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Celebrated Family Ointment.
h MM, Safe, ITtartmek mmi lk ertattM i'Mend Rem
Jy ever It tf cumpftd vf Vtgtta'-lr Karoo mmd
ftmtf jovtr vwJUd tm the mnmaJe J fll(dacf th
Wire i4 I Jiumwatant ikftw.
It t ui.jvfiitiyocttttowi-( tolKnn kfelltblr rented,
bi every rae wlirrr it aa Uf .i ..nm. fully nH:-i on the
tiiiinaii tvfirm, fcr pnjiiioiiiiit Pn-rjiiMe Vr;-Jr;kii, and
In inv:it:jfitlt In utl (Iiiw'fi-ofilieiUh. ht.Liite Ulcer,
Md 0'rti, i Jut. W i-orc Th rn.il. liunu, Cut. .. imwiii
t.riiptiut.. run Mi'i ti. iore Hm-am, let-raw of the Ke,
A"ueiti liic Kmc-. Mx-uiiintie CuuirarivH ( onie,
I'.'iin in ii- Hle, ark nnil other p;irt of ilK.VHieiii,iaid
Hen.., ..niMn, r'r.'.. WottmK 1'ikv, mnl every kuid Ol
ore roiHiiiiiiit I hi- It- t part ele of liiH.nuutaituu( r
permanent;) eun-d !iv this grrat reunify.
It Is a ftrl, nutiieiiiirncd hero, n well a. .ill ovrf the
Hutf. anil heli-rd the wlio'c western .tntcs. that rlo.iti'.
M'llviiic Inivo .hi ilncl a wi.le spread celebrity, ami re
pimmon, in which ilieynrojusiiyciuiilcd hy their httiisg
rii!," and jiotter.. We nut nmouc those who nre
prO'ic to eoilorse every pnletil huiiilititi that route aloog,
ml t linn iiistniiee liave delaye d our rnilorMineiit until
we Im ve been nlilo u mike assurance doubly sure, not only
by testing ihem personally ourselves, hut from the le-u-niony
of numerous iirtion of the roiniuuiiity living
around u. Illliiot lilobe, April 1:1, IHiu.
BuM in Allien., Te., hy febl4-6m v. M. BI.'ltNB.
Horse & Cattle Medicine.
Ko Mctlielnetti use ha., nceotnpllslied tn many Ettrm.
irdinarg Orrs, mitl siventsj Unurrnit intlufsrliim ill every
mrleti' anil simte of .lisease, or that litis m I(mm iw
wye'iA nil tu ivyitw'i Ottttmf.r.t mitl Otml'tum I'mttkr,
Tkt Oiiilmtitl iillly FUTcril!iii nil oilwr iMninienu
ptiil LhilinrnlH fur the rurt of l-'rti-tl VVoinnl nll ot all
incl, H.riiinii, llnii, t.'rncki'd Kuiittone, Wind-
falls, I'oll l.i il, I'iiIIoiu, tiaviii, t fenny, Fistula, Btt
fmi, drain, I ..m.etu'i.n. faud IWkm Kniindcred Feet,
fecrnich or (;ri'ne, vUuie anil Hort Diiomiicr,
7 0'".(!ii Pivdrr ivilll rrinove all Infbmni.nlon and
frvfr, imrily the Mood, lixiw-n Hie nkni, clraiM the water
and Hreiuniien wury part of thu tiody: and haa proved a
aovcrclun rrni'-dv lor tht' fullowiiiK diacea:
Pouinh-r. Iiisu-iiiiinr. Hide Hound. I .CI of Appetite, 'n-
w.ird Sirnlm, Wllo.v VVnti-r, lull uninallon of the K.yr,
Puiiime frnin hard rierelw! aluo RlK'iiiiinilui, (poinnionly
eiilh'dmlrt'roinplaint,) w hich prouMKO fatal to many
ahh hfirK in tni roiiuirv. It iii alto a xafc and certain
remedy tor (.'ought and Uolua, which generate to inanj
fatal diiraHi.
'J'hir rNii('liiii never ittjurt, and ttivayt Cure, If the dl
rt(tlniiA are followrrd.
KiirfurilKT iHiniriilar and a mtUHuile of OrtjlraUt el
TtmwkaMt Cum, get I'amphlclM uf agri tt.
UramJ Depot, 10 Imu St., ChUaft, lit
Fanale In AHiens by Keb.lO-Om WW.
Theiie haa lon(? exiatcd a public demand for an
effective purgative pill whieh could be rcliod on ai
tire and perfectly aufe in il operation, 'l itis has
been prepared to meet that demand, mid an exten
sive trial of its virtue ha conclusively shown with
what success it accomplishes the purpose designed.
It is easy to inako a phvaii al pill, but not easy to
make the best of nil ills one w hich should have
none of the o'licct inns, hut nil the advantages, of
every other. This has been attempted hero, and
with wh:it success wo would respectfully submit to
the public decision. It has been unfortmmte fot
the patient hitherto, that almost every purgative
medicine is acrimonious and irritating to the bow
els. This is not. Many of them produce so much
striping pain and. revulsion in tho system as to more
than ciiitnterbnlMiiro tho (rood to be derived from
them. These pills produce no irritation or pain,
unless it urine from a previously existing obstruc
tion or derangement in the bowels. Ueing purely
vegetable, no harm can arise from their use in any
lunntily ; but it is bettor that any medicine should
)o taken judiciously. Minute directions for tl.eia
use in tho several dispases to which thev are ap
plicable are given on the box. Among the com
plaints which have been speedily cured liy them, we
nuiv mention 1.1 ver Complaint, In its various forma
of Jaundice, Indigestion, Languor nnd Iiss of Ap
petite, I,istlcssness, Irritability, Bilious Headache,
llilions 1'evcr, fever nnd Agiio, Fain in the Side
and Loins ; for, in truth, all these arc but the con
sequenco of diseased action in the liver. . As an
aperient, they atford prompt nnd sure relief in Cos.
Uveness, Tiles, Colic, Dysentery, Humors, Scrof
ula and Scurvy, Colds with soreness of the body,
Ulcers and impurity of the blood; in short, any
and evcrv cum? where a purgative is required.
Tliev li'tvo also produced tome singularly suc
cessful cures in lihetimatism, Gout, Dropsy, Gravel,
Ktysipelas, l'aliitation of the Heart, ruins in the
Back, Stomach, and Side. They should be freely
tuken In the soring of the year, to purify the blood
and prrn.irn tlie system for the change of seasons.
An occasional dose stimulates the stomach and
bowels into healthy action, and restores the appe
ritn and vigor. They purify the blood, and, by theii
stimulant action on the circulatory system, rcno
Tate the strength of the body, anil restore the
wasted or diseased energies of the whole organism,
liencn an occasional dose is advantageous, even
though no serious derangement exists; but un
necessary dosing should never be carried too far,
as every purgative medicine reduces the strength,
when taken to excess. The thousand cases in which
a physic is required cannot be enumerated here, but
they suggest themselves to the reason of evorv
body; mid it is coulidcutlv believed this pill will
answer a better purpose than any thing which has
hitherto been available to mankind. When theii
virtues are once known, the public will no longer
d.iubt what remedy to employ when in need of a
tathartio iitcdiiiuo.
rncrARcn bv
rrncilt-n! niul Analytical Clu'inist,
Prlct 23 Ccati per Box. Five Eoxes for SI.
for the rapid Cure of
MOMiiiTis, uiioop i;-oi(.n,
Tut remedy has won for itself such notoriety
from its curea of every variety of pulmonary disease,
that It is entirely unnecessary to recount the evi
dences of its virtues in any aommuiijty where it
has been employed, Ko wide is the rlcla of its use
fulness, and sor numerous the cases of its cures,
that almost every section of the country abounds
In persons publu 'v known, who hava lu-en restored
from nl. inning mid even desperate diseases of the
lungs by its use. When once tried its auperiori'.y
over overy oilier medicine of its kind ia tim appar
ent to escnie observation, and where its virtues are
known, the publir no longer hesitate what antidote
to employ for the distressing and dnngerona affec
tions of the pulmonary organs which are incident
to our climate. And not only in formidable at
tacks upon the lungs, but for the milder varieties
of Coins, Cot'OH, IIiiahsbnkss, c i and for
CillMUtKU it is the nleaaantest and aafost luedicin
that ran be obtained..
As it has long been in constant use throughout
this section, we need not do more than assure the
people its quality ia kept up to the best that it ever
Las becn,ajid that the genuine article la sold by
. . .; , mi k s' ' ..ill,
Philadelphia; ami lv ilen'ers in M 'tlieine
geiwrnll y. in arch 1701 ly 18
Ffliiry Store!
WW A VINO be.iirlit Mr. Ilnrbln's Fancy Htnre ami nd
B ft dl It lo our original slock, slid being determined
to iTll si rr l.ii td prices, w. can In good faith lavlit lb.
HI lent Ion of tht Indies and gintlcnirn wbe lh tin
flnesl I'l.iln nn.t Kiiin y timid, l.i.dlcs, llo.it extra flm
l nder lt'Ve and I'licnilirlia are net all out. Thorn
res ly-di essed rl Ik Itonm-ts nnd eiahrohtcred llnndkrr
chin's are yet In .lore, and nlo the wide plaid eolk.
Mow If ym want toniilUIni line Just call nrnund.
march 1 C. r. T. T. VIK80K.
: II1S Intl:.iIton was orx-nrd on the 8th Inst, for the
rrct-p.ioD of puul, ui.der Uic a pcriatcudiuice ef
Mr. A. ii. I AKM-si aud LAbV.
Trrnisi of Tuition.
Rending, Writing and ArUhnietic (6 (si
KoK'ilj tiraiuuiar and (leoyraiby a 00
All the rx-iuuee, liighu' Mmlicntilic., aud Lau-
g'U'gvs 13 00
Nccdiewuik aud Kmbroidery 5 Is)
llrawing ft 11
I'jinliua io oo
lUeh student U required to iy 1 1 Cuntlngeut Fee.
No Ticket issued lur leal than half a Heuioo, and ao
deduction made except In cases or protracted sickness.
The building U large aud commodious, and situated
inon an euiiueuc. near the town or Athens. The Trus
tees can state with the sinioi confidence to parents
everywhere, that no place lu Kant Tennessee ia better
situated for heslth than Atlieus. Nothing like local epi
demic desease has ever been knowu here.
The Tuition nnd Uoutiugeul Fee will, la all cases, be
required in advance.
Hoarding can be bad In private families on moderate
The Trustee, have with mucb dlflicultv procured the
service, of .Mr. A. C. and Mrs. N. F. On aunt, and from
heir personal knowledge of them, ami the written tes
timonial, they hrlttg, they take pleasure In recommend
ing thein as Teachers evcrv wsv qualifb-d to discharge
the Iiiportanl trust confMed to them.
Ity order or the Hoard. VM. II. BAILPW,
Jan. 19830 Secretary.
Jew David, or ttbnw I'latter.
THE great remedy fur Ttheuiiiatism. Gout, I'sln in
fide, II ). Hack, l.imhs and Joints; S.rofula, Kiiig,s
l.vil, Wldie dwelling. Ilurd Tumors, StifT Joints, and all
.ixed paltis whatever.
W here Ibis Plaster is applied pain cannot exist.
It has been beneficial in cases of weakness, such as
I'ain nnd weakness in the Slo.uach, Weak Limbs, Lame,
less, AuVction of the Limes in their primary stage.
It destroys Inflammation by perspiration.
.lames I.. Iloyd, Pickens district, South Carolina, tes
tifies thai by Us use alone he was cured of Rheumatism
u both of his knees, of several years standing.
The follim iug was handed us by a respectuble l'hysi
dnti in tieorgin:
Messrs. Scovil ft Vend Oents : I have been nslng
votir Liverwort nnd Tur and Hebrew Plaster very exten
dve'y In my practice for three years past, and it is Willi
pleasure that I state my belief in their superiority over
ill other articles with which I am acquainted, for the
piirp(' fur which they are recommended. The He
rew Plaster, cpei-iaHy. Is an universal panacea tor lo-.-a!
pains. 1 have also round it a most excellent applira
on f Sprains aud Uruises. It gives universal satis
action wherever used. 8. B. OSLIN, M. D.
Knoxvllle, tin., March it, 1SS8.
llewnre ot coimierlclis and base Imitations.
The genuine will in Mure have the signature of K.
Tavisui on the engraved label on the top or each box.
Purchasers are advised that a menu counterfeit of
this nrtiele is in existence. .
The genuine is sold only by us, nnd by our ngents np
poh.ted through the Couth nnd no pedlar is allowed to
sell It. De-.lers and purchasers generally are cautioned
iralust buying of any but our regular agents, otherwise
they will be imposed upon with a worthless article.
SCOVIL MEAD, 111 Chartres St., New Orleans.
Pole fiencral Agents for the Snuthccn Slates, to whom
all orders unlet invarinblyhe addressed.
Hold also by P. II. Kmtll i Co., Allien.; Cowsn t Ham
sonp, Charleston; W. II. Cmii,mi.f:-i, Cleveland; Moss
lli'KtMV, Kenton; J. A. C. W. Cum., Madisnnville;
nd agents iu every town In the State. Dec. 1, '54-ly
Fellow of the Royal Colle ge of Physicians, and for years
Senior Physician In the London ltoy.il Innrmary for
diseases of tile Lungs.
JTN the treatment of Consumption hy Inhalation, I
I have obtained the results which warrant me in as
serting Hint it Is now as curable ao diseases of the Stum
ifli and Liver.
HreaUiin medicine directly into the I.uogs Is certain
ly the rational mode of attacking the disease, nnd like
many other great nnd beneficent discoveries, It seems
strange why such treatment was not resorted to long
igo. Where there Is life, there is now assured hope for
the most seemingly hopeles esses, as throughout all the
stages of this insidious disease, the wonderful nnd be
nitlcent effects of his treatment are noon apparent. In
cases nlso of Ilrnnchitis, Astlima, Ac, the Inhaling of
powders nnd vnisirs ha. been eminently successful, and
to those suffering under any of the above named com
plaints, I can guarantee speedy and certain relief. I
have pleasure ill referring to H7 names, residents of
ew 1 erk nnr neighborhood, who have been restored to
vigorous health. About one-third or the above number,
according to the patients' own .tutements, were con
sidered hopeless cases.
The Inhaling Method Is soothing, safe, and speedy,
and consists in the administration of medicines In such a
manner thnt they are conveyed into the Lungs In
the form of vapor, and produce their action at the seat
of the disease. Its practical success is destined to revo
lutioirixe the opinions of the medical world, and estab
lish the etitire curability of consumption.
Applicants will plcuse state lr they have ever bled from
the Lungs, if they have lost lie h, have a cough, night
sweats and fever turns what and how much they ex
pectorate, what the condition of their stomach and how.
els." The necessary Medicines, Apparatus, c, will be
orwarded to nny part.
Trrvis Five dollars, consultation fee. Balance of fee
payable only when patients report themselves convales
cent. M r. It oie'ti Trr n t iue on Com u in pt i on
;irlce one dollar. Address
MiJ-fJal OlltceSIl Ilroudwny, New York.
A Valuable Farm lor Sale.
I)Y virt.tine of n decree renilei-ed in the
.) Chancery Court t Minlisonville, I will
.in the Ath liny of May, 18.15, cell to the liii;li
st, bidder, on n credit of nix limn I lis, nt the
resilience of Hubert Mclieynolds, in Monroe
ctuititv, the several tracts of Land constitu
ting the l'nrtii heretofore occupied liy sniil
lioliert Mcliey holds nnd Isnne I). Mclieyiinlils,
Hitiiulc on the wuters uf Dnm-ins- lirnnoli, in
uiil county. J. A. COI'FIN, U. it At.
March i!H, 1855 fit pi s fee ti !C,9
Moro JLSOTirity Land.
W"Y a late Act or Congress all persan. who have been
JLjS in the service of the Culled States as long as four
teen days, are entitled to I to acres of bounty Laud.
Those who have received Warrants ror 40 and 80 acres
are entitled to the remninder of IGo acres.
The undersigned will be plrnsed In arrange the claims
or those they have formerly procured Warrants tor, aud
Tor nil others who nre entitled.
Call nt It. W. Ross' Cnuntliur-Rnnm.
Athena, march l-tf J. W. IILACKWKI.L It SON.
IHAVKIn my possession the Law and Forms necessa
ry for milking out declaration for nil those who are
entitled to additional Hounty Lund, under the Act ol
Congress passed the 8t! day of March, ItssO.
My Oltice Is on Main street, nppsitc the olnce of the
"Athens Post" ami Chancery Clerk's ollloe.
Athens, March Iti-tf 'tSS John L. DUIDOES.
No B st ,. It liaving been shown that the estate
of James P. Minis, deceased, is insolvent, notice is
hereby given to all persons having claims against said
estate to Die them with the Clerk of the County Court ol
Monroe county, properly authenticated, by the 1st day
of September next, so that n p nila distribution iuy
he made. JOStXIl I I'TON, Adioiiiistrator.
march 16, 1s6A8t prufceSJ km
IJI'RSUANT to a proclamation of the Governor of
the State of Tennessee, to me directed, I will open
and bold an Flection nt the Flection (irnund ot each
Civil District of Meigs enmity, Tennessee, oil Thursday,
the 19th day uf April, 1SW, tor the purpose of electing n
Major Ocneral for the First Division of the Militia ol
said State, to f.ll the vnuaucy canned hy the resitrnatiou
of (ten. W. II. Caswell. JACOB F. ZKltiLKK,
march 19, li'ie-Ot-W Sheriff Meigs county.
To tho Old Soldier and Other.
LAW having passed granting additional Bounty
Land to those who hure been in any War since
170, an as to give to each soldier I Co acres. Those who
have bad $11 acres are entitled to more, and those
who have had 4U acres to l'2ll more, nud those who have
had none to list, inirocrf rVtet f v' 14 dttys.
I will rt Bounty Land for all entitled for Hie sum of
nnd will be at Athens the id Monday in April next,
and the !M Saturday lit each moiilh thereafter; at Madl
nlivlllcthclM Monday In May next, nud nt each Battal
ion Muster in Col. Yearwnod's Regiment in April next;
at Benton the 1st Monday in each innntli; at Charleston
thclih Saturday In each month, nnd the remainder nt
home where 1 will be glad to meet those entitled to
Bounty Land and attend to their claims.
Telton, Tonti., March lu-tf-WW JA.Mffl II1CKET.
Sale of Land.
HY virtue of a decree rendered In the Chancery
Court at Madisonville, in the case of John Stan,
held, Adinlni.lr.itnr, against the Widow and Heir, of
James Taylor, deceased, 1 sill, on the 21st day or April
next, at the Sweetwater Depot, in Monroe county, sell
to the higuest hidd r, on n rredll ol six nnd twelve
month, Hie Land or which James Taylor, died, seised
and possessed. In Monroe county, and on which he re
sided nt Hie time of LI denlfi,llichlding the rever 1 ma.
ry interest ef the heir. In the dower asslened to the
"I'h'w. J. A. COFFIN, (,'. .V.
march , td prl fee IT
Offlclrti lVotlco.
i. netilied lo couie forward and make ettlenient.
October IS, is.'4-tf
Wlioftt mid liny !
"WWTK wish to purchase a large lot of good Wheat
T nnd liny, lor which we will pay a liberal prli-e.
A". 'M kk'YKS A HF.NDF.lt. ON.
Tost Aoltln).
Cjn.rilUR1 Nitric and llrdrnchlorie or Muriatic
iT Acids, of the purest quality, for wile low, hy
July 1 . W. ROW.
llOlllllff lOlllM.
WT. hve nn hand and for snle a superior article ef
Hulling Cloths, No, a, t. H. and in.
Jiiat Kecrlvnl.
0r.NERAL assortment of BOOTS and HIIOFS,
which we promts, to rr't a iow as they can be
bought elsewhere. Call and Judge for yoursclv... W.
take pleasure In showing and pricing.
Athens, Doc. 1 tf.it T. OIBSON.
SM'li:itTr ri.Ot lt. We expect te keep
l on hand, Flour, li.icon. nnd Lnrd, lo toll nt whole
sale or remit, aiso, rorn and west, irv noons, tirnce. 1
ri.s, Ae. .'in IS ( F A t f t.lbPON. 1
-Tl 23 3VI 0 -7- J. X. .
FALL ii tlN.M.Ntill AM,
Have removed tlieir rtock ef
To No. 47 North side of Put lie Square,
OPPOSITK the lower end of the Market House, being
the old and well kio.wu stand ot MO1I0AN. UA1ID
NKIt A CO., where they are now cITering at Wholesale, a
well selected assortmeut ol all article, in their line of
Merchant, visiting Nashville are requested to .all aud
examine their .lock and prices.
Nashville, Jan. U, IWiim . ' ' 829
Attorney , t Zjaw,
1 liattououea, Iran.,
WILL practice in Hamilton. Bradley, Rhea, Bled
oe and Mariun counties, iu Tennesee. Willoof
fccf debts iu all lowtr Last Tennessee, aug. !S, '64 tf
J-ttoruoys v t Ziaw,
JanlJ y Aiheuw, Teun. aio
.lltormy ul Law and Solicitor in Vlmacery,
Atiikns, Tk.n.nkss.
TTKKTItiiN iriven to the collecting busi
1 nessiii all lower East Tennessee.
June 8. '5:i tf 245
ALraic askra. iTb7ciSWkix.
ti It O C l; It Y A l t o VI HI I S S I O K
Broad street, Auariikla, Ha.,
7""'L promptly attend to the snle of Corn, Wheat,
w 17 Bacon, Lard, Oats, Ac, con.igued to their care.
Advances, if required, made on Produce Ui Store.
Aug. 4,1S'V4 ly Su
JOIlTl J7V ATLl ( iy& B R OllI LlTs,
Ilurtl vviiri', loii, Mums, tsror erica,
liluktiiiu; Fonder, Oi mirou Mcel,
and .Siifcty r iihf,
Corner of Whltehull and Alabama street.,
ATM.tT.t- t; 1.
fW N. B. Particular nttentlon I. paid to the New
Orlean. market from width we are constantly receiving
Aug. IS, 164 -ly Sui
w liolosalo G-rooors,
v -"fl"-sia, (.a.
Nov. 17, 1-tfil tr 2
HAT HOI Si: 1 1 1 . K IIM OV, boTvli.
No. SI lluyne street,
luirleiitoil, S. C.
TfiW KRCIIAKTS and others desiring to purchase will
J.V1 have their orders as promptly and satislactorilv
filled a. If they were here to superintend their por.
sept. 3, t-sM tr an
Is. J. IIII.1II lt, l'ropriclor,
Atlanta, Grorgiu.
Aug. 13, 1SS4 ly 813
It. KlllKriTllll'K. . T. XkVLSS.
iiiiiiir i ri.iCK & ma Ls,
Commission Merchants,
Torciafn nnd lmi otic I.iquorc,
No. T and 9 Market street,
Jan 19 ly-S3(l iNunIi t ille, Tcnn.
joua LKLLTrrr. an. n. ewiko, jx.
Wines, Liquors, und C'iirarM,
No. 11 Market street, South of Spring street,
AMI VI I.I. 10, TEtt.
!!. J. M. HENDERSON, of the firm of Keye. A
i.vi llcndersoii, will receive order, and collect money
ly us at Alliens. jail III iy-;io I.. A K,
A 111 EMS, TEN N.,
pESPECTFL'lXY tenders lus professional
m. a. aervicea to me public.
Jtin. 14. 1 22
v. i'. iii ii Ij i: n,
.11. L. II A MOW KlAs & CO.
tMi'i.nrki.s of
io. 147 .Market nt. and 21 ltorth 4th St.,
may 19, 1851 tl 205
A It I) V ARK.
r I IVI.'V Tl WVrtT l.fn
s Mm i,..iii,i I. v,r
niitKCT ivtronTLRs or
Hardware, Cutlery, Gtina, Pistols, &c,
ISO. 85 JIaynk stiifjkt,
June 17. '53 tf 247
VljTILL hereafter give n'8 whole attention
vT to the rrncticeof Medicine.
June S, 1853 tf
A. D. KKYKB. J. U. llRNDtngON.
.'Ithcut, 'Win.
June 9, 1854 If
foreign .aud Jlmiritait lry iiood.
131 Meeting street,
n. W. 1'1'I.I.IAM, I U. U l. II KLRATN.
P. M. CRUOMII.r.., I
Feb. 25. 185H tf 2S1
I'orvvordliia: A: ('ommlKHlon IIcrclianla
Savnnnnli, G-n,
'W.'WTILL give prompt attention to the business, and
Y w respectlLlly solicit consignments of Produce
from r.ast luincfsce.
Reference W. f. Callawav, McMInn county, Tenn.
Nov. 10, 1W4 ly. 8i!0
Forrign .ind Domestic Dry Goods
Ko. S3 Ifnyne street,
cii.im.K snij, . r.
X. B. Hoi ling Cloth always on hand.
klfiNKY 8. HOWELL,
JAMKKll. NlntOL,
Oct, 31. 1851-
(I.nle Punlap t Horn,)
Grocery and Cominlaslnn Merchants,
OT1UCT personal attention to orders and
IO utricle returns of sales of Produce.
They will give special attention to eon
sitrtinient from East Tennessee.
J. J. AI.LRN. . I. DtlNLAP.
march 18. 185S It 234
ModJonl PTotioo,
nil VINO located nt CAUtnra, McMInn county, Tann.,
kindly ofr. rs hi. professional service, to the cill
sens and surrounding country.
Office opposite the Union House, formerly oeooplcd hy
Dr. William Johnson. (Sept. 8, 1 M tf 811
In Store and to Arrive I "
Sy f SACKS Coffee; 8,60O l, n'rown rltiffar.
w ' different gt-nile; lion lbs. Loaf, Crushed
and Powdered Sugar; '20 Lble. N. (I. Molasses;
Cheee; linisina: Crackers; Candle; Mackerel:
Cod Fish; Fig. A large lot of F.towah Iron:
looo I ha. Casting tosether with a Inrge and
well selected Hock of" Boots and r-lioes; Dry
(iood; Fancy Articles; fiold and Silver
Watches; Ktir-ring"; Ilracelels; Finger-rinp,
ie. all of which will be Sold on the most
reasonable terms.
Car Produce of oil kinds taken.
rlirle.on, Jan. 56, tf E31
fliOA.HK UI.l'OI' I AILA.M'.l,
('ucefssora to T'ljg C Bomar,)
Wart-ttouie ami Commlion .Veichunl;
IOU the purchase and sale of all kinds of
Tennessee Produce, Merchandise, Groce
ries, Ac.
Oct. 6, 1854 It J115
Wootton & Holloway,
(.Siicredso-. to John T. Hevftva,)
C O 71 .I I S S I O 71 E li CHANTS
. Froduoo Doalors,
Cotton Avenue, Itlaron, Va
WILL give strict attention to all consignment, from
Northern Georgia and Tennessee, and II prompt
attention and quick return, shall deserve any credit, we
boie lo receive a liberal share el the public patronage.
joiix v. wisvrrox. at. c. bouowav.
Dc. 8, lt4 ly 828
Wholesale Drug Store,
A uiriikla, I'i'Orii ia.
iyuevemors to Jj'Avti'jnac dt Sorry,)
REfl'E(TFn LY solicit the patronire ot tlie Mer
chant, or East Tenuesse. Tiny Kill be always
supplied with a moat extensive assortment of
.tediiiicw, ludttro,
I'aiiilk, Ittaddtr,
Oil a, I'lrluuiery,
ftlawis, s r.. A r.. A c.
and every article kept by Druggists, which will be sold
at prices that must prove satisfactory.
We trust our Tenuesse. friends will call and examine
our stocks and prices. bpct.13, l54 iy-816
A. . h 1,14 Y,
Commlcfcion nnd rrodnce lerclinnf,
Ollice on firoad street, opposite Union ltsnk,
Luguata, Gra,.9
WILL give prompt and personal attention to the
sale of Itacon, Lard, Urain, Flour, Cotton, and
all articles of Merchandise consigned to him. Also, to
the forwarding or Goods for the Interior and Nurthern
markets at the customary rates. Liberal advances, ei
ther In cash or by acceptances, msde on article, in .tore
or when bills ol fading accompany drafts.
RsKkKEScks: Buker, Wilcox A Co.; M. A B. Wilkinson;
J. C. Fargo, "Cashier," Augusta, Gn. Hand, Williams A
Wilcox; Tho.. Trout A Co., Charleston, 8. C. Wm. Iuu
can; Paildelford, Fay A Co.; F. T. Willis. Savannah, Ga.
Stuiges, liennett I Co., New York. J. C. Wilson A Co.;
f Stuart i Son, Baltimore. Wood A Low. New Orlean..
C. B. Welborn, Dalton. Ga. Grenville A Sample, Chat
tanoora, Tenn. Bearden, Son A Co., Knoxvllle, Tenn.
8. K. Reeder, Athens, Tenn. W. Shapard A Co.; Berry
A Ueiueville, Nashville, Tenn. Nov. 24, '54 ti 81 i
nAVINO located himself at Alliens, Tenn.,
offers hisserviees to the pulilicgeiicrally.
tW He can lie found nt nil times in his
office South of the bridge, except when pro
fcesionallv nlisent.
Athens. May 0. 185S tf
1 PRACTICES in the different counties com
posing the Third Judicial Circuit will
attend to the collecting and securing of claims
and will give his undivided attention to all
business entrusted to his care.
II n rch 2. 184!( tf 23
AVurc-lloiisc rnminiasiion Merchant,
Ausiista, G-n...
WHOLESALE dealer In Tennessee, Alabama, nnd
Georgia I' rod tire. Ills Stores are new and
rice ronr, aim carefully constructed for the safe-keep,
ing of all consignments a desideratum long needed In
Wt. r, ISS ly-819
Atlanta, Georgia,
Ann proposing to .ell ;i:0 l it FS. such as
Conee.Hugnr, Salt. Molasses, Syrup. Rice, Candles,
Soap, Tobacco, Ac, to our trade very low for cash, or
Huiiiiice ineiu on i l uiiuce in store, i ney will buy any
miscelbineous articles ordered, fur 2V W cent, commis
sion. Tlieir arrangements for Hie storage and sale of
iconcssee pronuce generally, are ample. Their House
l. wen aim lavoraniy known lo ptouuee dealer..
Dec. 15, '54 Cm
A. 1. I l A IIPO li I),
HAS just received and opened a well sc
lented and extensive stock of
Fall jwid Winter Goods,
to which lie invites the attention of the peo
pie living in the vicinity of liiceville, and Ihe
pitlilic generally. Having selected his (ioods
with great care in the cities of New York and
Philadelphia, he is prepared, na he thinks, to
offer inducements to persons wishing to fur
it it-la themselves with cheap and good Goods.
He thinks it niiiiecessiii v lu enumerate all
the articles, as bis slock is ltirge eiiunoli, in
cluding must all articles belonging to the re
tail I rude; and he also has a large and fine
stock of
which he has just received from New Orleans.
All of which he proposes selling at the lowest
prities. Uon't take his word for it, but just
come over to liiceville and examine for your
selves. Nov 8. 1854 2U7
Hugh L, Tinley,
Of Knoxville, TcnncusxT,
nAVINO some year, experience In the Transporta
tion of Good through Tennessee aud Alabama,
TOII3XT iiEnnoN,
Vt linrlehton, S. t'..
Who ha nn experience of !!n years in the commerce of
iiiaiiesiiiii, iue in, t seven or the time .pent in Hie Re
ceiving and Forwarding Dcparinient or the South Caroli
na Hall lined Coiopativ, respect;ully offer their service,
CHANTS, for the receiving and forwarding of all Goods,
II ares, Merchandise and Machinery through Charleston.
For Ihe sals of all kinds of East Tennessee and South
ern PltOIH CE, via; Flour, Com, Bacon, Lard, Tobacco,
Cotton, nice, n heat, Outs, Rye, Feathers, Butter, Eggs,
Ac. Ac.
We are not now, nor do we Intend to be, during the
continuance of our business, either dinclly or indirectly
engaged In any sieculation. whatever, therefore Intend
to devote our PERSONAL attention to the very best in
ti rests ol our customers, relying solely upon our energy
and promptness tn lustnln us, and hoping bv unremitting
care and attention to merit and receive a .hare or public
Omce and Warehouse on Atlantic Wharf, three build
ings east of Post Ollice and Custom House.
Ate beg leave to refer to the rollonlng gentlemen:
N. Gammon A Son, Craighead A Deadrick, and mer
chants generally, Knoxvllle, Tenn.
Q. A. Tipton, Rail Road Agent, and merchants gener
ally, liudon, Tenn.
French A Van Epps, and i. S. Bryant, Chattanooga,
W. B. A. Ramsey, Secretary of State; A. R. Croiler,
Comptroller of Trea.ury, and M. AI. Swan, Nashville,
It. B. Nnrvell, Ilnntsvitle, Ala.
C. L. King, Decatur. Ala.
J. II. Love A Co., Wbliesburg, Ala.
M. L. Swan, IWfont, Ala.
P. D. Gales, li llrondwav. New York.
Col. James Gadsden. Charleston.
John Caldwell, President of South Carolina nail Road.
Thomas Waring, Auditor or South Carolina Rail Road.
John King. Agent ol South Carolina Rail Road.
Hyatt, Mcllurney A Co., and J. 8. A L. Bowls A Co.,
Charleston, S. C. fSept. 15. 1S54 tf
Pafcnt 5Ic(alic Burial
t'Hl .lJ n' tM.;;i!(::t. V
TTST received s fresh supply from N. York of FISK'S
METALLIC BURIAL CASES, of assorted slies,
from in to x feet In length.
nu orucrs mr case, attended to promptly.
Loudon, Tenn., Sept. 29, '6.4 fJm. 818
Now -A. rrnueomout
fM C. PKAKK hnviim bonglit nut the
Interest of C. I.. KINO In the Mercantile estab
lishment at Sewee. formrrlv owned bv C. L. King A Co..
the bnslness will hereafter be conducted by the suhscrl-J.
tiers, wrjowui con.lantly keep on hand a large stock of
nil v (.onus. tJHOti.it u s
Boot, and Shoes. Hardware. Oueenswnre. and In fact
every article usually kept by merclinnt. In Ibis section.
They propose tn sell low to prompt denier., nnd Invite
th. people of the neighborhood nnd .urroanding coun
try te give them a call, and examine their .lock.
h si. v.. fr.anr;,
N. B. The hlirheft nrUm wilt h vlvnn for all klnil. of
Merchantable Produce, to bo delivered nt the Allien
Di'!""- fSiwe., Dec. S, lS54-4m 823
I'rhiio New Crop Clover Seed.
Tf'T received !6 hnliel. of choice new crop Clorer
rVed, rrmn PennsrlTnnls. and (or .ale nt fit per
bushel, cash, bjr IJiee. 15.1 O. W. ROM.
I.ovrrlnc'a Meant neflned Rrrnn
TrT received this day lh same thnt I hnd before
which entira ssllsfscilon to .11 thnt lilt, some
Uiini (tco-t. at 1 W irallou, by (lire 16) O. W ROSS.
i .Oj . -v
R, AISOPIIFRT b-g t" eall the attention of those
si.dermg under a (airtialsir total loss of the at-nse
ol hearii.g lo the lollowii g hict. : He treats diseijM. ot
the middle or internal ear with meditated doueltes, u Ii
a. is practictd lw tlie liifinoarie. ot lkrtin, lAipsic,
brussels, Hamburg and M. Pelersburgh, and bitety hy
the most distu.gulshtd Isitidoii Aorisl., with the uioit
wonderiiirsuceess;'iudeid, it is the ouly uieibod that
Las been uuivarsni'y successful.
The best proof ol the ifiica.y of this treatment will
be a reiercucelo negrty uitte hundred name., resident,
of the Lulled State., Canada, New Brunswick and Nova
Bcotia, who have been restored to acute bearing, and
aot g single solitary case, to our knowledge, did we tail
to ett'eel eiinjer a partial or total restoration ot the h. nr
lng, when our advice and Instruction, were faithfully
and punctually adhered to. Many who could not benr
the report of n pUiol at arm', length, can now hear a
watch beat at the distance ol lour leet. In case ol mu
cus accumulation iu the Eustachian Tube and Tympa
num, innampiaiiou ot the mucus membrane, nervous
affections, disease, ot the meiubrnna tympanf, called
'i lie drum,' or when the di.easv can be traced to the
effects of fever, or colds, the u.e ot quinine or mercuri
al medicines, gatherings In the ears of childhood, Ac,
this treatment stands pre-, mluetit. Vt hen the audilory
caual is dry and scaly, sill. Utile or no secretion; when
the dealues is accou panied with noise In the ear, like
tailing wuter, chirping or Insects, ringing ot bells, rust
Hug ot leaves, continual pulsations, a discharge of Dial
ler; or hen Iu stooping, a sensution Is felt as fr a rush
of blood to Hie head had taken place; when the hearing
is less accute in dull, cloudy weather, or when a cold has
been taken, this mode or Heating the disease is Infalli
ble, lu deal and dumb cases, my experience warraut.
me in saying that if the hearing was good at any time,
much can be accomplished. In the deaf and dumb
schools at Leipsic, out ol a class ot fourteen, 1 succeed
ed In restoring four to acute hearing.
Dr. A. begs explicitly to state that in those cases be
undertakes, he guarantees a succeslul result complete
restoration of ihe sense, or such a marked improve
men! n will he perteclly satisfactory, lr bis remedies
nre in it ti u I ly applied aid directions adhered lo. Appli
cants will pleas,. i, their age, duration of the disease,
if matter issue, Irom the externa! passage, if there nre
noise, in the esrs, st. te of general health, nnd whnt
they suppose to have been the cause of the deafness
When the hearii.g is restored, it is expected that those
iu easy circumstances will coi tribute liberally.
All diseases ol tlie Eve siiccessfiillv treated bv the ap
plication or MF.IilCA TKU YAl6l:S,4c.,n Infallt.
hie aud painless treatment of diseases si the Eve, acute
or chroiiie Cataract, Specks. Inflammation, Film and
Weakness of Vision, Granulation of the Lids, L'lcerstinn
or the Lachrymal Glands, Ac, Ac, To the astonishing
and gratifying elTecl. or this treatment, the child, the
youth, those nt mature age, n. well as those tar sdvnnr
ed in li'e, all bear testimony to Its wonderfully relio
vsting, healing and soothing effects.
Medicines, Apparutus, Ac, lent to nny part at my
expense and risk.
Address Dr. AI.SOPIIERT, Broadway office, No. 422X,
near Canal street, New York.
Consultation lee. Five Dollars.
Dr. A' Work on diseases of the Eve. the Nature nd
Treatment or Deafness, and Treatment or the Deaf aud
Dumb illustrated with sleel plates price
Money letters must be registered by the Postmaster.
march 2-6m
3VI.cli.Iri.o Worlis.
rr,HH subscribers would respeetlnlly an
1 noitncp In the citizens of Alliens and the
public generally, that they are now in opera
tion and prepared to do
of every dcseripl inn iu then line, and would
therefore aulicil orders from all tlmee who may
want anything of the kind.
They are now casting and have for sale dif
ferent sizes of the lOobe, or Air-tight Conk
Stoves, furnished complete; various sizes nl
Parlor, Nino Plate, Cliamlier, Office and Shop
Stoves. Also, Hull ow Ware; A utile Irons;
Ploughs, right and left hand.
Also, the Kilgnre Spiral or Incline Wafer
Wheel, which w ill saw from t wo to live thou
sand feet per dav. t II kinds f
fill ed up iii the I les I aud most durable manner,
and upon short not ice.
Also, Iron Hailing of every description.
They at e also prepared to do all kinds of
Rrass casting.
The hiirhest Caeh price will be paid for
P. S. We have connected with the Works
nn excellent Pntteni Maker, so tlmt persons
wishing castings can hav patterns made to
order. , & T.
Athens. Tenn.. Oct. 90. ISM tf S17
TN tendering their thanks to the people fur
the very liberal patronage they have here
tofore given them, wol Id respectfully solicit
a continuance ol the same.
Those who are in the habit of dealing else
where we would solicit to give ua a call, .and
examine our stock of
full and M'tntrr Gool.
which we think is unsurpassed for at vie and
durability by ai y consisliiie of a varietv id
l.adiea nnd Gentlemen's Press Goods. In
fact nearly evcy thing the wants of the
country demand.
y Wheat, Bneon, T.ard, Feathers, Ac,
taken iu exchange for Goods,
w. a. a. ,i. nonsoN.
Riceville, Tenn., Oct. 27. 1854 tf 31C
VLI. pel ions indebted to the iiiiilersigned
nre earnestly requested In call ami set
tie immediately, as he is closing up his busi
ness. and compelled to have the inmiev.
Deo. i!2. 1854 S. K. KilKDER.
School of 51 dicinc and Siirgrrv,
iou ritiVA 1 1: i.ysiiii tTio.,
Knoxville, I cnn.
PICirAPl) O. CVKIIEY, 3t. I).
R. fliAZIKII, M. It.
OCR object Is lo ulford tu Medical Student, the re
quisite advantages for acquiring a thorough and
practical knowledge of the fundamental principle, of
The method of Instruction will be by a svstematlc
course of Rmriiug, In the best and latest Ti xi'books;hy
experimental lectures, and dally examinations, accord
ing in the plan pursued so successfully lu the University
ot Virginia, and in Ihe European schools.
rntiBiial advantages will be olfcred for the study of spe
flal and Surgical Anatomy, and experimental clnmlslry.
The course of study will be continued through the
entire year, and will be divided into two term.
Tlie W inter Term, la g lining on the first Monday In
October, will embrace the studies of Anatomy, Surgery,
Chemistry nnd Matcrln Medlca.
The Summer Term, h.ginnlng on Ihe first Monday In
April, will embrace the studies or Physiology nnd Path,
ology. Obstetrics nnd Diseases of Women and Children,
and Theory and Practice or Medicine.
A special Term hir those desiring, will be entered upon
In January, to continue till the opening f Ihe Summer
term. Each pupil will have access to the cabinets and
libraries of the Instructors.
Fee for the Winter Term, alone, trw)
For Summer Term, alone 80
Or for the entire year 7o
SsFcial arrangements made with those who wish to
pursue only a part ot the course of study.
For further particulars apply to either' nf the In.trtic
tor. hy letter or nt their Office on Cumberlnnd street,
West of the Post office, Knoxville, Tennessee.
Dec. 19, 1S54 era 827
T.T, orders for Agricultural Machinery,
made by Messrs. Wheeler, Meliek el Co.,
Albany, N. Y., must be to me direct, or
through my Airenls in Fast Tennessee, Mr. S.
K. Heeder, Athens, apt! Mr. M. Nelson, Knox
ville, who nre authorised to furnish any of aid
machines at. manufacturer's cash prices, add
ing cost of transportation. P. D. GATES,
Feb. 8, 1854 tf 28b 12 P-roadway. N. V.
Poplar Hill English School.
rMl K third Session of this Institution com
1 menced on Mondnv, .lauunrv 15th, 1HA5.
This School is Infilled three mile Smith uf
Alliens. Tenn., near Cedar Sprirg Camp.
ground, in tlie midst in a iieatttiiui ami neuliliy
set t lenient. Nothing like a local epidemic
disease has ever been known in Ihe vicinity.
i"crm, per Smnm of J'ii t months, payabli
nl Ih'closr of th session.
Orthography, Heading. Writing and
Menial Arnlimetic, 15,00
Written Arithmetic, Geography and
I'tiL'lish Griitii'iier, 7.on
Natural I'liilnSolliv. Chemistry, T.ngic,
Khetotio, Algebra, Geometry, Trigo
nometry, Mensuration nf Sni faces and
Solids, Navigation and Snrvej ing, 10,00
.Tuition chnigerl from the time the Student
enters School till Ihe close of the Session, and
no deduct on made except in case of sickness
or 'other Provideiilial hiudra nee. Honrdinir
can be llnd in good moral families at f i per
week. J. C UAlilS, J rtnrxpaL
Jan. 26, 1854 2m. an I
TnE anderslaned hsln(t Imd several yenre epe.
rirno in the Provision Itiislnrs. ot Knst Tennessee
st ClinttMinofm, (st which point we yet keep an office )
hare opened an ollice at FAVANNAII, OA., for tit. ti.
pres. purpose of trsnssctltir a Produce Trade, and will
give ntir whole atieallnn la Ihe Interest of nur pntrnns.
Vt'e solicit cnnsliriiirient. nt Corn, Osls, Flour, Psconi
Ac. Ao., nnd will forwrri, free of cnmmlssinn at Chatta
nnoea, nil produce sent us for sale " I'reeted to 0u.
vut.s a Pinna, . GRCNVII.Lt k CO.
0. o. nnmn.i , sivissui w t tauru, ctUTTsanoos.
Nov. 10. 114- ly. m
T EOXAHD 10 OTT A CO., New York, con limit? to re
E A pubUtli (lit tullowinK ttriiifii Periodic it I , vis:
THE KDlMtl'RCill REV1KW (Wl.ijc.)
The present critical tutc of European tT;iir will ren
der tlire publication uim-ually inicreatiiiir duriiijr tlie
tortlicouili f yenr. Tlu-y will occupy miiiil! ground
between the Imatity written newt-iimi. crude specula
tion., and flying rumor of the dnily JoutiihI, aud the
ponckroui Tome of tlie future Mxtorian, written after
tlie living interest and excitement of the great political
event of the time hall hare paused away. It U to thete
l'trtistiitnU that remtert niust look for the only really
InttlMpible and reliable history of current ereut, and
a nucli, iu addition to their well-established literary,
sctentinic, and lheolo(:ical character, we urge theu upon
Uie rnnitlrrHti.'n of the reading public.
fJT Arrangement are now permanently nude for
the receipt of nrly h-- from the Hritith Pi.h
liitliers, by widt h we are enabled to place uli 0nr J?f
print io the hand of uhscriberfi. about aa loon aa
thy can he fumUht-d with the foreign copie. Although
this InTolve a very Inrge outlay on our ptrt, we thrill
continue to furnish the IVnodical at the Mine low
rate a heretofore, vii: J'ernnn.
For any one of tie four Review 00
r any two of the four Reviews , ft 00
For any three of the four Review t 7
For all four o( fie Review 8 Oil
For li'ackwooti's Mnuaine 8 00
For niaekwnod and three Revh w 9 00
For ItlHekwrtfMl and the four Reviews Iu 00
J'atmteiit to V fa(t 4n oUtum? in attri ., Mni
i"u rtt nt in Dm State xchtrt iutd tcii be rtcrivtd ut
'ltifcfrlt'. A dixenunt of twentyftre per rent.
front tlie above prices will he allowed to club ordering
four or more ropit of any one or mor of the above
works. Thus: Four copies o' R!cVwofd, or of one Re
view, wil' be sent to one address fr : four copte of
the four Review and R'ackwoM for ; nt d so nn.
B'Ofctnrf Tn nil the princtpnl itk' and towns,
these works will he dfUrred, through Agents, rase or
postack. W hen sent hy ami!, the 1'ixtnge tn any part of
the United States will he TwrxTV-For ccntr a year for
Ularkwood, and but wcrtklk ckstb s year for each of
the Reviews.
Remittance and comtnuntent'nns should alwnyi be
addressed, post-paid, to th I'm hi f -hers,
Jr.n. S6. M (Joltl Street. New York.
K. H. L. P. ft Co., have recently published, nnd hare
now for nle.thef-HriT,r r by lli-nry
iSti phens. of E-litiburttii.flnd the late Prof. North, of Yale
College, New Haven, complete in two vo!.,royitl octavo,
containing Iftto pages, 14 sleel and 6J0 wood engravings.
Prire, in muslin hinf ing. 0.
This work ii not the old "Rook of the Farm lately
resuBcithtod and thrown upon the market.
DO EN Cotlnge. Rocking nnd Children's Chain,
atrvr or sme cheap lorcasti.
Apn'y to
Juu. 12.
J. S. DRIDUES, Athens Depot.
Ocoee Wale Academy,
I'milon Tenn.
riIIE Rummer Session of this Inslltutton will com
M nience on Mondnv.ttie 6th d V of Murch next, un
der the cIihw of Rev. J. L. Mil ItLltN. whose abilille
and chiracter as a Tiacher are sowt-ll known that the
Trustees coiiiider any commendation from them unne
cesnry. Terms of Tuition as low as at any School of the same
grade. Bo-trd cuu be hud in privnte families on rea
sonable terms. Ry order of (lie Rojirri,
Feb.l6-ly-i34 W. B. REYNOLDS, Sec'y.
ai i.w-rW
FflHE suhscrihers. Agents for lower Ktt Tennessee
A. for the snle of Fink's Metallc Rnrlnl Cases, in'orm
the public thnt they have just received and intend to
kei p on hnnd n supply, from the Inrgest to the smallest,
which they offer 'or snle on reasonHhle terms.
These eases are nSr-tieht and IndestniPt.'ihte.and when
used we have the gniti'ylrtg reflection that the bodies of
our Mecenseif loved ones are free from lrrnp',nn o wnter
orrtepredntfons of vermin. RIDER ft DUO" N.
Athens, Dec. 1, ISM 6m 828
f 11111.1 VI o, 9 i .
9W I.AVEI.FR9 for the above well-known House will
(Ind Cnrringt'S nnd Omnibuses nt the TVpot In
Chsrleston. to convey them to snid Hotel free of charge.
Dec. 8, 1$.U-tr X. W. STARR, Proprietor.
I . J ttl. A f-B. le.p.
REPPECTFUM.Y in'irms the traveling ptibHe that
he hits opened n House o' FntertHlnn ent in the
long white hoiixe with the oak tree in front, at the
Athens Depot, wl ere he wl'l be glad to serve all who mny
cl- on him wiih th" h. st the country affords.
Athens, Sept 1, ISM tf 810
(About 160 t-j dXotih nf tht Vrwt,)
S still open for the e' tcr ainment of Travelers. Per
sons traveling on Ihe C rn, stopping at or starting
from thts poln. ail' b p rtl nNr'y Hit. nd d to. Bug
gttfff afrit to nwlnmt th fa-pot without vhttrp.
Those who hnve pntron'sed u during the last four or
five years hnve our thnnks. and we solicit and hope to
merit a cont'miHnce of patronage.
August 4. loM tf 808
Montgomery, Ala.,
Formerly of Ihe Lanier Home, Macon, Oa ,
and late of the Lafarge, New York.
.Tulv 14. 1854 If Sua
IVOU LP announce to the public that he
I has removed from the "Athens Hotel"
and taken charge of the above House, in here
he will be happv to wait on all who iiinv
favor the establishment with tlieir company.
Feb. 17 IS54 tf 282
Cheap and Good,
TOjerS' (iarmeiil Culler Ihe best now in
use. is offered for snle at the very low rule
of t wo dollars per ropy. I he culler is a pat
tern system ol viitting, with all sizes on the
same pattern A look of direction aeei in
panies every ret of piilieins and wiih them
nny person can learn lo cut nnd make ( on is.
I'anls, Vests, Cloaks, Talmas. l.adieV Sack
Mantillas, liresses, ami in short, anv garniciit
I lull is or will be worn by Indies nrientleineii,
can be cut and nindc by Junes' (.'nrinent Cut.
ler. Any person can learn from the book and
pat terns in the short space of Iwenty-fmir
hours sons Incut nud make any garment they
wish, as well as any tailor.
liighls of State "and counties for sale low
for cash. Ktiv n county right and be industri
ous, and 1 will ensure vou to double your
money. Audits wanted all over I lie United
Stnles, with reference as lo character and re
sponsibility. Tho cutter run be sent by mail
to any otlice in the Tinted States.
Address Colonel I'. Jones, post paid Mount
Vernon, Monroe county. Tennessee. All orders
must be neenmpniiied with Ihe cash.
April -if, KA4 ly 2!2
"VT"tV nrtditlon fomv Morlc nf Wt.fTB.
i. Oils, I'sints and Pre-Stnffs, Ite(rulnr and Patent
Medicines, Ilrnnrlle. and Wines, and Inst hut not len.t,
a fine hnrrcl ot Tnr. Dec. io W.M. IIL'IINS.
Fiiriiiline ! Fit rnifnre !
"XTTK have jttsl received a lot of Household
It Furniture, of the latest Mylta, consisting
of thefollowingartiele, viz.: Bedsteads. Kit
rean. Cent re T ables, Side Tables, Moi k Ta
ble. Writ inn Table and I tilling Tables; nlso,
Solas; Hush, Ilnir-elolh ami ase Seal 1'oek
ing I hair, ami one sel of I'arlnr I hair. The
public, and I he Indie particularly, are request
ed lo call nud examine our Kiirnitnre. Any
per.itiii wishing articles of this kind, can now
tret llieiu nl treat lv reduced prices.
June ft h'KYKK .1 1IKN PERSON.
mgOIIKof Hint No.
iTi Cheap Store, by
1 Tglmrro at the Farmers
Agricultural Implements,
HAVINO received an Agency fnini the
Nashville Agriculliiial Mni'iiifiicltnii k!
Coiiipany, for Ihe sale of tlinjr aupei ior Arri
cultural' Implement, we would invite Ihe at
tenlion of Fiiiiners lo our present stock of
H'7iiin, six horse and two lintse, i(,n nnd
wood axels; t "ill and 1,'nilroeid (.'arts; Wheel,
barrow; Canal llarrotes; J'loies; Cutieqtors,
.le.. rto.
The a( tenlion of Farmers is particularly n
liciled to our stock of large "Sub-soil" I'lnws
A friend writ inir tons some days ago, says.
"I cannot conclude without mention of v.iur
superior ( entre ill nil Mili-iul I'lnw, I Have
no doubt it is Ihe best I'lnw forsuch purpose
in America, and destined lo find more ready
anlr, ami to ncrnmplhli better service to the
planting interests in the Sonlli.tlinn any oth
er Agrietiltitral Implement in use." We ex
pect lo keep a good stock of Agricultural Im
plement constantly on hnnd, and to sell at
the lowest prices.
June 80. '64. KITES 4 HENDERSON.
D. D. DltRLY,
l EALKtt J
H ovy UirdwArei
No. 5 College .ireel. "tsultt I lie, l enB
HAM.VEIiRDand Rolled Iroi (more than ta. ditr
eul .ues;) Cut Nails and cukes; Wrouclu Si,,,
fut, Shear, vn.l (lennsn glee); tngluh .nel Amenr
B isier steel; Blieet Iron, all .isa; Plnt'orm tscsle, ,5
sites; Counter fcales: CotTee Mil.; Iron ls; Smui .
rtn .lil Iron Has Pist, all files; II tiiiniers; Aels- 111!"
low W are; ad iron.; li.erk Mills Plow Caslmg '
Atrricullurul ImpleniiulsA; liuhliiea.
Plow, of all pattern., msile by the Nashville Plow p.,
tory; Wngous; Wheelbarrow.; Cultirntors; Knud fcrf'
pers; Corn Shelter.; Straw Cutters; Fsn Mill,. iru'J
Ladeler.: Uriud Utones: Horse Power, nnd Thrrihtri.
Horse K:ikes; Omiu Crmlle.; Churns; sleat Cutters'
Bausajre Killers; Corn (rriiulen; Cora Plsnlers- H.ii
liushels; Uuckets; Tubs; Punip. of aU kludi; Lsrad Pim'
Ziuc Pipe, and Hydraulic Rum.
Tinner Material.
Tin Plate; Russia Sheet Iron; Imitation Ruisla Sh i
Iron; Wire, ail sites; Sheet Copper, Copp,r H-.o0"
Pig Uaa, lllock Tin; Slab Selier; Sheet Zinc; c.
Inuiidry A itlacliiue sihop Mtaiprlala.
Pig Iron; Pittsburgh Coke; Pittsburgh Coal; Mullr,
Irou; Iron for Shnlling; Locomotive Klues; Tank Iron
Patent Hot Presses! Nuts and Washer.; Boiler Rivets'
CarAxel., Larire Urlml Stone. '
iJ I LI. UT. 6 MA TEItlA LS.
French Durr Mill Stone.; Lull'. Patent Smut Micl.in..
Iloiltusg Screws; Picks; 4c.
Worked Flooring; Window Snsh; poor.; Blind.
Frames; Shingles; Zinc Paints; Marbled Iron Muni,.'
of nil Patterns; Mouldings; 4c. '
lleing coonecteil wilh the House of Iiolah Plclry t
Co., ol Pittsburgh, he Is prepared to fill all orders for
Pillibuig manufactures with dispatch, and having u0.
aurpasseel r.cllities lor disposing ot most kind, or Ten.
nesee produe-e, will pleelge himself to psy the oul.ia.
iriee in e t.e.i, or will reeeire anu lorw.ra On COninil,.
sion, making liberal advance, on Cotton, Tobacco, Pork
llncoo, l.a rd, Tallow, Beeswsx, (iinseng, Feather., Fl.x'
seed. Corn, Oat., Wheat, Kye, .Millei-Siel, lined inui
Pea Nut., Honey, Hag,, Kggs, Pig Metal, Bloom., 4c. '
Jannary ID ly-iWu .
H i w a s s ce College
TOouroo countw, lens,
rilllC present Session of thi. young but prosperous
M- Institution will close on Thursday, the 6th of Feb
ruary, 1H55. The next Se.siou will commence en Mon
day, the Glh of the same mouth, at which time .tudeut.
should be present la older to enter tlieir prop.r claei.
Rev. Joitx II. rarska, A. M., President.
II. L. Ucacsa, lor Mi...) I Prflk.,
tT" R. E- 1a, A. M., (J rir'r:
TriTtoa : (lu $) .esiion ; Contingent Fee 50 cents
Hoarding at reasonable rate.. Being in the country,
two and a halt mile, from Mudisonville,weare tree from
the expense, the confusion., and the temptation, to
Kileoes. and vice, which characleriae town, and villsges.
For further particulars, address one at the Faculty,
Uiuutste t'olltge P. V., Tenn. (Dec. 8, 154 ly-S'24
large Stock f New Goods at
UASTjanriT cost.
T1I1K undersigned offer, to the public hi. large and
ixieu.ive .lock of tiooda at Fnstern cost and
freight. The stock embraces everything that Is new and
desinible. Being desiroua to wind up thl. concern, of
18 yenr. standing, and take Into partnership hi ion,
V'. F. Martin, he lake, this method of calling on thote
who owe him to com. forward sod make payment Imme
diately. All tailing to do so will bud their note, and ac
count, in Hie hand, ol an Officer or Attorney for collec
tion. And thoae who want (iood. at cost can get them
at Ihe old aland ol B. F. MARTIN.
Culhoun, Jim 19, 1S55 tMISO
mciwen & Gillespie
HAVE received and opened a liirge stock
f U' I VTi f J4M- S!
to which thev respectfully invite the atten
tion of their frieiins nnd customers,
fiovetnber 1. 186S tf
Xjlttlo'tf White Oil.
raVUS I. the best remedy ever offered to the public for
JL the viiriou. Disease, of IIOKSKS, vli: Swelled
Julius, ppniitis.CiU., S .rtdle and Coilar Halls. Heraldic,
I'oll-Kvil, Kisiulu, and in lacl eveiy description ef dia
ease to which Ihe llorae I. Ili ble.
It is now in general vie a. a LINIMENT FOR MAN,
as no be tter cao be made, and has been very successful
ly used for Pains nnd Sprea or almost every kind, and
In mi lustauce. bus ulude a perfect cure of RJicuma.
For sale by 0. W. Rosa t Co.. Athens.
J. A. WauiHT k Co., Sweetwat.r.
And by Druggists and Merchants throughout the coun
try. Principal l)et ScotuvUle, Albemarle co., Va.
July 28. 1854ly R('5
(Formerly (Jriffin Honse,)
r pills well kiipi- n hole . situated within a
I few steps t f i . psis-H-ngrr ear landing of
Ihe Western nn., ..ilnn.. Jtnilrond, is now
i.pi'ti under the supervision of Thomas Criitch
field, assisted by Mr. J, F. llrysr.n and
I -ft.lv. This house, while mi.ler I lie emit nil of
Col. J. J. (irill'n, ncriuired a very high reputa
tiim as o list class llniel. Ihe present pro
prietor having secured the services of Col.
(.rilliii't l iii-kee) er, and having purchased Ida
mot excellent conk and liiu.se boy, and hav
ing furnished the house entirely new, hopes to
retain its high reputation and merit publio
patronage. Passenger can be accommodated
with an omnibus to and from the bests.
Feb. 18, '58 ly 2o( 4 Proprietor.
The Atlanta Republican,
IS the title of weekly pnper published In the city of
Atlanta, at S per annum, tn advance.
It is hy fur the best miner nublishsd In thai eiiv ms
contains a Price Current, csreftilty arranged, nnd cor
rected weekly. Those whn desire to rend an Interesting
Journal, and see a weekly report or the prlcea of th.
lending arllcle bought and sold in the Atlanta market,
would dn well to order the RErCBIJCAN.
Post Musters, nnd nor friends and acoualntance. wen.
erally, in Cherokee (lenrgln, and In Tennessee, are re-
specii.uij rcuuesico io act as agent, in extending; tht
circulation of our paper. JAMKS R. FMIT1I, I r ...
wee. 10 A. U. n ARE, f " "
Can rem can bo tired wit lion t the
,,, Knilo nnd ivillioiit l ain.
I . "".dersigned tendera hi tervieea te
i his friends and the t'lihlie iinernllv.
for Ihe Ileal nieiil of all kinds of Ulcers, Tu
mours, Cancer in all its different forms
Sore etc. Scrofula, Female Complaints, Can
cer ol the 'Jteruv (Womb.) Kistuln-in-Ano
and Vistula in Ihe I'eriiieniii, (without the use
of the knife,) I'rolapsus wrri, (falling of the
womb,) Tiles, Chrmiic diseases, e., c. ,
Those afllieted with any of Ihe above dis
eases and wish a speedy cure, would do well
to apply na soon as possible, especially those
who are afflicted with Cancer, a this most
fearful disease, can soon be cured, unless some
vital organ is involved. My medicine gives
no i'ain w hen a plied In the canceled parts.
M iirfreesboro', Tenn.
Attention ia invited lo the following state
Mr. Thoa. J. Adnms. who siirned the above
certificate, ia a respectable cilir.cn of Mont
gomery county )le came to my house to gee
lr. January five or six weeks airo; I then saw
the tumor on his face, w Itich he supposed te
be a cancer, it was immediately under the left
eye, anil wao large as lo eflect erinnnly Ins
vision. Tlie base of the t umor appeared to be
about the ie of a quarter of a dollar, and
grow ing from Ihe face in a conical form, at
least nn it ch. He then promised Ihe Iioctor
to visit libit nl Miirfrresborotich. which he
did diiiiuir Ihe next week. After an absence
of about three weeks he returned. I again
examined the place, the lunt lit bailee lind been
entirely tit ken off, though not cured up. I
have atfaiii ex mined it to day, it ia entirely
healed up, ami to all appratanee is well. It
was eured, as he assured me. without pain.
Clarksville.Tet'Ti.. Oct. 15, jgl.
We whose names are here annexed do cer
tify, thnt on Ihorsilny, lHtli June, we exa
mined a patient, Miss Elizabeth ('. Driuacr,
who had been under the treatment of )r. ft.
W, January, of this cily, for cancer; and feel
no liesitnl ion in saying that the cancer ap
pealed to be entirely well, and the wound
healed up. Tlie patient pronounced herself
cured, and the same day returned home, to
1'ieilford county, nearShelbyville. Given un
der our hands this 8th of Jul v. 1H.V2.
11. li. UAH LOW,
8. It. ClIHfsTT,
I J. W. HA LI,
Mitrfreesboro'Tenn., Teliy 24, 1854 ly tti
OO T HAftF jiiat r.c.lvld and for ml.
, No. ST
COTTAtrsK rilAlffa.-rr. are deilmnt ef
closing our pres. nt iok of ahnlr., and will tall
them al tin factory prices, might dded.
aarchl . 0. f. t T. t. OfMON.
PI.nU S.-ff. h.v. jnf raealred a good ftrrolf ef
Tiirnuig Plowr. IhibaollPlow: Cnltlv.tor. 4e

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