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r. IV INS, Editor and Proprietor.
7WfI-.W.S'. C-2 a uear. navable within three
months from the tine of sub'cribing : $3,5(1 in
imoiith I, or $.loi me cxpirauon nj mcj.
ft.V'i paper diicmttiitutd until all arrear
age! are paid, except at Ike option of the Fub-
For announcing the names of candidate I for
ffict $ 3, Cath.
(r VV. Thomson, is the authoiized
igem lor (lis "Post," in the city ol Balti
oiore, Md.
f p v are authorised to announce OI.
ItOBRRT McNKLLEY n candidate in
,,.,,.. ml MeVtinn eonnty in the lower
brar.eli i f I X Stale Lei-ln'nrp.
vs Wf nrt- till'h iriz-'d find requested to
.Mi.n.MS. R. !!i;CHANAN, of Polk.
as n eniulidn.- for Jnlnl Ripreseiitative In
llm nn ,M.tiln'iifi' ir I tie counties ol
Moii'n-. I'll Mild AlcMinn.
ft-r- We urn authorized and requested t
,.ivMic JESSE C. MOORiJ. nr Polk
Cuv'i'v. as a candidate fur Joint Reuresen.
Ulivetothe next Les-islature for the di.
1: rt composed nf the counties of Pulk,
Monroe, and McMinn.
Inn. 3. 1851.
fff- The Lord permitting, EMer Ifaac
Moure, agent of die Am. Bible Union, will
preach at the Presbyterian lUrcting house
in thi plnno. or. Lord's day evening next,
at fundi- lighting. Me lias i" appointment
lb forenoon of me day at Ml- lUrnmny
Baptist home, 7 miles east of Allien.
There wan nn error in our last Augusta
quotations or Lard and Baron. They should
bave bren quoted at 10 en's, each, per lb.
New Orleans, Jan. 29.
Cotton waa active yesterday and loJay.--Pricea
are firmer.
Baltimore. Jn. 30.
The -learner John tdntns. Ir .in N Orleans
for Cir'r'i nKii stink, and one hundred d'Ck
paait-rei-rs n.oatiy emigrant, were drown
ed. A I of :!) eal.in pssener were saved
iVtr. K"iitoul has neen el-eud U S. Sena
tor from MaaciMtf" tt for ih short term.
Charles T. James, Democrat. was elected I"
lb U. S. Senate today from Rhode Island
for six years.
Davidson Countv. We gther from the
Nashville papers thai there is already t
prospect of a .muss' in Davidson couni)
bout rand dales lor seats in ?lie n'Xt Leg
i itr.'. VV" ' ill" 'inte-mr' expert a
better exnmple from the Whigs of David
con. fy-The proceeding of a Demorralie
meeting held in ihi place, nn Monday list,
will he found in our paper today. One of
thf. reul.'ion goes it p'eity -trong for ihe
pre-"'"' 0 V'tiv. WVl, that's all right
weenn b.o' U"V Tr m-dile next Aiiqiisi
I'' voii rto'i'1 h!i
it. you i'1
I y u-i
(jp. (l i ann'Mineoil in son e "f lh pa
per that Gn. S D. J-c 'bs, . f Kiwxville
hi been apn oni-d l-i Assistant Post Ms
ter General. The p"l i high and respon
ible on, and ihe dunes require uprior
business cspicitie.
Th Citi or Ai'gi-sta Tha Augusta
Republic says:
Full return have been r -eeived from all
tha wards, and we are plead In know,
that the who popuii'mn of our city now
mount to over twelve theusand. The
pnpu'ation of Augusta, as taken by Ihe
census iii im.j, amounted to 7.752 This
rapidnv of increase i truly surprising. It
i at least 50 per cent, in five years."
The people of our section will be pleased
to hear of "he npid growth in population
and prosperity of Aujiuta. That city mu-t
be one of the principal msrket for the pn
duct of Est Tenner., and the exten.
ain of our railroad will soon bring us in
uninterrupted communication wtlh it, we
lrut lli htitn- hume Iheie wj I rereiv.'
that attention from our p-.-p.e. the buyer
t well a 'h sellers, vlnrh a reripriily of
iii'erei r!ictat's. Many person in this ill
rectio i hive a ready found it greatly to their
ailvan aif" to hn v t"e r Go'ul and Groce
ries at Aogusia. and we doubt not many
more will seek 'ho aame point aa the in-
duMiitnls and business lacili'iea of ihe
place b-Coine more fo,-raily understood,
Ftcbe Fcrnkc " 'rn tht Ihe alnre
of B'.'un & I?" P'n Ho"k, .M. is county,
T oo . s et fire lo by ome c"'undrela
op the night of the 29th ult., and burned
down with 'l it conients. It is so paused
y sture was robbei b.'fore being fired.
P. S We have jut learned that the vil-1
lainrwho committed the above outrage have
been arretted, and aro now in jail at Deca
tur. Their name are said to be, Deather
ge, Wilson, and Gideon.
Full at Clcvelano. The tbl at
tached to Mr. Stewart's Hotel, Cleveland,
Bradley county, waa destroyed by fire
on Thursday morning last. On of the
Uge horse belonging lo ihe contractor
tbi line, was bun-ed to death and three
there severely injured. The fire is sup.
ptaed lo base been caused by having Ian
tera in the euble.
Akothik. The dwelling or Jnha Dan.
(Is mile north of A then, was destroyed
by lire, with all it content, nn Saturday
night laat. The family were absent when
tbe f re broke out.
(y- Jack ton . Li I lard have very ttv
frtrir utklf of Chewing Tobacco.
We noiice in several of ihe Whig papers
auggestions to postpone Iho meeting of the
Whig Convention to nominate candidate
for Governor, until some time in March.
We belcve the suggestion good one. The
'i'2i of Ihe present month, Ihe day hereto
fore fpokeu of, would per hap be more un
favorable than almost any time that could
be aelt-cied. The weather is generally in
clement, and in many part ol Tennessee
the roads are in a most wretched condition
during this month, and pro ably but lew
delpgntet would be willing lo mako the
journey from those parts of the Slate more
remote from I ho designated place of meet
ing. It in certainly desirable that all parts
of the Slate ohould lie fully represented in
the body which is to perform the important
duly of selerling a suiiitb'o person lo bear
aloft ihe Whig standard in the approaching
contest; that there may be mi lieariliuriiiogs
and bickerings after lha nomination is
made, and that tho delegates from every
section may return to their respective
homes, and mingle with and diffuse among
their neighbors and friends the spirit of
harmony and enthusiasm which it is pre
sinned will characterize their deliberation
nil i In assembled in Convention. There are
other reasons, too. why the time for assem
bling should be postponed, but we will not
top to refer to t lie in at present. We like
the suggestion, and if it meet wi'li ihe ap
probation of otir Whig brethren generally,
should bo pleased lo sec the meeting fixed
lor some time in M irch, say as late as the
ill 'JOlli. What say our friends at Nash
ville !
JC7" Tho excitement oboul the Spirit
ual Rapping" i still progressing ill amno
sect inns of the E'lst, and converts to the
reality of the 'manifestations' appear to be
increasing. Some folks aver lhat it is all
humbug, and others equally intelligent be
lieve in them v ry sineirely. The lot be
long to 'hat clasa whoo fuilh is at least as
large as a grain of mus'ard seed. Ono of
these spiritual visitnnls is represented to
have recently "rapped down," in the most
emphatic manner, in nnswer to ihe question
propounded, that there is no "hell." and
that the figurative "lake burning with fire
and brimesiono" that Ihe preachers tell ua
about, is all moonthim. This would be glo
rious news for the politician and some of
iur editorial brethren, if it could bo relied
on; but we are afraid on (heir account thai
that spirit has made a mistake, or is not
thoroughly acquainted with the geography
jf that dread country it pretends lo speak
o positively sb"Ut. A any rale, we are
certain of one thing if thero is no hot
plate do n tl cm, there ought In bit. In
his world, the biggest rascals frequently
fare the Sest, while honest worth and mori
l talent are poorly appreciated and worse
iiaid. Wekiinwitrs have a thuinferin' hurd
t ma of it here, llow i it with you, friend
(Jr-We believe there were several 'de
nnuncementa' of candidates for the Legisla.
lure on Monday last. Maj. Jaa. Walker for
the Senate Messrs. McKamy, AIcNelley,
md McCarty for representative In the low
er branch. If there are any more Maca in the :
county willing to sacrifice their pecuniary
and private interests to serve their fellow-,
sinners in the capacity of law-makers
we should like to hear from llietn.
There is big Mc, tall Mc, and little Mc, out
already. Hurrah for the Macs)
From the way ihe wind set at present,
we would not be at all surprised if tiiere
were several severe spells nf weather be
tween this and the 4th day of August next.
Electrical Science or Lire. Dr.
G. R. Wiil ams. kIio ha acquired c-nsid
erab'e character as a Lecturer on Electro
Biology snd Neurology, is now in our town
and will deliver a Discourse on ihe snlij-ct,
demonstrated by Experiments, at the Court
house. hia .(Friday) evenins. Many per
sons believe this Science nothing more th in
a humbug, bul the numerous evidence fur
nihed that there I more in it "than our
philosophy evi r dreamt of," and the sjecess
thai ha attended Dr. W' illusira'inna in
every plate he ha viaited, are sufficient to
shake the doubt of ihe most credulous.
We subjoin ihe following paragraph in ref.
jerence t Dr. William's lectures, from one
of our coiemporsrie.
Concert Hall wa filled last night with
Ihe mosi faahionable audience that i-vr we
have seen congregated in cur city, in Wit
nese the experiments of Dr. William.
We have -cn many experiment, hut none
in eompiro with Ihnse performed by Dr. W.
Weadieall ihose ho are anxious to wit
ness Ihe Doctor's exprriinent, in purchase
their tickets before night. St. Louis Or-
5" See Advertisement for 2d etin o'
Athens Female Academy, in today's paper.
The progress uf Mis Marchbanks' pupil
dunng her first session et this place, i
the best evidence of her efficiency e
teacher, sad must ecur for the institution
a largely increased pafrnnage.
C3 ttention is invited tn ihe Card ol
Mrs, II cm rn bets, in another column. Mrs.
II. i a higt.Iy accomplished lady, and well
qualified le leach the branches hn propose.
If ynuwoeld know fanw a bull would look
when hi tail is twisted, just ask a man for
that little bill be ewe you." wkei be i
talking to woman.
Tho Washington correspondent of the
Charleston Courier, under dale of the 2!)ih
tilt, says: We have now, in this city, a
number of gentlemen representing the va
rious projects connected with ocean steam
ers, railroads, public lands, dry docks an I
patent laws, river and harbor improvements,
cotton and iron manufactures, &r. 01
course, the cspitol and every avenue to leg.
islative influence is besieged by them. The
deficiency appropriation bill was yesterday
further debated, and amendinont were a
greed to for thn increaso of the force o" the
Pension office, and providing for oil assis
tant Secretary of Stale with s salary of 3000
dollar, and two clerks of 1100. and I wo of
1000 each. Mr. Strong, of Pennsylvania,
ollori'd an amendment ndd ng a bill of six
sections for the modification of the To rill'.
This is the project which has been spoken
of a the result of consul'alion among per
sons representing diflercnt srcl ions, and po
litical parlies. It see.tis to be brought for
ward with some confidence in its merit
n nd in it ultimate soicess. But it i fotmil
that the cotton maiiufiicturing interest, be.
ing excluded from its becefitg, is decidedly
and actively hostile to it. It an" rd ample
protection to iron, glnss, hemp, woollen, re
fined sugar and some oilier article. The
''miners of the Fchrme say that they were
sMi-fied lhat I hey cou'd not carry nny pro
position embracing cottons. Should the
amendment be enlertnineil, it will probably
be amended by admitting printed cottons;
and then it is more thm probable that Ihe
whole scheme will fail. Congress is dis
posed lo go no further lltan tu reme.ly the
delict in the present system by checking
fraudulent invoices and undervaluations,
and for that purpose they will create three
appraisers at large, (o visit the dilFcrent
A Mopel Editor. A correspondent of
ihe Bo-io'i Museum thus speaks of Mr.
bright, editor of the Chronotype. He his
been kii'iw n lo write with a p-n in each
hand on two difiereul subjects, rock the era.
die with his f-'ft, and whiatle Hail Coltnn.
bia for the twin babiea, while intently pe
rusing one of Parker's sermons, all at the
same time.
Baltimore, Feb, 1.
The Cotton market steady. Lute advices
,'rmn Vera Cruz state thai Arista was in
augurated President of the Meaican Re
public, on Ihe 25th ult. It was supposed
that he would recommend annexation lo the
United Sta'cs,
Tho robber of Adorns' Express has been
arrested, ami $300 of tho money rrcovercd.
D'Vid S. Kauhnin, a mombsr of the
Hooflof Representalivea from Ts. died
yesterday. Disease Affection of thu heart.
N. V. Monet Market. The New York
Journal of Commerce of Mondcy, says.
There is i fair degree of activity in the
market, with no change in the street rates,
aiii'jough the bnnks are a little more strin
went in lhir accmnmodaMons. We are
again losing a portion of our specie, up
ward of $1100,000 in gold having been
drawn out of one hank this morning for
shipment 100.000 to the Soul h, Ihe same
amount l Liverpool by tho Asia, and art
uf the balance to Canada.
Gov. Quitman. Gov. Quitman has so
far compromised with hi sense of official
dignity, as id resign the ollice of Governor
nf Mississippi, in order to attend his trial at
New Orleans for participating in '.he Cuba
In England every man is subjected to a
fine, who is found wilking on a railway
track. In this country the penalty exact
ed t death.
The children are so diity in a place on
Cape Cod, thai a mother frequently gne in
to the street and washes the face ol half a
dozen children before she find her own.
Mechanics Tin Eagle, published at
Gontersville, Alabuma, say that a good
Cabinet Maker, Silver Smith and Black
Smith, are very much needed at lhat place.
For the Jllhent Pott.
Madisonville. Feb. 1, 1851.
Tht ti'ne is drawing near when ihe pco.
pie should look arnund and detennnpt' whom
they wilt select to represent them in the
next Legisla'ure. Permit me to propose
through the columns of your paper th nam
ofCapi. Geo. W. Morgan as a auitable
person lor Joint representative, rli mgn
minded, generous bravery ha endeared him
all whu know him. and hi late gallant
and patriotic achievement a in officer in
ihe M-xiran war, have given him a name
and a fame which will never be forgotten by
In countrymen. 1 am convinced that lie
would receive a large majority in Monroe
county. Too many of her son have fal'en
by hi side in battle, lie nas corn me ng ni
her honor ihro-jgn loo many pern to oe
ir;oiten. Let him consent then tn lecnme
.. . i ..,1 I ; .
csnnidste, ana we win enow mm nisi in
gratitude is a alrangcr to old Monroe.
A Votes.
Alleged Insurrectionary Mote
vent. -A card appears in the Mobile
Tribune, signed 'Many Planters,
vouched to come from a responsible
source, calling on the planters of the
Slates to meet in convention at Mont
gomery on the 1st Monday in May,
asserting that an attempt is being
made by white persons to invite their
slaves to insurrection and the massa
cre of their owners, and cites one case
where two white men are said to
have thus tampered with slaves on a
Dlantatioa where the overseer had
'just died.
For the Mien Pott.
Thisyouns and flourishing institution i
located at Maryville, Tennessee, and is un
der Ihe control of Iho Masunic fraternity.
I's first session will closu on lho7th int.
when tho seiri.annual examination of the
classes comes oil' Thore nro sixty young
lady pupil of Ihe Institute tho present ses
sion, and its prospects for a large increase
are quite flattering, t lie uoaru oi i trus
tee i composed ol inemoers irotil uiuureni
Lnd!?e. ThoB isrd his already procured
a splendid super Piano, a good Philnsophi
cd I and Cbninicnl Apparatus, to which addi
lions will be mudu as the wants ol me
school may require. A choice selected Ll
brarv ha also been found, il, which is being
constantly increased by the liberality of the
Iro'ttdsol female education.
The East Tennessee Masonic Institute
has tin accomplished, ellicient ond talented
Board of Instruction. Rev. F. Pop'', A.
M.,the President, is a gentleman of fine
scholastic attainments, and well cultivated
talents, whose urbanity of manners, warm
social feeling, untiring zoo I in the cause ol
education, and long experience, are a sure
gun rn nly for the proper moral and mental
training of tho pupils. Mis Towiih, the
Principal of the Academic Department, is
a lady of excellent disposition, varied ac
complishments, and lino literary alinir.-
men's. She was educated at one ol the best
institutions of the North; and has been fa
vorably connected with the cause of learn
ing as an ablo ond esteemed instructress,
for some lime past, in Eist Tennessee, af
fording universal sutisfuction. Mis Cate,
Assistant in the Academic, and Mis Love,
Principal of thn I'repiralory Deportm'iit.
urn vountr Indies of eminent worth, flue'y
cultivated minds, and are well qualified lor
the stations they occupy. Ilinunnl"t
instruclion i one of singular ability, and
we feel e ntident that it is inferior to noun
in Eist Tennessee- for ability, energy and
The next session will commenco nn the
1 5i h of this month, and will closo nn the
4th of July ivxt. Tho annual examination
I the classes take place nn the 2d and nl
of July, and on the 4lli it is expected lhat
an address will be delivered before thn gra
luatinrr class bv Mr Clmrles A. rmler,
Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Ten
We feci warranted in saying lo parents
and guardia' s, who have daughters ntnl
wards to rilucate, (and lliey ought nil lo he
educated) lhat they can do no belter than
to send I hem tn Iho Last lennessee Alason
ic Institute. Maryville is justly celebrated
for llin purity of its moral atmosphere, the
sociality and intelligence of its citizen,
and its fine healthy situation; and it is now
in a rspid stato of improvement. The ac
commodations are ample and good. The
building occupied by thu school is a fine,
commodious, three story brick edifice, with
two extensive wi:g, all well adopted lo ihe
ourooscs for which it was erected. B 'aid
ing can be had in the best private families
on very reasonable ti rrns.
The Institution, thoogh founded and cn
trolcd by iho Mason, is not exclusive, nr
if you prefer it, diatonic in its character,
I'arther than Masonry and the general tl illu
sion of a high-toned literattiro are tdrnli
cnl. The great and primary object of ma
sonry is tn ameliorate Ihe condition of so
ciety; to elevate and strengthen the mural,
social, and intellectual powers. The peculiar,
distinctive tenets of masomy, orany sect,
or order, wo feel authorised to say, will not
be taught at the Institute. The daughter
-if the Anti-Mason will receive the nunc
strict and careful attention as the Mason's
daughter, and no effort will be made to turn
her from the faith of her fathers.
Remember that the second session of the
East Tennessee Female Institute begins on
the loth of this month; that your daughter
cm be sent to no better school; and thm she
-hnuld begin with iho session. Still we
have no war to make on other schools, and
if you prefer sending lo one of them we
have no sort of object inn. East Tennessee
afford an abundant supply of the very best
voung latlios, considered nmrally, socially,
and intellectually, to crowd all our fchoola
and a many more, Mid they should they
must It educated. VERITAS.
February 3J. 11.
Temperance Hall, Jan. 22. 1851.
ri. W P. communicated lo the Divi
sion the sad and melancholy intelligence ol
the death of our highly esteemed and wor
thy Brother, Cnmpbell Boyd, lite Chnplain
in Uoce Livision io. oi,c. ui i , mm
Pastor of the Presbyterian church at Cleve
land. Tennessee. Whereupon, on motion.
Brothers D. C. Kenner, S. Bradford and J.
A. Ruble were appointed a cumrnilleo tn
draft suitable preamble and resolutions, who
returned the following:
Whereas, by a di-penaiion of Divine
Providence we have to deplore the loss of
our much esteemed and beloved Brother C.
Boyd who departed 'his life on the morning
of the 19lh inst. at his residence in Cleve
land, Tennessee Therefore,
Hetolced, Thai in iho death of brother
C. Byd, this Division has lost a valuable
and exemplary member, the country an
amiable and highly esteemed citizen ni the
Presbyterian church au ardent and devoted
Resolved, That this Division with which
the deceased was identified in hi life, do
deeply sympathise with his disconsolate
wifeand bereaved friends in their irreparable
loas; and can only point them for const la
lion to the example and teachings of the
deceased while living.
D..k.f. lhat each brother wear Ihe
uual bailee of mourning for thirty days
and ine asivisiuh if-u, w put u wvwiMiug
e . m n I d n rr tl t,f lime.
iur i" b - -
Retnlted, That the proceeding of this
meeting be signed oy our w. r. ana n. o.
i ...n, h tent to the bereaved widow
and friends and another be sent to the Amen
Post for publication.
D. C. Kek.ner, R. S.
It is estimated that a man who eats
three meals a day, a nan nour each
for breakfast and supper, an hour for
dinner, and lives to the age of three,
score, spends ns much time during his
life eating and drinking, as would be
required in Cincinnati to slaughter.
jress, uuu c-i - - -
hundred and ninety-nine billions of
I " i S1 A I I
hogs, eacn weigning ov pounas i
Monday last, pursuant lo notice, th-s De
mocrats of McMinn held a meeting to ol.
point delegates to the State Convention.
Hon. J. W. BUckwell was appointed
Chairman and G, W. Bridges, Eq., Secte
tarv. On motion or D. W. Ballew, Esq., a
committee of fife wo appointed by tho
chair to droit suitable resolutions, compo
sed of the following gentlemen: Messrs.
D. W. Ballew, James Walker. Wnr.. B.
Porter, John F. Sherman, and Roberi F.
Bra den.
The Committee having retired a short
lime, reported Ihe following;
Resolved, That we have viewed the pre
sent chief magistrate of tho State both nn
ihe civil arena and the battle field thai his
vigilance ond wisdom in the discharge nf
his executive duties have fully shown that,
he knows how to govern aj well as to fiaht,
that his courngo ond fidelity as a soldier,
tried on mnny a hnrd.fnughl field are equal
led only by his rare m -desty and univer
sally conceded honesty ns a ma.i that
his sterling worth ond heroic service ch'.l
lenge thn support ond admiral ion of all who
feel a glow of generous State pride thai
'Penne-seans will never weary in doing
honor to tilt soldier who novrr Isnltered in
Ins country's service and llnit, in honor
ing William Trousdale, they would hut
enst a flower upon tho graves of Jack-on',
Carroll and Cnll'ee, whose compatriot in
arms he wa.
Resolved, That, while wo wi'l cheerful,
ly nci'iM.'sce in the decision of the Demo
cratic Slate Convention, to meet in Nosh
vi le on thn 85th February, we are free to
d-'dnre our onshnken confidence and firm
reliance in Ihe honjsty, ability, and patri
olisrn nf Gov. T ntisdale, and our desire of
again honoring him so lung tried and ne
ver found wtnting.
Rftiihed, That the chairman of this meet
ing appoint two deletinte from inch civil
district, lo repieseni Mc.Vlinn cmin'y in the
State Convention, and in the evr.l none of
tliem nn end said Convention, Gen. E. Hick
man mil E.O Eistliaii. Esq., of Davidson,
ire requested lo act in their stead.
Which wcro ontinniioii-ly ndoptedi and
the chairman made Iho following appoint-mer.l-:
1st. Dis. No. Gnrrisnn and (. W. Wallis,
2d. Joseph Monroo and lloirnn Cash.
:).. Jon.Tooiim and VV. II. liolhwell,
lih. John Arwin and John Net1,
uih. Col. J. limvon and Rus-el Line,
6th. Andrew Mellob'-rls, and VV. Brown,
7ib. O. VV. Mayo and G. VV. Bridge.
8th. Tuple)- Gregory and Ohetlinh While.
S)th. Goo. Morris and L. L. Ball,
10th. F. P. Pettill and Henry Wolf.
1 1 1 It . Cha. S'nples and Moses Sweeney.
12th. Samuel Firestone and J. Hawkins,
l;J'b. J. J. Elliott and Lawrence Brock
l-tih. Robert Smith and J. C. Carlock.
15th. L. C. Peters nnd John Cox.
16th. Tliomtis Roger, nnd J. C. Weir.
17th. Cnpt. John Hanksand O. M. Liner.
W.T. Bmckwell. E-q , offered Ihe fol
lowing; reso'ution:
Reimlved, That Ihe Democrats of McMinn
regard the coming canvass as fraught with
the utmost ComequencR lo tho party that
success call bo secured only by union and
h irmony that un;on and hor.nony can be
had only by having but one candidal!) for
each ollice that a single candidate can be
procured only by resorting lo the system of
conventions; and to this end they invite the
attention of their political friends in the
other counties of the Senatorial and Float
ing Districts, and request Ihur co-npers
lion in C invention at the earliest practics
ble day that may be agreed upon for colling
the same.
Which, after some remsrk by Messrs.
Billew and McNellcy in support thereof,
was adopted,
On motion of Wm. T. B'ackwell, Esq.
Resolved, That, as their is no democratic
piper published in this Senatorial District,
the E-litor of tho Athens Post he requeated
to publish tho proceedings of this meeting
in his paper, and that they also be publish
ed in the Knoxvillc Plebeian.
On motion of Wm, B Portci the meeting
J. W. BLACK WELL, Cha m.
G. W. Bridges. Sec'y.
Newspapers. Tlie Columbia,
Souih Carolina Telegraph says, the
truth is beginning to be understood,
lhat editors and publishers arc pro
ducers, and that they are entitled to
some compensation for services ren
dered, or for articles furnished by
ihem. A newspaper is a commodity
in which are involved all the usual
elements of cost, und the purchaser or
consumer should xpect to pay for it
accordingly. No class of men expect
to be furnished gratis with shoes, hats,
coats, &c, and no gentleman calls on
his neighbor after breakfast habitually
to borrow a pair of boots. When
people once learn the simple iruih
that tho maker nf a newspaper looks
to it for his living, the once fashiona
ble practise of borrowing newspapers,
or ol spare in them, "
will be discontinued. Our brethren
of the press can do much in bringing
about a proper recognition of our
rights, and we trust they will do so
New Oklkasjs, Jan. 27.
A rencontre took phice at the Ver
andah house to-day between two men,
one named Errington and the other
named Byrd. The latter received
twofatal'stabs and died almost in
stantly. A terrible tragedy occurred nt a
ball given the same night. It hap
pened that a young mnn and his former
betrothed, a yotinii lady, met in a ball
rooir.. The panics, it is staled, had
been engaged to be married, but her
parents objected. He desired her to
elope with him and she refused.
Chagrined at the idea of disappoint
ment, an l partially deranged doubt
less from the effect of blighted hopp,
he drew a pistol and shot her dead in
the room. The names uf the parties
are not given.
Attempted Murder op a W
ma nv ii nit I .over. On the I5ili
inst., wc loam by the Lexington
(Miss) I7qu.il Ri'glits, that a Mr.
Tale attempted to kill Miss Shepherd
by firing n pistol, the ball of which
enlered lirr brensl, in the region of
her heart, and lodged on the opposite
side. Tbe circumstances briefly, are
these: There was a weddin , at which
both the parties were guests. After
the marriage ceremony, a dance waa
proposed; but as the host and hostess
were church members it was propos
ed to adjourn to a neighbor's to finish
the festivities of the night. Miss Shept
herd refused to go. as she was also a
member of the church Mr. Tate,
who wished fo anticipate a husband's
authority, rushed into her apartment,
where she had retired with her mo
ther and some other Iadie3, nnd asked
her if she would go ovei to the dance,
or not. On her replying in the nega
tive, he drew two pistols, one of which
took effect ns above stated. From
last account. Miss Shepherd was not
expected to live. Tho Hamlet of n
lover, was taken by the crowd, and
would hnve been dealt with stimmn.
rily, but for the interposition of no
or two influential persons. He is now
confined in jiil, to await the June
Term of the Circuit Court. The
man must have been deranged. What
says Shnkespearo about the "Luna
tic, the poet and the Lover?" Yazoo
City Whig.
Rochester, Jan. 27.
A dreadful murder and ihe suicide
of the murderer, took place in the
town of Peiifield, about eight miles
from this citv. between six nn-t snvr
o'clock, last evening. The person
murdered, was a young lady of re
spectable family, named Sarah Shatpe
the murderer's name was John
Everett, the husband of Miss Sharpe's
sister. They were found a few yards
from the house of a Mr. Cum nlirIL
where Miss S. had been visiting; she
was discovered in the agonies of denth,
with her throat cut from enr in nr
and near her lay Everett in nearly
tne same position, with the bloody
knife beside him; ihev expired on the
spot. Great excitement' prevailed in
lYnfield.nnd various rumors are afloat
to account for the dreadful deeds; but
we forbear publishing them until af
ter Ihe inquest which Coroner Tulles
has gone to Penfield to hold.
Fi'oitive Slave Arrested. A
fugitive slave was brought before
Commissioner McAllister on yester
day, and remanded to his owners. He
was one of the party that left with the
negroes that Mr. Taylor arrested here
in August last. He was perfectly
satisfied to go back, said before th
Commissioner that he did not know
Ito wns running away when he left;
that his associates invited him to u
wedding up the country, but he ac
companied them to Pennsylvania. He
said he was satisfied wilh' his ex peri
ence in Pennsylvania, and would have
gone back before, if he had known the
way. nnd could have returned con
venicntly. JlarrUburg Union.
Mrs. Partington on V
" like to 'tend weddings," saiJ Mrs.
fartington, ns she came back fiom
one in church, and hung her shawl
up and replaced the black bonnet in
the long preserved bandbox. "I like
to see young people come together
with the promise of love, cherish and
nourish each other. But it is a solemn
thing, is matrimony a very solemn
thing where the minister comes into
the chancery with his surplus on and
goes through the ceremony of making
them 'man and wife.' It ought to bo
husband and wife, for it isn't every
husbnnd that turns out to be a man.
I declare I never shall forget when
Paul put the nuptual ring on my fin
gers and said 'with my goods 1 thee
endow. He used to keep a dry goods
store then, nnd I thought he wns going
to give me the whole" there was in it.
I was young and simple, nnd didn't
know til! artcrward that it only meant
one calico gown a year. It is a love
ly sight to see young people 'plighting
their trough, as the song says, and
coming up to consume their vows."
She bustled about and got lea ready,
but abstractly she put on tho broken
teapot that had lain nway Unused
since Paul alive, and tlie teacup
mended willi putty nnd dark with
age. ns if the idea had conjured the
ghost of past enjoyments to dwell for
a moment in the home of present
widowhood; a lady who expected to
be married on Thanksgiving night
wept copiously at her remarks, but
kept on hemming the veil that was lo
adorn her bridalship and Ike sat pul
ling bristles out of the hearth brush
in'expressire silence.
Novel PATEJiT.-Mr. T. D, Slagg,
of New York, has just taken out a
patent for preparing beef steaks for
-ii it inf. 1 1 a 1 .. .
piisacs ma steax pe
tween a pair of toothed rollers, pre
vious to cooking, which t as the effect
to make the meat very tender.
A printing offict is no place for loungers
stoat snd.

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