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Got scolding wife, have you.' 'Well, It's
your own fault, ten to one. "Women nro all
naturally amiable, and when their tern lorn get
crossed it's the men that do it. Just look at
yourself na you came home last nighU ISbtu-
ininjjj doors, and kicking everything that luul
in tliu way, right and left - because well,
you couldn't tell for the life of you what it
vns for. Suppose you'd been "laying your
lace unuor cmoargo nil day to those who
cared nothing about von, amil'mir nnd nod
ding, hemming and ha'ing, mi J wanted to get
where you could enjoy a little superlative ill
Jo wonder your wife was cross, getting
supper wan a buoy in her arms ! Why didn t
you tike the baby, and trot it, and please it?
'Koom was all in confusion" why didn't
.you put it to rights? "You want a little
rest!" So does your wife, and she gets pro
ciout little, poor woman. You nre nt vour
shop walking briskly through the sunshine
in this bracing weather reading the paper
meeting friends and acquaiiitatR-ea-Mtting
cmily in' tkc ofHcb. She is" at home with
clinging arms dragging about her neck; j liv
ing, but still wearisome nt times. She is de
pendent upon the eall of a neighbor for a
little break up in her monotonous life, or the
opening of n w indow upon a stunted yard for
what fresh air comes. Wake up, man alive,
nnd look into this matter! Put on your best
smile the moment your foot touches the door
step. Treat tlje littered room to a broad
grin, and your wife to a kiss. Give the baby
aome sugar-plums, and little Bobby a new
picture-book to busy his bright' eyes with.
Pell that poor, tired-looking woman tliat
you've brought her a nice book to read," a6d
that you're going to tay at horns evenings.
Our word for it, apologies will bo plentiful,
Bupper win come on likft nitfgie, evurytlung
will have ah extra t6iich. "At times there, will
he something very like tears in the good wo-
man S eyes, ana her voiec will bo husky .when
hc asks you if your tea quite suits you. Of
enrse it will to a charm. . '
; . It may be a little silent that evening. You
miss the complaining tone, the scolding and
faultfinding; but your loss is her gain; she is
. thinking of the long-past, but considers upon
the whole that she is a happier woman to.
night thau she ever was in her wholo life
Give the new plan n fair trial. Gradually,
ns you return, you will find the house in per
fect order. Old dresses will be remodelled,
and your wife appear as good as new. Home
will grow more nnd more, pleasant, and the
iirightest smile upon your features during
the day will be a refieetiitii Qf 'the thought
that evening is coming with' its pleasant chat
of wife and littlo.ones. - r
Scolding wife, indeed! If yott men did as
you should, wouldn't such a wife be an
-anomaly! '
i r Stop Tut JItjrdeiikr. All persons are
requested to aid in apprehending Mussel J.
Itragtr, who murdered his father-in-law, Joel
Thinps9B, in Elbert county on the 21th
inst; nftcr murdering said Thompson, and
severely stabbing one of his daughters, fled,
nnd ha not since been heard of. A' liberal
reward will bo given for his apprehension,
that he may bo brought to justice.
Said Uragg is about 30 years old, 5 feet 9
or,H irfchu highii'air compleion, eye light
yellow, hair auburn. lie has a mini! I black
pot bet ween his eyes, nnd has a scar across
iiis .left hand, above fcis lingers. ?!
All lovers ef law and urdiir nro requested
to keep a loek out for snid Bragg. Ho will
jirobably mike for wontera Georgia 6r Vir
ginix Xoulhtrn Rnnntr. '' '" '
TnE TiJiF.s-Goon Advice. The Provi
tlenco Journal ofl'ers Ui following sonsible
advice to manufaelurerK, but it is applicable
to sJ classe egaged m msiness, imd it is
worthy of careful consideration: . '
" The best thing for the manufacturers is to
make tie "best t'the preseik feivonible .siate
if business, to draw themselves into as close
quarters as possible, to nnply their profits to
tho panent f tnx delis, nnd not to be
tempted into the folly of extending tlicm
flolvca beyond their present prospect of pay
ment They are dependent for their tempo
rary prosperity upon tho waawfacluring nnd
commercial pitoprif of Greirt Btituin; they
nro nt tho merry of fhe foreiga taiiTket; and
they will have bitteTcanse of tepentance If
they forget (hat dependence, and act as though
tho present higher price of goods was the
legitimate result of American business.
is the time to prepare for the coming
Htorui. Theouirtry owes an enormous debt
to Great Britain. Rail wad iron Whicb coti'd
as well have been tnado at homo is ulmest
the only substantia! representative that we
luue to shew for this debt The wA 4as
lieen consumed. When the foreign creditors,
from sudden alarm, which comes in business
matters, no ne knows whence, or from com
mercial depression, or stringency in the money
market nt home, call fur their pay, there will
be hard times hero. Investments made here
under present prices will not pay tho debto
that they create; property will be sacrificed,
nnd fortune lost, and good men rained.
Now is the time to prepare.
Abstemious Diet. The necessity of per
sons becoming their wn physicians when the
bodily functions Te slightly disordered is
well illustrated in the Domestic Receipt
Many cases of illness, both in adults nnd
children, may be Teadily cured by nbstinence
froui all food. Headaches, disordered stom
achs, nnd many other attacks are often caused
by violating the rules of health, and iii con
sequence, some parts of tho system nre over
loaded, or some of the organs nro clogged.
Omitting one, two, or three meals, as the ease
may he, gives the system a chance to rest and
allows the clogged organs to dispose of their
burdens. The practice of giving drugs to
clear out tho stomach, though it may afford
he needed temporary relief, always weakens
the system, while abstinence secures the good
result without duing any injury.
. Sadler, whose tragic death at Petersburg,
Va., was yesterday mentioned, left his will In
bis cell. Ho told the other prisoners that he
intended to escape or else kill four men and
himaolf. Ho had a six barreled revolver con.
coaled about him when committed. . He had
been a respectable citizen of New Bruiis.
wick, N. C. .,.. ' t-. j
Tho colored man Is still living. Sturde
vaut was killed instantly, as was also Sadler.
r . T"
B-ff" Our Government lands cost ono dol
lar an ncro on an average and champagne to
tftTWis a bottle. How many a man dies
landless, who during his life has swallowed
a fertile township, trees, and all!
, What a Courtry! ILC. Nicholas, who
left Indiana for Oregon last spring, wrote
homo to hia father on the 10th- November
from Oregon City, and in his biief cpistlo ex
hibits quite an extravagant idea of the new
. "Such animals as arc here I never heard tell
of. Cattle when they lie down it is n's mtu'.ii
us they can do to rise agaiu. You talk, of
your fat hogs and horses, but have never
oi any. They ' run util altoTethor; the
owners don't see them once a month. Wheat
will weigh J0;hs. to the bushel; two heavy
crops from one sowing. I have seen a field
of rye that looks thrifty, that there has been
three crops taken from one sowing and' it
still looks thrilly. Two crops of potatoes are
takenfrom one iilautin.r in Mie vear. Onions
nre "almost as large as my head. A farmer
works hard but one third of his tfine. It is """ n"-'iiiive, ami that the students had en
very healthy here, except some places on the ! IV(1 '"i-rgotically into Olo spirit of cduc.a
Cuiitinbia river, where the people have the i tlo" lm 11:1,1 "l l(!o ;l faithful session's march
ague. Steamsliiiis and sail vessels cume to
Portland city, on the Willamette river, which
is a larger place than Oregon Citv. The bents
run to San Fralieiseo'in four days. Flour is
worth from an to .tiii-nnu m lh"; ii,,.'minu
and 20 to 25 here, A.eomuion laborer gets
from to 3 50 and boarded, and fi.j in tho
mines. A man or a woman that don't net
rich here is not sharp. A great many nro
cavintfaiiti cqimns to OreL'on; the low waues
in California won't justify them in utavinir
Ure. , Those that have been here any lenfftii
of time are well oil'.. Land an be obtained'by
settling on it for four years., .
TpE Soap I'll a nt. The soiii) lilant.so c.ilt-
ed, grows all over California, on high hills as
well us in thflyulleys..The leaves make jthqir
appearance aliout the middle of November,
or nbolit six weeks after rainy season has f'uir
Iv set in; the nluot nuver "row more than one
foot high, the leaves and stalk-drop entirely
oil in May, though the bulbs remain in the
ground all the summer without decaying. It is
used to wash with in all p arts of the country,
and by those who.kuow its virtues it is pre
fered to soap. Tho method of using it is mere
ly to strip oil' the hnsk, dip the clothes in
water, and rub the bulb on them; it make a
thick lather,nnd smells not unlike new brown
soap. The botanical name of the plant is
Phalangium pomaridianiim. Pesides this
plant the bark of a tree, Clielnria saponaria,
is also used in South America for the pur
pose of w ishing. . Several- other plants have
been used in various countries as a substitute
for soap.' All of these' contain considerable
q'uantites of oleaginous and alkaline-principles
in their composition, on which their v; l
ue depends. Hogg's Instructor. '
According to the returns of the as
sessors "of New Orleans, there has been a de
cline in the value of property in the city of
three millions three hundred and ninety-two
thousand three hundred and forty-two dollars
within the past year. . , ..
.The Baltimore and Ohio Rail. Road Com
pany have determined to construct one hun
dred, miles of double track immediately, sixty
between Baltimore and Cumberland, and for
ty between Cumberland and Wheeling. One
hundred thousand dollars of additional loco
motives nnd cars have, been ordered for the
propor equipment of the extension. To cover
the expense ot these improvements, there
will bo a new issue of two and a half million
dollars in bonds of the company.
: . .... . '
'Tw'o more States gone run the Whigs,'
said George as he met Isaac with the informa
tion. Isaac .looked wise and responded,
'Kentucky . nod . Tennessee.' 'No, no, my
boy, but two vvire are conceded to us by the
democrats, wjihout a question tiny yield
litem totally.' Pruy what are they?' 'Why
the stale of Anxiety and the stale of Ilnpr
lessiufts.' Isaac 'grinned horribly a ghastly
smile,' while the crowd laughed at the news.
Boston I'osi.
Wc observe that Mr. A. O; Benson, of
New York, tho well known projector of the
guano expedition to the Lobos Islands, is
about to appeal to Congress for indemnity.
His "bill of particulars" is formally made 'out,
and he estimates his damages at the comfort
able littlo sum of $2,500,000, which he will
ask to have paid him out of the public trcas-T-
Madam da Stnel lived, nnd wn may say
(bed, iu Ui. belief that revolutions were effec
ted, nud countries governed, by a suecessioi)
of clever paniphjets. This is very nfl.ar the
truth. ' The powerful newspapers of the day,
with what is called the leading articles, are
nothing more . 11 tan . a siiucssion of clever
pamphlets. HTs said that three newspapers
in France eflected the revolu'Lh of July,
ISM.. .; .; ' ,
How to. Pkhseuve Health. -Medicine
will never remedy bud habits. It is utterly
futile to think of living in gluttony, intuinper
aneo nnd every eices, and keeping tho body
in health by medivine. Indulgence of tho ap
pe.titA,nnd indiscriminate dosing and drugging,
have ruined the health,. and destroyed the life
of more persons than famine, sword nnd
pestilence. If yon "will become regular ' in
your habits, eat and drink wholesome things,
sleep on matresses, retire nnd rise very regu
larly. Make free nse of water to purify the
skin, aud when sick, take eounsol of "the Lest
physician you know and follow nature..
Hogs bv tub JIii(l1on. The Louisville
Democrat has the following startling sta
tistics of the swine business of the West:
Ohio, in 1850, produced, y , 1 ,95-1,770 hogs.
Kentucky, i; !; ; s,8ei,i(i3, ,.!
Illinois, 1 "
Indiana, "
Tennessee, ., .j.u
I ,r ( ,'7
Total, -
3,11 1,011
; This is coining it pretty strong half a bog
to every man, woman and child in tho Union,
fgf" 'Hollo ! I say, what did you say your
medicine would cure?' - ; .-, .. .
'OH ! it'll cure everything hcarnnytbTtig.'
Ah! well, l'Jl take n bottle; maybe it'll
heel my. boots; they need it bad enough.'
The Reason Why. A gentlcmnn, on
hearing a lady praise the eyes of a certiin
minister, wrote the following;.. , , ,,-
I cannot prnise thc dm'tor'si eyes, ' '- '
I naver saw his glance divine;
r For when he prays he shuts his eycR, .
' ' And when he preaches he shuts mine.
. , i
'It is woll to leave something' for those
who come after us,' us the gentloman said
who threw a barrel in tho way of a constable
that was chnsiuji him.
Idleness is tho dead sea that swallows up
all virtue, and the aclf-made sepulchre of a
living man. ; ,
" . ' ' : For tu Post; ' .. -CI.EAfl
A very thorough examination of the pupils
of Clear Spring English School came oir on
the 17th inst. The in inner in which the ex
ercises of the day were conducted --roved
Satisfactorily tn the minds of all who were
present, that Mr. S. 1. Hale is a gentleman
tully competent to instruct the risiih' fenura -
thin in the dillcrent branches 'of n thorough
English edMcation. There were ten or fifteen
students examined on English Grammar, and
I can safely say (after witnessing a number
of examinations at the best institutions in
East Tennessee,) that thev stood the most
critical examination 1 -ever witnessed. J h
t'Xi,u'''t'o on Arithmetic, Algebra
1 "l.e,ry w highly interesting and
Algebra and (ic
on ti rely
's:'lusli't'tor.v' 1,1 short, the whole examina-
proved that the teacher was competent
"1' l"1 "'"auiuui urn oi science., .mer me
l,xa""";iti"n' -"mpositions were read by a
m",,or ot young ladies and gentlemen, all
which were truly interestmsj. and must
ll:lvu emanated from bright intellects and no-
; '.lu '"HWes. ;. The exercises closed with
miiji-; uiiui.u iii.LLionn u Julius eimiimcil,
students ol the lustitiition, which were highly
entertaining. .' .
In conclusion, I can only say to those who
wish to ascend the beautiful hill of science,
and to inhale the salubrious atmosphere
which continues to fan its ever growing sum.
mit, enter Clear Sjiriug Unglwli School, pjaeo
yourselves under the care of S. P. Hale,
make a proper ellort, and success, sJuill be
your reward. A Citizen of Mo.vkoe.
. ,
For the J'oxt. t ,,
Mit. Editor: Home time since, in' a num
ber of your paper, there appeared a lKitiee
of a superior quality of Corn, raised by your
worthy citizen, Judge Keycsf and while'.Meigs
comity may riv-al you in point of Corn, it is
claimed by nnd fairly conceded to James Lil
ian!, Esq., of Decatur, Tenii., that ho has
raised a pig, now m salt, which weighed four
hundred and fourteen pounds, stripped and
bled, at the age of fifteen months -it being
the largest of the hog kind known to have
been raised in East Tennessee. To such
men as those wc have mentioned, is due much
credit, for without labor there is no excellence.
Let the attention of our farmers nnd business
men generally be more attracted to the de
velopment of our real and certain commer
cial resources, and tlw tide of trade which
has enrichened other sections of the country,
particularly Kentucky, will be thrown in our
midst, and the' g'-eat objects of society
pcnconiid plenty be enjoyed by all uninter
ruptedly. Upon the farming class depends
all other branches of business in our own
suction; the cotton of the South being a
medium through which our currency is sup
plied, the almighty dollar of the rich million
aire finally reaching the pocket of our farmer
boy who feeds the pigs. J. A.
Under tho caption of The Mecca of the
llf'Ji frniiry,'thc New York Herald publishes
a long list of arrivals at Concord, N. II., from
other States siuco the 13th of November. .
A Six.JULAii Matwmoxiai. Bargain. A
! singular m atriiiioniul bargain took place,
not long since in' Missouri; in the vicinity of
St'. Joseph, which, within our liiemory,'has
not a precedent. Two married men who liv
ed near each other, became, from reasons
best known to themsulvcs, dissatisfied with
their own wives, and took n fancy, Cuch for the
other's spunse. Matters being thus, their
better huK'es vcro; mmsulled as to tt change,
und expressed. themselves willing to accede
to any measures that would keep pcaco in
the family. Each wife took her neighbor's
husband, nnd have since lived contentedly in
their new home. - ' - ' .' r
Never trust a man for tin vehemence of
his asseverations, whose bare word you would
not trust: a knave will make no more of
swearing to a falshood, than of affirming it.
Fore Bunts, irhcrtl flour is recommended as
a capital remedy. Plunge the burnt part into
the tlour, or biindi'.e it loosely with plenty
of flour next the ski.,'
Z-iT" That ollicer who arrested the man's
attention has been promoted.
J5f The following we commend to the
attention of that heartless fellow, the news
paper borrower. It contains an oeenn of'
truth: -
"Newspaper borrowers are nlways the
keenest critics). Their noses snulf pollution
and their pure eyes water at error, which 'they
steal to read, und eheat to obtain. Those
who take and pay 'for their' papers, always
have a pail in their hearts1 tilled with the
milk of indulgence. It takes one of your
stealing and borrowing fraternity to turu out
tho real bitterness of fault finding." .
There is a boy, some eight years of
a"c, ill the Lunatic Department of" tho Com
mercial Hospital, Cincinnati, who was born
deaf, duniband blind. He lays on the floor
most of tho tini,' uttering piteous moans.
Tho scarlet fever, wc understand, is irc-
vailing to- copsiderjibla cjrtjmfc in Cincinnati
among the little folks, many of ..whom have
died from its effects within the month.
. . C ' ' 1 ' - i
Rev. Bishop Soule, of the M. E. Ohurfcli,
has written a letter to the Southern Christian
Advocate, "in which-ho .roflecto 6ii juiino of
the opinions of the Northern Christian Advo
cate, and closes by predicting a division tf
tht Northern Church.
The friends of Ex-Senator Footo, of Mis
8issiipi, it is said are pressing his claims to a
position in the Cabinet of Gen. Pierce.
Down Passenger Train.
Iiottnofc, : : : '. : 4.00 A.M.
Philadelphia, t : t 4.21
Sweetwater, : : :
Athens, ,!,,!,: : : 5.35
Charleston,! : ; t ! :' i.2J
Cleveland, t : : : : 7.0li
Red Clav, t : ; : 7.50
U-ave R'd Clav, : : . : .R10 . .
VarneU's, - : " : : ' : 8.3 2
Dalton, : : : : : 9.01
I' Passenger Train.
Dai.ton,: : : : : 1. In P.M.
VarneU's, : : : : . : 1.4J
lied Clay, : 3.0:1
LeaveTu-d Clay,: : '.:. : 2.05
Cleveland, : I t t : : ".63 ,
Charleston, : v : - t ' I ' 3.41 - :
Athens, ' t :: i : ' : 4.39
Sweetwater, : ; : : 6.3i)
I'hiladelphin, ! : : : n.ji)
Loudon,: ; ; : ; 0.10
KTilfclUL ttOTIt'K.
In refutation of the silly notion entertained
brBome, that Astronomy "must not be fused, in
theMil-iit" Providence teiinittimr. n the se
cond Sftl'ibitth aCJauudrv. 11-A. M.. I "will"
preach u religious nstronymic-.ji ditu-sivil-iiistrstive
uf the resurrection, tho huuiiii
body, us also of the power biii iiiaicsty of God.
lxt: 1 Cor., 13 ami -J If - First the solar au.l
1 .i.m..j.o-v. t--..iou: secondly the starry and
ncbiilout; and jii.oonclusioivso is the resurrec
' troit ' ' " , (5. HOUSE,
' ' SiTvt:i"iM i
Tim Liver Pills i.f lr. Mctmie wore fir-t
i.iii. i.i. ... ......
lioed by htm cVcln-iwIy in his'hWM' pi-npficc.
:so efficacious were thef iu-ivll 'cases uf l.ivcr
complaint, that they became famous, ami at
trnetiiijr fhe attention of the medical faculty,
pn-ed into senrrnl use." Tlier net with irfYat
certainty nnd regularity; the' patient" almost
imniC'lia'tc'v feels the dispersion of his dis
ease, and is" gradually rctored to. health.
Wafh'slmii! the' effect is alnio-t miraculous.
tVeo jetH.lv exporioneinir immediate ViJiefT al-
ter having, for months resorted Ui ; drusr and
nieilii'iucs of allot her ilisciaption, in vnin.
Diitinsrs of the-Idvir are Very common iii this
roimtrv; and.-nre:oft.eii friirheful'iit vhsrifcter.
Those wliaoxperienee any of the jiletiioni'oi'v
vruptnin of this dangerous nml complii'ateil
di)ime, should at once 'procure a box of r.
Mriintie' i Pills,- and perhaps, - thereby-," be
saved a world of misery, . ,!
For talc by P! II. Kkith; Athens; J, A. .t (-.
Vt'i ViSnif, 'iWildisoiiville; and by one' "Aireiit
in CTcry town. in Tennessee. (Dec. "1.1
MAHRIEI On tlia 2,1 !.. ),v Rev. J. AV.
' Shcllon,' Mr.'.CuiivsTiAN Brown, to Miss ICi.ia
"Asv Mm lin Im's'k, all of-Monroc county.
(Imcerir I'or the season of the year there
Jius baieii a fiir -btuoiievs done in tht! (Iroeerv
lina., The stock on hi'tud is heavy and well
,assrl,d. - ,
W'h'ft Goo.l rcd'is senree; and a lot would
1-eudjlv brin tijicv . Whito'is woVli 1 a sji 1 , 1 .1,
aeciirjinir to qiuility. t "
('or The demand is limited, and as the
stock, is on t be j ne re use, prices tend dmrn
wiinli. Sales have been reported to in; .by
the quantity at 0i a .rific, sacks included.-' ."A
Imire lot. would Hot bring over Cue. Unts 0"
10c. , . - . . .
JUtronr-Stoek fully equal to demand, wbieli
is limited. Sales by' the bhd, "cash, at. 10 a
lie for sides.
( ,'htrte Jfwrthern is stsrec and in demand
at l'J a 1 2 1 c. ' "
Flaitr Superfine Aua'ta Mills is selling
at $5 n fi ir lild., nud Extra at"0"j a7.
.Siniei tinc count ry is worth 5 a $3. Thaiafis
a fair dcniiimi for Hour. i I
. Potatoes Xut'jhttnt are held at per bbl.
, S"i Is scoi civ A'e have bcni d of no large
sides this weck--retailiiiH from stores at l,iR)
a c'I,''0 per sack,
Tennessee Houses . in
I'ortearding and Cotvmhuton lUrchant,
,;',.- SiVAXNAH, ; a.- ; .11
IOU'AUDvith euro and dispatch to nnd
., from . the iaislcrn cities, or to iihv point
desired, t;OOJS, PJWDUCK m,d' MER
CHANDISE, of all 1esenplioiis, nnl sell on
commission, lYoduoe aud-MereliHiidise, They
also purchase to- order (JRUCPRIEX, which
caii be bought on most favorable teians, in the
SnYannah market. . They solicit your patron
age, and pledge their utmost exertions to give
: WF. IliRUIS & CO.,
.rr.f co.v, G.i. ' '
iW.Sl, 18R2 Om 223,,
The Last Notification.
VI,fj )iersons indebted to the firm of Brad
ford t Dodsoiie'i'lier by note or account
for f hmds boiii'lir nf ahet ion or otherwise, will
do well to make nmnent to me. surviving
ntrtner) rerninst the 20th of Jnn'unry, lSili,
orthvy will nil be-fofind in' 1he liands of an
offier for -collection, without dist'ini'fion. "
fiuri'ii'inrj -partner of flrwlfuht tt Dotlmn.
Dec. si, ikj.2 tf ' ; in
Chancery Sale of Land.
t William luminous, )
' vx'. Original Bill.
Jnmcs M. "Wall in", ) . .
and .
' James Jf. Walling, )
t.t'. Cross Bill.
, "William L enitnoiis, ) . '.
1ritSL'ANT to a decree of the Chancery
Court, at Athens, JIcMinn eoiinty, Ten
nessee, nt the August Term, 1652, had iu these
onusce, I will sell nt the Court house door, iu
Athens, on .Monday the 7th day of February,
IS.j.l, the following t rater or parcel ol I ami, ly-
ing in Uie county of MeMinn, on both sides
of the Armsl rontr 1-erry road, at a place called
and thirty acres more or less, ' and being the
same, land that John Whilniore, by his 'penal
bomb dated .l February, IH'.IH, .waste uuik-c
title To John Augiisty and. John T. 1'entoii, jf
the Corn jilainant Win, Lciiiinons iu the Origin
al JJill bled iu this cause, docs not pRy the
aiiiouiit, of the decree, interest and cuslswitlij
in th e months from the lSlh August last.
Terms, cash. '
. WM. T.OWRY. C.d M...
Pf. 24, 1R52 Is IVs fee J 3 22 .
1 '" LOCDOX, M-NX.
'Jjrf '.i'BiiSt, 18.i2 tf jjj'' Jj '
- ,r Cheap Tobacco.
V consignment of good Tobacco on band,
which Will bu soid cheap for cash or coun
try produce. KKYKK, HON A ViX .
'DixS-24, -1 852 222
41 he its a calf.
A TV. will givo Groceries nt
ush prieo.and
T T cnsli tor
i orii, I ats, re.as, nutter,
Feathors, il e. lie. eVe. KKVi :S, SON it CO.
Dec. 21, 1H.V2 222..
1 AAA TOfXns Virginia Tobacco, fwm
1 vJUv 20 to Till cents per pound, for sale
"Dee. 21. lr,2
A 00OD lot of Mat hews' Flour for sale low,
ii for cash, bv
j. w:
McSl'.VDDL.N .t CO.
Dec. 2t, 1h:2
"1 A rE have n superior article of Candy, Al
y luoiidh, Cheese,'. Ciai kcrs, Soda'linis
cuit, Grsen Applef, ami tunny other.. good
things which we w ill tell low down for r,h.
J. W -'A-SI'ADDL.N i CO.
Dec. 21, 11..
.Wanted," ' " '
VT Chilb'iwee, tlouut vountr two 'or three
Afuctilie l itters up ; Ileconmndations
heqiiired. .-Applv to KuKEK'f JAMl', at the
W ork. .,-..
LhilliovLre, "Jju'o. 21, lS. tf 222
v.Fine Gold Watch for Sale: .
ON Snttrrrtti'y. the lt daV of January"; l'S.W,
I w illotfev fyf sale ut - public on'lerv, at
the t'ourt-hoiise d.ior in Athens, for ("ash in
hand,' one' fine ffiild "Vatcli undCliain belonir
inyt'o" the eptalc'-of ftirlnte l'hifander Wright,
deceased," to lie Mld: for ' payment f debts
against the estate. ..".. ...
"JAirs vr. f;i:fsiiAf,
' Kffitlor of I'hlVdiiilrr H'finht, drr'd.
- Dec. 24, IS..!'
ITXIi;ii.f;Nn have opened a liusines
J'lloiise'at Athen;" in 'the new biiildini'
j nvia-flie I ir:.i, w here they nre prepared-"to
,sell d' Kll.t'JiJilfiSM t .low rated, mid to pur
chase rro'luce al l lie juirne.-t market Jricetl
"' tf'W4icl wantetl' at- liiDrln-t Vai'h price
. Mlpi, lee.17. lfiii tf: ,r .. i-l -
C'onimhiiton Vrchniit &'
neutral .igtnU,
Ox' rr.rknt st.; oi'r'irf u :i if: ATtisTVIt'iTr.t.
'f'lU-'Y will kee'p eoiistantlv'ori' I'm n T' n 1 1 -
r!.i)e.raJ: stoeK it f. r7Ti:.v.Avjiilillii-y.
!viJl.Fcl! at wlioleiile nr retuil. on un iffil
ferin's ss can be ji;oetn ed in'tbecit v of Xi lntij. j
(iders'io'riptlviil'eiifled:4o.- ' ; -i ' J
:.r . .-.liir.r.ci'. iJU'oiiti;i;k4ir. .-j.i ih 1
Hardware,. L'tUltrjf, tux, Vitiate, i!c
- . -'Xo. pyJlayM.'stjcct, . '-. '! s.'
. J :.CU A R L ';?V T Q A' 4i, ' ..
WUJ.IAM c. coiUT.:v. UM.MW.V. l,).o,lor.
. Dec. J7,.13:.2 run ' Ciit ' "
Gave Spring Mills,
! MILES SOl"JU'lr OF A'TilEXS, '
,4 llh iu complete opei'ulion.
.A. fail to meet a lcasoniiblc
We ivilf nut
calculation of
all who patronise us, our iiirichinci-.v. beany. in
terior to none in. J-ust Jeiiiiessee.
... . . j5uacsitti;iai
De"e. 17, 1S52 3t V ' 'Al'
-A Farm for Sale.';,;
MY Tit ACT OF fAXna'djoimng the town
of 'Alliens,-upon' which T hvf.'sbl, Js
ollered for sale. 'IJiel-iaet eoutiJn Xinrjlitti.
deal j&ert, -about one half ill cultivation, und
the balance in first, rate timber. Die build
iiiLTs nre, n comfortable and coniMioilious
Dwelling House of frame, ltiaek Kite.hen with
servants rooms, . Hnmke House, large frame
Piarn, Sjiring-liouse, and other convenient out
builduit'S. Ait Orch'iird of several Inmtlred
voiing beiirimr npule tlees.of ehoiee iiiajes: a
i;ooit neaeli orcliarq, ami n great variety, of
otJier fruits, "stich as penrs, plumbs, cherries,
and a chliiee selection riY'grnpM. ' - ' ' '
there are upon tho iireiiiises several first
rate never fail iiifg Springs, two of which are
near the dwelling house. And it is believed
that there" is no 'upland farm in the fount rv
that produces more to the nere ol eorn, wheat,
clover or grass. ,..
Tiat.M-: tfne-fourth ca'sb,"nnd the baliuve
in thrye squill aniiiinl iiistnlliuents, with in
terest."' ' T.M-XOTAX DYiq:.
Dee. 17, 1?52 ?,t " ' ' "T?!
Clover Seed
H 5 inm o J.WJI in m Utllu-. J. ef. A'
December 17, 1S52-
Clear Spring English.School.
THIS School is bwatejl six miles' . Kit of
Athens, 'MeMinn county, Tenn,, .in, the
midst of a 'heiilthfiil, beautiful nnd fertile
country,-nnd in a neighborhood ilotiil ftirtlie
niornlity,indiistry.iiid.good oiuler of tile oiti
Keiis. 'l ho second session will nmuiienco on
the First Monday i I'li'iuaiy next nnd close
on the lust Friday. in May. .Term per ses
sion of five liunths, payable .at tlrcclofo'of
the session : ' . ' .
Ortli6''riipby, Rendini; and Writing, f j,ti0
English Groinuinr, Arithmetic; ond Gc-
ogrnpby. . ' ' 1,00
Xatiiral, 'Meral, mVd Intelleetunl J'hi-;
losnpby; Cliemistrr, Logic, Kiieloriej
and a "conrso of Mathematics, cinbra-
cihg Algcbrn.tJeeuifltryfrigoiioinet.rv,
the principles of Navigation, Mcnsuraj" -tiou
of timiscesaiid Solids, and-theory '
nnd prat.ie.o of Surveying. .JO.Ou
Tuition elniiyed fcom I h'o time the student
enters Sehonl till the close of tlte' t-esu'm, nnd
no deduction made for lost tiliio, .exerpt, fli
case of sickness, or other provident nil Inn
ilerunee. lioardimr can bu hail in ret peel aide
I r.,mii)!8 J t lu neighborhood at 1 .per-'wwk,
Ij tKy(,m. enmfortablO cabins Jmve been
Jiti,(j -flt ,l0 iu,(! ,lMll. ju ilK vicinity.
wlucli st udents wlio w ish to oaru menisci yes
can oemipv fi'ee )f eiibl.- S. 1'. H Al.l',
Dec. l-7,J.)2:tin 22 1 VVfncv'il
Chancery Sale ot land'
WiUiitni F, Forrest and Wm.'irjJiWe', l'xi'Vn! di:f
uf tbe.estatc of John Matlock, tl-ecrwrrxl
M. . - - ;nf. . T!
William Lcnuiious, Inrv Muflb' t, vidoW.,Sa:
rnh' Miitloekvl Unry'jiat lock, ."hilin ftlstlocR,
" Kliiabctlr Mntl'oek ftnd Martha Mitflilf':
' 'minor heiiit af .John Mullock, decensed.
1b'USI.,ANT.tudcrJv! f Uie t;ht(nVI(rjt
Court, nt, Athens, MeMlHll. coiHity.ijTijji;
liosMc'-at. tlfe August Term,' 852, had iu this
cause, I will bcII at the Court, housa divflviii.
thu town of Athens, on Monday the 7t.b"(Tiiy
of February, l.s.ill, the lollowiiig tracts w)-'if-.
celsTif land, to'wit: 'The northwest quarter 'dr
section 22,4t.hfiactioiiiil rowiiship, 2n(TrtuigoV
west of the Meriilian, Jiiwassi i) ditl i?tw,Mv'
Minn eoiiuty, Tennessee. Also, the yUtlj;.
vest and northwest quarters' of seetlon '.Ti,'
the southwest and nor'.hwcsl qunrter of rjyc
iion 21. the southen't ViuiiM'er f section ill,'
nnd the northeast, quarter of section Til, (ill tnl
the Ith fractional township, 20 raiiL'c, Wu-si or
the Meridian, lliwaeec districL Also, thirty
five seres, mJiVe or less, ndjoiiiing sahl bilulB
on the south side, lving in t ho bend of ( hfstiia
creek, mi l hounded on the south by the lands
of James Morris, - nil in 'MeMinn county. A
credit of six and twelve months will bo given
on nil except the Mini of 1 i , to be j.nid
down, the purchasers giving bond nnd security
nnd ft Hen retained mi ill' InihU until all is
paid. ' If the respondent, Wrti. Lclntui lis doc.
not, within h months from the lsth dily of An
'iis'l last, pay the amount of said deer;:?, in-,
tercst hud cost. .
- WM. T.OWltY, C. if1 M:
Pec. 2t. J .'. Ids Prs. fee ?7- '222
:':Boot3 and Shoes;
A 1TAV oases of lioaW winter Pontc and
iL !;hoer, cheaper than over, by
J. W. Mc.fPADDrX f- CO.
Dec. :i. 15."
- "irtTJLlXD, RISLEY & CO.,
(Near the Globe Hotel,)
IttgHsta, Ga.,
AV(,M'V.an .tl,e "'tcidion of Merchants
T and lhy,ician to their larsje nnd tx
teuslre stock of llu nnj MedieiSes. t hen.i
culs, I ntelit Medlciiiis, Vuiuls, Oils, lve-St tiffs
urgieul mid Llciital Instrument, Ac, Ac
Heine connected vith HuviUnd, llurrul A Co.
holesulo liru''ists, t'liai U ston, S. C'. and
llaviluud, llarral A- liiU-y, li.iA-ter' nud
Jobbers of Drug, Ae., New York, w t cun oflVr
umisiial indueeiiieiits to ilvicliants uml l'h,i
eiiins visiting our eit v.
jAMi.se. iiailvi. ' jAsn iiAnn.M..
Dec., '.Z- ly
Take Notice.
VT.T. persons indebted by note to:the catntn
of . I 1 1 ii Mcfihee, are requested to call
without delay upon one of the subscribers,
or .1. W. .1. ,'iies, President Hunk of l'jist Ten
nessee, Kuowille, nnd cither pay the same nr
reiiewtheni with i ill isfuetory security. Neg
lecting to attend to this notice, they will rind
them iu the hands of an Attorney for suit.
15. M.UIIKIl ')
V. M. MctjiHKlv
D!C 3, 1 S2 tf
Chaucerj Court at Alhcus.
' ' I'lins File,
, ; .Tub n IJankins mid X. C. White.
I X this, cause it npiicars from nu aflidavit
filed, that X. ('. White is not a resident
citizen of the Stnte of Tennessee: H is tbere-
ftu orderenTtlmt publication be nmdu in the
ahh iu I'ost, a newspaper piililisJiea iu the
toiVjMif AriiTuis, JIcliiiii couniy, Tennessee,
for fiiur aecciMtiv weeks, reqiiiaing the Mtiil
X. C Wlikb tn mtikw hi '-s,hiI appearnnre
at" our ne'xl' (liaiicrry "( ourt to beholden nt
Athens nforeini.i, iui the 8d Monday of Febru
ary next, to plead, answer or demur to tho
eoioilitiants hill riled ngiiinst him and John
llankins in paid Court, or the same will be
taken ns--oiil'se,l n to bian and set for hear
im: iiecordiuly.. - - .
- - ; ' WM. I.oWRV, C.A- .Y.
1-V. 21, 1S..2 It , IVs. fee 3 '222
' Leallier! Lea! her!
rpiTT7 subscriber has a good supply of Sole,
1 . 1'pper and Harness Leather, tor sale ut
Dodsoii's store, cheap for cash.
Dee. 10, I:.2 220 T. tAUGHAX.
TAND 'WARRANT, No. .7St, for one bnu
J died ami sixty acres, issued to me on tho
27th day of .tune, 1P51, under the net of Sep
tember 2Sth. !8,'i0, mid sent to my agent,
"tames T. Axbury, Kingston, Ronne eountv,
Tetin.,bns failed to come to my hniid.niid 1 have
eiit-ered a cut-rat in the (eiicral Land Ollieo,
nud intend to apply to the ('oinmissioner of
Pensions for u duplicate of said Warrant..
December 10, 1852 Ct 220
. Books, Paper, &c,
are now receiving a very large stock
f T of 'ttssieal nnd every other kind of
ftehonl itok. projiarntorj' to the re-opening
of the Schools in January; also have on lined
a large assortment of Medical and Miscella
neous Book', which wc nre adding to every
week by the steamers from Now York, nnd by
which wc receive all the new Hooks in every
department of literature, ns soon as published;
nlso, nlwnys keep on bnnd tho largest stock of
Paper of all kinds, Steel Rons; Plank Hooks
of our own manufacture, und every article nf
fancy and. atopic Stationery; also, llouse Pa
pering anil, 'ionieriiig,-JMitsicnt Instruments,
Portable 'Desks, Ladies . Work Boxes,' and
thousands of similar article, such us are usu
ally found in linok nnd Fancy Stores.
Also, the following nt wholesale : 100O
gross of Combs, assorted; 4.100 gross Coat nnd
other P.iittoiis; 200,000 Needles; 1000 lbs.
Pins; -2000 dozen Thronds, assorted; 600 dozen
Suspenders; "00,000 Gun Cups; Violin Strings,
nnd almost, every kind of fancy article. To
ill! Iheseynurattention is respectfully invited.
We will sell them by older nnd otherw ise ns
low as any house iu the Southern country.
Call and see.
Dee. 17, ln2 St 221 Aupuslu, Ott.
The" Pain Killer!
Till:. FAIN KI.l.KRI!! Just conic nnJ
V. get tho J'nin Killer, if you w ish-jour
TWlh or llciid-ncJie stopped in Jess tlinii tiva
minutes. Nov. '.) (;. HORNF.
Just Receiving& Opening
MY stock i.f FA LI. d- WIXTEli HOODS,
suitable for tieiitlemen and l.mlics suli
stontlal ivciiir.' Also, Hoot nud Shne for both
sexes. Sutrnr, Cnffee, Moln.-ses, Ac. All of
which will be fold IP cheap for essh us nnv.
C-ST'All kinds of t'oiuitry Prudite'e fnken in
exchnnu"'. L. 1XJDSO.N.
-tli-t. 22, IR'i2.
' . Just Received,
V' 'LOT of Coffee, Sugar, Midnssin, Indlpn,
Madder, I'epper, Spire, Itlue Sloni., Mnek
i rel.Cliii'lles, RuisiiiF, Sodn, i.ead, Rico.Chcesc,
J'ateiit Mcdieims, nud n final euriili of Fall
and Winitr (.', which will be sold 'v for
prompt pay. I will not he nmi-rmH. You
will save money t o j un base ( 'nlico and other
floods o"l h piece. Call aud see.
' Alliens. Nov. 1 2, lRr,21 - (?. HORXE,
Fur fckins Hnnird. "
1"AV-II.L buy till the Fur Skills that is nfTcr
. cd thh winter; uch nsilink, Otter, JUe
coon and Fox,, nnd givo goods for them at
l 'ash Fricci 1 want them nil rased.
' 1 ' (i. W. ROSS.
ov. 2i1, l Ho2 21S
Cash for Wheat.
A 7"Ij will sive ensli for all the merebnnta
y y ble Wheal ollcred us. Soeks on hand.
A. D. KFYKS ,t SO.N.
-Nov2. U52 tm 2I
" , . , Superfine, "Flourr"
SIC. RKRDElt ltd )., vill keep ommtimtly
on band a loipply of Superfine Flour,
which (hey will furnish to their custouiei
low fur cn-h. '
Athens, Sept. a, 1S.2.
:r;"Wheat Wanted ! "
A ri' will buy all the good tloau Mrrtlaut.
aide II7ii(i wn can get, for which w
will.puv the highest Innrket prino.
Groceries ! 1 Groceries !
ARK now receiving ,! opening, t tho nM
Hand in Atheim, Nmlat the new building
at the Dent, a Imi-jjo and Mm rn. nmorimoi k
of Orociii ac, which tlwv will sell Hs low ns
they Ciin be purchased 'in F.nut Tonnossee, for
('ush iu haudiOi uuy kind of Country Tro
duce. Alhtoiin, ytv. 28, 1S82 tf

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