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We glean the following items from tlio ml.
vices brought by tlio Kiiropa, which arrived
nt Now Vork on tho25th, brinyin Liverpool
dates to the lllh.
The news from the East is not of special
importance. Everything continues! precisely
as left by the Inst intelligence. No reply has
yet been received from the Czar to the tilti
uuitum of France and England.
Count Orlolf left Vienim on the 8th, direct
for St. Petersburg, he having entirely failed
in his attempted mission.
A severe encounter lias taken place at flui
gero, on the Danube, the result of which is
not known. Another attack was dailv looked
fornt Kalufut, n Omar Pasha had'entirclv
recovered from his recent sickness, and his
army on the Danube were in line health mid
The Emperor of Russia is reported sick,
he not liuviug been seen out lor some time
A clinngo in the Russian Ministry is re
ported ns hnving taken place.
England and France lire continuing to in
crease their respective urnmnients on u large
KrAix. The latest accounts from Spain
announce tli.it a democratic convention had
been discovered at Madrid, on thu Oth inst.
Fourteen persons concerned in the movement
bad been arrested, (icncial Jose Concha had
been proclaimed a rebel, and has escaped into
Austria. The Austrian Minister notified
the Turkish ambassador at Vienna, that the
concentrations of troops on the frontiers were
intended only as precautionary measures
against Hungary. This notification was ae.
Cuiupanied by friendly expressions.
England. The liritish Ciovermnent has
advertised for seven or eight coppered ships
from "00 to 800 tons burl hen, to be employed
for about four mouths, in convey inj eaval
')' JJy the latest telegraphic dispatches at I.iv
crpool on Saturday morning, the lllli, the
Pn is Bourse closed lii ui on Friday, without
much business.
At London on Saturday three batallions of
Guards and six regiments of the line, were
under orders to embark on tlio Pith fur the
Mediterranean. Thu wholo number of lirit
ish troops to bo dispatched is 10,00.), and as
many more will bu held in readiness. Twenty
ships of the largest tonnage will be required
to convey the troops mid supplies. The lirit
ish government have taken the Oriental Coin
panics steamers, Syumlgn, Dipun and .Manil
la. Turkey. Accounts from the Danube an
nounce particularly another Turkish success
between Galatz mid lbralia. Klapka and
others have embraced l.slahuisiii. Prince
Sjtomsca has been made a Pasha.
Russia. Dispatches from St. Petersburg
had been received in Paris, dated Feb. 1st.
The excitement at St. Petersburg then was
very greut, and the war party enthusiastic.
The Austrian Government i eedini! tiik
People on Horse Flesh. An Austrian
correspondent of the New York Times,
Bays :
Wo get n singular piece, of intelligence
from Vienna. The municipal Government,
on the rcccommcudatiini of the board of
health, lias authorized the sale of horse tlesli
in the butcher's stalls of the capital. A French
paper says that in the scarcity of provisions
in Paris a similar step might bo uilvantagu
ously taken there. A correspondent ought to
know everything, or at least to pretend to
know everything; but I am willing to ac
knowledge that this announcement has taken
me by surprise. 1 was not prepared for it,
rind havo never met with anything in thu
course of my reading, which enables me to
give an opinion, or venture n suggestion, on
no novel a topic. know, indeed, that the
police of this city take great care that no
horse llesh finds its way into the consump
tion of tlio people, but this rather militates
against the supposition that the incut in ipies
tion is cither healthy or nutritious. Such an
initiative is in keeping, coming from Austria.
Francis Joseph can now take one more step
in the same direction, and milhorizo eanui.
bnlisni. Hungarians and l.omhardo Veniti
nns would doubtless be considered very good
eating by the fellow-citizens of Haynau and
Radetzki. In these hard times, tho poor must
be provided for. The introduction of these
cheap articles of food into the people's bill
of fare is no act of enlightened benevolence.
OrENi.No of Parliament. A London cor
respondent of tho N. Y. Courier, under date
of February 3d writes :
Palianient was opened by tho Queen in
State on Tuesday. The occurrence created
great excitement and a marked coldness was
exhibited towards Prince Albert by the mass
of the hundreds of thousands who witnessed
him proceeding to tho House. I was at
Buckingham Pulaeo when the Royal pair took
their departure, and excepting a feeblo at
tempt at applause, nothing like appoval cscap.
cd tho multitude. Hisses were freely uttered
and but few persons conformed to the imme
morial custom of lifting the hat when the
Sovereign passed. The Prince looked pale
and anxious. His consort was truthful and
pretty. Sho was as cheerful as a girl of
seventeen and equally as enchanting.
Tired or it. Tho joint special committee
on the subject of tho liquor law in tho .Mas
sachusetts Legislature made a report on the
11th, accompanied by a bill for tho uncondi.
tional repeal of tho law, mid restoring thu
statute of 1836. A minority report of the
committee was also submitted, assuming the
ground that it is inexpedient to legislate on
the subject of the repeal of the law.
"Thcrcis a beautiful sentenco from the
pen of Coleridge. Nothing can be more el
oquent, nothing more true:
"Call not tho man wretched who, whatever
else he suffers, as to pain inllictcd or pleasure
. denied, has a child for whom lie hopes and on
whom he doats. Poverty may grind him to
ABt nKai.nrtlv ni.iv -ut its dark mantle
1 1 1 V UUW)VU-VHM.j --,,
over him, his voice may be unheeded by those
among whom he dwells, and bis face may bo
unknown by his neighbors even pain may
rack his joints, and sleep llec from his pillow;
but he has a gem with which he would not
part, for tho wealth defying computations,
for fame filling a world's ear, for the brightest
power, for the sweetest sleep that ever fell
on mortal's eye."
UrWAKD Tenoekcies. The Philadelphia
Sun sayr "There is not an editor or pub
lisher in tho country, who does not feel that
every thing is going up in price but newspa
pers. The New York Mirror says, while
paper-makers have risen on the raw material,
and rents are beyond ail precedent, newspa
pers are selling for only two cents. What
then shall the penny press say, when tlio two
centers complain, and talk of striking lor tho
three cent pieces, and letting the coppers go
to the beggars! This is a subject that re
quires consideration."
The Washington correspondent of the
Baltimore Sun says in his letter of the 8th
A split has taken place in the New Wk
Democratic "soft-shell" organization, in re
tard to the question of repealing tho Mis
wnri Compromise. The original antiglare,
'r portion of the party, headed by John an
jWcn, have acceded from the organization,
and declared war upon the administration.
They must be quieted with a little more pap.
Tho London Times gives tho following
particulars of the battle of Citato, from n
private letter
On Friday, tho (ith of January, the Turk,
ish troops, under the orders of Ishmail Pacini
and Ahmed Pacha, marched to attack thu
Rusiuns, who had fortified themselves in the
village of Cilato, which is about 5 hours
march from Kalefat. The force of Ishmail
Pacha was composed of threo regiments of
regular cavalry and one regiment of P,ahi
lloziiiiks, with six guns. Ahmed Pacha was
stationed at souio distance from the village,
with some reserve troops, consisting of live
b ttulions, and six guns.
The Russian force in the villago consisted
of threo battalions of infantry, commanded
by Colonel lionnegarde, three squadrons of
hussars and two squadrons of Cossacks, with
six guns.
Tho Turkish troops were, as will be seen,
superior in number; but the position i,f the
Russians, who were distributed in nil thu
houses of the village, which is of great ex
tent, and which is surrounded by a doublu
ditch, rendered the attack extremely perilous,
ns the enemy, well sheltered, were enabled to
direct n murderous lire upon the Turks, w ith
out the latter being able to reply to it.
In spito of this evident disadvantage, Ish
mail Pasha gave orders for the attack, and
threw himself into the village under a show
er of halls lired from all the windows. At
lirst the Turks received very serious injury;
hut although this circumstance somewhat
disorganized their attack, their impetuosity
was by no means cheeked. The greater por
lion of tho soldiers, who bad never before
been exposed to musketry, nevertheless dis
played indomitable courage.
After a desperate struggle they attacked
the houses, and fought hand to hand with
sword and bayonet. 'The massacre was fright
ful. The Russians in vain begged for quar
ter. In the fever of the light thu Turks lis
tened to nothing, and slaughtered, without
pity, all who fell under their hands. The
Mussulmans of the Crimen, incorporated with
tho Russian army, in vain appealed to their
character of Mussulmans. No quarter was
given to them. Gutters of blood ran down
the streets from this wholesale human slaugh
ter. To add to the horrors of the seem-, it
may be stated that a number of pigs which
hail been let loose were seen eating the dead
All who could escape tho slaughter took
refuge in a redoubt at the head of the village,
and thence recommenced n murderous lire
upon the Turks, who returned it vigorously,
but not without receiving considerable injury
from the Russian guns.
At last the enemy, incapable ofnny further
struggle, decided on abandoning the en
tiviiclitiiun Is. number ui' I. ou-uiin I root is
had already evacuated the place, w hen a col- i
onel of Turkish cavalry conceived the unl'or- '
lunate idea of endeavoring to oppose their I
The Russians, finding themselves sur
rounded, and having no outlet for escape,
and no resourcu but the terrible energy de
rived from despair, no other alternative Initio
conquer or die, recommenced the light with
desperation, and in a vigorous siirtiu they
succeeded in capturing two guns. It should
bu stated that the Turks, upon the first suc
cess in the entrenchments, committed the in
credible fault of not destroying the enemy's
While the battle was thus going on in the
villaL'e, twelve battalions of infantry of the
RiiKsian army and a squadron of the cavalry,
with sixteen pieces of cannon, were brought
to the assistance of the besieged, and at
tempted to place thu Turks between two
tires. Information of this was given to
Ahmed Pacha, who, by a skillful maieeuvre,
directed his soldiers to the point, ill order to
prevent the junction with the besieged troops.
For this movement he made use of three of
his reserved battalions.
Tho advantage of the position was now
on thu side of the Turks, w ho were on ground
which sloped towards the Russians; but the
latter were in three times greater number
than the Turks. In spile of this inequality,
however, the Russians were entirely beaten,
and lied in the greatest disorder. They were
completely routed, a fact constituting n feat
of arms on tho part of tho Turks w hich does
treat honor to them, and establishes another
important truth that the Russians cannot
cope with Turkish troops in equal numbers
to themselves in open licid, and that they can
only hope lor any success w hen they have a
much iiioio powerful force than their enemy.
Their losses in these two simultaneous af
fairs amount to nearly I.OOU men, among
whom are included 50 superior olliccrs. The
Turks had about 300 killed and 3!llj wound
ed, who were seilt to the hospitals at Wid.
den, and of whom it is hoped tho greater
part may be saved.
According to the opinion of some Euro
pean olliccrs now at W'iddcn, this all'.iir is a
most glorious one for tho Turks, and, if not
productive of any material result, will at least
prove of great moral advantage to them.
On the not day the Russians attempted
to reoccupy the redoubt from which they had
been driven in the nighl, but the appearance
of some Turkish . battalions discouraged
them from the attempt, and they beat a re
treat. At the time of the attack upon tho village,
the Turkish soldiers, particularly the llashi
liazouks. ommittcd the fault of stopping to
nillairo beforo being entirely assured of
victory, and by this means, in despoiling
tho dead, obtained some trillingarliclcs, much
to the nreiudice of the mineral interest. It
is to be roirrettcd that it has not been tiossi
hie to derive all tho nd van Inge from this nf
fair of which it is susceptible, at least so far
ns regards material benefit: but, as regards
the moral effect, there is nothing to desire.
Ishmail Pacha fought liken lion, and moro
likoa soldier than a general. He had two
horses killed under him. He was grazed with
two balls ono on the shoulder, nud another
on the wrist. A third ball struck the scab
bard of his sword.
Tho Turks took from tho field of battle,
besides a number of horses, a great many
muskets, sabres schakos, epaulettes, nnd de
corations, and also many wounded. The lat-
... ........ .J... I tlii.nwi.1v.s l',r tlinir wounds bv
the sight of watches or handfulls of gold,
gathered ill tlio miusl 01 uanger, wmcn nicy
placed by their beds of pain as a solace to
their sullcrings.
Justico has liecn done to the bravery of
the Russian olliccrs who courageously did
their duty, but were badly seconded by the
soldiers, whom it was often necessary to prick
with the point of the bayonet in order to
prevent tbein from running away. Some of
tho Wiillachian miliiia were incorporated a
mong tho Russian troops; but the former
force were continually subjected to their jeers.
A Wallncbian captain refused to march a
gainst tho Turks, and he consumatcd his re
fusal by blowing out bis brains. This fact
mav be relied on.
Tho Wallachian soldiers aro continually
deserting to the Turks, whose position is de
cidedly becoming advantageous. It is be
lieved "that they will shortly undertake a new
expedition. Ik-sidea this, although 1 do not
suite the fact as certain, it is said that Oiuer
Pacha is about to proceed to Widdin. At
all events, tho Turks will be received in U al
lochia as liberators. The Turkish soldier
enjoys a reputation for honesty and good con
duet which is well founded.
All the provisions which aro necessary are
paid for in read money, and no burden is
thrown on the inhabitants. So much cannot
be said for the Russians, who are, indeed,
charged with all sorts of odioos sets. About
two or three weeks ago, some Cossacks, at a
village near Plcwan. cut oft the heads of
thice Wadachiaas and violated fifteen women.
-We copy the following excellent article
from '-Fried ley's Treatise on Business."
In the education of a business man, it niu-t
never bu forgotten that bis future will bu a
life of action, and not of study. Great care
must, therefore, be taken that the health be
not impaired in .1 strife for useless honors,
that tho feelings he not suffered to grow over
the sensitive in recluse contemplation, no.
the mind lose its spring ami elasticity under
a loud of cumbersome and unpractical learn
ing. It has been said nt least one-fourth of
the students of colleges leave them with im
paired health; full one-half are too sensitive
to bear the rude jostling of tho world; and
perhaps, two-thirds of thu balance have some
defect that Would seriously mar tho happi
ness mid usefulness of life. It is wonderful
how many parents spend money which they
can ill spare, to unlit their sons' for nil I'll tine
usefulness; A collegiate education cannot
be recommended, and if attainable, is not de
sirable. A counting house is thu business
man's college; When tho youth has finished
his course of preparatory education, nt a
school or private seminary, under the charge
of an able instructor, vho teaches ns much
by conversation as by a prescribed course, ho
should go intoa countii!g-hoiise,whatevcr may
he his future occupation. It is there that he
will le.im order, method, obedience, and ac
quire a knowledge of life, and tho business
of life. It is there that he will learn the val
ue of time, and the value of money two
very important things to know. Whatever
of conceit he may have brought from the
village academy is soon rubbed out of him.
Ho learns to obey, to submit, and bo patient,
to endure reproof without anger, and to
bear contradiction with good humor. His is
ohji'.'cd to keep his wits about him, to decide
quickly, to have accurate eyes, and truthful
ears, and to learn that there are just sixty
minutes in an hour. A counting-house edu
cation will be uf advantage to every man
whatever his future occupation may lie. A
moral education need not he dwell upon.
This is especially n work of Self-cultivation.
No one's principles can be called temptation
proof, but those which are thu result of logi
eal conviction, and for which repeated sacri
fices have been made. As ability to commu
nicate varied and practical knowledge by con
versation, is a qualification that especially fits
man to be a teacher it should not be over
looked in the selection of one.
To A MouiiNixr, Mother. Your child is
gone is dead. No more shall your ear bo
charmed by the music of that infant voice.
lie was your youngest; and before he had be
come familiar with the dark ways of the
world in which all is not ns w hen turned
from the Creator's hand while yet his voice
went forth in childish glee and love to all
while every tone was yet sweet to your ear,
and before, by any sinful act, his presence
brought a pang to your heart his Heavenly
Father called him to come up higher "It is
well" that you should weep on thu grave of
your youngest. Yet remember your child is
but a few steps before, led by tho hand of thu
Most High, to lure you on to Heaven.
Ji". Pensioner may revoke his power of
attorney given under any circumstances. The
acts of Congress of April 10, 1800, May 13th
and 2 ltd, 1S2S, having provided that pen
sions are not subject to levy or seizure by
legal process, nor to be transferred or mort
gaged, it is always within the power of tho
pensioner to revoke at any lime, a power of
attorney which he may have given for the
collection of his pension, nnd demand pay
ment of the Pension Agent to bo made to
"YoijNi; America." The Lafayette (Ind.)
Journal tells a good story of a precocious lit
tie fellow who walked into tho house of a
citizen of that city one day last week, and af
ter taking a seat by the lire, very coolly in
formed Hie lady of the house that he was on
his wav to Chie iuo. nnd. il'thoy luul no '
ji'Ction, ho would remain over night. The
lady, of course, consented, nud the little stran
ger was kindly eared fur. lie gave his name
as Charlie, and said he lived in Cleveland.
When asked uh.it ha was going to Chicago
fur, he answered that he was "travelling for
his health." All attempts to obtain the name
of his parents were unavailing. He obsti
nately persisted that ho 'never had any."
People, says a modern philosopher, go ac
cording to tlieir brains. If these lay in their
head, they study; if in their belly, they eat; if
in thu 1-eels, they dance.
A down cast editor asks bis subscribers to
pay up, that he may play a similar joke upon
ids creditors.
An Offer of Marriaoe An Oregon cor
respondent, in a recent letter to a Western
paper, ventures an account, ns an opening for
some well recommended young whito man in
Oregon, in wantofa wife:
"The Ilayns Chief offers ono thousand
head of horses to any respectable white man,
well recommended who will marry hisdaugh
ter, a girl of about eighteen, settlo down
among them, and teach them agriculture.
"These horses nre worth from lilty to
eighty thousand dollars. I havo seen this
' valuable squaw. She is about tho medium
size, with tolerably regular features, high
cheek bones, sloping forehead, black eyes and
dark hair. Her form is square. Her long
hair bung over her shoulders, profusely or
namented with shells nnd beads. Sho wore
a robe made of fawn skins, most beautifully
ornamented with beads and shells. Her step
was IMit and proud, her gait easy and grace
ful. Crime in Philadelphia. Philadelphia is
cursed with tho presence of a set of murder
ers and burglars. We can hardly take up a
paper from that city without being shocked
with atrocious accounts of tho operations of
these monsters. Tho other day, Mr. Wright
was nearly killed by some of them; and now
wo find that on Saturday night, tho house of
Mr. Samuel Mimt'is, on second street near Ol
ncy, was forcibly entered, he was seized,
bound, nnd maltreated, and compelled to dis
gorge all the cash bo had in his possession.
Tho scoundrels were all heavily armed, and
threatened instant death if he attempted
to make a noise. They struck him on tho
forehead with the butt ends of their pistols,
and were about proceeding to further acts
of violence, when Mr. Morris' hired men,
whom he had previously alarmed, returned
wilh assistance, and the whole party, number
ing six, succeeded in effecting their escape.
a ........... in Kmrlnnil. l.-iti-lv - rnmnrinfr
among his family documents, found written
on the back of an old deed somowords indi
cating that a pot ol gold was buried in accr
...: .?i :n ti,n rrirri.n It tenant liratrcfrnr
..i I II .n i. i a. ...v ...v. ... r
ded as a hoax, but on digging in the spot, an
iron pl camo lo ugnv containing uroi
tl.niia.it. A (rniiiAna fin A a fusran of narchmcnt
" 1-
much decayed, on which was written, " The
devil shall have it sooner than Cromwell."
rttt-p Tnnrc I.rrT Ren. Houston says
that of three hundred members of Congress
in attendance when tho Missouri Compromise
was passed, thirty three years ago, only three
remain Benton, Everett, atd himself.
Amid the mass of doggrel issued by the
Washington Union, as a "Xev Year's Ad
drat," we find the following couplet
The watchful CAnrBELL sends the mails
More safely over roads and rails.
A d I of a botch this bard has made of it,
hasn't het-Maysville Express.
Though not as bud a "botch" as Campbell
has wade of his woik.
Nebraska contains 130,700 square miles,
and would make seventeen States as large as
Five slaves nre to be hung at Lancaster,
S. C, on the third Friday of March, for the
murder of Alexander Craig.
W c arc authorised and requested to an- I
nouneethe mime of (i. W. Kirkskv as aeandi- j
date for Trustee of McMinn county, at the en
suing March election.
V?" Wo nre nutlmiued to announce I!i:v- i
j am in vVki.ls ns a candidate for Trustee of
Me Mi nn county, at the ensuing March dec
Wo nre authorize. and requested to
announce M. I. Cami-hkm, as n can.lidntc for
Sheriff of Bradley county, nt the election in
March next.
't3TWeare authorized and requested to '
announce Liu.iil Tavnk as a candidate fur
County Trustee of .MeMinu, at the next March
Are recommended to the public, with the
assurance thnt nothing is claimed for them,
but what they really possess. The curative
properties of Staui.kk's Anohynk Ciikiii'.v K.
I'kotorant have been certitied lo in bundreils
nfeases.where it has been beneficial in Couch,
Colds, Sore Throat, Asthma, lironuhil in, mid
diseases of the luus nutl throat generally.
The IUAKUll'tA CoitniAI. is also known to have
cured hundreds of cases of those serious dis
eases of the bowels, which so often prove fa
tal. Indeed, in regard to both medicines, u
trial of their merits, by the afflicted, is con
fidently usked. ns we "really believe there is
no better medicines in use. Sec advertise
ment in another column, nnd descriptive
pamphlets, to ho bad gratis of the ngonK
Price of each, oi'ly 50 cents, or six bottles for
$i,50 miir.Sj
Various theories havo been started relative
to the origin of intestinal worms, and yet the
question is still n vexed one among medieal
authorities Of one filet, however, all nre in
formed, mid in which all agree the fatal nn
lino of the influence they exert on chileivn.
At this season of the year, the attacks of
worms are most frequent ns cell ns most
dangerous. We take great pleasure in direct
ing the attention of parents to the Vermifuge
of Dr. M'l.nno. It is uno of the most txlra
ordinury medicines ever introduced to the
public, "uiul has never failed of success when
Purchasers will please be careful to ask for
ltr. .If Lance CtlAratrd Verm ice, nud take
none else. All other Vermifuges, in compari
son, are worthless. Dr. M'l.nne's Pennine
Vcriml'iiiie, also his Celebrated Liver Tills,
can now lie had at all respectable Drugstores
ill the L'nited States nnil Canada.
For sale by P. II. Keith it Co.. Athens; J. A.
it C. W.Chffim, M'l'lisonvillejnnd by one Agent
in every town in Tennessee. I'eb. 'H.
.S t I'A YAM 4 M t K KE T.
Savannah, Feb. ti.'i.
fVo Prices have varied but little during
the week, and we quote middling to strict
mi, Idling sj it tie; i I riiiddliue; H He;
mil Idling fair oj a i'Je; fair to fully fair loe.
Hour Prices are easier, but there has been
but little done during the week. The sales
have been for home consumption, (ieorgia is
selling ut ?7J n 8 per bid. in small lots.
Com The enquiry for this article bus been
!nui, and sales to a considerable extent have
been made. Prices nre irregular, and a cor
rect quotation of the market cannot be given.
We learn that some sales ill largo lots have
been omdn nt $1 per tin., nnd $1,10 by retail.
(,,) T,,. stuck on hand is good, ami it is
worth fi.'i a 75c per bu-hel.
If,,, Northern is selling from the wharf at
$1,1 nnd from store nt ?l,:i7 je. Knstern on
the wharf at f l.tlO nud from store at f l,0
per loo H-is.
Jlacoti Considerable sides of this article
have been made, nnd we quote old shoulders
lit KJc, and new at. Se per lb. AVim.
A Id UN TAMA li Kit T.
Ai orsTA, Fell. 27.
For souio time our market has been in nn
excited state, mure especially with regard to
Corn and Flour, which have been required for
nn export demand. Prices ruled high for
tho former 90 to !)5e, and for Flour of low
grades $7 J to $8 per bid. but there is less
animation in them, though no acluflt decline
from the minimum figures above. Corn sold
to-day nt ."e, and is in good demand in larire
bits at 85c, the former price having been paid
by n party who had an order for a consumer,
"at the best rates at which it could be had."
Flour will still bring 7 JnTJ fur good l.ramls.
Jlnron is in better demand than fur some
weeks past. Prime lots uf Tennessee Hiieun
will command tie, cash, and strictly choice !$
n'Jie. , .
V'hrat is nl ill very hieli and scarce, ("huiee
red Tennessee 1,50 n Jl.fioper bu. and white
about 2'ie mure licrbu.
Oat are in good demand nt COto 62 jc.
Vme ViK-Aii article which ouht to claim
moro attention from your people, nre now
worth 80 a 85e. and very scarce. I think
they will guns high ns Jl per bu, as tho plant
ing season approaches.
Dried Fruit scarce and in good demand.
reeled Peaches f 2,50 per bushel of 86 lbs.;
impeded 1 a SI, 10 per bu.; Apples, peeled,
80 a R5c.
Feather IS a -1.7c.
I should bfl triad to see the surplus or line
Temicwee fa; and Fodder sent in this direc
tion. It would sell at remuneration prices.
Hay in bales, clover and timothy mixed, will
bring l,bit to $1,75 per 100 lbs. Fodder in
bales $1,40 a ?l, 50, and large quantities could
be sold. Yours, very truly,
Commit' n and Vroduee Jf, reliant, Angu!,aa.
'ma COS MA II ki: T.
Maw, Feb. 2H.
Our market for the week past has been
somewhat dull, with slight decline in Uncoil
Jlaeon ITog round, fair demand, 8J a HJc.
,r,;Fair demand in bids. 8 a c; in
kegs 9 a ftje.
(or Fair demand, stneksdienvy, 85 a 90c.
, Dull ; market full, HO s Me.
Fran Good demnnd, stocks light, 85 a Wle.
Flour Fairdcmand, Tenn. brands, 7 a7Jc.
Utal Fair demand but liUlc in market.
87 a 90c per bushel.
AfV Scarce, lf a ?2 perewt.
Market well supplied, 8 a 5 net
Reef Cattle On foot, 4 6c per lb.
rotator Dull, $3 per bid.
Apple Fine artiel, $3,75 a tt per bbl.
Fy;! 10 a 12c per dnr.cn.
Jliiltrr Dull, 15 a lSe per lb.
Feather Kut Utile demand. 40 a 4.1c.
Erehange on Now York 1; Sayannali and
Augusta J per cent.
Cotton dull, market quiet, 7 a 8e.
CommimioH Merchant, ilaron, da.
Ati.asta, March I.
The weather is now fine and Spring like.
Business the past week, has been (rood, and
several small lots Baenn received and sold nn
60 dnvs tinie at 8c, hog round; bams 10c;
shoulders 7tr; sides It loe.
Lard continues srsice at V) a Oc per IK.
Corn is active at 80c, racked. Several lots
have leen received and all sold, and a num
ber of orders waiting to be filled as soon as
some more arrives.
Flour sells readilr on arrival at t7 per bbl.
General Cnmmiuion Merehant for the rr-
tUte andtalt nf mil hind of Tennruee V-
, Sfenhmdur, Greer ie ifr.
JtST A writer in the Lnndbn Times ex
presses a fear that Russia intends the cap
ture of gold-freighted vessels, there being a
report that Russia vessels of war hud been
seen in Australian waters.
EVERY FAMILY should ut onee procure a
bottle of the irrcnt Arabian reined v for loan
and best, culled II. U. KAItUEl.L'S AKAlil AN
LINIMENT. It nllnys the most intense pains
in a few minutes, restores the synovial fluid
or joint water, and thus cures at. If joints; it
penetrates the llesh to the hone, relaxes con
tracted cords, cures rheumatism nnd pulsicd
limbs uf twenty veins' Ktniidiug: also tumor,
swelled neck, eufHi'gemeiit of the glands, ami
ii: thu best medicine for ailments uf cattle ever
discovered, curim.' sweeny, spavins, splint,
and all diseases which require an extend np
plicuticn. IIH pain t !0 vrar' tt-inJinq rurrj b, II. (i.
t'arrrll'n Arabian J.inimrnt.
rr (j FarrrU. lienrSir: I had been af-
dieted with the "Sun Pain" for the lint . t-u I
years, uiiu .uiu .nv..v-. ... i .iS,
"'"l b.v t,,e !'s? ofH- ; Iarrel s Aialnaii Lin.
inient, applied over tho temples about three
or four times a day, it was entirely removed,
and I have felt nothing of it since. I went
into the stable one night, to apply it ton
horse's sore leg, and being very lame he stum
bled and fell against mv legs, crushim; and
bruising them ru badly that they turned black
as mv hat, rendering them powerless. I np
pliedyour Liniment, and was well eiioinrh in
a few'days to go about again as usual. 1 also
erushed iny finger in a shocking manner, un
letting a back log full upon it; your Liniment
soon healed it up, thuiiirh. Joifx It. M'l !i:k.
J.a Salle Peoria Co., 111., Feb'y 6, 181'J.
fK. Raker, of .Vein Canton, III., mi:
r. II. O. I'm cell's Arabian Liniment has
cured some bad cases here, which every other
remedy had failed in; one was a white swell
ing and uoiitrneleil cords in the leg of a boy
twelve years old. The lei; had withered away,
and was to contracted that he bad no we uf
it- Throe doctors hud tried I heir skill upon
it in vnin, and lie van fatt linking to the ijraer,
when the boy's father was induced to try II.
!. Fan-ell's" Arabian Liniment. IJefure tho
first buttle was used op lie came to Mr. It's
store, and the first words ho said were, "Mr.
linker, I want nil that Liniment you have in
the store; the one buttle I gut did my boy
more good than all that had ever been done
before." That boy is now well nnd hearty,
and has free use of bis legs. It is good fur
sprains, bruises, cuts, burns and swellings.
Look out for Comitrrfeitt !
The public are cautioned against another
counterfeit, which has lately made its appear
ance, called W. li. Fnrrell's Arabian Liniment,
the most dangerous of all tho counterfeits,
because his having the inline of Farrell, mnnv
will buy it in guud faith, without the knowl
edge tlint n counterfeit exists, and they will
only discover their error w hen the spurious
mixture has wrought its evil ell'ects.
'file geuine article is luauufaetui-ed only by
ll.li. Farrell, sole invent or and proprietor, and
w holesale druggist. No. 17 Main street. Peorin,
Illinois, to whom nil applications fur Agencies
must be addressed, lie sure vou get ii with
the letters II. I!, before l-'arrell's, thus II. 0.
FAItUF.LL'S and bis signature on the wrap
per, all others nre counterfeits.
For sale by (!. W. l!o--s, nnd A. Mi Kki.oix,
Athens; 1!i;im;in, Wi.i.i.s.t .luiissox, Cleveland;
W. 1!. Kuyn-iuiis, licntun; W. C. Vaihiuax,
Columbus and regularly authorized agents
throughout the L'nited States.
Jj?" Price 25 and 50 ets, and Jl per bottle.
AliKNTS WANTKD in every town, village
and hainlet in the L'nited States, in which one
is not already established. Address II. (i.
Farrell ns above, accompanied with good ref
erence ns to character, responsibility, Ac.
Feb. 21. 1m
South side Public Square,
JOHN W. THOMAS, Proprietor.
THIS House bns recently beeen opened, and
the proprietor hopes l,y a well furnished
table, moderate charges, good accommoda
tions and attention to business, to merit a
liberal share nf public patronage,
march it, 1851 ly 2s I
In the Circuit Court nf Mc.Uiim cnuntij,
.funics Wilson, Administrator of James Wilson,
deceased, Sarah Wilson, widow, W. P. W i I -son,
llussell Miller and wife Jane, James
Wilson, W. W. Peck and wife Dcallba,
Thmnns W. Cunningham and wife Disn, Wil
liam Vnughan nnd wife .Sarah Marin, and
James Henry, a minor.
Hill to tell hand and Staren for the juirjinse nf
partition or distribution.
IT appearing to the Clerk from the allega
tions in the bill filed in this cause that the
defendants, 'I'hnmas W. Cunningham nud wife
Disn, William Vnughan mid wife Sarah Ma
rin, arc not citizens of the Slate of Tennessee,
it is therefore ordered that publication be
made in the Athens Post, a newspaper pub
lished ill the town of Alliens, McMinn county,
Tennessee, for four successive weeks, requiring
tlio said non-residents to appear at the next
term of the Circuit Court In be held for tho
county nnd State aforesaid, nt the t'oui-t-lu.iisc'iii
Athens, on tho 2d Monday ol April
next, nnd then ami there plead, answer or de
mur to said bill, or the same will be taken
for confessed ns to them, nnd set for bearing
er parte. JDIIN I. ItKIIMiKS, CM:
Feb. 27,1854 4t Prs fee $4 284
THIS celebrnctcd and minister J CK wdl
stand the ensuing season at Savannah
Farm, Polk county. Mammoth will stand at
f :;0 for insurnnec'to Jennets anil the sauio to
Marcs; anv person imtting two Jennets to
have the privilege of one Marc at same price.
Mammoth is seven venrs old, weighs 1 150 lbs.,
is 61 inches high, 7 feet 5 inches from rnot nf
ear to root of tail, and is confidently believed
to have no superior in the world.
Jennets will be pastured at 50 cents per
week; mares fed at $1,25 per week. No lia
bility for accidents. Jennets which did not
breed Inst year that were tried and fniled,
will berennireil o pnv $15 per season, pnsi
tivelv, and f"0 if wills foal or change of proiv
erty lakes place. These rules will bo strictly
adhered lo, to prevent being troubled with
Jennets which have not been proved breeders.
M. W. WF.TMl KI--
X. B. This Jack will leave in October for
Lexington, Kv., consequently those who wish
his services shoubl sena enriy.
mnrch S. 1854 2m 2R
tiyltrnwnlow's Whig, Knoxville, and the
Times, Dnllnn, !a., will copy 3 months, ami
forward accounts to this office.
W h o l e 8 & WD t u g g i s t s.
naviland, narral & Rislor,
V n SO Maiden 1.
a n e,
jV E IV 1
O R A'.
is, a. am-iit.
1. c. nsvii.Avn,
Uaviland, Ilarral &
No. S Havne Street,
C II A R I. E S T O .V, S.
HAVII.AtO, nASSAL a aisi.rr,
w. sTuvissoa, hasuai,
w. a. arrciiE.
Ilarlland, Rlslry k Co.,
So. 274 Broad Street,
(,V.ir the titohr Hotel.)
A v a r s T a, a a.
w mfnlKSTKO. a- "tttt..
17. 1854 ly"
nn RA1XONS choice New Orleans Mo-
)UU lasses and Syrnp. just received and
f..rleby rrKH. C W. KOSS.
OA A AVK. Cincinnati Star Candles just re--.ml
eeid and for sale hr I he bo or
rm,nd.bv Feb. 21 fi. W. RO.S,
Shoes, Hats, Straw Goods,
.Nn', CO' Public Square,
. x ash villi:,- ticnn'.
1"tTE are opcninir nn entirely new. nnd very
v r large stock of the above (ioods, to i
which we respectfully call the attention of .
all merchants visiting Nashville,
We will take Feathers, Wool, Gilisene,
I'eeswuv, Jeans, Limey, and Socks, nt the
highest market prices. "
F. h 24, Uoi tin 2S:i
Cotton Machinery for Sale.
rIMIK. undersigned wish to sell the following
L mnehinery:
One 21 incb l'ieker and I.npper.
Six 24 inch Cards with Workers nnd Strip
pe. One 3 Head Draw ing Frame.
One 10 Strand List Speeder.
One lOStrnnd Tube Speeder nln iam". 8
nnd 10 inch Tin Cans fur Drawing Frame and
Speeder, and if lot nf Speeder Bobbins.
All persons wishing to purchase nre request
ed lo call nt our Factcfy (Ind see the Machin
ery in operation, nnd doi is; such good work
thnt liny one who mav not know that weneed
larger machines in their jdnees to enable us
to increase our number of Spindles will be
apt to think us crazy for wanting to sell.
Better come soon if you want some good
mnehinery ol the kind mentioned, ns we will
otter it so low in lots to suit purehnsers (hut
the first thnt comes will be almost certain to
get what be wants.
Lenoir's, Tenn., Feb. 18, 1SS4-8in.2sl .
SAA LBS. prime and choice Xew Or
, ( UU leans Suitar in barrels nud half
barrels, just received and for Bile cheap for
cash down, by Feb. 24. (i. W. lioSS.
iloughH"Vloughtt S
TMI'KOVF.D Mouldbonrds of the Peacock
and McCormaek Ploughs, fur sale at the
Athens Foundry. Farmers arc respectfully
invited to cull and examine for themselves.
Feb. 21, 18S4 lm 2S2
To Merchants and Shippers.
rpiIF. Cnrd of James Williams, President
1. of "Tho Tennessee ISivcr M. M. and Trans
portation Co.," dated at Chnttanoog.-i, Jnmia
rv 20lh, bns just been put into my bninN, ill
which the price of freight over the F.nl Ten
nessee mid (tcorgin I ii 1 Koad is coutrnstcd
with the route ria Chattanooga.
"Competition is tho life of trade," and none
have n right to take exceptions when fairlv
and honorably entered intu and conducted.
In answer to Ciipt. Williams' Card I have
only to snv tbut i Is and Produce sent, to
the earc of the F.ast Tennessee and t.eorgia
lluil Itoud, shall be carried jut cheap, and
perhaps n little quicker than by uny other
The Freight Cards that may issue from time
to time from Chattanooga will govern the
rates on the F.a-t Tennessee and lieoririii Hail
Uniid and the Steamboats running ill her con
nection, and ns wo do not ex icel patronage
unless we work ns cheap as others, none need
fear being overchnreed or having tlieir I'ro
docc or (ioods deliived.
(: WALI.ACF., Prenidnit.
Knoxville, Feb. C, ltsr.4 tf 2S2
Irinh I'Matat,
Feb. 17. !!.' I !!t J. L. IIPUST.
f.'KO. W. MAYO
"l roL'l.D announce to the public that he
?T has removed from the "Athens Hotel"
and taken charge of the above House, where
he will be happy to wait, nn all who may
favor the establishment with their company.
Feb. 17 lrt.M if 22
U n II K E Ii l A
.M .1 .V V PJI V T V It K K,
2e I and '-'""i
nnoAim'AY, Kew York,
(Xrjrt door to the Hrnadnaii Hank.)
IS now prepared to oiler the MF.ISCII A.N LS
visiting the city tnluiy their Spring lioods,
assortment uf
UmhrellaH and Parasols,
to be found in Kiiropo or America. You nre
respect fully iiivitoil lo call ana examine ine
stock before purchasing.
15. please cut out this cnrd niM put It
in your memorandum book for reference.
Feb. 17, 1S.11 r.m-282 Manufacturer.
Cancers can be Cured without the
Knife and without Pain.
rrMIE undersigned tenders bis services to
JL bis friends and the public Generally,
lor the treatment of all kinds of fleers, Tu
mours, Cancer in all its dilVeri-nt forms
c... .ir,.fnbi. I'Viiiule Couiidiiints. Can
cer ol the Uterus, (Womb.) Fitiiln-in-Aiio
nml I-isliiln in mo i criiie.nn, wim-nn. no
of the knife,) Prolapsus frri, (falling of the
womb,) Piles, Chronic diseases, Ac., Ac.
Those nlllieted with any of the above dis
eases and wish a speedy cure, would do well
to apply as soon ns possible, especially those
who are alllictvil wit n l ancer, a inis uio'i
fearful disease, can soon be cured, unless some
vitnl organ is involved. My medicine gives
no pain when applied to the caneereil parts.
1 It. W. JANL AUY.
Mmfrersboro', Tenn.
Attention is invited lo the following state
Mr. Thns. .1. Adams who signed the above
certificate, is a respectable citir.cn nf Mont
gomery county. He came to my hoii-e to see
Dr. Jaauary five or six weeks ago; I then saw
the tumor on his face, which he supposed lo
be a esneerit was immediately under the b it
eye, and was so large ss lo effect seriously his
vision. The base of the tumor appeared to be
about the size of a quarter of a dollar, and
prowing from the face in a conienl form, at
lcat an inch, lie then promised the Doctor
to visit him at Miirfrecsborough. which lie
did during the next week, Afler an absence
r . ... -I - ..L. U mIiiphm! I .in
UI aitoill iiircc ww ,D -..-- -
examined the place, tlieproliirbancehad been
entirely taken off, though not cured up. I
have again examined it to day. it is entirely
healed up. and to all apesranee is well. It
was cured, as he assured me. without pain.
t-AYF. JollS.ON.
Clarksville, Tenn., OcL li, 1851.
We whose names are here annexed do eer
:r.. nn Thursday, tilth June, we exa
mined a pslicnt, Mi KliralH-th C Iemev,
who had been under the treatment ol it. u.
W. January. of this city, for cancer; and feel
no hesitation in saying (bat the cancer ap-
Iicared to be entire'ly well, and the wonnd
icaled np. Tho patient pronounced herself
cured, and the him day returned home, to
lledford county, nearShelhyrille, Given un
der our hands this Slh of July. 1X52.
a ii. HAULow,
V. J. I.YTI.F,
i. W. II ALU
Murfrcoboro'Ttnn., !hy St, ls.M ly :1
rpIIE next Session of the Piano Class will
JL commence on Wednesday, March 1st.--Terms
as usual. J'o pupils taken for less Ibaat
half a session.
February 21, 851. tf 283. .
Land for Sale.
YiL'RSL'AXT to a decree and order of tb
X Circuit Court of Jlcijis county, i
December term, 18i3, I will proceed to
upon t.ie premises nnd expose to public sslej.
on the 8tb day of April, iSii, on a credit of
six months, except the sum of Fifty Dollars,
which will be required to be paid down, fortf
live acres twelve and n half poles of Land, being
the undivided interest of Minerva Locke, Ade
line Locke und Almvra 11. Shoemaker, in aU
thelnndscf which John Locke, jr.. died, seund
und possescd in the county of Sleigs. and State
of Tennessee, being a part of the South-east
fractional quarter and fl part of the North
east quitrter of section thirty-six, first free
tional township und fourth range. West of
the meridian, Hiwassee district, beginning t
a stake on the range line, near two marked
sassufrasos. Bond and security Will be rS-
3uircd. Said Land will be sufd to effect sj
Htributbn amoneet th aforesaid heirs.
W. L. McKlNLF.y, Cltrk.
Feb. IS, 1854 6t I'rs fee 4.&0 288
Masonic Female Institute
.Itarpvitlr, Tinn.
Kev. F. Pofk. A. JL, President.
Uist. IS. Kmadk, Professor of Music.
, Assist. Academic Department.
Mrs. M. Kxaiik, Department of French.
Miss M. J. I.ovj:, I'rincipnl 1 rep. uepsrim i.
miii . .1. j .11 ........, ......a am (K.' .
i.tm t ttiirnnrv. nun close on uie iu w u.
For Tickets of Admiesion apply to Wm,
Hobiiison, Treasurer.
The Kegiilatious nnd Catalogues 6f the
School will be furnished on application to
JAS. A. Me K A. MY, Secretary.
Feb. 10, lSul tf 2H1
V UK solicited for mnfiini? 1000 oak Df
llairels of the following specifications,
vir.: Staves of White, Pot or ltcd Oak, not
less than thsf an iueh thick and 82 inches
( j,,,, Su,,i linrrels lo be made 10 mcnes nesa
to bo delivered fit Charleston, Uonttfn, or ort
the Ococe road. .
Also, ,000 bushels of Homed Lime, deliv
ered at the above places. Proposals for the
above must be made soon, as the contracts
nre to be closed bv the 2otfi of March next,
and they can be directed toS. t'uugdon or the
subscriber, nt Ducktown.
C. A. l'HOCTOR, Engine.
Polk Co., Feb. 17, lH.'.l td .
VI.L orders fur Agricultural Machinery;
made bv Messrs. Wheeler, Melick Co.
Albany, X. ' Y., must be lo me direct, or
through mv Agents In Fi(st Tennessee, Mr. S.
K. ISeedcr, Athens, and Mr. M. Nelson, Knoji
ville, who arc imtlioriitod to fumih any Of said
machines nt insHiifActnrer's cash prices, add
ing cost of transportation. P. D. GATES,
Feb. H, 18.VI- -tf 20 12 Uroadway, X. Y.
Oak Grove Male Academy.
'IMIF. Hoard of Trustees of this Institution
L take pleasure in aiiuouncinir to the pub
lic that the CNerei.es of the Winter Session1
have been resumed on the lvth Jsnusry,
1831, under the ch.irgo of Prof. C. Schwarts,
whose qualifications and experience in teach,
ing, thev nre confident, will give cutire satis
tion to his pntrons.
Term of Tuition for I Month on half
iHiyfior in adi aucr.
I'rimani V Spell'iic, Heading, Writ
j ing. Kleuieiits of Arithin. and tieo'phj,
I 1;. .;.. -..v. l!..f..limr W'cU imr V.mlish
lirnmmar, Ceorapliy, Arithmetic, llis
turv P. S.
Sfiiio'r ('la Mathematics Xsf Philots
phv, Chemistry, Ancient nud Modern!
Ilistorv, Com'po-itioii, Hook Keeping,
l.slin or French.
Incidental, 50 cents.
No deduction mnde for absences except in case
of protracted sickness. A mpnthly aeconntof
the students' progress, studies and deportment
will be forwarded lo the parents.
WM. K. PK'KKNf, Secretary.
Feb. 1854 3m 20
Salt ! Salt t
t HO H-rciSKbS King's fait, just received
1 UU and for sale bv
Jan 27, '64. M.Sl'ADDLN A HOMOS-
rpilK customers of MeSpndden A Hortonsre
i understood to be nlarmed about tlieir ae-
cnuiits, but there is no need of excitement all
von have to do is toco nini tittle.
' Jn.2ii.'ill M.Sl'ADDKN A-1IORTOX.
Clover Seed,
l Ill'SIlKLS "Pennsylvania Clovert3eeJf
)W received and for sn'l by
Jan.20, '441 M.Sl'ADDLN A HORTOlf.
ninueT isiroBTEiss wiioi.r.ssi.i pcalim lit
No. l.".V Meeting Street.
(Nearly Opposite Charleston Hotel,)
il. I, Boosr.vrt.T. stMS"S ntuc a. clsbb.
Jan. 2l. 18.14 m 671
Lead, Zinc, Iron Paint, Oil nui
C O I. O R S,
II a n C r a v 1 1- r. t n it
Francis S. Lewis & Co.,
1X5 South Front Street,
. A n E I.PHIA,
OflDF.IlS thankfully received punetually
attended to, guaranteed to give satisfac
tion, nnd otrcred for sale on the most liberal
For samples and particulars please address
. bIhivc. I Jan. 2". ISM 9m 27f
Test Acids, &c.
CM'LI'liritIC, Nitrie and Hydrochloric or
O Muriatic Acids of very pure quality, for
Jan. 20, I8.it tf 278 Clcrtland, Tenn.
Inn Warfare
OF good quality on hand, nnd nfslr.es suita
ble for preparing Mineral Tests, Ae.
II r I m i I N, W F.LLis JOI1NSOS.
Jan. 20, 1S.VI ClttflanJ. Trnn.
Wheat! Wheat!
UTK continue lo pnrehsse Wheat, and five
the highest market price in Cash for
all I ho icood Wheat we enn get. Sacks oa
h.n.l. KLYES, 80.V CO.
Athens Oct. 7. M.l.t tf
nttKHUont 4'opper .riinert
C. n. MILLS k CO.,
Cuvfi-assv Tiw.,
If AYE just received a large tot of t vr
1 Manilla Rope, for sinking shafts, wbieh
they will sell cheap. If you wih your orders
promptly filled, addrese
1 C, It. MILLS 6 CO.,
Dee. 2X, "f, 274 CltmUnJ.
TAKKN up br J. IL (I. W. X. Adams, living
in the Mb district in Bradley eouaty, Ten
nessee, a strawberry roane MARIS, tSsirteem
snd a half hands hiKh. about fifteen years aid.
spavined in right hind leg, no marks er breads
iierecivahl. Appraised ft 2CI.
A. I. DLFRlLSF, Rtnyr for SnUff.
KeK 17. !M l W
rrv JIUtmi
OF J per cent, proof. eaitaMe. for asraf
with the Clow Pipe, now essd s4 for
al hv Hi rx-tlN. it ILLS JOIcOX
Jan! :, lt Ctn.'si easw

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