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Halifax, March 15.
TheUoyal mnil steamer Arabia arrived dure
tins nlternoon al li o clock, with l.ivertoul
dates to Saturday, tlio 4tli inst., being one
week Inter limn our previous advices.
Breadstuff are dull and prices line a de
clining tendency, and rates are considerably
lower. Wheat is offered ata decline of 3la4d.
Flour has declined 3s. mid Indian Corn Ss.
Provisions Liverpool, March 3. Messrs.
Gardiner's Circular tjuotes as follows:
licef The market is firm, with sulci for
tho week of GOO tierces.
Pork Buyers of I'riuio are holding b;ick.
For new Pork the market is unchanged, with
a moderate business at ireviotis rates.
Bacon The market is linn and unchanged,
with a moderate business doiuj; at previous
England. Throughout groat Britain the
war was quite popular, and the additional
estimates fur the army ami navy were com
sidered moderate.
Tlte Turkish War. N'o hostilities are re.
ported either on the Danube or in Asia, on
account of the severe weather and heavy
snows. The weather had become milder.
France anil England insist lli.it Russia shall
evacuate the Turkish territory before the 3Uth
of April. All parties are still arming for the
coming struggle.
The Greek insurrection is in a fair way of
being suppressed.
The latest received by mail is contained in
the Vienna correspondence of thr- London
Times, which under date of the lid instant,
states that an Austrian manifesto was about
to be published, announcing that Austria will
occupy Bosnia and .Servia. A panic bad been
caused on the Vienna Bourse by this intclli.
France, England and Russia continue their
armaments on an immense scale.
Sir Charles Napier is appointed to com
Uiaud the Baltic Allied licet. Admiral Sev
luour, in command of i!0 ships, had already
assembled at Spithead.
The ice in the Baltie was breaking up, and
the Russian Meet nt Cronstndt, being liberat
ed, were preparing to sail.
A doubtful rumor prevails that the Czar
has laid an embargo on British ships in It us
aian ports. The Russians are making osten
tatious preparations to cross the Danube, and
Uinnr I'acha is making preparation to check
the advance.
The Turkish troops no longer occupy any
place except Kulal'at, north of the Danube.
There has been considerable lighting in
small parties wherever they came in contact,
bul nothing has transpired of importance.
France. The Emperor Napoleon opened
the Legislative Session on the 2d inst His
atieccli commenced by referring to the deli
cicut harvest; but he said 7,000,000 hectolitres
uf wheat had been imported, and more was
on the way to supply the deficiency. A
famine had been averted, but a war was be
ginning, and France had gone as far as honor
lierniltted to avoid n collision, but she must
now draw the sword. ' He. had no views of
aggrandizement. The days of conquest are
past, never to return.
Europe, reassured by tho moderation of
the. Emperor Alexander, anil his successor
Nicholas, seemed to doubt the danger which
threatened it from the colossal power, which
bv successive encroach incuts, embraced the
N'orth and Centre of Europe, and which pos
aesses almost exclusively two internal seas,
whence it is easy for its armies and lleels to
launch forth against civilization. But its re.
cent unfounded demands in tho East has
awakened Europe. Franco has an equal in
terest with England in preventing Russian
supremacy over Constantinople, for to be
supremo in Constantinople, is to be supreme
in the .Mediterranean.
France, therefore, was going to Constim
tinople to dulem! Hi" friMilom of tliv , ix
well as to protect the rights of Christians,
nnd France's just rights in the Mediterranean.
She was going with Germany to aid Genua,
ny, and with Austria to defend her frontiers
against the preponderance of her too power
ful neighbor. She was going in short, with
all those who desire the triumph of right, of
justice, nnd of civilization. Strong then, in
tho nobleness of our cause; in the firmness of
our alliances, und tho protection of God I
hope soon to nrrivc at a peace which shall no
longer depend on the power of any one man
to disturb!"
The English press is unanimous in the
praise of this speech.
Rumor assigns the command of the army
of the East to Marshal St. Arnnud.
Spain. A formidable insurrection has oc-
rurred nt Saragossa. The insurgents held
the castle of Aljaforra and other strongholds
lor a considerable tiine.although the Captain
General attacked them with three columns of
infantry, and several cannon. The insurgents
finally retreated, pursued by the cavalry.
Ma'drid, and the whole province is in a
state of siege.
Tho insurrection nt Saragossa exploded
pel maturely on the 5th inst. Tho details are
very obscure.
Gen. Concha is deeply implicated.
The latest rumor states that the insurgents
had been joined by the garrison statioued at
lluesca and hnd made another stand.
It is reported that Nnrvaex nnd Espartero
are united, and are tho real masters nt tho
irescnt crisis. A general insurrection is very
fttimncna lin I.VKCII I .AW IN WISCONSIN
There has been for sometime a violent feud
existing in Wisconsin between two parties
in relation to a claim of about 40 ncres of
land. About a year ngo, it resulted in the
death of Peter S. Furman, nt the hands, it is
nlledged, of Frd'k Cartwright, who had been
in jail until a couple of weeks ngo, when he
was released on bail, and returned to Ins
family, in tho neighborhood of the disputed
land, knoWn ns the "Indian Lnnd."On Satur
day night after his arrival home, about CO
men surrounded his residence, a log house,
and (ome three or Tour of the leaders entered
nnd inquired of the family for Cnrtwrilit.
His wife replied that she did not know where
be was; upon this they opened the door lead
ing upstairs and saw Cartwright standing nt
the head thereof, armed with a musket. Cart
wrb'ht first spoke, ordering them to come no
further, but not heeding liiiu they rushed up
and Cartwright fired, killing two of the party
James L-ingdon, who leave! a wile and
child, and Mr. Troop, both of middle age;
and then being tcnsiblo that further rests-
... .nrrendered himself into
the hand of an officer with the assurance of
protection; thence he was removed to a Jus
lice's office for examination. He was, how-
MMt Ann afW fnrrihli taken from the otn
cere, tied hand and foot, and but short
distance from the place wnere ne '
a .....t,A,A fmm the neck until dead.
This oecured on Sunday about live o'clock
in the afternoon, and tho body wae allowed
tn remain until about ten, when the frienda
.u.-.n'iilt In remove it. Mr. C. was
man about sixty year of age and leave a
wile and large family.
Education will do wonders. Take the pres
nt eron of babies in band, and they can be
made to religiously believe that the moon i
mi1a nf irrM.lt cheese, or any other mon-
-i m-i.ui, tlmirliKitriM-lors nii?ht
choose to Dalra off noon thrm. I he attribute
vtiuvoviuvH . -i ...
of character are in like manner mainly 'Pw-
inn- on m ur.i li n mu.i vi . . i- --- ,
i . ..- ... i.n.n mams
. L-niA. in his hnwela with perfect rcsigation
when detected in the roost trilling wrong do.
ing, while few of'our folks' would care to
submit to such an operation however great
their dishonor.
57 A bill has been introduced in the
UgUMure of Massachusetts to raU the
Governor s salary from f-W lo $4,000.
On Saturday, the 18th March, a respectable
portion of the citizens of Polk county con
vened nt the Court-house in Benton, nnd, on
motion of James McKamy, Esq., Samuel
Flf.xi.vo was called to the Chair, and John
B. IIoyl requested to act at Secretary.
Tho Chairman briefly explained the object
of the meeting, which wns the appointment
of delegates to attend the Commercial Con
ventinn to be held nt Charleston, S. C, on
the 10th proximo. After which, on motion
of Samuel Duggan, the Chair appointed the
following gentlemen delegates to said Con
vention, to wit :
E. II. Dunn, James H. Alexander, Dr. N.
Pendergrass, Dr. V. B. Wright, R. W. Me
Clarv, James McKany, James Sloan, John
Shields, James II. Witt, Gen. Jas. Gamble,
Col. Win. M. Biggs, Col. B. Boyd, A. Me-
Kissack, Col. J. F. Te.llonl, Isaac N. Swan,
John Caldwell, Sam'l Congilon, Presley I ur
ner, G. W. Corruth, I. Smith, E. Dodson,
Wm. .Morgan, Col. Henry Hradlorn, A. Kose,
Sam'l Duggan, Col. Jas. Parks, S. Blanken.
shia J. H. Dobson and I. W. Reynolds.
On motioni of James Denton, tho Chair-
man and Secretary were added to the coin
On motion of James McKamy, Esq.,
Resulted, That the Secretary forward a
copy ot these proceedings to the editor oi
the Alliens 1'ost, Willi a request Hint lie puo-
lisli them.
The meeting then adjourned sine die.
SAM'L FLEMING, Chairman.
J. B. Hovr., Secretary.
AN ACT to require Chancellor and Cir
cuit Judges to hold their Courts at the
regular terms.
Section I. He. it enacted by the, (leneral
Assembly of the State if Tennessee, That if
any Chancellor or Circuit Judge in this State,
shall fail or refuse, or neglect to attend on
the lirst or second, or third day of their reg
u!nr term of any of the courts in his district,
or shall refuse or neglect, after attending on
the lirst days of his courts, to hold his courts
at the times and places prescribed by law,
for each and every such failure, neglect or
refusal, a deduction of one hundred dollars
shall be made from the salary of any Chan
cellor or Circuit Judge so failing, neglecting
or relming.
Sec. i. Be it enacted, That it shall not be
lawful for the Treasurer of this State to pay
any ol the Chancellors or Circuit Judges ot
this State, the whole or nuy part of their
salary, unless such Chancellors or Circuit
Judges shall certify that he has attended at
the time und places prescribed by law for the
holding ot his courts, and lias held ins courts
at the regular terms, or shall certify the num
ber of terms which ue tins tailed to attend
nnd hold his courts, in which easo a deduc
tion shall he made ns provided for in the first
section of this act; prorided, that if his failure
to how Ins court has I icon caused nv Hie
sickness of himself or family, by high water
or any other unavoidable necessity, which
cause or causes he shall certify to tho Treas
urer, no deduction shall bo made from his
Passed 5th Dec, 185:).
J-f I n Sweden n new religious so t
has sprung up, called tho Contemplation,
heccnuso they believe that in meditating
incessantly on the essence and qualities of
God, which they call contemplating God,
they attain the pcl'ection of saints. They
think Hint every body who docs not join
them will certainly be damned. A peasant
named John Olsson, of the village of Ottos,
lactt, In tiollietiburg, rot tic lloonts of his
two children, one aged a year, tho other
eighteen months, to, as he said, preserve
them from eternal condemnation. Biistun
tiff Tho following story is told of n cele
brated Maine Law lecturer: Ho was asked if
he believed our Savior turned water into
wine. He replied, niter n moment's reflection,
"he did; but he did not think Jesus Christ
would have performed that miracle, had he
foreseen what a handle would be made of it!"
Cure for Ervsipelas. A simple poultice,
it is said, made of cranberries pounded fine
and applied in a raw state, has proved n cer
tain remedy in many eases, and has never
been known to fail in any instance, when ap
plied on making its appearance. Persons
troubled with the humor will find great and
immediate relief by applying this simple rem
edy every time it shows itself.
A general increase in rail road fares is
anticipated in Boston, to go into effect on the
1st of April.
5"Tho Railroad bridge across the Great
Miami river, near I.awrcnccburg Indiana, is
so far completed, that the trains of cars cross
it with safety.
Seven hundred thousand children attend
shool in the six New England States.
Vouni L'eiitlemcn who dress in tight pants
and bob tail coats, have received the appella
tion of "Shanghais.
'Do you know 51 r. Brown T
Ye my dear.'
Is he not a vcrv deserving man V
Yes. he deserves n Hogging, slid if he ever
gallants you home again, I will give It to
him !
Exit wife in a fright.
Carl Benson, in the Spirit of the Times,
gives a rumor turn ma east on -iniinm i
the Emperor Napoleon the Third, is to mar
..... . ..r
ry an r.nglisli ollieer, and mat nor nouauon
is to be only 81,000,000. This, which was
before rumored, is now said to be a positive
Another clligy of Senator Douglas was
found hanging upon the "Washington Elm"
in Cambridge Mntuk, with the following in
scription :
HANGED fok treason to freedom
Sic Semper Tyrannit!
t&T What ome men call plainness of
speech, othtr men call impudence. What
sumo call business shrewdness, other call
You can't prevent the bird of sadness
from flying over your head, but you may
prevent them from stopping to build their
nest there.
No man can avoid hi own company so
he had better make it as good a possible.
The Prussians are nrettv well off, it seems.
In a population of sixteen and a half millions,
there are only about half a million paupers,
which is a small proportion, as things go
, . .... ir.II Ik. I'..-.
,i Knme slicruiaior uriici
I ..,,. ,M. lW,dcnlUI campaign
uiiu .. ...
i t i '...J Uas iIiav m-nil Id uiaka
soap enough to wh the face of Nature
f Ti. tint- of anv one tooth le fon-
nwted with the nerve of any and every oth
r tooth in either law. This accounts for
the toothache being folt on the opposite side
from where the Cause :Ait
r-3?"Vc nrn authorized and requested to
announce the name of Hon, J no. C. Oait, of
Bradley countv, as a candidate for .lodge ot
the Circuit Court in the Third Judicial Circuit,
at the enuaing election in May.
fy Vfe are authorized to announce Jso
A. Minnis, Esq., si a candidate for the office
of Chancellor in the 6th District, composed
of the counties of Blount, Monroe, Roane,
MeMinn. Fentress, Overton. While, Van Bu
rcn, Bledsoe, Marion, Hamilton, Rhea, Meigt,
Bradley and Polk.
We are authorized nnd requested to
announce D. C. Trkwiiitt, Esq., of Hamilton
county, formerly of Bradley, as n candidate
for Attorney General of tile Third Judicial
Circuit, at the ensuing May election.
!3T We are authorized and requested to
announce O. V. Rowi.es, Esq., of Pradley
county, ns n candidate for Circuit Judge, in
the Third Judicial District, at the ensuing
election in May
rar We are authorized and requested to
announce (!. W. liiiimits, Kmi., of McMiun,
as n candidate for Attorney (Jeiioral in the
Third Judicial District.
f3S" We lire authorized and requested to
announce Samlll Tl'ukky, Esq., of White
county, as a candidate for Chancellor in the
Fifth Chancery Division.
r?T We arc authorized nnd requested to
announce T. Xixon Van Dyke. Fq., as u can
didate for Chancellor of the Fifth Chancery
Division, at the election ill May.
lJf We are authorized ami requested to
announce .lo. V. liiii.L, oi .Misiivuic, ns a enu
ilidatc for Attorney lieiicral and Iteporter for
the State, at the ensuing election in May.
IT IS A X l'.lt HON Hi L'S 1DKA
That di'easp cannot bo cured except by
taking large quant ilies of medicines into the
stomach, in a great many eases of which much
injury done, although the disease in point lie
aetuatli) cured. The coats of the stomach by
continued use of nnusenting mixtures, fre
quently heeome so much uisordered that the
diyttire function it irrioimi injured the re
sult of which is dyspepsia, nervousness, ehol
ics, nlternaic diarrluen and costiveness, flatu
lence, nightmare, Ac , Ac. Would it not,
therefore, "e very desirable to possess n reme
dy, which being npplied externally would ex
cite tho absorbents to increased action, and
thus carry otf through this medium, the dele
terious principle which is the direct cause of
the disease! Surely even thinking man will
admit that this would not. only be the most
plcaiant, but by far the safest means to cfl'cet
the desired end. The almost superhuman
cures performed by the Arabian physicians in
the days of old were mainly effected by this
course of treatment, nnd the ingredients of
ARABIAN' LINIMENT is composed, nre ex
tracted from rare plants peculiar to Arabia.
This great Liniment (which is now to be had
of most respectable druggists and merchants
in every town in the united rttatcs) is daily
effecting Aires which seemed beyond the
power of medicine to control consumption,
bronchitis and liver complaints in their first
stages, nervous affections, indigestion, enlarge
ment of the spleen, scrofulous tumors, goitre,
drc., Ac, are frequently cured, and alieny re
lieved by its use. It is unsurpassed as an alio
dyne relieving severe pains in a few min
utes after its application, it soothes the irri
tated nerves, and produces that delightful
tiunquility so grateful to the nervous invalid.
Sprains, bruises, wounds, burns, sore throat,
chilblains, rheumatism, sun pain, Ac, Ac, nre
speedily cured by it, and lor nearly all ali
ments in horses nr cattle, requiring nn extern
al application, it it an effectual remedy.
Look out for Counterfeit t
The public arc cautioned against another
counterfeit, which has lately ninde its appear
ance, called W. I. Farrell's Arabian Liniment,
the most, dangerous of all the counterfeits,
because bis having the name of Fnrrell, mnny
will litiv ,b in ii.o.l fnVlh. rithmito ti Wrr,-wl
edge tlial n counterfeit exists, mid they will
onfy discover their error when the spurious
mixture has wrought its evil effects.
The gciiine article is manufactured only by
If.O. Farrcll, sole inventor and proprietor, ami
wholesale druggist, No. 17 .Main street, Peoria,
Illinois, to whom nil applications for Agencies
must he addressed. He sure you get it with
the letters II. G. before Farrell's, thus II. G.
FAItltKLI.'H nnd his signature on the wrap
per, all others are counterfeits.
For sale by (. W. Ross, and A. MoKblmx,
Athens; lluooix, Vfahix A Johnson, Cleveland;
W. B. Reynolds, Benton; W. C. Vaiciian,
Columbus and regularly authorized agents
throughout the United States.
l?T I'riee 25 nnd SO cts, and 1 per bottle.
AGENTS WANTED in every town, village
nnd hamlet in the United States, in which one
is not already established. Address II. G.
Farrell as above, accompanied with good ref
erence as to character, responsibility, Ac.
msr. 24..
Listen to the testimony of an eminent phy
sician in favor of M' Lane's Vermifuge, which
is now universally neknowedged to be the best
in use; even members of tho medical faculty
(who arc to ofleu opposed to the use of patent
medicines,) cannot withhold their approval
of this invaluable remedy:
Lino, Stark co., Ohio, Jan. 8, 18t9.
I have used Dr. M'Lane's Worm Specific in
my private practice, and am prepared to say
that the unparalleled success with which I
hove prescribed its use, both for children nnd
adults, induces me to sny the most in its fa
vor of any specific or patent medicine ever
before brought to my notice. Tho mode of
nilministrntion, the smallnessof the dose, and
the certainty of its efficacious effects, give it,
in my opinion, a decided ndvantiigc over nny
other medicine of the kind before the public.
l'lirehnsers will please be cnreful to nsk for
Ir. .ff.tne'e Vehhriited Verm if nye, and take
none else. All other Vermifuges, in compari
son, arc worthless. Dr. M Lane s genuine
Vermifuge, also his Celebrated Liver Pills,
can now be had nt all respectable Drugstores
in iIia Hnile.1 States nnd Canada.
For sale by P. II. Kkitii A Co.. Athens; J. A.
itC.W.Coms, Madisonville;aud by one Agent
in every town in Tennessee. fmnr. 24.
Are recommended to the public, with the
nvmranee that nothing is claimed for them.
but what, they really possess. The curative
properties of Ktablkb' Anodyne Ciikbry Lx-
I'kctorant nave oeen Rruuou "
ofcaaes,whereit has been beneficial in Coughs,
Colds, Sore Throat, Asthma, Bronhitis, and
diseases of the lungs and throat generally.
The Diarkikea Corihai. is also known to hnve
cured hundreds of cases of those serious dis
eases of the bowels, which so often prove fa
tal. Indeed, in regard to both medicines, a
trial of their merits, by the afflicted, is con
fidently asked, as we reauy oeii ni".
no better medicines in use. See advertise
ment in another eolumn, and descriptive
pamphlets, to be had gratis oi tne agems.
I'riee of each, only 50 cuts, or six bottles for
,0 fmar.nl
nun At his residence, in Yamhill county,
Oregon Territory, on the 4th of January, 1 854,
Jossru GasaeATii, late of MeMinn county,
Teno., aged 26 years and 1 month, leaving a
wife and two small children.
He emigrated to this Territory in 1852.
He suffered a great deal on the road, having
the measles at St. Joseph and then started on
the plains before he had entirely recovered,
had bad health the whole route; and ss that
mm of irreat euuenmrs srannwi
emigrants, his train shared largely in alllie
.... j ,1,. -.ii.
tions ana acstns. inoy rriTc
in September. In October be felt symptoms
of scrofula which soon began to develops
itelf, after which he eaiieo) in a pnysicmn,
but jits disease seemed to bsffie medicine; h
..nt in other nhTaieians hut none could da
ny eood towards arresting the advances of
the disease. In the Spring of 185J some of
the sores were opened, ana irora mat "m
-; AVath one ri.ine after another had
to be lanced, which continued to run. He
suffered a thousand deaths, not having rest
.k. i.. mmr and sometimes n seat were
fof tt,, it year, i
and sometimes acuta wtre
. '"
r almost tnrsw mm imi
snasms. He could not suffer nay one to a.
stst him up and down, and for the last three
months or Ins Hie ne suiiereu more than we
ever witnessed any mortal to suffer, nnd more
than we thought any one could and live so
long, but in all this ne murmured not. He
was not a member of any Church, but during
his afilietions he sought the Lord and found
him, which hope was "as an nnchor to his
soul both sure and steadfast. He passed
through the valley and shadow of death and
feared no evil." About half an hour before
his death he called his wife and brother to
Ins side nnd told them he was dying and go
ing to heaven, and for them not to weep for
him, nnd said his mother's dying words to him
were to meet her in Heaven, now he was go
ing to see her; and his sister Sarah's parting
words with him were for him to seek religion
and meet her in Heaven ; he said write to her
I have kept my promise. He said "not One
cloud obscures my sky, and what a glorious
thing to have n better world thsn this." He
then took his little children in his arms and
committed them in prayer to the Lord, nnd
gave his wife nnd brother charge t train his
children for the Lord; then, after telling all
present to meet nun in rienven, no sung
"I nm bound to live in the service of the Lord,
I nm bound to die in his army."
Then folded his arms across his breast and
breathed his last, without a stiuggle or a
groan. "Blessed are the dead that die in the
Lord, for they rest from their labors."
In bis death his wife has lost a loving nnd
kind hiisbniid, his children n tender father,
his brothers nnd sister an afl'ertionatcbrother,
and the community nn upright, enterprising
and high-minded citizen. But. we "sorrow
nut as ill. isc who have no hope." Our loss is
his eternal gain. Render, he thou also ready.
.Inn. Ttli. 1854. Joseph RonKRTSox.
Amerienn Preshylqriiwi plnase t-opy.
M.win, March 20.
Arrivals of Bacon, Lard, Flour nnd Grain
fur (lie pa.-t week have not been so large ns
the week previous. Stocks on hand not suf
ficient for I he deionud.
llarnn Hog round, "J a 8Jc; clear sides 8
a 8jc per lb.
Lard In bbls., scarce, a 9c; in kegs,
scarce, II a 91c.
Corn Heavy demand and increasing, 83 a
'.me per- bush.
Oat Dull nnd declining, SO a SSc.
yViis Good demand, 85 a 90c.
Meal Good demand, 83 a 90c.
J-'anr Tennessee brands, 7 a "; per bbl.
Feather Scarce, 37 a 4ue.
licef Cattle on foot, 4 a So.
Kaij 10 a 1 lc per doz.
liuttcr Dull. 12 a Ue per lb.
Dried Fruit Peaches, peeled, f 2 a t'i.SO;
Apples, peeled, 7o a 80c.
Molae Per hhd., 27 a 29e.
CofreHio firm 12 a L!)c.
Stiyar New Orleans, 0 a 7c.
AW Si a Oc per lb.
SaltVer sack, l,f.O a tie.
Committion Merchant, Macon, Ga.
Atlanta, March 20.
Since our review of last week but little
produce has arrived.
Bacon is selling from store at 8c, hog round,
on no days time; bams lue; shoulders 1c;
sides fie.
Lard 10c, stock light.
Corn 80c per bushel, sacked, not enough in
market to supply country orders.
Stark Pea 9fic per bushel.
Oat 5.1 n liOc per bushel.
('urn .hV 80c per bushel.
Flour In bugs S,60 per hundred lbs.
Directions for SiurriNO. We think it beet
to put up Bacon in hhds. or boxes, ns Railroad
Companies are not resonihle for Bnoon ship
ped in bulk or loose. The name of the ship
ne,. or eiiiinii'iior should nlwnvs lie marked
dlptlnclW xm ccti tm-W vt itneon, Lir4 vt
ot her produce, thereby relieving the consignee
of the dilTiculty of assorting lots of produce
shipped by dillcrent parties.
Fxeliunye nt sight on New York j; Charles
ton, Savannah and Augusta per cent, prcin.
General Comntisxion Merchant.
Savannah, March 18.
ar The market is well supplied with
Georgia and Tennessee brands. It is selling
in lots nt $7,00 a $8 per bbl.
Com The stock during the pnst week
has considerably increased, and prices have
ndvanecd. It is selling from store in lots at
P3ca$l per bushel. Sales to some extent
have been made nt tho depot nt 90e per Int.
Oat Some sales have been effected at 62.
per bushel by the quantity, olid 73c by retail.
May There is little of 'this article in the
market. Kaslcrn has been selling from the
wharf at $1,50 and Northern at ft,:1 1 per
hundred. From store it brings $1,75, and
northern $1,50.
JHacon Small lots of new shoulders have
been sold at 8je, and sides nt 9jc per lb. Tho
market is well supplied with Tennessee Ba
con, but we hear of no lurgo sales. Small
lots of it have been sold at. Ve for sides, 8
for shoulders and Ido for hams.
Aeoi sTi, March 2L
Prorition The supply of Bncn has in
creased, nud prices, which have been depress
ed for somo weeks, have finally declined.
Weiiote8f n 6c, hog round. Tho Flour
market continues active and prices nre well
sustained, 7,25 a J7.50 per bid, fr Tennessee.
Com has declined and it is dillicult to ef
fect sales at SOc, sacks included.
Another Great Battle!
4 UK now linppv
KB now happy to inform their fncmls
iV and the public generally, that while nil
Europe is cngngcu in wars, incy navo jov r
ceived a large stock of !
Their stock consists in part of French Cloths,
CiwHoiM.res. Satinets. Tw.eeds, Oue. ns' Cloths,
Ciitloiindes, Satins, Fancy Vesting, Ijid.es
Dress Goods Ijiwn and Ginghnm Robes
Swiss do.. Plaid DeUines, Berage Dcl.aincs,
Persian Chulli Plaid Poplins, Black and Fancy
Silks. Embroidered and I lotted Swiss, Ijices
and Edgings, Prints of all Styles and Prices;
tho latest style oi
,s r i y a n o y x e t s.
Bonnet Ribbon, Neck Ribbons, L. C Hdkfs,
Silk lldkfs. Hosiery. e.
A T S A A U V A r m.
Aln ii Isrire and well selected stock of
for Spring and Summer wear; Boots and Shoes,
Hnrdware and Cutlery, (Jueensware, Grace
ries, Ac., c .
We cannot enumerate all the articles on
hand, but ask those who wish good and pret
ty Goods at low prices, to give us a rail and
tliey will not be disappointed. We continue
to take all kinds of Produee at highest prices.
Coiue on, every body, and the rest of man
kind, and examine our stock free of charge.
rmANn a. estuar, . n. iso. w. raxros, . .
G st Street,
tnsr. S464--6m W
Valuable Property for Sale.
WTILL be offered for sale, st tulle outcry.
on WcdHttday, tktWkdagaf April, in
TUrtw Jem tt Imnt,
more or lets, eituated in the neighborhood of
the Athens Depot, belonging to the Branca
Bank of Tennessee.
Trrmz The Lsud Will DC Soli OB SIX
months time, the porchster running bis Bote
n Bank for tbt amount
JAS. T. La5& AfM
far Br'tK Sk Tin mm el JtAst
marcn ;t, lMt 3l
Glorious News from the East!
The Rnssians again Defeated
TMIE news by the last Steamer is of
JL the most thriilingly interesting character.
The Turcomans hare again been triumphant,
and the English and French fleets are under
full sail for the seat of war; and by the next
arrival we shall probably learn that all
Europe is convulsed with the shock of bsttle
nnd the clish of arms. In this connection, it
may not be improper to remark that, let the
fortunes of war he as they may,
has just returned from the North with the
largest supply of every thing ever brought to
thisor any other place. It will be useless to
attempt to enumerate one tenth of the more
than ten thousand articles comprising his
stock, nnd he will not try suffice it that
among them may be found the following:
Gold Watches at prices ranging from 110 to
? ! 10 each; Silver Lever and Lepine Watches
at from 14 to 83. The latter were made ex
nressl v for Railroad time nieces and are war
ranted to give entire satisfaction.
Gold Fob and Vest Chains, Guards, .Seals
and Keys:
Ladies Chatelain Chains and Pins;
Gold Breast-pins, from 2,50 to tlfi, finest
quality and latest style.
Gold and Cornelian Rings of every quality
from 50 cts. to $ 1 0 each;
L'ar-ringi and Ear-drops of every pattern;
from 1,25 toI2, latest styles;
Gidd Cutf-pins and Amfets, from I to $3;
Gold Bracelets from 9 to 18 each ;
Gold Shirt Studs and Sleeve Buttons, 1 t
to $5,50 per set ;
Gold Pencils nnd Pens, from 1,35 to 10;
Silver Table, Tea, Desert, Mustard Salt and
Crenin Spoons ;
(iennnn Silver Plated Ware lino Plated
Deccrt Forks; Table, Desert and Tea Spoons;
Castors and 1'nndlci.ticks;
Cutlerv fine Razors and Pen-knives;
A large assortment of Folding Fans, Ivory,
Bone-stick and Spanish of Paris, new styles.
Also, children's Funs, from 5 cents to $1 ;
PortmonevB of every kind, from 25c to $5 ;
Memorandum Books, En vclopcs,Xotc Books,
Note Pnper and Blank Books ;
Pistols Colt's fine repealing Pistols, wilh
and without cases; Allen tt, Tliurman's Re
volvers; Allen's Self-cocking Rifle Pistols;
L'ndercook's Rifle Pistols; 1 lotible nnd Single
Barrel Pistols of every kind nnd price;
Percussion Caps of the finest quality ;
Fine Table Cutlery Ivory handled Table
and Desert Knives. Also, small Knives and
Forks for children, by the pair or dozen;
Ten Boards and Waiters;
Fine China Vases; of most beautiful pattern
nnd worth from 2,50 to ?4,50 per pair;
Clocks and Time-pieces China, Paper
machic and Rosewood Cases, of every descrip
tion ;
Fine Chewing Tobacco, Cigars, Snuff and.
A fine assortment of Candies, plain and
fnncv; Raisins, Prunes, Figs, Almonds, Eng
lish 'Walnuts Brazil Nuts, Piekels, Pepper
Sauce, Katsup.
French Extrnct, Cologne, Pomnde, Lilly
White, Meenfun, Soaps, Transparent Balls,
National Compound Tooth Paste, Lyon's Ka
thariou. Miscellaneous.
Wax Matches, Cigar Lighters, Cigar Cases,
Purses, Inda Rubber Combs, Tooth Brushes,
Moustache Cultivators, Perspectives, Cravat
Slides, Dinper Pins, Ladies Garters, Tailors
Measures, Hair Tins, inimiiies, renuoiuers,
Pencils, Steel Pens, Razor Straps, Razor Cases,
Flesh Brushes, Violins, Flutes, Acoordeontof
every description, ViolinStrings, Paper Cases,
Work Boxes, Fancy JJoxes, Dolls, Toys, Sha
ving Brushes.
Spectacles of Gold, Silver, German Silver,
Brass and Steel.
Spectacle Cases of German Silver, Morocco
and Paper.
Pocket Inkstands; do. Magnifying Glasses.
sV 1 nivrn tut of chenD Gilt Jewelry, consist-
ingof Breast-pins. Ear-rings, Eur drops, Finger
Rings, atoll i limns ami ccnos
Dental Instrument and Material.
f!..1.l l-'..il VvnarAtrtrff. I'llie'rer. Files. Till
pression Cups and Plate Teeth. mar.24 f
John Caldwell,
Samuel Congdon, Charles Congdon nnd others.
Injunction Bill.
"IT appearing from the allegations of the bill
1. that Charles Congdon is a non-resident of
the State of Tennessee, It is therefore onlereil
that publication be mode in the Athens Post
for four successive weeks, culling upon snid
defendant to appear at our next Court of
Chancery, to be held nt the Court house in
Benton, on the first M lay of August next,
and plead, answer or demur to snid bill, or
the sumo will be taken for confessed its to
him, and set for henrimr accord iinrly.
A. P. BRADFORD, C. d .".,
By Jss. Smith, i. c. m.
march 21, 1S5I It Prs fee fa 2'
To Farmere, Merchants,
Machinim, Carpenter, Miller. Carriayt Ma
ker; Shoe Maker, and W'ayoner.
ONE pair of Tennnssco Burr Mill Stoues.
ihe.... ami a Imlf feet diameter, new and
l...iter than common: an excellent act of
Wagon Harness for six horses; the Running
Gear of an old Carriage, pretty good and snl
ttnntinl; some fine Durham Cattle and Berk
shire Hogs; a few new Turning Lathes nt from
fJ20 to f.'ai; Bench Screws of good wood nnd
well finished; a few bushels of Clover Seed,
elear of all noxious seeds nnd trnh of every
ki,. WM. LENOIR. t Blto.
march 17, 1851 r.m 2S
Cash for Rags!
11T AXTKO.1IIO.OIIO lbs. of elenn Cotton
and Linen Hags for which Cash will be
paid at the Athens Paper Mill.
Sept. HO, 1 85:! t f 2rtS
l'nre Jllathot
OF 95 per edit, proof, miinl.le for ning
with the Blow Pipe, now on hnm! and for
sale l.v 111'D'iIN, W ELLS A .! Ill SSI IS.
Jnti". 20. 18511 ' Clemland, 7fn.
Agricultural Machinery.
ALntKV. May 19. IMS.
We hereby certify that Mr. P. I. Hales is
our sole Agent for the sale of our Agricultural
Mnehines in Kast T.-nnessee.
Signed Wnr.M.i.n, Mklu s ( o.
rpilK above is a copv of a c-rtilienle which
Meliek k '. I furnish t rc ienraieo
Wr, Tt mher ' Separator; ilorer
IMIer. im.I other Machine, at their cash
prices, free of commissions.
I' Ii 1 t. r. .
For Double orTwo I lorse Power.Thresh-
er and Separator, inciwuna;
and nil-cans, complete, f ln,00
Double Power alone, including belt, I S.'
. without belt, 11S.IHI
Double Thrcher and Senator, ab.n. .0ii
Single, or One Morse power, ITireJier
nd Separator, including In-lts, oil-
cans and wrenches, complete. IS.
o: i. l,.ne-ineluuine neia, i-v-r
I . -.
SingleThresher and Separator, alone,
D . ... Un.lt lu.lt
Clover Ituliers,
Straw and Stalk Cutlers, for Horse
fjll'a. Mill, wilh SI inch Saw,
ti - iv,r. without band wheel, 80.00
Chora Hearing.
Hand for Power. 00
Double Power, with Comhined Thresh
cr and Winnower, including belt,
wrenches, e, . . 144,00
rmkincd Ihretfcer ana niuoewcr,
Orders solicited. r ,.
Address, r. D. GATES
1J freeeWe. V. 1W ftly.
Vtw YrfV, Jirse 54
T. & W. EHKIN k CO,
No. 48 Public Square,
XASHVILLS, tsaIvsssse.
TE have now in store an enlarged add
1 1 complete stock ot Staple, anu especially
Fine Fancy Coods, ,
to which we have this season given particular
attention, and will sell for Cash, or to prompt
time deslers, on the most liberal terms,
IST We will give the highest market priee
for Feathers, Wool, Ginseng, Beeswax, Jeans,
Linsevs, Socks, drc.
iiio'rch 17, 1834 6m 289
J. K. WILLI (US. JM. BflC.t. Q.,
Form'ly of Knoxvitle, T.) (Late of lllountrille, T.
(Successors to J. E. Williams,)
Utntral Cammlftut Merchant,
Al I'MITICfl-AnLV F0.S tm SAI.I Or - .. .
Grain, Bacon, Lard, Feather and Tenncuee
Produee generally,
. Johnson's FireProof Ware-House,
Atlanta GeorxU
I KTTERS of inquiry, in relation to the
j Markets, Ac., answered promptly.
I am sincerely thankful, to the citizens of
Tennessee for the very liberal patronage here
tofore received from them, and respectfully
sidicit a continuance of the same to the new
firm, feeling satisfied that, possessing the ad
vantnires we now do, we will be able to do
fully as well for them as can be. dvne in this
market. We will both give our personal at
tention to the business.
march 17, 1851 tf 28(5 .
; i-: t . ' , : -
Administrator's Sale
OS' the 4th diiy'of April ne'xt and succeed
ing days, we will sell at the Iste resi
dence of W'right Smith, sr., deceased, in Bhca
countv, all the personal property belonging
to the estate of said Smith, deceased, consist
ing of a large number of HOUSES, ML'LKS,
luive ouantitv of COlXund BACOX; 1 Ba-
i-ouehe: 8 Wiil'oiis: I Voke of Oxen; 1 set of
Blacksmiths' tools; Household sud Kitchen
Furniture; Farming Utensils, ie.
Twelve months credit will be given on all
sums of Five Dollars or over; under, cash in
hand. Note wilh approved Security will be
required Oelore llie uenvery oi nny ui iuc
property. . .
A II persons indebted to the estate of snid
Smith, deceased, ore required to make imme
diate payment, and inose naving cmoiii
against siiid cstute are required to file them
with Administrators, duly authenticated, or
the will be forever barred.
ii Lit'rit l
X. It. At the same lime and pi see there
will be a number of SLA VFS hired.
B. D. S. and B. . 9.
march 17. 1.'.4 St 286
Land for Sale.
fl'MlE subscriW, living in Monroe county,
1. Tcnn , five miles North of Tellieo Iron
Works, offers his Land for sale. The tract
contnins 20 AC :ll KS 10 or 200 under
good cultivation, with good buildings, well
watered, plenty of cood pine and onk timber
for building purposes, keeping up the farm,
Ac. The soil is well adapted to the growth
of all kinds of grain and grass, there being
about 100 acres of bottom land, and 15 or 20
in meadow. Any person wishing a good stock
Farm can hnve one from
jmarch 17, 1854 Ct 280
(Late Anderson & Harland.)
Straw Good,
Xo. 120 Mabket Strret, ar.Low Fouhtii,
Philadelphia, Pa.
mnrch U. ta - V ' ft
Shoes, Hats, Straw Goods,
So. 5 0 Public Square,
WE nre opening nn entirely new, and very
large stock of the above Goods, to
which we respectfully cuil the attention of
nil merchants visiting Nashville.
Wo will take Punt hers. Wool. Ginseng,
Beeswax, Jeans, Liuscr, and Socks, at the
lii'-hest market prices.
Feb 21, 1851 Im 283
'. lleeder
n.VS removed to the Store room one door
North of the entrance to the " Athens
llolel," where he will be happy to see bis old
frieims ami customers, and as many new ones
ss can innltc it convenient to call.
He continues to keep a good assortment of
. V ...t..-t. i. . it
)ry ttootis, Groceries, ve., wuieo nt- win ten
ou very accommodating terms.
Athens, march 10, 18M '
iE T N A
Insurance Company,
ii.iRTFnnn, rt?.v.v.
CiunTLBKii 1819.
BUILDINGS, Mertdiandise. Ar.. Insured
nuniie-t Lot or Jtauiaye by FtliE, ill the
abtnre Coinpanv.
Ptilicit-s insured nf nil time". u)ii favorable
terms, bv UKM. W. Itll, Aent,
ninr. l'o, '. 1-1 , For MeMinn coiiul v.
AnArranKmirnt made to suit the
c.r.&T.r. GIBSON
VHK now soiling banrnins, oneibmr North-,
west of the Post lllliee, and if you fail
to call on them you will miss bargains.
ISiiiiR your Produee or i.roiiiise thein prompt
pHviiit-ul and vo shall be aeeoinmotlnted.
Athens, Mareh 1. lS4tf 2HJ
Ware-II nut tmd rmmtluttm .Her chant.
I.tlinAMiR, Isoi-r corxTv. Ua..
w a ll 1. it..t1 to the sale of all kinds of
PIIOHI'CE. such as Corn, I lata. Flour,
Itneon, 1-ard. Lime, drc., consigned lo linn.
Inference: The former proprietors, li. H
Amoss nnd Jew Melrfiolon.
msnh in, S.M-lf 9M
South side Public Siiusre,
MP It KUKKSIM HU icon, tf:s X.
JOHN .V. THOMAS, Proprietor.
THIS House has recently heecn opened, and
the proprietor hots by a well furnished
table, iiio.I rate charges, pood accommoda
tions and atlenli'-n lo business, to merit a
lileral share of public patronage.
march S. 1M4 ly 9M
Test Acids, &c.
SPLPIIl'LIC, Nitric and Hydrochloric or
Muriatic Aeids. of very pure quality, for
aale by 111 IStls, "r.LLfsJioi.i.r
Jan. 5". lM4-tf 27a
Clerelna Tenn.
v"PHF. StoeVholders in the East Tennessee
1 and Georgia Railroad Company are no-,:.:-A
tk.t a eall of twenty-five dollars on
. i.. .km ia reouired to lie vaii on the 1 tt day
of May neat to it . season. r ....:.,
n,i..tlisa or to ft. A. M. White. Esq.. st
the Bank of Kaorvilte; site, thst the notes
gives for former falls are in the hands of said
Jl A. M. White tor collection, on which psy-
Office E.T-4 G.'R. otMl. )
Athtsa, March ,trL S 513-7
PI its.
tn ah m wMOiii ot a
i -
Taw.. k.si 1mi aftJ A BUhHe dtfOlA&sl fof ttt
effect, pumtire pill which coulti be reliod on m
tire end perfectly safe in itt i operation. Thii hu
tu.. Ms l.ft storm and. and en eztetv
sit e trial of its virtues has conclusively shown with
what success it accomplishes the nrpose designed,
t, .. m.k. nhnieal mil. but not easy to
make the best of all pilh ene which should have .
none of the objections, dux au in suriiiijCT, ,
very other. This nss been attempiea nere, sna
with what success we would respectfully submit to
111 punuc aecision. nwm wiuu,
the patient hitherto that slssast every purgative
medicine is acrimonious sa4 ssstMkns to the bow
els. This is not. Many o tha prWucc so much
(m'pink psin and revulsion in the system as to more
thsn counterbalance the good to be derived; from
them. These fUlt produce no irritation or psin,
unlotr it arise from s previotulyiarting obstruc
tion or derangement in the bowels.. Being purely
vegetable, no harm can arise front their use te any
qusntitv ; but it I better that any medicine shena
be takeif Judiciously. Minute dfreetlons for their
use in the several diseases to which they are ap
plicable are given on the boa. Aston; the com
plaints whicbhate been speedily cured'by them, we
mav mention Liver Complaint, in its various forms
of Jaundice, Indigestion, Languor sad Ixiss or Ap
petite, Listletsnrss, Irritability, Bilioas Headache,
Bilious Fever, Fever and Ague Pain hi the Side
find Iiins ; for, in truth, all these are but the con
scquonre of diseased action in the Bvsr. As an
aperient, they afford prompt and sure relisf in Cos
tivencss, Piles, Colic, Dysentery, Humors, Brrof
nla and Scurvy, Colds with soreaeaa ef the body,
I h ers ami impurity ot the Wooa; M snort, any
and every case where a purgative is required.
Thrv iinvi altn nrndiiflfd some sinaularlv sue-
' cmsfiit cures in Rheumatism, Gout, Dropsy, Gravel,
Krvsinclas, Palpitation of the Heart, rams in tne
Hack, Stomach, and Side. They should be freely
taken in the spring of the year, to purify the blood
and prepare the system for the change of seasons.
An occasional dose stimulates the stomach and
bowels into healthy action, and restores the appe
tite and vigor. They purify ths blood, sod, by thcii
stimulant action on the circulatory system, rcno
vate the strength of ths body, and restoro th
wasted or diseased energies of the whole organism.
Hence an occasional dose is advantageous, even
though no serious derangement exists; but un
necessary dosing should never be carried too far,
as every purgative medicine reduces ths strength,
when taken to excess. The thousand cases in which
a physic is required cannot be enumerated here, but
they suggest themselves to tho reason of every
bodr ; and it is confidently believed this pill will
answer t better purpose than any thing which hat
hitherto been available to mankind. When their
,m ei.ift. bnnM. ihm fmblie will no lonffcff
doubt what remedy to employ when in used of a
cathartic medicine.
Practical and Analytical Chemist,
Tries M Ceatt per Bos. Tin Bei far SI
For the rapid Care
croup, ASTnni, ad
This remedy has won for itself such notoriety
from its cures of every rnricty of pulmonary disease,
that it it entirely unnecessary to recount the evi
dences of its Tirtues in any community where It
has been employed. So wide is the field of its use
fulness, and ao numerous ths cases of its cures,
that almost every section of the country abounds
in pontons publicly known, who have been restored
from alarming and even desperate diseases of the
lungs by its use. When once tried its superiority
over every other -medicine of its kind is too appar
ml t Mcap obserratioB. ana hr its virtues ue
known, the public no longer hesitate whst antidote
to employ for the distressing and dnngrrous affec
tions of the pulmonary organs which sre incident
to our climste. And not only in formidable at
tacks upon the lungs, but for tho miMer varieties
of Colds, Copoiib, HoaasaNass, Ae. i and for
CnfLDBKN It is the pleasantest and safest .medicine
that tan be 'obtained..
At it has long been in constant use throughout
this section, we need not do more than nss&ro ths
people its quality is kept up to the best that it ever
has been, and that the genuine article is sold by
(i. W. ROS3, in Athens; J. CHIpSMJlT,
Philadelphia; and by dealers in Medicines
generally. march 11, 'H4 ly IM'
Stiff Saltt
BARRELS King's Salt, just rectived
1UU and for sale b;
tale by
.Ian 27, '.
lllow IMpes and Fluxing salts
17011 dry Tests, tor sale bv
: 1IUDOIN, WELLS A .ft iff XSOX,
Jan. 20, IBM Clercland, Tenn.
Irss .mortar
OY good quality on hand, and nf siros suita
ble for preparinir Mineral Tf?ts. Ae.
Jan. 10, 1844-
Clneland, 7'enn.
,ftMtiTHl Vopper .Uiuer!
C. H. MILLS k CO.,
CtrviLtitD, Tcnn.,
nKVH just received s Urge lot of hcnv
Manilla Hope, for linking shafts, which
they will tell eheap. If you wish your orders
promptly filled, address
1 r C. II. MILLS k CO.,
Dee. 23, '53 21 Cleveland.
Ss-AI,I1S. prime and choice New Or
. i leans Su;ar in barrels and half
barrels, just received and for s ile cheap for
cash down, by Fcb.24. O. W. KtiSS.
In the Circuit Court of MeMinn county,
James Wilson, Administrator of Jnmes Wilson,
deceased, Sarah i)son, wolow . r. 11
miii Uussi-11 Miller and wife Jane. .Tames
Wilson, W. W. Peels aad wifeDeallha.
re, -
Tliomas W. Cunningham and wife lisn, Wil
linm Vaughnn and wife Sarah Maria, and
James Iletiry. a minor.
Hill to tell Im 'hH and Stave far the purpose of
partition or dittributiim.
TT appearing to the Clerk from the allega
tions in the bill tiled in this cause that the
defendants, Thomas.W. Cunningham and wife
llisa, William auglinu ami wile ai an Ma
ria, are not citixeus of the State of Tennessee,
it is therefore onlereil that publication be
made in the Athens Post, a newspaper pub-li.l-d
in the town of Athens, McMiif u county.
Tenneswe, for foursucccssive weeks, requiring
the said non-residents to appear at the next
..nn of the Circuit Court to be held for the
countv and State aforesaid, at the Court
house in Athens, on tne m .vionnay oi pru
nest, and then and there plead, answer or de
mur to said hill, or the same will be taken
for confessed as to them, and set fr hewing
tz parte. JOHN L P.K11M;F.S, Clerk.
Feb. 17,1 SS4 41 I TS lee ft sst
Chaicerj Court at Athens.
The East Tennesseo and Georgia Rail Koad
Joseph D. Laughl in, John Stnnfield, Thomas
IX this cause it appearing from an alleeation
in the bill, which is sworn to. that Joseph
D Lsughlin snd X. M. Mercer are noa-rcsi-dents
of the State of Tennessee, it is therefore
ordered thst publication be made in the
Athens Tost, a newspaper printed in the U- n
of Athens. MeMinn county. Tennessee, re
quiring the said Joseph D. Lsughlin sud .
it Mereer, to make their personal appear
ance at S Court OI tnanceiy, o ne nomm aj.
Athens, in ssid county and State, on tho sd
Monday of August nest, to plead, am-wer or
dtmortoeompleMiest'ebiil filed a-ainst tn.-m
iassid Court, qr .the sme will he taken as
eonfeased ss to tucffl ana
ABeU. Wis. IAI B.l . u. sr
s-chlT, lis ii i"'"'
-h , -

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