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THE POST will b3 published every Frhlny
nt $3 per ymir, pnyahlo within three nionthi
frnm (hn time nt iih,r.rihillfr ! $'2..)0 in SIX
months or $3 if payment is delayed until
the exnirntion of the venr.
AnvKnTisKMKNTS will bo charged $1 per
square of 1 2 lines (or less) for the Brst insertion,
nnd cents for ench continuance. A liberal
deduction mndo to those who advertise by the
year. Persons aciidinir advertisements must
mark the number of times they des're them
inserted, or they will he continued until for
bid nnd charged accordingly.
(gj- For announcing tho names of candi
dates for office Tiirkk Dollars, Cash.
Jon WonK, such ni Pamphlets, Minute!, Cir
culars, Cards, Blanks, Handbills, A.C., will be
executed in a neat nnd workmanlike manner,
Btshnrt notice, and on reasonable terms.
All letters addressed to tho proprietor, post
paid, will bo promptly attended to.
Persons nt n distance sending us the names
of four solvent subscribers, will bo entitled to
a fifth copy gratis.
No communications inserted umcss accom
rmnicd by the name of the nuthnr.
fjj-Omce on the West side of the Public
Square, next door but one nhove tho Post
Baltimouf., Oct. 9.
John L. E Jerome, the Whig candidate
for the Mayoralty '' Bil'imore city, hn
been elected hy a majority of 410 votes.
The Council is equally divided.
Washington, Oc!. 5.
Nino Clerks worn discharged from the
Treasury Department today, nnmngsl whom
aro Messrs. Sootl, Lancaster, Hume, and
others. The additional appointment ore
Messrs. Bronaugb and Town",
Masonic The following officers have
been elected by the .Masonic Grand Lodge,
at its late sesssion in Nashville :
C. A. Fuller, G. M.
J. M. Gilbert. 1). G. M.
Samuel Pride, S. G. W.
J. M. Seabury. J. G. W.
J. S. Dishiell. G. S.
W. 11. llorn.G. T.
Tt is now generally conceded (ys the
Selino (Ala.) Reporter of tho 4lli inst.,)
that the cotton crop will be very short, Wc
do not know a single planter who will make
as much as ho did last year. Tiio corn
crop-" too, will be very shoit.
Baltimore, Oct. 5.
Our Stale election is over, and the whigs
have been defeated. Mr. Lowe, tho demo
cratic candidate, is elected by a majority id
1551 in the State. All the counties have
been houril from officially and iinolHcin'ly ,
Tho entiro vote, according to these returns,
is Lowe 27,597, Clark 20,040. Tho official
figures cannot differ much from Ihe above.
The whigs feel a good dnal chagrined, in as
mjch as they hnd reason to hope for suc
cess. Thero were local causes, however,
which operated powerfully against ihein.
Mr. Clark (whether true or not) wos sup.
posed to be connected with a dynasty here
known as the Court House Clique. Ihi
hod become unpopular, ond many of the
whigs thinking justly too it had ruled
long enough, lent their inlluence to the
democratic side. Out of the seven State
Senators, the whigs have elected five, thus
securing them a decjded majority in this
body for some years to como. Cor. Char
Hints to Beaux. To please tho old
folks while you court the daughter, agree
with the father in politics, and keep the
mother in snulF. To please the brother,
loud him your rifle and buy him a dog. To
please her sister, buy her a dress. Tt
please your dulcinea, keep her in jewelry
and call her an 'angel." To please your
clf, be a foul.
A suit has just been decided by the Cir
cuit Court in New York in which the New
Jersey Railroad Company have been mulcted
in tho suns of 1,000 in consequence of oni
of their can crushing the foot of a lady at
the depot in Jersej City in August, 1847.
Woitderf will never cease," at the old
maid slid alter bidding her first beau good
night." She went straight to bed and
dreamed about little frocks, tiny shoes, and
all that sort of thing.
The only people that hope, are the poor.
The rich live in fear. Reduce a man to
one pair of breeches, and his view of futuri
ty will be as buoyant as a cork. Make a
millionaire of him, and he will worry from
year end to year end. Every gale of wind
not only sinks his vessels, but bis spirits,
and the same conflagration that only breaks
up the nap of the Shirtless loafer, Juls the
mind of Croesus, the rich man, with fear
and trembling for the slock he owns in
some iosuiance company.
A paper published among the "Tutch
men," in Pennsylvania, says that Ihore is
a great excitement in New York, in conse
quence of the arrival of a foreigner, named
Johnny Lind, who sings most beautifully.
If you have anything to do, do it; bjt if
you bavn't anything to do, for Heaven's
take keep out of mischief.
Washington, Oct. 5, 1350.
There is much agitation at the North, on
the suiject of the fugitive slave act, which
has so fur been successfully executed. The
question is tu be tested whether the law can
be executed or not. Mr. Seward, Mr. Win
i drop, and others declared, when it was
under consideration, that it could not be
executed. So far, the rnas of the people
have sustained the law, and it is believed
that it is fully in accordance with public
It will be some time before llio department
of the Interior will bo able to issue any
warrants or ccilificotes under the land
bounty act. The entry ledgers must be pre
pared, Ihconny rolls copied, and certificates
made ready. It will bo about two months
before certificates con be issued. To effect
a location and procure a patent will take
about eight mouths more, and perhaps a
longer lime. Until the patent is issued, the
warranter! can mak! no disposition of his
warrant. On account of this delay, Ihe
new act will not much interfere with the
Mexican land warrants. There aro but
twelve or fifteen thousand on hand, nnd they
will not fall below QViO. At tho land
offices they are equivalent to g'."00 in co-h,
and it is probable they will all be located
within a year. After the patents are issued,
under the now act, they will rapidly fall.
Those first obla:iicd will sell has'. When
the market is well glutted, they will fall to
twenty or tinny dollars, and be engrossed
by capitalists.
Col. Fremont' letter in tho Baltimore
Sml, shows ll.nl no amicable relations exist
between li'in nnd Mr. Footo, Col. Fremont
considers tho difficulty growing out tf the
debate on thn California bill, as re-opened.
Me alleges that the publications of Air,
Gwin were dictated hy .Mr. Foote, and thai
they arc false state neiits. It is evident
that Ihe feud will be continued. I doub'
very much whether tho matter after its ad
justment was stirred up again at Mr. Footu's
instance, but there are always good naturcd
friends enough to do that for any man,
sissirri. The Vickhurg Whig says :
We sre extremely glad that his Excelled
cy has been relieved, tl gh, in bit quj-c
serious, we do not helipve nine-tenths of the
people of the Slate will look with any other
feeling than contemptuous regret upon the
result of tho travnil. The proclamation
merely shows Hie strength of wish the Gov,
ernor has to keep himself notoriously ''he.
lore the people," and does no mora express
their will or desire than did the last ukase
of Nicholas or the last agonizing buzz of
tho latest defunct humbug of Ihe limes. Ol
this the friends of the compromise' every
where limy rest assured.
Quantities of arms and ammunition have
passed through Drownsville, Texas, on tho
way up the Rio Grando in Mexico, and a
serious dist'irbonco is expected, whether
Almonte or Arista succeeds in the prist
dential election.
A speculator in Paris has just arranged
the departure of two hundred women for
California, and those houris of the harem of
Paris, Kouen, Lyons, and Havre, weie a-
boul to sail fur thn gold country. Be it un
derstood that these beauties are not diam
onds of the first water; but no matter, they
leave France with the strong resolution I"
be good girls.
Major Noah laughs at the idea of calling
Ihe editorial class a fraternity." He says,
"It is truo that at a public dinner, or a phi
lanthropic mi cling, they shake hands and
say civil things to each other; but this is
evidently all hyrucrisy, for the next dsy
they vill fall to reviling each other in print
with as much vindictiveness as ever. We
refer more particularly to political editors
the neutrals, or independents, get along a
little better, and yet even these, when they
have a good opportunity to po!;e their fing
ers in each others eyes, seldom neglect it.
Acquitted. Some lime since, Mr. Jno
S. Wise, of St. Louis, Mo., discovered the
existence of an adulterous intercourse be
tween his wife and Thos. B. Hart. Hereup.
on he killed the paramour at Palmyra, Mo.
For this act he has recently undergone a
trial and been acquitted amid the cheers of
a large assemblage.
It is not in a splendid government sup
ported by powerful monopolies and aristo
cratical establishments that the people will
find happiness or their liberties protection,
but in a plain system, void of all pomp,
protecting all and granting favors to none
dispensing its blessings likt the dews of
Heaven, unseen and unfelt, save in the
freshness and beauty ibey contribute to
-"An old lady of Pennsylvania had an unac
countable aversion to rye, and never could
eat it in any form, "till of late ihey got"
he said, "to making it into whiskey, and I
find I can, now and then, worry down a
From the Home Georgia Courier.
In those days came Walter the Disunion
ist preaching in the wilderness of Georgia.
2. And saying, Repent ye, for the king.
I'orn of tho South is nt hand.
!3. For this is hn that wos spoken of by
the prophet Barnwell saying, The voice of
ono crying in the wilderness, Prepare yc (he
way of tho Southern Konphederacy, make
its paths straight.
4. Every slave Slate shall be exalted and
every tree Stale shall be brought low; Kali
pliomia shall he given to us for an inhori.
tanre und the land of Mexico for a posses
sion. 5. And all flesh shall seo tho wisdom of
the Gnashville Konvention.
0. Then went out ui'lo him much people
from Mncon and from Kingston and from
the region round about Columbus; and the
Knuli,ihiers heard him gladly.
7. But when ho saw many of tho Union
men coming unto him, he said unto them, O
generation of white livers, who hath warned
you to flee from tho wrath to como J
8. Bring forth, therefore, fruits meet for
Chi vn fry .
9. And think not to say within yourselves,
we have Washington to our I'ntlier, For I
say unto you, that tho Gimsliville Konven
tion is nblo ol me to raise up one mightier
than Washington,
10. And now also, that the axe islnid at
the root of the Union, every tree, therefore,
that Vingeth not forth the fruit of Shivalry,
shall he hewn down nnd past into the fire.
11. Washington imbed delivered you from
Ihe oppression of the land w hence yo came
out, but I will deliver you from thn sorer,
ai.ri more grievous tyriimiy of the people of
the North country.
1. And tho people asked hj.u.
what shall wo do to them 1
l-i. He answeroih ami saith unto them,
C'liiie out from aiiungthe. people of the North,
and be yo separate, us aNo snith the Gnash
ville KolHTllliou.
11. lie that liruli friends at the North, lot
him forsake them, nnd he that iroduth with
their merchants let him do likewise,.
15. Fur as your fathers drove nut the B(it.
ish from their coasts and wrought deliver
ance from the hand of tho oppressor, so s.'iall
yc bo delivered from tho bondago ( your
10. And many other things in his exhor
tation preached he tintn t'io people.
17. Ilowbeit ihe people would not hear
ken unto the voice of Walter, for tho more
part clave onto Howell, tho Speaker, unto
whose words they all gnvo heed.
H. And if nunc to ass after many days,
that the ruler of tho people commanded the
captains and the great inei, and the mighty
men lo assemble together at Milledgnville,
to worship :m imago of secession, which
the ruler had set up.
19. And behold, when the council of tho
people w ere gathered together, Ihey would
rot obey tho eumiiitiiid of their ruler, but
east i!uii tho image and stamped upun it
with their feet.
'-'0. Anil they said, we will not depart
from tin oy of our fa'iiers, but will ol serve
their laws to do llii'in.
51 And the land had rest for many years
and the pcop!c waxed mighty and prospered.
"i have always been very fortunate in
worldly matters,1' says D ckens, in tho last
number of ''David Copperfield," ''many
men have worked much harder, and not suc
ceeded half so well; but I never ruuld have
dono what I have dona without tho habits
of punctuality, order and diligence, without
the determination to concentrate myself on
on? subject at one time, no matter how
quickly its successor should come upon its
heels, which I then formed."
The Cincinnati Commercial of the 2nd
inst. relates the following:
Strange Revelation A colored woman,
living on New street, having separated from
her husband recently, has revealed s vrral
singular incidents in relation to his mode of
livelihood. She states, that relinquishing
tho occupation of a cook, ho took sumo time
ago to fortune telling, and that a number of
while women were in the habit of resorting
to him to have their fortunes told several
of these having been seduced by him dur ng
these interviews, whijli were generally in a
small apartment, darkened. His wife break
ing into ihe apartment, and discovering on
one occasion ihe true character of his en
gagements, is alleged to be the cause of Ihe
.separation. She stales also that one man
had been paying her husband $100 per
month for certain directions in his mode '
business in other words fur instructions in
A favorite medical prescription, in those
blessed days before calomel was invented,
was a decoction of mashed wallow's blood,
brains, feathers and all !
An old author observes that among all
the systems of idolatry with which the world
abounds, there is no sect which worship
the letting sun.
Sjichamf.nto, August 10, 1950. At 0
late hour yesterday oftern joii, thn Senator
hailed the Gold Hunter in Suisun Bay, and
the welcome response reached our ears:
'All right above every thing quiet in Sa
cramento!" Judge of tho gloom that set.
lied on every countenance, as the boat came
to the Levee, when it was announced that
another brave and generotishearled public
officer hnd fallen beneath the murderous bill
lets o'desperate outlaws. After the fune,
ral of Mr. Assessor Woodland, yesterday
aflermon, the Sheriff started with twenty
men for the Five Mile House, to arrest any
squatters ho might find there. A portion
of tli? Sheriff's party were entirely unarmedi
not knowing the purpose he had in view
when they lelt the Fort. On thejr arrival
nt the Five Mile House, no persons were
found in arms, and thn parly proceeded on
a quick gallop to the Pavillion. They had
not ridden far, when they were informed
that a parly of squatters had taken posses
sion of a house a short d.stance beyond the
Pavillion. After a short halt, the Sheriff
divided his party into squads, under the
command of Gen, Winn, Mr. Robinson,
and himself. When the sheriff had reached
the home, lit) ordered his parly to dismount,
and invited them in a jocose manner to go
and gel something to drink. Ho immedi
aiely, with two or three others, entered the
house while the rest were hitching their
horses. In the room adjoining the bar,
the squatters were waiting for an attack,
anJu summons Irom the sheriff to them to
lay down their arms, was answered by a
volley from eight or ton muskets. Firing
was kept up on both sides for a few mo
ments. Tho Sheriff loft the house to look for the
rest of his parly who were coming up, and
was but a little distance from it, when a
inn lift, loaded with buckshot, was dis
charged by n tall man, supposed to be Al
len, standing in tho inner door, and Slier.
ifl'McKinncy fell, mortally wounded. He
exclaimed two or three times, "I am killed!"
walked a few steps and fell dead. Some of
those who were present, say that the Sher
iff was shot nt tho first lire of ihe squatters,
as he entered the room.
A.IUNI I'l'ter tho toll mnn iilint itjn t-bpritf,
(I quote from the Transcript,) Dr. Baily,
who was near, aimed his pistol at him and
fired. The ball probably took effect, for
ihe man dropped his gun nnd fell over. He,
however, soon recovered himself. Previous
to this, before many had got into the house,
but after Ihe firing had commenced, ho fired
from the bar-room window, and grazed ihe
arm of Mr. Cromwell. Cromwell fired back j
in return, and thinks that the bill must iiave
taken effect.
'In the mcle, the squatters, who fired
from Ihe bar, were shot dead. Capt. Rod
ford wos severely wounded in the fore-arm-The
bones were broken. Two were then
brought out prisoners, and conveyed forth
with to he Pavilion. After they reached
ill'. Pavilion, two others were bruught in.
We regret to learn that Capt. Hamn.ersley,
after Iho firing commenced, was l' rown j
from his hrsc. He was injured in Ihe back
probably not severely. One of iho prisoners !
was then tukt 11 in a wagon to town, under
Parties pr( ceeded to town, to inform the
citizens of ihe state of affairs. The 5rst re
inforcement that reached the Pavilion from
town, was a parly of ten men, led by Mr.
Lundy. Tho second was a party of about
twelve men, led by Mr. Tracy. Gen. Winn
drew them up, and made a short speech to
"The three remaining prisoners were
placed in an omnibus, together with Capt,
Radford and the remains of Sheriff McKin
ney. A guard of horsemen were appointed
to accompany the omnibus into town.
'I ha names of the prisoners who were
in the omnibus were John Hughes, Jas. 11.
Cullman, and Win, B. Ooiiiong.
"The body of tho Sheriff was left at the
fort, and the prisoners weie enveyed down
J street, along Front, to the prison ship.
"On the part of the authorities, Sheriff
McKmney was killed, and Cap. Radford
wounded, but not mortally. On tho part
uf the squatters three were killed. One,
prubably more, were wounded, and four
were taken prisoners.
Dr. Eriarly, Mr. Briarly, Mr. Milne,
Mr. Cleal, Mr. Bruce and a German, (name
unknown,) gave pvidene of distinguished
bravery during the affray "
Allen, who is supposed 10 have shot the
Sheriff, has been a ringleader uf the squat.
u-r, and is said to bn a most desperate old
man. His wife, who has been sick for some
lime, died in a bick room of tho same house
where ihe fight took place, a lew hours af
terward, a len nas not yei neen lounu.
but traces of blood are observablo from the
house to the river, a.id as Ihey are lost on
the right bank, he is supposed 10 have been
drowned in attempting to cross it.
When the news of the death of Sheriff
McKinne) reached here, the whole town
was in an intense state uf exciieim nt. A
meeting of the citizens) was immediately
hold, and a large parly volunteered l go
out and bring in ell men in arms, (lend or
alive, At three o'clock fins morning, I saw
a man from the scene of action, who repor.
led that the squatters had dispersed, and
all was quiel.
HoRnrBLE Muiiukk at West Chester.
The Philadelphia Ledger has ihn liillnw
ing particulars relative to an awful murder
that tccurred in the vicinity of West Ches
ter, Pa., on Saturday morning :
Some of the children belonging to the
school at Rocky 1 1 i 1 1 , three miles aaove
West Chester, on reaching iIip school. h it'se,
found their teacher, Piu-be Sharpie?), lying
at the door, weltering in her bluoJ, am!
quite diad, Lyinr near her was I lie wad.
ding used in loading Die gun, which, upon
examination, was found tu b- a piece of the
Saturdoy Evening Post. In the course of
the day, Georgo Phamah having been seen
in Iho vicinity with 9 gm.', was arrested on
suspicion, and, strange in relate, on his
peruon was found a portion of thn Saturday
Evening Post, and lbs wiiildini? found lined
to it. He was committed to prison to wait
a further examination. The deceased was
an estimable young lady,ngeu about twenty
eight, the daughter of Aaron Sharpie,
She'll Do. The Dresden (Tenn.) Mirror
says :
"A slmrt time since, a man hy the name
of Roberts was commuted tu jail in tins
place, to await Ins trial on a ciiarge of per
jury. Yesterday bis wife asked permission
to see him, which was grnnted. Mi. enter
ed the jail, and niter reniniuit ir there no
hour, the jailer opened t l,r door, and, its he.
supposed, permitted Ihe lady in depart. But
lo. day, on opening the jail door, a 'einale
was found to hn the only inmate. The
prisoner hud escaped in Ins wile's clothes,
and the heroic woman remained in jail
about -'1 hours before she lot herself be
HoniilD Tra(;f.dv. In Fleming cunty,
on Wednesday lost, Willi-m Ringo had an
altercation with Mr. . who had marred
his sister, whom he killed on the spot by a
.idwlo .lint r.., .i.c.U.r.. I? I.. .,..., I. .
,......, ,.t . I.. ;..!. .....
" l""r "- "- "..,.,.,., ..
wbico she tiled nexl utty. jits -tsier, w,
o! the miirilereu 11 an, tlien ran no, when 1
the fiend shot her through the thigh. She
is likely to recover. He iben made off; but
the next d.iy was ptir-u-'d by ihu neighbors,
who found him at tho house of another
neighbor. On seeing Hip company advanc
ing, he entered the house. He was siimni 'ii
ed to c me out and surrender, but rel'u-eti,
and while attempting to draw a pistol no,
shot through Ihe ubilo.i.eii ,y out, (, 1 1 1 -party.
He then shot at uiioih r of lite, par
ly, wounding linn slightly in ihe shoulder,
who thereupon fired back, killing the mon
ster instantly. The parlies sti-rende red
themselves to Ihe law authorities, were ex
amined and acquitted.
So horrid a tragedy 11 does not often .'all
to tho lot of the Chronicler to record.
.Viis. i.'nge, 5i iiisL
Holder me not, O bother me not
Again with those sweet eves !
I see ihein about where'er 1 go,
In earth ai;d air nnd -kies.
They ore dark and deep as n starless night.
And through 1 lit' i r darkness burns
Tin heavenly light Unit On- spirit lurns
From uut its radiant urns.
Bother me no, O bother no- n-t
Again with that -weei form!
I see it swaying 11 1- 11 1 me imw
As a tree sways in lite storm.
Tis full uf grace and seems tu tl at
So willingly along,
You think it is the embodiment
Of some delicious song.
Bother me tint, O bnihor me not
Again Willi those sweet word!
I hear their, floating about me now
Like the music mops of birds.
They Info set up nn t chu in my soul
And it will nut die away,
I can hear It in my dreams at night
And through !b- live long day !
Georre J. Trollei, formerly eduor of ihe
Kentucky Gazette, and who lud a lumoiis
political fight with another editor fume
years ago, died recently uf cholera in thai
city in ihe Lunatic Asylum, where he had
been confined lor a lung lime.
A Wild Max A man. who is dennnii.
nated 'wild, has been seen lurking for some
tune past in the neighborhood of Halhown,
in this county. He is in a state of nudity,
and is quile hairy. At the approach of sny
one he makes good his escape. How lie
subsists is a mystery, as he never enters s
house. A parly of twenty persons made
search for him on Sundty last, hut did not
succeed in discovprmg him, a'lhoiigh he
was seen I badly before.- Charleston (V-)
Free Press.
Professional Cocbte-v "Which arc
thp bypiias and which are ihe m-'iikey !"
.mtitrl a child ol iIip i,owin.m. VVhieh-
-v,r t oil ulease. mv dear y-u'te pid
admission, and have a rifiht to choose." J
j r ' , - -
Smoke 1 1 humus Mirny persons commit
gre it i-rn-r in building smoke houses. To
be lucea.nd have a hiindsiuiie and rrspectuhlo
looking appurtenance 10 ll.e liirm, it most
fnrooih he built i f brick or -t-.n--. v jth close
filling doors, and a single npertore for Iho
pgress of the sin-ike. I he pon''queiiro is,
tin.' m.Mt i- h'licl, nnd bitu r. and oiiglil ns
m ell hit ve been p.il 111 a h k ol pj r"l igneous
acid; having li. si a'l itsliii" flavor smelling
of sunt like a t'liitnnry sweep. 'Tic vwills
are si, pliisp ntid toll), that the smoke con
denses and settles on the horns or btieon, iird
instead of drying, it becomes flabby mid ill
A smoke house can hardly he ton open. It
takes longer, to bo sure, to perle.-l I It m pro
cess, but w hen completed toe un lit 1 dry, of
a fine ciies'nut color, and a ir I i-:n t e liuvur of
smoke penetrating the whole mass.
The best houses we have seen, aro built
wilh a stoni; wall, three feet h gli, n Hugged
bottom, nnd a wotdrn structure built on top
of the wall. Common siding is tight enough,
or boards endwise like boa riling a bnin is nl
sufficient, with alight board or shingle ro-J.
The bottom i usee1 ft r an ah Ihmipp and the
smoke, tire ituill on Ihea-h- s. It i safe for
both purpo-H and will produ'-o a mtirli liner
ancle lor those who havu a sweet tooth for
thai delicious treat ,1 nice flavored ham.
.Vuore's Mural JS'r.iv YnrUer.
IIoi:i:ii;i.e Mft:i'i:ii at Ai.uaxv. Two
sons of George Lester, of NYiv Scotland, in
1 Albany, N. Y., who hnil been missing fiotil
home since Saturday week have been found
murdered. Tho younger of tho two, oged
six years, was found on Thursday dead,
covered wilh leaves and u Inrge stone on
ihe body; tho oiler, aged about eight years,
wos found on Friday, iicntl, and hanging to
a tree. A despatch says Two physicians
gave it a:i their opinion that he had bfen
strangled, and then hung. A stick or c'u!) Imd
been also used.
The jury rendered as a verdict 'That
Ihivid L. Lester und UeorL" Lester como
j to their death hy irjiines jnflie'ed hy Hell
I 1 en Dunbar und other r-'ms unknown."
i Dunbar has been nrrtsled, und H II'J.v coti-
I lined ill tail.
1 '
(iri.n. ,.x,.itcmet ..retails in to-town,
I and roo'd Dunbar hive lien funnd. p'-rsor.-i
violence would ho vo r. stilled, Dunbar is n
j step. sun ol D-vid Lester, the uncle of lli3
elti tin n. and os they have prnpt ry, merce
nary mot ive a rtt snpjftetl to have induced
1,'ie commission of the crime.
pAiiixrj ATrriii'T at AU;iui:i: r.v Runa
way Si.avk. (In Tin s. 'ay ocming last,
Mr. Ins, Spirpr, in company with 11 Mr.
B tker, discovered 1 wo s la t on 'he roadside
ill lliekour. enmity. Ace. idling Iho slaves,
they tit 111 1 ruled where tbev were going, when
iiistnuily the npgrops .stepped behind rach
Ins tri p, nod one tubing deliberate aim fired
full at the breast of .Mr. Spicer. The shot
or ball iieneirated to the lire, it bine, whern
It was arrested. Tin: whole neighborhood
was pecdily aroiisetl, and in search for thrj
rtiltiaiis, but when last heard from tho ne
groes hail effected 'heir escape across till
river into Mi-suuri. Winchester (A'y.)
An Ont.itiiNC Justick. Many years ago,
in Connecticut, a certain Justice was called
10 liberate a worthless debtor, hy receiving
his onth that he was not worth ".
Well, Johnny,' said the Justice, as he
pitt'-rt tl, 'can yon swear that you ore not
worth X)5. noil never "ill b-;.''
' Why, answered lh oilier, rather rhn
grinrd at IIip qnesii-in, 'I ctin ivpar that I
inn not worth 1 hn I o'.notiut now.'
Wi II, well,' returned tin- Jus-ire, f cm
swear t the rest s i -ten onward, Johnny
step on.'
Yaxkkk Ix'ii'i-i rtvi N! -s. Wp see h.
(he let-toll papers tli.r Mr. tnlre.vx, lie;
jailor, is eoittantly he, t by per"lis vl; t
nrn anxioos t 1 ku'Mv it I be ,--t c- Pro lessor
Webster i r--aily ib itd. 'J'b- jailor's an
swer js, !bt, its the man w t. Iring-'d, lie!
boey rolliii- il twelve hours, ami then put
eight fee! nutter crmim!. Ins pmp, re belief
i- ilia, if he is not deitl lie suon will lie.
Dr Nnap dn t"t 'a. ol .Aoi-terdam ill his
work entitled l-rael and l ie I'et.ires, ps:i.
mans 111 from liv t" -ven nullum lloi
. liole iiiin.her of l- w in tn-- world; and
Huts fitly llioiisai.d to the l ulled t-latcs.
03-Therp is a man in Pennsylvania who
was iionnoaleu for I'nv.'rnor eight months
go, and ha not had a lis told 11 bo lit him
It is Bstoiiihing how old some ppop'o
ro. We know of several that were twen
tvonp at birth. At any rate Ihpy were born
out ol their lime.
D is statpd thai an editor down Es got
I.M pi'i kc' full "I niiiin y, ami was nfraul tit
go It v 'It" Museum, It t they shou'd calcll
iiini tor a curios, v.
'Well. svi'V, I don't -pp. for my part,
how litey s'"d l--'ler f-n iltein ere wirpsj
wilhi-ii' ieriii in I . lo bus." 'Ls. me.
t' - ey dou'i send I In pspor. they just aeui
the wrmn to a fluid siae.

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