiads? and if so, did ihey not
invariably come from shullowipated fel
lows, with hardly a thimble-lull of brains
coxcombs, who would have siarggered,
lop-heavy, under the weight id two ideas ?
So far as our expr rienee has gone, j j3- such
owls, that complain of the want of power
in the content') of the newspaper p'.ss,
Thry want profoun ler articles l ho Pacific
i Ocean i-n'i deep enough for thtsc min-
nows !
Fir.TV. The world does not hale I'iety,
but it bates the lust of power veiled titubr
the gaib ol I'ietv. Il bale? those who make
I'iety a trade. In iis heart i: loves the altar:
l ut it hates all who, while Ihey make the
altar a i.'esk for niniiev changing anil mo
ney making, won! I drown ihe noise ol
their operations with the hymns of siiiiula-
led ndoralion.
epidemic nt Wtlmiiigion, Delaware, nnd
1 ict one minister a lone pocueieil sometinog
I like one hundred dollars for adjusting tin
'yoke matrimonial," a few days since.
T., .... I.' . 11.. .1 .
a i...im.ii.ii r n -., ,i , . a t. i. i in.-,, i , y me
homestead law which has just passed ihe i
N. York Legislature both branches a :
; man's home, unless worth over AlOU.!.1
1 ' 1
'p.nnnl I . n 1 . . . i 1 , . I I. . , . t 1. . L..n.ri. . '
i .i "c iiiuviivu iui urui lincilllvl ,-ul- '
ocnooimnsier "iiiu i iiompkins, what
ts a widow?'
Dili "A wrJder, sir, is a married wo
man that hainl got no husband, cause lie's
M.is!rr "Very we!!. What is a wid- 1
own.' 1
Hill 11 A tvi.litnrr.,r 14 a man ti'tif .,.o
arter Hi" wi.Id.-rs." 1
Mister "Well, Hill, lhat is not exactly j
accordiag to Johnson, but it will do."
A young and beautiful damsel, near
Irankfort. Kentucky, having two lovers,
Ilie maiier ry marrying one and eloping i
with Ihe other.
Me or Talent. Those who can pu!l
fine Sxon over the eyes of liie public.
i r: i,Ai;r;ri!.-; ijeuo.
An K-cidknt or tiii: .".J s.-aci:e at G'o-
1.1 A II.
Ii was the mnrniri'-of liie 7th of March,
IKI'i. .Inn rn. luoilu-r of dews nnd ini--tress
of the iminsmn (if golden clou-Is,
came, as f-i , .- i.!m.-i ner route to t'.e
liviny greenery of the pj.tiasi o (Julsrd a
thing ol her.utv. 'I't'-eu of the sky. on a
llirone ol I -irning ntn'mr, robed i'i i!.e
crimson of .'ire, with a i!i:ileni of puipb .
a'nl s're.ini. r-) oi 'i:::'t-d pink. Oh! it v.m
a glnrimn il.nvn (or the poet tn s'ii-t ol
earth, or t'ie sn;nt to pr.-ie heaven; but 0' t
llier poet's siiiiji nor saint's prayer made
the matins ol i!ie pi ice and ihe hour. A la?.'
no; it w us a very diflerent cort of mnsie.
A number ol h'-ars" ('rums roared I' e
loud revti'h- that invoke lour hundred
Texan pri-niiers nnd their guard b'lir
limes their nnoil-er of Vexiemj soldi. -r
the title o is,.. Chi -f V.:itei. i'j c.ratv.l nr v.
pri-ooo. o -.-.r.. i r . i i i . - ! i -1 . t v
moueii .) p -irad" in lore the pol, ;:i lin
ni'iin slrei-l of lb- vil.'nge; nnd every eye
sp-irkled ui'li i'ly, ;.n. every hru-ii" niier
e,l iis --1 i 1 1 r li.e iuvo'u'ita-v exclaiiialion
ol eon!i,i-:iee and hope "'J , noble
Santa A I
e Is going lo cxrcule
I lie sb ipped back lo
l tu
I 1 " ' 1
. .. . i i
'i a:
' r - . . .
j beloved I .uiteii fvati
We shall see
dear Iriends once inori !" iS-mli were
cheerlol cries wtlli which ibe American
volunteers, and Ihe lew Tcxans among
them, "reeled liie order to form lain line.
J he line was formed, and then broken
mm nvu n i iitiilis, Wlieu every irisiruiueut
01 inusii: in tne .Mexican in snundecl a
merry march, and they moved nway with
a quick step oyer Hie prairie towards the
wen. :
Five mlnu'ee afier'-.-ard--, a singular dia
logue occurred l.euvixi the iwo k.i lers ol
ihe ImM column ol prisoners;
"What ii'.akes you walk so l.ttuc. Col.
Neil 7 Aievoti wounded" a-d.'e I a I ill,
handsome in in, with blue pyis, an.! brave-.
ry llasliing l.inli in all their beams
"Oul. rantiin. I walk lame lo keen from
being wounded; do von comprehend."' re
, . I ...( il,,, ,,il ;,:'. I i. i i.
laugh ns no word-might describe it was
so loud, so luxurious, like ibe roar of the
breakers o! a s"a of humor' it was, in short.
a langii o! tiie inmost heart.
"I nn tmt nimprehend vou, for I am no
ar'i-t in rmdles," rr joined Fannin, smiling
himself nl liie !ndi"roiis gaiely ol Ins com
panion, S I strangely lil-l!Uie..
"oii ili-oover ihat I inn lame in each
bg." s-a'd Col. N-il, glancing down nl the
iiienih. rs ind cil -d, and mimicking the
inovciiieiils of a eonllrined cripple, as be
languid louder loan ever. "And yet." he
atlib il, in a w hi-pi-r, "I have neither 111"
rheuina'.irii in my kures, ror corns on mv
lues, I im 1 have iwo big rcv::lfi:i:i in luv
" Th'-i i -n vie! riot! of ! !r..nV, l-v
wl ieli we a;M . o, tn dehvi r lip fill our
anus, i , . j annin i:i.iiini:u';v suggested
annul 1:1.111 111 : 11, ; y s'iggi
s e, however, l!,..t I
'':'p ill" stin i-' an I our ii
" 1 ! I 'aim i 11, oil cl 1
"Vo'l V.' II
need lb -in I o
r.'plie I :,',.;!.
know the ir n
I, .ill
la n-t
fh'Ty i f llu'se I, a
At t! e ii's'nni i' e sun nr'',r" in a s';' of
r-xtrar.r-l mrv I r.lii mcy, nnd a iiullioti
(I iWer cup't lli"ig their ii''i odors i;! roa I
over the g" it pia.iie as nn cl' ring to lit"
h id o. I
hi. v.io 11 ihe m ,1 ii-,'a ' . " ( 1 h.ili"
was given b,' one c i-.nca A 11 n r. . ail-,
and the two e.iiumns id 1 ri" .tiers were
broken up nnd s ."in
smiiil bellow s.tiar.
red over ihe plain, m
. ( r.eirc! tl on rverv
: sole
v ;ui
'Xi-'.iii in'antrv ntid
troops o!
orsfi wii
word-! .
1 loaneti inu.-ln '.s mm mueii
hi. I t.,en p.ium' a momentary
pa::se, a'.vhil 1:1 iis 1 1 ' n 1 -s. innl disturbed
only hv tn nf-a-i mal dmelc of terror, as
'; Ihe most 1 nn. I among ihe captives realize. I
! the in p, n. 'o.g storm cl'lire. and extineii.in
I ol Il'e' .,SI hope,
j And i!o 11 tin' internal woik of wholesale
i murder wns I,,-..-. j. 1, an I n seme pns.ie,!
j such lis sct.-,'el 111 ii
1 very annals of h' o
1 inn--!; try hm-t in m
It he matched
I i"
i'self. 'J'li r. a
'.'.'.s-ive lieals like
,' palling (!: s i f thunder, l.tl' cool I eol
I utt' iU dio'.vi ihe prayers nl l:i l;vin '. tin-si'.reauv-
o' t! " wonr- led, and more icrrible
1 g!.' .HIS ol !ii. ily.ng .'
; ( ' 1. F'inni'i I. 11 a'onng the (list -r i . ! f . . -.
j l.'il not .i l;-p e:.,..t , Vi!!i liie f.' r
i ' I l: e !.:,'.'.: ;i ,.,; r tor il 'S l;lo:i to f;i'.
I irir belli si u 1. .I ; !:;.. st to ibe earth.
; thai liie v.tii.".- 1 :- -1 (iii;rei.' ever h'oi
I I le wailed p-i ! r a s-.'ici ': t ini-ti'tg a
I b old i.ii. 1 r H'h ho"l, be ;iro-" i' i:ii a cooj ..
1 of M-shoioor- I." de.i.tly ?ev. .'vi rs i.'
I AM"!!'.- ..a:otii 'to ! rommoTv't i! ili a 'tar
t. itiir I hem . ' it 'i I '. .. i - - tel.- r i i. ' : e . , I !..-.;.
j mag, into Ike thi.-ii.'si r t.!:'ol bis I .-'s
. In-' numen-i. i-r. n::'ii ena Mmg iiiic. to j u ,1
oil h..'h l.to tr-: ..
I J'.ltl i- slri.'i.e'l
I 1 T i " 1 : i i;:s r
. age, tiinuigli wl
s Ingellu
di stir-'
I d ao-l'
ri P'l 1
,.; I 1
f, .
v. as
1 1 ,,
1! w
:g oi il p 1 .
-' V.'l - le d t l
a I
I he
e e',1
" 'l '-'"" Ics t;:-n r, :
ir Ji' 1. ..
.l-it Co':)
so inii.-h
, ,' ' . . li
liel Win.! I i:ot ('i t me
c Ilier t! (
( vru t:-! " ,
lin I liil ".'-t's III t '
l-e'T! I ter,
l-ed tile
natural el isnejiy id
i'.'ll pr. s'.ic!y a flu
Hurley mo
Iba ' r I tail
r-st i:n ie
human r: v
1: g II 'I Ills
: s ) near that
s o r fir
die i- .os 'j.ius
a. ' 'n il Ins
m:i fni'ii
I 1.1 mm. '
a. v. li-e.i:ig
11! ro:;l a
d iV-t.l bs
. .' ! - Ibg'.r.
v wcne-s',!
Ihe rr.T.'onii r n-f .!
ii,.. ... .... .. ..
i ,s i:
N- il I
'in- nl;,
:r in
(ll (j 7' .j'., ('
peed, tiil Ihe iiot
the ho.---- 's ti :-;n
" 1 ,
' tt.i.i
.1 ol It
d er r
r f: 1:1 '
"ii r 11
in I re.
retinvf r.
j-,,!.;;,.. ilP v;,..j. ,.
A m i I veil i.f gri-l
the rein:.::. .ii ; i.-,.-,-.ji r
! 1 in- .it- 1. 1 liieir c ' iii.t 1
I Inline, )j , !y evident
as I
n ! lis 1 il.'i'l I'm
l .c augmented
railTlotl (if iheir nilrs-iil for V
; llhiiieil
alterwaids in line l.od, I'.i. r -! v go ally
eu i:ie river l !or" I liem. 11" raa-eii uoi .
i i iiio.i.eiii, but plunge.! ha iiong I'o'.vn tiie
steep uaiik into Ihe rurri-nt, an I struct r(i
lor Ihe i. tin r fhure. Tiie i!iaouns dis-
chargo, tht-ir side nru hit ll'eclujily,
gave ovt r liie cliasi!
la a few inirinles Nil landed, and as
soon ns he , i s;;iis(i,-.d ihnt bo was really
saved, imr-l into nn in'O ipressib,'e eonvul--i"!i
id l-irghN-r. pyelfiunuig: ' J t will kill
no! .IiiM fotjiink lioiv asiMu'shed ihe yel
low devils birtf.e.l when hauled the revol
vers onl of ir .- Imkin; "
Such w as t '(..I, J t,i n 7"ei' possessing a
Itin-I ol humor tint no m w t'r n nn could
ever' exbau- t, and n flow ol a u in' r I spirits
wl-i-h e..ti!(t hnv ppa'-lrd h'Mi to dance on
the graven el nil his ilean-t liiends, or to
have sung Yankee Jtoodle at his own
Col. Neil was born and brought up in A
pine l( i,t mi ili b ucks ol ihe Cumberland
river, in Tennessee. At lhe age of fifteen
he ran aw.iv Inun his lather, and made bis
way in ihe wilderness ol Texas. He ther
ado; if. I (.;. pri,.cinn arms, which he
pe or more relinquished. ,'. has hfen
rapt.vn r.f rangers, n eolnni-l of mduia, n
r'l 'i.l-oian tn Mexiean trad. re. a. id a gen
' ral lo i c at. ;,. ,- (or Sheriffs of many
comities; :iM, ,,. aJ ),,s j, ,. ,.1S lPH ons
buo;. nn try latHi. A rid if deed he may
h" said lo have a perleel njl.t to laugh, if
ev.-r man bad. !ur a I raver, wanner, more
etieion-i licati n,.Vi r te-at in a hil'iian
b ifoni. lb" deserves to n aiiz.- his favorite
Wish "10 lli- lllllghlllg." ,Sh,((,, Tllllll.
Tin: Ci)Mrii;trsi up Ynuit "lr''--ThT!
is ;i jilcnsMnt kind of ilchision in
which soini! iicniilr; iiidnlio. that, nn-
(i;r otlior circiimsfniines, fhov would
lj inncli irro.itcr tliaii thev nre; thnf.
h:u! they lint ciij ivc l rcrtain ndvnn
tn;'cs which older.? have rtijoycd, nnd
which th'-y li.ivc n d, llicy would
htivc fgoiic f:ir hnyond thn ordinary
limit.-- nt' htimnii xcdlenco; in fact
tli.it they woti'd have heroine urcat.
It is run-, (.oilinps. lint th'iy rover
tried vory hard to ttUor tu; drcum-
! stances in which ihcv wore placed:
that liioy never evfinsed thcmsclvos
to dangers and diliicitlties, or under-
WCMt privalinilt, T even tinder Wftnt
' tiny grant 1,-iluMu- in order lo remedy
: the -rWJ of which thev mmnlnin.
I Imv h ive oii c.n" it t. stilte'
ncv nave ne.in C..11'" u t mi or n
lilt; injiistico lo which liiey were sub-
jecled witlioiii a siniorgle. and to sutler
; liie v.oti l to he deprived of" a i;rcit
man wilhout so tnnch as one efiort to
1 prevetit the iiTPpnrahle loss, t.lnly
! when it is too late to r" dr the evil
' di) they d;s. inver it. r.nd he wail (heir
own late an i lhat of the worM that
..Ill I .1
such si 1 ' ii ii, 1 nave iiren liie c
, ' II I had not e.,)nr (,, ,.,,1
! 1 had liad the iidvanl iges of
mv elder
liroiiicr" "if 1 hadn't :,.,.., i;i!;cn from
sdio.-l hf'l'ire I I: new the value of
: Ican.iiitr'' "if I had. or even if I had
i not, hern sent out 1 1 1 . the- world lo
i l"1 my "i ti living;" "j 'mv of those
I contingencies- ha.i hapj'."iied, then ihe
I world wouM liuve hreii tidier hv one
more "I''at man yr v. omlot Ail wo
man i"
I rp . . c n
' a 11 1 v
I .ctlers from ( 'ali lornia slate that
tile -i irty whiidi (rross.-d die continent
under lii'e chaf'-e of .1. V. Audiihon.
, j . 1; ; . I...,,!...., .
1 -. 1
! tiieir luck nt the Stanislaus and
Tud.iiiino di,::g;iiios. While- so em
id yr.'d. the proceeds !M not average
more than one duller per (a.y for each
man. Jndiv idmhi of ihe party arc
ii''.v riifxaed ;i( oilier oircupatiotis, nt
saleries varyii;;: Ironi I,5l)ij to f:,000
er an.iuni.
Tun T,ot is'. ii.i.i: i'ienr.rKn.
The l.o'iisviile papers, of tin fith inst.,
all spn! oi';i shock, of an earlh'ptake
ie't in that city on the previous cvo
nii:!'. Tiie i .otiisvilic (.'mirier savss
"Last rvci ing ah. irt five minutes
o'di ii-;.;. tli ' !i i d of an eartli
: was liii ''i-t.'v ich iili over the
city. Wit c in our sanclti'ii writ
ir"g a! Ill'1 mouieiii. mul tiie building
vi' r.tt.'d and Ireinhletl fur ihe snaco
ol twelve or J I ; "r" u s cuinis to sttcli a
il.'giee as fo cnus.' ns lo experience a
sensation similar ! i (lie shuck d .1
smi. Idi di'si-h.-iT ,-: (.f heavy aitillery,
co'ii!'iii"il wi'ii dips of ticrnder or
tl:" t; t'm!i'i i r an I i it ri:' of a dozen
ro'ioics fnrtiiir: hv. The shod; w.n
so violent in many portiuns of tlto eitv
as ! create eo:isi :er.i!ii ' alarm, and
the inmates of varioas h-ui-es preeip
ilatdy lied to the streets in the utmost
c. ns;ei :iatio:i."
Ivtii I Tim. A I twyr hnilt him atx
nliiee in tin: !.ir::i of a i(ie(op. or six
sipnr-. T!;e ivcdty of tiie slruettire
attracted lli. :itt-i:tiin rf sumo Iris'i
iii ni as il.ey wcr: j.as-in hv; they
so ' ! a I'u'i slop, and viewc.l the
i nil' lie.; very f.iref i!'v.
Tii-: lawyer so ti Mvir't i'i?;tisled at
:!i'-:r curiosity, I. "led in the win low,
p::t hi; lnvid mi:, and addressed them:
"What .1 y.i stand there lur, like
a p i ol i.lo 'khe ids. tf.iln at m
oiii i-r D.iyo'.i tale it fiir a cliurch!
Lie of 'hi in replied :
Why, indeed. I was liimkinr; fo.
... . . ' t
of tlio wiiid.vv,
"John, is my roiiee hot
"Not yt t. in.nssa, mo spit in
anil lie no lizzie."

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