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Poplar Hill Acay.
IIRniut ran ri Tcnn.
THE VtoMttl Session of thli Institution will
pen on Monday, Jttlv S3d next, and
loea on Friday th 21at day of Deeombcr
lit Clam Orthography, Heading Wrl-
tins nnd Mental exercises. (.1,00
i. Clasa Oeoirraphy, English Oram-
mar nnd Arithmetic. $1,00
td. Class Natural 1'hiloiophy, Chem
(try, Losio, Rhotorioand Mathenint
lea. 10.00
Contingent (ee In advance. Ma
Tuition eharired from date of entrance till
the eloM of the session, and no deduction
for low time, except in ease of protracted
aieknoa, Hoarding can le had In private
families near the School, on moderate terma.
J. C. 13AUH, Trincipal
June 19, 1855 tf. 8M
Decatur Academy.
THE Trustees of Decatur Academy take
pleasure in informing the publio gene
rally that they hnvo secured the services of
T. J. Cnpps, who is a graduate of Knst Ten
ncssee University, nnd whoso written testi
monials entitles us to recommend him as every
way qualified for tho business of teaching.
TKRMS or TllTlnM.
Heading, Writing and Aritlunctie 1,00
English Sciences, 15,00
Languages nnd lliirhcr Mathematics 7,80
iHoai'iling can he had on moderate terms.
The session will commence on the 23d of
July, 185.1.
l!y order of the Hoard,
J01IS 11. KEIL, Chairman.
June 29, 1855 If 858
Hiwassee College
ltlonroo rnunty Trnn
HnilE Sprint aosdion of tlii young hut pron.
L perom Institution will close ns follow:
Annual Examination. TucjtJn and WeJ
liednyft 1 7 tli ami 1 Hi It July;
day the 101 h.
Tho Full Hoasion will commence Mnntlny,
Sept. 17th, nt which time Unit-Ms will find
it to their At1vniitrt.;o to be present to enter
their proper cIumcs.
Tuition $10 per fr.s.on; Continjent te
j-ij iwunmm iib MiiMitTiiio rnips. a mi inner
of room) in the vicinity nr occupied five of
1 1... II .... Ill I ' 1
-;ii.iiui3 iv n 'use wiKimii; 10 mmni incmiPiveo;
which they do nt n coat of from fifty cents to
one dollnr per week.
Our locution in in the cnntii fr., two nml n
half miles from Mu1ioiiville( in a iteilibor
hood noted for industry nnd morality j con
sequently we nro eompnnttively free from
ternptutions to prodigality, intemperAiice,
nnd other vices too frequently met with in
towns nnd cities.
A pnt otllce has heen etahlUhed nt the
institution; therefore let I or to the FiumiIIv
And Student should be nddreaocd to "Jliwnj
see College. Monroe count v. Tenn."
July 0 JOHN it. .mi'NKK, Treat.
Flouring; Wills.
fpiIR stiliserilicr respectfully nnuotinces to
-L tho pul!io thai he- has recently rebuilt
his HILLS on K.ist anal lee, three miles North
east of Calhoun, Tenn., on an entirely new
and improved plan, ami is now prepared to
accommodate those who have Wheat and
Corn to grind, lie can grind nny quantity
on short notice, nnd insures a tine turn-out.
He specially solicits the patronage of such
as desire a superior article of Flour for fami
ly use. lie is also prepared to crush Torn in
ttie coti tor stogie. Send in vour drain and
ine coo mr sioca. ;
try tho Mills.
June 15, lKSJi-tf
Jus 2TS.O ooivod,
AI.ARGli supply of Iilack and Cavenne
I'cppcr, AUpic, Tot mid Pearl A'h, So
dn nnd .SalcratiM, t'r.:niu of Tartar, Culieb.,
Doric Screws, liottles nnd Vials, Window
Olnss8by 10 nnd M by 12, Franklin and
City filnzier'a lUiinionda, (iurn-F.lasiic M:il!s,
Htnreb l'nliiili. Yeniit. I'liu-.ti. f:antan,An.
Shoulder lti nces Spcrrntcetti, Even'. Gen-1
nine frown Lancet.
A variety of Irii2 and Mivlicines, Aleohol; '
Oils Tanner', Lnr.J, Sweet: Le.ither, Jar-an, '
and Copal Varnish; Taints and I've-st'.;!:.., ,
and nlmtist every thin ' e'.o
'lease call and examine, nud see whit von j
want.. .McMnn's Llixir of Opium, an irnf.or i
tant art tela. As I i.inn.,1 onon '
the public n.-e invited to call and eviniiue.
Wil. HfRXS.
Athens, Mnv 21, 15S.
iKi:t I' S.OI Tiit nv hi:iii:dv.
(Iholcru, ) run ALL ) l''iolcrn Morl.un,
Dyientery , D,. LLoom,. -Ilillou. ( holl-.
. j knvicm ini.niuni
Also. Adiulrnbl- nilnpfed to manr Ola
The virtues of Jacob's Corilitl nre too well known to
require eacomtiuas.
1.t, 1' cure, tin worst eases of Dlnrrho-n.
l. It curi: the wor.l form, of Pv.prtery.
., It ciiru. C'lir.irnfa or M-xI.-nn Diarrhw.
4th, It relieve the nevere-1 Chollc,
filli, H cures Cholera M.irhnn.
fith, It ciiri-i C'lioh ra Tiifuut-rm.
7th, It cure. 1'iiiiiful deiiHtruntlon.
hth, It relieve, f.lin In Uh.-Ic nnd l.lnt.
9th, It counteract Nerrbiwne.i and Despondency.
Inth, It re.-tore Irreiriilnritl....
11th, It dlnpel (ilonmy nml lly.tvrlcul FetlinKS.
llllh, It's nn admirable Tonic.
A ftw ahmt wtnitUrum MUrt, TmllmmMt, ti.
n I hare ued .InroVs Ci.rdlnlln my family, and have
found it a mo.l fenicleut,aud in myjiulifnient, n valuahle
remedy." lies. Ilnux Wir.K,
Jude of Hiipreme Court, fieoririn.
"II itlves me pleasure in hefne aide to recommend Ja
cob'. (Jor lint my own personnl experience, and the
experience of my ueiirhhori and friend around me, 1. a
sttflicieiit ffiinrnmee for me lo believe It to be all that it
purports to be, viz: a auvkaKiuN iikmkiit."
... . - Wm- '- t'simnwn.D,
Formerly Jndfe of B.rpcrlor Court, Cherokee Olreult
"I tike ureal plea.ure In recniuineuilhn- this invalua
ble medicine to all utllicted with bowel dl-enes. for which
I believe It to bo a aoverelini remedy decidedly sniierl.
or toauylhlnit else ever tried by me. A. A. 0 .rLl.r-.ii
Deputy (I. M. of the llrand I..Klire of Georgia
,lI liave u.cd Jacob' Cordial in my family, and this
with all I hear about It a a remedy by thoe who have
tried It, induce me lo believe It stands nt the head of
every preparation of the kind, nnd 1 would recommend
its use in the di.euHe for which It Is compounded.
, , Mil.!: (I. Dulniivs.
Cashier Hank of the Plate of Georgia, firillln.
"if there la any credibility. In human li illmony, Ja
cob s Cordial muni Klaml pre-eminent above all 'other
preparation for the cure of Ibiwe fU.pn.es. From the
run, of testimony in it. favor eoininff from all quarters
It mind be very far In ndvnnee, as a curative agent, of
moat If not all other 'paten'.' preparations."
A. Fli.-uimi, Cn.lt. Marine and Fire IuM.rtnnk.Orifun.
,,, , i. in 'i.uii.H.l ciiol.ralnfntani
..... i. iraveuuft into eelelinly ns
fast a. Douaparle pti.hed his column, into llus.la, and
Kainlna commendation wherever used." Otvruiil Jtf.
yerw.iifnu. .l.n nil,, "
For .ale by Wm. Hants. Oeo. W. Ho.., D. F. Pbelton
A. II. Wilson, and Chns. Metcalfe, Allien.; n. F. Mnrlin
Calhoun; K. P. lUoom, John Benton, Cantreil k Co '
Cantrell's X Koni: Uuilford Cannon, Madlsonvllle- N;'
J. rJpillmnn, Mt. Vernon; J. T. .lone, lliwa..ec: Clie.
"" -'""'"t'-'nbla; Vanshn I'ickel, Sweetwater:
II. T. Tipton, Four Mile Ilranch; A. II. I.aw.on, Chatnta1
Thoounon Dymn, Clevelnndl James U. Ilaiu, riinrles.
U.nj N. J. J. K. l.illard k Co., Decatur; Peak k McKI.
wee, Sewee; S. K. Faiip A Son. Marvvllle.
W'm. Vi. III. km Jk'rn . p.or,iuiA..
AJirll ao-ly-fllll 20 llceknian St.,. New Vor'k.
Vahiahlfi r.nnrlg fnr Rale
T1IK undersiirned, being anxious to remove
West, oftor. for sale, for eauh in hand, or
bjrthe lit of September, the vnluable FARM
on which ha resides, 6 mile. Soull. of Athens,
il'S.Sto!,t Kna'1 to Heof?ia, containing
. --0170"' 'ut tin of which
are in a hmh .tate of cultivation, the balance
beautifully timbered-all lying aa level at
any valley furrn of the .nma size i East Ten
?e.M!7T " V!?-'0''.' in 20 in fine
llerd. (Irass and Timothy meadow; with com.
fortobla and convenient Building.; fine AS' t
ter and good yoi.ng Orchnrdt The Land all
wi? lnJX7Vt , faW ',"e, BuUe1, fi
ii . .ha a""1 ? -ny F.Htm in 1118 """y
Also, M Acre ly,g fr mil,, Korih U
Athene adjoming the Land, of Charle. Met'
calf, and others, on the Stock U.ad from Ken
tueky to Georg.-l.io acre, in a fine .tat. f
jul tivation-t he lai.l lyiK bautifllyooln.
fortable Building. good orohnrda, and the
lje.t of water. Thou wishing to purchase will
do well to call on the undersigned, at hi. resi.
dencjionn, n. he i. delurmiiivd to .ell and a
bf i ii i'M-i b had M. t. PHILLIPS
Wil 1.1, l8.-,a-tf
f TH anil NhonaLaillos flna flatter PlnuTsi
llallsr and Kid Hoot.; Mis... Kid. duller and F.n!
aiii.lled I.ealher loot., Uentleioeii', lluei,.
d (lulttus. Cull uu luarlk) h'KliOll.N
Bloody-Flnx, Dysonff ry.Dlarrhea
rpHK abov disorders, eo prevalent In tliia
vu,iu,car, can an ue enreii oy ine uricien
h.rg Dysentnry Hvrttp, which i. .old for only
80 cent, per bottle'
MATlOX, either external or Internal, eurcd
by the (trrcfenborg (Ireen Mountnin OiNTUKxr;
prioo 25 cents per box bet tor than nny Lini
ment or l'nln-Klllcr. for it (fives instant relief.
Filling of lu romb and all other diseases
..w . u.M,i,ijr vinuu oy unusual, . uo.itinK
vn,i,.u.wn u igo reiiuceii to I, ou per oou.ie,
the only remedy that has yet been discovered
....... . ..v..E(. . ,,v ni.,pvn vol.. i. no. a.
Tin.', fill A-L'L-v iil-ik, ir i.li i."t inrritirra
are pronounced the very best pills in the
world j 100,000 boxes are sold every year in
Tennesseeprice if, cents.
inese ami alt other (frnuonberg Medicine,
are for sale by
W. HI;I!S Atht,..rt V M.flTtv A Sr..
Calhoun; Vat'iinx A- I'u Ki.r; Sweetwater; W.
U n iirrc, ..otnlnn: O. 'amxox. Mn.lttonv e.
ALKX .M. KC.NZIK, Ka.hvilllo,
June 29, '5 3in 8531 General Airent.
run i'.vrmisrr
FamllT noiuodlosi
i?rKu meter the sent, snnelion nml nutliorlly of Die
H i m r i .niwinr nun i-oiiuutr lnowi,-i;e,
chnrtvrcil hy Hip Htnte of I'onti'rlvnnln, Ajrit ill, KM,
' , , n.,,. Ti'"v"-. nimm.r Mir iiiv piirpnie ni nr
rrtlnit the evil, of :irton. nnnlrums, nl.o fur stitmlv.
In It.A ..,....nl.w vi.l. ..llnl.l . II..- - .
-iinitH-ti-nl i!iy-lt-inn rnnnot or wilt nol he rtnploroil,
hste puri-h:wi-.l from Dr. John it. Ilowntvl.hiscclt-liritlcd
n it r.-
uownnaN ionic iiminrc.
Known for upwnrtls of twenty-five yenr im Itie only
nur? and pnfo cure for Vvxc r iinl Apue, 4c., ftiut 111 lii
ethnlilp rt nutly for Itoircl tiomrliiinA,
couuuuikcompoiiiiii vrupoI Illnrk
iM-rry IKnnl
whtrli tilnnly nvprovi-it nml pi.puinr remoiHf. tojrctlier
nuri inv i iinorMiyi m-iUfuy l'r Ciminlntnli nr the
lunB, llir rnlverfltv Hi'tncilv for t)vin,p'la or Imll-
eri.Bllnn' I tin I'nli-.ir.lin ..I., n . . ....
aftt, UieUnivt-rnUy' Almnimr.niT he hud At Ihe llrnnoli
DUliensmtory, or atorc of O. W. IKWS. mny l-flm
Tlirrshrrs! Timelier!
1,l.nMK!t?nni otlnrnwho cfnii-niplnte pnrofinntnjf
; TlirenlKri tliiii Pfiimn would do writ In hnii.1 in
their nrdf t-it nnoii, or tin y will 110H1 1 hf to (Tot tli- Ma
chine out in I hue for lhre!ifnir ntu the mxt Wnatit
arnn II t DL'L'KL'li ,1 . .... 1
r-. n, itr r.i.r.ii, tturiernl AlTiTlt
Aihen. msrch 10-tf for lower F..it tvunvwe.
T t'ST received and for sale:
Cue 7 octave, 3 round corners, iron plate
e 'i " " " ocfl lelrs.
One 7 " 4 round " curved Icjs,
cleitnnt finish.
One outnve, 2 round corners, curved legs,
nnd mouldings, '
Two 7 octave superb lludoir, verv henvv tone
These Pianos ore from tho ol.fcst and Lcjt
innnilfnef lire)', in ll.idl,,., n,..l VA...
, ; iu ,-,v i iii'k nre
selected nnd built for strength ns well as for
sweetness ami power of tone, nnd are war
ranted. Anil fur I.Artitiv nf aH..l.:,A
, :, : " crinrr can
not be excelled. 11, G. COOKF.
April 27-tf-;U4
Carter's Spanish Mixture.
The siren! I'lirlfli r of il.r. m,i t
.NOT A PAR llfLi: ( )F Mi:i!CL-l(Y IN IT I
I'lthr Ajfllrl, .f .v,,, .in.; l:.n.t.-rl
An Infallible Retnedy foj Ccrofal.i. Klin;'. Fvil. Rheumi.
tl.in. o:linate t'.ttane..u Krt:p:i..i.s, Pimple or P,i.
tale on the Face, llh.tehe.. Iloils. Afue and Fcter
Clironlc (tore l:ye. Ill.ijr Worm or Tell, r. ?."ild He i i'
Knloritement and Pain of the ll-nee and Joint. Uluh
bom rtccrs, ayphliltic Himnlers. I.ut.iharu, St.itnl
tomplnl .l. adall Dj.en.es arisinn from an lujudi.
Clou I -e of Mercury, Imprudence iu Life, or Impuriiy
of the Il...od.
FS'lll!' ir-eat alterative mcdi.-lne and l'i:rin r of rt'o.l
i. " "' IT thotfand. of sratetul p t -111. from
all part, of the C.ie.I t.te.. l.o tctilr d .H to the
remarknble .-are. performed by the ireal'e.t of in me.i.
cines,-l.tarKasriMwi .itmt." Neura'-1 p.,.
niti.m. gcrofitli Krrptlo,,, ., ,v j,
Fever.. l; -er..u'. Aff.-clon. f h V ,lai,..
Imea.e. of the Threat. ecu! Oemp: tiara. Piirs an I
" J"!''". -re ree.i:;y pat to
; -,, , - .i..e reoie.iy.
Fr all die.t- ..f toe B!-.o,l. n.ith., 7 ha! ,t, h.,r.
found to Compare w.:', it. I: rle.in.e. th- .r..".m of "a'l
impurities, act. avntty an I l-:S:er.i;y on the Lirerar.d
I Kidney., atrensthens the D:.jioi-. ,:r tons to the
I Noma .-iLnttkes the aiin ar and li .alihr. and r-.tor,
he C,t.t-.,..n.cr.r.,.l.Ied hy dnea.e .r broken down b,
the eice.:s of yu-.h. t , it. pn.tine v;...,r and nr-nxtlf
' '! '-d.'. it ia ineoi-ir-t.-ahly better than ail th
Co,,,..,,., ..,,. a f l.,.e, f Car-.,', f par i.'',
MiXMre -rill r-nt.iv. a1! ..tdowneta t c ,p:....,i, i.,
I thero... n.tntli,.tn,lw cheek. , '
ten. nr.d imtiFfiv- il. I.. a .. . .. -
bey .n.l all the m.-.t.e.ne. .v.-r s-ar 1
Tie lare nan-.1 er of cer-..2cate. wi-i..!. w, htT
eeiv-d frotn p-.--..r.fr.ni ail pari, of the t.'a ' -d .,,-.
i. the he-t ev: .-a :c that there r... (, .1,,., ':' lt L
T!i pre-., hotel a per., inaif:---..-ir .; , r 4 .
Phhhe men. w.-ll known to the oer. r. ir..tv V -. t.t '..i'..
EI.'nD rt'BII'iKR.
cU on ti: .i-ni and -(
and ral l- w..;. I rf :l
'OLlrfal el.:ta of xkil GCF.A
a Cre-i'ar nrd Alawnte.
-.I n ' . ; . ' " ' tr'' -T r'-tjt of all
N-nf cr.u::: tlnlro .ie-.ed PKVNFTT t tFf.r Poo
pr- 'or. No. a Pearl .m et. Ri.-hm. nd. V,.; , '..
r.'ers f. r sap; .is m.d avenciea nntat he ad Ire... I
And for sate hy . F.: n... end r, rr. f..
11. F. Mi.m.r,he..,n; tal,a,n.wvT.;
t"X A DTe-'S, Cleveland. mzjiSu
New Goods! Nevr Goods I
W. M. liriM)f,D,,
Ken 1011, Trnn..
IS now receiving a large and well .elected
etock of Spring and Summer fio.ds to
which he would respectfuL'v enll the atten
tion of his friends and the public srenernliv
Particular attention is invited lo his stoek if
Ladies Dress (ioods, which is unusnnllv large
and attractive. His stoek of Goods tor Ctn.
tlctncn'. Wear includes almost everything
from the finest French Cloth down to com
mnn Coi.totindes, which, tnzether with a lot
Staple floods, is not to be'surpns.ed bv nnv
estnljlishtnent in the country. IC u,.,' 0nrf.
rnUiit ho enn suit nil persons wishing to buv
good nnd cheap floods. mar. iiH-tf-Sn's
James' Neuralgic Liquid.
Vr3J"W .."'"""JIunrT Medicine, for
ci,.,iie.ri. , .,: .r.'."u;.m" ,'"i'mi'
r, , , core-throat conneel. d with Fcrl"t
Fever. P.. In. in i,v o.n of tl.. i . . "
Fever. Ilead-nehe, Hrul.es and f priin. and sotn, .ih"'r
tlif'Tm :it, Ik rn.w Ur unit- hy w
Wll. II. H lLI.I W. Alhel). Torn IV 1 . .
llIA1',U,,e7K?r,fnr,!rrur'',wemcftt1 for power
uhove compUuhtf,, it mrp,i.M'i. ftt,y mwiii-inJS j!.
ovt-r vet comiioiiiHlPil. Ir I,... ..... . V .
(ifimn ciw.ii . ir. .-i V i.i . ".m o cure
. . ...... ... 1MIU,vi .'i.irriia'r. Ilfiil i; id r-rn,
Joiee Unit thl. I,i,p,l,,l eve, delivered Old I now
moal heartily Join with them, , j, ,r ,,, ' " w
irrdir.'.e" wr,? c,""iu.or "" ""'"r.i.t-
lliif die.ie. lull directions round each hoitt,. lxa
llrown W. Whi, for detail, and teMi.n.uie.1 I .m l'
ply reluihle attelitswith small ijuanltliea. 1'rlce ilj ,tr
bottle, ea-h. tiiily. t per
fe"-'-! rioffrin'ooi,,, Trnn.
Jcir David, or Iltbrciv Plaster.
T,I!.l,r.p.',, remedy for Rhiutnatl.ni. fiout, Fa In In
F.il !,' kP' ,';,L"'1l.-""l.'""d Ju""' Kltur..
liere thl. Plaster Is applied pain cannot ejtl.t.
It ha. heen benellelal in ease, of weakns.., ch as
I'lilti and weakness In the Htomaeh, Weak l.lmli Lai,,.!
lte,.,Arrecti,,of lh ,.,,, tl,Ur prlu
It delroj. li.natiiiiiutlon liv iwr.t.iratioii "'"'
.lame. I,. Iloyd, Pickens di.lrlet, 8outh Tarollna lea.
n both of Ilia knees, of several vear. .Ian.h..
elan lo I " ,""U "
by a restjeetl,lH Pk.l.
.?,.;, r,'R""l1Mead-OenUl I have heen u.lo,
you, Liverwort and Tar and Hebrew lla.t., ,ery .x,'
s vely in uiy pracllce for three years pat. and il i. iiUi
p eaanre that I .ute my belief in Ihelr aup'rlor lr over
a l olbcr article. .1,1, .hid, I am ..,,.,,, ,1,
, . w u,ey are reeolninendeil. The He-
r!'!n,.l .."'ei'ri'1'C'.,''IJ' ' u"'vr"l panacea for lo.
cat pains. 1 have alio found It a moat excellent arpllea-
on for epraui. and llrul.es. It aires universal iaij.
cllon wherever ued. B. . OBLIN D
'.oiie.i,.,, .niircn ,tn, 1S-VI,
lleware of counterfeits and base Imitations.
..... e.......c 'o iwnire nave me slKlialure nr E.
i !! "" . """"'V"1 "n the top of eneli hoi.
i.i.n.. T. . ' """a uieun cuutilerfe ,1 of
thl article is in exl.teure.
he Benulne is ohl only by us, and by our .vents np.
I'tii. Uiro,""h lll; """tb and no l r Is allowed lo
, ".... .... ,- '. .eueraiiy are cautioned
airaln.t hnyluK of any hut our reKular aireuts, otherwise
they will be Impo.ed upon with a worthless article.
HIOVIL A MF.AU, 111 CHiartr-. St., New Orleans.
Fole (leneral Auenl. for the Hoiithecn Htales, to whom
Sit order, nm.t Invariably he addreaaed.
Hold alao by 1. II Kkitii A Co., Allien.! Cowjm a Uak.
M:"L"?"; i,,V"...rie,el..d;
l Ksar, Kenton; J. A. It. W. t'orna, Mndlaonvllle.
...d .nenu u, .,y to. , ,he gU- '" "Jy
I Vnh P Si , wl" """I testameut of Jo-
sv. toP.h k, .' '; ?'. I will sell, on the premt.
ne.'l oS hil',l'"lder, on th. l.'uh day of Kepte tuber
. for cash In ham , l-'lriv Acre. s ..,i
jt.l oinlnjr the laud of Id i "Lo."n m"c. V, "the
AoJ to Wi. 0.0 d.W. TIIOMPStlN,
Aug. 10, laC .3t-BnO Kiecutir.
Faclara ana rammlnlen HIcrchnn.
Mos. 1 and 1 Allsntle Wharf,
('hnrlralAtl. ff. r.
SI'KCIAIi attention liven lo the snleof Whom, flour.
Corn, Ae.,iuiil from onr tonir ..xiifrlfnee in llu- hii.l.
iipm, we frel conflileitt of hi ltif SHtUfavlloli. I.ihural
.ili'ittires inmle on ron.lirninvms.
Il' trr to lion. Jno. I1. King, Aii(tul, On.; lion. M. A.
Toopor. Ktntrnh, On. July lit-ly
new xixi3vr." "
si: ico l i.wxnv.xcv..
Crocerx, Coiiimission Mcichants,
dv., ,,..,
No. 7 and 74 Wliltchnll treel,
mvamNwrvT ....n. A1."!"! 9n: .
m "'("'""'v -"in i nil niiu pitinii
. v.... , .,) HUVrlllCfK fXlVrll Oil TrO-
duco in itorct nd cmili order Allud with nmp!i,.M nml
"AOO y. i. a warni'i
WITH fw. n. mattmJwh.
jt- HHTTirruc
Wholesale Grocers,
nn pkai.kiui la
Fine nrnndlra, K lnrs, nnd Tlfrnra,
Nos. 18 and in Murkil slreet,
F,hiis-iy NAKiiriM.r, ti:.
HAT not r.-( iniii.i:r,,v,(),
hat, cap Axp Nrn,iv nnnus,
an 7 . i! .! ' "rA"'' 1'roniplly n, mul.rnclorllv
n let ns If lliej were Inre to nP..rlnlei,.l tlr p.,f.
c,lll9es. f.( q .in
rrnnin.mn.on . . S- r. SSVISS.
Commission Werchants,
sn PK.it.tias ts '
Forolirn nml no1.101.1lc Mqnnra,
. .0 . ' '" Slarkel .In ct,
Jan IH-1y-IH,l .t-, j,,,,, Trim.
.nna tstm-rr. " " p. . ,:.,Sa,,.
viTriMo ud innw.tnm.n
3VI oroliants,
..mi pi u.:iu ix
Inrw. Minion., tin it lirnrai,
No. 11 Market sired. South of Sprina; .treet
i isiivii.i.r:, rr.sy,
ffli J-, M ",'Nr,':'",X. of the firm of Reyes A
a. I Henderson, will receive order, nnd collect I ion,.,
for u. at Alliens. Jan 10-ly -uu .. A E.
11 a n n r ' j "if"
coi 11 t.kv, Ti:xr:x A. co..
Miiri-r iMpniiTiina or
Hardware. C utlery. Guns, Pistol., Ac,
No. HI ll.ivsa srnrrT.
CllARI.F. s rn V .v n
wiliiam c. cot nrxr.v. rm.nr.nT D Tes'sArtT.
June 17, 'S3 tf ' ' ' 21
n KKTr'- jT1ort7inr"r.,ov.
KEYR.S& Ri:.DC!lS0N.
i;:.Li;nst ix pitcin ci:, a-c,
Hunt, Tenn,
Juner.is.i4 tf 2p3
tMftr.Ti! ash Aot.r.Ai.r uriiisttai
toreltn and .tmrrlecn Pry OooiId.
131 Moert. . ftrot, - '
w,. p. avb:w, I p ,
r. w. carMrrrs, I
Feb. 3.1. 1 s.r- tf
Ffl ixR us TJr ivfTxYT
rrnardln,trcmml-.lon -Tcrchantt
fr-vn Ka-t T- -"- ...I
of Pro-i-s;
r.'.r, T-rn.
ir - . -i-
iv. 1 . 1
rrr.r. t rw-.-otir..
r rtrr.r.s iw
I iiri'v
and Doaif!.jtDrv Goods
- - - ?
. " irnyne street,
en.ini.Knc.., , r.
K. B. R .l'-r.jC!. tl. nWv. or, mnd
wm. n. r. !., tr M., ;,r,x,.r nvK,u
w. n. r.:Lf.ir.AM.. , ...
j.tvi: :t. vi.:ii,.ra
'c. .si. l'.l tf 1Ro
A L L 13 IT ix, D U N Z, A P,
(Late riunlari ,t Horn,)
Grocery and tnmnilsslnn Merchants.
STRIfT personal attention to order, and
ouiek returns of .ales of produce.
They will irire special attention to eon
Junments from Kast Tennesee,
' a. a. nrfjt.iv.
march 1 S, 1 53 ly J:,4
FAi.f. iSt cuMirAi
WljriI.L4vLR DT.ALt.M AJ(b IMrf.RTr.liS r-r
Hardware, Cutlery and Guns,
No. 47 North side Puhllc Square,
HAMJ now In .tore a full nnd comph ( assortment
of .;,. ,r,ir, In all it. varieties, toteil,,, .III, a
ur.,1.. in My l.jree .leek of ( ll,n and dun., lo .1 ,
which thee l , entin f Dealers vLitlnir this
roarketj ; their stock l,, l,..,. n,de p l,y direct p, J"
chases from the M.,r-l,:r.. both m America 'end
r.urope. and they feel round. -nl that t e who no, v ,
them a can will nd il advanl.-.e, to will, the, n
Cn.h and- prompt .e ,,,.,. ,; uJ , J-
their food -iited lo the llmr.. prinaoi
Feather, received at the Inflict markat price,
march ir-tf.:j.:j
' wn-'-"W" "-. llllKI.O w. . WILIJaltS.
ttcneral Commission illcrchnnts,
AMI PAIlTU I'l.l!l.v I I, 11 Tilt. SAl.t; or
araln, lincon, Lara, liathcr$, flour, and
Tenncanet Produce generally,
Decatur slrcel, near the "Trout House"
Atlanta. Cienigia. '
J KTTFRS" of enipihy In relallon to the markets Ac
at answered promptly. maraets, sc.,
., d wnV'o '' "i "r '" ' "'""""n t" 'lie liu.lne...
and .ill u.e all proper mean, to -,, ,,f,.0 ,'
sh-ppers ho may fe-l II lo their Inierest to nntroni", ,
Truly thankful for the very liberal patronCre -liv d
In'-e nr1'."" uo' t';'",',"',1 "r,"",r '"lk"
utl'.e or the eiuue to the tuiw Urin.
inarch an-dm-Slil j. K. wii.i.iamh.
I'ltoni 1 1: oi;toi iV-ATi,Avii'i"
(i'uecrssors lo J'tgg tt Jlomar,)
narerroute and Commlmirm Jltrchantt,
ani)gkm:iai. auknts
TT'OR tho purclinse and sale of all kind, of
- Icnnessce I'rotlticu. tei-olinmliaa,
rics, ito. '
Oct. ft, IB.,4 ly Kn
Wootton & Holloway.
(Attceensoi'. to John T. UV-ofMi l J '
cojifussiM nunc II ANTS
Froduoo Boalera,
Collna Avenue. . ....
Wl I.I. s-lve strict attention to .11 eonsl-nunenta from
Northern (leorilla and T e.aee, and If prompt
attention uod ouli.l. i.,u,... .I..1I .i......... .1. '.
Iiope to receive a liberal .liure uf Hie i.ul.iic .mtronuee.
JnllM T. wlaiTTO.V. II. c um i ,,".
Ilec. S, ly o2a
J . A A K s"lTliVr,"
CouiniUNlou nnd I'roilure Mrrrlmnl-i
vuii;v vii itrvun iircei, opMinue union Jlaiik,
riMpt ami puiaoiml attention lo the
w w rait u. Dwu.iii, turi, urntii, j-inur, L'utlnn, nml
allartlrl of Mirr).anllne vtn.iKnH to him. Al.o, to
tilt flirWltfflis.SW nf j-l.aa. .1... I. . S ...
. mr ii ic (Mirrinr anil nortiittrii
iiiurkvtg at thu cuutomitry rntg. I.ilw nil ailvancfi, d
thr in chhIi or hy nptance, nisIe nn article iu more
or whrn tiUlu of Idling urcoininiTiy driifu.
Hl'lt HUHi-'h . II . k... ta'ii..-- a. n ... . w, ,
U"i ' ' ti "l,,,,tr. AuKimt. (ia. Hani), Willi;,,,,!. A
" . viiiti lemnn, b. u. nni. linn
chii; Pnfl.Ulfr.nl, Kny k Co.; K. T. Vi illU, Hiivnnni.li, (U.
HLurtT.-H llii.,...it & f J t..i. I. ..... . '
. -. . uicioui. a oiinipie, i;iiat-
tnnooija, "enn. Ilearden, Hon A fo Kiioxvlllo, T
P. K. Ileeder, Allien., Tenn. W. Hhapnrd A (In.; Ilerry
at Ueincvllle, JSaaliviUc, TellUe .Nov. l, It KUlJ
M arr-llniiKfi & ConimiMlon lerrhant
T H0l.MAIskilffi.lwT In Trnncnnpr, Aluhnmn, nn1
Oforfia lrnlucp. IIU Htoren nrt- new nml
r it r rtffr, rfiu rarcniuj oonainici-'M lor rnrr kiri
I..". ... wuuriiiiiirma m utniMiriiniui iit,a nf'.ilril
.lit"yjr. Oct. I'T, lMf.4 ly-fl!8
rir, uiikitfikimh nnvinir run. covi rnl ypiini cxm.
jm ni-iiry in tin- rrovhion Hin-lii.-ei'. f Knt Tt nn'ii.t?p
nt thnllnimofir.. (nt wlid-li pnfnt w y t k.vii nn Hlllce,)
nnve niii-nct. nn nfllrK t K w ivv ill a t r- tt
prcs-ii t'lirpnisc of IrunniK-tliif. it ivo'Iure Trmlc. nml will
ill VP nnr tvlinlss it 1 1 1 .... ... . i. j . .. .
" ... .niifii itMiiriiint"i 111 uur Jll 1 mil ai,
mllt'll con m (i,-n me ntu of ('..ni, Out it. Flour, lliu'nn.
Ac. Ai, niil will lorvT:iKl. free oli-niiititifion nl Chiittn
inofrn nil prmluco B,nt n ft,r pj-K- If iHhtI. .1 to fiitKN
vili.ii PiPt.N, llltK.WII.I.K A TO.
II. fl. flHHN VIII iiaimii ......... ......
u. n. niiHivti im, nrnx.n.
auuoi xi UlUVd.ll Vi, IJUi
General ConimisMloti Wfrchanls,
. ..-,, a a, a '
- , e..A...,.,
"Writ.b Rive strict nml prompt attention to enn.l.n.
rvirvA-T'''."" n"",p ,hl'"1- T'"lr t,ltK
, "..'linen on ornno -ire.'i, will, nirue
Pro,ii'cem s'arasfe, for slerlng all description of
It'.'rnrxrs :; Hon. .Inn. P. (ne; l.n ic llenrv, K.n.1
...no " "en, r..q.; Kcrnulnn, ftevmour A Co., Aiiifu.ln.
!!",'! ;, '""per. Ktowali.lln. . t llih, K.n.,
1 illtoti, Un. I . II. Pearl,., K. . a. , M, t'nuiv, K. .
t Imtlilliilnirfi. "ettii k I. i- .. . i . u '.I . 1 '
l"V ft".1'! "; K-q'. Aihen..lT;.,,'n.''Tiid..'A''li'irit:
Feb lill-i .nci.lns lleury, Loudon, Tcnn
W h o Te sa 1 "o " D r u g S t o r e".
(.Vnivvaaoea to h'A ,;..,. o-.e !.. ...... .
TrBF.tPKCTFI I.I.V aollcll Ihc nalrnnro of'il,. M...
ttIA chains of l:,,.t Tonne.,,.. I'll, v will he ,lw
supplied w th n mo.i o.i I ... aoinys
J? ..r,nr"' i-iMidto.
fill. .l.'.lor,
... . I'crfiiiiiirr,
..nr.., i c. AC,. Ac.
Z",,"",'''' k' r "" ld.h will be sold
nt price that inc. I prove hi;ii,r(i..tni v
m.rVfiieI.,.".,T T';I""'""'C rrl1"'" ell imd examine
. .. prci.ta, INM ly-illA
xtr. 33. iiAZir,, nr. D.,
1 V . '' a"?"""'' ' '"tliepiil.Mc that helms
located per-nanetifv In Allien-, and I ., ,,!.
I-..,... in niieu.i on rnll-in town or coiuitrv. 11 , vine
h id Pine venr. eneri,-,.-o fi , . ' .
V " r I1" "" "'Till T 1r-f,
ornin ff Uv fir. ( A . Lint .,. .' Tr"l'
w. f?. (aims.
Odlcc at W. II. loc.l....'. b,d ween llr.nly'a Ferry n'ml
I ' ti i . r M')fsi,
Ji.-m-tr ., ,.,,., TrlPI,
" iir. hi t.ii, D.,
slrgjcc x a xi) f n r s i c ia x,
1 .i in r..ir, l 1..N.N.,
KSPKCri-l LI.V tenders his profc!si)
t scrvio-e to the public.
inn. i l i oo
i iin.ii-, i r... .'
llt.herrnflorL'ive his wholeattention
i. i e rn - i.s 'n.i .. ....
.tune :t, 1 s,',;t i f
IVlocllcai lrolico.
Mi. nv.ntMiTy
M'M'ne,l','r'',",',", ''""" M.'llnn county. Tenn.
klndlyoircrs hi. prol,...-,,,,,,! sen Ices to the fill
ten- and .ur outid'li..' cotintrv.
..l,i ..opp..li,etllel,,k.u House, formerly oecpledhv
1T. ttl.ll. III! alrtllt,t,ll1 IJ ... 1 ..v. '.a.
D.l. J1S. BlTKNEIi,
t;. 2r-i-. Ha-.
T X retttrrinir In. i i,.,,L-. r.... . i.- in ,
I, -, me verv lllU'rni
nnte.,o.A 1... I.-. .1 i. . '.
i ; , "' iiiii-.iuv recti vni, won i
r 1 . r, , - """ lonii who mnv need
the nil of a D.nti.i , I. n t ho ...n i
to excenre nil work in the various brunch
i in. roie.s!i.n, t.iTi-ml sut mfaetiun wil!
'V- -,i prices nml sUL; ,,r work.
I.l-evi.le, r.-tin.. Mnv 'J.i, J,S5.-, ly .)
Jfin A. nri.s .
Al.orncj nt Lair and L;in(!.!ren,
'"-oovn-, l-crtv-'couiHw. rou-u,
a'-''tr T ',i:'.V",,!!" V"r!"'" C"' r" lc
r . I.",::! ii'lVUiiT..?'"' '"-"" "r.
, M.nti,cnt Jle, Tci
'in.; ttva. Hrnn-n
I". Kcilh. I.-.,.. Ail,,..,,
may I l-tf-itlfi
rooitn k raownvr1"""'
XT?0 riioyra t Xsaw,
i -..i--u-.. j ciiEi
J.1RX.1!. & HLDUaiT
Attornoya nt 3.,'
Il: n, 'i cim.
MILTO.V p. j.itvuils
April 2e-!:-i;;:i CJl.nwM.l
GEO. Tl"oi?.rsiQjB'g
pilACTlcrs ii, ,hc diiTc-en, cnnlicsco,.
Aa..10.,,n.7 tluTl,ir'1 ''" licial Circuit Jw I I
.1 .1 ' : lr':!" .' .""'rlnp ofclaim,
r . . ""''"..I nttent n lo.ll
bitainessentrusted to hiscnie
March 2. ISj'.i tf ' 23
. .'1.1.1) MX It DS,
Wttoroy nt litww,
It'vr-lniiil, J i nn.,
Vhiae.le"'-'! P.1"""'" '-v '" " '"'"ue. entrnsled in
A J. B. JfcCMR.; '
Attorney at Xiaw,
.ICaron. Ua '
Ttoi,'"rTenr,,'i''"'''"11 h'""e..lrte
J. Allen, .Mucon, Us
ill; Ml I''?.r,Tlionianvllt-, fin.; j.
nn'tvli 2-tini
li-vi-iaml, rpnii. 1
SSS J. .1. A; J. A I-,i,5S
Ocoei. Ho,...." J.....T. ., "e'lriiil.iutloa to iiinke Hie
us a call. '" "'"iilry. (ilvc
- W-tT-i-r-s-.- -!:
V I Vi L i iu ii HOUSE.
l:aat Ti iimsn, a- (Jrnrirli. itall Road.
w...e.,' D,i , AX, s'riiiirlilor.
Pleaai-ll II aorva a ll " """ '"" "
lhe"e,ry IV ," ' "'' ' "h the be,..
1 wi.i:iiiii, june i-u-.HH
ritv . -.., SI1II1.,
l.,u.e T7',hn , l"1 recently taken ehnrcc of this
ud hli Z I r , ' U,M' "'orotiah re,,air
keen a eim.l II 1 ? ' . '""' "'lied is to
fort M? t '""'r" uncsls can he com.
Ei. It.es I 1. !"' car.,1 for. lly lvi,, th.
l, l " wT,l it. . r ""I kecl'liK hi. tllhl"ll,.
.march ID-,, aisJ' JOFP.I IIAItniV.
11 tICI.I hT,, s. V.
T3, y ''t:"S "''"ve well-known House will
fio.ei..i anil Omnlhu.es nt the Depot In
I:, 'l i nn. A- Sill. 11.11. '
U,.el : 33XX130-3361
,' , 111 1-bV Inforuia I lie trnvclliiK public that
l., . ""ns. of Kntertnlniiient In the
Aihl.oJ 1 . "'!n "" ""'"' "t tliss
call oi hi,,, wi,Y i'irUi """ 1,1,1,1 10 "'rve " "'"
Ait,?.. . i . ; l,":.''.L'1" "" cm'"tr' ir'"'''
Allien., rV,t 1, m,',4tf g1()
-QO&Antr.H jtoETlT,
M&oill lhl)(ay J-,.,A v (l J),.pt,)
f l H I I. A It i: I, P 1 I A, 1 f . N IV.,
H still open for U.e eiiterlalnment of Travelers. Per
from 1 hiJ ." V "-'o". "" ('Hr- stid'l'h'K t or .tarllnir
nZ w!.' Pnrtlcularly attended lo. Jla.
avl. . V0 l""r""iised u. Uurina the laal four nr
'oiiiKoumrr, A In..
"V H. LANllill & BON,
former,, ,w r.auirr Houu, itir, (Sa.,
a,llte of th, lMami -Veto Jura-.
July 11, ISO, tf 803
H !'.. v. ni a vn.
WOULD announeo to the p,,,l0 tUi lie
!i . l',,,r,;lnoT'1 ': tlo "Allien. Hotel"
and Inhen cl,ntBo of the nbove llon.o, where
........ ....,.,. ,u witu on all who mnv
fftp:v:r7.T8"rtrenlwith i"-Tr-
ct- xi. r o'aCi Vi V
A. If. & J. M. I Row
MljSPKCTKld.l.Y niinoiince to tlie puhlle that the.
have now and will keep eon.ni, ,, ,,,,,.'? .'
Hugh L. Tinley,
Of t. I.n.. III.. J I
AV1.N0 some year esperienen In ,1... i,'...a.
lion of (..ml. ibrougl, Tennes.e. and Alalinma!
Jonpj nunnoif.
.... t " a'. M. r
" ho has an experience nf 20 yenr. In iha .,. .
fbarle.lon ,,.',.., .,.r, ,1 .f, ,
eelv nnd Forward!,,,, Ileparlment nf t . , ,i"
lin Hull lion, I t'oilipilliv. respeetrullv olTer thole ... Li?
I'M. .".JSiTV. A,U1: A N ti l l l .l,-i,i0 y(.;"
n '" ""'.r Ivln nn'1 '"rwardlm: of nil flood
Hares, Merchandise and Machinery Ihrougl, T,r,.,n,:
Tor the sale of all kind of l-:,..t Te....A..
ern I'llol.l l-K vis; lion,, ,,, llaenn. I.ar,l, Tniw-eo'
c!. ' "' l!vt' ,V""" '"' "uil'ri ' M
W e are not now. nor do we Intend to h... diirlpi Ibe
continuance of our bu-iiie,,, ,.l,., ,ir,.,-,ie or ,,, r
encap,. in ,.yep i.i, whatever, therefore nte d
.. devote our PKiiSllNM, iMtentloi, to ,, ,,, r ,, ! ','
ten .1. of our cii.lomer.. relying ...h ly t.., ,n,r ,.,.r"'T
s.i.l proniptne. I,. .,! ,. ,,, , , ,,v ,,rc,ltilni
p"tr'on'ai.".,'" "' "" " "'",r"
onice nnd W nrehon.o m, Atlantic Wharf, three build.
Inc. east of Peat tllliee and t'u.i,.,,, . ' ' n'
e be. leave to reler to the fowli,K ,;,.,.,, .
N. (Itiiiiiiion A Sell, 'r.iol,o, Dcillil lck lllid mer.
chiinl Ketiernlly. Kiioavllle, T. nn ",',""","""n 'ner-
all., i ... """ 'f""'! ""'1 merelianl
Tenn "" J' J' "1'.v""1
Of HI t tittimijrii,
W. II. A. It imaey, Pcrrctnrv of !tnl , It do.,, a
Oiilliptrollcr of Trey, ,,d ,1. 's
II. It. Nnrvetl. Ifiint.vlll,., Ala.
0. I,. Kliifr. llecatnr, Ala.
.1 II. t..ve A I'., hum, Ala.
M. I.. Kw.li, It, Ifonl. Ala.
P. I", (into, is llro nlwar. Vow Wrk
Col. .lame. t;,i,t..len. I'l.arle.ion. '
.I.dni rnldwe l. Pr ,.,!.!,., r ,, rand'tin rl ill r..-,l
llyatl. M -llnmey A Co., and J. s. n, w i, X To
ChnrlcFtoii, H. r. vj . "
I" "pt. I.I, Is'el tf
3XT O 1 X O 33.
W II.W Kin ni.vpo.-ca.lon the l.aw , rrm, or.,.
Z,!, i.r. "".k,",'.f,:"" 1''',r""'':" ' a" iitnse K r";
cncr..;, ..:.. V :o,Z.:"V.V"l" !,",:r -- r
" i'lV'.o? p" ',.."" V'i.'," "'''' "l'l'it'e Ihe 'nnico or the
"All ens P.i.f ,111.1 t'lmnccry Clerk's olilee.
Alliens, Mnrch lii-ir-mis JOHN llritll:S.
33-Xl. j.XaT33 EJTr-T3.
1 ' unA'-P0,'"'i"T W" "Y"" f those
M JT aua.-rina tinder i. purlhil or total m, r ,lw
of heariin, to l. r..I..niK fa, , . ,.
" "r ll'teriial cur will, medicated lehe. such
ii la pri.ell.-ed ill th- Infirmaries of II, rii ,, ,, . .
r-,el, :,,l, n, IM, r-hurol,, , S hVK l y-
the tno.-t d,l.h.,l I , Atlri.-ls, i,l, , o ,,
jv,,lerf,.l sue, e.-; In.ked. it I.. ,hc , y '
has been univer.-iill.v ... ice... fid. 1 uu"
The best proof of the , nl , j- of this trcaluicnl will
be reference lo nearly , hundred n,,i, e. ' I
s . , e.'!,'1 V -"""'"' N'- llrunswiek and Nov,
N'otlti, who have been reMored lo acute hc.irin,., an.
not a sine e , y ,..e, to our knnwle.lie, did wc r
e, eireet eilher a partial or t.,,.,1 reshirailon ,f , I,, h, ,
Inn, when our advice and inslruclion were fuHl'r.illv
ilid punclually adhered to. Maiiy who could 5
the report ,ru pistol at arm's ,.,.,hl c ,",w ,. ,r a
natch beat nl the distance of fe V..... i . .... . '. ' ."
cusnccuiiiiihitlon In the EiWnchi.-ui 'i'i.he ao.i T,'m .' '
nuin Inlliiiuinatiou of the miieiia membrane, nervous
f.ct on., diseases of ll. ,,.ml,rna Ivinpa ,l" call d
"the drum." or when the disease , I. . ir ace to the
effect, of fever, or .-..Ids. the use of ,,.,11,1,,,. r , ,erc, ri
at medicines, natherincs In the ears of childUod Ac
this treatment stand. i,r.-..i.., u ..... .. ' . ...'.' -
cnn.il la dry and scaly, v. ill. Utile or n -,i..... :
the deafness I. nc punied Willi noi-e In l, e,',r like
fiillmt- water, chirpim: of In ,.,., riir.fr " "ten" rl in!
Ilia of leaves, continual pulsation.. ,, d "charge of ma -
.XrffiaKn ih
me in sayh.j, If the Henrui.,; . J?
?chooi,c;:.. M,:!r"":''1""", " ''?, ,
schools ut l.elp!c, oui of a class of fourieen, 1 succeed,
cd In restoring four lo acute henrlnir siiicnti
llr. A hecs explicitly lo state ll.at' In llio.o e,!..., he
mi, ,.rta ., s, l,e pi.ni,in,, su.-cesful result-complete
restoration nr , .., r ,, , I
toeiit ti wi he perfeetiv s;,tii'etoe. irn "il'ioif
cam. wnl please stale th. lr .,. rali.,,, of Ihe' di's. J,.,
they suppose ... have been ,,,,.:,;;; of led " c"'-
. "'V '"'"'"I' restored. It is ex, ted that l ,..
In easy clrcuui.tiii,..,.. il conril,,,... Ml,..e. ,i.V l
All diseases of th, Kv.. so ..r..i ..
Pllealien o, ,;,, ;j ' fl;;
hie and painless t,,..,., r .h...,,,,., , ,h; rv,,H
of the I hry (ilnnda. Ac. .. ? i .. ' '.' ""
and cratlfyinir etrccts of ,1;. , i ;,. . ., IB
voiuh. it,.,.. ..r "". "-'o me
.... ,. nr i, i . i. - i s .nose nil- a,
cd in hfc, a hear testimony to Its wonderfully
valine, bciilinir and sooihlnn elTcels
iieiiicii,cs, Ai'paralus, Ac.
, sent lo nny pri nt my
es,peiao till I ri
Address Hi. AI.?(1PI1I:1!T. nrnnd,..,.. ooi,. v. .o.,
near Canal sire, t. New Vori- 1 '"-,". i
ConsiiliuHon fee, Five lloHiii-a.
reain':'',,:!!.:"::;.'!!?. &.
Pnmlv-lllu.triited with steel n ote.-, ,; a 5 """ """
n!arch r,l"trtu 1 I'ostinn.ter.
New Firra-Kew Goods."
rp!IE milifuribera havinir puielinscd the
1 Jlercnt.tilo cslablithinont of ,1. J,. Jc.
( LAItV, the business will herenfter be' con.
minim llIlilcl-IIM Itl m. ll.'l IMC ,111,1 (,.!. f
Ii1:NT().N ,t JlcL'LAHY.
They are now rcccivini; nnd oncnliirs their
'irui(f nnd Suninicr sui.nli,.. o,,iilii,,,. r.r
eycrj vnricly of Ladies lires, f1,ls. n .'onci
nl assortment of (Joo.ls for ficntlcincnWt itr;
t.rocci i. ,Ac, and in lii.rt. their stoek is B0.
eral and cotii.!.-!,., wlu ro tl0 fo,.lllor M,i n
others can hud nlnu.st nnv thine; thev tnav
call fr, ,) nl prices lh.it can t fail lo please.
Give llicin a call, exuii.iii.i ih. i-:...iL ... i
.atisfy yourselves. '
-, , . ., 1'. L. .McULAliV.
"'ntonApril , i s.is (f o4.
Macllluo TTt'r-.-s-Tr o.
''lllO Btil.Bi.pilicrB would i-eai,i.otr,iiiv ...
nonncc 1,, llu. !.,, r a,i,o. ..'.i , i.
iiiblic irenerallv, that thev arc iu.iv In nn....
tion tut.l prepared to do
O A 9 T T TkT n.
of every dcsei-ipt inn in tlioir litif. and would
llirifl.uc solicit orders from nil thoso who mnv
want niivthiii" t.f th,. L-.,,.1. J
'1'hcv nre now c.-istit.-. n.i.l t.m-a, r.i. oil .i:r
fel-cnt. Kize. of tlio (ilube, or Air-tilfht. Cook
Stoves, furnished complete;
Parlor, Kmc Piute, ( 'hiiinher.
vnrious sizes of
t llliee mwl Ulian
Stoves. Also, Hollow Ware: WullU Icni-
l'luiiirhs, ri.'ht and left hand.
Also, the ICiliroro Snirnl or lm.li.in W.is..
Wheel, which will saw fimn I vvoi.. fi,n n,...
laud feet per day. II hinds of
3VE a a II x tat n n v
(11 led up in the best nnd niool durable ninniicr,
and upon eliort not ice.
AIo, Iron Kuiitni; of cverv description.
Tlicy arc also iirnnnred to dr. nil l. i,,.l. .,f
1 lie lii.-liest Cash in-,.- will l.o n;,l r...
.i..i.mi;i:max .t tiiomas.
P. H. AVe have connected with tho v.,rL.
an excellent I'm tern Maker, so Hint person,
wishing cnating, can have paltorn. tiia.lc to
order. 7 ,i. t
Athens, Tcnn., Oct. 20, ISSj tf 817
4 I.I. order, for Airrioultnral Machinerv,
J V ninde by Mcssr.. Wheeler, Jleliek t Co.,
Albany, N. Y must bo to me direct, or
I hrntifrli my Acnt. in Knst. Tennessee, Mr. S.
K. Hecder. Athens, and Mr. M. Nelson v....
villc, who are authorised to furnish nny of .aid
tnnehine, nt mnnufnctiircr', ensh prices, ndd
ins; costnf trniisportnl.ion. I. I). GATKS,
w". n, i o..-, ; t , zoo
12 Urondway, K. Y,
Is I V I K Y N T A M I. M.
FBHK subscriber has opened a l.ivery Stable lit the
JL S, aides nltuched to the Alliens Hotel, and tins sup
p. led himself with number of Kood Horses, CarrliiKes,
llurlea, Ac., and Is .repared to ne umodate all who
may call on hlui. on reaaouHbla i..rma in, ......i. iu
Itood, vehicles new, and his object la to keep what l,as
or";: i
. uil
.., ' """:n oeeueu at tins piace.n.e rljild snrl ol
e.lahllshmeut. Persona eat. In, .,..,-im.ii
times t t, moment', nollce. 11c ask a liberal palrouiiiie
iiieel. lA.urnu .....a. . .a-
(Scrmau Sitters,
rsrsAim wr
U, C. M. JACKSON, PhJlad,., pa.,
CAronfc or aVerwu, Vtbility, ViteoM, of I hi
Ktrtnryt, nnd all duratn ariring from a dit.
ns (loii.ump.
tlon, Inward Piles,
Fiillnc.s.or Itlood lotho
Head, Acidity nf St.umidi,
Naii.en. licartliurn, lllsinist for
I ao.l, Fullness nr w eleht In theFtom.
.eh. four Frnclallnns, SlnHne, or Fl.it
terlnii at Ihe Pit of the atomnrh. 8n Immlnr
nr Ihe Head. Iluriled and rlimeull llrenthlnir,
.., J I,"" ",' "" I'enrl.lllinklnaor dnlToentliiirllcn.
. a " 7 ";" ln ,vll"r Posture, Illume., ot Vision o
or w, b,l,efore ihe 81,1,1, Fever and Hull I'uln In
the llend, Dellcli ncy of I'crsplrnllon, Yellow.
IT". J1'" ",,n Kves, Pain In the
Bide, Back. Cheat, l,u,,., elc.. He.,
P.idden Fin. 1, a. nr Ileal, Hum
liiK In the Flesh, flop,
slant lii.nfrliitnw. ot
l:vll, and ereut
It e pr esslon
of plr
Its. In atlrlhutliij.nel, valuahle Medical properties In lids
remedy, no rush or unwarrantable iis.erllon I liui.le
in. I-eK."."?'"""," '"''Ii P'"v"" ,""lenl',l.?-,,,?e,m:
t l h' y """"'""try cures, and benellls ,le.
oil ..tl'." V,"'1'.1' '"reellnn of II lllu.lrlou.
-oileVvnidSon :Z i: ' f'" "T'-""
nil -.e.a . t I. , r . ICS1 imon.V imtn
all par a of ibe Ameri,.,,,, eonllncn,. necnnnilnted durlu.
ne inst ten years. In the h ind, of ll. nnseni tiPi.nr.s..
in,; '"'I'fva'enee of ,!.es, lo wld, h the iern.an
I, who V. J. '" '.V " '"mll.v throinthout
the whole extent of our country In which there cannot
be round ,,. It, ,,.,b, r. II , peculiar si llow and
lane,,!, iij.penral.ee denotln, ,l!,.,cd I.lvcr, or L
cmnehiled nml snir, rlnn livpepih- " "
eJ'i' ".','' l,rl"''""' I'l'le'itcn'ec to thl. ,-ta.a of In
vahds that cerla!,, and reli,,l.,. remedy .linuh be
ilacd wl, dn tlofr reach; one ,,,,.,, no h,.nef,,l r
wl'i'd",';" ' ""V" """t-'lt'en: a re ,,d
,T. , c, e, J":' rt''.v w''ti 'he utmost eoiuldence
Jll-rmat, ' llf llS'-
ar .'of Via" "J"1 '"""'"" Ihrouithout all
parts of this eonilnent, and Ihe proprietor Ve, la Ihc
Itrenlest sullsfactlon aii,,.,ll,t !,., ,
eotiniy ,.r even vilh.p. , ,. ,. m..ll,-,,e l l"''
lo teali'Vo 1. ;!;,;,,r,:'"m'nl lw r""ml numbers, Willi,,.
It I li.ed eonainnily'ln the prnctlcenf a tnree nnmber
M Ihe most pro.,. I,,, ,, Physician 1C curv, who
hnie ul'o added tli. tr written lesllmonv in evidence nf
foiii V .I """nrl"sl,"i."ien.ewouldre"pee.
fully n.k of all tho.,. uilliele.l with any of the above ,11..
ease, to ehe the Milt. ,-- a I, l.d. ami real as.ur. ,1 it will
never he rcirr, tl, d. In pror of Ihe slatement. nhove
made, all nre li.v.l. .1 to rend i.ltentlvelv. the ov,.nirn.
.illa . wPraeilenl llreelpt ll..k, for Fanner and
l am 1 ca, cnnialnloe a rreat tiuinlo r of n.eful receipt,
in addlt on to ihe le.i ,n,.,. in r......a .'. '
the mo.t promln,.,,! well known Imllvlduala.'ln all
i... . . ,,.. rtv-eni ir tne n iters are an-
IVIn d,,0l "l,V1r"",,,' '"""'PI (tnilullinisly.
Phlh.,ielph!!'i ,",'"llf"'"-. I'-'" Arch street,
For safe wholesale by nniccMs In nil the principal
clllea and l retail hy pll res and storekeepers
every town In the I nilcd si ,. ,, J, r" '"
ivu.i.i.ya. tox, Iharlcsloni TnoMrsox Ivsx. Cleve.
In ml
" Clear
may 4-ly-i:,
pnng High School,
i nr ...ii-..., ,F-, F'om.f a.,,,
ra,r. ivy,., in ,...i r .,, ,,,, .,
H. n, elite on M. n,h y. .In'... loch. next.
Vivma, ; ,.(.- l,',,.,,,l,,,,,,iMlf utthrchn,
Ppetlliic. Iteii.lhiir and Wrili,,, .a, otl
K.ielish tlriim.uar. Arillum tlc niid'fleoVrii'pliv'.'.'.'.'s In,
Miitliemiilo-s and Natural Sciences... Men
.,,t"n!!?i t?.' f"r " le term thnn'ii'aVr's'c ,
:!:ih:;!;;;:!::1,"""ui"'' f vro,c
loardlnn cm, he had In the ncluhhorhond
Hclu.ol at a re
.tune 8, l.'s'
1,1,1 1,- nr!... a .. ...
f the
3?". 3ESXTC-WPaf')E-3
Essence of Jamaica Ginger,
TIMS K.sepcc 1. a preparation of tsual excellence.
In ordinary iliarrlm-a. incipient cholera, In short.
I, all cases of prostration of ,.,,. ri,'nr,s,
Is of lues, inah.e value. Purir.o the prcvulcncc nf ,.
demic cholera and siiuini, r eci ph.lni. of children it la
pcett Injly . nica, isi nlh Individual ' traveler
should be nitl.out it. .....eier
Cii-rii.x.-llesiire to eel the Pennine essence, which
. prepared nn!y l.v F. I1IIOWX. , his Or,,,,,,,' r,,',,.
ri,il,l,lj,,i. ,,,,,1 fr . (,,.. w. , A,,, ,'
v, a sia,cs?" ''-',,
Ne v, Rich" and"l)Tsirable7
TS now reeeivinj; nnd iipcnjni; a very desii-n-i
blcnoi iineiil. of SI'lil.Nfi AM) siMMKR
(illODS, c,itnpiisinalinsl cvervthinjr itauiil
ly brotiiflil to tho tiiaiktt. such as Clolbs
Cnssimers, Tweeds, lu-ap d"!'.tc... Linen nml
Cotton (ioods of every description, Vcstinirs
of different .politics nnd latest st vies, etc. An.
A Inrifi'stncl; of Ladies lircss (iiinds, eonsiat
iiisf in purl o( Siik. lie Laincs, Kerntres. Tis
sues, J.nwiis, Mtivlins, flinj-hnms, l rints in
prent variety and of the latest stvlc; Iiibbin
Laces, Kdjriiufs. filoven, Linen am'l Linen Cm,,!
bne 1 1, ll;s; and in fact evciv thing that is lino
ami nice thai a ln.lv tony eiill for.
He also 1ms n l.-iVtro and varied stoek ol
niCADV MA OK C'l.uTIim, which ho will sell
nt a bargain.
Also, Hats, Cup?, Donnols, Hoots. Shoes,
Blenched and Jtrnwn Iiomeslics, ilosierv
Hardware, (ncesware, filasswarc. Ac. ' '
lie also keeps on hand n general assortment
of tiroceiies, Spio.-s, il-c.
To nil of which ho respectfully invite, the
attention of purehtisere, believing that, he
enn oircr ns (frcnt iinlucetncnts in the wnv of
line, (joo.1 mid pretty -roods, and low prices.
as any oilier House in th,, market, (live him
n call, examine the iisorliiicnt mid iud" for
yourselves. April 27-:m
'Olialrs I
kiliK i-1 , I Children'. Chairs,
tPlfft 1KI.KN Coltaea.ll,
aaaa-ss- ou- sine clieai, for cash. Aoo'v o.
.J J-SlltimiKS.'Aihcns Depot.
AtKiiing, C'itil aud Mining Kngincerinii, and
rfl'SlIF. subscriber i, ,,repi,r.-d io devote special alien,
i , . V'"; ," ', 1 ''ranel.es. mid the application nf
.el'; A, ,,J"' "r1"- 'er'u.lntere.te!l in Mini,,
are nulled in consul, l,,i fr liiformiitlon nr lusiructlon
e.wioe.'i'. "' fcem and valuable method, or
col.ducltrir the sutue.
lA,".""aJvf "V1,1-Load, fnppernnrt other Miner,
nl tiles, executed will, punctuality and dispatch.
Assay specimens f one nr Iwn nuucea, will, a remit
tance of ., for each A..y mn v he sent to the auhaerl.
I.er l.y 1.1,111. Melalicllre.Uesled by the moat speedy
and accurate process at .! for each specimen.
Also, Aoent ior the sale or purchase of mineral lands,
tnliilnc slock, Ac. W.t. 1IKA1,, A. M.
Murphy, N. ('.. April 27, lViVly-81 1
iTiiat riooolvoct
K(0( I'liS- '"'"l Urown Su'',,,.;
O !J 1 ; fnok. 'i0 ConVc :
4l nuU. Molasses;
61 box,- Star Cnndles.
.Jiut IS . - A. 'I.RArrl rt rn.'
In Store and to Arrive j
9 A SACK'S Coffee; or,,,,, , i,VI1 Stlt-nr.
awj ' dllierenlifl-ndes; 12(11) lb.. Loaf, Crushed
and 1 nwdercd Suirar; an 1,1,1a. N. , Molasses;
noose; Kiiisins; Cracker.; Candler; llnckerel;
Cod hsb; l-'ifrs. A laruo lot of Ktownli lion;
UMiil lbs. I'listinps lopelhcr with n lui L'e nnd
well seleelcd etock of II, mis nnd Shoes; 1)rv
(ioods; l'liney Articles; (iold and Silver
"nUlies; Knr-rinB.; Urncclets; Finirer-rinns,
Ac nil I of which will Le sold on ihc most
rensoiinble term..
t2i'" Pioiluco of nil kind, tnken.
, , JAS B. II A IX.
Chotloe-ton. Jan. 20, 1R.',1 tf
New Spring & Bummer Goods.
-ad., oxjiicw-xa ct go.
A ItlCnoiv reccivii.tr and opcnintT a very
X V Int-fro nnd well selected stock nf Sl'KIM'i
AXD SL'MMHH (iOODS, to which Ihcv re
spec! fully invito the attention of ciial inner.
Their .took consist, in pint of l.ADIICS'
liliKSS (iOODS Hernirca, Tissues, Oi'iroii.lies,
Printed .Ineoiicts, llrilliiintcs, Lawns, Chnllns,
Muslins, plain and I'nncy Silks, llonnet Lib!
buns; Kiiir.li.il nnd 1 Yeneli print, of every
style; Curtain Print.. Hah Linens, Linen
Iwipkins, Diinutsk Table Linen, Towcliii" Ac
Colt.inn.lcs, Sntinctt., Tweeds, do.
Also, I'nncy Hoods, Porto Slonnaics, Card
fuses loot h llrushcs, Cioth nud llttir finish
es, India lt,,bber l)rcssinK nnd Puff Combs,
t abus i, I'lsl,, nK l,n,ea, Jlrwon, Line, Pereua
sion Cups Mutch Itoxcs, Peifniiicrv, Luhec.
LMi-acts, Pomade, Handalinc, Olipl.ane, Itoh!
Ud Dalii. .. '''V'-KSoap.Variega.
Also, Uonncts. II,,
fV miTv ' 'I.0 ''v,vmit''-v ot' HVAhy waj,e
lj'vlM: IhiMwhi'., Qnr-niKM-ni-p, tie., till
,l nit'li will e t, i,.,,,,,,.,!! ,. illlf,
RcmoTcd, Enlarged, Beautified
AS removed hi, "Vnrielies" to the brick
bmldinit otic door West of his old stand,
where he has just received Ihe Inrirest ami
richest assortment of Ooo.l, In hi. line ever
opened in Knst Tennessee, to which he invitca
the attention of purchasers. He feel, cotifl
dent he enn please nil who may cnll, ns hi,
flood, nre new nnd of tho latest nnd most
approved styles, coiiipiisiiijr nlino.t evoj-y.
thinir, from a 6 cent Toy to a QUO Wiitoh,
nnd he will sell so cheap Hint il is almost in
credible. His stoek consist, iu pnrt of
Fine (Iold nnd Silver Lever W nUlics, uf nil
Kind, nnd prices, from (M to -un.
Fine Oold Jewelry, consist riitr of fine Urenst
I ins of all kinds, (torn $1 to I; Far-bobs;
har ltinBs; Finger Kin,;,; Oola Pencils; Pen,;
f.oltl Itracclcts; Shirt Studs; Sleeve Hiiltmis:
l ollnr Iluttnns; flold Fob chnins; Senl Key.
! yi".t ( bni"i old 1-ocket.;
Hold Slides, Duckels, Ac
Spcetncles of nil kinds nnd qualities; Fpen
(nolo Cases Morocco, (Jcininn Silver, Wood
nnd Steel; lino Penknives; llnors; Hnr.or
Strops; Scissors; Steel Tweesers; Steel Chain,
nnd lvcvs; Silver Table, Ten, Snifitr, Oenm,
Salt,. Muslnrd and Desert Sp,,,,,,.; Soupl.ndels,
Iltittcr Knives; I.cseit Knives nud Forks:
Castors; Tcaboard Wuitetn; Candle Slicks;
Snuffei s, Ac.
PISTOLS C.dt', fine Five Shoot inc Pistols
Kcvolvcr. Self-cockil,g liillc, nnd Double
bnrrc c. 1 ist.,1,; ,.,.p J.'onble ,1(1 fei,,,,,
bnrrelcd Pistole; (inn Caps of nil kinds.
Wnlkinn Canes; Clocks of nil kinds and
prices; Aeeoideons; Violins; I 'birionots; Flntf-
Colcts; .',f,.,; Flufpa; J!sicl JiX(,; Violll.
stritu;s, 1 lows nud liri.'p's. Ac; Port Jloneyn
of nil km.,, ipialities uml prices, Ir.un 2fl els
to to; Purses; Steel H,.ded Jinirs; lieticules';
t nlias; l adies Conipnt.ion Work Hoxes; Paper'
rrnva; .Note Paper; J.etler pp,... Knvclope
oeket, .Meiiininmlum i:oks: lllnnk Koto
Hooks; Steel Pens; Pen Htl.lers; Cedar Pen.
cils ol K,,d quality; If,.i,-. clod,, Flesh, Knil.
,V,SI,"!;'"'K ' Ib llshes; Shell Tuck,
uir, Itcddniij, Pocket and Neck Combs: Ilnir
I ins: Coral nud Class ll, ,l,; .,,t Blid Shell
Rraeolels; Siiulf lioxee; Pulf Iixes; Piu. and
Fltney Poxes.
PKUFLMl-ItY. Fxtrnets for the Ilnndkcr
chief ( oloime, )tt f i;,,,,... i ... Ko.
Ihnnon for the Hni,-; t,.,,i'. ( . ((1p
(ixMarrow, Phillocom; Lilly While; Cl,liici
Skin Powder: lionise; -Miliini v Sop; Slmvina
Crcnni; Shnvinir Tabids; F.xlYnct of Ynnilln;
Lxtract of l.cnnm nnd Oran;c.
TOYS. (I'liini'lnaiie nnd Wax Dolls; Cnts
1)0(5.; WnKons; (Inns; Pistols; .Jews-Hnpsj
rrcnclt Harps: t'lnrioiicls; Fishino; Lines nnd
looks; .Marbles; Chi,,,, Wio-s; Vases; Fnlso
races, Noses, Ac.
CONFKiTloNAIUKS.-Cmidics; ,;,;
1 runes; Dates; Fijf; Al ,; liiail Kuts;
Kn-lisli Walnuts; Citroiis; Tnuiaiinds; Mace;
Cloves; Niitmei'.: Pi. kel?: Si.ieo.l n,.i....
Sardine; 'i,. nf.j.le Cheese; Lemon Syriti'I
Snrsntinrilln Syruji. Ac.
N. JJ. Watches and .lewelrv repaired. Old
Oold nnd Silver taken iu ex.-l,iin..0 for new
JcwclT. r.la,.-l, an is
1855 Spring & Summer! 1855
HAA Er.oivcd and nro now opening at
then-old stnnd, tlio most sidcndid nud
varied nssoitiiient .of G-oocIs ever of
fered to the ,eople of .Mc.Minn countv. Th
(ioo(l9 were .elected wiili th,. uttnost' nitcn
lion to iroo.l taste, uud lo the wnnts of tho
community for which they nre intended.
They have n Inrue supply" of almost every
description of Sittplo Coods Dry (ioods.
.....ceries, ore., ot inc lust qnnlitv.
A full lias, ,11 Incut of aiooils for fioiit Sill..'.
wenr, such ns Cloths, Cnssimcrs, Hutu. Can.
Hoots, Shoes, Plain nml Fimcv Vesrl.,.. iw
vats. ttc.. of tho latest and "oi.,i. .,.,,.e,..l
And, Ladies, thev have kert. v,m in i.e..
lietual rcmemliiiiticc, and all llie'while liavu
had an eye sin-rlu to the fii-nl iliention or your
taste, nnd they flatter themselves that you
will be eminently i.lensed with il.ei. .i..,.i-
of LADIt;S' DKLSS (iOODS. w hich einbl-ncea
l.er.-iL'e de I.nines. I.tuvtis, Striped, Plaid nnd
' j "- i.ssue. i.inirnnins, Ac;
llonneta, lionin t. Triiumin.. I.i..o, ...,.) i.-..
broidered Iliindker. hicfs '(;!.. e..e ,,.l n
rictv of varieties which Ihcv cannot now de
scribe, but will be pleased "to slimy nil who.
may favor them with n call.
Also, n Inre vill lelv of FANCY ATITICI F
such, th. y think, ns will strike the fancy even
of the least fanciful. In short, thev huvo
cndeiivornl to select such (Ioods nsyoit wnnl,
nnd such ns will pay you well for vour nioney.
nil of which will Le sold nt. the. "l,.c-ei .of.
nf prices. April iu-tf-KdS
lH'Al.ldt IN
Hoavy EX a, r cl ttst a, xr o.
so.liLollege.lrect, UKllvillc. Tcnn..
MA.MMI.IIi:nm,d Rolled Iron (mere than l.d diner,
cut ;) Cut Nails and l-pikcs; Wrought tp.ke.:
( ut, Shear, end (iertnun fuel; Knalisli and American
I lister steel; Sheet Iron, all rises; Platform Scales, .11
slses; Counter Scales: ColTcc Mills; Iron Axels; Sprinys;
W rouyht Iron (ins Pipe, all sires; Hammers; Axel.; Hoi
low Were; Sad Irons; Hark JlilL; Mow Cnsllncs.
A(rri-nllnru! Ininlr nicnlai A riiirhlnf-w.
Plows or all pattern, made by the Nashville Tlow Fac
tory; Uiifpms; Wlieelinit-rows; Cultivators; Koad Haia
pcra; Corn Sh. llers; straw Cutlers; Fan Mills; Truit
Ladders; (Jrln.l Sloncs: Horse powers and Threshers;
Horse Hakes; drain Cradles; Churns; Meat Cutlers;
Saiisaeo Fillers; Corn Grimier.; Corn planters: Half
liiiehcle; Iluckels; 'Johs; l'uuipa of all kinds; Lead ripe:
Zinc Pipe, iud Hydra. die Hams.
Tiiinrrs) lulrrliila.
Tin Plate; Itmelu Sheet Iron; Imltallon Kussln !heet
Iron; Wire, nil sises; Sheet Copper; Copper rlottonuj:
I'lK Lead, llloek Tin; Slab Speller; sheet Zinc; Ac.
f ound r- A Marliino Miop Tfutcrlula.
Pig Iron; Piltsbiireb Coke; Pitlshnroh Coal; Boiler
Iron; Iron for Shalline; Locomotive Flues; Tank Iron;
l atent Hot Pressed Nuts nud Wnl,cr; Boiler ItiveU;
Cur Axels, Larpe (Irir.d Stones.
.Ull.l.t:i;s MA IKIIIAr.S.
French Ilnrr Mill Stones; Lull's patent Smut Machin.i
Hoisting Screws; Picks; Ae.
lit ll.lUSli MA TKKtA.S.
Worked Flooring; Window Sa.h; Doors; Plinrts;
I rauies; Shingles; y.lnc Palnis; Marbicil Iron Mantles,
of all Patterns; Mouldings; Ac.
lleltig connected wllh ihu House of Tsaiali Plckry at
(o.,of Piltsbiirgh, he is prepared tn fill till orders for
1 illsburg miiiuiluctiires tvith.ijsich, and having un
surpassed facilities for disposing of most kinds uf Ten
nessee produce, will pledge himself to pnv Die outside,
price In r.itl,. or will receive mid forward on commis
sion, making liberal advances on Colton, Tobacco, Pork,
Macon, Lard, Tallow. Ih-eswax, (iinseng, Feathers, Flax
seed, Com, Oats, Wheat, live, .Millel-Seed. Dried Fruit,
Pen Nuts, Honey, lings, Kggs, Pig Medal, Illooms, to.
Jaonary ty )y-U!)tl
a. TTa dford,
HAS just received nnd opened a well ,
lceled and extensu-o stock of
Fall and Winter Goods,
to which ho invites the attention of the peo
ple jiving in the vicinity of Lioevillo, nndth
public Koncrully. Having selected hi. (iood,
witlyri ent cure in t ho c,itiee of New York nui)
Philadelphia, ho is prepared, ns he thinks, to
oiler inducement, to person, wishing to fur
nish themselves wilh cheap nnd (rood (.o.sV.
Ho think, it unnecessary to enumerate all
the articles, ns hi. slock is larpe cnoii.'h, in.
cltuliiifr most nil ni tide, beloninp; to the
tail Hade; nnd ho also ha. a large and fine
lock of ,
Vn r . . Jll8f tte" VC(t rom Kew Orleana.
All of which he projiose. selliiiR at tho lowest
prices. Don't take hi. word lor it, but ju.
come over to Iticuvijle nnd examine for your-"-''veil.
INov 8,1864 S
To ihu Old Noliltorv and Olbera.
AhWY hnvinp pnBfciJ (rrnnting uddfHonar Bountjr
liiind to tlioae who hnve hevn In nny War fiuce
It llit su nn to give to each unUUvr KtOncrfH. Thoi who
hnve hH(l80 hc i I'M ii ro entilltil to Wtmore, nrt tho
wfio linvu hail -10 ucri-i In K'O more, nnrl tlione who hv
IiihI none to ltHl, prorUhd th,-y nt.rrtd 14 day.
1 will fret Hnunty I.hjhI for nil tntlitcil for tli luro of
'2, hikI will he at Allien the 2d Monitiiy In Apritonext,
uud the 21 Hutiirdiiy in ench month llivreartor; nt Mdl
nonvillo the Kd Mondy In Aluy next, nml at each Battal
ion Muiter in Ool. V ear wood ' Htplmt-nt In April neati
nt )l tn I on the 1t Klondiiy In each uionth; at Charlevton
the 4lh Hulurdiiy In eiit-h uiniith, atnl the remalndrr at
home where I will b triad io meet tltuie cu titled to
lion ii ty J.iind aiid ntlend to tlu lr clalinp.
I'elton, Toutl., March lA-tf-8U8 JAK8 IITCKFT.
CI V .T OWiilini Halt hare jJTk
Jm arrived from the North, nnd ..... tn.L i.
of the Intent Hylm, rnc.h nn the h-i Mole, rinest Panatna.
Ilinne baiitifnl I blark Leirhnrnn, anrl voine which arc eaU
ed Know Noll.fnp lUm. They have, In nhnri., a compter
w e,i.:. lo li,tll'li.a,
tli i a call.

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